The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

TUESday, December 9, 2003
(see the end of this newsletter for details and description)
7:00 - 10:00 PM
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
[YES, THIS is the meeting where we nosh all evening.  So please DO bring Finger Food. We supply the beverages and paper goods.]
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2003 - 2004
December  9 - 4th Annual Networking Social (@ Edwards Gardens)
December  22 - Call to Action - Consciousness Raising
January 13 - Ross Andaloro, Vancouver - "How to Use a Pendulum to Contact the Subconscious"
January 16- Dining with the Toronto Dowsers
February 12 - Jill Hewlett "Dowsing Foreplay"
March 9 - The Monroe Institute
 David Slater, colleague of Hanna Kroeger and founder of Healers Who Share,, and Robert Gilbert, scholar and expert on Sacred Geometry will be here in the spring.
May 9-11 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont

Please read the write-up about our November speaker carefully.  There are some highly insightful nuggets that Art dropped casually in a few words.  They can clear up 'mysteries' and you might miss it if you read too quickly.  I missed them the first time I heard them and only found them when I went over my notes.



Mici Gold, our Librarian, is making great progress in setting things up.   If you have not yet checked out our website lately, now's the time to do so because the Library Inventory is online, thanks to Mici's efforts.  There are 2 listings, the first is organized  as to:  Books, Audio Tapes, Video Tapes, CD(s).  The second is organized by author.  We are working on the Guidelines and Wish List.

Changes are made to our web page about twice a week.   Our main page is:    The link to the library is at the top of that page.

The Library's DOWSING *STARS* Scrapbook:   When you see an audio tape, or just look at the title and speaker, it doesn't have much meaning.  We suggest that you take out items every month, and dowse to see what is best for you --- or --- most beneficial, etc., at this point in time.   To make it more alive and real, we started a Scrapbook with pictures of the speakers and a description.   So far we have pictures of: Alicja Aratyn, Penn Bell, Marty Cain, Pat Dornik, Robert Gilbert, Raymon Grace, Alan Handelsman, Frank Jordan, Molly Keeler, Sig Lonegren, Harold McCoy, Maggie & Nigel Percy, Bill Russell, Barry Smith, Slim Spurling, Martha Moore Stevens, Charlie Storey, and Walt Woods. Check this book out on the Library table.  It also has the Inventory.

There are still some people who have not returned items from several months ago.  We will be phoning them soon, and if they have not responded we will enlist your help (perhaps you know them and can offer some "encouragement" their names will be in our next newsletters.

Speaking of books:

We have become an Associate with Amazon.  That means that if you order any materials from them, by going through "our portal" (you do this by CLICKING on the graphic (for, or the link (for, the Toronto Dowsers will receive a per cent of your order Raymon Grace's *new* book, the 3rd edition of "The Future Is Yours..." was released on Amazon October 3, 2003.  If you order this way you help Raymon and you help the Toronto Dowsers.
For  Please use the link below until I can figure out how to get it going with the graphic.  My web editing program is not yet cooperating. Thanks!
SHOP at!

For those who do not want to order online, you can phone Amazon at 877 586 3230 or the Publisher, Hampton Roads  at 1-800-766-8009

Lisa Caplan gave me the gift of Raymon's book.  It is bee you tee ful.  Twice as big.  And the Toronto Dowsers are prominently mentioned.  Often!  Thank you, Lisa!

Speaking of books, and, Sales ---- 15 of Raymon's books have been ordered and --- if they get here on time --- will be on sale at our Dec. 9 Social.  Also at the Toronto Dowsers table is a portfolio of pictures.  When we were at the Petroglyphs in July photos were taken of the stunning placard displays we loved which were in the teaching building (see the September  newsletter).  I brought the pictures to the mound Nov. 8, along with Yantras and Harmonic Concordance pictures.  The dowsers who were there loved them and wanted to buy them, and more.  As well as pictures of rocks.  So these are for sale at the Toronto Dowsers table, for $2 or $3 each.

Some times we have to repeat things.  Art's books were in the back of the room for sale.  During his presentation, one person stood up, then went to the back to purchase his books.  Then another.  I asked the last 3 people to wait until after Art finishes speaking to us.  Why?  Can you believe I have to say this?  Maybe you can, but I couldn't.  Because its disrespectful to the speaker. One woman refused and actually went around me but did not know I had earlier asked the woman selling the books to "close the store" during the talk.  They wanted to be sure they got the books they wanted.  Well, so does everyone else.  Thanks to these selfish sleeping people we may have to spend some money on cloths to cover the tables during the meeting.  And I have more to carry.

Last year when Joey Korn was here, people did not wait for him to finish speaking but mobbed his sales table.  Of course Joey wants to sell you things but not like that.  I wrote about it then but folks have a short memory when someone says things they don't want to hear.  Or, we have new people.  We do not tolerate that kind of behavior. If you want to do that, do it someplace else.

Thank you Shirley Wiedemeyer!  Shirley gave me a copy of Joey Korn's presentation on Aurora Cable TV.  This should be in the library in January.  Shirley and her friend Sharon Boyd were a great help at the library.  THANKS SHIRLEY AND SHARON!

A Positively Awesome Story about our Logo

We found out something extraordinary about the meaning of our logo, so, take out your membership card and look at it.

You remember that Diana Atherton completed the logo March 2003?  We had been working on one for several months. When she got that design, she and everyone else "knew" it was just exactly the right one.  We wanted something to honor Raymon, as a chief source of inspiration for us and so chose to use the Maurey Pendulum.  We wanted to put in something Native but couldn't quite get it.  Then, when Mary Hardy came and found the Mound for us, we knew we had to put the Mound in there.  That was the missing piece (the "swirl" is our representation of the mound) and why it took us so long to get a logo.  We had to wait for that piece and we didn't find out about it until Feb. 12.  So we got the logo in the end of March.  And we love it.  It's perfect, balanced, yatta yatta.

Several of us met with Mary Hardy Oct. 30.  Since she found the mound for us and changed our direction, I showed her the logo she helped birth.  And then we saw it.  Do you remember what Mary talks about?  What she represents?   Mary brings the feminine energy to the grid.  She talks about the balance between the chalice and the blade.  The sword and the cup.  When you look at the logo, what do you see?  The sword!  (the pendulum) and the chalice! (the mound).   The male and the female.  And, as is perfect here, the male pierces the female.  In total balance and harmony.  We, the Toronto Dowsers, are balanced in male and female energy and harmony.  [This is the coolest thang!]

Okay, got it?  Hold on to yer britches, more's a coming:

T*H*E*N!   Mary told us that when she went to the mound for the first time (brought by Daniel Kolos), dozens of natives were there (in spirit of course), happy to see her and the told her "Bring the Dowsers to us".   And she did, that evening, she told us about them.  And so we went.

I'd always wondered about that.  Why they would ask for the dowsers.   I had the answer why soon after, but it didn't make sense until recently.  I never told you this next part.

When we found the mound, February 2003, I asked Raymon what he thought about it.  He said that when he first came to Toronto for the Total Health show, March 2002, he had never had so many spirits accompany him as at that time.  He helped them get to where they wanted to go.  The Mound.  They went to the Mound.  (We are often asked to do things in the physical they can not do and need doing.) Toronto is the Meeting Place.  The Mound is a place to make peace.   So Raymon's spirits --- who know dowsers because of Raymon, came to the mound and mingled with the spirits there and asked that we would come to them.  And we went.

So Raymon brought his spirits (who knew us), they met the mound spirits, Mary came and they asked her to bring us to them.  Which she did and we now work together.  So that's the story of how the native spirits met the dowsers and we have a perfectly male / female balanced logo.

Your Toronto Dowsers membership card is energetically charged with ....  I'm not sure what with but its sure charged with something!  (could that be why we "had" to get it laminated this year?)

Speaking of membership ----  We finished our 2nd year with 214 members, our 3rd year with 260.  Just over a month in to our 4th year, we've already processed over 200 memberships.


Do you miss The Quester?   Several people, who are no longer members of the csd, said they miss reading The Quester.  I actually tried to renew my membership, in early June in the csd.  Well, I thought I renewed it.  Sent in the form and a check.  Soon after I received an envelope back, with my form and check.  No explanation.  I sent it back with a note telling them they made a mistake.  Since I didn't hear anything for awhile, I called their membership secretary who told me they were going to discuss my membership at their next meeting.  I've been subjected to more than enough shenanigans from that end and decided I had my fill.  I tried to renew since I heard through the grapevine that they wanted to repair bridges and wanted to give it a chance, but that, and other actions show me this is not so. (Interesting, that they won't let me join, but their president has someone put her advertising flyers on our Networking table at our meetings. This is a wonderful example of "chutzpah".)  So I joined the Questers, our friends in Vancouver.   If you can't get to their membership form, you can join the Questers by sending in your information with a check for $30 to: Canadian Society of Questers, Membership Secretary, P.O. Box 4873, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A6

The Questers, together with the Next Generation ASD chapter in Washington state are putting together CanAm, the first Canadian American Dowsing Conference.  This takes place May 2004 at Harrison Springs, BC.  Stay tuned for more info.  It could easily be our turn in 2005, or 2006. (Did I really say that?)

Hello to Barbara Shales!
Barbara is someone we've not yet met because she's never been to a meeting as its difficult to get to one.  Barbara has reached 90 years of age and has been dowsing for the longest time.  She's one of our wise experienced elders, reads and enjoys the newsletters and gives me a treat every few months when she calls and speaks of her dowsing experiences, gardening and life in England.  Frank Baggs is another fine member who hasn't made it out to a meeting and supports our activities.  I greatly admire the attitude of both these very fine people and thank you for staying in touch with us.


YELLOWSTONE:  I have an article from a Bennie LeBeau from the Eastern Shoshone Nation in Wyoming about Yellowstone and the volcano.  Bennie writes:

" Our Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are calling for our prayers. Many of you understand the relationship of the energy gridlines of heaven and earth and its relationship with this next eclipse. "They are like to the nervous system of your bodies and its wiring system. Earth Mother is being stressed out by bad vibrations and some of us as well. With this increasing solar activity, so it is with Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks sacred sites that are asking for help. We have come together because our hearts are responding for a change.  This change is necessary for the survival of our home planet Earth, our Mother. It is time to forgive and forget and move forward into sacredness. The words that have been given in prophecy by the Hopi, they have said, "We are the people we have been waiting for." "

The animals are leaving, vegetation and fish are dying, parts of the park are closed.

Can you believe this?  The Indians have had to ask for permission of park officials to get in there to do sacred ceremonies to save this land.   It is sure a hell of a bad condition when Indians have to ask permission of the politicians to do ceremonies to save the Earth, thereby saving the politician's butt.  I'm in favor of offering the politicians as a sacrifice to the volcano.

NATURE, WEATHER, NIGHT SCHOOL, WALTER RUSSELL:   We've been experiencing humongous sun spots, electrical storms, wind, rain.  More to come.

What's going on with the weather?  It's mid November and its getting warmer!  Our vegetation needs the cold, it needs a blanket of snow to lie under for a time during the winter.  We need dark and cold.  The period especially between November 21 and January 21 is a time to cocoon, to sleep more, to be quiet, to reflect, to plan for the time when more energy will abound. This is the time of year to take in more fish oils and use color therapy.  And allow yourself to rest.

There is a small booklet by Walter Russell called "Your Day and Night" (Joey Korn has Walter Russell books, I don't see this one listed on his site, maybe he can get it?) which includes inspired messages from The Divine Iliad.  This one includes an Invocation for the Night which you read before you sleep.  Russell tells us:

    "Your night is for acquiring knowledge consciously by direct communion with God while your body is being electrically recharged for another day of thought and action.  Thinking sleeps, but Consciousness never sleeps.

    Whatever knowledge you desire "write upon your heart" as you go to sleep. That knowledge will be given to you during the night. This is the secret of the acquisition of knowledge and power by the world's geniuses and mystics. What they have done You can do."

DECEMBER, HOLIDAYS, SUGAR, MINERALS, REWARDS:   Decembers, our December meeting is a Networking Social.  It is not a Christmas meeting.  I do not have Christmas since in the belief system I was raised in there is no such thing and as I have most of the responsibility for organizing this event I am not comfortable at all doing this.  Would you like us to call this a Hanukkah meeting?  Would you come?  Would you have the same feeling towards it?  My rabbi would not approve of calling it a Christmas meeting.  We have never called it a Christmas meeting.  If you ask me what did I do for Christmas I might respond "Probably the same thing that you did for Chanukah."  Why do I do this?  I'm not offended by your comments and it is not my intention to offend you or be a smart alice.  It's a question of awareness.  I personally love the concept of Jesus Christ and feel he was one of the greatest teachers in our history and his purpose was to come here and show us the way or a way, and he did so, for those who cared to learn from him. And to do our best to endeavor to respect ourselves and each other as we endeavor to respect him.

