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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, December 14th 2004 (See last page for information)
We are proud to sponsor
The 5th Annual
Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive (see below)
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 22nd - Call To Action - Consciousness Raising"
JANUARY 11th - "Inside Outside":  Clearing energies
Outside the home, Inside the Home, Inside our Bodies
FEBRUARY 8 - (To be confirmed)
MARCH 8 - "BioDynamics and Dowsing"
APRIL 12th - "BioGeology and Dowsing"
MAY 10th - Robert Gilbert returns for a presentation and to offer a
Week Long BioGeometry Workshop (segments may be taken)


MEETING  LOCATION:   Until further notice, our meetings will be held at the LATVIAN CENTRE
4 Credit Union Drive (on Eglinton Avenue, 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkway)

Search for:    FOCUS ON HEALTH

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Driving to the meetings:  Many of you drive a considerable distance to come to our meetings.   You have busy lives, spending time with family, health, friends, careers, education, sports, leisure, dining and so much more and still you come so you can hear our speakers and we can share energy.   You come from the Brantford area, Millbrook, Kingston even.  Traffic is often horrendous, weather is sometimes inclement.  Still, you manage to arrive on time and:  CHEERFUL!   Thank you for making this commitment.   I am reminding myself to be grateful for this.   And remember to program for excellent driving conditions, that you arrive on time safely, grounded, in a good mood, happy, etc.   We try to start the announcements on time.   The Registration Team are volunteers and they like to participate in the meetings, too.
Our Kodak DX4330 Digital Camera:   You may remember being asked if you noticed or know of anyone who mistakenly picked up a camera at the September 2004 meeting at Edwards Gardens.   This camera was purchased May 2003 from Kodak with the help of a deep discount through a Kodak employee who is one of our members and is OUR CAMERA.   It was in my black gym bag on the floor behind the Toronto Dowsers sales table during the September meeting, it was not used or taken out of the bag and has gone missing.    Anyone who has it will see it has pictures from the last 2 ASD conventions, our Thank Water Day at the lake, the last 2 December socials, pictures of  ECH20,  and more such exciting shots.

I do not believe it was taken purposefully.  I've walked out of a store, having been in a daze, thinking about something else, unaware that I had unpaid merchandise in my hand and have not known what to do, as I walk in guiltily to return it, leave it some where and slink out.   If you have it or know who does, please let me know asap.  And/Or  if you have a good used Digital camera you would like to donate to us, please let us know.  Now isn't this a nice excuse to do what you really want to do which is to upgrade your current 1-2 year old digital camera?

William Henry's September 8th presentation was recorded.  Recordings of this presentation are now available, on CD.  The 2 CD set costs $12 at the meeting, or $20 by mail.   (We might have Alan Handelsman's presentation available at a later date.)


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Responses to October's  A Wake Up Call

It appears we have all the volunteers --- save one --- that have been asked for.  Thank you for your responses.  I've been getting back to them, working with them and it takes time.  Just to let you know you are GREATFULLY appreciated and not forgotten.

*        *        *
Is Your Consciousness in Your Words?

We understand that words --- be they spoken, felt, written or thought --- have an impact.  In any language.
Masaru Emoto has proven that the words "I Love You" and "Thank You" have the most beneficial impact.  In fact, we sell labels with these words for you to put on your water bottles and pipes to make positive physical changes in water.

So why do so many of our very conscious people stay relatively unconscious when it comes to what is thought or said?

I share with you here 2 examples from those who have taught me:

(1)   Our December meeting is our December Social.  or Annual Social.  Or call it the Networking Social.  Or December Networking Social.  Whatever permutation and combination you prefer from those words.  It is NOT a christmas party.   December is not christmas.  You wanted to get away from the commercialism of christmas, yes?   You know that the church stole pagan customs which it professed to shun and adopted them for its own?  customs that have little if anything to do with the meaning of christmas.  And that December 25th has more to do with pagan sun workshop than the birth of  the son of Mary (Isis)?   And that this holiday which is more based --- now --- on greed and stress is based on a  misleading foundation?

Also, I am organizing this event.  Christmas is as foreign for me as Diwali is or putting together a seder plate might be for most of you.   If you ask me what I'm doing for Christmas I'll probably answer I'm probably doing the same thing (most of) you are (probably) doing for Chanukah.

I hope those of you who enjoy the true spirit of the Christmas holiday, heartfelt gift giving and receiving and warm times with friends and family have an extra  wonderful, meaningful and grateful time.  And perhaps consider that December is not christmas and our December event is a December social.  If you do want to turn it in to a Christmas event, please make sure you bring me a real expensive present.

Holidays --- or Holy Days --- did have meaning at one time.  So did certain cultural or civic days.   Now virtually their total focus is on sleeping late, shopping, tourism, eating, visiting.  Good activities, but far off the mark (Sin) from their purpose.

When time is spent preparing for these seasons, preparing, say for taxes, government forms, the latest political crisis --- consider that these may all be purposefully manufactured distractions to keep us from working on our "Light Body".

(2)   I AM.    Whenever you use the words  "I  AM", followed by a word, THE MIND INTERPRETS IT LITERALLY AND FOLLOWS THROUGH.

When you say:  I  AM   HAPPY, the mind interprets it literally and your entire being is suffused with HAPPINESS.  YOU ARE HAPPINESS.

When you say:  I  AM   SAD, the mind interprets it literally and your entire being is suffused with SADNESS.  YOU ARE SADNESS.

When you say:  I  AM   SORRY, the mind interprets it literally and your entire being is suffused with SORROW.   YOU ARE SORROW.

When you keep saying "I am sorry", you  eventually become a being of sorrow and a much more sorry person than formerly.

I very seldom say or write the words "I am sorry" because the mind interprets it that way and I am not a sorry be-ing.  This is a tough one, in our language, and I use "I apologize", or "I regret ...".  However, these choices are not always accurate.

Culturally, Canadians say "I am sorry" more than Americans do.  A LOT.   I notice this as well as people who say this a lot (mostly women) exhibit sorry body language.

Please --- watch --- observe your choice of descriptor after you use the words  "I AM".  Ensure that what you say here puts you in a positive light.

When we introduce ourselves, e.g., at workshops, people say "I am ___."   I use "My name is ___."    If you KNOW that you ARE the energy of your name, and you like it, then continue.  If not, please consider changing.

As Napoleon Hill says:   "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe. it can achieve"
As Larry Huszczo says:  When the Mouth Speaks the Mind Listens.
As Bob Raymer would often say:  You've got to change your STINKIN  THINKIN.
Mici Gold and I were talking about this.   She expanded my concept of Dowsing with regard to its connection to Consciousness.

[NOTE:  A connection to a related area in this issue is the discussion, below, of HADO as introduced by Masaru Emoto, which he says signifies the world of subtle energy related to consciousness.]

"We go through life half conscious because we are half conscious.  We miss new information coming in because the antennae are not up --- they are retracted.  Dowsing is about picking up information that is new, information that is out of the ordinary.   It's the subtle emanations of change that are picked up by the extended antennae --- antennae which can be extended because consciousness abounds ---- that make the most profound, extraordinarily flavorful and fulsome changes.

How do you expect to be extraordinary if you purposefully remain ordinary?
How do you expect others to view you as extraordinary if you purposefully remain ordinary?"

Consciously become more conscious.  More aware.  Ask for this.  Watch your thinkin'.  Catch it.

We are fortunate to have many Continually Conscious people in our group.  Mici is one.  Daniel Kolos is another.
Watch them.  Watch your watching.  Observe, Learn, Emulate, Become.

after December 7th for a preview of our "tables"
December is our Annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.  Members are entitled to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  In the past 4 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!   We have displays from  people who make crafts, dowsing supplies, have creams, energy devices, Egyptian wands, hand made labyrinths, CDs, books, reiki services, games.

Drumming!   Did we say Drumming????  Bring your Drums.   Our Toronto Dowsers Band will astound you!   They will astound themselves too, because they have not had a chance to meet and get together and practice and this will probably be their first time playing together too.

This year we will be having a raffle instead of door prizes, the items donated by YOU!   Check out:  JAN2002   to see the what items were donated and the other activities that went on.  It is a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.

Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 2 annual socials: December 11th, 2002  December 9th, 2003

AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, hors d'oeuvres, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.

AND:   If you have something you would like to donate for the raffle, please contact Marilyn by December 7th.   If you do donate something please be sure your name, contact info, is prominent.  They are placed on a table and everyone would like to know who donated what and how to get hold of you.

*            *            *            *            *            *


The Toronto Dowsers has participated in this event the 22nd of September, December and March.  March 22nd, 2003 was our first visit to The Mound.  This history, story and feedback was written up in the May 2003 Toronto Dowsers newsletter.  If you can, return to The Mound that evening.

