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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, April 12,  2005 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
DAVID YARROW,from Syracuse, NY
"Subtle Energy Anatomy of the Great and Finger Lakes"
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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APRIL 12 - David Yarrow ---"Subtle Energy Anatomy of the Great and Finger Lake Regions"
MAY 10th - Robert Gilbert returns for a presentation and to offer a
Week Long BioGeometry Foundation Training (May 14-20) (Level 1 only may be taken)

April 1 - 3 - Total Health Show, Toronto, BOOTH 301  !
April 19, May 3, 17- BioMind Power 3 session Class, with Angi Venning
April 20, 7 pm - David Slater speaks to the Toronto Dowsers (Mississauga)
April 23 -  Beginner's Dowsing Workshop --- with Marilyn Gang
April 22-26 - ORI Mid-South
Annual Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention, Arkansas
April 30 -  Shelley Bourne - Geomancy workshop - Markham
April 30 - May 1Ken Page, Dancing With Ghosts (Toronto)
MAY 7 - Dr. Masaru Emoto (Toronto)
MAY 28 - Angi Venning - Beginners Dowsing workshop, Toronto
May 27 - 30th - 2nd Can-Am Dowsers Conference, Seattle, Washington (area)
June 13 - 20 -  45th Annual American Society of Dowsers Convention, Vermont
July 1-2-3"A Better Future for Our Children"
An enlightening workshop by Raymon Grace on how to improve the future for our children, given with humour, humility, and a wealth of insight. Based on his new book Seasons of April. This workshop is recommended for parents, grandparents, educators or anyone who wants to be a catalyst of change in the lives of children.
For Event Information and to Register (Participants, Speakers, Exhibitors or Volunteers)
Healing Nexus     (416) 225-3612     1-888-869-0263    nexus "at" healingnexus.ca

Once again, the Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC) is sponsoring the Total Health Show.  And, the Toronto Dowsers will have a booth. Pauline Gagnon has been persuaded to return to Toronto for that weekend from her home near Cornwall to show us and the public some of the dowsing teachings she has been sharing with hundreds of young people each year.  Alberta member Juanita Ott will have her handiwork displayed (dowsing charts) as we help show the public how dowsing is useful and meaningful in their daily lives.

ECH20 will be available and our labels, bobbers, pendulums. Probably the Wild Divine, too.

(3)  Congratulations and THANK YOU to Slavko Panezic for being our 300th member!   Our first meeting, September 19, 2000,  drew 45 people.   Now our meetings are 3 times that size.   A few advantages of a large group is we can attract speakers from afar who may be in demand, because we can help with their costs.  There are also more people for us to get to know.  We are not as cozy as we used to be, so we'll have to find other ways to maintain that cozy intimate ambiance.   Chinese Buffet, anyone?
(4)  THANK YOU (AGAIN!*!*!)  to Jo-Anne Eadie.   Jo-Anne brought in about 30 jars of Barley Gold that she had left and were nearing their expiration date.   Half of them were given to our volunteers.   The other half were raffled off.   Eveyone who bought a ticket won a jar.

Jo-Anne, you may remember her daughter was in the Olympics in Athens, lives in Brantford.  Do check out her Tuesday evening (except for Toronto Dowsers meeeting evenings of course)  Group Tapping and EFT practice and Every Wednesday 7:00 - 9:00 pm Weight Loss Group with EFT and Hypnosis. Jo-Anne will have workshops in May.   519-647-2257

(5)  DOWSING PRACTICE:   We will probably not be doing dowsing practice again, for some time.   I have tried to set it up and ask people to go directly to the stage but I have not been able to arrange it so it is clear and it works.  Those who participated could read that there will be a practice and the time it takes place, however it appears the instructions that say Go Directly to the Stage, don't seem to make sense.  I have to find a better way to request:  PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE STAGE.

I am not going to --- and am not going to ask the volunteers --- who can't anyway --- show up at 3:00 to get ready for the evening so we don't run over people who are in our way as we are running around trying to get things set up.

(6)   Something VERY BIG happened for --- well, not just for our group--- it was larger than that --- as a result of the visit, presentation, presence and information by Charles Hubbard, our April speaker.   A new energy was opened for Toronto, for Ontario and places beyond.   Please see the commentary in the MEETING NOTES, below.

BOOKS:  From the Toronto Public Library

"Divine Intervention" by Dan Millman.  I LOVE this book.    There are at least 30 true stories in here of Miracles that have changed lives, by famous and not so famous people.   Among the famous there are:  Joan of Arc, Therese Neumann, Edgar Cayce, Mohammed, Peace Pilgrim, Robert Monroe, Joseph Smith, etc.  This is well written, absorbing, education and inspiring.   Reading this book will teach you, inspire you and help you feel real good about this world.

"Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed" by Bruce Goldberg:   Bruce Goldbert, dentist and hypnotherapist, specializies in past life regression and Future Life progression hypnotherapy.   He retired from dentistry to devote full-time to his hypnotherapy practice.  He writes about Time Travelers, and in this book under hypnotherapy, some clients found that their problems were a result of something that happened in their future!  not in their past!  (Brian Weiss is another well known author who writes on these topics.)

I wanted to bring this book to our attention, to help us stretch our minds and our possibilities, that we can look in to the future and change the present by changing our future.  When we understand that this is so, that this is possible, our mind, our awareness expands and becomes more flexible.   We realize more, we are open to more of what is so and have a greater understanding of the elasticity of --- "it all"?

"Dear Echo.. Answers to your Questions About Ghosts, Hauntings, and Things That Go Bump in the Night" by Echo Bodine.   She has also written:  "The gift : understand and develop your psychic abilities".   These were recommended by Joe Smith.  "Echo Bodine, ghostbuster, psychic, clairvoyant and spiritual healer, sees dead people.  And, in the course of her 25 year ghostbusting career, she has escorted countless souls of the dearly departed from the bordellos and bars, houses and homes in which they have overstayed their welcome."

"Practical Psychic Self-Defense" by Robert Bruce  looks at the world from the viewpoint of negative energies (or "Negs" for short). Discarnate negative energies cause a wide variety of problems in people, ranging from minor physical ailments, to obsessive thoughts and compulsively destructive behavior, to insanity, to suicide. Robert Bruce describes these otherwise unseen things, and describes how and why Negs attack, and ways that these attacks can often be stopped even as they are occurring (by crossing over boundaries of running water, for example).

Negs who are attached to a human host can (and will) strike out against the target of any negative feelings their host may have. All the unsuspecting host knows is that they were watching television and every now and then grumbling internally about how upset they were with someone else -- but in that trancelike state, those grumblings direct negative energy towards the target! Negs feed on such energy, and are delighted to wreak havoc and mayhem at every opportunity. Those who dabble in black magic are often surrounded by negative energies.

He deals with principles of psychic interference, problems that children have.with psychic attack and countermeasures that can be used, psychic defence, energy body attachments, possession, exorcism, sacred symbols (explanation and use of pentagram, hexagram, tetragram), creating wards, banishment rituals, and more.

"The Disappearance of the Universe, Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness", by Gary R. Renard
"What would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room when two mysterious strangers appeared from out of nowhere –and then told you they were “ascended masters” who had come to reveal some shocking secrets of existence and teach you the miraculous powers of advanced forgiveness?  Would you call the cops?  Call a psychiatrist?  Call out for pizza?

When two such teachers appeared before Gary Renard in 1992, he chose to listen to them (and ask a lot of impertinent questions). The result is this startling book: an extraordinary record of 17 mind-bending conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author’s life and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching destined to change human history."

This book is heavily based on  "A Course in Miracles", so it would be of especial interest for you if you like that program.

"Self-Healing" by Ranjie N. Singh.  Dr. Singh is from London, Ontario!   This book shows how in just 10-30 minutes it is possible to double or triple your melatonin production. Stimulation of the pineal gland increases production of its hormone melatonin. It is the anti-cancer, anti-stress, immune boosting, anti-insomnia and the brain-mind youthfulness and longevity promoting hormone.   Dr. Singh reveals how to stimulate the pineal gland for self-healing with short, easy-to-learn, mind/body techniques, based on meditation.  (THANK YOU  ROXANNA SPIRYTHEART!)

"A Touch of Hope" by Dean and Rochelle Kraft:  In 1972, a young Brooklyn musician discovered he could heal by a laying on of hands.  Within 3 years he has healed all sorts of mental, emotional and physical imbalances, even bringing back people from coma, who were quite close to death.  This book is Dean's story.  The last third of the book has very simple exercises and techniques we can all follow and learn from.  Simple, yet effective.  This book was written in 1998.  Remember that he started this in 1972, way before a lot of us were even aware of the laying on of hands.   His work was scientifically validated by Lawrence Livermore Labs. His Foundation for Psychic-Energetic Research was the first organization to be granted a tax exempt status by the IRS (1976).   He was the inspiration for Judy Skutch who went on devote her attention to publishing "A Course in Miracles".

Here's the reason why I think I read this 300+ page book --- for one paragraph, page 144:

"In addition, the information about my abilities revealed by these experiments pointed to the possible existence of a healing mechanism.  The Faraday cage experiments had shown that I could alter an electrostatic field, and an informeal test with a magnetometer showed that I had affected a magnetic field.  Thus, perhaps I had been able to affect the HeLa cells by altering the electromagnetic force field that surrounds all cells, and that a similar model was at work in my healing of people."

(HeLa cells are the most aggressive cancer cells.   When we do our healings, if we can visualize that we are altering the electromagnetic force fields.....yes??  Yes, we scramble the frequencies, etc.  This can give us yet another way to work with biologicals.)

*            *            *            *            *            *

Related to Dean Kraft's story:  I took the Silva Method of Mind Control in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, and, when it was a 2 weekend course.   The 2nd half of the last day, we learned Remote Healing.

From what I learned in that course, if you give me the name, location and age of a person, I can describe that person.  I can tell you what they look like, what their body, hair, coloring --- everything looks like.  I can tell you where their physical problems lie, what their personality is like.  What style clothing they wear.

I can't do this first off, I need about a half dozen to practice on, to practice to build that "mental muscle", like with dowsing.   I can find their physical problems, and, send healing energies and have them take effect.

The point I wish to make about this --- I am not especially gifted in this area.  At least 75% of you who are reading these words can do this.  It takes learning, practice, focus and practice.  This is something we can learn from Silva, from Dean Kraft, from Quantum Touch and the many modalities we are learning and doing.  This brings us closer not just to healing but to manifestation of everything on all levels.  Transcending what we have thought of as the physical limitations of our physical worlds.

This morning, lying in bed, I was thinking of my mom's death from cancer and my dad's death from Parkinson's Disease.   I was seeing those diseases  in a new way, as if I could see this dark mass of cells, growing, and in their own way destroying.  Not like an infection, in another way.  Today, with what several of our colleagues and even people in our group know, we are closer to shrinking those masses.  Some are actually even doing it.

Remember the "Cotton Ball In a Jar"?   One of you told me your students can do this.  5 years ago I would not have believed it.   The movie, "Matrix" (I, II and III),  manipulating the physical world, is not exactly science fiction.   Bruce Goldberg's book, above, writing on future progression, is just as valid as past regression.   If you just even hold these possibilities in mind that this could be so, it will bring it more in to our conscious reality.   It's as if you are in a spot and a rock with a rope around it is in front of you.  You pull on the rope, simultaneously bringing you to the rock and the rock to you.

If you appreciate these concepts just discussed, please keep them in your awareness from time to time.  It will make it more real sooner, faster.

From my perspective, this is part of what we, the Toronto Dowsers, and those who share our viewpoints, are doing.   Thank you.   These few sentences are are tucked away quietly, without a heading and its one of the most important areas of our awareness.

Dealing with the Flu
(1)  PHYSICAL:   Mid February, I came down with the flu.  Right after our meeting.   Despite the Oscillococcinum I had taken in the fall for prevention.   I think I could have taken every sort of preventive measure and still come down with it.   I'll tell you why in (2), what I discovered about it, thanks to Angi Venning.