You know how commercial December has become and that Christmas is used by way too many for profit, a concept Jesus wasn't exactly in favor of.  To honor and celebrate his birth and his teachings is a wonderful thing.  But how many people do that?  I know a lot of you do that and feel him in the special place in your heart.  (I do.) If we look at everything in December as a part of Christmas, we help increase the energy of the commercialism.  Look what's happened already this year.  I guess its really a solstice celebration, to bring some light to this period of darkness.

It is still a puzzle why individuals and businesses have Christmas parties and what takes place is eating often unhealthy food, exchanging presents and drinking beverages to the point where they become unhealthy.  How does this happen?  Why isn't there a mention of Jesus Christ?  It makes about as much sense as when you do something good and reward yourself --- with something that is bad for your body.  Next we'll be saying "oh, I just completed this project. I'll treat myself and bang my head against the wall."   That does about as much good for our body as having a piece of synthetic chocolate cake.

It's not that we need a "reward", its that we are lacking in something and don't realize it.  It should be common knowledge by now, after all we seem to have an understanding of DNA and genes.  Every person should know the basics of health and practice them.  When we crave something sweet, we go to satisfy it.  Our body is telling us something.  Unless we have a yeast growth or something like that, we are low in M*I*N*E*R*A*L*S.  Doesn't a sweet orange taste much better than a bitter one?  What's the difference?  The sweet one is grown in mineral rich soil.  You eat a sweet orange, it is satisfying to your body.  It's M*I*N*E*R*A*L*S we crave, its minerals we should consume.  Not sugar.  We don't interpret the sweet craving properly.  Minerals.  Or Honey.  Raw.

This year Christmas decorations and music started the 2nd week in November.  One of the things I used to like about living in Canada was that the Christmas frenzy started later than in the US. At least a week after US Thanksgiving.  Why is this happening?  Because the economy is in the toilet, few are buying and this is the only way they can think of earning profit.  Next year they'll start in October.

I am more aware when I say things, because "When the mouth talks, the brain listens".  I don't want to skin a cat or have a bird in my hand, when I ask "How are you?" I try to mean it.  However, if a real Slant Board or, Flat Screen Monitor, more room, more time, a good small sound system with double head tape deck and CD shows up on the Toronto Dowsers table for me, by all means, call it a Christmas meeting!

FLU:  There is a new flu out - Fujian ?  (every year there is a different flu.  It comes from the Orient and from either swine or fowl. It's just the strain that changes.  This is nothing new.)  Oscillococcinum, and how to use it, has been written about as a flu preventive in several newsletters (the last time in September).  The Big Carrot has it on sale until the end of November.  If you have not used it as a preventive, at least get a package of it to keep on hand if anyone in your family develops flu symptoms.  It's also used to alleviate the flu.  Better to have it on hand instead of feeling crummy and "trying" to get out to the store while the bacteria multiply in your body.  Dolisos and Boiron, 2 homeopathic companies each make these flu remedies.

Do you see how the government is pushing the flu vaccine again?  and its free?  I think everyone who reads this newsletter knows what to do and what not to do by now.


OCTOBER 28th, ALAN HANDELSMAN:   Alan Handelsman, dowsing speaker, (he is a favored presenter at the ASD) musician, hypnotherapist, was in Toronto with his wife Anita as a speaker at the annual Energy Psychology Conference.  We invited them to dinner and spent a happy, congenial, engrossing evening together at the Mandarin Restaurant at Yonge and Eglinton.

Alan is very well known for his great sense of humor and jokes.  It comes from a very (emotionally) tough upbringing which he talks about when he uses it as a teaching tool.   He has been through the fire and has come out the other side, probably with a pHD in tolerance, compassion and acceptance.

What was so synchronistic for us, at this moment, is the fact that Alan works with sound (and we are learning about sound and light healings).  The word he focuses on is "Resonance".   Just saying that word is resonant, with the smooth rolling vibration it sets up in the chest cavity.

Alan speaks about Nature and the Power of Acceptance.  And, Resonance Tuning.  This is a process he uses to Harmonize energy fields.  It helps alleviate problems, such as, in relationships.  The Problems come from disharmonious energy.   His cards have vibrational patterns that he has also put in to sounds.

If someone is toxic (allergic) to a substance around them at the time, energy work will not work.

Alan's cards, which he calls Resonance Tuners, are a way of amplifying intention, and give you another means of manifestation of your intention.  Everything is done with manifestation.  Someone commented that the card works better (for his shoulder pain) than his QXCI machine.  Alan played his flute and we were silent.  With reverence.   As was the formerly crying baby on the other side of the room.

"The hardest part of doing nothing is that you never know when you are finished."

He did a little exercise with Mark Brewer to show acceptance.  Here's the lesson:
"As soon as you accept someone, exactly the way they are, they change"
Acceptance is an action that brings your power back
All actions are expressions of love
All actions are based in love
All actions are based on love
If its not love, its pain.

The finish to this thought is that if an action is not based in love, then it is based in pain. However, since pain is defined as the absence of love, then even when it doesn't look like it, all actions are really based in love.

What you percieve to be your weaknesses, shortcomings, flaws, mistakes and failures are actually the seeds of your greatness.

First, the words weakness, shortcoming, etc. are judgments. The less judgment we use, the better we are, and the more we can enjoy out creation. Judgment gets in the way of acceptance, which is one of the most powerful tools for change we posess.

If there are a couple of things about yourself that you would like to be different, that's great! Because you won't get/feel/act better if you keep doing things the same. So those painful things are simply showing you where your next experience of growth can come from. In other words, the kitchen floor won't get shiny if you keep mopping where it is clean! You go right for the dirt, and that is the most effective way to make the changes you want to make.

Physical pain is there to cause attention to emotional pain.
Nothing has to change. You don't have to change.  It's your relationship to it that changes.

Harmony is pleasing.  Resonance is Super Harmony.

Alan played flute, saxophone, and/or clarinet.

He played in the showrooms at a few Atlantic City casinos many years ago. "Also, I toured the US and Japan with the Glenn Miller Band back in '82-83. As for the people who came and performed while I was in the band, they include, in no particular order: Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Henny Youngman, Melissa Manchester, Rod Stewart, Seals & Crofts, Jerry Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield, Pearl Bailey, the Moody Blues, Tommy Tune, Milton Berle (one of the first people he played with, in the 70's), Al Martino, Don Rickles, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Natalie Cole, Billy Eckstine, George Burns, the Temptations and Four Tops, Jackie Gleason, Joel Grey, Bob Hope, Gene Kelly, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, Burt Bacharach, Johnny Mathis, the Mills Brothers, Jim Nabors, Anthony Newley, Patti Page, Bernadette Peters, Lou Rawls, Chita Rivera, Diana ross, Red Skelton, Danny Thomas, Tina Tuner, Ben Vereen, Dionne Warwick, etc.  He has also played for about 50 different Broadway shows, such as The Producers, Chicago, etc."

Alan would like to come back next year and offer a presentation to our entire group.  (Yes? After all look at the luminaries he gave up playing with so he could spend time with the Toronto Dowsers!!!)  You can see Alan's picture in our Dowsing Stars book at the Bookstore table.  ...  15 people were at the Mandarin that night.  No one wanted to leave.  They left and came back.  5 times.  Why?  Harmony.  Resonance.  Good good good vibrations.

OCTOBER 29TH: MARY HARDY was here.  Do you remember how Mary keeps talking about the Knights Templar?   Do you know who Jim Marrs is?  Jim Marrs has been interviewed a lot lately on Coast to Coast am radio (the old Art Bell show).  He researches global conspiracies, and their history from the beginning, from way back and in great depth.  Jim Marrs ' book "Rule by Secrecy; the hidden history that connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids" is in our library.

He was interviewed on CFRB a few weeks ago.  He said that all the groups --- Masons, Rosicrucians, Order of this, Knights of that --- they all come from the Knights Templar.  That was the beginning, that was the root, that was where the true knowledge lay.  All the other groups were started because they were focused on a certain aspect that appealed to the individuals who started these groups.  So why not go back to the source?  Mary Hardy will take us there.  She would even like for us to go with her to France.  She is there this week.

70 people turned up to hear Mary Hardy talk.  Again, people didn't want to leave at the end.  She spoke a lot about Dan Brown's best seller "The Da Vinci Code" which was reviewed in our May 2003 newsletter and is available at the Toronto Public Library.   She also spoke about the importance of the chalice and the blade ... the cup and the sword.   The contents of her talk will be reported in an upcoming issue.


William E. Marks wrote "The Holy Order of Water Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves".  For his water / Harmonic Concordance poetry, he writes us as William Waterway.  Here are some of his words he sent me before HC:

" Hello Marilyn - hope this finds you well. I am glad you enjoyed my Harmonic Concordance poetry.  I have just returned from traveling - cosmic & otherwise.

    ""The alignment of our forthcoming Harmonic Concordance has not taken place for over 60,000 years. This concordance is considered to be a restorative love of the water matrix.

    A power of motion flowing forth from long ago - a stream of consciousness to twirl worlds within worlds within cosmic flow. All to bring stars and planets and things seen and unseen into vortex spin. A spin of power which permeates all—and us through and through, to touch our hearts with love for life including me and you.""

    Please see below information sourced from Steve McFadden. The "restoration of love in the water matrix" is a concept we see evolving in many circles in many ways.

    Blessings & love,  William Waterway

    The DaVinci Code: It just so happens that right now in popular culture this six-pointed symbol is emerging vividly. It is a key theme in the best-selling novel, "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown (2003, Random House). In the book Brown tells of how the Six-pointed Star symbolically brings together in harmony both masculine (yang) and feminine (yin).

    The intertwined triangles are symbolic of a potential sacred marriage, or fusion first within the souls of individuals, and then with the outer world.

    "Two thousand years ago we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses," Dan Brown writes on his website. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. (My) novel touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future.

    The Six-pointed Star unites the Blade and the Chalice, and thus becomes symbolic of The Holy Grail. By extension, the Nov. 2003 Grand Sextile planetary alignment, and companion eclipse, can be seen as marking a potential Grail Moment. As above, so below. Is "The DaVinci Code" mirroring the pattern soon to appear in the heavens? Or vice versa?

    The Nov 8 eclipse/Grand Sextile can be understood to symbolize a moment in time that holds potential for a profoundly healing expression of balance.  For that to come about, many individuals will have to take initiative and organize ceremonies to form a network of light at the same sacred moment in time but in far-flung Holy Places.

A classical reading of the Grand Sextile pattern suggests that this is an opportunity one not likely to come again for many years. Yet the natural ease of the Sextile pattern requires that people take initiative if the opportunity is ever to ripen to actuality, otherwise the opportunity just eases on by.

Fusion: Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

*        *        *        *        *        *

Just look at what happened for the Harmonic Concordance, how this was started by one couple --- John and Jan Mirehiel.  One couple, working together with a shared vision, catalyzed this change for the planet.  There were way more than 144,000 people taking part in these observances, rituals and ceremonies. We have reached and surpassed the dynamic mass necessary to effect change.  We are over the hump.  Yes, nasty stuff may still happen, but we have passed a threshold on the energetic levels.  This energy is now in mass consciousness.


    "It is the best of times and thanks to the efforts of Mary Hardy, John and Jan Mirehiel, the always there for us Marilyn Gang, and channeler Shawna Ross, we became aware of and participated in a once in a lifetime occurrence that was in place to help our planet, our fellow beings and our own spiritual growth and rebirth.

22 people gathered at our home for supper, some were dowsers, some were energy workers, but all were light workers. After seven we headed for an unspoiled piece of land high in the Caledon Hills with a special location that Bill had found earlier. To enhance the experience we used a pyramid at the crossing of 2 energy lines to anchor in to a vortex of energy and to work with the earth's grid system. One of our tasks.  Shawna, a very experienced energy worker took us through grounding, clearing of our water and blood and problems and situations of the planet so that we were ready for the 25 minute window of change. Among other things the time was possible due to the moon's energy aligning with the planets, to form a Star of David and a Stargate - Heaven and earth together. Using intent, circles of female and male energy, channeled guidance through Shawna, we solidified the earth's grid as it had been fractured by negativity and HAARP activities. Individually we were brought peace, love and joy at a cellular level that has not dissipated. In the final moments Marilyn, Pat, Daniel and Pat created a Holy Grail Vortex and used the Cather Creed to complete our time. As Mary Hardy states "your work will be seen in the sky" and it was marked by a shooting star.

