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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004 (See last page for information)

David Slater
from:  "Healers Who Share"
will speak on:
"Empower Your Dowsing
*** [NOTE:  Our MAY meeting is on a Wednesday and takes place at another location. See below.] ***
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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We have *2* more big meetings before September.  Be there!
April 13 - David Slater:   "Healers Who Share" ,from Colorado
WEDNESDAY! May  19 - Robert Gilbert - Sacred Geometry, from North Carolina
May  22,23 - Workshop with Robert Gilbert
JUNE - Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force" will be in town

April 4: Color Therapy workshop with Margaret Ball.
Richmond Hill.   $55 / $60  Call 905 770 9012. Limit 16
April 10 - Dowsing 101 (Basic Dowsing) - with Marilyn Gang
Toronto  $45 / $50 Call 416 322 0363. Limit 18
May 7-9 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont
July 16th to July 19th - United States Psychotronics Association  annual conference
"Celebrating Feminine Achievements in Frontier Science" - Columbus, Ohio


There is a parking lot in the back, and the Eglinton Avenue bus stops right in front.
And there is a cafe in the basement for pre meeting or post meeting light meals, snacks, drinks!

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Speaking of membership --- some members in the Orangeville area told me they found out that, yes, the membership card is an energy card, i.e., it energizes.  (Such a deal!)  So keep it on you, near you, keep your glass of water on it, etc.  And --- bring it to the meetings of course!
Last year, at the beginning of our meeting evenings, before the meetings got started, we had "Dowsing Practice".  This runs from 6:15 - 7:00.   This is an informal  practice, led by an experienced dowsing teacher, where you show up, have an opportunity to ask your questions and get them answered, and benefit from a "lesson" that the teacher may have prepared.


Please!  If you are coming for the practice would you please, kindly, go to the stage.  It can be distracting to have our dear people on the presentation floor as we are rushing around trying to set things up. AND MAKE SURE YOU DO REGISTER!!! Thank you!

The Toronto Dowsers
Walter Huszczo Library
With many thanks for the following Donations to our library this month:

Anita Fernandes:  Anita, who moved to Niagara-On-The-Lake, is also a distributor of HMS90 (which was featured in our protein article last month) and donated the book :  "Glutathione - Nature's Powerful Antioxidant" by Dr. Jimmy Gutman and Stephen -- which describes Glutathione, a most powerful natural healing agent; as well as a disk that addresses several topics related to specific diseases.  AND!

"Sanctuary" - The Path to Consciousness - by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson

Cat Peever  --- for the donation of Barbara Brennan's "Hands of Light"
Margaret Ball -- for the donation in honor of Ann Fowle: "The Divining Hand"
Ron Dmytrenico ---  Ron donated the video: "Star Dreams" to our library.  It's about Crop Circles.

Thank Anita, Cat, Margaret and Ron, for your thoughtfulness, commitment and generousity.

The following  (previously viewed) videos were bought on sale at Blockbuster. They all have deeper meaning, and, 2 of them: Lara Croft and the Matrix have been discussed in our newsletters:
Lara Croft Tomb Raider II - The Cradle of Life,  Matrix II - Reloaded,  XMen 2 - United


When Joey Korn was here in October, as you know, he was on a Cable television show.  It was EXCELLENT!   This show was taped.  Many of you said you would like copies of this show.  Well, these copies have been for sale at our table for 3 months now --- at $10 each --- and not one has sold.  Not yet.  Do take advantage of this great bargoon as Joey gave super explanations of dowsing as well as explanations and demonstrations of his methods.  He knew he had a limited time on the television interview and really made the most of it.

We also have videos of our presentations of:  Sabina DeVita (November 2002), Mary Hardy (February 2003), Joey Korn (October 2002).  They have not been selling that well.  In the survey about a 18 months ago you were asked if you would like to have videos of our presentations, and if so if you would be willing to pay for them.  Answers were:  yes   yes.    The suggested price was $12.   Unfortunately, the cost for the video guy and the copying was a lot higher than initially guesstimated and they cost $17 --- still a bargoon.  I love the videos of Sabina and Joey because of the information they provided us with.  I like the video of Mary because I like Mary.  As she spoke almost in stream of consciousness mode, it is helpful to have the ["script" of the] March 2003 newsletter nearby.  What you get from the video is a sense of who Mary is.  And yes, I think these videos are in the library.   This is why we are not videoing any more presentations, and why I'm not pushing to expend energy on recording the sound.  There's a lot of effort involved with this.

You might be able to see the video clips online, if your system can handle it.  Go to: TORONTO DOWSERS VIDEOS.

As I type the newsletters --- some are easier to write than others and I do procrastinate a great deal because its so intense at times; still, I go in to overwhelming awe.  At the deep wisdom that our speakers have shared with us.  I just had to take a break now, typing the notes from John Clyde and Lyra's March 9th presentation, swooning with gratitude at the priceless pearls they shared with us.  About the energies.  Gravity, frequencies, hemispheric synchronization, ADD and so much more.  And our other recent speakers:  Ross Andaloro and Jill Hewlett.  My gosh.  It takes me 2-3 days to type the speaker's part.  It took 2 days to do last month's Protein article.  So maybe spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes -- reading it, and --- getting it?  ok?

I don't think you would get this anywhere else on the planet:  top notch speakers and an excellent review of their presentation.  Up to the minute uncensored, fresh moovvving high caliber energy.

We will always remember

Ann died the last Saturday in February at the age of 82.  Anyone who has been to a meeting will remember Ann.  A young little old lady, always active at the meetings.  Interested and interesting.   5 of us were at her memorial service in Richmond Hill the following Wednesday, where friends and family told stories about Ann's life, how she lived the life she wanted to live, not what she was told to do or what may have been expected of her.

Ann received a PhD in Biology 52 years ago! (1952) and had a lifelong interest in plants and botany.  Her daughters said they were always careful with what they took out of their refrigerator.  She was part of a group of friends who met once a month since 1960.  In the 70's, when she was almost 60, she took up scuba diving.  Her scuba buddy, who was half her age, spoke at her service, about their adventures and how Ann kept her going and all the places they went to, including the Galapagos Islands.  She also recently took a trip on a Russian ice breaker to the Arctic and had travels to India, Israel and the Amazon.

Her friends described Ann as: Courageous.   Adventurous.   Kind.   Thoughtful.

Her daughter Lucille tells us of her opera loving natural scientist fierce conservationist mom who explored realms of energy beyond the physical world. Ann was a spokesperson for women in science and let learning shape her point of view.  "The world would be a much better place if there were more people like Ann who took action and followed up what they believed in."

James Thompson knew Ann for many years, as his business had done her landscape renovations and upgrades, including putting in a large fish pond.  James said she was the first person he knew of to tear up her asphalt driveway and put in gravel.  Why?  so the water would percolate back in to the ground and not go in to the streets.  She was also the first person he knew of to purchase a hybrid car.   Ann wasted nothing.  She had raised vegetable gardens without any chemicals and a great compost pile.

When Ann was absent from our meetings, I'd call her, because I missed her.  She was travelling, or attending a symphony or the opera.  She was the only one who would regularly phone me to tell me of  mistakes of a scientific nature I made in the newsletter.  She had the brightest light about her, big blue eyes that shone with joy and mischief, love, understanding and wisdom.  I was looking forward to her comments about last month's Protein article, certain that she would set me straight on a few points.  It's because of Ann's comments that we have the write ups of our upcoming meeting on the back page.

Ann was the first one to tell me she was bringing ECH20  with her on a trip --- for her 80th birthday she went scuba diving in Baja California, and brought ECH20 with her to pour in to the Gulf of California.  She was also after me to convince members to bring their own cups to the meetings so we would not waste all those paper goods.  Good idea.

The family requests that donations in her name can be made to the Vancouver Aquarium (founded by her father W.A. Clemens), World Wildlife Fund, or an environmental organization of your choice.  We thank Margaret Ball, one of Ann's good friends, for her donation to our library in Ann's name which will purchase a copy of "The Divining Hand."

Ann is exploring new realms now.  She had so much, so much that we did not tap in to.  There are so many of you with so many treasures.  How do we find out about you?


with Eva Angyal, Author of:  Vital Knowledge
Learn/Review various dowsing techniques with a focus on chart-dowsing.
For an Upcoming Schedule contact: Eva (416) 223-6574  angyaleva@hotmail.com

Sunday, April 4, 2004   1-5     $60 .
Richmond Hill  (905) 770 - 9012.  Limit: 16
Margaret will show you how to utilize and harness all color for your greatest good, for health, personal relationship, to influence others to respond to you with joy.
The importance of color in our dishes, utensils, food
Using colors to stimulate or sedate energy
Understanding colors and their concept of vibrational energy
Visualizing, touching, smelling, using all 5 senses
Everything will be done through the eyes of color.

Margaret has developed a unique method to use dowsing, a magnet, and color to achieve whatever goals we have.

Learn to use color in every area of your life, much like sunlight bounces off of a hanging faceted crystal, twirling, throwing patterns on the wall.

Margaret taught this workshop at the 1999 ASD Convention.  I've been asking her to offer it to you for the last 2 years.  It's powerful, simple and will help you understand some of the basics of frequency and vibration involved in all healing. A MUST!.

 Saturday,  April 10, 2004    9:30 - 4:00
Eglinton & Don Mills area.  Parking, TTC.  Call for location
Cost:  $45.   At the door: $50.    Maximum:  20 people
Delicious Hot Buffet Lunch available at on premises restaurant

This will teach the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses, when and how to use it, when and how it is not appropriate.  You will be taught how to use a pendulum and practice getting that "feel", other dowsing tools, charts, resources and be introduced to "energy dowsing".   If you have a pendulum, bring it.
This will prepare you for more advanced work.
For more details contact: Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or   mgang@dowsers.info
To reserve your space send your payment to:
Marilyn Gang, 816 - 225 Davisville Avenue; Toronto  M4S 1G9

RADIO: March 31, April 8
COASTTOCOASTAM  is a radio show out of California that can be heard throughout North America and broadcasts nightly, 10 PM - 2 AM PST (1 AM - 5 AM EST).  You know this as the [old] Art Bell Show and currently George Noory is the host.  Art sometimes comes on as well.  This can be heard nightly in Toronto on 640 AM (for a station in your area check: www.coasttocoastam.com/info/wheretolisten.htm.) Raymon Grace is scheduled to be interviewed the night of March 31st (Mark Hazlewood, of Planet "X" renown, will be interviewed April 1st).   Raymon may come on the air during the second hour:  11 PM PST / 2 AM EST.  This will be updated at:   www.TorontoDowsers.com  AND!   William Henry is scheduled for April 8th.

April 22,  Thursday,  7-9,  Aurora Town Hall, $20
Dr.  Paul Dennison, co-founder of Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym

Jill Hewlett, our February speaker on  Brain Gym for Dowsers, had told us that Dr. Dennison  is coming to town to give an indepth course for licensed practitioners. They have arranged for him to give a presentation to the public on how to improve skills such as reading, writing, organization, comprehension, focus, creativity and more.

You need a ticket, purchased in advance, for this event. Tickets are going VERY fast for this. Jill Hewlett  success@jillhewlett.com (905) 713-0194. 

With Robert Gilbert's visit coming up, and a focus on Dowsing, Egyptian style, Toronto Dowsers Egyptologist Daniel Kolos has very generously offered us a rare treat.

An Egyptian Exhibit has come to Toronto, to the ROM, on loan from the British Museum.  This is the first time this collection has been let out of the museum.  Daniel has offered to be our tour guide for this collection.

Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum - February 28 to June 6, 2004
Eternal Egypt illustrates the development and achievements of the ancient Egyptian art over more than three thousand years, from the pre-Dynastic to the Roman Periods (c. 3100 BC to 30 BC). Concentrating on the splendid objects from the Middle and New Kingdoms and the Late Period, the diverse works include mummy masks, coffins and other funerary items, sculpture and reliefs, papyri, jewellery and cosmetic items.

Daniel is taking several different groups of people to the ROM's  Eternal Egypt Exhibit over the next few months and is offering a "private" tour to us, as our own professional guide.  (On his first tour so far, he reports that the sculptures had an energetic effect on some of the more sensitive people.)

On:  Sunday, May 9th    AND /  OR   Monday May 10th
(May 9th is Mother's Day.    Treat your Mom!  or!   Moms!  Ask to be treated!)
Sunday May 9th, 1:00 PM- cost $23.00 for members, $28.00 for non-members
Monday, May 10, 1:00 PM- cost $19.00 for members, $24.00 for non-members
The above is the ROM cost of tickets plus $3 or $4 for Daniel's out of pocket expenses.

Those who attend any one of these 'tours' may join Daniel --- treating Daniel as a way of saying thank you to him --- and the others, for an 'apres-tour' party at a nearby restaurant or coffee shop where the experience of these rare Egyptian objects can be discussed, questions asked, insights shared, etc.

He can take groups of 20-21 people.  The format of the tour will be that each take the audio-tour gear (an additional $5.00 cash or card at the exhibit entrance).  As soon as the audio-tour explanation is over, Daniel adds the additional information or story attached to many of the pieces, translations of hieroglyphs, discussion of iconography, meaning of symbols, and possible relevance to dowsers since ancient statues and carvings have their own special energy.

