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FEBRUARY 13, 2007: Phil Gruber, "The Energetics of Dowsing"

February 24,25, 2007: Lecher Antenna Workshop

March 17, 2007: Dowsing 101 Workshop, at:

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Ajax, Ontario • Canada • L1T 3A6
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March 20, 2007,7:07 PM EST - SPRING!

March 22 - 8 PM - Call to Action: Consciousness Raising

APRIL 17, 2007: Ellie Drew
(in Toronto:  ~ April 13 - 25)

MAY 8, 2007: Dr. Robert Gilbert
(in Toronto ~ May 8 - 15)

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Saturday, February 17th, 9am - 5pm
Organics - Beyond the Hype  www.cog.ca

89 Chestnut Street
(Dundas & University area)

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Coping with Water Scarcity' is the theme for World Water Day 2007
Intend that all have enough good, clean, pure water 
March 22, 2007
/www.worldwaterday.org/ /www.worldwaterday2006.org/
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April 13,14,15, 2007
Metro Convention Center
sponsored by: The Consumer Health Organization of Canada
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YOGA, The Conference and Show
April 26 - 29th 2007


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PRE MEETING DOWSING PRACTICE  BACK TO BASICS::   This is the pre presentation teaching practice offered by  Shelley Bourne and Angi Venning.  6:15-6:55.      You must be a paid up member of the Toronto Dowsers to participate.   Preregistration is required.   Please call   Shelley:  905 294 6858.  Participants are asked to  GO EITHER  DIRECTLY TO THE STAGE or TO THE AREA IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM. (It will be obvious which area we are using).

The topic for this session:   I don't know.  I have not checked with Angi or Shelley.  You better ask them.

MARCH MEETING:   SABBATICAL INSTEAD:  WE SHALL NOT BE HAVING A MARCH MEETING.  Marilyn needs to take care of several items which have not been taken care of and keep on piling up and can not be addressed with the continuing cycles of meetings, newsletters, administrative tasks, etc. that have been growing with us --- thank goodness --- in a way... so its TIME OUT.   We will probably not have a March newsletter either.

APRIL and MAY will be busy with the Total Health Show, visits and presentations and WORKSHOPS from Ellie Drew and Robert Gilbert!

I've been hearing whispers that Dr. Ibrahim Karim *may* be here in March...  WATCH OUR WEBSITE.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNET STAY IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES.



IN THIS ISSUE::   Bringing it all together now. the Synchronicities of::   Milk --- WiFi / EMFs ---  Logging --- Land Use --- Aquarius --- Zapata --- Zapatista --- Chocolate --- Coffee --- Water --- Your Children --- Milk --- Why Dowsers --- I.E. --- THE TORONTO DOWSERS --- AND!!!:::

I sat in on a talk given by dairy farmer Michael Schmidt -- who advocates biodynamics and freedom of choice and one little tune kept playing itself over again: "Thomas Jefferson "just" wanted to be a Farmer...."

There comes a time when as much as you would like to ignore the outside world and farm your own land -- that you can not -- because if you continue doing what you are doing, your land and way of life will be taken from you.  This is not fear mongering.  This is Man.  Do not despair.  Read the articles where you are shown clearly -- for once -- what is happening -- how we are struggling -- and how we are winning.

The articles on WATER (meeting review) and on MILK were rather complicated to prepare because there were so many connections to make, to check and to attempt to put in a reasonably clear and proper linear sequence.   There is NO Focus on Health or Useful Internet links in this issue.

"Interesting" how something so seemingly basic, so wonderful, so pure -- Water -- Milk -- Coffee -- Chocolate -- is so complicated and fraught with pitfalls, complications, traps and diabolical attempts for control.  Well now, what was hidden behind the scenes in the dark shadows is finally coming to light.  Information and connections kept flooding in this month.  Tidal waves.  There was a lot to absorb, most of it good.

I do hope the article(s) on the Milk issue are of interest and importance to you.  Many seemed to want to hear about this and there is info here you will definitely :)  not find any other place.  Could you please  let me know if I  still am headed in the right direction -- or not?? -- with regard to giving you what you want?  And if not, then what?  Thank you!

CDs & DVDs:    The DVD for Ibrahim Karim's April 2006 presentation, and all the CDs for our meetings are completed and available.  AND THEY ARE DARNED GOOD!!!!   The descriptions, price list and ordering info are not in this issue.  A few people have emailed me on this and I have not gotten back to you --- yet.  Please hang on or contact me again.  AND/OR  WATCH OUR WEBSITE FOR THIS INFO  --- it might appear there first if I don't get back to you on it.  Apologies.

LENNY BLOOM:  Lenny Bloom was at our January meeting.  Lenny is the creator of Cloak and Dagger, the World's most Independent Source of Truth In News, formerly a radio show on 640 AM radio, but now a Radio Magazine.  They broadcast one too many controversial shows and were pulled from the air.  640 broadcasts the Art Bell / George Noory show -- CoasttoCoastAM every night, without any problem, yet Cloak and Dagger gave them the willies.   You can now find Cloak and Dagger at:  /www.cloakanddagger.de/ ( .de is from Germany.)

A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    Our January 9th Speakers:  on WATER:  Fern Wolf & Pam Killeen

This was the TORONTO DOWSERS  FIRST  presentation on Water.  Most dowsing groups spend a lot of time on this precious and essential gift, for the purpose of locating it to use as a commodity.  Our interest lies primarily  in the essence and energetics of water.

Our November 2005 issue included an article on Profaning the Sacred, illustrating that the most precious and sacred gifts to man --- that of Free Will, Love, Sexuality, certain Herbs, Tobacco, Freedom, Law, Justice, Life, etc., have been debased, demonized and weaponized by man to man.

In the first part of our presentation this evening, Fern Wolf demonstrates the sacredness of water, in the gift that was given to us, how Dr. Masaru Emoto recognizes this and is teaching us how to treat ourselves and this gift with love, gratitude, respect and honor.

In the second part of our evening, in her expose on the Bottled Water Industry, Pam Killeen demonstrates how man has taken this sacred gift and  profaned it through ignorance and greed.

One spoke about the beauty, one spoke about man's misuse.   Respect vs. Greed.

Fern Wolf:  Dr. Emoto's Hado School:
Fern's entry into energy medicine was through electro dermal screening in 1999.   Subsequently, she was searching for something even more economical and friendlier to the body for her clients to use than the herbs she was using and knew there was a technology that dealt with water -- with vibrational water.  She took a PsychK course which was a way to go into a whole brain process quickly remove limiting beliefs where she met a woman who had a device that could put vibrational healing energies into water.  Then she found Dr. Emoto and realized that before he worked with the water crystals themselves, he had helped over 15,000 patients with water therapy and had miraculous success.  She took his Hado School June 2006.

Dr. Emoto had not quite succeeded to help people become aware of the miracle of water, so he searched for a way to make the invisible visible.  Hence, the photography of the Water Crystals.   Here, he found that the water crystal is the Visual Manifestation of Vibration

Dr. Emoto has proven how thought and words affect water and affects their vibrational structure.  Since we are composed of such a percentage of water, every word we speak, every thought we have affects the water in our cell, therefore our cellular makeup.

When we align our frequency with love and appreciation, then Happiness follows.  Prayer works as well.
Prayer has Hado, an effect Captured by the water
Prayer presents a different type of crystal, usually 7 sided
Prayer to water even from a great distance produced an effect that is seen in the crystals.

He is trying to make a difference in the world.  One of the ways is through the Emoto Project where he wants to give his books away to 10% of the population of the world -- the children -- to 650,000,000 children. See https://www.hado.net/dremoto/project.php

Fern showed us some of Dr. Emoto's crystals, including those that had been exposed to electromagnetic radiation and how damaged they have become.

Our brains are slowly being hijacked by electromagnetic waves.  Years ago, a phone line carried a certain number of conversations.  Today, that number is exponentially higher and that influences our brains.

When water is exposed to beautiful music, water crystals become beautifully formed.   Swan Lake helps for joint problems, arthritis.

She shared useful insights from 'The Secret' and from Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "Biology of Belief".

Dr. Lipton speaks of  protein receptors.
Depending on how we are feeling or perceiving our environment, they will be open or closed -- in growth or in protection
Every cell is equipped with genes that can rewrite other genes.
95% of cancers are produced by genes rewriting other, 'normal' genes
If we are in protection, we can move in to growth simply by changing our thoughts.  Fear shuts it down, love opens it up.  Love helps our immune system., all illness has an emotional connection.

With regard to our conscious and subconscious beliefs, its the subconscious ones that trip us up.  Genes do not self activate.  We are selecting our genes by our thoughts.

Love and thanks make us feel good -- and as they are the type of  water crystal that manifests in our body, in our cells, when we activate them, helping the immune system.

We can change our water crystals --- our cells -- our immune system --- simply by changing the way we think.

Whatever you are feeling is a perfect reflection of the process of what you are becoming.  If we can manage our feelings, we can create the reality in our world that is going to be pleasing to us.

95% of our thoughts are repetitious, over and over again.  Our emotional guidance system -- our feelings -- let us know what we are attracting in our life. Our body is a product of our thoughts.  Our human mind is the biggest factor in our healing arts.  Like attracts like.   What are you attracting into your life based on your thoughts?  Most people are thinking about what they don't want, and wonder why it shows up over and over.   Most of us spent our thought time in the past or the future --- worrying -- where nothing can be done about either.

Dr. Emoto's work can therefore show us that one way to look at words is as if they are the switch to turn on or off everything in the universe.

Align with the Hado of Appreciation and Love, and Happiness Follows.
Thoughts become things.

Thoughts can become disease.  If we do not do something to change our thoughts, disease can follow.
The body whispers, and if we do not listen, it yells.

The mind is not the brain.  We are just vibrating molecules.
Thoughts are simply photons of light in an electromagnetic field.
If you change the configuration of the photons of thoughts, you change the way you perceive that particular thought.
Most do not realize the limiting subconscious beliefs we are dealing with.

Its not as important what we take in consciously, because our subconscious mind takes in so many more bits of information  than the conscious mind per second.

Its our beliefs that will determine how we perceive our world and how we are going to behave in it -- including prosperity beliefs -- to have that present to attract it back to you.

Beliefs control our biology, not our minds.
Perception rewrites behavior.
A healthy body is one that has no irregular vibrations.  Disease comes from irregular vibration.
Every organ in the body has an affinity for a different negative emotion. -- even parasites.

liver gall bladder   anger resentment
miffed a lot?  a lot of bladder infections
fear is dominant?   kidney issues
low back pain --- kidney problem
after the loss of a loved one --- respiratory infection (grief)
parasites have affinities for different emotions.

Such as suffering attracts amoebas -- Crohn's Disease and other intestinal problems.  Despair.

Fern works with the spine, the emotions an organ is holding, toxins, pathogens -- and all of this can be balanced with water, beautiful water.

The Hado Scan gives you a visual of what is happening in the body -- it picks up your electromagnetic field and shows where in the organ system that there are energetic challenges, what could be causing it and creates an energetic improvement to that system.

At the Hado School, Dr. Emoto taught that:

Everything is energy and according to current physics this would mean that everything comes from an elementary particle.  In particle physics, an elementary particle or fundamental particle is a particle not known to have substructure, that is, it is not known to be made up of smaller particles.  If an elementary particle truly has no substructure, then it is one of the basic particles of the universe from which all larger particles are made.

Dr. Emoto believes that illness is primarily caused by distortions of vibrations at the level of elementary particles. It’s only when you like who you are, feel grateful for your existence, and respect yourself that you’re able to have the same feelings toward other people.  The nature of vibrations is such that negative resonates only with negative and positive resonates only with positive.  No matter how much you say and think good things, you can’t give off good vibrations as long as you have a distorted image of your substance.

