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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, December 13th,  2005 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to host:
THE6TH ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly scensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2005

DECEMBER 13th - The Toronto Dowsers SIXTH Annual Networking Social

JANUARY 10th - Members Night:  The Dowsing Card, CRP results, your questions and morel
FEBRUARY 14th - Ellie Drew -  "Spirit Messages From an Ascended Dowser"
FEBRUARY 17th - Ellie Drew -  Conscious Manifesting Workshop
FEBRUARY 18, 19th - Ellie Drew -  Soul Journeys workshop
MARCH 21st - Dr. Robert Gilbert
OCTOBER 2006:  Sandee Mac, Master Dowser,  from Houston, Texas
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March 31-April 2, 2006. The Consumer Health Organization of Canada sponsors the 29th annual Total Health Convention, Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place


PRE MEETING PROCESS GROUP:    Will resume January 2006.  [This is the pre presentation teaching practice offered by  Shelley Bourne, Angi Venning and Joy Goch.    Please remember that Preregistration is required and you need to be a paid up member to take part in this group. For info call   Shelley:  905 294 6858]

LIANE GUSTAFSON, VICTORIA, BC, THANK YOU!   The table covering you sent us looks GORGEOUS!

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*    CDs of our Presentations --- Now Available  *

CD recordings of our presentations available for sale at our meetings or by mail:
October 11, 2005:  Dr. Magda Havas:  "Shocking!"
November 8, 2005:  Sandee Mac:  "Dowsing with Hanna."
Replaces most of the extensive meeting notes that have been in our newsletters.

Each of these meetings available in a 2  CD set
Available at our meetings:
Members:  $10            Non Members:  $15                Shipping:  Add $5  if you want it mailed

If you would like a CD recording of the October  or November 2005 meeting, send $15 (for members) or $20 (for nonmembers) to:  Marilyn Gang, #816 - 225 Davisville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario   M4S 1G9   Canada.   Checks made out to:  TORONTO DOWSERS

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Our library has --- or ought to have --- over 500 items.  So far this includes books, video tapes, audio tapes, CDs and DVDs.   Access to the library is one of the privileges of membership.   The quality of our selection is excellent.

Our library has been transported to and from each of our meeting in 2, then 4, now 10 or 12 or more --- "Bankers Boxes".   Members may take out 2 items per month and have access to the library once a month, for about 20 minutes before our presentation and 10 or 15 after the presentation.

Our growth has engendered change:  We have too many items for it to be transported to and from each meeting and it has to be stored, it would be beneficial if access could take place at least several times a month.  SO!

What is needed is:
A location in Toronto, reasonable access to TTC  and  parking
A  safe  room we can lock --- minimum 10 feet by 10 feet
We can access it at least from  9 am to 9 pm,  7 days / week.   Good energy
Reasonable rent, energy, location
We can put in bookshelves, a chair and a desk.

Initially this could be open, say,  Tuesday from 11-2  and Thursdays from 5-8.   Hours expand as we expand.  Increased revenue from library loans could help offset rental expenses.

Our librarian and I are in agreement, in principle with this idea, however we know there are a lot of details to be worked out and we'd definitely need at least 2 very responsible volunteers.

For any place that houses our library --- there would be increased foot traffic of holistic minded people.  Do you own a clinic and would rent us a room?    Do you have a store with a room we could use?   Is there a large room in your building we could use?  Do you know a realtor who could suggest something?   Please contact Marilyn with suggestions.  Thank you.

*                    *                *                    *                    *
What Happened at:  The November 8th Meeting:
Announcements:    Questions,   Answers,   Surprises,   Revelations
THE SIDE SALES TABLE, displayed Liane Gustafson's beautiful table covering!!!!:::

THANK YOU  JAN,  PAT,  PAT and  ANGI:  Four of our volunteers who have responsibly taken charge of several areas for several years and have been giving continuously and prodigiously of themselves for some time, were recognized, by being gifted with ASD carry bags.  Many thanks to Jan Scanlan Coles, Patrizia Bianchi, Pat K and Angi Venning (Jan was out of town, so her husband Pete took home her bag).  We hope y'all like your bag enough so you keep on helping out!   You've been doing a great job --- and our group could not be what it is without you.  THANK YOU!

CONTEST One:  The contest from the October/November newsletters, dowsing accomplishments with Toronto Dowsers was won, by Irene Economides.  Thank you, Irene!   Irene won a book by Wynelle Dylaney.   Results of that contest elsewhere.   She probably had the correct responses, however she was also the only one who tried.  This is not to take anything away from Irene or her abilities.   Irene, I salute you.  I wonder what's so scarey for our brave folk about coming forth to dowse 5 names?

CONTEST Two:  We had another little contest:   Sandee Mac's plane was to land at Toronto's Pearson Airport at 4:24 PM, the day of her talk.   As she needed to be in the meeting room about 6:30 --- this arrival time posed potential problems.  The plane needed to land, taxi, unload, she needed to pick up luggage, go through customs, meet her ride and go all the way across the top of Toronto --- during prime rush hour.

Since I didn't want to be nervous, hold my breath and gnaw fingernails all alone, I decided to spread it out among the group and sent an email setting up a contest.  Emailed November 3rd:

"Dowse for the time and  email it to me,  by  11:59  PM  Eastern Time   Monday  November  7.   Use this Subject:   Timekeeper.   In the body of the message include the time you dowse Sandee Mac will step in to the meeting room, according to our designated Timekeeper.  A pendulum donated by Alicja Aratyn   www.alicja.com/  will be given to the winner.   The winner is the person whose dowsed answer comes closest to the time determined by the designated timekeeper.  In case of a tie, the winner is the one whose email is received first, as stipulated by my POP (incoming email server).   If you are the winner, and not at the meeting, the pendulum will be mailed to you --- this is a good opportunity for our long distance members!   Only available to paid up members whose fees have been received by October 31, 2005, one entry per member.   Entries will be brought to the meeting and posted on the notice board."
I was much encouraged by the entries, as they ranged from 6:06 PM to 7:45 PM which told me at least that YES!  Sandee will --- at least --- be at the meeting, even if she is a tad late!

Had to think hard setting up this contest, to be accurate with the question.  For example, I didn't ask what time would she step in to the room --- because we all could have different times.  It had to be the time according to the watch of one person.  I learned more about asking accurate questions when I set up this contest.  It was good experience.

Pat Bianchi won the contest and the pendulum.  The timekeeper set 6:26 PM as the time and Pat came closest with 6:18 PM.     One of you later told me you dowsed 6:27, but did not want your name posted.   Toooo bad.    My "mind" told me 6:23, but my dowsing told me 7:15 --- so I put down  7:15 and didn't win either.

Apparently some tried to enter the contest but did not use the requested Subject:  line.  I set up my email system to catch the TIMEKEEPER entries and the system did not catch those who did not use it.

AND!!!  As an added bonus:   Her plane came in early!   A half hour early!   We had all 'done work' to ensure that she would arrive early.  She arrived so early in fact, she had time to go out for dinner and get to the meeting room early!   THANK YOU ALL!

BRIAN HARRIS:  We knew Brian Harris was seriously ill.  Pete Coles led us in sending Brian love, respect and honor.

*                *                *                *                *
*            *            *            *
*                *                *                *                *
A Fun Dowsing Exercise for the Meeting:
A Dowsing exercise,  was included in the October and November newsletters.  You were asked to bring your results with you to the meeting.   A prize would be given for the correct answers.   One person -- Margaret Holman -- completed this exercise for the October meeting.   Margaret received a book.   It was held over to the November meeting.  Irene Economides was the person who completed the quiz  for the November meeting.   Irene received a book  for her work.

Who do you know who:

Dowse the following:    [MATCH THE 5  NUMBERS, BELOW, with THE LETTERS A, B, C, D, E]
Many of us have intriguing  accomplishments in our past.    See if you can match by dowsing the  5 accomplishments listed below, numbered 1-5,  with the correct people, currently represented by:   A, B, C, D, E

1.   Which Toronto Dowsers sailed for Canada in the Admiral's Cup boat races
2.    Which Toronto Dowser was a  fashion model in Paris and London and a professional ballet dancer
3.    Which Toronto Dowser ran a dating service
4.    Which Toronto Dowser is the overall winner of the Dunnington Grub Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence for 2004?
5.    Which Toronto Dowser  had a hip record company in Yorkville.

Here are the answers from the October / November quiz:
1:     c      Hugh Magill
2:     a      Diana Atherton Davis
3:     e      Marilyn Gang
4:     b     James Thompson
5:    d      Peter Clayton   (Peter was one of the owners of  Nimbus 9 in Yorkville, the company that recorded the Guess Who and Alice Cooper (among others) and who broke the first million selling Canadian single in the U. S.)

So Long to our friend, Brian Harris

Brian Harris, friend, jazz musician, teacher, husband of Marlene, seeker, dowser, passed away November 9, 2005 at 10:15 pm, at home, very peacefully.   Brian had been dealing with tumors for the past 2 years and they just overcame him.

He was one of the kindest, gentlest people one could ever meet and was always there when someone needed help.   One winter night last year, after a dozen of us finished a dowsing workshop, one of the out of town attendees could not find his car keys.   Brian not only offered a place for the night, but stood there with us in the cold and freshly fallen snow for over an hour until the person with the keys showed up.

Not having heard him play, everyone else who has says that he was immensely talented.  He was a teacher of music --- truly a fine teacher and a gifted musician -- at Humber College.  When Alan Handelsman came here  November 2004, Brian set up a gig for Alan at Humber College.