To reserve: call 1-800-919-4919 with your choice of Date, where the secretary has a sign up list. Once there are twenty people, he will call everyone back and ask for a check to be sent to his office in his name.  People also have the option to pay by Visa or Mastercard over the phone.

Questions: email  "Daniel Kolos" <damilos@bmts.com> or call  519-924-3303. (Daniel is difficult to reach because he does not have have a routine schedule, or, an answering machine.)

Wednesday, April 19th is the last day for letting him know who is coming.  He needs to have all the payments - by April 26th.  From April 8 - 18  he is away in Arizona for a desert trek and an Egyptological conference.

APRIL MEETING:   David Slater, From Colorado, who worked closely with Hanna Kroeger, and founder of Healers Who Share, will be offering our April 13th presentation.  That weekend, he will be offering a basic workshop in Buffalo, followed by one in Toronto.  The first weekend in May he is offering an Advanced workshop.  For information call:  Vicki Dynes 905 785 2933.  PREBOOKING DISCOUNT FOR THE SEMINARS ENDS MARCH 31.

April 29th (Thursday) 7-9 PM  is a Dowsing Workshop, which is open only sign up for his workshop. There is no charge. The purpose of the workshop is to show people how to test the saliva samples using dowsing techniques David has developed.  It will be held either at the Hotel where the seminar is being held (Holiday Inn, Argentia Road, Mississauga) or at Vicki's home in Mississauga place depending on interest. This is the first time that David has offered this in Canada.

will be held at the LATVIAN CENTER - 4 Credit Union Drive
This is at the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Credit Union Drive
which is about 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkway


Our March 9, 2004 meeting, featuring:  John Clyde Kranz & Lyra

Once again, the energy for this evening was very different.  If its different for every meeting, doesn't that then make it the same?

January we were awake.  February we were asleep.  This month it was like a HAPPENING PAR-TEE!  It has nothing to do with the speakers, its just the way the energies are.  Combinations of Astrology, and, the energy clouds that we pass through, and, ??? we'll find out more March 24th when we hear Ken Page.

I worked on the energy the night before the meeting.  Bill and Rick worked on it that evening, then our speaker, John Clyde worked on it.  Did you see him going around to the corners and other places?  With our combined efforts, it felt like a highly carbonated potent champagne.

Joy Goch led dowsing practice. Shari Bridge said  "Joy has a wonderful  way of teaching, sharing information, steering off-topic questions back on track, and encouraging participation.  Great information on protection and clearing. She shared some fabulous information.  I think a second session would be great."

AND!   Thanks for all the GREAT FOOD! you thought to bring to share with us at the end of the evening.  We can thank ELEANOR GASPAR for her yummy homemade pickled beets she has been bringing.  THANKS ELEANOR!

For those of you familiar with the work of the Monroe Institute and their extensive courses and materials, John Clyde told me that the presentation for the evening was placed in the context of our needs as dowsers and his discussion with me with regard to what to present.  This was not classic Monroe, but in the 90 minutes we had, a small part of it, which included a 20 minute meditation.  He presented the Hemi Sync materials, which help the way our brain works.   One of the pieces of information on Hemi Sync succinctly states:

" Hemi-Sync is the leader in audio sound patterns that can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness. It was discovered that specific sounds could be blended and sequenced to gently lead the brain to various states ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded states of awareness and other "extraordinary" states. This compelling research became the foundation of a noninvasive and easy-to-use "audio guidance" technology know as "Hemi-Sync."

Hemi-Sync, an abbreviation for hemispheric synchronization, is a process which utilizes carefully blended and sequenced sound frequencies to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This enables you to transform the diffused power of your brain's hemispheres into a focused whole-brain state.

Hemi-Sync is a method of discovery where one can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience. By exploring our internal world, we are able to understand in greater depth the nature of our own reality and our relationship to the universe. We utilize the patented Hemi-Sync Technology as a tool to access these levels of awareness that assist one in knowing that we are more than our physical bodies.

The Monroe Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization founded by Robert Monroe. They have investigated human consciousness for over forty years. Thousands of people have benefited from the residential courses, outreach workshops and Hemi-Sync® tapes and CDs in unique and individual ways."

*            *            *            *            *            *

John Clyde has been with the Monroe Institute for 11 years.  JC says this is a very important time for developing intuition, and, dowsing certainly does that.  And --- congratulate yourself for coming here.  If you get an urge to go see somebody, or take a vacation, do it.  TRUST YOUR INTUITION.  They don't make prophecies, but they advise people that if you have an inclination to do something, DO IT!  DON'T HOLD BACK!  Listen to that voice.

JC started dowsing as a young child, he was taught by his father.   They have participated in dowsing conferences, and attended the ASD conference June 2002, where they attended Robert Gilbert's seminar (JC says he is excellent).

In dowsing, you are working with tools.  JC says that when he sees people at workshops, they never seem to go anywhere.  Because they are constantly going to workshops and listening to speakers.  "You have to work with tools.  You have to do it.  Doing it is what makes it work.  The dowsers say 'PRACTICE  PRACTICE   PRACTICE', and, that's true.  [Yes, just as in Real Estate, its: Location Location Location.]   If you want to develop all these facilities, you have to practice doing that."

The Monroe Institute was started by Bob Monroe.  He was a sound engineer and was in to radio shows and successful with it.  He proceeded to develop sleep tapes, and came up with what is called "Hemi Sync Technology".  This was back in the 50's, and he has fine tuned it, experimented with it, etc.

He discovered that if you put one song in one ear and a different song with a different tone in the other ear, the brain doesn't like that.  It will pick up the middle frequency between those 2 signals.  That is what is called today:  Brain Entrainment, or Binaural Beat.  They realized that we had this ability --- back in the early days, in the jungle --- you see a lion --- and know where to go, or not.   We kept this ability to discern which direction danger was coming from.

We found this has a lot of different applications.  What we are doing, is working with the different brain wave states.

Beta is what we are in right now --- for studying, on the computer, consciously focused.

The next state is Alpha.  For a long time, people made a big thing about it, but they consider it to be pretty light weight.  If you sat down in a chair and didn't have any sensory input, you'd go in to an Alpha State.

Then, there is Theta.  The really relaxed, meditative state.  You can:  Re-energize:  If this is true Theta, its like just having had a great massage and you can't walk.  Tension is released from the muscles, which is also what meditators go through.

Delta:  This is where the action is, but people rarely go there.  There is a lower rate.  Delta runs from .3 HZ --- which is comatose --- to 3 or 4 HZ.

There is a Deep Delta, and you have to go there or you won't be rested.   You need "only" 32 short sleep cycles of deep delta.  Tonight, we deal with the range of Delta where deep meditators go.  This is above deep sleep.  With our technology, what we do is:  We keep the mind awake and the body asleep.  So you can remember where you are at.

This is where shielding takes place (I don't know what that is).   This is where the gurus go.  This is where the better information is.  Most people fall asleep here.  Later on we will experience Focus 10 and then Focus 12.  This is a very Intuitive State.  There is a lot less filtering, a lot clearer communication.  Deeply relaxed.

(I am intrigued about the following statement JC made.  Didn't have time to ask him about this.  Anyone know the answer?)  "This is the state that we are going to be in the future."  Whole Brain state.  Left brain with the right brain activated at the same time.  Now what is happening is that we have either the left brain functioning or the right brain functioning.  If you can get in to the whole brain wave state and access both logic and intuition at the same time:  BINGO!   Our society is too left brain.  There is no right brain with it.  When we get them both connected with one another, it will be a lot better.

Lyra responded to a question which asked about logic --- which queried --- if the more logic we use, does that dampen our intuition?

When you use logic, what often happens is that you are working towards a goal, something specific
You forget to have your awareness of what is around you, so you do not listen to that little voice
When you are being logical is you are looking at the goal, what you are trying to accomplish
When you are being logical, you are --- or you believe you are --- usually --- under a time constraint
When you rush you may not listen to that small voice which tells you "try this".
The problem is the rushing, just looking at a goal.
You can become more intuitive and logical at the same time, if you slow down and bring in your awareness of your environment
Mostly what happens is people dowse in different ways.
People forget that one of the ways that they dowse is with that small voice that we all call intuition.
People don't think that's dowsing.  It is.
When you are listening to your intuition -- your gut feel --- you are connected to the universe.  You are dowsing.
Just because you are not holding a tool, does not mean you are not dowsing. You are getting information. You are in the flow of the universe, you are in the flow of yourself, you are in the flow of your energy.

Sometimes our ego overrules that small voice.

When you are connected to your intuition, to your dowsing, to the universe, to all that you are, and you hear that little voice, there is no doubt.  But what do we do?  We argue.

If you wanted to be more logical but intuitive, the only difference would be --- as you are trying to become logical --- and something jumps at you and says Do This, don't argue with it.  Say:  WHY?   You ask:  WHY.  I don't understand, why I should, e.g., go that way.  Or ask:  Where.  How. You know, those words.

And, connecting this to the chakras, Deep states of consciousness, accessing the Universe flow --- all this happens in either the 3rd eye or it can happen in the chakra system.  If you develop your chakras, that's another way of getting information that is out of your head.

So there are 2 different system where we are able to access Intuition.

We are going to have a meditation, and its experienced widely.  This is due to the fact that some people have not developed the 3rd eye (the pituitary gland) --- there are certain chemicals that have to be emitted --- and that is where it is experienced.

One of the reasons we are here is because of the way we work with energy.

When I'm not clear it means I'm not balanced, something is disturbing me --- the energy around me is not straight.

In order to be able to dowse, your energy has to flow.  It has to flow so that you are connected.  You can't be exhausted.  So one of the things is to get your energy going.  If you hurt, it's hard to dowse.  If you are exhausted, its hard to dowse.  It's even hard to even keep your life stream.  So one of the things is keeping your energy moving.

When you work with Monroe products, one of the things it does is to put you in the Whole Brain Wave state.  It separates the body from time, and makes it so you relax.

People are confused about what energy feels right.
They might feel heat rise, a flash in the fingers, a tingling, get a little dizzy, feel lightheaded, a twitch somewhere --- that's your energy running.  Just go with it and let it flow.  When you are connected, the energy circulates.  Let it.  If you are blocked somewhere, the answers are not going to come through.  And if they come through when you are blocked, they can get distorted.  Something in you could be holding it back.

At the shows they do, around North America, more and more they are seeing people dowsing for their products.  It makes things so much easier.

Your dowsing is dependent on what you ask.   If you want something, a question could be do you need it?  and then, what do you need it for?

If you are not in it, you can't experience it.

To get ready for meditation, they clear themselves.  One way is to do a "Rainbow Wash", because at different times of the day you need different colors.  Your body will take whatever color it needs.   You do that with visualization.  You put yourself in, say, a symbol.  This can contain your energy. We don't say a shape, such as a globe, because your globe might merge with the globe of a person sitting next to you.

Meditation happens in moments.  If something distracts you, say thank you, acknowledge it and go on your way.  Distractions do not "blow" your meditation, its how you react to it that could.

When you go often in to deep meditative states you increase your frequency.  You stimulate the pineal, pituitary.  Meditation helps to offset the frequencies that are coming in, the frequencies that certain people are doing so you don't wake up.  If you want to offset some of the frequencies coming in --- gravity is also increasing.

There are 2 different things that are helping to make people more intuitive now.
But there are also a lot of people who don't want to wake up.
By working with these tools, you can also offset, override energies which have been set forth to try to depress you, make you feel like you don't want to do anything, etc.

Bob Monroe has a way of introducing a tone in one ear, then in the other.
On the tape, they start with a tone in one ear, then a tone in the other ear.
"Notice that it is also steady, even, without fluctuation.
Now when I put the first tone back in to the other ear, you will hear both at the same time
You start to hear a wavering, a vibrato, in the tone.
When you hear this, your brain is beginning to act in unison.
The 2 halves of your brain --- the hemispheres --- are starting to perform electrically as one unit.
This is what is described as "hemispheric synchronization" --- or Hemi Sync, as it is called.
This greater natural brain mind power is what you will learn to use."

When the brain perceives one frequency coming in one ear and another in another ear --- the brain doesn't want this to happen.  This is electrical and chemical.  A lot of the illnesses we have --- Parkinson's, Alzheimer's --- take place because the synapses in the brain aren't working.  If you investigate Alzheimer's people, you will find they were around a lot of chemicals --- varnishes, finished carpenters, etc.  They screwed up their electrical synapses so the fine things aren't happening in the brain.

So in the Whole Brain Wave state, when the brain is trying to figure out the 2 different frequencies, it comes up as yet a third signal, but actually its just an electronic impulse.  What that does is it activates the Whole Brain.  What you will feel --- some people say they are having a headache at first.  It's actually the 2 hemispheres activating.  After you've done it for awhile, you don't feel this.

When the hemispheres are starting to balance, at first some people feel a headache, or pressure, some feel depression.  You actually start to feel as if your crown chakra is spinning and you are connected to the universe.  This is because the 2 hemispheres are now balanced and you are letting energy flow.

