Pendants  --- Several beautiful handcrafted pendants of precious jewels and charms such as dragons, dragonflies, goddesses, kokopellis, etc, are now available, ranging in size and price.    Why so many?    I saw one and had to have it.  Then I saw another and had to have that one too.   And then I  had to have so many so I thought to bring them back to share them with you as you might feel you have to have one, too.

Each pendant comes on a card that describes the stone, its meaning, and the charm and its meaning.

There may be more than one stone or charm.

The pendants range in size from 1" to 3".

Color may not appear to you exactly as photographed

Prices range from $12 - $30

For sample photos please go to:

    Small Size:            SMALL
    Medium Size:         MEDIUM
    Large Size:            LARGE
    Smallest Size:         SMALLEST     (not yet online)

(All photographs by Inta Ridler)