Brian had many admirers in our group.  Not only was he a member, but he was one of our volunteers, helping out with Registration.  If he was unable to attend a meeeting, he'd call up with a sincere apology.   He went to all the workshops, learning and appreciating.   When we were looking for someone to sing Happy Birthday to Pete Coles last year, Brian recommended Scarlett  Antaloczy who has a superb voice.

Brian was one of my students in my basic dowsing class.  When I visited him last month, I was glad to see his appreciation of his ability to use his own fine dowsing skills, including the ability to "body dowse" as he lay in bed, not always able to raise himself enough to use a dowsing instrument, but always seeking answers to his insatiable curiousity, to the end.

Several of us visited him during the 2 weeks before his passing.  He truly was accepting and at peace with dying.  He was home, said:  "I'm ready to die now", and he did.   He felt there were a lot of lessons he did learn and many he did not.

Lisa Caplan, one of our members, a very fine flute player and a  former student of Brian's wrote:    "Brian is an extremely gifted and tasteful jazz piano player, versatile too, he can play in style and every key.   He taught me jazz piano at Humber College 22 years ago.   Teaching is a fine art too.  He was very humble and quiet about his abilities but with his incredibly dry wit he sure could tell some funny stories especially from his many  years as a professional musician..  He had an incredibly intricate brain and an outrageous sense of humour delivered with his usual dry wit, and a twinkle in his eye.  And in these later years,  in addition to his busy playing and teaching schedule,  he still managed to find the time to help out during the Toronto Dowsers meetings, being completely and sincerely immersed in this beautiful work he had come to love and be fascinated by.  He ate healthy foods, he practised his piano, taught and composed and played incredibly beautiful  music, and gave so much of his time so generously to others...

"I remember a couple of years ago, that time when (Alan) Handelsman first came to Toronto and I played my flute in that Chinese restaurant (we took Alan out to the Mandarin Buffet)  in order to have it "tuned" by Alan, Brian surprised me by noticing that a whole bunch of "stuff" came through me when I played...and Joy (Goch)  has said that my playing music has healing properties not only for others, but for myself...being a real closet musician, and often keeping my abilities to myself, I was shocked that Brian was able to sense this just from my playing a few notes...when I studied piano with him, he never really heard my flute playing, something I have done for over 30 years.

"Anyway, I felt in a way, I could have "helped" him more perhaps by playing for him during our last visit with him, and Joy made me feel better by saying that I could still play for him now, with the intention of him receiving that, because it would be a big help for him as he crosses over into his "next assignment" as I like to call it....that this time after his death is a very important time to remember him in any way one feels is suitable and assist him and bring him a sense of peace as he undergoes this next transition time.   And so I believe that your paying tribute to him will also be very special for him to receive, and he will sense this.

"He always used to call me Caplan, and I would call him Harris!   The first time I saw him in about 20 years was at a Dowsers meeting, whereupon he said in his funny relaxed way, "What are you doing here, Caplan?"  to which I replied, "what are YOU doing here, Harris?"  (good answer, huh?)

"There were at least 300 people at his funeral  I said to Marlene when I saw her there, "I think Brian would have freaked if he saw how many people showed up to say their goodbyes today..."I honestly don't think he realized how many people's lives he touched...that's how very humble he was, doing his work and helping others as well."

The service for Brian was held Sunday, November 13th, in Richmond Hill from 2-4.    Richard Martin said the room was overflowing, the mood was not mournful, it was upbeat.   6 musicians were playing as guests entered the room.   In Sandee Mac's workshop, she led us on a beautiful journey to appreciate Brian and wish him well in his next school.   I hope we meet again, Brian Harris.

September 12th, Brian responded to an email:    "Some of the most difficult challenges happen when those we care about let us down in some way.  It looks like this happened to you big time.  Please don't lose faith in yourself or what you're doing. Your work is too important!!!!

I believe that we are all sent challenges / lessons from the universe, to help us grow.    I've had a few lately that I did not welcome at all. However, I do feel that they eventually make me stronger, if I meet these challenges / lessons with love and light.   This is really difficult for me to do even when I understand the concept.

I thought about you a lot when going through some of these problems. The techniques that I learned through you and the other teachers - Raymon, Robert Gilbert, Joey Korn, etc., were unbelievably helpful to me during these difficult times.   I won't bore you with the details  at this time, but the problems were extremely serious.

You take care, and I will see you tomorrow night.
Love and light,
Brian Harris"

The last time we saw him at an event was September 27, when he came to the reception for Robert Gilbert and Ibrahim Karim.   He looked pretty thin at that point, and shortly thereafter was seriously ill and hospitalized.

Brian is in the photo below, sitting down with his bongo drum, at our 2003 December Social.
Ellie Drew, author of  "Partnering with Spirit: Homer’s Journey",  will be our February 2006 speaker (see more, below).   Ellie wrote about Master Dowser Homer Hefty who contacted her soon after he passed over and passed on a lot of messages and information to her -- to give to his wife Marge, and to others (Ellie will talk about this in her presentation to us).    It was soon realized that Homer had advanced rapidly --- on the other side.   It was asked:  How is this possible?  The answer is:  Because of all the people who prayed for Homer after he died.

Let us remember Brian Harris, often, in our prayers, in our thoughts, with our words, with love and joy and happiness and great music --- Always.

"Dowsing takes the worry out of living"
Dowsing Instruction
I taught a   Basic Dowsing Fundamentals Course   last month at Odyssey  Book and Resource Center in Ajax.   Every time I teach this class is a miracle, seeing new dowsers born, or those who can already dowse "fill in the holes".    And make new friends.  It is also a great deal of fun --- for me --- at least.   There is also some frustration, at not being able to cover every single thing I'd like to cover.  Its important for the students to understand what they are doing and why, ethics, the mind body connection, getting the dowsing feel, learn about all the tools, have a chance to use them, practice, and oh, so much more!


In the evaluations received, one of the students said he would have liked to learn more about how to check for illnesses.  So I thought I'd cover that in this newsletter.

Its really pretty simple, but first you need a listing of illnesses to check for.   Because in dowsing, you have to know what questions to ask.

The full text of the remainder of this article and just one other article that has been "snipped" are in the complete issue which is sent to Toronto Dowsers Members.  A printed copy of the newsletter, mailed, is one of the many benefits of membership in the Toronto Dowsers.  Your membership dues not only make it possible for you to receive a full copy of our newsletters, but they also support our activities and make it possible to bring this information to you.  Our members live in Toronto, the rest of Canada, the US and other countries.   Please read the BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP which and then fill out and send the MEMBERSHIP FORM to us with proper payment. THANK YOU!


An area that new --- and even experienced dowsers --- are concerned with is that they are influencing their answers, because of their will, strong minds, beliefs, thoughts or emotions.   We must be totally unattached and detached to the outcome of any and every dowsed  response.  Totally.   We must care as much about the answer to a dowsed question, with the same degree of caring, for example, as to how many green jelly beans there are in Marilyn's jelly bean jar.

This is why I suggest that for at least the first 6 weeks new dowsers practice daily and on questions that they are concerned about, but that have no emotional content.   For example, don't dowse to determine if you should  go out and find another job, but do dowse to determine the best color for you to wear that day (unless you are rabidly fanatic about your colors).  So they create and develop dowsing muscles and dowsing brain pathways.

At the beginning of your Dowsing Session ask:    "Do I have any blockages, opinions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs or influences from myself or others that would adversely affect my dowsing?"

If you get a "YES", then ask:  "Can I May I Should I remove any blockages, opinions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs or influences from myself or others that adversely affect my dowsing?"    You will get a "YES".

Speak to your dowsing system to:  "Remove any and all blockages, opinions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs or influences from myself or others that adversely affect my dowsing."

Your pendulum will move in a counter clockwise circle.  Wait until it is done.

Ask:   "Have any and all blockages, opinions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs or influences from myself or others that adversely affect my dowsing been removed?"

You should get a "YES".  If not, repeat the process.

It sounds like a lot of words, and it may be, at first.  But after a while it becomes much faster, and, easier.   You will develop your own "shorthand".  AND!!!  When you do this, you will feel clearer, that some "junk" has left you, you are more balanced and centered.   This is a good space to be in.

*                *                *                *                *

Does Your CRP tell you what Planet or Star System You Are From?

Have you figured out your CRP (Critical Rotation Point) yet?  As demonstrated in the September meeting and explained in the October newsletter?  I bet you haven't!  Because if you have, it's so neat you darned well would be telling me about it!

Even if you don't lie down in the direction, dowse for your CRP, figure out where it is and just stand there and face in that direction.    And tell me how you feel.  There's kind of a "rightness", a "fit" to it.  Isn't there?  It just plain feels right, kind of like the right key turning the right way in the right lock.  Like coming home.

With some dowsing teaching systems, dowsers are told to face --- I believe --- north -- when they dowse.   With other systems it doesn't matter which direction you face in.   When the system telling people to face "north" was developed, I wonder if it is because the one who developed it --- had a CRP where he faced north.

And, I wonder --- does your CRP "point to" the Star System, or planet you originally came from?  Is that why it feels like home?  But since we are on a spinning globe,  and the degree we are facing is always the same relative to Planet Earth, it is not always the same relative to the Star Systems, which are moving as well.  Might there be some connection?

What do you think?   These theories have not gone much further than between me and the keyboard.   Stand in your own CRP and let us know what your dowsing, intuition, whatever, tells you.  And share it with Hugh and/or me.   He'll have more to tell us in January.

Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

  December 13th:   The 6th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
December is our Annual Networking Social.  Be prepared to come for an evening of fun and re-connecting with your dowsing friends.  This is the time where you can show off your more commercial side as we have a market like ambiance.  It becomes a big, fun filled fair.
SPECIAL GUESTS are being invited.  One of the SPECIAL GUESTS are Anne Landry and Pierre Noreau, the teachers and distributors of a fairly unknown Dowsing Device:   The Lecher Antenna.   They will be demonstrating this device to you.

