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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

***THURSday, FEBRUARY 12, 2004 (See last page for information)

Jill Hewlett
""Brain Gym® for Dowsing Accuracy and Personal Mastery"

Take the Power that you've put in to your pendulum and put it back in to your own Body!
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
[No Dowsing Practice before this meeting.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages]
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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*** THURSDAY! February 12 - Jill Hewlett:
"Brain Gym® for Dowsing Accuracy and Personal Mastery"
March 9 - The Monroe Institute .from Puerto Rico
March 22 - 8 PM - Call to Action: Consciousness Raising
April 13 - David Slater:   "Healers Who Share" ,from Colorado
WEDNESDAY! May  19 - Robert Gilbert - Sacred Geometry, from North Carolina
May  22,23 - Workshop with Robert Gilbert
JUNE - Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force" will be in town

March 20-21 - Total Health Show, Toronto
May 7-9 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont
July 16th to July 19th - United States Psychotronics Association  annual conference
"Celebrating Feminine Achievements in Frontier Science" - Columbus, Ohio

To those who attended our January 13 meeting:  THANK YOU.  It was a pretty frigid evening, and over 140 of you braved the cold.  Snow squalls occurred up to the day before and began again the following day.  We were in a "snow lull".  Thank you for joining me in programming for good travelling weather --- because it was good travelling weather.

And thank you for joining me in programming in other ways, which contributed to the success of our meeting.  One of the things I forgot to program for was the good health of those who attended.  I had 3 calls that afternoon from people who had just come down with a flu/virus and some weren't feeling too well at the meeting.  Please remember the homeopathic flu remedy:  OSCILLOCOCCINUM which is great as a preventive or when you have the flu.

Ross Andaloro, our speaker, said his astrological transits bespoke of an excellent evening ahead, and it was.  So much so that he ran out of handout packages --- we had more people than I dowsed for --- and had to mail some when he returned home to Vancouver.  Astrologically speaking, it was a good night for our meeting.  And, it was an interesting "experiment" in human psychology:  We charge more and more people show up???  Does this mean you think we ask for too little at other times and you stay home?  (No, I'm not serious --- not totally...)

At the end of every meeting rides are offered to the subway.

Ross offered us a simple, effective system.  I've had 10 reports so far of positive feedback, no so-so comments, no negative comments.  Bob Posen appreciated the insights, how Ross laid everything out and that he offered us "terrific Pattern Recognition".  The rest are making headway on clearing out outdated fear patterns.

I am seeing more of my incongruent behaviors.  It's pretty scary to catch myself behaving irrationally, in a way that is inconsistent with who I believe I am.  Does that happen to you?  But it sure is strengthening and liberating to breathe thru it and stay with it, to be aware of that low level anxiety and dialogue with my 4 year old to find and remove those outdated fear patterns.

There was no b.s.  Ross will not pamper you and you can't manoeuver him in to sympathy for your wrong behavior or doing the work for you.  I know that because I tried  (I did not realize I was doing this until my attempts fell flat and felt that Ross was not being drawn in to that energy I tried to draw him in to.)  It's simple and refreshingly honest.  He will not tell you he can heal you, he provides you with the tools, shows you and helps you use it and you do it yourself and yes, you do have to do the work and it takes time.

Please send me feedback, when you have it --- stories, anecdotes --- about your results from what you learned in this meeting, and other meetings.  This is how we all learn.  By finding out what worked --- or not --- for one another.

The  Toronto Dowsers Library

Our growing library, run by Mici Gold, with over 350 items in inventory, is available at meetings before and after our presentation.  Thanks to Sarah East for her donation of "Ishmael", by Daniel Quinn, and to the Canadian Society of Questers for 3 sets of a year's worth of their Quester magazines.

February meeting: Jill Hewlett will be providing a handout describing some of the exercises she will be covering.  (We do not keep extra copies of any handouts that might be available at meetings.  The presenter is the one who has them.)

Jill will also be offering a  Brain Gym® workshop to the Toronto Dowsers the weekend of March 6/7.  Details will be available at the meeting.  If you are interested in this workshop and do not have email, contact me.

We want to get in to a more balanced, centered state, one where we are more internally centered and emotionally balanced.  Brain Gym®  takes us in to a head, heart and body entrainment in to the Neo Cortex area of the brain --- the cerebral --- also called the neo mammalian brain and is the said to be the seat of inspiration, abstract thinking, musical composition, reading and writing.  It is stimulated by meditation, visualization, poetic hymn, prayer or incantation, as well as by repeating mantra's.

The Neo Cortex wants:
     activity        challenge       novelty       stimulation

The Neo Cortex deplores:
     boredom       deprivation       stagnation

Dr. Hawkins Study Group - ~ Feb. 26:  Do you remember Paul Newton, who made the Gentle Wind Project Instruments available to us for our last 2 December socials?   Paul is a big fan of Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force".   Paul has been to Dr. Hawkins' Sedona meetings several times during the past 2 years and, has absorbed and understands much of what Dr. Hawkins is teaching.

Paul has started a Dr. Hawkins study group here in Toronto in the fall.

The next meeting is probably February 26, at The Salvation Army "Yorkminster Citadel" Church at 1 Lord Seaton Drive which is at the southeast quadrant of Yonge Street and the 401. There is plenty of parking and it is conveniently located, a 5' walk north of the York Mills Subway Station.  7 - 9-ish.

Contact Paul for further information: Tel & Cel (416) 587-5812   panewton@sympatico.ca

March 6/7 --- Jill Hewlett, our February speaker, will be offering a workshop on Brain Gym.  Details to be announced.  If you are not on Internet and interested, let me know.

March MeetingJohn Clyde Kranz, and Lyra, from the Monroe institute and Hemi Sync, will come to tell us about techniques and tools, and, you'll get another glimpse in to that session next month but first, Lyra's Medicine Woman, asked me to share this with you:

"Ah, rather than speak to you about us and what we represent, it is best to invite you to join us in an experiential session about you.

Let us simply invite you and let you know how we will proceed.  During our workshop, we will be speaking to you about setting up your personal and sacred space.  We will speak to you about getting to a quiet space, the place some consider meditation and others consider prayer.

The goal is for you to form a closer connection to yourself so that when you wish to guide your life intuitively, with innate knowledge, you’ll find a centeredness from which you can get your answers."

And, if you want a heads up on some of the products they represent and will show us, you can check out these web sites:
 Hemi-Sync     –      Powerforms     –      Chakralife

Consumer Health Organization of Canada
Thanks the Toronto Dowsers

Libby and John Gardon and Helen McLellan asked me to thank you for our contributions to Consumer Health in their time of need.  Thanks to:  Arlene Anismanm,  Sherry Gilad, Jill Jones, Carol Ann Kukulsky, Helga Riemer, Sandra Voronka for your help and donations when you knew it was needed.
And, Art Martin was extremely generous, too, as represented by his contribution of $2,000 to their coffers, which was as a result of a little suggestion to Art.   Art immediately did the right thing.  Art, that is a Class Act !

Total Health Show

CHOC is holding its 27th annual show:
Total Health 2004 will be held March 20 and 21, 2004.

Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm
Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place,

Among the featured speakers are: Professor J. J. Hurtak, author of The Keys of Enoch, Almine, Len Horowitz, Juliano (gourmet raw chef to the elite), Sandra Michael, Zoltan Rona, David Rowland, Almine, Hulda Regehr Clark, Bryan Farnum,  Elaine Gottschall, Leonard Horowitz, Prof. J. J. Hurtak, Victor Marcial-Vega, MD, Arthur Martin, Ann Blake Tracy, PhD,  Gary Young, ND. There will be three special panel presentations and special evening workshops. 416 490-0986
Weekend tickets will be $30 for members and $40 for non-members.
Tickets for a single day will be $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

APRIL MEETING:   David Slater, From Colorado, who worked closely with Hanna Kroeger, and founder of Healers Who Share, will be offering our April presentation, teaching us aspects of dowsing with regard to health.  Through 'fortuitous events' David happened to develop a line of remedies.   He now has hundreds of remedies for all sorts of situations you want to improve.  How do you know what ---- if ---- you need any?  You dowse for it.  What we generally do is we know that something is bothering us and try to treat that symptom.  With dowsing, though, if you want to make beneficial changes, you can ask your dowsing system to choose something for you --- a remedy, a supplement ---- whatever --- to address your highest priority.  You may be surprised at the answer you will get.  And then you will realize that your dowsing system's intelligence is working for your highest good.  Your answer could address something you forgot or didn't realize how heavily it impacted you.

David's remedies --- for emotional areas --- fascinate me.  Each one that he developed has a different story attached to it.   Here are just a few, from the hundreds in his list I picked out to mention a few listed in the A-J section:    Addictions, Anxiety, Apathy, Blame, Claustrophobia, too Critical of others, too Critical of Self, Decisiveness, Excuses, Expectations, Fat Phobia, Future Fear, Flight Fright, Gotta Bye, Gloom & Doom, Guilt Blame, Hypochondria, Inhibited Inferiority Complex, Jealousy.   You'll hear more about David in the next 2 issues.

David has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body. I put him at the top of the list of healers worldwide I have heard speak or read about.

MAY MEETING:  ROBERT GILBERT:   I've been waiting for THREE YEARS  to invite Robert here --- 3 years since I first met him and knew we had to hear him.  I did not invite him sooner because we weren't ready for him.  We are now ready.  When I took Robert's workshop in June, it was one of the few times I sat on the edge of my seat the whole weekend, fascinated.   He talks about Sacred Geometry, vibrational radiesthesia (BioGeometry included), and spiritual practices.   What I realized in his workshop was:  This was the first time in my life I was learning anything of value.  It was true wisdom.  How things began.  And why.  And how they are interconnected.  He is the only westerner to study with Dr. Ibraham Karim, of Egypt.

Robert unveils some of the secrets of the spiritual schools to us, such as how you can create specific energies with form.

      Robert's company, Vesica, was "founded in 1999 to provide resources for those in search of a clear, concise, and grounded foundation of classical & modern spiritual knowledge. Our mission is to bring together a fully conscious understanding of the mysteries of antiquity with the scientific discoveries and spiritual opportunities of our modern age. This approach incorporates experiential work to attain direct perception of spiritual realities in harmony with deep inner self-knowledge.
      The goal is to empower the individual with the essential knowledge and practices to find their own life path and spiritual direction. We have entered an age where many spiritual seekers do not, and can not, give their power over to external teachers and institutions. This is an extremely important development in human spiritual evolution. Vesica is intended to provide vital resources to those on the modern path of Self-Initiation.

JUNE:   I won't be here in June.  I am going, as I hope many of you will go, to the annual ASD convention in Vermont.  This is where I met Raymon and Joey and Robert Gilbert, Mary Hardy, Alan Handelsman, Bill Russell, and many others who you have heard about and appreciated.  Last June you saw Dr. Hawkins "Power vs. Force" video, which had a lot of excellent content, but was somewhat slow in too many places.

Paul Newton, who was mentioned above, will be offering a presentation based on what he has been learning through Dr. Hawkins' teachings --- unless we can arrange for Dr. Hawkins to speak to us which is kinda doubtful, but we can always "intend", can't we?

 DR. DAVID HAWKINS WILL BE IN TORONTO, giving his first Toronto workshop, via the Learning Annex on Saturday, June 26, 2004 from 9 to 5.  The fees vary from a low of $99.95 for early registration to $169.95 which includes a VIP reception from 5 to 6. www.learningannex.com or call (416) 964-0011.  Book early

Easily recycle:  laser, ink cartridges, cell phones and support Food Banks:

You can drop off your laser, ink cartridges, cell phones at many supermarkets, etc.:

"The idea for the project is simple: turn used inkjet cartridges into food by providing used cartridges to the remanufacturing industry in return for proceeds for the Food Bank. In the end the Food Bank has more resources to feed people and plastic waste is diverted from landfills.  Each cartridge is worth about a carton of milk, a jar of peanut butter, or in some cases a whole meal!"