Wednesday December 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please join in the global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet. For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of  March, June, September and December, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again.  Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy “set in motion” all year long.

This series of events was catalyzed by a friend of Raymon Grace.  We are reminded that everyone has the divine power to heal and affect positive change.  But too rarely do we accept the responsibility to direct our energies to healing the planet.  Here's our chance to make a meaningful contribution.

*            *            *            *            *            *
Clearing energies:   Outside the home,  Inside the Home,  Inside our Bodies"
Presented by:  Joy Goch and Shelley Bourne

In addition to utilizing Dowsing as an information gathering tool, in the last 20 years Dowsers have used this modality to actively (as opposed to passively gathering  information) change energetic conditions.   99.9% of the information available to us is not perceived by our senses.  Dowsing helps get in touch with some of that 99.9%.   Now we can take dowsing to the next step and do something about it.

While energy itself is neutral, the contents of energetic fields may have beneficial or non beneficial effects on us.  We can change that.

For example, people might develop cancer if they sleep over fields which have non beneficial effects for their health.   Through proper, responsible dowsing, these effects can be ascertained, and the energies changed.   Plants and trees grow better.

For example, there may be non beneficial energies around a person, such as in the form of entities.  Again, through proper, responsible dowsing, these effects can be ascertained, and the energies changed.   Behaviors, emotions can change.

Many of you have been asking for more information about these techniques,

Shelly Bourne is one of the original founding members of the Toronto Dowsers.   Joy Goch is a well known and well respected energy healer in Toronto, working with many compatible healing modalities in her practice and a member of our group for the past 3 years.

Joy and Shelley have been learning these techniques along with us.  More importantly, they have been practicing them and using them, often and successfully to help themselves and others.  Joy has led one of our pre-presentation  practice sessions and you have asked for more.  Here it is.

They are putting together a presentation to show you the techniques, take you through a "how to" demonstration.  A hand out will be given out to those who attend the meeting (if you can not make the meeting and would like a hand out, please contact someone who will attend).

MAY 10th, 14th-20th  -   Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert will be here for a presentation and a week long Bio Geometry workshop.  You can take segments of this workshop.   The timing of this event was JUST confirmed so stay tuned for more details.

WHAT:    The mission of WONMP is to fulfill the duty entrusted to it by its accreditation under IPSP – the delivery of primary health care and natural medicine to the world’s economically deprived peoples. This newly formed organization embraces all practitioners who utilize natural health practices, drug-free chemical-free approach to health care that includes traditional healing modalities (botanicals, aromatics, energy medicine, etc.).

The program is two fold, one to gradually increase the number of doctors and practitioners with natural medicine skills and two, to deliver inexpensive, effective Natural Health care to the world’s economically deprived peoples.  The WONMP goal for the short term is to establish the first sets of rural clinics in South America over the next few years and then to expand to other countries.

Governments are restricted in providing cost effective primary health care to the poor due to their reliance on manufactured  drugs.  Most allopathic medical doctors are at a loss without expensive hospital technology, technicians and prescription drugs.  Their lack of knowledge with respect to natural medicine prevents them from using an inexpensive, effective and reliable source of healthcare.

The  rural clinic program will train doctors and natural medicine therapies under the guidance of qualified physicians and practitioners who are trained in traditional healing modalities.  Under the WONMP program, these services will be provided free of charge whenever it is needed.

The clinics for humanity have two principal projects in development:

  1.. A rural clinic for the Canadian Indians in Northern Ontario.
  2.. A senior citizen remedial center (free clinic) in Newcastle, Nevis Island, to aid the elderly suffering from strokes and physical disabilities, a facility which will be staffed by medical students and local nurses rendering also routine diagnostics for blood pressure, blood sugar, glaucoma and offering dietary advice and dispensing free vitamins and supplements so donated.

You are invited to participate in a Special Fund-Raiser Event that supports a unique movement in natural health care.  Senator Dr. Fernando Milelli of the High Chamber of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP),  member of VANCLIFFEN ARTS FOUNDATION  are sponsoring a fund-raising dinner dance for the WORLD ORGANIZATION OF NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONERS (WONMP) – CLINICS FOR HUMANITY.

Who will be there:  Dr. & Mrs. Charles McWilliams, Gary Young, and others
What:   A Fund Raising Event.  Dinner Dance.  Dinner, Dance, Casino Entertainment, Silent Auction
Where:  Solardome Place, 55 Guided Ct., Etobicoke, Ontario (Highway #27 & Steeles) 416-744-4069
When:   Saturday evening, December 11, 2004.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Why:     To Benefit WONMP - Clinics For Humanity
The tickets are $50.00 per person..  Prize draw tickets are $5.00.
Tickets can be obtained from Dr. S. DeVita at 905-451-4475 or sabinadevita@idirect.com.

Losing a Cousin

September 1st I found out my cousin Stu, in New Jersey wasn't doing too well.   Stu was my eldest cousin, the eldest child of the eldest child on Dad's side.  We were 11 first cousins and we all visited and played a lot together as kids and young adults.    I asked energetic healer friends for help working on him.  My cousins lost my email address so I didn't find out how bad things were becoming, until the end of October --- that they were considering hospice.

I made plans to go to NJ and told his lady to tell him that I was coming --- even though I knew he was not conscious.   I thought I would just sit and be with him and then come back to Toronto 5 days later, hoping, but not really believing from all they said, that he would recover.  If I could do one trip to NJ I wanted it to be while he was alive rather than attend his funeral.

THIS NEXT PART CAN BE UPSETTING.  You may want to SKIP this part until you see a line of '*':

I got to his hospital room 3:00 November 9th.   He had just been moved in to hospice 10 minutes earlier and they had taken him off all nourishment (feeding tubes).  When asked why they said all bowel function had ceased.   He was getting oxygen and morphine.   They just wanted to assist him to be comfortable. Stu's color was great.

30 minutes later Ellen, his lady, arrived.   I knew this wasn't good as she was not supposed to get there until after work, around 5:30.  She said the nurses called her to come as they said he had only a few hours left.  I asked how they knew.  They had told her his feet were turning gray and that's an indicator.  I didn't look at his feet.   We called his brother Paul, who rushed up from Maryland.

He was deeply unconscious.   No movement or reaction in the fingers, eyelids.    So I sat there, one hand in his, the other on his arm, talking to him.   I had brought letters from my parents to read to him as he loved my folks, thinking he would hear the words on some level.  The letters stayed in the suitcase.  His breathing was somewhat difficult, he'd struggle and take a breath, exhale, we'd wait for the next one --- which took too long.

At 6:00 I noticed that he was losing color, his tan was gone and he was pale.  His brother arrived.  We sat.   At 6:30 I noticed that the arm that was under my hand, that had been nice and warm was now cool.

At 7:05, the next breath didn't come.   Stu just... stopped...  breathing...

It seemed so ordinary, so easy.  The next breath just didn't come.  That was it.  No wind.   No whoosh.  That was all.  That was the end of his life.

Ellen left, Paul and I stayed with him for another couple of hours.   Around 8:00  I saw his face was different.   He wasn't Stu any longer.  His face was a mask.  Stu was truly gone.   Whatever it was that made him Stu is forever gone.  It was so weird.  How can he be Stu and not be Stu?   We left, and within 48 hours, as per his wishes, he was cremated.

By the next day, his sister and 3 daughters had arrived and we all managed to make arrangements for a memorial service on Saturday at the high school, the food to be catered by his favorite restaurant.

Stu was a fixer.   He maintained the facilities of a large New Jersey High School.   He loved tools, especially Sears and Craftsman.   So when we were trying to determine the placement of his ashes, his sister who knew him well, suggested they be put in to his favorite tool box.   We all thought it was a great idea except none of the tool boxes were right so the next day his daughter and I went to Sears and bought a Craftsman tool box.  That's where Stu is now.  In a 20" Craftsman Tool Box in his brother's home.

This whole experience was so weird, so totally surreal for me --- for all of us --- and still is, somewhat and thought it might be a little unsettling for some to read this, but useful for others.   Thank you for giving me the chance to express this.

Many of you knew what I was facing.  It was not as hard for me as it could have been.  I'm pretty sure you were there, helping me, removing blockages and sadness, smoothing things out.  Everything felt surprisingly natural and there was no deep deep pain.   Thank you again, my friends.

    ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********
What happened to Stu?  What's happening to our Brains?

Around August 20th, Stu bent down to pick up a tool and he could not.  His fingers would not work.  His co worker saw this and insisted he be checked out immediately.  That was the beginning of the end.