Members are eligible to have a free table to offer products, advertise services, etc, as space permits.  As of this writing, most of the table spaces are reserved.  Please contact Marilyn to see if there may be room, if you would like a table.  Please see the information on the December Networking Social in the October or November 2005 newsletters to see how this works.

Go to:   www.dowsers.info/toronto/social05.htm
  To see this year's vendors.
This site should be up by December 7th.

We also ask you to bring some food if you like.  In the past 5 years this has been very high energy with constant activity, surprises, fun and friendship. GREAT FOOD!

Check out our GREAT Pictures, and information from our last 3 annual socials:
December 11th, 2002  |  December 9th, 2003  |  December 14, 2004
AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, dips, veggie stuff, quartered sandwiches, ethnic offereings, hors d'oeuvres, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.
December 13, 2005  -  Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
First time in Toronto! 
Let us welcome special guests
Anne Landry  and  Pierre Noreau
as they present to us:
 The Lecher Antenna -  A Dowsing Device 
The Lecher Antenna is a virtually unknown dowsing device that has only very very recently come to the attention of Dowsers.  We are very lucky that 2 of those people work together and not only live in Canada (Quebec)  but have accepted our invitation to be our special guests at our December 2005  Social!

Anne Landry and  Pierre Noreau will be coming to our social from Quebec, they will  have a table at our social and they will show you this remarkable, very sensitive device, that looks as if one put together a --- Y Rod -- and -- a Metronome!

As the Social is not sufficient to give you an indepth presentation of this device --- you can get just a taste of it, so we are planning to have them back one evening  for a few hours in January or February for an informal workshop on the Lecher Antenna.   Anne and Pierre will do their best to demonstrate to you what the Antenna is, how and why it is used.

Pierre is a 4th generation herbalist in Montreal (Mathias Products), and provides the preparations, tisanes, etc., developed by his father, grandfather and great grandfather.  He says the Lecher Antenna helps us better understand our evvironment, we can better read human and animal bodies, detect geopathic energies and develop all sorts of research project.    They did their best to explain it to me, but unfortunately for me at the time, I didn't even have 2 minutes to focus on it.   Anne and Pierre's methods are comprehensive and not as complicated sounding

There seems to be much use of this Antenna, by practitioners of VastuShastra, the art of Indian Architecture.  VastuShastra practitioners  use many of the same instruments we are using.

Here is a more indepth explanation of the Lecher Antenna:

This is the only other article whose text has been "snipped" and is in the complete issue which is sent to Toronto Dowsers Members.  A printed copy of the newsletter, mailed, is one of the many benefits of membership in the Toronto Dowsers.  Your membership dues not only make it possible for you to receive a full copy of our newsletters, but they also support our activities and make it possible to bring this information to you.  Our members live in Toronto, the rest of Canada, the US and other countries.   Please read the BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP which and then fill out and send the MEMBERSHIP FORM to us with proper payment. THANK YOU!


The first meeting of the New Year will be a "*Members Meeting*", in the sense that members will be teaching and/or presenting certain facets of their dowsing related research.  ALSO!   Do you have questions of other members?   For example, would you like to know who you can carpool with in Oakville?  or  who dowses for Minerals and would like a dowsing buddy?   or who would like to develop charts with a dowsing buddy?   To expedite this activity,   Please think about your questions now and send them to Marilyn.

We look forward to 3 mini presentations:

  •     Henry Evering:  His Eidetics Discoveries, involving colors and dowsing
  •     Hugh Magill:  The CRP  (Critical Rotation Point) summary
  •     Shelley Bourne:  How to Use the "Daily Dowsing Vitamin Card" and Why

  • Followed by the Members Questions For   Questions  and Answers period

    Our February 14, 2006 Speaker:  Ellie Drew

    Ellie Drew and her work were brought to our attention and written up in our newsletters:  2003: November, December;  2004: March, December;  2005: January, February, April, May, October, November.   So its about time we invited her to Toronto, n'est-ce pas?


    Ellie and the dowsers didn't know about one another until a couple of years ago.  She leads meditation and manifesting groups in Tucson, Arizona.  During one of the evenings, she said she could see a man in the back of the room, who was working hard to get her attention.  She described him and asked if anyone knew who he was.  As there were many dowsers in the group, they exclaimed:  "It's Homer!  Homer Hefty!  He passed  recently! We have to tell his wife, Marge!"

    Homer Hefty was a well known and beloved dowser when he passed, 72 years young. Probably a man of a strong spirit as he got through to Ellie from the other side with a great deal of clarity.   Homer was stunned when he heard that she could see him at the group meeting that evening.   And from her book:

    "I could feel Homer's stunned response, “You know I'm here?” he asked immediately. “Yes, of course,” I reply telepathically, “would you like to say anything?” I was immediately blasted with an intense energy. It was as if he wanted to make sure he was heard. “I'M ALIVE! TELL THEM I'M ALIVE!” He said this as if he might get only one chance to get one message through. I relayed the message to the group and then asked Homer telepathically if there was anything else."

    Thus began a new chapter in Ellie's life, and a warm and close relationship with Dowsers.  Ellie wrote a book.   "Partnering with Spirit: Homer’s Journey"  The first 2 chapters of this book were included in our December 2004 newsletter and are on her website.  Ellie  has since written a second book, "Soul Journeys", the sequel to her first book.  Soul Journeys continues Homer’s journey on the other side after he had a spiritual transformation, about 40 days after his physical death, into what he called his Whole Self.

    Before meeting Homer, Ellie had been teaching Conscious Manifesting.  Her ability to do this came from 9 months of prayer and meditation when she was 18 years old.  She explained to me how this works.  She said that when we ask God or whatever, what we are doing is aligning our minds in order for a particular vibration to come to us.  People don't know what they want and have to get clear to do it.  The mind is wishy washy, it needs to be trained.

    We often hear that we should not talk about  or focus on what we don't want.  Ellie says this is not necessarily so.  It's okay to mention what we don't want as it sets up the barriers.  We need to align ourselves to a particluar frequency in vibration.

    Within the last year, Ellie, a single mom, decided she wanted a fulfilling love interest in her life.  She thought out the qualities she wanted and manifested an absolutely outstanding relationship.  She will tell us all about how she accomplished this goal.

    The topic of her presentation to us is:  "Spirit Messages From an Ascended Dowser".   She will talk about what she learned from, and, through Homer.

    Details will be posted at:  ELLIE DREW and in our January 2006 newsletter for:
    Feb 15-17: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Ellie will be offering Private Sessions.
    Feb 17: Friday night:  A workshop on Conscious Manifesting
    Feb 18, 19: Saturday, Sunday:  Soul Journeys Workshop

     Ellie Drew's books,:  "Partnering With Spirit, Homer's Journey", Soul Journeys, are available through Odyssey Books and on the Toronto Dowsers sales table.


    In Honour of their 10th Anniversary
    Alicja and Tom Aratyn from the
    Alicja Center of Well Being
    invite you to their
    1st Annual Christmas Open House
    November 22 - December 22, 2005
    * Dowsing Tools * Atlantas Products * Pyramids * Protective Jewellery * Amulets * Feng Shui Remedies * Amber * and more, at a 10%-25% Discount.  Call them at  (905) 848-1233 to let them know when you would like to visit.  Dundas & Mavis area, Mississauga

    December 3 (Saturday), 2005    -    10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
    Cost: $80.00   -   bring your lunch

     What creates noxious energies?   -*    Negative Green - is it really negative?    -*    Hartmann and Curry Grids    -*    Neutralization of Geopathic Stress    -*    Correlation between cancer and Geopathic Stress    -*    Clearing of homes of Noxious Energies    -*    What other types of non-beneficial energies can we have present in our home?    -*    Clearing of unwanted energy forms and beings    -*    Types of neutralizers and their usage.

    Students will work with different types of dowsing rods to develop skills to search for different vibrations in their surroundings and inside the energetic system of the human body.

    December 4 (Sunday) , 2005   -     10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
    Cost: $80:00   -    bring your own lunch

    What is Medical Radiesthesia all about?   -*-     Understanding sickness from Radiesthetic point of view   -*-     Outstanding Radiesthesist’s work about health (Outline)   -*-     How and why healing pendulums work   -*-     Deciding factors for performing a successful treatment   -*-     Self-preparation for a healing treatment   -*-     When and who to help   -*-     How to determine the depth of sickness   -*-     Checking compatibility with products, supplements, etc.   -*-  Checking for allergies, health problems, etc.   -*-     Optimal choices using Radiesthesia   -*-     Polarity in regards to Radiesthesia   -*-     Changing/correcting the polarity of the body   -*-     Working with and creating different charts.

    Hands-on practice on each other is an important part of this level. Meditations and healing sounds will be taught.  We will elaborate on different methods and purposes of the chakras balancing process.

    *                *                *                *                *

    Have you been to Odyssey?  Odyssey, in Ajax, is the Book Vendor at our meetings!

    The Odyssey Book and Resource Center,    in Ajax, founded and run by Debbie Purvis (905) 426-4823  is just 5 minutes from the Brock Road exit on the 401.    You will find a vast selection of  "New Age" books here, and, books that you have probably been looking for in other places and couldn't find.   Their high quality in depth and unusual selection will surprise you.  If you like books, give yourself at least an hour in this store --- wait --- there are two stores here! --- just for browsing.

    You will also find jewelry, clothing, gifts, pendulums and some pretty decent dowsing rods!  Odyssey also holds classes year round.   Here are the classes for December.  The cost in parentheses are costs for members.  It only costs $10 to become a member.  If there are any books you are looking for, call them and ask them to bring them to a meeting.