Many of our distorted vibrations are created by the subconscious mind and 95% of our actions are dictated by the limiting beliefs and perceptions we hold.  An effective process to release these limiting beliefs is Psych-K founded by Rob Williams.  Dr. Bruce Lipton supports the work of Rob Williams and provides empowering information regarding the cell’s awareness of the environment, not its genes, that sets into motion the mechanisms of life.

As we change our perceptions,  could we be affecting the structure of the water in our body into beautiful life sustaining crystals capable of transmitting the signals which sustain and encourage life?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of similars whereas in most cases the allopathic approach uses the principle of contraries.  The higher the homeopathic potency the lower the molecular content.  Flower essences as with homeopathic remedies are dependent upon the subtle energetic storage properties of water.

Water, music and consciousness transmit energy.  Music is a form of healing.  Alan Roubik, an American pianist, has based his musical career on the principle that music has the ability to heal and has experienced his own incredible healing through the power of music.  Alan has composed music for Dr. Emoto that expresses the healing powers of hado.  Dr. Emoto has exposed water to classical music from various composers and then took photographs of the resulting crystals.  He then took measurements of the photographs with a radionics device named by Dr. Emoto the MRA or Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.  The results of these measurements revealed how both emotional and physical hado was affected by the music.  What this means is that your choice of music has the ability to guide the direction or path that your health is taking.

An example of the emotional and physical hado defined by Dr. Emoto’s work:
Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”
The emotional hado relieves issues of Self-pity
The physical hado alleviates issues of indirect pain

Debussy’s “Prelude to “The afternoon of a Faun”
The emotional hado relieves environmental stress
The physical hado alleviates and prevents back problems

There is a striking difference in the crystals made from water collected before and after prayer.  Words spoken from a heart filled with prayer takes on the form of beautiful hado and this hado leads to a new world being eternally created.  Prayer is a form of consciousness as are thoughts of fear or love.  All of these forms of consciousness carry a distinct hado from which we moment by moment create our own reality.  Water crystals can show us the very real power of prayer and our ability to change the world.
The consciousness of our ancestors is passed from one generation to the next through blood – the water that circulates throughout our bodies.

Water reflects the human soul.  If you say “Thank you” to water, it will be reflected in the formation of beautiful crystals overflowing with gratitude in return.

The common language that the people of the world have been seeking is found in water crystals.

And reminded us that water is a wonderful transmitter of information, and, it has memory.

THANK YOU, FERN!   Many positive comments were received about your inspiring thought provoking well presented talk, such as:  "I loved the positive thinking presentation - the first one I heard where water was the focus."

Pam Killeen:  "Bottled Water is Killing Our Planet"
Before the notes from Pam's presentation are offered, can you answer this question:
Why do health conscious and environmentally minded  people choose to spend their money on water -- which can be obtained from a tap or from a river -- without cost or machinery -- water that comes to them in bottles that have to be manufactured in factories that use up precious resources and harm the environment in their construction and maintenance -- and that are made of a substance which leaches poison into the water -- and then the container gets discarded and in doing so destroys the environment?   And why has it taken so long to comprehend all the variables?
Investigative researcher, author, Pam Killeen likes to expose scams.   She lived in a bubble for about 12 years with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sensitivities and more.  Dr. Joseph Mercola found Pam and asked her to help him write the book, the Great Bird Flu Hoax, because he saw her writings which exposed other areas she has been studying.

She became interested in the Bottled Water issue when she attended David Suzuki's talk at the Total Health Show.  A bottle of water was put on the podium for him and he said "Take it off.  I don't want Bottled Water.  Its garbage."

When Margaret Trudeau spoke at the 2006 Guelph Organic Conference she called the bottled water industry "One of life's crimes".

"The truth is in the lie".   Tony Clark, from the Polaris Industry in Ottawa wrote an excellent book.
They use sophisticated mind control in advertising to convince us to buy something we already have free access to.

The bottled water industry is exploiting a very valuable natural resource, the associated individuals display no remorse, no consideration of repercussions for the future.

We are spending an exorbitant amount of money on a very large scam.
Americans spend $9.8 Billion dollars on bottled water.  Globally, its a $46 Billion industry and  growing in leaps and bounds.
40% of bottled water starts off as tap water.
Such as with your Coke and Pepsi products such as Aquafina.
$98 million is spent on advertising alone to persuade us to buy something which we already have access to.
The major companies involved are: Coke, Pepsi, Nestle
Coke and Pepsi tend to use municipal water whereas Nestle tends to use ground water.

They are doing everything to undermine tap water.  They scare consumers about tap water to make the sales on bottled water.  They use sophisticated and misleading marketing.  The bottled water industry is not regulated.   They could be putting anything into those bottles and giving it pretty names such as "fresh"  "pure" "from mountain streams"...   Tap water is highly monitored and regulated.

The CDC shows that once the water was filtered, rates of infectious diseases decreased dramatically.   Vaccine companies want you to believe its due to vaccines.

It's a more expensive product
Toxins from plastic leach into the water
The bottles are ending up in landfills.
Corporations are allowed to lie and are above the law.  When companies such as Nestle take the ground water --- they pay small licensing fees, but they do not pay for the water.  Oil companies could not get away with this.

Yes, we don't like chlorine or fluoride that is in city water.

 Bromate --- is a potential carcinogen.  It is formed during the processing of bottled water.    Other contaminants have been found.  Arsenic, known as 'the king of poisons'  levels are increasing in our bodies.

3/4 of a billion pounds of plastic bottles are produced and sold every year.

It is ironic that many drink bottled water because they are afraid to drink tap water.  But the bottles that they discard lead to greater pollution of water!  Its a vicious cycle we have created.

Plastic bottles are a dirty business.  Some compounds in the plastic are known to be neuro toxic, causing problems with the central nervous system, reproductive, cardiovascular, respiratory and blood systems.  There is evidence that there is leaching of these compounds into the water.

The Sierra Club says that some plastics are safer than others.
Nalgene  --- that hard plastic, usually in blue --- are not safe.
They recommend #2, 4 and 5 as being safest. (Look on the bottom of the bottle.)
Nalgene contains an endocrine disrupter that mimics estrogen. and is not safe.
Another one mimics the sex hormone estradiol, acting like birth control pills.  Causes structural damage to the brain, hyperactivity, increased fat formation, early puberty, etc.

9 out of 10 water bottles end up in the trash at a rate of 30 million per day.  DOW and BP are behind the making of the plastic.    The amount of energy used in creating plastic bottles could provide the energy for 250,000 homes for a year or fuel 100,000 cars per year.
They can take 1,000 years to biodegrade.  Only a small amount is used in recycling bins.

Americans use 4,000,000 plastic bottles every hour.   Only 1 out of 4 are recycled.
If its not being buried its being burned.  This releases toxic pollutants as well.

Exploitation:  There is no level playing field.  Farmers and now golf courses have restrictions on their use of ground water.  Bottled water corporations have free reign with this precious resource.

Bottling companies can pump out 500 gallons / minute 24 hours /day 7 days / week / 52 weeks year.

In Michigan, Nestle built a $100,000,000 plant for their Ice Mountain brand.   They paid $150 for permits and received substantial tax breaks.

Part of their marketing is to convince people that they need to drink more water -- they are getting old, getting wrinkles, dehydrated, etc.

If one drinks too much water, one can throw off the electrolyte balance in the body.

As far as the beverages we need to drink when we need fluids are concerned, Weston A. Price in his studies, noticed that in indigenous cultures what they drank was lacto fermented drinks.  These are rich in friendly bacteria and in minerals.  They help replenish the body especially when the body is working hard.  We need to replenish with energizing nutrients.  She makes home made drinks such as ginger ales, coca colas, etc.   You can find recipes for these from Sally Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions".   Then there is the colored salty sugar water industries such as the gatorade style  drinks.  Don't obsess over water.

The real irony --- the real crime is --- we don't hear about the 5,000 children around the world who are dying every day, because they don't have clean water.  When folks in Beverly Hills are paying $90 / gallon for some chi chi brand.  How gullible are we?  Very?   Very!

WHO says that 80% of  all illness in the world in developing nations is due to water borne diseases.

Clean water can be provided to every single person on earth for a total of $1.7 billion a year beyond current spending on water projects, including sanitation which costs $9.2 billion a year -- which is less than a quarter of the global annual spending on bottled water.   This is tragic.

The bottled water industry future looks great for their shareholders.  They want to tap in to -- literally -- our children --- and secure clients for life -- Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle.  They tap into the schools.  Exclusivity contracts.  They do this in Ontario.  Product and label and brand recognition --- to buy bottled water --- for life.  Because they've been sold that its the only clean, safe and healthy source for water.

Pam met David Yarrow at the recent ACRES Conference in Minnesota    Acres is to farming in the US what Vitality is to the holistic world in Toronto  Acres U.S.A., A Voice for Eco Agriculture,  the monthly magazine  is North America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming.  David was the Toronto Dowsers April 2005 speaker.  David is a dowser and an environmental activist and has been helping people understand the sacredness of of  Onondaga Lake (near Syracuse, New York).  Here are some of  David's words he shared with Pam for us:

"I take this sort of thinking a giant step forward by insisting that water is a SACRED trust.  Our treatment and use of water is subject to divine laws as much as physical, economic and human legal forces.

We are amidst a great paradigm shift, and our understanding of water is caught in the sudden surge in public enlightenment about the natural and spiritual worlds.  In the last century, water was seen as a physical and chemical substance -- as physical matter in a bizarre but useful fluid state.  We are just becoming aware that water also has a capacity and ability to capture, hold and carry energy.

So, aside from whatever chemicals bottled water contain, whatever minerals it may contain -- or may be missing -- including synthetic and plastic substances from manufacturing and packaging, putting water in a bottle is a biological enigma.  Living water is water in motion with stable, complex structures of stored and held energy.  Water in a bottle is contained, and thus begins to degrade its capacity to hold and carry energy.  Water in a bottle in no longer connected to all the waters of  the earth, and unable to participate in the dance and drama of molecular memory.   Just leaving a water bottle in open midday sunlight will cause drastic physical and energy changes -- at the least, the internal pressure will increase, perhaps catastrophically if liquid water begins to boil into vapor and steam.

So, this business of putting water in bottles and selling it is fraught with spiritual, moral and biological dilemmas, limitations, and outright glaring paradoxes...."

Think and eat like a pioneer before the corporations started infiltrating our food supply.

What is a solution?  In carrying our water with us, glass is better, but not as practical because it is fragile.
Perhaps a canteen.  Or we can find someone in Toronto who has their own product.  Maybe we will come up with solutions.

With so much water coming out of the ground and being put into bottles, there is less attention being paid to the public water supply and there is little upgrading of the public water supply.  There are forces of resistance to this.  We must upgrade the infrastructure of the public water supply and let our officials know we know this.

Talking about stagnation in bottles, 12 days after water is stored in bottles, the microbial count increases.  So storing water in bottles is an issue.  If you are drinking water in a bottle, ensure it is fresh.

Marketing has demonized the foods that our ancestors lives so well on.  One of those foods is raw milk.

The bottled water industry is raking in profits hand over fist as we pay them for a product we already have, destroying the very planet we are trying to protect while thousands of people die daily because they can't get this product.  Huh?

In addition to David Yarrow, Steve Herbert, from New Hampshire,  is another Water Angel.  Steve leads the Water For Humanity non profit organization and travels to places in Central America, South America and Africa helping financially poor communities dowse and dig wells.  Where $5,000 or even $500 is a big deal and they watch their pennies, never considering bottled water...  To find out Steve's Winter schedule visit:  STEVE HERBERT

There is such a heart rending contrast between the work that people such as David Yarrow and Steve Herbert are doing versus the rapacious bottled water industry.

Once more:   Clean water can be provided to every single person on earth
for a total of $1.7 billion a year beyond current spending on water projects,
including sanitation which costs $9.2 billion a year --
which is less than a quarter of the global annual spending on bottled water.