Q:  Do the Hemi Sync materials help kids w ADD, kids who have been on Ritalin?
A:  They have tapes & CDs specifically done for concentration and focus and have been used by ADD students who have actually been able to settle down and their medication has been reduced or eliminated.  They are not so agitated and they can focus.  (There is more info on this on Internet.)

A lot of kids who are deemed ADD, etc., are actually very intelligent.  They are vibrating at a faster frequency.  They have a specific tape called "Indigo".  This is a faster beta.  These kids are a faster beta.

These kids can perceive your thoughts before you say anything and so they get bored because you are talllkkiinnnnggg   reealllllyyyyy  slllooowwww to them.

With these products its not so much the sound quality, as the herz and the frequencies that are going through the brain.

(Focus levels) 10 and 12 correlate to the Astral levels of the Hindus.  Focus 10 is a deeper, relaxed state.  When you are there you should feel a floating sensation.  You should be laying or sitting and you wouldn't feel your arm or leg.  Later you would not feel your body at all, you would feel as if you are floating.

This is where you have to have your physical body at, for your mind to drift, for your astral to separate.  Otherwise its scratch scratch itch itch and you focus on your physical body.

Focus 12 goes beyond that.  Focus 21 is the last level before you get away from the gravity level and the earth plane.

As you go in to the astral levels, each level is a denser, less vibrating level.  When the materials get you to delta, with these focuses, they can get you in to a higher frequency state, where the higher frequency information is.  The reason the gurus can come back and tell you wonderful things is that they can access the finer information that is vibrating at the deeper levels.  Every thought form you have every thought about or had as a collective society is at the lower astral.  Jungian psychology.  This is pretty serious.  People in mental hospitals, and who have bad trips, are accessing these thought forms at the lower astral and are seeing them.  Because they are there.

When you get to Focus Level 12, this is the level where you separate from your physical body (you have to work in to this level).  You think you are floating and that you are hitting something, like a ceiling.  Your awareness is not as attached to the physical level.

The Remote Viewers like levels 10 and 12 because this is the level that they remote view at. (started by Ingo Swann and Russell Targ)  They were trying to figure out how the remote viewers were able to access this information.

If you have the belief that everything is one, that means that a part of your consciousness can be somewhere.  What a remote viewer does is tap in to a piece of your consciousness at a remote location.  Swann says all the information is out there, like in little time capsules.  Everyone has a different definition as to how this stuff works.  It's hard to prove because you are talking about 4th dimensional frequency and what you have is 3rd dimensional equipment, trying to test it.

We have equipment, galvanic skin testers, and, if you say you are having a psychic experience, we can say yes you are or no you are not.  Because everything happens at certain stages, i., brain wave stages.

Deep delta, you let go of tension.  That's where you want to go.
Theta is where meditators go because you can stay awake and remember the experience.
Delta is much much more powerful.
Alpha is really lightweight.  It's good if you want to have information to get in to your unconscious.
Theta and Delta are much more valuable.

Q: Where can you access the Akashic records and what level do you go to?
A: It depends on the individual who is doing the exercise.  It is not the technology.  The technology opens up a quiet space for you.  It centers your body, it centers your mind and it opens up a space.  Some people, because of what they have done in their life and things they have done in the past, have access to that.  And other people do not.  It is not in everybody's path to access that.  Which is why they can not guarantee that the product will do something specific.  What it does is it centers you and opens up a space so you can develop whatever skill you already have. You can become more intuitive, your 3rd eye can open, you can start getting more visions, you can start hearing things, your own knowledge, you can connect with yourself, etc.  It can open up all those pathways.  It opens up a space for you.  What you do with that space is up to you.

It's not so much a level that you go to. It's you connecting with yourself.  This is just a tool, to help you connect.

We are trying to teach you to do this on your own.  If you listen to your feelings, you may not have to listen to the tapes any more.  These are just tools to help you know what you are already doing.  This is nothing new.  You are doing it, you are just not consciously aware of it.

Later on, JC expanded upon his comment that we should listen more to our intuition, i.e., if we have an urge to see or call someone DO IT.  Because... changes will be happening.  Not, in his opinion --- massive changes to the planet, but regionally, as in 911, and, Yellowstone.

The frequency is getting higher, the gravity lower.  We have the higher frequency people at one side, the denser at the other.  As the denser can not take it, they will be leaving, leaving more room for the higher frequency people to do what they need to do.

*            *            *            *            *            *

The 10 or so calls I got after the presentation spoke about HIGHLY significant changes and experiences for them.  After the meditation, Lyra asked people to share about what they experienced, few did at that time.  They called me later instead, and spoke of seeing colors and going to different places.  One of you went to visit your husband and the meeting he was in at the time, checked on the dogs and came back (this was while she was sitting in her chair at the meeting).

But the results were even more profound the following day.  Chris was the only one who had an appointment with Lyra and said she gave him the direction he has been asking for, for months.   Muriel said she had more energy the following day than she had in years, she could think better, see better on the computer.   During the meditation I could feel both halves of my brain connecting.  The following day I had a somewhat more than mild headache.  Lyra said this could happen, as the hemispheres begin to synchronize.  It has gone away and I am more alert, feeling better.  However, the most worthwhile feedback came from Ursula:

" Thank - you Marilyn..

I must say that last night was a watershed for me, Marilyn. I am truly convinced that not only do the hemi sych cds work ... that you don't really have to meditate to have them affect you.

 I noticed a shift in my son's attention span while we were there, he has a 9 yr old attention span - for Lego and running amok.  He did neither once the cds started ... just subtle stuff, but there. He was different today .. as well. Just little things he said, that the room was "very comfortable". He was unusually awake and attentive coming home in the car. Then, he went to sleep right away when we got home, slept so soundly all night.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring my son.  He's been with me when I saw psychics and astrologers, has been present at many out of the ordinary places/seminars and I know he talks to my Mom and Dad - both passed on. All of this is quite ordinary for him. He will grow up knowing that its just natural to dowse, track his chart transits, clear his aura, use homeopathics ... that in his world there is life in balance, in right relation to the universe. He is truly a cosmic child. And I didn't have to take him away to a commune to do it either.  Again, due the concerted efforts of you, and the Toronto Dowsers, Anton can see ordinary people participating in extraordinary activities. Making a difference, striving towards consciousness.

In closing, Anton shared with me in the car last night how glad he was that out of all things a person could be - that I was an Astrologer and that he "belongs to the Toronto Dowsers."

"All the neat people I meet, Mommy. Nobody else is doing something this cool tonight."

So with the tears streaming down my face, I turned into my driveway and just sat there in the dark - listening to this little guy next to me. There is more that just hope, if the Antons and Simons of the world have anything to say about it.

Good time to be alive, I'd say.  G'night Marilyn!

____________      _____     __  _____   ____________________ _______

  There were 2 comments that their presentation was too commercial.  I am trying to respond to your comments --- which is how you perceive it --- without telling you your feelings are wrong and mine are right and I don't think I can do that adequately.  All I can say is that they teach in terms of demonstrating their products.  It's an experience, where you notice changes in the way your brain works.  This is their way to show you how to improve how your brain works --- they do it in terms of the products which have been developed for this purpose.  So they do this, people like the products and want to buy them.  There were a huge amount of questions as to which CD does what --- as different CDs have been designed for different purposes.  People want these CDs, each person has a different goal, that the products help with so they have to talk about the products.  I don't feel they were pushy sales people at all.  In fact, I would like more information on the CDs and will have to wait a few months.

   Our presentations are designed to be educational, not commercial.  However, several speakers come a big distance, they share the wealth of their knowledge and experience and deserve a fair exchange.  Offering products, services --- in a fair way (we hope) --- is a way of achieve this.

   After John Clyde and Lyra left town, I got a lot of phone calls asking about the CDs.  Many of you who did not get them, wanted some.  Me too.  Those of you who got tapes/CDs --- can you tell me what you got and how you like them so I can let folks know?   You can go to:  www.hemi-sync.com  or call 800-541-2488.   They will be back in town at the Whole Life Expo in the fall, and, I am thinking of inviting them back next year to talk in more detail about how the brain works.   What do you think?

Healing, Color Healing, Color Therapy

HEALING !!!  The WORD that non licensed people are forbidden to profess to do --- not unlike the non priests in the Dark Ages, who were forbidden to read.  We have not progressed too far from those times.

Dowsers, and, therapists from all modalities avoid the "H" word for fear of the governmental boogeymonsters (and they do exist).

And yet, this is the reason that most people, today, get in to dowsing.  For healing.  For themselves, family and friends.

What is HEALING about?  What is HAPPINESS about?   The Beach Boys had the answer.  it's about:
GOOD VIBRATIONS, of course.   It's about   FREQUENCY!

What is Health?
What is Healing?
What is Harmony?
What is a Good Relationship?
It ALL has to do with VIBRATION and FREQUENCY.

Some years ago, I asked a spiritual teacher:

I have a friendship with someone.  We call one another every day and stay on the phone for hours every day.   Then its an hour.  Then its a half hour.  Then a half hour every other day, until we call each other maybe once a week. Why?  What has taken place?

His reply was:  Frequency.  Harmony.   Your notes were in harmony with one another.  It felt very good.   Then one of you changed.  It doesn't mean one is better than the other, its just that your frequency has changed, and the harmony does not feel as good as it did.

This is what health and healing are all about.  Health feels good.  Healing feels good.  Why?  It's in harmony.

And, some people might get along with almost everyone.  They are like a harmonious chord.

Others might get along with a few.  They are like a dissonant chord --- they make the music very interesting, but would be jarring to the piece if used too often.  They are used at special times, for special emphasis and have a unique flavor.

Some people get along with everyone.  Others don't.  All are needed.

All these chords make beautiful music.   When in the right place for the right amount of time and pressure.  Not all chords, or notes get along with all other chords or notes.  Some chords are very special and may be disharmonious --- or contribute to cacophony ---- if they are used too often --- just as --- some people --- with very distinct --- and necessary abilities --- do not get along with everyone all the time.

So if you and I are great friends, and then not such great friends --- it does not mean that one of us is not such a great person --- it can just mean that your frequency or my frequency has changed.

With Blood donations, there are Universal Donors.  There are Universal Receivers.  And, there are those Rare types.  It takes all kinds to make up our world.  All are needed --- All are useful --- at different times, in different ways.

What these are --- are --- different frequencies.

We all like the color Scarlett Red --- but not all the time.

Colors are Frequencies.  They have a wavelength.

Everything that exists has a frequency.  A green olive has one, a black olive another.  A human eyeball has another.  The hair of a sheep has another as does the pancreas of a cow which differs from the pancreas of a human which differs from the stamen of a tulip.

These frequencies are called "rates".   These frequencies have been measured, but this gets in to radionics which we are not looking at today in great detail.  Let's just use the concept of "rates", and for the sake of discussion, that they are in the range covering 6 figures (i.e., to 999,999).

Let's say the "rate" for a healthy adrenal cortex is: 479,580.   Your adrenal cortex measures at 480,310.   It's not at the healthy rate.  So you may want to send it the frequency of 479,580, and this will give it the frequency it needs and it will be balanced.  (Yes, the rates are known and they have been recorded.)

Medical doctors use pharmaceuticals.  Some of the problems with this approach is that the whole body is flooded with a pharmaceutical when often just a small part requires treatment.

And, these pharmaceuticals are "gross", in the frequency sense.

Healing requires a gentle touch, rather than the forceful pounding of a mallet.  Pharmaceuticals are crude pounding mallets rather than the --- preferred --- touch of a kiss of a butterfly.   Its the overweight clumsy bumbling oaf and not the required delicacy of a ballerina's caress.  Pharmaceuticals flood the system and destroy the body in their approach rather than addressing a small part of a single system that needs re-balancing.

A pharmaceutical may address, i.e.,  everything from  179,000 to 182,000.  But a color may address 179,500 to 179,600 --- a much more precise range, and therefore can focus on exactly what needs taking care of.   Colors go where they need to go, they go where the body needs them, rather than affecting the entire body.  Colors are more subtle.  They are non invasive.  They are natural.  The body takes what it needs.

Wouldn't you rather use a color than a pill?
How do you know what colors to use?
What do you think:  Dowse for them.
Margaret Ball will show you some pretty amazing ways to use color in her upcoming workshop.

How can colors heal?  You get the healing frequencies of color in different ways.  You can even get it by wearing an article of clothing next to your skin.  You can get it by looking at colors, by eating foods of certain colors (as in Gabriel Cousens' book: "Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet"), by looking at or being under colored lights.  You can nourish, you can heal yourself through your different use of color.  Yes, you do get color frequencies these ways and they do have an effect.


Dinshah P. Ghaddiali (1873-1966), born in India and moved to the US in 1911,  developed Spectro-Chrome Therapy just over 100 years ago.  This is the standard, the Bible that color healing folks know about and work from.

In the 1920's, Dinshah spent time in jail as he was convicted of grand larceny; the complainant claimed that Specto-Chrome could not have any affect on disease.  His equipment was destroyed, his books were burned.  By officers of the US government (FDA).  His family kept his work alive.

