Communication through the Aethers and the Ages
Why Dowsing IS the Aquarian Age
(and it's finally here!)

The Aquarian Age is represented by the Astrological Sign of Aquarius ("I Seek My Self Through Humanity.").  This is the sign that perfectly represents the Dowser, because :
        Aquarius is an Air sign and dowsing messages "seem" to come to us through the aethers.
        Aquarius, although an Air sign is represented by the Water Bearer who carries his (sometimes, her) Urn filled with water.

Isn't the classical impression of a Dowser as one who finds water?  The water which  Man distributes from his cosmic Urn is the water of consciousness.  It is the understanding that all men are brothers, a concept which can be understood intellectually but only seen intuitively. It is the power of the intuitive aspect of mind which is embodied by Aquarius and utilized by the Dowser.

The urn is full.  It has not been emptied before.  The water of unconsciousness has been in this dark place.  The water bearer has slowly, carefully, tipped this urn and begun pouring out the water.  At first the water is a trickle, as the urn is heavy and unwieldy.  These are the secrets that mankind has kept hidden, in darkness.  As more is poured out, the urn becomes lighter and more water is being poured out.  This will continue until the urn is emptied, until there are no more hidden secrets and all of mankind is no longer unconscious.

Aquarius is connected with words that begin with the prefix "Comm-"  such as "Community", "Communication".    Dowsers are communities of communicators, aren't we?, eschewing the top down hierarchical Piscean approach in favor of fiat and governance by community rather than individual decree.

This is the age of the common man (woman).  We choose to gather together in like minded communities (groups), using the combined abilities of our art to create positive outcomes.  (Haven't you noticed the recent proliferation of Intentional Communities?   This is totally Aquarian.)   The next major religious movements in this Age will not have a charismatic leader but will be one of a group or groups.  Right now this is hard for us to comprehend because of what we know.

There is more of an openness, rather than keeping things hidden.   Exposing those deep dark hidden nefarious secrets of  churches and governments, for example, which have harmed many people,  is an example of Aquarian energy.   This is one of the factors that is contributing to the dissolution of these secretive tightly held hierarchal organizations which are based on fear.  These organizations are cults and members exhibit cult like behaviors.  Unless they change, they will be unable to remain in the Aquarian energies.  As they are currently disharmonious with the Aquarian energies, they will crumble.  Expect more expressions of dissatisfaction, such as very large demonstrations, by the "common" people.  Internet with its instantaneous communication properties, especially  through the air is one of the greatest tools to help accelerate this path.

What Falun Dafa is developing is an excellent example of Aquarian energy. However this is still new, and we need to move more in to the Aquarian energy.  It's leader, Mr. Li Hongzhi, discourages hero worship and puts the practice of Falun Dafa in the hands of the people.  Falun Dafa is free, it enourages groups, it is open and encourages practice in the open and advancement is based on merit.  They also make extensive use of Internet.  It has religious overtones but is not a religion as we consider religions to be.

Science knows that the human brain receives and sends messages via electrical charges. We attribute all telepathic (e.g., Dowsing) communication and ESP phenomena to Aquarius and its ruler, Uranus.  One of the means of communications is telepathy, through brain waves.

Places have astrological signs, too.   The astrological sign for Canada is Aquarius.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, one of our heralds of this age of greater awareness said:

        "We have to communicate as a group.  Group Consciousness is something
          we are working towards here.  We need to break down as much of these
          barriers that we bring in here as we can."

James Redfield in his new book "The Secret of Shambhala" reminds us that:

        "We can now hold the vision of a spiritual world and act to bring it about
         through our creative power. Human culture can't progress further until we
         consciously use this power in the service of spiritual evolution....  We can
         do this in small communities, churches, circles of friends all over the world.
         ... The important thing, is to begin to build a conscious 'thought' network.
         To link the warriors together. ... Every person who knows has to connect
         with everyone else in their lives who would want to know."

From Arthur C. Clarke's 1999 novel "The Trigger", page 390

        "...That's the unrealized promise of the net --- a stateless community of
          educated people, working toward enlightened goals, including the pursuit
          of truth.

          A civilized New World Order in which you don't kill people for believing
          differently from the way you do --- you educate them if you can, learn from
          them what you can, and promote mutual tolerance."

From the  Christmas 1999 newsletter of  Elizabeth Bellhouse:  ***

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