It was cold, we were in awe of the moon and its energy and it was a mission as we walked up and down the hill carrying torches and lanterns.  Still in our sacred space we quietly left, partied later on --- changed. I am thankful to and grateful for the mystical experience with very special people in very special days." - from Bill Colclough

*            *            *            *            *            *

"Greetings from Southwest Mississauga/East Oakville! A group of us gathered on Sat. night, and went down to the lake by Lakeside Park in East Oakville.  We considered the event in Miss, and one in Toronto, but this seemed the best choice for us.  We were not alone!  People had travelled from quite far!  We were 3 women from Mississauga, there were other small groups including a local 11 year old girl with a great telescope she had set up. After dowsing for the best place and clearing it a little, I set down a gemstone energy structure (the gemstones recommended by the Mirehiels) and vortex...and with drums, smudging, candles (lit only before and after), etc. and many blessings and the best of intentions, we had a WONDERFUL time!!   One group frantically gathered "Eclipse Water" from Lake Ontario (for healing" they said)   I don't know if you saw it - but at about half-way through the eclipse, we saw a shooting star. We continue to greet each day.....and YES!  We're tired too!!!!" Peace,  - from Shari Bridge
*            *            *            *            *            *

"On the night of November 8th I was working until 6PM.  I felt the best place for me was near to home.

I started my “observance” on the bus ride home.  I went into a meditative state, did the “Merkabah” thing and connected with the grid.  I let the energy flow through me and sent my love & reverence out into the universe. When I got home, I felt that I needed to be outside for my observance, so I put on many layers of warm clothing, got my smudge bowl and went outside.  I wasn't sure where to go.  I tried the back, but folks going to and from their cars made this feel too exposed.  I tried the front, but there was someone waiting for a passenger in the driveway and I felt exposed (now I know why the Harmonic Concordance website said that planning the ceremony was an important part of the ceremony!)

Now, on my meanderings for a good spot I had walked by the dumpsters and wouldn’t you know it, parked in front of it, like it was waiting for me, was an old comfy chair that someone threw out.  I checked it out, found the chair in good condition and I had a perfect view of the moon!  I made myself comfortable and observed the moon through my telescope (the only way I can tell the moon from a streetlight!) and meditate.

I could feel the energy of the grid.  It was very powerful and I could feel the focus of all you folks all over the world, all focusing your will & intent, showing how we all care for ourselves, each other and our world. It felt really wonderful!  I prayed and sent out my intentions and decided to do the Grail vortex a la Mary Hardy.  Well!  I understand why she recommends that you do this in threes.  I got the bottom bit going and was really impressed, then the thing moved over me!  That was a little scary, let me tell you!  It was also a challenge to calm down enough to focus on how to move it back to where I started.  I managed, but next time, I think I’d prefer to do that in a group.  I thought it was important to do something in my area.  I live in Rexdale.  There is lots of gang violence here and I want to be a part of healing that.

At 8:15 I was looking forward to the World Wide OM.  Wow!  I was a little concerned about folks seeing me, but there was no one outside and so I decided to be brave and go ahead.  I sat there Oming away and my whole body was tingling with energy.  I felt waves of peace and joy and sent it back out into the universe. As soon as I started, people started appearing all over the place!  My concentration was shattered when a two women came out of the apartment building to get into a car.  They  had a whispered conversation.  My gut reaction was to stop, but I really wanted to be part of things at this special time, so I kept going.  A few minutes later one of the women tentatively approached me.  She asked me if I was all right.  I told her I was observing the lunar eclipse.  She told me not to stay out all night and asked if I knew where the local shelter was! I thanked her for her concern and told her I was fine.

Next some kids came out to take a picture of the moon.  They milled nervously about when they saw me.  (My OMing was over by then).  Their mother came out and they had a whispered conversation. Would you believe it?  She went in and called the police!

Folks, I almost ended up taken in by the Cops for vagrancy outside my own apartment building!  I never actually saw the Cops.  They're real busy in Rexdale and it takes them a long time to respond to stuff like this.   I stayed there until the moon showed her face again.  I grounded, thanked Creator and Creation and went in to warm up feeling peaceful, happy, and in tune with the universe.  It was a beautiful (if strange at times) experience. I did notice the next day though, that they (at great effort as it was a big chair) threw the chair into the dumpster!
You can sign me…  Cat, the mad Omer!" - from Cat Peever

*            *            *            *            *            *

"The morning of November 8, 2003, I was at the Mound at 6:30 a.m. to greet the dawn with peace and love and harmony in my heart.  5 other Toronto Dowsers were already there. I selected a place to sit, facing east, wrapped in a blanket. Thanks to dowsing, I was able to focus on the intention which became "Bring peace and love throughout the land."  I was focusing on this for some time and Joey Korn's prayers came to mind.  It became: "If it be thy will, bring peace and love throughout the land."  The intention felt stronger.  Then it became "If it be thy will, May the Powers of Nature converge to Bring peace and love throughout the land."  That felt so good, very strong, and I stayed with it.  (You can see how Joey "builds" a prayer in his book.)

The sky grew lighter, until the mote of sunlight burst over the horizon. It was a glorious moment. And yes, it did feel like the moment in the Lara Croft, Tomb Raiders I movie. One moment in 4,000 years.  We all had breakfast in the sun room in the Grenadier Restaurant.   It was a glorious dawn, day and night, the sun bright, the sky crisp and clear all the way through.

Photo courtesy:  Marja Pirie.
At night, I went to Bill Colclough's gathering.  It was like the first night we all walked up to the Mound, in March.  People carrying lit torches as we trudged to the top of the hill, in Caledon and could see the lights of Toronto below.  The stars were distinct, the eclipse was awesome.  At the end of Shawna's channeling, which was probably at the height of the eclipse, there was a shooting star.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that there is something real big out there, sending us a message that we are on the right path.  REAL big.  We were like little children seeing our first magic trick.  Creating the holy grail vortex brought strength and renewal after the cleansing.  I slept almost the entire next day and a lot during the following week.  There was all this internal processing going on, that's where the energy was.  The mind needed to be out of the way.  Many of you said you were also sleepy on Sunday."  - from Marilyn Gang
*        *        *        *        *        *

From: The Global Consciousness Project, Consciousness in general; their findings on HC:

Consciousness seems to result from a coalescence of connections among the elements of brain and mind. Consciousness is created when coherence develops in an otherwise chaotic, random flux of subtle chemistry and faint electrical signals. Ordering influences may be subtle external agents and operators, and they also may be internal, self-organizing principles.

Although it must be recognized as a metaphor, it may be helpful to envision a "consciousness field." Picture a faint radiance of information extending out indefinitely from each mind, with a wavelike interpenetration creating tenuous interference patterns that differ depending on our intentions and our degree of engagement.

What we do is to predict that if there is a powerfully engaging event in the world -- like the Concorde crash -- the focused attention of large numbers of people will produce a departure from expected behavior in our network of Random Energy Generator (REG) detectors. We speculatively imagine a consciousness field that becomes relatively coherent and structured when these occasional global events occur. Continuing the speculation, we suggest that the information in such a field can somehow be absorbed by the REG devices, which then show patterns where none should exist.

In the GCP, exactly the same procedure is applied on a broader scale. We predict a detectable ordering in otherwise random data during world-scale events that are likely to engage the attention of large numbers of people around the globe. The prediction is tested by looking for slight, anomalous meanshifts in either direction, that is, changes in the variability of the data. The statistics for the continuous data streams registered by the EGG network have well-defined expectations based on theory and calibrations. We simply compare the empirical data with this background to see whether our hypothesis is supported. Simply put, we predict differences from expectation which are correlated with certain global events. If there is any effect of global consciousness on our detectors, we look for it to be concentrated during those special times when humanity experiences broadly shared interests, feelings, and reactions.

During deeply engaging meetings, concerts, rituals, etc., the data tend to exhibit slightly greater order than random data should, and we are able to predict this deviation with small but significant success.

The odds against a chance explanation are more than a thousand to one.

Following the Mirehiel prescription, the formal event specification was for the period from 01:00 to 01:24 on the 9th, GMT, which is centered on the lunar eclipse totality. The result shows a steady trend for the first 20 minutes of this period, which drops off for the last few minutes. The Chisquare is 1473 on 1440 degrees of freedom, associated with a probability of 0.267.

From Dick Martin, Raymon Grace, Mary Hardy Jan Mirehiel, David Hawkins, and ...

Dick Martin said he conducted a ceremony at the Beaches.  The connected with the Star of David Grid, prayed for peace and love and blessings to come to the earth.  They connected with groups Dick knew of in Woodbridge and Penetanguishene.

Raymon Grace said he was in Florida, teaching a workshop.  It was a warm night, he brought out his drum.  During the eclipse of the moon he took the group in to the Medicine Place, they took the water of the world and put it on the Healing Stone!!!

Mary Hardy said it was an individual experience.

Jan Mirehiel emailed me November 25:
Dear ONE,
It was the planet which had this dream.  All we did was sound the wakeup call!

This was heard from Dr. Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force":"  Doctor Hawkins, using his favored method of metering 'kinesiology'  has calibrated a rise of 2 logarithmic points on the scale of consciousness for all of humanity, which is extreme."

(He also reiterated the Heisenberg principle – Consciousness alters reality.)

T*H*A*N*K    Y*O*U     E*V*E*R*Y*O*N*E

From Robert J. Sawyer's 2003 novel: "Humans":

p. 311:  "You know my theory: that there was only one long-term universe until consciousness dawned forty thousand years ago."
    Jock nodded.  Although quantum mechanical events caused countless brief splittings of the universe, and probably had since the beginning of time, those splittings made no macroscopic difference, and so the resulting universes had always collapsed back together after a nano second or two.
   But the acts of conscious beings caused splits that could not be healed.

On Young Women

(Marilyn's words:) Over the past 6 months I've been receiving a growing number of very disturbing reports concerning young women, 14-20 years old.  Some are from you, about your children, your friends' children.  They have good parents.  These young women are in despair.  They are non communicative, demotivated, self destructive.  They hole themselves up in their room, don't want to go to school and don't attend, spend time with bad company, perform self mutilation, drink alcohol, do drugs or commit suicide.  They have no ego, no self love, no self esteem, no hope.


I called Raymon to ask him if he could confirm that this is happening, if there is a cause, and if we could do something about it.

He dowsed that this is so that there is a mass brainwashing underway for young people.  Figures.  Target the young girls and there is a big problem with future population.  Ask some questions yourself. Clear yourself and ask:

Is there a force causing young girls to self destruct.  If yes, ask:
Where is it coming from.  If yes ask:
How is it being delivered.
Ask if media has anything to do with this.
The girls I've heard about this happening to are more sensitive than others, hence more susceptible to these techniques.

Have you noticed this?  If so, how have people you know of been successful in dealing with these situations?

Would you like to do what Raymon does?  Every morning he says:
Scramble the frequencies of  all harmful subliminal messages, transmitted by electronic devices, HAARP projects, radionics, and electrical current.  Adjust these to the frequency of 5th dimensional energy.

Scramble the frequency of war, fear, hate, greed, terrorism, & marshall law.  Adjust these to the frequency of FREEDOM and COMPASSION.

Scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological, and radiological pollutants of the water, earth and air and adjust them to the frequency of pure water, earth and air.

Scramble the frequency of all oppressive governing bodies, groups, individuals & religious groups and adjust their frequency to 5th dimensional energy.

And, many young children have never experienced positive people in their lives, or positive role models.  They are receiving mixed messages.  They need OUR help.

I could sense this is a smoky squishy black cloud that has a black squid like creature with tentacles that reaches in to the hearts of young women and squeezes them.  It hurts.  Its all over the place. Joey Korn says dowsing helps us uncover what's behind the scenes in life.

New discoveries about water came to Raymon as a result of his talks August 2003 at ORI and October 2003 at the Flagstaff dowsing conference.  He asked me to share this information with you that he wrote:

We have all the water there is, all there has ever been, and all there will ever be. No one is making any more of it.

Each day there are more people drinking, using, and polluting it. This is a trend that cannot continue indefinitely.

If our children and grandchildren are to have pure water, someone has to do something. We cannot depend upon the churches or government to correct this problem. They haven't done it yet.

Regardless of how much technology we may have, our existence upon this earth depends upon six inches of dirt and water.