    · HERBAL DREAM PILLOWS Wendy Fowler:  Review the history of dream pillows and learn how to use specific herbal blends to enhance your dreams while sleeping. The pillow you make could also be used to increase psychic intuition, promote healing or invite romance.  Fri, Dec 2 (materials included) 7:00-9:00 p.m. Fee: $25 ($22)

    · AURA PORTRAIT READING  (45 minutes; taped; pastel aura portrait included) Reign:   The aura is an energy field that radiates around & throughout your physical body. This colourful pattern illustrates your higher purpose as it relates to your family, relationships, career, health & life events.  Saturday  Dec 3 Fee: $60 ($50)*

    · AKASHIC RECORD READING  (60 minutes; taped)  Louise Wagner:   The sacred information stored in the Akashic Records will bring you greater knowledge about yourself, your relationships and your soul path. This can then enable you to lead a balanced and more purposeful life. Saturday  Dec. 4   Fee: $70 ($60)*

    · DHARMA CIRCLE Abbie Phillips:  Join us for an open meditation circle of like-minded souls on a quest for Truth. We get together monthly to meditate & share spiritual wisdom as we support each other’s journey. (Dharma means the right path/way).  Tuesdays – Dec. 6   7:00-9:00 p.m.    Fee: $13 ($11) each

    · EN-CHANTED CIRCLE Lisa Parker:  In this powerful, interactive circle you will practice vocalization techniques, tone vowel sounds & participate in sacred chants from around the world to assist in healing, manifesting & creating sacred space. Fri – Dec. 16  7:00-8:30 p.m. (no experience necessary) Fee: $8 ($5) each

    Thanksgiving Giving Thanks Story

    As its Thanksgiving time in the USA, I think you might like this story:  Soon after I moved to Vermont, I got a job managing a fancy schmancy ski resort for a year.  It was a private club, the most exclusive resort in the area   Right on the mountain, so you could ski right to and from the trails, private condos, huge heated indoor swimming pool.  How'd an inexperienced naif like me get a job like this?    A month in to the job, struggling, trying to do my best, I found out that the owner, a rich, rather strict Westport lawyer, did this all the time.  He found someone who was brain smart but street dumb.  We were honest and conscientious, but we wouldn't make him any money, either.  It was a tax loss!

    When I found that out, I relaxed, started having great parties for my friends during the week.  With no guests, we'd have shrimp cocktails, beef wellington, etc., in the elegant dining room and enjoy the pool.  Et cetera.   Superbo Party Times!

    In the summer time we had bus tours for senior citizens.  The woman before me told me that often the guests would be cranky and ill tempered.  Its not because they were unkind people, rather, it was because they were scared.  Their health was failing, their spouse or friends were failing and they didn't no what to do.  So serve them extra kindness.   That advice has helped me dozens of times in the years, since.  She also said:  Do NOT serve beets!    So I never served beets to Senior Citizens.

    After my experiences with the seniors I developed my own private mantra:  "I woke up this morning having slept through the night, got out of bed, went to the bathroom, came back and nothing hurt!  Thank God!"    Even though I was a mere stripling when I developed that realization, it still serves me.  Well.  Because many people don't wake up in the morning.  More people than ever can't sleep through the night.  Many can't get out of bed.  Many don't have a bathroom.  And too many have pain.  Just to be able to realize what I realized is a deep blessing.  I experience deep gratitude for this, and much more, daily.


    Report on CODEX meeting at OISE on November 5, 2005 -            by  Donna Taylor-Hurst

    I along with about 200 people gathered at OISE on Saturday November 5th. for a meeting on the latest information on CODEX, sponsored by The Friends of Freedom, KOS publishing that is owned by Helkie Ferrie, who was the speaker and part facilitator of the meeting and The Eternal Moment Book Store.

    Helkie, as some would know is a frequent contributor to Vitality magazine, and has been a medical writer and “watchdog” for many years.  She is an outspoken critic of our current medical system and a passionate advocate for freedom in health care.

    The movie “We Become Silent”, produced in Ohio, (1/2 hour) was shown.  It basically was about how Codex got started and the effects it is having on the EU today…criminal to say the least!  It also goes on to interview several leading authorities, primarily in Great Britain and they tell what they are doing to expose, and circumvent the dictates of Codex and the WTO.  It also shows what “many” in the House of Representatives in the United States are doing.  They want no part of Codex and are taking a very firm stand on this.  As Helkie said, just about every rep from every state has a “freedom plan” ready to go into action when Codex comes knocking.  (Helkie attends just about all the meetings she can get into, including sneaking in the back door of Big Pharma meetings, governmental meetings, and even some on-the-sly meetings about what Codex is planning.  She is one of our most vigilant and determined watchdogs.)

    Helkie spoke for almost two hours, because they had technical difficulties with getting the movie going.  So we ended up getting a lot more info than originally intended.    She told us that they were remaking “We Become Silent” into an extended two-hour movie with lots more info that will come out next year.  She also explained some of the things that have occurred since the movie was made.  This is what has happened since the movie was made:

    Major meeting of Codex this past July…German chairman apparently rules with an iron fist and accepts no challenges to Codex rules in any form….A delegate from each country was sent….our candidate from Canada (hope I get this right??) is a member (or head) of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA).  I will tell you more about our rep later….re challenges to Codex…apparently the woman delegate from India stood up and questioned why Codex supported the push by the WTO to strongly influence (force) new mothers in her country into using their suggested manufactured baby formulas as opposed to breast-feeding.  She told the committee that the women of India, firstly are poor simple people, and can’t afford to buy the suggested formulas, and really were not particularly interested in switching over.  Secondly, she stood up with one of the suggested cans of formula and proceeded to read out the list of ingredients off the can.  As she said, to begin with there were not the adequate amount of nutrients in the formula to sustain a healthy baby. (She was an MD), and also voiced her concern that several of the ingredients in the formula were more than likely genetically altered. (which WTO and Codex by the way have sanctioned as perfectly safe).  For her courage and audacity  to stand up for the mothers, children and people of India (1/3 of earth’s population), She was tossed out of the meeting.

    Apparently she was not the only one who rightly challenged Codex authority and were “escorted” out too.

    Helkie also mentioned, that Codex fully intends to eliminate all challenges anywhere and take complete control over all health related medical disciplines and philosophies of health and healing, including Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Ayurvedic Medicine, and Homeopathy. (Their arrogance astounds me).  She told us, that India says it will never accept the dictates of any organization that threatens its form of medicine.  Helkie says, that although nothing has been said by China yet, she feels there is no way anyone will be allowed to take their medicine away from them either…..She says, if you look at just the amount of people these two countries represent as the total population of the planet, and the stand it looks like they are determined to take, then there is hope at least that Codex won’t get its way.  She also says that help to defeat its dictates will be strongly fought in the US.  She has seen their determination first hand….So perhaps there is HOPE, but that does mean we can let our guard down for one minute.  If they can’t get us by using the front door, they will get us by trying to get in the back…..Big Pharma has and is cunningly buying up (behind the scenes of course), many of the smaller producer/manufacturers of natural health care products.   SISU, QUEST, SEROYAL (Genestra products) among others have been quietly snatched up.  (Even my favorite spa/beauty products, AVEDA, has been bought by Estee Lauder).  This leaves in question, just how “pure” our products will remain.

    Also an Ayurvedic Doctor stood up and told us that just in case, India has hidden away thousands of its recipes for its medicines.

    Helkie also mentioned that she will be speaking on November 26, at THE WHOLE LIFE EXPO and shall show the movie.  She will also be advising us when the two-hour version comes out.

    You can get copies of the movie (1/2 hr. version) for about $30 from Eternal Moment Book Store or KOS Publishing

    Helkie and the Friends of Freedom, are very much is promoting the use of the petitions (PETITION For Health Freedom, you can get copies from Friends of Freedom.  However, she suggests a much more “potent” way for these to be used.  As she suggests, if you can get one hundred signatures (which she says is fairly easy), then show up with a copy of the petition with 10 other people and present a copy of the petition to your local MP, that apparently is equivalent of 100,000 votes to them.  And prospective votes is what gets their attention as we know!  You then tell them that you want in writing, a confirmation that they will present this petition before the house.  When you get that confirmation, you can either give them the original, or send it into Friend of Freedom who are collecting them and will make their own presentation.

    If anyone is not familiar with what is going on with our attempts to keep Codex out of our country, and do not know about the bill now before our how parliament (bill C-420), in brief -- it states that we want to get our Food and Drug Act amended so that our natural products will be classified as “food” and not drugs as they are currently categorized, and to ensure for now and in the future we will always have the freedom of access and choice over what natural products we decide we want.  There is also a separate clause that will give us free access to and protect from prosecution, alternative practitioners (like Dr. Krop), from being prosecuted for practicing and prescribing “alternative” forms of medicine and healing modalities.

    If you want more info on  Codex  thinks it is all about you can get that from their own site.  Dr. Matthias Rath who has been working to stop the Codex criminals also has good information on his web site.

    As mentioned above, regarding our delegate to Codex and what she is all about.  Please pay attention to this…. (might get some of the facts a little off but…)  She apparently is also one, if not the heads of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) and that sort of sounds good up front…but she also either has shares in or sits on the board (?) of some Big Pharma enterprise (s).  I suppose this may be part of the reason why most of the owners of health food stores are in the dark about Codex.  Apparently they are being told by CHFA that they have nothing to worry about because Codex will never come here to Canada.  They’re counting on that to keep these people asleep at the wheel I guess while the dirty work goes on behind the scenes.

