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The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, December 12th,  2006 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to host:
THE7TH ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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DECEMBER 12,2006:  Our 7th Annual Networking Social

 DECEMBER 22,2006 - 8 PM - Call to Action: Consciousness Raising

JANUARY 9, 2007:  WATER!
Fern Wolf (from Masaru Emoto's Hado School)  "The HADO of Water"
Pam Killeen:  "Bottled Water is Killing Our Planet"

FEBRUARY 13, 2007: Phil Gruber, "The Energetics of Dowsing"

APRIL 17, 2007:   Ellie Drew

MAY 8, 2007:   Dr. Robert GIlbert

April 13,14,15, 2007 - The Consumer Health Organization of Canada sponsors the annual
Alicja Aratyn,  Dr. Robert Gilbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Pierre Noreau, Ellie Drew



* This night is different from all other nights.  It is a NETWORKING SOCIAL.  Members have tables where they teach, demonstrate, sell.  We encourage non members and members alike to bring finger foods to share.   Please ensure you read the description for this evening in this issue.  There is a lot there that you will want to know about.  Including the used book sales table you may bring books to, arranged yesterday, by Angi.

* Doors open  7  PM (not 6:30).   Registration will start at 6:30.
* Please do remember to bring refreshments for us to share  ALL NIGHT!!!
* There will NOT be  pre meeting dowsing practice at this meeting (see below)
* Bring in your completed membership renewal forms. (Give them to Registration)
*  Remember to return library items

PERSONAL CHANGES:  Very big and 100% positive (internal) changes have taken place for me - Marilyn - these last 2 months.  Changes I have been praying for for years. This is all thanks to and due to my activities with the Toronto Dowsers.  Of course I wrote about them here!  I write about it because you helped me and I think in turn reading the story will help you -- because we share similar challenges.  I hope you can learn from my experiences.

The first one is the dissolving of what was probably the source of the most emotional pain experienced in this life and previous lives.  That constant emotional hurt in the heart is gone.  Peace lives there now.

The second change is more psychic, emotional, physical, mental energy.  This time, due to a supplement, a derivative of the blue green algae that saved my life years earlier.  So far 5 of you have tried it and 4 have similar results.  I hope more of you will just try this.

Now that these big deals have taken place, I wonder if my life will change.  You know how you say "If only... then I'll..".  So the "if only's" have taken place.  I'm noticing that my habits and thinking (sometimes, still Stinking Thinking) has not changed that much.  Well, I got my wish, now its time to do something about it!

RAW MILK, TRUTH, NYS TEACHERS, ETC.    Most of you have heard by this time about the an Ontario multi agency coordinated raid November 21 by 20 armed agents -- on the dairy farm of Durham BioDynamic farmer Michael Schmidt (whose grandfather studied with Rudoph Steiner).  They are trying to destroy his cow share programme where members can get non pasteurized (as in natural -- milk).   It is of interest to the Toronto Dowsers for many reasons, not the least that some members have shares in his programme, and also many of us have shown that we want and like milk that has been collected under clean conditions that has not had its nutritional value destroyed through the heat process known as pasteurization which can create a medium favorable to the growth of listeria, E.Coli and other harmful bacteria.

This is of interest to us also because we deplore the government's heavy handed deprivation of our freedom of our choices regarding our health, our bodies.  Their attitude is apparent with regard to the 70 year old prohibition on raw milk sales (easily allowed in 38 US States), forced vaccines, CODEX and other areas.

November 27-29 saw big stories in the Toronto Star,Globe and Mail, CTV, CityTV, Global, CFRB, CBC and more.  Health officials interviewed made so many statements that are wrong -- based on their own science!  The issue is about our rights to choose to drink raw (and clean) milk if we desire.  The issue is about our civil rights. The issue is about outmoded wrong legislation, how to handle it and what to do about it.  The issue is about government lies deception and rotten "science" skewed to support big business.  The issue is about freedom.  Yours and mine.

I don't have the time or space here and now to go into this in greater depth.  If you want more information or want to help, go to: www.glencoltonfarms.com, call me, next week I'll set up a link at;  www.TorontoDowsers.com

One of the many wonderful qualities of Dowsers is we are curious. And we want the truth.  We seek the truth, we understand when we are being lied to.  As a group we are more adamant and insistent on our rights than others.  Which is a reason why we are dangerous to government, which has succeeded in putting most of the population to sleep.  Not Dowsers.  We must have some excellent immunity.  We resist their efforts to control us. Naturally, we resist.  Naturally the controllers  don't like it.

Articles and information about repressed rights are common in our issues.  Because you will probably not find out about these events in other outlets.  I have tried to find the items that are likely to be of interest to you.  One of the articles in this issue includes information about EXXON and companies of their ilk being one of the supporters of the New York State Teacher's Federation and how they "contribute" to the public school curriculum.  And how the movie HAPPY FEET is being used by Roche to market flu vaccines to kids.

CONSPIRACY CULTURE is a brand new store that opened up on Queen Street (just east of Roncesvalles) recently.  Great name, yes?  The name, to me, sounds dark-ish, however the store is actually quite LIGHT!  Energetically, content wise and physically.   And the owners, Patrick and Kadina are also new members!  I have been there a couple of times, my mind gets boggled as they have books I have never heard of and want to devour.

"The First & Only Conspiracy Culture Shop in Toronto is Now Open!  With the recent surge in questionable actions from our world leaders, the general  populace has taken more of an interest in conspiracy theories. Conspiracy Culture is the talk of the town.

Conspiracy Culture provides an off-line, physical space for people to satisfy their  curiosity. The content is strictly non-fiction, researched theories on a wide array of  controversial, conspiratorial and paranormal subject matter in the form of cutting-edge  books, magazines and ground-breaking DVDs and DVD rentals. The space also holds a gallery of memorabilia; a reference library; and a computer kiosk with internet access.

ConspiracyCulture.com wants to help free-thinking Canadians find the information they  want from a credible and easily accessible source  Located on West Queen W (#1696) we   hope to spread awareness in the Toronto community: discussion groups,  lectures and book signings are all part of the agenda."

Kadina and Patrick greatly appreciate the Toronto Dowsers.  Tell them you are one of us!


THE7TH ANNUALToronto Dowsers Networking Social
December 12, 2006

   Our (mostly) monthly meetings feature speaker presentations.  And yet, we have a tremendous amount of talent, wisdom, experience and more in dowsing, energy work, healing on physical and non physical levels, teaching, astrology, earth energies, horticulture, musicology, cosmologies, cross cultural. cross dimensional knowledges,  etc.

   Because we have a lot of smart, creative, educated, multi faceted and capable people in many areas, many have their own businesses, products and services.

    You need the chance --- the stage --- to strut your stuff --- so we know more of who you are, what you do.

   The Toronto Dowsers Annual Networking Social is the opportunity that has been created for you to let others know more about you, what you like, what you teach, what you offer, what you make, what you sell.  And the opportunity for others to find out more about you.

    Paid up members in good standing are eligible for a table at this event.

    Your table could offer products for sale that you represent or that you create.   It could have material for a school you own.  You could have a table because you want to tell people about your new uncovery or your reflexology or radionics practice or do henna tatoos or palm readings or offer samples of your kombucha tea or you make and sell teas, shampoos, essential oils, pottery, etc. etc. etc.  It's you sharing that part of yourself you want to share with the rest of us.

   You also bring food.  You don't have to do that, but you want to --- because we have LOTS of really delicious food at this event.   We have munchies --- contributed by you as usual --- more than just after the meeting --- its ... all....night....long....  So BRING IT ON DOWNNNN!

   This is the night, truth be it known, that Toronto Dowsers do what we do best:   Talk   Eat  &  Shop.

   Every year we hear how you have met people you have not seen in years.

  And no, this is not a religious event.  Its a time of year people like to be social, many of you may not necessarily attend a Chanukah party and I  did tell my rabbi that I have no interest in organizing a christmas party.

   Fr events like this one, although you may not *think* you are interested in attending for any of the obvious reasons, it is most important to go --- to meet someone who will be important to you.   You might find out that for you:  "It's not what I do, its who I do it with."

   Ensure you bring an appetite, your joie de vivre, business cards and money to buy stuff.  Support your local Toronto Dowser.

    Or, do come on down, December 12th.   Bring a good friend.  Show your friend Your group, the group you are part of and has changed because your energy is now part of the chemistry of the group.

    See our web page that shall be building this month: www.dowsers.info/toronto/social06.htm

   Here are some of the table displays you can expect to find --- Before you go, can you match the Vendors below, with the Table Displays below?

Alicja Aratyn  *   Anita Fernandes & Gerry Burgmann  *    Ann Elizabeth Knutton  *   Annie van Alten  *   Arlene Anisman  *   Cat Peever & Sarah Eastman  *   Diana Davis  *   Denise Hoskin  *   Ferne Wolf  *   Stephanie & Glen Halina  *   Henry Evering  *   Inta Ridler  *   Joan Shepard  *   Joy Goch & Marilyn Horne  *   Lina Raz  *  Lisa Rice and Peggy Groom    *     Maggie Kambanis  *   Marilyn Gang   *     Mary Ann Robertson  *   Pan Romek  *   Rick Simpson  *   Sher Smith  *   Shelley Dagorne  *   Hugh Magill  *   Richard Martin  *   Mary Ann Long &  Richard Baumgarten  *   Mari Lucas  *   Debbie Purvis

