An August weekend in Toronto:


Discovered in the St. Lawrence Market:  Veils, of a good quality.  Soliman sells Belly Dance products, wholesale. A lot nicer than I'd seen in other locations. He told me he imports them from Egypt.   I found this August 28th, right after this newsletter was printed and thought to include it in the online version. If you go to Market Street, lower level, down at the very bottom, in the SW corner there is a little Craft annex.  I put photos online at:   BELLYS .  You can email Soliman at "" or phone (416) 429-0691.


I'd heard that Capt. Jean Luc Picard would be attending the Science Fiction Convention August 28-30.  And when I got there was dismayed to find out that he'd had a heart attack, and heart surgery (angioplasty) the night of Augst 28th.  He is rescheduled for the fall.  Here are some photos snapped in the lobby of the Convention Center.  THOUSANDS of fans, in costume.  And, there was a Comic book convention, and Japanese Animation convention going on at the same time.