This article was written for the Fall 2004 issue of the ASD Digest.  This is the long, unedited version.   You can see the edited version at: Fall 2004
The (Toronto Dowsers) Water Project:   Update
2  Years later, November 2004

The Toronto Dowsers conceived the Water Project November 26th, 2002 at a workshop given by Raymon Grace, triggered by an “Ah Ha!” moment.

Meeting Raymon at the 2000 ASD convention inspired the creation of the Toronto Dowsers.  Raymon’s positive influence, his stories, teachings, methods, example and help has been ongoing.  He has spoken to our group several times since our commencement.

When Raymon gave the workshop that fall day, he told a story about helping to heal the waters in Eureka Springs, Arkansas as well as in other locales.   At the end of the day I asked him  if he would energize the 5 gallon jug of reverse osmosis water I had in the car, so that I  could then pour the water in to smaller bottles and distribute these bottles to members of the Toronto Dowsers.  He did, The Water Project was  born and word spread about Raymon and his abilities.   To date, over 1,000 --  8 ounce bottles of this water — that we named  ECH20 (as a result of a contest among our members)  have been distributed.

The idea of the Water Project is:  To Heal the Waters of the Planet.  Each drop of water that ECH20 (for  Energized Cosmic H20 -- that keeps echo-ing and echo-ing)  touches will heal every other drop, and so on.   Yes, some have successfully chosen to put it to internal use for various reasons, with success, but its initial purpose is to heal the ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

Prior to hearing Raymon’s energizing and water healing story, we had our annual field trip July 27, 2002, at the home of Jannette and Walter Huszczo.    Raymon spent a lot of time in our area our first three years and he was also friendly with Walter.  Walter and Raymon did a lot of work together finding out about energizing water.  Walter and Jannette have a nice size swimming pool.  I was surprised to see so many people remember to bring swim suits and go in to the pool.  Over 30 of us were in that pool and we did not want to get out.  We were feeling so good, just by being in that water, it was like the 1985 movie “Cocoon”.

Aches, pains, burns, etc., disappeared for some if they sprinkled ECH20 on their body, or were in water where ECH20 had been dropped, or even if they kept a small bottle in a pocket.  For others, this does not work.  What is the difference?  Often, belief is the factor.  Success is greater for those who do believe it will work.   (When the New York Mets won the 1973 World Series, Pitcher Tug McGraw’s rally cry permeated every particle in New York City with joy, exhilaration and passion.  There was so much energy and passion in his cry, it still echoes after 30+ years: YA GOTTA BEEELIEEEVVVE!!!)

When Raymon’s friend, Biggy Hunt , phoned me January 2003 and asked me to send him some of “that energized water”, I realized we had a project that would spread beyond the Toronto Dowsers.   Biggy told me he was working on cleaning up 4 rivers in his area.  I asked why he wanted our water and he said he wanted to dowse to see the elements that might be in Raymon’s water, but not in his and add it to his.

The night of March 31st, 2004, Raymon was interviewed for 3 hours by George Noory on the Coast to Coast radio program.  (This is the old Art Bell show).   He spoke to 5-10 million people that night.   Interest skyrocketed.   In addition to offering ECH20 at our monthly meetings, after Biggy’s call word had apparently spread and we had been sending out about 8 orders a month.  We thought that was a big deal.  For the next 3 months, we were getting 30 requests a week!     Requests continue to arrive daily, from all over the US and Canada and a few overseas countries as well.

We charge for the shipping, packaging and bottles.  The water is free.  People have been very generous in contributing additional money to help us with the work we do.  It has helped, because we also give away a lot and have more projects.

We had invited Raymon to speak at the 2003 Total Health Show in Toronto.  This annual show is put on by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada and is attended by thousands.   I created an article for their monthly newsletter from his presentation and submitted this to the Digest.  Shortly after the Coast to Coast program was heard, this article was published in the Winter 2004 ASD Digest issue.  So more ASD members knew about and could now participate in this Water Project.

The first person who took the water outside of Toronto was Ann Fowle.   Ann, a retired botanist and biochemist  went scuba diving in Baja California for her 80th birthday and asked me for a bottle of ECH20 to take with her.   Since then our members have take ECH20 to Macchu Pichu, Israel, England, Estonia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, most of the Canadian provinces and U.S. states including Hawaii and Alaska.   Randy Burns, a member from Edmonton, Alberta, who owns a B&B (Pequeño Sueño) in Costa Rica, started a project there with ECH20.   Someone in France started a project, too.