  • Goji Juice. Health benefits developed by Dr. Earl Mindell and Freelife; Biomile Fuel Pill.  It saves you money on gas, reduces emmissions by up to 85% and cleans the engine at the same time. Saves you money and great for the enviroment.   Pyramid Rock Salt lamps
  • Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Pyramids, Amulets and Talismans from around the World, Atlantis Products, Vibrational Jewellery.
  • My topic will be "Harmonizing our lives with living foods and Feng Shui". I will display a portable wheatgrass juicer (like the one at the Hippocrates Booth at the Whole Life Expo) and I may be selling Biopro Technology products.
  • Beeswax Products (Ear Cone-Candles, regular tapers, tea-lites, and pillar candles, skin cream). Also : Apitherapy related products: Bee Pollen, Propolis, & Royal Jelly, & Bee Venom Ointment. Plus , some Honey's and Honey-blends.
  • Young Living products: essential oils and Ningxia Red juice, as well as information about my psychotherapy and aromatherapy treatments and workshops.  I will offer a free session to anyone who signs up and purchases a Young Living 'Starter Kit'.
  • Hand-made creams and lotions for theraputic and sybaritic purposes. I would alos like to offer jewellery, made with dowsing for their energetic and metaphysical properties. I also have some gourd rattles for offer as well. Possibly copper etchings and very possibley some slate carvings
  •  I have Drums, Rattles, Native American Style Flutes, Bowls and possibly other 'sound devices" to display and/or sell, also some of my crop circle DVDs
  • Hand cut block print cards, block print book marks, magnetic bracelet/earring sets (freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones),  originals and prints of my "Tree of Life" series  (a great focus to "ground, center, connect and protect" before dowsing)
  • I will display and demonstrate ($10.00 for 10 minutes - donating $5.00 to T.O. Dowsers) the Electrodermal Screening Biofeedback Technology.   I will also as requested sell vibrational formulas for specific needs and requests at $20.00 per bottle.
  • A limited selection of North American Herb & Spice products;  the  "Inner Alchemy" Series of guided Meditiation CD's from Australia www.newmindrecords.com.   The series is completed and includes the following CD's:  Inner Healer,  Inner Peace,  Connect to the Wise You,  Chakra Activator, Meet Your Spirit Guides,  Creating Abundance, Explore Past Lives,  Create Your Own Destiny, Detox,  Learn to Astral Travel.  The series is very new to Canada.  The series uses the latest Audio technology with guided meditiations, stunning music, subliminal messages, binaural beats and modulating TVFs and TVAs.   I have a sampler and will bring a CD player for people who wish to hear the quality
  • Handmade labyrinths, Chocolate honey butter and other farm fresh specialty honeys
  • Gardiner's Dream  Cream, Earth Eagle Liquid Smudge and  traditional smudging products,  Himalayan Salt products, 024 Pain Eraser, and Natural Calm Magnesium  supplement.
  • Personalized photo affirmation products - photos, bookmarks, mini cards
  • Vita Fons II.
  • Forum Technologies X-Power Device which saves up to 25% hydro costs and also has capitors which clean up the dirty electricity  and e.m.f.  readings..
  • My baby is the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback system. The SCIO (formerly  QXCI) scans your body like Norton Anti-Virus, seeking out information  about minerals, vitamins, parasites, emotions. Then, like a Toronto Dowser,  it balances, neutralizes, energizes as needed.  This system offers  knowledge, and knowledge is power!   Grounding through  minerals. First, a ten minute SCIO mineral analysis, , then the WaterOz ionized  minerals like magnesium, iodine, chromium, potassium and all the others our bodies are craving.   The products are at a Dowsers' Discount of 30%. The distributor, Mila  Klein, has offered to attend and help out at the social. Mila studied with  Hulda Ruetger Clark, the parasite queen and brings a wealth of information from  her PhD thesis on Minerals.
  • Michael Moon's products (we have new ones).
  • Sacred Heart Sound CDs
  • Nutrafem a natural alternative  for menopausal problems and Vibe, a easy to assimilate multi vitamin and mineral  supplement.  I also make some handmade Christmas cards. StemEnhance  the first stem cell enhancer.
  • Odyssey Books!
  • Personal Readings
  • I would like to present observations about effects of biogeometry, parelandra gardening and environmental harmonizer in my vegetable garden and in 30 miles circe. And some of the materials from I AM University
  • Pendulums --- I make beautiful pendulums, Pens and Magic Wands Information on the Akasha Mystery School. Gano Excel coffee and other beverages.
  • Company: Realizing Your Potential.   Products: flyers re: upcoming courses, charts, cards, oils for  sale
  • Various aromatherapy diffusers (mini portable, whole room with cool fan, whole room with cool mist, car type).  Small artisan created glass jewellery vials to hold several drops of  essential oils.  Chlorine and chemical blocking shower filter:  filter only or filter in shower head or filter in hand held unit Plus replacement filters for all these .   Coloured beeswax candles, Cordless cell phone/portable phone headsets (reduce EMF exposure to head), Various colours of adjustable and stationary meditation/floor chairs(you sit on the floor, they support your back) - they're called Backpro. Nutritional supplements
    (1) Ann Elizabeth Knutton has completed the extensive intensive Hippocrates Educators Course this summer and will help others learn the Hippocrates teachings.

    (2) Alicja Aratyn, as you know, has fine dowsing products.  One of the items, the DNA SPIRAL – SPIRAL OF LIFE -- we see it at her table but like so many of Alicja's intriguing appearing  items, do not understand what it is or how to use it.  Here it is:

    This is a Copper spiral  plated with 24K gold.  The gold plating increases the conductivity and emitting of energy to a diameter of about 50 feet.

    The number of the coils and proper proportions create the energy so that:
    - The inner (left-turning coil) collects “bad” energy from the environment
    - The outer energy (right-turning coil) conducts and delivers Universal Energy, and energizes the environment (Kirlian photography shows it emitting white light).

    When you take the above into consideration, the DNA Spiral promotes an ongoing exchange and supply of energy in one's environment.  This is why – from a Feng Shui point of view --- the DNA Spiral should be placed in an energetically “bad” spots in one's home (especially where energy is stagnant) such as basements, closets, garages, empty rooms, bathrooms etc.

    The DNA Spiral – as one of not too many Feng Shui remedies – can be placed in a central spot of the house to force the circulation of energy (even through the walls) and to harmonize its flow in empty, big halls, living rooms, stairways, basements, guests rooms etc. – generally speaking -- every place where energy seems to be stagnant (“dead energy”) in order to create a healthy flow of energy.   One may decide to place it where it may influense the whole area or in Feng Shui corner  to increase the flow of a certain vibration only such as for abundance, relationships, health etc.

    By creating a kind of  “energetic cylinder” the DNA Spiral minimizes or, in many cases, cuts off the detrimental influence of black streams, ley lines, EMFs or any other noxious energies. It also strengthens the human energetic system, so we are less vulnerrable to these negative vibrations.

    Due to is ability to energize the DNA Spiral has a positive influence on all living organisms, especially humans:
    - It activates one's own DNA strand
    - It considerably increases the flow of one’s vital forces
    - Helps speed up the healing process
    - Enhances the process of clearing energy in a room (i.e. after conflicts, arguments etc.)
    - Its own clearing ability prevents the environment from getting over-energized.

    Alicja's DNA Sprial and Hugh Magill's Labyrinths
    Sandee Mac showed us how through using the spiral and the pendulum, the DNA spiral corrects or repairs a person's DNA.  One dowses to determine if a client's DNA should be repaired or corrected and which areas should be worked on.  Then she places DNA Spiral over the client's body (roughly as high as she can lift her hand) and slowly moves DNA from above to almost the body - back and forth (up and down) a few times - it was said that 2-3 times is enough, whoever she always consult pendulum how many turns she should do.  Then she asks if the work has been done and finished and if there is something else she supposed to do for this person at that time. In most cases there is nothing else to do at the moment.

    (3)  Marilyn's STEM ENHANCE Table:   As I need to take care of "running the joint" this night, I can not have my own table.  I would like to have a table to display, offer and talk about the benefits of STEM ENHANCE, a relatively new supplement, an extract of blue green algae.  STEM ENHANCE is sold by an MLM network that I signed up for  ELLIE DREW. told me about Stem Enhance and brought me in to the program.   Cell Tech's blue green algae -- I feel it saved my life about 15 years ago, thanks to the advice of Naturopath Helga Marinzel (Helga was married to Zeca da costa Reis.  Remember them?).  It was noticed that there was Stem Cell enhancement in those who consumed a lot of blue green algae.  So they did studies, and then created the concentrated extract.  Blue Green algae is a whole food.  This is a concentrated extract.

    As I will be unable to speak with you about it this evening, another distributor, Mary Anne Robertson, who is in a downline different from mine, will be have a table tonight and speak to you about STEM ENHANCE.  Either one of us will be happy to answer your questions.  But I will be unable to be at the table to "transact business".  Mary Anne will be happy to take care of the business end, for both of us.  You can decide if you would prefer to start and continue to do that with me, or with Mary Anne.  It is your decision who you would like to connect or continue with on this.  (Yes, it is unfortunate that we are in different downlines.  It would be wonderful for all the dowsers to work together.)

    If you would like to see in yourself any of the improvements I have experienced (noted below), I very strongly urge you to try one bottle.  Just one bottle.  And then see if you would like to continue.  My assessment of the product was made within hours after my first 2 capsules.  I ask:  is it worth $2 a day to me?  Answer: Definitely!

    I am offering to sell one bottle to you at my cost:  $56 CDN.  After that, we'll talk about it.  You can take STEM ENHANCE because it is good for you.  You can also make it a business.  What I am doing -- after I get my first 6 people, I will be putting other people below them, to help folks build their businesses.

    In the almost 3 months I have been taking STEM ENHANCE I (and others who are taking it) are experiencing marked improvements in:

  • Stamina
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional & Psychic energy
  • Memory, focus, concentration are MUCH improved
  • Feelings of Stress, overwhelm and overload are greatly reduced
  • Easier to get up in the morning and DO STUFF!
  • People are telling me I'm looking better - noticeable in skin, hair, general energy
  • Ability to do more
  • I'm also drinking much less coffee and want to eat healthier foods.  Think I've lost some weight, too, my slacks are looser. I drove to Albany, New York a few weeks ago and back a day later.  I enjoyed the ride there and back, was not tired and even better, my eyes were not bothered by the oncoming headlights at night on the country roads!
  • I do not believe I have ever done this with this group --- recommended a product where I can benefit financially.  I'm a little uncomfortable doing so.  If anything arises to change my mind, or if I find another IMO very good product, I shall let you know asap.

    Please get some this evening, email me, call me or go directly to: /www.dowsers.stemtechhealth.com/

    (4)  Lina Raz and Fern Wolfe (our January 9th speaker) will each have a BioFeedback system.  Their systems are very different from one another and they will offer you a mini assessment.

    (5)  Joan Sheppard has Vita Fons.  Please, just try a dab.  The first time I tried this product -- in 1991, a dab on my solar plexus, I felt as if I had been kissed by God.  I learned from its creator, Elizabeth Bellhouse that:  All of our ills and problems come from our feelings of separation from God.  We are not separate.  We only feel that way.--- For 6 months I thought about that statement and it could not be disputed.  And Vita Fons heals that rift.    I used that product daily, for 9 years.  Now I don't need it as often.  Taking it internally works on the cause.  Externally, the symptom.  This is how I met Joan, through Vita Fons, that long ago....  Such a gift.  Joan and Vita Fons.   This is one of -- if not the -- purest products I had ever come across.   For a very holistic friend of mine -- this is the only item in her household for scrapes, cuts, etc.  The talc was the only item her son could tolerate when he had chicken pox.  And it helped him.   Joan and I both have a lot more stories about Vita Fons.

    (6)  Richard Baumgarten and Mary Ann Long will be coming from the Buffalo, New York area.  They are also fairly new to our group.  Please do make them feel welcome.


    *  Mari Lucas is a psychic we have heard about, from the Port Perry area.  Very talented.  Mari will be offering mini readings.   She is one of the "special guests" outside of our membership, who has been invited to join us for the evening.