Before that day, he seemed and felt perfectly healthy.   He was always strong like a horse.  He ate like one too.

Stu got checked out.  It was found that he had Brain Tumors!!!!   He was operated on the end of August.  They could not remove all the tumors.  He came out of the operation fine, but something happened a few days after the surgery and it was all downhill, tumors grew, it was discovered he had lung cancer, lumps started to grow on his chest, he began to lose coherence and 10 weeks after this all started he was dead.

What's going on   *to*  our  brains?

-  2 very good friends of mine died from brain tumors within the past 8 years.
-  Another friend, last December his wife left work with a headache.  Later that day she died from a brain aneurysm.  No previous ill health history.  A seemingly, perfectly healthy woman.
-  As I was typing this section the phone rang.  One of you calling me from Alberta.  My mind is on this subject so I bring it up, you told me of a friend whose 21 year old son was on a trip in Texas and died from a brain aneurysm.   Just like the previous person mentioned.
-  A friend's medical doctor has been seriously ill for the last year with brain tumors.

Within the past 3 years, it seems there has been a tremendous rise in rapid inexplicable death associated with brain tumors or failures, lung problems and sudden heart attacks --- in people of all ages.

In the last 20 years (during the introduction of cell phones) the incidence of brain cancers went up 40%!
The media won't cover it - too much money involved.   In the meantime, brain dysfunction due to cell phone microwave radiation is affecting many people's metabolism and resistive capacity - immune system breakdown.  Advice: Stay at least 6 to 8 feet away from anyone on a cell phone.

(Sitting at Ellen's home, with my family, after Stu died --- they all had cell phones.  Except for me.  We'd bet sitting talking and somone's phone would go off, everyone would jump.   It was just like a movie.  Rather ironic, from my point of view --- their father/brother/lover had just died from brain tumors and they were all on their cell phones.)

Thinking about writing this section, the day before I started, an email arrived from our friend Dr. Andrew Michrowski, President of PACE:  Planetary Association for Clean Energy.  Andrew sent the following:

The Naila Study
Summary:     Following the call by Wolfram König, President of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Agency for radiation protection, Germany), to all doctors of medicine to collaborate actively in the assessment of the risk posed by cellular radiation, the aim of our study was to examine whether  people living close to cellular transmitter antennas were exposed to a heightened risk of taking ill with malignant tumors.

The basis of the data used for the survey were PC files of  the case histories of patients between the years 1994 and 2004. While adhering to data protection, the personal data of almost 1.000 patients were evaluated for this study, which was completed without any external financial support.  It is intended to continue the project in the form of a  register.

The result of the study shows that the proportion of newly developing cancer cases was significantly higher among those patients who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400 meters from the cellular transmitter site, which bas been in operation since 1993, compared to those patients living further away, and that the patients  fell ill on average 8 years earlier.

In the years 1999-2004, i.e. after five years’ operation of the transmitting installation, the relative risk of getting cancer had trebled for the residents of the area in the proximity of the installation compared to the inhabitants of Naila outside the area.    Horst Eger, Klaus Uwe Hagen, Birgitt Lucas, Peter Vogel, Helmut Voit

Heard on the CBC, November 19th at 6:25 PM:  Autism  has increased  150% in the last 5 years.  Doctors don't know why. (I think its past time for a doctor to ask one of us...   We've been telling them but it seems as if they don't want to listen.)

Travel Agent:  I received excellent service and TLC from the team at the Bayview Avenue office of Flight Centre. 416  481 0422.   Romina was my primary contact.  All I did was to book a flight to Newark and they treated me as if I was the Queen booking a round the world cruise for my retinue.

Our November 4th, 2004 Meeting

As there had been questions about the Symbol mentioned in Jack Temple's book, Medicine Man, copies of this symbol were made available for people and were available at the Toronto Dowsers table.

Our Speaker:  Alan Handelsman  Turning Pain In to Power:

Alan's November 4th presentation and November 6th workshop were deceptive.  Simple, light, easy and humorous.  We all walked out feeling good and not too much later remarked on how deep and informative his teachings were.

He not only talked about --- but showed us with Practical fun demonstrations and exercises about Harmonizing Energy Fields and Relationships.

As soon as you accept someone exactly the way they are --- they change.
Acceptance means --- no judgment.
Accept the non acceptance
When you hear judgment or criticism coming at you it's always always always an expression of where the other person is.

When you would like an improved relationship with someone --- Figure out what you can do to take care of yourself rather than to change the other person.

The hardest part of doing nothing is you don't know when you're finished.

He emphasized that we should question our assumptions.

Resonance is being in tune.
Resonance increases power.
It acts like an antenna..
Energy is energy.  It can come in any form.  Creating that vibrational pattern.  The energy of the tuner is:  smiling, kind, benevolent.  Its function is to create harmony.

He told us a story of a man who had great pain in his knee.  He told the man to visualize the pain as a color.   Have the color fade --- half a shade.  Little by little, have it fade again and again.  And --- the pain --- leaves.

What smokers do is they are fighting the part of themselves that causes them to smoke.  So they are fighting that part, and, that part is winning.  Alan says to contact that part, ask it what it wants, give it to it.  When it gets what it wants, it will change.

Using the Resonance Tuners:
This was really neat.  Alan has this little (around 2" x 3") card that he makes and sells and he calls it a Resonance Tuner™.   When you hold an object up to the card, the energy of the card brings the energy you are "tuning" in to greater resonance.  In to greater harmony.  What is this becoming in greater resonance to or with?  I don't remember we asked him or him telling us.  Probably it is in greater harmony with the universe.

So 3 people came up to the front, for demonstration, with their pendulums, and Alan "tuned" their pendulums so the pendulums are in greater resonance.  He also did this with money, so that the people are in greater resonance with money.  What the card did was to harmonize the energy of money to the energy of the person.  So the relationship with money is more harmonious!

You can also do this with people (he showed us how).
Let's say you are allergic to peanuts --- If you can tune your energy to peanuts, you might no longer be allergic to it.

Resonance has to do with waves being in harmony.  When there is a disturbance, a pain, etc., put the card over it.

(We will have a sample Resonance Tuner™ available at the Toronto Dowsers table for you to use, and, tuners available for purchase.)

Often, a problem is there to call attention to something.
We do things that are more and more painful so the problem can get attention.

Once you eliminate the energetic connection between the item and the craving, the craving goes away.
If a cigarette is tuned (for a smoker who wants to quit), the craving for it goes away.
If chocolate is tuned (for a chocoholic), the craving for it goes away.

There is a difference between intention and method of manifestation.

We practiced sending unconditional love to someone --- Alan said it is not something you do for someone else.  You do it for yourself.

If someone upset you --- that quality or behavior that upset you with someone?  Love that behavior.  You could not have anyone doing it better than that person.

When you deal with difficult people, if you take the judgment out, it makes things a lot easier.
Everyone always does what they perceive to be in their own self interest.

When resentment disappears, we eliminate the have to's
When Judgment disappears, we eliminate the have to's
We always have a choice.

If you know you don't have to, it makes it different, it collapses the resentment

Responsibility does not mean blame
Responsibility means power
There is absolutely nothing you have to do.

True confidence is knowing you can make a choice and deal with the consequences --- good or bad.

Alan learned that his heroes aren't perfect.

In the workshop, we each focussed on a pain, either physical or emotional.
We rated it at 1-10 then collectively listed 25 items we are grateful for.
We noticed the pain was less.

In the workshop, Alan was kind enough to share with us his "Secret Knowledge".  So we are all now possessors of that invaluable "Secret Knowledge" and can use it in many instances in life.   Those of us who were in the workshop know that Alan's "Secret Knowledge" is THE keystone to dealing with difficult people and understanding many of the conundrums that come our way.  He instantly made life so much easier by imparting this "Secret Knowledge" to us.  THANK YOU, Alan!

From Bob Mingie, Personal  Improvement Practitioner, Transitions to Health, Inc.
"Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude -- Know it, Accept it, Live it

You have a choice -- to believe that the world is a 'perfect place' in the sense that everything is the precise result of the universal laws and accept that everything that happens is as it should be -- or that it isn't.  The first choice naturally leads to healing the second naturally leads away  from it.

Think of 25 gratitiudes for anything and everything you are experiencing.
Bring higher vibrational energy to whatever you encounter and remember that our vibrational bodies are all inter-mixed and infinite in their reach so you can't fake it."

From John Tonin:


       Books Books Books:
    William Henry said that the book which changed his life and started his researches is::
"Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent -- there are 22 copies of this book in the Toronto Public Library
(A copy of this book was just purchased for our library.  If you would like to read and review it for the newsletter, please let me know.)