Pam Killeen suggested that in lieu of buying water in plastic bottles, we use tap water or filtered water and put the water into canteens.   When I got home from the meeting, after midnight, I started searching for suitable canteens, checking sporting good stores, etc. and could not find anything.  Pam and I were at the January 2007 Guelph Organic Conference and met Chantal and Jay who have just become the Ontario and Quebec distributors for a lightweight stainless steel canteen.  They look similar to the old style stainless steel thermos, but they are definitely light weight.
 They come in 12, 18, 27 and 40 ounces with different style tops, sometimes colors, sometimes slings are also available.

As they were all sold out at the conference, Chantal is sending me some samples to display at the February 13th meeting.  And, Toronto Dowsers will be getting a discount.  If someone in our group wants to make an order for those interested, thus increasing the level of discount, let me know.  If you want to order direct, go to:  /www.lifewithoutplastic.com/  or call 819.210.3939 and tell them you are a Toronto Dowser.  They are in Wakefield, Quebec (about 30 km north of Ottawa).

Related Resources, Events,

March 22:  World Water Day

"Thirst", The Movie:  "Is water part of a shared "commons," a human right for all people? Or is it a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded in a global marketplace? "Thirst" tells the stories of communities in Bolivia, India, and the United States that are asking these fundamental questions."  The water conflicts portrayed in "Thirst" have continued and intensified since the end of filming in September, 2003.  /www.thirstthemovie.org/

"Water", by Varda Burstyn - This is an excellent eco thriller (and available in most public libraries), about corporate interests trying to secretly buy up water in Quebec to ship to the US.   Corrupt politics, betrayal, US & Canadian viewpoints.   Very well done.  AND Varda Burstyn lives in Toronto.  She sent her regrets that she could not make the January meeting.

Polaris Institute:  Inside the Bottle: From the Polaris  "An exposé of the Bottle Water Industry has been written to stimulate public discussion and debate about bottled water issues. We have identified ten of the most frequently raised concerns about the production and sale of bottled water today."

1. Price Gouging
2. Water Takings When the label on the bottle says ‘pure spring water,’ where does the water really come from, who owns it, and how is it regulated?
3. Transforming Water What kinds of filtering and processing methods do companies use to turn ‘real’ water into bottled water? What’s the difference between bottled water and tap water?
4. Contaminating Water What evidence is there to support the industry's claim that bottled water is superior to tap water?
5. Marketing Schemes What kinds of marketing and advertising schemes are used by the companies to sell what is really ‘water transformed into water’?
6. Eco-Threatening What environmental damage is caused by the escalating use and disposal of plastic bottles?
7. Recycling Record What is the track record of the Big-4 when it comes to recycling?
8. Manipulating Consumers Why are people turning from tap water to bottled water? What’s really fueling this new bottled water culture?
9. School Contracting What marketing devices have the bottled water companies used in cash-strapped schools, colleges, and universities?
10. Water Privatizing What role and impact does the bottled water industry have on the privatization of public water utilities
Jan 15, 2007:  "We have run out of copies of Inside the Bottle. You can order a pdf file of the book by going to www.insidethebottle.org. The cost is $10.00 by credit card. However, a new edition is being prepared with revisions. Hopefully, it will be out for sale in March. In that case, you can order it by email and pay with a check or credit card ordering it online (at this time, I don't know what the price will be, but probably around $15.00)."  www.insidethebottle.org
Churches in Canada are urging their parishioners to eschew bottled water.

KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives is a dynamic church-based social justice movement.

The United Church of Canada's 39th General Council voted August 17, 2006 to discourage the purchase of bottled water "starting within its courts and congregations."   Meeting in one of its three decision making commissions, the Council also voted to boldly affirm its conviction that "water is a sacred gift that connects all life," and the privatization of water must be avoided.   "Its value to the common good must take priority over commercial interests," said the Council. "Privatization turns a common good into a commodity, depriving those who cannot pay and further threatening local ecosystems."  The Council is now encouraging United Church congregations "to learn more about, and become engaged in, water issues so that members individually and together as communities of faith can be better stewards of water."  Members and congregations are encouraged to participate in the advocacy campaign denominationally and ecumenically based on its statement against the privatization of water.

WATER IN CHINA:    Twisting open bottles of water a daily ritual in China   Source: Vancouver Sun....   You think you have a water problem, Vancouver? It's nothing compared to life in this country of 1.3 billion people, where being able to drink water from the tap would be front-page news.  This is the land of bottled water. Twisting off plastic bottle caps is a ritual of daily life, 24/7.  In China, you brush your teeth with bottled water, you make your tea with it. If you're smart, you even wash your salad with it unless you want a very bad dose of Chairman Mao's revenge.  Even the rooms in the pampered five star hotel that Premier Gordon Campbell and his delegation is staying in while in Beijing during a trade mission puts a warning by the faucets that guests should heed if they hope to make their meetings on time: "Tap water is NOT drinkable."  Since the 1990s, when China's water pollution became a byproduct of the country's rush toward becoming an economic superpower, bottled water has become big business. Companies have come up with all sorts of reassuring names for it, too: Pure Clear water, Green Garden water, Crystal Dragon, to name a few.

WASHINGTON – A growing number of religious groups are taking a stand against the bottling of water, stating the practice is immoral because water is a God-given resource that should not be packaged and sold, the Chicago Tribune reported recently in an article analyzing the trend.  Cassandra Carmichael, director of eco justice programs for the National Council of Churches, said in the story that privatization takes away water from those who cannot afford it and added that water "should be free for all."    In October, the National Coalition of American Nuns, a group representing 1,200 Roman Catholic nuns in the US, adopted a resolution asking members to refrain from purchasing bottled water unless necessary, the report noted.  Meanwhile, Presbyterians for Restoring Creation, a grassroots coalition within the US Presbyterian Church, launched a campaign last spring urging individuals to sign a pledge against drinking bottled water and to take the message to their churches, according to the article.  Stephen Kay, spokesman for the International Bottled Water Association, said bottled water is a minimal user of groundwater compared to the hundreds of other products that draw water, adding that campaigns against bottled water will not lead to long-term solutions in impoverished areas, according to the article.

DAVID SUZUKI:   This Bottled Water segment began when Pam Killeen  heard David Suzuki refuse a bottle of water at a talk 2 years ago.  It is fitting that this segment come full circle with new news of David Suzuki and bottled water -- an event that happened just as this article is being written:

Buying bottled water is wrong, says Suzuki -Environmentalist launches national tour on green issues
Canadians wanting to do something about the environment can start by drinking tap water, environmentalist David Suzuki says.  "Everywhere I go across Canada, I insist I be given tap water when I get up to speak," Suzuki told CBC News on Thursday.    David Suzuki says plastic water bottles generate waste and potential health hazards because of their chemical composition. David Suzuki says plastic water bottles generate waste and potential health hazards because of their chemical composition.   "I think in Canada it's absolutely disgusting that people are so uncertain about their water that we buy it, paying more for bottled water than we do for gasoline."    Suzuki — who was in St. John's on Thursday to launch a cross-country speaking tour aimed at engaging people in politics, particularly environmental issues — said there is no good reason for Canadians to buy bottled water.   Moreover, he said it's destructive to import bottled water from producers in countries such as France.   "It's nuts to be shipping water all the way across the planet, and us — because we're so bloody wealthy — we're willing to pay for that water because it comes from France," he said in an interview.   "I don't believe for a minute that French water is better than Canadian water. I think that we've got to drink the water that comes out of our taps, and if we don't trust it, we ought to be raising hell about that."   Key environmental issues with bottled water, Suzuki said, are waste and uncertainty over the long-term health effects created by plastic.   "Not only does bottled water lead to unbelievable pollution — with old bottles lying all over the place — but plastic has chemicals in it," he said.   "Plastics are ubiquitous. I don't believe that plastics are not involved in a great deal of the health problems that we face today."  February 1, 2007

The  Toronto Dowsers Library, the
Walter Huszczo Library

named for our friend and mentor, Walter Huszczo, has a fine collection of over 500 items including books, CDs, audio tapes, DVDs, video tapes.   This library is available to members only, and is open during the meetings.  As you know, from previous emails, we are looking for a space to home our library so members can use it during the month.  We have not yet found our space and if you have a lead on something, please do contact us.

Librarian Kathy Therrien added the following items to the library. * = more than one copy in library.

Nichols, Ross
Book of Druidry
Phaneuf, Holly
Herbs Demystified
   *Clow, Barbara Hand 
Scultz, David Allen
 Improve Your Life Through Dowsing
Leadbeater, CW
The Chakras
Cannon, Dolores 
Keepers of the Garden
Cox, Bill 
Discovering Dowsing
Kids Learn Dowsing
Millerin, Tom
Dowsing (video)
Wright, Machaelle Small
MAP, 2nd Ed
Sonnenberg, Petra
Great Pendulum Book
Morgan, Marlo 
Mutant Message Down Under
Steiner, Rudolf
Guidance in Esoteric Training
Fox, Matthew 
Physics of Angels
*Lau, Theodoa
Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes
Fate Magazine 
Psychic Pets and Spirit Animals
*Bodine, Echo
Hands That Heal
Turgeon ND, Madeleine
Right Brain, Left Brain
Uhlman, Lynn A.
Healing from the Otherwise (video)
Kinkade, Amelia
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

What do:    Paramahansa Yogananda, Sandee Mac and our newsletter have in common? 
Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) is considered to be the most respected, read, loved, studied, etc., yogic teacher who came to North America from India, this was around 1920.  Many are familiar with his book, "Autobiography of a Yogi" and it is among  everyone's favorites.  What few know is one of the reasons why this is so.

When he created the book, he also created the cover.  Naturally, he wanted people to read the book.  So what did he do?

He put a "thought form" in the photo on the cover, that people who saw it would be attracted to the book, buy it and read it.  It worked quite well, as the sales and readership figures clearly demonstrate.

Perhaps you remember that when SANDEE MAC was here October 2006, one of the items she told us about are Black Hat Feng Shui  "Precious Gem Formula Sprays of the Himalayas".   They come from ancient Himalayan homeopathic formulas, each is made from a different precious gem or metal. They can be used to clear environments of all types of pollution, blockages and even psychic attacks. While each product focuses on different functions, all  increase one's frequency, promoting both clarity and vibrant health.

How they are made: Using fire, the gemstones are first heated at high temperatures and then crushed into a fine powder which increases their potential power. A different gem, precious metal, or other powerful ground substance with its own unique gifts is used for each specific formula. Each formula transmits its power to the person using it. These medicines are further blessed, by monks, "into a magnificent state through being implanted with a mantra" (a powerful vocalization).  These secret formulas release emotional and physical blocks, fears, anxiety, lack of confidence and trapped creativity. Consciousness is dramatically focused and increased. Old painful patterns and body memories vanish! These exciting formulas work quickly with daily accumulative benefits.

I purchased 2 sprays because normally I don't go in for that stuff but  I was going to have to face a rather stressful family event and I felt I needed all the help and support I could get!

I purchased "Golden" because it dowsed out the best and said "Attract love and your soul mate.  Great for successful job interviews. Gold is the greatest of the "Noble Metals"  with an amazing protective frequency of one million.  You will immediately notice how people treat you with love, kindness, patience and respect. Fills your aura with "attracting energy" that others immediately respond to. Helps shyness and public speaking. Golden is very effective for opening the heart chakra and increasing loving energy. Spray on body, energy field or over the heart chakra. Also transmits its energy when sprayed on letters, faxes, telephone, and business cards."

I purchased "Silver" because it dowsed out very well and said "protection against negative earth energies, power lines, pollution and negative office and home space.  Silver  is another of the great "Noble Metals" and protects you from negative energies and psychic attacks. Bounces negative energy back to the sender, allowing only positive energy to enter. Balances meridians and chakras. Feng Shui of your home, office or vehicle.   Use on phones, furniture or areas of disharmony.  Clears dense energy and etheric cords. Mist in your car, home, office and on yourself."

