The Toronto Chapter
of the Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
Tuesday, December 12th, 2000
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 7:00 p.m., Program to begin at 7:30 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Parking: On the street (neighborhood) parking is not too bad
Our meetings take place

These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
IMPORTANT CHANGE:  We sincerely regret that we can no longer invite first timers as our guests, free of charge.  Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to do this unless you are the first time guest of a paid up member.   Although the numbers of people attending our meetings is excellent, our expenses are high with the cost of the mailing (which will go up in January) and the cost of the room.  When we get ahead financially, I'll let you know.   Donations are welcome.

If you can not afford the donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.

A Clarification on your Membership fee:   This annual membership fee goes towards the costs of our mailing.  The $20 fee is now valid for your household, not just an individual.

Stay Tuned For:

The annual Whole Life Expo (2000), sponsored by Vitality Magazine, comes to the Toronto Convention Centre November 24, 25, 26.   This year there is a $5 charge for a Weekend pass to the Exhibit Hall and a $10 charge which covers a Weekend pass for both Exhibits as well as Lectures.         For more information go to:

Speaking at the Whole Life Expo is Dr. Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D..  Many of you see Andrew at the fairs, representing his company, Essentia.   I took a Pulsor Workshop from Andrew years ago before the works of Hulda Clark or Bob Beck came out.  That's when I first heard about electro-porration.  He also told us that sleeping in a very darkened room is essential to our health as it is only when we have complete sleep cycles in the dark, like our ancestors who slept in caves,   that the pineal gland properly produces melatonin.  One of the fellows in the workshop told us the following day that that night he covered his bedroom windows with tin foil and had the most refreshing night's sleep in years.   I have since found that a properly  darkened room helps my sleep as well.

Dr. Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D.,
10:45 -11:45 am  @  STAGE "2"

 1:15 - 2:15 pm  @  STAGE "2"

Spectrum Books

Diane Marcotte, of Oakville Ontario, CSD member, Toronto Chapter member and owner of Spectrum Books sent us a carton of her catalogues.   Spectrum Books carries books on metaphysical topics

Diane normally offers a discount of 10% to her customers but if you are a paid up member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers or the Toronto Chapter we have negotiated an additional discount of 5% for a total. discount of 15%.  Just mention to her that you are a member.

She also sent along a copy of Walt Woods brand new dowsing book, "Powers That Be",  complete with pendulum, L Rods, charts,  etc. for our inspection  I had purchased a copy for my niece as the quality is excellent, the colors are purples and its packaged as if its in its own jewelry box.

You can contact Diane at:   800-827-3714

The A.S.D.  (American Society of Dowsers)

The ASD, with headquarters in Northern Vermont,  is the largest dowsing organization in North America.  Like the CSD, they also have scheduled their annual convention in the month of June.

They have a tremendous amount of excellent dowsing resources available for purchase through their catalog or their store including:  books, video tapes, audio tapes, pendulums, L-Rods, bobbers, aurameters, jewelry, shirts, on and on.    In the 2 ASD conventions I've attended, the ASD bookstore was my favorite stopping place and there I single handedly increased the financial well being of the State of Vermont.   You can find their catalog at their web site or phone 802-748-8565 and they will send you a copy.

A Recent Rare and Excellent Week-end Workshop

Over 2 dozen of us gathered at the Ecology Retreat Centre in Orangeville, Ontario, hosted by (Toronto Dowser members) Cathy and Frank Saul, to attend a workshop led by Raymon Grace of  Virginia.

Raymon, a dowser for the last 27 years, is an award winning (former) Silva Method instructor.  He teaches at the Ozark Research Institute, teaches wilderness survival and counts Native Americans such as Rolling Thunder, Tom Brown and Chief Two Trees as some of his mentors.

I feel all the work I have done on behalf of the Toronto chapter has more than paid off because of the attendance of one person at this workshop.  Jack Campbell, a resident of Orangeville, received the first Toronto Dowsers mailing (9/2000) and it mentioned this workshop.  Jack, a long time dowser, has not been able to travel too far.  So he was delighted to find out about this jewel in his own backyard.   What Jack learned and experienced in this workshop greatly alleviated some serious health problems that he has been experiencing.  For me, THIS is what it is ALL about.

