The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Wednesday December 12th, 2001   ***
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
Meetings might go to 9:30-10:00 (your chapter leader is not too good with timing)
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
We have just changed our meeting days to
THE  SECOND  WEDNESDAYevening of  MOST!!! months.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are high sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site and our newsletters at:
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TORONTO DOWSERS - 2001 - 2002
 WEDNESDAY December 12th  -  2nd Annual Social
We will be looking at the foundation of the spirit of dowsing in the beginning of the new year
Jan 9th           Feb 20th        March 20th
April 10th        May 8th        June 12th

New look to the newsletter
I have a brand new computer!  And, it handles the print functions for the newsletter in a funny way that I don't totally understand yet. The font looks smaller, but it is cleaner.  Please bear with me while I wrastle with this slippery creature until I get it right.  And there is  25%  more content.  (this time ) Thank you.

Meeting Procedure Clear-ification

Have you ever thrown a dinner party, and had people arrive 20 minutes early while you are still in the shower or rushing around madly trying to attend to last minute details?  So very very glad to see your guests, glad that they accept your invitation and are spending their valuable time with YOU, but also dearly wish that they would give you the time you need so you can make suitable preparations for them?  This happens with us every month.

We ask people to come between 6:45 and 7:15, to register and socialize.  Those of us who set up don't get to the meetings until 6:30.  We have busy days and busy lives.  It is distracting for us while we are trying to lug chairs out of the storeroom and set them up, to set up tables, to get the speaker set up, to set up materials, name tags, etc. --- to have people talking to us, as we are trying to set up.  If we are ready beforehand, we will gladly begin.  But mostly we are not.  Phillip and Puck, who are generally great at setting up the chairs, were delayed in traffic. We were lucky that someone else  --- Shelley Bourne -- stepped in and started trucking chairs from the storeroom in the gym to our meeting room and set them up.  I should have explained all this at the beginning of our meeting but unfortunately it slipped my mind, and I should have said something because I saw a lot of disgruntled expressions.  I have to do better next time. We are honored and delighted you are eager to come, and to come early --- we know how unpredictable traffic is and how you, too, plan carefully to get to the meeting on time.

This is a volunteer organization.  People who so kindly run the registration desk come from business, and get to our meetings early. What you could do to help is to volunteer to help out at registration.  It doesn't have to be at every meeting.  We need the information we get from registration.  If not, we don't receive the funding to run the group and I don't have the information I need to plan for you and to attract new members, which keeps the energy alive.  Right now we need a dispatcher at registration time.  A focused person with an ebullient personality would be perfect.  Where are you? Who are you?

If you arrive early --- there is a coffee shop at the corner of Yonge & Lawrence, or please wait in the lobby, or there are benches in the hall.  Hang on, it won't be much longer.

We / I  are very very glad to see you.  We want to welcome you to our meetings, not bark at you because we are trying to do 20 things at once.  I deeply apologize for our impatience at the start of the evening.  Please understand the situation, or, volunteer to help out occasionally.  We don't want to have to move from our homey church to a hotel so there is more room to wait while we set up and have to raise the cost to $10-$20 / meeting.  Let's hope things go more smoothly when we are in the gym.

Information Please?

Do you know of places we can meet in for small groups, or, groups of, say, 10, 20, 30, 40, 80, 100?  In the Toronto area, reasonably central and accessible, reasonably priced.  Your home?  Hotels?  Community Centres?  Meeting rooms?  Would you be able to accomodate in your home an out of town guest speaker for a night or two, or, perhaps during the day if they would like to see people privately?   I don't have the room at my place.

I'd like to do more groups, workshops, etc.  Have had this in mind for awhile and realized the reason I don't do it is I don't like hunting for facilities.  It's too tiresome for me and so I don't put together the activity.  Please write, call, email me with suggestions, offerings. 

Sense on ScentS

We ask you not to wear Scents of any sort to our meetings.  People who are highly sensitive to scents and are highly allergic have been unable to find answers to help their condition thru traditional means, and so they have been drawn to dowsing.  We have a higher than average proportion of highly scentsitive people in our group.