I had a super duper time at the event and there were no problems.  WHEW!

So I still have lots of spray left.  I sprayed for the December and January meetings.  Folks were wonderful towards me.  Even the announcements were better!

As I'm preparing the January newsletter, I was reading the GOLDEN bottle and noticed it said "sprayed on letters".  So I sprayed the master copy of the newsletter, and later on, the whole pile.  Within 3 days of mailing it, many more happy about the newsletter emails than usual were received.

Paramahansa Yoganada did an excellent job with thought forms.  We now have the sprays.  You can also use your intention and focus.  The point is, we can improve our attracting capabilities through many different tools now available to us.

I spoke with Sandee today.  She is living in a house in Arizona and says its real nice to have a real home for a change and not be transient as she had been for the past year.  She says hello to y'all.

I told her about the sprays, she says they work and that you can also spray GOLDEN on checkbooks, credit cards, tax returns, etc.  They attract wealth.  She likes Golden, Silver and Amber a lot.

You can now contact Sandee more easily.  Email:  Sandeemac100@frontiernet.net  cell: (928) 755-7347  H: (928) 367-8818.  If you want any of the sprays they cost $28 USD + S&H. (S&H could be around $7 or $8)  Below is a listing of sprays it is believed she has available.  Dowse for what is best:

  • Amber: Heal emotional heart break. Calms and protects emotions. Releases tension in shoulders and upper mid back. Gives relief from water retention and swollen hands & feet. Very powerful for pulling out toxicity (physical, emotional, or energetic). Spray on body, in rooms, car, wallet, charge cards, bills.
  • Ancient Indian Feng Shui: Awakens powers of the Universe, speeding up manifesting goals. Rapid space clearing.
  • Amber:  Protects against psychic attack, energy drain and negative Feng Shui.
  • Amethyst: Attracts your soul mate and for spiritual awakening by moving the life force up the spine rapidly for spiritual intensity.
  • Awaken Prophecy:  Alters the course of life events.
  • Awaken Your Supernatural Powers:  Allows the Sacred Fire of the Mind to purify illusion. See, hear and know the truth behind the veil.
  • Blue Star Sapphire:  Attract a loving past life relationship. Meet your soul mate.
  • Blue Topaz:  Releases anger and other hurt feelings. Freedom from overeating. Helps with weight loss.
  • Bone Wisdom:  Frees you to manifest wealth, success, new sources of creativity, love and spiritual awakening using the powers of the 5th and 7th dimensions. Purifies your vibrations and frees you from environmental allergic reactions.
  • Celestial Black Dragon:   Frees creativity, confidence and opens the door to wealth and success.
  • Celestial Cloud Pearl: Very powerful for opening chakras/energy centers and raising spiritual consciousness.
  • Diamond:   In Tibetan traditions this quickly opens the Brow Center to awaken pineal gland for clear inner visions, lucid dreams, seeing auras and flashbacks of past lives. Quick energy pick up!
  • Dragon Bone:  Releases emotional and physical blocks, negative patterns, old chronic pain, and trapped body memories.
  • Emerald:  Calms tense emotions, releases old trapped feelings. Calms desire to over-eat.
  • Enlightened Cat:  Amazing Himalayan Natural Cat Formula!
  • Golden:  Attract love and your soul mate. Great for successful job interviews. Amazing how this works!
  • Jade:  Especially for women, to cool hot flashes. Attract your twin soul. Cool a sunburn. Soothes tired, red eyes.
  • Magic of the Snow Leopard: Positive change in life without struggle, set back or loss. Use when you make life changes such as marriage, divorce, career changes.
  • Malachite:  Universal healing formula. Burns, scrapes, anti-basterial, pain. Works quickly. Safe for children and adults. Headache relief!
  • Meteorite:  For channeling and telepathy. Are you a Star Being? Feel you never belonged? Now make the Big Connection!
  • Opal: Restores positive Feng Shui. Immediately detox and purify. Plants have enormous growth and double the harvest.
  • Path of the Shaman:  To enhance rituals, healings and other powerful practices. Secrets of ancient shamans awaken in you!
  • Platinum:  Attract money and success. This really works!
  • Rare Black Cobra Pearl: Powers of manifesting anything you want! Awakens you to remember your life purpose and how to act on this!
  • Rare Tibetan Yetis:  Manifest abundance from the "Hidden Realms"!
  • Ruby:  Passion, confidence and weight loss. Stops excessive appetite when used with Emerald.
  •  Silver:  Protects from negative energy and psychic attacks. Powerful for Feng Shui to clear space.
  •  The Secret Behind Hidden Wealth:  Developed by Master Lu, mystical Tibetan Lama and member of the ancient lineage pof Tibetan Feng Shui Masters.
  •  Tibetan Bamboo Pearl:  Empowers rituals, goals and ceremonies. Found in a sacred valley in the Himalayan mountains
  •  Tibetan Feng Shui:  Assists with remarkable changes in any environment. Aids healing from chronic health problems.
  •  White Pearl:  Gentleness and serenity. Takes the struggle out of life and quiets the negative inner voice.
  • Yellow Sapphire: Opens your power centers. Helps asthma and breathing problems
  • SANDEE  IN  TORONTO, Spring 2007:  Sandee is making plans to come to Toronto in an "M" month -- which could be March or May.  Although this will not be for a formal Toronto Dowsers presentation, she will be glad to see us perhaps a small group for an informal get together, private clients, etc.   If you want any of the products she has to offer, do contact her.   She will also be teaching in Syracuse, New York around that time.

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.


    Our February 13th Speaker:  Phil Gruber
    "THE    ENERGETICS   OF   DOWSING, Geomantics and the Physics and the Metaphysics of Consciousness and Creation"

    Our February 13 speaker, Philip Gruber, is a well respected teacher of Sacred Geometry, the Secrets and Mysteries of the Holy Grail, the True Nature of Angels and the Angelic Kingdoms, Advanced Systems of Healing, the Truth of the Indigos, and  subjects that fascinate us.  He is warm, possesses a fine quick wit as well as a very good sense of humor.  Teacher now, it is obvious Phil held many high spiritual positions in many different cultures in many different past lives.

    The difficult task around Phil Gruber's upcoming visit is choosing one --- or not too many topics --- for this man to speak to us during our evening presentation.  Should it be the Holy Grail?  Indigos?  DNA?  Dowsing?   2012?   Sacred Geometry?   Geomantics?  Consciousness?  or a blend?

     Phil emailed, from somewhere in Europe in December:  "Let's go with Geomantics and the Physics and Metaphysics of Consciousness and Creation.....if you want, we can go into what's happening on the planet now, what lies ahead on the Road to 2012 and beyond, along with the vital role of the Indigos, some secrets and mysteries revealed regarding the DNA, and how this ties in with the Lord of the Rings and the Search for the Holy Grail, and more!  I guarantee an evening that will amaze and enlighten, dazzle and delight, and as far as the practical value...everything I talk about is usable and directly bears on the quality of their experience here and where we go when we leave this place, and trust me....your people may have heard a lot, but they haven't heard it all......you know what you want and what your people need to hear and leave the rest to me!!!"

        So that's where we are now.

    Phil speaks all over the world -- including as I found out recently -- all over the United States, too -- and he has good friends in our area.  Which means he will be back here often for extended time periods.

    He is probably going to give a talk the following evening, February 14 as well as a weekend workshop, Feb. 17 and/or 18.   He wants us to tell him what we want to know more about and he will speak to us on those topics.

    I'm sitting here with 5 of Phil's essays in front of me, not knowing which to choose for the newsletter....  Hope you like the choice.   Chosen for this issue is probably not the article Phil would have preferred that it be included, ("Sacred Geometry and the Quest for the Holy Grail"  -- perhaps another issue???) but an article he wrote on Indigos.

     "Indigos and the Return to Innocence", by Phil Gruber

         The reason Indigos are called Indigos is because for many years now, clairvoyants and psychics have noticed an abundance of the indigo wavelength, or color, in the auric fields especially of children.  The  reason is, and this is very essential to understanding the Indigo phenomenon, is that Indigos come in, literally birth in, with portions of the 5th, and especially the 6th DNA strand partially operational.

        When one  begins to understand the mechanism of the DNA a little more fully, one comes to understand that each strand of DNA functions as an electro-magnetic lens; in truth, the DNA is the chemical lens that allows portions of our consciousness stationed here, and  in the higher dimensions, to embody, to literally express themselves through us, the vehicles through which Holy Spirit, or God, is able to manifest here, to experience the hologram of itself.  The 6th DNA strand processes 6th dimensional consciousness, which is known by some as the 6th Ray, or the indigo wavelength.  So, it makes perfect sense that one with this level of DNA activation would have a lot of the color indigo in their fields!

         That portion of the wholeness of who we are that presently resides in the  4th, 5th, and 6th dimension is what many call the Soul, the Dora, or the  Angelic parts of ourselves.  Indigos are primarily distinguished by this  higher level of DNA activation, which, incidentally, accounts for the level of psychism that many of these beings demonstrate.  With the higher level of DNA activation that Indigos hold, higher senses that are organic to the human form begin to kick in, literally from birth!  How better to explain the phenomenon of child prodigies that, at such tender ages, they are able to write symphonies, for one example,, with little or no formal training.  Not only that, but in the style of the great masters!  This is clearly a case of 'incarnational bleed-through' where, because of the high level of  DNA activation these souls come in with, they are embodying the consciousness, as well as the gifts, talents and blessings of, at least, their immediate incarnational families!

        Some Indigos haven't made it here yet.  Because of their energetic patterns, if it is felt that they cannot come into full foetal integration inside of their mother's bodies, or birth fully through, they will decide to 'back off' and try again at some other time.   Here, this is experienced as miscarriages, stillbirths, or abortion.  This is not to downplay the tragic events these are, but please understand, these decisions are made on the higher levels.  It's important to remember that's  it's not just the children who are demonstrating these 'new' abilities. The children have been getting most of the attention for a while now, but the truth is that these most recent waves of what are now called Indigos have been incarnating here on the planet for at least 200 years!  The fact is that Indigos always incarnate on the planet when the planet is experiencing what it is experiencing now, and that is a great shift, the Shift of the Ages, the dawning of the next great Golden Age!

         Indigos are also distinguished by their expanded genetic templates.  Every Indigo currently on the planet, and there are millions presently here now,  have the template for at least 12 DNA strands.  This 12-strand  pattern is known as the 'silicate matrix'; more commonly known as the 'crystal gene'.  It is the pattern of the Adam Kadmon, the original human, called by some our Divine Potential, by others, The Immaculate Concept; by still others, the Holy Grail!!

         Within the DNA templates of all Indigos currently on the planet is held not  only the memory of our long-forgotten history, the meaning and purpose of our lives, but the true keys to the ascension of our race!  There is something that many of us reading this article have felt at one time or another in our lives; that we are somehow different.  Many of us have spent our entire lives with a longing that has never been fully satisfied, and oftentimes our hearts have ached to be able to share our special gifts, or pain, with others of like minds.

        The truth is that the Indigos are from the future, and that future is what many call Heaven, Tara...even Tolkien's Valinor.  Heaven is Earth's future just as the angels are ours!!!  The Indigos are incarnates of a future, elder human race.  It is said that the Indigos are bringing something new to the gene pool here on Earth, that they are modeling the next step, or stage, in human evolution.  This is true, but  it is a step back to what we once were.  Every Indigo on the planet holds the genetic template of the original Angelic Human race, and when there are a critical mass of Indigos alive, awake and aware here, we will see Heaven fully manifest here on Earth.  The Indigos are here to bridge the Earth with it's future and it's pre-fall past, right here, right now.

