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Full Course Syllabus

MAY 14 - 20, 2005
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(Two Day Course)

This course provides an overview of the background and history of BioGeometry. Students learn key principles which make BioGeometry effective and which are essential to get the most from the practical applications and methods taught in the courses which follow. Details are also provided of important scientific and medical studies of BioGeometry which show its tremendous potential.

I. Essential Concepts and Principles of BioGeometry

Topics include:

* The Great Shift in Human Consciousness.
* How Early Man discovered and interacted with the energy of sacred power spots.
* Ancient Egyptian methods of using spiritual energy.
* Biogeometry as a New Science of Quality.
* The Critical Difference between Quantity, Quality, and Transcendental Quality.
* Harmonics as the key to universal structure.
* Creating practical effects with energy through Resonance.
* The destruction of civilizations by hidden problems; toxic energy patterns and the modern epidemic of immune system collapse.
* Vibrational foundations of human health and consciousness.
* Vibrational Radiesthesia: A Master Energy Science.
* The Energy Key and how the Ancient Egyptians applied it.
* Applying the Energy Key to spaces; Relationship of the Key to Feng Shui and other Disciplines.
* The creation of a Master Energy Key to balance multiple energies in a space.

II. Illustrated Overview of European and Egyptian Research into Geometric Energy Fields

1. The European Discovery of Geometric Energy Fields and Emitters.

Topics include:

* The 12 Key energy qualities.
* Healing and detrimental aspects of the 12 energies.
* The Effects of the Sun, the Earthís Magnetic Field, and Dimensional Levels on Geometric Energy Fields.
* The Development of Practical Methods to Detect and Measure Energy Qualities.
* The Spiritual Energies Detected around the Tombs of the Christian Saints in Egypt.
* How the ancient Egyptians used the "Omega" energy frequency.
* Vital Lessons on Resonance, Healing, and Cleansing.

2. Dr. Ibrahim Karim and the Creation of Biogeometry.

Topics include:

* Connections to the Spiritual Science of Ancient Egypt.
* Dr. Karimís advancement of the European research.
* Discovering the Three Primary Energies found in Sacred Power Spots: the "BioGeometry Three" (BG3).
* Clarifying the True Nature of the "Spiritual Carrier Wave."
* Biogeometrical Design Principles.
* Working with Human Energy Systems.
* Development of BioSignatures.
* Scientific and Medical evaluations of BioGeometry.
* Introduction to BioGeometrical tools.
* Developing methods to detect, differentiate, measure, and manifest specific healing and beneficial energies.
* Energy Alchemy: Transmuting toxic energies to beneficial energies.

(Three Day Course. Prerequisite: Course One)

This hands-on course teaches fundamental practical methods used in BioGeometry. Essential skills covered in this course include how to detect, differentiate, measure and manifest the most important Energy Qualities. Students learn and practice a large number of effective techniques to balance and enhance vital energy qualities which affect the environment and human wellness, including methods to easily transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones. All methods are based on direct detection of the energy qualities being worked with, not on abstract principles or dogmatic assertions.

I. The Practical Science of Energy Qualities: RADIESTHESIA

Topics include:

* How Geometric Patterns manifest all of Creation.
* The vital principle of Geometric Resonance; the creation of tangible energy connections.
* Conscious Resonance: Its tremendous power and our great responsibility in using it.
* Where to focus our attention for beneficial Resonance.
* How to overcome Detrimental Resonance with other people.
* Radiesthesia: the practical method to study energy qualities.
* The difference between Mental and Vibrational Radiesthesia.
* Why Radiesthesia was restricted to Saints and Spiritual Adepts in earlier times.
* Essential considerations regarding "Repairing the Cracks" and "Untying the Knots" in our own Energy patterns.
* BioGeometry: A modern form of sacred Egyptian Temple sciences.
* BioGeometry as a Path of Personal Development.
* The need to develop positivity and balance on the Physical, Vitality, Emotional, and Mental levels.
* How "Finding the Center" creates both personal balance and powerful energy emanations in BioGeometry.
* Connecting to spiritual powers of Divine Wisdom.
* Polarity in the human body.
* Scales of Measurement needed in Qualitative Science and how they are interchangeable.
* How the human brain uses multiple scales to perceive a fuller reality; using different scales related to different senses.
* Harmonics: an inner Temple Science.
* Critical differences between vibrational radiesthesia and mental dowsing.
* Practical Insights into vibrational radiesthesia.
* "Sacred Geometry" and the Golden Proportion; hidden links to the Higher Harmonic of Gold energy quality.
* The energetic and spiritual qualities of the Higher Harmonic of Gold, Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet, and Horizontal Negative Green energy fields: the BioGeometry Three.
* The BioGeometry Three (BG3) effects on the human immune system.