    *  Returning favorites:  MICHAEL SACCO & GRAHAM CORBETT from CHOCOSOL ---  The CHOCOLATE KINGS!

    MAGDA HAVAS:   I am endeavoring to persuade Magda to join us this evening.  She did express interest in having a table to talk to us about issues, etc.



    Check out our GREAT Pictures from our last 4 annual socials:
    December 11th, 2002December 9th, 2003  |  December 14, 2004   December 13, 2005

    The FOOD TABLE is set up the entire evening. We usually have 3 or 4  FOOD TABLES  LOADED with lovely treats.  PLEASE DO BRING the finger food munchies you would like to share with us.

    January 9th:   WATER

    1st:   FERN WOLF, graduate of
    Dr. Masaru Emoto's "Hado" School
    will speak to us on
    including Hado,
    Water Crystal Energy,
    Water Crystal Design,
    Hado Measuring Machines
    The HadoScan for practical applications
    The Meaning of words
    Hado for Healing
    The Science of Water and the Environment
    and much more.

    Followed by investigative researcher, Health Watchdog writer and speaker:
     Bottled Water is Killing the Planet
    "Bottled water is a sign that we’ve hit rock bottom. We’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous."

    "Maybe city water is a better choice, but I think that it could be improved. Unadulterated, clean, pure water. Shouldn’t that be called, “The Real Thing”? Isn’t that what we should all be striving for?"

    Bottled water, the designer-look drink that has become a near-universal ac-cessory of modern life, may be refreshing but it certainly isn't clean. A major new study has concluded that its production is seriously damaging the environment.

    It costs 10,000 times more to create the bottled version than it does to produce tap water, say scientists. Huge resources are needed to draw it from the ground, add largely irrelevant minerals, and package and distribute it - sometimes half-way around the world.  The plastic bottles it comes in take 1,000 years to biodegrade, and in industrialised countries, bottled water is no more pure and healthy than what comes out of the tap.

    The new study comes from the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington-based environmental group which has previously alerted the world to melting ice caps, expanding deserts and the environmental threats of a rapidly industrialising China. It points out that the world consumed a staggering 154 billion litres of bottled water in 2004 - an increase of 57 per cent in just half a decade.

    Bob Geldof said: "Bottled water is bollocks. It is the great irony of the 21st century that the most basic things in the supermarket, such as water and bread, are among the most expensive. Getting water from the other side of the world and transporting it to sell here is ridiculous. It is all to do with lifestyle."

    Pam has been busy co-authoring a book with Dr. Mercola called, The Great Bird Flu Hoax.  For more information about how to order the book, please go to www.thegreatbirdfluhoax.com

    FEBRUARY 13th
    will speak to us on many subjects, including

    We are fortunate to have Phil speak to us this February.  With a deep, quick, brilliant wit and multidimensional mind, Phil is better known around the world than he is in Canada and the United States.   He possesses experience and wisdom in more esoteric areas than most people can even just name in 10 minutes.

    Philip Gruber is a well respected teacher of Sacred Geometry, the Secrets and Mysteries of the Holy Grail, the True Nature of Angels and the Angelic Kingdoms, Advanced Systems of Healing, the Truth of the Indigos, and a host of other fascinating subjects.

    Phil's passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence have made him a much-loved and highly  regarded lecturer on the international scene.   He is highly regarded the world over as a healer, for his healing touch, his angelic harp music, and his ability to teach detailed and sophisticated material with patience, ease, grace, and most of all, humor!  He has been described as a  magical genius' with a heart of pure gold.  He has spoken at the United Nations and has just released his debut CD "The Song of Indra" and is presently working on his first book.   He is also featured in the critically-acclaimed new documentary "The Indigo Evolution".
    A licensed acupuncturist, Phil holds a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and is a teacher and continuing student of vibrational medicine and sacred geometrical healing. His diverse training includes the study of Kabala, multidimensional systems of magic, and hyper-dimensional physics. Phil's strong background in hard sciences is coupled with his knowledge of angelic language,  the physics of light, the so-called "lost" biblical scrolls and related  historical documents.


    The Toronto Dowsers has participated in this event the 22nd of September, December and March.  March 22nd, 2003 was our first visit to The Mound.  This history, story and feedback was written up in the May 2003 Toronto Dowsers newsletter.  If you can, return to The Mound that evening.

    Fridayy December 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please join in the global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet. For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

    Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of  March, June, September and December, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again.  Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy “set in motion” all year long.

    This series of events was catalyzed by a friend of Raymon Grace.  We are reminded that everyone has the divine power to heal and affect positive change.  But too rarely do we accept the responsibility to direct our energies to healing the planet.  Here's our chance to make a meaningful contribution.

    Unesco's Year of Rumi
    A multi cultural and interfaith gathering to celebrate the official launch:
    Screening of Rumi - Turning Ecstatic

    Sunday December 17th

    1:00 PM - 3:30
    Scarboro mission 
    2685 Kingston Road  (near Midland) - $10 at the Door

    7:00 pm - 9:30
    Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation
    79 Hiawatha Road (Gerrard & Coxwell)  $10 at the Door

    Music & Poetry of Rumi in English and Turkish, Sufi AZikri lead by local Sufis of the Jerrahi Order and a Mini Christmas bazaar.

    Film Producer, Tina Petrova, will be present for discussion

    For more info:  call 416 433 6300
    Sponsored by Snow Lion Meditation Shop /www.snowlioncanada.com/

    Tina Petrova was my first dowsing teacher. a course she taught 1991 at the Big Carrot.

    On behalf of the NGH, IMDHA, & Ontario Association of Hypnotherapists Hypno Healing Institute invites you to attend the:
    3rd Annual World Wide Hypnotism Day
    Theme: “Stress Clearing Through Hypnosis”

    Thurs. January 4, 2007
    Time: 6:30 pm – 9 pm
    Fee:   Donation (proceeds will be donated to charity)
    Location: The Latvian Centre

    Using the power of your mind hypnosis will help you HEAL YOUR  Past and Transform your life.  Facilitated by: World renowned and recipient of numerous awards Debbie Papadakis BCH., C.I. Master Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Psychotherapist, N.G.H & IMDHA Certified Hypnosis Instructor, trainer, Speaker

    During this workshop you will learn how to:
    · Release stress from your life
    · Discover the power of hypnosis and what it can do for you
    · Understand and use the power of positive thinking everyday
    . Make your goals and dreams reality
    Space is very limited, Register early  Call us to register!  416-760-8996

    FREE downloadable induction for Sleep:
    Just to inform you that if any of your members have trouble sleeping they can go to the first page of my site www.hypno-healing.com and enter their name and email address.  Instantly they will receive an email where they will get the link to a very powerful hypnosis induction specifically to produce a peaceful sleep. From that link they can download the whole hypnosis induction for free.

    FREE REIKI class:  Also we are teaching Reiki I level for free (donation accepted for a local charity).  Our next class is on January 3rd from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

    NOVEMBER 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 18th

    November 8th:  Freddy Silva
    November 9th:  Masaru Emoto
    November 10th:  David Franklin Farkas
    Janosh -- the Arcturians -- Workshops: November 14, 18  /www.the-arcturians.com

    In addition to our monthly meeting and newsletter, Toronto Dowsers were most fortunate to have wide access to the above events.

    We sponsored Freddy Silva's visit November 8
    We co sponsored David F Farkas' presentation November 10
    We networked with The Energy Psychology Conference and with the Arcturians to notify the Toronto Dowsers of these events and to obtain discount tickets for our members.

    This was a more than usually busy month.  Notes from these events will be included in the January issue.  There are a LOT of very interesting things to write about that I know you will definitely want to read!   We are speaking with Janosh and his coordinators about an event here at the end of 2007.  GO TO HIS WEBSITE.  Look at the CODES!!!!!


    Pierre did an absolutely exceptional amazing job.  We have much to thank Pierre, his wife Francine, and their colleague Anne Landry for coming here and sharing their knowledge, abilities and huge hearts.

    Pierre explained to us how the Lecher Antenna works, he did a health assessment to demonstrate how it works and then he answered questions that you had sent in to me.  All but 3 of the questions were answered and we are making a CD of this lecture.  Some of these notes, too, will be in next month's issue.

    You remarked on his knowledge, sense of humor, kindness and genuineness. Bien sur!

    We will be setting things up for Pierre to come to Toronto a few times each year to teach the antenna and to do health assessments.  If you want to get on the list for classes or an assessment, contact me, or his office in Montreal:  (450) 658-6636.  Pierre is very caring and wants to help whenever and whomever he can.  Please realize that he is very busy -- and even busier since his association with the Toronto Dowsers began -- and it can be very difficult to get to speak to him.  I, too, sometimes have a goodly wait in the lineup.  THANK YOU FRANCINE, ANNE et PIERRE!!!

    Masaru Emoto, Ted Dungan, David Farkas:  How Emotional Injury & Healing Works and the Secrets of the Universe

    [Draft:  by Marilyn Gang  mgang@dowsers.info  11/11/2006 @ 11:11 a.m.]

    11:11 -- Lying in bed this a.m., buzzing from the past 3 nights, listening to Freddy Silva, Masaru Emoto, David Farkas.  Wow.  What a sterling line up.   How lucky we are, that we can have this talent, integrity, wisdom made available to us, so easily and eminently supremely affordable.   I appreciate it immensely.  However it touches the heart, it is not the topic for this section.  :)

      One of the things you tell me I do for you, mostly through the newsletters, is to make connections.  Connections that are necessary, groundbreaking...  but for whatever reason most people are not placed in the position to make them.  I do and I am.

       In this article, I am connecting 3 very brilliant nuggets of gold from 3 brilliant minds.  So once again:

       Yes, this is so awesome so crucial, it needed a preface with this intro... and include the entire story.

    FIRST NUGGET:   From David Farkas, Holes in the Grid

       Last night, in one of the areas David Farkas spoke to us about, in his Quantum Grid Restructuring talk, he explained to us that he sees the energetic blueprint of the grid.  What is this blueprint of the grid?  Why --- it is a grid, like a grid you would draw on graph paper, which has been designed for that purpose.

       Now, you may remember that when Joey Korn www.dowsers.com was here (October 2002, October 2003) he told us that whenever an event with a very high emotional content occurs to a person, such as a trauma or crisis or hugely blessed happening, an energetic imprint of that is made on that spot, i.e., the physical location.

    whenever something occurs to a person, something of a very high emotional nature such as a trauma or crisis or hugely blessed event, an energetic imprint of that is made on that spot, i.e., the physical location.

       As an example, we are in the hallway of an office building.  The VP for Widgets is walking down the hall, returning to her office from lunch with the widget tech group, her mind on their discussions and how to position the new widget improvements for the marketing group.