WoW   (and fun)   Statistics
102 people atttended our November meeting
(about) 1/100th of 1% of the population of Canada receives this newsletter!

The Whole Life Expo will take place next weekend, November 23-25 at the Convention Center.  Alicja Aratyn will have her booth there selling dowsing instruments, Dr. Andrew Michrowski (of Essentia) will speak on the Health Hazards of EMFs; Art Martin who incorporates dowsing in with his Mind/Body Psychoneuroimmunology talks; David Morehouse, who is new for this show, will be speaking on Remote Viewing (Friday 5-8).  There are people talking on Allergies, Color Work, the folks who offer the Q-Link, a booth from Seicho-No-Ie (the spiritual path that Olga Nickle likes so much --- I like them too --- the sayings on their cards. Very uplifting), and all kinds of health topics.

Pendulums and L-Rods - for sale
(I have to take the space to tell you about this here because I can't take a table at the meeting next month.)
2 Divine! pendulums:
Joan DeNew, President of the CSD, was wearing a pendulum last month that when I saw it had one of those "OHHH!  I LOVE it!  I have to have one!"  moments.  This appealed to my esthetic, female side.  You also wear it on a chain (which it comes with) as a pendant --- easier than pulling it out of your pocket.  I got 2 of them and I love the way they feel.  It's an unusual piece of jewelry.

These are hand made and I made an arrangement with the woman who makes them and will take orders for them.  They sell for $30 + $5 S&H, you can buy it through our group for $26, all profit goes to the Toronto Dowsers.  I will bring the [small] pictures of them to the December meeting and will be prepared to take orders.  They come in Brass, Nickle Plated Brass (silver) --- some may come in Brilliant Black or even fuscia. They are handmade and the woman who makes them is shutting down production.

There are 10 designs. Each one has a name and a purpose.  If you think you are interested in one, before our meeting, dowse the name that is for your highest purpose:
                Sabrina                    Yuko                 Bernadette
                Ambrosia                  Rafaela             Bella
                Rochelle                   Rozeen              Tess
When you come to the meeting you will see the shape and the read the description for your choice.

I like tools that feel good.  I saw some L Rods at ASD that felt great --- good tools --- but was too tired to buy them at the time.  These were made by and ordered from John Wujcik, of Arkansas.  So I ordered a bunch which I ought to have for the December meeting.  I may only have about 7 or 8 pairs.  $22.

A Cautionary note, on:   A VERY (too??) busy meeting

Can you BElieve!  how many people were at our November meeting?  Over 100!  I think this is higher than many dowsing chapter meetings in the US even!  Now, while this is a very heady feeling for us --- and it definitely is for me, as your Chapter Leader and the person who started all this ----  I definitely do not want to lose the coziness and camaderie and lovely energies that we have been building.  I do not want to see those energies diluted.  My primary goal in starting all this was to become a better dowser and have dowsing energy around me to effect that goal.  You do that with the right intention and the right energy.   We do not want ourselves and our friends to get lost in the throngs of [well meaning] strangers.  Bigger is not necessarily better.

In case this concerns you, my goal is not to have as many people as we can possibly attract. The quality, more than the quantity is what I feel is important.  So people have been telling me they see this about us and that's why more people are pouring in the door.  They yearn for what we have.  We have to work with, and dowse with one another.  This is a grass roots effort.  We are building a Family.  I think it is more natural, more organic, if we absorb (digest) a few new people, bring in some more, absorb (digest) them, bring in some more.  Bit by bit.  A humongous influx will give us indigestion.  ....  The morning of every meeting, before I get out of bed, as I'm lying there planning and wondering about the day, I wonder if anyone will show up at the meetings.  HAH!   We will be doing a bit more dowsing in December, January, February.   Stay tuned.

What Happened at our Meeting,  Tuesday   November 13th,  2001

We were quite pleased to have as our guest speaker, Canada's Best Kept Secret, the Dalai Lama of the Rock and Mineral world --- Alan Reed!   Alan, who understands the purpose and functions of the mineral world and their energy, and knows how to remineralize the soil and enhance the energetics of and through the proper placement of rocks, is a man who is here before his time.  Wouldn't you love to pick the brain of, say, Albert Einstein in 1890 or so?  That's how lucky we are to have Alan. (and both of them can be called Al!  :)  )   I hope we nurture and properly utilize this treasure in our midst.

