The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Tuesday April 17th, 2001   ***
(The Church needs our space our usual time)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 7:00 p.m., Program to begin at 7:30 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Parking: On the street (neighborhood) parking is not too bad
Our meetings take place

These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter

If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site at:

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April   17th - Energy Cleaning with Larry Huszczo,  Dowsing Buddies
                                     Bring Your Pendulum!!!!!!
May 8th   - Bruce Magill, Earth Energies
CSD CONVENTION:    JUNE  22,23,24,25


March 24th:   Dowsing Workshop with Margaret Ball  (905) 770 - 9012
April 20-24:  ORI:  A Dowsing and Healing Event   501-582-9197
May 4-6: Power of Mind workshop with Raymon Grace.
       Contact:  Glen Halina (905) 791 - 5384    for more information

Do you check what you bring in to your home?   Or have you checked what you have already brought in to your home?   Shelley Bourne was telling me of a lovely vintage coat  her daughter had purchased in a hurry and brought home.  But she never felt very good when she was wearing it.
So the coat was checked and discovered to have a fairly negative entity in it from a previous owner.  This entity was then cleared, and her daughter now enjoys wearing it.

Do we check for entities when we bring in:  used clothing --- from stores, friends or family, used furniture, antiques, books or anything we borrow --- from friends, a library?   Do we cleanse the energy of the food we bring home from the market?   Klaus was telling me that there are negative energies coming off those bar code readers in the supermarket.  Do you doubt this?  ok, then dowse the energy of something you are buying before it goes through that reader and again after it goes through the reader.   Dowse the amount of (positive) energy before and after.   When I bring home my groceries I put them on a Life Light Ring for a few moments.

I had an experience a couple of months ago where I was feeling crummy, my friends cleared me, I was feeling great, and drove home.  A half hour away I started feeling crummy again.  When I got home and phoned we realized we did not energy cleanse the car.  This mistake has been rectified.

What Happened at our meeting on March 13th:

I'm beginning with the end:   EXCELLENT!   Many many people came up to tell me what an Excellent presentation Pat gave us.  How they learned so much and how they feel their dowsing will change as they now have a different understanding of how it all works and what it is all about.  The presentation was inSIGHTful as well as enLIGHTening.

Pat Prevost, while known as a Dowsing teacher of basic and advanced levels, for her flower essences, Therapeutic Touch and Geopathic Stress Balancing is probably best known for her work in the healing of animals.  Tonight she spoke with us on "Creating Your Dowsing Foundation".

Pat's practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field..  Dowsing, for Pat, is a lot more than taking a pendulum, asking a question and getting a response.   She communicated her understanding and love of dowsing to us with great reverence as it is the pathway to merging and balance with the universe.

Why do we have problems with accuracy when we are dowsing?   Pat says its due to consistency, rather the lack of (it).   We need to create certain foundations within ourselves to achieve this awareness, hence this consistency.  If you do your Daily Work you will have this awareness and have the consistency and thus the accuracy your desire.  Like the dowsing system, it never fails if it is done and done right.   It's developing an understanding of consciousness, awareness, the soul, the parts and functioning of the brain, subtle energy bodies and their interrelationships.

Pat's understanding came from reading the work of Steven Hanauer, of whom not too much is known.

As the soul is a bridge between the body and the spirit, there is the importance of the quest for conscious awareness for the dowsers.  In the mechanics of dowsing, the subconscious speaks to the dowsing instrument to get the answer.  And, in doing so, we have to be conscious to get this answer.

It is important to comprehend the Life Force Energy and how it flows.  First it flows through the SEBs - Subtle Energetic Bodies (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) , then, well::
   SEBs -->   Chakras -->  Endocrine System -->  Cells, Tissues, Organs  -->  Body
When there is a problem somewhere within this flow a blockage occurs, hence the energy is blocked and not enough Life Force Energy gets to an area and dis-ease begins to develop.  Pat says the blueprint for the Central Nervous System is in the etheric envelope and we need to pay more attention to the Etheric Body.

So that's how energy flows and why we must keep the channels clear.
It's the distraction of doing stuff that puts us in to doing rather than being.
We need the soul growth which helps the evolution of our consciousness and this is what leads to consistency in dowsing.
                                                   Conscious Awareness
 Intellect    <------->  is the bridge between   <----->  Direct Knowing
 (believing)                                                (beingness)

  knowing about it                                        knowing it
  (intellectual comprehension)                             (oneness)

To get clear answers on someone else ---- you first have to have clarity for yourself.
We need the soul growth which helps the evolution of our consciousness which leads to consistency in dowsing.   Soul Growth is the evolution of our consciousness, the process of making the unknown known and the unconscious conscious.

