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  The Toronto Dowsers invites you to our:
11TH  ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers
Networking Social
Tuesday, December 14,  2010
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  begin at 6:30 p.m.,
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring  Food as this night we munch and schmooze out . . .  all.  night. long.
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Requested donation (FOR THIS EVENT ONLY):
 $10  --- for members and non members
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
         $30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at: www.TorontoDowsers.com

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(monthly meeting) DECEMBER 14, 2010:
The 11th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
Winter Solstice, Toronto:  December 21,  2010   18:39  EST
(monthly meeting) JANUARY 15, 2011:

(monthly meeting) FEBRUARY 8, 2011: Yannick Van Doorne
Total Health Show - April 8, 9, 10, 2011
(monthly meeting) APRIL 2011: A  WONDERFUL SURPRISE!
(monthly meeting +++) ~MAY 9 - 19, 2011: Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

- Gee  Whiz:  Find out in this issue about  The  2!  "G"  Spots
- Bookstores! -  2!  fabulous New Bookstores for US! in Toronto!
- January, March, April -- Some differences in our Scheduling (meetings, newsletters)


Membership:   If you have not yet renewed your membership, you must do so by December 31st.   After which time, you may apply again, but as a New Member.

FOR THE SOCIAL:  FOOD:   Please bring some munchies to share to this Social.  FOOD is one of the main events at this event as it is available all evening.  We supply cups, napkins, plates, beverage.  We don't supply serving bowls, trays and such.   THANK YOU!
      PENDANT, HOUSE MAP:  See the Description for Jo-Ann Ball's activity.  Bring a pendant or something.  Everyone loves her work. ... If you like, bring a floor plan for your home.  There ought to be someone there who can help find detrimental, beneficial, etc., energies.

Our Past and Future Scheduling -- What's Behind It:  Changes this past Fall:  Our meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month.  September, October, November meetings took place the THIRD Tuesday of the month.  This was done to accommodate the schedules of the speakers.  For example, Geoffrey Morell was in Pennsylvania attending the annual Weston A. Price Conference, of which he is Secretary, the 2nd Tuesday of the month and came to us right after that conference.

JANUARY  2011 MEETING:   For the first time ever, this will be -- ON A SATURDAY, JANUARY 15,  and -- an all day affair -- we will be watching a lonnngg video -- one that you requested.  The location and the door fee will also be different for that day.

          The end of January, January 27-30, is the Guelph Organic Conference.  As you know, we are sponsoring Yannick Van Doorne and the Toronto Dowsers shall have a table at their trade show January 29-30.   Yannick will be in our area for about 10 days, conferring with farmers to consult about his techniques to obtain better, larger, healthier, more nutritious chemical free produce by using his natural means, e.g., magnetics and/or sound.  Guess who will be conducting this farm tour?  So its a ton of time for me which could mean I have to scale down some of March and/or April activities for our group.  And at the same time prepare and make plans for and with Robert Gilbert.

February:   February 8, Regular meeting, as scheduled

MARCH, APRIL:    I am not yet sure what our schedule will be like these months, with regard to meetings and/or newsletters,  and they are being worked on.  April 8-10 is the Total Health Show and we always play a part in that event.  Members are volunteers (if you would like to volunteer at the show, please contact me).  We have a booth display.  We often, too, sponsor speakers and are hoping to do so again this coming year.  All this planning, arranging, coordinating, creating displays, etc., takes a lonnnggg time to set up.  There are one or two speakers I am hoping to sponsor and if so it means exciting times, too, for our group.

         Too, Geoffrey Morell will be returning to Toronto for the Total Health Show and we need to include him in our plans.  I hope I don't have to sponsor two workshops on the same day!  Help!

MAY ~ 9 - 19 -   ROBERT  GILBERT   WEEK.

JUNE  8 - 14 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont

Remembering :

       Do you remember Brian Kelley?   Brian was a member of our group from the the very beginning until about 4 years ago at which point he was not able to make it to the meetings any longer.   A kind man, a good man, one with a wealth of information and experience.  And a very good Dowser!
      Brian Alan Kelley passed away peacefully at Scarlett Heights Retirement Residence on Saturday November 13, 2010 in his 90th year.
      Loving brother of D'Arcy of Ravenna and Jane of Elkhart Indiana.  Uncle of Sarah and Chandra, Jeffrey and Michael and many great-nieces, great-nephews and step-nieces and step-nephews.
      Thank you, Brian.  For caring and sharing your self with us.

Dear God, Divine Creator of All That Is, Please bless our friend, Brian Kelley, who has  recently passed from this plane.   Fill, surround, and guide him with your Light Along the spiritual journey To draw him ever closer to the Highest potential As a spiritual being of Light  Ever closer to You. In deep gratitude,  Amen.


If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

This article has been excerpted.   You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

The Toronto Dowsers is an independent dowsing organization which commenced in 2000 with 6 people.  Through the teaching and use of dowsing and dowsing concepts and methodologies, we strive towards conscious awareness.  We have mostly monthly meetings, resources, a comprehensive mostly monthly newsletter, a members library and activities of interest to the holistic community.   We organize ourselves along a loose teamwork structure which favors a meritocracy.  Our meetings and newsletters give you tools so you can help yourself, your family, friends and neighbors; the meetings have evolved to be the gathering place in Toronto for like minded energy workers to get together and share energy.  Our members are 'helper type' people interested in health and healing, planetary stewardship, subtle energies and making our world a better place for all.  Our members, newsletters, monthly presentations, etc.,  focus on diverse but related subjects such as:  Older teachings of: Astrology, BioGeometry, Egyptology, Kaballah, Mayan Cosmology, Sacred Geometry ...  Location of: Water, treasure, minerals, people pets and objects ...  Healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies ...  As well as: Animals, earth energies, geopathic stress, planetary grids, stone circles, energy dowsing, essential oils,  geopolitics, herbs, horticulture, ancient and native wisdom, natural and traditional healing, vibrational medicine, Power of the Mind, Radionics, Remote Viewing, Sound & Light & Color, Helping Children ,,,  At Our Annual Networking Social,  members meet greet and schmooze, have a marketplace to inform, sell their products, services, and enjoy Pot luck.  The following are a few of the many web sites that could be of interest to people new to our group:
MAIN SITE PAGEwww.TorontoDowsers.com
Toronto Dowsers detailed listings, including newsletters: www.dowsers.info/toronto/toronto.htm
Newbies:  www.dowsers.info/toronto/newbies.htm
Benefits and Application for Membership:  www.dowsers.info/toronto.benefits.htm
The 11th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
Latvian Centre - upstairs
Interactive Dowsing -  December 14, 2010
The purpose of our Annual Networking Socials -- we have had one every December since we commenced, September 2000, is to put the focus on each other and meet, enjoy and learn about our colleagues.  Grok.  Share water.  Share energy.

To effect this, every year we have set up tables and members or specially invited guests would sell items that were of probable interest to our members.  It was done this way to get to know more people, to get people talking with each other so you know your community better.

That format is no longer appropriate and it is being transmuted into:
Interactive Dowsing

Linda,  Margaret,  Angi,  Bill,  Arlene,  Alicja, David,  Walter,  Serge,  Aleks,  Jo-Ann, I-Ping, Michael, Les, John, so far are planning Interactive Dowsing activities for you.  Such as Demonstrating the Rings, Testing for remedies, Vibrational Dowsing, Demonstrating the Dials, Blind Dowsing and so on.
If you have a pendant or something that you would like to be made into a necklace, bring it.
Bothered by upsetting energies in your home?  Bring in a floor plan.  And/or a photo.

Last year we had snow for our:   December, January, February and March meetings.  Tends to put a damper on travel, hence, attendance.  This year it will be cozier and more informal.

ALSO!   We... eat ... all ...night ... long.  The food tables never close.
Please do make sure that ESPECIALLY this night you bring some food so we can enjoy the very social activity of dining and schmoozing ensemble.

ARS of:   The Toronto Dowsers 11th Annual Networking Social
DECEMBER   14,     2010
Arlene Anisman:  will be there with Young Living, featuring essential oils and Ningxia Red shooters, as well as her new Trinifinity8 system!  Most have heard of Young Living, famous for their high quality, therapeutic essential oils and essential oil enhanced supplements.  Arlene will be offering something new ... Ningxia Red shooters, one ounce of Young Living’s Ningxia Red plus a drop of an essential oil, for just $2.00!  For increased energy and well being, it’s a great tasting nutrient-dense shooter!  For those of you who have not heard about Trinfinity8, it is a revolutionary healing and rejuvenation system based on quantum physics technologies here to facilitate an awakening of positive vibrational change.  You can hear from the Trinfinity8 developer, Kathy Forti on this youtube video, see link, below.  There are 3 parts, check them out, and then come and have a 12 – 15 minute experience at the TD’s  social!  What a combination ...Toronto Dowsers, Young Living, and Trinfinity8!   It’ll be a night of new experiences and wonder! youtube.com/user/Trinfinity8#p/u/3/waqGJ1ZoHzs Arlene Anisman, M.Ed., CCA, DCEP, Psychotherapist, Clinical Member OSP,  Arlene's Essential Oil Therapies - arlene "at" web.net  416-766-8261

  Alicja Aratyn - Will demonstrate --- will show you -- how to determine Compatibilities -- and more -- with Dowsing.  To show you how to do it and so then you will do it.

Margaret Ball:  "I will bring a few of my machines and block allergies. (Le Voilà ...Whatever is blocked will no longer be an allergen for the person!)   I am planning on a "Mrs. Claus" gift giving with a gift donation  to the Toronto Dowsers by the folks who were blocked.