Raymon's teachings are practical, easy to understand and to do.   He taught us ways to improve the frequency of the body, ways of easily stopping radiation from appliances, reducing back pain.   Oh yes.  He also helped me uncover the source of migraines that had been plaguing me since I was a child.

See the program for the December meeting for more information about Raymon's techniques.  We will be demonstrating some of them on December 12th.

And please send out your good vibes so we that we attract Raymon back here again for another workshop this spring.  It feels to me as if he is an important piece of what we are building here.   Dowse for this, please and let me know what you get.  Ok?  Thank you.

What Happened at our November meeting:

WOW!  Double and Triple WOW!  We are getting soooo popular.  Last night felt as if "me and my cousins" gave a party for our friends and they all came.  Didn't it feel like a party, folks?

         Joan Shepard joined us.  I first met Joan about 8 years ago thru a company she works for that sells the Vita Florum / Vita Fons II products.  This is the "Universal Remedy" created by Elizabeth Bellhouse of England some 30 years ago.  Elizabeth was a student of Edward Bach of the Bach Flower Remedies.  Now in her 80's, Elizabeth received a vision when she was 16 about her life's work, which was to create Vita Fons.  Vita Fons, which comes in liquid, creams, powders, etc. form for use internally (where it works on the cause) or externally (where it works on the symptom) heals the cause of all our problems which is our feeling of separation from God.
         Recently Joan brought out a beautifully created catalog for "Earth Wisdom", her mail order business of environmentally safe household products, e.g., natural lighting, ceremonial products, filters, hemp, cotton bedding, etc.  Call: 416-335-3697

Louise Yarek  made yummy tarts with pecans and fruit --- the kind that I didn't know regular people could make.  I was able to get one before they were all gone and loved their buttery  and real taste.  Louise, I hope you will bring more for us whenever you can, and that others will as well.

Please do contribute  beverage or cookies (home made is GREAT!) for our meetings.  And it may help our coordinating if you let us know in advance.

Your help is needed:

(1) Person is needed to help set the chairs up before the meeting and put them away at the end.  The wooden chairs are stacked in a corner when we get there, the plastic chairs are stacked in piles in the gym and must be taken out of the closet and returned after the program.  We arrange them differently each month depending on the program.   This means that you:   feel reasonably sure you will be coming to all the meetings, can arrive by 6:30, can stay to the end of the program (you don't have to stay to the end of the evening) and are reasonably hale.   Please call or email  Marilyn if you would like to volunteer for this.

(1) Person is needed to coordinate refreshments for each meeting.  This means that you will coordinate volunteers who make homemade goods or buy and contribute goods,  purchase supplies (cookies, juice, paper goods, etc.) for each meeting (keeping track of your receipts so you will be reimbursed), bring the food box to the meeting, set it up, play host/hostess.   Please call or email  Marilyn if you would like to volunteer for this.

Inta Ridler was the winner of The Dowsing Jar which was contributed by Joyce Paske, winner of last month's jar.   Meghan Coles counted out the 71 pieces and Inta came the closest at 72.   I think this was the last dowsing jar, folks.  If not enough good dowsers are getting the answer, then it must not be in the highest interest.  My first dowsing experiment and ritual and my first failure.  Boo-hoo.  No, not really, it just didn't work so on to one that will and we will free up the energy for rituals that we need!    Congratulations Inta on following through with excellent intention!

Pat Prevost, who teaches dowsing and will give us a presentation in the spring told me of an essence she has created (Mortimer's Mix) that helps dowsers: ground, focus, center, align, clear, repair balance and be prepped for connectedness.  You can reach Pat at:  905-841-1044

Alicja Aratyn - "The Power of Your Pendulum"
Alicja gave us a background and information about pendulums that I had never heard about or read before, the history of pendulums, where they came from and their Atlantean origins.   Pendulums were used and also modified to be used as instruments of great power and great healing.    Today in our eagerness to embrace energetic modalities many of us (myself included)  are not taking enough time to understand  the source and right use of these powers.  Often these sources have been intentionally obscured.   We are often ignorant of how they can be used and the unaware and under-educated, with all good intentions can do harm to themselves or to others.   We are like children playing with toys dropped from the skies and these toys are hand grenades dropped by another civilization.   At Alicja's request I am omitting most of the details of the Atlantean discussion and suggest that if this interests you --- if you feel a pull from your own Atlantean origins and want to know more --- that you contact her for a workshop.

