The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the Toronto Dowsers or the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2002
 APRIL 10TH:      DOWSING BUDDIES (see last page)
MAY 8TH:     Susan McNeill (of Boston)
JUNE 12TH:            Pat Prevost
Dowsing Conventions!!!!

There are 2 Dowsing Conventions in June

First, there is a call for Volunteers (more info when it becomes available):

Canadian Society of Dowsers
  Volunteers Needed for the  Convention!

  The 2002 CSD convention will be held Friday June 21 to Sunday June 23 at York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto. There will be workshops and schools both before (Thursday and Friday) and after (Monday) the conference. Exciting speakers, exhibits and events are already planned, but in order to make this conference run smoothly, your volunteer Board of Directors needs your help.  And, you get more satisfaction and enjoyment when you participate through volunteering. We appreciate and recognize our valuable volunteers.

  If you'd be willing to contribute a few hours of your time and energy to the conference, please leave your name, phone number (and e-mail address if you have one) with Susan Collins at (905) 833-2440, or e-mail her at

If you have friends in the: Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa areas there are dowsing groups there. Check out the CSD site for more information.  There was a meeting in London on March 8th, to introduce dowsing to that area.

ASD (American Society of Dowsers) 42nd Annual Convention, VERMONT
Pre Convention Schools and Workshops: June 10-12
Convention: June 13-16
Post Convention Workshops: June 16, 17
Call:  1-802-684-3417    and they will mail you a catalog
or go to:

These are "just" the 13 pre and 4 post convention schools and workshops (these are 1 day, focused events that cost $60-$110) such as:

    Healing Sick Buildings and Sad Places            Treasure Hunting
    Deviceless Dowsing                                     Map Dowsing
    Stone Circle Creation                                    Radionics: Beginners
    Expanded Dowsing School                            Radionics: Advanced
    Shaman Dowsing                                        IET  (Beginners, Intermediate)
    Connection to the Ether Field                        European Dowsing Techniques
    Radiesthesia Level I (ALICJA ARATYN!!!)      The Kaballah Connection
    Dowsing for Well Being                                Integrating Feng Shui, Labyrinth, Chakras
Then you have the convention from Thursday-Sunday:  Each day has 4 time slots and each time slot has 6 different sessions (24/day).  Then there is the sales area:  which fills up the rather capacious college gymnasium.  This is a great place to get to talk with the speakers, as most of them have sales tables for their books. The convention costs $125 US for members.  Lodging and meals cost about $200 US.   I am planning on taking  3 pre and 1 post convention workshops. If you would like to go to the convention and would like to offer or receive a ride, let me know and I will try to help coordinate your arrangements.

This will to be the 3rd ASD convention I'm attending.  For me, its the most exciting event of the year.  I'd rather go to ASD than to Club Med.   It's  E*N*E*R*G*Y.

To Our Founders and Members:

March 2002 has been the biggest month in our 16 meeting history, and, from what some people are telling me, we also had the biggest meeting of any dowsing chapter --- in North America --- ever!   We do need to verify this.  There were 230-240 people at our March 20th meeting.

On the subject of "bigness":  There were many reasons why I wanted to start this group.  One of them was to create a community of good people --- everyone would be able to make friends --- where we dowse.  To improve our dowsing and where people are doing it.   Informal is preferred as is funky over formal.  More people can mean more rules, it means everyone may not know everyone else.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Sure, there is some sense of pride in creating and belonging to a large organization, but is this what we want?

I wanted a group of people who are interested in dowsing and who do dowse.  That is our purpose.  I talk about our numbers because, like being rich, it is a way for people to see that we are doing something that attracts people, because if you belong to such a group and you speak with your friends who don't quite understand what we are doing, telling them about our numbers and growth might help create the credibility we sometimes feel we need. It's human nature to be proud to be part of a large group.

I have concerns about our growth.  We can double what we have today.  Is this what we want?  What about those of you who were with us from the start?  How do you feel about our large size?  Growth is good, but is this too much too soon?  You know where to find me.