When we send the water out, a flyer goes with it, as well as instructions on how people can do exactly what I am doing, with one bottle of water.  The instructions include:


Drop a couple of drops of  ECH20 in to a larger water jug.  Use it for whatever you like.

Drop a couple drops in to a dropper bottle with water — one you would carry around with you.  Drop a couple drops of ECH20 in to whatever you like.  INTEND

Pour a couple of drops of this water in to a swimming pool, in to a lake, river or ocean, with Intention.  Pour some drops in to your toilet bowl.

You can use it “as is”, however it will have a stronger effect if, as you use it you “INTEND” say, that it bring you health, longevity, etc. — whatever you desire. You can make "Medicine Water" to heal non  beneficial emotional patterns, achieve what you want in life.

When your bottle has 1" of water left, add more water to the bottle.
Please see that this water is distributed to those who travel to different places, so that even a few drops of this water can be poured in to the different waters around our Planet.

This means that ECH20 is like sourdough starter.   When you have about 1" of water left in the bottle, you add more ‘good’ water.  Once you have a bottle, it can last for ever.  When we asked Raymon how long the energy would last, he replied “Beyond forever.”

Raymon programmed this water so that:

It has an ideal Dynes level for the human body,
It has a high energy level,
All negativity, toxins, pollutants, negative thought forms have been removed,
It is filled with beneficial energies, love, happiness, prosperity, joy, peace,
Flower of Life energy has been added,
Every other drop of water that it touches will have these qualities and every drop of water those drops touch will have these qualities.

" May this  water carry the Energy of the "Spirit of the Water" to raise the energy of all water with which it comes in contact. May this process continue to repeat itself to greatest good of humanity and the Earth.  HO! "

Remember, water is receptive to "thought forms". You may put a specific thought form in the water to accomplish a specific purpose.

People using this energized water say that it only takes ONE DROP of this water to raise the energy when poured in to other water.  ONE DROP increased the energy field of a 23,000 gallon swimming pool from 3 feet to 40 feet.  In under 5 minutes.  Later on, more energy was added which increased it to 200 feet.   People swimming in this pool have more energy, their aches and pains were gone.

One of our community, Dev Khalsa, threw a few drops in to his pond every week.  About 6 months later, his wife noticed that the weeds were almost gone and the lilies were returning.   Dev, too, is working on the Water Project and has spoken about this at community  fairs.

Raymon inspired this project for us.  It was his willingness to try to heal the waters, because if you don’t try you won’t get results.   He had the belief, faith and confidence that this could and would be done and had developed the “dowsing energy muscles” to make it happen.

But he also wants to show us that we, too, can make a big difference, by doing our part.

Raymon tells us: “Dowsers are Among the Most Powerful People on the Planet ...Their problem is, they just don't know it.”    We can do this too, just like he can.  “All” we need to do is to believe, practice and DO SOMETHING.


So we took this project a few steps further.   We found out that Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “Messages From Water” observes July 25th as “Thank Water Day”.    On this day, in 1999, 300 people stood around Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan, which was smelly and clogged with weeds.   The 300 prayed together and thanked the water.  Within 6 months the local newspaper had reported that this lake was no longer smelly, no longer clogged with weeds.  July 25th is also the Mayan “Day Out of Time” (i.e., it does not belong in their calendar, so Anything can happen on this date.)

July 25th, 2003, at 7:25 PM, 60 Toronto Dowsers gathered at a chosen spot on the shores of Lake Ontario.   We connected with dowsers in Kingston and Hamilton, Ontario, and David Darrow’s New York Finger Lakes Chapter, and dowsers in the Buffalo, New York area who were also on the shores of Lake Ontario.    We gave thanks, offered love and respect to the water, and, poured in a few drops of ECH20.

(We had been planning this for 3 months.  We were also sharing plans and information with David Yarrow, at Onondaga Lake in New York.)

For 6 weeks before this date, I would go to the lake weekly, wade in to this scuzzy yucky water about 30 feet and take a sample.   I did this the 2 weeks following the ceremony.  Every single time I came to this same spot, the water was rather uninviting.

A year later, July 25th, 2004, 7:25 PM, I was there with a smaller group.   The water in that same location was clear.

The goal of the Water Project is:  To Heal the Waters of the Planet.   Think of the wars that have been fought on the banks of major rivers, of the anguished bodies dumped in to the rivers.  Think of the pain and the sorrow that have accompanied these remains, the pain and sorrow which went in to the water.   All the storms and drownings in oceans and lakes and the fear and terror that accompanied these events and went in to the water.  These energies need transforming in to more beneficial energies.   ECH20 will help to attain those goals.