     This apparently is why these important players on “our side” are not really taking much of a stand on this whole Codex thing.  This would be a VERY powerful lobby, backed by its millions of customers, if they were made aware of why they are being kept in the dark.

     Funny, I confirmed this sort of attutude by going around to health food stores and checking it out for myself.  They either didn’t know about it, didn’t think it mattered much, or knew about it and felt basically helpless to do anything about it!!    Conflict of interest perhaps influencing their association’s leadership?  And so this is our representative for Canada casting votes aye or nay at Codex.  Scary!!  This needs to be changed!

    [Note:  The Codex site says as of June 2004 Canada's representative is:   Mr. Ron B. Burke, Director, Bureau of Food Regulatory, International and Interagency Affairs, Food Directorate, Health Products and Food Brach, Health Canada, Room 2395, Building No. 7, Tunney's Pasture (0702C1), Ottawa, Ontario K1A OL2    613 957 1748   codex_canada@hc-sc.gc.ca , Santina_scalzo@hc-sc.gc.ca]

    There also seems to be some conflict in interest (or lack of it) on the part of our Naturopathic College.  A student stood up and said she had been trying to get the organization leaders to take a stand.  She said no one really seemed to be interested.  This seemed to be news to Helkie.  Someone else stood up and said that this was because if Bill C-420 was passed, it would cut into their power of writing prescriptions somehow.  Perhaps their motives are self-serving as well.  That was unclear.  However, this would be a powerful lobby against Codex as well.  This really needs further investigation.  The student said she would report to Helkie/Friends of Freedom, her pursuit.

    Also on a positive note, apparently a ruling came down from the International Court that oversees Codex ruling disputes.  Some organization (?) said that Codex guidelines for only RDA 40 IU of vitamin E was too low to be of any reasonable benefit to the user.  Codex told the challenger  to prove that their claim of RDA 400 IU’s vitamin E (natural form) was correct and back it up with “hard science”.  Well apparently, the court turned around and told Codex, that it would have to do the same with it’s RDA of 40 IU (synthetic version).  And really, it doesn’t take a scientist to know how that is going to turn out.  Perhaps Codex will have egg on its face to explain to the world!

    Helkie also recommended books to inform  us as to what is going on in the medical arena:    "Death by Modern Medicine"  by Carolyn Dean  and Helkie's book: "Dispatches From the War Zone of Environmental Health" (about goings on in Canada and with Health Canada).  This will absolutely wake anybody up!  Brilliantly written.  These books will be available at the Whole Life Expo.

    I really believe we, the Dowsers need to take our own stand on this.  Our voice, like so many others really needs to be conveyed to our elected officials.  Perhaps phone calls, letters and visits to our MPs would help.  Petitions are easy ways for all of us to participate.

    It’s important, I feel that we not “react” but rather respond.  Initial anger is certainly great fuel to get one moving, but as we all know, what we “resist” will “persist.”  Perhaps some timely but never the less “pondered thought” should be taken by the group as to what action we choose to take on this.  I would hope that there would at least be a few individuals (I would include myself in this) in our group who would step forward and represent us and our stand for freedom in health care.

      We need to hold our intention strong and keep our freedom in place.  Beyond that, we need to move forward with “inspired action” in whatever form we decide is best, either as individuals or as a group, or both.  To do nothing, I know, is not our way.  Let’s decide and do, now.

    [Editor's note:  I agree with Donna that individuals and health food store owners are sadly under informed about Codex.  I attended a meeting that was supposed to be about Codex, 10 years ago, but the issue was never addressed.  Health food store owners still don't understand this threat to our lives as well as to their businesses.  I had not known that SISU, Quest and Seroyal had sold out.  Too bad.   A Codex meeting is scheduled to take place in Ottawa in 2007.]

    *                *                *                *                *
    Is this More Manipulation, or is it Human Nature?

    About  60 years ago, our western society was taught to fear and hate the Germans and Japanese.   After World War II  it was Korea, and until 1991, the Russians.   Other "enemies" (in the US) were Cubans, then Vietnamese and those from (Red) China.  In Toronto and other parts  for a period (from Spring 2003) there was fear of the Chinese.    As a kid I remember movies where native American Indians, Germans, Japanese, Chinese and Blacks were either portrayed as stupid or cast as the enemy.   Now we are friends with the Japanese and the Germans.   Now its the Arabs who are the villains of today.   Who will we be taught to hate and fear 10 years from now?   Gregg Braden says half the countries in the world are at war -- with someone.

    Beef  is a staple of the diets of many westerners.   A few years ago we being taught to be afraid of eating beef.   Thousands of cows were killed.   Now we are being told to be afraid of chickens and all other birds.  60,000 birds are being killed in Vancouver this week, poultry from Vancouver is now prohibited in other countries, as well as in Ontario.   If you judge it to be good or bad that many eat flesh food --- beef and poultry make up a huge part of the western diet.  It also destabilizes some of the more traditional segments of our economy.

    Vast segments of our population are being taught to fear certain nationalities, or even animals.  To keep us off base, to go to others for perceived protection, to keep our attention away from what is real threat to peace of mind and well being --- the deterioration of our planet?   What's next?

    *                *                *                *                *
    Brits to get RFID-chipped license plates    www.engadget.com

    August 2005:   The UK Department for Transport just gave the go-ahead for a trial of new, RFID-enabled license plates aimed to make vehicles trackable in Britain. Unlike passive RFID which only transmits over short distances, the e-Plate licenses use active RFID technology to transmit vehicle identification numbers and other data to readers over 300 feet away. Not surprisingly, US officials will be monitoring the trial closely with an eye toward bringing mandatory RFID-tagged plates to the States. Active RFID is currently in limited usage on US roadways, where the Department of Homeland Security is issuing RFID tags to foreign freight and passenger vehicles as they enter the country. Privacy advocates cringe in horror at the thought of RFID license plates being used as backdoor surveillance tools, while proponents argue, predictably, that active RFID will help, you know, save the world from terrorism.  Also:  www.e-plate.com/ www.rfidnews.org/

    I heard this once.  Is it so? or paranoia?:::   "If you live in the states of New York, California or Maryland and drive a car, your state, local and federal government know where you are at all times...these states have secretly embedded RFID chips right into new license plates...they are able to track you using some sort of transmitters located every 1-2 miles on freeways and other roads...they are mostly powered by small solar panels...so if you see a box attached to a solar panel on the road side...chances are that its a RFID transmitter.  This has been going on for several years now, and 80% of plates in these 3 states have RFID chips in them...but you are not suppose to know."

      Around Toronto
    (1)  ROASTING GREEN COFFEE BEANS  has been featured previously in our newsletters and activities, once positive health benefits of drinking coffee made from freshly roasted green beans were reported on.   August 2004 we had a Field Day (see our photos at:  COFFEE DAY) to one of the establishments in Toronto that featured roasting green beans, and a co speaker was the head nutritionist from the Big Carrot, Toronto's largest health food store.  Another supplier --this time in the Annex --- has come to our notice.   You will like the:
      "You'll find comprehensive information at the Green Beanery on the world's most popular beverage, plus Canada's largest selection of green coffee beans, home coffee roasters, and other equipment for the coffee lover."  My favorite piece of their equipment is the: eSantos - Bodum Santos 12-cup electric coffee maker, teal blue -- because of the teal blue color.

    Toronto Dowsers will like that The Green Beanery is a non-profit Canadian company that supports the environment and sustainable development.  All earnings support Probe International, a Toronto-based Canadian charity that works with citizen groups around the world to protect their lands and their livelihoods.

    Energy Probe is a consumer and environmental research team, active in the fight against nuclear power, and dedicated to resource conservation, economic efficiency, and effective utility regulation.  They focus on:  (a)  Restoring strong regulation in energy markets,  (b)  Promoting a renewable energy futurem  (c)  Stopping  nuclear expansion and (d) Protecting consumer interests when considering energy purchases and options

    THE GREEN BEANERY is at:   225 Brunswick Avenue  416-964-9223, ext. 253 sales@greenbeanery.ca.  Between Spadina and Bathurst, a block south of Bloor.

    (2)  John Filipe, who some of you may know, notified me of :  LIVE ORGANIC FOOD BAR (264 Dupont, at Spadina, 416-515-2002) Complete meals for $35 per person ($20 at brunch), including all taxes, tip and a squeezed-to-order juice. Average main $10. Open Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 10 pm. Brunch Sunday 11 am to 4 pm. Closed Monday and holidays. Reservations recommended. Unlicensed. Access: 11 steps at door, washrooms in basement. Rating: NNNNN

    "This is a friend that is ranked the #1 vegetarian restaurant Toronto. I did consulting for her on how to grow her business and now look at her, now."  Please click on the link and pick Jennifer Italiano--Live Organic Food Bar.  See the review and photos in the Aug 11 2005 issue of NOW Magazine:  LIVE

    * * *  DECEMBER  2 - - -  HAPPY BIG  BIRTHDAY TO

    our   Tuesday, November 8th 2005 Speaker:
    Sandee Mac
    (Rather than extensive meeting notes here in this newsletter, a CD of this presentation is available.  See:  Presentation CDs Now Available  near the beginning of this issue for the information.)

    Starting off this section with  something that will knock your sox off.   Toronto Dowser Debbie Drewery had a private session with Sandee.  Debbie wrote this report for us of what happened for her --- and her family --- as a result of her session:

           "First of all I would like to thank you for inviting Sandee here. It was a great joy to learn from her and to have a personal session with her.   I was guided to ask her about weight, which she did admit, was a difficult one to work on. I asked about the abdominal muscles.   She connected it to a gene that was being restricted by a hard shell coating which was also connected to family patterns and beliefs that went back 33 generations.   All of this also connected to the thyroid.  Every single one of my siblings is on thyroid medication and I had a few second cousins in New Brunswick who died from thyroid cancer.

