ALSO CHECK OUT THIS LINK:  GEOMANTICS --- this is from the presentation Alan
gave the Toronto Dowsers at our November, 2001 meeting  WOW!!!

EXCITING:  Geomantic Sculpturing Seminar  WEEKEND!  - Madoc, Ontario
August 31 - September 2
August 2nd: We do have the minimum 25 people.  Must receive Deposit checks by August 22nd.

When Alan Reed gave us a smashing presentation November 2001, he talked about inviting us to his cave in Madoc to explore the energies of his cave and to be steeped in earth wisdoms.

The details are in the chart below.  In speaking with Alan about this weekend, his description was reverential. I will try to convey some of the mood here:

"Everyone who comes up there gets a healing. The fireflies are going off like stars twinkling in the skies. You will see and hear all kinds of wild birds in the wetlands, the whippoorwill, finches, song sparrows, you see otter tracks, ... you can see the crayfish in the water at night.  They don't come out in the daytime because then they would get caught by cranes or otters.  There's a big cat up there, perhaps a lynx. ....  You won't go hungry, you'll learn a lot about healthy food. It will be mostly vegetarian because of the conditions up there.  You'll have smoothies, new alternatives, a balance of yin and yang, kefir, kombucha and spirulina as well as food by my friend the master pie baker.

In dowsing, there is a posture etiquette that ought to be learned and we will show you how to do this with the rods.  We will have the [beeswax] candles all over the cave.  It creates a mystical effect like being in a monastery.  You walk in to the cave individually, you walk around a bit by yourself, in to the back of the cave as if going back in to the womb. You appreciate the mystery.

A peace cairn (we will find out how to make these) will be raised in the center of the labyrinth. ...  There are big trees on the land and Alan will provide us with information about the medicinal value of trees.  We will also get to do some wild crafting ---- recognizing wild plants to use in our salads.  We will have a bonfire at night in the cave. ...  If the weather is inclement, there is a lot of room in the cave, and we will also have a tent.

As this is our first weekend seminar with Alan, he is offering us a low price of $125 per person (plus food, if desired, see below).  You will be experiencing, learning and changing on many different levels, learning skills which will be very important on our changing planet.

Geomantic Sculpturing Seminar

When: August 31 to September 2, 2002  (Saturday to Monday) --- Whatever the weather.

Where: Seminar takes place on a ancient Pre-Cambrian geological deposit that ties into the O'Hara Mills Conservation park in Madoc, Ontario. This unique 36 acre parcel has a Cave, wetland & meadow, stream, pasture and forested area. Lots of wildlife and diversity. Map shall be provided as interest grows.

Camping is available with a limit of 30 campsites, campers may arrive between 6-10pm on August 30th, arrive before 8:30 am on the morning of Saturday the 31st. Day attendees please arrive before 9 am to register. 

Other options are:

Madoc (6 km from the site):
    Colonial Inn 613-473-2221   (about $53 / nite / room)

Mamora: (16 km from the site):
    Trelawney Motel 613-4723744 
     Belle Vista Motel 613-472-3333,  1-800-311-4441

Questions? Contact:  Angela Adamson- Viola  (905) 785-2880
We will do our best to help arrange car pooling
Madoc is about 3 hours from Toronto, north of Trenton

Information will be posted at:

Note: Seminar is limited to 50 participants. Seminar passes are $125.00 for the weekend or a one day pass for $75.00. A minimum of 25 attendees is needed to commit before July 31, 2002 in order to provide food options. A component of the food is part of the seminar so expect some taste sensations with emphasis on health. Meal passes shall be available @ $25.00 per day or $10.00 per meal, $15 for food on Monday.

AUGUST 2nd  UPDATE!!!  We have the minimum of 25 people!  Please let us know:
      If you are camping on the property
      If you are eating with us
      What your BLOOD TYPE is (Alan is using the "blood type" diet to prepare)

Deposits of at least $100 per person must be received by August 22nd to reserve your space.  Please send deposit with your name, address, phone number and email address (if you have one).  You will receive a phone call or email to let you know we have received your reservation.  Directions will be provided.

Make the check out to:  GLOBAL MINERALS
Mail it to:   Marilyn Gang
                 #816 - 225 Davisville Avenue
                 Toronto, Ontario  M4S 1G9

Seminar Outline:

Campers may arrive August 30th @ site between 6 and 10 pm to register and Make camp.

Day 1 - August 31- Arrive by 8:30 am to register or make camp

8 am - 9 am   Breakfast

10 am - 12 noon - Theory of Geomancy and Geomantics

12 noon - 2pm Lunch ( European custom )

2pm - 5pm -Dowsing training session, learn how to sculpture your space

6pm - 7:30 -   Dinner

7:30 - 8:30pm -   Free time

9pm to 11pm -Opening of the Cave for a spiritual return to the Womb ( labor day)

Day 2 - Sept 1

6:30 - 7:30 am - Stretch / Salutations to the Sun / Meditation

8 am - 9 am Breakfast

9 am- Noon Laying down of a Labyrinth with energized minerals, raising a Cairn at the Labyrinth's centre.

Noon to 2pm - Lunch

2pm-5pm -Visit other local geological deposits

6pm-7:30 - Dinner

9pm -Midnight - Celebration in the Cave with drumming, chanting, music, dance. Bring instruments, 2 beeswax candles

Day 3 - Sept. 2

6:30 am - 7:30 am - Stretch/Salutations/Meditation

8 am- 9 am - Breakfast

9:30 - 12:30 - Discover Celtic Tree wisdom, Ecological recovery, learn how to grow fabulous food, flowers & herbs. As a group we shall feed a section of forest with minerals.

1pm-4pm - Lunch, mingle, share our experiences, Break camp.

Everybody note: This is the North - bugs may be bothersome - prepare accordingly - we chose this time of year to avoid the bothersome. Bring your tent, mattresses, sleeping bags. You'll need warm and cool clothing ( Cave is constant 51 degrees F) - bring rain gear, boots, towels, extra socks, flashlight a "must" as we're only under a half Moon that weekend, 2 beeswax candles for the Cave celebration and yourselves. See you Labor Day weekend.