Now for the first time ever, we have reason to be optimistic. Based on our experiences with water since April of 2001, there is reason to believe that in our lifetime we can have better water than our grandparents had. But--you will have to do something.

I would like to share with you some things we have learned that will allow you to make a positive difference in the future of your descendants. The new expanded version of "The Future is Yours" has a chapter on water but we have learned some things since writing that chapter.

Water has a "Spirit" which responds to respect. Lack of respect and greed seem to be the main reason that water has been polluted.

We might also add ignorance, because if people really understood the importance of water, then they would treat it with more respect.

I had believed that water had a spirit but learned some more in a recent class at ORI. In every class, I tell people they are being given a lifetime supply of energized water. All the people in the class bring a bottle of water and I energize it for them.

ORI was selling drinking water with a red label on it and most of the people had this brand of water. As I was working at raising the energy of the water in all bottles in the room, it became obvious that something was wrong. One person had a blue tinted bottle with a blue label and the spirit of the water was not in this blue bottle, and would not go into it.  We had to stop and find out why. When I mentioned the problem to the class, Mick Ames, who was a water technician sitting on the front row, was nodding his head and grinning.  I then said, "The spirit of greed is in this bottle."  Mick again grinned and nodded his head. Then I announced, "The company who bottled this blue bottle has a lower integrity than the company who bottled the red labelled bottle." Again, Mick nodded his head - he knew something I didn't. [Mick's email to me is included later in this article.]

 Once the spirit of greed was removed along with several negative thought forms, the spirit of the water went into the water and we were able to continue energizing all the water in the room.  Walt Woods was in one of the classes at ORI and when we measured his bottle of water, it was found to be about 800,000 on the Bovis scale, [which measures how positively or negatively charged a substance is.] This puzzled me because at other times the water had measured over one million on the Bovis scale.  Why didn't Walt's bottle go any higher? Walt determined that a higher energy was not beneficial for him and the energy of the water reached the ideal level for him, and stopped. This taught me to ask for the water to be raised to the most appropriate level for the use of the person, rather than asking to raise it to the highest possible level.   At the recent Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, the "Spirit of the water" came through and gave a message to Ellie Drew who then gave it to the class. It confirmed that the spirit of the water would not go where there was greed.

We have also found that the attitude of a landowner will affect the condition of the water on the land.  In addition, curses on the land will also affect the water.

 In my little book, "Techniques That Work For Me", I list a number of things one can do to clear various negative energies from people and property. It seems the same techniques can be used to clear bodies of water.

Ron Barone of South Dakota ordered a bottle of water from the Toronto Dowsers [ECH2O Water] and tried to test its energy. He called to say that he hadn't been able to do it because his scale of measurement didn't go high enough. He took three drops of the water and put them in a container, which he then filled with filtered water.  In five minutes he couldn't test that container of water either. The energy of the second container had apparently risen to match that of the ECH2O water.  My reply was, "You have proved by your methods, what I suspected. I put a thought form in the water to energize all water that it touched to equal that of the original water."

We have discovered that we can put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with the energy field of the water. This was done by sitting a bottle of energized water on a table next to a bottle of plain water. The next morning the plain water had an energy equal to the energized water.  It has some surprising side effects - my friend Jeannie energized a part of the Atlantic Ocean where she was swimming and 20 dolphins showed up and stayed all day!

How do we purify the water? By using our dowsing system to scramble the frequency of the chemical, biological and radiological pollutants of the water and adjust them to the frequency of pure water.  We then put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with it's energy field and that the process be repeated continually.

"What else?" you ask, "This is so simple." There is nothing else. Simple is what you get when you work with me. [Simple means uncomplicated.]

However, we may put in a thought form for a specific correction to be made in our bodies or the bodies of animals. I suspect that this could be used to create a more positive mental attitude in folks. Maybe we could even energize the raindrops and invite in the spirits of respect and compassion so that these characteristics would affect anyone who was within the energy field of the raindrops.

And from Mick Ames - "While attending the August 2003 Power of Thought school in Fayetteville, I had an opportunity to do a water test on two different samples of energized water. At that time I was a water technician for a company installing a line of whole-house water softeners and purifying systems for drinking water, and had the testing kit at my disposal. One of the samples had been altered by Raymon Grace at Sunday's class. Originally this had 8 grains of hardness per gallon. Sunday night I tested the samples and found that the water energized by Raymon now shows no hardness present. No precipitation test was performed, as I saw no need for it."


December 9th:  The 4th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

Food    *     Shopping    *     Eating    *     Good Vibrations

December is our annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.  Members are eligible to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  We also ask you to bring some food to share if you like.  In the past 3 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!  Check out:  JAN2002 newsletter or see PICTURES  to see what went on.  It is a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.

The following people have been invited to share their talents with us:

DRUMMING!  We met David Yeo (of London, Ontario) this August at Mary Hardy's.  David gave a presentation on pH.  You might recognize David as he speaks about Coral Calcium at the health shows.  David is a fantastic drummer.   He will bring at least 3 other drummers with him from the "RitMiks":  Jimmy, Terri and Stefan.   Last weekend they drummed for a crowd of 200.  Jimmy lives in Toronto, and makes drums full time.  David says the drums are affordable, and, Jimmy will have some on hand for sale.

Please do feel free to bring your drums or whatever instrument you play to join in.  We are arranging to have them drum for as long as possible.

THE ALL DISCOVERY GAME:  Led by Ann Hatch, B.A., Psych & Soc., this is actually a board game which helps people discover their paths and strengths, issues and areas that are non productive.  The 7 paths are: security, pleasure, energy, relationships, willingness, mind and oneness.  Ann calls this "profound entertainment".  Come and choose your cards and play the game.

THE GENTLE WIND PROJECT:  Paul Newton will be returning with some of the most powerful instruments that the Gentle Wind Project produces.  What you do is you hold one of the instruments, for 5 or 10 minutes depending on the device, and this comprises a "healing".  Its as if the instrument sets up a communication where you act as an antenna and can pull in the healing energies of the universe.  Holding the instrument, one time, sets up the communication for a healing that continues the rest of your life.

Here are some of the other tables that have been requested:  Egyptian Healing Wands --- Rods of Horus, Dream Pillows, flutes, bowls, Young Living Essential Oils, Chi machine, Sea Shell oracle, Violet Ray Experimental Device, Biofeedback, etc.  This year the requests that have come in seem to be more experiential and educational rather than sales objects.   Looks as if our desire to plunge and explore our esoteric knowledge is growing.  Still, do remember to bring moolah for the stuff that is for sale.   When all the requests are in, we will dowse for what is best for us at this time considering the number of tables we have available.

FOOD!   GLORIOUS FOOD!   If you feel like it, please do bring some vittles to share.   Bring something as if you are going to a party and have been requested to bring finger food, such as: dips, spreads, hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches (can be cut in halves or quarters), cookies, sushi rolls, etc.  We supply the beverages and paperware.   We will be eating pretty much all night and we are pretty good at scarfing it down.

DOOR PRIZES!   Last year we had about 3 dozen door prizes. If you would like to donate a door prize, you must (please) contact Marilyn by  Dec. 5.  (We had sooo many door prizes last year we may actually have to limit their number this year.)  If you do donate something please be sure your name, contact info, is prominent.  The door prizes are placed on a table and everyone would like to know who you are.  Thank you Arlene Anisman and Eva Angyal for your generous donations.  Arlene will be donating a "YLEO" Essential Oil and Eva will be donating a copy of her newly updated useful dowsing chart reference manual "Vital Knowledge".  Joan Shepard just called to offer a donation of a starter pack of "Vita Fons II" products.  When you register at the meeting, you can register for this draw when you put your name on the slip you will be given and in to the box.

If you are interested in having a table: For sale at the Toronto Dowsers table:
- Body charts for dowsing (and corrections) developed by Hanna Kroeger
- 2 remedies from Healers Who Share to help improve Dowsing:  One helps increase your Confidence and Accuracy.  The other --- works under the principle that for some people there are pathways in the brain that block us from being able to dowse properly.  It is suggested that this is a liver/brain condition of blocked phenylalanine.  The condition closes specific neurological pathways.  It is as if you understand the beginning and the end but your brain doesn't connect the dots. Your brain doesn't easily get through in this area until the pathways are reopened. This remedy is intended to help the pathways to the art of dowsing so that both hemispheres of the brain will be better connected.
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Ross Andaloro, of Vancouver will  give us a mini workshop on
"How to Use a Pendulum to Contact the Subconscious".
Ross says:  "Your subconscious was programmed by your basic responses to experiences you had from the time you were newly born until the present. The programs with the greatest impact consist of your first experiences and thus reflect your view of life from birth to almost 4 years of age."

Ross has developed a method where you deprogram yourself by removing unwanted programs.  He shows you how to be able to open up a dialog with your subconscious, uncover incidents that resulted in non beneficial programs, when and what they were and how to remove no longer relevant "programs" from your computer, leading to a more truthful, creative and peaceful existence.  He has put this in to a 6 hour workshop that costs over $100.

Because we are already dowsers, and we understand many of the concepts of dowsing used in these techniques, Ross is arranging to give us his workshop, with course materials, at our January meeting.

The logistical changes we need to make for this evening are:

-  The event will last approximately 30 minutes longer, including a very short break.
-  We are asking an extra $10 per person.  That money goes directly to Ross.  (See elsewhere in this newsletter for info on speaker compensation.)  That means $17 for members and $20 for non members.

This is a working, dowsing evening.   Bring your pendulums.  If you do not yet dowse, or do not feel totally comfortable doing so, please come anyway.  You will be surprised at what you pick up and we will do our best to have you sit next to someone who feels more comfortable with this.

Additional information will be provided in the January (next month's) newsletter.

Friday, January 16, 2004 - 6-9:30
Dining with the Dowsers
Boston's Restaurant, 1958 Yonge Street
(a few shops north of the NW corner of Yonge & Davisville)

We have gotten together for kaffee klatches and at other times outside meetings.  We really like grokking with one another and want more.  The evening of January 16 we can meet at Boston's.  They have good food, and the prices are modest.  The restaurant seats 70 and we have the place to ourselves.  They are licensed.  A menu will be posted on our site at the beginning of January and at the January 13 meeting. This is still being arranged.   VERIFY OUR PLANS AT THE BEGINNING OF THAT WEEK: If you are not on Internet and plan on attending, please ask someone who is online to verify that our plans are still on, or, call me.  This can be a nice evening of getting together in a congenial location, good food, low cost and great people.  And we'll be sure to have a plan in mind by then for some areas of focus or new tidbits of information.


Canada Blooms would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in Canada Blooms  2004 “Tides of Time” March 3-7, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building.

Volunteer for three hours and spend the rest of the day in the gardens, shopping in the marketplace or learning something new in a lecture or demonstration. Volunteers are free to pick the day and time that suits their schedule.  Fill out an online application.  Once we have received your application, we will send you confirmation of your shifts. Closer to the show you will receive an admission ticket and the orientation package that outlines Canada Blooms 2004 highlights as well as the volunteer procedures at the show.

Shifts fill up, so sign up early! Please note that the deadline for applications is January 31, 2004. For more information email the Canada Blooms office at 

The Dalai Lama returns to Toronto, Spring 2004.  Volunteer:

he Canadian Tibetan Association of  Ontario (CTAO) is happy to announce that His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet will confer the Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace in Toronto, Canada from April 25-May 5  2004.

Volunteer Opportunities
Application Deadline: January 31, 2004
To become an Kalachakra Volunteer: Download and complete the volunteer form and mail it

The Meaning of Kalachakra:

The Kalachakra Initiation is the largest Buddhist ritual and initiation regularly conferred by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is traditionally given to large groups of people assembled from around the world and is considered a special blessing for those who participate and for the environment in which it is given.

The word Kalachakra or "Wheel of Time", refers to the unique presentation of cycles of time within the Kalachakra Tantra. This understanding of time is used in the Kalachakra as a basis for a system for liberation and enlightenment. The word Tantra means an "everlasting stream of continuity."

The foundations of Kalachakra rely upon the basic Buddhist tenets of the Four Noble Truths. The initiation confers on the practitioner permission to begin the study and practice of the Kalachakra Tantra.

Engaging in the practice with the motivation to free all beings from suffering, and with the proper internal and external conditions, one can realize the path to enlightenment.

For those who are not Buddhists, or for those who do not wish to take the empowerment at this time, the initiation can be taken as a blessing. For everyone involved, regardless of the level of participation, the Kalachakra serves as a universal prayer for the development of the ethics of peace and harmony within one’s self and humanity.