          "I went back"  33 generations when Sandee surrogated me with the woman (ancestor) who began this genetic pattern.    This woman was my ancestor, 33 generations ago.   Her mother had connected with a man of another religion and so she went off and quietly gave birth and left the child (who turned out to be this woman, my ancestor) at an orphanage.  The woman married and her husband abused her  physically.    He also abused  her 7 children.   There were supposed  to be 8 children, but in her last stage of pregnancy, her husband beat her.   The baby died and she delivered a still born.    The woman died in her thirties from a blow to the head from her husband.   This woman, my ancestor started a pattern of a child being misplaced out of the family.   Apparently, this pattern was transmitted,  down the ages, to her children, children's children and so on, to me and my siblings and to my children and nieces and nephews, etc., through our genes.

        In the present, my father had a child with a woman who died quickly after the baby's birth.   He left that child to be raised by the grandparents.  This pattern continued with my own siblings.   My mother was hit with a blow to the head by my father, who was drinking too much alcohol, when we were little.   He thought she was dead.    One sibling took on the pain this woman (ancestor) endured because her belief was that by being an illegitimite child, she deserved everything she got.   Several of our family members have the saggy stomach muscles which tie into this.    Her belief that she was worthless had a tremedous effect on all of us all the way down the line.

         So with Sandee's help, I, and then we --- corrected this issue in every way and allowed healing to take place.   It was a very powerful event and a great burden was lifted.   It was amazing as to how you could see the patterns follow through.   I was very delighted to attend her workshop so that I can carry out this technique for others.   All of my kids did a meditation when I got home to complete this work.  I called all my siblings and we all worked together on this as well.    I muscle checked one of my sons who was taking bladderwrack for his thyroid condition.   Now, he no longer needs it.   I have noticed a change in his mood.  He had taken on the belief that he was worthless. Thank you so very much Toronto Dowsers for making Sandee's visit possible."

    Sandee told us about some of her extensive background, her holistic training and services going back over 30 years, having trained with Dick Sutphen in hypnotherapy, studied as a criminologist, a degree in Art and so much more.   During the 5 years I have known Sandee she has often told me of trips she was making to Peru and to Mexico to either study with shamans there or as a teacher herself.

    She praises two of her greatest teachers:  Hanna Kroeger and David Alan Slater (our April 2004 speaker) --- often, and her friend / colleague teacher:  Margaret Ball.

    On dowsing --- she says "Dowsing is one of the most important things any one can learn because you can be self sufficient.  When you learn to Dowse correctly and accurately you have a tool that will be with you the rest of your life, and, it can save your life."

    Here are some very very brief snippets from her talk to us:

    GENES:  There is a gene to experience the oneness of all life everywhere.  It can be turned off, on, distorted...  DOWSERS!!!!  Ask to restore this gene back to its divine blueprint.

    TREES:  Go to an old oak tree, that has a lot of wisdom.  Ask it to help you.

    AFFIRMATIONS:  She spoke about how affirmations don't always work for us the way we want them to, because we don't believe what we are saying.  So we keep repeating a statement that we don't really believe in, and it could have results we don't desire.  She told us that to have an affirmation work, write it on a sheet of clear plastic.  She told us how to make it effective by shining a light on it in a certain way --- but my notes aren't complete.  If someone has the complete instructions on this, please let me know.

    CORN ALLERGY:  Corn has dioxins in it.  You could be allergic to the dioxins and not the corn!

    PARASITES:  Brain tumors are often parasites in the head (Dowse for it.  Hanna Kroeger, and, David Slater, have remedies for this)

    MINERALS:  The body rebuilds itself through minerals.

    FOOD, RAW FOOD:  Sandee was very positive about a book by: Aajonus Vonderplanitz:  "We Want To Live".    "A few months after Aajonus Vonderplanitz' 21th birthday he  was diagnosed with terminal blood and bone cancer...and given less  than 1 year to live. Now 32 years later, Aajonus takes us on his fascinating personal journey, along with those of his son and patients, on their roads from near death to vibrant health..."

    She spoke about how he writes about eating totally raw food --- even chicken -- and explains why.  "Raw fish does not only not give you the toxic metals in the fish, but it also chelates out some of the toxic metals in your body.

    One of the best healing mixtures --- for many conditions, from coma to depression -- and also as a beauty treatment!  is to mix RAW BUTTER and RAW HONEY.  IT IS ESSENTIAL  that these items have NOT been pasteurized and have NOT been heated.  Finding raw honey is not too difficult to us --- Annie Van Alten, from Dutchman's Gold Honey, is one of our members --- but its a bit more difficult to find the butter.  Anyone have any sources?

    Mixing a raw egg (that is, a GOOD raw egg) with freshly squeezed orange juice and raw honey is delicious, very healthful and chock full of enzymes.

    The book is available, and you can find the first 9 chapters online at:  www.karlloren.com One of the important items I neglected to mention to Sandee before she arrived here, was to explain about the Toronto Dowsers as a group, how aware and advanced you are.  Each of our speakers has commented to me afterward as to how aware and intelligent and well informed you are  (OF COURSE!!!!!)  and how they appreciate the quality and level of your questions and comments.   No speaker has experienced a dowsing group like ours'.
    From  :  Last month's newsletter featured a description of therapeutic and healing music, available on CD and tape,  to help your brain, created by   Sharon Russell  and the different pieces available to us.  Infinite Joy, which  integrates the beta with 4th stage delta., was highlighted.  Information on Infinite Mind 1, and 2 is the highlight for this issue.

    Infinite Mind 1 and 2 helps create and improve cognitive patterns and opens new neural pathways.   Both Volumes 1 and 2 are also beneficial for head injured, elderly, learning challenged, A.D.H.D.    Those who have been injured in the head often can not associate, they perceive the world in parts and can not put the whole thing together.  They can not stay at any task or project for very long, get distracted easily and can not retain information.

    After a short stint listening to Infinite Mind 1, in tests, the subjects were able to remain for the entire test --- if it were 20 minutes, or an hour even, and they started associating.

    This is not  --- pretty --- listening --- music.  It was dowsed with the highest intent to help retain and recall learned information, accelerate the learning process as well as  balancing and integrating the creative right brain with the left brain. To ground  those creative ideas, retain them and to be able to access them easily and effortlessly with minimal stress.   It's to be played quietly in the background.  If it "pulls" at your brain, you probably need it. Its ordered, and regimented.  And, it works.

    Infinite Mind 1:  Memory, Recall, Mental Stability and Clarity, Helps the rote learning process, helps all ages with learning or memory retention difficulties
    Infinite Mind 2:  Accelerates learning, research and projects can be completed more quickly , enhances organizational skills, helps when studying, complete reports, housework, etc. beneficial for head injured, elderly, etc., with learning difficulties, ADD, special needs

    People who suffered head injuries from accidents and experienced memory loss recovery their memory a lot more quickly and in greater depth.  Their ability to focus and comprehend is improved.   School children tend to retain information better, such as spelling words and number facts.  They do better in areas where memory retention is required.  Its good to have in the background when you are doing housework, studying, organizing projects --- or writing Toronto Dowsers newsletters!
    Info/Ordering:  The Musical Rainbow c/o Sharon Howarth-Russell;   81 Brooklawn Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, M1M 2P7;  P/F (416) 267-9271 e-mail: info@themusicalrainbow.com   www.themusicalrainbow.com

    "The Secret Life of the Brain"  -  PBS Video, 2002,  3 DVDs,  5 hours

    "This series explores the startling new map of the brain that has emerged from the past decade of neuroscience and shares a revelatory view of this most complicated organ, which now contradicts much of what we previously believed. Narrated by actress Blair Brown, the series tells stories through a mix of personal histories, expert commentary and cutting-edge animation. Viewers will not only learn startling new truths about the brain, they will voyage inside it."  Funded by the US National Science Foundation, Corporate funding from Pfizer  (Toronto Public Library, 7 copies, 118 holds 611.81 SEC)  Mainstream western science believes the information in this video to be true.

    A lot has been included about the BRAIN in our newsletters this last half year.  Possibly because more information is available.  And because our brains are more affected than ever, in a manner not always beneficial  --- by man made frequencies and we need to know about it.  And because dowsing makes great use of our brains.

    Yes, information on the brain is included here to educate you.
    A more compelling reason is to provide you with this information so you will use it to dowse for yourself and those you care about and use it to improve the functioning of your brains and perhaps set aside any conditions that adversely affect the brain --- because you have read, understood and used this information.
    Please refer to the bottom of this article, how to use this information.
    I only got to review perhaps a third of this series:
    FEELINGS seem intangible.  Now, using new imaging technologies, scientists have demonstrated that emotions have a physical place in the Brain.   Anger   Happiness  Sadness    Fear.   Sometimes intense, often fleeting.   Each has a specific neural circuitry, that has evolved over millions of years

    Emotions are all adaptive.  Emotions enable you to plan and organize.  Emotions have a purpose.   They help you plan.

    Anger helps you remove obstacles that are in the way of important goals.
    Fear places the organism out of danger.
    'Negative' emotions are necessary and appropriate.
    Happiness helps you get more of what feels good.

    Emotions tell us what is good about our world, what is bad about our world.  They form our whole self concept.

    Emotions can get away from us.  We can feel hopeless and worthless.
    Emotions are at the very heart of our thinking lives.
    They are who we are.
    We are emotional people.
    We think by feeling.
    There is no such thing as a non emotional moment.

    With PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), the Cortex is held hostage by a violent amygdala.