Consider helping the healing of just the following bodies of water which have seen great strife from natural or man made causes:

 The River Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Gulf of Suez, Chesapeake Bay, Lakes Michigan, Erie Ontario, Superior; Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Tonken Gulf; Yangtze, Potomac, East, Hudson, St. Lawrence, Rhine, Ganges, Tigris, Nile, Amazon, Euphrates, Yalu, Don Valley, Mekong, Mississippi, Rio Grande Rivers; Mediterranean, North, Red, Black, Arabian, South China, Caribbean, Sargasso Seas; Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian Oceans, etc.

We have a lot to do.
Can we do it?
But we have to start.   Today.  This very moment.

How does this work, say, in a lake?
I’m not sure, but I compare it to the way hormones function in the body.  That is, there is a stimulus and the response is that a hormone is released in to the blood.  There is no linear travel through blood or lymph.  This seems to be instantaneous, throughout every part of the body immediately.   Just as we can say that hormone release is an instantaneous reaction throughout the whole human body, we say that ECH20 is an instantaneous reaction throughout the whole body of water.  It is energetic, explosive, dynamic.  Perhaps the further reaches of a larger body of water might be receiving a weaker reaction.  So, what do you do?  You visit a body of water often, and pour in just a few drops.  Then go down the shoreline a bit and pour in another few drops.   Do this once a week.    Like homeopathy, it is not the amount, but the frequency of application which can make the difference, as it is an energy transfer.

June 2003:   I was in Brattleboro, Vermont after the ASD convention.  One boiling hot afternoon, carefully skirting the dusty construction, I took my bottle of ECH20 and walked across the Brattleboro?Hinsdale Bridge (linking Vermont with New Hampshire) over the Connecticut River.   I stood in the middle and allowed a few drops of ECH20 to fall in to the waters below, with intention, gratitude and love.  I did this a few times.  When I stopped and was ready to leave, I felt a WHOOSH of energy come up at me from the water below.   I knew I had made a difference, one that would keep Echo-ing after I had gone.

August 2004: I spent a week at a cottage at Kincardine, Ontario on beautiful Lake Huron (about 40 miles from the Bruce Nuclear Station).   I’d go to the lake, wade in about 50 feet, allow some drops of ECH20 to fall in to the water, walk down the shoreline, do it again, in all about 6 times.   I capped the bottle, walked back to the shore.   When I stepped on to the shore I felt a blast of energy at my back which definitely felt like a big “Thank You!”

That’s all it takes.  If you are taking a trip somewhere, carry your bottle of ECH20 with you.  When you cross a bridge or are near the shore of a pond, lake or river, just allow some drops of  ECH20 to fall in to the water.   Like an aqueous Johnny Appleseed.

And/Or:   “Adopt” a body of water by your home.  Or 2, or 3 or 5 or 10.  Allow some drops of ECH20 to fall in to the waters, perhaps at different points around the perimeter, perhaps once a week.  Encourage everyone you know all over the place to do the same thing.   You can supply the water, from your “Mother Bottle”.


Angi Venning, hypnotherapist and highly creative Toronto Dowser, inspired another offshoot of the Water Project.  After seeing Masaru Emoto in May 2003, she said that she wrote “Thank You” and “I Love You” on small pieces of paper and put her water glass on it.  She liked the change in the taste of her water.   (Masaru Emoto said that the words “Thank you” and “I Love You”, in virtually every language, when directed to water, or put on a container that water passes through, created the most beautiful water crystals and had the highest positive energy of all the words they tried.)   So I made up transparent labels that said THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU and began distributing them.

We ask that:

With gratitude and loving intention,
You place these stickers on your:
Water Containers,  Jugs,  Pipes and Faucets,  Including outflow pipes,  etc.
Any place that water might pass through, especially toilet pipes.
Can you imagine that these labels, are placed on pipes in public restrooms, such as restrooms in:

        * Schools
        * Restaurants
        * Airports
        * Bus stations
        * Hospitals
        * Government buildings
        * Office buildings

My fantasy is that S.W.A.T. teams of kids place these labels, for starters, in the washrooms of every single school in North America.  I call this part of the “Beautification of America” program.   And would like to see this taking place in prisons, too.

These labels can be placed, at first, on the underside of pipes.  No one need to see them.  Once this has been accepted, people will want to see these labels and that shall augment the effect.