        The truth is that the line between Indigos and 'non-indigos' is blurring...it is meant  to!  What is happening on this planet is for the upliftment of ALL humanity!  The time we are living in is a moment, a moment caught and crystallized in time and space, a moment when the Heavens  are changing with respect to a new Earth; when, for the first time in a very long time, we are being given the opportunity to take our place among the Angels...as allies, and as equals.  That moment is, in reality, no     than our next breath, our next heartbeat, our next moment, already here, waiting for us to renew our vows to spirit and fulfull a covenant we made  with ourselves a long, long time ago.  The Indigos are here for no less a reason than to help us reclaim our original innocence, to re-introduce us to new possibilities to re-discover ourselves;, but most of all, to help us to remember love!

        Please understand that I've painted some broad strokes here, as well as shared some pretty specific information as regards the Indigo phenomenon. We are here, and for the first time in a very long time, in numbers 'to big to ignore'.  In our lives, in our time, we are being gifted to know the full revelation of the Christos, the most secret teaching of all ages.     This is our return to innocence, and I wish all  who are reading this God-speed in your personal journeys into wholeness.

    February 24, 25, 2007   call:   1-888-950-0601  to register
    Anne Landry and Pierre Noreau will be offering the long awaited  workshop on the Lecher Antenna next month.   The French Radiesthesistes say that the Lecher Antenna is the most precise dowsing measuring device they have found.

    As a precision instrument, The Lecher Antenna allows one to precisely verify many things, such as:  a fault, a water source, a leak,  compatibility  and much more…

    A Lecher Antenna provides information on the structure of the seven (7) energy systems of a human being.  With the Antenna, one can understand energy therapy techniques as well as how to detect geobiological signals.

    In the course they will teach how to use the Antenna  to:   Balance vibration energies,   Center of energy systems,  Energy Assessment: of the body, ailments, vitamins, minerals, medication,  the environment: clothing, decor, jewelry,  Stones and the benefits they bring,  Therapeutic essential oils, etc.  There will be  Extensive practice for each participant, and various applications of the antenna will be discussed.

    This is  a hands-on workshop with many practical exercises.  Participants are required to have their own antenna.  Workshop Cost: $300.

    *       *       *        *       *
    DOWSING 101       DOWSING 101       DOWSING 101
    A Beginner's Basic Dowsing Fundamentals Workshop - with Marilyn Gang
    Learn the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses,   When and how to use it,
    When and how it is not appropriate;   How to use a pendulum and practice getting that "feel".
    What is dowsing    When and how to use it, or, not     The various areas of dowsing   Answering questions, finding objects  Dowsing Tools     Dowsing Charts     An introduction in to "Energy Dowsing"      Resources
    Saturday,  March 17, 2007    10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.    $55
     109 Old Kingston Road, Unit 15,   Ajax, Ontario    (905) 426-4823    www.odysseybooks.on.ca
    *       *       *        *       *

    FROM:  THE 7TH ANNUAL Toronto Dowsers  Networking Social
    You are invited to my art reception! - Barrie:   February 11th  (show runs from Jan. 30 - Feb. 22)
    Wasaga Beach artist Denise Sefranka-Hoskin poses with one of her landscapes to be featured in her show running Tues. Jan. 30 to Thurs. Feb. 22 at the Barrie Art Club gallery, 304 Dunlop St. W. at Hwy. 400 (gallery ph. (705) 726-0215). 
    Gallery hours are Tues.-Fri., 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Special reception day is Sun., Feb. 11, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. when Denise will also be showing her jewelry and block print cards. 
    A recent immigrant from the southwest U.S., Denise loves her new home in Wasaga Beach.  She said she is enchanted with the lovely land and trees and the friendly people in her adopted town.  In the U.S., Denise studied art with Howard Wexler in Albuquerque and Dorjee Gyaltzen in Santa Fe

    Denise’s eclectic works is that of Southwest aboriginal art, reflecting her roots in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Her fascinating collection includes watercolours, acrylic, oils and multimedia landscapes on a variety of subjects; colourful mandalas depicting the Tree of Life, a Tara Gaia series; unique jewelry fashioned from fresh water pearls with semi-precious stones and watercolour print writing cards reflecting the soft hues of New Mexico mesas.   "Universal symbols, bringing peace into the world, and honoring of the Earth inspire much of my work."

    Denise is a member of the Barrie Art Club, the Georgian Bay Association of Creative Arts and the Simcoe County Quilt Guild.  Evening showings can be arranged by calling Denise at (705) 429-6957.  devazigns@yahoo.com

    ChocoSol - February 17th CHOCOSOL!!! www.chocosoltraders.com
    THE CHOCOLATE KINGS!!!!    with the most delicious REAL chocolate you will ever experience -- this is not 'just a taste' -- this is a FULL BODY!    MULTI DIMENSIONAL!   DIVINE * EXPERIENCE*
      ChocoSol = Chocolate, Sun, Soil and Soul

    Since this past September, you have been reading about the enterprise of Graham Corbett & Michael Sacco in conjunction with  ChocoSol, as they presented fair trade chocolate from Mexico.  The word "enterprise" is written here, because what Michael and Graham do is offer more than divine chocolate. They acknowledge and honor the source of the chocolate -- the region it comes from, how it is grown, made, brought to market and the people who make it so all along the line.

    Soon after they came to our September 2006 meeting to offer us a taste of their divine concoction, they moved into their store space at Toronto Sprouts,  720 Bathurst Street, just below Bloor.  And began events, teaching how to make chocolate, as well as --- sharing information about the region (Oaxaca, Mexico) it comes from, the people their and their activities.

    ChocoSol continues to put on events, once or twice monthly,  which teach about chocolate, Mexico, los Zapatistas, etc., such as the February 17th event.

    Oaxaca is in the south of Mexico, east of Acapulco and south of Veracruz.  This is a tumultuous social and political time for them and ChocoSol is teaching us about the region, the people, their culture, history and their current events.   This is not a time for charismatic leaders, it is a grassroots movement involving thousands of people throwing off the yoke of 500 years of colonial rule (despite the seeming independence of Mexico) as they peacefully demand their rights of:  Liberty  Land  Justice  Water and Law.

    Michael spoke to us briefly in September and all of our hearts were profoundly touched as he spoke, empassioned, about the struggle of these truly courageous human beings in Mexico.   I hope that I can have as much courage when the time comes as I have seen in the UTube, etc., movies of people who may be simple in their technology, but they are so brave in their beings.

    This is what Michael told us in September:
    "Arrancaron nuestros frutos,
    Quebraron nuestras ramas
    Quemaron nuestros troncos,
    Pero no se pudieron secar nuestros raices."
    They ripped off our fruits,
    They broke our branches
    They burnt our trunks, 
    But they could not dry up our roots."

    "Popol Vuh, Mayan Sacred teachings transcribed from the oral tradition and describing the colonizers influence.

    "For us, at the Unitierra and our group of thinkers, this is the image of the cultural tree, and a sign of the radical otherness of the indigenous mythos that so thoroughly permeates Mexican culture and is so boldly and beautifully articulated by Zapatismo.

    "To change the world is something difficult if not impossible, but
    To create a world in which many worlds fit, is something beautiful, something, poetic, and something that might just be possible.

    "As the Zapatistas say, a world where many worlds fit.

     Please join us on Saturday, February 17th for Chocolatada 1.2, which will include a chocolate making workshop, a presentation about the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca with Activist and Political Refugee Raul Gatica, and of course, a celebration of the next new moon!

    ChocoSol, GATO-Toronto, The Oaxaca Support and Working Group, and The 720 Space, 720 Bathurst St.

    The Birthday Brigade:  February 18th - Maggie Robertson
    When you come out of the sleep state, that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:  "Today is  Maggie's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Maggie with the same.   AMEN!"     And really lock it in!
    March 23 - Roxanna Spirryheart::  When you come out of the sleep state, that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:  "Today is  Roxanna's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Roxanna with the same.   AMEN!"     And really lock it in!

    February 18th:  Chinese New Year
    Wishing You Prosperity!
    MANDARIN:   gong xi fa cai!
    CANTONESE:  sun nin fy lok! 
    Happy New Year!
    MANDARIN:  xin nein kuai le!
    CANTONESE:  gung hay fat choy!
    The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

    Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. On the Chinese calendar, 2007 is Lunar Year 4704-4705. On the Western calendar, the start of Chinese New Year 4705 falls on February 18, 2007 — The Year of the Pig.

    If you were born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983 or 1995 - you were born under the sign of the pig. Like the pig, you are highly regarded for your chilvary and pureness of heart, and you often make friends for life. For pigs in 2007, any recent setbacks or obstacles can be overcome so look forward to a year in which to really shine, either personally or professionally.

    Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality. Those born in pig years tend to have excellent manners, make and keep friends, work very hard, and appreciate luxury. They are very loving and make loyal partners.

    Fireworks and Family Feasts:  At Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red clothes, decorate with poems on red paper, and give children "lucky money" in red envelopes. Red symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away bad luck. The fireworks that shower the festivities are rooted in a similar ancient custom. Long ago, people in China lit bamboo stalks, believing that the crackling flames would frighten evil spirits.

    New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors.

    The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital of all the rituals, united the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family.

    The presence of the ancestors is acknowledged on New Year's Eve with a dinner arranged for them at the family banquet table. The spirits of the ancestors, together with the living, celebrate the onset of the New Year as one great community. The communal feast called "surrounding the stove" or weilu. It symbolizes family unity and honors the past and present generations.

    Vast amounts of traditional food is prepared for family and friends, as well as those close to us who have died.

    House Cleaning:   The entire house should be cleaned before New Year's Day. On New Year's Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dust pans and other cleaning equipment are put away. Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year's Day for fear that good fortune will be swept away. After New Year's Day, the floors may be swept. Beginning at the door, the dust and rubbish are swept to the middle of the parlor, then placed in the corners and not taken or thrown out until the fifth day. At no time should the rubbish in the corners be trampled upon. In sweeping, there is a superstition that if you sweep the dirt out over the threshold, you will sweep one of the family away. Also, to sweep the dust and dirt out of your house by the front entrance is to sweep away the good fortune of the family; it must always be swept inwards and then carried out, then no harm will follow. All dirt and rubbish must be taken out the back door.

    New Year Activities Set Precedent:   All debts had to paid by this time. Nothing should be lent on this day, as anyone who does so will be lending all the year. Back when tinder and flint were used, no one would lend them on this day or give a light to others.

    Everyone should refrain from using foul language and bad or unlucky words. Negative terms and the word "four" (Ssu), which sounds like the word for death, are not to be uttered. Death and dying are never mentioned and ghost stories are totally taboo. References to the past year are also avoided as everything should be turned toward the New Year and a new beginning.

    Personal Appearance and Cleanliness:    On New Year's Day, we are not suppose to wash our hair because it would mean we would have washed away good luck for the New Year. Red clothing is preferred during this festive occasion. Red is considered a bright, happy color, sure to bring the wearer a sunny and bright future. It is believed that appearance and attitude during New Year's sets the tone for the rest of the year. Children and unmarried friends, as well as close relatives are given lai see, little red envelopes with crisp one dollar bills inserted, for good fortune.

    Decorations:  Plants and Flowers:   Every traditional Chinese household should also have live blooming plants to symbolize rebirth and new growth. Flowers are believed to be symbolic of wealth and high positions in one's career. Lucky is the home with a plant that blooms on New Year's Day, for that foretells a year of prosperity. In more elaborate settings, plum blossoms just starting to bloom are arranged with bamboo and pine sprigs, the grouping symbolizing friends &; the plum blossom also signifies reliability and perseverance; the bamboo is known for its compatibility, its utility and its flexible stems for furniture and other articles; the evergreen pine evokes longevity and steadiness. Other highly prized flowers are the pussy willow, azalea, peony and water lily or narcissus.

    The Chinese firmly believe that without flowers, there would be no formation of any fruits. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have flowers and floral decorations.

    They are the emblems of reawakening of nature, they are also intimately connected with superstition and with the wish for happiness during the ensuing year.