There are 6  books I read about 10 years ago that influenced me, I've absorbed them and their influences have been reflected in words and concepts I share with you.  They may be available in our library and/or the public library:

   You are Becoming a Galactic Human" , by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle
   "Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are", by Bob Frissell
   "The Remnant" by Mary LaCroix
   "Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light", by Mary La Croix
   "Initiation" by Elizabeth Haich
   "Surfers of the Zuvuya" by Jose Arguelles

   Raymon Grace's 2 books have been updated and revised and I've asked Odyssey Books to have them available for us for sale, in addition to books #1 and #2, below:   Will try to get some of Slim's books for us.....

(1)   "Partnering with Spirit: Homer's Journey"  ---- by Ellie Drew
Information about Arizona dowser Homer Hefty was reported in our November 2003 newsletter.   Homer passed on, March 23, 2003.  Within a few weeks, Ellie Drew, who leads a group on conscious change in that area, began a prayer circle to pray for Marge, Homer's wife. As they began, the group noticed a bright, square, short light near four dowsers in the group. Ellie heard the words, "I'm alive. Tell them I'm alive. Thank you." The dowsers confirmed it was "Homer".

Ellie was encouraged to write a book.  It was completed this past spring.  Tucson Dowsers Chapter President Brian Disbury sent us a copy of that book, which are Ellie's "conversations" with Homer.   As I think many of you will want to read this, I've asked Odyssey Books to have copies for sale for us.   While reading the book I kept finding passages I would like to put in the newsletter and it seemed like the whole book should be in it!  So I asked Ellie if we could include 1 or 2 chapters per issue, but because of copyright restrictions, we can not.  Since the first 2 chapters of the book are online, we can re-print them here.  (There are 2 parts here I accentuated because they seem to stand out even more.)   Please let me know if you think you would like Ellie to visit us for a presentation next year.

Chapter 1 - How It All Began
10 April 2003
        My first contact with Homer began unexpectedly and without fanfare.  On Thursday evenings I facilitate a Conscious Change Circle.  It could be called a prayer circle, intention circle or manifesting circle.  The first hour is spent sharing; in the second hour we create an intention circle, blending our energies by holding hands during a guided meditation.  During this time we have two empty chairs, symbolically acknowledging and inviting in the energies of those members who were not able to attend and those unseen to us who might wish to be present.  It is our way of acknowledging the unseen world and inviting its presence in for guidance.
        We never know what is going to happen during these circles but there is always a lot of laughter.  Once a group member was asked, “What do you do in there?”  When finding out we were a meditation circle, the young man shook his head and remarked that we sure laughed a lot for a meditation group.  We like laughter.  It opens us up.
        During the meditation we are casual but focused.  We might ask for clarification on something someone put into the circle; sometimes we feel unseen visitors are in the room; once in a while someone will get psychic information for another and share it; but most often we simply put into the circle what each of us wants to manifest for ourselves, loved ones and the globe.  The group holds each intention with loving thought.
        Thursday, 10 April 2003 was no different than any other night.  We visited for the first hour, shared stories, and started our meditation late.  Midway through the meditation someone asked to put a “Marge”  into the circle because her husband had recently passed away.  As is normal, others continued to add their intentions, but I was distracted by this short, bouncy, enthusiastic, square-ish light at the other end of the table, tapping people on their shoulder, gradually moving closer to me.
        I asked about the name of the husband who had passed on because he showed up right when Marge's name was mentioned.  I was told, Homer.  I asked if he had a bouncy, busy energy about him and six people simultaneously responded with an emphatic “Yes!”  I was surprised so many people knew this man.  I mentioned that since he was standing here he might want to say something.  Everyone respectfully waited.
        I could feel Homer's stunned response, “You know I'm here?”  he asked immediately.  “Yes, of course,”  I reply telepathically, “would you like to say anything?”  I was immediately blasted with an intense energy.  It was as if he wanted to make sure he was heard.  “I'M ALIVE! TELL THEM I'M ALIVE!”  He said this as if he might get only one chance to get one message through.  I relayed the message to the group and then asked Homer telepathically if there was anything else.
        Once again he blasted me with intensity, still trying hard to make sure he got through and was understood, acting as if I were psychically deaf - it was a bit overwhelming. He wanted everyone to know that he was going to be at his memorial service and he wanted everyone to really KNOW he was alive and would be there.  I saw Homer standing in the front, center left, of a formal church-like setting, dressed in a nice suit wearing a soft pink rose boutonniere on his left lapel.

(Because the Peace Rose is my favorite and a soft pink color, I wondered if this image was to get my attention or whether it had meaning to his wife, family or friends.)

        Homer seemed pleased I passed this information on.  We continued our circle.  I, like others, continued to add intentions into the circle and yet I was still attuned to Homer.  I sensed his mind starting to wander.  He was still standing by me but had thoughts of a woman I assumed to be his wife because I saw him sitting on the edge of a bed lovingly and gently stroking the face of an older woman who was clearly in distress, gently talking to her, telling her how much he loved her.  He felt sad and helpless.  He wanted so badly for her to know he was right there, that he wasn't dead, he wasn't gone; he was right there.
        As we continued our circle, Homer's attention came back to me.  Out loud I acknowledged that Homer might want to say something else.  This time he didn't shout to be heard; he was much quieter, obviously relieved.  With gentle gratitude, he acknowledged us, “Thank you.  No one has heard me.  You're the first ones to hear me and know I'm okay.”  I relayed the message.  He quietly asked me, “Is it okay if I come back?”  “Of course,”  I replied telepathically.  I immediately had a funny feeling wash through me, and got the impression he wasn't coming back alone.  Homer was making plans.
        I did not know Homer or anyone in his family until his wife's name came into our prayer circle and Homer showed up.  It is my guess that when Marge's name was mentioned those in the circle who knew them immediately thought of Homer, which may have drawn his attention and presence to us.

Two days later

Margie Anderson, a woman in our Thursday Circle, called me this morning insisting I write this story down.  I hadn't planned to write it up but got such a strong “feeling”  with her insistence, I consented to do so.  Please understand that I get “information”  all the time.  If I wrote it all down, I'd never get anything else done.  One other thing of coincidence - I received an e-mail notice of Homer's Memorial Service at St. Francis.  I never receive these things.  I think I might go and see if he really is going to show up in that suit with the pink rose on the lapel.

4 months later

When Homer asked if he could come back and I got that “interesting feeling”  that he was “making plans,”  I had no idea my life was about to change so dramatically.  Everything I'm documenting is written as it happens - when it happens.  I had no idea what would happen next, if anything.  I still have no idea and this is four months later.

Chapter 2 - Homer Wakes Me Up

13 April 2003, Midnight
        Note from Ellie: Around midnight, two nights after Homer showed up at our Circle, he woke me up.  Before going to bed at night, I meditate and have done so for years and years.  Immediately upon sitting down to meditate, my inner Chinese teacher showed up.  This was odd, since he shows up rarely to begin with and then only after I've been in deep meditation for nearly an hour or more.  On this particular night, this teacher showed up effortlessly, which should have told me something different was going on.  He briefly, but urgently, spoke to me about three things to remember - because we didn't have much time.  I reviewed these in my mind before going to sleep so I would remember to write them down in the morning.
        I went to sleep.  Something woke me up.  I remember being startled, looked around and saw everything was fine.  I went to the bathroom, then remembered the message of my Chinese teacher.  Since I was having a hard time remembering only a couple hours later, I thought I’d better go over to my desk and write it down.  As soon as I did, I recognized the presence of Homer, and realized it was Homer who woke me up.  I could hear his thoughts.  And so I started to write down what I was hearing.
        “I watch over her when she sleeps.”  Homer is thinking of Marge, his wife.  “I hold her.  Tell her I love her.  Tell her I'm sorry I had to leave, but I never wanted to leave her.  I hope she sees me in her dreams.
        I'm more comfortable here now.  It's not at all like I thought it would be.  There are no words I could give you to describe it.  It would be like trying to describe God.  Words miss the fullness, the completeness, of being here so that any sense of here would be missed.  Words are like describing a dot in a painting.  Is it part of the painting?  Yes, of course, but it is so little, you would never know what the picture was from one dot.  And this painting would have to be bigger than the whole world.
        Words are like using one grain of sand to describe your whole life experience on earth.  It cannot be done.  It must be experienced.  Understand?
So anything I share is irrelevant for what I know my friends would want to know.  ‘Details Homer, give us DETAILS.’ I can just hear them.  What is relevant is that I'm alive.  I hoped to be able to come through to give you peace.  To let you know I'm okay.
        Tell them sound is important.  More/as important than light.  Do more research on sound sound sound sound sound sound sound . . . . . . Not outer auditory sound but inner sounds.  Sound is everywhere here.  There you hear a tone or piano key played and you hear one note.  Here, there isn't such a thing.  The only equivalent would be if the global population were playing in an orchestra.  That is one tone here.
        Use inner tones for healing.  Using the inner tones accesses/brings through healing from here.  It will heal sadness, depression, broken bones (break)

(Note: I'm freaking out that I couldn't possibly write down all the diseases Homer was going on about, people would think I was crazy! I stopped writing.  However, just because I stopped writing didn't mean Homer stopped talking.  I took a deep calming breath and continued to listen in, then write down what I was hearing.)