       Her friend, the VP for Doodads, has just taken an emergency phone call for her friend, the Widget VP, that the Widget VP's parents, on their way to the cruise ship for a cruise to celebrate their 50th anniversary, a gift from their daughter,  were in an automobile accident and were killed.  The Doodad VP leaves the office, finds the Widget VP and in the hallway, tells her friend the Widget VP what happened.

       This is a humgongous shock, the most dreadful colossal trauma she has ever or will ever experience aside from her own death, for the Widget VP, to all her systems, her adrenals, mental faculties, nervous system --- everything.

        An energetic recording of that trauma is imprinted on that spot in the hallway forever after (Joey would say indefinitely, until something changes it).  Whoever passes through that spot will be affected by that energy field that had been created and what it contains.  Sensitives can pick it up.

        In Joey's terminology, "A negative thought, action, or emotion will imprint a detrimental vortex, which creates a disturbance, or short circuit, in the subtle electromagnetic energy field or matrix.  Once you are aware of it, you can ask God (or whatever you call the Divine) to bless it, and transmute the detrimental vortex into a beneficial vortex.  This goes beyond clearing.  You are, in effect, 're-wiring' the short circuit."

        If there are enough situations like that in an area, people eventually think the place feels "icky".  This is what happens in places such as prisons and hositals.  Many places of worship, however, feel serene.  There are some places of worship, though, which do feel icky -- because of what transpires there.

       Joey taught us how to clear the contents of the energy field of those spots.

       David showed us how, with the grid -- these events put "holes" in the grid.  You can compare this to a sweater which has been gnawed at by moths.  The result is holes in the fabric.  David says that "the story runs in the hole.  The only way to clear it is to get to the stuff in the hole."   David restructures the grid, or, as he describes it, he "reformats the hard drive".

    SECOND NUGGET:   Ted Dungan

        Too few people know who Ted was.  He died long before he was ready to go.  Some of us are convinced that he was taken out because of what he knew, what he did, what he could do, what was in his mind, his inventions and who his Dad was.  He got trained as a chiropractor after he returned from Viet Nam.  He went through chiropractic training because he was vaccinated while in Nam.  As a result of that vaccination, when he got out he developed Guillain-Barré syndrome.  He was the only one in his unit to survive the result of the vaccine.  The GB kept him in tremendous pain, and, paralyzed for months at a time.  Chiropractic care was the only thing that brought him surcease and he became one.

       One of Ted's inventions was a color light gun machine, based on Tesla technology.   The unit looked like a power drill and had replaceable color tips at the end of it.  You use different colors for different needs.   The vibrational frequency of the color as directed to a spot, somewhat 'pushed in there' and welded to the spot, healing it, with the tesla light.   He called it the "Tegan Energy Device" (Tegan for:  Ted Dungan.  Also:   T.E.D.).  And no, you won't find it on internet or any other place and don't ask me where they are because since he was taken out July 2005 the source has dried up..

       One day, out of desperation, Ted found a new use for this device.  He had a client in town who was a lovely person but bereft over the death of her spouse.  He picked up the gun and used it on her head.   After being despondent for 3 months, she became a happy person again in 48 hours.  After using this again, just out of need, on another client, he started using it more often and understood what was happening and how emotional trauma takes place.

    In addition to our physical wiring, we also have emotional wiring.  It's just as real however it can not be discerned by the primitive discerning, detecting and measuring devices available today in the paradigm our dynamic mass accepts as truth.  The wiring hums along happily, sending information back and forth, nourished by the source.

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter.  If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
    The emotional wiring, like the physical wiring, is of course connected --- like a grid or like a web, etc.  Like wiring.

    When a trauma occurs, it is like a surge of power on a circuit -- on a wire.  When there is a surge, an overload -- more power going through the wire than that particular wire can handle -- it "shorts" out the wire and the wire / circuit -- breaks.

      The same thing happens in our brain, to the emotional wiring that is there -- unseen -- undetected -- to us and our gross physical instruments, thus far.  (There may be other connected and emotional wiring networks elsewhere in our physical and/or non physical bodies, but this is the one we are focusing on right now.)

       What happens is that piece of "wire" in our emotional circuitry breaks.  It is no longer disconnected to the rest of the network.  However, it is also still alive and functioning, but in a disconnected mode.

       David Icke describes us as existing in a Vibratory Prison.  We exist in carbon based physical bodies on this ball of earth.  We were connected to the whole and then we got separated and have been set adrift.  What he compares this to -- it is as if you are in a NASA rocket.  You take off from the earth, headed for another planet, communicating back and forth with Houston all the time.   Then all of a sudden, the communication breaks and you are adrift, with no guidance or anything.  You continue to exist, but separate from the whole from everything you have known from the source of wisdom, from the source of it all.  No other beings are allowed to communicate with you --- you don't even know anything else is out there and are all alone, going through the same old same old routines forever after.

      So that little piece of wire just keeps spinning, like a tape on automatic replay, forever and ever.  It keeps playing the same story.

       With these tapes -- these wires, however, they are -- usually -- unless the person is psychotic -- not continually playing their song so to speak -- they only do so when their button is pushed, that is, when some trigger stimulates the connection and then they are played.  Whenever its played we re-experience the same emotional anguish.  Sometimes we even restimulate it voluntarily!  The replays deepen the groove, like a tire spinning in sand or snow, digging deeper.

       So you only may remember, for example, about that horrible situation with your ex boyfriend girlfriend father mother teacher boss when you meet someone who wears that same perfume or has the same tone of voice or has a similar facial structure or walk --- subconscious cues.  It plays again, digging more deeply.  Each time it plays, it digs itself more deeply in to your psyche.

       It is spinning there, continuously with the same traumatic story, cut off from the whole, detached, not knowing about the whole and therefore can not heal.

       This is what happens with emotional traumas.  This is the mechanism by which our past hurts keep hurting us in the present and we have very few ways to heal them.  Because we don't know how it works.

       What the T.E.D. does is -- with another device he invented to find these spots in our brain -- the T.E.D. -- once the spot is found -- from that particular event or emotion you are looking to heal -- SOLDERS IT BACK TO THE WHOLE!   It heals that break in the wiring, the wire is now connected to the whole.  It is reintegrated and receives nourishment from the energetic source.  Although the memory is there -- the emotional charge is -- discharged.

        Ted uncovered the way in which emotional trauma continues to bring back pain for us, and how to heal it.  David Farkas finds holes in the grid and makes it whole.  Ted Dungan found shorted wires and soldered them back together.

    [NOTES: (1) Network Chiropractic is a modality which can find and heal these breaks -- in the spine.  They describe it differently.  They say that when a strong emotional event occurs, a memory of that is created and stored in a cell in a body.  A Network practitioner can trigger and "pop" those cells -- the way one "pops" the cells in bubble wrap, releasing the emotional energy (charge) stored in that cell, retaining the mental memory.    There are a couple others.   Not many, so far.  With Network, though, one might not find the specific event one is looking to heal, the practitioner happens on priorities and heals that, not necessarily knowing the emotional content.
    2)  Ted's father was a high level consultant to the military with easy access to multi starred generals and admirals.  The father suffered from excruciating headaches which Ted was able to help alleviate through chiropracty.   If you ever see one of these devices, or something similar, it's a T.E.D.  I took this photo at his home a couple years ago.]
    THIRD NUGGET:   Masaru Emoto:
    Dr. Emoto told us that Hado showed him:

    Our body is ruled by the same pattern as the Universe.
    By understanding the secrets of life we can understand the secrets of the Universe.

    Having heard that, extrapolating from the micro to the macro:

    The emotional fabric of each individual  is a network, a web, accessible through mental pathways (of each individual, and, probably, beyond that).

    Our space -- as in our environment, such as buildings, property -- is also comprised of a grid.   HEE's (an acronym I just made up HA HA:  for Human Emotional Events) have an impact on the wiring/lines in this grid, often making a hole in it.

    Accepting that the above 2 statements are a secret of life,  what does this tell us about the Pattern of the Universe?

    Another reason to love Astrology

    Astrology helps us understand ourselves and one another better.  Through better understanding we can have better acceptance, compassion and peace.

    A friend's somewhat more than occasional bad humor was too disconerting and I was wondering about continuing our friendship.  From the little astrology I know, I checked his, just to get an idea as to possibilities.  To the bookshelf, went to the Ephemeris, found the planets in the signs.  His Mercury is in Aries.  Ah!  It's "The Astrologer's Handbook" by Sakoian & Acker that (is the book I have that) offers the interpretations.  "If Mercury is afflicted in this sign there can be irritability and a quick temper."

    Perfect!  Now I understand.   He's doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.  Once again, I'm taking this personally.  It's not meant personally.  I can ignore it!   And not react to it.  And/or -- call my friendly astrologer to find out how to work with this.

    Chateau Lalinde,  near Bordeaux, France chateaulalinde.blogspot.com/
    Of interest:  Dowsing, Ley lines, Druidry , the Caves of Lascaux

    Lalinde lies on the border of the Black and the Purple zones of the Perigord region.  It is surrounded by oak forests and some of the most renowned vineyards in the world.  It is also in the heart of the Dordogne valley, known for its thousand and one castles, medieval fortresses, bastides, the prehistoric caves of Cro-magnon man and troglodytes, its honey coloured villages and markets, sunflowers, tobacco barns and maize fields, and friendly people!

    "Both cheeses can be made with raw or pasteurized milk, although I prefer the raw versions, which are rarely available in the United States due to regulations in the US (where you're allowed to drive at high-speeds on freeways while talking on a cell phone and drinking a giant latté, but prohibited from eating cheese that has been prepared the same way for centuries.)"

     Lascaux : 30,000 B.C. The Birthplace of Animation
    "Even during these busy months when so many people stream into this area, I am only too happy to take visitors to the Lascaux Caves to show them the most amazingly complex and technically developed paintings of our forefathers of 15-17000 years ago."

    History : September 1940, the 17,000 years old paintings were discovered by four young boys whose dog, Robot, had gone down a rabbit hole. According to one account, on September 8, 1940, 17-year-old Marcel Ravidat and three of his friends were looking for a lost treasure supposedly buried in a secret tunnel. His dog Robot ran on ahead and became stuck in a hole. As the boys pulled Robot to safety, they discovered that the hole seemed bottomless -- in fact, the entrance to a tunnel going underground. They explored the tunnel and found the paintings. After keeping the secret for three days, they told their teacher about it, who contacted Henry Breuil, the archelogical historian of note. In 1948 the caves were opened to the public, but when it was discovered that the constant flow of people brought with them carbon monoxide, fungi, dust, pollen and spores, a rise in temperature, change of humidity, and other deadly organisms -- deadly for fragile cave paintings, the caves were again closed to the public in 1963. By this time there was already a form of algae growing on the paintings, which could be successfully treated and removed, but fortunately they were closed just before the White Sickness started affecting the paintings.