Although informal, we maintain a very strong vigilance and discernment over what is appropriate, moral and right in our meetings and for who we are as a family.

At the end of January we had 150 members, 100 / people month attended meetings, the newsletter is sent to 250 people / month.  I've groomed the email list every 6 months and each time deleted 60 names. It's a live list.

To our new Attendees and new Members:

Welcome to our group.  You have probably been attracted by the possibilities of dowsing shown to you by as a result of Raymon Grace's guest appearance at the Total Health Show (THANK YOU CONSUMER HEALTH ORGANIZATION!) or by an interest you have had for some time in dowsing but had not realized we are here.  The Toronto Dowsers has been here since 9/2000, the CSD has been around for 15 years.

If you are new, please see the "Newbie" page at:   Newbie

We hope you will become a valued part of our group.  At the end of every meeting we have refreshments  --- finger food munchies.  Who brings them?  You do. Please feel free to contribute refreshments to our après meeting schmoozing.

If you have a suggestion, it is best to contact me by email.  If we do not act on your suggestion it is most probably because we do not have the time at the moment or it is not yet the right time, or it may be something that has been done before, or, it is in the works, or tried and we have not had success with it.  Or its not who we are.  Please do note that each significant event and offering and most smaller ones are dowsed for the highest good for the Toronto Dowsers.  You may want to check out previous newsletters (they are all on our website).

A newsletter is written and snail mailed virtually every month to members --- and for a couple of months --- to new people who attend our meetings.  Modest Membership dues support the newsletter and many of our projects.  We also welcome contributions.

We consider ourselves to be a new group, especially as we seem to be re-defining ourselves every few months.  At our January 2002 meeting we realized we have achieved a warm communal feeling, we are less like strangers and more like friends with one another.  We like this and want this to remain, even if we grow in numbers.  Quality is more important to us than size (d'accord?).  We consider ourselves a small hobby group, becoming family.

We do not teach dowsing at our meetings.  Please contact one of the excellent dowsing instructors for this.   We have experienced explosive interest in our group and our activities in the past 2 months.  Please bear with us as we do our best to make the resources available to you.  We hope to have additional recommendations for books, supplies, teachers soon.

Everyone has the ability to dowse.  To do so, however, you have to LEARN and PRACTICE.  In addition to learning the techniques, you will want to learn the rules.  Of permission, etc.

Most do not simply pick up a pendulum and expect instant answers to the most crucial life decisions.  The Spirit World expects you to pay your dues before it shares its gifts with you.  Certainly, there are people who are instant experts and instantly in tune with this.  Most of us, however, find we need to work at it.  For more information on the Ethics of Dowsing see our February 2002 newsletter or  Each of the examples in that article came from a real life situation.

The Total Health Show

The Toronto Dowsers sponsored Raymon Grace as one of the speakers at the Total Health Show March 16th and 17th.  He was sensational.  He gave a presentation on Saturday and one on Sunday and was on a panel discussion on Saturday with:  Almine, James Hurtak, Eric Pearl.  The audiences were mesmerized and listened to him like little children being read a story by a favorite auntie.  Why?  Because he spoke the truth.  In basic, simple, honest terms.  And showed us how --- without any fancy words or pipe dreams --- how we can truly empower ourselves.  He spoke from his heart, not just words and concepts that sounded pretty.

Here's How Raymon's Dowsing Works:  In planning for the show, I asked Raymon to program for a good location for the booth.  We had the absolute best location in the show!  With the talks, and the booth, we must have reached easily over a thousand new people.

We have a Toronto Dowsers flyer!  AND!!  Walter Huszczo was kind enough to make and present us with a large vinyl banner for our exhibitions! THANK YOU WALTER!!!  It's beautiful!  We gave away "Wilsons" and sold Dowsing Cards.  All the copies we had of Letter To Robin were sold the first day.  Raymon sold his books and tapes.  His books are new, that is, newly updated.  He has 3 tapes:  Stories, The Medicine Place and Control Your Energy. We will have them for sale at our meetings.