(my remarks are in Italics) Alan speaks in a stream of consciousness fashion, as in James Joyce's "Ulysses".  I have tried to capture as much of his presentation for you, here, as possible.

Note 1: A fair amount of what Alan presented to us seemed to me to be related to the work of pioneer Carey Reams (1903-1985), who brought us the Biological Theory of Ionization.  Reams taught us about the crucial importance of minerals and how to utilize them, and the Brix theory which measures sugars or life energy, in produce, and how to use the Refractometer which is the device used to measure Brix and that Alan showed us. Dr. Reams devised a chart that shows how produce can be ranked as either poor, average, good, or excellent based on their Brix measure.  Even Brix experts are divided on what Brix is. This is neither well understood or well known, but is the best measure of healthful produce you can find. You may remember Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Beddoe, who came to Toronto several years ago to teach this work.? They remineralize the soil as well as our bodies --- IMHO -- better than Dr. Wallach.

Speaking of the Calcium, when used as a supplement, did you know that there are 5 types of Calcium?  And the kind that your body may need depends on your pH.  In fact, some calciums may even be harmful to you. You can find this out through a Brix test. All vitamins come from Nature.  We miss the little players --- all the little sub microscopic helpers behind the stage.  We can not see these little helpers, but they are there, they must be there.  We would die without them. They are the building blocks of life. We get them through natural, not processed, sources. Processed, synthesized, manufactured pseudo food substances do not have these essential invisible helpers.

Life is Energy.  (gosh, he sounds like Marilyn!  No wonder why I like him!  :) Energy comes from the sun.  We get it every day. The sun sends Photons to the earth, in magnetic waves.  The earth then stores the energy, and so, in turn, the earth becomes a generator.

At the very center of our planet, inside the molten core, there lies a frozen double tournellated (sp) crystal made of iron.  This frozen iron crystal is not melted.  How do you explain that?  We don't yet.  This is is one of the many mysteries that exists that our 'science' has no answer for.

We are energetic beings, yet our society demands that we --- especially those of us that live in cities --- spend much time in buildings which (again, in cities) are stuffed with concrete.  This concrete is made of a kind of a calcium.  This material does not nourish us. It stimulates us. Constant stimulation is exhausting and stresses the adrenals.  When buildings are being constructed, the harmonics of the earth are not taken in to consideration --- because they are not known about and not understood.  What we need to stimulate us are sunlight and fresh air.

We need to make more noise about the chemicals being sprayed on our earth.  We need to make living buildings.  Alan has a friend who has made a living wall.  (Note 2: One of my good friends made a Living Wall, in his 1 bedroom apartment. He is a Raw Foods person, a Hippocrates Educator.  His wall was trays of sprouts.  This comprised 20% of his food, provided oxygen, and as the Essenes say, was a "biogenic battery".  Sprouts is one of the 2 foods that is highest in life energy. For more information on this see Super Sprouts and/or Victoras Kulvinskas at the Whole Life Expo. Or see Marilyn.)  For people who live in cities, you can grow things without light.  You just have to know how.  Look at the rain forest!  It has to do with the soil.  Everything comes back to the soil.  But the earth gets tired.

Life is a magnetic as well as a light phenomena.  Our area does not have a lot of magnetism, as magnetism requires a goodly amount of metamorphic activity.  Our area is sedimentary, not metamorphic.

There is a mathematical formulation (sacred geometry) that is in all of us: It is the Golden Mean.  This is the background harmonic that creates life.

The stones were the first thing here, on this planet. The first life forms were the lichens, a land algae. This, in turn, becomes food for other creatures.  Regarding the lichens, the Celts use to make moss soups. Alan said that if you chew (certain) mosses 20-30 minutes --- it tastes like blood.  In fact, the deer eat this, and it is quite proteinaceous. For the deer, it builds protein and energy and allows them to bound and to leap.

We need to eat more food that has more energy in it to give us energy --- not take energy from us. We need to eat to become invigorated, not de-energized and de-vitalized.