I have these labels on my faucets.  When I step in to the tub and see the label on the faucet, or bend over the sink to wash my face and see “Thank You”, or “I Love You” I get a much happier feeling.  I’ve been doing this for over a year now and still feel this, every single day.   Happiness, and, Gratitude.  I think it makes a difference.

A letter was received last month from a music teacher in Southern California.

      "Enclosed find a check for $33 for three more blue bottles of your ECH20 water project.  I've been spreading my first bottle around with "intent" but I would like to give it to others with your complete package with instructions and stickers.  Also could you please include four extra sets of stickers as I teach in four different public schools and travel to even more in the Southern California area."

     I loved that letter.  I called Harry that weekend.  He is exactly the kind of person we want to connect with.  He will be glad to help.  Harry is making a difference.


I read a recent cautioning from Mayan Ajq'ij Carlos Barrios regarding the latest (August 2004) messages and warnings from Mayan elders which says that we need to work hard, that there is not much time left. They expressed that they are angry, because although they have delivered their messages and warnings, they are not being heeded and people are not taking them seriously. They say that we need to create consciousness and to teach this to other people. Of primary concern and emphasis is the environment. Humanity has the ability to take responsibility and to limit the contamination of the environment.

This saddened me, thinking that humanity still has not received this message.

Yet, we are doing something.  There are numerous individuals, small and large groups, who are doing something.  You are doing something by reading this article right now and accepting it in to your conscious awareness.   Raymon Grace and Masaru Emoto are individuals who have inspired people.   David Yarrow, who conceived and brought in to being the first Onondaga Lake (New York State) Peace Festival October 2004 is another.

If you think you don’t make a difference, guess again. All ordinary people.  Look at me.  I am just an ordinary person.   And I know that every one is making a big difference in helping the world, and, so am I.  Look at all the individuals mentioned in this article.  Every single one makes a significant positive impact.  And all the hundreds of letters, emails, phone calls I’ve received from those — including many ASD members — who tell me how they have used  ECH20 and what they have accomplished.   You do, too.  You make a big difference.

No leaders, no charismatic gurus, no hierarchy.  A community, a network of like minded individuals grokking towards a collective goal.   Ordinary people.  Working together to achieve extraordinary results.   Very Aquarian.

This project has changed my dowsing as it has brought me greater self empowerment.

The conventional use for dowsing has been to find water to dig a well for a home or a farm.  The importance of this is indisputable.  However, this makes water “merely” a commodity.

What I/We now have is an appreciation of water, for water, for the power and the beauty and the gift of water.

Mary Hardy tells us that “The Responsibility of Dowsers is to Protect and Maintain the Grids of the Earth.”    Dowsers have a responsibility.    If we fulfill this responsibility, this also gives us the grand privilege of being a dowser.

I accept that and take it further to mean that Dowsers are the Stewards of the Earth.  This includes water, which works with the grids.

Water comes to us clear, pristine, pure.   We put it in pipes and it comes out of these pipes, hoses and faucets relatively clean and pure.

At this point what do we do with it?   We use it to wash away toxic spills.  Grease.  Offal.   We dump waste and feces into water so it can take it away from us and not bother us with its smell, bacteria, the build up of maggots..

Have you ever considered the possibility that: Water itself allows us to do this?   Water has given us this gift that allows us to use it to cleanse ourselves, our property and environment.   The Spirit of the Water has been kind to us indeed and we must honor that gift and repay her with respect.

Joey Korn changed my dowsing, yet again, when he suggested that when he dowses for water he is not necessarily dowsing for the physical presence of  water itself, but for the energy field of the water.  It is the energy field which contains the information such as depth, gallons per minute, potability, etc.  So now I am intent on dowsing for the energy fields of whatever I am looking for which is a lot easier, because dowsing itself is energy, and it “feels lighter” to connect two similar entities (i.e., energy with energy) than energy with physicality.

And, this awareness of looking for the “energy field” reinforces Masaru Emoto’s teachings that water does indeed have a consciousness and stores information.

William Henry, from Nashville Tennessee spoke to the Toronto Dowsers September 2004 to bring to us the knowledge of the true history of dowsing and dowsers, showing dowsing and dowsers as much more awesome than “just mere” water or treasure finders or supplement seekers.  He spoke of the Rod of Osiris, the Rod of Moses, the Rod of Jesus, and how the rock was struck to bring forth water.   What is this water?  What is this rock?  This is whole other story, unto itself.

