Benefits to Joining the Toronto Dowsers
"We  strive  towards  Conscious  Awareness"

The Toronto Dowsers was started by 6 people August 1st, 2000.  Our first meeting took place September 19th, 2000.    We are an independent group, with close to 400 members.  10% of our membership is in the US.  Another 20% resides outside the Toronto area.   They say they love our newsletters

With membership you receive:

If we don't have your email address, please send it to us.   We send out about 3-8 emails a month on meeting reminders, up to the minute events, chitchat that doesn't get in to the newsletter.

The newsletter, and our web site, will keep you informed as to our meeting dates and times (the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday evening of the month).

Meetings are set up for those who know how to Dowse or are interested in Dowsing and its concepts, to learn more about the Art and Science of Dowsing and meet like minded people.

If you do not know how to dowse and would like to learn, we can help you find a basic dowsing workshop, or direct you to books.

How do you become a good dowser?  You learn from one, and then you Practice!  and Practice some more!

If you are new, and have questions or suggestions, please first just sit in a meeting and see how things go.  We have tried many things in the past, some have worked, some have not.  Please check our past newsletters --- which are all online --- to see if we have already done or attempted what you have in mind.  We are becoming a community and developing our own way of doing things and your questions will probably  be answered as you go along.

A Toronto Dowsers library was inaugurated on October 9th, 2001 and is available to members in good standing and is open during our meeting "schmoozing" time (before and after the presentation).

If you have questions, please call or email me:    (416) 322 - 0363   9:33 - 9:33

- Marilyn -

Marilyn Gang, Head Honcho, Toronto Dowsers

The Toronto Dowsers group is run entirely by fabulous volunteers.  Become one!

updated  September 16, 2011