Jo-Ann Ball & Walter Stock:  Jo-Ann has set up for you to experience what Bio-Geometry and Vibrational dowsing, as taught by Dr. Robert Gilbert, can do to change the energy of a mirror.  Through the use of  a Virtual Cone pendulum you will be able to dowse the difference.  In addition, when you use vibrational dowsing you will be able to dowse how your energy is affected by different vitamins, crystals and a few other goodies.
      Jo-Ann will also have a limited supply of leather to create necklaces, using a capuchin knot, so that you can size it differently everyday.  So bring a pendant, biosignature or Vitaplex with you if you would like to have one made.  There is a slight charge for materials.
     We are going to try to get some "neutral pendulums" for sale.
     Walter will also have for sale Hemi-Sync CD's.   These CD's are from the Monroe Institute and have beneficial sounds to support you while meditating.

   (Exciting Sneak Peek :
The Executive Director of the esteemed Monroe Institute
is penciled in to speak to us Fall 2011 !!!!)
Bill Colclough -  Transformational Rings -- Sacred Geometry like devices, they create a vortex to help generate vitality and revitalization.  These work through your physical blocks and energy fields. And the weak areas.  You can stand in it - in the ring circle -- and physical hurts diminish.  The issues that cause them can be more readily accessed and dealt with.
    Healing, with the use of these rings, works best when a person is in a "love state", that is, thinking and feeling loving thoughts.  Some are ready to allow it, some are not.  One woman could not believe how easily her pain was taken away.  (I have been using a small ring for years -- in my car.  When I buy and pump gas, I put the nozzle through the ring then into the gas tank.  When this first started, I calculated the gas mileage, for several tankfuls, without the ring.  Then I started using the ring and after a few, I started to calculate the gas mileage.  It improved by 10%.)
     These rings are healing rings  that create a vortex which can clear energetic blocks and raise energy, bringing you back in to your natural state.  Your energy field can be measured before and after.   It can help you connect more fully with your chakras.

Michael Moon -- What else, but Mr. Moon's Mood Music?  A treat appreciated by all!

David Pinto,  IMT, RPP, RCST ©, Registered Polarity Practitioner, Registered Craniosacral Therapist- has a fascinating method he developed himself whereby he can detect and correct physical imbalances.  He explained this to me when we both attended a preceptorship in October however I can't recall the name he used. . . .

Aleks Radojcic - Aleks will have some of his award winning products, such as for bowel cleanse, parasite clearing, Lugol's iodine -- as was brought up in Geoffrey Morell's lecture.   We shall endeavor to tie this in with Serge et cie, to discern how they will affect your body.

Serge Roch, et cie.:  Serge will show you about using Dowsing Charts and will have a questionnaire prepared for you.  His Dowsing exercises, based on questions about the body - Yours'! --  will exercise your mental and energy dowsing faculties.   Serge's colleague, a good dowser and knowledgeable about herbs, can then help you determine what part of the body a certain substance could benefit by using it.  He can show how to access the meridians by using the tips of the fingers.

Les Sutch & John Zychowicz :   will be using dials and holograms on neutral pendulums to find earth energies.   Find and fix imbalances caused by earth energies, harmful radiations plus colors such as vertical negative green.  Buildings, humans, pets, and maps can be used.  View John’s massive collections of any dial ever made. That should take all day.  Win a free palm reading by Les AS A DOOR PRIZE

Angi Venning - Angi will give demonstrations on the Dials, how they are used, and, more.  Also,  Angi has designed gorgeous, well balanced sterling silver pendulums.  When you have yours', and you start using it, you will take very good care of it because you will love it and it will become very special to you.  They are a joy to use

I-Ping Wong - Short sessions of Thai Bodywork!!!

Linda  Zselenak:   "I will demonstrate Bio Geometry/Vibrational Radiesthesia techniques using the anatomy chart to detect physical imbalances in the body. I will also demonstrate how to use the bio signatures to bring the body back into balance.   Also, I will show how the positioning of items affects the energy in an environment.   I have some dials I can demonstrate and the virtual cone pendulum with the color spectrum.   I will have some information on electro magnetic disturbances and geopathic stress.  Linda Zselenak, Focal Point,  Interior Decorating,  Vibrational Radiesthesia,  Egyptian Energy Balancing),  Staging, Color Consulting,  linda "at" focalpoint-interiors.com focalpoint-interiors.com   416-997-3656

At the Social: Available & Hopefully Available:

- 4 copies of Margherita Crystal LotusBRAND NEW  "Crystal Lotus Handbook"!
- AND!   Margherita made 3 absolutely gorgeous bookmarks for to sell ... on a long gold hook, with  precious gems such as:  Sugilite, calcite, red touramaline, green touramaline, pearls, clear quartz.....
- 10 (of 20) copies left of Richard Hunt's "Spiritual Clearing"
-  possibly:  The Holy Science -- the 3 copies we had last month were sold.  We might get more.
-  possibly:  GORGEOUS Sterling Silver pendulums crafted by Angi Venning
-  possibly:  neutral pendulums
-   We have left, some of the following (see the October issue for more detailed descriptions):
The Attunement Card: -- very popular among Vibrational Dowsers. –  holds a vibrationally imprinted program that balances the energy centers and harmoniously integrates physical and subtle energy levels.
     The card can be worn on the body, either in a pocket or on a cord. It can also be used to imprint water.   It:
    * Removes obstructions to the life force
    * Establishes a new circuit of life energy
    * Clears blocked energy
    * Aligns the subtle bodies with the physical
    * Supports positive emotional states
    * Helps develop energy sensitivity
Safe Space Protection Cell Phone Patch:
GeoResonator Patches – For Earth Healing
Safe Space 2: Intended to clear small areas.
Safe Space 1:  Safe Space 1 is for shielding a whole house or apartment or office.
Protectoplex – Environmental Protection Card:  Designed to clear, balance and protect you from disharmonious energies related to environmental stress.  Ideal for work environments and travel.
Food-Liquid Energizer Plate or Card– For Powerful Vibrational Clearing and Enhancement of any materials to be taken internally.
-   Hopefully --- Some of Angi Venning's gorgeous sterling silver pendulums
-   Hopefully --- Neutral pendulums

Saturday, January 15, 2011, 10 am - 5 pm
DVD Video Introduction to:

20 Covington
1 street NORTH of Lawrence
slightly west of Bathurst
This is a DVD presentation of: BioGeometry, The Physics of Quality, Level One
Background Principles
with Biogeometry Founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim
Recorded live, in Clearwater Florida
January 2010 we saw 90 minutes of a 5? 6? 10? hour DVD series of a BioGeometry course that Dr. Ibrahim Karim presented in Clearwater, Florida.  You were transfixed, loved it, wanted more.  I was not able to schedule a weekend day for us to see more, so instead of a separate event, and as you will read here the beginning of this year is going to be very active for me,  our January 2011 meeting will be an ALL DAY DVD watching -- of our friend and TD member, Dr. Ibrahim Karim.


   COST:   This video cost us $400 USD.  The projector also cost us a chunka change.
          MEMBERS:   $15

  An Overview of BioGeometry was included in our November 2010 issue.

       November 2010, Ibrahim wrote me:  "Marilyn, 2011 will see a lot of interaction between us. I am happy and proud to be a member of the Toronto Dowsers and hope to attend many meetings when I am there and also give talks whenever you want. I will also do some seminars on my book because I think that some people need to be accompanied through it. ...."

  So you just might want to familiarize yourself best you can with this remarkable art/science, to create a healthy foundation so strong structures, shapes and forms can be properly layered on top.

Discover Biogeometry, the Egyptian Energy Science that reveals "Nature's Own Design Language" - How to use Shape, colour, sound, motion, angle and more to balance all living energy systems and environments.

Biogeometry principles are those that lie beneath our Western science, the ones that have the subtlety to explain what primitive western sciences can not.

As one example, Dr. Karim tells us that the worst kind of pollution for our planet is the EMF pollution.  This video will explain the reasoning behind that statement and he we are affected.

He also develops his concept of the principle of "The Physics of Quality", which we must understand if we are to truly understand how the world actually works, rather than the Physics of Quantity, the latter, which the mainstay of today's science.

Booth  #133:   Guelph Organic Conference:  January 29-30,  2011
University of Guelph.  Presentation:  Sunday, January 30th
The Toronto Dowsers is sponsoring YANNICK VAN DOORNE, from Belgium / France who will be a speaker at this conference.  Yannick briefly visited us at our September 2009 meeting, at the end of the presentation,  when he showed attendees the operation of the Magnetic Fountain.
***   February 8 - Yannick Van Doorne ***
***  See  UP ON THE FARM, Section, Below ***

MAY  2011
Dr.  Robert J. Gilbert - www.vesica.orgBioGeometry®?

UPCOMING, and the 2  NEW!!!  Toronto BOOKSTORES!
You are going to LOVE these!

Margherita Crystal Lotus' book has been 12 years in the making.
Do attend the Crystal Lotus Handbook Book Signing December 11
at Origo Books --- a New!  Alternative Bookstore in Toronto
Margherita was our September 2002 speaker!

Speaking of ... ALternative Bookstores .. Here is an Authentic one:

A new Alternative Bookstore 
Around the corner from Honest Ed's.

   VERY good books.  Very very very VERY good.


Speaking  Out  at  the  2010  Whole  Life  Expo

I think I did a good thing at the WLE.  A little Scary, But Good.