One of the things being 'done to us' which we are largely unaware of is that city sludge is taken and put in to the farmers fields. For fertilizer!!! They are putting human excrement on fields of produce that we in turn are fed!  One of the biggest problems with agriculture is that we mismanage our manures.  This is one of the factors that contributed to the fall of Rome.  They cut down the trees, mismanaged their agriculture.  Our immune systems are experiencing very weird, inexplicable problems. We are only as healthy as the food we are eating.

Alan spoke about the importance of Carbon (C) for --- everything.  Sugar is a complex carbon molecule.  An important job for Carbon is as the carrier of nutritive substances.  When carbon is missing, nutrients don't get carried.  80% of the fish we consume today are grown on farms. Carbons are missing from their diet and so they are not fed nutritionally.  We, in turn, eat this non-nutritious food and important substances are missing from our bodies and our food chains.

Alan said that as dowsers, we should dowse --- successfully --- at least once in our lives for water. This will qualify us for tuning in with the water. He said that he was taught dowsing by Campbell Lyon, an old time dowser.  Alan spent 6 years with him, and it was quite some time before Campbell Lyon allowed Alan to actually do anything. It was here that he learned about the Bishop's Rule (see Christopher Bird's "The Divining Hand")  Water can be considered to be the earth's blood. ...  Alan thought it was a good thing that he had to learn patience during his apprenticeship and had to spend a long time learning before he was allowed to do anything. Too many mistakes are often made when people rush in to something where they have not spent enough time at it, where they are beginners and try to go out to others to try to do or to teach where they have more excitement than experience. ...  He was asked about the benefits of magnetized water and said it is beneficial.  How do you know if your water is indeed magnetized?  Boil some of that and boil some regular water. The magnetized water will sound like a symphony. The regular water will make boring "glug glug" sounds.

Alan helps people remineralize their soil, through rocks, minerals, mineral "dusts" that he has put together, obtaining these substances from all over the planet. What they do is they activate the microorganisms and bacteria in the soil.  This is who --- want you want to feed --- the invisible workers that we talked about previously.  The most important components of our lives are the invisible ones.

To balance earth energies, Alan has developed a mix of crystals that act as condensers and transducers. When these are properly placed on the land (through dowsing, I assume, although Alan did not go in to detail about this during his presentation, although he did explain this to me privately), the energy no longer shoots out --- rather, it remains within the earth and energizes the earth.  This is what the ancients knew. They knew where to stick pieces of crystals to energize areas of the earth.

When you place this on an energy (ley) line you create a target wave. These target waves go in 2 directions.  The sun is constantly sending these waves to the earth --- as we have seen recently in the extreme photon release from the sun --- the Northern Lights.  We absolutely need these photons upon our bodies to maintain good health.  The photons go in to your pineal gland, talk to your endocrine gland and build up your immunity. You need outdoor daylight on your skin, you need daylight on your eyeballs.  See those elderly people with the wraparound huge dark glasses? They wore eyeglasses continuously and did not spend time outdoors with naked eyeballs.  Their optical abilities atrophied and they became highly photo sensitive. You need daylight on your naked eyeballs.  What is light?  Light is Photons.  Photons nourish us.

Alan talked about the patterns of the rocks --- their hexagonal, octagonal, etc., shapes, which influence energies, attract radiation.  He spoke about infra red, about the magnetism and heat penetration qualities, about the relatively slower movement of infra red wave, that an infra red scanner can tell if a plant is stressed!  He told us that 'science' is developing sensors which now quantify these things --- but that the ancients already knew this stuff.   That if you feel cold spots in your home or on your land it could be that what you are feeling is the columns of water veins.

Remember all the talk about the problems with frogs and their disgusting mutations because of toxic chemical spills?  Now we are aware of yet additional problems:  Frogs, toads, turtles, sandpipers --- all look for magnetic lines on which to lay their eggs.  Its all due to magnetic signals.  So, if we have messed up their magnetics, not only are they born weird due to chemicals, but they also can not find places to lay their eggs!  The Indians say that the fish and birds are weaving it all together.  Look at the instinctive behavior of elephants and how they travel to their graveyards, thousands of miles if need be.  Where the deer run -- there you will find the next river.  Where the wolves run --- they run over magnetic lines.   Bird poop is real good at creating respiratory difficulties for people. Chickens fed minerals can produce a 4% higher amount of Omega oils in their eggs.