This theme has become much greater than dowsing, much greater than water.  It has evolved in to the awareness of awareness and consciousness and Conscious Awareness.

Our Solar System goes through cycles of 30,000 years and spends approximately 2,500 years in each of the 12 Astrological signs.   Astrologically, we are in the Aquarian Age.   Aquarius, although an Air Sign, is the sign of the Water Bearer.   The Water Bearer is holding an urn with water, and pouring out the water.   The water is the Unconscious.  As we move more in to this age, the water pours out more quickly, and as it comes to the light, what was conscious becomes conscious.   You can no longer hide.  Anything.

Again, this connects to the evolution of dowsing as consciousness is indeed, raised and all the information that has ever been hidden from us is now being revealed.

- - - -
Since this project started, we continue to find out more information.   Raymon gave us more chunks as a result of interactions he had with the groups he spoke to at the ORI (Ozark Research Institute, Fayetteville, Arkansas) September 2003 Power of Thought School and the October 2003 (ASD) Flagstaff Conference.

He found that Water has a "Spirit" which responds to respect. Lack of respect and greed seem to be the main reason that water has been polluted.    And, that if water had greed in it (which can be present in bottled water if that energy pervades the company, hence its bottling plant, etc.) it can not be energized.  The greed must first be removed.   (Raymon teaches how to do this.)

[Note: Ivan McBeth spoke to us October 2004 about building Stone Circles.  He said that some stones just were not moving.  When they realized they had neglected to offer respect to the stones, and remedied the situation, that “the stones jumped in to place”.]

As powerful as this project is, Raymon’s mentor, Chief Two Trees, says that what is even more important is to Raise Consciousness.   Energizing water will not have as decisive an impact if Consciousness is not raised.  So we focus on that as well.  Every quarter.  (See our web site.)

The question was raised  — yes — se can clean a body of water.  But what about those who continue to pollute?  Yes, that is a problem we have not yet solved.  This is where Consciousness is required.

There is more but we’ll have to hold it till the next time.


Here’s How you can help make a BIG difference:

I’ve heard that the St. Clair River (a border between the US and Canada, between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario) is severely polluted.   It’s a narrow river.    I’d love to see someone cross the river on a weekly basis, dropping in some ECH20 each trip.  It could make such a difference, as this river passes through Detroit, into Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, the Atlantic Ocean, etc.   It would improve the energy and happiness of the people it passed by, as well.

Yes — We — Dowsers — Can heal the waters of the Planet.

What the Toronto Dowsers is doing — with your help:

We continue to send out ECH20 and continue to be backed up as there are too few people doing most of the work.   Please continue to order it and be patient.

[Please send us your Water Stories.  The Toronto Dowsers have received dozens of these stories but we have not yet had the time to compile them.  We are collecting them to share, and to create a chart of all the people who have used ECH20, where and when they have poured it. Perhaps we may be allowed to this information to the Digest as another installment at a later date.]

We are in the process of setting up volunteers in different regions you can contact who will be sending out ECH20  this as well.  Ray Machell, in Vermont is one and there will be someone in Tennessee and in California.

Please visit the main page of our website at: which will take you to the “Raymon Grace” page with 4 (so far) projects started as a result of Raymon’s teachings (the Daily Dowsing Vitamin Card was revised and enlarged October 2004).

The Water Project has its own subsection and the Toronto Dowsers subsection is humongous with all sorts of information.  Many say it is the best dowsing site on Internet.

I’d like to close by saying something I’ve been emphasizing  for the last 4 years:   Raymon Grace has evolutionized dowsing.  I think every dowser on the planet ought to take one of his courses or at least read his 2 books, “The Future Is Yours, DO SOMETHING About It” and “Techniques That Work For Me”.   Raymon is in the process of finalizing a video on energizing water.

Water, we Thank you.
Water, we Love you
Water, we Respect you
   - Prayer to Water, Masaru Emoto, Thank Water Day, June 25, 2003
The Toronto Dowsers has grown to 300 members since Marilyn first met Raymon 4 years ago.  Please continue to visit our website, or email me at: or phone (416) 322 - 0363 9:30 - 9:00 EDT.

Thank you for allowing me to share this information with you and thank you for responding with such open hearts. - Marilyn  -
Marilyn Gang, Head Honcho, Toronto Dowsers

This article may be copied for personal use only.  It may not be used for republication in any form unless permission of the author has been previously obtained.    copyright © 2004 by Marilyn Gang