     Drinking with the Druids at Belingard:
    Ambrosia in the Dordogne. This is what I recently discovered right on my doorstep when I chanced upon the beautiful wine estate of Laurent and Sylvie de Bosregard.  I also learned about Celtic holy places in the Dordogne -- and about my own magic powers!

    But first let me share with you something about the first discovery: the ambrosia of Belingard!  Three thousand years ago the Celts came to this spot and called it "The Garden of the Gods" -- or Belen-Gaard. Today it is simply called Belingard-- the home of Laurent and Sylvie de Bosredon, and the estate where the three thousand year tradition of wine making is continued and some of the best wines of the region are produced -- still good enough to be fit for the gods!

    The hill on which the Belingard Chateau proudly stands in a circle of giant oak trees, was discovered thousands of years ago to be a 'ley', or a 'bridge' where the energy fields of the earth and of the cosmos are the strongest and make contact. If you have any skeptical thoughts about the veracity of this statement, the claim is reinforced by the presence of a sculpted rock on this site (which has a magical horizon that can leave no one indifferent, whether you believe the story or not!), which served as an altar of sacrifice used by the Druids some 3,000 years ago.

    The Count Laurent de Bosredon's enthusiastic and colourful account of the Celts, and the young virgins and druid apprentices -- of the Hundred Years war and the Plantagenet in the Aquitaine, and soldiers consumed by the Celtic god, Beleen or Belin, is only matched by his obvious passion for his land and his wine -- when he speaks of the different grape varieties, methods of wine making, the secrets of the land and the soil and the terrain, harvests and plantings and vines, then he becomes an historian, a story teller, a poet -- and a druid himself.

    "Red Shoes", of Chateau Lalinde, has discovered and enjoys Dowsing.


    (1)  Before you begin asking questions during your dowsing session, do consider clearing yourself and your energy field of influences.  Keeping in mind the instructions from last month's issue on Energy Dowsing, ask:

    Are there any blockages, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, thought forms, feelings or influences  that would affect my dowsing?
    If yes:  Can I May I Should I clear these effects now?
    If yes:   Clear any and all blockages, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, thought forms, feelings or influences that could affect my dowsing.

    (Your pendulum will be rotating counterclockwise.  When it stops you are ready to continue dowsing.   You might want to repeat the process.)

    Note:  You will probably be asking this question daily.   If  you frequently receive a "yes" response, you might consider asking each question individually to determind which of the items frequently interferes with your dowsing so you can understand what might be affecting you on a regular basis and deal with it.

    (2)   We had learned about the C.R.P. (Critical Rotation Point).   Your dowsing may improve if you face in that direction when you are dowsing.

    (3)  Slim Spurling's Life Light Rings:   When Sandee Mac was here, you may remember her Friday night workshop demonstrating Slim Spurling's tools.   We were trying out the tools.  I had 3 Life Light Rings on my head.   My dowsing was a lot stronger, quicker, more accurate and definitive.

    Absolute. Divine. Perfect. Synergy.  Choreographed by the highest of the highest.  The morning of Yom Kippur 2006, the final day of the High Holy Days, marking an intense time of forgiveness and atonement.

    You thank me for the excellent speakers and resources I bring to the group.  Yes, I know they are excellent.  One of my innate skills is I have a good feel for quality, in these areas.  I hope you know that a reason I do some of this is they benefit me, too.  Experience has shown that if it is an area I have difficulty with or need help with, so do many of you.

    My story is being written down and included here because I do believe it will help you understand more about how things work and you will learn so you can better understand your own situation.  What worked 4 me:   A compilation of what we are learning through the Toronto Dowsers.  I hope that what you see in here will help you to short cut your own process.

    There are dozens who through our activities have helped me.  The ones who have helped directly with this issue are: Sandee Mac, Ted Dungan, Ursula Fugger, Arlene Anisman, Ellie Drew and most of all:  Angi Venning.  You know all but Ted.  See a reference to Ted and his T.E.D. elsewhere in this issue.

    The morning of Yom Kippur.  The day my most intense painful emotional hurt, lasting hundreds of years --- simply dissolved.
    Background:    Amy, my big sister, would always dominate me.  With her personality, body, words, pecking order.  There were many times she was very good to me and took care of me, we had fun and cared about one another.

    It wasn't until 10 or 15 years ago that I realized she is a Master Manipulator.  She would give me advice and I would follow it but would always crash and burn when I followed it.  I saw this very clearly in an instant when the family was planning a small outing.  I didn't want to go and made other plans for myself for those few hours.  Amy comes to me and quiet earnest (seeming) caring says:  "Come on.  Come with us.  Dad will be disappointed if you don't go with us."  In that instant I saw how all my life she had been using Dad's perceived feelings to manipulate me to do what I did not want to do.  Dad couldn't give a hoot if I went on that outing or not.

    When Dad died 5 years ago, my sisters insisted on going to Florida the following month to clean out his home.  I begged them to wait a bit as it was too soon for me.  I begged them to wait just another 3 months to sell it, I wanted to spend some time there, with the memories and energies.  They would not agree.  That time was the last time Amy beat me up, as I was holding on to some of my mother's possessions I did not want boxed up and sent away.    That was the last time I spoke to Amy.

    When we were kids -- the time during which all feelings, attitudes, belief systems etc. form and rule us for virtually the remainder of our 100 years, I was tall, slim and had long blond hair.   She was short, chunky and had nondescript, thin dark hair.  I knew she was jealous of me but I thought it was silly.  It was not me, it was just what I was given.  She had more friends than I did and was more popular.  I was a loner, always into my books.

    One of the reasons I love what I'm doing with the Toronto Dowsers is it fills one of those childhood voids -- here, often people actually listen to what I say and want to hear it.  In my family, that never happened. (It still doesn't!)  I could say:  "Come on, I'll take you all for a week in the Bahamas.  My treat."  And no one would listen.  Amy could say:  "Come on, let's go to the dump and watch the trucks".  And everyone would jump up and follow her.  Sound familiar?

    Over the last 5 years she tried to contact me.  Although it seemed ridiculous, it scared me and would freak me out.  I knew I had to do something about it, that there was a lot of "stuff" going on behind these strong harmful emotions.  I didn't need to love my sister dearly but I wanted to be able to have a cordial conversation with her and to not avoid a family gathering if I knew she was going to be there.

    A few tried to help.  One person who I asked for help told me to expect to hear from Amy soon.  Because she cut the cords that Amy had to me and knew that Amy would want to re-establish her hold on me.  Oh yes --- I was definitely "corded" to her -- this was something she did.  Amy literally had cordings and energetic hooks into me.  3 days later Amy emailed me, telling me that the next Toronto Dowsers meeting sounds so fascinating she wants to attend.  Amy lives on the other side of the continent.  I had not heard from her for 5 months.  I was freaked out.  We knew it was because the cords were cut and she wanted to re-establish the energetic dominance.  Too bad, Amy!  She tried all sorts of underhanded strategms to try to get me to connect with her.  It did not work.

    [This person who cut the cords, a former member, when approaching a state of panic I asked her to do something to then stop Amy from coming here, became furious, starting yelling and accusing me of trying to interfere with Amy's free will.   She would never explain, however, why it was okay for her to cut the cords from Amy or do other similar work on other people as we had done -- or thought we had done -- so many times in the past.  I think this is due to the kind of unaware behavior that Arlene talks about, see the end of this article, or, it could be inherited.  Her mom was also a member also a member and did not return her overdue library books despite frequent pleadings.  When the mom's name was included in a newsletter issue -- with other overdue patrons who had been advised this would take place -- the mom called me up screaming and crying and uttering imprecations.  The following day the mom called to apologize, letting me know that the previous time her meds were improperly adjusted....  Yes, dowsing does attract rather unusual people at times.]

    PAST LIFE  MEMORY:   The first time I got a sense of the dynamics between us was when Ted was using his T.E.D. with me.  He had explained to me how it would heal emotional woundings.  There were 3 major issues I wanted to work on.   We were sitting in his office, the T.E.D. aimed at the spot on my head where this emotional event seemed to reside when

         ZHOOOM!  I was watching a living movie in real time in technicolor.   I was actually watching a past life between Amy and myself.  It should have been rated "R" for violence.

         It was anywhere from 100-300 years ago.  During that lifetime Amy was rich and powerful.  Not beautiful, not the kindest person.  Married to a man who did not love her.  I was pretty and kind and people loved me, as did her husband.  She was jealous.  She wanted to be me, to own me.  She kept sabotoging me.  We were in that final scene where she was slashing me over and over again with a big knife --- out of frenzied desperation because she could not have me, could not be me and nothing she did worked.

        As I was watching this I knew that was the energy that kept repeating itself.  That was not the first time it happened.  And that was the energy of our relationship in this life.  It was creepy the way she'd watch me sometime.  As if she wanted to own me, to be me.  Its like she wanted me to be her hand puppet with her hand in me making me move, walk and talk. .

       I knew then that we had a dynamic of many past lives together and this was the energy that kept repeating itself and would keep repeating itself until it was healed.  We did not have a way to do it in that session.   What that did was to awaken and activate that energy and opened it up.  It was a painfully raw open wound that hurt badly.

       Based on what I now know, I can see that circumstances were set up perfectly in this life, from the time Amy was born, for us to deal with this conflict.  Now I can appreciate the beauty of  the design.  I wish somehow we can change our operating system.   Dealing with this was so painful for us and the destructive effects  it had on our entire family, ruining what could have and should have been loving interactions between people who truly cared about one another.  I have some understanding as to how the universe works, but  I don't like it and want to have a real good heart to heart some day with the master programmer.  Don't know yet, but I hope that ain't me!

       SANDEE MAC:  NOVEMBER 2005:   When Sandee was here I had "sort of" a session with Sandee.  I forgot to include myself in her schedule and since I was hurting so badly she graciously gave me some time the end of her last day here, in the kitchen.   We dealt with a good chunk of it but didn't have time to deal with more.

       ELLIE DREW, FEBRUARY 2006:   In one of Ellie's workshops she was using shamanic methods to help us get rid of energetic blocks.   I was working on something for over an hour with all my might, trying to get something up and out, but it would not leave.  Sure awoke, brought and stirred something up, though.  And it stayed stirred up, awake, kicking and shouting for attention for the next half year.

       URSULA FUGGER, AUGUST 2006:   Past President of Astrology Toronto, Ursula, naturally, is an astrologer.  She was interpreting  the next year for me.  I asked if she could shed any light on the dynamics between my sister and myself.

        BOINGGG!   This is when things really moved into OVERDRIVE:   She asked me if anything traumatic happened to my sister at a very early age.  I told her the only thing I knew was that my mom had said that when she was giving birth to Amy, that the nurse slapped her (my mom), because Mom was screaming so loudly.  Giving birth was different then.