Too much phosphorous in the body will eat your brain stem --- will help create brain tumors. ... In our area --- SW Ontario -- is often called "the goiter belt" --- there is little iodine in the soil, so we get little iodine in our food (no salt spray from the oceans). Iodine is the base of thyroxine. The thyroid is like a biological nuclear reactor which needs iodine to fire up. In the old days, folks used to paint their feet or throats with iodine. We want to be clean but we need bacteria within us. The modern medical world keeps us too clean. Probiotics will help us.  Staph and streptococci are depolymerizers [break down molecules] -- the way they harm us is they break down the lining in our throats. Some people have low grade sore throats all the time. So if this continues, what happens is a hole is made in our throat and then we are open to all sorts of things such as bacteria and infections.

Why are there no longer any hardwoods in the mountains? Because it takes pine and spruces to build up the carbon more in the soil -- that the hardwoods need for growth.  When you mineralize you build up the carbon cycle in the soil.  Remember what carbon does? It filters out toxins!

What minerals in the soil will do is to build up an ambient energy in your lot. After a few years, what this creates is a "cottage-y" feeling --- which is wonderful if you live in a city.  It brings the country to the city (this is so. I felt it at Alan's home. I felt as if I was at a peaceful temple, full of charged healthy air -- this is due to the minerals he put in his soil, and, the cairn he built).  When you put the minerals down the birds start coming back. Birds are vibrational creatures. We need to wake nature up again through using the rocks.  A healthy soil creates immunity. All antibiotics come from the soil.  BUT! they have been synthesized. They have never seen the soil. The body is real. Antibiotics are not.  Modern stuff creates excessive positive ionization. You want proper: Ionization, ozonation.  Snow is one of the biggest producers of ozone.  Ozone is the shield for the planet. It eats the bad bacteria.

A good medium can ---  Darn!  I didn't get this!  What was it???

The retina in your eye is like a broccoli floret. Computer monitor usage can burn off the edges of these florets, and, your vision can change.  ... He spoke about changing the frequency of light in the room, changing the waves and therefore the appearance of the light of the candles, in the cave on his property.  When you do a worming / parasite cleanse (vermifuge), do this on a moon cycle.  People are imbalanced and craving, therefore eating, more salts and sugars than is good for their bodies. [The craving for salt and sugar goes along with the craving for fat. This is why McDonalds's, etc., are so popular. Fat, Salt, Sugar.  Our bodies require these nutrients. The craving is a vestige from the cave man days. Cave man did not know when he would get his supply and so ate it whenever, wherever he could find it. We consume a great deal of these items, but they are not the kind our body needs, they are not in the right structures and proportions. But we crave them and because they are not right our body gets confused and keeps asking for more. And so we keep eating more. Much of it is processed, and can not satisfy our needs so we keep craving it, and keep eating it. But we are eating fake junk that all it does is clog up our liver and turn to ugly globs of unhealthy fat. If you get the right kind of fat salt sugar your body requires, your cravings will disappear. I can help you with this.]

You want to put stones on your land, and, the right stones on the right places (Alan does this, and he does this by dowsing, but he did not get in to this during our meeting. Hopefully we can re-visit this in the not too distant future. ok, Alan?)  One kind of stone Alan puts on magnetic lines is magnetite!  It increases the magnetism in the earth.  The right stones on top of the earth, the right minerals fed to the earth --- all help to increase the magnetism, increase the energy, helps build healthy plants and trees and produce which make our bodies healthier, help our emotions, our minds, our beauty, our feelings towards one another and ourselves, keeps down infestations, harmful bugs and bacteria, builds the immune system of your area, the earth and you.

Time will resolve all wounds --- but our ego wants to do it now.