Saturday, 4:30 pm, 300-400 people were in the room to hear the:  EXPERT PANEL ~ OPEN FORUM, with Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD; Bryce Wylde, RNC, HD; Julie Daniluk, RHN; Natasha Turner, ND; Bruce Krahn, Fitness Expert; Mike Hannalah, RPh, BSC Phm, FACA for 2 hours, to ask questions.   "This panel of experts invites you to bring your most pressing questions and concerns about the world of natural health and alternative medicine to this two hour open forum. Together, these top professionals from a variety of disciplines are prepared to face your toughest questions and help you better utilize the healing power of natural medicine as they discuss the role that wholistic health can play in preventing and treating the most common health problems."

I was the 5th person up at the microphone.   The preceding 4 people inquired about physical illnesses.  My query went something like this:

     "The preceding questions focused on physical issues of the body.
     My question is of a different nature.  If it is not appropriate for this forum, please let me know.
     The questions regarding physical ailments are challenging enough.  We do not need additional burdens.
     We need answers regarding physical imbalances especially today with people suffering from increased environmental and chemical sensitivities and receiving little if any help.
     Wherever we go today, we run into a wall.  It grows higher and thicker every day and stops us cold.
      Especially when it comes to issues regarding the right to drink milk, vaccines, EMFs.
     So I hope my question is appropriate for this forum.
     I would like to know:


  The entire room.   Burst into.  Spontaneous Applause.

They tried.  They really did.  The panel, that is.
Everyone in that room knew what was going on.
No one dared even touch their microphone.  Finally, Dr. Rona said "That's certainly a loaded question."

There was a lot of yatta yatta.
Sweet Bryce Wylde said:  "We can't depend on government."
Yes, Bryce, I know.  Still at the mike, I replied: "Truehope developed a product that can cure BiPolar.  Strauss Heart Drops heal the heart.  These 2 companies developed products that help people tremendously.  What happens?  The government shuts them down."

Sweet Bryce Wylde valiantly tried again:   "We have to make our voices heard by contacting our representatives."  Sigh.  Still at the mike, I replied:  "When Bill C6 came around, all the MPs stated they received more communications on this legislation than any other piece of legislation in their entire history, including commentary about the War in VietNam.   So what do they do?  It is defeated so they rename it to 52 then to 36.  It's like a Bingo game."

 As you probably realize, no answers were given.  However, it was an extremely valuable endeavor.  Do you comprehend?

I learned a lot from the reaction of the audience.
I reported it exactly as it happened.  Can you visualize it?
Now,     WHAT  DO  YOU  THINK?

One of the pieces of info --- it is so obvious and we are so inured to it we do not even see it:
        That every single person in that room, all of us, including the exalted members of the exalted panel --- was too afraid to say what they/we really think.  Isn't that awful?   I was embarrassed for them, and, I still would have liked some answers.

And everyone wanted to say the same thing.
Maybe we can begin to figure this out.
Who are these people?  As people?
Where do they come from?
What is their experience? Qualifications?  Are they qualified?
How has their performance been?
Do they know anything about health?
     When someone gets hired for a position, surely they must know something about the niche that they are in.  Also, the higher the position the longer it takes to perform well in that position, to get a feel for the organization, the people, connections, the culture.  Even the president of the United States doesn't get into the swing of things until the first 2 years of their first term has passed.
     My City Councillor retired this year after 25 years in office.  So did several other city councillors.  They knew their riding.  They knew its make up, its culture, their constituents, the assets, the problems, the "fixers".  They knew what needed doing, what needed to be left alone.
     Politicians, on committees, seem to change every 2-4 years.  They often know nothing about their area.  There is no time to build relationships.  They move from committee to committee, from Ministry to Ministry, like a game of musical chairs.  One reason for doing this is so members of the public can not form a relationship with an individual.  Instead, it is the position.  The heads of Health Canada have little if anything to do with health and everything to do with Administration and ladder climbing.  Who are these people that are making life or death decisions for me?

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

Is This Accurate?   From HC's Website.   Are they meeting their own mandates?
Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.
According to our mission and vision, Health Canada's goal is for Canada to be among the countries with the healthiest people in the world.

To achieve this goal, Health Canada:
    * Relies on high-quality scientific research as the basis for our work.
    * Conducts ongoing consultations with Canadians to determine how to best meet their long-term health care needs.
    * Communicates information about disease prevention to protect Canadians from avoidable risks.
    * Encourages Canadians to take an active role in their health, such as increasing their level of physical activity and eating well.

Health Canada is responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health. To carry out this responsibility, Health Canada supports activities that:
    * Preserve and modernize Canada's health care system
    * Enhance and protect the health of Canadians.
    * Work in partnership with others, and
    * Communicate health promotion and disease prevention

The  Top  People
Here are the top 3 people, and when they were appointed.  Appointed.  Appointed.
[As David Francis Price might say, what they do is:  Point.]
Note they are all women and their appointments are relatively recent.

These three Ministers look like very nice people.  They look like very nice ladies.  They look like people I'd like to be friends with.  In fact, they look like my friends!  Anne-Marie looks just like my college roommate!

Buttttt!!!   I do not know how excited I am about them being charged with the Health of Canadians.
It does not appear that they are qualified to be charged with the responsibility of ensuring the health of Canadians. Administrators, yes.   Concerned about Health?  Assuredly, their health and the health of their families? The Health of the People of  The  Nation?   Not really.

Do you think any of them knows about the effects of cell phone usage on a 6 year old?  That they understand what it does to the brain of such a child?  Yet that understanding is crucial for anyone charged with overseeing Health, today.   Do you think any of them has a friend or family member with an incurable cavitation and tried MMS on it?  Not likely.  Yet it could be what could save their life.   Do you think they have researched chemotherapy vs. enzyme therapy for cancer in their spouse?  Unlikely.   Do you think they totally understand why it is imperative that Vitamin D testing ought to be covered by every provincial Health plan?  Assuredly not, otherwise they would not have axed it in Ontario --- unless they totally do not care or comprehend.

These are 3 very good bureaucratic administrators, climbing the ladder of government.  They know how to deal with budgets and staff.  Meetings, departments, committees.  These issues of Health are literally a matter of Life or Dying and Death.  They deal with our hearts, our hopes, not our left brain, not a line item on a spreadsheet.

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:
PART  of this article has been excerptedYou are welcome to find the entire article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

Health Canada aims to reduce the health and safety risks associated with different types of radiation. To protect Canadians from these effects, Health Canada
    * conducts research into the biological effects of environmental and occupational radiation
    * develops better methods for internal radiation dosimetry and its measurement
    * provides radiation safety inspections of federally regulated facilities containing radiation-emitting devices, the devices themselves, as well as training on the proper operation of the devices
    * develops regulations, guidelines, standards and safety codes pertaining to radiation-emitting devices
    * provides radiation advice and collaborates with government departments and agencies, industry, and the general public

Health concerns are sometimes expressed by people who live or work closely to base station antennas located on towers, poles, water tanks or rooftops. Yet the consensus of the scientific community is that RF energy from cell phone towers is too low to cause adverse health effects in humans. In fact, worst-case RF exposure levels emitted from cell phone towers are typically thousands of times below those specified by science-based exposure standards.

August 18, 2010 (revised August 31, 2010)
         OTTAWA - Wi-Fi is the second most prevalent form of wireless technology next to cell phones. It is widely used across Canada in schools, offices, coffee shops, personal dwellings, as well as countless other locations. Health Canada continues to reassure Canadians that the radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment is extremely low and is not associated with any health problems.
          Based on scientific evidence, Health Canada has determined that exposure to low-level radiofrequency energy, such as that from Wi-Fi equipment, is not dangerous to the public.
          Radiofrequency energy levels from Wi-Fi equipment in all areas accessible to the general public, including school settings, are required to meet Health Canada's safety guidelines (Safety Code 6). The limits specified in the guidelines are based on an ongoing review of thousands of published peer reviewed scientific studies on the health impacts of radiofrequency energy. Levels of radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment are typically well below these safety limits. As long as exposure is below these established limits, there is no convincing scientific evidence that this equipment is dangerous to schoolchildren or to Canadians in general.
          Health Canada scientists continually review new scientific studies in this area to ensure safety guidelines are sufficient for the protection of the health and safety of Canadians. Health Canada also continues to participate in international standards development and advisory bodies and undertakes its own focused research to support the development of its safety recommendations.

Parents told to put kids back in school, or risk expulsion

COLLINGWOOD -- The school board has issued notices to parents keeping their kids home because of Wi- Fi concerns that either the children return to school, or risk expulsion.

       Rodney Palmer, who heads up the Simcoe Safe School Committee, says he received a notice for his nine-year-old son, who hasn't gone to school since early September.
       A spokesperson for the Simcoe County District School Board could not be reached for comment before presstime.
       Palmer pulled both his children out of Mountain View Public School, citing that the school's Wi-Fi infrastructure was causing health-related issues such as headaches and heart palpitations.
       Palmer and his group have had a running battle with the school board for the last year, after his son was one of several students at the school complaining of a litany of health problems.
       The parents have asked several times for the system to be shut down, or for the board to at least turn off all but one of the wireless transmitter units in the school.
       The board has declined the parents' request, citing Health Canada guidelines that specify the use of the technology is safe, and that it emits an electromagnetic frequency significantly lower than the average cell phone.
        In an email to QMI Agency back in the spring, Health Canada stated: "Health Canada has no scientific reason to consider the use of wireless communications devices, such as cellphones, BlackBerrys, wireless laptop computers and their supporting infrastructure, dangerous to the health of the Canadian public."
       Further, it stated it updates its exposure guidelines every five to 10 years.