I had a Spectro-Chrome session from a chiropractor in Vermont in 1999.  It was THE best healing session I'd ever had.  He dowsed that I needed Magenta.  Set up the magenta, put the light on, I took of my clothing, lay on the table and felt as if I was totally loved in every cell of my body.  Total heaven.  The session --- the "tonation" --- lasted for an hour.  I was hooked.

Color Therapy --- this way --- is so very inexpensive.  And so powerful.  Whenever you take something for health, what do you think you are taking in?   Do you know?  Guess what?  It's FREQUENCY!!!!   What do you think color is?  FREQUENCY!!!  Do you have that?  Get it?  Understand it?  Read it again.  Read this paragraph over and over again until you get it.

What do you think we are tuning in to when we are dowsing?  FREQUENCY!   VIBRATION!   It's either harmonious or its not.  What are you feeling when you are feeling good?   How about:  GOOD VIBRATIONS?!

When we do "energy dowsing" we are working with Frequency.

Color Therapy, while it is still "energy medicine" is also in the physical world as well.

You can bet your sweet bippy that there will be more on this topic from this source.

So I got most of the Dinshah materials.  And started loaning them out.  Arthur Clark is one who borrowed them.  Arthur put together a Dinshah system.  If you know Arthur, he'll be pleased to talk with you about it.  At some point we may have the filters available for those interested.

From the book "Let There Be Light" by Darius Dinshah (son of Dinshah P. Ghaddiali, and carrying on his work):

At this time (1999), U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations prevent us from selling Specto-Chrome Color projectors (or their parts, including filters) as they have been held to be medical devices. If you cannot buy the necessary equipment, how will you proceed? Fortunately, the problem is not so complex as might be imagined, and is solved in ....

Avoid exposure to fluorescent lighting whenever possible. All fluorescent bulbes emit powerful energies in some parts of the spectrum due to the method they use to produce Light. Besides these emission "peaks", some so-called "full spectrum" fluorescent lamps have many frequencies missing - a combination of emission and omission errors. Long term exposure to these energy aberrations may, sooner or later, cause health problems. Typical household incandescent bulbs are not perfecta s a Light source by they do not radiate sharp peaks of energy an do have a complete visible spectrum. This does not apply to incandescent bulbs made with neodymium (Chromalux, enrich, Bulbrite, etc.) which are generally promoted as "full-spectrum" but admit to having virtually NO Yellow Light - keep them out of your home.  These important technicalities are demonstrated visually with a spectoscope in our video My Spectro Chrome.

BLUE!  There was a BIG article on the dowsers use of BLUE TAPE in the April 2001 newsletter.  Find it and READ IT!

MORE BLUE!  In 2000, I met Stewart Swerdlow at the ASD Convention.  Stewart is one of the people (along with Preston Nicholls, Al Bielek and Peter Moon) who were part of the Montauk Experiment --- and probably still are in some ways.

Stewart spoke of the importance of color therapy, and especially how important ROYAL BLUE is.  You can read about him at:   www.StewartSwerdlow.com .

Here is something  on Toronto ELFs from his archives from January 23, 2002

"I have been lurking around your website for many months now .... I find the information that you present here to resonate within me.... I have noticed a correlation with my mood swings and a high pitch sound in one of my ears. It seems to occur as I reach different peaks in my own personal growth cycles. Do "they" bombard whole areas with ELF or can it be targeted to certain individuals emitting a particular frequency level ( to push them back down to a manageable level)? I live in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. Any insight into this would be extremely helpful. Your website has served as a grounding tool for me from time to time. Thank you.

Stewart’s Reply: They can bombard an area or a specific individual. The tower in Toronto is a huge broadcast transmitter. Toronto is also the home of Monarch programming. Use pale yellow from the affected ear and trace the high pitch to its source. Then put a big brown X over it."

Why is it said that people become:
    Green with envy?
    Yellow belly cowards?
    Red with anger?
    In a black funk?
There are real, practical reasons for all the above states.

Several took the Light Language workshop last year, and you use color and shapes in healing.

We are very fortunate to have Henry Evering as a member of our group.  Henry, who is the Founder of Eidetics, and publisher of the Eidetic Reference Book, "Creating Whole Organization Synergy", started the Eidetic-Academy in 2000.  Its purpose is to share psychological and sociological discoveries, from 30 years of research and consulting to over 150 organizations.  His work involves color as well.  He knows a lot about the use of color from a scientific and psychological viewpoint.  Henry has brought in the sacred geometrical shapes with the colored lines that he has made to our December meetings.

And remember what Mary Hardy told us about the real meaning of the old song Green Sleeves (March 2003 newsletter) and its connection with Mary Magdalene, who would wear long sleeves because she would emit green fire out of her hands.  The heart = Love = Green.   "The purpose of the feminine principal is to put the heart chakra back in to the grid."

Most people are attracted towards some colors and not towards others.  And, we all need all colors.  For example, I go for purples, blues, greens.  I forget about red, almost never go towards orange.  I took a color workshop 2 years ago and it was suggested that I need orange --- pumpkin, actually, to help ground me, increase physical activity.  So I bought a pumpkin T shirt to wear as a night shirt.  One night was enough.  It kept me so active I couldn't sleep.  Now I wear it during the day under other shirts.

2 neat ways to do color healing for yourself:

Here's a way to do some color therapy for yourself:   Get a glass jar.  And food coloring.  Dowse to see what color you need.  Put water in the jar and food coloring for the color you need.   Leave it somewhere that you can see it during the day and look at it from time to time.  Your eyes will take in that color and it goes in to your body.   Change the color when you need to (again, dowsing for it), maybe every day, once a week, etc. (If you like doing this, buy yourself a pretty jar.)

Get colored bottles:  Blue, Green, Red, Yellow (there are beautiful ones in the liquor stores).   Empty them, remove all labeling (maybe put on our THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU labels!).  Fill it with good water, leave it in the sun.  Drink the water.  You are getting color frequencies, this can also affect your emotions.

Do you know anyone who has, say something like Parkinson's Disease?  Try putting a blue light bulb in their room when they are sleeping.  You can buy 2 -  40 watt blue light bulps for $4.79 plus tax.  Pretty big investment, yes?  Of course, they can always take Sinemet and have their minds turned to mush.

Joe Smith on Harold McCoy's Brain Unzipping Technique

Joe Smith, of Johnson, Nebraska, is a favorite dowser.  Joe and his wife Marta have been teaching dowsing for decades.  They dowse water, oil, gas and do a lot of health dowsing, are friends, teachers and mentors to many.  His pendulums --- the Dancing Pendulums --- that Joe makes are available for sale at many of our meetings.   Joe wrote an article on Harold McCoy's techniques for getting rid of non beneficial emotional patterns.  I know from plenty of experience with this technique that it works GREAT! --- a very good friend of mine would do this for me and I could often feel it as she was working on me, and the way the changes felt afterwards:


It is the weekend so maybe you folks will have a little time to digest this latest post. I going to try to describe some of Harold McCoy's methods.

They are really  quite simply if you you can visualize things. We talked about sitting the patient right in front of you, this is what Harold does. He has his tool bench right next to him (imaginary).   Harold believe most illnesses start in the brain area.  SOOO he unzips the scull from the left side of the left eye clear to the right eye around the back way. Then he lifts the scull cap forward and now he is looking at the top of the brain.  He sees where the problem is by how the brain is colored or how much hair like things are growing there.

He has some of God's peroxide in that tool bench and he spreads that over the top of the brain, It foams up and then he gets his little vacuum off the bench and vacuums it all out, then the brain is now bright and clear. He describes it like as a newborn baby's butt.  For different problems he does different things.  He does this while sitting in an easy chair completely relaxed --- and in alpha state.  The case where he removed a tumor he made himself very small and went down in to the brain and got all the tentacles of the tumor and un wound them so he could pull it out. Then when he is through he folds the cap back in place and sews it back on with God's little sewing machine.

Another time his son was over in England and was dating an English lady with a young son. This young boy had a cleft palette. He had a hole in the roof of his mouth.  Harold really feels pain when it comes to children and his son asked him if he could do anything about it.  Harold sat down in his chair and visualized that he was real small and that he would go into the boys mouth and see what was there.  He found the hole and started using small pieces of God's putty off the bench to fill the hole.  He finally got it to looking good so he used some of God's healing fluid to clean it all off.  This was on the first of the week and on Thursday they took the boy into the operating room and the surgeon said," Let me have a look son."  He looked and told the nurses they had the wrong boy as there was no hole in the roof of this boy's mouth.  This is just one of the cases Harold has worked on over the years.

Right here on the group there was a lady that was to have a kidney stone removed and several of us worked on her and when the surgeons got in there there was no kidney stone.  I had a friend in Oklahoma that had a bad attack of stones and his wife called me and I just laid on the couch and visualized his kidney in front of me and I reached up and pulverized the stone by rubbing it between my fingers.  He went to the Doctor soon after and the xrays showed no stones.  Was it the fact he didn't have them? or did in fact I removed them?  makes you wonder sometimes.  But the drift of this lesson is to get you to visualize the problem and fix it with your mind using what ever tools you need  off the bench. This seems far out but so does dowsing. Joe

At New York Kennedy airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher, was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a setsquare, a slide rule and a calculator. Attorney general John Ashcroft believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He is being charged with carrying weapons of Math Instruction.

"Star Dreams" - a Canadian produced video on CROP CIRCLES
This was donated to our library by Ron Dmytrenico.
Crop Circles and Sacred Geometry and Sacred Sound, 5th Dimensional Energy, Fractality.

This is an excellent video that will give you a good understanding of crop circles, their possible explanation.  Crop Circles seem to bring together many different areas of spiritually advanced teaching that many of us are interested in.  Several Crop Circle researchers are interviewed.

In the December 2002 newsletter, there was a mention of Freddy Silva and his book.  Freddy is interviewed on this video.  Freddy offers a very good definition for Sacred Geometry.  Since our May presentation includes Sacred Geometry, and it can be somewhat esoteric, I thought this information would be useful for you here, and some of the other observations, as well:

SACRED GEOMETRY:   The reason why it is sacred is it was encoded in to many of the buildings that our neolithic ancestors built. The stone circles, the temples of the Greeks, the Egyptian temples and even as late as the Gothic cathedrals throughout Europe.  These are all examples of Sacred Geometry.

Now, why is it sacred?   It is sacred because these geometrical principals are very fundamental to life.  These geometrical principles mirror and generate the actual ratios of the orbits of the planets in the solar system. They generate the ratios between the atoms in the human body, in effect in all the cells of all living things.

All the molecules are all governed by the geometry which is called Sacred Geometry. It is sacred, it is a part of life itself. It is the blueprint of God, if you like, in every living thing.

So we find in crop circles, that these geometries are manifesting themselves. The geometry is visual.  What is encoded in the geometry is energy.  Its well known that if you build a geometric structure on a strategic point of land, you will have enhanced the energy of the area around you.  When we go in medieval temples, churches, these buildings were designed using certain proportions and they were designed with skill.

The builders knew that these proportions and harmonies would resonate first within us and they would raise our vibrations so we would aspire to something greater within ourselves.

There's a great parallel there with the crop circles.  The geometry is transforming you and the same thing applies to Crop Circles.

When people say "I feel moved" or feel a spiritual experience, this is exactly what is happening because it is the energy that is encoded in to the geometry that the body is recognizing itself and you have these experiences because we are dealing with very fundamental blueprints of energy, which are geometrical in nature.

One of the fascinating aspects is the connections with sounds. The sacred sites were created as sound chambers. All the subtle bodies are affected by sound, on every level. When you step in to a crop circle, its alive, there's music and you take it with you. Your body becomes an antenna.

The fundamental thing that works with all the crop circles is that Harmonics is involved -- geometric sound frequencies, electromagnetism, whatever.

It's all about Harmony, and if we learn to be harmonious with one another and learn to be in harmony with one another and learn from one another and be cooperative we'll be doing ourselves an enormous amount of good. And ultimately, that's what the crop circles are trying to communicate.

We are going to a 5th dimensional reality to where time and matter crumble away to where they are manipulate by consciousness.  There is no doubt that within the next 10 years we are going to have communications with our cousins.  We're not going to be happy about that and we are not going to be prepared for this cataclysm until the critical mass of humanity has moved comfortably in to the 5th dimension.  The circles are, I believe, attempting to bring us to a stage where we are connected.

The makers of the crop circles wanted to bring the awareness of fractality to humans. That is the real secret of expansion in to a vibration of light which is our destiny.  The destiny of the human race is to manifest to the next level of our creation which is a light body, in other words, which is ascension.  They help us awaken to a new level of consciousness, of light, of spirit, of new design.

If you want to order the video, here are 2 sources:
www.stardreams-cropcircles.com/  800 667 7718  or   www.videonorth.com/21495.html

Astronaut: We've had visitors
The sixth man to walk on the moon shares his unconventional views.
By WAVENEY ANN MOORE, Times Staff Writer
Published February 18, 2004

ST. PETERSBURG - "The aliens have landed."

Thus declared Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Saturday to more than 200 admirers.

"A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered," said Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon.

Mitchell, who landed on the moon with Alan B. Shepard, said a "cabal" of insiders stopped briefing presidents about extraterrestrials after President Kennedy.