Alan has a property a couple of hours from Toronto. He said it is magical and there is a special cave on it.  We will have a trip up there in the spring, have a walkabout, go in to the cave, do some drumming (Alan is a Druid (pre Christian Christians who believe in Nature)  and does drumming), a pot luck, etc.  Susan Collins and Shelley Bourne will be organizing this. Hopefully we rent a bus.

Alan Reed consults on clearing, balancing and building up the energy on your property, has products for remineralizing the soil, has additives for paints to render them non toxic. Phone him at (416) 266-4333.

A Dowsing Idea

Remember how, in our October meeting, in learning the hand dowsing, Olga Nickle taught us how to "objectify" yourself????    She said you put "You" in your right hand and whatever else you are comparing in your left hand.   I've been using this technique with pendulum dowsing.

Example:  Let's say I (Marilyn) am checking my energy level.
What I used to ask, using the chart,  was:  "What is my energy level at now?
Now I ask: "What is Marilyn's energy level at now?"
For some reason, this feels better.  I am less personally involved, less attached to the answers.  TRY IT!  Get it?  You ask questions about yourself in the 3rd person singular, rather than the 1st person singular.
Margaret's Pearls

I took Margaret Ball's workshop on 11/10 and greatly appreciate the wisdom that was imparted.  Here are a few pearls for you:
        If you have a pet, cut off some hair, or, fur, put it in an envelope or on one of the stickies Margaret talks about.  Put it away.  If the pet ever becomes lost, having their hair will assist you in finding it, especially if you use a Mermet pendulum.
        To find out where imbalances exist in the body, dowse, using the Anatomy Coloring book.  This is an anatomy book of the body, in black and white. Margaret says color can influence the vibration.  I have ordered one for myself from Diane Marcotte.  If you want one, call Diane at 905 338-1691 soon!  so she can bring it for you to the December meeting.   For similar reasons, when you print out dowsing instructions, use black on white paper, as colored paper has vibrations.  (oh no! for our April 2000 meeting I printed instructions on pink paper!  Yikes!)
        To help with FOCUS:  Ensure your dowsing comes from your 3rd eye.  Like a flashlight, searching in a dark woods.  You pose the question and search for the answer and your flashlight (pendulum) will highlight the answer.  At first, it may be that you are dowsing with a $3.99 little penlight.  After awhile, though, you will know you are using a laser beam.
        Margaret had a little box, manufactured by the Obus Forme folk, called a Sound Therapy relaxation system.  It provides soothing sounds such as birdsong, various water sounds, white noise, heart beat. I needed this for a project I'm working on, ran out and bought one at Herbie's for $29.95. I love it and keep it on all the time now. Margaret suggests you don't listen to water sounds as you are falling asleep or you'll be up running to the bathroom all night!

CALCIUM PROBLEMS? --- Margaret found out that if you scratch the skin so that there is a red mark, AND, there appears a white halo around it --- Your body is not properly utilizing calcium.  Also, properly utilized calcium can prevent panic attacks!   THANK YOU, Margaret!

There's lots more treasure where those came from. To find your own, take
one of Margaret's workshops next time she offers one.


According to Helen Evans, our efficient librarian, it looks like more of you are using the library.  Good move!   Helen had help from Brigitte Lortie, which was good because things got pretty busy there for awhile.  And we will have more room from now on in the gym.  Mary & Robert Detzler donated Robert Detzler's 3 books to our library.  Thank you, Audwin Trapman, for making us aware of Robert Detzler.  John Living donated his HIS manual, too.

One of you called me up to ask if I had a Gene map, which I do have, and could you borrow it, because you learned about using this from one of the tapes --- how to use dowsing to repair your genes.  This is more detailed than what we learned through Raymon.  I'm not going to mention the name of the speaker as I hope you will dowse to find out who she is, or go through some of tapes yourself to find this rare and valuable jewel.  Take out tapes.  Listen to them.  Dowse to see which items are best for you at this time.  You have the Inventory listing.  And, one is always kept online.