The biggest work you have to do every day is not on others.  It is on yourself, so you can get reliable answers.   Beingness, not doing, is integral to the soul journey.

Developing Whole Brain functioning is extremely important to this process, where there is open communication between the left and the right brain.   Many exercises, such as those taught by Brain Gym, help to connect the two halves.  One example of this is "tracing crazy 8's" which you do in the air with a finger, for yourself or for someone else, such as a child.   This helps to center and to focus.

Pat went on to tell us more about the functioning of the parts of the brain such that Intuition comes from the Right Brain.  This encompasses the vastness of or experience and consciousness.  Also, to both the Right and the Left brain halves there is a Higher part and a Lower part.  The higher part of the Right Brain is where we have our Outer Focus and this is centered on the Heart.  The lower part of the Right Brain is where we have our Inner Focus and this is where the emotions, subconscious and psychic abilities lie and it is centered in the gut.

What you want to offer your client is reliability and consistency.   The way to the way: is:
Developing personal knowledge through personal experience leads to conscious awareness.

How to enter into the journey of "the way":
Through conscious awareness, observation, feeling, living of life, conscious understanding of the dynamics, principles and mechanics of life.

In her Daily Personal Work, Pat goes through a series of questions.  She goes through each question, if she gets a "no", she stops and "fixes" it, through various methods that she has developed, many of which most of us are aware of.  You do this because you want to have your Life Force Energy flowing right.    She asks:   AM  I:
                    Balanced                            Aligning  (chakras)
                    Stabilized                           Cleared  (the environment)
                    Centered                            Cleansed  (our own glop)
                    Focused                              Repaired (any damage from any other sessions)
                    Grounded                            Protection
Example:  For Balanced:  Am I Balanced on the physical, etheric, etc....   levels?  (SEBs)

As you do this Daily Personal Work, you get healthier and your clients become healthier.   The time you spend on doing this gets shorter.    You must do your work.    It is too difficult to work energetically with someone if your energy is not right.

Other Dowsing Protocols:
- Can I, May I, Should I:  If you have done the work, you get a lot more yesses.
- Never be in a rush.   If you are, say something such as:  "I only have 45 minutes.  Can we do it in 45 minutes?"   Often, you will get a "yes" and it will happen.  Don't force it.  If you are rushed it will throw it right off.
- When you finish a session, close down and disconnect.  Otherwise you just may carry one another (yourself and your client) around with you.
- Always work to be connected to source for the greater whole In Love and Light.  This is your first responsibility.

OPEN                WORK            CLOSE                DISCONNECT

Offer yourself and your client:    Consistency,  Maturity,   Integrity
Start honoring your session with your client long before it happens.   You do this by smudging or by making a prayer or an offering.   This way you get helpers.   Pat closed her presentation as she does her sessions with her clients, beautifully, by offering the Prayer to St. Francis.

Pat distributed handouts for this session.  Because of the nature and the content of this presentation, the synopsis I just wrote does not do this justice.   Vera Ketter requested that I include some additional material in the newsletter which I was not able to do.   Vera, yes, you are right, it is important.   We also discussed ways of grounding which involve breathing which I did not include here.    This will all be re-visited.

Pat can be reached at:  905-841 1044

At the beginning of the meeting, when we asked Margaret Ball to give us 10 minutes of her time for a Q&A session, she brought to our attention that we ought to be cautious about dowsing if we were magnetic insoles in our shoes.   Studies have proven that dowsing does not work if one is wearing magnets in one's shoes.  Dowsers are hooked in to the earth and this interferes with those energies.  She also brought Dr. Jurka's studies to our attention.    [Dennis Wheatley, in his excellent book called "Principles of Dowsing", published in 2000, talks about Dr. Edith Jurka's 1980's studies on the brain wave activities of dowsing.]    And, as a recent addition to the Total Health show, Margaret will be giving a presentation Saturday, March 17th at 6 P.M.

Eva Angyal is running practice groups.   Eva lives near Yonge and Finch, but the location of the groups rotates among houses of participants.  Call Eva at 416-223-6574.