        “How?  I can hear you ask this, Charlie, even before you see this.  The inner tones heal by focusing your intention like a laser.  The key, I think, will be to develop the ‘feeling’ of each individual you are working on or the issue (healing need) you are dealing with.  If an inner tone feels right or feels wrong you will feel right or wrong.
        I have to go now.  Tell Marge I love her.  But she needs to know/accept I'm okay and that I haven't left her.
If you want to see if I can get through to you, think of me.  Hey, fellas, I'm a good looking guy over here.  I'm still a shorty but not so big.  And I'm healthy.  I'm okay.  I'm really okay.”

4 months later

        That was it.  It was late when I wrote it and it took up three hand written pages.  I heard the name Charlie as clear as a bell; however, I immediately doubted it.  I didn't know if Homer or Marge knew any Charlie - I didn't even know Homer or Marge! This was all just crazy.
        Women from the Thursday night Circle who knew Marge and Homer Hefty called Marge up to tell her that Homer had shown up with a message that first time.  When Homer showed up the second time, Circle member Margie Anderson let Marge know I’d heard from him again.  I consented for Margie to give my phone number to Homer’s widow in case she wanted to hear the story first hand.  One day I got a call.  We decided to meet.  Two strangers with something in common.
        It was two days before Homer’s memorial service when I met Marge for the first time.  I met her at a coffee shop on Speedway and Country Club in Tucson.  As soon as I walked in, I knew who she was.  Her energy exactly matched what I experienced when Homer thought of her.  We sat down, and I shared with her what had happened in our Circle exactly one week before.  Marge told me the only two people with Homer when he crossed over were her and Charlie.
        As we visited, Homer showed up unexpectedly.  I get a distinct “buzz”  when he is around.  As Marge would speak, Homer would add to the conversation.  For example, Marge said that Homer had cancer and he wasn't conscious much the last month.  But Homer said he wasn't in his body much during the last month and that he'd been preparing on the other side.  When his body finally stopped, he wasn't in his body at all, but standing beside Marge - watching.  Marge cried, thankful he hadn't been in any pain.
        I had been afraid that meeting with Marge would be hard for her.  It was very stressful for me because I didn't want to cause her any harm.  She had just lost her life-mate, her husband! I was relieved when Marge said she found a lot of comfort in it.  I was very relieved this meeting was over and this beautiful woman hadn't thought me crazy.  I thought that would be the end of it.  I could get on with my life.  Little did I know what was yet to come.
(2)   "Pendulums and the Light"  ---- by Diane Stein
I first came across Diane Stein about 6 years ago, reading her "Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats" book and her descriptions of what is really put in to commercial pet food.  She has written over 20 books on natural pet care, angels, reiki, gem stones, karma, death and dying, etc.  "Pendulums and the Light, Communication with the Goddess" is a brand new book.   Down to earth, detailed and practical in its dowsing base, replete with history (or, as she says, the herstory of Creation), descriptions of pendulums, what they are, how to use them, and gives excellent instruction on how to dowse, it is, thank goddess, more female and energy oriented than the more traditional books have been.

Chapter 8, 'Troubleshooting' has 25 detailed explanations as to why your dowsing might not be working as well as you'd like and what to do about it.

There have been many questions as to whether or not it is good --- or not --- to use crystals for pendulums.  The reason for the concern is that crystals hold energy and an uncleared crystal might give incorrect results.  Margherita "Crystal Lotus" Vondrak spoke to us about this at our September 2002 meeting, telling us which crystals were more appropriate and why, and how to use crystals with dowsing.  Diane goes in to this further in her book, as she talks about gemstones.

"Any of these Be-ings of the Highest Light can choose to communicate with you by pendulum.  They are willing to use this tool as a means of reaching and helping more people, especially those who would not be able to communicate with them otherwise.  We are in a time of very great change for the better on Earth, and many Light-beings are here to aid the shift from Dark to Light... When you use the pendulum in this way, with absolute responsibility and integrity, you will have a tool that brings you great rewards and gifts.... Respect the tool and respect the gifts of those who are choosing to make use of it to help you, to protect you, heal you, and to give you communication with the Light."

(3)   "Slim Spurling's Universe" --- by Cal Garrison
Slim Spurling, from Colorado,  is well known in Dowserland circles, mostly at this time for his energy devices.  His Light-Life-Rings are especially familiar to our group.

Of recent interest to the Toronto Dowsers is Slim's twenty-year career as an artist-blacksmith and founder of the largest school of blacksmithing in the USA n the 1970's. His first student is the Founder and Curator of the National Blacksmiths Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.   This is of interest to us because of the significance of the craft of the blacksmith, its relation to alchemy and transformation, which we learned from William Henry in September.

Slim began practicing the ancient art of dowsing in 1970 and invented a very simple and inexpensive method of neutralizing geopathic stress. He has given seminars in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and South Africa.  With his Geobiology Research associates, they practice the art of dowsing for and diverting geopathic stress to alleviate various physical, mental or emotional symptoms for members of households or business enterprises, which acknowledges and eliminates  geopathic stress.

Slim and his wife Katharina gave me an advanced copy of the book and I was jumping up and down reading it, thinking of what I would share with you.   Explanations on Dowsing and Geopathic Stress that will help us better understand how things work.  How Slim and his buddies found negative vortexes spiraling through the location where his friend's "TV chair" was --- his high school friend who had cancer and whose daughter had epilepsy, and how 17 years later father and daughter are still improving,   Slim's discovery of the rings and how they work and how he uses them.  And the nose mask which helps with breathing problems, including pneumonia.  Cleaning air in Denver, in Cairo.  New Zealand, Chesapeake Bay.

There were so many areas I marked down of interest but it is not possible to copy them all here for you.   Reading this book will expand your awareness, mental knowledge and felt sense of dowsing, physics and the connection between our moving energy and quantum physics.

This is an important book.   It should be read and re read by every dowser, archeologist, health practitioner, environmentalist, city planner, politician, naturalist, farmer, physicist and so on.   Slim introduces us to the basics of the root causes of ill health of our bodies, communities and the planet and what we as individuals or groups can do to eliminate its symptoms and causes and re-create pristine environments in all areas.  He clearly explains the ABC's of a significant part of the unseen world, how this affects us and why this causes suffering from afflictions that the best of our medical and physical science has so far been unable to correct.  The information Slim has uncovered to teach us on earth energies and ring technologies is crucial for our advancement and evolution.   I strongly recommend that grassroots organizations use this book to do for their own communities what Slim has accomplished in Denver.

(4)  "Harve Bodine, in the 1800's.  Written by Harve Bodine, 2004" -- by Joe Smith a/k/a Harve Bodine

We know of Joe Smith, farmer from Johnson, Nebraska, because of his contributions to our newsletter over the years on many aspects of dowsing.  We also have video and audio tapes of his dowsing presentations in our library.  A septuagenarian, Joe is one of the favorite and best known dowsers in North America.  A favorite, because in addition to his wisdom he is liked and respected as both an excellent dowser and human being.  Joe is a former trustee of the American Society of Dowsers and gives presentations to dowsing groups on basic dowsing, dowsing for farmers, etc.  In another setting he would be snapped up and made famous as an icon of dry farmer's wit and [un]common good sense.  Joe keeps our bombast in line with just a few well placed words.  He's also a good [i.e., successful] oil dowser.  No fool, our "old Joe".

We also know Joe as the craftsman of the "Joe Smith Dancing Pendulum".  For some time we have had a page on our web site devote specifically to Joe at:   JOE SMITH.   His medallions are there as well.  His medallions include the McCusick bead, created by Bob McCusick.  Bob McCusick features prominently in this section.

Joe has written stories --- westerns.  This is a non fiction western where ----  the events took place in the 1800's but it was written only this year, in the first person, written by Joe Smith, who used to be known as Harve Bodine.  See below for the explanation.