This flu was really nasty.  The flu is supposed to be fever, aches, fatigue.  It's not supposed to be geysering out from both ends simultaneously (how's that for a graphic image?!?), or a deep painful lasting cough or headaches or nausea or losing one's voice.   I know of at least 10 people who lost their voice some time within the same month.  Weird, yes?   And I couldn't find my Oscillo and felt too weak to go out and get some.   One of the (few) downsides of living alone.  People had this same flu across Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America --- even in Europe.  Many of you had it.

The few times I'd be talking on the phone, naturally, I'd cough.  So those of you who had to listen to the barking, told me about a lot more REMEDIES which I was unaware of.  Here's they are:

  • from Christopher Evans:  Boericke & Tafel Homeopathic Cough Syrup.   $11  at Ambrosia.
  • from 3 different people:  Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough Syrup -  This is a Korean cough syrup, highly recommended by many Chinese doctors, as the ingredients are supposed to be pure, and natural.  Tastes real good, too.   I bought the 300 ml for $6 in Chinatown.
  • from Aleks Radojcic --- Respira Tonic --- this was in our January 2005 newsletter
  • from Dorothy Marston:  Snort in salt water, as hot as you can stand it, through the nostrils.   Then, bring 4 Tablespoons Vodka to a low boil, inhale the fumes. [NOTE:  I personally would NOT recommend that you snort water as hot as you can stand it.  The nasal passages are delicate and can be scalded.  I'd use WARM water.  Get in to the habit of using a NETI Pot, below.]   The salt water clears the nasal passages, the alcohol the bacteria in the lungs.
  • from Jim Kleebaum, Saskatchewan:  Jim  was told that if the nasal passages are alkaline, then bacteria, which like to hang out in the nostrils, can not survive.  So Jim's friend says he carries  BAKING SODA in a film cannister.   When its cold season, he would dip a pinky in to the cannister and run the pinky on the inside of the nostril.   Of course, you don't want to do this around any law enforcement types who may misunderstand....   hmmm.  Is this what "snuff" could be about?    Wow!  I bet it IS!  Yes!  I just did a search and well --- we know that if its on internet it must be true, yes?
  • "Snuffin" in the U.S.A.:    "Professor Brad Radu of the University of Alabama has said that .... Snuff products are all alkaline in pH,   which facilitates transfer of nicotine directly across the lining of the mouth."

    "Dolley Madison, is reported to have carried as many as three snuffboxes at White House receptions."

  • Arlene Anisman reminded me, once again, to use Essential Oils.  BIG help.   Also because this flu is most probably caused by chemtrails.  YLEO's Berry Young Juice has lots of good antioxidants for this purpose.
  • Helga Reimer has helped her clients using Healers Who Share remedies.
  • I found more relief drinking more water and taking more Vitamin C.  Sometimes Oil of Oregano helped, sometimes it did not.  Ginger helped.
  • Peter Clayton says GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) is a medicine chest in a small bottle.
  • Raymon shares this recipe with us for his "Thunder Potion" which he got from Rolling Thunder:
  •         Take:        2 drops eucalyptus oil
                            7 drops peppermint
                            7 drops anise / fennel
                            5 drops tea tree oil
    Put in a cup of water, heat just until it produces vapor (do not boil), remove from heat, Breathe In. Use as needed. This is good for colds, sinus, bronchitis, flu. Olga Nickle shared a similar recipe with us that she uses in a bath.

    (2)  MENTAL / PROGRAMMING:   I could not "figure out" why I'd gotten this darned flu.   I had been feeling fine, taking care of myself.   Feeling crummy, I called Angi Venning, she of the BioMind classes!    Here's the answer:

    My programming says that:  To take time off, I must be sick.

    My belief system is that to get down time --- to relax --- the only way I can do this is by being ill.   Now, even though I am good and busy with "stuff", I get as much sleep as I need.   Yes, I work hard, and I do get enough relaxing time.   But that is not my programming.  And my programming does not know or does not believe that.   I could work only one hour a day and watch soap operas and eat bon bons the rest of the time, but my programming says that the only way I can relax and get time off is through illness.    So guess what.  We are working on changing that, through talking to BioMind.   Do you have a similar belief system?  In Angi's BioMind workshop, we learned to ask questions, and then DO SOMETHING about the answers.

    Below are a few of the questions Angi suggested in her workshop that we start out with by asking our BioMind.   (BioMind is similar to subconscious.)   We would all (probably) respond --- or want --- to respond to all of the questions with a "yes", except for the 3rd and 4th which would be "no".   But that's our conscious mind.   It's not our innermost beliefs, the beliefs which rule us.   Access your subconscious, with your dowsing and see what answers you get to the questions below.  Now be honest!   And then DO SOMETHING about the answers if you think it is in your highest good that a change take place.

  •  Are women as important as men?
  •  Am I willing to trust  men / women   completely?
  •  Does God live in a separate heaven somewhere?
  •  Is God male?
  •  Can I take care of myself?
  •  Is it safe to like / love myself?
  •  Do I trust in myself?
  •  Do I trust my own powers of observation / my own intuition?
  •  Is it safe to dowse?
  •  Do I trust my dowsing capabilities?
  •  Is it safe to voice my opinions?
  •  Is it safe to acknowledge / step into  my own power?
  •  May I take "time off" without guilt, without being sick?

    Here's a fact:  Whenever something powerful, such as a trauma or tremendously positive experience happens to us, a "recording" of that is:  physically?  energetically?  stored in our body.   Let's say you fall out of your hot air balloon in to the Amazon River and a crocodile bites off your arm.   That's a pretty major trauma (I used an example of something highly unlikely so as not to plant a suggestion seed).  It's like a cell, with a recording --- the movie --- in color, sound, smells, everything --- is made and implanted somewhere.

    I first experienced this in 1991 when Network Chiropractic came to Toronto.  Remember Fedor Zelina?  (Fedor is now in BC)   First Network Chiro in Toronto.   He would lightly move his fingers down my spine, and say things like:  "at the age of 17 years and 3 months you had a major conflict with your mother."

    So there are all these little cells  --- or programs --- running around --- stored in our bodies --- in the air --- whatever, wherever.

    This flu --- was --- a program.   This specific program was comprised of a certain set of symptoms.   For whatever reason, by whatever means, this program was delivered to my body, then accepted, allowed, installed and run.    There was no "firewall".    My "anti spam"   "anti virus"  software was not installed and/or not working.  Maybe it wasn't updated?

    As I'm lying in bed that first day,  I'm thinking about this programming.   Why did this happen?   Why did my body allow it to happen?   I am a --- you are a --- Biological Construct.   We are constructed of programs.

    Next:  It seems as if only nasty programs are being delivered to us.   What about happy programs?   What about fun programs?   There's all this nasty yucky stuff going on.   Where are the happy programs?   What are they?   Can we write and install them?

    This experience with the flu was pretty valuable for me.  It showed me clearly that its only a program.  And I need to change my programming.  Find some good ones.   Reformat the drive.  Rewrite and reinstall the operating system and applications.

    So here are my questions:

    1)  Does illness happen to you?   Is it a program?   Do you want to change it?   How will you change it?   How did you change it?
    2)  What kinds of "happy" (beneficial) programs are around?  have you installed them?  and....?

    When I first met Raymon Grace, we both had more time to talk on the phone than we do today.  The same with Larry (and Walter) Huszczo.   I remember the first time I went out to visit the Huszczos.   We were all new with using dowsing to change energies.   We did a massive clearing on "stuff" for me while I was there.   Did a good job on my apartment, too.   But when I got home after the 2 hour drive, I felt lousy again.  Because we neglected to clear my car.  Got in to the car, stuff jumped right back on.   Like fleas.

    When I realized the obvious connection --- between these programs --- and the computer, things became easier.   I was fortunate that --- when mainframe computers were still around --- I managed a small mainframe installation.   A big part of proper mainframe maintenance is proper back up.  We used tapes --- this is magnetic tape on a 14" reel.    We had a Central Processing Unit.   And a tape drive unit.  Each Unit was about the size of a refrigerator.   We also had 2 free standing disk drives.   Each drive was the size of a 3 drawer file cabinet.

    Like most installations, back up is a crucial part of running a good installation.   I set up automatic routines.  Every day I would do an incremental back up of the new information placed on the drives from the previous day.   Every Friday I would do 2 full back ups.   I'd take one set of tapes home (off site).   Every month I would do 2 full monthly backups.   Every six months 2 full semi annual backups.   The incremental tapes (1 only) would be stored onsite.  We had a Monday tape, a Tuesday tape, etc.   For the weekly tapes, we had 2 Friday I sets, 2 Friday 2 sets, etc.   We had 2 January tapes, 2 February tapes, etc.   They would all get recycled when their turn came around again.   We kept the semi annual tapes "forever".

    I just went through this huge explanation to show you how programs are often stored.   There are parallels with regard to computing systems to the programs we biological constructs have.

    Just because you might get rid of a program --- in your own programming --- does not mean its completely gone.  There could be a copy of that program waiting to be reinstalled somewhere as ROM or RAM --- should you get rid of it.

    If you get rid of a program you wanted to get rid of --- ask if there is a back up program somewhere.  You want to get rid of that one too.

    Back ups can be "on site"  or  "off site".   They can even be in other dimensions.
    Get rid of any copies.
    You want to get rid of any source code for these programs, any other format these programs are in.
    See if there are any programmers, as well as any Master Programmers and anything else you can think of.
    Completely remove all such instructions and routines from your disk / drive, and rewrite and reformat sectors, drives.
    And so on.  If you can add to this scenario, please send it to me.

    Following the same theme, as in the MENTAL PROGRAMMING Section just above, here are 2 items that had been brought up before, and its time to bring them up again.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay good attention to these and DO IT.  They will make you and your loved ones a lot happier:
    (1)  THE COMMAND CENTER:   This isTHE most valuable dowsing method I know of to improve health, on a physical level.   Using 3 examples:
    If someone has say a cold, or a leukemia, what is suggested?  We "fight" the infection.  We use whatever substances we can.  One "fights" the infection as well as optimizing the immune system.

    If someone has, say MS, where the body is destroying itself (auto immune) --- destroying the myelin sheaths around the nerves --- people again take substances, use meditative techniques, visualization, etc.  (MS is said to be the most mis diagnosed condition and it is often really Lyme Disease.)

    If someone has, say, what is called Parkinson's Disease --- this situation is supposed to be caused by a lack of dopamine.  Dopamine makes it possible for the muscles --- both voluntary and involuntary --- to do what they need to do.  Dopamine is supposedly produced by an area in the brain called the Substantia Nigra (Nigra because it is black).   A deficiency or absence of an enzyme (we don't know which one)  leads to  lowered or non existent dopamine production.   Sinemet is the drug used by practically all Parkinson's people to somewhat help ameliorate this condition.  Finding the right dose --- if any --- and any co drugs --- if any -- can be a nightmare.

    I've listed 3 --- all too common -- conditions --- above and how they are dealt with today.

    What do they have in common?  Are we just a bunch of parts and when something is wrong we swap or boost or patch or cut out or destress that part?  NO!

    The parts have to work together somehow, don't they?   Well, DON'T THEY?  HOW might that be done?   They are all controlled by:  YOUR  BRAIN!  (in most people at least, some I don't know about.)

    Each body part is like an instrument (an organ or even a cell) --- or a section (the systems) in an orchestra.  Each and every item in the orchestra takes its orders from the Orchestra Leader.

    YOUR BRAIN IS THE ORCHESTRA LEADER.  It commands, the parts obey.

    The Leader of the Brain (like the Leader of the Pack? or the GANG?  (ha ha!)) is what we call:  THE COMMAND CENTER.

    The Command Center is made up of:

  •        The Thalamus
  •    The Hypothalamus
  •    The Limbic System
  •    The Pituitary
  • If the body is destroying itself, because it is destroying, e.g., its own myelin sheaths, it is quite possible that somehow something may, say, have short circuited  and missed a signal and started sending wrong signals --- like an electrical short.