To give those of you you were not able to make it to the meeting some idea of this discussion, she told us about pendulums named for the gods of Egypt.  Using a pendulum of one of them, a "safe" god,  you can put this under the front seat of your car and leave it pointed forward when you drive.   This will radiate white light and get you safely and expeditiously from Point A to Point B.

In China, dowsing was quite well known.  They mostly used rods, which Alicja will talk about here in February.   The Chinese practice of using dowsing rods to help promote beneficial energies and alter or avoid negative energies in external and internal environments became Feng Shui.

In the 18th century, in Switzerland, Abbe Mermet, perhaps the best known dowser ever, developed the use of a witness chamber.  He put herbs for healing in a small compartment in the pendulum, to send the healing vibrations of that plant to his patient.  This compartment has come to be called a Witness Chamber.  In honor of his achievement, we call this style of pendulum a Mermet.  For people who must take drugs, it may just be possible to put the pill in the Witness Chamber and send the vibrations of the healing component to the patient rather than taking the gross physical matter of the pill with all its side effects in to the body.  Those who developed pills had not realized they had ways of sending the healing vibrational frequencies of a substance to a patient so an ingested pill was their only option.

She discussed the important criteria for purchase such as size, material, use (is it for healing, map dowsing, using charts,  searching for water, etc.),  clearing or self clearing pendulums (and how to clear a non self clearing pendulum) and how you hold the pendulum and the length of the string.

Alicja will have a booth at the Whole Life Expo and be back here in February.
(416) 253 - 9053

A personal editorial:
Many of you have commented to me about the energy at our meetings so far, how it makes you feel. and how high it is.   THIS is what "it" is about, "this" is exactly what we are doing, what we are creating.  Quite some time ago somone from the I AM society told me in passing  "Life is About Managing Vibrations".   As you can see it has made an impression and I was thinking about all its permutations and combinations for weeks afterwards.   Dowsing is all about vibrations --- and energy.  Same thing.   We use a tool to interpret the vibrational signals we are getting.

At the ASD convention in Vermont [which I  recommend to you] several speakers, both dowsers and non dowsers said that this was the "purest" group they have ever spoken to and the quickest one to "get" the information.  Of course.   To dowse properly you absolutely MUST be operating from your highest intention.  If not, it does not work well.  With some other modalities you can go through the mechanics and have things look right, but dowsers, for the most part, must have good intentions.  You will come across dowsers who are takers and have large egos but most are givers. (For a well written explanation of Givers and Takers see Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael" series available at libraries and stores.)

I have been successful in 3 very different careers so far (teaching, cooking and computers).  Within each career the best times were as a result of working with people of similar vibration.  Hence comes another of Marilyn's rules of life:  "It doesn't matter what you do, it's who you do it with."   This is not true for everyone as with many people what their vocation is in this life is crucial, but this is true for a great number.  It's the energy you share doing what you enjoy with others who feel the same way.  Then you are in harmony with one another and harmony feels great.

What you do, if its through conscious or unconscious choice, if its a career a job a hobby a group of friends --- what this is is an excuse to exchange energy.  You have chosen the stage for your play with the group with whom you wish to exchange energy with.

We have chosen to come together in our meetings because we choose to exchange energy with other dowsers, people who are consciously aware of energy and how to use it and learn how to use it properly and with highest intent.   And enjoying immensely the feelings of sharing harmonious vibrations in a large group. Many of you are telling me "This is what people want now.  The old ways don't work.  What "they" are telling us is not right and we need to be able to decide for ourselves.  Dowsing is the way to do this."   Yup.  I feel the same way.   That's why I am in this, too.

What is happening is that this awareness is coming more and more to consciousness and this is the reason that so many are flocking to our meetings.  I am stunned that we had 45 at our very first meeting, 55 at the second and 66 at the third!  How is this possible from such a small community?  This is today's energy, energy that we have been waiting for and asking for and we are swimming powerfully with a powerful and irresistible current.  We are in the process of creating a phenomena.  Each one of you is a part of this creation and I am humbled by the reverence with which you approach it.