We were fortunate again in booth placement in that Alicja Aratyn was right across from us with her dowsing tools.  So we could tell folks about dowsing and they went across to her to buy a pendulum!  It was perfect!

We also sponsored an adjoining booth for Walter Huszczo who brought his 8 foot high Dodecahedron --- one of the 5 Platonic Solids he constructed for changing energy. And Jannette Huszczo displayed much of her Usana information.  Usana is an excellent line of nutritional and facial products that help build good energy and improved health and beauty.

Our booth was constantly crowded.  We had the help of Shelley Bourne, Klaus Stalchuss, Deanna O'Halloran, Brigitte Lortie, Mikki Fox, Marilyn Kowalski and Marlene Jelski.  We would not have been as successful without you.  Thank you so much.  So many more people found out about dowsing through your help, through your kind and very patient explanations and demonstrations.  There were many times we were all somewhat frazzled due to the press of interested people.

Raymon and Larry worked on a lot of people. At one of Raymon's talks, of the approximately 400 people in the room, when he asked how many people were in pain or discomfort, about 2/3 of them (266) raised their hand.  At the end of his demonstration with the bobber, when asked how many were relieved of pain about 3/4 of those (200) raised their hand.  One man came up to us afterwards to tell us he had had a cataract in his left eye.  When Raymon started his demonstration he could feel the eye watering.  When Raymon finished he could see.  Remember:  This is all done through dowsing and the Power of the Focused Mind.

(Some of) What Happened at or around Our March 20th, 2002 meeting,
Featuring:  Raymon Grace

"Illuminating the Shadow"
The Toronto Dowsers March 20th meeting was the Premier for the:
Illuminating the Shadow --- A Compact Disc
Imagined and Produced by Toronto Dowser  SHELLEY BOURNE!
Created and Directed by SHELLEY BOURNE and   Sharon Howarth Russell

Shelley was inspired to created this CD after a series of interactions with our group and exposure to the geopolitical history books written by David Icke. She saw that additional tools would be required to lower the frequencies of depression, other personal as well as world wide ills.  Shelley realized that this could be done with sound. She connected with noted musicologist Sharon Howarth Russell and together they developed a CD.  Sharon is well known for creating sounds that improve health and well being.  This was proven by studies sponsored by the National Research Council in cooperation with Brock University. "Illuminating the Shadow" plays a frequency, so that underneath the music, the shadow of what is being hidden in the geopolitical arena, and the people causing those events, become exposed.

EVERYTHING in the CD --- every note --- Everything!  Was  DOWSED!  "Illuminating the Shadow" is dedicated to the Memory of William Cooper, who was recently killed by US government agents.

The Toronto Dowsers is acknowledged on the CD flyleaf and a portion of the proceeds is being contributed to our group.  Dowse to see if this CD is for you.  They will be available at many of our meetings.

We have removed pollutants (Coliforms) from Water!

Once again, Shelley Bourne gets featured in a starring role here in this issue.

Remember Raymon's Water Project?  Raymon showed us we can remove pollutants and toxins from water by using dowsing.  From a glass of water we are about to drink.  From our sinks, our wells.  Even from lakes and other bodies of water.  Et cetera.  SHELLEY DID IT!  Here's what and how:

1)   Shelley took a test sample of water from the tap in a friend's home (with a well) in Markham.
2)   They took it in to be tested.
3)   The test results stated:   Feb. 19th, 2002: Total Coliform per 100ml:   780
4)   Shelley dowsed the well
5)   They took a second sample
6)   They took this 2nd sample in to be tested
7)   The test results on the second sample stated: Feb. 26th, 2002: Total Coliform per 100ml:  49

We have a certified copy of the test results from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Laboratories Branch, Bacteriological Analysis of Drinking Water and passed this around.

Raymon tells us how this is sooooo easy to do.  Attend one of his workshops and find out how.