- The Collingwood, Ontario Enterprise Bulletin November 27, 2010
      "I know the:
             -  WiFi
             -   Pasteurized Milk
             -  Organic Milk (ultra pasteurized) 
             -   Vaccines
  make you sick, my child.  But Health 
  Canada says it will  do  you no harm 
  and it is good for you so you do not 
  have a  choice.    You must comply." 

Grocery  Stratagems

       Being a careful grocery shopper has always provided me with satisfaction.  A skill, an energy, my sisters and I inhaled from Mom.   Toilet Paper.  Yes, a somewhat unusual topic.  Unless you come from a different culture, or are trying Dr. Joseph Mercola's brand new do it yourself to install one time only cost of $72 soft spray bidet system, you do not want to be without it.
       When Y2K was imminent, I thought long and hard as to what could I stock up on that would be good to trade and useful, small, light, not many people would think of, and it would last, my answer was:  Toilet Paper!   When I woke up January 1st, all systems GO!  I was pleased to realize I had 3 years of toilet paper in my closet!
       This time of year there are good sales on toilet paper.  The ads do not always tell you how many sheets on a roll.  They are making the rolls smaller!   I have not seen a Scott toilet paper roll with 1,000 sheets on it in years.   Now 270 is a lot (at least, here in Canada).  Sometimes its 240, 170 - I have even seen 100!  1-ply? 2-ply? 3-ply?   How big is each sheet?   So consider how much you are getting when you purchase toilet paper, or, anything else.
       Similar to this -- paper towels.  The sheet number for 2 brands might seem similar and the price different so --- put a package in each hand.  See how heavy each one feels.  Of course you want the heavier one.  Do this with many kinds of items, that are sold by volume rather than weight.  You will find big differences, too with ICE CREAM!   They pump a lot of AIR in cheaper ice creams.

     Several months ago, I noticed that my once favorite brand of jar spaghetti sauce, Classico, too, had changed.   The size went from 700 ml. to 650 ml.  (7% reduction)  But the price stayed the same.
     KETCHUP?   Heinz?  Hunts?  Ketchup -- one of them?  might be using?  removing?  HFCS -high fructose corn syrup which is cheaper and they use instead of sugar and it is really really bad.  Quite some time ago, in the US, Ketchup was declared, defined to be a "food".  Because!   In school lunch programs, they require a minimum number of "foods".   If Ketchup can be defined as a "food", then it qualifies.  Oy oy oy.

RFID chipped secure identity documents not secure - Electronic Pickpocket
      Walt Augustinowicz, Identity Stronghold, Florida, developed a system where he can very easily swipe any information you have on an RFID chip, i.e., credit card type, number, expiration date, name, passport info, etc.,  as long as he is about 4" from the chip.  So if you have a credit card or a passport in your back pocket, he just casually places his credit card scanner attached to a battery pack close to that area -- people do that all the time, casually, and innocently, in crowds -- he does not have to touch it or see it and the technology does the rest.
       With the credit card reader he bought online for under $100, a netbook computer, and software this computer security expert wrote,  he shows how easy it is to grab sensitive information from an unsuspecting person.
       "If I just get kind of close to (a person's) back pocket or purse, where ever their wallet is, I can read their credit card numbers, expiration date, actually the whole tracking data," Augustinowicz said.
       Augustinowicz says cards with a RFID or Radio Frequency Identification chip in them send out a signal that can be picked up by someone with a scanner.
       "Probably 98% of the people have no idea that these (RFID) cards are in circulation and there is 100-million of them already out there now and in the next 2 years every single card is going to have it."

Good out of the Bad

This might look like a lopsided perspective, perhaps it is.  I see more instances where small groups of people -- made up of courageous individuals -- are making an impression and a difference.  Described below are people in touch situations, who are standing up for what they feel is right and speaking out.  Making the Difference.  And having an Effect.

(1) John Brown led the raid at Harpers Ferry, Virginia October 16, 1859, to free the slaves, by capturing the armory, which turned out to be the precursor for the US Civil War -- with just twenty-one people.  (Some of the people involved with that event and who turned out to be famous later on: Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee -- who put down the rebellion; Stonewall Jackson -- who oversaw the hanging of John Brown; John Wilkes Booth -- one of the onlookers in the crowd.)  Ralph Waldo Emerson made Brown a martyr, Southern loyalists got up in arms and the nation was at war. - Bill Bryson, "A Walk in the Woods", 1997.   Perhaps John Brown should have said:  "Don't touch my junk!"?  21 people.  Created the spark that led to the Civil War.

(2)  November 14, John Tyner from Oceanside, California  sparked the powder keg of resentment that had been building up for years around the useless farcical airport searches with 9 words and a cell phone camera with his famous "You touch my junk and I'll have you arrested" line.  A year earlier, he probably would have been scorned and jailed for not agreeing to do everything to maintain the illusion of security.  Today, he is a folk hero.  This brought sympathetic comments from all corners and crannies of the US.  Yay, John!

(3)  One of the corners --- New Jersey!  The Garden State of all places!   New Jersey State Senators (state, not federal level) held a press conference. A group of New Jersey politicians -- from both parties -- protesting the tyranny of the US government!!! youtube.com/dowsersinfo#p/a/f/1/T7466SfruIs .   This is very powerful, speaks from and to the heart.  November 22, 2010  They spoke on:

   First, a man on his way up,  NJ State Senator Mike Doherty:

 "I am joined here by many colleagues in the legislature here on both sides of the aisle.
We are very concerned about what is going on in America
We are very concerned about what is going on in New Jersey and at our airports.
We are opposing the new TSA security procedures used when folks show up at the airports.
We believe that there are constitutional violations that are taking place
We believe that there are violations of New Jersey law that are taking place.
When you go to the airport, contrary to what TSA supervisors are saying when you buy an airline ticket you do not give up your constitutional rights.
We are standing here today to say that American citizens should be able to travel freely without being harassed and intimidated by their government.
That there are other procedures that can be used.
There are other countries around the world  that are providing clear role models as to how to do this
We see government actions that are continuing to intimidate our citizens and violate their rights.  Enough is enough.  We are introducing resolutions today both in the Senate and in the Assembly calling on our federal congressional delegation to immediately get engaged in this issue to take a look at these new TSA security procedures and to stand up for our citizens not only in New Jersey but across the United States of America.

This is not about left right up down Republican Democrat.  This is about up with Freedom and down with government tyranny.
We are seeing right before our eyes that the Western world is turning into a prison camp.  This needs to stop!  This is about standing up for our constitution and our traditional values.

   Next,  New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen (rep. 7th District) since 1998:
     "I'm going to speak specifically about the radiation and the danger that it may represent for some people.  Those of us who have been through cancer therapies and still continue to receive massive amounts of radiation for one reason or another, pet scans and so on.
      We  have been told by our doctors that we should not have any other radiation unless its absolutely necessary.  I question whether the radiation of these scans is absolutely necessary.
      I travel a lot and it means going through them often.
      We all know that radiation can cause free radicals an interruption with our chromosomes and genes.  There is no question about that.
      Scientists realize that even small amounts can be an issue.
      A number of scientists have said that they are very concerned about this, this back scatter X ray technology, which is one of 2 technologies used in these scanners, which is the primary concern.
     A team of researchers from the U of California at San Francisco are urging independent research to find out just how much actually will affect people.  The big problem is not just women who are prone to breast cancer, but also children, people who travel a lot and pilots are in this group.
     David Brenner who is the Director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University and a Professor of Radiation and BioPhysics says that it is a small amount of radiation but when you see the large amount of people being put through these things he says that "there will be cancers that result."
     We have to decide whether that is worth it for the people of this country.   It's not worth it for me.  I don't intend to use those.  So what's my option?   My option is to go through this unbelievable pat down where people are really having themselves violated.
      I can't even imagine putting a child through these kinds of pat downs.
      I can't even imagine somebody whose religion requires particular modesty to go through these kinds of pat downs.
      I don't think there is an option and I think there will be people who will choose to not fly because of it.  I intend to continue and I am going to fight these things. I don't know how we are going to do it but I think this resolution is a first step and I think that Americans deserve better. ..."

NJ State Senator Mike Doherty Drafting New Legislation to Rein In TSA Abuses to Be Introduced at December 6 Session of the Senate

Senator Michael Doherty (R-23) issued the following statement regarding legislation he is drafting to curb the abuses of civil liberties by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):
       “I am of the belief that our society is founded upon our ability to exercise our individual civil liberties freely, and I stand ready and willing to defend those liberties when they are threatened. It is with great sadness that I have come to recognize that one of our greatest threats has been presented by officials of the TSA who have begun to implement intrusive searches of law abiding Americans who are traveling within our borders,” Doherty stated.
      “In response to the attitudes and actions of the TSA and top Obama Administration officials, I am drafting new legislation that will make it perfectly clear that in New Jersey, our constitutionally granted civil liberties are treasured and will be protected. I am calling upon my colleagues in the Legislature to step up and co-sponsor legislation that will protect the rights of citizens in New Jersey,” Doherty continued.

Isn't it fabulous that elected government officials are doing this?

(4)   The TSA is out of control, Airport Body Scans & Invasive Body Searches Then there is a YouTube video of an amalgamation of abuses by airport officials such as the woman who was thrown across an area, beat up, received a concussion because she spoke about her contact lens solution, the man whose colostomy bag broke as a result of over energetic screeners and he had to board the plane;  the young boy in leg braces who was forced to remove the braces and try to walk through the gate; and the children who were too actively "patted down" by airport screeners and became airport screamers, and so on.   youtube.com/watch?v=Y5eK6T3weuc

One of the glaring contradictions committed by the government:
         For years authorities, teachers, parents, have been working hard to train kids to NOT ALLOW ANYONE! to touch their private areas.  Now, all of a sudden, they do an about face and put the kids in the hands of these unappetizing strangers, who wear guns, are not nice people, they do not smile --- and more.   Its stressful to get everyone to an airport with everything that needs doing.  Also the kids pick up the parent's vibes that the parents don't like this either which adds to their consternation and confusion.   Of course the kids are going to be upset.  They do not yet know how, thanks goodness, to pretend stone like indifference.