[I saw the Dalai Lama in Toronto about 10 years ago.  He gave a presentation at Convocation Hall at the U of T.  I think we paid about $15.  This time, it costs about $90 / day.  Different program?]


I met TD'er Ann Elizabeth Knutton on the street in August and she told me about a Fresh and Raw weekend seminar she was attending in London, Ontario.  As it turns out, David Yeo, who will be drumming at our December meeting, was one of the organizers of that event.  It seems more are doing this.  Wish that were so when I started it 12 years ago.  If there were more people in to it then, I'd probably still be doing that.  I went from a Standard diet to fresh and raw overnight following the "Fit For Life" system when it first came out.  Big mistake.  Yes, I lost 30 pounds in 4 months, but really didn't need to do that.  The digestive system is an environment.  Proper transition, for a change in internal flora, takes a little more time.  And, living in Toronto in January is not the same as living in Southern California as Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, who brought out the program, did.  It's cold!  I was cold, and, tired.  I learned later on that I didn't have enough warming foods, which can be obtained through seasonings, or enough EFAs.  Gabriel Cousens "Conscious Eating" offers a much more balancing approach.  Then, David Wolfe's "Sun Food Diet" offers another balanced approach.

This section is included in this newsletter because more people are starting this approach, and its a good one.  Do consider incorporating some of the concepts in your own approach to food.  Late spring and summer is a good time to transition to fresh and raw in our climate, as its more natural then. Start preparing now. TD'er Glenda Swanson also started this food plan.  They are both looking fabulous.  I can see it especially in the skin and the eyes.  Much more relaxed.  More water in the food (water which is more usable by the cells) and the cells are more hydrated.  Greater hydration ---> fewer wrinkles.

Super Sprouts, a store at 720 Bathurst St not only sells sprouts but is also excellent when it comes to educating Torontonians on the benefits of the raw food plan.  They brought Gabriel Cousens here a couple of years ago and they bring David Wolfe often.  Check out their events.  Erika Wolfe is a teacher and consultant there as well as a Hippocrates Educator and her food is sublimely delicious.  You get a chance to dine with her when you take her courses.

There are places that you can go to, for a week or more to experience and learn about this new way of life.  And it does become a new lifestyle.  A happier, healthier, more wholistic one.  If you learn and follow some of the suggestions you can feel better, look better, reduce aches and pains and have a more positive outlook on life.  They help people with all sorts of health problems.  Because most poor health is diet related.  They teach you ways to prepare food combined with a more healthful and spiritual outlook on living.  These experiences make for a very restful, rejuvenating vacation.

Here are 4 Fresh and Raw places in the US:

1) The first, and best known is the Hippocrates Institute, started by Ann Wigmore and Victoras Kulvinskas. It is now in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Hippocrates philosophy is dedicated to the belief that a pure enzyme-rich diet, complemented by positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, are essential elements on the path to optimum health.  You stay for a 3 week comprehensive program of experiencing and learning and come away feeling like a zillion bucks.  This is where you learn how to grow and juice wheat grass.  I've been there several times and breathing the air in their greenhouse is pure divinity. Brian Clement, who comes to Toronto often, is the Director.

2), 3) The Optimum Institute has locations in San Diego and in Texas.  Their program is very similar to that of Hippocrates and they are about half the cost (its a mission of a church).

Here's the blurb from Internet on Optimum.  You can see its a lot more than rabbit food.  The approach at both Hippocrates and Optimum is similar but the verbiage was available from Optimum, so I borrowed it for us:

During the first week, the program presents a total approach to cleansing the mind and body, so that spiritual enlightenment is possible. The body is cleansed through a live-raw food diet, lymphatic exercise, the consumption of wheatgrass juice and colon therapy. Guests are educated about the purpose and process of cleansing through classes that focus on digestion and elimination.  The mind is detoxified and cognitively expanded through interactive courses that teach people how to reach the alpha level in the brain, release negative thoughts and emotions, and reinforce the mind-body-spirit connection, so that they can more effectively self-actualize and self-heal.  Additionally, the Institute provides peaceful surroundings, access to spiritual literature, and classes that teach guest how to achieve a prayer state.  By doing this, we encourage guests to refocus their lives towards practicing their own spiritual beliefs. Ultimately, the program is based on the precept that once the mind and body are detoxified, the whole person can regain his/her natural state of balance and connection to the creator.

During the second and third weeks, guests continue to experience a mind-body cleansing that deepens their understanding of the 1st week program and practices as well as furthering their individual spiritual quest. Additionally, they are taught the maintenance portion of the diet and learn how to turn their OHI experience into a permanent life-style change.

The process of detoxification is not a mystery.  At Optimum Health Institute we understand that our bodies have been bombarded with processed foods, our minds have had to withstand incredible pressures and our emotions have had to encounter unprecedented social change. Along with this, our culture has swept spiritual matters aside.

As a result, our physical and mental processes have become distorted. This leads to what we call "toxins" building up in our bodies as well as in our minds through negative thinking. The detoxification process releases the toxins from our body through a program cleansing, nutrition reeducation, spiritual reawakening, and positive mental exercises. We teach you to change bad habits to good habits to reduce the toxins in the body, and to continually renew and refresh your body with the detoxification procedures.

Optimum Health Institute is a Mission of The Free Sacred Trinity Church.  The history of Free Sacred Trinity Church (the "Church") is both ancient and  modern. The ancient history of the Church grows from the Essene tradition. The Essene's were a quasi-monastic dissident group, and are the sect that preserved the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran. The Essenes did not participate in temple worship at Jerusalem and observed another religious calendar. From their desert retreat this Jewish sect awaited divine intervention and searched prophetic writings for signs indicating the consummation.

4) This is a great segue to: the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, in Arizona, founded and directed by Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat in Ayurveda, an internationally celebrated spiritual teacher, holistic physician, author, lecturer, and world peace-worker.   the Tree of Life Health Practice, the Essene Order of Light and Patlanco. The Rejuvenation Center is a cross-cultural, vegan live-food, residential guest/student center which serves as a spiritual sanctuary, eco-retreat, educational campus and holistic medical “spa”. The Tree of Life Health Practice serves clients in diagnosing and treating limiting health conditions and creating optimal-health lifestyles through our “Whole Person Healing” optimal wellness program. The Essene Order of Light is dedicated to charitable work including training “peace workers” and creating and sustaining projects to bring healthy, economically and ecologically sustainable living to people in need around the world.   Patlanco owns the land on which the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is located and insures its proper stewardship.

The Tree of Life Foundation is fulfilling the deep yearning of all to live a quality of life that may be called “awakened normality”—a life filled with Divine inspiration and the Sevenfold Peace—peace with the body, mind, family, humanity, culture, living planet, and the Divine Presence. Through participation at the Tree of Life, one comes to know that such an existence is real and embodies the joy of living in this way, in turn affecting the world around them.

The Tree of Life Foundation is a human preserve for the experience of embracing a sacred quality of life and the awakening of consciousness.

Our Kabbalistic-Essene practice as a non-profit religious foundation is to offer a certain amount of free service to persons of limited financial means as can be afforded while maintaining the economic function and survival of the Tree of Life Foundation.

Blending a unique, transformational alchemy of ancient spiritual practices, modern holistic healing techniques, live-food nutritional protocols, rejuvenating detoxification sciences, educational programs, and organic environmental technologies, the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is truly an Oasis for Awakening.

We offer the art of physical rejuvenation, combined with psychological and spiritual development by integrating all healing life forces for complete body, mind, spiritual and planetary renewal. The metaphor of the “Tree of Life” is one of working with all the forces in our lives such as air, earth, sun, water, love, wisdom, joy, peace, right livelihood and the Divine Presence. Being energized by and integrating these natural forces into one’s life is the secret to rejuvenation and the natural joy of whole person awakening.

It supports your discovery as you move through Yoga, sunrise and sunset meditations, breathing exercises, hiking, new moon sweat lodge, chanting and celebration or just taking time to be. Bountiful EM-based (effective microorganisms) organic gardens contribute to the gourmet, organic, Kosher, vegan-vegetarian, live-food cuisine created and prepared by our artistic chefs at the Tree of Life Cafe.

The key to evolving to a more healthy and conscious lifestyle is inspiration. This inspiration is uniquely embodied at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. The Tree is much more than an innovative holistic health center. It is a spiritual sanctuary that supports you in discovering the indescribable “Truth of Who You Are.” In the eastern tradition of Yoga this awareness is called spiritual Liberation. In the western tradition of Kabbalah it is called devekut. At the Tree of Life we think of it as “awakened normality!”

Zero Point (retreat) empowers individuals with tools to:
• Transmute conscious and unconscious psycho-emotional patterns
• Eliminate limiting beliefs, fears and resistance to life experiences
• Release shadows of one’s self
• Dissolve addictive behavior patterns, compulsions, obsessions, and phobias
• Let go of negative body image
• Handle identities or parts of oneself that are in conflict • Dissolve limiting spiritual concepts
• Enter into the state of Zero Point, the space prior to consciousness before the creation of all thought forms, including emotions, ideas, feelings, beliefs and identities

I had been attending Brian Clement's (from Hippocrates) talks in Toronto for years.  About  5 years ago, his talks switched to a fcous on the spiritual.  It is "interesting" how these 4 different raw foods centres have also become deeply integrated with spiritual practices and expanded consciousness.

ONE MORE:  Here is a Health Clinic, written about by Arlene Anisman:

Dear Marilyn:

    I had the good fortune to accompany a family member to the Young Life Research Clinic last August.  This clinic is owned and operated by the Young Living Essential Oils company and promotes healing through "providing comprehensive health care for the entire family".   It is in Springvllle, Utah about an hour outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Before the appointment, a large questionnaire is sent that must be completed and sent back. You are also encouraged to send any test results you may have had done here both by medical doctors and any complementary practitioners.  On arrival the first day, we were given a tour of the clinic followed by a schedule for the day.

    This is an out-patient clinic, which means that you come for the day and stay at a local hotel, many of which have shuttle buses to bring you back and forth to the clinic.  Throughout the day, you are scheduled for assessments and treatments, one following another.  Practitioners and possible treatment include a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, chiropractic/kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, colon hydro-therapy, kirlian analysis, arteriosclerosis screening, back and spinal rehabilitation, biofeedback medicine using a quantum machine, cleansing therapy/detoxification, emotional clearing therapy, IV therapy, hormonal rehabilitation and longevity, massage therapies including "raindrop technique", "vitaflex", reflexology and auricular techniques, live and dry cell blood analysis, and all-round wellness and lifestyle management.

    So, back to our experience.  After assessments by various practitioners, the schedule was set up using both IV and various organic essential oils, and administered over the 3-days that we were there.  The days were packed quite full, one treatment following another.  The staff were all very warm and nurturing, comforting when necessary and supportive of your own timing and process and feelings about just being there.  Every staff member, starting with the receptionist upon arrival each day treated us with the utmost warmth, respect and kindness and always focused on the healing and what priorities we came with.  Assessments were made initially, and throughout the days to ensure that we were achieving our goals.  We left with a 90-day protocol to follow that included some supplements from the clinic and various essential oils both to use orally in capsules as well as to apply topically.

    Length of treatment varies for each person depending on your time as well as clinic recommendations.  We met other people there who came for any time from 1 day to 2 weeks.  Often, they recommend a week.

    The first 90 days back home, we kept in contact both by phone and email.  After the 90 days, we sent in a blood sample (a few drops) for a follow-up dry cell analysis as well as copies of blood test results from here.  The protocol may then be adjusted.   Our hope is to go again, perhaps next year to have more personal treatments.

    The cost is based on individual treatments and tests done, with an initial assessment to begin with.  The initial assessment is all you commit to before going.  Although the cost does add up and is not covered by our OHIP, I did not find it to be overly expensive and it was exceptionally worthwhile.  This healing experience was so extremely positive that words don't adequately describe how highly I would recommend it!

    This is just an overview.  I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in more information. ---  Arlene Anisman  416-766-8261 or email me:

Our November 12 Presentation:  Art Martin

Art Martin, from Penryn, California made a special trip from California to speak to us.   This was perhaps the most controversial presentation yet, due to the beliefs he expressed, what he professed he does, has done and can do and the reactions to the presentation and the workshop.

There was a great pull to Art at the end of his talk.  He was mobbed at the end as was his book table.  His appointments were filled.  People clamored to buy his workbook and attend his workshop the following Sunday.  Why?  What did he offer people?  What did you hope to find?  I spoke/emailed with about 20 of you to find out.