        Ursula told me how especially horrible this was for Amy, in the sign of Cancer, being especially sensitive.  As she was leaving her safe comfortable watery cocoon for this stark scary cruel world she was violently struck and traumatized.   She was born with an inability to trust, a great need to establish and control her safe space and a fierce need to protect her mother.

       At the tender age of 2, a sister was born to Amy.   At the age of 6 weeks the little baby died from crib death.  One can imagine the effect this had on the whole family and the sadness surrounding the family and Amy not knowing what was going on, just that her beloved care givers were devastated and it had something to do with the birth -- and then the disappearance -- of a baby.

       Soon after, I was born, causing consternation and confusion for Amy, that this scrawny interloper might again cause her parents despair. When I survived that turned to upset that I was getting attention which formerly was all hers'.  The unhealed past life issues, combined with this new jealousy, set the stage for this strong personality and respected elder to alternately love and torment me until understanding arrived and resolution took place.

        Dad was extremely controlling.  Amy's survival method was to wait, then go around, under, behind.  Mine was rebellion.  So with the ingrained jealousy and the sneakiness, no one saw how she manipulated and controlled me.  She did not have a need to do this to anyone else.  No one else saw this, and as I grew older and would cry in frustration, no one understood because she was so clever she could hide it from everyone.  Everyone agreed she was smart, sneaky and manipulative but they never caught her doing it to me.  That, combined with such high sensitivity, a love for books and inquisitive nature made life somewhat difficult.  It also made me strong, able to go outside and inside myself and see what was really going on.  This dance played on for decades.

       Years ago I decided that I did want a relationship with Dad.  I had been telling him all along how and where he was wrong.  One time he yelled at me how stubborn I was.  I smiled and thanked him, telling him I had an excellent role model as a teacher.  There are times, like these,  where having a smart kid can be a supremely frustrating experience for a parent, where sometimes they wish you were not so smart, so much like them.  He must have loved this, right?  HAH!  hoo boy!  Maybe I was right, maybe not.  It does not matter.  However, having decided that I wanted a relationship, I also knew he would never ever change.  If I wanted a relationship, I had to do the changing.  That was a pretty big step.  Because I agreed (with myself) to do it.  That started the change with me and Dad.

    *            *            *            *            *

      With the awakening of the past life memory, then Sandee's stirring, Ellie's stirring, Ursula's opening, this piece was screaming for attention, creating a big raw emotional pain in my heart.  Do you know what those feel like?  Many feel it.  Some are numbed out.  Its the kind of pain that causes people to become alcoholics and drug addicts.  Those people aren't weak.  No one becomes an addict because they are happy!

       September 18th, my heart was hurting so badly and in so much grief, I called Angi.  Angi helped me out before.  I told her "It's jump off the roof time.  I can't stand it."   She said "When can you come in to my office?"  Me:  "Now?!"

      The 3 hour session that afternoon was the start of 2 weeks of daily ministrations from Angi.  That session brought up and out a great deal.  It was not necessarily that this issue was so big but that it was many tentacled and deep, I could not have done it by myself, we could not have done it in one session.

       I would tell her what I was feeling, what I thought was happening.  Intuiting, Angi would find the issue and dowse to confirm it.  There was a heavy  tightly wrapped ball of dense energy stuck in my chest that would not allow attention on any other activity.  Angi would ask me a word and that would be the trigger for the issue, opening and releasing it.

       What followed was:  An Explosion.  Ahhhh!   That dense ball opened and released.  And more releases and releasings.

       This was followed by 2 weeks of probing, of these painful dense grapefruit sized balls lodging in my chest, damned hard work and eventully receiving a glorious release.   I called them my emotional orgasms.  And let me tell you, it does feel so good it is almost addictive.

       Angi would call me every day to ask how things were, to suggest something else.  Many was the morning I did not want her to call, I did not want to pick up the phone it was too exhausting.  I knew she was trying to help me.  If I did not pick up the phone these issues, that we worked so hard on finding, would burrow more deeply.

       Do you know how it is when you are digging for one thing, and then discover that you are really looking for something or someone else?  Even though I knew I had this unfinished business with my sister, Angi and I had started by looking at father issues because all along I thought that was the real source.  We were getting through most of that.  Then one a.m., in the early morning hours, lying in bed, still dark, but semi awake, an image of my mom (who died years earlier)  flitted into my mind.  This was wonderful as I all too seldom see her.   I appreciated it, then stopped and remembered Angi telling me to pay attention. realized she is probably trying to tell me something.

        This was the thread that brought me to the treasure.  I caught myself because I said "Wait a minute.  Mom spent all that energy to visit me to tell me something.  Stop.  Quiet.  Focus.  Feel what she wants to tell me.  And it brought me to Amy.  I was very open that week, doing all the releasings around my father.

    *            *            *            *            *

       The way Angi would work with me -- when we got started she would say or ask something -- something that she would intuit, then confirm through dowsing, mention it to me, it would open up an awareness within myself, I would see a pattern -- see it and understand it totally and thoroughly.  If there would be something I'd be stuck on, she would help to find the piece until the whole thing was seen, understood and resolve.

    She helped me see patterns and fears about survival and power and discernment, areas that are still too personal to share.

       We found areas of detrimental energetic patterns and behaviors that were not mine, but I took them on from my father.  Perhaps they were his, perhaps not.  It does not really matter.  Children do this.  We have no boundaries, we take on our parent's pain in a well meaning but useless effort to take their pain away from them.  It does not work.  Either we take it on or, unconsciously, they give it to us.

       Those who have a sensitive nature, and do this often when young, develop this pattern throughout their lives of taking on the detrimental energy patterns of others.

      It is usually more difficult to eliminate the patterns of others you have picked up, rather than your own because its more difficult to get to the initial event.  Its more elusive and ephemeral even than our own stuff.

       David Slater tells us that the children of concentration camp survivors can have a more difficult time clearing their patterns because they have inherited their parent's energetic patterns and don't have a definitive cause to focus on.

    *            *            *            *            *

       The morning of Yom Kippur, still in releasing mode and the mind on the week of forgiveness and atonement, a wisp Mom came in to my awareness, I caught it and focused on it asking what did she wish to tell me and in my mind's eye, saw:  Amy.  And focused on Amy, knowing Mom wanted me to see something here.

       I brought back what Ursula told me, and the past life scenario then how and why she would be jealous and manipulative and no one would see this.  That was so frustrating.  She ignored it, everyone would tell me I was nuts.  And no one ever saw it -- just once, when she was so proud of her machinations she smugly told a boyfriend of mine how much power she had over me and how she could make me do anything she wanted me to do.

       Then the BLESSED GIFT:   She is totally unconscious of what she is doing.

       I realized that she did not have a clue.  She did not see it and could not see it.  This is not bad, this is not wrong, this is just the way it is.  Just like my friend's irritability is due to an astrological detriment.  Just like certains areas of my resistance comes from an astrological alignment and is one of the ways I protect myself from being too open.  And its all ok and its all -- all right.  I spent the rest of that day in awe, the vibrations of that rigid structure letting go,  marveling over that insight, of  what just happened, of how it played out, feeling all that tightness melt away.

       I understood it, accepted it, I could drop the screaming meanies about Amy's perfidy, etc., and just.. let.. it.. go.  Ahhh  Blessed blessed glorious divine peace.

    This moment was the most divine peace ever in my life.  The moment that huge ball of pain I'd been carrying around with me always always simply dissolved.  And I have retained that peace ever since.  So grateful   Thank you thank you thank you Angi.  And all the others who helped me bring this about.

    I feel if I did not have the Toronto Dowsers -- a group that you let me organize -- I would not have been able to find the tools and the way to accomplish this tremendous healing.  I am so very grateful that you allow me to do this -- yes, even when I get somewhat cranky (but I have good cause, right?  HA HA!).  Yes, seriously, I am so appreciative I am allowed to do this 'work'.

    *            *            *            *            *
    28 days later I drove to New York, to attend my cousin's wedding, infected tooth swollen jaw and all (see story elsewhere), determined.   Determine to start mending the family fabric, knowing I would not be triggered, would not be at her effect.  And so I did, shocking everyone when I went up to her and asked:  "So.  How are you doing?  How is Larry and the cats?"   It's a beginning.   THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!  EVERYONE WHO READS THESE NEWSLETTERS HELPED ME FIND THE RESOURCES TO RESOLVE AN IMPORTANT ISSUE IN MY LIFE.
    *            *            *            *            *
    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter.  If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
    *            *            *            *            *
    (1)  When I realized Amy can not see what's going on, I remembered a couple of times I found myself doing something that was not good and that I was totally unaware of what I was doing at the time.  This is pretty darned scarey.  I wondered how many people do this and called Psychotherapist and Toronto Dowser Arlene Anisman.  I often come to her for advice based on her educated experience and this time told her what was going on and asked her how many people do this.  She said "Practically everybody."  Yikes!  So I asked Arlene to send me a better explanation for this issue:
    "As a psychotherapist in private practice, I see many people who are living in a state of unhappiness and distress and are completely unaware of their part in this situation.   They live day to day with a complete lack of awareness of what they are doing, and an inability to look at themselves.  I see this as a stuck point where one is living where one is out of true integrity.

    From the time we are little, we develop certain beliefs and ways of behaving in relation to ourselves, other people and the world around us, based on who and what we are living with, and how are needs are either met or not met.  At each age and stage of our childhood, there are characteristics and developmental needs.  If these needs are not met, problems may arise later in life.   For example, if as a very young baby our healthy dependence is not taken care of by being fed and changed when we "call", we may have difficulty relying on others in relationships later on.   Another example, if as a two-year-old, our primitive independence is not supported with making age-appropriate decisions, ie. allowing age-appropriate independence, we may use anger to mask other feelings and always want to be in control.   When either of these situations happen, people are acting automatically and without awareness.   This becomes a life script, like habits that people live in without personal awareness and act on automatically.

    Therapy at its best may help people to develop personal awareness by making satisfying changes and being happy in relation to themselves, others and the world.  This also means living in true integrity which will have a profound impact not only on your own wellbeing, and your ability to see things that are going on, but on all those with which you come in contact."

    Arlene Anisman works with energy psychology and therapeutic essential oils with a variety of issues, including alcohol and drug abuse, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, eating problems and disorders, raising self-esteem/self confidence, family of origin work, conflict resolution/mediation, and separation issues.  You can contact Arlene at  416-766-8261 or arlene@web.net. Her office is near High Park

    (2)   Angi Venning was a clothing designer in London England and then in Toronto.  Fashion's loss is humanity's gain.