The story about this novel started  in Dallas when Sandee Mac did a past life regression on me.  It seems that I rode with the Quantrell Raiders. My name was Harve Bodine.   Some time after that reading when my wife (Marta) and I were driving through New Mexico we stopped at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. to get a cup of coffee and a sweet roll.  We had heard they were as big as a cow pie.  When I walked into the hotel I had the strong feeling of Deja Vu.  I felt like I had been there before.   It turns out that 26 men had died in that hotel in the 1800's.   It was full of entities.  Something started me writing these stories and they seemed to have a life of their own.   I sit down and start a chapter after working all day and at 11:00 I'm still writing --- it is kinda habit forming.  You know ---  where are they going today, what are they up to.   Things happen in the story that I had no idea that was the way it was going.   It writes itself.    A lot of the area in the stories I knew about.   The 4th episode takes place about 20 years later.    Robert (Bob) McKusick liked my stories so well he told me of his past life.   Seems he was a train robber around 1880.   He actually found a Robert McKusick in history that was a train robber in that time and place as he remembered it.   He sent me all the history on it and I wrote the "Arizona is Hot" story about that history.   A lot of it is fact --- it was taken from the known history of train robberies.    I just made it fit my story.   And Bob (or Robert) was in it. Most of the characters in the stories are taken from people I have known, their character is imbedded in the story.   I try to show real emotion that people have in a certain situation.   Some times while writing, I get tears in my eyes.   I put a lot of feeling in the stories.   I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.  -  Joe Smith
These stories are not --- yet --- in published book form.  If you know of someone who would like to publish them, let us know.  In the meantime, you can read this online at JOE SMITH'S WESTERN.


You heard thru the grapevine, or read an email or last month's newsletter that Ivan (McBeth, our October speaker) was denied re-entry to the US after his presentation to us.   Ivan flew back to England in November, however prior to his departure, he sent us the following message:

Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:58:28 EDT
Subject: Gratitude

Hi Marilyn,
I am writing this letter in the hope you will put it into the Toronto Dowsers newsletter.

I had such a good time when I visited Toronto a couple of weeks ago...two weeks? It feels like a couple of lifetimes ago! I was looked after and treated with love and respect. You, Marilyn, picked me up from the bus station and were the 'mastermind' in organising my stay. Pat kindly opened her house (twice) to an unknown bear of a man. Bill and Shawna took me in hand, introducing me to some of the beautiful and energetic places in the Canadian landscape and driving me to my destinations. Doug and Jane put me up and introduced me to their land. Jan and Peter welcomed me and we had a great time planning magical adventures for 2005. I met a lot of other people who were very welcoming and who helped make my stay a pleasure.

After I left you my life took some very unexpected twists and turns. On my return to the USA the immigration officials at the border refused me entry due to a technicality on my visa. I was interrogated for about four hours and fingerprinted. They told me I had to apply for a visitor's visa the next morning at the American Consulate in Montreal. I was then unceremoniously dumped back in Canada. A compassionate Canadian official gave me a visa that lasted two months.

The next morning at 8am I was standing in drizzle outside the consulate. I wasn't even allowed inside. I was told by an official that I had violated a visa requirement and there was nothing they could do for me. She told me I had to return to England where the American Embassy would contact me - only if my wife acted on my behalf in America, and the Immigration department decided I was eligible. It might take some time.

Some friends are letting me stay with them about ten minutes from the US border. My wife - Fearn - comes to visit me when she can. She lives only an hour and a half away from where I am staying, but it might as well be on the moon. In two weeks I will return to the UK and I hope that this state of affairs will soon be sorted out and I can continue my process of permanent residency in the USA. We have already filled out the first couple of documents and filed them with the immigration people.

I hope to visit you all in Toronto next year, whether I am allowed back into the States or not. I feel a deep bonding with the spirit of Canada, and with all those I met while in Toronto. One of my great passions is to help raise levels of energy - and awareness - by the creation of sacred space in the landscape. There seems to be interest in the creation of stone circles in the Toronto area, and I feel very honoured to be asked to facilitate in the design and construction of two so far, but the numbers seem to be growing! I am especially excited when I am asked to build them by hand, with a group of people. It looks as if I will be doing this next year and it seems a great opportunity to hold a workshop at the same time. Theory in the mornings, and construction in the afternoons. Magic, music and story-telling around an open, outside fire in the evenings. I hope to meet and share magical time with you there!

So I keep my spirits up and watch as my destiny unfolds, doing what I can, when I can, to help things move along. There has been such a positive, caring response from you all; thank you especially those of you who phoned, and sent me emails of good cheer. It has been an important factor in getting me through all of this. My deep thanks and gratitude to you all. I look forward to returning in July and generating some good magic in the hills near Toronto.

With love and blessings, Ivan"

   *        *        *        *        *        *
That is such a lovely and heartwarming message from Ivan.  And, it is outrageous that he was fingerprinted.   I'll keep you informed as to this saga.

Part of the purpose for Ivan's invitation to speak to us, was that he would catalyze for us some hands on earth healing projects.  Projects taking place in Colorado, New York, the 39th parallel, Virginia and Michigan were documented at the October meeting and in the November 2004 newsletter.

     Respecting, Healing, Protecting our Planet

It looks as if several hand constructed stone circles ---  à la Ivan --- will be taking shape, in our area, starting next spring.  When Ivan constructs a stone circle, this is actually a workshop for all those partaking in this event.    We found out that the fees for this, for the owner as well as participants, are reasonable and affordable.   If you are interested in having a stone circle created, contact me, or Pete Coles.  We hope that the whisperings about interest in Uxbridge and London will turn in to reality as well as some other locations.  Remember Ivan's story about the herbalist? He was asked to build a stone circle for them so they could grow their herbs in it so they would be more energetic.  He did and they are.

Stone Circles can be all sizes.   The energy in this part of  Ontario will be a lot better with these circles.    We will learn more about using circles on the earth in March 2005 with our BioDynamics and Dowsing speaker.

  *        *        *        *        *        *

Speaking about crossing the border, I flew back from Newark to Toronto after my visit with my family and had to force myself to calm down as my BS Farce detector was going wild.

In addition to showing photo ID at check in, it now has to be shown 2 more times --- going through security and before boarding the plane.   Getting people used to collecting, carrying and displaying all sorts of documentation.

These so called security precautions are a noxious and evil farce and those employed in these areas agree, and don't really believe in what they are doing.  Can you imagine spending 40 hours a week knowing that what you are doing is pure malarkey?

Now they are telling people to take off their shoes!    Without offering people a place to sit down, many, elderly and dressed up, take off their shoes, walk the 10 feet to the the pick up point and struggle to put them on again.   And retrieve the rest of their belongings and put themselves together again.

Why is this being done?  Is this a security precaution?  Of course not!
It gets people used to being in large groups and subservient and not speaking out.
It gets people used to taking orders
It gets people used to, and accepting, the stripping away of their pride and dignity
This is purely an acclimatization tool to get people used to long lines, documentation, obeying the masters (again), and getting through the line intact and not caring about the other person.  Seems I saw pictures of the same events in the 1930's.

Look at what happens on these lines.  Its every person for themself.  If you are on one of these lines, all you want to do is to get through it, so you can get on the plane and go home.   You will do anything to pass through the line.

Imagine ... if all 200 or 300 people on line for that plane politely denied their cooperation.   Not because they don't want security, because of course they want security.  But this is not security.  It is intimidation.   It would just have to happen 3 times in one year and the farce would collapse.   Or even 20 people on one plane from time to time.    But we don't.  We don't band together to refuse to be intimidated and manipulated.

I would never have the effrontery to refuse a direct request from a distinguished representative of Homeland Security, however since I knew that my doctor would not like me taking off my shoes that way and walking barefoot on that unhygienic floor, I told that to the check in guy.  I was not forced to remove my shoes, however, the next person cheerfully told me I have been selected by the airlines for additional screening.   I did attempt to decline that honor, but they were only too eager to bestow it upon me.

I was invited in to my own little room where I could sit down and take off my shoes.   Even though they had these nice latex gloves, they refused my request for foot coverings while I removed my shoes.   I was not too surprised that their little x ray machine missed the Joe Smith Pendulum I had in my neck pouch (which I had forgotten to put in to the check in baggage).   They missed this 2" object, brass filed to a point, but somehow nail clippers are dangerous.

 *        *        *        *        *        *
Is there something screwy with this picture?
The fare itself was $48.00 one way.  The taxes on that fare were $90.72.   Is there something screwy with this picture?

The folks at the Government Run Duty Free shops are so nice and helpful when you want to purchase alcoholic beverages.  The folks at the next stop, the Government Run Customs Department are often curt and rude and punitive when asking you about what you just bought at the Government Run Duty Free shop.   Is there something screwy with this picture?