    Oranges and Tangerines:   Etiquette dictates that you must bring a bag of oranges and tangerines and enclose a lai see when visiting family or friends anytime during the two-week long Chinese New Year celebration. Tangerines with leaves intact assure that one's relationship with the other remains secure. For newlyweds, this represents the branching of the couple into a family with many children. Oranges and tangerines are symbols for abundant happiness.

      "THE BIG BIG BENEFIT: RIGHT TO CHOOSE!"  - Saturday February 24, 2007

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      The Big Big Benefit: Right To Choose! event's goal is to raise public awareness   and support for Canadians' right to choose healthy food, natural remedies,   Organic/sustainable agriculture, a healthy environment….and planet.   The Big Big Benefit  is a pivotal fundraiser for small scale Organic farmers  in Canada with proceeds going to the Raw Milk Legal Defence Fund.

      Tickets are limited for this event. Pre-order your   tickets to-day!
      Tickets - $50.00 per person     Ticket and info line: (416) 606-0764      Websites: www.symphonyinthebarn.com     www.glencoltonfarms.com

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      You can help by contributing items for the auction or event venue   setup (40 6-8 ft tables, 200 chairs, 30 green bins – for compostables),   volunteering at the event and/or the day before, and spreading the   word about our Right To Choose! as Canadians.

    March 7, 2007.
    Exopolitics Toronto will hold an exclusive Canadian screening debut of FASTWALKERS
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    The Latvian Center, where we hold our meetings, needs its roof replaced.  As part of their fund raising, they will be raffling off a brand new Mercedes Benz.   This will take place sometime this Spring.  Tickets will cost $20 and the winner to be selected around June.

    It is expected that a TORONTO DOWSER will WIN this fine vehicle.  So start practicing your manifestation talents NOW!  Details provided as soon as they become available.

    To: mgang@dowsers.info
    Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 20:36:58 -0500
    From: ivanmcbeth@aol.com
    Subject: Hi!   DRUIDRY COURSE!

    Hi Marilyn,
    Happy New Year! Great to hear from you. A busy time, indeed. I am rushing about the place preparing for new training courses and trainings in 2007, and there are a few new stone circles to get my head around. A very hectic time, but all going in the same direction. Hooray!

    I am writing to ask you if you would mind making a short announcement at tomorrow's meeting. I am organizing a Druid Training in the Toronto area, starting in May 2007. If anyone in the Toronto Dowsers is interested, to get in touch with me and I will send them more info. My email address is ivanmcbeth@aol.com, and my phone number is 802-223-1390.

    I think Diana will be phoning you soon as she is organizing things for the training...

    I hope all is well with you, Marilyn, and that the Gods and Goddesses are shining upon you. I look forward to spending some time with you before too long.

    With love, Ivan


    Dr. Sabina DeVita, Toronto Dowser and founder of  The Institute of Energy Wellness Studies (IEWS) has recently added a course in DOWSING taught by Alicja Aratyn!!!  to their curriculum of:: Integrated Aromatic studies, a Certified Kinesiology program including energy psychology, the Human Energy Field studies and in Conscious Nutrition.

    The Kinesiology program is also new:  "I invite you to join us for our first upcoming level for the Kinesiology program. This is a program for anyone interested in self care or for healing others- for personal development or for professional practice.  It is a new federally recognized course that offers a unique certification- that provides home based businesses certification for malpractice insurance as well as for professional practices.   This incorporates the Touch For Health syllabus which is the first part of the program along with other advanced Kinesiology material - Brain Gym, One Brain, Energy psychology techniques are taught. Exciting addition!  Simple to more advanced dowsing techniques are taught in our Kinesiology Testing class."

    The Certified Kinesiology program consists of 10 modules or levels - a combination of various kinesiology systems including Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Energy psychology- Thought Field & Emotional Freedom Technique, Tools of the Trade- the famous behavioral barometer, electromagnetic testing, geopathic disturbances testing and balancing, dowsing principles and the Kinesiology Mastery course. The CKP program begins with  Kinesiology One that includes the Touch for Health Level 1 system  which is the foundation – (considered the grandfather) of the many other Kinesiologies being used worldwide.
    About Kinesiology One

    * Kinesiology One and two-  also includes a lecture on subtle energies, Quantum physics, holograms, Ecological sensitivities and how to detect them, testing the physical environment, releasing the grip of fear instantly, energy fields of language and thoughts, impregnating water, water blessing testing and balancing, power vs. force ( David Hawkins) and calibration, unique ways of testing yourself,  reprogramming your immune system, the secret 'T' point to harmony, the hook-up body stance  in reducing stress or chaos to coherence, and balancing the burnout syndrome.

    Dowsing Course taught by Alicja Aratyn  M.Eng.

    Rev. Alicja Aratyn, born in Poland, is a Environmental Engineer by training. Her early interest in Metaphysical knowledge led her to further involvement in the student movement in Europe throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

    Alicja teaches old European School of Dowsing based on ancient Egyptian shapes and the understanding of their vibrations. She travels extensively throughout the world to lecture, teach, heal and motivate people to enhance their personal vibration. Her lectures are always well attended due to vast knowledge, unique way of presenting topics and great sense of humour.

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    Chapter II:  The ongoing saga of Fresh Milk and the Food Police
    And How this incident is GeoPolitics
    You will not see this info any other place.  We are stewards of the land.
     This publication is  -- a publication of a dowsing group.  Dowsers, by our nature, can not be easily defined nor pigeonholed. Toronto Dowsers least of all.
    Toronto Dowsers are socially conscious beings and Michael Schmidt's milk saga was the divine spark that led to this explosion (see the first chapter of that story in our January 2007 issue)

    2 areas we prefer not to think about, talk about, address, because they are uncomfortable, or to some, they are distasteful because they are dirty somehow are money and politics.  Yes, sometimes they are.   With everything else, it depends how you use them.

    Unless we prefer to be dictated to and have every decision made for us, each one of us can no longer sit by in passive acceptance.  We need not do anything, but we must decide, intend, focus and perhaps say something.  This is the time to cross the line in the sand.

       Dowsers, by nature are curious beings.  Dowsing is our tool to find answers.  The Toronto Dowsers, by our nature seems to be more different than other dowsing groups and we are great searchers and seekers.  By our nature we want answers, we want truth and can recognize truth from not.

       Politics is not usually a subject for dowsers.  Today it is.  Today we can not escape it because everything is politics.  Everything has become politicized --- our food, our health, relationships, air, water, the planet. Everything you buy, everything you put into your mouth, everything you look at --- politics is attached to it.

    Last issue you read here about the 1st attack, November 21, 2006 of the Ontario government early morning raid of 20 armed agents on Michael Schmidt's dairy farm in Durham, Ontario, swooping down on Michael, 7 employees --- and the most dangerous denizens of all:  lactating cows -- where  THE FOOD POLICE  confiscated equipment and records because the governments of Canada are THREATENED by its CITIZENS  DRINKING MILK!  Michael was raided, allegedly because in order to cooperate with people with their god given right to drink fresh milk rather than microbe friendly nutrient corrupted processed milk he has instituted a cow share program where these cow share owner are provided with fresh nutritious healthy  clean milk from their own animals.  You read about the press conferences, activity in Ontario Parliament and the huge amount of ongoing public support.

    You were given a bit of dairy farmer Michael Schmidt's background:   BioDynamic farmer, trained orchestra conductor, Masters Degree in Agriculture, founder of (successful) meat, dairy and export businesses, consultant to officials in Germany, Russia, China and Canada and more.  The Saga continues.

    Does this raid  have anything to do with health?   No!
    Does it have anything to do with public and/or food safety?  No!
    Does it have anything to do with public protection?  No!
    No?  If not, then what?
    You're a Dowser.  You already know the answer.  You know its all about the 3Ps:  Power   Politics   Profit.  Actually its not Power, its Force.  But they think its Power so we'll call it that for the moment.

    Michael Schmidt  WILL WIN his dispute with the Ontario government --- if this can be called winning.  Because it has been designed and set up to happen this way.

    Why did the government pick on someone who is knowledgeable, astute, popular, an excellent strategist, diplomat and communicator, no skeletons in his closet, on record as being supportive of and eager to work with government and science?  A well connected public personality known for speaking out and being a fighter.  Government operatives usually mount an operation like this on folks they know they can intimidate (which they are doing simultaneously with this one) where they smash and grab and then scurry back to their dark hidey holes.

    SPIDEY SENSE TINGLES:   Do you remember reading about December 7th 2006 (Pearl Harbor Day), when 80 of us supporters went to support the Private Members bill in the Ontario Legislature at Queens Park, Toronto which would open discussion as to the value of non pasteurized milk, and this was voted down?

    Walking from the subway to the legislature building I was getting a creepy feeling --- a feeling that I was being  puppetized, that I was being set up --- thinking I was standing up for rights taken away by the government, but actually playing into their hands --- doing exactly what they wanted me to do.  Uh Huh!   My Spidey Sense was right!  Not only me.  All of us.  Ohh this is so despicably diabolical.  Betrayal is one of the most difficult situations to endure -- as many saw, and felt,  in the most excellent movie "Braveheart" a fairly accurate rendition of the betrayals suffered by Sir William Wallace in Scotland in the early 1300's.

    It does look like another David & Goliath --- it does appear as if Michael, a single farmer with a modest farm,  is going up against the large, powerful, rich Milk Marketing Board (more on the Boards, below) and dairy farmers --- but he is not doing so -- it is only made to appear that way, where it looks like, once again a single righteous hard working farmer is being persecuted by a bloated monopoly.

    THE  BIG QUESTION   that has been asked:  WHY MICHAEL?  WHY NOW?   Michael is not your average farmer (not that farmers are "average", far from it, you have to be a capable dedicated genius in many areas to be a successful farmer).   It is also known that he is  fairly well connected -- in the arts as well as politics and the hoi polloi.

    One possible answer was that this was related to the crackdowns in the US on fresh milk (even though it is legislated in 28 states) and agents run these operations (militarily speaking) in concert.  However, that was another red herring.

    Here's the answer.  You are not going to like this:
    Canada has Marketing Boards for agricultural products.
    Mexico does not have these Boards, does not have these kinds of subsidies.
    The United States has subsidies but not Canadian style supports.
    So what?   What  =   NAFTA  ==> North American Union

    To fulfill the requirements of NAFTA, all participating countries -- Canada, Mexico and the United States --  must have equal conditions when it comes to trade.  There can be no favoritism with regard to one country with different sectors over another.  Everything must the same.  Homogenous.

    Remember the agonizing fighting over softwood lumber?  Neither Canada nor the USA want to go through that again.  So Petaybee came up with a solution except its not one they want us to know about.

    Mexico and the USA will not get these kinds of agricultural supports.  Therefore, it is up to Canada to dismantle its marketing boards and supports so all are on a level playing field.

    (Speaking of Mexico, the Zapatistas protested against the government expropriation of land so it could build an airport.  They wanted to build the airport so there could be easier access of Northern goods to the southern market.  Armed government troops substantially bloodied the unarmed peaceful protesters -- men, women, children.  They are also planning highways from Canada through to southern Mexico for this purpose.)

    How do you accomplish this?  Find a prominent individual in one of the sectors, attack him (or her), the person wins (through the combination that they are right and the issue is 'fixed') and the sector -- or the marketing board -- is weakened.   And they also see that the time and financial resources of this prominent individual who is not cowed by them, too independent for their taste, popular, respected and a well liked public figure and their resources are drained in the meantime.

    Michael's Glencolton Farm, the cow share owners and all his supporters are tools being used to weaken the Ontario Milk Marketing Board to dismantle our marketing board system to make it easier to have Canada aligned with the agricultural system in the USA & Mexico with regard to NAFTA.

    Michael will win his court case.
    And the Ontario Milk Marketing Board will see itself as weakened.
    Which will make it easier for their next phase --- which will be to introduce doubt (through the media of course) as to the wisdom of keeping marketing boards.
    And the politicians will look like heroes

    Did you know that if you have a cow and milk it you can be jailed if you give me a glass of that milk?