For Collection Sites:  www.think-food.com/dropoff.html

The Mission of the thINK FOOD project is to alleviate hunger and divert waste from landfill sites by collecting and recycling as many used ink jet cartridges as possible to raise funds for food banks.

thINK FOOD is an innovative, environmentally friendly fundraising project for food banks that involves the collection and recycling of used inkjet cartridges. Launched in Toronto in 2001, the project expanded through Ontario for community food banks that are members of the Ontario Association of Food Banks. In April 2002 the project launched nationally for members of the Canadian Association of Food Banks and respective provinces/Food Bank associations.

There are both public and internal collection sites for the inkjet cartridges. Thousands of workplaces, schools and community groups have implemented the project for their staff, students and members, or, Public drop off locations, including all Purolator Retail and Depot stores, are available for individuals who have used cartridges at home or don’t have a collection site where they work.

You can collect any type of inkjet cartridge for the thINK FOOD project.
The other common type of printer cartridge is the laser or toner cartridge.

In the recycling process, the entire cartridge is reused because it is ‘remanufactured’ to be a new cartridge.
There are over 30 million inkjet cartridges used in Canada each year. Only 5-10% of these are presently recycled.
300 million laser and inkjet cartridges go to landfills every year in North America.
The plastic used in each cartridge takes more than 1000 years to decompose.
Stacked end to end, cartridges thrown away in North America in one year would cover a distance of over 38,000 km - enough to circle the earth.
Two and a half ounces of oil are used to make the plastic for every inkjet cartridge produced.

To find out if it is possible to collect these in your community please phone us at 1-888-271-3641 or email us at info@think-food.com.

Our January 2004 speaker:  Ross Andaloro
Using the Pendulum to Dialog With your Subconscious

Ross Andaloro came here on a frigid night in January to show us a system which allows you to clear your fear states, through the use of the pendulum, where you dialog with your subconscious --- the "you" when you were 4 years old --- when these fear states were created --- to uncover them and removed these unwanted, outdated programs.

Ross studied with Rajneesh. And Marcel Vogel.   He works with actors and musicians and opera singers, is Aquarian and is a proponent of Western Buddhism.   People in Toronto remember him from when he lived here --- over 10 years ago and taught classes about working with crystals.  He uses a quartz pendulum that has been cut to his own specifications for the kind of healing work he is doing.

This system came in to Ross' life in the mid 80's in a university course in Oregon that he learned from his teacher, Santosh.  This course was taught in a one week period.  Ross has been dowsing for about 30 years and found this system about 15 years into it.  He compressed the 7 day course in to a one day course and this evening we are further compressed it in to 2 hours.  It was the most popular course at this university.

This process is a Conscious Intuitive Regression.

With Ross' system, we are getting to the roots of certain fears that are in the subconscious that are still being projected on to the present from the past.

We project the past on to the present as if its happening now.

The subconscious thinks its still happening.  It's not.   It keeps projecting this historical stuff on to the present.  Like feuds, like the Hatfields and McCoys, the Capulets and Montagus.

We need to be open to see how much of our life consists of projections.

You can do this directly and don't have to wait for a therapist.  You can help children do this.

The emotional charge of the memory is held in the conscious mind.  We are choosing on some level to energize the old fear state.  In the future, you will be able to make a choice --- of what you want to energize --- or not.  We eventually convince the subconscious that we don't have to be afraid any more.

That old memory, in your subconscious, is dead information, like a DVD disc.  It is over.  Until you put that DVD disc in to a machine, with a monitor hooked up to it, nothing happens.  It just sits there.  You don't know what's on it, you don't know anything.  But then we light it up, somehow.  We make a choice, subconsciously, to put that DVD disk in to the machine, and play it, now, as if its real.  And its not.

How do we do that?  We created this big movie and then we find out this movie isn't real.  Now we get a chance to edit the movie.

Instead of experiencing life, we have been experiencing our own movie being projected over and over.  And over. Again.

Once you start seeing the difference between the dream movie and reality, you will realize the dream movie is ridiculous, the reality is nourishing.

Where do nightmares come from?  They come from those fear states that are in the subconscious.  At night, when we go to sleep, a movie starts.  This is about getting to the core of the movie, talking to your 4 year old.  I'm going to use the term:  4 year old, and, subconscious --- interchangeably.  We are really talking about the first 4 or 5 years of your life and where the original programs go in.  We all have them.  We all came in to this life helpless and we needed someone to care for us.  That is true for all of us.  At times it makes us very vulnerable and very frightened.  But now, we are strong capable human beings who have our life experience, our education, our abilities and we are, still, subconsciously lighting up that information.

This is a big process to begin to understand that you have a choice.  You have a choice to get to know what your subconscious is afraid of and then assist and get its cooperation to let go of those fears entirely.  At the same time you ar separating reality from the past and are also using right use of the imagination and right use of mind.

We are all in the situation, in the human dilemma, where we are getting angry where we don't need to, where we are feeling anxiety where we don't need to feel anxiety.  This system helps us to begin a process of separating fantasy from reality.

Being born through a difficult pregnancy or delivery, for example can create a first impression like "I'll never make it." "Why isn't someone helping me?"  "It's an impossible task."  "I think I'll give up."   And we have kept repeating that program over and over again.

This system helps us live in the present and find out what stops us totally.  We are talking about how we use our imagination.   We use it all the time.  Most of the time it is used positively, sometimes it is used negatively.

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." (Carlos Castenada)

Ross has remembered, and continues to remember more of a tremendous amount of his childhood as a result of doing this process over the years.  It's highly visual for him.

When he is in the moment, he gets ahead of time and can sense what is ahead. The more we are in the moment, we transcend space and time as we know it.  Our intuition is enhanced.

Ross had a traumatic incident, a near drowning.  It was so highly charged, the energy was so highly contracted, so much of his present day energy --- until he unwound this event --- was tied up in it.

All emotions are a variation of fear.
All fears boil down to the same thing
Worry about survival
All fears stem from worry about survival
As a human being
In this body
In this dimension

Learning the System:
Ross provided us with a set of handouts which describes his system and clearly steps us through it.  First, he had us read an article called "The Green Dragon and the Four Year Old", which set the stage to tell us about how the 4 year old inner child is still directing our life today, what it is doing, why and how, and how to set up and re-create our relationship with our 4 year old and reprogram the bio-computer.  To have this process work, it is essential to trust the 4 year old, be respectful and grateful and learn to be patient, to come from a place of understanding.

In setting up the system and the program:

1) First we establish the 4 movements of the pendulum.  Remember, we are talking to a 4 year old so in addition to "yes", "no" there is also:  "I don't know"  and "I don't want to answer".  We want to give the child an out.  We don't want to force the child to have to talk to us.

2) Once the pendulum movements are established, the first thing to do is to "Make the first contact" and have the first chat.  When the original programs were set up there were certain people in your life who were authority figures. What the child sees is those figures. "You" are not in the original program, which is why we had that first chat (setting up the process).   This is to establish a connection with the subconscious (your four year old).  This is where we begin to dialogue, to create the foundation for trust.  Some people have to have that first chat several times.

The process for the "chat" is listed on the handout.

Through the use of the pendulum, we ask the 4 year old questions such as:  Will you talk with me? Would you be willing to share with me some of the things that you are afraid of?   Ross has 8 questions listed.  If you are getting a non response, back off because the child might not want to talk.  If you feel the subconscious is freezing up -- give it a choice --- if it wants to talk or not.  Be patient.  Always remember you are talking to a 4 years old. Patience & Kindness. Try again at a later time.

Sometimes this "first chat" has to take place several times until there is an open and reasonably easy flow.

3) Next, using the listing of fears, with the percentage chart, we step through each of the 36 fear states that Ross has listed, to find out the priority of fears and how much of each fear we have.  To do this, going down the list, for each fear we ask questions such as: "To what degree are you afraid of..."  possible fears such as:  being happy, being open, disappearing, etc.   By using a per centage chart you make a list of the % of fear you have and can determine what needs to be worked on first.

So, e.g., if your dowsing results showed that had 90% for numbers 9, 16 and 27, these could be the first fears to work on.

4)  Then, for each fear we go through a deprogramming process.  To "Deprogram", Ross suggests we become "detectives".  You want to establish a timeline for each one, for each event, such as how old you were the first time it happened --- you could also have been in the womb, in a past life --- and location of an event, etc.  You just keep going until you establish all the possible criteria.  You find out who else was there, how you felt and as many details as possible.  You want to see the event.

Again, we work on this one fear at a time, to see the entire event, who was there, when, etc.

5) Now that we have determined what happened, when, with whom, etc., we want to release that stuck program.

At this stage we ask the 4 year old questions to determine if it can and will drop being afraid, etc, such as:

  • To what degree can you see that we are no longer dependent on:  Father, Mother or (another authority figure) for our survival even as though we were as an infant.?
  • To what degree can you see this past is now irrelevant?
  • To what degree can you see that now the situation is totally changed and you do not need to defend yourself against a similar experience?
  • To what degree have you now dropped or have you already started to drop this defensive fear and any conditions it may be causing?
  • You want to get the degree down to "0" for every fear.  At first, you may not be able to do so, but you keep working on it until each fear is down to 0.  You can do this every day, once a week, etc.  The progress you make is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend on it.  You can work on one fear at a time completely, or work on a piece of one fear and go on to another one.

    REVIEW:  Once you are comfortable working with your pendulum and have had your "chat" so you can comfortably dialog with your 4 year old:

  • Dowse for the fears you have to work on and establish the order to work on them, starting with the those that have the highest percent
  • For each fear, establish all the criteria of that first event
  • Release the stuck programming, getting each fear down to "0".
  • There will be certain things in your life, certain particular traumas, that are highly emotionally charged that may take a little longer.  You may have to deprogram that particular fear 10 times over --- it might take a year before you get right to the bottom of it.

    Does it seem like a long process?  Did you expect it to happen instantaneously?  It might for some, but consider how long it took you to develop the fears.  A lifetime.

    It's highly repetitive.  "After 15 years I still do it the same way, and with practice you get very fast out of it and a good contact with your subconscious.  What I've found is that the subconscious becomes highly cooperative.  I got to the point where I had most of it memorized and could do it in a bank line."

    And, if you feel you need to add something else, you can, to develop your own style.

    When these strategies that have been developed, have been put in place, when we were children --- they are there for a really good reason.  At the time, they were totally valid and helped us to survive a given situation.  Now we are doing other things and those strategies are totally obsolete and we need to let them go so we can become full conscious adults who are in our strong conscious energies continuously.

    Q:  How do you know you are making progress?
    A:  When everything goes to "0".  When you are working on a particular piece, you may get it from 90% to 30%.  That is as far as you can get that particular moment in that particular day.  Don't be too pushy.  Back out, leave it alone.  You know consciously that that is still there and you will still have to work on it, maybe a week or so.

    When he first got in to it deeply, he'd do it 3 hours a day for 4 months.  He established all the fears and started working them, right to "0".  He had a very cooperative subconscious at the time.

    At the end, he asks "To what degree have I dropped this fear?"

    Sometimes when there is a percentage remaining of something you are working on, you can go deeper and say "Is there something else you are afraid of?  Is there another level?"

    Nothing makes us angry
    We make ourselves angry
    We have a choice
    To be angry or not
    We project the past on to the present.

    We begin to hear and heal our own inner shadows. The essence of it is change yourself. If you heal your own shadow, all of your inner fears, what happens is that this mind state emanates through the collective unconscious of everyone on this planet.

    Every time we deprogram a key piece of fear we are changing the world.  We are changing the consciousness of our species to a more peaceful way of operating.

    Inner peace = world peace.  Its the morphic field of our collective species that we are working with.  We are part of the field.   When we clear our fears, completely, when we stop projecting them, we heal the world, we heal humanity.  Through doing this work, we can each do our part.

    Many of us still look for authority figures to heal us, and, as we start to empower ourselves, this is an evolutionary and revolutionary shift that occurs.  We constantly project this fear movie that someone else can "solve this problem I have".  His methods help us find that we do become our own authority figures.

     Some of his comments about what's happening with money, with society:
    "The consciousness that is happening outweighs anything you can gain financially."
    "It's not that people don't have the money.  It's who can you trust. It's the greed that people on the planet hate about North America.   What is happening to many is a Conscience of Consciousness."

    "As you do the work, in total gratitude, things become attracted to you and it becomes a magnetic state."