Around the beginning of November the news stations were talking about 85 suicides per year by people whose gambling problems were too much for them to handle.   Yet the province of Ontario supports and encourages gambling.   Is there something screwy with this picture?

Raymon Grace, and The Dowsing Card

Since several of you have said that you have heard Raymon Grace's name, but don't know who he is, here's some background:
        Raymon is a mountain man from Virginia.   A stonemason by trade, since 1973 he has worked successfully with healing energies.  Raymon has also been an award winning Silva Method instructor for over 20 years, has been mentored by Tom Brown, Native healers Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees, and others in Shamanic ways, including Bill Askin from northern Alberta.
        3 of us ----  Jannette & Walter Huszczo, Cathy & Frank Saul, and yours truly ----  met Raymon at the ASD 2000 convention.   We were so impressed by him we knew he had to come to Toronto and worked with Cathy to create a workshop for him at the Ecology Retreat Center November 2000.  26 people were at that workshop and the Ontario appreciation of Raymon was born.
        But prior to that event, the week after we met him --- the Toronto Dowsers was formed.  I am convinced that meeting Raymon was the birthing spark (explosion?) for our group.  He was not well known  --- yet --- at that convention.   I was drawn to him because I like cowboys and Silva and asked Raymon to help unblock stuck energy for a project I was working on.  After he spent 90 minutes working with me on this, he suggested that in return I could help organize a workshop for him in Toronto.   I was more than a little nervous about this since as he had done the work I figured I had to help out this way, but didn't know how as I had never done this sort of thing before and did not think I could.   Somehow it all worked out.

Since that time, Raymon has become well known.  What it seems as if he has done is that he has evolutionized dowsing, i.e., taken it to its next highest step.  In addition to using dowsing as a tool to detect energy and find out information, Raymon has moved it from a passive to an active activity, where we can now actively change energies, be they past, present or future ones.  He does this in ways that are simple and down to earth.   He embodies humility and offers respect to whomever he works with.   Raymon moves energy and showed us that before you put good energy in to some thing, you first have to clear out the yucky stuff.  Kind of like draining the crankcase before pouring in clean oil, or, cleansing one's face before applying new make up.

We sponsored his presentations at the Total Health Show in 2002 and 2003 and he has offered several workshops to Toronto Dowsers.

At the workshops, we learned techniques, we took notes.   These techniques were valuable, and, people were finding that they had notes all over the place and were not using the techniques.

So my teaching hat came out and working with Raymon Grace and Larry Huszczo,  I made Daily Dowsing Vitamin Cards.

By using the questions on these cards, daily, you are taking an Energetic Shower, your energy field is clean and you feel so much better AND! like a water shower, you can't do it just one time. You have to do it on a regular basis, otherwise the gunk accumulates. You are cleansing and strengthening your energetic immune system.   Over time what this also does is to strengthen your physical being and immune system, you see "problems" differently so they disappear.  You attract more positive results in your life.  Your dowsing improves.

1,500 cards were printed.  They were given away at dowsing conventions.   Then another 1,500 cards were printed.   We ran out of those, too, and the card needed revision.  So, Raymon helped me revise the questions over the past several months.  This month  2,000 cards were printed.  There are now 11 questions and the card is larger.   IT LOOKS GREAT!!!

To best use these cards, it is recommended that you take a workshop from Raymon, or, learn from Raymon's book "Techniques That Work For Me."   (This book has been recently updated and Debbie Purvis expects to have it for sale at our meetings.)   The chart comes from Walt Wood's "Letter To Robin".  You can get this book online at:  www.LetterToRobin.com  or buy it at our table for $4.   It is planned that a free card be included in this newsletter mailing to all members.   More will be available for purchase at our sales table.

    Is there ENERGY in cards?:

Stimulated by Robert Gilbert's May 2004 newsletter and his information on BioGeometry, the September 2004 newsletter had a big article on symbols and their energy.  We have seen and used cards, symbols, devices from the Gentle Wind Project (which has been in the news a lot lately) for increased energy and healing.  We have seen the growth of  Dick Martin throughout the years and his latest, highly powerful healing mandala.    We have just read about the cards --- which we experienced last month --- from Alan Handelsman, our November speaker.   Symbols were made available from renowned healer Jack Temple.   And some say our membership cards have strong healing power.    Next we will be reading more about Masaru Emoto's suggestions of certain words which have healing power.

One of our members took 3 cards and tested them from 1 (being the lowest) to 10 (being the highest), for energy and healing power.    From his measurements, Alan Handelsman's Resonance Tuner was a "10",   Jack Temple's healing symbol was an "8" and the Toronto Dowsers membership card was a "7".



Once Upon a Time, this hypothesis was realized by a very very wise doctor in another country far far away ......

How to Eliminate the Source of Cancer:    Eliminate its Food
(and how to do this for under $5)

If you eliminate a food (nutrition) source from a living being, what happens?
It dies.
Cancer is a living organism.  Eliminate its food source, it, too dies.

Samples of this substance, for testing purposes only, for you to take home, *might* be available at the December meeting, at the Toronto Dowsers table.

   TO BE ADDED:   Connections between smoking and cancer ---- it is probably not what many think it to be.  (New material recently (November 29th, 2004) came *to light* on this subject and needs to be worked on.  WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!

Water:   Dowsers are Water Finders, and, so much more
The Water Project
a look in to  Masaru Emoto's  Messages From Water

By this time, everyone reading these words knows about The Water Project, which began November 26, 2004.  Happy Birthday!  It's TWO years old!   We have accomplished a LOT in those 2 years.

For anyone who might not know about this:  Please ask a Toronto Dowser, or go online and read what's at WATER PROJECT.   [November 26, 2002, Raymon Grace was here for a workshop telling us some of his water healing stories.  I asked him to energize a 5 gallon jug of water that I had in the car, so I could distribute it to people so it could be use to heal water.  He did, and to date we have distributed over 1,000 8 ounce bottles of the water we named  ECH20 (Energized Cosmic Water that keeps ECHO-ing ---  Avis Brown named it for us) and the goal is to pour a drop or 2 in other waters to Heal The Water of the Planet.]

Soon after, we started finding out about Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher from Japan who proved that water contains information, and memory.   Many of us attended his presentation in Toronto May 2003, where he was brought by STARLIGHT EVENTS.  (Brigitte is bringing him back here May 2005.)

Raymon Grace talked about this project during his interview on Coast to Coast radio the night of March 31, 2004 and we were deluged with orders for ECH20. This continues to grow.

We have also developed labels for water bottles and pipes --- which do change the contents of the energy field of water, and participated in Thank Water Day July 25th in 2003 and 2004.

NOTE:  You may have missed this:   Before we were to take part in our first "Thank Water Day" (July 25, 2003), I'd go to the part of Lake Ontario that we choose to meet at --- by the lakeshore --- and wade in about 30 feet to take samples.   The water was not too pretty.   When we returned, a year later, July 25, 2004 --- the water in that location was clear.    I had gone to that spot about 8 times last year within a period of 2 months and each time it was pretty yucky.   I had never seen that area as clear as I did that day, a year later.   Until this past July.   So yes, we are making a difference.

The Water Project keeps on keeping on.

   Contiued Insights:

For millennia, dowsing has been used to find water, rather like a commodity.   Within the past decade, especially the past few years, there is the glimmer of awareness around the consciousness of water;  its intelligence.  Not just in our community.

A year after we started the Water Project, Raymon found out that it may not be possible to change the informational content of water if there is a lack of respect, and/or greed in the water.  These must be removed before it can contain beneficial energetics.

Washing a dirty pot, I had a related thought ---- what do you think about this one?  That we take beautiful water and pour sewage and offal, toxic waste, feces and grease and all kinds of yucky stuff in to it and it washes away this yucky stuff so we can clean ourselves and our property and not be bothered with smell, bacteria, etc.   I am thinking that water itself allows us to do this.   Do you think it is so, or, it might be so?   Water is one of the forces of Nature.  Nature is intelligent.  Isn't water?  Isn't this one of the gifts that we have been given, that water has given to us?   So this is a reason why it might be good to thank water --- for the gift the Spirit of Water has freely given us and to honor her and the gift with some respect.  That is all it wants.  Yes?  No?

Masaru Emoto has published:  "Messages From Water", Volumes 1, 2, 3 and "The Hidden Messages in Water".   Volume 1 starts out talking about HADO:  "Masaru Emoto, Water and HADO, which signifies the world of subtle energy related to consciousness, synonymous with "Chi" in Japanese.