    If an enzyme is not functioning, say to produce sufficient amounts of dopamine --- the instructions to do this ought to be corrected and sent down the line.  The raw materials are available.

    Incorrent instructions need to be corrected.  Missing instructions need to be implemented.  The programming --- as discussed above in this issue ---  needs to be made right.

    Suggestions for Dowsing Questions regarding  your Command Center:

  • Dowsing System, do you understand what the Command Center is according to the Toronto Dowsers April 2005 newsletter?
  • Dowsing System, C/M/S ask you questions [now] relevant to (my) Command Center?
  • Dowsing System, is my Command Center functioning at optimal levels for (me)?
  • Dowsing System, what per cent is (my) Command Center operating at?
  • Dowsing System, C/M/S bring (my) Command Center to Optimal Levels (now)?
  • Dowsing System, is there any reason not to bring my Command Center to its Optimum Level (now)?
  • Dowsing System, Bring (My) Command Center to its Optimal Level Now.
  • If work needs to be done, your pendulum will probably be swinging in a CCW direction --- for some time --- scrambling non benefical programming, then moving in a CW direction to bring it to optimal levels.   The first time a very good dowser I know did this, it took 20 minutes for his pendulum to complete its session.

    Ask if this needs to be done, say, in the following week, weeks or months, if so, how often and at what times.   It is not unusual to spend say, 10 minutes a day every day the next 2 weeks and then maintenance, say once a week for a month or two, etc.

    C/M/S = Can I May I Should I
    [now]  =  you may want to find the best (time of day) for you
    (my) = you may -- or may not --- want to identify with "my", you may want to use "the" or may want to ask for someone for whom you have permission

    I look at this like Raising Consciousness.  Instead of asking to help e.g., the wild horses and the seals and the Escarpment and the medical system, if we all focus on raising consciousness all those areas ought to clear up because it ALL stems from the same damaged source.

    The Command Center rules everything --- on a physical level --- in your body.  Why not go straight to the top? (literally!)

    This could be one of   THE BEST  of the golden nuggets  I have ever shared with you.  Please use it --- especially for those unclear situations named fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, all autoimmune diseases, etc.   (You may want to do #2, below, first.)

    Also keep in mind that for every single action that takes place in life --- in our bodies, in other animals, plants --- an enzyme is required.  Many problems exist because of enzyme insufficiency.   Do you remember those extraordinary Monatomic Liquid Minerals written about in the October 2004 newsletter?  The company that makes them also makes ENZYMES.   These digestive enzymes seem to be the basis --- the raw materials --- for every other enzyme produced in the body.  If you want some, do call:  Hugh Magill:  519 763 8853.  Please.   Unless, of course, you have gotten your Command Center to produce all enzymes at optmal efficiency all the time, which I hope you will do by dowsing.  But you might not yet be there right now.

       So Marilyn, how do you know this?  How do you know about this so called "Command Center"?

        Do you remember Frank Ludde?  Frank Ludde, Metabolic Therapist, from the Vancouver area.   Frank died, under very mysterious circumstances, October 2004 just a few days before he was to come to Toronto and talk about his methods.   Frank told me this, about 7 years ago.  This was one of the cornerstones of his treatment.  Frank understood THE BRAIN and what the body needed for healing.  This is why he was taken out.   Oh yes.  Anyone who has any comprehension of how the Brain works is considered a threat to PTB.   Frank worked with his patients to get the Command Center working again.   He did this with a regimen lasting at least 90 days with nutritional injections and swallowing large amounts of specifically individually tailored supplements and pre digested protein.  He cured people with supposedly incurable conditions such as MS, MD, ALS, Parkinson's Alzheimer's, all stages of cancer, Lupus, etc.  You name it, Frank did it.  I miss him.  He was a good man and had priceless information, that he did share.

        If you doubt it, dowse for it.  You will probably dowse 100% that Marilyn believes this is so, please also dowse if this is so, objectively.  Thank you.


    So what happens when you are dowsing, or "trying" to dowse but you feel you might be influencing the answers?   Before EVERY dowsing session it is suggested that you remove these influences that you have created for yourself.  And, sometimes within a dowsing session, if the subject is charged or significant for you in any way,  you may want to do this as well.   Once you have been dowsing for a lonnnggg time, when you dowse, this --- your "Dowsing Persona" may become automatic.

    Suggested Statement of Intent:

    Dowsing System:  Please remove NOW!  all emotions, thoughts, feelings, concepts, external and internal influences, memories, cellular memory, genetics, ideas, suggestions, subjectivity, opinions, attitudes, beliefs, programming and anything and everything else that could affect my dowsing.

    Expect your pendulum to rotate in a CCW motion until complete.
    You ought to feel clearer, lighter and are ready to proceed.
    You may not need to use all those words.  You may want more, or, other words. Use you feel (or dowse) suits you best.
    Doing this, as a matter of course, just helps you feel better in general.  Less self imposed stress.

    MARCH / APRIL . . .  EASTER . . . PASSOVER  ...  ...  ...  The lungs, The Air
    This is the time for Easter and Passover.   Every year for the past few years it feels as if we are getting closer to finding out the truth of the Easter story, the Passover story.    The Toronto Dowsers' awareness of this time also increases because these events originated in Egypt and Israel and the teachings of our recent speakers, etc., focus on those areas.    In the April 2004 newsletter, there was a page from David Icke's interpretation of Christmas and Easter.   Here is but a small part of that article:

    EASTER:  "... Easter comes from Babylon, and Ishtar, or Istar --- Queen Semiramis under another name --- said that she came to earth from the moon in an egg.  So we have Easter eggs.  Tammuz, in Babylon, was very much associated with a love of rabbits.  So we have the Easter bunny, because Istar was a time when they commemorated the death of Tammuz.  They used to have buns in Babylon with T's on them, commemorating Tammuz.  Tammuz was said to have been killed by a wild boar, which is where we get the Easter Ham from.  All symbolism.  They used to commemorate Tammuz for 40 days.  So we have Lent.  All over the modern world, you have these recurring themes. ...

    ... The Easter Rabbit is very interesting, and one of the oldest symbols of the Spring. In Indo-European mythology, the hare is sacred to the Goddess, being supposedly seen in the markings on the moon. ... "

    PASSOVER:   Part of the Passover story tells us that when Moses wanted to take the Jewish slaves out of Egypt, he had to threaten the Pharoh with plagues to force him to release the Jews.  Moses called down 10 plagues upon Egypt, each one more severe.  The 10th and final plague was the killing of the first born [Egyptian] son.  In order that the "Angel of Death", who was "Passing Over"  would recognize a Jewish household and spare those who lived there, the Jews were to paint a mark on their door of lamb's blood.  This would be a "sign" to the "Angel of Death" to leave that home alone.  (In the movie "The Ten Commandments", this "Angel" was represented by a green cloud.)

    So this is an Angel, or, a cloud, borne through the air.   With many rituals and customs that we are brought up with, we just follow them.   One year, not too long ago, I finally asked myself -- what am I doing?  What am I doing, believing in a God that goes around killing people like this.   I discussed this with Mary HardyMary said that what happened was "The Angel of Death" was the plague.  It did not discriminate on the basis of nationality or religion.  Those who were spared were spared because either they were healthy, or, they were smart enough to swab their doorframes and window frames with ESSENTIAL OILS which would prevent plague germs from entering the homes and their inhabitants..

    The reason why the above information is included here is not only is it the time of the year where this story is relevant, but as also discussed herre, with the prevelance of a vitriolic flu which has been fiercely attacking the respiratory system, we need to be exceedingly vigilant in taking care of what we breathe in.  We are under attack with chemtrails and increased pollutants.  Essentail Oils are one way to improve the air in our homes.  So are some plants.

    From April 2005 LifeStylesMagazine.com:  "Citrus Oils May Hold Key For Asthma"
    "A key to preventing asthman might be found in lemon, a rose or a pine tree.  According to a study at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, inhalation of limonene, the main component found in the essential oil of citrus, prevented asthma symptoms in animals. .. believes this higher incidence of asthma [in urban areas] is due in large part to the absence of natural "ozone scavengers" produced by plants.  These substances that devour ozone --- could be used for preventing asthma.  The inhalation of water-repellent ozone scavengers that accumulate in lung membranes could break the cycle of inflammation."

    *            *            *            *            *            *

    Speaking of the Air, and our Health;  Noticing the success of the "Oil Swish" --- as a result of your feedback, in the last 2 issues ---here's more on those lines:

    In our western culture, we do not have many traditional ways to maintain our health.  Our health hints seem to come from all different cultures.

    If I am asked ---- what is the single best health hint I could offer --- it would be to drink warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing every morning.  Because it cleans the liver.

    With the more challenges from our air quality, look to Ayurveda (the 5,000 year old Science of Medicine from India).   There are 3 very simple things that are suggested to do in the morning that could significantly add to our health.   They -- simply -- remove toxins, debris, chemicals, pollutants and their influences..  And help bring you in to proper pH balance.

    (1)  Get a tongue cleaner.  You scrape your tongue every morning, first thing.

    (2)  Use the Neti Pot.   For DIRECTIONS.    For CATALOGUE.   (I like the one 2nd from the bottom, from the Himalayan Institute)

    When you use a Neti Pot, you slowly pour warm salt water in the nostrils and it comes out the other side.  It is the best thing I have found and shared for sinus problems. 

    (3)   Internal Cleanse:  This is drinking a liter of warm salt water first thing every morning.  It WHOOSHES out the intestines.

    Do those 3 things regularly and you will be feeling a lot better.

    "Many health practitioners consider the nasal passages to be the doorway for most diseases. The nasal passage, with its finely-tuned mechanism of hairs and mucus membranes, which are intended to catch and restrain foreign entities from entering our bodies, actually is one of the ways nature protects us from diseases. Unfortunately, this filtering mechanism can become overloaded through high exposure to pollution, chemicals, fragrances, pollen and dust. Cleansing this filter regularly allows it to operate more efficiently.

    A simple yet very powerful technique, neti works wonders for chronic sinusitis, and allergies. It has a remarkable effect on upper respiratory tract infections, especially hay fever. In fact, neti is so beneficial that responses usually change from "YUK, there is no way I am ever going to try that" to "WOW. That is fantastic. I am hooked for life" after just one trial."

    Prepare a full quart of luke-warm water and add two level teaspoons of uniodized sea salt, Celtic salt or Himalayan Salt. Do NOT use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work properly. Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning. This must be taken on an empty stomach. The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire tract in about one hour. Several eliminations will likely occur. The salt water has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt. This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system. If the salt wash does not work the first time, try adding more or less salt until the proper balance is found; or possibly take extra water without the salt.

    With the OIL SWISH --- A couple of times a week I give my gums a vigorous --- but not too vigorous --- brushing with the toothbrush.  It feels clean for hours afterwards.

    Ayurveda -- from India, and Chinese Medicine --- have worked well to keep huge poor populations reasonably health for thousands of years.  Because the populations don't have a lot of money, they have had to find cheap ways of staying healthy.  They can't fool their folks with expensive drugs.  Like smart Italians, who know to eat dandelions in the spring --- dandelions are free and are great for the liver; they also know the value of good olive oil and good red wine.

    The sad thing --- people in India and China are going towards Western medicine --- not because it works, because it doesn't, but because they think it gives them more prestige.

    Spring and Fall are the times of the year to do internal cleanses.  The most popular one, and it works quite well, is the MASTER CLEANSE.  This is the "Lemon Juice Cleanse" where you drink several glasses a day of water, fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup and high octane cayenne pepper.   You do a pre cleanse of 1-3 days and a post cleanse of 1-3 days and the cleanse itself SHOULD be 10 days, but can be less.

    What's important with this cleanse and all cleanses is that you poop at least once a day.  There are ways to help you with that if its not happening.  What's also important is how you complete it.  I've known people who have gone to a party or buffet the day after.  NOT a good idea.