This is what you want:

Removal of pain.  To have that pain gone from your heart --- the pain that sometimes gets to be so big it spread to the entire body, like cancer.  The pain of not being good enough of not being good at all of not deserving. The pain of no or low self esteem.  The pain of no love of no self love of the inability to love or be loved.

This is what everyone wants.  This is what you have been asking every single therapist or healer or energy worker for.  And its still there.  Art promises to end it.  He tells you how he has done this for others and that he will do this for you.  Does he?  Did he?  We want the pain to end, we will do anything to have that happen.

Read the write up below.  There are some immensely valuable insights that can be easy to skip over so you may want to read it slowly, or reread it.

*        *        *        *        *

Art has been dowsing for over 30 years when he first got in to dowsing at a bakery that he frequented when the owner couldn't wash his floor one night because the owner had a blocked sewer drain.  The owner mentioned dowsing, Art had never done this before tried it and found the blocked drain.  The sewer folks found that the blockage was at the exact location Art had pinpointed.  He's had many careers including bookstore owner, restaurant owner, winery owner and after his retirement, has been a dedicated water dowser.  "No one ever drilled a well I dowsed and got a dry hole."  Art has learned that one of the most important things in successful dowsing is to ask the right question.  (He told the story of a friend who asked for a car to drive to Tampa, Florida.  He got to Tampa and the car broke down.  He got exactly what he asked for.)  He found that when dowsers ask questions about water, they get the same answers.  But when they start asking questions about health and other subjects, they get different answers.  Why?  The mind plays games with us.  Sometimes it tries to sabotage you.  With the things we do, we don't trust ourselves, we do not believe we are entitled to it.

All divination works the same way, if its dowsing or muscle testing or intuitive ability.  Its all the same thing. You just have to be able to tune yourself in to it.  Any kind of a divination process can be used to ask any kind of a question you want to ask.  Most people don't do muscle testing right either.  Art studied with Dr. John Diamond, author of "Your Body Doesn't Lie" in the 70's.  He said you have to put your hand over the belly button in order to get an accurate answer.  Art said "People who do Touch for health, etc. don't do that."  Dr. D replied "Well, they don't get accurate answers either."   Following Dr. D's technique did seem to work.  Art put all the different things that he was doing together.

Art learned how to use, how to control his mind.  He said folks from Dianetics (Scientology) called him a "natural clear".  He said all he knows how to do is to control his mind.  He was able to move the needle on their E-meter with his mind.  He said he can find the cause, and heal it.  For anything.  "Your body's talking, are you listening?"  Most people can't.  Most people can't listen to their own programs [Note: we will be addressing this in our January 2004 meeting.] "They come to people like me because I'm a historian.  I reveal your history to you, also with my clairvoyant ability.  I have taught people how to be in tune all the time.  I'm in tune all the time.  If someone's not telling me like it is, my ear starts ringing.  Just like a telephone.

I call my group my tutors. I don't believe in Spirit Guides.  And they tell me they are missing something."

He found when people asked about water, all dowsers would get the same answer.  But when they asked about health or the future, different dowsers would get different answers.  Why?  Psychics especially.  Part of it is asking the right question.  You have to be very specific with your questions and very capable of asking the question properly.

But what happens is our mind plays games with us.  The games are sometimes sabotaging, you will give a wrong answer and lose credibility.  If you don't think you're all right.

We don't trust ourselves.  We don't believe we are entitled.  We don't believe we are entitled to have "it".  Most don't.  You have to know it first. Once you know it then you can have it.  You can't have it unless you know it.  If you believe it, or have faith in it, faith and belief, because there's fear.  "It's a possibility.  It might work.  It may happen."  Art knows he can do it.

We should not get sick.
Why do we get old?  We should not age.  [But why, Art, what are the answers?]
It's the programs.  Programs don't work.

There are no such things as positive emotions.  There are positive feelings.
Emotions are all negative, they all have the carrot --- they all have a pay off.

How do we get the right answer?
We have to be clear.
We have to ask for the right answer
How do we ask the right question if our mind is playing games with us?

You are the healer.  No one else can do it.
I can show you what to do, but I can't make you do it.

Why does this happen?  Why don't things work?  We get caught up in false beliefs.  Most of us live in an illusion.  We think we're all right.  We're not really.  We avoid even acknowledging the fact that something might be wrong. (Art, so what's wrong with that?)

Art knew a man who was very successful and who used to be a drug dealer.   When his father shamed him, he changed his ways and decided to listen and learn from others who had what he wanted.  He hung out in a health club with successful people and listened  When he asked one of them: How do you become a success?  The man said:

"You just have to get it.  It's just a matter of coming to a point in your life that you know that you can do it."

The ex drug dealer said: "And I decided I wanted to do it.  And to be honest."

How many of us want to tell the truth? of how we feel?  Not many.  If you have shoulder pain, you will not tell the truth.  Your mind will make sure you don't, and say... "tell them what they want to hear, not the truth.... because that way, you will get validated.  You won't get rejected.

"If you want to get in to the work of healing, you have to get right answers.

The medical success factor is about 10-15%.  My success factor is 95%."

Art held up one of the books he wrote and said if he could find one person who loves themself (by his assessment) he would give them that book.  He's never given one away yet.

We don't believe we can have so what we do is walk around expecting people will give to us.  And they don't. Nobody gives to us.

Most of us don't believe we can have.  And so we never get.  We think we have to do to get.  People will take care of you if you really believe you are entitled to be taken care of.  Are we willing to ask?  Are we willing to receive?  Are we willing to ask the right question?

The whole thing is about empowerment --- about feeling that you can do it.  Art spoke about how powerful his mind is, that when he teaches a dowsing class  his mind is so powerful he can put a line with his mind and people find it.  [Note:  We call these thought forms.  When we teach dowsing classes, to demonstrate different kinds of energy, and if we don't have the physical object available, we project a thought form.  I do this in my dowsing classes.]

Art says we believe what authority figures tell us.  Anybody can be an authority figure.

Art says he has 25 basic affirmations that he uses to clear people so they will be able to be healed.  First you have to have the mind work for you.  Because if the mind does not work for you then you are not going to heal anybody.

How does this happen?
Almost nobody loves themself.  95% of the people do not love themselves.
Almost 70% of children were rejected before they were born.

Art loses his hearing from time to time....  He does this when he takes a big risk with a potential big payoff.  He sabotages himself.

"Why do we do this?  Why do we lose our sense of self?   It happens in childhood.  We lose who we really think we are. If you have a traumatic experience within the first 10 years of your life --- you change who you are --- you become a different person. ...  you go on to automatic pilot, You go on to the "magical child syndrome".  When you do this, you're not there.  Guess who takes over?  Somebody, other than who you are.  Another personality self.   The only difference between you and a mental patient is perception and and interpretation.

I bet every person in this room has a split personality.  And they are not running out of who they really think they are.  All the metaphysical folks will tell you that they have to recover your soul or your spirit or soul retrieval.  That's not true at all.  Your soul and spirit are sitting right out there, they know everything. That's what my book is about.  Your body is talking, if you listen it will tell you everything you want to know.

What is interesting to me is: are we really willing to listen and to take the guidance the body is telling us about?

Its peeling an onion.  When you peel back an onion, another layer shows up.

Are we really willing to listen and take the guidance this other personality is telling us about?

The biggest problem is the programs are locked in to your cellular memory.
Your body is your mind.
Everything you are carrying around with you is your mind.

If you're overweight, there is a reason behind it.  It's not because you are not eating right. I've had many clients who go to every weight loss program available and they don't lose a pound.  The reason is because we don't love ourselves.  We don't feel loved.  What the mind does, when we don't feel loved our body starts making sugar out of everything we eat.

If you think you are loving yourself:::  Are you?"

To demonstrate his techniques, Art used Joy Goch.  He uses kinesiology (muscle testing).

The first thing he does is to ask the body if it is in electrical polarity. If not, the testing will not work. To check her polarity, he will ask her conscious mind whether the body is in polarity or not.  When you do normal kinesiology you get the conscious mind's answer. First he makes sure that Joy's polarity is balanced.  Her conscious mind is in polarity.

Now we are going to ask the sub conscious mind.  It's not in balance.

To balance polarity, Art had Joy put her wrists together so that the  "lines" are touching one another (there are 4 acupuncture points and you want to hook in to the circulation meridian.  You have to have the plugs together.)  and grasp the inner forearm with the opposite hand.  If you do this about 5' every day, you will remain balanced.

If your polarity is reversed, all your answers will be wrong --- unless you're controlling the outcome.

When he muscle tests someone, he says the only way to get correct answers is if you, the tester, put your non testing hand over the other person's solar plexus.

Second He asks if she is in her body.  Her conscious mind says yes, her subconscious mind says no.

She repeats:
    "This is November 12, 2003.
     I am    Joy Goch    .
     I am in my conscious rational decision making mind."
"Now she is in her body.  To be able to work properly with someone, they have to be in their body.

The conscious rational decision making mind is one of the 3 parts of Middle Self.  Middle Self is comprised of Inner Conscious Mind, Conscious Rational Decision Making Mind and File Manager and Program Manager.

So, we have a system here.  It is nothing more than a computer model.  There is nothing spiritual or metaphysical about this.  I'm working with a computer model."

Ok, we have her in her body now, let's see if she is really operating out of the name Joy.  Is she really Joy?  The conscious mind thinks she is.  The subconscious mind thinks she's not Joy.  She's working out of a different name. Art tested to see if the main functioning personality is Joy.  No?  Who is she working out of?  Who is this person she thinks she isn't?  We are going to ask her mind this.  "Is this person who is operating here between A and G?"  It is Angela.

So if Angela is running the program here, what happened to Joy?  Angela didn't want to let go.

Here, as a result of testing, Joy's conscious mind thinks she is someone else.  So, she is not working out of Joy's plan, but of the person she thinks she is.

Art tested and got that Joy has 3 split and 3 multiple personalities.  We're going to get rid of them.  By simply reading an affirmation.

Joy got rid of the other personalities by reading an affirmation from Art's workbook that Art had her read.

This was just an operating system that was in there.  We just eliminated the operating system.  It's not something that's real in there, its basically just something that's an operating system within the function of the mind.  "Is Joy back in operation now?"  Yes.  Joy now has control of the body.  People do feel differently when we do this.  They feel different --- just by reading the affirmation.  It clears the program.

Now we are going to find out if there is anybody behind these split or multiple personalities.  He asked if there was anyone behind Angela --- (the main individual)?  Did Angela --- or the others ---- have any entities?  Yes.  Now we have taken the camouflage off, we can find out if anything is behind it.  Ah.  We have entities here.  They want to run the program.  How are you going to run the program  --- how are you going to do healing ---- when you have entities who want to fight with you every step of the way.

Art got rid of the entities.  He said he used to have to force them out of people.

He went through and released all files.  How are you going to do any healing if your file manager (basically your ego) and program manager aren't working for you? Ego is your friend.

He released the files and programs holding back file manager and program manager.  He said if you don't release the programs blocking file manager and program manager, you aren't going to get anyplace with the affirmations.  Because ego won't put anything in the file.  It will say:  "I'm not going to put anything in the file. You're going to beat up on me, I won't do anything for you."  And program manager won't write programs for you.  So everything goes in to your read/write memory, the conscious mind goes to sleep, its erased, never been saved.

That's why most healing doesn't work.

"Here's something I started doing 2 months ago.  Put firewall, and quarantine programs in your mind that also block virus programs or anything that has an adverse affect on the mind.  And establish and put unnecessary programs in the trash bin.  And incinerate them.  This blocks adverse programming from getting in to your mind.

Does your mind think you are entitle to love?  And should you receive it?

What is happening here is that what we have been operating under is not reality.  It is just an operating system, with programs installed.  It is an operating system within the function of the mind."  Reading the affirmations Art has put together clears the programs.

He also had Joy install the "love program" he has.  It often does not stay in people and he has to lock it in there.  The love affirmation throws you right in to taking responsibility.  Art says that it can eliminate all blocks in the mind that cause trouble.  If this is not done right it can throw you back in to survival.

You lock in the love program by rubbing an acupuncture point which is on the upper side of the scapula.  And there is another one on the hip.  She repeats an clearing affirmation while he holds both points.  The love program gets "locked in" by releasing it out of the body mind.  Otherwise it won't work.  You can do all of the affirmations you want about loving yourself and they will not work until you clear them out of the body.

He is uninstalling some of the operating systems here.