    MEMORY:   WHY do things get harder as we get older?
    ANSWER:  For a memory to take shape, neurons must forge an electrical and chemical link that connects them in to a stable circuit.   For decades, scientists thought that as the brain aged, millions of neurons died, making it harder for new circuits to form.  BUT!!!!  In the 1990's, this long standing theory was found to be wrong.  (You can see 2 clips on Internet that relate to this section:  www.pbs.org/)

    Now we understand that how little nerve cell loss there is, how much the brain stays full of cells, that we need to function normally.  We didn't know this at all.

    New memories are formed in the Hippocampus.  When we learn something new, neurons in the Hippocampus forge strong connections by sending electro chemical messages across the tiny gaps between them, called synapses.   Essential to the strength of the connections is the movement of electrically charged particles of calcium drifting through the synapses.

    When the particles stream in to a neuron, they trigger chemical changes which make the connection more reliable.  The calcium flows through this connection which is a gateway to the neuron, the NMDA receptor, which is critically linked to memory.  (Highly simplified, NMDA receptors are proteins on the cell surface.)

    One of the changes that leads to memory decline (in aging) might be the NMDA receptor.   In experiments with monkeys, in younger monkeys, a single synapse had dozens of NMDA receptors.  In older monkeys, the numbers dropped sharply.  This decrease occurred in the circuit that leads to the ability to learn and remember new things.  This is the classic form of memory that is affecting in aging.

    So:  The brain does have ways to rejuvenate itself!

    The mind does not lose its ability as quickly if you exercise.  Scientists are searching for biochecmical keys to put more quality in to the life of a neuron.  Exercise boosts the production of vital brain proteins.  BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor) doubles in the part of the brain vital to memories.  Running, for example, increases these molecules in the brain.

    Younger people process and seek out information because that is what they are good at.  Older people are good at mulling over situations and drawing upon their experiences.  That is what wisdom is.  That is one of the things older people are good at.

     "Losing your marbles" is not a normal part of life.  It is not how brain aging works.   Stanley Kunitz is America's (93 year old) Poet Laureate.  He says about aging:  "Some memories go deeper than ever before.  They are profoundly embedded in your whole psychic structure.  They form a constellation that is at the center of your imagination.  Poetry is an exercise of the spirit within life.  Every time you exercise it, you increase your vitality."

    Some brains age quickly, some more slowly.  The big factor is the genetic factor.  The othe factor is the maintenance of activity.

    For decades, scientists believed neurons could never reproduce themselves and could never be replaced.  In 1998, at Salk Institute, California, Neuroscientist Fred Gage and his colleagues discovered even in to old age, the brain produces new neurons.  They are created by the dividision of stem cells, the seeds from which the tissues of the body grow.

      In an adult brain, very few neurons are produced, most are stem cells, which mysteriously stay inactive (a 1999 experiment with mice showed they mostly reside in the cerebral cortex).  In the experiment, they killed thousands of these brain neurons.  Then, they injected stem cells.  The stem cells moved to exactly the right location! And, they turned in to exactly the right kind of neurons!   They sent long connections and rebuilt circuitry.  For the first time, the brain repaired itself.

    There exists some sequence and some combination of molecular signal that can induce the birth of new nerve cells.

    Alzheimer's Disease:  What happens is that the parts of the brain that put thoughts in to words, are,..  slowly dying.

    Alzheimer's ravages the brain, killing billions of neurons, leaving in its wake dark twisted filaments, called tangles, and, large sticky masses called plaques.  Tangles and Plaques are killers.

    Neurons depend for their survival on long chains of molecules, arrayed like railroad tracks, that what keeps the 'tracks' stable are short strips of protein, called "TAU".   TAU transport nourishment across the cells, and work like railroad ties.

    In Alzheimer's Disease, the TAU mysteriously starts to curl and tangle, causing the strands of molecules to tingle and collapse.  They become twisted and don't transport very well.  The cell eventually dies.  It literally chokes with tangles of TAU.

    On Tangles:  If we can interfere with Tangle formation early in the disease, we may be able to prevent the progression of the disease.  Neuroscientist Peter Davies may have found one of the triggers that causes Tangles to form.  This is a protein, inside the neuron, called PIN ONE.  Pin One binds to TAU and bends it, changing its shape.   (What drug manufacturers seek to do is to be able to block the action of Pin One on TAU.)

    On Plaques:  In the spaces between neurons, drift thousands of molecules of protein in an Alzheimer's Disease patient, some of them suspicious protein fragments called BETA AMALOYD.  Its sticky and resilient.  The molecules clump together, in a mass and attaches itself like a barnacle, to the neuron, sensing a hostile invader.

    The brain's defensive cells fight back, releasing a chemical,  BUT!  it backfires, setting off a series of reactions that then slowly destroy the neuron.  As the disease spreds, more neurons die, leaving the brain with whole areas of ravaged neurons.  Scientists seek to lower the amount of Beta Amaloyd in the brain, i.e., they are considering this, however they admit they don't know the side effects if they do this.

    Go through the information, above.

  • Dowse to see, for example, if you do have physical areas of the brain for the emotions listed.  If so, dowse to see if they are in balance.  If not, you may want to dowse to get them in to balance.
  • Dowse to see if there is a free flow of electro chemicals across the synapses in your brain.  If there is anything to impede this flow, dowse away the impediment.
  • Dowse to determine if it would be beneficial for you to have more NMDA receptors on the synapses in your brain.
  • Dowse to determine if the calcium flow in your brain is sufficient.  If not, dowse to determine if you need more --- proper --- calcium
  • Dowse to see if it would be beneficial for you to have additional stem cells in your brain.  If so, put them there --- with dowsing.
  • Dowse to determine if the TAU in your brain are healthy.  If not, dowse to determine if they are affected by tangles, plaques, etc.  Dowse the correction.
  • Dowse to determine if there is Beta Amaloyd in your brain and if so, if it is detrimental.  If detrimental, change the situation with dowsing.
  • That is just a small example of what you can do with the information -- which is why I put it there.  Please use it, and, let me know your results.

    Huh?  What do you mean you are not sure you can do this? Of course you can do this!  Those neurons, synapses, receptors, etc., are so teensy tiny.  Of course you can clean up old ones, make new ones and put them where you dowse they are needed!

    To find out more about this series go to: www.pbs.org/wnet/brain/

    Dear Toronto Dowsers,  A Gentle, But Firm:  Reminder

    You frequently hear that we are growing, because we are, constantly, in many ways.   One of the ways is the increasing membership.  We finished our 5th membership year September 30th with 331 members.  We are already at over 300 members.  We could conceivably easily reach over 400 members by the end of this next membership year, especially with our new endeavors, how word has spread, word of mouth, etc.  So far, the only paid advertising we have done is a small ad in Vitality's monthly SERVICE Directory costing a little over a hundred dollars a year.

    You also hear about the difficulties with too few people doing most of the work.  I am coming to understand that this is not unique to us, it is all too common among volunteer groups, among non profit groups.   It's not easy for any of us when too much needs to be done by too few.   Things slip through the cracks.

    THE FINE PRINT:  CITIZENS OFTEN SAY IMPORTANT LEGISLATION WAS INCLUDED THAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT BECAUSE IT WAS IN 'FINE PRINT' AND THEY DIDN'T SEE IT.  DO READ THIS FINE PRINT:    The Toronto Dowsers is a Volunteer group.  An All Volunteer Non Profit Group.   Yet not enough are volunteering.  We are able to provide excellent events at pricing that is too low --- ridiculously low  for the quality received.  We are able to do this because those of us who administer the activities do not take salaries.   You do not have to pay the overhead.    Members can pay $7 to hear people of the caliber such as Sandee Mac, our most recent speaker --- rather than the $35-$70 a presentation like hers is worth (and yes, if it did cost more, the speaking time would be longer, but that's not the point).   This is a Volunteer group, yet too few are treating it as such.  The advantages (low cost, fun, family style events) are enjoyed, but not the responsibilities.

    Please consider either:  offering to volunteer, such at the library, or, contributing additional funding once or twice a year or on a more  regular basis.

    When you come to meetings, do contribute an extra $5 or $10 at the door.  Put it in the attractive CONTRIBUTIONS BOX which is always waiting for you on the Registration Table.  ESPECIALLY!  for those practitioners who use the information  they gain from our meetings or workshops and bring in beaucoup bucks because of what we taught them --- and then laugh at me (not with me) if I ask for a contribution of a personal experience for the newsletter --- so others can benefit --- and understand -- by your own personal journey.

    Like a parent who would much prefer a home made gift from their child -- rather than a store bought gift -- from a child of any age, and no, we are not parent and child -- your personal contribution of your self is much preferred over your financial contribution.  Nicer to look at and laugh with, too.

    There is another area that has not been addressed in our newsletters.  I am bringing your attention to it this time and just hope you remain aware of what is being requested here, to not make things so difficult for me.  I am sure my frustration in this area has spilled over in to emails, so the "heat" of the message has flowed in to the yellow, or even.. red... zones...

    For several of our activities -- 4 in just the last month --- instructions have been set out for inclusion in some of the activities.

    If a "HOW TO" instruction is included somewhere, there is a reason for it.  It is not because I like to type more words or attempt to figure out ingenious tortures.  It is because I'd like to be able to offer these activities, and have things run smoothly and have some kind of a life (that last part is still not working).