    Did you know that you can not just go and buy chickens to raise for eggs, meat, whatever?  Anyone who is not registered with the CHICKEN or EGG marketing board can buy a maximum of 300 chicks per year, they must sign a paper as to how many chicks they buy, and they can not raise and sell the chickens or the eggs.

    This is the plan, part of it and why, crafted by Petaybee,  as to why Michael Schmidt has been attacked at this time.

    This does not even touch on the issue of the milk itself, benefits or disadvantages of fresh milk vs. processed milk.  This is NOT a local, regional, provincial or even federal issue.  This is blatant geopolitical manipulation.

    This does not even touch on the FACT that with regard to homogenized milk and the harm it does to the body:

    "When homogenized milk was introduced in 1932, we started to see increased atherosclerotic damage on a regular basis. ....  Most 10-year-old children who have consumed homogenized milk have some form of atherosclerosis. In the case of American soldiers autopsied after combat fatalities, some had arteries as brittle as clay pipes.  ....There is a very high correlation between countries that drink homogenized milk and atherosclerosis. ....  However, boiling will rob the milk of vitamins, change its organic structure and convert it to a putrefied mess in the bowel. In children especially, it can lead to constipation, chronic sniffles and colds, and tonsillitis.

    Low fat milk products will cause someone to gain weight. Farmers feed their pigs skim milk to fatten them up before the slaughter." From Well Being Journal Vol. 12, No. 5 ~ September/October 2003., Homogenized Dairy, the Dependable Cardiotoxin, By Rodney Julian

    - Agricultural Quota systems in Canada have served their purpose very well in so far as it has tremendously helped Petaybee gain a strong foothold of control by increasing the divide between the have and have nots, and reducing the number of players over whom Petaybee need to exercise control

    - The quota systems in Canada have been an outstanding issue, and has been highlighted in various NAFTA issues/talks/negotiations.

    -  Millions and millions of  dollars have been tied up in this quota stuff. Or put another way, lots and lots of equity based purely on the principle of a monopoly. As such, quota is not real wealth, put purely fictional.

    - The idea of a politician standing up and doing away with the milk/egg/poultry quota systems would not be a popular move with those holding quota shares. The politician doesn't stand to gain any popularity among the masses (because they don't understand what quota is, nor that it exists), and stands to loose confidence/trust by those affected.  Moreover, the farmers who are crying foul will demand compensation for their loss.

    - They have already started chopping away at the Wheat Board, out west.  Attacks similar to Michael's took place on chicken farmers in Ontario.  Five other similar dairy farmers have been intimidated through raids in Ontario.  So far.

    - It should be noted that the tobacco quota has become all but worthless already (whether by natural forces, or worked that way by Petaybee). The government is currently trying to eliminate the wheat board out west.

    - By dragging one of the most prominent individuals who is bucking the system into court, if it is Petaybee's agenda to eliminate the quota system, the Judge can simply rule the applicable laws unconstitutional.

    - When the Judge rules that way, the people affected don't get in a huff and a puff with the politicians or judges. After all, a judge is a god, and is therefore by default right...

    - The people affected will cry in their beer, and then come to the government, asking for some compensation for their loss. Government  might give them 20 cents on the dollar.  The politicians come out ahead as they actually win votes/confidence for their heroic efforts to help the poor farmer.

    - The people at large feel they have won, and believe democracy is working. And so no one would contemplate that there is even a Petaybee pulling the strings.

    - Petaybee win because they have achieved their goal of eliminating the tough issue of quota. And in the process, have also increased their agenda of eliminating more independent farmers, or making them more poor, and therefore less capable.  They increase factory farms.  Moreover, Petaybee increase their confidence in their ability to manipulate at will, honing tactics and strategy.

    - In this scenario, Petaybee have had the solution all along. They just needed the cover story to implement it... And Michael was a good candidate.  And they drained his resources.

    The above scenario is what has been designed and set up.  But there are other forces in play here, too.

    Alternatively, if it isn't the agenda to do away with the quota system, Michael could simply be found guilty... end of story.

    And in this scenario, the question of "why now" might simply lie in the recent (i.e. 1.5 years) health issues allegedly due to raw milk (past incidents in Barrie, Toronto, and Kitchener), which sparked a wider investigation to see how big the raw milk business is. Waiting for a problem with Michael's business, it never came. So then one day they decide to take action on their own accord and create one.

    On the other hand, the government might be recognizing that the truth about milk is getting out there. From a public's view point, it is not a popular thing to criminalize people for having/selling a staple, such as milk, and so to keep control, the government might in fact be working to implement regulations for the legal distribution of raw milk. Again, Michael is the prime candidate, as he would be right there on the committee/board.

    Achim Mohssen-Beyk, another Ontario dairy farmer, offers us his perspective and win win solutions:  "I think this time around there is the need to extend our thinking beyond single issues. The raw milk debate might be an important step towards communication and solution finding around issues like Supply management, Food Distribution System, Food security and the future of our food growing, involving not only farmers and governments, but most importantly consumers.

    I talk regularly to several organic and health conscious consumers about raw milk, eggs, chicken and turkey, commodities being regulated by marketing boards (within the supply management system). Most of the time these consumers are desperate to find these products directly from their farmer of choice. They are upset at the supply management system and do not want the mass produced food. There is no awareness of the importance of supply management and the fact that marketing boards are run by farmers.

    There is no awareness that large multinational companies are just waiting at the border to dump cheap milk, eggs, meats into the Canadian market once the supply management system is down, ripping away the existence and livelihood of Canadian farmers who wouldn’t be able to compete with the cheap imports. Not to mention the environmental and human damages being caused by transportation and low standard production in third world countries who would produce the cheap imports.

    The National Farmers Union has enough material on this issue on hand and warns about trends to get rid of or at least put pressure on the wheat board and other marketing boards in Canada (see www.nfu.ca) and the dangers associated with it.

    There is no doubt that there is the need for reform within the supply management. New farmers, farmers producing in niche markets and small certified organic family farms have difficulties to get into the supply management system, as the system is set up for large scale farming. Minimum quotas are not affordable. But there are solutions. CFFO, NFU and EFAO jointly proposed a chicken quota exemption for small scale producers (See www.efao.ca). This could be the solution to the raw milk issue and could address some of the food safety issues.

    Consumers are asking for freedom of choice. Freedom to choose the food that benefits their health and the communities there are living in. More and more consumers want to buy local food, knowing how it is being produced and the farmer producing it. A 25% growth in the organic sector is partly evidence of this. It is their choice and their democratic right in a free country like Canada. There is no reason why this freedom should be restricted and why there can’t be discussions about local raw milk consumption (as well as local consumption of other regulated commodities) following strict food safety regimes under a supply management system.

    The advocates for the free choice in food matters and supporters around Michael Schmidt state: “Through dialogue with key stakeholders we will succeed in making it possible for small scale organic farmers in Canada to follow reasonable methods and standards and be given quota exemptions for the distribution and sale of quality milk and dairy products to local/regional customers.”

    This shows their understanding of all aspects regarding the raw milk issue and their willingness to consult with government and the Ministry of Health to find a solution suitable to all parties.

    I hope we can use the generated energy and take the opportunity to talk beyond the raw milk issue, discussing grass root small scale solutions towards a sustainable local food production and distribution system. After all it is our freedom to choose in what kind of world we want future generations to live in."

    Achim Mohssen-Beyk operates a certified organic farm in Prince Edward County in south eastern Ontario. He raises sheep, goats, ducks, geese, rabbits and quail, along with vegetables and cash crops. He is actively promoting local organic food production as President of  Quinte Organic Farmers Coop, Vice President of Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and Ontario Region Representative of Canadian organic Growers.

    *            *            *            *            *            *
    BUS BULLYING #1::   For the last 10 years, every Tuesday, The Blue Bus has left Michael Schmidt's Glencolton farm in Durham, with the dairy food  and made the 2 hour one way trip to Thornhill to bring the dairy food to the cow share owner members.   Very occasionally it may have been pulled over for a missing light or something minor on that level, the driver told about it and allowed to proceed.

        January 9th a really ugly story of huge abuse of police power, open and crass police harassment took place.  Aside from what Michael's driver experienced, I feel sorry for the police officers, that they have been tasked by their handlers to perform such a demeaning job, way beneath the dignity of any officer of the law.   This is what Michael wrote:

      "   The weekly escort for the Blue Bus to Toronto becomes more and more important. This past Tuesday, we had cars for the way down but none to bring the Blue Bus back.

       Ting brought the Blue Bus back to the Farm alone on Tuesday because of my meetings in Toronto.  Around 10.30 pm, an unmarked dark police car pulled him over. By phone, he asked me where the papers for the bus were and didn't open the door right away. The officer got very angry and ordered him out of the Bus. Even though it was freezing cold, said officer refused to let him get his jacket.

        Within three minutes, three more unmarked cars surrounded the bus and immediately began exchanging remarks about this being Michael Schmidt's raw milk bus. Another cruiser arrived and they did a total roadside check-up after which they charged Ting with three minor offenses at $240 each.

        Never in the 10-year history of the Blue Bus have we encountered such a behaviour.  Are we really to think this is a coincidence????? These kinds of harassment will most likely increase, so please be prepared to escort the Bus so that we can keep going in order to expose the way these forces work.  The Bus needs to keep rolling as a symbol of hope.

        They are actually doing us a favour. Even the raid was a favour for the entire issue because it got the ball rolling.

          Friends, I know it will be hard, but it will also be worthwhile.

        Update regarding court hearings. The January 16th court date in Walkerton is being changed to February or even March. The MNR has still so much to do to file more charges. So far I have two:

    1. Operating a plant without a license.
    2. Storing and displaying Farm Fresh Milk.
    I will be interested to see what else they come up with.
    There will also be a Health Board Hearing appealing the order from the York Region Health Unit. We are hoping to put all the charges into one court,
    hopefully in Toronto and not in Walkerton.

    Hoping things will move on, I remain committed and hopeful. Cheers,  Michael Schmidt"

       HOW YOU CAN HELP  #1 of 2::    Because of this kind of treatment --- it was deplorable but not unexpected --- the farm crew needs an escort -- and/or company --- to act as witnesses for these kinds of events for the next 3 months, on Tuesday.  If you are interested, contact me or their team and we will tell you what is needed.

    HOW YOU CAN HELP  #2 of 2:   The generous members of the Toronto Dowsers have contributed $490 to the Raw Milk Legal Defense Fund.  This was contributed in $270 at our December 12 social and $120 at later additional contributions.

      They are having a "100 Club"  --- 100 people donating $1,000 each to raise the $100,000 necessary for the lawyer, Clayton Ruby.

       We are almost halfway there.     If you have contributed on your own, aside from these 2 efforts --- perhaps a check?  Please let me know so the Toronto Dowsers can be part of the '100 Club'.   If you would like to contribute:  make a check out to  Raw Milk Legal Defence Fund, note that it is connected with the Toronto Dowsers and let me know.   /glencoltonfarms.com/

    Mail to:  Beverley Viljakainen,   #393889 Conc. 3 EGR, R.R.#1 Durham,  Ontario,  Canada   N0G 1R0

    BUS, FARMER, SCHOOL KID BULLYING #2:  This took place January 30th:
     "Let me give you all an update of our Tuesday venture.  As you may remember, I invited Brett Campbell, the chief investigator of the intelligence and investigation section of the enforcement branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources to be upfront and open in respect to what he needs to finish his investigation in order to bring more charges forward.  Well , Tuesday was a demonstration of exactly the opposite. The Blue Bus was surrounded by strange cars with plain clothes police SUVs taking pictures, somebody running up in the dark to take pictures of license plates  and following our convoy escort cars as we headed home.