      These experiences can severely traumatize children where it can have a very long lasting traumatic effect.  The kids are getting mixed signals.  One of the lessons it teaches them is that it is ok for people in uniform to do whatever they want with you and to you.  Not good.   Yet another demonstration of uncaring hypocrisy by the government, where parents are forced to stand by, helpless as their kids are abused.  Very bad.

      Yes, these last 3 examples -- Tyner, New Jersey politicians, the mixture -- all deal with the airport nonsense.  They do not touch on illegal FDA raids, raw milk raids, spying, Federal Reserve, taxation injustices, the wars insanity and so much more.  Hopefully, its a start and not a soporific.


Geoffrey Morell who was with us November 15-23, is a most excellent healing facilitator..  Eight days is a lot of time to spend with an out of town guest and it was a delightful time, one of the best weeks ever so far for the Toronto Dowsers.

Geoffrey thus  far is 84 years young.   He does a lot of energy work and follows his Weston A. Price food recommendations.  We all had  trouble keeping up with him and his inexhaustible energy and super abundant enthusiasm.   Yes!  We did find out some of his secrets!  Diet and daily energy work on himself, were 2 that we uncovered!

 We learned even more about diet, energy, history of the natural health movement, spirituality, and of course -- healing.

Geoffrey started us off with a presentation to an awestruck audience, followed by private sessions, then gave a workshop to a full house and was zipping around Toronto.  Although the temperature was considered to be chilly by some, Geoffrey was usually comfortable wearing his bermuda shorts, a sweater, socks, sandals and maybe a toque.

Geoffrey usually comes to Toronto for the Whole Life Expo (end of November) and/or Total Health Show (March or April).   He will return for the 2011 Total Health Show, offer a more advanced workshop and offer private sessions --- through the Toronto Dowsers.  If this interests you --- contact Marilyn in the beginning of March 2011.

TORONTO   DOWSERS:   When we have an out of town speaker, we need to see that their lodging, meals and so on are taken care of.  While we are usually fortunate to be able to lodge a speaker in someone's home, food is often an extra expense.  An expense that the funds we collect do not cover.  Donations were requested.  You were kind and generous and we were able to provide Geoffrey -- for whom food, and a certain kind of food is very important -- with the victuals he needs and enjoys -- and without causing me stress and anxiety.   We were even able to take him to a restaurant a couple of times.  Thank you so very much.   It is superb when a community pulls together for a common goal, especially one like this which is so enjoyable.   Also, Yummy thanks from Geoffrey to those Toronto Dowsers who heeded the calls for the Rhubarb Pie!

During his workshop and session visits here, we saw:

-   The most significant positive change in bodies that were worked on seemed to be in the skeletal systems, such as backs, spine and neck.  People who had pain for years -- are now pain free.   Kyphosis is less.  The day after my session, I noticed I was walking differently, and, it felt better.  One woman who had 3 serious car accidents with head injury in each one --- while not totally out of the woods, she is now about 40% improved.  All, just from a quick simple tweak.

-   He has techniques to help get rid of -- carpal tunnel syndrome (I made a little video of this one).  Geoffrey said that pianists, who use their wrists, and, the piano keyboard is lower than a computer keyboard -- never suffer from wrist problems.  He suggests that computer folks have 2 or 3 mice and change them off every couple weeks or so.

-   Improvements with the eyes.  Arm movement and rotation, head and neck rotation.  Frozen shoulder.

-  In your home:  Take a glass of water.  Bless it.  Sprinkle the water around the home and ask the water to remove any negative energies.  Do this with complete and utter sincerity.

       " Hi Marilyn,   Thank you so much for the healing work I received during the workshop.   After the healing through you and Geoffrey I felt  funny and slightly light headed also felt taller and lighter as I often do when my energy field has expanded.  ...  My bowel movements have changed.   I now go quite regularly about 20 minutes after a meal. have been having two movements a day with stools passing easier and size smaller than before. could probably have bm after each meal but a bathroom break not always convenient and then urge passes."  -  MF

      "I can't express enough what an experience it was to take Geoffrey's workshop, most especially to see him work it!!!  I have a personal weakness, I am not able to look at wounds, bruises on others, watch physically violent shows, medical shows and definitely not those reality ER shows, even sitting down my knees get weak, my stomach flips even tears. When I watched Geoffrey "operate", my legs were weak, I physically had to move them, I could sense every bit he took out of her  to the point where I expected to see it physically, I sensed oozing so much I thought we'd all wear it!
       I think that when we meet and experience someone like Geoffrey, someone who teaches us to remember our own gifts and practice them, we are giving love, we are not just in the light... we are the light. Love thyself and others.... love does heal it's not just a song, Geoffrey demonstrated this brilliantly!"
     I THINK WE ALL OWE YOU A HUGE THANK YOU for having Geoffrey come here, you are just as much responsible for us learning and sharing in the Geoffrey experience as the amazing man himself... so thank you Marilyn from deep with in my heart!"  - LP

      "Further to your request for feedback, yes I think it would be good to have Geoffrey come again.   I felt already on the Tuesday of his talk a healing influence from his presence. Now for me that manifested partly as a cold which lasted for a week.   I feel Geoffrey's work is selfless and all the more effective for being so.
       I did go for a private session with Geoffrey and am still in the process of following up on his recommendations. Didn't have any acute illness I was seeking relief from, so didn't experience any dramatic change, although for an hour or so after I felt lighter and somehow more together and more free. Maybe that was dramatic enough!
      The Weston A. Price approach to eating is also something I'm going to study more. I've ordered a used copy of his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration".
I know the WAPF folks are big on raw milk, but I don't know a whole lot beyond that other than that they advocate organ meats and lots of butter.  I also like what I've read so far from Matt Stone's "180 degrees health" blog. You might have a look at that for your own edification. "  - RC

      "I felt that workshop given by Geoffrey was excellent. He really cares and shares his knowledge and experience freely.   I think all of us could benefit by having more of his teachings because he is so unique in that he has many gifts and he is to give and not to sell what was given to him.    I would be interested in follow up practices." - SP

*            *            *
      From New Zealand, initially a sheep farmer, Geoffrey had good ideas as to how things could work better.  He wanted  to help make his country a better place, so he ran for office, was elected and spent 6 terms in office.  Geoffrey's career as a healer began in the mid-70's when he witnessed a demonstration of Magnetic Healing by the well-known New Zealand healer Colin Lambert, who, by merely using his hands, was removing 'diseased' energy or 'dross' from the patient lying before him on a table. "It felt as if my hands had been severed from my body and were up on stage participating in the process. The experience was electrifying," says Geoffrey.

Just three days later he had the opportunity to try this healing technique himself. A friend undergoing chemotherapy was thoroughly nauseated and invited Geoffrey to 'have a go.' He followed the process he had just observed and tested the power he had felt in his own hands, and 'lo and behold' the nausea vanished. Since then Geoffrey has pursued this path of energy healing and developed his own method, which he calls the Clendinning Technique. He, too, uses his hands as tools as he passes them over the subject's body, be it human, animal, or even a photograph.

All living things possess an energy field or aura. Geoffrey first clears the patient's energy field of any negativity, which we can absorb from others. His fingers sense this negativity and he is able to 'scoop' it up and cast it out into the ether. He then proceeds with his 'reading' of the body for any imperfections, beginning with the feet. As he moves along, he 'asks' the body if there is a problem, even as he visualizes that particular part of the anatomy. His hands will begin to shake if he finds a disharmony and he will then remove it by scooping it up and discarding it as with the negativity in the aura. This 'reading' process is performed on both sides of the body, generally beginning with the back. If required, his right-hand middle finger can act as a scalpel or laser, to perform psychic surgery.

Sometimes a physical problem may have psychosomatic origins and Geoffrey then refers the patient to Louise Hay's book Heal Your Body which describes such physical/emotional connections. He also recommends the nutritional advice given by the Weston A. Price Foundation (www.westonaprice.org), that is, eating the foods of one's ancestors.

Geoffrey freely shares his knowledge, as he believes that we can all be healers.

It is not necessary to believe in this work to benefit - it is only necessary to be receptive. Geoffrey says that he, the healer, is the one who must believe, for he is the one working as the instrument of the Universe, the Almighty, God, or whatever word one wants to use. The objective for each and every one of us.  Thanks to maieliiv.com for some of this information!

*            *            *
His 2 hour presentation consisted of a demonstration of a short and then a longer session, interspersed with commentary and description:

"The biggest curse of food material that has come on the planet, in Western countries, is Soy."

If you are reading this newsletter from the Internet:

The remainder of this article has been excerpted.You are welcome to find the remainder of this article in the printed, members' version of the newsletter.

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

(1)     From one of our folks, now in:   "Iquitos Peru. .... The heat is incredible and relentless, 30-35C.    Some interesting things in this region. The Amazon is lowest in 50 years, who would have imagined a drought here? Climate change is a reality....  Oil companies are salivating for land rights due to recent discoveries of light oil beneath heavy oil deposits .... This is an ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER waiting to happen.    Maybe someone could put pressure on a Calgary based company "grand Sierra".
       A  few days back I awoke to what I thought was a hernia. The Shipibo healers checked me out, determined it to be some blockage and repaired me with a poultice of "bellaco caspi" followed with massage.   Healers are so much more efficient than doctors."