    Ross Andaloro lives in Vancouver and comes to Toronto frequently where he sees clients (near the Big Carrot) to help them work on their issues.  When he was asked about his sessions, he replied "Yes, I help you.  And you do the work."  He will not claim to heal you, do it for you or do it to you.  He will help you find what needs to be found.  He also gives this workshop in a one day seminar in a manner that is also suitable for non dowsers.  For a personal session, or to arrange a workshop, contact Ross at ross@sourcequest.ca or 604-224-1749.

    Please bear with me in this next section, as I struggle to try to express certain observations on rapidly changing energetics.  Paradigms are changing more quickly than I can ingest, digest and assimilate:

    What are we doing? Dowsing?
    Why are we here?   Review.
    One Step Backwards, 2 Forward

    Why do you dowse?   Why are you part of a dowsing group?  Are you dowsing and are you effective in ways that are meaningful for you?

    Most of us came to dowsing out of a desire to improve our own health and once we found out, knowing how to dowse seemed to be the best tool available to us (and still is).   And then we found other ways we could use this simple yet powerful concept.

    I sat in dowsing classes and presentations learning new neat ways to dowse for my health and learned things about the earth I never knew existed.

    June 2000 I met Raymon Grace and my whole focus shifted.  Soon after the Toronto Dowsers was born.  (You think that was a coincidence?  HAH!  I picture his guides and my guides playing pinochle at that big card table in the sky and one of them says they want to get Raymon's message to Toronto and another one says --- yeah, let's have Marilyn Gang meet Raymon at the ASD.  Le voilà!)

    That summer, as I'm unconsciously planning the Toronto Dowsers, and through his first workshop here in November, his teachings are percolating.  August 1 was our organizational meeting. At that time I never considered that Raymon might become one of our foci. I couldn't do much that fall since my dad became quite ill in October and passed away June 2001.  The summer of 2001 I tried to put together a subgroup but didn't really have the energy for it and chose the wrong person to run it and had to disband it.  This group was Raymon's Rangers. The idea is [still] a good one, and, several of you have been requesting a similar undertaking.

    We can make a significant difference in improving everything in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

    We can of course continue to improve our health and the health of those we care about.  We can choose the most beneficial foods, supplements, modalities, careers, activities, friends, movies, books, stores, to go or not to go, where when how, what's wrong with our car, get a parking spot, etc.

    And for those who want to do "extra credit", we can do more.

    We can change our community.  We can change Toronto.
    We can improve the school system.
    We can reduce crime.
    We can improve the hospitals.
    We can impact on the media.
    We can impact the political structure.
    We can reduce the number of accidents.
    We can improve the health and happiness of those who live and work here.

    What does it take to accomplish this?  40 dowsers.  40 committed dowsers.

    Folks used to tell me: "I can't help with "XYZ", or, "I can't go here, or there.  I'm healing Afghanistan. It didn't make much sense, when their own health, family and work life was falling apart.

    First, we have to help our own selves, our family members, friends and neighbors.

    Participating in this kind of an impact has been my goal since I first sat in Raymon's class.

    How do we do this?  Each one of us reading these words makes a significant difference.
    One of our recent speakers told me that there is a reason why each person is drawn to our group.  We are creating a specific energy.  I call it "making Cotton Candy."

    Have you seen them make Cotton Candy at a fair?  They take a paper cone and swirl it around the drum.  Round and round, The Cotton Candy sticks to the cone and with each swirl more sticks, until its complete.  We are not quite yet complete.

    So what and how do we do this?
    You learn how to dowse.  You practice, you build your "dowsing muscles".  You dowse for yourself, then your family, then your friends.  You become comfortable with a pendulum.  You practice, starting with simple things that will work that will enable you to build confidence.  And you become confident, and, believe in yourself.

    You learn some techniques --- perhaps those taught by Raymon, either through one of his workshops, or his book "Techniques That Work For Me."   And again, you practice and you improve your energy and vitality and life force and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and bodies and balance.

    You decide (or dowse for) how you want to make a difference in your community, and get together with at least one other person, 2 is even better --- and you start working on it.

    And hopefully, we find out about one another and these little groups start interconnecting with one another.

    * REMINDERS: *

    In your life --- do you think you need e.g., a new computer?  Dowse to see if this is so.  Dowse to see how much to spend, where to buy it from.  It saves a lot of time to dowse rather than reading the sales in the newspapers, putting your feet on the street to go shopping.

    Dowse to see if a proposed activity is in your best interest or not, if its a good idea to have a certain conversation with a certain someone, if the timing is right.

    You don't want to have to dowse for every decision in life, but if you practice doing this, in time, your intuition will kick in and will guide you for what's best.  For many people, using a pendulum is like training wheels on a bike --- it helps you start, fine tune and strengthen your intuition.  "Our Intuition is the inner - tuition of our Greater Self."

    Events are taking place that are beyond our experience.  We need better tools -- and know how to use them -- to make better decisions.  We need to be able to use them in an emergency. It's not the time to get out the manual and start reading it.

    " Dowsers are Among the Most Powerful People on the Planet ...  Their problem is, they just don't know it. " -   Raymon Grace

      *  INTENT *  !!!!  -- Here's how it works!
    When I lived in NYC I taught French, Spanish and, because I lived in an area where there were a lot of UN families, I also taught ESL.  My students from Greece kept urging me to visit them in Greece in the summer because it was so beautiful.  I did and they were right.   I took side trips, to Turkey and Israel. In Istanbul, I spent a whole day back and forth on the ferry across the Bosporus because I got a kick out of going from Asia to Europe to Asia to Europe,.... and fantasized in front of the Pudding Shop bulletin board near Santa Sofía about taking a bus to Afghanistan for only $20.  The thought of getting a bargain like that almost drove practical considerations out of my mind.

    So I'm checking in at the Istanbul airport, on a flight to Tel Aviv.  My baggage is overweight and they want another $80!  No!  So I pull my baggage back, so I could think this through.  I didn't even spend $80 on all this neat brass "stuff" I bought at the bazaar.  I'm wandering around the check in area, wondering what to do, feeling helpless, feeling a little stupid, mentally asking for help with this situation.

    Have the picture?  I live in New York, am going from Istanbul to Tel Aviv.

    Not even 10 minutes goes by and I see a familiar person coming towards me.  Who do I see, but my friend, photographer Ruben Jara, from New York!  And Ruben is with a friend of his!   Not only that:  They are both on assignment from National Geographic and all each one carries is a little camera bags and a very small back pack!  AND!  They are taking the same flight --- from Istanbul --- to Tel Aviv that I'm going to take!   Naturally, they took my overweight souvenirs and divided it between them.

    This is a small miracle, a fun one, I was not in distress, but a miracle nevertheless.  It happened because of a very focused powerful concentration.   Things like this happen to me frequently.  I bet it happens to you, too.  Reminder ... It's about ... Intent

    When Our Requests are... seemingly ... ignored

    What happens when we want something, we dowse, we intend, we pray and nothing seems to happen?

    Mark Brewer, Toronto Dowser:
    " I can't be attached to the answers that come as much as I am to being in the flow of the moment.  I remember one time years ago that I inquired whether I had enough gas to get to the house.  Felt the answer was "yes", than ran out of gas about ten miles down the road.  Caught a ride to a gas station and back to my car, and then took the gas can back to the station.  Immediately I knew I was in the right place, sharing with the station owner about important stuff.  But still, I inquired later to find out why God had "lied" to me about the gas.  Clear question came back to me asking me if I would have inquired about going ahead and running out of gas, or would I just have logically bought some to get home.  Of course I would have bought some!  And would have missed the experience that I was supposed to be in the middle of.   Sure, I know that asking permission to dowse goes a long way toward eliminating those problems and that's good.  But to me, life is a flow where I constantly inquire about things...

    Every thought we have and word we utter creates an energy that may never cease to be.  I have faith to believe that those energies can be scrambled, changed, whatever through love and an intention to benefit myself and others.  Any time that I think badly of a person, a situation, or a group of people; I contribute to the fracturing of the balance that should exist in creation.  So I'm slowly flowing through my prejudices and preferences to a place where I can just BE."

    JIM BOMBA, TEXAS.  Jim ordered ECH20 and I told him about the problem we were having shipping it to the US in December due to the FDA's new rules:

    Thu, 18 Dec 2003 04:59:25 -0600
    From: Jim Bomba

    dear   marilyn,
    whenever  i   encounter   a 'blockage'  to   my   plans, i   try   to    pause,   quiet  my  mind,   and  realize   that god   is   helping   me   to  something  better   than  what i  had planned.

    * Energies & Energy Shifts & Super Sensitive People: *

    For those who have email, at the bottom of the announcements, occasionally I'll mention something about the "energies" I perceived and then verified with others during that time.  If they notice it too, I know its not just me and I may say something.  Because things are happening to us that seem so bizarre that we think we are going cuckoo.  Knowing that others are going through the exact same thing is comforting and it relieves much of the stress, struggle and guilt.

    What causes these energies?  Sometimes its natural, sometimes its man made.  It could be Astrological.  It could be the humongous solar flares that have been occurring for some time.  It could be "energy clouds" which drift across the cosmos and can affect all of planet earth or any size region.  It could be HAARP or other satellites, microwave transmissions or other.  It could be a combination of energies.

    Astrologically, the planets have a "magnetic" effect on us.  Combined with solar flares and heightened frequencies, this effect can be exacerbated.

    Who goes through this? We all are affected by it but not all, thank God, feel its affects. Just those of us who --- for whatever reason --- have a certain extra sensitivity.

    You could be feeling fine for several days.
    Then all of a sudden, without warning, you have no physical, mental or emotional energy.  Cotton wool is in your brain.  Or you could feel sad or irritable, like everything is stretched to the max.  It could last for a day or 3 or a week.  This is what I go through and what you tell me happens to you, too.

    I've had so many emails and conversations with many of you on this, especially lately, figured its about time to put it in the newsletter.

    The only 'general' commonality that somewhat stands out so far is that most people who experience this seem to have a "Vata" dosha.  This comes from Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurveda is the "Science of Health" in India and is 5,000 years old.  There are 3 main "doshas" or body types:  Vata, Pitta and Kapha (You can find descriptions of this on internet or in Deepak Chopra's books).  Tri dosha types seem to be the least affected.

    Vata people need regularity of habits the most and have the hardest time establishing them.  You can balance yourself with diet, as recommended in many articles, books, websites.

    High sensitivity is a reason why so many people buy a Q Link.  Wonderful concept, doesn't work for everyone, and for some its benefits disappear after a few weeks or a few months.  And purple plates.  And pulsors.  And....

    We've found some answers by considering that certain subtle energetic bodies might be less sturdy, more specifically the mental and energetic ones.

    The above situation is one of the reasons why the Dowsing Card was developed.  And it often works.  The difference is you have to DO IT.

    What do you think about this question?  Will you share your findings with others, here?  Comments are appreciated.

    When one has a sensitive nature, you can be more discerning.  That's often a beneficial condition.  But the downside of being sensitive is the way sensitive people feel more adversely affected.

    The end of 2003 was an extra stressful time for many of us, from about the 2nd or 3rd week in December to the first week of January.  Too many people, even those who seldom become ill -- had a flu or virus or respiratory difficulty.  Some had more than one, sometimes one thing came, then went and a few days later another problem struck.  The week of December 21st seemed to deliver the hardest hit --- and not just because it was Christmas week or the darkest week of the year.  There were other energies acting up.

    Ursula Fugger, President of Astrology Toronto said that the Mercury Retrograde at the end of the year had a greater than usual affect on the lungs.  And, it seemed as if everyone was coughing and there wasn't enough Oil of Oregano  or liquid propolis to go around.

    What do you do at a time like this?  Mostly, we'd like to pull the covers over our head and have the world leave us alone and wait until its over.  Since that's seldom possible, know you're not alone and it WILL pass.

    This is why you want to acquire the dowsing habit before this situation occurs, so you have the skills, habits and dowsing muscles to dowse your way out of it.

    Here are some suggestions of what is most often affecting us at these time and what to dowse for and change, if indicated, for you:

  • Am I out of balance with the earth's energy?
  • Are electromagnetic fields affecting me?
  • Are astrological bodies affecting me?
  • Is mass consciousness affecting me?
  • Am I out of balance with the earth grids?
  • Am I grounded?
  • Am I at my ideal body frequency?
  • Is my blood brain balance at the most appropriate level for me?
  • The above aspects used to be fairly stable.  Now, with the shifts, they move all too frequently.

    If you notice you are in a non beneficial state, ask the above questions and clear it up.  If you can't do it for yourself, get your dowsing buddy to do it.  Don't have one?  GET ONE!!!!   You've been to enough meetings.  You've spoken to enough people.  Find someone you are compatible with and exchange numbers and help one another.   You can do this easily by telephone.

    Learn to clear yourself with a pendulum, or through other methods, such as Joey Korn's, do it through prayer, or prayer and dowsing.  However you do it, JUST DO IT!


    The Harmonic Concordance was a supercharged powerful time.   We asked for things. We asked for awareness, we asked to be moved along our spiritual path more quickly.   This was mid November.

    Part of the upheavals in December was the cleaning out of old stuff that we had asked for, processing and sending in new energy fluctuations.  We are "out of balance" as the old leaves and the new comes in.  It takes energy for us to process new energies. When you go through energetic re-adjustments, we have less physical energy.

    Layers of crud --- many of the veils --- have been removed.

    As I'm writing this part, January 28, 2004, 11:11 a.m., just got off the phone with one of you, we were talking about how strange these past 2 weeks have been.  Quiet.  You said it's "an almost ominous quiet".  Energies seem subdued.  This morning when I woke up, it was like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day".  It's as if I woke up in to a different world, but I don't know what.  You said the same thing, you got up at 5 a.m., feeling a shift.  This is the 2nd time I've noticed it within a month.  And, the time between the seconds has gotten faster. Again.

    And January 26, 27, 28 has been a time of clarity, optimism, joy.

    I'm noticing an even higher sensitivity, awareness and discernment.  More aware of mainstream hype.
    We keep asking for answers, for higher frequencies, for higher consciousness, for more light.  And as we take on more of those qualities, other things change as well.  What happens when your light becomes brighter?  The dark becomes darker, and the greater light attracts the greater dark. No wonder why you are experiencing greater difficulty than before!   Just as when you have more money --- and more people know about it --- you also attract more non beneficial people who are only too eager to relieve you of your money.

    The week after Raymon completed his largest workshop here, March 2002, I was getting many phone calls from people who were having rather difficult times.  You learned more and increased your abilities.  So, what you did was, you brought yourself to the attention of the more powerful -- and -- less benevolent beings.  When it was suggested to you that you increase your protection levels --- and you did --- the problems disappeared.

    The same thing is happening now.  You have more abilities.  You are doing more advanced work and once again have brought yourself to the attention of stronger non beneficial energies.  You must rise to the occasion and proportionately increase your strength, and, if you believe in protection, increase it.  How?  If you're not sure, ask for it.

    Also, surrounding yourself with White Light might not be the best thing right now.  White attracts too much dark.  We are in different frequencies with different colors.  Use Gold.

    *            *            *            *            *            *

    Changes in eating habits:

    While we are experiencing these shifts in higher frequencies, my eating has changed.  I want food as fuel -- nourishing fuel. Concentrated hi quality super nutrition. Rocket fuel.  Can you give me your recommendations for quick, nourishing combinations?  For example,
    -  A combination I frequently make is: grapefruit, cottage cheese, hemp oil, bee pollen.  The cottage cheese and hemp oil is reminiscent of  Dr. Johanna Budwig's "Budwig Cream" where she recommended "quark" and flax oil to her cancer patients.
    -  The vet recommended a mixture of:  spirulina, honey and bee pollen for my cat when he was quite ill.  It was so good I started eating it.
    -  Frank Ludde recommended a raw egg beaten in to grape juice to restore one to health
    -  Chavanprash --- a jam like product from India, made from Amla, a fruit very high in Vitamin C.  Be careful to get the "good" kind, not the cheap stuff with a lot of sugar (you could live on this stuff.  Herbie's Herbs carries it).
    -  The "Missing Link" is ground seed/nut meal
    -  Then there's BarleyGold, also, alfalfa tablets from Shaklee to chew on.

    More of you are following the fresh 'n raw eating style.  Higher vibration.  You look great.  Your eyes are bigger, your skin is clearer, your hair is healthier, fuller, shinier, your smiles are broader.

    Do you have any nourishing easy foods or combinations?  Please let me know so it can be put in the newsletter.

    Are you in an MLM?

    Are you in an MLM that offers any kind of food, food product, health supplement?  I would like to include that information in an upcoming newsletter.

    This means companies such as:  Cell Tech, EarthNet, Mannatech, AIM, RBC, Amway, Melaleuca, VitaMost, Shaklee, Usana, Matol, Immunocol.

    MLM stands for "Multi Level Marketing".  It is also known as "Network Marketing".  There are good things about MLMs and not so good things about MLMs.  One of the good things about them is the overall quality of the products which is superior to most products available in stores.  I'd like to make the information available to you so you can dowse for yourself if any of the products would be of significant benefit for you.

    If you are, and if you would like your company, product and your contact information written about, please send it to me. Emailed, in a form I can use it in the newsletter --- is preferred.  I don't want to have to type a lot of info, or correct usage, descriptions and spelling.  And please, when you do this, please reign in any greed gremlins that may be trying to express themselves.  The purpose is educational. A beneficial byproduct is business, and, I'm hypersensitive to MLM greed.

    PERSONAL REQUEST:  I am looking for a product that is truly an all-in-one meal or snack and is truly healthy, made from whole foods, not isolates.  Not a "health bar".  Not a powder.  Where I don't have to add juice or milk or fruit.  Not soy.  Preferably with green, preferably in liquid form, like a shake form.  So far the closest I've found is Chavanprash.


    Since October 2000, dowsers in the San Francisco Bay Area have gathered together to help their community. Their projects have included, among others, clearing negative energies from an AIDS hospice and finding the reasons for the oak tree blight.  On Saturday, April 19, 2003, this group used dowsing to investigate the following worldwide phenomenon.   Here is what they found:

    There is a group of scientists funded by the United States government that is sending mood-altering vibrations – or pulses -- via satellite.  At the beginning of the war in Iraq, the vibration created extreme fatigue in those affected.  In the last couple of weeks, a different pulse has been sent which creates a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to cope.   These vibrations infect all satellite-fed transmissions, including television, the Internet, and 65% of all telephone communications, with cell phones being 100% problematic.  Email is okay, but websites are not.   Internal computer software that is not connected to the Internet is harmless.  Movies shown in theaters and on home video and DVD players are not a problem.   Radio programs are okay.  Some strong radiations are leaking out of the wires of cable connections.  This phenomenon will continue for three to four months.

       The average amount of exposure time to manifest symptoms is two and a half hours in a 24-hour period.  Those who have been infected and then “unplug” tend to go through a withdrawal or healing period of about 48 hours. All dowsers are, of course, encouraged to dowse out their own situations.


  • Unplug.  Turn off the TV.   Disconnect the cable from the wall outlet.  Don’t use cell phones.   Avoid going onto the Internet.
  • Those with psychic shielding skills, use them.
  • Those with abilities to check and expand their aura, do so.
  •    I personally send a prayer for us all of love and light.  May we move free of fear.  This is just another creation of our times.  We will endure and survive.
      - Kerry Louise Gillett, Coordinator of Dowsers Doing Good Deeds, California
    From David Icke's brand new book, 'Tales from the Time Loop', p. 316
    "I have learned from a number of sources that the key to lifting this "veil from the face of the serpent" is a sound frequency that disrobes the illusion of human form to reveal their reptilian nature. It resonates a vibration that prevents them from holding their "human cover". This same theme can be found in the movie, They Live (Alive Films, 1988). This was the creation of director John Carpenter and it offers a visual portrayal of a non-human race controlling the planet while hiding within human form."  (If you are interested in acquiring this sound frequency, contact me, I have a source - mg)


    These illusions have been accepted because of the packaging, who says it and because we have been trained to believe the illusionists:

    Previously, US residents returning home from trips abroad would be interrogated about the dollar value of the items they purchased by customs agents.

    About 20 ? years ago, this shifted.  The focus was now the "War on Drugs" and the agents became fixated about the possibility of smuggling "drugs" and there was a lesser emphasis on the monetary amount of goods purchased abroad. The major focus of customs agents was on these purported drugs.  More and more, they began to treat travellers as suspects.

    The drug thing has almost disappeared within one year because now its --- are you a terrorist?

    Was the drug thing an illusion, and, is it that "they" just want to have something to control and  beat people over the head with? In the blink of an eye, its as if the previous, drug scenario never was, its forgotten, not a concern.  Why?  Because now the bogeyman is TERRORISTS!!!  Did you catch that?  Or have we been put to sleep so deeply we haven't noticed that bait and switch.  WAKE UP!

    It's just a ruse, to keep us controlled, to keep us afraid of something, that others have the power to search us and direct our activities.  So.  What's happened to the "War on Drugs"?   This latest focus on drugs, or terrorists, is the latest illusion. The terrorists are already inside and being subsidized by American taxpayers.

    When US presidential elections are held, the votes are cast and then each state votes their block of votes for the candidate who [supposedly] received the most popular votes in that state.  The group that does this is called the Electoral College and each state gets a certain number of votes.  There are 538 votes in total.  The 4 states that have the most votes to cast are:

        California:  55        New York: 31            Texas: 34       Florida: 27
    "Funny" thing about those states.   A recent governor of Texas is George Bush.  The current governor of Florida is Jeb Bush.  In New York, the democrats slam dunked Hilary Clinton --- with virtually no New York State background or experience in a choice US Senate seat.  And we all know what happened this fall with Arnie, how this political neophyte became governor at the speed of light of the most populous state in the nation.  All high profile people, occupying significant political positions in the most populous states. And an election coming up.  The republican controlled states, above, comprise 21% of the votes of the Electoral College.

    And what do we get?  We get Belinda.  It's the exact same dance, the tune is a little different. (For the non Canadians who are reading this:  Belinda Stronach is the daughter of Frank Stronach, founder of Magna International, an auto parts giant, worth over $3B.  Her political experience is party manipulation, about as much political experience as Arnie had.  She is an attractive woman and rumored to have connections to Bill Clinton.)

    McDONALD'S MAKES HEALTHY FOOD: "...Through this program, we hope McDonald's will lead by example ... to win the war on obesity," McDonald's Canada chief executive Bill Johnson told the well-heeled crowd at the Canadian Club.

    But what they didn't hear is:
    Its most popular menu item, a Big Mac Meal, which includes a Big Mac burger, medium drink and fries, delivers nearly 1,200 calories and 48 grams of fat, an amount it would take a half marathon to burn off.

    The larger "supersize" portions will stay on the menu because, as McDonald's officials later explained, some customers find it more economical to order the biggest fries and then share them.

    The nutritional information won't be visible to the 60 per cent of McDonald's customers who use the drive-through window to purchase their meals. Instead, the take-out bags will direct them to McDonald's Web site.

    In any case, the nutrition chart is only useful if the customer already knows how many calories and grams of fat are appropriate for them. McDonald's global nutritionist, Cathy Kapica, on hand for the launch, suggested consulting a physician.

    The initiatives, one of many McDonald's and other food industry giants have lately undertaken in response to lawsuits and public criticism of their role in rising obesity rates, drew measured applause from health and nutrition advocates.

    Fact: McDonald's mandarin salad contains 21 grams of fat, more than a chocolate bar.

    Fact: For every 500 extra calories you consume in a week, with no corresponding increase in physical activity, you'll gain one pound of body weight (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada).

    The food industry acknowledges obesity is a growing public issue. Faced with lawsuits, potential new regulation, and a barrage of media criticism, everyone from Kraft Canada Inc. to Kellog's Canada Inc. is reviewing its advertising, labelling and formulations.

    But McDonald's Johnson said the fast-food segment is being unfairly blamed for the lion's share of the problems. He further asserted McDonald's traditional burger, fries and shake meal is just as healthy as the one made at home, a view nutrition activist Debbie Field hotly disputes.

    Fact: 6 out of 10 Canadians think fast food restaurants are not acting responsibly in their advertising (Ipsos-Reid/NPD Group Canada, October 2003).

    SHOPPING:  In the stores, in the malls a few days before, and a few days after Christmas.  Radio news was reporting about all the shoppers in the stores, how busy the stores were and how the merchants were racking up sales.  Aside from the big malls, the stores I went to were emptier than on a usual weekend.  It was a strange, quiet feeling.  I mentioned this to a couple of you and you agreed.  Even on Boxing Day, the clerks in Radio Shack and Future Shop came up to me and asked if they could be of service!   So were the stores busy, or not?

    TORONTO SQUEEZE: Corporate Media is about to remove even more nourishment from Toronto:

    Here is another takeover of the media by the extreme right --- the firing of Toronto Star publisher John Honderich.  To my great surprise, 2 regular columnists, Rosie DiManno and Antonia Zerbisias, wrote and published articles --- in the Star --- expressing their displeasure.  It took courage to do this, to speak out criticizing the actions of their employer.

    From ROSIE DiMANNO:  "The article on John Honderich's firing, by Rosie DiManno, the buck-stops-here custodian of the Star as its bow-tied publisher for the past decade, has been gracelessly terminated.

    If they can bump off Honderich, who owns a chunk of the paper for cripes sake, whose family has commanded this ship for half a century, who successfully led the Star through a thrilling newspaper war, then nobody's safe.

    Honderich wanted to "give a voice to those whose voice is not often heard," which is why he championed social causes that tweaked and often unnerved the establishment, explored political conundrums that made the paper unpopular in some communities.

    But the Star does need Honderich, I think, we all think, and not just on the board of directors, a position he will undoubtedly take up when he vacates the publisher's office. It needs his wisdom, his fairness, his principles, his integrity, his passion for journalism and his love for this galumphing, quixotic newspaper you're holding in your hand.   What they've done to John, it sickens me."

    From:  ANTONIA ZERBISIAS:   ""The heartbreak here is palpable.   We were convinced that Toronto Star publisher John Honderich would go down fighting the dark forces of ultra-conservatism in his corner office, in the shadow of his mammoth art deco poster for Fritz Lang's Metropolis, a whimsical bowtie around his neck.

    Sunday night, those of us who compulsively check our office e-mail got the stunning news, a message to staff from John accompanied by a carefully worded news release issued by parent company, Torstar Corp.

    "After almost 10 years as publisher and 28 years on staff, I am announcing I will be leaving the Star," John began.

    Then, the lines that begged we read between them: "I do so with regret. However, for some time, there has been a corporate desire for change."

    We in the newsroom worry that, when John officially steps down May 5, we will lean to the right. That would be a big mistake, not just politically but also from a marketing perspective.  Why jump into an already overcrowded field while ignoring your readers' interests?

    And so, we are back to what John called "a corporate desire for change."

    It is no secret that the five families that control Torstar have long been at loggerheads. Rumours have swirled for three years that John, whose family is part of that trust, would get turfed. That's why, on Saturday, I dismissed a Globe and Mail story about his impending resignation as just more speculation.""


    In a notably short time period the US gov't began excessively stringent regulations, under the thin guise of fighting terrorism from without.

    December 12th:  In the last newsletter I wrote how the FDA is prohibiting any goods that they consider could be construed as food or beverage from entering the US --- unless these goods are previously registered.  They tried to prevent me from mailing bottles of reverse osmosis water to the US.  However, we can mail items that are prepared in our homes.  I would guess if someone were to mail a bomb, they would be more likely to prepare it in their home than to buy it at their local baker.

    I wonder how they plan on handling items from family and friends in non English speaking countries?  Herbs, baked goods, native beverages from places like Rumania, China, Kuwait, Brazil, Belgium, Haiti, etc.

    January 1st:  The US began fingerprinting visitors to the US who come from certain countries.

    No prior notification was given to the public about the FDA program.  And, the documentation said that no public discussion beforehand was needed, that the public did not need to know.  The fingerprinting was announced a day or 2 before it started. 2 exceedingly heavy, restrictive programs.

    The 3rd is CAPS II --- this is the airline program where you will be color coded when you want to fly and "they" will determine if you are a security risk or not.  If you are, you will either be pulled aside from questioning or prevented from flying or detained.  Both the US and Canada are planning on going through with this.

    Piece by piece, our freedoms are being stolen from us.  I think every person reading this newsletter has the intelligence to understand the above schemes have nothing to do with preventing terrorism --- because it can't --- and it has everything to do with seizing control.

    One of the reasons why these actions don't make sense is because even though people want to do business with the US and visit, these kinds of actions by the US government are antagonistic, insulting and regressive. They discourage business relationships and initiative.  The US is becoming more isolationist, the US dollar is at one of its weakest levels ever, and these rulings further isolate the US because areas, while trying to get global stranglehold on others, forcing everyone to conform to the US government's values.

    The Canadian dollar rose 20% in the last year against the US dollar. Expect it to fall again after the November US election after the PWB have completed their latest round of financial manipulations.

    I wanted to write this down --- because a piece at a time is being taken from us and we forget.  It's different when you see it all together.  It's like that big bar of chocolate.  You are in your home, you go in to the kitchen and take just a little piece, thinking it won't make a difference.  After 10 times, that little piece taken each time makes a BIG difference.

    Last month, in my apartment building, they installed cameras in the elevators.  They were installed by the entrance doors 2 years ago.  7 years ago they created a more stringent entry system.  6 years ago they installed locks on all the wide windows so they couldn't be opened too much.  I asked them if they were afraid I was going to open the window, jump on to my balcony and kill myself.  And then I took the screwdriver and took off the locks.  People are less friendly than they used to be.


    Whenever I write here about some of the things happening in the world I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, or not.   I see things being done that seem so wrong.  When we converse with one another, what do we talk about?  The things that are going right, or the things that are going wrong?

    I think we talk about what's not going right to be aware so we can change it, yes?

    The day I heard about the FDA prohibition I went ballistic.  And I knew it was a mistake, that that was the worst thing I could do, i.e., become so emotional, engaged and reactive.  That just fed the energy I wanted changed.

    I write about them to keep you informed.  Do you want to know about these events?  Or would you prefer not to?  How does this affect you?  Please let me know.

    I want to keep you informed, I hope you can keep your energy neutral, remain aware but not attached, and to do something about it.

    Consider David Hawkins, and the experiment he described on his video, "Power vs. Force" --- Part I.

      He said he found the cause of much of the rot and problems in America.
      The problem stems from gang violence.
      Then he found the gang that was most responsible.
      It is in Chicago  (Detroit?).
      Then he found the gang member leader who was the most responsible.
      That man is/was in jail.

      DH figured out a way to neutralize the power this jailbird had over the gang and others.

      He did an experiment.
      He wrote 500 letters:  to politicians, legislators, social changers, media, those in the 'criminal justice' system --- Janet Reno ---- about his idea.

      Keep in mind, he was a colleague of Linus Pauling --- they wrote books together.
      So he has more clout --- we hope --- than the average person.

      Things changed, for the better.
      But he said that none of the letters helped.
      He didn't receive one reply.

      What made the change?
      Intention.  Focus.  Power of thought.
      He focused on the result.

      Our thoughts are predecessors of energy and matter.
      Its our thoughts which change things, which can change things, if we know what and how to do it.  And its so easy.

      "Proper channels"  take much too much time, but one must occasionally go through the motions.

      Here's how we can change the above, etc., energies in 3 easy steps:

    First clear out any non beneficial energies, etc.

     Step 1:   Visualize the current situation, e.g., you being categorized at the airport.
     Step 2:   Smash the picture you just made
     Step 3:   Visualize the desired outcome, e.g., you going through the check in procedure, unencumbered

     And afterwards:  Always  repeat just the third step

    You can change how your life works, how events in your life work and more.
    If we go 10% of the way, the spirit world will come the other 90%.


    As we continue on our journey, those of us who have chosen to accept this challenge, we continue in a direction, leaving behind that old world we started out with.  With every bump, with every shake, the distance between these worlds increases and we float further apart.

    With these higher frequencies and higher, more refined sensitivities, it feels as if there is less nourishment in the outside world.  Less nourishment in the air, definitely from the food, even the produce.  Have been unable to enjoy potatoes and bananas for some time because of they changes that have been done to them.  I'm suffocating from the lack of spiritual oxygen.  The media keeps becoming more inane and insane.

    Mid January, I spoke with Bill Askin, who is kind enough to give me his occasional "energy update".  With the changes in energy, Bill confirmed that people are being pushed to the limit --- in whatever direction they are leaning, and that frequencies are getting finer.  This means the mind becomes sharper, we can grasp things easier.  However, it also comes with pains in the head and heart area.  Grumpiness and turmoil increase, depressions can worsen.

    Russian scientists have observed changes in Antarctica, that there were 700 species of plant life in 1964.  In 1990, there are over 17,500.  The Gulf Stream may be moved and England will cool down.

    How man develops his consciousness will be a big factor in the whole universe.  Each planet affect each other, and, us.

      Thank you from the Huszczo's
    Larry Huszczo asked me to pass along to the Toronto Dowsers, thanks and appreciation from the family of Walter Huszczo for the cards we sent, calls and visits and visits we made to the family after Walter's passing.

    A message for us from Ken Page

    The theme for the November 2003 newsletter was *Death*.  In October, I attended a Ken Page workshop.  Ken made a comment to the effect that an unprecedented number of people are leaving the planet now --- and not because of war or plague.  He says its because they don't want to be here.   We hear of relatively young people (20's, 30's, 40's) with no apparent ill health --- dying.

    I contacted him to ask him if he could please expand more on that statement so I could share it with you.  He emailed back a startling comment, and, a chapter of his book:

    Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 11:12:16 -0600
    Subject: Re: Information, please, for the Toronto Dowsers
    From: Ken Page
    To: Marilyn Gang <mgang@dowsers.info>

    Dear Marilyn,
    Here is a portion of my book "Heart & Soul Healing" which deals with 'Where do we go when we die?" .  I hope this will help. I  don't have any specific percentages but 5-10 people out of approximately 50 are choosing to leave the planet.  This is not scientific, but what I am seeing in my personal sessions with people around the world.
    Thanks again for your interest.

    Ken Page
    Clear Light Arts
    Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing
    Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, Boone, NC   28607
    1-800-809-1290  US    Tel/Fax:  (828) 263-0330

    Techniques for Releasing Lost Souls and Spirits

    By Ken Page

    During this time of sorrow, heartache, and reflection, many of us are striving to find some meaning in the events of the last weeks. We are taking a look at our own lives and what is meaningful and important to us. We are also looking at death.

    Poets and writers throughout time have referred to death as the greatest mystery of all. We live in a society largely uncomfortable with the idea of death and without a consensus on what happens afterward, if anything. We have been searching for answers our entire history.

    This issue is especially brought before us at times like these, with the attack on the World Trade Centers. I have done over 30,000 past life regressions and my clients have said that the moment of death is where most souls get lost or confused.

    One of the reasons we are here on Earth is to experience everything. Isn't it true we have the most compassion for people when we have experienced what they are going through and the most judgment for the things we have not done? What I have heard most often from my clients, is that it appears the only way we can understand this is to experience lifetime after lifetime of doing everything, until we find peace, as well as unconditional love for ourselves and compassion for others. My clients tell me that death is a moment where all things come together for the spirit. It is a time to feel and be aware of the highest light and love available on this place of existence. If this is true, if we come to Earth over and over again and experience profound awakenings as we transition through death, then why aren't we all perfect? What happens to cause us to get confused or lost if the moment of death is such a special and sacred time?

    There are a combination of reasons. We have free will here on Earth, and we have free will as we die. The question is, Does free will affect us at the time of our death and if so, why would it cause us confusion?

    To begin with, while we are physically present here on Earth we have our bodies to help us with time, to give us a reference in space. All of our senses, what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell, and what we know, is based on our education and experience. When we leave our bodies to transcend into the light, those reference points are no longer with us. Problems begin with what we are feeling and thinking at the moment of death. As we pass over, perhaps we do not know we can leave these feelings with our bodies as we die, so we bring them with us. What would happen if we were drinking at the time we died? Could something like this confuse us? How about drug use?  How about terror? There are many possibilities that might cause confusion if we were to look at our history of war, disease, chaos, accidents. Death can come at any moment.

    I have found it very important to know the kind of energy around a person who is ready to move on. Is it fear, anger, hate, pain? The specific consciousness around each of us at the time we die becomes the catalyst for confusion, entangling us energetically. A highly charged consciousness around us, such as cancer, could also add another layer of ideas to the moment of free will.

    There are many souls or pieces of spirit caught up in the different collective consciousnesses that we, as humans, have created, such as war, disease, and hate. I believe each of us is here to help set these pieces of spirit free, and we are also here to free ourselves from all of the beliefs and ideas that have built up over time. Each of us has the ability to free these souls and pieces of spirit by loving the different consciousnesses they represent.

    The second factor that may lead to our getting lost is that when we die and make our transition into the light, our life-force energy goes into everything. If this seems strange, ask yourself, "Is God in everything?" I believe we are all one, so we, too, are a part of everything. What would this mean and how could it affect us? If a person had died, for example, and their energy went into me, it would be synonymous to only one cell in the 100 trillion cells that make me up. Most likely I would not feel any difference in my normal cycle of daily living, a cycle of five million cells that either die or are created every day I am alive. This experience changes when a close family member dies and a part of them goes into us. The cell of them, which is now with us, affects us to the degree that we are emotionally holding on to them.

    The third factor that might contribute to our confusion at the time of death are our ideas, the beliefs we have about the afterlife. Do we believe in heaven or hell or purgatory? Do we believe in reincarnation? Are we afraid of being judged after we die? Are there people in our family holding on to us? Do we have ideas like, I can't leave until I complete something.

    The final factor that influences our death experience is how much of us is energetically present at the moment we die. What I hear over and over from my clients is each of us say, many times during this life, I do not want to be here ‹ whether that is on Earth or in our bodies. A typical age for these feelings to start is around the age of three, when a part of us leaves energetically and begins to watch ourselves from outside of our bodies. This part watching from the outside can get caught up in the feelings or emotions around us.

    Many of my clients ask me how to best help a loved one who is about to pass on. The best way to help is to support them by being open to talking with them or finding someone who can talk to them about what they are going through their feelings of dying and what they think will happen to them when they pass over. It is important not to judge what is shared or to put the person in a place where they think their ideas are wrong or bad. Find out what specific worries they might have about dying, such as what will happen to the family and how the family will support each other.

    The most comforting and healing thing you can do for someone in this place is to just let them talk. Most of all, enjoy the time you have left with them. If possible go out and play together, listen to music, play cards or do what they love to do and are still capable of doing. You need to be open as well and share your feelings with them. Ask them about the types of dreams they are having. Give them an opportunity to talk about their experience and anything they have been hiding, or thought was bad or unpleasant.

    The days immediately following a loved one's death are also very important. Be sure the funeral plans have been taken care of. Do just what the person has asked for and what you have promised them you will do. If you feel you must do more, do that after you have given that person their respect and completed all their requests.

    Should you feel any heaviness around or with you after someone you have been close to passes on, it is very likely you are holding on to a part of them or you have taken on some of their emotions or worries. If you feel spacey after being in the presence of someone who has died, make sure a part of you did not follow them. If you feel this has happened to you, get grounded and into your body and ask for that part of you to come back in. Do not be frightened or worried about this. It is very easy to take care of.

    A very simple and effective way to release these energetics is to do the following technique: Put your right hand over your left and place them over your heart. With your eyes closed, look up with your spiritual eyes. There will be a light or a presence that comes from Source that feels good. From that light, ask for a guide or angel to come and hold any part of the person that may still be with you. Ask that they now be sent back home to God. To do that say, "I send you back home to God with love, on the count of three." Count to three and then release your hands from your chest and know that they have been taken back to God.

    In addition, do not take drugs or drink too much after someone you care for has passed away as you are much more vulnerable energetically. It is also very important for you to continue to do the general HSH clearing technique on a daily basis.

    Freeing a piece of a spirit or soul trapped in the past is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to others or ourselves. This is not something just a chosen few can do. Anyone with a spiritual focus can do this. In doing so you are starting to become a walking gate, a light, an inter dimensional doorway into all space and time. Any lost spirit or soul could then see or feel your light or vibration and become attracted to you.  This is not something you have to be afraid of. Just allow yourself to be open.

    At the moment of death a gate, door, or space is created that will not only allow the person you have loved to go back home to God, but also any other souls that might need to be released. In some cases, thousands of lost souls can be released in a split second.

    Ken Page is a well known speaker, significantly helping people in their healing process. He's also the nephew of Drunvalo Melchizedek.  He is expected to return to Toronto March 2004.

    A Hint For your EYES:  Do you wear glasses?  Contacts?

       Do you wear glasses or contacts all the time?  If so, PLEEEZE --- spend at least about 10 minutes a day outside, with outdoor daylight on your naked eyeballs.  No, this does not mean look at the sun.  Just be outside and let the natural rays --- unobstructed by a plastic or glass lens --- touch your eyeballs.  It will positively benefit the optic nerve. Too many people who wear those dark large wraparound shades today did not do this.  I bless the wise old opthamologist who pointed this out to me.

    Re: Your Internet Account --- Consider:

    Do you have difficulties with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?  (An ISP is the company you contract with for internet service, just as Bell Canada is usually the company you contract with for basic telephone service.)   You may want to make a change, or prepare for one.  To illustrate this, I'll relate my story:

    I had an account with Interlog.com for 7 years.  My email address was mgang@interlog.com.  They became successful, and sold out.  The company who bought them succeeded and again sold out.  This happened a few times and each time the service became worse.  Finally, they became:  Ca.Inter.Net --- who they are today.  Their "service" was abysmal.  Time for a change.  BUT!!! if you change companies it means changing your email address.  What a hassle!  What to do?  Will the next company go through the same thing and will I have to change again?  For me it wasn't too bad because the previous year I "bought" my "own domain".  Here's a solution so you can change your ISP as often as you like but NEVER need to change your Internet email address:   GET YOUR OWN DOMAIN.

    I "bought" my own domain:  www.dowsers.info.   Next, I "redirected" my email, 'redirecting' my email address from:  mgang@interlog.com   to: mgang@dowsers.info and telling people my new addy.  What happened was that all email sent to  mgang@dowsers.info  would go to my "real" address: mgang@interlog.com.

    Next:  I changed ISPs to:  Pathcom  (www.Pathcom.com), where my new "real" address was mgang@pathcom.com.   However,  I am now having all email to mgang@dowsers.info 'redirected' to mgang@pathcom.com.   I can keep changing ISPs as often as I like, and my email address does not change.  It will always remain mgang@dowsers.info.   For example, if I want to change to:  mgang@rogers.ca ---- I don't have to notify anyone about any changes.  I would just redirect all email from mgang@dowsers.info to go to mgang@rogers.ca.  It doesn't matter what my ISP is.  The address stays the same.

    I recommend that you consider doing this because of recent (and not so recent) hassles people have been having with AOL.COM, Sympatico, Ca.Inter.Net, Interlog.com, etc.  No one wants to change ISPs because of the hassle.  If you get your own domain name, you can gradually notify people and keep your email address forever (makes it easier for stationery, business cards, business flyers, etc.).  PLUS, you have your own domain name.  I could have gotten:  www.Marilyn.com, but a realtor in Arizona got there first!

    SYMPATICO.CA:  If you have an account with them, check to see that you are being billed properly.  AND, people with SYMPATICO and AOL.COM  have been having trouble receiving mail because mail to these addresses has been blocked by the ISP.  This should not be happening.

    Cost:  Registering a domain name, on a yearly basis, costs:  $20-$26 CDN
      Redirecting (or "Domain Pointing"), on a yearly basis, costs:  $20-$28 CDN
      For about $50 / year, you have your own domain and email address.

    The company I use for domain registration and "domain pointing" is HostSellers.com.   They are in Toronto and you can also get web hosting through them.  EXCELLENT service and they know what they are doing.  CLICK to see if the domain you want is available.

    Also, I have been using Pathcom as an Internet Service Provider for 2 years and they have been excellent, in terms of service, support and value.  Dialup starts at $100/year and I love their hi speed (DSL) service.  I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes on the phone for support and they support programs other companies don't.  They just moved from the Toronto Star building to Markham and have an office in Hamilton.  This is my 3rd ISP in 10 years and I hope the last.

    Please let me know if there are any questions on this you think I can help with.

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

    New Articles on :  Mary Hardy's web site: www.templeofsakkara.com

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    Very High Interest for dowsers, from Lani and Rudy in Costa Rica:  www.strayreality.com/plants2/
    Map Dowsing and More: www.strayreality.com/plants2/alchemists.htm
    Bovis and more:  www.strayreality.com/plants2/alchemists2.htm

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

    Precognition: p-i-a.com/Magazine/Issue12/Applications_12.htm
    Precognition (predicting future events) can be used to explore the subtleties of intuition and to expand your ability to communicate with your subconscious.  The free online tool discussed below will, at a minimum, expand your awareness of the issues involved when you work to balance intuition and intellect.  You will also be able to explore, evaluate, and hopefully improve your precognitive and other intuitive abilities.  We live in a world where both intellect and intuition have a role to play.  In our society, the capabilities of intuition have been underplayed ... now may be the time to expand your intuitive abilities.

    The online approach is called the InE Protocol, where InE is from Intuition Exploration.  This online protocol uses Remote Viewing and  Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) procedures to explore precognition.  This online protocol is an educational tool to be used to explore and nurture communication skills with the subconscious mind.  If you don't know anything about ARV, that's fine.  This protocol guides you through the simple steps -- it's up to you to provide the intuition.

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
    I have started a yahoo group for anyone who might want to work as part of a group to learn and/or refine their k-testing (kinesiology) skills. All skill levels welcome. There are many who have expressed a willingness to learn k-testing but have not found a willing partner to learn it with. Hopefully, this group can begin to fulfill that need.
    Stephanie Bruce

    Group name: LearnK-testing
    Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LearnK-testing
    Group email address: LearnK-testing@yahoogroups.com

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    IQ test:
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    * DOWSING Bits n Pieces *
    A message FROM LINDA WARSH, to JOEY KORN, November 2003,
    Hi Joey, greetings from Toronto.  I participated in your workshop at the Science Centre a few months ago.  Many thanks Joey!

          Here's a good one - after blessing ring for a friend of mine, I ran into her 3 weeks later, and she told me that I had been on her mind a lot as the blessing was SO effective.  She then told me that her issue had been trouble and confrontations with her daughter, wherein my friend would "blow her top" consistently.  In the 3 weeks the house was more or less harmonious; she described it as peaceful.  She told me that the couple times when she did lose her temper, she looked at her finger and noticed NO RING.  She then said that she would scramble about the house looking for it!  In the end,  she still remains skeptical, however I can see this made a huge impact on her. The reason I say this is generally she is very subdued and unemotional, however when she recounted her tale to me was she ever animated.

           Second, WOW something very cool with my dog Picasso happened.  He comes in from outside walking only on three  paws.  HIs back leg was in complete spasm or something.  It was horrible!  He couldn't keep it still when he lay down and it was shaking and twitching and HELP is all I could think of.  My husband was in China, I had one son home sick with the flu, and it was very late at night.  I figured I had to go for it and take matters into my own hands.  Said the basic form of your blessing.  Waited a few moments.  No change.  So again, I asked only this time I said, "Please God let divine intervention occur right now"  Well bless me, and you, and everyone - Picasso got up and took a few paces backwards (on all four paws) and he stared and stared at me in the weirdest way I have ever seen.  He hesitated to come to me when I called him, as he was just sort of baffled or something.  He then came over to me and was 100% AOK.

    A message from Donna Hurst to Marilyn, about the "Dowsing Card":

    Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 07:30:59 -0500
    Hi Marilyn,

    Hope all is well with you and you had a wonderful holiday season.

    Just wanted to let you know that my registration for membership and cheque is in the mail.  I have been "getting around to it" (you know how that goes) for the past few months and finally got around to just doing it.  I am very much looking forward to being a participating member.

    Also, I noticed that you were interested in feedback on the Daily Dowsing Vitamins card.  So here is something I thought you might find useful.

    I have been using the card "every" day since November 15 when I took the Dowsing 101 course.  I have found I have more energy, get far less agitated with life's little up and downs and am also getting a lot of amazing insights on things I have been wondering about for some time.  So I'm feeling much more "connected" and definitely more clear.

    But I thought I'd pass this one along considering that we are all "seemingly" being swarmed this time of year by several strains of "bad flu bugs", and we're trying to find ways to dodge them.  In this I have found the card to be of particular use especially in doing a daily clearing of non-beneficial energies.  You mentioned in the newsletter that with daily use that it will strengthen the immune system.  I believe I can absolutely attest to this being true.

    Over the past two months I have been "directly" exposed to "bad bugs" (like the were literally right in my face exposures. Nice friends)!  So I would just tell myself in that moment that I did not choose to align myself with those particular energies, would get my pendulum and card out as soon as I could and test, clear and rebalance my energies.  I would then proceed to do the same for my husband, my son, my cats and my house. (all had tested positive for non-beneficial energies initially). I then retested to make sure "all was clear", and it was.

    I think of particular interest in this case was when my son came home from work last week with the near migraine headache that I know is the first symptom of one of the bad stomach flu's that is buzzing around.  He also started to get chilled.  I knew quick action had to be taken.  So I had him take a hefty dose of echinacea and told him to get to bed.  But before I could get the clearing work done he was back up the stairs saying he felt like he was going to be sick.  So I immediately got out the pendulum and started testing and clearing him.  The interesting thing was that when I began clearing him I instantly started to feel sick to my stomach and dizzy.  Whoops!  I realized I wasn't concentrating on the pendulum like I was taught to do so I didn't absorb what I was clearing.  So I finished with my son and then tested myself (I was "very" positive) and proceeded to do the clearing and rebalancing on myself, my husband, etc.

    The next morning I expected that my son would probably be booking the day off sick from work to get over "it".  Oh ye of little faith!  He came bounding up the stairs and when I asked him how he felt he replied, "I feel perfect. Right after I told you I felt sick to my stomach, I went back downstairs and I felt fine. It just went away so fast.  It must have been something I ate."  Of course I knew it wasn't.

    So to date I continue to be amazingly well and I believe thanks to my "daily dowsing vitamins", have remained that way.  I am so very grateful that I took the course and learned about this incredible tool.  lt's the best "bug repellent" I have ever used.

    Sending Sunshine and a Wonderful Day,

    One more  communiqué:

    One of you called me last week to tell me your dowsing experience.  You took a dowsing workshop in the fall.  A few weeks ago, you came down with a case of pneumonia.  You went to Ottway's and dowsed to see which herbs you needed, bought them, took them home.  When you got home and checked your herbal book, you knew the choices that were made for you were perfect, took the herbs and in a matter of days, started feeling much better.   [NOTE:  Toronto Dowsers members Elias and Lambros own Herbie's Herb's on Queen Street just east of Bathurst.  They happily help any Toronto Dowser and at several times have a professional herbalist on staff who provides excellent advice.]

    Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries - CONTINUED - PART III
    [in our October 2003 and January 2004  newsletters,  segments of Robert Gilbert's presentation were included. This is the next installment of that presentation.  There should be 2 more installments to this presentation which will be included in future newsletters.  Robert Gilbert, a colleague and friend of Joey Korn, will be our May speaker and will offer a workshop on BioGeometry.
    "My name is Robert Gilbert.  The topic of today's presentation is "Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries".  Many of you know me already.  For those that do not, my background began with time in the US Marine Corps, in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Survival.  At that time I taught US Air Force, Marine Corps and army troops how to survive in the case of attack by these types of weapons.  At that time I began to do research in to the basis of modern science and technology and I found that there were precise, sacred geometric patterns that are behind the operation of biological, nuclear and chemical systems.  When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985, I spent the next 12, 13 years getting my pH.D in International Studies.  That gave me an opportunity to research a variety of spiritual schools around the world.  Great spiritual traditions.  I found that the patterns I had found behind modern science and technology  were the same patterns known and taught to the great spiritual systems in antiquity, around the world."
    So what’s the upshot of this?  Why do we care?  It’s because these particular energies can be used for all types of purposes.  The Europeans used it for healing purposes.  It can be used to transmit energy.  It can be used to transmit consciousness and information.  It can be used to sculpt energy fields.  The sky is the limit, once you know how to work with these energy qualities.  If you study the forms that we have from Egypt, one finds that there are particular radiating bands of energy around forms like the sarcophagus.  This is an illustration {picture displayed] from the original works of Chaumery and de Belizal showing some of those spectrums of energy that are at multiple angles on the forms.  Because of that, some forms are actually toxic and you have to be careful when working with them.  One thing that I’ve heard in working with some of the Egyptians is never dowse a mummy.  Mummies are full of toxic negative green energy.  You never want to dowse something over a long period that has this type of toxic energy because dowsing in this sense is resonance.  You’re resonating with it.  If we find the form of the ankh, there is a radiating wave coming out of the base of the ankh.  Why?  We know one reason in what I’ve described so far which is at the base of this.  Which is according to the form of the circle that we have at the top of the ankh. You can also attach other forms that we know from Ancient Egypt to it and it will modify the form of the emanated energy from it.  So now we’re talking about the forms that we know as symbolic from Ancient Egypt are actually geometric emitters of energy.

    Chaumery and de Belizal looked at other forms coming from other spiritual traditions and found that they too propagated this energy spectrum. Here we see a form of the Jewish Menorah and here the form of the Yin/Yang.  In fact Turin, Chaumery, de Belizal and others did a lot of work with the Yin/Yang symbol.  The Yin/Yang symbol radiates a particular energy band and it can be used in a number of different applications.  In fact, when it’s held within the Bagua, or the eight-sided enclosure, like they use in Feng Shui --- this further modifies the energy that’s being worked with.  They had a lot of different applications of it in the French school.

    So the questions is ... how are we going to work with these energies?  How are we going to detect this?  If this isn’t based on asking a mental question then I’m not going to mentally ask: “Is this violet?” “Is this negative green?”.  Instead, I’m going to have to find a way to detect that energy separately.  Well, what Turin did … Turin discovered very particular angles … if we think about modern color theory, then we find that the refraction angle of light in a prism will give you a particular color. Depending on the angle of that refraction it will change from one color to the next.  Well the same thing is true with these energies.  This is one of the secrets of sacred geometry.  You can convert angles into colors, into geometries, into energies.  And so what Turin would do is he would create a series of different angles.  So he would have a set of say … twelve of these.  Those twelve different angles could be attached to a dowsing rod and specialize it to detect that one energy.

    Chaumery and de Belizal said that doing it that way is too much work.  We don’t need all that stuff.  All we have to do is create a device that will allow us, through, the use of a sliding disc, to tune in to --- any of the twelve frequencies.  And it’s a very simple and a very clever innovation.  So this is called the Virtual Cone Pendulum, because it creates a virtual cone from the tip of the dowsing rod to the outer edge of the disc.  And so you can see the different angles that are created there.  And those different angles will then give you (the) specific energy you’re looking for.  So this is one of the primary tools that the Europeans use and Egyptians I work with today use to detect these energies.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple. [Note: Alicja Aratyn sells these pendulums. I wrote about it in the Nov.2002 newsletter]

    Now something else had to happen.  They wanted to be able to particularly look at this energy:  Negative Green.  Of all the energies in the spectrum, this one was the most enigmatic.  It could penetrate almost anything and it seemed to have all types of effects on living forms.  And they found that all types of Egyptian artifacts radiated this energy, so they had to understand what this is.  But the problem is, when they used the three-dimensional sphere, the place that has the negative green was constantly shifting because the sun was constantly shifting in relationship to the earth.  They discovered something very vital and very important.  That is: all you have to do is cut a sphere in half and you then have a fixed geometric emitter of energy.  And it fixes the colors and the energies in the pattern that you see up here.  Which means, out of the base of a hemisphere, which is the same thing as a dome, you have the negative green emission.

    And this was definitely used in Ancient Egypt.  In the work by Chaumery and de Belizal, they show this particular artifact from Egypt that is currently in the Louvre Museum.  And they show the way that it has these hemisphere forms leading up to a particular vessel.  And also has the form of the ankh.  And it would create a particular energy frequency at the top that would modify what you put in it.  And one of the applications of this is creating a type of Egyptian refrigerator that can actually preserve food without refrigeration, according to the energy of the negative green.

    So they were starting to penetrate into the energies of the great spiritual schools … how you can create specific energies with form.  Now the question is does anybody else know this?  Is this just something they dreamed up, or does this exist other places?  Some of you know the work of Rudolph Steiner who was a great spiritual scientist from Austria.  He lived in the last century.  And at one time he wrote a play called the “Four Mystery Dramas”.  There is a character in the play who creates a free-energy device and when they produce this on the stage they needed to produce that free-energy device as a stage model and he says, “This is the form you need to build it in”.  And he never explained anything about it.  Well, what is it?  It’s a series of hemispheres in specific geometric positions to …  represent this new free-energy device.  So, I think Rudolph Steiner knew something about the creation of these energies through form as well. I think people in other traditions also understand this.  A fundamental spiritual truth known to the inner circles in each and all of the true cultures.  It’s one of those things that’s not made public.  In fact, so much of what we’re going to be talking about is known to closed circles that in the past has not made public.

    Now there’s something else very important here.  We always think of pyramids when we hear about Egypt.  Well the thing is that the form of the hemisphere or the dome is equivalent to the form of a pyramid.  And if you look at books like “Secrets of the Great Pyramids” you will find that their particular geometric and numerical correspondences between the Northern hemispheres of the earth --- the Northern half of the earth and the form of the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau.  It’s just a matter of translating the base of the dome to the base of the pyramid and the height up to the North Pole from the equator, to the base to the apex of the Great Pyramid.  And in fact what you have is an equivalence between the Great Pyramid and the Northern hemisphere of the earth.  Now this is usually presented as something like an interesting piece of geometry that represents the Northern half of the earth, but actually shows something else, and that is that the form of a pyramid is equivalent energetically to the form of the hemisphere that we just talked about, which means that the pyramid is an energy emitter.  It’s an energy device.  They both will emanate negative - green out of their base.

    So, we need to understand more about what is this negative green energy.  This equivalence between the hemisphere and the pyramid is something that was understood very well by Walter Russell.  [NOTE: Joey Korn sells Walter Russell's books.  We have just acquired Russell's biography "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe" for sale.]   This information is from Walter Russell’s work.  And here you see the hemispheres, and there you see the pyramids.  Throughout his work he’s constantly equating the two.

    The work of Chaumery and de Belizal shows that where the pyramids are placed you have multiple energy emanations and different direction lines coming out of them. Part of that is according to the actual geometry of the pyramid itself.  There are secondary energies that are created by the relationship of the pyramid to that place on the earth grid and it’s direction.  So again this is getting into the deeper layers of what these people were doing, the masters of the net in Ancient Egypt.

    When the French wanted to know more about this important energy, they began to stack hemispheres one on top of the other.  Sometimes it would be called an “End fire array” because all of the energies were being emanated out of the base.  And it magnifies as it goes from one to the other.  So you get a very strong emanation at the base, here, with all of them stacked together.  [See Alicja's Osiris pendulums.]

    Some devices that they would use have four of the hemispheres together or six.  Sometimes nine. This created a very powerful energy that was actually quite dangerous, because they did not know how to change the geometry to eliminate the toxic component, while keeping the beneficial component.  And that led to a tragedy, which was the death of Chaumery.  Essentially, he was found dead at his desk one morning by de Belizal.  His body had been completely dehydrated.  And … essentially he had been mummified.  And had died from that state, because he had worked too much with this unaltered form of negative green.  This negative green energy is related to dehydration.  That’s why we hear all this stuff about “pyramid power”.  You put milk in, it doesn’t go sour.  You put meat in, it doesn’t rot.  Well, that’s great if you want to use it as a refrigerator.  It’s not great to do to your living body, because you need to be hydrated.  That means you have to change the actual form of the pyramid to make it something that doesn’t dehydrate to that level.  And, this aspect of negative green, this dehydration aspect from the toxic wave, was not understood by Chaumery.  Once he died, de Belizal got the message and began to do a lot of research on it.

    My question is did the Ancient Egyptians know about it?  I believe they did.  Take a look at this illustration from an Egyptian text.  You have the mummy here and above it you have this thing that looks like a sun.  And then it has this geometric angles coming down.  This is usually interpreted in a very abstract way. Well this is the spiritual sun, and this is the body of the deceased.  But what we know from this body of work is that -- that form of the sphere will radiate out of its base the negative green.  Which creates mummification.  So this is similar to, once again, a physics text.  They’re showing you the energies that get created by particular geometric forms.

    This is similar to the sacred knowledge of other cultures as well.  Again from the work of Chaumery and de Belizal, looking at Easter Island, they found that the form of these strange statues with these big blocks on top of their heads.  Why would you possibly build something that way?  The direction that they’re facing: outward; radiates very powerful negative green.  What Chaumery and de Belizal postulated about this, was that they in fact are doing this to repel people from other islands, coming to their shoreline, because they’d have to come through this barrier of negative green to get there.  And because the people doing that were native peoples and sensitive to energy, they would not want to pass that barrier.

    If you were to create this type of band of negative green around the island, you would have to have something to protect yourself from that energy.  They have found that (on) Easter Island, these particular tablets … and again, this is discussed in the French works …. if you read texts on Easter Island they will say, “we have discovered a mysterious language on these tablets on Easter Island and no one has yet deciphered the meaning of these strange pictograms”.  Well, Chaumery and de Belizal deciphered the meaning of these strange pictograms.  What’s been discovered is that these particular tablets were actually carried by people on Easter Island; women would wear them in their hair. And they have the effect that these forms together will cancel the toxic effect of that negative green, when this is in the environment or carried.  And in fact when some or the people on Easter Island grew to like a missionary that had come to their island, they gave him one of these to carry.

    So there are all types of little forms here and Chaumery and de Belizal found that they could actually find which forms gave you which frequency.  And they built a pendulum based on that.  So again we have a precise energy language. It has a particular effect.

    All this is known in many different traditions.  One thing that I want to bring out about this is that after the death of Leon Chaumery, de Belizal found a new collaborator:  a man named Morel.  They wrote a book together that went into more detail about it.  One of the upshots of the text is that there’s two components of negative green.   One is a vertical wave.  Look out for this vertical wave because it’s extremely toxic.  In fact, de Belizal was so alarmed by it --- by the death of Leon Chaumery, who for years bathed himself in these multiple stacked emitters, that he said that this vertical wave of negative green is the archetypal energy of death.  And the horizontal wave of negative green is the archetypal energy of life.  So you want to have one but not the other.  He also understood that this negative green was used by Spirit in creating the world for a particular purpose.

    Remember I said that in the form of the sphere, negative green is what passes through the sphere?  Negative green is a carrier wave because it can penetrate any solid physical matter. So it’s the perfect thing to use to carry energy and information from one place to another place, from Spirit to matter, from matter to Spirit, and from one place to another place in the phenomenal world.  They tested this theory by creating this form here: the “Telemagnifigraph” (?) that was essentially the form of a pyramid.  And with that form of the pyramid, they then used the form of the signs of the zodiac.  This described in their second text, where to this point, we have translated and are looking to find a way to make available.

    The upshot being that around 1966-67 in Paris, they performed a series of experiments and they found they could actually transmit messages from one person to another person using negative green as the carrier and using this form.  And postulating that is was thus possible in Ancient Egypt to transmit information from place to place.  If you understood - - - [Tape ends in the middle of sentence] THANK YOU CAT PEEVER FOR TRANSCRIBING THIS MATERIAL.

    The Vita Fons II Energy
    Because you asked (at our December social and from newsletter comments) about Vita Fons Products: The products were created by Elizabeth Bellhouse, from England, about 30+ years ago.  Ms. Bellhouse is now in her late 80's.  When she was 16, while riding her horse, she had a vision, where she saw what her life's work was to be and presaged the products.  She worked with Edward Bach, who created the Bach Flower remedies, and later on created Vita Florum which became Vita Fons II when the energies shifted.

    Vita Fons is an energy, one like nothing I've even seen before.  It's not like "this", it's not like "that".  It is unique.  She calls it "numinous energy", or, 'Homœobiotic'.

    Its energy is carried in a product, which could be cream, water, powder, etc.  There are products for animals and for plants, too.

    Vita Florum energies, which could be felt in the 3rd eye area, came from flower energy, and the flowers were not touched or harmed in any way.  The Vita Fons II energy came from some place other than this world --- or dimension? and could be felt in the crown chakra.

    We know that all of our problems are caused by our feeling of separation from God.  Not that we are separate, but that we feel that way.  What Vita Fons II does --- it heals that rift.  When its used externally it works on the symptom.  Internally, it works on the cause.

    The first time I used this, I put a small dab of ointment over my thymus.  I felt as if I was kissed by God.

    That was 1991, I immediately told all my friends who loved it and ended up selling it, on a very small scale. I'd use the products daily, until around 2000.  For 9 years, virtually every day, until I just felt I didn't need it anymore.  Maybe one day I'll go back to it.  It's certainly lovely.

    I remember my friend who said the powder was the only thing that could help the discomfort of her child's measles.  She was very healthy, very natural and Vita Fons was the only "medicine" she kept in the house.  God's energetic healing.

    It is advised that you store VF products away from any possibly toxic products such as cleanser.  It's not that the cleanser would harm the VF.  The VF energy "goes out" and tries to "heal" the cleanser, thus depleting it of energy and it may not last as long.  And, if you are allergic to products, VF could work for you.

    That's how I met Joan Shepard, who works at our registration table.  I hadn't described VF previously because it was so much a part of me I didn't realize everyone doesn't know about it.  (Next time I'll talk about the Gentle Wind Project, and maybe M.A.P.)  Joan runs the Vita Fons offices in North America, here in the Toronto area.  You can call the office, business hours at: 416-292-3833, 1-800-267-1887 for product information and for orders.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    ON MINERALS  (JAN 2004 Newsletter)

    FROM:  "On athletes:  No pro athlete has lived to be 100 years of age.  They sweat out more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 75 years.  They sweat out a "soup" --- a mineral soup.  If they are constantly getting rid of minerals, and not replacing them, they are more prone to injury."   The comment from someone who read this was ---  "After I read what you wrote, I realized that I started going gray after I started to work out.  Thank you.  I'm going to start taking minerals."

    AND:  Someone else who I suggested take "Trace Minerals" this past summer said she noticed that her bones stopped aching after she started taking them.

    AND:   One kind of minerals we did not include was Coral Calcium.  Just like anything else, there are all sorts of opinions on all the kinds of minerals out there.  Just like people differ in their opinions on protein sources, et al.  What works for some might not work for others.  You decide.  Dr. Wallach, highly controversial himself, does not like CC, one of the reasons is his criticism of how it is gathered.  There are a few companies that do have integrity in their collection process.  Here is information on one of them, Ericsson's, from our drumming friend, David Yeo: Coral Calcium  1-888-610-9898

    "Coral reefs are gradually broken up over the course of many years by wave action and then carried by tidal flow to the bottom of the ocean, where the sand-like granules are saturated with the ocean’s minerals for thousands of years. Only coral sand from the ocean floor is collected. Living coral is not endangered. It is approved for harvesting by the Japanese government and is a renewable source.

    These granules are carefully gathered, cleaned and pulverized. Ericsson’s process allows the minerals to be absorbed 100% at an ionic level by the blood.  It is the only pharmaceutical grade coral calcium on the market. Ericssons Alka-Mine has been on the market for 15 years. KingsWay is now the exclusive distributor for Ericssons in North America. It is the #1 seller in Japan and Europe, including Russia.

    Only Ericssons  process allows the coral to release calcium and trace minerals so they become an integral part of your water, they aren’t just suspended in it. This is the only way that your blood can absorb these ionic minerals immediately. The minerals are absorbed in their smallest form within 15-20 minutes.  Minerals or elements are not ionic as a solid.  Minerals must convert to an ionic form once inside the body.

    Ericssons Alka-Mine contains over 70 minerals, which match the exact composition of the human bone matrix. Alka-Mine is a high frequency structured water that has been photographed by Dr. Emoto in "Messages from Water", showing a beautiful six-pointed matrix.

    There are probably over 50 companies that are marketing coral calcium, including Robert Barefoot.  We have tested at least 10 of those, putting the capsules in vinegar (to simulate the hydrochloric acid in the stomach).  The results are astonishing, because we have seen the capsules not breaking down after two or three days.  The problem is a combination of the material of the capsules, fillers and the coral, which is in raw form and has not been processed.

    This is a difficult conversion for many people because there are so many variables like the absence or presence of enzymes, other companion minerals, pH, H.C.L. availability in the colon.  When Coral Calcium is added to the water, it lowers the surface tension, allowing it to penetrate and hydrate the cells and carry the nutrients.  The pH of the water is raised to an alkaline level of between 9.5 and 11.5, which helps to normalize pH in the body."

    "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that allpeoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."
    -- Henry Kissinger (1923- ) Former US Secretary of State Source: Speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.
    "Men willingly believe what they want to"  - Julius Caesar
    "Truth: the most deadly weapon ever discovered by humanity. Capable of destroying entire perceptual sets, cultures, and realities.
    Outlawed by all governments everywhere. Possession is normally punishable by death."
    -- John Gilmore (1935- ) Author
    "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."  -- Albert Camus (1913-1960)
    "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
    -- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), US civil rights leader

    THE    Thursday, February 12th, 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
    Jill Hewlett
    will speak on: Brain Gym® for Dowsing Accuracy and Personal Mastery

    Take the Power that you've put in to your pendulum and put it back in to your own Body!

    Dowsing successfully involves a lot more than mechanically using a tool.  It involves our whole being, functioning as a powerful channel of wisdom!

    Jill Hewlett, talented and vivacious creator and host of the "Body, Mind, Spirit in Motion" television series will take us through an educational and experiential evening, to help us further, our dowsing abilities, as well as our own sense of “knowing” and intuition with greater ease and accuracy.  Edith Jurka's studies have shown that experienced dowsers are the only individuals who operate at 4 levels of mind simultaneously, because we have practiced and honed these abilities.

    You will learn some Brain Gym® exercises which she has selected for our application, through her knowledge as a certified instructor.

    Doing these simple, fun and easy exercises (movements) will assist you in removing your “expectations”, “hidden agendas” and “subconscious saboteur”, and accelerate you to a more objective and accurate state of mind.

    The pendulum becomes an extension of your most clear and present truth. Examples are:
    It is essential to be connected within our entire system, in order to receive clear information about the environment and world around us.  Being connected, clear, calm, focused, balanced and grounded, is essential to personal mastery and dowsing accuracy!

    Through frequent practice of these (fun, easy) exercises,
    Your Inner Sensing becomes more connected, more in tune.
    You become more Intuitive.
    As you align and connect with the person within, in the now,
    open as you are open, connected and clear,
    your channels are more open for useful pertinent information
    As there is more coherency within your systems
    You get to a deeper understanding.
    The circuitry is flowing.

    Join us in February as guest speaker, Jill Hewlett, Brain Gym® instructor, Educational Kinesiologist and creator of Body-Mind-Spirit in Motion TV will lead you through a series of exercises designed to align, connect and balance the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

    Brain Gym® is a series of 26 specific physical movements designed to enhance learning ability. It can cause vast and profound shifts in the areas of health, relationships and careers by improving such things as listening skills, comprehension, co-ordination, focus and energy levels. The exercises are not only easy, they feel good to do!

    Jill began Body-Mind-Spirit in Motion TV four years ago and is now reaching the successful airing of 120 shows! With the inspiration to educate and enlighten her community on the topic of complimentary health & well-being, as well as alternative & wholistic learning and living ideas, Jill has been acknowledged with immense praise and  recognition for the number of people who are enjoying and learning from this program.  Talented as a facilitator and innovative in her approach to personal development, Jill's commitment is to assist those who want to be successful on the inside and out. As an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® instructor, Jill has fantastic results leading, group seminars & workshop, as well as offering individual sessions that are effective, results-oriented and fun. Jill's programs bring greater leadership, vision, motivation, team  spirit and productivity to whomever she teaches.

    Jill is lively, upbeat and inspiring.  Join us for a fun and productive evening!

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