Tuesday night's energy was one of the best in any group I'd ever been in.  Driving home, I knew what it reminded me of, something I'd been seeking in almost 2 decades.  From one of my all time favoritest books, science fiction classic "Stranger in a Strange Land", by Robert Heinlein.  We were Grokking.  Sharing energy in a happy, purposeful high intentioned way.  And might you remember the ritual they partake in that is also relevant to Dowsers?  Sharing Water.

Exchanging energy with one another as we do will help us become better dowsers.  Your dowsing will improve as you spend more time in the presence of other dowsers.   This is part of the foundation of dowsing, something we will expand on in future meetings.  This is a big part of the purpose of the December meeting.

Getting to know one another one on one and in small groups relaxes the ego barrier of protection we have erected for survival.   What we do with regard to our jobs what we sell who we work for where we live what we are wearing what our interests are how many children we have --- these are the means we have developed culturally to approach people so we can get to the place of getting to know one another better and exchange energy.  Use those means.

I am grateful for the many comments I've received acknowledging what I've initiated and yes it is a tremendous commitment of time and resources and right now I have it and I AM LOVE-ing it.  Because I want to be in a group that has this kind of energy.   So I have had to create it.

May we all join together with one another and "Grok on!"

 Our December meeting is a  Grand Experiment  so please work with us for our success at this
This is a hands on experiential mix it up Dowsing Doing session designed to help you put together your own dowsing improvement program. ..... .....

As a response to the request that we get help to "make us" practice, we plan to set up DOWSING BUDDIES at this meeting.  These are groups of 2 or 3 people who live near one another get together and practice, hopefully 1 or more times a month.   No formal speaker, this is more of a hands on meeting.  Suggestions will be offered on what to practice in the form of handouts that you can take home.

This could also be a good opportunity for you to meet folks who live near you so you can share the driving to come to our meetings.

The inspiration for the creation of our group is Joan DeNew, of Hamilton, who was our first speaker.  Joan started H.A.H.N, the Hamilton Area Healing Network (which meets the last Monday evening of each month)  2-3 years ago.  I used Joan and her philosophy and how she set things up as the role model for the Toronto Chapter.

So we are inviting the members of H.A.H.N to be our guests at our December meeting which will also include our first annual holiday season social.    Let's show them our fine Toronto Hospitality and great homemade cookies!  If you feel so inclined, do bring a munchie to share.  There is no pressure for this, this is not an obligation, only if you feel like it.

Please note:  This is NOT a Christmas party.  Nor is it a Chanukah party or a Diwali, etc. party.  This is a holiday season social.

At Raymon Grace's Dowsing Workshop we learned how to raise the energy --- in a house, in a town.   One third of the attendees at Raymon's workshop are from HAHN.   They will raise the energy at their HAHN meeting this November 27th and then they will come to help us and show us how to do this here in Toronto.   You should then be able to do this in your home and in your town.

Also of possible personal interest for you:

No need to hurry home from this event.  I'll be glad to stay later with you if you are enjoying the schmoozing and the evening.

Future Months
 January 9th, 2001, The Toronto Dowsers is honored to present to you:
Margaret H. Ball , B.Sc.
"The Answer is in the Question"
One of the most important things to know in dowsing is how to ask the right question.
Margaret will help us hone this crucially important skill.
February 13th, 2001, The Toronto Dowsers will once again  be graced with the presence of Alicja Aratyn
   in "Dowsing Tools, Part 2"

I have an important request for you:
       If you would like to: Please CALL or EMAIL me (Marilyn) between now and January 6th.  (Before Dec. 10th for anything pertaining to the December meeting).   This is a lot of coordination for one person but its important and now I have the time.  I WON'T LATER.   email:
Phone:  416-322-0363   9:30 am - 9:30 pm    We will also be setting up a library.  So start thinking of what books, tapes, etc., you have that you would like to donate to our library.  And Lorenza has commenced the planning for our Map Dowsing program.  And ....
More to say but no more room!    See you next month.  Love, - Marilyn -