    Angi is a hypnotherapist.  Like many of us, as a child she would notice incongruities and wonder about them, wonder why they would be that way.  Because of her background in hypnosis she became  totally fascinated about higher levels of consciousness.  She recognized that there is debris that keeps us from jumping into these higher levels of consciousness and became even more fascinated about how to clear up this debris.

    She says:  "Most people have a lot of fear about reaching it.  they don't know it but they do.  they have all sorts of phobias and such."

    With hypnosis, one aligns the subconscious.  As a hypnotherapist, working with clients:  Once you tune in to that level,  you have to train your mind you have to keep your mind on the issue with focused attention and not wander off.

    Using dowsing, meditation and well developed intuition, Angi's skills in helping her clients expanded exponentially, on many levels and in many dimensions.

    This debris is an interference in the harmony which is the desired state of being, allowing things to flow freely.  When there is interference / static, this interference pattern disrupts the freely flowing harmony and creates rigidity in the field.  Energy can not move about freely with rigidity.

    It is ok to be angry or sad for a moment but the disharmony takes place when you hang on to it.  This causes stress in the whole system.

    She says she is smoothing interference patterns in the lower levels of consciousness by attunement to the absolute reference point of frequency of the higher consciousness.  This reference point can only have the love viewpoint.

    When the subconscious is working from a non beneficial pattern or behavior -- this created dissonance in the whole energy field of the body while you are holding on to that interference pattern.  Few know how to access that stuff and are able to release that knowingly

    By bringing focused attention to the issue and by bringing as many viewpoints as necessary to the issue,  until the levels of mind are aligned.  Then Gnosis is reached and the huge AHA happens.

    Angi speaks to the person's subconscious, she does not have to speak to them.  She aligns them with the high self and high self frequency.  It is great to do this with kids.

    She tunes in to all levels of mind and asks the higher levels to be present and help.  During the time she is working and talking out different viewpoints.  She will work with the emotional mind, lower mental mind, body mind, etc.  We were applying my situation to the Emotional field (mind).  There are all sorts of fields.

    When she was working with me, this was a viewpoint I was holding because I had not yet seen the bigger picture (that is, the high self picture, the high self point of view).

    When we are in alignment with the high self, there is no more stress on the body.  This is what we strive towards.  It relieves a huge amount of stress on the mind and the body.

    When you are stuck in a pattern you don't even know its there, you are stuck in it.

    Angi found supportive scientific backup through The Heisenberg Principle -- Consciousness and Intention will change the mechanism.

    By bringing focused consciousness and intent upon a field, it collapses the wave.  If this is indeed the intention it collapses the interference wave (or pattern) in the field --  and one emerges from that knowledge with harmony

    When a Master does that, the change takes place instantly   Most need a long meditation, where they need intention, however concentrated intention. Spiritual intention is much 'higher' than scientific intention.

    "Harmony is the desired state of being, allowing things to flow freely."
    Angi can be reached at (416) 887-9821.  Angi and Shelley have been running our Dowsing Practice sessions for over a year now.  Angi and hubby Howie bought a new home several months ago and have been renovating it ever since.  We are looking forward to its completion so she can spend more time with her growing practice.  Her office is by Bathurst & Glencairn.

    In Search of Shambhala,   By Mary Sutherland, www.livinginthelightms.com/in_search_of_shambhala2.html

    Canadian UFO Bases and the Great Lakes Triangle
    Entrances at Lake Ontario may lead to underwater cities. The Toronto Tunnels

    lead to a subterranean city and Lake Ontario "Lights" Orange-colored spheres have been seen coming out of and diving into Lake Ontario.The area of highest activity is between Oakville and Toronto. There may be a connection to the Lakeview Hydro-electric plant, as many of these UFOs have been seen heading in that direction.

    Toronto Entrance:    There is a small opening to the underground tunnels off Parliament Street in downtown Toronto. The entrance is between two apartment buildings, and leads to the tunnels via the sewers. The underground city beneath Toronto has its center beneath Gerrard Street and Church Street. Above this area, strange magnetic effects have been observed. It has been noted that this corner of Gerrard & Church streets seems to have  a higher accident rate than anywhere else in Toronto. It is also believed that underground equipment utilizing powerful magnetic fields  are responsible for the bizarre equipment failures that often are the cause of these accidents.  These tunnels are known by the local Indians and can be found in their legends.

    Newfoundland:  After an iron mine, in Newfoundland Province,  had been dug deeper than any other, strange things began occurring and the mine had to be shut down. It is now condemned and off-limits which the police strictly enforce.  The mining town is located near the Newfoundland-Quebec Border. Sneaking in late at night seems to be the only way to gain entrance.

    Canada:      Another entrance is found in the Nahanni Valley but many of those that have dared to enter this area have been found decapitated,  thus giving the region its name ‘The Valley of the Headless Men’. The Nahanni Valley in Canada is the  land of the Ojibways, the Slave,   Dogribs, Stoney, the Beavers and the Chipweyans. It covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of  Canada and lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada. Hot springs and sulfur  geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year-round.  This land of perpetual mist is viewed by the Indians  as ’taboo’ and avoided.

    (some internet links here, too)

    Dental Health & The Care and Feeding of  Your Toothbrush

    Finding a good dentist, especially a good holistic dentist seems to be as rare as hen's teeth.   Good dental skills, knowledgeable dental health care, especially from a holistic and natural point of view is hard to find.  Despite our excellent networks, I keep hearing too many horror stories about teeth, folks getting the run around, expensive shoddy care, etc.  As well as a good many stoires recounting excellent care, but mostly from traditional dentists.

    Last month I had a molar extracted.  The first tooth that was taken out, and I hope its the last one.  16 months earlier, chewing a toffee while in gridlock on the Don Valley, there was a crunch and a lower molar with a big ol filling just fell apart.  Of course I ignored it.  All seemed reasonably fine until.....

    When Sandee Mac was here, at the end of her workshop, she was giving people new body parts.  I asked for a new tooth.  A day or two later, that area started throbbing and I knew that the energetics of the new tooth were pushing up what was left of the old tooth and it would have to be removed.  But of course I ignored it.  Until it started to REALLY HURT and then my jaw blew up like a chipmunk's.  Of course wouldn't you know the morning it decided to swell up was a Saturday morning, and the morning I was slated to leave to drive to New York for a cousin's wedding the following day.  I packed my stuff and left.  I left with:  Oil of Oregano and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

       So here I am at a Glatt Kosher wedding with 349 other guests at Anthony's Pier 9 in Newburgh, New York, dressed gorgeously in a new burgundy velvet outfit, knowing very few people, looking like I have half a case of the mumps.  I was having such a good time I kept forgetting the reason why people were giving me strange looks.  My cousin is with the NYPD so a lot of his cop friends were there.  I kept looking at the cop faces and the cop shoes.  Real shiny.

       There were several dentists there and they made me speak to one who almost patted me on the head I could hear his mind go "There there little girl, we'll get you a REAL antibiotic...."

      An oral surgeon extracted the tooth 2 days after I returned and all went well (except that because of my 16 months of  inaction, approximately 25% of the bone around the tooth was lost).  Many of you sent me excellent healing energy and it HELPED A LOT!.   I also followed advice from Hugh Magill which was:  (1)  Start taking Arnica 2 days before the extraction and  (2)  Talk to the tooth before the extraction, thanking it and tell it how grateful I am for how it did its job, its time to go and would it please leave smoothly and gracefully.  It did.

      Many of you, and many of your friends, have also had a tooth removed around this time.  Why?  What is going on?  Astrologer Ursula Fugger said:  "Teeth are  ruled by Saturn and there is nothing but Saturn crawling all over your chart...working its way thru your XX...so must be a lot of past stuff being let go with that tooth departing!"

       We have been hearing that you can grow a new set of teeth.  Many of us are interested in this.  If you have information on how this can be done, please forward it to me so I can then gather and disseminate what is collected.  Years ago, Jim Vella brought Paul Esch, from Georgia to Toronto. Paul did "psychic dentistry" We called Paul "the tooth fairy" and he turned silver fillings to gold color.  Paul has now continues to work with his ministry and bioenergetic instrumentation at Nature's Touch

    Dr. Willard Fuller, in Florida, is said to heal teeth and grow new teeth, eliminate the need for root canals, etc, and other kinds of energetic healing..

    If you have a real good dentist, esp. a real good holistic one, that you think we ought to know about, please let me know.  You were asked this around March, but I could not find the info you sent me, so kindly and caringly.  Looked all over for it when I needed it and could NOT locate it..  too bad...  okay!  back to:

    DO YOU CLEAN YOUR TOOTHBRUSH(ES)?  (Probably not?)
    Cleaning:  The following methods were suggested:
    Use a Denture Tab
    Rinsing only;
    Soaking in boiling water;
    Soaking in dishpan soap
    Cleaning methods beyond those outlined above are not supported by the currently available clinical evidence. While there is evidence of bacterial growth on toothbrushes, there is no clinical evidence that soaking a toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthrinse or using a commercially-available toothbrush sanitizer has any positive or negative effect on oral or systemic health. Some toothbrush cleaning methods, including use of a dishwasher or microwave oven, could damage the brush. Manufacturers may not have designed their products to withstand these conditions. The cleaning effectiveness of the brush might be decreased if it is damaged.
    Our dental Hygienist told us the best thing to do is:

    Change your toothbrush often (every 3-4 months)
    Let it dry out between uses!  (few do this) so it kills some of the stuff that lives in it
    When it is drying, keep it upright, bristle side up, in a clean area
    Use clean hands
    Keep it in an enclosed space because if it is left out in the open in the bathroom --- what is in the air is mostly fecal matter!  Eeewww!  (I keep those plastic covers on my toothbrushes.  I call them toothbrush condoms.)

    Let your toothbrush sit for 24 hours after it has dried out. This means every family member needs to have 3 toothbrushes that are rotated, since most of us brush morning and night and the brushes never really have a chance to dry out.   Proper toothbrush care can lead to fewer colds.
    THEN!!!  Every week or 2, soak it in a vinegar and water solution.  This kills off::
                 Bacteria - 99%   *   Mold - 82%     *      Viruses - 80%
    A drop of Clove Oil or Oil of Cinnamon (fights E.Coli) can also be added on the toothbrush occasionally.   Sometimes instead of vinegar you might want to use Hydrogen Peroxide.

    When I was deciding to move to Canada, all -- Canadians and Americans --- thought I was nuts. I explained that I didn't need to live in a place where I could choose from 16 different brands of toothpaste.  5 or 9 or so were plenty.  (The over consumerism of the US was getting to me, among other things.)  Funny enough, when I buy  commercial toothpaste I do so in the US because I like the brands better!

    Oradent, by North American Herbs, is a very good product for the maintenance of oral health.  In addition to the Oil of Oregano it has Clove Oil and Cinnamon.  Peg Groom says some put a drop on their toothbrush and brush.  Great for gum care, etc.  Hopefully, Peg will have some of this product at our December 12th social at her table.

