Sendwich™  !*!*!
Sendwich™  is a simple apparatus consisting of items that you assemble to broadcast beneficial energies  for a specific purpose.

What?  and Why?  The Sendwich™ ?

January 2009 featured speaker Margaret Ball introduced her 'Broadcasting Sandwich' to the Toronto Dowsers.  People were fascinated, enthralled, enheartened.  There were many questions as to where do you get the materials, mostly around the color frequencies and the proper magnet -- which can be a little tricky, how to create the message, the witness and how to fine tune it.
This is a powerful and useful system.  Only slightly complicated, it is supremely simple once you do it a few times.
The desire, the demand for this system, was tangible.

So Marilyn put it together.
And created:  The Sendwich
Why Sendwich™?  Because it is a Broadcasting SandWICH that SENDs energy.
This can be used by Dowsers and non Dowsers alike.
Non Dowsers use a "Rubbing Plate" to discern the correct selections.
A Manual was created.  The manual is almost an energy dowsing course in of itself.
The package includes:  The magnet, color frequency book, manual, rubbing plate and more.

The Sendwich™ debut took place at Toronto's Total Health Show, April 17-19, 2009, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where it was very well received by many, including those who work with color therapy systems -- even Peter Mandel's comprehensive ColorPuncture!  Sendwich™ was admired for its capacity and simplicity of learning and use as well as its versatility, compactness and portability.
Heather at the Total Health Show with Sendwich™

Sendwich™ can be used by anyone.  Sendwich™ was originated by a Dowser, for Dowsers and the results proved so simple and successful (and the demand for its capability so high) that it was adapted for use by a greater number of people.

Some of the results you, too, may want to achieve with Sendwich™  are:   Improve the life of an ailing plant   * Reduce or eliminate allergies * Get rid of the fleas on your dog  * Eliminate some of the rust on a car * Regrow hair  * Reduce the discomfort of a sore shoulder * Stop ants from coming in to your house *  and so on.

See these gorgeous pictures in color, online at:

Prima Dowsers at the Total Health Show
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre


Angi * Charlie
Diane * Heather
Margaret * Marion * Mike

For your most excellent help at the Total Health Show. 
YOU! made our success!

And thanks to show organizers - Helen and Antonio 
for your hours of hard work.

See you March 12, 13, 14, 2010!