Practical Exercises include:

1. Calibrating a pendulum with vibrational methods.
2. Using spin patterns in the Human Energy Field to acquire information.
3. Balancing the energy field through polarity methods.
4. Locating the resonant lengths for the 7 color spectrum on a pendulum.
5. The simple method to detect the Higher Harmonic of Gold energy quality.

II. Mastering the Virtual Cone Pendulum

Topics include:

* Review of key information on the Virtual Cone Pendulum: history, principles, applications.
* Detecting the 12-fold energy quality spectrum with the Virtual Cone Pendulum.
* Detecting the BG3. Essential Qualities of the BG3.
* The nature of toxic energy impregnation and its effects on energy patterns and physical materials: electro-static charge, the effect of negative emotions, and the principle of the BioGeometry Clearing Plate.

Practical Exercises include:

1. Calibrating the Virtual Cone Pendulum.
2. How to differentiate beneficial and detrimental energy qualities with the (Vertical and Horizontal Waves) with the Virtual Cone.
3. Correct settings to find the BG3 with the Virtual Cone Pendulum.
4. Detecting and measuring the beneficial energy emissions from BioGeometry medallions, pendulums, designs, and other items.
5. Testing the effects of BioGeometry emitter pendulums.
6. Methods to detect harmful impregnation on objects and on human bodies.
7. Methods to clear impregnation on objects.
8. Methods to clear impregnation on the human body.
9. Finding the energies generated by particular number qualities.
10. Creating the Higher Harmonic of Gold energy field with our signature.

III. Practical Methods of Geometric Alchemy:
How to Transmute Detrimental Energy Fields into Beneficial Energy Qualities

Topics include:

* The energetic and spiritual nature of detrimental energy qualities.
* Keys to understanding the dangerous energy of "Vertical Negative Green".
* Electro-magnetic pollution.
* Toxic Earth Radiations and the Hartmann & Curry Grids.
* Toxic energy vortices and gridline crossings.
* The role of negative Mental and Emotional states in creating detrimental Resonance and toxic energy fields.
* Detrimental Resonance between different Vertical Negative Green Emitters.
* The common problem of mistaking Vertical Negative Green sites for Sacred Power Spots (and its serious consequences).
* The importance of minimizing exposure to detrimental energies in daily life and in BioGeometry energy work.
* The principles of Geometric Energy Alchemy: transmuting detrimental energies to beneficial energies.
* The "L" pattern for transmuting energies.
* The Three solutions for eliminating toxic Vertical Negative Green energy.
* Detrimental energies emitted by specific geometric forms known to the worldís great spiritual traditions.
* The truth about "Pyramid Power."
* How modifying energy patterns affects Resonance with spiritual realms.

Practical Exercises include:

1. Testing Vertical Negative Green sources.
2. Safety protocols for protecting oneself from detrimental energies.
3. How to transmute toxic energies to the Higher Harmonic of Gold and the BG3 energy qualities.
4. Three different methods to chart the detrimental Earth Energy Grids (Hartmann and Curry) in a space.
5. Using the L pattern to transmute detrimental Earth Energy Grids and Electro-magnetic fields into beneficial energies.
6. Alternative methods of transmutation using the sacred quality of number.
7. Using toxic Electro-magnetic energies and Earth Radiation Grids as carrier waves for beneficial energy qualities.
8. Essential methods to clear our energy fields of detrimental energies.
9. How to cancel the detrimental energies emitted from Pyramids.
10. How to cancel the detrimental energies emitted from Domes.


Topics include:

* Keys to effectively creating beneficial energy fields (BG3) through Color and Object placement.
* The principle of activating the Center.
* Creating polarized axes of beneficial energy in a space.
* Effects of rotating on a central axis.
* Effects of rotation around the periphery of a space.
* Why placing an object back in its original position or putting a color on a wall of the same color can sometimes create the BG3.
* Practical effects of energy balancing through color and object placement.
* Creating business and prosperity with BioGeometry energy balancing.

