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Dowsers can DO SOMETHING About It!

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Here is something you can do WHICH WORKS!  As a result of the events of 9.11, Raymon Grace  gave me his  permission to make available to you material which I put together from taking his class and using his information.

The first few lines are for those who are used to using these kinds of techniques.

If you feel this is useful, pass it on to other dowsers. 

If this method of dowsing is new to you:
Suggestions, some background, and instruction follow.
Also resources on how to find out more about Raymon Grace, his classes and books (which have more techniques):
1.    Clear yourself of all negative energies, entities, etc.
      Raise your energy.

2.    Scramble the frequencies of:    war    terrorism     fear

3.   Adjust these frequencies of these energies to
     Fifth Dimensional Energy or to Freedom ---- or whatever
     you are comfortable with.

Since Energy is constantly changing, check every or every few days to ensure that this is holding and make the necessary corrections.

When I think of dowsers all over the place doing this, I have a mental picture of a field of windmills --- each small windmill making its own contribution to changing the wind patterns in a beneficial manner, each one making a difference.

What one generally uses dowsing for is to get information.  We use it to get answers to questions, to detect.   Now,  In this "new"-er dowsing --- some call it spiritual or emotional dowsing:

   We use a pendulum to change energy.
     We use a pendulum to change a state.
     We use a pendulum to make a correction.
     We use the pendulum to actively make a change.

We may ask what the situation is, such as energy level, and, if it does not seem to be at a high enough level, we ask that it be made higher to the most appropriate level. And we Make It So.  We change it.  Through the use of the pendulum.  Through our:

Intent           Practice           Focus          Belief

How do we do this?  How do we use the pendulum to change energy?

Here is one way:
When we tell our Dowsing System something such as:
      "Bring my energy level to its highest available level."
                                      - or -
        "Clear my energy field of all non beneficial frequencies"
                                      - or -
        "Scramble the frequency of fear"

We are not asking for a reading, i.e., a yes no or maybe; we are TELLING the dowsing system to DO something (after having first received permission to do so, of course.)

In asking we often ask:
        "Is it in my highest and best interest to ____X_____"?)

We use COMMAND MODE, such as:

The pendulum moves.   With some people it circles in a "yes" direction.
With some people, it circles counterclockwise to remove and clear energies, clockwise to add energies.  The longer and stronger the circle, the more energy it is moving.  Bobbers can be used in much the same way.  When it stops moving, the energy change is completed.

-  So, we are clear, we have permission, then we state (command) something such as: "Scramble the frequency of ___X___"  and the pendulum moves as described above.

Here are some questions that are good to use every morning, and, also when you begin your dowsing session:

1)    "Do I have permission to dowse now?"

2)   "Is my energy field clear and balanced?"
        If yes, go on to the next question.
        If no, ask:  "Can I May I Should I clear and balance my energy field now?"
        If yes: "Clear and balance my energy field now."
        (Your pendulum swings, as indicated above, and, wait for it to stop.)

3)  "Are there any non-beneficial frequencies or energies affecting  my
      energy field or attached to me?"
If yes:  "Can I May I Should I release these non beneficial energies now?"
If yes:  "Release these non beneficial energies now and (send them to the
            light, transmute them in to positive energies, etc.)"

For many questions, we use charts.  Your chart might have a scale of 0-10, 0-100, numbers on the positive as well as the negative side, etc.  The chart in Letter to Robin   is one of the good ones.    You decide the scale you like.  I used a scale I like, below:


  "What is the level of my available life force at  now [on a scale of 1-100]?"

    As the answer to this ought to be 100, if it is less than 100, using Command
         Mode, raise it up to 100 like this:
     "Raise the level of my available life force up to 100  (or, up to its highest
      appropriate level), permanently  balance and stabilize it at that level."

  "What is the level of my Vitality on a scale of 1-10?"
   (If it is less than 10, ask if you can raise it up to 10, and then do so.)

  "What is my energy level at now?"
  (If it is less than ______ ask if you can bring it up to ______ and then do so.)

Energy levels are always changing.   Now, human beings ought to have an energy level of 24,000-26,000.

For the moment the scale is a relative scale.

When you are clearing places, ENSURE THAT THE ENERGY LEVEL of PEOPLE is ALWAYS HIGHER than a location such as a home..  Otherwise they may feel tired.


You can ask:
  "Is there any phase of my life that is under the influence of the dark side?"
   And if you get a yes, clear it.
It is not beneficial to work on clearing something or others until you clear and balance, etc., yourself first.

Energy raising is something we can all do and it can have a profound impact on our homes, our neighborhoods and this planet, if you do it on a regular basis.  Think of it as taking an energetic shower.  You take a shower every day to clean your physical body, why not clean your energy every day to clean your energy body?  Get started and do it.   Ask these questions every morning, it takes  2 or 3 minutes.  They can clear and strengthen your energy and make it possible to continue dowsing in a clear, strong, grounded state.

When you have a blockage or a non beneficial situation, ask:

  That any beliefs, thoughts, thought forms, fears, memories, emotional
and cellular memories associated with this blockage or situation be
removed and transmuted to the best and highest energy.

Other good questions:

"Is my total mind, body and soul in balance?"

"What is my level of fear on a scale of 0-100?"   (bring this down to its lowest appropriate level)

LIFE FORCE,  ENERGY,  VITALITY , etc.  -  You want to RAISE these levels.
FEAR, etc.  :    You want to LOWER this to the LOWEST appropriate level

The suggestions  simple, don't they?   THEY ARE!
The idea is for us to understand that WE CAN "just" DO IT!

I think every Dowser on the planet ought to take at least one of Raymon's workshops.

Raymon's books are:
" The Future Is Yours ... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! "
- and -
" Techniques That Work For Me "

To find out more about Raymon, his classes and books:
If you would like to his books to be sent in Canada, go to:
You can also order his books through the ASD:

Several of us, from the Toronto area, met Raymon at the 2000 annual American Society of Dowsers (ASD) convention in Vermont.  He made such a profound impression on us that we brought him up here for workshops in November, in May and again as the keynote speaker for the 2001 annual Canadian Society of Dowsers convention.  He was a guest speaker at the 2002 Total Health Show at the Metro Convention Center and the guest speaker for the April 2002 Toronto Dowsers meeting.  He will be returning March 2003 for the Total Health Show and to give workshops to the Toronto Dowsers.  He has totally evolutionized dowsing and dozens practice his techniques and know he has markedly changed our lives.   We have confidence that by DOing dowsing in the way Raymon has taught us that We can, we will, we do make the difference.

Many of us in the Toronto Dowsers practice his techniques in small groups.    See who we are at:
Raymon says:
"Dowsers are among the most powerful people on the planet.
The trouble is, they just don't know it!"
Every Dowser on the planet ought to take at least one of Raymon's workshops.

So......   Just DO IT!

Thank you.  Wishing you Happy Swinging  :-)   and  Good Vibrations!

- Marilyn -
Marilyn Gang, Head Honcho, Toronto Dowsers

This information is brought to you with permission of Raymon Grace and by courtesy of the Toronto Dowsers copyright © 2002