So what he showed is that works is to get the polarities balanced in the conscious and subconscious, get in your body, clear out any sub personalities, split personalities, multiple personalities, any personalities behind them and any entities associated with any of them.  This clears out, deletes, uninstalls bad, unnecessary, etc., programming so you can re program yourself (or someone you are helping).   Then the affirmations he has developed are done to do the reprogramming.  Sometimes acupuncture and/or other spots on the body need to be held to lock in the programming.

It is these sub, etc., personalities that have taken over your lives, that cause inaccurate dowsing responses and the reason why dowsers get conflicting, incorrect or inaccurate answers when dowsing.  Balance, get in your body, clear and reprogram.

This was an absorbing presentation.  We thank Art for coming and sharing his work with us.  Art will be at the Whole Life Expo Nov 28-30 and will be available for private sessions  Nov. 26,  Dec 1-6 and is giving a workshop Dec. 7  at the Ramada Inn at 427 & Burnhamthorpe.  Call Ingrid at 905 472 4220 for information, an appointment.

*        *        *        *        *

FIRST:   Some comments Art made on physical health, and my notes on what you can do.

The cause of Alzheimer's is that you --- or a part --- wants to walk out of your life.  By using his techniques Art says, you can become younger, more vital and more effective.

Art says he is getting younger, his natural hair color is returning (it is, I saw him a couple years ago, there was more gray then).  Graying hair, nutritional studies report, is due to a lack of biotin.  Eggs are a good source of biotin.  You can swallow a bottle of biotin pills a day and it might not do anything.  Why?  Because something is blocking the absorption and assimilation of biotin.  Find out what and why and change it!

This is very important:  That something was blocking the absorption of biotin.
Using your dowsing ask questions such as:  What % of biotin are you absorbing (or any other nutrient)?
If it is below your threshold, ask if there is something blocking proper absorption for you.
If yes, ask if the blocks can be removed.  Do so.
Ask the question again.

Ask what % of your nutrients are you absorbing?
If it is lower than you like, follow the flow above.
You can probably do this for those you care about, too.

I had forgotten about this highly important question.  When my dad was sick the doctors kept saying he needed more protein.  I kept telling them he could eat a cow and it wouldn't matter, he could not process it.  (Of course they could not comprehend this.)  That's why I got him on to protein and nutritional IV's and it extended his life a few months longer (this was in Florida).  It's not what you take in, it's what and how you use what you have.  I was using only 60% of the nutrients I was ingesting.

Dr. Paul Jaconello, whose practice on Pape Avenue is mostly nutrition based, has clients in severe situations take 9 times the dosages of some of the supplements they need for maintenance, in the hope that "something will get in".  So much of what we take is not used because our systems don't function well.

*        *        *        *        *

Here were some comments after the presentation:

My husband and I really enjoyed the meeting with Art Martin last night . It was worth driving the hour to hear him speak.

Good Meeting Marilyn. I think everyone wants to find out who is driving their boat. The demo made it seem that few of us are in charge so I guess all these people want to take over control and want Art to help them through the process.

Just going to take a guess at this one, but I think what might appeal to people is Art's theory that we are responsible for OUR lives, and so if you want to change, just do it.  Oh, and your parents are to blame.  Not you. And he has some rather easy techniques to be able to fulfill this need.  I have been doing various forms of kinesiology for over 8 years, so his ideas are not new ones at all.  You may want to check out: to see what some others are up to (CANASK is the Canadian organization). Many people have "developed" their own formula or system from others' techniques.  I think Art has done this as well.

What I am hoping and praying about is that he really can do what he says he can.  Like many of us I have come in touch with many practitioners who make it all sound easy "It is all in the Mind" - wherein, lies the problem for me!   When I'm functioning well nothing is a problem to me and then there are the other times.

I know the truth to those questions but isn't if always easier to blame a hidden personality for all the shit in your life? How many dowsers are ready to be truthful with themselves?  This being said, I still enjoyed very much the presenter. He was clear and articulate and funny and has lots of experience and knowledge.

I had a session with Art Martin and felt that I released a lot, so I'm looking forward to handling life differently.

*        *        *        *        *

Art is a man whose experiences could fill many lifetimes.  He's a seeker.  He wants to know, he wants to help.  He does make a difference.  He says that he has and can clear people that no one else can clear; that he can heal them.  He says there is one way to do muscle testing, that he doesn't believe in spirit guides or soul retrieval.  One woman commented that there was too much focus and emphasis on the selling of his books, sessions and workshops.  She wanted to hear more knowledge, more information, more about causes and techniques.  More content, less stories.

Another said that she didn't like being told that she was broken and he was the only person who could fix her.  "His words are seductive.  He said he could help me, I had a session but nothing happened."

One person was told he would take away all her self sabotage programs.

Art has a device that he sells for several hundred dollars which he says keeps away entities.  Several of you told me that in your sessions you were urged to buy this as it is the only thing that can do this.  I asked people I know who can see energy and they said could not see anything happening when this device was turned on.

He has helped many people.  The woman who helped him sell his books --- she said he brought her back from death's door.  She was very sick.  He has clairvoyance and "sees" things and can channel energies through his body.  Some said that in their sessions nothing happened.  Some said they felt better after seeing him and then the problem returned.  Some said he helped them and they stayed helped.

*        *        *        *        *
Art speaks about dealing with the brain as a computer.  I thought we had worked with these methods 2 years ago but either we hadn't or we have forgotten how.

When we first started working with Raymon's techniques, we cleared things and then some would come back.

Back then, when I realized that we were clearing programs I had an "ah ha" remembering my initial computer experience.  I managed a time share operation for a mainframe computer. The kind where you had big tape drives using 15" reels of magnetic tape for back up. The owner was ultra security conscious so we developed a methodical back up system.

Every Friday we made 2 full backups of the entire system.  1 set would be stored off site (my house).  These tapes would be recycled monthly (Week1A, Week2A, etc.)  One set a month would be the monthly tape and stored for a year.  Every day at 3 PM we did an incremental backup.  We had a Monday incremental, etc.  Our backups were programmed to take place automatically.  What we did was to mount and dismount the tapes on the tape drive.

So when I saw what was happening with Raymon's techniques, that things were coming back, one day I asked him --- what about the backup programs? Are they gone?  And explained what they were and how they worked.  Well, they were not gone and this was the problem.  So we looked for and found:  Back up programs.  Back up programs on site and off site.   Master programs.  Automatic routines (deleted those schedules and the routines).  Sub routines.  Batch programs.  Patches.  Got rid of all the code and sections of the code and traces of the code.  Compilers and corrupted compilers, corrupted routines, etc.  We found programmers, master programmers, systems analysts.  We deleted, erased and reformatted sections of the drive.  Worms, viruses (spam wasn't prolific then.  There's a LOT of spam now in our brains).  All the programs stored on different media (in different dimensions maybe?)

And with microcomputers:  when our disk drives (brains) are too full, processing may slow down.  Sometimes we have to do a physical or logical scan of the disk drive (brain) to see if there is a problem with the drive.  This routine is called SCANDISK.  Then, every so often, in computerese, we put so many files on the drive, they get scattered all over the place, it takes more processing time for our processors to gather and access and process these fragments.  So we do a DEFRAG (to "defragment" the disk to bring the relevant pieces (fragments) back together in better more efficient linear physical proximity).

When you are doing the kinds of active dowsing we learned through Hanna Kroeger, Raymon Grace and others, consider the above.  If there is anything you think would be of value to the rest of our group, contact me.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Art told us about sub and split and multiple personalities, etc., when and how they develop, what they do, how they effect us, how to see if they are there or not AND how to best get rid of them.  And that this could be what has taken over our lives, causes us to get incorrect dowsing responses, etc.

5 Resources from the Internet on Exploring Sub Personalities:

1) Melchizedek and Pleidian Network takes you on a sub personality journey

2)  Email List:  Discussion of the ideas of psychologist Nathaniel Branden. Includes Jeffrey Geiger, and co-founder of The Subpersonality Project

3) Dr. Bruce Goldberg "A sub personality is an attached entity that negatively affects out behavior.  It may be a remnant of their past-life history and personality, or it may be the energy of another soul."

     As a result of this supersonality attaching itself to our aura or soul itself, a Jekyll/Hyde-like personality change often is observed in the affected individual.  They may, for example, suddenly act considerably out of character.  Their actions may even be self-destructive.   They may suddenly know things that  they  would have no reason to know.  Or they may begin referring to themselves in the third person, saying things like, "let Jane figure this out."

   If you can experience each of the sub personalities, you will start to get this sense of becoming whole, a tangible sense of becoming integrated. they (sub personalities) can join as a whole and all as one dance until finally there is a grand integration, and you feel your entire being enveloped in a single matrix, a single pulsating womb of effortless energy and at that point could say you have manifested the fullness of your personality.

4)  TORONTO!  Voice Dialogue Toronto !!   Hal and Sidra Stone, the originators of Voice Dialogue, understand their work as a “consciousness work”*, and as such it is really a practice of consciousness, bringing the sub personalities to consciousness, exploring them and then letting them go. Contacts for sessions, courses.

5)  John Rowan, from the UK wrote "Subpersonalities".  Its available in the Toronto Public Library.

We have audio tapes in our library from Ann Taylor Harcus.  Ann has tapes reprogramming your computer for prosperity, weight loss, etc.  Her tapes do the re-progamming to your mental computer.

Frank Jordan spoke about the brain as a computer at the ASD this summer.  The audio tape is in our library.  I transcribed some of this tape --- the parts about programming --- this summer but did not include it in the newsletter due to lack of space.

Here is a link from Dr. Sally in Arizona on muscle testing.  She is in Dr. David Hawkins' neighborhood and people who like his techniques learn from her.

Our January speaker will show us more about clearing patterns in the subconscious through dowsing.  February and March we will learn more about the brain.  The information is out there.  And available to us.  Let's use it.

From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J K Rowland:

p. 473: "Then you will find yourself easy prey for the Dark Lord!' said Snape savagely. 'Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked so easily --- weak people, in other words --- they stand no chance against his powers!  He will pentrate your mind with absurd ease, Potter!'

p. 758:  "Wizards can leave an imprint of themselves upon the earth, to walk palely where their living selves once trod,' said Nick miserably.  'But very few wizards choose that path.'


The Consumer Health Organization, the most important organization in Canada and the US hosted a health panel for 4 hours Sunday, November 23.  The speakers donated their time as a fund raising event because the sars scam hit their annual (Total Health) show hard, causing financial difficulties and additional funding is necessary to ensure it continues.  The panel and their presentations were extraordinary in the quality of their research, information and the action they are taking and want to share with all of us. Here are some of the comments:

Dr. James Lunney, MP, BC, works for freedom of choice in health care.  He presented several important facts to us such as:

Folic Acid is THE BEST (and proven) supplement against heart attack and stroke

It costs less than 1 cent / day.  (We know folic acid is necessary for pregnant moms to eliminate spida bifida in infants.)  Dr. Lunney says the chemistry of folic acid in the circulatory system is understood how it is related to the homocysteine factor.  Folic acid lowers  concentrations of homocysteine which is an amino acid associated with heart attacks and  strokes.  Homocysteine, a byproduct of the metabolism of the amino acid methionine, injures and irritates the arteries, preventing the normal plaque-removing process and contributing to plaque buildup in the arteries.

Health Canada calls folic acid an "untested drug".  Anything used for health -- they have mandated it be called a drug, regulated and treated as such.  Next they'll try to regulate sunshine and happiness and water and hugs and ....

Part of the Natural Health Products Directorate, which becomes law January 2004 states:
*  NHPs become subclass of drugs (that means Vitamins, Minerals...)
*  Research can only be done by MDs or Dentists (that means no microbiologists, scientists, etc.)  Which means no research because not that many doctors or dentists do research.

CHO and Dr. L are urging all Canadians to support the passage of Bill C420 to restore freedom of choice in health care and to take foods and vitamins, etc. out of the drug regulatory system.  We have a 6 month window.

Marilyn Nelson  runs "Freedom Of Choice in Health Care""

As a result of Codex, the European Union has criminalized the sale of hundreds of perfectly safe vitamin, mineral, food supplement and herbal products beginning July 2005.

How would you like to live in an area where you can NOT BUY:

Vitamin E, Calcium, Chromium, Stevia, Gotu Kola, Horsetail, Silica, Selenium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Glucosamine Sulfate, Vitamin C in dosages of not more than 60 mg and need a prescription for it. This is coming soon in the EU. Remember the sting that happened with tryptophan?  Yes, you can buy it, now, for over 5 times the price it used to be sold at --- and only with a prescription.