PLEASE:   DO  PUT YOUR CARDS AND FLYERS on our information table.  Someone asked me if it was ok to do this.  Of course!  Absolutely!   The focus of our meetings is dowsing, but our y'all have so many other talents we want to know about, this is a good way to do this for now.    I'm trying to balance the importance of letting you know one another's products and services and not getting too commercial.    If I err on either side, please let me know.  Just so we are able to keep our focus on dowsing and dowsing energies and it seems pretty good so far.  Right?

The ASD sent us book catalogues and Program information and registration forms for their June 14-17 Convention and pre- and post- convention workshops.   If you didn't receive yours this time, you can get it next time, or, go to:   I'm considering attending Tom Milliren's June 11th pre convention workshop:   "The Dowser and the Search for Human Identity" .

Phillip Bowman brought us a whole Case!!!  of Kombucha beverage.   Thank you, Phillip!    DID ANYONE GET A KOMBUCHA RECIPE?    Klaus said he gave the Kombuch recipe to a few people and had included too sugar in it.  Come back next month for the correct recipe.    And --- who has been bringing in those yummy muffins?   Thank you!

Blue Dowsers

One of the functions of email allows for "Email lists" which means like minded individuals can exchange information on topics they are all interested in.   One of this groups is D-D, or "Digital Dowsers"  - the only virtual chapter of the ASD (American Society of Dowsers).  I've been an active member for 2 years and the conversations we hold are fascinating.  Here is a conversation we were having at the end of the year about Blue Tape.  My favorite dowser, Joe Smith, is in this discussion.  So Joe, Frieda, Josh, Kiasi, Marilyn, Jackie R and Rem  --- from Idaho, Israel, California, Missouri, North Carolina --- all  participated.

Frieda started this off:

Can noxious rays be caused by fluorescent lighting?

I tried dowsing the bed and was shocked to get the answer that yes, it was crossed by noxious rays.  More dowsing located it as outside, coming in through the windows.  I got negatives about the rays coming from the noise of heater-coolers, cars coming in at all hours, exhaust, wind, etc.  Finally I asked about the light from the fluorescent security lights at the new building, and the rods crossed immediately.

Could this be so?

And if it is, what's my protection?  How can I keep out these rays?  will  just putting up heavy drapes  do the job?

Take blue engineers tape and lay it across the window sill.

Where can I get this?

Probably at the hardware store. It is in a roll . The closest you can get to cobalt blue the better. Dowse the energy coming in the window then put the tape down and redowse it. It should be gone.

You should also put a strip in your car window for when you're traveling around.

Surveyors tape is correct name for the tape , I don't know where I came up with engineers tape. The blue paper backed tape should act as well. Frieda said she had it coming in the window so that is where she needs to put the tape. Dowse for where you need it. For noxious energy that is coming in above the ground, start your pendulum on the floor and keep raising it till you come in contact with the beam, as you enter the beam the pendulum should circle and quit when you run out of it as you go higher. This way you can find out how big the beam is. Telephone towers are bad about this type of energy.

Why does the blue tape work?  Is it used as a device to hold an intention?  Is there some beneficial effect from the color blue?  Why use blue and not another color?

Intent is always a factor in any thing you do. You might be able to visualize the  blue color and have the same effects.

I don't know the whole story but it goes back to Egyptians and their use of the color ? I think. It will work for a while, how long depends on lots of things.   Intent is always a factor in any thing you do. You might be able to visualize the blue color and have the same effects.

In the Middle East and in Moslem Africa, the color blue is protective.  In countries where nobody but foreigners have blue eyes, the talisman that protects from the Evil Eye is a blue glass or stone eye--- I still can't figure that one out.  Doorways are often painted blue to keep out evil.  Outside garden walls are often painted blue.  Blue says "Keep Out".  I can't recall what cobalt blue looks like, but the blue used for painting is an azure blue, though the Evil Eye talismans can be darker.

Blue surveyors tape might better be placed under your hood, across the radiator or such as it is not visible there.  It may also affect your motor operation.   I recall years ago, at the convention, hat blue coloring [paint, etc.] around the base of the carb or injection pump helped improve gas mileage.

Rowdy Yates taught me to use a royal blue ribbon across my dashboard. (He even gave me the ribbon! Just like him!  I'm sure my intent that it protect us has had a lot to do with it.) I also have royal blue reflectors on either side of my driveway gate and around the perimeters of our 5 acres.  Again I feel protection for our property and those that enter!.

Also I blue line our home and have done others homes as well.