    NOTE:  You can get Neti Pots, Tongue Scrapers, HiOctane Cayenne Pepper and lots of other good stuff at our friends and members: HERBIE'S HERBS, 556 Queen Street West --- just east of Bathurst on the north side of the street.

    ANIMAL COMMUNICATION:  April:  Kitchener
    OF USE?  INTEREST?   End Telemarketing  /   LAUNDRY HELP  /   FREE STUFF
    From Ursula:  Sue Becker, of Kitchener, is offering several workshops in APRIL 2005 in Animal Communication such as Introduction, Level 1, Level 2;  Penelope Smith's Animal CommunicationCourse, Bach Flower Remedies for Animals,  Animal Aging Illness and Beyond, Tellington Touch, etc.

    She is also hosting  BARBARA JANELLE, of California, for an April 30th Animal Communications Level 1 weekend workshop.

    You can go to  Spring Animal Workshops or email me, or Ursula for the entire schedule or for more information email suebecker@cyg.net   519-896-2600.

    *            *            *            *            *

    BYE BYE TELEMARKETERS:   A flyer -  04 08-4619E   C04 09-1012E  was received with the September 2004 Bell Telephone bill.   It dealt with  Telemarketers - DO NOT CALL Lists   This is how you -- hopefully --- stop telemarkters from calling you.

    As a minimum, telemarketers must maintain "do not call/fax lists" and provide customers with a fax or telephone number where a responsible person can be reached.

    In addition, you can register to have your telephone number(s) removed from marketing lists by mailing your request to the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), P.O. Box 706, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 2T6, or faxing it to (416) 441-4062 or by completing the registration form at  www.the-cma.org . Not all telemarketers are members of the CMA so this will not eliminate all unsolicited telemarketing calls. Make sure you indicate your first and last names as well as your complete address and all telephone numbers, including any Ident-A-Call numbers. This free service is valid for three years and applies to telemarketing calls received by mail, telephone and fax.

    *            *            *            *            *

    CLEANING:   From my sister, the Laundry Queen: OXYCLEAN is great for taking stains out of fabrics.  Rugs, Furniture, too.   It works.   On ink!

    *            *            *            *            *

    OFFERING AND RECEIVING FREE STUFF:    If you want to get rid of "STUFF" or if you want "STUFF", there is an email list for "FREE STUFF".  This was asked by someone who wanted to get rid of her computer monitor:

    " To find a good home for your monitor, you might try an organization called Freecycle. They have local chapters all over the world that are connected through a mailing list like this. When you have something you need to get rid of, you post an OFFER message.

    Your monitor will be snapped up in no time. About 6 weeks ago, I used Freecycle to offer a 3-year-old Lexmark printer when I upgraded to a new model.   Within minutes, I had emails pouring in. Some were from non-profit agencies, some from single moms, some from students, a lot didn't specify. You'll definitely find someone who would be grateful to have your equipment.

    You can also post WANTED messages if you are looking for something. The rules are that no money can change hands, and you can't swap items. Everything has to be freely given, no strings attached. The idea behind the organization is to divert perfectly good items from landfills by connecting the people who have them with the people who could use them.  Here is the link to the Freecycle Toronto group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freecycleto/

    The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) - March 2005

    The bi annual elections for the members of the Board of Trustees of the ASD are complete.   Most of us are quite pleased with at least one of the results, in that Barry Smith, from California, was NOT re elected as trustee.  The members elect the trustees, the trustees elect the President.  Barry is the current president and will not even be on the board.

    Other trustees, past trustees, ASD Digest Editors (2 quit under Barry's presidency), headquarters staff, members, chapter presidents and more had many serious complaints about his actions and the things that he allowed. Lawsuits were threatened.  Emails, letters, phone calls, were quite damning.  Each of the main areas:  membership, publications, convention, Water For Humanity, ethics, prestige --- suffered greatly.   Knowing my money was safe, I had a standing reward offering $50 for just one thing he did that was good.   It has remained unclaimed.  The biggest question we all asked was: WHY?  And why did several intelligent trustees support him?   We hope to find out the answer to those questions some day.

    A new president will be elected this spring.  Let's hope for saner times.  Lets hope we can regain the ethics and integrity that ASD is supposed to have.   Like the Toronto Dowsers as a whole, there are so many good people in the ASD.  I don't expect everything to be rosy overnight and am proceeding with caution.   We have to understand some of where we went wrong and be more careful with what is precious to us.  To not take it for granted.

    The convention takes place this June, in Northern Vermont, just 2 hours from Montreal.  I hope you will go.   I know most of the speakers, since I have been creating  the web site for the convention.   Please go to:    ASD Convention.      Please make sure you see the SPEAKER HILITES page on that site.  It's not complete as of this writing but should be completed soon.  It has loads of pictures and more personal anecdotes --- a "taste" rather than a pedigree of who the speakers are.

    Here are some speaker names that are or may in the future be familiar to you:    Alicja Aratyn,  Zacchiah Blackburn,  Marty Cain, Ellie Drew,  Alan Handelsman, Mary Hardy, William Henry, Florence Horn, Bruce Irwin, Sandee Mac, Ivan McBeth, Gladys McCoy, Harold McCoy, Tom Millerin, Alanna Moore , Bill Northern, Marcine Quenzer, Bill Russell, Craig  Alan Siska, David Slater , Joe Anne van Gelder, Lynn Walker, Walt Woods & Mardi Gieseler, David Yarrow

    The Can-Am Conference, Washington -  May 27 - 30, 2005
    Merlin Beltain, President of the CSQ (Questers) and Penn Bell, President of the Energy Dowsers (A Washington State ASD Chapter) got together last year and collaborated on and cooperated on producing the first Can-Am (Canadian American) Dowsing Conference.  It was in BC and a rousing success.

    This year, that Dynamic Duo is creating an even bigger conference, this time in Issaquah, Washington.   Our friend Joey Korn will be the keynote speaker.   Our own Alicja Aratyn has been invited to speak there and Slim Spurling,  Alanna Moore, from Australia are 2 of the other highlighted speakers.

    This is a nice time to go to that area.  Check out:  Can-Am Dowsers.    I hope to stay on their good side since they let me design that web site, too, and I like my job!


    April 19, May 3, 17- BioMind Power 3 session Class, with Angi Venning  416 887 9821.
    Cost:   $20 for one   $35  for two   $50 for 3  (classes)  (for Toronto Dowsers, registered in Advance)
    2828  Bathurst Street,   Suite 405  (north of Glencairn, south of Lawrence)

    This workshop is connected with our January presentation and presenters.  Angi developed the BioMind concept as a result of her Huna research.  This is a part of the mind that we have not been able to access previously, and causes all sorts of problems when left to itself.  This contains the heavy duty entities --- those that are stubborn, like tar.   You will learn:

    What is Biomind?   *    Where does it come from?   *     How does it affect us?    *     How does not knowing about it affect us   *    How to communicate with Biomind    *    Results achieved when communicating with Biomind

    Saturday,  April 23, 2004    9:30 - 4:30
    Eglinton & Don Mills area.  Parking, TTC.   Maximum:  20 people
    $55  if  payment received by April 20,   $65  if after or at the door

    This will teach the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses, when and how to use it, when and how it is not appropriate.  You will be taught how to use a pendulum and practice getting that "feel", other dowsing tools, charts, resources and be introduced to "energy dowsing".   If you have a pendulum, bring it.
    This will prepare you for more advanced work.
    For more details contact: Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:00   or   mgang "at" dowsers.info


    * * * David is inviting us to attend a talk  on Wednesday evening April 20th at 7 pm at the Holiday Inn Select Mississauga. There is no charge. * * *


    FUNDAMENTAL SEMINAR  APRIL 16TH – 17TH, 2005 ( 9:00 am to 5:00 pm )
    ADVANCED SEMINAR APRIL 23RD – 24TH, 2005 ( 9:00 am to 5:00 pm )
    CONTACT:  VICKI DYNES  Phone: 905 785-2933  or email: vicki.dynes "at" sympatico.ca
    Discounts available for early registration

    Starlight Events is sponsoring a Ken Page lecture, and a weekend workshop.   Ken gave the Toronto Dowsers a special, private lecture last March.  He has valuable insights for dowsers.  Discounts for members of the Toronto Dowsers are available for the weekend workshop.  Speak to me or to Brigitte.

    For the report of his visit May 2003, see: Toronto Dowsers on Dr. Emoto

    MAY 10th, 14th-20th  - Robert Gilbert
    Robert Gilbert will be the speaker for the Toronto Dowsers meeting, on BioGeometry (May 10th)
    followed by a week long Bio Geometry Foundation Training
    SATURDAY - FRIDAY  MAY 14 - 20, 2005  10 - 5

    BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION TRAINING IN TORONTO (Certified with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. of Geneva, Switzerland  and Cairo, Egypt).  Dr. Gilbert is the only westerner who works with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, creator of BioGeometry.

    BioGeometry is a design science that works through the energy of shape, color, sound and motion. It reveals the hidden ways in which nature creates and distributes energy for the benefit of living beings. Developed over three decades of intensive research by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, BioGeometry combines previously secret methods used in Ancient Egypt with breakthrough contemporary European discoveries.

    Most people choose to attend the entire training.  Those with limited time or money can choose to attend one or more Levels, which have to be taken in order (i.e., Level One before Level Two, etc.).  The May 2003 workshop is NOT part of this training.  That was a introduction to several areas of Robert's teachings.

    A registration form is included with this newsletter mailing.

    Level One:  Fundamentals of BioGeometry.  Two Days, Saturday and Sunday.  Detailed discussion, slides, and over 100 pages of handouts giving out essential information.  No hands-on techniques taught in Level One.

    Level Two:  Practical Energy Analysis and Energy Balancing.  Three Days, Monday through Wednesday.  Hands-on techniques taught extensively at this level, many essential skills.

    Level Three:  BioSignatures and BioGeometry Design Methods.  Two Days, Thursday and Friday.

    July 1-2-3 2005  "A Better Future for Our Children"

    Following Canada Day look forward to “A Better Future for Our Children”, a full two day enlightening workshop with Raymon Grace on how to improve the future for our children, given with humour, humility, and a wealth of insight.    Based on his new book Seasons of April.    This workshop is recommended for parents, grandparents, educators or anyone who wants to be a catalyst of change in the lives of children.

    For Event Information and to Register (Participants, Speakers, Exhibitors or Volunteers) contact:   Healing Nexus   (416) 225-3612 nexus "at" healingnexus.ca .  More info on this celebration in our next issue.

    The Egyptian Energy Science

    Part 3: BioGeometry Techniques and Training

    by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

    With the first Canadian BioGeometry training just around the corner (Toronto May 14-20), this final article in our series will give an overview of the actual techniques and training in BioGeometry.  The first article in this series described how Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt had developed BioGeometry based on hidden knowledge from the ancient Egyptian Temple Science.  BioGeometry uses nature’s own energy language (precise geometric shapes, movements, angles, colors and sounds) to create powerful healing effects.  The second article in the series explained one deep spiritual aspect of BioGeometry and Egyptian Temple Science: practically applying  the Divine energy of the “Higher Harmonic of Gold” (often shown as a Golden aura around the bodies of great spiritual masters.)

    After multiple scientific and medical studies in which Dr. Karim’s work was found to have astonishing effects on living beings (conducted by the Egyptian National Research Center, Al Azhar University, the Egyptian Department of Agriculture, and multiple European researchers), there began a growing international demand for Dr. Karim to teach his secrets publicly.

    Dr. Karim then taught a few seminars in Egypt, Europe, and the U.S., with different content in each seminar.  After studying intensively with Dr. Karim and assisting him on a private project in London, I was privileged to be selected by Dr. Karim as the first non-Egyptian ever authorized to publicly teach BioGeometry (Dr. Karim himself now rarely teaches, and only advanced courses).