For those who might consider his statements farfetched, Mitchell, who has a doctorate in science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, noted that 30 years ago it was accepted that man was alone in the universe. Few people believe that now, he said.

Besides aliens, Mitchell talked about being freed of prostate cancer during a healing ceremony and his epiphany while returning from the moon.

"I had an opportunity to be a tourist," he said, going on to speak about the sensation he felt as he watched the Earth, moon and sun.

Raised as a Southern Baptist, Mitchell said his feeling of interconnectedness could not be explained by traditional religion alone. He later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

On its Web site, the California organization says it conducts and sponsors "leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness" and that it explores "phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor."

The site also states that IONS, as it is known by members, is not a spiritual sect, political action group or single-cause institute.

Saturday afternoon, dozens of people made their way through rain to hear Mitchell and IONS president James O'Dea speak at the Heritage Holiday Inn in downtown St. Petersburg.

Lisa Raphael, a member of IONS who describes herself as a transformational holistic healer, said she was pleased to hear Mitchell's comments.

"Personally, what was most delightful to me was that he was more open than he has ever been, very direct about knowing that there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe and most probably that they have been here," said Ms. Raphael.


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Reading a scifi book: "Omega", page 5, by Jack McDevitt:
" ... There were boxes of plastic disks, undoubtedly memory storage units.   But electronic records were fragile.   Early civilizations carved their history onto clay tablets, which lasted virtually forever.  More advanced groups went for paper, which had a reasonable shelf life, provided it was stored in a dry place and not yet mishandled. But electronic data had no staying power. They had not yet been able to recover a single electronic record."
I asked a broadcast journalist about this, and then others, people in the computing business.

The magnetic media we are using i.e., audio cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs has a life span of 5-8 years, perhaps 10, perhaps 25.  (Has anyone read / listened to a 25 year old CD?)

Many organizations are busily converting their paper records to digital.  What happens when the media doesn't work?  Or there is a ferocious sun spot and it demagnetizes all the data bits?  or there is no way to read the media?

One of the computer people I asked about this said that the data for the Jupiter Space Probe project is on encrypted tape.  No one has the codes for it.

Many think its convenient or cool or smart to transfer everything to disc, to do everything by internet.  Where'd that idea come from?

USB DRIVES (Memory Stick)

If you have USB ports on your computer, you can get a USB drive.  It acts like a regular drive, what you do is plug it in to your USB port when you want to use it.  These drives are about the size of a house key and have been available for about 2 years.  A 256MB drive costs about $100.  No drivers, no installation.  And, if you run out of USB ports, you can get an internal or external USB "hub" for about $50 which will give you 3 extra USB ports.

This time of year:  Spring / Rebirth / Easter / Cleansing / Renewal / Freedom

Before Christmas, several of us were wondering about the December 25th date, why that was chosen for Christmas, thinking that December 21st (winter solstice) might have been more appropriate.

Listening to the tapes of David Icke's November 2003 workshop, I found out why.  As the season of Easter and Passover are almost here, it may interest you to find out some of the roots of these times of the year.

David Icke's tour of global manipulation takes us back not to World War II or to the establishment of Canada and the US or even the voyage of Columbus.  It goes back before the Crusades, before the time of Jesus Christ, to the time of the gods and goddesses of Babylon (Iraq).  He starts with Semiramis (sometimes called Ishtar), Nimrod (Horus), Tammuz, Isis --- as the recurring characters.  (Isis : Horus = Mary : Jesus)

" There are 2 levels of every religion.  There is the level of the masses, where they are told to take the stories literally and then there is the inner knowledge where they understand the codes of what the stories really mean.  Just like a secret society. ...

... One other point of this Babylonian trinity is Tammuz.  Tammuz is in every sense, in the stories you find in the gospel stories of Jesus. The stories of Horus, the Son of God of Egypt, which was Tammuz under another name, and Jesus, the Son of God in Christianity, the stories are replicas of each other.

There is another God, called Mithra --- that was worshipped during the Roman empire.  Mithra was said to have been born on December the 25th, in our Calendar, died at Easter, to save the sins of Humanity, which is exactly what they said about Tammuz, in Babylon.  Same thing, different names of deities.  They symbolized Tammuz as the Son --- just like they did with Nimrod, because they said Tammuz and Nimrod were one --- Father and Son were One.  You get the symbolism of the Light of the World - the Sun -- Nimrod.

From this comes many many aspects of religion which of course is used to control us in so many ways.

At their Winter Solstice, they used to say the Sun (Son) had died, because it reached the lowest point of its power in the Northern Hemisphere.  3 days later, which became our December the 25th, they said the Sun (Son) was born again because it started its journey to the peak of its strength in the summer --- at the summer solstice.  3 days after the Winter Solstice, which because our December 25th, they said that the Sun (Son) was born.  This is why so many sun gods of the ancient world --- endless numbers of them, including Mithra and others were given the birthday of what is our Christmas Day.

What they did in Babylon, to commemorate Tammuz' death, they used to cut down an evergreen tree, as part of the rituals to commemorate the death of Tammuz.  The whole Christmas thing is an ancient Babylonian ritual....

... So you have the movement of the Sun through the year to what we call Easter and to the peak of the power in the summer.  That is how they symbolize the sun as a massively strong man with long golden hair --- real powerful rays of the sun.  As the sun came down in to the house of Virgo the Virgin --- the House of Delilah --- they used to symbolize the Sun as a Man, going from the strong man with long golden hair, getting weaker and weaker and his hair was getting shorter and shorter as the rays of the sun got less and less powerful.  This is where the story of Samson comes from. ...

... The Phoenix, rising from the ashes --- the Sun Bird --- often symbolized as an Eagle.  On the Sun Chair of George Washington, you have the Rising Sun --- Horus --- or Tammuz -- Nimrod --- rising again in the morning. ...  Tammuz was the savior/fertility sun god who annually died and was resurrected"....

... The god Tammuz was known as a Sumerian god of fertility and of new life. he was called a shepherd -- but that was only because he literally was a shepherd. His specific charge was the production of lambs and ewe's milk. Of course we would note that in a pastoral ancient society, it would be no surprise for any leading figure (political, religious, or whatever) to be called a "shepherd" -- but in this case, the parallel isn't even there, because the title is literal! ...

... Easter comes from Babylon, and Ishtar, or Istar --- Queen Semiramis under another name --- said that she came to earth from the moon in an egg.  So we have Easter eggs.  Tammuz, in Babylon, was very much associated with a love of rabbits.  So we have the Easter bunny, because Istar was a time when they commemorated the death of Tammuz.  They used to have buns in Babylon with T's on them, commemorating Tammuz.  Tammuz was said to have been killed by a wild boar, which is where we get the Easter Ham from.  All symbolism.  They used to commemorate Tammuz for 40 days.  So we have Lent.  All over the modern world, you have these recurring themes. ...

... The Easter Rabbit is very interesting, and one of the oldest symbols of the Spring. In Indo-European mythology, the hare is sacred to the Goddess, being supposedly seen in the markings on the moon. ...

Going just a little further, We have Isis / Diana, goddess of fertility, beloved.  We have Tammuz, the sun, son / lover / beloved of Isis.

We know about the corollaries between Princess Diana, her death and its connection to the Goddess of the moon.

Now look at the death of JFK Jr. --- Son of the King, he died in a fall from the Sun.  Once again, its the replay of the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun (son), and how they were sacrificed.

 Each time the seasons change, i.e., spring and fall, it is beneficial to do some cleansing --- clean your living space, cleanse the digestive system.  Even a 3 days Master Cleanse can be helpful, both physically and symbolically.

As Spring / Easter / Passover bring us from darkness to light, from death to rebirth, from slavery to freedom, let us give birth to increased freedom, in this case, The Fifth Dimensional Freedom Project.

The 5th Dimensional Freedom Project
We do believe that the best way to effect positive change is through raising consciousness.  Sometimes, before consciousness can be raised, blockages to this ought to be removed.  For example, a person may have polluted thoughts which stand in the way of higher consciousness and it is beneficial that those thoughts not be there.

So that's what we are doing.  Removing the junk --- scrambling it actually --- and changing them --- adjusting them ---- to a much better frequency.

You are invited to join us.  What you do is say an intention, one time, every day.  Takes about 30 seconds.  We call this the 5th Dimensional Freedom Project.

Raymon Grace does this.  He told us many times that he says these words daily.   I finally heard him and put the information in the December 2003 newsletter.  The idea for this was created from Helga Riemer's comment --- that she does this every day, too --- as a group of us were talking at Ann Fowle's memorial service on March 3rd.  I think Ann would be pleased.  Knowing Ann, she probably started it.   This project will always be associated with her.

Raymon says he does this every day (it takes 45 seconds), sometimes more than once.

However, remembering how healing works, i.e., you visualize the situation as it is, i.e., with the problem, then you visualize destroying it and  forever after visualize the desired result, I asked Raymon:

"If we say that every day, aren't we bringing back again ---- or reestablishing --- the energies of fear, war, hate, etc. ---- because we are focusing on it, identifying it, saying it?"

Raymon's reply:   " Now for your question, You make a lot of sense.  I really don't have the answer.   I work every day at scrambling the frequency of the pollutants of water. Why? Because they still exist.

We get results every time we work on water, so I continue to do it.

I tell people in visualizing it to do it only once because they will create it again  if they continue to visualize the problem.

Does the same principle apply to scrambling frequencies  of war??? Am not sure.

Dowsing tells me to keep doing it so I will. Am inclined to think that it is our INTENT that gets the job done."

Will you commit to saying these words once a day, every day?
If so, please let us know.
Email your name and location to:  Freedom@TorontoDowsers.com
Say the words, daily --- with firm intention, belief, conviction and Passion
You are making a difference
You are making a positive contribution
We acknowledge you, we thank you.
God Bless You.
The 5th Dimensional Freedom Project
"Scramble the frequencies of all harmful subliminal messages, transmitted by electronic devices, such as TV, video and computer games, HAARP, HAARP projects, radionics, and electrical current.  Adjust these to the frequency of 5th dimensional energy.

Scramble the frequency of war, fear, hate, greed, terrorism, & martial law.   Adjust these to the frequency of FREEDOM and COMPASSION.

Scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological, and radiological pollutants of the water, earth and air and adjust them to the frequency of pure water, earth and air.

Scramble the frequency of all oppressive governing bodies, groups, individuals & religious groups and adjust their frequency to 5th dimensional energy."

Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries - CONTINUED - PART IV of V

[in our October 2003,  January,  February 2004  newsletters,  segments of Robert Gilbert's presentation were included. This is the next installment of that presentation.  There will be 1 more installments to this presentation  Robert Gilbert, a colleague and friend of Joey Korn, will be our May speaker and will offer a workshop on BioGeometry, etc.
"My name is Robert Gilbert.  The topic of today's presentation is "Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries".  Many of you know me already.  For those that do not, my background began with time in the US Marine Corps, in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Survival.  At that time I taught US Air Force, Marine Corps and army troops how to survive in the case of attack by these types of weapons.  At that time I began to do research in to the basis of modern science and technology and I found that there were precise, sacred geometric patterns that are behind the operation of biological, nuclear and chemical systems.  When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985, I spent the next 12, 13 years getting my pH.D in International Studies.  That gave me an opportunity to research a variety of spiritual schools around the world.  Great spiritual traditions.  I found that the patterns I had found behind modern science and technology  were the same patterns known and taught to the great spiritual systems in antiquity, around the world."
…That open up new possibilities for us.  And that rediscover many of the techniques of the ancients.  And the next person that I need to introduce is a Russian named Skariatin (spelling???) and he wrote a series of books under the name of Ennell (spelling???).

Beginning around 1949 after having written books on general topics in Egyptology, for about 30 years he started to write on radiesthesia.  He began to learn a lot from these French dowsers.  And he was living in Egypt and this was his first work that you see right here.  This is the original cover.  And …this individual, Scariaten or Ennell began to use these techniques developed by the European dowsers and he wanted to know more about the spirituality of it. Because some of these other French dowsers didn't talk much about eh spirit of it.  They just wanted to know about the energy of it.  But Ennell was focused differently.  And so he began to go to the tombs of the Coptic saints in Egypt.  And he would take energy measurements at the tombs of the saints.  And he found that they were full of massive amounts of negative green.  And what was discovered is that when a person does spiritual connection work; when they pray, when they give blessing, when they connect to spirit like these Coptic saints did all the time, what happens is that they fill their energy field with the beneficial component of negative green.  And that led to a particular phenomena and that was that often their bodies would not decay after death.  It's called a phenomenon of the incorruptible body.  You find Tibetan teachings about it, Egyptian, elsewhere around the world.  Even in the Catholic Church they have it.  This incorruptible body is what happens when enough of this negative green has come in to act as a preserver.  Now in this case it's using the horizontal wave, which is beneficial.  And what Ennell figured out is that this negative green, though it has the toxic component that's really dangerous, what's really essential is the spiritual carrier wave.  Again, it carries spirit from place to place and you will fill your field with it when you do spiritual connection work

He then did some other research where he looked at these twelve bands of energy.  These are general bands of energy and within them there is specific sub-bands at particular geometric locations.  And he particularly worked with something that was called the "pi wave" or the "omega wave".  What he found with that is that the Egyptians had very carefully designed the Great Pyramid so that the initiation chamber and the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid is not perfectly in the center.  It's offset slightly and it's offset about 6 degrees, 15 minutes from center, which is the location of this omega, or pi wave.  The energy comes through the form of the pyramid moves through these particular blocks that work to modulate the energy and they strike directly on the form of the sarcophagus in the king's chamber.  So he was discovering not only these general energies, but sub-bands that the Egyptians had known about and used in this case as an optimal spiritual carrier wave for initiation.