    The last time I stayed over at Mary Hardy's, I used the toothpaste she had there --- Young Living, of course.  It was great.  I hope to get a tube or 2, soon.

    Related:  Now that your toothbrushes are clean, if you use a can opener, have you cleaned out the gunk in that gizmo yet?  I use a toothbrush, a flat knife and a toothpick.


    HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN ... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are    by:   Mary Elizabeth: Croft   /www.mayanmajix.com/croft.pdf

    PREFACE:    A man and a woman met at a party on a Friday evening and were immediately attracted to one another. After some perfunctory chit-chat he invited her to his house where she remained the entire weekend. The sex was great; the conversation was fabulous. They discussed their respective attitudes on every conceivable  subject; they laughed, they reminisced over their childhoods, school, and previous lovers. They talked about every member of their families; they described in detail their interests – many of which they shared – their occupations, and their friends. Throughout these intimate conversations they made love. He was a fabulous  cook and so after going to the market on Saturday morning, he created sumptuous meals for the remainder of her visit. Each mentioned what s/he wanted in a mate and the other corroborated. There was even talk of a future together. By Sunday brunch, each admitted to feeling as if s/he had known each other his/her entire  life and quite possibly even prior to this lifetime. Indeed, they had found their soul-mates. After supper on Sunday night when the end of their most ecstatic weekend was about to end, snuggled up watching a romantic movie, promising never to let the other go, she asked, “How much money do you make?” His response was, “That’s personal.”

    What is it about $$$ that keeps us from being with each other? I suggest that $$$ is the most glaring evidence of our belief that we are separate from one another.

    For you Canadians who are feeling smug that this is not happening in Canada consider that Canada is the 13th Federal Reserve District. Both USA/ CA – the corporations – are subject to the jurisdiction of the Crown/ Vatican. Can/Am is not ‘a free country’. We are not free until we realize ‘who we are’. What I write applies either to America (the provinces and the united States) or to USA/ CA (corporations). There are certainly differences in our cultures but don’t kid yourself about jurisdiction.

    I always attributed to my cynicism these intuitive glimpses into the future until I learned that in 1993, in Canada, Bill C-124 was passed which states, approximately: In order to pay the national debt (as if there were any ‘national debt’) the government might be required, and now has the legislation in place, to confiscate the pensions, RRSPs, investments, property, and all other tangible assets of the people.  This scheme is a ruse. I’ll explain later how the Feds will legally (not lawfully) be able to do this. Right now though, remember, the entire raison d’etre of the government is to confiscate your property under the guise of your having lost it because you couldn’t pay your ‘debts’. Unfortunately, most people have fallen for this and most will continue to do so until they have nothing left which, I’ll explain later, is not as horrific as you might think ... so lighten up. Living souls cannot have ‘debt’. There is nothing to fear about the imminent collapse of the global financial prison. –

    Needless to say, suggesting we have been conned into playing an insidious game which is destroying our lives, our futures, our fellowship, our spirituality, and our true natures, will meet with non-receptive minds. Consequently, in exasperation one night I resolved that my book would be futile – a waste of my time and energy. I declared I would put my efforts back into developing my Energy Psychology practice. In the middle of the night I was awakened by a voice saying, “Secret Oral Teachings”. I thought, “I’ll remember” and went back to sleep. Later I heard it again, and then again upon awakening I heard, “Secret Oral Teachings” at which point I leapt out of bed and went to my books and put my hand on a small brown book which I’d owned for 20 years and never read, entitled, Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects by Alexandra David-Néel and Lama Yongden (1967). Within the first eight pages I read about the hesitation of the Buddha, before beginning His Mission: “I have discovered a profound truth, difficult to perceive, difficult to understand, accessible only to the wise. “Human beings busy themselves in the vortex of the world and find their pleasure. It will be difficult for men to understand the law of the concatenation of causes and effects, the  uppression of the samskaras (ideas that one forms which depend upon ignorance). “Of what use to reveal to men that which I have discovered at the price of laborious efforts? Why should I do so? – This doctrine cannot be understood by those filled by desire and hatred .. it is mysterious, deep; hidden from the vulgar mind. If I proclaim it and men are unable to understand it, the only result will be fatigue and annoyance for me.” Brahma Sahampati exhorts the Buddha to conquer His hesitation:

    “Why are these teachings secret? Does that mean I can’t write and tell about them?” “No, Alexandra, these teachings are not called ‘secret’ because it is forbidden to talk about them. They are ‘secret’ because so few who hear them understand.”

    I concluded that, unfortunately, only a few want to hear how to become free, stop identifying with their false beliefs, do what they want to do (instead of ‘working for a living’), and live in joy which is what we are designed to do. I felt as if I were my own minority group – I truly do want to know that which I don’t want to know. Most want security over freedom. As most people identify with their beliefs, giving them up would present the fear, ‘who would I BE?’ If they were to open their minds, drop their preconceived notions and their psychological prejudices, let go of the concept that their beliefs are who they are, they might become enlightened. Millions of unconscious people are not taking responsibility for their inner peace. – Eckhart Tolle.

    A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic. – Dresden James

         Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows. – David T. Wolf –

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

           If you want to make someone angry, tell him a lie; if you want to make him furious, tell him the truth.

    As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand. – J Billings

          Its a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear. – Dick Cavett

    America's Teachers refuse free gift of "An Inconvenient Truth"

    The producers of former vice president Al Gore's film about global warming and the company that made the documentary decided to offer 50,000 free DVDs to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) in the US for educators to use in their classrooms. It seemed like a no-brainer.

    The teachers had a different idea: Thanks but no thanks, they said.

    Could it be that they heard from their supporters such as: Exxon Mobil, t Shell Oil and the American Petroleum Institute (API) [which funds NSTA's Web site on the science of energy. There, students can find a section called "Running on Oil" and read a page that touts the industry's environmental track record -- citing improvements mostly attributable to laws that the companies fought tooth and nail, by the way -- but makes only vague references to spills or pollution. NSTA has distributed a video produced by API called "You Can't Be Cool Without Fuel," a shameless pitch for oil dependence.]

    Along with propaganda challenging global warming from Exxon Mobil, the curricular offerings included lessons on forestry provided by Weyerhaeuser and International Paper, Borowski says, and the benefits of genetic engineering courtesy of biotech giant Monsanto.

    An API memo leaked to the media as long ago as 1998 succinctly explains why the association is angling to infiltrate the classroom: "Informing teachers/students about uncertainties in climate science will begin to erect barriers against further efforts to impose Kyoto-like measures in the future."

    Read the full article at: A SHAMEFUL TRUTH.   Laurie David, a producer of "An Inconvenient Truth," is a Natural Resources Defense Council trustee and founder of StopGlobalWarming.org.

    This relates to:    More Evidence of Evil Marketing Geniuses at Work.  Happy FeetCharacters from "Happy Feet," an animated movie about a tap-dancing penguin, are appearing in an extensive advertising campaign for the drug company Roche, including network and cable commercials, full-page magazine ads and online banner ads.

    The commercials advertise Roche's www.flufacts.com Web site, which dispenses advice about the flu, and notes that doctors can prescribe an antiviral medication for prevention and treatment. Roche's own drug Tamiflu is at the top of the list of these medications.

    According to Rob Donnell, the president and founder of Brand Arc, the company that helped bring together Roche and film distributor Warner Brothers, this marks the first time that a pharmaceutical company has partnered with the entertainment industry.

    (1) LABYRINTH COMMUNITY:   The Labyrinth Community Network announces with pleasure the launch of our new website: www.labyrinthnetwork.ca   It has several features that we think will help to make it interesting and useful to members of the wider labyrinth community.

    The Directory of Labyrinths and Labyrinth Locator will identify and describe individual labyrinths throughout Ontario. The Upcoming Events page invites you to send in information about labyrinth-related events in your community.   You will also find a book section, a list of facilitators and links to other websites.  Comments are welcome.

    (2)  "99 E-mail tips to make you more secure and productive" www.itsecurity.com/features/99-email-security-tips-112006/

    (3)  United States:  Antennas?  Cell Phone towers?  An Up to Date Listing:

    You can put in your address anywhere in the US and they will tell you where all the cell towers are within an 8 mile radius as well as future towers.

    The (December) Birthday Brigade:  Happy Birthday to Frances Lazzaro
    As soon as you come to consciousness on the morning of December 22nd, Frances' birthday, ensure that your first conscious thought be:    "Today is  Frances' birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Frances with the same.   Amen."   (Truly lock it in!)
    What this does:
    FOR YOU:  You get a happier birthday, one with more positive energies.  There is also greater awareness throughout the day as to the energetics of the day and you know we are with you.
    FOR US:     We get practice with blessing and manifestation.   We get energetic benefits of  the solar energies of  your birthday.   The more we do this, the better we understand this and how it works.  The more we understand it and how it works, the more, the better we understand and can accept that we do deserve good energies, good fortunes and our manifesting and blessing will beome better and stronger and quicker.  We are creating BG3 energies, spend more time in it, with it, so we become healthier.  Energetically and physically.

    We are the ones who will benefit most because we will be getting... "practice", but this is concrete, on the job useful practical "practice".

     Would you like us to send you our birthday energy greetings?  If you would, send me your birth day so that your birthday can be sent out via: email  and/or  the newsletter (state if you have a preference - your choice)."

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

    THE   Tuesday,  December 12th 2006  MEETING FEATURES::
    The 7th Annual
    Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

    This is our time to meet and greet and mingle with one another.
    Our energy is directed towards one other, rather than to a speaker.
    It is time to introduce our selves, our beings, our more commercial sides to one another.


    Our first meeting was in September 2000.
    Even at that early time, it was recognized that we have many other wonderful sides to us.  Dowsers are "helper types".   We offer service, we make and sell useful, beautiful and nifty products.   There are many therapists in our group.

    We do not focus on commercialism, so,
    How can we get to know this side of one another?
    The Dark of December encourages folks to hold holidays to celebrate  and bring back Light.
    Which has made December a social month
    So it came about that the December meeting would be the time and place for us to share these sides --- the teaching, commercial, service, product, craft, etc., side --- of ourselves with one another.

    Go to:   www.dowsers.info/toronto/social06.htm
    which will be posted by December 7th  for this year's offerings.

    And let us welcome members Mary Ann Long and Richard Baumgarten from New York, special guest Mari Lucas who will be offering mini readings.

    Check out our GREAT Pictures and Listings from our last 4 annual socials::
    December 11th, 2002   *  December 9th, 2003  *   December 14 2004  *  December 13 2005
    AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, such as:   hors d'oeuvres, dips, quartered sandwiches, cookies, sushi rolls, etc.

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