    Dr. Karim impressed upon me that, at this moment in history, this formerly hidden information must be made available to help our world;  however it must be taught in such a way that students know how to use these skills responsibly.  Dr. Karim approved my creation of a standardized BioGeometry Foundation Training, which contains all of the most essential knowledge and practical applications of BioGeometry.  Only a handful of these trainings are offered every year; at this time there are still less than a thousand people worldwide who have a basic understanding of this art.  Here are some highlights of what is contained in this training.


    The 3 Divine Energies (BG3) which Balance all Living Energy Systems: Although BioGeometry teaches how to identify over two dozen different qualities of energy, for simplicity and ease of learning we focus on the three most beneficial energy qualities.  These three energies appear together as a kind of energy Trinity; together they have the effect of balancing any living energy system.  These three energies (called the BioGeometry 3, or simply BG3) are found in every spiritual power spot in nature, and in every energy center in the human body (chakras, acupuncture points, joints, cells etc.)  These same three energies also arise in the human energy field during prayer and blessing, and in high states of positive thought and emotion.  They can also be manifested by specific geometric shapes, angles, movements, etc.

    These three essential energies are mentioned piecemeal by many different spiritual traditions around the world, but only BioGeometry clearly explains what they are, how they work, and how to consciously detect and manifest them.  These energies are vital to supporting health at all levels (physical, vibrational, emotional, mental and spiritual) for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

    The Secret of Connecting to the Center:  Everyone talks about the need to get “Centered”, but BioGeometry is unique in its understanding of how to access the powerful energies of the Center directly.  The power of the Center can be tapped into and applied through Movement, Rotation, Sacred Geometry, and/or Design.  (Hint: the BG3 Divine Energies are literally within every center, whether the center of a circle, or of a room, or of a human energy center.)  A deep and profound topic, these practical techniques are also related to the Egyptian “StarGate” methods, and modern physics ideas of Wormholes and Singularities.  As Dr. Karim often says, “the Center is a Transcendental Gateway beyond Space and Time.”

    Egyptian Method of Vibrational Energy Detection:
    Vibrational dowsing is fundamental to BioGeometry.  It allows us to directly detect and measure a wide range of different energy qualities which are almost unknown today.  Unlike common forms of Mental dowsing, the Egyptian form of Vibrational dowsing does not ask questions; instead, the many subtle variations of natural energy are directly experienced and utilized.  It is a very different skill than mental dowsing, although the two can work beautifully together.  Vibrational dowsing actually purifies and develops the human body of life energy itself; it reveals hidden relationships between all the invisible energies which make up our world.

    The Keys to Temple Science (Resonance and Harmonics):
    Resonance and Harmonics are practical tools in BioGeometry, not abstract concepts.  Resonance allows instantaneous information and energy transfer, intimately connecting two or more energy systems (even if they are  completely separate in Space and Time).

    Harmonics teaches us that all of Creation is based on the repetition of the same scale of qualities, across multiple octaves of creation.  For instance, the 7 musical notes on a piano keyboard are repeated on the keyboard again and again at higher octaves. A particular note at a lower octave has a harmonic relationship to same note at a higher octave.  Our physical plane is just one octave, but we can find the right energy quality in our world to allow us to tap into the energies of any level of Creation whatsoever.

    To be blunt, the BioGeometry system of Resonance and Harmonics is a vital Key to the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science.  One of its great secrets, known to the Egyptian masters, is this: Once understood, it can be used at any level of creation: in our world, or in any other dimensional level.  It is, quite literally, the universal science.

    BioGeometry Applications in Every Field:
     BioGeometry is sometimes referred to as a “Universal Donor” because it can be applied in any field of work.  The principles and techniques taught by BioGeometry allow students to supercharge and make more effective whatever their own body of work is; they do not have to become “BioGeometry Practitioners.”  BioGeometry students have successfully applied BioGeometry in diverse fields including conventional and alternative health care, environmental restoration, agriculture and gardening, self-healing, architecture, interior design and feng shui, spiritual development, clearing electro-magnetic pollution and geopathic stress, etc.



    Energy Balancing with Colors and Objects: Every object or color has one particular place in any room or location where it will create strong beneficial energy through the entire area.  Placement must be individually determined through vibrational dowsing.  Using color has the advantage that when complementary colors (such as red and green) are placed correctly, they create a stabilized axis of beneficial energy in that location.

    Alignment of Objects:  Every object has one particular geographic direction it can be oriented to, which creates a field of beneficial energy around it.  Again this must be determined with vibrational dowsing.

    Simple Geometric Energy Emitters:  With as little as three blocks of wood, it is possible to put them together with the correct angles and alignment to create powerful beneficial energy emanations.  This can be adapted for both outdoor (Gateway emitter) and indoor (45 degree emitter) use.  Also many items of furniture can be used to create this effect.  These techniques were classically used in the placement of stone circles, Dolmens, and sacred architecture.

    BioGeometry Energy Balancing Wheel:  A remarkable device, the Balancing Wheel will take samples from any object and connect them to the three divine energies; this creates a powerful emanation from the entire object the sample was taken from (food, liquid, medicine, rugs, furniture, etc.)  The Wheel is a master tool of energy balancing, only recently made public by Dr. Karim.

    Anchoring Beneficial Energy through Geometric Forms:  This is an important hidden aspect of “Sacred Geometry”.  It is quite possible to create beneficial energies through intent, blessing, prayer, etc.  The problem is how to keep those energies stabilized and in place.  The Egyptian system shows how to anchor those energies in place so they do not shift, and identifies the common problems to watch out for.

    Secrets of BioGeometry Design:   Dr. Karim is a practicing architect, and understands the ancient Egyptian methods to create powerful energy emissions through Design.  The same core principles can create optimal energy in any type of design work: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Feng Shui, Landscape and Garden Design, etc.  Design professionals have told us that this information has revolutionized their work.  Many secrets of Sacred Geometry and Temple Design are also made clear in this section.

    “Egyptian Feng Shui”:  This is how some students refer to these techniques, especially Feng Shui practitioners who are using them to supercharge their work.  BioGeometry teaches very different information and techniques, yet is complementary to Feng Shui and blends beautifully with it.


    Clear and Transform Detrimental Energies:  BioGeometry makes practical some very advanced Egyptian concepts regarding “Energy Alchemy”, in which we can transform detrimental energies into beneficial ones.  This is sometimes referred to as “Geometric Alchemy” because precise Geometric forms can both create and anchor this transmutation in place.  Students of BioGeometry are especially trained to detect and neutralize one of the most common and extremely harmful energies, which can manifest in a variety of seemingly unrelated ways: toxic earth energy lines, electro-magnetic and microwave fields, human illness, negative states of thought and emotion, connection to detrimental spiritual beings etc.  (All of the above phenomena are expressions of the exact same energy quality.)
                Transforming detrimental energies into beneficial can also be applied to homes, offices etc. by subtle changes to the geometry of the location. Students learn classical methods to modify geometric forms such as Domes and Pyramids.  These methods not only change the detrimental part of their energy emission to beneficial, they also permanently alter the spiritual forces the geometry resonates with (this vital knowledge was fundamental to the Ancient Egyptians but is now almost unknown.)


    Testing the Human Energy Field for Imbalances:  This simple BioGeometry method can evaluate the human energy field at any physical level (from DNA up to whole body systems), or in different energy layers such as meridians or subtle bodies.  When imbalances are found, we then use BioSignatures and other methods to restore perfect balance.

    BioSignatures, Specialized Patterns for Healing and Balancing:
    A major part of BioGeometry is the use of BioSignatures:  precise shapes which resonate with different energy functions in the human internal organs and subtle bodies.  Dr. Karim has spent over thirty years identifying specific energy flow patterns in the human energy system, and the effects they have on health.  In the final two days of the course, all students are given hundreds of these powerful proprietary patterns and taught how to use them to help themselves or any other person.  (This method is so powerful and profound that some healers take the training just to learn the BioSignatures.)  There are also highly esoteric BioSignatures which create specific spiritual effects.

    Creating Resonance between Specific Geometric Forms, Levels of the Human Subtle Body, and 7 Spiritual Planes:  This advanced knowledge allows you to find exactly the right geometric form to detect, or create, energy effects at specific spiritual or human energy levels.  This piece of knowledge by itself can open up vast new possibilities in Energy Work and in Spiritual Development.

    In closing, I’d like to thank Dr. Ibrahim Karim for making this tremendously valuable information finally available to the public.  Dr. Karim knows that BioGeometry has the potential not only to make our world better (to create what he calls a new “Golden Age”), but also to create profound spiritual transformations in those who study and practice it.   I look forward to meeting those of you who are drawn to this knowledge at the upcoming talk and training in Toronto, where we can explore the depths of this sacred art together.

    These three essential energies are mentioned piecemeal by many different spiritual traditions around the world, but only BioGeometry clearly explains what they are, how they work, and how to consciously detect and manifest them.  These energies are vital to supporting health at all levels (physical, vibrational, emotional, mental and spiritual) for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!
    Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 13:30:11 -0500
    From: Ivanmcbeth
    To: mgang@dowsers.info (Marilyn Gang)
    Subject: Re: Hi!

    Hi Marilyn,
    Good to see you are still alive and well.   Thanks for the email...my computer is broken at the moment so I have no access to my files etc.   You are welcome to use any of the contents of my website for your ASD website, if you wish.

    Good news - I have been accepted as OK by the US government as a desirable person for a resident.   I still have a few more forms to fill in, and an interview to go through, but it is looking good.   I still have no idea when they will actually allow me into the country, though.

    I miss you and look forward to spending time with you again. Hopefully I will be in the USA for the ASD Conference...

    Fearn came over to visit last month and it was WONDERFUL...

    Much love and blessings, Ivan.

    OUR MARCH 8th Meeting:

    For reasons I don't yet understand, this presentation --- despite the fact that I adored it --- has been one of the most important and frustrating meeting notes I've done.  I don't know why, its just been slow slogging.   Our speaker, Charles Hubbard gave us fabulously valuable information.  80% of us can use this information, practically, this spring and summer and forever after.  Even one seemingly small change is significant.  Charles would have liked to speak to us longer of course, and his topic deserves it.   Do not necessarily depend on the info I have compiled as the verbatim proof of what you need to do.  I could easily have misinterpreted something, so if it sounds wonky to you, check it out.  Please let me know of any errors I may have made here.   When you see:  [TAPE]  it means I'm not satisfied with the information and hope I can find the tape I think I have from the presentation and fix it up some time.  There are additional notes at the bottom that may prove useful. Thank you.]

    I asked a couple of farmers about BioDynamics --- Is it --- or is it not --- more difficult that "traditional" non chemical gardening / farming?  I thought it might be more difficult, because of all the things one has to do.   They reminded me that Charles said that since he started doing this, there has been less stress --- on him, on the farm --- on his family (Charles has 7 children).  Less stress does mean easier.  Also, it is natural

    Our March 8, 2005 Speaker:   CHARLES HUBBARD

    Charles Hubbard and his wife have 7 children and10 grandchildren.  He came to Canada, from England, around 1969, lives in Nova Scotia  and has been dowsing since 1991.  He wishes he had started dowsing sooner.   When he was in the (armed) service while in England, he was in the same regiment as Kenneth Killick.  Kenneth, you may remember, is the co-author along with Mary and Dean Hardy of " "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man."   Charles and Kenneth met when they both lived in Canada.  Kenneth lived in Ottawa.  Kenneth gave Charles some of the information he used, including an increased understanding of ley lines.  (This was printed in our booklet.)   Charles and his wife and family farm BioDynamically on their family farm.  Charles gradually evolved in to BD.  He wanted to prove that there is a role for a smaller farm.

    [The Toronto Dowsers produced and sold a booklet that includes dowsing charts, Charles' information on ley lines, Biodynamics, and resources.  125 copies were printed, about 100 were sold at the meeting and 2 talks that Charles gave afterwards.  We will be selling these at the Total Health Show as well.  If they sell out, we will be printing more.]

    We have got to get back to smaller family farms.  Its our only hope for survival.