[NOTE:  A connection to another area on this subject in this issue is Mici Gold's contribution, above, where she speaks of  Dowsing with regard to its connection to Consciousness]

Thanks to the method Dr. Emoto has developed to look at water, using an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyzer), it is finally possible for those who require physical confirmation that water holds information --- and might hold even more!

Tap Water from different cities around the world including many Japanese cities (including Osaka which used to be a "City of Water" and is now famous for unpalatable water), Vancouver, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Argentina, etc., and shows, by the crystals photographed through the MRA how the crystals of these waters are beautiful, or not.  We translate our version of beautiful, in this regard, to mean healthy.   What a great way to analyze water!   Not only is it a physical analysis but it expresses the personality of that water of place!  The collective consciousness of that area!

The water from Lourdes, he says, has HADO from love in it and reverses hatred in to love.

    Playing Music To Water  ... Tapping ... Healing

Much has been written in our newsletters on the healing power of music (including elsewhere in this issue speaking on the Homer Hefty book). This shall continue as long as the information continues to be uncovered.

The importance of  using  TAPPING to improve crystallization is an interesting conclusion arrived at by Dr. Emoto.  When they played music to water, froze the crystals and analyzed the results, they found that their best system was to place distilled water in between 2 speakers and play one piece of music at a normal volume.  Then they said to tap the bottom of the distilled water bottle and leave it overnight.  Tap again the next day before freezing the water to make the crystals, freeze, then take the pictures.   They said that when they did not do this that the crystallization rate declined.   "By applying this tapping vibration, information seemed to be transmitted through the water causing the crystals to activate."

CURIOUS INTELLIGENT MINDS REQUIRED HERE:    I have seen this in other places.   Before we take homeopathic remedies, we tap the bottle sharply several times.  Before taking flax, etc., oils, we tap the bottle several times.  It seems to "wake up" the energy.   I'd sure like to understand what is going on though.  Any takers?

Through his work, Masaru Emoto has proven that music --- in fact different piece of music can have different healing effects on different parts of the body.  In the June 2003 newsletter, 2 pieces of music were reported , from Dr. Emoto, to help improve the health of the Joints, and the Lymph System.  In this book, they show how Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor heals the heart of its listeners, Bach's "Goldberg Variations" promotes positive spiritual growth, another one eases pain and enhances physical immunity, another one heals people's feelings and another one relaxes.  Seeing pictures of the crystals from Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel is interesting, too.

The most beautiful water crystal is the one below.  At Fujiwara Dam the Reverend Kato Hoki, the chief priest of jyuhouin temple, Omiya city performed a prayer practice for one hour beside the dam.  Dr Emoto wrote "We have never seen a more beautiful picture that emits brilliant energy as much as this one does. .. People say that this picture makes them feel an immeasurable amount of power and energy in their soul based on people's consciousness."

Since Dr. Emoto reported this one to be their most beautiful, it is here for you to look at and perhaps use as yet another healing symbol.

They also experimented with cooked rice --- where they cooked rice and put it in 2 identical glass containers.  To one container they talked to the rice saying "Thank you" and to the other "You fool".  For one month.  Guess which one had a nice mellow malted rice aroma and which one turned black and rotten after the month was over.
Reports from, and information on, the Water Project shall continue.  Please send in your Water stories to Marilyn.

2 Stimulating Toronto Activities in the New Year

offers Free Sunday Science Lectures.    Lectures are held at 3:00 p.m. in the J.J.R. Macleod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto, 1 King's College Circle.  The Fall 2004 season has finished, the Winter 2005 season goes from January 16 to March 6.  See the website at RCI or call (416) 977-2983.

The website does not yet have the 2005 schedule, however, here are the topics for the completed Fall series:   The Barcode of Life,  The Origin and Evolution of Galaxies, Let There Be Light: The Canadian Light Source (CLS),  The Mathematics of Glider Racing,  The Promise of Regenerative Medicine: Fantasy or Reality,  The Green Revolution to the Gene Revolution, Solving Mankind's Problems.

Surely we can encourage a dowsing lecture!?!?
Their directive states:  "The Royal Canadian Institute (RCI) for the advancement of science is now the oldest surviving scientific society in Canada. This not-for-profit organization was founded in Toronto in 1849 by a small group of civil engineers, architects and surveyors led by Sandford Fleming (1827-1915). By its Royal Charter of Incorporation granted on 4 November 1851, the RCI was charged with the "encouragement and general advancement of the Physical Sciences, the Arts and Manufactures...and more particularly for promoting...Surveying, Engineering and Architecture..." Today the RCI fulfills its mission of enhancing public awareness about science in several ways, although it is best known for its public lectures, held on Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter at the University of Toronto. The speakers come from many scientific disciplines, and audience participation is encouraged through a question period and opportunity for discussion with the speaker after the lectures...."

Offers Adult Continuing Education programs.  Good courses, good teachers.  Reasonable cost.  Mostly in the evenings.  Their Fall term is finished you can now register for the Winter and Spring terms.   In the past I've taken:  Knitting, Adobe Illustrator, Kayaking, Reflexology, Computer Repair and Building.  They have excellent day and evening classes on beginning computing, internet.  Also all sorts of art classes (watercolor, cartoons, drawing, portraiture, pottery, sculpture); Business, tons of computing classes, Crafts, jewelry, stained glass; Dancing, Fitness; Astrology; Gardening, Photography; Health, Languages, Dogsledding; Canoe Camping, Log Cabin Building; Music; Tailoring; Shop work, Electronics, Auto Mechanics, Bicycle Repair, Upholstery, Theatre and more.

 Get a catalogue at a Toronto Public Library or try CONED1  or CONED2 or call 416 338 4111.

PS:   from  previous newsletters:
If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

SEPTEMBER 2004 Newsletter:  Symbols

In the Symbols section of the September 2004 newsletter, a symbol comprised of Hebrew lettering offered by Jack Temple in his book "The Healer" was mentioned.  Juanita Ott from Alberta contacted me about this, saying it was not in the book.  Juanita, you are right.  It is not.  It is on page 19 of his other book, "Medicine Man".     No, I don't know what it means.  And, both of these books are so excellent, I hope you don't mind getting the other one as well.  They are well worth it.

From Pat Prevost:   Hi Marilyn:
 "I am still using the Sanjeevini's.  I really do think they have been integral to my canine buddy's rapid recovery.  If you would have seen him in intensive care you would never had of guessed he'd look this good this fast.  He's had a lot of energetic help from so many but my home balancings & broadcasts have provided a foundational energetic structure for us  to hold onto while the storm raged & the Sanjeevini's are anchors for this. Thanks again, XXXOOO Pat"

NOVEMBER 2004 Newsletter:   Comments were written about the What The Bleep Movie.  Sher Smith emailed the following:

    "A friend had seen it and said "I was reeling for two days afterwards". Another said "I was on such a high I went home & called everyone I knew & told them to go see it".  I went today and in the washroom after and a lady said "I've heard all of this before today and I know something happened in there & I now know I've got it".  Myself "I came home and had a very personal positive change on the way home. There are other changes subtle and yet noticeable and it is still only the same day." "A definite must see". "

"Never do anything against conscience  even if the state demands it."
-- Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921
"Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have."
-- Harry Emerson Fosdick (1878-1969)
""If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket
would be elected swineherd every time,
no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side."
-- Orson Scott Card (1951- ) Novelist

THE   Tuesday, December 14th, 2004  MEETING is the:
The 5th Annual
Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

This is our time to meet and greet and mingle with one another.
Our energy is directed towards each other, rather than to a speaker.
It is time to introduce our selves, our beings, our more commercial sides to one another.


Our first meeting was in September 2000.
Even at that early time, it was recognized that we have many other wonderful sides to us.  Dowsers are "helper types".   We offer service, we make and sell useful, beautiful and nifty products.   There are many therapists in our group.

We do not focus on commercialism, so,
How can we get to know this side of one another?
The Dark of December encourages folks to hold holidays to celebrate Light.
Which has made December a social month
So it was decided that the December meeting would be the time and place for us to share these sides --- the commercial, service, product, craft, etc., side --- of ourselves with one another.

This year we will be having a raffle instead of door prizes, the items donated by YOU!   Check out:  JAN2002   to see the what was donated and the other activities that went on.  It is a PHENOMENON! and this energy just keeps rolling right along.  We put the raffle items on a table until we are ready to draw.

Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 2 annual socials: December 11th, 2002  December 9th, 2003

AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, hors d'oeuvres, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.

AND:   If you have something you would like to donate for the raffle, please contact Marilyn by December 7th.   If you do donate something please be sure your name, contact info, is prominent.  They are placed on a table and everyone would like to know who donated what and how to get hold of you.

No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
copyright © 2004 by Marilyn Gang