My "Bribe"

At the February meeting, I made an offer to those who were in the room, to the effect that if you had completed 21 days of either the Dowsing Card or Larry's questions, I'd take you out to dinner, in groups of 6.

Raymon told me I had it wrong.  He said that if I told someone how to dowse, that they should take me out to dinner!  I like that!   However --- my offer still stands.  It looks like I have one group of 6 and another one that is building.  KEEP 'EM COMING!!!  (I'll be contacting folks soon with arrangements.)  If you have completed your 21 days and have not told me -- PLEASE DO SO!  IT IS IMPORTANT!   So far, I remember:  Dominique was the first, then Delwyn, Ayoma, Suzanne F.,  Marlene, Susanne, Jan, Peter....  who else?  PLEASE!  TELL ME!  And yes, it IS part of "The Plan".

A "miracle" For Teresa R

I received a somewhat frantic call on Friday, March 15th from Teresa R., who lives in the High Park area.  She was experiencing great problems in her home, with her health and the health of her family and was told that dowsing could help her and found us. I suggested she visit us at the Total Health Show the following day she was there bright and early. She was fortunate to get there to meet Raymon, he was available to help her and he did.

I spoke with her on Monday and not only was there a completely different feeling in her home, she has new communication with her son, who is autistic.  He is doing things he had never done before.  Teresa is ecstatic, attended our meeting, became a new and happy member and was at Raymon's weekend workshop.

Here's yet another demonstration on how Raymon's dowsing works:

At last month's meeting, we had a lot of new people, and as they had not been to one of our meetings before and many did not know how to dowse and perhaps thought they were going to learn there, there was a lot of scattered energy.  As I knew we would have many more people at our March meeting, I asked Larry to create the energy for a meeting where "People who are interested, capable of understanding, using the techniques and will add to the group."   We all felt that the energy for the humongous March meeting was One-derful.

Afterwards, I thanked Larry for his help.  He told me he didn't do a thing!  I told him I saw him work on it.  He said he only checked to see if he needed to do anything more.  He said I did the whole thing by my Intent.

This is fabulous.  Look at what each one of us can do!  Knowing Raymon's techniques, and not using them, is like someone offering you a million dollars but you say "No thank you, I'd rather remain poor."

We also had a boost from Puck, who offered up a Native prayer for us, which acknowledged, welcomed and thanked the Spirits, blessed our energy, our space our meeting and all of us.  We are trying to obtain copies of the prayers Puck has used these past 2 months to make them available to you.

Because of the events of "Raymon Month" we don't have time to complete in this newsletter the details of the March meeting as we usually do.  The March meeting was the 3rd Wednesday, April is the 2nd Wednesday,--- so we "lost" a week we had the workshop and Easter weekend is coming and we want to get this to you before the April meeting.  More details of the March meeting will be in next month's newsletter.

Raymon will be back in Canada in May.  He is doing a workshop in Montreal May 24-26.  Contact:  Jean Paul Choquette   (450) 658-6976  We will arrange an event for Raymon in Toronto before that, in the May 21-23 time frame.  Please note that this is mid week.   We will know the details by our April meeting and information will be in that newsletter.

More people want dowsing workshops, both Beginning and Advanced.  We have not had the time to set up date, location, etc., details for this, as they will take place soon after our April meeting and there will not be time to properly notify you about it in the next newsletter.  Below are the outlines for the workshops with what we know at this moment.
LOCATION:  mid Toronto, close to transportation, parking
Cost:  Maximum $35
All proceeds above costs will be contributed to the Toronto Dowsers
This is a workshop for beginner dowsers, perfect also for those of you who have friends
who want to learn how to use a pendulum and the "rules of the road".
This is being put together due to the extreme high volume of interest in dowsing and
the need to get people dowsing and properly.
This will prepare you for more advanced work.
Contact Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or
Probably the 3rd SATURDAY  OR SUNDAY in APRIL
LOCATION:  mid Toronto, close to transportation, parking
Cost:  Probably $55
This is a workshop teaching the Advanced Dowsing techniques Larry has learned from Raymon
and has been assisting Raymon as he accompanies Raymon on his workshops around North
America.  You also improve your confidence, trust and accuracy in dowsing and in your life.
Contact Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans
Our library is open for you before the start of the meeting and occasionally at the end when the librarian has time. Borrowing privileges are available for members only.

