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One fabric CAR COVER cover for large car.  Used once.
Color:  Light Gray.
Cost:  $99 + tax.    For sale at:  $50
Contact:   Eva Angyal    416-223-6574    angyaleva@hotmail.com
Posted:  January 11th, 2005


For Sale: Girl's bicycle in excellent  condition
10" wheel; 6 speeds; front light and rear reflector
Rear carrier with side basket
Very pretty dark turquoise green.
 Awesome Giant with an added extremely comfortable ergoflex seat.
Maggie Robertson      416 531 5211      maggier@interlog.com
(Palmerston Ave between Bloor and Dupont)
Posted: May 3, 2004

1 Q-Link, by Clarus Technologies.  $50 CDN
This was purchased several years ago for $99 USD.
Have not worn it often, was told that it can be re programmed for a new owner within 3 weeks, just by wearing it.
Can be picked up in person, or, mailed.
Contact:   Marilyn  mgang@dowsers.info   416 322 0363  9:30-9
Posted: April 29, 2004

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When I lived in Southern Vermont, I lived near the Newfane Flea Market.  This was one of the greatest flea markets in all of New England and took place every Saturday from May to October.   I first came to the area as a "ski bum".    One day, one of my NYC buddies said his dad had a shirt business in NY.  He could get seconds of men's shirts, sell them to me for 75 cents (yes!  and this wasn't all that long ago!).   I got a table in the flea market for ten bucks and sold the shirts for $3.00.   Another dynasty was born!

Over the weeks, people gave me stuff to sell.   I also made Tibetan Sheepskin hats and sold them as well as sheepskins, which I bought direct from the factory in New Hampshire.  It was a lot of fun and I liked the other vendors.

To increase the authenticity of my Vermonter look, I'd put my hair in braids, just say "yup" and "nope" and all the Flatlanders took pictures of me as they thought I was a real Vermonter!   It helped sales.

I've done many flea markets since that time and love it.   It's also reminiscent of time spent in markets and bazaars in Mexico, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Greece, Morocco and Spain.