Toronto Dowsers Around Town

Toronto Dowsers:  Susan Collins, Barry Johnson, Deanna O'Halloran, Arthur Clark, Ojay Kwon, Pat Prevost, Sabina DeVita, Geoff Riley, Jannette & Walter Husczco, Alicja Aratyn, Ojay Kwon, Denyse Robillard, Glen & Stephanie Halina, Phillip Bowman, Puck, Daniel Balotic,   Marta Kuze, Velta Seilas --- were seen at various events around town such as Kirlian Workshops,  the Psychic Fair, the Disclosure Project, the Dance of Life, Margaret Ball's workshop.  This Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg (Russia) --- sponsored by Sabina & Geoff --- gave an outstanding presentation on his GDV System (digital Kirlian photography combined with computer analysis in real time using video techniques). Janet Dunlop, ASD Regional Vice President, Trustee and President of the St. Louis chapter was there as well.  I think this can revolutionize the understanding of the entire spectrum of health of all of our bodies --- if the health world is aware enough to take advantage of this absolutely extraordinary technology.   And, thanks to the much welcome advice of Desiree & GeorgeAllan at their aura workshop.  I bought a pumpkin orange Tshirt to wear as a night shirt because I have almost no red, orange, yellow in my aura and need the balance and benefits of these colors. Why don't you dowse for what colors you need, and if you don't like to wear the color, wear it as a Tshirt to sleep in or underneath your regular shirt --- to keep it next to your skin 6-8 hours / day.

Have you ever read Peter Kelder's "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth"? The 5 Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites?  They do work.  This book created so much interest that a follow up book (Book 2) was released recently, which nicely integrates teachings from classical spiritual seekers.
"If the practice of lung gom (trance walking) were taught universally in Western schools, it would eliminate the need for all forms of motorized transport, even bridges, observed W.Y. Evans-Wentz, an American scholar who sojourned in Tibet between 1917 and 1922. Furthermore, he said, tumo breathing (generating body heat through certain visualizations) would eliminate the need for central heating."
This is an extraordinary statement, but I feel it is true.  This is the kind of thing we need to learn in our educational system.  And, if you combine dowsing with these techniques, you can achieve the desired results more quickly.
Remember these words:
"You are not here to contact your higher self;
you are here to become it."

Wednesday, December 12th, 2001 MEETING
This will be our SECOND Annual Networking Social
Please read this carefully. Your participation in at least ONE area is requested.

The members of  HAHN  (Hamilton Area Healing Network) are once again invited as our guests

We will be doing ENERGY RAISING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Last year it was 45,000.  What will it be now???)

YOUR DOWSING SUGGESTIONS:   Do you have one dowsing suggestion you would like to share with us? Either bring it written on a 3" x 5" file card or piece of paper, or, be prepared to write it down at the meeting.  We will tape the suggestions to a wall, I will collect them at the end of the evening and put them in the newsletter.  (I got this great technique from Joan DeNew.  THANK YOU, Joan!)  As an example, here is mine, something I use for clearing:  Brain fog had been a big problem of mine. So, using Raymon's techniques:

"Clear out my brain from anything that is not me, not mine, any fog
Fill my brain with divine wisdom, razor sharp clarity, perfect memory
Fill my heart with compassion.
Open the connection between my heart and brain so there is a clear flow of abundant positive energy between them."
Refreshments: Please feel free to bring finger food munchies, like you would for a party. Cookies, small cakes, fruits, hors d'oeuvres, finger food, dips, spreads.  We will provide beverages, cups, napkins, plates.  Call me if you have a question.  You know what to do by now. You are so great at it!

Networking Tables:  If you have a product or service you would like to sell or share, here is an opportunity for you to have a table for what you want to provide.  Your offering does not have to be dowsing, or, dowsing related.  Please note:

Dowsing Buddies:  This will be renewed, ...  hopefully, ...  with the best of intentions....

Books:  Do you have any books you no longer need you think our members would like?  Dowse for this.  Dowse to see if you have up to 4 books that you no longer need and that someone at the meeting will buy. Dowse for the books,  put a price on them, bring it to the meeting, the proceeds to be donated to our group.

This was a highly successful segment of our evening last year, despite the big snow storm. Samuel came with pendulums for sale, Klaus first introduced his rings to us, Diane had a book table, etc.  We try to minimize commercialism, yet want to find an appropriate way for you to have the chance to let others know more about you. This is it.