Helen is quite knowledgeable about most of the items in our library

Here are some Raymonisms:

The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized.  There are many probable futures for each one of us. We have the ability to attract to us the best of them. When you learn to influence energy you learn to influence future events. Your life changes."

"Dowsers are among the most powerful people in the world. .... Their problem is, they just don't know it!"

"People have given their soul to the preachers
Their health to the doctors
Their money to the bankers
Their kids to the schools
They have lost the power over their lives. When you learn how to use your mind, you take your power back. If you can attract to you the best of all futures and influence future events it gives you a lot of power."

"If you don't ask, nothing will happen. If you do ask, something might happen."

"The power of a focused mind is stronger than the power of a scattered mind."

Future Months:

May 2002

Susan McNeill, president of the Boston Chapter of the ASD, is a fine example of how anyone who puts their mind to it can become an excellent dowser.  Susan is an engineer by trade, has been dowsing for years and travels all over New England to dowse for wells for people.  She is very experienced at map dowsing.  You can see her map dowsing at: SUSAN!    Susan also designs labyrinths, freehand.  She would like to do a labyrinth workshop on Saturday, May 11th.  Susan asked if we can do this outside.  Can we? You can see her website (labyrinth) at:  (sorry the link doesn't work too well)

Susan also makes L Rods.  Maybe we can have a workshop doing both somehow?  What do you think? I'm not (yet?) a labyrinth person so I need help knowing what you'd like.

CHANGE! PLEASE NOTE:   We made this change in our schedule recently, because our original speaker, Joey Korn must be in Montreal when we had hoped planned for his visit to Toronto.  So all the details are not yet finalized for the May meeting and workshop.  The labyrinth workshop will probably be at a very low fee.  Susan is well known in dowsing circles for her generosity to too many. Joey will be here in the fall.

June 2002

We are privileged to have our very own  Pat Prevost!  We have not had the time to discuss Pat's topic.  There are so many topics she is expert on, including animals and animal health, healing and communication; the Oracles she created recently (and is having a one day workshop on at the CSD convention in June); dowsing, flower essences.  Pat has been busy organizing the Dowsing Schools for the CSD convention.   We will discuss her topic soon.

THE   Wednesday, April 10th, 2002 MEETING


You may want to bring some notepaper as well.

Your Dowsing improves when you DO IT. Your Dowsing improves when you practice with someone.  Dowsing Buddies is a way for you to practice your dowsing more often, and to do it with people who live near you and/or share your dowsing interests.

One of the results you want as a result of this meeting is to come away with at least one name and phone number of someone with whom you can practice your dowsing --- either in person or on the phone.

For the past several months at our meetings there has been displayed on the wall of the room some charts showing a map of Toronto, sectioned off by numbers.  Each number corresponds to a geographical area of Toronto.

Another chart has certain areas of dowsing interest.  Each area of interest is represented by a letter.

A = Animals                                            G = Gardening, Plants
E = Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress          H = Health, Personal Well Being
M = Map dowsing, Lost people, Pets           N = eNergetic, Emotional Clearing
P = Planetary,world,neighborhood healing    R = Raymon's Techniques
T = Treasure, Minerals, Gas, Oil                 W = Water, Noxious energies
You have taken round sticky yellow labels and putting them on your name tags, looking for other people whose letters/numbers match yours.  This has been in the newsletters:

Look for other people with similar letters / numbers.  Start to get to know one another.

It has been difficult to dowse at our meetings because they are too large to do this where it benefits people.  We can do better at dowsing, if at first, we do this in smaller groups.

We will gather in groups of mutual interest and practice our dowsing.

No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated for profit without permission of the author.
copyright © 2002 by Marilyn Gang