ISIS  reports that:  "The dietary supplement Glucosamine, a combination of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids bought by millions of arthritis suffers to ease their painful symptoms has been banned as a food supplement by the Medicines Agency in Denmark and Sweden. Instead it is has been allowed on to the shelves as an over the counter medicine produced by Recip Glucosine and Pharma Nord - two pharmaceutical companies."

Vitamin C neutralizes some forms of cancer
Certain B vitamins lower cholesterol
Trueman Tuck is an advocate for health freedoms.  He has set up an organization that can bring this about.  It seems that he has the missing link and created the linkage between the groups.

Trueman said the bee is the only animal that does not hurt others, rather it gives and so he has created "beehive politics".  Their concept is to create "Working Cells" in each jurisdiction that are capable of working as Freedom Advocates to ensure that the political, economic, and legal processes are supportive of their goals, using their "Beehive Network" of local leaders, and concerned ratepayers to assist in the election of politicians who support their goals. Conversely, they will actively work to defeat those that do not support these goals.

A grassroots uprising took place in '97 and was the largest in Canada. Over 1,000,000 people signed a petition that torpedoed restrictive health legislation in Canada.  Within 48 hours after this petition was produced, the legislation was withdrawn. (In 2,000, the Montreal pharmacartel got it going again.)  In his grassroots network, so far, the governmental ministers continue to refuse to meet with them.

You will not see health freedom groups in the media because they are blacklisted.  Newspapers, etc., get so much money from drug, etc., advertisers, they bow to their wishes to keep health freedom groups out of the public eye.

Remember Jim Strauss and his Heart drops?  He was charged but this 84 year old man who comes from 7 generations of herbalists told them he has a license to practice medicine from God and its no one else's business.  He has 300 years training from 7 generations of herbalists.  Health Canada backed down.

Bipolar, arthritis, heart disease account for 50% of health claims in Canada.

There are natural substances which relieve these situations, they work better than drugs, have no side effects and are a lot less expensive.  And you don't need a prescription.  For BiPolar, a mineral supplement, which was developed in Alberta, called E.M.Power+, has been helping with bipolar disease or manic depression.  MSM helps those with arthritis, and Strauss Heart drops are great for the heart.  These are 3 products Health Canada is trying to get rid of.  What does that tell you about "Health" Canada?

Trueman is teaching us how we can use the system for us.

If you have a chronic health problem and you believe in a course of treatment you do have a right to that treatment.  However, there is a way to do this.  Trueman is helping to show this to those who need it.  He also spoke about what to do about items which are illegally seized at the border.  One man who had over 300 shipments of growth hormone releaser which were illegally seized at the border spoke about his experience.

Dr. Cass Ingram, who brought us Oil of Oregano and speaks out for health freedoms showed his slides about what the drug manufacturers are doing.   The markup on Prozac is 224,973%.  It's similar for: Celebrex, Claritin, Xanax --- all which are drugs with side effects when natural substances can be used with much better results --- and no side effects.

Dr. Cass said the flu vaccine lowers the immune response so low you can not get one.  It creates a 10 fold increase in the risk of Alzheimer's.  It causes:  Parkinson's, Myasthenia Gravis, MS, ALS, diabetes, Guillaume Barre syndrome. Kids are developing diabetes as a direct result of vaccines.  The criminal activity of the distribution of premarin is resulting in a 5-10 fold increase in Alzheimer's.  Products such as premarin, (made from mare urine) which should not be an animal part ingested by a human is resulting in bizarre genetic changes.

One woman got up to tell her story.  She was diagnosed with cancer in February, got a prescription for 714X and started taking it.  Her cancers are 50% gone.  Now she, and other 714X users are being stonewalled by the government.  There is a movement in the US to recognize 714X as a cancer cure.

Dr. Cass said that camphorous substances (714X is camphor based) kill some kinds of cancer cells.  It creates apoptosis (programmed cellular death) and causes them to infalute(?).  Cancer cells love sugar.  Deprive them.

The truth on SARS:  One of the researchers there brought our attention to 2 American biolabs --- sponsored by Monsanto and Diogene and that they were given permission to set up their business in China in the province where sars originated.  This is not a natural virus.  It is man made.  She said it was published in the ISIS (Institute of Science in Society) Magazine.

I went out on Sunday to attend this meeting, so I could learn from it, participate in it and bring the information back to you so you in turn could do something useful.  Help yourself, or a friend, or get involved.  Then I came home to type it up.  A lot of work which I don't mind doing if it is useful.  The only reason we know this is because of the Consumer Health Organization, primarily the efforts and work of Helen, Libby, John and their volunteers.  Please help us when you can.

I am putting together an envelope of checks and cash for Consumer Health to be delivered to them before the end of the year, so they can stay in business.  I am starting with a contribution of $50 of my own money.  Please make your checks out to Consumer Health Organization, forward it to me so we can give them a big chunka change from the Toronto Dowsers, where both your name and our group name will be acknowledged.  You can also contribute at our December 9th Social.  No money is coming from our group funds, just from individuals.

How is it that we are living in a world where our school system tries to make us stupider, our religions try to control us and lie to us about God and religions, our health systems try to poison us and give us degenerative painful destructive diseases, our government tries to rob us and poison us and so on.  How is it?  How can this be?  How have we come to this?  Is this what it means to live "in a democracy"?  How do we do as well as we do and maintain such a high degree of sanity while living in a 3 dimensional swamp of contradictions.  It's nuts.

Things are changing.  People I spoke with at this event, those who I considered the most pessimistic, see a change.  They notice people around them changing, waking up.  After the Harmonic Concordance, things are happening more quickly.  Trueman Tuck is one person who has come forth to offer a practical way where we help ourselves achieve our goals.

This is Aquarian energy.  So is Dowsing   (please see the link to the article written 4 years ago.)  Canada is Aquarian. Aquarian is grassroots, it is community, it is ideals.  Look at all these groups working with one another.  Not in a hierarchy, but egalitarian, working on the same level with each other.  The Toronto Dowsers is just one of many groups that we are all connected with.  (Do check out the Earth Rainbow Network and the online book, the Immortal Child that was written about it.)

Fear, anger, helplessness, depression, lassitude take place because we are helpless to do something about a situation.  We are learning ways to help ourselves, learning what to do and that we can do this.  It's almost impossible to make these kinds of changes when you are one or very few and there is so much against you.  We are stronger now growing in numbers, strength, knowledge, wisdom and awareness.  We are learning to use their energy for all of us.  We are learning not to fight but to educate, to take the time that is necessary to inform, to work together, to work for the highest good rather than our own individual fears.

This section, above, was a report on CHO's seminar, and what is happening in health and in the politics of health.  You are urged to help support health freedoms by signing petitions, writing letters, making phone calls, contributing time and/or money.  Please do so if it feels right for you.

And --- please also remember and USE!!!  the methods you have been learning these past 3 years.  The methods to change energies, to bring about more beneficial situations, better health, higher consciousness.  One person with sufficient confidence can change the entire situation for the better and make the world of difference.  One person.

I've just written the last 3 pages spending 2 hours writing up the notes of a 4 hour seminar, telling you what happened at CHO and the help they request followed by 2 short paragraphs reminding you of your knowledge and abilities in dealing with these situations using your dowsing, intent, focus and prayers.  Which would you rather read?  Which would you rather do?

"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance."
-- Kurt Vonnegut (1922- ) Author Source: Hocus Pocus
"You are not here merely to make a living.
You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply,
with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You are here to enrich the world,
and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."
-- Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th US President
 I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
--Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

URINE THERAPY:  I had an eye infection. Picked up my (glass) eye cup, rinsed it with warm water, filled it with fresh, organic, pure Water of Life that came in an attractive personalized container, placed it on my eye.  Did this twice a day for 3 days, the infection went away.  Nothing to store, nothing to buy.

I've been getting requests for people who heard Ruth's presentation in September and would like to follow up and perhaps avail themselves of her services.  At Ruth's request, I send these requests to one of her colleagues. Ruth is occupied pretty much full time with the work and projects she has already started. If you have a serious situation, please let me know.  Many people in our group can clear land, houses, entities.  Get to know one another, to find out who does what.

THE   Tuesday, December 9, 2003 MEETING FEATURES:
The Toronto Dowsers 4th Annual Networking Social
7 - 10 PM
Our meetings are excuses for like minded people to gather together
We learn how to become better dowsers
We are aware of the value of raising consciousness
We are mostly givers and want to help our families and friends have happier, healthier lives

This is our time of the year where you are encouraged to socialize, sell your products, services, let us know who you are and what you do outside of your dowsers network.

We have 3 components to this evening:
Eating      *         Shopping     *      Drumming    *    Eating

December is our annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.  Members are eligible to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  We also ask you to bring some food if you like.  In the past 3 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!  Check out:  JAN2002   to see what went on.  It is a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.

FOOD!   GLORIOUS FOOD!   If you feel like it, please do bring some vittles to share.   Bring something as if you are going to a party and have been requested to bring finger food, such as: dips, spreads, hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches (can be cut in halves or quarters), cookies, sushi rolls, etc.  We supply the beverages and paperware.   We will be eating pretty much all night and we are pretty good at scarfing it down.

DOOR PRIZES!   Last year we had about 3 dozen door prizes. If you would like to donate a door prize, you must (please) contact Marilyn by  Dec. 5.  (We had sooo many door prizes last year we may actually have to limit their number this year.)  If you do donate something please be sure your name, contact info, is prominent.  The door prizes are placed on a table and everyone would like to know who you are.  Thank you Arlene Anisman and Eva Angyal for your generous donations.  Arlene will be donating a "YLEO" Essential Oil and Eva will be donating a copy of her newly updated useful dowsing chart reference manual "Vital Knowledge".  Joan Shepard just called to offer a donation of a starter pack of "Vita Fons II" products.  When you register at the meeting, you can register for this draw when you put your name on the slip you will be given and in to the box.

If you are interested in having a table:

The following people have been invited to share their talents with us:

DRUMMING!  We met David Yeo (of London, Ontario) this August at Mary Hardy's.  David gave a presentation on pH.  You might recognize David as he speaks about Coral Calcium at the health shows.  David is a fantastic drummer.   He will bring at least 3 other drummers with him from the "RitMiks":  Jimmy, Terri and Stefan.   Last weekend they drummed for a crowd of 200.  Jimmy lives in Toronto, and makes drums full time.  David says they are affordable, and, he will have some on hand.

Please do feel free to bring your drums or whatever instrument you play to join in.  We are trying to arrange to have them drum for as long as possible.

THE ALL DISCOVERY GAME:  Led by Ann Hatch, B.A., Psych & Soc., this is actually a board game which helps people discover their paths and strengths, issues and areas that are non productive.  The 7 paths are: security, pleasure, energy, relationships, willingness, mind and oneness.  Ann calls this "profound entertainment".  Come and choose your cards and play the game.

THE GENTLE WIND PROJECT:  Paul Newton will be returning with some of the most powerful instruments that the Gentle Wind Project produces.  What you do is you hold one of the instruments, for 5 or 10 minutes depending on the device, and this comprises a "healing".  Its as if the instrument sets up a communication where you act as an antenna and can pull in the healing energies of the universe.  Holding the instrument, one time, sets up the communication for a healing that continues the rest of your life.

Here are some of the other tables that have been requested:  Egyptian Healing Wands --- Rods of Horus, Dream Pillows, flutes, bowls, Young Living Essential Oils, Chi machine, Sea Shell oracle, Violet Ray Experimental Device, Biofeedback, etc.  This year the requests that have come in seem to be more experiential and educational rather than sales objects.   Looks as if our desire to plunge and explore our esoteric knowledge is growing.  Still, do remember to bring moolah for the stuff that is for sale.   When all the requests are in, we will dowse for what is best for us at this time considering the number of tables we have available.

For sale at the Toronto Dowsers table:
- Body charts for dowsing (and corrections) developed by Hanna Kroeger
- 2 remedies from Healers Who Share to help improve Dowsing:  One helps increase your Confidence and Accuracy.  The other --- works under the principle that for some people there are pathways in the brain that block us from being able to dowse properly.  It is suggested that this is a liver/brain condition of blocked phenylalanine.  The condition closes specific neurological pathways.  It is as if you understand the beginning and the end but your brain doesn't connect the dots. Your brain doesn't easily get through in this area until the pathways are reopened. This remedy is intended to help the pathways to the art of dowsing so that both hemispheres of the brain will be better connected.

No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
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