Ennell's work goes into other fascinating details too, like how you can create specific devices.  By just getting a cylinder & drawing particular angles on it, that cylinder will then work as a broadcaster of specific frequencies. There's a whole body of work based on this type of material in Ennell.

We have a very limited amount of time today. So we're going to move on to … some other bodies of this work.   That in addition to the French, a lot of good work has been done by the Germans.  And so this is showing a particular German text that this negative green has again a beneficial component and a toxic.  Well, that toxic component is something that actually every dowser today is familiar with.  It's the type of toxic radiation that comes from electro-magnetic waves.  It comes from underground streams of water.  It comes from all types of radiation sources.  So that if you use this type of vibrational dowsing methodology and you test anything that has electro-magnetic energy:  underground steams of water, toxic earth energy lines, Hartmann grid, anything that has a detrimental effect, any type of radiation, microwaves, nuclear radiation, things that harm the human body & energy field, they have very, very strong vertical field negative green.

This knowledge, this information comes in layers.  You uncover one layer.  You think you've really got something ... a whole other layer opens up.  And one thing about that layer is this negative green, that toxic wave again we know about it through toxic energy lines, electro-magnetism etc.  But the beneficial negative green and the toxic not only have an energetic effect, they have a spiritual effect.   And they connect us to particular spiritual energies, forces, plains of existence, beings, things of that kind.  So what we're connecting to energetically creates a gateway or creates resonance with spiritual forces.  That's a whole other deep initiation aspect of this work.

Now just looking at the part of it related to the human energy field.  When we get a lot of this toxic radiation in our field.  When we begin to feel sick or dragged down or tired, because we've been bombarded by electro-magnetic energy.  We're sleeping over a toxic Hartmann grid or anything of this kind, what we find is that there is a strong accumulation of this vertical negative green in the person's energy field particularly at the back of the neck.  And many of us have found over time, that when we begin to get tired or in a toxic environment we get literally a pain in the neck.  And here at the back of the neck, this energy will accumulate and gather.  So ... they can actually measure this with a particular type of ruler and a pendulum and show how much accumulation has taken place in the person's body.  And it needs to be released from this position.  And I'm going to show you right now an extremely simple technique to get rid of the negative green impregnation at the back of the head.  And that is simply this:  to take your right hand and put it at the back of your head around the collarbone.  All you have to do is connect the palm to around the base of the neck and then simply move the hand forcefully straight up dragging the palm up the neck, up the back of the head and forcefully upward.  And so if you go from the back of the head and move it up multiple times that will help to get rid of the accumulation of the back of the neck.  Very simple clearing technique.  Now what you'll find after you do that, you might get a sense of clearing, but if you actually do the test on it, you'll find that before, you have a strong accumulation, after it, it gets cleared.  This is a very simple technique.  There are more advanced techniques for working to get rid of toxic negative green impregnation.

Let me tell you one other trick right now.  And that is that there are particular geometric forms that emit beneficial energy.  And they are very beneficial to wear.  But if that form is put on a base, like a metallic base, so you inscribed it, like on a background piece of metal that you then wear, that base can impregnate with toxic energy.  It can be electrostatic charge, could be toxic vertical negative green, what have you.  If that base impregnates, it will make that form ineffective.  So you need to clear those things that you wear that are metallic.  They will sometimes accumulate this charge.  They can be cleared very easily, by tapping it sharply on a surface, by blowing on it --- there's a classical method, things of this kind.  And there are also techniques that you can use to evaluate that in fact the clearing has taken place according to clockwise or counter-clockwise spins of the pendulum.  This is a good thing to know that when you wear these metallic objects, that sometimes they are amulets or sometimes they are all kinds of different traditions that have these forms on them.  If it's just the form they tend not impregnate. If it is imprinted on a metallic base, the base can impregnate and it needs to be cleared.

An interesting body of work was done in Germany, what they wanted to show (was) that there was something scientific to dowsing.  In fact all this body of work I've talked about today came from the desire of these Europeans to have a scientific form of dowsing.  That's why they didn't do mental dowsing.  They didn't ask mental questions, "yes no" sort of things.  They want(ed) to work with frequencies, with energy emission.  And so this particular individual: Johan Calber (spelling???)  He developed a stand that you can put a pendulum on and then the person would not be holding the pendulum to give you the energy emanations.  But rather you could put the thing to be detected beneath the hanging pendulum and according to it's movement it would show you particular things about the lines of energy coming out of it, energy emanations, etc.

Something very interesting about this.  When you set up one of these things and you use it, you find that this is definitely true. You will get replica table results from the same thing that is being tested, showing that there is a particular energy coming from it that is objective.  But the thing about it is that it won't work unless someone is touching the cord.  This means that they're not holding the cord and they can't move it to give you the movements that are being seen, but they are at a distance with the cord being hung over something they are touching a cord, because it's actually the energy coming form the human energy field that's allowing the reaction to take place.  What it's doing is it's cutting out the person holding it to effect the movement that then happens.  This is another part of the work coming out of Germany.

From another German body of work, they began to examine the forms put inside particular temples or cathedrals of structures in the ancient world and the actual design of - - - the interior design of these places, they found gave specific forms of waves.  So the top left from a Roman design.  You see the types of energies that come off the shapes that they created.  Then from the Early Gothic period, you have the central illustration.  And then the Gothic period, you see those types of forms on the right and the energies emanating from them.

So again, there is a language of energy and shape and form that was known to the people that built these great structures.  They wanted to fine tune the energy that we're using for spiritual connection.

So this brings us into the Egyptian connection.  The person that I've worked with for the last few years is an Egyptian architect named Dr. Ibrahim Karim.  He is located in Cairo.  He has offices in Switzerland as well.  He comes to the U.S. occasionally.  He's been studying this work for a long time.  When he was still a young man, he studied with particular individuals in Egypt that knew about this work.  Dr. Karim also went to France.  He went to a store called "La Maison de la radiesthesie" or the house of radiesthesia.  And when he went there, something very interesting happened.  He walked in and the woman that ran the place - - - a very elderly woman at that time, said, "what took you so long!  We've been waiting for you to arrive" and he was very taken aback because he hadn't sent them any notice he intended to come.  But they knew he was coming.  Not only that, but there were other people in Paris that were waiting to meet him, again, even though he'd given no sign of it.  And they ended up giving him a whole body of work from these French dowsers to work with and to carry that work forward.  And so he's been working with us for the last three decades and he's really managed to - - - in a sense, it's like the Egyptians came and they took it back.  The French and the Europeans got it from the Egyptians, the Egyptians showed up and they got it back and there's a lot of work going on today.

As I mentioned before, there's an organization "the Imhotep Society".  There's a lot of independent researchers in that part of the world doing this type of work.  The one who is most public is Dr. Karim.

When we examine some of the forms in Egypt, we can understand more about how the Egyptians understood the energies that the Europeans rediscovered, these European dowsers.  I've been so fortunate to work with Dr. Karim because it's helped to clarify how this European body of work can be used in a safe manner and for all types of beneficial results.

We talked about the way that the pyramid or the dome emits this negative green energy, that it emits both kinds, the toxic vertical wave and the beneficial horizontal wave. But the Egyptians knew something about geometry & form.  Here we have what we normally see: the three pyramids at Giza plateau.  But if you look carefully, and this has to be seen from the air, (be)cause on the ground it's almost invisible, if you look at the right angle from the air you can see that they're not completely straight on the sides.  Instead they have a slight incision, a slight indentation down the center of each face.  Now that's for a particular purpose.  When you draw that line down the center of the face of the pyramid or if it's just a wire frame pyramid, you can create a line around the center of the wire base at that point.  What it does is it help to cancel the toxic vertical negative green.  So you have a lot of the beneficial component of the spiritual carrier wave and not as much of the toxic component.

And so this is an aerial map of the three pyramids of Giza plateau and from this projections you can see the indentations is on all four faces of all three pyramids.  So we often hear about how hard the pyramids had to have been to build and to design and that's absolutely the case.  But how much harder was is to build and design these with the same exact indentation in the center of each face?  And they were so careful to do it.  So they understood about these energies.  They understood about how they were using these particular installations in a spiritual way and connecting the negative green.  What they knew that the Europeans did not know is the full system.  They understood more about this entire practice with negative green and they corrected the energy accordingly

Something else very interesting about this that I found working with Dr. Karim.  There are other aspects of this that have to do with the resonance between particular geometric forms and particular plains of the spiritual world.  And if you look at what is commonly called the astral plain.  It resonates with particular geometries.  It resonates with the dome, the hemisphere and that of the pyramid.  They are astral resonance forms.  But something happens when you draw in the center of the four faces.  It changes the frequency so that what it now resonates with is not the general astral plain, but the higher astral plain.  So this is another layer, not just the energy, but what it's connecting to spiritually.

What about the dome?  The dome has a toxic radiation as well as beneficial coming out of it.  You go almost anywhere around the world in the ancient world when they had this kind of knowledge and they put a dome over a place where people lived or a place where people gathered or particularly over temples or cathedrals.  It's almost never a pure hemisphere a pure half sphere.  Instead they modify it all kinds of ways.  Look at the Dome of the Rock at the top.  That's a particular spire coming out of the top of it.  That spire is one particular way to get rid of the vertical negative green.  So you now have that dome form now radiating the spiritual carrier wave and negative green into the place where the people gather.  When you've known enough to cancel the toxic components.

Look what we find in Eastern Europe & particularly with the Russians.  This type of bulb form.  This bulb form is another way to help get rid of detrimental energy impregnation and putting forms like - - - you see the way the cross is at the top?  Not only a normal cross, but an additional cross bar at a different angle? These are also energy modification devices.

In fact the Russians are really up to something.  There's some fascinating stuff in Russia.  I'm just going to touch on this. If you look at these designs from Russia, not only do they have the form of the dome that's modified into this bulb shape with the spire on the top to help get rid of the vertical negative green, but they're also amplifying that energy in this case they have pyramids all over the bulb. So you've got one negative- green emitter with more negative green emitters covering the entire surface.  So they're really up to quite a few tricks with the Russian design.

What we want to get to is to be able to read energy like it's a book. We want to read in the book of nature.  Nature uses color, it uses light, it uses motion, it uses form, it uses sound, in a coherent design language to create specific energies that affect the human energy field, human consciousness and all life on our planet.  So we're getting to a place where we can begin to understand that coherently.  If we look at these great cathedrals, like this one in Turkey, and you see the great form of the dome above it we can only imagine the amount of spiritual carrier wave ... the horizontal negative green that is emanating into this place.  Again, when they designed these forms this is part of the knowledge held by the builders.

I want to talk about something else that will help to increase our appreciation, our understanding of what some of the Egyptian symbology refers to.  One aspect of this is that if you look at the Egyptian mythology, they talk about specific spiritual beings that are referred to as "Neters".  And one interpretations of this is that the term "Neter" is actually a core term that in our language becomes "nature".  So what these "Neters" are … that we look at as gods & goddesses are also nature forces.  They're the essential divine forces of nature. If we look at, for instance, the lioness goddess: Sekhmet.  In Egyptian mythology Sekhmet can be your worst enemy or your best friend.  When Sekhmet gets angry, mythology says that she kills every thing around her.  She is total death.  But if she likes you she'll be the best protector and spiritual guide you can ever imagine.  Now the interesting thing about it is in some of the Egyptian work, that being: Sekhmet is connected to the form of the wadj pendulum I described before.  Now when you look at the wadj, you look at the top and you say, "oh it has a hemispherical cap".  You know what the hemispherical cap does.  It radiates negative green out of the base.  And this is a form at the base that helps to get rid of the vertical component.

The Egyptians were using a pendulum that had this negative green emission.  And why were they then showing this particular type of pendulum associated with Sekhmet?  My interpretation of that is that this negative green energy is a type of extremely powerful divine feminine energy.  It brings life into the world and it can take life out of the world.  The vertical wave kills and the horizontal wave sends energy: life consciousness. So that what they were describing as the qualities of Sekhmet, is related to the actual energy qualities of the devise that is associated with her.