    Please know that for every instruction / request that is made --- there is a reason for it.  It's usually so I do not have to interact with over 300 people on an individual basis in phone calls or emails.  And I don't want to have to explain every single reason for every single request.  I don't want to make the explanation and you don't want to read it.   This is what has transpired just this last month:

    (1)    Dowsing Practice:  (This takes place before the presentation and is the 2nd time we have attempted to do this)  Participants were asked to go directly to the stage, not wander around the hall or spead their clothing over all the seats on the meeting floor.  Several of us --- volunteers all --- me mostly --- are flying around trying to set up.  If you are there, you get in our way and hold up our set up.  We are not coming in an hour earlier to accomodate this intrusion.  Dowsing practice had been terminated previously because the participants could not or would not cooperate with this request.  It was clearly explained that this was the case.  If you knew about the practice, you knew about this request.  And yet several still --- October and November, were in our way.  We are offering you a valuable service.  You do not have to pay for it.  Please cooperate with us as we are doing our best to help you.  Resentment is created if you stomp all over our efforts to bring you a good experience.  If you can not cooperate with us you will find yourself uninvited.

    (2)    Workshop Registration:   In the October and November newsletters, and in several emails (for those of you who have email), words to the effect were stated: "Registration is through payment only."     And even up until the day of the workshop, I was still getting emails and phone calls from people who said they were coming to the workshop, put their name down and register them.  And seemed to expect to be registered.  Doing that is not registration with payment.   Ergo, it is not registration.

    When we first started doing workshops, for the first 2 or 3 workshops, that's what we did.  And stopped that.  Because it didn't work.  I would get calls, emails from people who said they are coming, absolutely, definitely, please put their name down.  And I did.  And one third did not show.  And did not even bother to let me know they were not coming.  So this is why a firm financial committment must be made to register anyone.   The speakers prepared materials for the numbers they were told had registered for the event --- which is an expense on their part as well as a reasonable expectation for them in their material and financial preparation --- and were disappointed.   This is also problematic for you, because when you break your word in this or at any other time, its just not so good for all the positive energy you are accumulating.  It actually creates some damage to your energetic body(s).

    (3)    Dowsing Contest:  In preparing for Sandee's arrival, as it looked as if her arrival time could be a breathtaking experience, I created a little dowsing contest asking people to dowse the time she would step in to the meeting room, according to the timekeeper's watch.  (This was written about, above).   For those who wanted to enter the contest, I asked that an email be sent with the following SUBJECT:   "Timekeeper".   Why do it that way?  It was not to try to purposefully drive anyone crazy.  When those messages came through they went to a folder called "TIMEKEEPER", so I would access them by Monday midnight.  Any message without that Subject Header would not be in the folder and might not get read in time, and any message without that Subject Header made it more difficult for me to organize the info.  After the meeting I found some messages from folks who attempted to enter the contest, but without the requested subject header.  Their entries had not been included as they did not get in to the folder.

    (4)    Requests for Tables for the December 13th Social:   When our annual socials are announced, as to date, etc., it also states that requests for tables for vendors are welcome.  Members are eligible for these table spaces.   It used to be that any member  who requested a table would receive one.  In the past couple of years we have had more requests for tables than we had room for.  So a new system was necessary, and we would dowse to see which of the requests were most beneficial for the group as well as for the individual vendor.   We were lucky that only a few hopefuls had to be told they couldn't have a space --- but we just could not squeeze any more in.  It was crowded enough.

    To do this, certain information was needed with your request:  Your name as well as what you wanted to have on your table.  This was stressed again and again. This was part of the November newsletter:

    " Contact Marilyn to request a table by November 21st with: YOUR NAME,WHAT  what you would like to display, sell or offer.   Please comply with the very simple requests we make of you for this.  We are trying to do a lot in a short time with minimal help.  If  you are asked to notify us with your name and what your products, services, etc., are, please do so.  Anyone who calls/emails without all the required information will not be contacted and will be dropped from the list. "

    Again, I am getting phone calls, emails from people saying:  Please put me down for a table. Without the items for their display.  If individuals know enough to contact me for a table, and to see that certain information is requested --- why is it not given?

    In a previous newsletter, possibly after our 2003 event, as a point of dowsing interest, I explained how the "dowsing for tables" was set up.  Its too long and I don't want to go through it again.  Basically, your name and items were put on a list.  I covered the listing to arbitrarily assign 2 digit numbers to each entry. I didn't know who was connected to a number.  And asked people to dowse for the most beneficial displays, etc., for our group for that night.  What you wanted to display was, and is, an essential part of the equation.  It also enables us to make a listing or web page before the event to let our members know what they can look forward to.  If you are selling something, and if people know what it is beforehand and want it, they will bring enough money.  If they don't know, they won't bring the money.

    *                *                *                *                *
    With the last 3 items, 30-40 people did not provide the requested info or payment.  Which means that I had 30 or 40 extra communications, going back and forth --- just this past month -- asking people to please provide the requested information/payment.  I didn't get to contact everyone.   I can not not accept the responsibility for so much incomplete information.

    3 years after I moved out of New York City to Vermont, I threw a party.  It was exciting inviting my new friends-to-be.  Several people did not show up, others brought friends of theirs, so the numbers were about what were expected.  But I was shocked at the folks who did not come -- because they had told me they would attend.  It was my first experience with this phenomenon.  I still have not figured out if this was due to a different location, a different kind of crowd, different times, or what.  I think its the times, because even when I go to family weddings, now, people who confirmed that they would be attending (and it can be very expensive for the hosts for each guest for whom they are preparing  -- from $25-$300 per guest --- they tell the caterer how many people and have to pay for each meal they contract for -- with only a small amount of wiggle room).

    I started doing the same thing -- not showing up, not confirming or responding until the last minute if at all, being late.  And its not right.  It demonstrates a lack of respect for the host, the event and for myself.    I'm changing that for myself, back to the way I have always been and it feels a lot better.  If you, too, are slipping, please consider returning to impeccability.   Without feeling noble.  You'll feel a lot better about yourself.

    I know one of the reasons why you are not paying attention to this as much as you normally would is --- we are all overwhelmed, there's too much to do and sometimes you just can't.  I understand that, agree with it and many's the time I mess up in this way myself.  So pleeeeeze -- I'm just asking you to be more aware when participating in an event with us -- that your oversight might not be an isolated case -- yours might be one of a few dozen and its too much.  Don't grovel, don't be abject or apologize ad infinitum --- I promise I won't bite you.  I might nibble a little but I won't bite --- please be just a little more aware when you read something from us and are ready to respond.  I would love us to grow and have more activities and still be a family.  It can only be done with your cooperation.  You cooperate and I retain good humor, get rid of the grumblies, feed good humor back to you and we all win.  Okay?  HEY!  THANK YOU!

    ..... One of the ironies is -- if you did not need this message, then you did read this section.  If you needed this message, you did not get this far and are not reading this section, therefore not heeding, these words you do need to take in.

    For all you Internauttes
    FLIGHT TRACKING:  While waiting for Sandee Mac's flight to land in Toronto, from Seattle, I discovered a great FLIGHT TRACKING system, showing a map of her progress!  On the Weather Network's web site!   go to:  www.theweathernetwork.com/features/flighttracker/ and track a flight.   Sandee flew with Air Canada.  I found this flight tracking routine to be more accurate than the Air Canada flight tracking web site.

    LOOK!  UP IN THE SKY!  Sky maps and Lunar Calendars at:  www.fridaypress.com/ .  From:  Dr. Christiane Northrup Healing Wisdom for Women newsletter, December '02:  "Before signing off this month, I'd like to introduce you to what I consider one of the finest ways to bring lunar energy into your life that I've found yet. It's called the Lunaria Day Journal, and it's a small weekly planner, sketchbook, and journal for either men or women that makes it really easy to track the phases of the moon along with your daily activities."   LUNAR CALENDAR and ALMANAC

    SKY MAPS of::  New Orleans, Syracuse, NY, San Franscisco, Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charleston, WV at:  SKY MAPS

    THE FORGOTTEN THYMUS.   You MUST!!!  see this one:  thymoma.de/thymoma/book.htm .   "The following is the ENTIRE book on the Forgotten Thymus Gland, please enjoy!: Please copy it in part or in full for FREE; but please do not misrepresent it nor alter it nor sell it for monetary gain as it is copyrighted.  Please also read it for FREE here on the hopebeyond.com web site and please tell your friends to come visit our web site and read and/or download any book they desire for FREE for themselves or as a gift to others that is written by the author, Ronald Alan Duskis.  Thank you!  You may also buy this book in its entirety in a bound edition by clicking on "Ordering Books and Other Products" above.   Thank you! Enjoy!"

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

    THE   Tuesday,  December 13th 2005  MEETING FEATURES::
    The 6th Annual
    Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

    This is our time to meet and greet and mingle with one another.
    Our energy is directed towards one other, rather than to a speaker.
    It is time to introduce our selves, our beings, our more commercial sides to one another.


    Our first meeting was in September 2000.
    Even at that early time, it was recognized that we have many other wonderful sides to us.  Dowsers are "helper types".   We offer service, we make and sell useful, beautiful and nifty products.   There are many therapists in our group.

    We do not focus on commercialism, so,
    How can we get to know this side of one another?
    The Dark of December encourages folks to hold holidays to celebrate  and bring back Light.
    Which has made December a social month
    So it came about that the December meeting would be the time and place for us to share these sides --- the commercial, service, product, craft, etc., side --- of ourselves with one another.

    Go to:   www.dowsers.info/toronto/social05.htm
    which will be posted by December 7th  for this year's offerings.

    And let us welcome Special Guests Pierre Noreau and Anne Landry from Quebec who will be demonstrating the Lecher Antenna, an unusual dowsing device.

    Check out our GREAT Pictures and Listings from our last 3 annual socials::
    December 11th, 2002   *  December 9th, 2003     December 14 2004
    AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, such as:   hors d'oeuvres, dips, quartered sandwiches, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2005 by Marilyn Gang