(2)    From raw foodist Paul Nison:
Gillette wanted to increase their profits so in the 1950's.  They decided women would be their next market and to advertise shaving to them.  HOWEVER!  the micro nicks that are created  in the armpits from the action of the razor allow a faster delivery of aluminum from deodorants as well as chlorine from the shower.   Thank you, Heather!
       Can you say:  Breast Cancer?
       Related to this:   Many of us have water filters for the shower.  But not for the bath.  There is chlorine in the water.  We take in substances, especially, in the webbing by our toes, the glands by the anus and of course the integumentary system (skin).  Substances, such as chlorine, the chlorine in our bath water.

(3)     Geoffrey Morell also says that the meat he eats needs to have some fat on it.   The reason for that is that the fat helps to digest the protein.

        Also, we are hearing that people who have their gall bladder removed -- that they are more prone to heart problems.  The reason is that the gall bladder, as you know, helps to handle the fat that we eat.  Without that functionality, dietary fat becomes a problem and a burden on the heart.

(4)    Geoffrey Morell pointed out to us the critical importance of  having the right amount of Iodine in our body.  Aleks Radojcic, D.N.M., Dr.Ac., of Knowledge Products, kindly prepared the following information for our newsletter. Aleks stocks Lugols Iodine at his clinic  near Steeles & Keele.   Geoffrey also spoke about Parasite Cleanses.  Aleks created a Parasite Cleanse formula which he sells and this product has won awards given by health product distributors.

The "G" Spot

Here,  "G" is for Geoffrey.

 Geoffrey suggests to us that if we apply pressure 
to the spot indicated that it could help with hip 
discomfort and/or sciatica-like pain.


 Lugols iodine was created in 1829 by Dr. Jean Lugol, a French physician. He mixed 5% iodine and 10% potassium iodine in distilled water.   Through this combination of elements, Dr. Lugol was able to achieve remarkable success.   The formula for use then and now, is two drops per day. This dosage of 12.5 mg. closely matches your daily requirement for iodine when you are not eating enough foods high in iodine.

Conditions Iodine can treat:   ADD; Atherosclerosis; Breast Diseases; Dupuytren’s Contracture; Excess Mucus production; Fatigue; Fibrocystic Breasts; Hemorrhoids; Headaches and Migraine Headaches; Hypertension; Infections; Keloids; Liver Diseases; Ovarian Diseases; Parotid duct Stones; Peyronie’s;  Prostate Disorders; Sebaceous Cysts; Thyroid Disorders; Vaginal Infections,

Correct Balance:   This particular combination of iodine and iodide (potassium iodine) is readily absorbed by your entire body.  Before much research was done on absorption by the body, it was believed that iodine alone could be absorbed and converted to iodide in the intestinal tract.  Research performed by Dr. K. Thrall 1990, proved this to be an incorrect theory.  Most other liquid iodine formulas do not have this correct balance of iodine and iodide, essential for easy body absorption.   Anyone undertaking iodine treatment should make certain the formula contains the correct ratio of iodine to iodide.

Tissue Absorption:  Dr. David Brownstein, the expert in the field of iodine deficiency, in his book-  "Iodine- Why You Need It", explains how different tissues in the body utilize different forms of iodine.
        He scientifically explains why it makes sense to combine the two elements into the Lugols iodine formula for maximum and complete absorption by the body.  The thyroid gland utilizes iodide. The breasts, the prostate gland, and the skin use iodine. Other parts of the body may use either iodine or iodide.

Supplemental or Therapeutic Dosage:   Are you using Lugols iodine for your daily needs or for treatment of illness? The amount you use will vary accordingly.  There is one downside to this product. It has a very unique metallic taste. Some people find it offensive, while others have no problem with the taste.  For general health on a daily basis, add two drops or 12.5 mg. to your 8 oz. glass of water, apple juice or apple cider in the morning.   Dr. Brownstein suggests starting at 6 mg. and gradually increasing to 50 mg., dosage daily.

ILLNESS:   If you are fighting a bacterial or viral infection such as cold, flu, or strep, you may increase the dosage.   In an 8 oz. glass of distilled water or juice, add 50 mg. or 8 drops of Lugols. This should be taken 20 minutes before eating to allow for absorption.  2 drops = 12.5 mg. 4 drops = 25 mg. 8 drops = 50 mg

Additional Usage of Lugols:   The iodine helps your body eliminate toxins stored in fat, especially bromine which may cause detox symptoms such as pimples and headaches.
Other detox symptoms may be fatigue, muscle aches, fever, diarrhea, and brain fog, and skin rashes.
Lugol's has been used to treat gout caused by high uric acid in the blood. The uric acid is deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons, and surrounding tissues causing excruciating pain.
Lugols can be used topically on the skin for infection and sepsis. It can help open up blocked arteries, disinfect water, and cure bladder infections.
It has been shown to reduce or eliminate ovarian cysts, diminish unsightly keloids, loosen phlegm, and reduce or eliminate Peyronie’s Disease and Dupuytron’s contracture.

For use as a food sanitizer:  Pour water into a container or sink and add enough Lugol's to give it a golden tint. Completely submerge produce for 1 or more minutes. Agitate food well. Rinsing is optional. DO NOT SAVE THE WATER FOR LATER USE. It will lose its potency.

Tincture of Iodine:  Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds.
Iodine tincture remains the best antiseptic for prevention of wound infections after surgery.   The medical world has chosen to ignore this exceptional natural healing agent. In my humble opinion, it appears there is no money in it for "pharma" because it can not be patented.
Even though iodine is recognized by some individuals as an extremely effective treatment for thyroid protection, it has a much broader scope of healing abilities.
According to Dr. Brownstein, author of numerous books focusing on thyroid, endocrine and iodine deficiencies, he states:   "All of the glands of the body depend on adequate iodine levels to function optimally. Animal studies have shown problems with the adrenal glands, the thymus gland, the ovaries, the hypothalamus and pituitary access, as well as the entire endocrine system, when there is an iodine deficient state."

IODINE PATCH TEST:  If you've ever wondered if you are low in iodine, try the iodine patch test.    Before you go to bed, paint a half dollar size of iodine onto clean dry skin. This should be either on your stomach, under your forearm or inner thigh where material won't rub on it.   When you wake up, you will notice the color has changed. Make a mental note about how much it has changed.    Wait for 24 hours. If the color has completely disappeared, you are iodine deficient.  The body's deficiency is proportionate - the faster the iodine is absorbed by your body, the more deficient you are.

Treatment :  If the color disappears, you may begin using the iodine painting as a supplement for your iodine deficiency.  This should be done on a daily basis until the body no longer absorbs the iodine.   After that, you may then test at intervals to see if you have become deficient again and treat accordingly.   According to Dr. Brownstein’s in his clinical practice he often recommends that one take the following supplements with the Iodine  for a period of time:  Vitamins B-2 (100mg) and B-3/ Niacinamide (500-1000 mg) – (ATP factors), Vitamin C (3-10gr), Magnesium and Selenium (100mcg), necessary for regulating thyroid function and Iodine metabolism.

BENEFITS OF IODINE:   The benefits of iodine in the body are far reaching. Oddly enough, it is the least understood of all the essential trace elements.   This is the safest of all the essential trace elements, which can be administered, in large amounts when in an inorganic nonradioactive form.   Iodine is stored throughout your entire body - the skin, teeth, nails, all the organs, and bones.   When you have the correct amount of iodine in your body, you are able to:
 * Maintain your energy level all day;
 * Maintain your weight;
 * Live without aches and pains;
 * Maintain a cheerful and uplifted attitude;
 *  Have a clear memory;
 * Able to tolerate cold;
 *  Have normal bowel movements;
 * Have normal skin and supple fingernails;
 * Have full and shiny hair; and
 * Obtain restful night at sleep.
 * Metabolism:  Without the proper amount of iodine in you system, your metabolism may be completely unbalanced.   The essential hormones created are thyroxine or T4 in your thyroid, which is then concentrated into trilodothyronine or T3. This is carried through the bloodstream to nourish the body.   These two important hormones reach into every cell in the body and balance the metabolism. They convert oxygen and calories into available energy for your everyday needs.   With the correct balance, your body is able to efficiently burn calories and avoid storing fats, to maintain robust health.

If you believe you are deficient in iodine, foods high in iodine can help to restore iodine deficiency levels naturally. It will be also readily absorbed by your body.

Iodine Absorption:   Chemical additives to our food including bromate, bromide and halogens which displace iodine in our system.  The high prevalence of sugar, refined carbohydrates and rancid vegetable oils prevent the absorption of iodine in the body.

Dried seaweed can be used as a condiment.   It provides a rich source of iron, potassium, iodine, Vitamin B-6, Riboflavin, and fiber.   If you believe you have a pre-existing allergy to some iodine foods, you will know what to avoid.   Be aware that what you believe to be an iodine allergy may be something else in disguise.

Information compiled by:
Aleks Radojcic,  D.N.M., D.Ac., R.N.C.P., P.H., R.H.

Geoffrey Morell, has been a sheep farmer in his native New Zealand.  As a founder and current Secretary of the Weston A. Price Foundation, he remains committed to good quality and healthful food, mainly from animal sources.  Geoffrey and Sally recently purchased a farm in Maryland where they plan to have dairy cows and make their own cheese.  So perhaps we are, again, positively influenced by Geoffrey's visit . . . as we stay

***   February 8 - Yannick Van Doorne ***

      YANNICK VAN DOORNE,  Ph.D., Engineer in Agriculture and Biotechnology, Independent Researcher, who grew up on a farm in Belgium and now lives in France,  wrote his Ph.D. thesis on:  "The Applications of Sound Waves in Agriculture for Pest Control and Plant Growth and Development."   Specialist in the Effects of Sound and Electromagnetic Natural or Artificial Waves on Water, Plant Growth and Development.