Now we can take this even further.  And that is that in the Egyptian mythology they say that Sekhmet has a consort or a husband.  And the husband's name is Ptah.  He's a creator god.  And the form associated with Ptah is this form of the "djed" column.  Something very interesting happens if you take that form of the djed and you test it's energy emissions you really don't get anything: a static form.  They show Ptah in the mythology and the iconography - - - you know, he's very withdrawn, he's very held in.  The energy is not emitting.  But if you put together the form of the djed with Sekhmet, which is his wife and you put the lodge pendulum over the top of the djed, then you get three energies emanating out of the base of the combined form.  So in their divine marriage, something happens.  In the Egyptian mythology they say that the marriage of Sekhmet and Ptah gave birth to a child whose name is Nefertum.  And that name means "the beauty or the fullness of creation".  Well this beauty or fullness of creation with the Egyptians that I've worked with is three specific energy frequencies.  One is that horizontal wave of negative green we've described.  Another is another energy frequency that they call "higher harmonic of gold".  It's like the gold you see in the iconography or the paintings of the saints, or on the aura of Jesus or on heads of the saints.  It's not metaphor that gold energy in the aura.  It's a literal energy that is present and can be dowsed.  And it connects one to the plain of divine wisdom.  And when you pray or you bless it brings that energy.  And the third energy is something called "the higher harmonic of ultra-violet", which they called the atmosphere of the Angels.

So the fact that you can bring these two geometric forms together and get all three of those key energies out of the base and this relates so clearly to the Egyptian mythology and the qualities of these beings, really shows us encoded information that we can begin to reclaim.

One of the pendulums that the Egyptians use and that I use is one developed by Dr. Karim.  And it brings together seven particular geometries, which we're not going to go into today.  But again, there's a one to one relationship between the geometry and a particular spiritual plain that's then put into the pendulum as a multi-dimensional device.  And for those of you that are coming to the Sunday, Monday workshop, we're going to go through all seven levels and do some practices with them.  But just know that there is this relationship between the geometry of the form and the spiritual forces and plains that one connects with.

A Pause ...  For Mental and Spiritual and Healing Journeys here on Earth

I used to go to a spiritual retreat in Northern Michigan, whose purpose is to study the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.  This retreat is still run by a direct disciple of Yogananda's --- Bob Raymer.  Pretty good, considering Yogananda passed on in 1952. ....  Bob travelled with Yogananda in his later years.   He also travelled with Anandamayi in India, Ammachi in Hawaii, Baba Muktananda as well as with Sai Baba (this was some time ago, way before it was publicly written about that Sai Baba is a lover of young men).

The first time I asked Bob for advice on a problem, he looked serious, paused like he was thinking hard and say "I think you should meditate on it."   The second time, he looked thoughtful, tilted his head a different way and in a different tone, say "You know, I think you should meditate about it!"   It took me one more time to finally smarten up to Bob's answer for every problem.  And --- he was right!

With all the advice, for every single problem, the answers are always the same.  FLATS.  I have the list of words taped to my wall:

FORGIVE          LOVE               ACCEPT         TRUST        SURRENDER

Every time we seek advice from a soothsayer, astrologer, psychic, clergy --- the answers are always the same and lie in at least one of the 5 words above.   So when I'm banging my head against the wall, and remember to look at the list, it's generally:  "Oh.  Yeah.  I forgot again about that "Surrender" word."

[Golden Lotus, Song of the Morning Ranch is in Vanderbilt Michigan, on 800 forested acres.  Bob, ordained as a minister, by Yogananda, is allowed to offer Kriya Initiation.  I spent some time there on a work exchange program. On our days off, we used to ride around the area looking for the secret camps the government was setting up.  We found them.  This is a great place to go to if you really want quiet.  Basic accommodations, camping, too.]

Famous Dowsers
From England: Sig Lonegren

As was mentioned in last month's newsletter, I contacted several Dowsing Leaders around the English Speaking world, and asked for them to send us a greeting.  Last month we heard from Bill Cox and Brian Disbury out West.  Several dowsing leaders replied, and because we have been focusing on balancing the brain for our February and March presentations, Sig Lonegren's comment, below, on using BOTH sides of the brain, was perfect for our brain balancing awareness.  So this month we hear from Sig Lonegren, in England:

Hello Toronto Dowsers,

Marilyn Gang asked me to write something about myself and my work. My name is Sig Lonegren, and I was taught to dowse in 1959 by my mother.  Our target was the pipe bringing water into our home in Greensboro, Vermont.  (This was heresy to the water dowsers who dominated the field at that time!)

I received a Masters Degree in the study of Sacred Space in the late seventies from Goddard College in Vermont.  I am a past Trustee of the American Society of Dowsers, served as Editor of their magazine, "The American Dowser," and headed their Pre Convention Dowsing School for several years.

In the Mid Eighties, I moved to Glastonbury, England, where I wrote my first book, "Spiritual Dowsing" (now out of print, but available for free download at my website, Mid-Atlantic Geomancy).  At that time, Glastonbury was the centre of the New Age - at least in England - and it was motivated by the apparent failure of left brain patriarchal thinking.  So right brain matrifocal thinking became the rule of the day.  Goddess reigned supreme.  Intuition was all.  Rational analytical science was out. This was an absolutely necessary phase we had to go through to find the equally limiting opposite of the rational world of our fathers and mothers.  These were very exciting times!

In  1990. my book "The Pendulum Kit," was published.  It has sold over a million copies in fifteen languages (published by Fireside/Simon & Schuster in the USA).  Around that time I also ran five nine month schools in the Construction and Uses of Sacred Spaces utilizing the principles of European geomancy I studied during my Masters Degree - archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, and the Earth energies.

Another passion of mine is labyrinths.  I was taught to draw them by Jeff Saward in the early eighties, and wrote my first article for "Caerdroia"  about them after working on the labyrinthine figures of Nasca in Peru.  My book, "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses" was first published in 1991.  I was a founding member of The Labyrinth Society (TLS), and served on its Board for a number of years.  I also started the TLS website, and was their web master until 2002.

I still live in Glastonbury with my wife, Karin, and presently serve as Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD), and am a Trustee of The Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

The New Age experiment of the eighties taught me that the all right brain approach was just as limited as the older all left brain rational methodology.  I now use the verb "to gnow" to describe a way of functioning that values information derived from BOTH sides of the brain EQUALLY.  I am presently working on a book tentatively entitled, "The Devolution of Consciousness as seen through the (Mis)use of Sacred Space, Dowsing and Labyrinths."

I am head of the BSD Education Committee, and give talks and workshops on dowsing and labyrinths on both sides of the Big Pond.

Sig was the keynote speaker at the ASD convention in Vermont, June 2003.  He spoke about "Sig's Hypothesis #1 which says that the chances are quite good that no 2 dowsers will ever get the same answer!   I knew there had to be more to it than that, so I requested that he expand on it for this newsletter, and he kindly sent me a reply.  This may help us understand our results for the "Table Dowsing Project", when we dowsed to see who would get table spaces for our December social.  11 very good dowsers --- and all the answers were different:

"Sig's Hypothesis Number One - When dowsing for intangible targets such as  auras or Earth Energies, even if they had the same teacher, the chances are quite good that no two dowsers will ever find the same thing."

This certainly is the case in sacred space.  And it drives those who seek to convince science of the reality of these energies wild because the results are non repeatable by others - a mandatory requirement of the scientific method.  But then, dowsing is not a tool of science.  Another name for it is "divining."  It is a tool of the spirit.  And no two people see the spiritual world the same - that's why there are Moslems, Catholics, Jews, Methodists, High Church Anglicans and low Church Anglicans, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, etc, etc.  Like the three blind men and the elephant, we all see the earth energy elephant differently.  And that's not only ok, that's the way it is.  Beginning Earth Energy dowsers need to be aware of this because when they don't find what the "expert" is finding, they can become discouraged.

I feel that there are a number of reasons for this.  If your teacher trained you to look for Curry Grids, you will dowse for Curry grids - you find patterns you expect/were taught to find.  Also, I believe that one's level of consciousness also helps determine what one finds.

We're talking about INtangible targets here.  On the other hand, if you need the closest source to your home of good potable water, with a flow of over five gallons a minute, that runs year 'round, and is less than the reach of a back hoe (say, 19 feet) down, then a number of good water dowsers ought to find the same point.

Physical target dowsing is very different from intangible target/spiritual dowsing, and the rules are different.

Thanks for asking!   }:-)

Sig's Website, and, Books:

  • Mid-Atlantic Geomancy www.geomancy.org. Dowsing, Labyrinths, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, and much more.
  • "Spiritual Dowsing" - no longer in print, but available for free download from Sig's website, Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
  • "The Pendulum Kit." Published by Fireside/Simon and Schuster Inc., New York. 1990.  ISBN 0-671-69140-6.
  • "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses." Sterling Publications, New York. 2001.  ISBN 0-8069-7407-9.

  • MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
     by Machaelle Small Wright   (of Perelandra fame)

    You have heard of Machaelle Small Wright, yes?  of Perelandra fame?  She wrote [my favorite book] "Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered".  Machaelle's parents were well to do, and alcoholics.  So, from the time she was about 13, she basically raised herself.  Not having had great parenting, she didn't know it was considered "weird" to speak with nature spirits.  She talked with them, and by the time she found out it was weird she was comfortable with who she was and what she was doing. Besides, she had so many more challenges to deal with.

    So if you want to plant a garden, say, tomatoes, and if you know there are tomato worms about, you talk to the Deva of the tomato worms and ask how much of your garden it wants.  It tells you and you both agree that a certain patch of the garden will be available for the worms.  They will stay away from the rest of your tomatoes, and you don't need chemicals.  "Just" cooperation.  In the "Behaving" book, the first half is her story, the second half talks about her techniques.  A MUST READ book.  The Toronto Public Library used to have multiple copies.  I see now that there is only one.  (Eternal Moments, 497 Bloor Street West, west of Spadina, usually carries her books.)

    That was her first book, and its now in its second edition.
    She has done more, such as teaching people at Findhorn new ways to garden.  She was responsible for bringing the Genesa Crystal to prominence.  She found it, put it in her Gardening Workbook, and others found it there and built them.  Her gardens, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, are called Perelandra and this is her research center.  She also develops essences.

    But right here and now we are concerned with M.A.P., the Medical Assistance Program.  I'm not giving explicit instructions on it because Machaelle says if you want to do it, read the book.  Don't get it from a friend, etc., because you may miss some nuances that you need and its important to do this as instructed.  Yes.  DO read the book and it will probably be the least expensive way ever for you to learn self healing and talking with your guides.

    When you "do" MAP, you create what you call a "coning", where "you" are kind of --- at the bottom of a Cone.  You all in different groups, and talk to them or with them.  You ask them for help with what you need.  It was mostly set up for help with physical problems, and, will help with other problems as well.  A session takes around 45 minutes.

    I think its great.  I get to turn the phone off, lie down for 45 minutes (I use an eye pillow), and:  COMPLAIN!  all I want!  and get listened to!  Well, not really complain --- but talk about the gripes, etc., and I know I get listened to.  And they work on what they are asked to work on. AND ITS FREE!  And it WORKS!  (For some, its also the way they begin to have a 2 way interaction with their guides.)

    Machaelle points out that there are beings whose sole purpose in existence is to help humans in our evolution.  They are just waiting to be asked.  The thing is, few ask.

    2 friends of mine had problems and I knew MAP would help them.  I told them they needed to do this and I would bug them until they read the book and did the work.  My friends are smart and they got to it right away.  The first one, Curt, was a massage therapist, broke his wrist in a fall off a bike.  He said in his second session, he could feel that his hand was being pulled out of its cast a little, manipulated, and put back in to place.  The doctors could not believe how fast he healed.  The second one, Harry, had a bit of a gambling problem.  3 weeks after he started he calls me up: "Marilyn.  Guess what.  I found God."

    I thank Claire Gibb for first explaining MAP to me.  I bought the book on her recommendation and it was sitting on my shelf for 2 years.  We were driving to London together and we had time for her to explain it to me.  Oh!  It was so simple and not at all what I thought it was!

    When I got back from that trip, I opened the book and looked at the flyleaf.  The weekend after our trip to London, I was to drive to Vermont.  The flyleaf stated who designed the book and where this person lived.  The designer lived in Williamsville, Vermont.   Williamsville has a population of maybe about 100.  I used to work there, at a computer company.  I was going to make my annual trip to visit my friends who still worked there and lived about 5 miles away.  I found the designers number called him up, explained why I was calling.  I asked if he knew of the computing company.  His words were:  "We live next door."   I worked there for years and never knew them, certainly never knew of Perelandra.  I guess this is a good example of synchronicity?

    When I do a MAP session --- a "Coning", I feel safe, enclosed, actively listened to and cared about, as if I'm in my mother's lap and I know that whatever is bothering me she will kiss it and make it better.  Chris Evans was telling me how incredibly powerful he feels MAP is.  He calls it a "Co-Creative Science" and uses it for everything.

    MAP is good.  It works, its simple.  Doesn't cost you anything.  Do it.

    ENHANCE --- Use --- Your DREAMS and...  The Dream Vitamin

    There's been more talk than usual in the past 4 months about dreams. More people are having more active dreams, remembering their dreams.

    When I took the Silva Method, they taught us how to remember dreams, and how to use dreams to solve a problem you have in mind.  There were 3 steps to it and right now I can only remember the 1st and 3rd.  Since I don't have time now to check it out, I'll let it go, do it next month and proceed now with the "Dream Vitamin".