Practical Exercises include:

1. Energy Balancing through correct color placement in a room.
2. How to modify color balancing for limited locations.
3. Creating polarized axes of energy through color.
4. Energy balancing a plate of food through central rotation.
5. Benefiting plants through determining optimal orientation for them.
6. Manifesting beneficial energies into a space through object placement.
7. Energy Balancing hanging pictures and wall hangings.
8. Transmuting the toxic energies emitted from certain pictures.

(Two Day Course. Prerequisite: Course One and Two)

This course deepens and extends the studentís ability to balance and work creatively with living energies. Methods to evaluate the condition of any aspect of the human energy field are taught using anatomy charts and Vibrational Radiesthesia principles; analysis can take place at any level of structure from DNA up to organs and whole body systems. Hundreds of BioSignatures (copyrighted by BioGeometry energy systems and developed over 30 years by Dr. Ibrahim Karim) are given to the student with full exploration of techniques to apply them beneficially to human energy conditions. The Principles of BioGeometry Design are introduced with multiple new practical applications taught.

I. Energy Balancing through BioSignatures

Topics include:

* Central and Peripheral Energy Systems of the Body.
* The principle of Geometric Resonance and its powerful applications.
* The History of BioSignatures. and the different types developed.
* The different kinds of Biosignatures: Organs; Energy Systems; Energy Qualities; Spiritual; Illness Balancing; Personal Diagrams.
* Evaluation of the BioGeometry Medallion in the Egyptian Hepatitis C Research Project.
* How to balance energy using BioSignatures.
* Methods to adjust BioSignatures for individual needs: BioNumerals.
* How to evaluate a personís energy on an anatomy chart.
* Protocols for using BioSignatures for energy balancing.
* Acceptable and unacceptable usages and claims regarding BioSignatures and energy balancing.
Practical Exercises include:

1. Using anatomy charts to analyze a partnerís energy field and energy conditions.
2. Applying BioSignatures to balance a partnerís energy.
3. Modifying BioSignatures through BioNumerals for specialized effects.
4. Drawing BioSignatures and testing their energy emissions.
5. Different methods of using BioSignatures.
6. Emergency methods of using BioSignatures.
7. Testing oneself for detrimental energy impregnation or conditions and correcting them with BioSignatures.
8. Using anatomy charts at any scale to find and correct imbalances.
9. Using charts of the subtle body.

II. Advanced Color Balancing

Topics and Practices include:

1. Color balancing a personís organs, chakras, or energy condition through color balance in a space.
2. Color balancing a person through color on the body.
3. Color balancing specific problems.

III. BioGeometrical Design Principles

Topics include:

* Creating rotation with design.
* Connecting to the center.
* Radiated Space and Enclosed Space.
* Interface: Creating energy through combining surfaces or materials.
* Transparency: Energy effects from an unseen pattern defined by some of its visible parts.
* Use of positive and negative space in Transparency.
* Shifting: Creating 3-D effect on a 2-D surface.
* The spiritual significance of Perspective.
* Creating energy effects from 45 degree angle emitters.
* The importance of 7-fold repetitions in design.
* Gateway energy emissions.
* The nature of the vital East-West energy flow.
* Adapting the "L" principle for intermediate applications.
* Natureís recognition of proportions and the secret of the Golden Mean Proportion.

Practical Applications include:

1. Creating rotation and beneficial energy emissions in static designs.
2. Creating and aligning a 45 degree emitter.
3. Creating and aligning a Gateway emitter.
4. Creating and testing the energy from a 7-fold emitter design.

IV. Additional Topics

* Summary of the qualities of the BG3 and practical methods to create them.
* Clearing environmental problems with BioGeometry.
* The effect on energy fields of changing from day to night (and visa versa).
* The Geometries of the Seven Spiritual Planes.
* Creating powerful energies through "Silent Sounds" and the creation of the Silent Sound CD.
Advanced courses in BioGeometry with Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Investment (US Dollars):

Course One: Early Registration $295 (Regularly $340)
Course Two: Early Registration $420 (Regularly $470)
Course Three: Early Registration $295 (Regularly $340)
Full Seven Day Course: Early Regsitration $995 (Regularly $1100)