    It may be a coincidence, but it certainly falls in line with the ongoing enforcement tactic of hunting down farmers.

    At the Guelph Organic Conference, I was approached by several farmers shaken by the visits of investigators sweeping the province.

    Sometimes, it feels like a very bad dream ,a scenario we know from countries that do not claim to be democratic. The Chief Investigator visited the Toronto Waldorf school, phoned Edge Hill School because, during the raid on our farm, they found pictures of children making cheese with me. Fear is being spread everywhere. Please ask yourself if this is really only about milk.

    The more I experience this escalation of power, the more I feel determined to stay the course of peaceful resistance.

          We need to be open and honest in whatever we do.
          We need to upheld our values.
          We need to learn to not be afraid.
          We need to be open for dialogue at any time.
          We need to sacrifice for the greater cause.

    The investigators would like you to lie so that they can prove that you are doing something wrong. They are most afraid of honest people who are simply defending their basic rights.  Have Courage. If all of us, farmers and consumers together, stand up at the same time, they will have no way out but to begin a constructive dialogue.

    Cheers, my friends, on both sides of the fence.

    Michael Schmidt"
    Statements by Dairy Farmer Michael Schmidt:
    SATURDAY, JANUARY 27:   Our agricultural identity is being destroyed by greed and control.
    -  Our health is being compromised by Government-sanctioned policies that support the industrialization and dehumanization of farming.
    -  Our stable rural infrastructure and community have nearly collapsed as a result of this.
    -   There can be no question about standing up and revealing where we are coming from.
    -   I can always be reached to help you understand better why we are not conforming to a law that does not respect us farmers and consumers, a law that protects interests and control only. I will be speaking on Sunday morning at the Guelph organic conference at 9.30 a.m. Please send some of your investigative staff to listen and to speak to the people; it will help you look beyond the issue of protecting an unjust law.
    *        *        *        *        *        *
    ITEM:  COFFEE,  CHOCOLATE,  too, are politicized:   We learned about the Merchants of Green Coffee in 2003, a business that offers green coffee beans where you roast your own beans that are supplied through fair trade.   This past September, and December, we met Graham Corbett & Michael Sacco who started  ChocoSol which provides fair trade chocolate, that comes from Mexico.  Michael and Graham also introduced to us society changing government changing events in Mexico that are spearheaded through the Zapatista movement, inspired by Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.  Both Coffee and Chocolate are controlled by political interests.

    ITEM:   WIFI / EMFs:  It has been categorically proven, and just as categorically ignored by those who have the mandate, power and authority to protect its citizenry, that Electricity, Electromagnetics, Wireless networks, etc., produce effects that are damaging to physical bodies of human beings, animals and plants.  In other words --- to all living things.  Wireless networks and increased EMF pollution is being forced on us despite strong scientific proof of their harm on our bodies. This is being ignored by governments and corporations.

    ITEM:   BETTY KRAWCZYK, from BC:   Many of you know about Betty, so this will be kept short.

    October 2003, Betty Krawczyk was a 75 year old grandmother held at the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women, sentenced October 14, 2003 to 6 months in prison for criminal contempt of court.   That spring she was arrested in the ancient forests of the Upper Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island. as she was peacefully blockading Weyerhaeuser's logging trucks along with others from Women in The Woods and protesting the BC Liberal's Working Forest proposal.

    Prior to this sentence, she had already spent 4 months in prison. This four months was for refusing to sign an undertaking promising not to go near logging operations until the end of her trial a total of 10 months in prison for protesting Campbell's Working Forest proposal.

    Betty has been sent to jail several times for her activism. This time, the judge did not give her credit for the four months she served while awaiting trial. At the sentencing he said. "Her confinement is entirely the result of her refusal [to sign the undertaking]. . . . I consider her confinement to be comparable to a self-inflicted wound,"

    Betty Krawczyk is the author of Lock Me Up or Let me Go. The book tells of her story of struggling to prevent logging of old-growth forest in the Elaho Valley, and of her time in the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women.

    In the 3 years since that sentence, Betty has been in and out of prison for civil disobedience, protesting against logging and helping others.

    *        *        *        *        *        *


    (1)  Our  January 9th presentation dealt with the issue of bottled water.   Tap water is now deemed to be dirty.  Sometimes, so is water straight from a stream, river, lake.   We now buy our drinking water in plastic bottles of questionable material that are manufactured for this use and then discarded.

    (2)  Canadian & US government, officials, etc., have made it illegal to sell, give away or even display fresh milk.  It must go to a plant to be processed, pasteurized, homogenized, put into a container and sold to you in a store that has been licensed by the government.

    BOTH scenarios involve basic, alive, life sustaining NATURAL liquid nourishment
    BOTH scenarios involve liquids that have been (freely) available to the humans on this planet for thousands of years.
    Within the last 50 or so years, in the west, this natural nourishment has been taken over by technology, commerce and government

    The 'spin' on water and milk now is that if its natural, its dirty.  Our young are becoming habituated to get water and milk out of a manufactured plastic container that is then discarded.

    We have taken ourselves from the McDonald's generation to the plastic bottle generation.  All our food must come processed, manufactured --- to be healthy and "safe".   Soon all food will come from factories.  Soon it will be SOYLENT GREEN.

    *        *        *        *        *        *


    With this answer, you will chuckle and/or groan.  And its True: AQUARIAN ENERGIES.  It can not be denied.

    A few months after I came to Canada, the company that sponsored and hired me went out of business. That was fine.  I didn't want to spend my life around turn key systems to the printing industry, as much as I appreciate what they do.

    To figure out what sector I wanted to go to next, I went to the main Toronto Library and sat there for 2 days, eyes gently unfocused, in a receptive alpha state,  flipping pages in magazines, waiting for a "hit".  It hit big time.  ISDN!  ISDN!  ISDN!  Integrated Services Digital Networks.  And found a telecommunications company which led to further adventures.

    Realizing all the implications, I told my wonderful brother in law, the stock market loving capitalist and superb family provider and a real great guy, to invest heavily in wireless technologies.  This is over a dozen years ago. He laughed at me.  Boy, is HE sorry!

    Aquarian energies strengthen periodically.  They are implacable.  Unstoppable.  And pretty wonderful.  I wrote an article on this in 1999 and put it on my first web site.  Its still there, called DOWSING AND AQUARIAN ENERGIES.

    These are the elements of Aquarian Energies:

    An AIR sign, its the sign of the WATER BEARER. 
    All "COMM-" prefixes.  Community.  Communications.   COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH THE AIR. 
    The Water Bearer holds the URN.  The WATER in the URN is the UNCONSCIOUS. 
    She/He (Androgynous being)  is POURING OUT the WATER, so that what was in the dark enclosed urn comes out into the light and the UNCONSCIOUS BECOMES CONSCIOUS.  So that YOU CAN NO LONGER HIDE ANYTHING.

    It is a UNIVERSAL sign where there is NO CHARISMATIC LEADER.  NO HIERARCHY. 
    Canada is an Aquarian country.

    THE ZAPATISTA MOVEMENT IS THE MOST PERFECT MANIFESTATION OF AQUARIAN ENERGIES ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.  They have no leaders.  The Leaders are the People.  In honor of Emiliano Zapata:    Zapata vive, la lucha sigue.  Zapata lives, the struggle continues   iYa basta!.  Enough already!
    COMMENTARY:  I have been aware of  Aquarian energies for quite some time and have been noticing their strengthening.  I perceive this is a reason why dowsing organizations such as the ASD are having such problems.  Because they are such an energy oriented organization they will be affected first.  Not only that, their structure is hierarchical rather than consensual.  Most unfortunately, it can not withstand and is being shaken apart.

    I have been endeavoring to guide the Toronto Dowsers along Aquarian principles and to allow its allowing and self determination.

    You have notices accents of the ChocoSol group in the past few months here.  Because they display, so very truly, Aquarian elements.  There are other businesses and groups that call themselves people oriented, non profit, social, etc., but that is in name only not in fact.  There is much ego, control and profit focus to allow in the abundance of Aquarius.  ChocoSol is so beautifully holistic, social, Aquarian and works with the people and with the land.

    In the past month I have found perhaps 3,000 organizations that operate in Toronto that are people based that I never knew about before.  Many networks.  This is wonderfully exciting.

    We are networking, we are communicating, we are forming coalitions, we are having successes and gaining confidence.  PEOPLE POWER is growing and PEOPLE are BECOMING MORE CONSCIOUS,  MORE QUICKLY, as more water spills out of the Urn, more quickly.   We have been preparing, we have been building our groups and networks for years.  Like baking a cake, we have been gathering ingredients, blending them carefully, adjusting and put it in the proper pans in the oven with the proper heat.  Its been baking.  The cakes are almost ready.

    Michael Schmidt and Michael Sacco are 2 people who typify these energies.  Intelligent, courageous, committed, communicators without ego, without greed, they stand up for what is right and others join with them on equal footing as it is heart based and heart sensed.  No bosses here.  No prima donnas.  No lies, no manipulation, no bullshit.   The truth is not out there.  The truth is here.  It vibrates, it resonates it sings and we are one with it.

    Yes, the hierarchies and government control freaks will pass more restrictive and inhumane legislation and they will cause pain and upset.  But they shall not prevail.

    *        *        *        *        *        *

    Great news! January 25, 2007, Both chambers of The Legislature of the State of Maine overwhelmingly rejected federal requirements for national identification cards last week, making it the first state to formally oppose the REAL ID legislation scheduled to go into effect next year. This is just the first domino to fall; we
    expect many more states will soon follow Maine's lead in rejecting the much-hated national ID plan.  MAINE1MAINE2

    Since this newsletter was printed, more news:
    Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007  34 States Align Against National I.D. Card

    A revolt against a national driver's license, begun in Maine last month, is quickly spreading to other states.  The Maine Legislature on Jan. 26 overwhelmingly passed a resolution objecting to the Real ID Act of 2005. The federal law sets a national standard for driver's licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

    Within a week of Maine's action, lawmakers in Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington state also balked at Real ID. They are expected soon to pass laws or adopt resolutions declining to participate in the federal identification network.

    States will have to comply by May 2008. If they do not, driver's licenses that fall short of Real ID's standards cannot be used to board an airplane or enter a federal building or open some bank accounts.   About a dozen states have active legislation against Real ID, including Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

    The issue may be moot for states if Congress takes action.

    Republican Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire, along with Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, filed a bill last year to repeal the law. Sununu expects similar legislation will be introduced soon.  "The federal government should not be in charge of defining and issuing drivers' licenses," Sununu said in a statement.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

    THE   Tuesday,  February 13th 2007  MEETING FEATURES::

    will speak to us on many subjects, including
     Geomantics, and the Physics and Metaphysics of Consciousness and Creation

    Philip Gruber is a well respected teacher of Sacred Geometry and a myriad of other areas.  Phil's passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, sparkling wit and intelligence have made him a much-loved and highly regarded lecturer on the international scene.

    Phil has been described as a "magical genius with a heart of pure gold."   He has spoken at the United Nations and is currently working on his first two books, Kimbellina of the Mountains and The Wizard of Oz: Visions of an Emerald Beyond

    He has been astonishing audiences worldwide with his extensive knowledge of the Indigo phenomenon.

    A licensed acupuncturist, Phil holds a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and is a teacher and continuing student of vibrational medicine and sacred geometrical healing. His diverse training includes the study of Kabala, multidimensional systems of magic, and hyper-dimensional physics. Phil's strong background in hard sciences is coupled with his knowledge of angelic language, the metatronic geometries, the physics of light, the so-called "lost" biblical scrolls and related  historical documents.
    "I guarantee an evening that will amaze and enlighten, dazzle and delight, Marilyn,  as far as the practical value...everything I talk about is usable and directly bears on the quality of their experience here and where we go when we leave this place.   Trust me....yes, the Toronto Dowsers is a very special and aware group and they have heard, seen and done a lot, but the haven't heard it all...

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