There is also a nice blue masking tape we painters use that is similar in color to the plastic flagging tape engineers/surveyors use, comes off easily for four days and then it sticks as bad a regular masking tape. Could put a piece on the bottom of the lower sash so as not to be visible, or on top of upper sash for same reason.

Gladys McCoy [from ORI] talked about this in her class, some highway engineer who discovered if you drew a blue line on a highway map, you could block noxious (or geopathic) rays that were causing multiple accidents that kept occurring at that spot on the road, which sounds like a pretty cool combination of thoughtforms, color therapy, and map dowsing.

Rem...this is similar in idea to what I call "blue-lining" a house or apt.  It works, too. You can feel the drag of your pendulum before blue lining and not after. I worked with a group of people in California . We map dowsed for earthquake faults and then blue lined them....sometimes going out onsite and clearing the more potent energies.

Try placing it along the base of the whole wall.

(Stewart Swerdlow  nephew of the last President of Russia, unwilling participant in the Montauk Project where he was genetically engineered, told us about the importance of the color blue, especially Royal Blue and how we should use this for visualization.  He was one of the speakers at the 2000 ASD Convention, one of 3 speakers who made a significant impression on me.  The other 2 were Raymon Grace and Pat Dornik.    It is expected that Stewart will come to Toronto in the fall.)

For more information on the Digital Dowsers, and how to get on this email list, go to:

For Next Month:
Difficulties in dowsing accuracy can come from negative and/or low energetics.   We will spend the first part of the meeting learning some simple quick ways in correcting this situation.  I learned some of these techniques through Eric Dowsett and then again from Raymon Grace and practiced them with Larry Huszczo.    Larry is going to show us what he learned from Raymon, simple effective techniques where you can change your patterns, habits, behaviors, health, finances, etc.

As we were not able to do our Dowsing Buddies in December as we planned, we will do our Dowsing Buddy match up in April.   In fact, this is probably even a better time for us as we know one another a little  better and the ice is broken and its easier to make buddies now.   Someone who you can practice with, sit next to at the CSD Convention, share more notes and help one another and then bring back your new expertise to the Toronto Dowsers.

April  17,  2001   MEETING

We will have a  TWO  part hands on meeting

This is a hands on experiential mix it up Dowsing Doing session designed to help you put together your own dowsing improvement program. ..... .....

As a response to the request that we get help to "make us" practice, we plan to set up DOWSING BUDDIES at this meeting.  These are groups of 2 or 3 people who live near one another get together and practice, hopefully 1 or more times a month.   No formal speaker, this is more of a hands on meeting.  Suggestions will be offered on what to practice in the form of handouts that you can take home.

This could also be a good opportunity for you to meet folks who live near you so you can share the driving to come to our meetings.

(We missed doing this in December due to THE snowstorm.  If you have other ideas you'd like to share with the group, bring them along, too. THIS is the time)

May 8th, 2001 MEETING
Bruce Magill
will speak on Earth Energies

Bruce and his wife Irene have operated The Dowsing School on his lovely acreage in Havelock for many years.  Bruce is a past president of the CSD and teaches the basic dowsing school at the annual CSD convention.  His area of research and interest is Earth Energies and how to use them.

Bruce will tell us what earth energies are, how they affect us and what we can do about them, such as Noxious Veins of water, what they are, how to dowse them, a way to remove their effect.

On the positive side he will tell us about Aquastats and Overgrounds, how to dowse them and their positive effect on us.

Bruce will teach us dowsing techniques and the various tools that he uses.

The air is getting warmer we want more excuses to be outside.  So let's talk about earth energies, minerals and maybe a little map dowsing.  This will prepare us for our summer meeting.

This is the perfect presentation to have at this time, we are in Taurus, the first Earth sign of the new Astrological cycle and the day after the Full Moon.

CSD Convention:    June 22-25

The annual convention of the Canadian Society of Dowsers will take place June 22-25 at its lovely secluded wooded setting at the University of  Toronto campus in Scarborough.    If you are not a member of the CSD and want information on the convention phone: 1-888-588-8958

Do you have a place for us?
We want to have an outdoor field day for at least one meeting this summer.   If you have a site you would like to suggest or volunteer, please let me know.   This should be a somewhat rural location, not more than an hour's drive from Toronto, bathroom facilities, an area where we can have lunch, just hang out.  A place where we can have our scavenger hunt.

If you are on Internet and have not been receiving email messages from me, please send me an email so I have your address.  I send occasional email "treats" that are not available in the newsletter  to those of us who are online.  Please send an email to: