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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, February 15,  2005 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Alicja Aratyn
"Everything you wanted to know about PENDULUMS"
***  DOWSING PRACTICE:   6:15 ***
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
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FEBRUARY 15 - Alicja Aratyn:  "Pendulums:  What, Why, How"
MARCH 8 - Charles Hubbard:  "BioDynamics and Dowsing"
APRIL 12 - David Yarrow ---"Subtle Energy Anatomy of the Great and Finger Lake Regions"
MAY 10th - Robert Gilbert returns for a presentation and to offer a
Week Long BioGeometry Workshop (May 14-20) (segments may be taken)

February 22nd, March 1st, March 15th:  Workshop with Angi Venning on "BioMind Power" (see below)


(1)  DOWSING PRACTICE !  We have had DOWSING PRACTICE before some of our meetings.  We will have this again, at the February meeting.

JOY GOCH and SHELLEY BOURNE (our January speakers) will be leading this Dowsing Practice.  This will give you an opportunity to ask questions about last month's material --- that you may wish to review.

To Ensure our set up, etc., runs smoothly please:
-  Bring your pendulum
-  Come for Dowsing Practice at 6:15
-  Go straight to the Stage
-  Make sure you register after Practice is finished.   We may not be set up for our guests and ask that you wait for us to "open up" the floor for you.

 Thank you!

(2)   LIBRARY! --- Mici Gold, our librarian is a continual source of amazement.  Remember, this past summer, Mici called to say that there was a fire in her home but don't worry the library is fine.  okay, Mici, but how about you, your husband, 3 kids and mom in law?  Well it wasn't a problem with mom in law because she was in the hospital!   Mici --- busy as she is under 'normal circumstances' (whatever that means) moved back in to her home last month --- after 4 months of living in another home while hers was being "fixed".   So she calls up last week to say she had an emergency appendectomy --- and wants to let me know she can't lift boxes of books.   Some of us have more than a wee touch of feelings of responsibility.  Mici is doing fine and is in her home.

We didn't have the library at our December and January meetings because of parking problems --- which we are working on.

Also, the library is too big now for Mici to take it all to and from the meeting --- currently 12 bankers boxes --- even in her van.  Can someone help with this?  Pick up a few boxes from her (Bathurst and Shepard) to take to the meeting, and then bring them back?   It does not have to be done for every meeting --- just the meetings you know in a few days in advance that you will be attending....   We have almost 500 items.  And the wish list still grows.

(3)    Odyssey books will be at the February meeting with the Ellie Drew book --- about Homer Hefty and possibly Slim Spurling's book.  You have to read both of them.

  Odyssey books will give you a discount on any item you buy for our library.

(4)  JO ANNE EADIE --- a CLASSY  act!  After much sleuthing I finally found out that JO ANNE is the one bringing Shrimp cocktail and bocconcini  to our apres meeting schmoozing!   THANK YOU!   And ---- she has donated 2 DVDs to our library that demonstrate what is being done on animal farms --- not the George Orwell kind --- puppy farms, pig farms, cow farms.   Good thing I was not watching them during dinner.  These are great incentives if you are thinking of eating vegetarian, or want to urge a loved one in this direction.
(5)    October 2004: TED TURNER, from Smithers, B.C., attended our meeting.
      First spoke with Ted about 2 years ago, when Bill Askin gave Ted my number.   Ted was a new dowser and had a lot of questions.   We talked a lot about vortexes.    Ted had told me he was a single Dad, with 2 almost grown sons.   And that he was in remission from cancer.

      We met October 2003 when he visited Toronto.  Had a nice lunch together.   He was enthusiastic about our Water Project.   Ted came back to Toronto October 2004 and attended our meeting.   Seeing him was a shock, he didn't look so good, didn't walk so good.   He came by subway and I was trying very hard  to ask for a ride for Ted without making it obvious and embarrassing him.   Bob Posen was kind enough to give Ted a ride.  I put a paragraph about him in the November newsletter, using a different name for him.

Ted passed away about 3 weeks after our October meeting.   He had tried so hard to get well.  Brain cancer.  Another one.  Such a kind man. Feh.

February   22nd,  March 1st,  15th  (Tuesdays)    7 - 9:30 pm  -
BIOMIND POWER.:  A - 3  session course:
Cost:   $20 for one   $35  for two   $50 for 3  (classes)  (for Toronto Dowsers, registered in Advance)
2828  Bathurst Street,   Suite 405  (north of Glencairn, south of Lawrence)
For registration and enquiries contact :Angi Venning @ 416 887 9821.
This workshop is connected with our January presentation and presenters.  Angi developed the BioMind concept as a result of her Huna research.  This is a part of the mind that we have not been able to access previously, and causes all sorts of problems when left to itself.  This contains the heavy duty entities --- those that are stubborn, like tar.   You will learn:

What is Biomind?   *    Where does it come from?   *     How does it affect us?    *     How does not knowing about it affect us   *    How to communicate with Biomind    *    Results achieved when communicating with Biomind

*            *            *            *            *            *

MARCH 8th: Charles Hubbard, from Nova Scotia, is well known in the US for his work in BioDynamics.  Few know him in Canada or know that he is a dowser.   Charles has been a farmer for 45 years.  Last month one example of BioDynamics and Dowsing was written about.  Here's another one:

Charles said that Compost heaps need to be placed on a proper vortex.  Now, most people situate the compost heap on "junk land".  Charles says you place it on a vortex, build it properly, and broadcast the energy of it to where you want it to go.   No need to tote and huff and puff.

He talks about beekeepers, balancing the soil, medicine wheels and more.

He said they are making "Designer Gardens".  When asked what this is, Charles said:  Say a person has diabetes.  You broadcast more chromium to their vegetables ! ! !

We will be paying for Charles' transportation.  Donations to cover his travel expenses to Toronto will be requested and appreciated.  We will probably be creating a handout --- with charts --- for purchase -- as a way to pay for these expenses and give you added value.

You can read more about Biodynamics, what it is, etc.  at:  BIOD
Rudoph Steiner started BioDynamics.
And the Waldorf Schools --- we have many Waldorf School parents in our group.
And Eurythmy --- the kind of dance that Elizabeth Gilbert taught us last May. And more.

APRIL 12thDavid Yarrow, from New York State, will be talking to us about the earth energies around Lake Ontario, the Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes.   You may remember that David was written up in our September 2003, September 2004 and November 2004 newsletters.  I met David Yarrow through excellent dowser and  friend David Darrow (!) who is the head of the Finger Lakes (NY) Dowsing Chapter of the ASD.  Here are some snips from those past newsletters to give you an idea of David's work:

Sept 2003:   If you are interested in Native history and Native rights (especially for the Iroquois Nation), activism, improving the soil, Peace, sacred geometry, trees and putting all these areas together in to one Wholistic understanding, then you definitely want to know more about David Yarrow and you must see his website: www.championtrees.org

David is a dowser (he used to dowse with the grand chief of the Iroquois Nations) who is actively working for water rights.  He focuses his activities around Lake Onondaga (one of the 5 Finger Lakes in New York State) --- Onondaga Lake was named "Salt Lake" by the first European explorers because its waters were brackish from mineral springs flowing into the lake.  Where the Carousel Center shopping mall sits today was the richest of these salt springs

Sept 2004:   At the June 2004 ASD Convention, David Yarrow, from New York State spoke about Onondaga Lake, and its sacred relationship with the earth as this is where "The Peacemaker gathered the Five Nations to bury the hatchet, and where he planted The Tree of Peace. Somewhere beside this lake is the area of land where The Peacemaker imparted The Great Law of Peace to form the Five Nations Confederacy."

Nov 2004:  NEW YORK:  See David's article "Why Onondaga Lake is Sacred" as he talks about its geology, the Peacemaker creating peace among the Five Nations by "burying the hatchet" and planting the Tree of Peace, its geology, geography, (sacred) geometry.   David says:   "My vision is that Onondaga is the pineal gland of America -- the master endocrine gland, perched at the tip of the spinal axis (appalachian-rocky mountain-andes)."

Those interested in:  Earth Energies, Grids, Native Americans, Healing the Earth, Water Dowsing, Peace, A vision of a better world for the next generation --- will come to hear David.

MAY 10th, 14th-20th  - Robert Gilbert
Robert Gilbert will be here for a presentation (May 10th) and a week long Bio Geometry workshop.
SATURDAY - FRIDAY  MAY 14 - 20, 2005  10 - 5

BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION TRAINING IN TORONTO (Certified with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. of Geneva, Switzerland  and Cairo, Egypt).  Dr. Gilbert is the only westerner who works with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, creator of BioGeometry.

BioGeometry is a design science that works through the energy of shape, color, sound and motion. It reveals the hidden ways in which nature creates and distributes energy for the benefit of living beings. Developed over three decades of intensive research by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, BioGeometry combines previously secret methods used in Ancient Egypt with breakthrough contemporary European discoveries.

Most people choose to attend the entire training.  Those with limited time or money can choose to attend one or more Levels, which have to be taken in order (i.e., Level One before Level Two, etc.).  The May 2003 workshop is NOT part of this training.  This was a introduction to several areas of Robert's teachings.

Level One:  Fundamentals of BioGeometry.  Two Days, Saturday and Sunday.  Detailed discussion, slides, and over 100 pages of handouts giving out essential information.  No hands-on techniques taught in Level One.

Level Two:  Practical Energy Analysis and Energy Balancing.  Three Days, Monday through Wednesday.  Hands-on techniques taught extensively at this level, many essential skills.

Level Three:  BioSignatures and BioGeometry Design Methods.  Two Days, Thursday and Friday.

A flyer for course registration is enclosed with this newsletter mailing.
THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN specifically FOR THE TORONTO DOWSERS February 2005 Newsletter
BIOGEOMETRY:  The Egyptian Science of Energy Balancing
By Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
Beginning in the early 1990's, a remarkable series of events took place in Cairo Egypt.  Radically new insights into the energy science of ancient Egypt began to be made public by an Egyptian Architect and energy researcher.  These insights were not dry academic ideas; they form the basis for a powerful system of practical techniques.

At the Egyptian National Research Center, the Architect demonstrated before an audience of astonished scientists that he could affect core life processes of living organisms with simple geometric forms.   Al Azhar University in Cairo had its Dean of the Department of Pharmacology announce (on national television) a startling finding; that researchers there confirmed that specific shapes developed by the same Architect gave more benefit to Hepatitis C sufferers than any pharmaceutical studied.   The steady stream of positive reports led to the Architect becoming a celebrity in Egypt, even given his own television show to share simple practices with the public.  (Re-runs are still shown regularly on Middle Eastern satellite television.)

European researchers also reported that the techniques taught by the Architect created profound benefits for humans, animals, plants and the environment.  European projects ranged from highly successful applications for organic agriculture at Wageningen University in Holland, to the complete eradication of electro-stress problems from the town of Hemberg Switzerland (which awarded the Architect the key to the city on Swiss national television).

The remarkable Architect just described is my friend and teacher Dr. Ibrahim Karim.  His profound body of work is called BioGeometry; it is Nature's own energy language of shape, sound, color, and movement. BioGeometry is a master method to balance energy in any living energy system.  It combines previously lost knowledge from Ancient Egypt with little-known modern European methods of dowsing.

These European methods are quite different from the mental dowsing (i.e. asking a mental question and interpreting the movement of the pendulum as an answer) taught in North American circles today.  In the 1930's a remarkable group of French researchers developed what they called Vibrational Radiesthesia, also known as Scientific Radiesthesia.  Instead of asking mental questions, they created ingenious dowsing tools which allowed them to vibrationally detect a very wide range of different energy qualities.  Being able to determine the specific qualities of energy in anything, they were able to make breakthrough discoveries regarding the energy blueprints of everything in creation (including states of health, illness, beneficial or detrimental spiritual forces, etc.)  My organization, Vesica, has translated nine of the original texts from these researchers into English for the first time.

By integrating these little-known European dowsing tools into his methodology, Dr. Karim found a way where he could quickly teach anyone to do the kind of remarkable energy balancing work he himself does. However it was not long before Dr. Karim became too busy, too much in demand across the Middle East and Europe, to have the time to train people in BioGeometry.  I am extremely fortunate to have been chosen in 2003 to be the first non-Egyptian ever authorized to publicly teach BioGeometry.  Since that time I have trained several hundred people in the United States, and thanks to the efforts of Marilyn Gang and the Toronto Dowsers we will hold our first ever Canadian training this May!

The training has been constructed so that students will learn all of the fundamental principles and practical applications of BioGeometry in a 7-day intensive.  At the end of the training students are able to do hands-on energy testing and balancing for humans, animals, plants, buildings, and environmental spaces.  This includes learning many of the techniques which Dr. Karim himself used in the research projects described at the beginning of this article.  In the final two days of the seminar students also receive hundreds of proprietary energy patterns known as BioSignatures, discovered by Dr. Karim, for their personal use.  Students who complete this weeklong Foundation Training are eligible to attend advanced trainings taught directly by Dr. Karim or other Egyptian BioGeometry experts.  (During Dr. Karim's visits to North America, or at the BioGeometry Center currently being built in Cairo.)

In next month's Newsletter I'll tell you more about one of the most important Energy qualities in all of Creation, which we use extensively in BioGeometry.  It is known as the Higher Harmonic of Gold.  In advance of the workshop, I'll tell you about one simple Egyptian method to be able to directly detect and work with this Divine Energy.

So.... Now that you've read the above, read the words below of Toronto Dowser Maggie Robertson --- Maggie took Robert's  weekend workshop May 2003.   It changed her life and her health is finally much improved.  correction --- not just taking the workshop but taking the workshop, applying and using the techniques:

"Hi Marilyn !

I promised to write to tell you why I found Robert Gilbertís workshop in May last year so helpful.  I have also read his books on biogeometry, Egyptian and European Energywork, Books 1 and 2.

In October last year, before I took Robert Gilbertís workshop, I spent a day in a hospital emergency room with an asthma attack.  Afterwards, I was put on quite strong steroid puffers.  The respirologist I was sent  to told me that I would be on these puffers for the rest of my life and that my condition would likely get worse. I was determined to stop using the puffers.

At that time, too, I began to go to an environmental MD and she has been enormously helpful both in pointing out asthma triggers and in testing me for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other problems such as candida which can cause asthma.

Robert Gilbertís workshop helped me because I learned to use the virtual cone pendulum especially. With the pendulum I am able to detect beneficial and non-beneficial energies in clothes that I wear, sheets and mattresses that I sleep on, soaps and shampoos and lotions, food, electricity, water, and my neighbour'sí high efficiency furnace exhaust.

I have found that quite small amounts of non-beneficial (toxic) materials can greatly effect my breathing so if I can get rid of the material or change its energy, I am much healthier. For example, foam contains formaldehyde and it is non-beneficial so I replaced all the foam in the pillows in my living room with old cotton pillow slips and cotton clothes. I still couldnít breathe so I tested my make-shift stuffings with the virtual cone pendulum.  I found several pieces of cotton to have non-beneficial energy. A few of these pieces were a cotton polyester mix (Polyester also contains formaldehyde) and other pieces were all cotton but they must have been dipped in pesticides.  I have found pesticides very hard to remove.  Once I got rid of the cotton with the non-beneficial energy, I was able to breathe when I put my head on those pillows.

A few years ago, too, I decided to replace all three foam mattresses in my house with cotton futons.  When the mattresses arrived, I realized after a while that I couldnít even touch the mattresses with my hand without having an asthma attack.  I decided to wash one of the mattresses in the washing machine bit by bit to get rid of the pesticides.  It took a long time and in the process I broke the washing machine with over use and I had to buy a new one.  When I tested the washed mattress later with the virtual cone pendulum, the energy was still very toxic so I threw all of the mattresses out.  I would have saved a lot of money and energy if I had been able to test the mattresses with the virtual cone pendulum before I bought them. Now, I always take the virtual cone pendulum with me when I go shopping to test shoes, mattresses, and all sorts of things.

Lately, one of my cats has been quite sick with vomiting and diarrhea. After two days at the veterinary clinic and a large bill, I still didnít have the answer but when I tested her cat food with the virtual cone pendulum I found it to be toxic. On the vetís recommendation, I switched to a hypoallergenic cat food.  This food tests neutral with the pendulum so I have been putting the bowl of food on my biogeometry de-charging tray.  The energy changes to positive higher harmonic of gold energy before I give it to the cats. Iím not sure what is actually happening to the cat food when the energy changes or if the energy stays changed in the bowl and in the catsí bodies.  These are questions I would love to ask Robert Gilbert.

Every morning, I clear and charge my watch and biosignature medallion with higher harmonic of gold energy too using the de-charging tray.

What else?  I have tested all the non-beneficial electrical and water energy in my house with the pendulum and changed it with Ls and 16 loops that I made from copper wire I bought at the hardware store. (These methods are all in Robert Gilbertís books.)

I have also been working on furnace exhaust.  I live in a very narrow attached on both sides row house in downtown Toronto.  Lately, my neighbors on both sides have installed high efficiency furnaces which exhaust right beside my house and into my house, Iím sure, through all the tiny holes in the ancient bricks and mortar.  I have to wear a mask to go in and out of my front door, I have three large air purifiers inside the house, and I have to sleep in a tiny room at the back of the house with the window open.   I quietly tested the exhaust with my virtual cone pendulum and it is very toxic.  Maggie Kambanis has let me experiment on her high efficiency furnace exhaust and putting a home-made copper L and 16 turns of copper wire on the outside exhaust pipe has neutralized the energy for now.  I will go back in another month to see if the energy has remained neutral. If anyone knows of anything else I can do about the furnace exhaust I would love to know.  I am hoping for more advances in solar energy!

All the best,
Maggie Robertson
P.S.  I havenít used my puffers since August.

Have you heard about:  QUANTUM TOUCH?
QUANTUM TOUCH is a relatively new method of Hands On Healing.  It seems --- and is --- simple --- put your hands on a spot (or do this remotely), intend, focus and breathe.  And it works!  Pain disappears!  Completely and forever!  Bones move back in to place!  Hurt emotions and memories heal.  Even animals and plants become healthier.

I found out about QT about a year ago, preparing the web site for Raymon Grace's California March 2004 visits.   Raymon was to be sponsored by Mel Feigen, of Riverside, California.   (Raymon is returning there this March 2005.)   So when I heard about Mel coming to Toronto this past summer, to teach something called "Quantum Touch", I was intrigued.    When I heard that 4 Toronto Dowsers also took the course, loved it, were having success and participating in healing circles at least once a month, I knew I had to find out more about it.

Mel is one of the original 5 students, taught by founder Richard Gordon.  From Montreal, with family in Burlington, Mel, like many holistic people, likes coming to Toronto.   He taught Kathy Wilson, who runs Healing Nexus.  Kathy came to our December meeting, liked us and is now a member!  Welcome, Kathy! (Kathy is also a Dowser.)

There are:  Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity Therapy --- to name a few (and I'm not a therapist in any one of them so please excuse my ignorance about them) --- that all work --- hands on --- or just away from the body.  Why another one?  Why this seemingly so simple any one can do it so very effective new method?

I believe the dynamic critical mass was just waiting for something like this to happen.    Intuition taps into that source of knowledge, information, wisdom, etc., that lies just below the surface of conscious awareness.  This level of mind has been given various names.  Jung called it the collective unconscious.  Rupert Sheldrake, noted biologist, in his book A New Science of Life, has coined it as the morphogenic field.  Ken Keyes called it the 100th Monkey syndrome in his book of the same title.

TT et al --- all those people doing the healings --- energetically, and, acting on the collective mind, prepared the ground for QT --- easier to learn, things work more quickly, more completely.  Less sweat, less muscle.   I've been doing healings like this for years --- place my hands on someone, focus intend and breathe.  What's the difference?  It's an intent --- people getting together and sharing the energy.

They talk about "running the energy" in QT.  This is something I think a lot of our folks can learn, easily and quickly.  Maybe Kathy or Mel can give us an introductory talk some time.   Oh.  The Toronto Public Library has 7 copies of this book on its shelf ("Quantum Touch", by Richard Gordon.   And 7 copies of his previous book:  "Your healing hands : the polarity experience").

Here's a good explanation from Keth Luke, in Florida:   "Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that actually must be seen to be believed. With only a light touch, you can observe bones spontaneously adjusting into their proper alignment. Beyond this, all healing is accelerated.

By learning to activate the power of Quantum-Touch, you invoke the secret of resonance.  From the DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the resonance of your love.  From our experience, we would say that this may be the easiest skill that there is to learn.  It is an innate ability we all have.  Quantum Touch offers students a money back guarantee that by the end of class, everyone will be able to see bones move into alignment with just a light touch, or their money back.

When the bones move back into a correct alignment, they tend to hold far longer than high-speed, Chiropractic adjustments. Since it was their own body that "chose" to put the bones back into place, their body tends to maintain the adjustments better than when the adjustments were forced. The process is so fluid that the bones seem to glide or "melt" back into alignment.  Like the tip of an iceberg, the movement of skeletal structure is only the most visible and obvious aspect of this work.

When we run energy into the body, it affects matter on a subatomic or quantum level and works its way up through the cells, nerves and muscle tissue of the body. Eventually it affects something that is highly observable - the bones. Before the bones move, there are no doubt millions of smaller healings taking place.

Over the years, Quantum-Touch has shown itself to be highly useful in organic and systemic conditions, conditions involving musculoskeletal problems, and trauma, pain, and inflammation due to injury or surgery. Overall, the process tends to substantially accelerate the healing process.

The Quantum-Touch method requires that practitioners learn a series of meditations to shift their state of consciousness and increase the level of their own body awareness. Beyond this, practitioners learn to use a number of specific breathing techniques. While there is no philosophical or religious orientation attached to this method, people are encouraged to use Quantum-Touch in conjunction with their own belief structure or spirituality.

The principles behind this Quantum-Touch involve resonance, intention, attention, breath and innate body intelligence.  Using our intention and attention in conjunction with breath and various meditations, practitioners are able to profoundly shift the vibration of their hands. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, the law of resonance requires that either the lower frequency comes up, the upper frequency goes down, or that they meet in the middle. Practitioners simply learn to hold a high vibration in their hands. The person receiving the session will eventually match the vibration of the practitioner's hands...."

The QT name, workshops, people who have taken it, stories, are springing up like Toronto Dowsers at our food table after a presentation.  Once again we are fortunate to have a high level of expertise on a modality within our group.  I think we'll be hearing more about QT --- from our own folks.  Stay tuned!


"The Remnant", by Mary La Croix keeps coming in to my mind.  I know it will keep popping up in my mental window until I tell you about it.   I read this about a dozen years ago and was lucky to find a copy of it for our library in a 2nd hand store.   Reading it, and finishing it, it was the only book I'd ever read that told the truth about the Jesus story.  Of the several hundred books I've read in the past dozen years, this is one of 10 that has stayed with me.  And, the Toronto Public Library has one copy in its collection.  Wondering why something kept speaking to me to tell me to tell you about it, I checked it out on Internet, to see why it might be so special.   No wonder why.  The only place I could find it listed was on the Edgar Cayce web site.  I hope you'll read it.  I know it will be important for you.

The Remnant (ISBN 0876042019)
The Edgar Cayce readings come alive in this fascinating novel on the Essenes and their preparation for the Messiah. The story revolves around three women whose lives were profoundly affected by the advent of Jesus, and includes the preparation of Mary, and the birth, education, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

The story begins with the expectation and preparation surrounding the Essene community where Mary, Jesus' mother-to-be, was destined to be chosen for the greatest of blessings -- the birth of the child who would become the Christ. Concurrently, Judith entered the mystery school that would one day prepare Jesus for the many tests of faith He would endure, in order for her to become the teacher who would guide the Essenes and help Jesus on His journey to the cross -- and resurrection.

The story of Jesus comes to life in this fictionalized (?) account of two women who were close to the Master -- His teacher, Judith, and His sister, Ruth -- and  many more.  Discover in this moving narrative the hidden truth behind the missing time in Jesus' life. Live with the Essene community who remained faithful to the ideal of the Messiah when others had fallen away. Learn the significance of ďthe RemnantĒ and their devotion to Jesus the Christ.

Looking for more information about the author, Frank & Nancy Thomas, Region Coordinators for Edgar Cayce Canada, said that Frank has read it many times over.  They added:

"Mary LaCroix was the wife of a dairy farmer in Rice County, Minnesota and the mother of four.  She had always been interested in actively studying history.

In 1974 she was suffering with terrible pains in her back and turned to the old pill bottle and the heating pad.  'I stayed at home and read everything in the house because I was not able to get to the library.  One of the books was the Bible.  I had always been a Bible reader (I was raised in the Methodist church and converted to Catholicism when I married), but I had never read from Genesis straight on through to Revelation like I was reading a novel - so I did.  About two and half weeks later, I finished the Bible, my backache was gone and I was full of questions.  I went to the local library and I read everything I could get my hands on, on church history, on archaeological finds, on different religions and such as Judaism and Hinduism.  I pursued the inter-library loan service win which the name of the book that I wanted was plugged into a computer.  The closed library that had that particular book would send it to me.  When one author's reference to another author or another work sounded interesting, I would send for it.

While doing this I stumbled across the Dead Sea Scrolls and was absolutely fascinated.  One day when in Rochester, Minnesota I saw the book, Edgar Cayce on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I picked it up and thought, "just another writer on the scrolls."  When I got home and started reading I thought, "Now, I have a psychic to deal with.  What is the world of a psychic like?"  I went down to the trusty old library and got out all the books I could find on Edgar Cayce.

By the time I finished my survey of the psychic world, I had an absolutely beautiful story about the Essenes in my head, and I wondered if it would be as beautiful on paper as it was in my imagination.  So I started setting it down in order of sequence, how the events went to see if they fit and flowed as well on paper - according to what we know as historical time.  I told my husband Ronnie, "I think I am writing a book.' "

A.R.E.:  215-67th. St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451-1206  1-800-333-4499, that people can contact Frank and Nancy  at 519-369-3973; nan.thomas@bmts.com  Available from the E.C.C. bookstore for $24.95.

*        *        *        *        *

NEXT: 3 years ago I was talking with the dowsing group in Michigan.   Nice folks. They told me they were reading:  David Hatcher Childress' publication:  Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. (Details the earth grid, ley lines, and world power points. Contains chapters on the geography, mathematics, and light harmonics of the earth grid. Learn the purpose of ley lines and ancient megalithic structures located on the grid. Explores many mysteries including acoustic levitation, Tesla Shields and Scalar Wave weaponry. Includes anti-gravity patents and research resources.)

The reason they were talking about this book is that he talks about 10 or 12 power spots on the earth, 2 of them are really powerful, one of them is in Afghanistan.  When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, they went right to that spot.

DHC is looked at as a modern day Indiana Jones.  I like his books, but I find that they are not as detailed or deep as I would like.  I have a few of his books.  I had 3 copies of the Anti Gravity book.  Sold one at the meeting.  Have a second one for sale --- would someone like to buy it for $20 for our library?  If not, its up for sale.

Their publishing company, Adventures Unlimited, is located in Illinois and has a branch in Fergus!   This is run by Jim Honey, who is a honey of a guy and his book store is in the Fergus Market.  Jim recently obtained a crystal skull which will be on display soon.   Jim came to hear William Henry in September.  You can see a photo of Jim and his castle on the web link.

I visited Jim's store last month and brought back a whole bunch of catalogues for you.  They were available at the January meeting.   They are all gone.  If you want any of the books, check the link or call Jim at  905 562 4688.  Be careful about getting the catalogue, though.  If you're like me, you'll be jumping up and down and spending all your money.  Not everyone likes this, especially those with heart conditions.

*        *        *        *        *

NEXT:   From Ray Watson's site --- here is a book that will pull you in, inspire you, enthrall you, and it is online:  Go to: www.ourfoothills.com/selfcom/angeldn00.htm  for the book and VIEW the IMAGE!

"Angel Down!  by Edward Starr is a Story. It is Wisdom. To many it is controversial but some stories simply must be told. You may be inspired. You may be offended. You will never be bored! In the words of Teri Gee, "Open your mind, and your Spirit if you dare, to this incredible tale.".

From a beautiful village in New England to strange lands in forgotten dimensions of space and time, a compelling story emerges. Join Homer Star and his friends as they struggle their way through demons, aliens, God, angels and the End of the World!...   Angel Down! is a Story. It is Wisdom. To many it is controversial but some stories simply must be told."

Also from Ray  --- CROATIAN books and resources: www.ourfoothills.com/

*        *        *        *        *

UH OH.   Uh  OHHH --  I don't think you're going to like this::: but I have to say it:

There is a lot of talk going around about a new movie, one I haven't seen yet.  It may turn out to be the best movie I've ever seen --- when I finally do see it.  This movie --- Indigo --- is -- "they say" -- like What the Bleep, another must see movie by 'folks like us'.

The exceptional item linking both  these movies is the marketing job that has been done.  And the stereotype we have become.  The marketing positioning of both of these movies was brilliant.

The Indigo movie --- has all the right elements.   I am not a fan of Neale Donald Walsch.  I used to be.  I now look at him out of the sides of my eyes. His first book (Conversations With God --- Book 1)  was brilliant (IMOSVVHO).   Brilliant and straight from and - to - the heart.  I bought the book and just wanted to read it and keep re reading it and following it all the days of my life.    So it was with joy that I started his second book and felt like I ran head first in to a cold brick wall.  A dozen lines in the middle of Book 2 shattered the illusion for me forever that NDW possessed a godlike stature.   He possessed something all right.  Or maybe it was the other way around.

I do not believe that all the "stars" in the New Age movement are really sharing information with us for our own good, the good of humanity in general and the good of the planet.   I believe that some of them are there to distract us, weaken us, feed us disinformation and lead us astray.  ON PURPOSE!

Most of those who do this start out well meaning.  Then they have been co-opted or blackmailed or led in to temptation and taken the bait.  Hook, line and sinker.   Call this Marilyn's cynical side or smart side --- whatever you want.  I encourage awareness and discernment on your part and that you also question what I say as well.

So here I am reading Book 2.  Gee, I'm surprised.  It doesn't have the oomph and "hit" of Book I.  It's tepid, in comparison.   When I read Page 199 I was saddened and frightened and understood.  Another one bites the dust.   What do you think?

I do not think the proposed new world government is such a good idea.  Nor do I believe that I will ever judge George Bush --- Sr. or Jr. to be a man of wisdom or compassion.   I think someone or something is trying to set us up here.  And I ain't buying.   You may say that's one little section in 2 (or 3) books. we can't all be 100% on the mark all the time.  You may say "Marilyn, you contradict yourself, too."   That may be right, too.   But this just gives me the heebie jeebies and feels as if its there for an ignoble purpose.

NDW is the writer and star of Indigo.   What we are doing --- Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, Energy Medicine, is just about to really become "hot".   I saw it happening over 3 years ago and wrote an article that this would take place in the ETHICS  article and January 2002 presentation to the Toronto Dowsers.   Here we are.  With an Oh So Cool movie --- with all the right people ---

So --- when NDW came out on September 11th, 2001 with 3 others (Jimmy Twyman, Doreen Virtue and Marianne Williamson)  as signers of a peacefully worded document, my antennae shot up.  Calm the populace.  Pray and Meditate.  Meditate and Pray.

What happens when people pray and meditate?   Many are sleeping.  There were no suggestions that we ask questions, that we research, that we THINK, that we talk and discuss and find out what really happened.

When people meditate they are Passive.   Some of those instructions to us originate from the shadow world.  Their words weaken us as they cause us to remain passive.  Rather, I try to focus on understanding what really transpired, by whom and why.

 There are a lot of so called new age gurus out there with very pretty  words.  With many of them, their (reptilian?) energy, and what underlies their  words --- to me --- does not feel pretty.

A lot of the New Age has been set up to disempower and disenfranchise people where they become passive and they neutralize themselves as threats to  those who want to take them over, in the name of peace.

Sometimes we have believed false gods.  I have done that myself and expect I'll be taken in again.  But, perhaps  less than I used to.  As much as I'd like to, because I so very much  want to believe NDW --- and perhaps that's how we were taken in at first  because we want to believe --- I'm inclined not to have trust in him.  Jimmy T, too, seems very different than when he used to hang out at Kingsview.  Remember that?

The advice we were given on 911 was the same as when SARSscam hit.  The government said:  "Listen to us.  Trust us.  And wash your hands."  Period.

We are becoming too pretty, too nice, too cool. doing the right things, going to the right workshops, movies, reading the right books, using the right words.   We are giving away our ability to think for ourselves, have non traditional beliefs and stand up for what we believe in.  We are becoming our own mainstream and  is dangerous.

If you would like to discuss this with me, I'd like that. I've discussed this issue with many of you. Some agree, some don't, some don't know. It's important. If many of you disagree, I need to know, and why.

In Toronto:

(1)  Institute of Holistic Nutrition --- Continuing Education Courses.   IHN, on Wynford Drive, is where I received my Holistic Nutrition Diploma.  It's also how I met Annie van Alten!  (of Dutchman's Gold Bee Products! Annie studies "Bee Venom Therapy"  - which helps MS. folks and others - and keeps us informed as to the most recent research as to the uses of Bee therapies, such as:  Honey 'could help fight cancer':   "A team from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia, found a range of honey-bee products stopped tumours growing or spreading in tests on mice....)   And Herbie's Herbs!   and   Tracy McBurney!  and many more wonderful people.   You can receive a diploma from IHN through full or part time studies.  They also have a Continuing Education program where you can take one course at a time.  No pre-requisites.  (416) 386-0940.


The teachers are very good (you may remember that Tracy was our September 11th, 2001 speaker).   If this school interests you and if you have questions you would like to ask me, feel free to do so.   The intense year I spent there was one of the highlights of my life.   It was very tough and also fabulous.

We all need more of this knowledge --- for ourselves, and to share it with those we care about.

(2) February 5 & 6:   2005 ORCHID SHOW at the Japanese Cultural Center (Eglinton and Don Mills area).  Click on the site and you can find a $2 coupon.    905-625-3475

(3)  National Film Board of Canada --- free membership in their National Film Club. By joining the NFB Film Club, you will become part of a community that supports Canadian documentary, docudrama, animation and new digital media productions.

· Free monthly subscription (by email) to FOCUS, our bilingual newsletter
· Invitations to NFB film premieres
· Invitations to master classes
· Special discount offers on the purchase of selected NFB videos and DVDs
· *New* A chance to participate in the CineRoute pilot : CineRoute is an innovative online film library giving members with high speed Internet the chance to watch some NFB films free of charge.

(4)   Do you ever go to our many wonderful ethnic supermarkets?  When Ivan McBeth came to town, we went for lunch in India town and Ivan had a nice surprise shopping in the Indian stores.   Last week, while waiting for a new windshield at Speedy Auto Glass at Lawrence and Warden, I wandered in to an Arab supermarket.  Got 360 g cans of the best BabaGhanoush I'd ever tasted --- all natural, and only $1.99.   Saw whole peeled coconuts for $.99 in the Chinese stores at Broadview and Gerrard.  What ethnic stores do you like and why?  Do you dowse for the best teas for you or your family?

At our December meeting, Dennis Derfler, computer tutor and specialist, demonstrated  The Wild Divine.

Wild Divine is a  BioFeedback Enchanted Journey Computerized "Game". This is a  first "inner-active" computer adventure and combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for "total mind-body wellness".

I first saw WD at the October 2003 Yoga Show.  Faster than a nanosecond, I was hooked.  Came to an instantaneous stop when I saw the graphics on the computer screen.  Astounding.  Outstanding.   Intricate, detailed, gorgeeeous scenes reminding me of Scherherezade, Aladdin and all his lamps, Sinbad and his voyages and crews.  Total enchantment, bringing up all the visions and movies and pictures I'd had as a child of the magical mysterious East.

When they were demo'ing it to me --- you had to pop balloons by using your mind.  They couldn't understand why I did so well.  "Easy", I explained.  "I'm a dowser.  Dowsers can operate in 4 levels of mind simultaneously."

So many computer game scenarios are shoot em up, kill all you can.  This one is so different.  You learn, you meditate, your journey, you breathe --- with joy, beauty, fluidity and computers.

Didn't want to ask about the price, because I thought it would be at least $500.   When I found out it was only (yes --- "only")  $160 USD --- for the program as well as the sensors, I bought it immediately.  This was the first chance I had to share it with you, properly.

The Toronto Dowsers was set up as an affiliate, which means if you buy it and give our number: 1772, we receive a commission.   Then I find out Deepak Chopra, What the Bleep, Jean Houston, the Centerpointe/Holosync folks, etc.,  also like it.  They must have heard my endorsement, yes?

The Toronto Dowsers is now an affiliate of Wild Divine
Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback Check out the Wild Divine NOW!

The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.    Comes ready to play with three biofeedback finger sensors, the LightStone and USB cable. For both PC and Mac. Connects easily to your computer.  (Please purchase on the clickable link, above, so the Toronto Dowsers receives a bonus for each game sold.  If you order by phone, use Affiliate #1772.)
Please read the commentary by Bill Harris, of Centerpointe (below) which will also teach you more about mind/body/brain/breathing.  I've included a large section of his feedback because it can serve to teach and point out to us more about aspects of our control of our body mind --- with, or without the Wild Divine.
" " "Initially, I thought, "What in the heck is this all about? A game? I'm really not into games. I like real life."    But once I tried it, I was so blown away that I decided that anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth really ought to know about this game, which is why I'm writing this to you today.

While The Wild Divine is a computer game it's not like any computer game you've ever seen.

Why? Because you operate it with your mind!

You make things happen in the game by changing your internal state. The game is, in effect, a biofeedback device, and in using it, you learn how to control your state of mind. You learn how to intentionally access states such as joy, hope, excitement, relaxation, meditation, and patience, just to mention a few. The game gives you direct feedback (biofeedback) as you play it, and as you continue to play you get better and better at consciously creating the internal states you want, when you want them. (I'll explain how the game knows what state you're experiencing in just a moment.)

Since these internal states are what ultimately lead to your external results in life, being able to create these internal states at will allows you, literally, to do anything in life.

The Wild Divine has some amazing graphics, which remind me of the grand and beautiful panoramic vistas in the Lord of the Rings movies. The game is a kind of mythic heroic journey through a Middle Earth-like mythic realm, where you have various tasks to perform along the way. You perform these tasks and pass certain tests, however, by controlling your state of mind.

And, best of all, the game is a ton of fun to play. It's complex, creative, and challenging, and you get a great charge and a real sense of satisfaction in performing the various game tasks. It's very cool to see that you really can control your mind--and that you really can improve at doing so.   [SNIP]

Jean Houston said that "The Journey to Wild Divine is the journey of you, the heroic soul, as you travel from an outmoded existence to an enhanced and creative life,". She also said that, as a result of playing, "you'll find that you have a natural access to capacities--visual, verbal, kinesthetic, interpersonal, subjective, intuitive, logical-mathematical...Capacities that improve the physical use of the body and that enhance memory, writing, creative expression, and problem solving."

For those of you not familiar with the process, biofeedback uses electronic equipment to monitor your internal physiological state and give you feedback to help you learn how to control these states.

In The Wild Divine, the biofeedback component comes through sensors you wear on three of your fingers. These sensors measure your Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). SCL measures sweat gland activity, which indicates changes in autonomic nervous system activation and is associated with increased energy, which could be positive (excitement) or negative (nervousness).

HRV is the difference in heart rate from one heartbeat to the next. From heart beat to heart beat, no two intervals are exactly the same, and you can't really measure this just by taking your pulse. The greater the variability, the better. In fact, when HRV is constant (in other words, when the interval between heart beats is clock-like in its regularity), it can be a sign of an impending heart attack! Greater HRV, then, is a healthy goal, and people who exhibit greater HRV tend to live longer and enjoy life more.

Examining HRV is the fastest growing area in biofeedback, and the well-known Institute of HeartMath is one of many research groups studying the effects of greater HRV.

Interestingly, increased HRV is connected with brain synchronization (which, as you know, is also one of the most significant effects of Holosync), and also with a synchronization of the brain with the rhythms of the heart. Playing The Wild Divine increases HRV, and my guess is that we would find that using Holosync does, too, which is one reason why I was so instantly good at playing it (and why, as a Holosync user, you probably will be, too). [Note: Dowsers, too, of course!]

To succeed in the game, as in life, players have to learn certain principles, which require "an allowing attitude"--a kind of "passive will". This is what I frequently refer to as trusting your unconscious mind, rather than doing something with a lot of conscious thinking and analyzing.

Every highly conscious person I've ever known has had the ability to trust their unconscious mind to tell them what to do and how to do it. Most people who have trouble with life keep trying to navigate through life using their conscious mind, with lots of thinking and analyzing. So another benefit of The Wild Divine is that it develops your ability to trust your unconscious mind, and believe me, your unconscious mind knows how to do a lot of the things you want to do in life, but haven't yet figured out how to do.

As players learn to control their internal state, they often experience an internal shift--an "ah-ha" experience in which they realize that they just "know" how to do things. This was, in fact, the very state I was in as I tried the game for the first time, which is probably why I was able to do so well.

So, if you're interested in greater mind-body integration, a greater ability to trust and utilize your unconscious mind, greater awareness of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states, and having a fun time playing with your mind and your internal state, I think this is a really cool way to develop these abilities. And, it's a lot of fun, too.

This amazing game makes a great gift--for someone else, or just for you." " "

Wild Divine focuses a lot on improving breathing.  I know I've always needed help with this.  More BETTER BREATHING information in an upcoming newsletter......

SALT -->    SALT & OIL -->    OIL --->    OIL & TEETH --->   TEETH


Have you ever heard of a:  SALT GLOW RUB ??   Careful --- if you do this you will fall in love with the person who does this for you.  And, if you do it for yourself, that, too can be a good thing.  You will feel GOOD ALL OVER and it is so very very healthy for you.

Some are familiar with Dry Skin Brushing.   This is much more.  I wrote this up about 12 years ago and think you'll like this.  If you have a sweetie you really like and likes you --- or want that person to really like you, then you will really really REALLY like this!  Really yes!

Put about 2-3 cups of Epsom Salts in a bowl.
(It's recommended that you oil the bowl first.  I don't.)

Slowly add a little water until it's the texture of wet sand -- granular, not soupy.

Sit or stand in the bathtub (Naked, obviously).
Ensure you are secure.  (If you are over 90 you may want to hold on to the shower bar.)

Take a handful of salt and rub vigorously in circular motions towards the heart.  Always rub towards the heart.  I start on the soles of my feet (boy is that great!), work up the torso to the heart, then from the face to the heart.  I get a friend to do my back, when possible. Remember to do  your bottom.  (There are wonderfully feeling nerve endings in the buttocks.)  Do not skimp on salt.

Be very gentle around the breasts and face.  Be vigorous in other areas.

After you do the whole body, where you started is probably dry.  So again, in a vigorous circular motion, rub off the salt from the first application.

Now, shower with lukewarm water, going to cold.  When water is cold, always make sure the heart and head are the last parts to be done so as not to shock the system.

You may want to lightly oil your body afterwards -- what's nice is sesame oil, Vita Fons II Massage Oil.

Takes about 10 minutes to do Salt Glow.  Do this 1x a week, not more than 2x weekly (so as not to harm the protective layer on the skin).  Regular Salt Glows help ease cases of constipation, swelling, skin conditions, poor circulation, fatigue, stiffness, headaches and arthritis.

The action of the salt stimulates circulation, the epsom salts themselves remove impurities and are good for detoxification.

Glowing Healthful Exfoliation --- for your face - Gem Skin Elixir

Karen Montesanto, one of our members from Hamilton, and her friend Lisa, came up with a fabulous product for your skin.  Its a Gem Skin Elixir, kind of like a Salt Glow Rub plus nourishment for your face.

Salts from the Dead and Celtic Seas are the main ingredients.  They gently remove dead skin cells (like the Salt Glow rub does in a more vigorous way from other parts of the body) and keeps the skin clear so, as the largest --- and functioning organ of our body ---  it can breathe.  Essential oils of Cardamom, Cumin, Ginger, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Tangerine are added for their stimulating, energizing and general tonic effects.

The massaging action of crystals which are rich in minerals exfoliate and purify.  They act as the delivery system for the micronutrients which are then absorbed through your clean pores.

Made of a base of Oils of Grape Seed, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba, then they add Vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B6, E (as a preservative) and Linoleic Acid.   A garnet seed is added to each jar.  This adds balance, strength and cleansing, creativity and manifestation

You put it on, in 1 minute your complexion looks completely different.  It washes, exfoliates, purifies, nourishes, replenishes and moisturizes all in one application.

All ingredients are individually hand mixed with love and positive intention, also adding health, prosperity and joy from the Outside In.  Do contact Karen   gemelixir@hotmail.com   905 525 8843   for a more beautiful, glowing, healthier happier face!


Frequently when I mention a way to help one's health, Arlene Anisman emails me to remind me that this or that essential oil can also work to heal whatever situation is being discussed.   I asked her if she would please review a few of these and send it to me so I could share it with you here.

Arlene says:  " I filter everything through the belief that the Young Living Essential Oils are amazingly powerful in so many ways, so there's a solution using the oils to most everything ... for example:

1) Quitting Addictions:  There are some oils, that if taken appropriately will break the physical addiction (eg. Clove), and help heal the emotional addiction as well --- many oils may be beneficial emotionally, I'll mention a few -- Valor (spruce, rosewood, blue tansy & frankincense), Joy (bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rosewood, Roman chamomile, rose, ylang ylang, geranium, palmarosa), Release (ylang ylang, olive oil, lavender,  eucalyptus radiata, cypress, lavendin, geranium, peppermint, sandalwood, blue tansy, spruce)

2)  Blood flow to the brain can be enhanced by the oils, eg. Frankincense, and, either of 2 "blends":  Brainpower (frankincense, cedarwood, sandalwood, melissa, blue cypress, lavender, helichrysum), and, Clarity (basil, cardomon, geranium, ylang ylang, peppermint, rosewood, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, lemon, rosemary, bergamot).

3)  Sleep Problems:  There is a wonderful oil blend from Young Living called Peace and Calming. (tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy).  You rub this on the bottom of the feet.  A Young Living chewable, a supplement called Immupro which has melatonin in it as well as reishi and maitake mushrooms and Ningxia wolfberries --- supports your immune system while it helps you sleep.

4)  Young Living Oregano Oil, taken in capsules, is therapeutic-grade, and is one of the best oregano oils!

I could go on and on, just to say that there are Young Living oils, supplements and personal care products that can be used in virtually all of the examples in our newsletters that we can use to enhance our well-being and good health!

If you are interested in Young Living, contact:  Arlene Anisman      (416) 766-8261

At the Whole Life Expo, someone had an oils booth.  She said that for:

Snoring --- use Marjoram     *      Migraines ---- use Rosemary

When Mary Hardy was here February 2003, she told us about Aromatherapy through Essential Oils.  This is how many of us found out about it.  And why it is Essential that we know about them and use them.

Mary really likes the Young Living Essential Oils brand.  This is an MLM.  A lot of us have problems with MLMs, for various reasons.  Me too.  So be it.  I have problems w MLMs and I'm still part of some of them.  The information on oils is what is essential here.

This is some of what Mary told us February 2003:
The only way you can activate the amygdala gland is through smell.   Around your physical body you have an astral body, an etheric body, a mental body, an emotional body, a causal body --- what my guides have told me is that the olfactory bulb has little hairs hanging down.  As you smell the oil --- this is like antennas in to those bodies.  Information is communicated to the glands instantaneously.

The Master Control Panel is the Amygdala Gland.  T.D.A. Lingo said there are 2 parts to it:  the anterior and the posterior.  If you click in to the posterior part, that is where all the trauma is stored --- even past lives.  But if you can enter the anterior part --- which is the front of it --- that takes you in to your frontal lobes.  When you activate your frontal lobes --- he calls it:  time, space, energy and matter.   So you can fill up your light body.  And I gave you handouts on how to do that.

I have told you you need to dowse.  This is a group of dowsers.  My oils are all set up for dowsing.  If you have oils at home --- this is how I set my oils up (she showed us her case of oils).   For you (she used one person to demo on) --- you want to find something in this row.  For you, to activate your amygdala gland --- I just dowse along --- for today, now it could change for tomorrow --- you need "Christmas Spirit".

That would tell me that you have a staph infection somewhere in your body because Christmas Spirit goes after Staph infections.  For you to do this, I would recommend that you work with the oil on the points on the bottom of your feet.  So tomorrow, after you have worked on that, you try another oil.   I use this when I want to activate the Christ Spirit.  It is one of the oils that goes after staph and strep.  It has orange, cinnamon and spruce.  Spruce activates the higher self.

I have made a report for people in my Young Living group about different oils that are needed at the current time.  There is something that is happening now in our society, with the threats of anthrax, smallpox, chemtrails, etc.  Well, one of the things that Moses did --- he painted lamb's blood around the doors and windows of the houses.  But he also put hyssop and other oils in to the mixture.  This created an aromatic barrier, so that when the plague came through, those who had been "painted" were not adversely affected. ...  You know we have the combination  RC?  When you go out in to the world, you put a little bit of RC up your nose.   You can also make an aromatic protection for your house with this.

*            *            *            *            *

This is from her website, from these links:  MARY1MARY2:
The opportunities that Aromatherapy gives to humanity are phenomenal. The ancient leaders of the Christian church, such as Moses, Jesus, and the Magdalene, all used Aromatherapy because by anointing the body, humanity can activate his higher self. We are now in the Photon Belt, where humanity has the opportunity to use the wisdom of the higher-self to advance into a state of higher consciousness, where we can transcend time, space and matter. The only way that Essential Oils can be used to advance humanity into this time and space is if they are 100% pure. This is the blessing that Young Living has given to humanity.

With the use of pure Essential Oils, we can activate the electromagnetic field around the physical body. The olfactory bulbs have hundreds of tiny hairs. When these hairs are activated, they act like antennas into the electromagnetic field. These hairs will then stimulate different parts of the body. If a substance is unnatural, it becomes a blocker and causes a quick response-like cortisone or insulin, to block the functioning of the body. Often times, the body is fooled into responding unnaturally to the blocker, covering up a symptom, rather than bringing balance and healing. But when the substance is pure, the electric stimulation activates the different layers around the body. This response is slow and may take weeks before a person realizes the benefit. However, sometimes, in acute cases, we see instant relief.

*            *            *            *            *
Eclipses activated the portals on the Earth know as Star Gates. If one tunes into the frequency of these Star Gates, they can increase their consciousness. For years, the elders of the planet, such as the Magi, knew of these forecasts. That is why the Christ child was given the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Scientifically we know that frankincense and myrrh contain sesquiterpenes that cross the blood-brain barrier and activate the amygdala gland. The fifth sense that mankind has not developed is the sense of smell. Smell holds the key to advancing into a higher consciousness.

Back in the time of ancient Egypt, Aromatherapy was a way of balancing the auric field with the physical. The sense of smell is depicted on the Egyptian walls by a woman smelling a lotus. This was secret knowledge. Only those trained in the temples were taught how to use this wisdom. They were known as the Sisters of the Emerald Fire because they had to keep the balance point of emerald green within their auric field. Mary Magdalene was taught in this fashion. This knowledge of smell activating the higher consciousness is a way of developing the soul.   We understand that the olfactory bulbs stimulate the amygdala gland through smell and activates the frontal lobes of the brain - transcending space, time, energy and matter through consciousness.

The limbic system consists of many glands. Not much research has been done to understand the functioning of the limbic system. History has recorded that these glands are activated by smell. That is why Essential oils are so powerful. Mary Magdalene and the Egyptians knew this. That is why the lotus blossom was used in many of their hieroglyphics. The activation of the amygdala gland was the gift of the Magi.

T. D. A. Lingo was a member of general Patton's armored tank group in WWII, and was greatly disturbed by the acts of violence and homicide he witnessed. After the war, he studied at 4 universities, always asking the same question: "Why must mankind kill his brother?"

Finally, a professor in Chicago answered this question. He tapped on his forehead with his fingertips, and stated that the answer lies within the human brain, but that research to date had yielded no explanations. If Lingo wanted the answer, he would have to open his own research lab and find the answer himself. After 15 years of studying brain research material, Lingo and his associates found that the anterior part of the amygdala gland is a gateway into the frontal lobes of the brain. By entering through this gateway, you can increase your consciousness and become more spiritually developed. You begin to use a larger percentage of the brain. Through his discoveries, Lingo felt that entering into this gateway enabled us to tap into a universal consciousness. In this way, those that learn to access the frontal lobes of their brain can bring about a peaceful harmony in the world.

The true way to activate the amygdala gland is through smell. I believe that is why the magi brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. The secrets of using the oils was taught in the Magi Mystery Schools of Egypt. Mary Magdalene was a student and graduate of these schools. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, to carry the name of Mary, you had to be an accomplished healer. Mary was a title meaning that you graduated from the magi school. This title meant that you knew how to use the oils to balance the electromagnetic field and activate the emerald green healing power. This is why Mary Magdalene is always pictured in emerald green.

All of you in Young Living know that you can use the oils to get rid of your anger, to get rid of your fear, to balance out your light bodies and to fill up your electro magnetic field.

I met Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, in 1995, when I was going out to Arizona on the way to the Gem Show.  Brother John (Mary's guide) told her that he wanted her to buy the oils and to start teaching people how to use the oils to activate their light bodies.

Mary credits Dr. Sabina DeVita with a lot of the advances in Young Living. YLEO is having a convention, July 2005, in Utah:  "Gold of the Gods":  "From the Lost City of Ubar, past the red-rock way station known as Petra, and on to the port of Gaza in ancient Israel, precious oils were transported along the dangerous Frankincense Trail. Phoenecian seamen ferried them onward to far-flung destinations in Greece, Cypress, and Europe....Revered in religious rituals and cherished for enhancing health, the oils were considered more valuable than gold."  Go to: GoldoftheGods.com/,  about halfway down is a link to a movie.  Ya gotta see this one.

Other Toronto Dowsers who distribute oils and requested that they be listed are:
    Carmen Aradi  (416) 785-1586
    Pat Bianchi   416 783 4694
    Sabina DeVita    905 451-4475  (Brampton)
    Pat Kulyski  416 604 8295
    Marja Pirie    905 332 3394  (Burlington)
    Debbie Purvis, of Odyssey Books in Ajax has the Karooch Brand of Essential Oils.  905-426-4823

Oil and Teeth

Up above, I told you I visited Jim Honey's castle in December.  I met Hugh Magill there and we sat down and had a visit.  Over some yummy vegetable lasagna,  Hugh said he found out that if you take good, cold pressed Sunflower Oil, put it in your mouth and SWISH HARD for 15 minutes and then spit it out --- this will whiten your teeth! (Several applications, please)

So I went right over to the booth where they sell oils -- The Herbery --- (locations in Orangeville, St. Jacobs, Fergus markets) and got some excellent oil.   It has a whitening effect, I notice.  Also, after the first 5 or 10 minutes, the enzymes in your mouth will change the slight oily taste to a sweet taste.  neatO.    Question:  Why does this work?   I could find no info on Sunflowers, or Sunflower Oil that could attribute such properties to Sunflowers and/or Sunflower oil that would make this work. If you know, please tell me.

I was told that Sunflowers require no pesticides as bugs leave it alone.  Do you know?  If you don't know, I'll ask our March speaker.

Speaking about Hugh Magill --- you may notice he's been mentioned a lot in the past half year or so, with regard to minerals, the slant board and now this.  I'll tell you why.

I met Hugh around 13 years ago at a Silva Graduate Seminar.  As I know that for me, workshops mean I'm going to connect with 1 or more people who will be important to me, I stood outside the room, intending that I sit next to someone who will become important to me.  The only seat available was next to Hugh.  We've been friends ever since.

Hugh and I connected because he was researching brain machines at the time and I was real curious about it.  He also let me watch chelation therapy.  When Bob Beck's Colloidal making device plans were made available, we collaborated on that, too and he made a lot of silver.  It was through Hugh that I first found out about the Gentle Wind Project around 1996.  We're like 2 little kids finding out about, playing with and showing off our new toys.  Cause that's what its about.  Toys.  Toys for Health and Happiness.   I didn't know he'd always been a dowser, too!  Stay tuned, more neat stuff is in the works!

GREAT DENTAL PAGES including tooth charts

Here are some good dental information resources.  About the 2nd or 3rd screen down you will find a link for dental charts corresponding to the organs, glands etc., and what teeth they are related to:  http://webpages.charter.net/kyarbrough/rootcanals.htm

Dental charts and the Emotions:    CHART 1 -  HTM     CHART 2 - PDF
This comes from:  Dr. Wilson (also very good acupuncture meridian links on that page)

(I noticed I wrote about SEX about  4 times in this issue.  That's more than usual.  Those minerals are really working well and increasing my libido.  Great.  Now what do I do with it?)


Shelley Bourne and Joy Goch, Toronto Dowsers members, spoke to us about clearing energies, both Inside our land, homes and bodies and outside of them.  This presentation was VERY well done --- especially for their first time --- and received.

The week prior to our January meeting, the following email was received:
  " I would like to ask you about Joy and Shelly, are they able to see if someone has energies around them which are not good?   And if so, are they able to get rid of them permanently?"

ANSWER:  They will answer those questions, themselves, more directly.  However,  my response to that question is that they may --- or may not --- be able to 'see' these energies (depends on one's definition of 'seeing'), however they can dowse to find out if there are such energies around someone --- beneficial energies, or not so beneficial.   There are different kinds of energies, some may be mild, some may be pretty strong.

 [I am reminding myself of Joey Korn's teachings to us Oct. 2001, Oct. 2002 --- you can see these reports in the Nov. 2001 and 2002 newsletters.  Where Joey talks about energy fields themselves, being essentially neutral.  Its their effect on us which is beneficial or not.  Joey responded to this later on.]

Joy & Shelley can change things to change the content of the energy field so it is no longer detrimental.  Some things are permanent, some might come back again and need another tweaking, for various reasons.

I have seen that dowsers who do not work this way often usually have to work at something again.  Those who do dowse this way often --- once is usually enough.  Because they have built and developed their "dowsing" or "clearing"  "muscles".    Through practice, they know what to look for, what to ask, what to do.  Sometimes they have to go back because an item was missed.  In a client situation, if a client feels "it came back", the client should always feel comfortable to contact the practitioner and let her know.  We all know there are times where a "tweaking" might be necessary."  Doing this is not a burden.  Practitioners want satisfied customers and feel grateful a client feels secure enough to ask questions.

This presentation is called "INSIDE OUTSIDE" because it deals with energies that are out of doors --- in the world, in your neighborhood --- around the outside of your home --  energies that are inside the home  AND energies that may be inside YOU or outside YOU and inside your energy field.

Yes, they can do this, and I'm glad you asked the question because the idea of the presentation is to teach you how to do this so you understand this, can do this for yourself and help one another.    This is the kind of dowsing where it is really good to work with someone.   It can be difficult to dowse accurately if you are covered with unfriendly entities.   Buddies can clear one another.   It makes a HUMONGOUS difference.

If you are in a hospital --- if you even visit a hospital, if you go to a shopping mall, if you go to a school, to a bar, on the subway, to a synogogue/church, a sales meeting, any kind of meeting where there might be diverging opinions, a political rally, etc.,  ---- you pick stuff up.

If "stuff" is around you, you can feel tired, filled with Brain fog, confused, angry, irritable --- we are usually affected emotionally and mentally.  If they hang around long enough the effects can be physical.

When you clear yourself on a regular basis --- this could be 30 seconds to 15 minutes -- or more ---  a day once you get the hang of it, you are stronger in all ways, so is your energetic immune system and your physical immune system and you start attracting better people and situations in to your life.   You are changing your attractor patterns.   You become healthier, happier, stronger.   And it doesn't cost anything to do it.

Some people are very tasty yummy morsels for the nasties, are more affected than others,  and have to be extra careful about clearing.

Joy & Shelley  have drawn on their own experience, what we've developed and learned together these past 4 years, and workshops they have taken with Robert Gilbert, Raymon Grace,  Ruth,  Joey Korn,  Mary Hardy, Bruce Magill, and Art Martin  (they have taken all of them) and are putting a package they feel is the most useful in the time they have.

Joey Korn, in his workshop, had us using L rods to walk across the ground uncover spots where a trauma had occurred.  And then clear it.  If we walked it we could feel the before and after difference.

Here's Joey's response which clarifies the concept of energy fields:

    "I think the correct understanding is pretty clear in the article.  Basically it's this: After an appropriately stated blessing, an  energy field will change from  detrimental to beneficial, yet the  field is still there in the same place in time and space.  The  field itself hasn't changed, only the frequency of the energy  that it carries.

    The energy field is a vessel.  The purpose of a vessel is to  carry or hold something.  The purpose of the vessel of a pitcher  or a bottle is to carry liquid, such as water.  The water can be  hot or cold, and the vessel (the pitcher or bottle) will take on  the temperature of whatever it holds, but ultimately the vessel  has no temperature of its own.  It takes on the the qualities of  whatever it holds.  It's *neutral.*

    A detrimental energy field, or geopathic stress zone, happens to  carry energy at a frequency that is detrimental to us as human  beings.  Any detrimental subtle energy field can be caused to be  beneficial by an appropriately stated blessing, simply asking  that it become beneficial.  The change is almost instantaneous.  But the energy field (the vessel) is still in the same place it  was before.  Apparently the energy field itself, like the pitcher  of water, is neutral.

    Not only can you bless water and pass on the energy of the  blessed water to other water that you add it to, you can also  bless the vessel that holds the water.  You can bless a water  bottle with a particular energy frequency (a specific intent) and  then any water you put into that bottle will become charged with  that frequency (that intent).

    They can change things to change the content of the energy  field so it is no longer detrimental.  Some things are permanent, some  might come back again and need another tweaking, for various reasons.

    Yes, as things change, energy changes.  As we change our thoughts and emotions, we change the energies around and within us.  We live in a dynamic energy universe, not a static one.  And I wouldn't want it any other way! "  THANK YOU, JOEY!

That is, it is:  A Work in  Progress / Process

This presentation was remarkable in many ways.   Shelley & Joy presented us with concepts new to dowsers.  The entire presentation is not recorded here.  Some of the concepts require further development, or, they could be misconstrued if not placed in a proper concept.   Joy & Shelley will be working on this to present us with more unified concepts once more of the information is in and more developed.

A handout was distributed to the attendees.  2 of the 3 sheets are notes drawn up by Joy & Shelley, including check lists of what to clear for.  This information is included at the end of this article --- that is --- in the printed version, only for members of the Toronto Dowsers.   The other sheet represents 4 charts which will be referred to in this section.

Joy Goch and Shelley Bourne gave our first presentation in 2005:  Inside Outside --- Focusing on clearing energies inside and outside our homes, land and bodies and the bodies of our bodies.

Shelly Bourne is a chiropodist and one of the original founding members of the Toronto Dowsers.   Joy Goch is a well known and well respected energy healer in the Toronto area, working with many compatible healing modalities in her practice, and has worked professionally with kinesiology and dowsing for over 21 years in private practice.  With backgrounds in NLP, Counselling, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Body Alignment Technique and now Body Talk, she is admired for the depth of her wisdom and clarity with her clients, be it distant or hands on healing.

Joy and Shelley have both led pre meeting dowsing practices and you always clamoured for more.  This was their first presentation to the group and once again, you loved it.   Shelley mostly focussed on theory and Joy on the practical.

On working with those not so nice energies:
When you are working with very heavy energies, it is wise to do "triangulation" --- this is where --- when you have a client --- you bring in another dowser.  It is safer and more effective.

About 22 years ago Joy was called in to assist another healer with an exorcism of a woman who was being tormented by hugely vile entities.  Joy could see that these entities were coming through holes in this woman's root chakra.   They came after Joy and Joy started feeling terror.


Because Joy had help, she was reasonably experienced in dealing with these energies and did not attempt this alone or ignorant. The situation turned out all right for her.  We can not stress this enough:   This is not a game.   This is not a fun thing like drinking a six pack or a case of beer when you are 14.  Be VERY CAREFUL about your clearings.  DO NOT ATTEMPT "heavy duty clearings" by yourself.  Get someone who has done it before.  Unless you've been dowsing at least a year fairly regularly --- DO NOT ATTEMPT even more than "light duty clearings" by yourself.   You can cause yourself --- and members of your family --- serious harm.

After Raymon Grace's first large workshop here, I received many phone calls from people who said they seemed to be under psychic attack. Yes, this happened. Because they [thought they] learned --- and so attempted --- to clear energies which they were not used to dealing with, did not know how and had no business clearing. Their increased abilities and activities brought them to the awareness of a higher, more powerful group of non beneficial entities. If you mess around with stronger energies, you are also going to reap them in return and they might not be the kind you want to attract. 

This warning is not to scare you or keep you away from this work, but to remind you to approach this work intelligently, responsibly, be informed, educated and capable. And know what you're doing before you start. Supervision is also good. This is not a game. It can have consequences. 

[There has been an increased awareness in the last couple of years --- especially the last year --- of  seemingly heavy non beneficial psychic phenomena, not only in Toronto, but all over North America.  I don't know about the rest of the world because I communicate with other continents infrequently.

Part of the explanation is that more people are messing around with clearing energies, waking up and attracting energies they don't want to mess with. As I was typing this section, Saturday January 28th around 11 pm, listening to 640 AM MOJO radio --- the "Spaceman" was talking about all this "stuff" as if it were as common as buying a newspaper.  Not good]

Another woman who was assisting said to Joy:   "You have to know that this is your body and   *IF YOU ARE IN YOUR BODY*  then nothing can touch you.   Nothing, nobody else has the right to invade you.  You have the power."

Being:  In Your Body  --- and --- Being:   Grounded
are not the same thing.

Being Grounded:  Grounding is a connection to the earth. It is a 2 way flow --- dumping old energy in to the earth, receiving nurturing energy from the earth.

In Your Body:  It is easier to describe not being in your body --- When you are not in your body it is usually because you can not or do not want to process --- you are in overwhelm --- feelings, experiences, emotion.  When you are in overwhelm you are out of your body (or bodies --- as in subtle energy bodies).    It is as if the connections are interrupted...   as if there is not enough electricity to complete the circuit, or, the circuit is interrupted or there are weak spots in the wiring itself.

When you are in fear, or faint, say from fear --- you check out of your body.   If you are partially out, some times we say "I am beside myself".   We use this as an expression, but it is really quite literal.

When you are "out of it"  the electromagnetics, chakras, are not functioning at optimal levels.

When you are not in your body, you are not in residence.   Such as when someone says to you:  Hello, is anyone home in there?  Or say you are in la la land.  (Many people resist being "in their body.   Because the way they experience it is painful on emotional levels.  And/or the world --- their world --- is a painful place.)

To come back in to your body, to come in to it fully has to be done in a gentle way so you can release the energy that previously you can not handle.

When you are not in your body --- this affects your grounding.

Our form, our body --- is a magnetic vehicle.  When we ground it --- we have power.

One person I can think of who is always in his body and present::  Ken Page

Our dowsing greatly improves when our Confidence levels are raised.

Joy talks to us about the importance of "languaging".   Use terminology (language) which is accurate, your dowsing system, mind and subconscious, etc., understand -- and understand in the proper sense.  Joy demonstrated appropriate languaging when she demonstrated

Joy took us through a hands on demonstration of moving energies, and then we did this ourselves, to change the state of energy in the room.   Some had borrowed bobbers for this.    We worked on the energy in the room -- clearing it.   After we did this, comments were:  We cleaned it.  There is more air.  It feels livelier.  It's cooler.  There's a nice breeze.   Its as if a low fog lifted....    Many people felt it and distinctly noticed the before and the after.


Shelley was very careful to explain that her presentation represents her own opinions that she came to after many years of dowsing, attending workshops and talking with others.   So she starts off by saying:  I believe that:  Dowsing does not follow the universal laws of 3D Newtonian physics.  This is why we rational beings who reside (we think) in our 3D world can not understand why or how dowsing works.  If you can not offer an explanation in what is considered to be scientific 3D terms, it is classified as "hogwash".

By Newtonian physics, Shelley tells us -- this is ---  how objects obey the laws of gravity, motion and events in a way we can visualize.  Shelley helped us understand some of the mechanisms of dowser minds, physics, dimensions -- what we are doing, how we are doing it, how it works.

We referred to a Diagram (A) which shows a graph which helps explain where dowsers are when they are "working" (Dowsing).   This is the well known (and only) study of dowsers brain wave patterns conducted by Dr. Edith Jurka showing that Dowsers operate in 4 levels of mind simultaneously:  Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Shelley referenced  Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow's "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar" as a way to help explain the chart.  She says: Expand and then further expand your fields (your wanting to know, your search, question, intent, etc.)  in 3D by intentionally maintaining yourself in a polarized state (non duality) and flowing with the larger field, as if you are one blade in a field of grass in the sunshine and the wind.   This way of being is very dynamic because the polarized state expands your EM (Electromagnetic Field) like a fan.  This fan corresponds to the 4D canopy (this was the "C" chart) which becomes a diaphanous web.  This "web" pulls you right out of the current archetypal drama because your mind is sovereign.

"I believe that dowsers in the correct frame of mind (That is, with their intent they are: (a) in the heart  (b) for the good of all and (c) connected to everything) can access the vertical axis, i.e., the axis moving through the dimensions.)    All those dimensions exist here, Dimensions 1-9 can exist within us all the time if we know how to live properly and keep our energy high.   We can block non beneficial energies.  We, as dowsers are --- and/or can be --- in touch with all these dimensions."

Mind control, which sits in 4D, blocks energies.  This causes befuddlement.   We are unable to absorb the energies.  The energies are ENLIGHTENMENT which excite, enthuse, stimulate and make you want to look further in to the mysteries of life.   Other forces do not want us to do this so they block it --- in 4D --- with tools like television, pornography, sending the energies of fear (such as crying out orange alert, yellow alert, etc.) on an on, creating false crises around survival issues

When Dowsers ask questions --- we can stop the befuddlement.   Dowsers can exist in sacred space which is where we want to be so we are not affected.

[According to Barbara Hand Clow] Nine dimensions are located on this vertical axis that grounds itself in the center of the Earth and rises in to the Galactic Center.  When we incarnate in to our 3D bodies on earth our locus of perception is on this axis --- which was often referred to as the "Tree of Life", according to the ancient peoples.

The lower dimensions (1D and 2D) are various levels of Earth 3D ---  4D is where collective thoughts reside, whereas 5D through 9D are celestial realms.

Our ability to access multi dimensional conscousness will be a basic survival skill as we approach December 21, 2012 (the end date for the Mayan calendar).

We, as dowsers, have access to these higher dimensions when we dowse.  We must progress from the 1st Dimension to the 9th dimension along the vertical axis.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, the Vertical Axis is:  "A line or force that is generated at a 90o angle to planes.  The Pleidian Vertical Axis is the force generated between 1D and 9D that maintains the 9 Dimensions."   (The V.A. can be considered to be the 10th Dimension.  The 11th Dimension is the bubble where all exists.)   (This definition of Vertical Axis refers to mental realms, not to healing modalities, which is how others may use the concept.)

Each Dimension operates by different "laws".  The 4th Dimension, i.e., the collective realm of thoughts and feelings emanating from all living things --- is not solid as it is in 3D.  We can all feel 4D and indeed participate every time we share our thoughts, feelings, beliefs about what reality is, what history and religion are, what we see on TV, in the movies and newspapers.  A lot of this information is quite false and actually operates like a form of pollution to our collective minds.

The 4th Dimension is being polluted --- on purpose (television, media, etc.)
Those who want us to buy things, attack us in 4D.
To go to/through the other dimensions, you have to go through 4D, but you can not do so if it is polluted for then it is blocked.   The US alerts affect 4D and attack us in that area.   So when you do your Daily Dowsing Vitamins, fill your 4D with peace, loving thoughts, etc.

When we work with the Water Project, we are accessing 6D because this is where water is perfect (as it ought to be, as it really is) and bring it in to our 3D.

This is where Quantum Mechanics comes in and operates.  Dowsing answers to these laws, starting with 4D:

Oxford physicist Julian Barbour says "time is Nature's way of preventing everything from happening at once."

From this perspective, many dimensions operate in 3D.  3D is the zone where they physical and non physical dimensions meet and intersect.  The physical realms  1D through 3D are measurable.   All the non physical realms 4D through 9D operate as subtle frequencies in 3D.  These can all be affected and detected by Dowsing.

The Dowsing Vitamins (the Toronto Dowsers "Daily Dowsing Vitamin" card) are very important.  We must set up a method of communicating with our subconscious [note:  Angi Venning has started this, as a result of her research in to Huna and is offering a workshop course].  Our Subconscious mind does not use the wording that our conscious self uses.  It wants to communicate with us and doesn't do so in language.   It uses pictures, symbols, dreams, etc.  Dowsing enables us to set up:  yes, no, maybe, and, numerical, etc., information.  This gives us a method of communicating with our subconscious [note:  Our January 2004, speaker, Ross Andaloro, also provided us with a method to communicate with our subconscious.]   Why, you might ask --- do we want to do this?    We want to do this because our subconscious is plugged in to these 4D fields of information and needs to be cleaned out so we can access the higher dimensions.

"Your "Dowsing Vitamins" will make you practice your ability to adjust these dials.  You will set up your own 'gnowing' or languaging --- with your subconscious.

When you feel out of it or low --- go to your "Vitamins" and clear your space.
I use my own affirmations with these Dowsing Vitamins.

When you dowse, have your pendulum move in a CCW direction to clear out /scramble any detrimental energies

Have your pendulum move in a CW direction to raise or add beneficial energies.  (This is where I add my positive affirmations.)

Another form of clearing that I use is to smudge in the 7 directions.

I pray to the grandfathers of the East, West, North and South; Sky, Earth and Heart (Gaia).

I do this in my Sacred Space (which is always just where I am)  usually in front of my altar.

If I am away from home, I taken my medicine bag with me.  This then, serves as my altar.   Altars are also 6D --- Sacred Geometry space which is of course, grounded in 3D.

You can build an amazing sacred space 6D field with this and it will open you up to information that is available only in these higher dimensions.  [Ivan McBeth spoke to us about creating our altars.]

By using your Dowsing Vitamins and Sacred Space to clear yourself daily, you will be rewarded with health, joy, fascination, bliss and regeneration.

Barbara Hand Clow says "Altars are doorways into other worlds, places where we can ascend through [the] nine dimensions, which is Freedom.  This is why the Church got them out of peoples homes and took control over sacred spaces."

Most of the sacred power objects of the original aboriginal peoples around the world have either been destroyed or are hidden away or are on display in the Vatican Museum.

"We are living in a time when 3D is not sufficiently infused with 6D forms because there is almost no sacred science left in the world".   "This lack of meaning in life causes our world to be split by the 4D zone, and the higher dimensions have almost no access to us in 3D.  ***

The most potent link to higher dimensions is personal --- such as the special stone or feather you find while on a quest."

So take the items that you love and have meaning for you, a personal history these link with history (6D)  These are your personal power tools.  Include your pendulum; Practice with your Dowsing Vitamins, Affirmations and Sacred Space.   And then go out there and dowse ---- filling 4D with new beautiful thought forms for a better more harmonious health and peaceful tomorrow.

We all have the ability to activate nine dimensions of consciousness within ourselves. These dimensions of unconditional love, geometrical and sonic expansion, higher spiritual intelligence, and elemental power greatly enlarge our enjoyment of life. As chaos seems to be the primary force in the outer theater of life, the true source of safety and nurturance is our inner richness."

***[Note from Marilyn:   In Michael Chrichton's 1987 autobiography, "Travels", he spoke of travellers in the Himalayans --- having to go higher and higher in the mountains to place their prayer flags.   The lower levels are getting constantly more and more polluted by less spiritual energies, so pilgrims have to go higher and higher in to the mountains, to places where it is most difficult to get to --- its the only place left.

Also --- this is very much like the 1984 animation:  Never Ending Story:   "Fantasia is a wonderful place with many unusual characters and is ruled by the Childlike Princess , but something terrible is happening to Fantasia as parts of it are disappearing by an unknown force referred to only as "the nothing"."   With concrete, etc., increasing, and animals and farmland, forests, etc., disappearing, our earth is being taken over by "The Nothing".]

There is only energy --- masses of electrons.  We live in this cosmic soup, we are affected by it and we affect it.

You are building up a matrix --- a pattern of knowledge.  Remain connected with it.  This helps you draw in potency, power.  Ensure you remain connected to whatever consciousness holds you.  This feeds you, gives you your psychic strength.  A good example of this is your connection and connecting with the Toronto Dowsers.

Drink lots of water.  Stay electrical and hydrated.   You detox massively when you clear energies!  You can dowse to clear poisonous toxins.   Always ask permission [of your dowsing system, etc.] to do the work you want to do.  If  the answer you get does not make sense --- that is too bad.  Sometimes that will happen.

When you do this you want to shift your conscious awareness in to the Alpha state of mind.  This helps you search and go in to questioning discerning mode.  Connect to what you decide you want to connect with, be it:  God, Higher Source, Angelic Realms, etc.  Access your Dowsing System.  Focus your intent on what you want to transform.  Find your own way to language.

Sometimes we work on things that we are not willing to have changed.  So start on the unwillingness.  Feel gratitude for it.

[Another note from Marilyn:  Many begin projects with affirmations or intent with statements such as "I want to lose weight".   THIS IS REALLY NOT SO and we are lying to ourselves when we say things like this which only makes am already poor situation worse.   What we really want is:  *We want the weight to be GONE!*   We don't want to go through doing whatever it is we have to do.   So I might change this around to something more accurate such as:  *I want XX pounds to be gone.*  or, what I find to be better:  *I want to want to lose weight.*]

Some of the suggested things to include in your clearing are:

Then clear your own field, be grounded and centered., fully in your body. Again, Joy demonstrated this for us and we did this.  Comments were it felt:   Peaceful.  Smooth.  Silky.

Check the direction of your body spin.  It should be CW.  Those who are locked in to self sabotage --- the direction of their spin is usually off.

You can balance the systems in your body (immune, respiratory, etc.) individually and balance them again for synergy with one another.  The Immune System holds the EM field and a lot of "insulation".

Center, balance, align your ASSEMBLAGE POINT.

[Note from Marilyn:  I went online to find a good definition:]
Question: What is the "assemblage point"?
Answer: It is the zone, in which the energy of consciousness is concentrated. This is neither a point that can be drawn with a pencil, nor a point in space, nor a point on the wall of the "cocoon", but the zone, the area in space, where consciousness is distributed. For example, transferring of one's consciousness from one chakra into another, from one "bubble of perception" into another, bringing it out of the body's bounds, and transferring from one spatial dimension into another, will constitute the shifting of the "assemblage point".

[Another:  I found a more expanded definition. Please check out this online link: ASSEMBLAGE POINT]

"The term and concept of assemblage point was coined by Carlos Castenenda in his writings about the teachings of Don Juan Mateus, a remarkable Yaquis shaman. This idea is central to the Toltec teachings. It is far more interesting and useful than common psychology ideas such as reference point or point of perception. In simple terms, we have a choice where we assemble our consciousness, our place of perception and awareness. As we move our assemblage point, so we change our world.

Literally. The world in which we perceive and interact is absolutely different when we are in a rage, compared to when we walk out of a meditation retreat. The Toltec view is that our energetic body projects our physical body. Thoughts reside in the realm of energy, and have a physical counterpart in brain functioning, of electro-chemical reactions explored by neuropsychology.

The location of the assemblage point is behind our heart, extending several feet behind our back on an axis between our shoulder blades. We can feel this if we put our awareness there. Perhaps it feels itchy, but not of the skin. It is the place we pat when we wish to cheer someone up, or console someone's grief. Shivers often start here. Zen Masters use a blow with the kyusaku stick on the shoulders of dozing meditators to shock them out of sleep to very awake.

The assemblage point moves in three dimensions, like star coordinates. It is not moving from lower to higher planes. There are an infinite number of points, and so an infinite number of possible realities. The shaman is one who has learned to choose one's reality by moving the assemblage point on demand, using drumming, psychotropic botanicals (tobacco, peyote, ayahuasca) fasting, singing, dancing and other practices to move to a different reality in a skillful, fluid way.

Each assembles perception at a different point in our energetic body. One is not better than the other. One may be further away from our normal consciousness, so that we feel very "altered" (in shamanic language) when we do this practice. When we make a major shift in consciousness, we move from the First Attention to the Second Attention. It is in the Second Attention where we can make leaps, untangle our beliefs, and more easily connect to a bigger consciousness called Big Mind, Universal Consciousness, or the Akashic Records by various traditions.

These are all different points of assembling our awareness, and most spiritual paths seem to specialize in one of these flavors. It is the place of the Witness, beyond judgment and attachment. It is the place where every belief that we have inherited in our domestication can be looked at for the second time. And we can choose to keep beliefs as useful and provisional but not ultimately true."  [SNIP -- GO ONLINE TO READ THE REST]

When you work on implants:
Do you have them?
Do you have permission to work on them?
Is it safe?
Do you have enough time to do the work?
Implants often affect the brain and its different areas.  Ask for areas of the brain to be balanced.

Anything can be acquired/inherited, even hexes, curses, spells, psychic contracts, scripting.

When you feel screwy, check for patterns --- these could be conscious or unconscious.

Shelley gave us new insights in to Geopathic Stress, in to the grids, and what is happening with earth energies.  She described and explained the Curry and Hartmann grids, what they are, what they are for.

Right now, the grids are getting "filled up" with all sorts of non beneficial energies, put in there by human intervention.   The Hartmann grid, for example, is filled with the energies from cell phones.  This is not good.

There is so much of our electrical energy going in to the earth that the hooves of cattle are being microwaved.   Bombs, such as the recent bombings in Iraq --- the energy of the bombings go in to the earth.

She talked about Noxious Rays, Earth faults which cause friction and geopathic stress, how battles set up non beneficial vortexes, her experiences with her daughter and the beneficial use of the forms from Robert Gilbert... Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance

Shelley took Alicja Aratyn's Universal Pendulum workshop some time ago and learned how to use it --- these powerful devices are not sold unless a dowser has been properly instructed in their use as they can cause harm to an uninformed user.

Shelley had a client who had pain in her lower legs   The foot of this woman's bed was against the wall.  Shelley dowsed that a section of the bed, including a spot in the wall, was hugely detrimental.   Soon after work was being done to the wall in that woman's bedroom.  The wall was cut and all sorts of black ugly yucky gunk came out of --- from just that section that Shelley had dowsed to be detrimental.

There was not enough time to discuss the effects on animals and how best to work with animals....

There was a humongous amount of information in this presentation.  Many of you said how much you learned, and afterwards, how it helped you understand your dowsing better and how to become a better dowser.  That you were dowsing more often, with more confidence and better results.   THANK YOU!

Shelley, Joy and I very much appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you and can see the great need for more of this within our group.  There are also avenues of research that need to be explored in the course of preparing for this presentation.  Please send us your questions, comments, wishes.

FROM DARCIE McKELVEY:  "I thought Tuesday's meeting was one of the best I've been to yet; information was very practical; presenters are both amazing women."   YES!

Both Joy and Shelley are working on developing the above material further.  If you call them, they will be glad to spend a few minutes with you answering your questions.  Joy and Shelley both work with clients and can help you with energy clearings for yourselves and your space.  Their fees are reasonable.  Shelley Bourne:   905 294-6858   Joy Goch:  905 852-9150

Before we didn't have enough.  Now, we have too much.   Now we have to cut back and clear out.  We are "detoxing" --- our bodies, minds, planet --- from all the junk we've been piling up the last 50 years.   We have spent the last 50 years admiring --- and creating --- unnatural conditions, such as concrete on top of our earth, chemical foods, metallic and silicon bodies, vicarious emotions.   We are trying --- desperately --- to get back in to balance  to our natural state.   Which means a lot getting rid of much of what we've just spent so much time accumulating!



PS:   from  previous newsletters:
If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

-  Many favorable and grateful comments were received about the January 2005 article: GOOD HELP FOR OUR LUNGS --- Respira Tonicfrom Aleks Radojcic.  Thank you, Gordana and Aleks!

-  From:  LIGHT UP THE WORLD  --  2 requests were received  from people who would like these lights for their cottages.  This could become another good business!

MINERALS --- the Monatomic Minerals, first mentioned in November 2004:  I've had a toenail that for years has been thick and dark with fungus.  It is now halfway cleared up.  I know its from the minerals.  First. healing goes to the vital organs.  The last place it goes is to the exterior such as hair, nails.  This is great stuff!

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."
  --  Eleanor Roosevelt
When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it.
  (talk about earning money)
Make yourself indispensable, and you will move up. Act as though you are indispensable, and you will move out.
-  Jules Ormont
You don't know what you can get away with until you try.
- General Colin Powell
The higher one climbs on the spiritual ladder, the more they will grant others their own freedom, and give less interference to another's state of consciousness.
-  Paul Twitchell
To be full of things is to be empty of God. To be empty of things is to be full of God.
- Meister Eckhart
Conscious awareness is the source of our healing... Only when you say the truth can the truth set you free. This is not a negative process, but at times it is a difficult process.

The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off. -- Gloria Steinem !!!!!!

"The best  way to find  yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
- Mahatma Gandhi -
"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to insure our domestic security and protect our homeland." ~Adolph Hitler, 1922
"Our first priority must always be the security of our nationÖ We will win this war; we'll protect our homeland."
- George Bush, 1/29/2002

THE   Tuesday, February 15th 2005  MEETING FEATURES::
Alicja Aratyn
Everything you wanted to know about PENDULUMS...
Alicja Aratyn will talk to us about Pendulums.  Alicja has been invited all over the world to speak on dowsing and dowsing tools.  When asked to do a presentation on Dowsing tools, she said there is only time to present about pendulums.  When asked why, Alicja said  "Pendulums have power.  Pendulums are complicated."   Of all the dowsing tools, Alicja's first love is pendulums.

There are many different kinds of pendulums.    There are Isis, Osiris, Karnak, Mer-Isis, Atlantean, Mermet, Virtual Cone, etc., kinds of pendulums.  You use them differently for different purposes.   Alicja will explain all to us, in detail.

Every Dowser has at least one pendulum in his "toolbox". Which pendulum do you have? Why did you choose that one?   Many people ask those or similar questions, since not too many of us understand the science of dowsing.

During this lecture Alicja will talk about:

  • The crucial historical facts about Dowsing
  • An Introduction to the European dowsers, who changed the course of dowsing
  • Why and How do Pendulums work?
  • The requirements for properly constructed pendulums
  • Why are there so many different kinds of pendulums?  What do they do?
  • How to choose a proper pendulum for you, your level of skill and line of work
  • Basic information about different pendulums
  • How to personalize and connect with your pendulum and attune it to your energetic field
  • Why and how pendulums can enhance your life, your relationships
  • How to increase the accuracy of your dowsing.
  • Size, material, use, purpose, clearing or self clearing, how to hold them, how not to hold them ---- all will be revealed by Alicja, our Pendulum Expert.
  • You can use different pendulums for different purposes, such as a map dowsing pendulum, a supplement choosing pendulum, etc.  Some pendulums have a chamber  for a witness (and why this could be quite good for those who can not take medication but need their healing properties).

    This presentation will be useful to dowsers of all levels.  This is a unique perspective that we are privileged to observe as not too many people know about the European approach.   There are even some dowsing teachers who are unaware of this and unaware that there are different pendulums for different uses.

    Please bring your pendulum/s with you, it will be a hands-on class. You will also receive a handouts with description of pendulums.  We expect to have time for "Q&A".   All of the pendulums Alicja talks about will be available for sale at the end of the presentation, as well as workshops she runs in her [new] home in Mississauga.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2005 by Marilyn Gang