    It costs less -- MUCH LESS --- to produce food organically, biodynamically, than industrially.  Industry is heavily subsidized.  We can't wait for one funeral after another to make the necessary changes.   We can get back to a good civilization once we get balanced [again].

    The attitude of BD (and Organic!)  farmers could use change.  Rather than having a hang dog woe is me attitude, they would help themselves by proclaiming:  WE WANT BIODYNAMICS!  WE WANT BIODYNAMICS!   and so on.

    There are NO BioDynamic organic research stations.   WE have to do it.   Growing BioDynamically can even be done on an apartment  BALCONY or on a Veranda!

    On their farm, Charles converted from traditional to organic agriculture.
    The stress on him, the farm, everyone who worked there, was greatly reduced.

    He started making rock circles.  They used the natural earth energies, with rock circles, to grow food.

    Charles had a lot of diagrams and pictures to show us, including representations of the Flower of Life and Tree of Life.  In one of them, he outlined one of the Vesica Pisces.   This is the  Portal  [TAPE] .    Its the portal between the spirit and the physical

  • If you do not have live food, that portal stays shut!  And you can not be a truly spiritual person.
  • If you plant vegetables in a vegetable bed that has been set up by the Golden Mean proportion (1:1.618), you will produce better plants.
  • If your house is built according to those proportions and principles, the people living there will be happier.
  • Sacred buildings have been built on the principles using the Golden Mean.
  • When you live in a dwelling that has been constructed according to these principles, you are grounded.
  • You have to feed the mind.  Chemical farming does not feed it.  The only thing that feeds the mind is the right food.
  • If your cows have been eating organically or BD grown hay and you switch to chemical --- they won't touch it.
  • BioDynamics is a science of life-forces, a recognition of the basic principles at work in nature, and an approach to agriculture which takes these principles into account to bring about balance and healing.

    Biodynamics is part of the work of Rudolf Steiner.  It encompasses the spiritual nature of the Earth as a living being as well as  the kingdoms of nature.  It understands and uses natural energies --- of the planet, cosmos, energy lines, plants, animals --- everything.

    Charles went to Brazil and saw John of God.  He says that there are about 30 spirits of healers who work there, with John.  This spiritualist center has been around since around 1860.   John treats about 800 people daily.  When John works, one of the spirits will enter him and take over his whole being.

    When you go there, there are 2 things you must do, in meditation.  You meditate beforehand for 2-3 days.  You meditate to contemplate your own particular problem and to raise the energy, to create the energy for the spirits to work.  John of God helped Charles a great deal (See the information at the end of this section on the tours Nancy Henderson organizes to John of God.)

    For the last 3 years, Charles has been doing an experiment with a well known dowser in New Hampshire.

    In several areas on his property, they created a series of rectangles --- about 2 acres in size.  Each rectangle was divided in to 3 parts, and planted.  In:

  • Rectangle #1 --- was the Control
  • Rectangle #2 --- they asked for specific things
  • Rectangle #3 --- they let the Spirits decide
  • In every case, the Spirits "won", hands down.  The crop was the best in Rectangle #3.   In considering this ongoing research, Charles thinks back to the Brazilian (John of God) experience, where the Spirits, once again, are pre eminent.

    Dowsing can determine where plants go, where the companion plants should be.
    You can dowse out what you need --- or don't need --- for the garden.
    Dowsing can determine where trees are properly set in the ground.
    Trees have a doorway.  You want to set the tree in the ground so the doorway is properly positioned.  You do not want, for example to have the doorway exposed to a draft.

    They have Rogation   [TAPE] (at first, a pagan feast, then, adopted by the Christians) services on Charles' farm.   (Rogation, from the Latin "rogare" - asking).   This takes place about 36 days after Easter.  This is when you get Spring Fever --- because the energy is coming down.   He determined the energy lines through dowsing.  This praying helps the plants.

    They also practice "beating the bounds" (boundaries).  (300-500 years ago, parishes were marked to show the boundaries, first  put in by Caesar Terminus.  This became a boundary for territory.   It was done to create and increase Resonance.   Resonance helps the growth.  (Terminus --> transportation Terminals).

    Hows and Whys of Energies with regard to Churches, etc.:
    When you have steeples in a church, the steeples bring the energies from the high to the low.   A priest has special clothing --- of special fibers, patterns, etc., that enhance him, bring energy to him.  He "throws out" the energy.

    The churches are made of stone. Each stone is carefully selected, positioned and tuned.    The entire church becomes a resonance chamber.  The layout of a church is carefully determined.  The position of the holy place was all important.  Today, this information is not well known.  A cathedral is supposed to be laid out in the form of a cross.

    The long line --- the nave --- is always over an energy water line.   The horizontal cross bar is an electromagnetic energy line without the water.

    At the intersection of these 2 lines --- obviously a vortex --- this is where the altar would be.  Above the altar is a spar or dome.  This brings the energy down to the altar.  The priest would stand in (under) this spot.

    The priest wears a hat which is of a certain shape.   His cloak is made up of certain materials, with gold and precious stones.  The miter, too, has precious stones.  The whole of this would be projected to the congregation.   Being in the resonance chamber (the church), would make it so much easier and better for people to receive the energies.

    The Light in a church had to be of the right frequency.
    Bells in the church, too, had to be of the right tone and sounded the right way, the right time, for the right length of time.

    When prayers were offered, part of the prayer would go to the land.
    The energy through prayer enabled the crops to grow.

    Windows were there to bring in  [TAPE] ?
    The proportions of the churches --- every part of them --- go back to the Golden Mean.
    "Prayer lines" hook up to the energy grids on the farm.
    When people would pray, they would pray for food.  And for the health of the crops.   So you have this great big building where prayers are said and the energy is going out to the crops in the field.  It is all connected.

    Gothic cathedrals were on top of sacred sites (from the "pagans".)   They had special spaces that they used to control weather.  Peoples' minds can help the energies, can help increase them and direct them.

    A sacred place is important to you.  You need to feel really at peace and a part of it.  Charles has an altar in the cow shed.  And a chapel on the farm.  Loving your garden, your farm, is all important.   You have to be at one with the farm.  You have to have love energy and love the farm.  If you say a prayer and do not believe in it, it is not so energetic.

    Charles says:  Peoples prayers, and energy, are responsible for keeping and  growing good food!

    By using salt fertilizers (MPK), you destroy the organic matter.
    When you lose the organic matter, the soil loses its retentive abilities and doesn't hold anything any longer.  The rain washes everything through (MG note: like with diarrhea, everything gets washed out and no nutrients stay in).

    Seeds that have been grown with the use of chemical agriculture have few root hairs.  Because what's happened, what's evolved, is that they don't need the root hairs to capture nutrients.   These seeds which are now in the majority can not be used for organic agriculture because they can not take up nutrients from the soil.  The food is unbalanced.

    With Chemical agriculture, as soon as you use it you short out the land!  (I've heard it said that when farmers use a plow --- the metal plow blade also shorts out the electricity in the earth.)

    Grow the crops naturally and this energy is free.


    Bio Dynamics is from the Greek
    Bio = Life    Dynamis = Energies of Life.   Working with the energies which create and maintain life.

    The light of the sun, moon, planets and stars reaches the plants in regular rhythms. Each contributes to the life, growth and form of the plant. By understanding the gesture and effect of each rhythm, we can time our ground preparation, sowing, cultivating and harvesting to the advantage of the crops we are raising. The Stella Natura calendar [SEE BELOW FOR SOURCE] offers an introduction to this study.

    The planets naturally exert an energy, that affects us, affects the plants, the growing --- every single thing on planet earth.  BD folks understand and use these energies for better results.   "Capturing" that energy is a "trick" you can use to grow your food.

    All the energies are in the earth.  The trick is to know how to use it, to release it.   You don't have to buy it.  With artificial fertilizers, you are locking the system up and you can't get at it.  So this makes it very convenient for fertilizer companies because they get to sell you more.

    The SILICA Planets:  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.  They have a "lower specific gravity".  Their Silica, their paramagnetics are "hard" and this helps the fruiting.  The earth is 32% SIlica.  Silica has the ability to attract other elements, such as Carbon, which is about 70%.

    The LIMESTONE Planets:  Mercurcy, Venus, Moon.   They have a "higher specific gravity".   They help more in growth and reproduction.

    MOON:   The moon is more important than the planets because it directs the energies.  It acts like a doorway, a portal for energies.  Some are good for planting, some are not.  For example,  if you plant GREEN stuff, plant before the full moon.  If you plant ROOT stuff plant after the full moon.

    [NOTE:  Farmers for years use the Farmers' Almanac and use the phases of the moon for when to plant, when to harvest, etc.  Just as there are moon phases for when to begin a new project, when to get a hair cut, etc.  This very valuable information has been covered up.   Astrologers know this.  Ursula Fugger, President, Astrology Toronto,  gave me a beautiful book on moon phases last year.]

    There are 5 key principles to BioDynamic Planting:

    1)   Crop Rotations and Companion Planting
    2)   Animals:  That they are related to the plants
    3)   Compost:  Raw manure has no energy.  It burns the roots of the plants.  Compost has all the benefits needed, it takes time for it to prepare itself
    4)   BioDynamic Preparations & Electromagnetic Earth Energies
    5)   Flora, Fauna.  This includes birds (Charles said it is sad that on chemical farms there are no birds)


    Medicine Wheels, too, have to be placed carefully and correctly, such as where energy lines cross.    For Charles' wheel, there is a iron bar, a cross,  planted vertically, deep in to the ground of this circle

    Charles' wheel has 8 segments.  He did not really understand the segments -- each purpose, etc., until 2 colleagues --- showed up who see energies to be able to discern what each segment and what the lines forming the segments were all about.  Picture a circle, divided in to 8 sector.  The sector to the "right" of the north/south line is #1.

    So, line  1-8 was the Mineral line,  1-2 was the Fire Line,  2-3 was Oneness,  3-4 was Water.   The lines pulse.   The pulsations for each line are different.   When you want to seek illumination, stand on the fire line;  healing thoughts, stand on the Oneness line.  The Water line holds the vibration of water for the farm.  This hold's God's consiousness, and, Gratitude.  If you are creating plans, or a business, stand on the Fire Line, turn the cross toward you and wait with it in a meditative state.

    The Mineral line in his wheel  is the line for vibrations for the soil.  Using this line, one can homeopathically broadcast minerals in to the water.

    Charles dowses a lot to look for energy lines (electromagnetics).  By doing this, it is as if you are doing "earth accupumture".  As one example, he found a spot where 4 lines crossed.  This is a powerful spot.  It became the center of a circle.  The lines coming out of it became the spokes.

    When you are creating your Medicine Wheel, you dowse for its location, for a point in the garden and then for the center.  Then dowse for how big it should be.  In his area, pink granite is the rock of choice.

    Then find out, by dowsing of course!  where the rocks should be placed.  Place your foot on one.  Ask if it is suitable for the garden.   Rounded ones are better than the sharp pointed ones.   You are tuning your stones.

    It is important that all the rocks in a wheel/circle be touching.  Its about paramagnetics.  The stones have a + and a - charge.  You are creating an electrical flow, an electical action.  You place the + end of one next to the - end of the next stone.   You want to keep the circuit complete.  When the wheel was completed, the energy was 250 yards in diameter.  This was not enough for his purposes.   So he map dowsed for another circle, its placement, and its circumference. created it, the 2 wheels hooked up and an energy dome was created.   This attracts elementals, undines, sprites, etc.

    Repeat this process with the spokes.  Find out how many there should be and where they should be.  Check the stones.   When your circle is done and the energy has developed it should go out at least another 40-70 feet.  AND!  Ask for the energy of your wheel to be contained within the garden.  Then check to see that this is so!

    You can have both a metaphysical and a physical circle in one.  The metaphysical makes it a happy place.  The Indians had these circles all over the place.