       We met Yannick when we both attended the David Wilcock workshop in Toronto, September 2009.  And became instant buddies.   We sponsored Yannick to be a speaker at the 2010 ASD Convention where he was THE hit of the event and he will be speaking at the 2011 Guelph Organic Conference.   We are also arranging for Yannick to speak at the 2011 A.C.R.E.S. USA Conference.   Yannick writes:

  • "I want to help farmers improve the quality, health, quantity and nutrition of their crops using natural methods and new techniques."
  • "I advise on new techniques using magnetics, new devices and natural electromagnetic fields for pest treatment,  soil enhancement and plant growth."
  • "I show you how you can improve crop growth and health and increase the quality and quantity of harvests."
          Magnetoculture is a new way of doing Agriculture,  using new techniques which have been developed from Electroculture.  Magnetoculture uses the earth's Magnetic and Atmospheric electrical natural forces to boost plant growth, crops, harvest quality, shelf life and pest control.   These techniques make it possible to increase the harvest by more then 30% and increase vitamins and dry weight by 20% of almost all crops in comparison to conventional non organic farming.   All of this is done without manure or pesticides.  Earth Magnetic, Paramagnetic, Telluric and Cosmic forces are used to boost the energetics of plant growth, pest control, vegetables and food quality, boost shelf life, increase water quality and much more.

          You will be able to see the influence of these energies on your own health, water quality, plant growth, weather modification and climate regulation.  Simple experiments would be shown you can test at your farm.

    www.magnetoculture.com   (French)
    www.agriculturecosmotellurique.org  (French)
    musique-pour-soigner-les-plantes.weebly.com  (French)

    October 2009, Yannick visited the farms where he is helping the farmer with Magnetoculture.  At the farm of one of the vegetable growers, the results were fantastic and he remains highly enthusiastic.   Examples:
    Carrots : Before: the size of a finger.  Now: 2 to 3 inches in diameter
    Turnip :  Before: his biggest were 250 grammes like a tennis ball, Now: some are 2.7 kg and big like a volley ball.
    Sweet potatoes: Before: little sweet potatoes like normal potatoes.  Now: big sweet potatoes, some of 2.9 kg, as big as a head and very tasty.   "They made me a sweet potato soup, it was a fantastic taste."
    Rhubarb:  Before: For many years, they were very small, the stalks were, 20 cm in length.  Now: Stalks  50 to 80 cms and very very big.
    Cabbages:  Before: very small.  Now:  they are normal.

    "This is a farmer who is fully aware of the influence and interactions of consciousness, too.  This is all without any chemicals, without additional fertilisers, even organic.  His soil is poor it is like sand.  It became richer and richer.  There were no major pests, no real pest problems.  He was amazed about all the new insects he discovered this year in his fields, it is as if the biodiversity is increasing.  With many of his vegetables he doubled or tripled the production.  The carrots have a tasty smell, taste and flavour like never before."
    *            *            *            *            *
              *            *            *            *            *
    *            *            *            *            *

            Charles Hubbard, our March 2005 speaker spoke to us on BioDynamics and Dowsing.  Charles had a good reputation in the Organic farming community, but was not yet  known in the Dowsing Community.   I found out about Charles' BioDynamic abilities, and know that good BioD farmers are also proficient in Radionics, which is one of the offshoots of Dowsing.  So I invited Charles, who lives in Nova Scotia to speak to us 5 years ago.  He had not, up to that point, been speaking to Dowsing groups.  His information was so good I created a book(let) on it.
            A funny thing happened that summer at the ASD (American Society of Dowsers) convention. ...  I was helping to record the talks, and, was hooking speakers up to the recording devices.  I went to the room to hook up the BioDynamics speaker ... who never showed up.  Charles was one of about 60 people waiting for the speaker.   So I decided that Charles would be the speaker and made an announcement to that effect. ... After all, he knew the material, he just spoke to us about it a few months earlier.   He gave the presentation and the audience liked him so much that the ASD Convention Committee has invited him back every year since.   Also, out of that initial booklet, he was encouraged enough to write his own book, which he did.
          It took a long time to edit this video because after it was filmed (summer 2008) , I realized how low Charles' voice was.   It took me awhile to find out how to boost the sound, and then doing so is somewhat time consuming.   So the volume is a little uneven.
          Yes of course, it is flattering to see those in the dowsing world who --  try to -- follow our lead -- in so many ways.
          This 11:11 Charles Hubbard video is currently the featured video at:
          See Charles' "G" in the video which he uses to dissipate detrimental energies.

    [That summer, Summer 2005,  was a low point for the ASD.  It was starting to become clear, about a year earlier, that attempts were being made, from the inside, from the top in fact, to destroy the ASD.   You can guess who was the person who first outed the malefactors and who kept getting in trouble with some of the people who wanted to keep their eyes closed , although, like ostriches, their butts were flying out there in the air and who kept telling her to stop causing trouble.  But she refused to heed them, thank goodness and eventually they were forced to accept what was happening.  The ASD is finally starting to regain its health.  Let's hope it succeeds.]

    How are we helping our True Leaders?
    The behaviors, attitudes of Canadians vis a vis Americans

    I listen to our heroes and  true leaders -- the Shawn Buckleys, Shiv Chopras, Magda Havases and Helke Ferries.  I love their presentations.  They are honest, brilliant, kind, passionate, wise, educated, experienced and so loverly compassionate and humane.   I listen to their words, having a sense of the hard experience that created their stories as they speak to us in their very best efforts of informing us.

    They tell us about the bureaucrats and oafs (my word) who lied and behaved without integrity.   How we are being hoodwinked.  How people are dying.  300 of us sit in a room and hear this, we clap, we agree with one another that it was a great presentation and 'something must be done' and we go home.

    Are they frustrated?   Unlike the David Suzukis (who, IMO is not as "green", etc., as he makes himself out to be), they are not paid thousands of dollars.  In fact, they are not paid at all, for their presentations.  Are they frustrated, when they see that their words, although appreciated, are not -- necessarily -- acted upon?  Are they frustrated that we are not more active -- on our own behalf?

        It used to be --- that Canadians would react differently than Americans.
        Now Americans are behaving more like Canadians used to be.
        What does this mean?
        Like virtually all attitudes, this was developed by history.

       Before I moved to Canada I thought Canadians and Americans were extremely similar, with only slight differentiations.  Boy was I wrong!  It took me 3 years before I understood -- I think? -- one of the biggest differences.

           Historically, Americans have had an adversarial relationship with their government.  It would be:  "Them god damned revenuers.  That &^%#&!!!  government!"  and so on and so forth.  Government was seen as takers and taxers, whose programs were ridiculous, astronomically expensive and  always benefited a region other than the one you lived in.  Government was an enemy, a huge faceless blob to be outwitted.  You would be considered clever if you could do this.   True, Americans are extremely patriotic, but that's for the country.  The Government for some reason is not considered to be part of the Nation.  More like a pox on the nation.
           Historically,  it seems as if government has been rather benevolent towards Canadians, especially regarding social services, education and health care.  Government, while never loved, seemed to be a somewhat benevolent older brother.  Although not exactly true, it did seem that way.   Rich in resources, for quite some time, government could afford to seem benevolent.   Alas, the velvet glove has become worn through in many spots and can be seen to be falling apart and off its steel fist.

           When you have to fight to survive, when there are more of you in a smaller space, as happens in metropolises such as New York City, you become more -- creative.  Americans are known for creativity.  Manhattan, especially is totally awesome and incomparable with regard to creative levels.  A bit manic and insane seeming at times, but creative.  Continually bzzzing.   Being more creative meant -- more whatever than the next guy.  Meant competition.  Competitiveness, figuring out ways around corners, getting an edge.  Surviving.  At all costs.
           In Canada it seemed as if, people were more interested in not necessarily having a good life, but living a good life.  There is room enough and resources enough for all.   Or at least more.  No need to be so competitive, to fight so hard.

           So now, those in government no longer care if we see them and call them as the greedy selfish bastards they really are.  The gloves are crumbling, the mask is to heavy to be worn all the time.

          Canadians — listen.  Politely, Open hearted.  We clap.   Then we go home.

          We do not know what to do.  We do not know what to do with it.   We do not have the training, the background, the experience.  We are Canadians.  We are polite.  We accept.   We do not know how to think, to act , to behave — against.   In confrontation.   In opposition.   Historically, we have never — spontaneously — gone to the harbor and tossed the tea over the side of the ship, triggering the pent up frustrations of the populace.  It's like learning how to ski.  In this example, not the skiing itself, the balance, knowing how to turn.  It is that when you learn how to ski, you fall.  It's the knowingness that you do fall, that you can get up again and continue and how to get up.  And how to fall.

         I remember, clearly, when the GST was enacted.  1991?  Such a heinous tax.  And how easily accepted.
         Canadians today are the way the Jews in Europe were 1937-1945.   After:   Never Again.
          How can you hope — to win a game — when the rules are written ---- by the other side — you play by the rules — they play dirty pool.   It takes generations, which I do not have.

          Do we Act?   Certainly!   When we read an excellent analysis --- why, we send it along in an email to all our friends!  And ask them to pass it on!  You mean we have to do more?   Oh.