    In my Nutrition class, Tracy McBurney told us that Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) can be used to enhance your dreams.  What you would do is take 100 mg before you go to sleep.  If that did not enhance your dreams, take 200 the next night and up it by 100 mg (up to 600 mg) each night.  Once it "works" you have found your dosage.  Now, I think what I wrote here is correct --- its been a few years, so I checked out online and have some additional info for you.   Don't take my wording here as your rule, use it as a guide and a stepping stone for your own discoveries.

    GREAT WEB SITE:   www.brain.web-us.com
    (1)  Q: Do substances like drugs, herbs and foods affect our dreams?
    A:   Yes. During REM protein-synthesis is highly active, so your body needs high levels of amino acids. The neurotransmitter in use during REM is Acetylcholine. It is made from the B-vitamin Choline and the vitamin B-5.

    But there are more vitamins that can make us dream more. The body can synthesize the B-vitamin Choline. But in order to do that it needs vitamin B-12, Folic acid (B-9), the amino acids Methionine and Serine. Vitamins B-12 plays a role in the activation of amino acids during protein formation. It has also the ability to increase the production of Acetylcholine and normalize neurotransmissions in the brain.

    Vitamin B-6 is another important vitamin. It is a co-enzyme, which participates in over 60 enzymatic reactions involved in the metabolism of amino acids. It is involved in the production of several body proteins and neurotransmitters. It is particularly indispensable to the action of amino acid neurotransmitters, like Serotonin, Dopamine, Melatonin, and Norepinephrine, which effect brain function. It is also involved in the metabolism of  Selenium, Calcium, and Magnesium.

    (2)  VITAMINS - The strongest effect I get from any item is with vitamin B-6. " The Vitamin Bible" by Earl Mendell lists it as a side effect of taking vitamin B-6 that it may cause "overly vivid dreams". Same book also notes that doses over 500 mg are not recommended. Possibly start with 25 - 50 mg before the evening meal and repeated (if desired) just before going to bed. Adjust dose up or down to meet individual needs. You may want to consult with your physician before taking this type of supplement.

    (3)  From www.healthy.net:   Dr. Lesser also noted that the B6-magnesium combination helps in some hyperactive kids and those with fits or problems of autism. He states that pyridoxine in fairly large doses will stimulate dream activity as well as reduce the potential toxicity of barbiturate drugs, carbon monoxide and some other chemical exposures, and irradiation. Vitamin B6 works best when taken with magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, and brewer's yeast or the other B vitamins.


    The Ganzfeld Effect And How To Build Your Own Device
    (I found it while poking around, looking for dream info. This could be interesting to use with the Hemi Sync CDs.  If anyone does this, please let me know your results.  PLEASE!)
    Anyone who is trying to learn how to meditate or is interested in experiencing an altered state should try The Ganzfeld Effect.

    Historically, Arctic explorers were the first people to describe the effect. After they gazed into a frosty field of snowy white, they reported experiencing a form of snowblindness.

    Upon further research in the 1930's, it was discovered that when people gazed into a featureless field of vision (a Ganzfeld), they quickly and consistently entered a profoundly altered state.

    When Ganzfelds have been tried by experienced meditators, they have described the effect as instant meditation. This is not surprising, since most forms of meditation require you to focus your attention on a spot, flower, mantra, etc.

    While traditional meditation can take many years of practice, a Ganzfeld works for most people in a matter of minutes. (Some researchers have claimed to also have tested the effects of Ganzfelds on psychic abilities, and have found a statistically significant increase in test scores.)

    When someone is exposed to a Ganzfeld, they often experience a progression of effects that can be described as follows:

    All color drains from your field of vision
    The size of your field of vision oscillates
    You "see" a swirling Kaleidoscope of colors and with practice
    You completely ignore your vision as you us your mind in an extremely focused way
    People have reported using Ganzfelds in the following ways:    Instant Meditation, Self Hypnosis,  Astral Journeys, Past Lives Regressions, Psychic Abilities, Guided Imagery, Creativity, Relaxation, Self Healing & Improvement

    Building The Ganzfeld Device

    1 ping pong ball
    pink, yellow or blue marker or water color

    Cut ping pong ball in half (each half will cover one eye)
    Color outside of ball evenly

    Sit or lay in a well lit room.
    Place over your eyes.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    MARCH 2004 newsletter:  This question:  What is the most --- IMOSVHO :)  :) provocative item --- in this issue?  A lollipop to each winner!  Tootsie Roll, no less!   (And I do keep these promises)  ---- was asked.   Anita Fernandes!  responded.  She felt the most provocative item was the article on "Internet, Technology, Telephones".  Anita got THREE Tootsie Roll Lollipops at the meeting!   Actually, any answer was the right answer  --- because anyone's opinion here was valid.  What I had in mind, personally was the  one on page 20: Minds AND EXOPOLITICS ---  "Political Implications of the ExtraTerrestrial Presence"  www.geocities.com/meetetnow/Changetheworld1.htm  CHANGE THE WORLD!  "DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!"

    MARCH 2004 newsletter: David Icke, Frequency and Illuminating The Shadow.  Dowsers in the Boston area read this one.  2 of them ordered the CD.

    MARCH 2004 newsletter:  PROTEIN article.  You really liked this one.  Got lots of comments on it.  Some didn't know that Soy might not be as healthy as they thought.

    Both Anita Fernandes and Richard Martin commented on the mention of Chicken Feet in the protein article.  Anita said how they are served in the Caribbean and in Chinese cuisine, Richard says that Edgar Cayce recognized them as a very high source of calcium.

    Richard also commented that Brazil nuts are source of the highest known amounts, for selenium, and that Pepsin (digestive enzyme)  is highly concentrated in dried papaya and Pineapple (these are 2 fruits which are known to have high amounts of digestive enzymes, more specifically, papain and bromelain, which is also why you find them as garnishes for certain meat dishes, often pork).

    HEMP PROTEIN:  I found a 650g jar ($25) of organic Hemp Protein by "Cool Hemp" They are from Killaloe, Ontario "Our home office on Morninglory community farm is solar-powered, with wood and solar heat".  From the book: "Hemp foods and oils for Health":
        "Whole and hulled hempseeds contain 25-35% of protein, respectively.  The protein contains all 9 essential amino acids, including methionine and cysteine, usually underrepresented in vegetable proteins.
        Depending on variety, Hemp protein provides a very attractive amino acid spectrum and nutritional value, possibly superior to that of soy protein.  Hempseed protein also contains high proportions of glutamic acid, an important neurotransmitter often in short supply when we are under stress.
        About 65% of the total protein in hempseed occurs as the easily digestible storage protein "edestin".  While several oilseeds contain anti nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors as in soybeans, none of these occur in Hempseed.  All in all, hemp protein contributes to a complete and balanced diet."

    Hemp is an extremely useful product.  The kind of hemp used for paper and clothing is not the hallucenogenic variety.  Hemp got a bad rap over a hundred years ago when the cotton planters started to badmouth it because hemp was virtually indestructible and they lost sales due to the sturdiness of hemp.  So they demonized it.  All lies.   Like a lot of things.  And people.  Same thing happened around coconut oil.....

    Hugh Magill called in with this addition:   RICE PROTEIN, by Nutribiotic.  (Comes in different flavors.)  Sorry, I have no idea if rice protein, or this brand, is offered in our stores.  Their 800 number is:  1-800-225-4345 .

    "Rice Protein is an excellent source of vegan, hypo-allergenic protein. Most people are familiar with soy and whey protein, and while they each provide sound nutrition, rice protein offers additional benefits. Whey protein comes from milk, and some people either cannot or do not wish to use animal based protein. Soy protein often is difficult for people to digest and may pose allergy risks, plus some folks simply don't like the taste. Rice protein offers a vegan alternative to soy, without the animal products of whey. And rice protein actually is utilized more efficiently by the body than soy, too. Rice protein is suitable for use by those with food allergies and has even been used for gavage feeding (tube feeding) of infants, the elderly and the severely ill. It has a mild flavor similar to that of Cream of Rice cereal and may be used in beverages, sprinkled on cereals and yogurt, and added to cooked dishes to boost the protein content without adding fat or a lot of calories. At about 58 calories per tablespoon (or 15 gram serving), rice protein is one of the lightest protein sources around.

    Rice protein is not made from genetically modified rice, furthermore, the enzymes and natural vanilla flavoring used in our rice protein are naturally occurring from organisms that have not been modified by recombinant DNA techniques.

    Rice protein is not chemically processed. We use natural enzymes that digest the carbohydrate portion of the rice and leave the protein. The result is a very pure protein free of additives or chemicals, which could cause sensitivity.

    The term "complete protein" refers to the inclusion of all nine essential amino acids. Rice Protein contains these nine amino acids, plus all other non-essential amino's.   All ingredients are naturally occurring components of the actual rice.  We have added nothing to our product. Persons on restrictive diets would do well to consult their health care practitioner or nutritionist before adopting or rejecting use of the rice protein. We cannot recommend use of our product to treat conditions other than hunger.

    What is the  Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) of your Rice Protein?   The Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) is the measure of actual protein available for the body to use. This PER is related to the percentage of the protein digested by the body. With Rice Protein, after 4 hours better than 80% of the protein has been digested, compared to only about 57% for soy. The actual PER number of Rice Protein is 2.75. Egg is the highest at 3.99, milk is second with 3.45, rice third and soy is last with a PER of 2.32.

    I cannot tolerate wheat or its relatives, including spelt, amaranth and barley. Is your Rice Protein safe for me to use?    If you have been diagnosed with Celiac-Sprue disease, we do not recommend our product. In the enzymatic processing we use one particular enzyme derived from Barley. While this enzyme is free from barley antigens (proteins), there is a miniscule possibility that your system might not tolerate it well. "

    THIS JUST IN FROM BOB KERR: Bob Kerr is a dowser and farmer from Chatham.  His quest has lead him to change his farming philosophy.  More than half his land is now certified organic.  He raises beef cattle naturally on certified organic pasture (Grass Fed Beef).  During the winter the animals are sheltered and provided a winter diet of stored hay, silage, and fresh ground flax.  He is now able to supply frozen beef direct from the farm, delivered overnight in insulated boxes, to the GTA and SW Ontario.  To learn more about Bob and his grass fed beef visit his new website  www.backtonaturebeef.com  519-352-5567  (Bob was a member of our group our first year, but meetings were too far for him to attend.  Bob told us a story how he got rid of the crows eating the cherries on his cherry tree through the use of radionics.)

    "Ideas are indeed the most dangerous weapons in the world. Our ideas of freedom are the most powerful political weapons man has ever forged."
    -- William O. Douglas (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice Source: An Almanac of Liberty, 1954

    "Freedom of the mind requires not only, or not even especially, the absence of legal constraints but the presence of alternative thoughts. The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but the one that removes awareness of other possibilities."
    -- Alan Bloom (1930-1992) Source: The Closing of the American Mind, 1987

    "No matter how noble the original intentions, the seductions of power can turn any movement from one seeking equal rights to one that would deny them to others."
    -- Tammy Bruce Source: The New Thought Police, 2001

    "Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war you obtain a master."
    -- Demosthenes (384-322 BC)

    "Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the twentieth century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press."
    -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918- ) Russian writer, imprisoned for 8 years for criticizing Stalin in a personal letter, Nobel Prize for Literature 1970

    "To those who scare peace loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: your tactics aid terrorists for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve.  They give ammunition to America's enemies and pause to America's friends."
    -- John Ashcroft US Attorney General Source: "Critics Aid Terrorists, AG Argues," Boston Globe, 7 December 2001

    "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."
    -- George W. Bush (1946- ) 43rd US President, Yale Skull & Bones Society Source: at the United Nations, November 11, 2001

    "One of the things that bothers me most is the growing belief in the country that security is more important than freedom. It ain't."
    -- Lyn Nofziger [Franklyn C. Nofziger] Press Secretary for President Reagan

    THE    Tuesday, April 13th, 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
    David Slater
    from Healers Who Share
    will speak on: Systemic Health Dowsing

    David worked with healer, Hanna Kroeger and first learned her system for dowsing health answers. Before she passed over in May 1998, he promised  he would continue her work and add to it, if he could. He now says he had no idea what he was promising ... although he is glad he did. From 1996  to 2004 he has developed over 5,000 vibrational remedies. He has offices in 4 countries (the US, Canada, Norway and Germany) and lectures in each country each year.

    In keeping with his promise, he made the work grow and he added to the system of dowsing. He uses it to find simple answers to ailments and complex answers for formulas that unravel the cause of many diseases.

    He will demonstrate that system and explain it at this meeting. The dowsing system is designed to automatically help develop health intuition and is used by practitioners using the Healers Who Share remedies in each country. After using the method for a period of time people report that they practically "hear" the answer for some clients.

    The system is designed to bridge right and left hemispheres of the brain. It encourages you to use left brain knowledge as well as right brain findings.  Left brain, easy guidelines will be given in the meeting. His explanations are easy to understand, although he can answer quite technically to most health professionals.  Most people emerge from such sessions knowing a whole lot more about health than they ever thought they could learn in such a short time.

    He likes to make these meetings an experience, so be sure to bring your dowsing instruments. He also likes to make it all real so he may use the health problems of people in the audience for demonstrations to find real answers.

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