    Charles uses reagents such as lime, compost, rock phospate, seaweed, preparations, trace elements, vitaments in his wheel.  (He can't get rock dust so easily so he uses quarter miner's gravel.)  [TAPE]    All rock dust needs silica and granite.   Each segment of the wheel is then divided in to 3 parts.   A vial of reagent is placed in each part, again, through dowsing.  Instead of using a chemical at $40 per ton, and 2 or more tons to an acre, he uses one vial of the reagent.

    Broadcast whatever you want.  For example, get some chromium tablets, take them to the energy spots and broadcast them, to the soil and plants.  This is done, e.g.,  if there is someone in the family who has diabetes.   They were also able to broadcasts successfully, using Vitamin B12. [TAPE]

    Charles has created a whole series of energies --- for the electromagnetic energy domes to be used as a base.  His medicine wheels create energy fields.  They connect with one another.

    An energy dome of about 100 acres  appeared over his farm.  Until this was in place, they could not do things.   His first Medicine Wheel did not provide enough energy.  So they dowsed for the location of a second one, created that one, the 2 hooked up and they had an immense energy field.

    Bees love the energy lines.   If you set a hive on an energy line, you will get more, better, more nutritious honey.  Also, Varroa mites, which decimate bees and bee hives,  hate these lines.  You don't need chemicals.  (I was sitting next to a beekeeper as Charles was talking.  Right after he said this, the beekeeper passed me a note:  "Hives are subject to mites and so everyone sprays against them to kill the mites.  Charles, with his energy lines, creates more honey and no mites!  Therefore, the honey is more "organic".  This is so cool!")

    Animals, kept in pens, are subject, too, to these lines because they don't have a choice as to where they can remain.  Charles has seen horses who became agitated, pigs would get cancer, other animals experiencing all sorts of negative emotional and physical problems.  The veterinarians did not seem to like hearing this information.  In Europe, to obtain planning permission for building, you must know where the lines are and build acordingly.

    Its the MIX that's important.  Charles has  horses, donkeys, cattle, etc.   They all interact, eat differently, make a nice manure mix.

    Charles also has companions for the larger animals:  Hens, geese, guinea fowl, cats, goats and one male Peacock!.   One has got to have a Happy Barn to make a Happy Farm.  Since they have evolved in to BD, the place is happier.

    He does not get pests.  Pests are nature's cleaner uppers.  If the crop is in good shape, they don't bother you.  [NOTE:  the same is true in our bodies.  If our immune system and internal flora --- the inner biological terrain --- is strong and healthy, many diseases, such as the bacterial ones can't get in there and get a hold from which to grow.]

    As long as you have the other things --- and all of them ---  in balance  (that's the key), your farm / garden will thrive.

    Compost heaps must always be placed on a vortex.  You put the energies in to the compost heap, it goes in to the garden!  You don't touch it.  The key is that the energies are in the compost.  In 2 years, his compost heap has become beautiful.  You just leave it be and don't muck it about.  He creates the large ones by a tractor, the small ones by hand.

    It is set up like a "T".  The long arm is on an energy line, one that flows toward the garden.  (Each energy line is about 4 feet wide)   The placement of the crosspiece is not that crucial.

    What happens is that an energy line is created.  This line is going in to the heap.  Then 3 lines come out.  The energies of the heap are broadcast in to the garden.  You do not have to tote compost around because the energies flow.  It helps if you bank the sides to a pie shaped angle of about 70 degrees --- this is the energy field that affects the garden.

    Made from common garden herbs, cow manure, quartz crystals and animal by products, BD preparations help harmonize and focus the energetic processes active in the Earth's organic processes.

    Rudolf Steiner pointed out that a new science of cosmic influences would have to replace old, instinctive wisdom and superstition. He introduced what are known as biodynamic preparations.

    Steiner numbered the Preparations  500-508.  He knew what the energies were and what they attracted.  The energies were put in to a homeopathic energy source, eg:  cow manure.   Preparations are developed and put in to compost to  put the energy back in to the soil.

    Naturally occurring plant and animal materials are combined in specific recipes in certain seasons of the year and then placed in compost piles. These preparations bear concentrated forces within them and are used to organize the chaotic elements within the compost piles. When the process is complete, the resulting preparations are medicines for the Earth which draw new life forces from the cosmos.

    Two of the preparations are used directly in the field, one on the earth before planting, to stimulate soil life, and one on the leaves of growing plants to enhance their capacity to receive the light. Effects of the preparations have been verified scientifically.

    Charles replaces his preparations, etc., every 6 months.   502-507 go in to the heap.  There are certain places for each preparation, and, an order to the placement of the preparations.

    One technique is to get a 3-5 year old cow horn and put manure in to it.  The cow has energies from its 4 stomachs.   You bury this horn for about 6 months (naturally, there is a way, a time, an amount of manure, and a place to bury it).   At the end of the time, the manure is beautifully black.  Some of this manure is put in to a bucket of water.  It is stirred one way, then the other way, to get a vortex going.   Sing, chant, or tone while this is being done (Charles said this is done because Rudolph Steiner, who developed BD, would watch the peasant farmer he learned from, stirring and singing.  His farm looked better than the others.  He would sing and stir.)

    What happens, is there is a moment of chaos.  It's like 10,000 volts of electricity going off.  You then have this wonderful homeopathic medicine for the soil.

    One tablespoon of this will do for an acre (rather than --- how many tons of chemicals?).

    The organic matter in today's soil is way too low.  If we could raise the organic matter in the soil  1/2 of  1%  every year, we would not need Kyoto!   The soil would absorb the carbon.

    Preparation #
    Herb or Material:
    Effect or Results
    500 Manure Horn Promotes Root Activity, Stimulates micro life. Regulates lime, nitrogen, Stimulates seed germination. Reproduction and Growth
    501 Silica Horn Enhances Light metabolism of plants, chlorophyll. Influences color, aroma.
    502 Yarrow Attracts trace elements
    503 Chamomile Releases Nutrients. Stabilized nitrogen, increases soil life
    504 Nettle Encouraged energy for Flowering. Stimulates soil health
    505 Oak Bark Immunity, provides healing forces
    506 Dandelion Stimulates relation between Si & K so that Si can attract cosmic forces to the soil
    507 Valerian Stimulated Blossoming. Phosporous components get used properly
    508 Horsetail Hold back watery growth, thus preventing disease; fungus
    You need a cosmic pipe, because there needs to be a funnel of energy on the farm.  You need to know where to place it, you definitely do not want to place it on a noxious energy center.   This is a form of an electronic device, run by the natural energies that are funnelled through it.  It is an updraft of energy.   You put things in the pipes, such as biodynamic preparations, lime, seaweed, etc., and broadcast their energy.   They have different spins.  They have to be set right.

    The pipe is made from 4" PVC pipe.  The length varies, depending on what he is using them form.  There is an aerial on top of it and a spike through it for grounding.

    Reagents are placed inside.  Those with a CCW spin go outside the pipe, those with a CW spin go inside the pipe.  There is a screen in it that acts like a trickle charger, it gives a charge to the land.   It gets buried, with the top of it sticking out of the ground a few inches.   Charles charges his twice a year, spring and fall.   He also uses these pipes to broadcast prayer.

    His larger one covers about 100 acres, the smaller one about 2 acres.

    BD preperations have high radionically prepared preparations.  Every living entity has vibration.  If there is a problem, it is probably because the vibrations are out of whack [TAPE]     Using a radionics device, you would put a soil sample in a well, to see which seed is related to that soil, in that location, to tell you what to plant where.

    Also, take a soil sample, put it in the cup.  Measure the vitality.  Place, e.g., a reagent on top of it.  See if the vitality raises or lowers.  If it raises, you know its beneficial.  If it lowers, you know its not.

    He says to not do radionics or other similar energy work when you are: drunk, mad, tired or angry.  When he does it he faces east.


    Pests are easily controlled with radionics [SEE STORY, BELOW].  Take a polaroid of the area where you want to control the pests.  Put it in the well.  Put a reagent on the plate.  Broadcast it.  Corn borer, boll weevils, lambs quarter, can be controlled this way.

    Charles uses a Refractometer.   [The use of a refractometer with regard to produce, was brought out by Carey Reams. SEE BRIX, BELOW]   Refractometers measure BRIX.  BRIX is the Sugar Content.  There is debate as to what that means --- if its "sugar" as we understand sugar, or energy or what.  Just know that a High Brix is good.  You get rather low readings with Chemical farming.   Charles showed us a chart of BRIX readings of  BD vs supermarket food.  The latter came out very very low.

    [Do you remember when I wrote about minerals about a year ago?  When there is sweetness  in fruit, this means it has a good and high, mineral content.   That's one of the ways nature gets minerals in to us.  By making produce sweet, it tastes good, we like it, we eat more and get the minerals.   You will get this with BD food, not with chemically produced food.   Most of our store bought produce is devoid of minerals, hence, devoid of health.]

    About 8 years ago, Alexander (Sandy) Beddoe, came to Toronto and spoke about this topic.  I think he has since moved to the Oroville, Washington area and leads a very very quiet life.  Too bad, he's a genius and should be out there, talking about remineralizing the soil, etc.  We need him.

    Now, again, remembering that there is a time and season for everything:   With plants, during the day, sugar is brought up in to the leaves.  It reaches its peak at about noon.  Then it drops away.   So, if you are harvesting something that is leafy or fruity, harvest it at that time. It will taste better and store better.   Consider that it does not work that way with root items, so consider when you would harvest root items.

    Charles has a prayer line from the center of his main circle to the center of the labyrinth.  Labyrinths can cure arthritis, dyslexia, ALS, etc.  They can cure anything that is affected by Chromosomes 21 and 22 --- anything that deals with the Golden Rule.

    These deal with the body, the mind, the spirit.  The Golden Mean is incorporated in to Labyrinths  Labyrinths are good for horses.  They don't get bored.  Charles said they are especially good for horses with dyslexia.  I asked Charles how did he know they were dyslexic.  He said "I asked them."


    *  Ask the Spirits to grow the food.  Then it may happen.  (Sounds a lot like Raymon, doesn't it?)

    *  GARDENS:
    When you put in a garden, intend what you want it for.
    Charles found that circles for gardens are usually 4 feet - 6 feet in diameter
    Then find the stones you want to use.
    Its the energies that get drawn in to the root systems that help it grow.
    The energy from your garden can go out 40 feet to 70 feet.

    Say:  Please contain the energy in this garden.  Then wait for the bobber / pendulum to stop.   (You do this so you don't trespass upon your neighbor).

    *  Energy.  Its all energy.    The food you are eating is all energy.

    *  Charles told us about back in time to the 1700's.  They had a device which was activated by the mind --- to grow the crops!   This was used until the 1900's at which point chemicals came in to being.  (If anyone reading this knows more about this, we want to know!  Thank you.)

    This used Mind Medicine.  It was "U" shaped, silver in color.  You could activate it with your mind.  It worked on harmonics --- it wa a natural harmonics system.  Then reductionist fertilizers were brought in and that contact was lost.

    *  When the cellular structure (of a human or any other animal) start to develop and cellular structure develops North and South polarity, this eventually evolves in to the backbone and chakra system of the organism and becomes in tune with the electro magnetic energies of the earth.

    *  If you eat food that does not come from where you are --- food that has different energies than from where you are, then you are not grounded, because you are not in tune with the food and not in proper vibration.  For example, in the winter, in our climate, we should eat roots.  You have to be in tune with your surroundings.   Watermelon, mangos, grapes --- in January?  in Ontario?  Uh uh!

    *  Evidence would suggest that there were 2 previous ancient civilizations.  One was a psychic one, and where they terraformed the earth.  They were balancing the earth.  They contained and controlled the weather.  It was a moderate climate.  Everything was in balance.  There was no ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.  There were considerable populations around the planet.

    So, where did the water go to?
    We have -- had, Biblically speaking, "the firmament".   This --- is where the water was/went.  The firmament was held up by big columns.  People lived much longer.  The mass of water protected us from the sun.  People lived in a psychic way, in harmony.  Things went wrong.  Due to Man's Greed.   The power points were broken.  We had the flood.  We tried to remake it.  We had another flood.......