         It's not that our heroes are preaching to an uncaring audience.   It's that they are preaching to an audience that does not know what to do with the information.  This is brand new territory.  It's almost as if they/we need guerilla training.  It takes several more individuals who, like them, are willing to stand up — alone — and  have the intelligence, knowledge and skills and are not doing this for wealth or egoic motivations.   Who are willing to inform others AND/OR  Ask questions  AND/OR   Do the research.  And so on.

        The Canadians don't have the history of dealing with it as the Americans do, nor, as citizens in poorer countries do — they are too comfortable and feel they have too much to lose if they speak up.   We do not know what to do, or, how to do it.

        How do we best support the Shawns, Shivs, Magdas, Helkies, etc.?
        Contact your government representative?  We are seeing it for the farce it really is.

         Keep this man in mind:   Thomas Jefferson.
         Thomas Jefferson was a man of wealth and he wanted to remain a genteel gentleman farmer.   He could not do so because his government made conditions so insufferable he had to do something to right the wrongs.  He had to move waaayyy outside his comfort zone.   He Acted.

         We are not political.  I am not political.  However,
         We want to focus on our Health.
         We can not, because government, such as Health Canada is making conditions unhealthy.
         Therefore to regain true health, we must right the Politics of Health.

       The hardest thing for a human to do is:  To change a Habit.
       We are motivated by:  Pleasure or Pain.   We move towards Pleasure, away from Pain.
       We will only change when the Pain becomes too great.

       We have to figure out, then perform, the Actions that will give us the results we desire.

       How can we help our heroes to help us?

    Winter.  It's almost here.  The time where in our latitude, the earth lay dormant.   We should do that, too.  We should remain quiet, and still and go inward, from around November 15 - January 15.  Enjoy, appreciate the dark.  Use it.  Use the time wisely to plan, to dream, to recharge, reflect.   Rest.  Veg.  Contemplate.  Meditate.  Spend time in quiet, alone.   And become stronger.  This is what the natural energies want us to do.  Naturally.
    The Stages of the Winter Spiritual Initiation in
    Esoteric Christianity & Rosicrucianism
         Excerpted from the Winter Initiation Handbook 
    by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
    The Seasonal/Yearly Cycle of Festivals attune us to the living spiritual processes and Beings active at particular times of the Year.  Esoterically, they provide a practical system for our higher Spiritual Initiation and Union with the Christ Consciousness.

           A brief summary of the Christian Esoteric Festivals for the Winter Season:

    THE GATE OF THE EAGLE (December 1):    The opening of the Gate of Initiation, as the Sun comes into alignment with the star Antares in Scorpio (known as "the Heart of the Scorpion", and one of the four Anchor Points for the Zodiac's Cosmic Cross.)

    ADVENT (Begins November 28):    The Preparation for the Human Being to become self-aware on the 12 Holy Nights, and then to attain the trans-personal Christ Consciousness at Epiphany.  The Four Weeks of Advent mirror four stages of human development leading up to full spiritual awakening.

    WINTER SOLSTICE INITIATION (December 21-23):    The Winter Solstice is the central inbreathing point of the Earth's breathing cycle.  It is linked to the Solar mysteries of the shortest day of the year, the "Rebirth of the Sun", and human spiritual awakening.
             This is the beginning of the 3-day Initiation period, built on the preparatory practices of illuminating our inner life of thinking, feeling and willing (thought, speech, and action).  This 3-day initiation period is a further preparation for the 12 Holy Nights period, which gives birth to the Spiritually Awakened Human Being.

    THE 12 HOLY NIGHTS (Dec. 25-Jan. 5):    The most powerful spiritual time of the year, when human beings can strongly experience spiritual realities within the Winter's external cold and dark. This time of year is also related to the Spiritual Gap ("Pythagorean Comma") between the Lunar and Solar years, a difference of between 11 - 12 days each year.
               This is the time when we awaken into a fully conscious spiritual being, mirrored in history in the incarnation of Jesus. In the 12 nights which follow, we "walk the circle" around the 12 Divine aspects of our own incarnation, linked to 12 essential perspectives on the Christ being. This leads to union with the Christ (our higher Ego) at Epiphany.

    EPIPHANY (January 6):    The culmination of human evolution on Earth, the union of the spiritually self-aware human being (personal Ego) with the Cosmic Christ being (Trans-personal Ego.)  This is mirrored in history in the incarnation of the Solar Logos, the Christ into the body of Jesus at the time of his Baptism in the Jordan by John.  If we have properly completed the preparatory stages in the Winter Initiation process, this is when the Dove of the Holy Spirit descends upon us as we unify our consciousness with that of the living Christ Being.
              The four weeks of Epiphany which follow are the time for the Christ being to illuminate our four bodies (Ego, Astral, Etheric, Physical) in turn, transmuting them to their higher alchemical stages.

    Rosicrucian Winter Initiation Handbook
    by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert   Regularly $39.95
    ON SALE UNTIL DEC. 31 for only $24.95
    Vesica:  (828) 298-7007

             Our special textbook on the Winter Initiation, with material drawn from our previous courses on the esoteric significance of the Christian Holiday festivals.  This handbook includes details of the key days for inner work during the December-January Initiation period, which is the time of the yearly cycle with the most powerful potential for deep spiritual experiences & inner transformation.
            The book also includes a remarkable system for Initiation into Spiritual and Vibrational Forces during the key 12 Holy Nights period, running from December 24 to January 6.  Multiple options for meditative work are given for each of the nights, including accessing the spiritual sources of the 12 Vibrational Bands of the Life Energy Spectrum. 

    Transits to start the year

    Mercury Retrograde: From December 10 - 29, 2010 Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius.  It will begin in Capricorn for the first 5 days then switch into Sagittarius.  Retrogrades by nature cause "disruption or delays."  In retrogrades, it is understood that the planet in "retrograde" seems to be going backward in motion, relative to earth.  In reality, it is not going backward at all, but the rotation equals that of earth's for a time, then goes back to it's normal rotation.  In the time it goes retrograde, the energy that planet symbolizes is affected by the seeming "backward" motion.  With Mercury that is communication in all forms.  This includes emails, phones, cellular, cars, banks, financial transactions, bills, and between people.  This can also be a time when we find lost objects or the reversal is true, where we misplace things and drive ourselves crazy trying to find them again, which can happen once the retrograde is over.

    In a retrograde, be cautious of over zealous behaviour.  Set realistic goals, do not become too bored or make rash decisions.  Also, if planning trips or making moves, take your time doing them, double and triple check before signing papers.  Because it also covers the overall picture, do not jump to conclusions and think that you have all you need to know, take your time to truly understand the situation.

    Mercury rules Gemini and Libra so be careful in your communications with those close to you (siblings, your neighbors and close family members) and also the "finer" details in communications with partners, understanding legal papers and being in balanced communication understanding others.  Also keep tabs on your health, pets and living situations.  A little more attention is recommended since this falls during the holiday season.

    Venus transits: Venus will be in the sign of Scorpio from December 1, 2010 - January 7, 2011.... (revealing secrets, investigation, getting to the details, intensity).  This means relationships, business matters, money matters or legal matters that have not been working out, have been unclear or situations that have needed to be rectified come to the forefront.  [SNIP]
    January 8 - February 4 2011 Venus will be in the sign of Sagittarius.  With this placement, our desire to want to add zest to our relationships, love live and financial picture will be strong. [SNIP]
    February 5 - March 2 2011 Venus goes into the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (karma) is an earth sign and one of slow, diligent progress with an eye toward reality and steady growth.  This is where we build our picture/future. [SNIP]
    2011 is also a universal year 4.  2+0+1+1=4.  4 in Numerology is the number of structure, planning, organization and sticking to your goals.  Much like a Manager in a business, be on top of everything and delegate accordingly but have a plan for what the goal is. [SNIP]

    Inasmuch as we can use divining systems and readings to give us insight into our lives and be prepared for the future, the ultimate decisions to make a choice begins with ourselves.  Free choice (relative to our karmic lessons) is what we create our lives by daily.  It is important to exercise your choice based upon your inner truth.  Listen to the voice within.

    [SNIP] = Robert went into deeper analysis here.  Had to cut the text to conserve space this time 'round.

    Robert Petrungaro, occasional Toronto Dowser, is "available for Private, Corporate, Fundraising Events of all types.  I provide readings in Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and more.  Astrological readings can provide dates for future predictions and do help in understanding your life's purpose.  I can be reached at robertpetrungaro "at" rogers.com  416-657-0655 and  healingthroughunderstanding.com.  Readings can be done by phone, internet via skype or msn with web cam or in person.  Distance readings by phone or internet work the same as in person readings."

    THE   Tuesday,  December 14th,  2010  MEETING FEATURES::
    The 11th Annual
    Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

    This is our time to meet and greet and mingle with one another.
    Our energy is directed towards one other, rather than to a speaker.
    It is time to introduce our selves, our beings, our many faces to one another.

    Tonite's theme:  Interactive  Dowsing


    Our first meeting was in September 2000.
    Even at that early time, it was recognized that we have many other wonderful sides to us.  Dowsers are "helper types".   We offer services, we make and sell useful, beautiful and nifty products.   There are many therapists in our group.
    We do not focus on commercialism, so,
    How can we get to know the other faces of one another?
    In this December Dark our room shall be light as we informally mix and commingle, getting to know one another better.
    Thus it came about that the December meeting would be the time and place for us to share our selves and our other sides, with one another.
    *  *
    This year we shall get back to our roots and experience more
    Dowsing Doings and Demos so
    Bring your Pendulum
    *   *   *
    ONE   PRICE   FOR   ALL:  $10
    AND:   Please bring food --- finger food, such as:  hors d'oeuvres, dips, quartered sandwiches, sushi rolls, etc.

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