    There were flying machines.  There were stones that resonated on the energy lines.  The myths that came out of it, such as flying myths like Persian Carpets --- all sorts of flying "myths" had a firm basis in fact.

    The Roman roads in England followed all the truly ancient roads that there were.  There are Blue Stones in England.  They did not come from Wales, as is thought.  They came from Morocco.


    Bob Kerr, of Kerr Farms, from Chatham, Ontario, came to our meetings when his life was not as hectic as it is now.  (Since he started raising Grass Fed Beef, he's been a lot busier.)    Bob's dad purchased the farm in 1934 and it now has 1,700 acres.   As many farmers, do, Bob uses radionics to control pests.   He told us the story about his favorite cherry tree ---- that he could not get cherries because the crows got it.  So he used his machine to broadcast to the tree the energy of a red tailed hawk.   Not one crow touched that tree.  He brought in delicious cherries for us to eat.

    Albert Abrams "invented" radionics around 1919.  It is based on vibrational energy.  Dowsing is a basis for radionics, because they use rates, which are broadcast, using a machine.  Dowsers broadcast energy, too.  An advantage with radionics, is that by use of a machine, the broadcast can continue, at a steady constant rate, for a sustained time.   If there is an imbalance, which would mean there is an improper vibration, the proper vibration gets broadcast to the object (such as a plant or an animal) and that correct vibration takes hold and the imbalance is corrected.  Anyway, that's pretty much the theory.

    You can find out more about radionics on the farm from Acres USA.  This is a wonderful monthly natural agricultural publication.

    If you are a Toronto Dowser and live in the GTA and would like to start using BD principles in your garden/farm and would like some radionics help, please contact me.  I may know someone who would like to help gardeners and farmers.

    JOHN OF GOD.  in  BRAZIL.   Would you like to go?
    Toronto Dowser Nancy Henderson is having a tour this July.  FIRST!  An (April)  Slide Show...
    Spirit Quest to John of God in Brazil.

    Join this healing  and service quest to the Casa de Do Inacio, in Brazil's south central hill county where the world famous healer, John of God  performs miracles on a daily basis. He performs visible and invisible surgeries where the spiritual energies channelled through him heal mental, emotional physical and spiritual conditions. The divine love, grace and peace of this remarkable man touches everyone who visits the Casa.

    Dates: July  11-25,  2005:
    Cost: For 2 weeks $1,000.00 US includes: Preparation: what to expect; what to bring, help with visa application, how to prepare, help with flight; food and accommodation; orientation at the Casa, help with translation, support through the healing process; basic Portuguese lesson to understand prayers; help after operations with integration of healing, energy and inspiration as requested; support structure to help each other and guidance about service opportunities at the Casa.

    Does not include: flight and incidental expenses.
    Information & Slide Show: Tuesday April 19, 2005 7:00-9:00   pm  RSVP
     416 485-5461         nancyhenderson "at" learnerslearning.com     www.learnerslearning.com

    I've been on a BRIX email list for the last 4 years.  The discussions are quite interesting.  Most supermarket food, no matter how good it looks, has very low BRIX.  Good looking food, like good looking people, can be deceptive.   It doesn't mean the quality is there.

    If you are interested in the BRIX email list:  GO TO : BRIX LIST

    "Brix is measured with a refractometer. Dr. Carey Reams devised a chart that shows how fruits & vegetables can be ranked as either poor, average, good, or excellent based on their Brix measure. This forum is for open discussion of how to improve plant health---with full understanding of how that improved health can lead to improved health for animals and humans. Most health forums appear unaware that the quality of plant products can so dramatically affect the health of those who consume them. This forum will have a special focus on the Tissue Test methods designed by Bob Pike of Pike Agri-Labs. Those tests often hold the key to significant improvement in crop quality and yield."

    When you use a Refractometer, you put a small amount of juice on the lens and view it -- kind of like a microscope, but you hold it up to the light.  You see a reading, such as 3, 7, 8.5, etc.  For many, acceptable Brix is a minimum of 8 (like acceptable dowsing parameters --- it must be at least 80% beneficial, yes?).

    I don't post on the Brix list much any longer.  Because they would talk about going to a store and Brixing the produce there and how difficult that it was.  So I said --- if you can't do that, then DOWSE!   That's a PERFECT way to choose produce.  You know what happened.  They thought that was ridiculous yatta yatta.  I stopped wondering why some people insist on remaining ignorant.

    The Refractometer Charles uses is made by ATAGO, US headquarters, Bellevue, Washington.  His model is the ATC 1E.  I was told that Lee Valley and Princess Auto carry refractometers.

    CALENDAR: Charles gave me the address for you to order the STELLA NATURA BioDynamic Planning Calendar but I can't find it in time for our printing.  I'll have it for you next month.  Or contact me in the meantime.  Or, I found 2 different sets of numbers from the BioDynamics US folks: 1-888-384-9642 (toll free); 301-654-4899, ext. 1;  AND/OR  (888)516-7797   (541)998-0105.

    MONEY:  As you know, we do not pay our speakers.  We bring in speakers whose persona and topics are high quality and high interest and through offering their products or services at fair prices to you, their trip and fair return are paid for.  Usually.   Charles Hubbard doesn't have any products, he doesn't do any consultations.  He offers his wisdom because its the right thing to do.

    We agreed to pay for his expenses and we wanted to give him at least $100 as a gesture of appreciation.   I put together a booklet for sale which was to pay for the expenses.  He was to receive donations from the attendees at the 2 groups he went to speak to.  His plane ticket costs $230 more than was initially arranged,  the farmers group in Brantford --- only half of the 26 people there contributed the $10 requested donation.   Without giving him the $100, we are $220 in the hole.  If we do what's right, it comes to $320.

    If you would like to make a contribution to cover our expenses, and/or to give Charles a proper donation --- please either send the money to me or give it (check or cash)  to the Registration folks  in an envelope at a meeting and tell them its for Charles.  Thank you.


    PS:   from  previous newsletters:
    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.
    Many comments of appreciation were received for putting in the recent articles on:
    The Oil Swish
    CODEX information
    Slavery and the 8 veils article by Don Harkins from the Idaho Observer

    Dear Marilyn:
    Some feedback ... last night's meeting was very powerful for me ...I left and have not stopped thinking about what Charles talked about, and now believe that I, too, can influence the land and what I grow when I choose to ... I am very appreciative of you, again, for bringing to us such a wonderful, knowledgeable man to impart his wisdom to us and give us the power to use our dowsing to make such a difference!   And, imagine putting the oils into the earth with our intentions, too!   I had a struggle to sit for so long having gotten up so early (5:00 a.m.), am very glad I came!

    Hi Marilyn:
    When we attended the March 8th meeting, we had just come back from holidays in Texas and had just received our newsletter in the mail the previous day so we hadn't time to read all the info and neat stuff before the meeting. BUT, we sure have now and we love it and are using some of the information. Jesper is dutifully "swishing", I've  tested many supplements, products, medications, foods etc with the HHG and found amazing results and I'm not finished yet!!!! Vital Greens registered very high HHG, so did Super Silver.   We also enjoyed reading about the eight veils  and I'm glad you reminded us about CODEX and get us working on protesting and/or sending positive vibrations. We'll are looking forward to the Total Health Show and have told everyone we know about it. We are already using our own bodies as "guinea pigs", by trying out frying with coconut oil as well as eating fresh coconut . We already feel better about all of the above.  Thanks again for all the fantastic neat stuff - keep dishing it out!!!
    Regards,   Verna and Jesper

      "We are the origins of war. Not history's forces nor the times, not justice nor the lack of it, nor causes, nor religions, nor ideas, kinds of government, nor any other thing. We are the killers. We breed wars. We carry it like syphilis inside dead bodies, rotting field and stream.   Because the living ones are rotten. Oh God, can't  we love one another just a little?  That's how peace begins.   We have so much to love each other for.   We have such possibilities.   We could change the world."
     -- Katherine Hepburn  -  playing Eleanor of Aquitaine in the film "The Lion in Winter"

    "It takes only sixteen seconds of focused thought to begin a manifestation."
    - Lynn Grabhorn, author
    March 2005 poll in the National Post:
    Do you think Canada's controversial anti-terrorism law should be kept in place for the time being?
    Yes.   63%
    No.   31%
    Not sure.   6%
     Total Votes for this Question: 5083
    Bertrand Russell once said, "It's a good thing to have an open mind...just not so open your brains fall out."
    Eleanor:  Tell me, Virginia, honestly, do you think that sex is harmful?
    Virginia:  Oh, that's another ridiculous idea dreamed up by men!  The only thing harmful about sex, my dear, is when women don't get enough of it when they want it, or, they don't get to enjoy it when they do.
    -  From the movie: "The Road to Wellville"
    TEN RULES of SPIRITUAL WISDOM    - Author Unknown -
    "It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it."  -  Eleanor Roosevelt

    Charles Hubbard did something very important for us.  Let's follow his teachings and stay connected with one another.  Please send me stories how you are using his teachings so I can put them in the newsletter so others will be encouraged by your success and follow your example.  And then feed it back to you.
    You have a great issue here, with new ways to use energies and programming.  After you READ it, please think about it, absorb it then DO it. There was a lot more I had to put in to this newsletter, but there was not enough room for it.  Hopefully, there will be room for it in the May newsletter.  There might not be a June newsletter. but there will be at least one during the summer.

    THE   Tuesday, April 12th 2005  MEETING FEATURES::

    DAVID YARROW,from   Syracuse, NY
    "Subtle Energy Anatomy of the Great and Finger Lake Regions"

    David Yarrow will be talking to us about the earth energies around Lake Ontario, the Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes.  David, who lives near Onondaga lake, has been researching it for years and will show us ---- through a superb Power Point presentation --- the spiritual, geometric, and sacred properties of Onondaga Lake, tying it to its purpose in the Finger Lakes Region and connecting it to the Great Lakes and Lake Ontario.

    Those interested in:  Earth Energies, Grids, Native Americans, Healing the Earth, Water Dowsing, Peace, A vision of a better world for the next generation --- will come to hear David.   When we learn more about Onondaga Lake, it will also show us the aspects that are important to us, about Lake Ontario, and we can better understand the significance of other bodies of water in our areas.  David has the busiest website I've ever seen: www.ChampionTrees.org and  is an activist and speaker about:

  • Dowsing
  • Subtle Earth Energy Anatomy
  • Peace, Peace Fesitval
  • Native Rights
  • Onondaga Lake exerts an unusually strong influence on the land around it. Water—the living liquid energy of the land—runs downhill and pools in the land's hollow places to create lakes. Water is heavy, and a large water body like a lake is a heavy, dense mass that exerts a field of subtle gravitational force. But beyond mere mass, and more crucial in biological processes, water gathers and holds many kinds of energies—including thermal, electric and magnetic. Embedded in the land's hollow spaces, water's influence extends through this subtle energy matrix.

    "I am a dowser, and a very good one.  I haven't made a habit or a business locating wells.   I mainly use my dowsing to study the subtle energy anatomy of landscapes to locate "sacred spaces."  In 25 years, I located two dozen wells, and always delivered a supply of water -- if drilling was done precisely where I specified. and in nearly all cases, I correctly predicted  the depth of the water; twice I was wrong: the water was much shallower, and only a few feet from a dry hole."

    "I'm also encouraging a community water project at Tuscarora nation with Tahwehdahqui.  December  2004 I found two underground rivers less than 400 feet deep; one flows under Tahwehdahqui's brother's land.  Tahwehdahqui makes part of his living delivering water to Tuscarora households in a tank truck.  Right now he gets water from a car wash two miles east of tuscarora.  Tahwehdahqui and his mother have decided to begin building a healing center there this year.  I've known him since 1989, and have full confidence in his commitment and integrity -- and that's worth a lot of gold."

    This past October, he organized the first Prayers for Peace celebration at Onondaga.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2005 by Marilyn Gang