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For the first time in Canada
the Toronto Dowsers is very proud to present
Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Expert on:
Ancient & Sacred Sites   *   Human Consciousness   *  Crop Circles

Wednesday, November 8, 2006, 6:45  p.m., $18
(no credit cards, please.  thank you.)
The Latvian Center,  4 Credit Union Drive, Upstairs
(on Eglinton Avenue, 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkway.  SW corner)


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Suppose you were given a set of keys...

Keys that awaken a giant sleeping network of energy. 

Keys that open a library of ancient information - knowledge that science is only now rediscovering. 

Keys encoding new systems of technology. 

Keys with powers to heal, to alter consciousness and affect social change. 

Keys that provide a bridge between physical and non-physical realms. 

Keys that ultimately unlock the Universal potential within you.

And suppose great efforts have been employed to suppress the origins of these keys?

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 Over the course of six thousand years our ancestors built impressive temples to last into our time.

Sacred spaces that connect with subtle levels of consciousness.

Theirs was a spiritual technology for speaking with the gods.

And they left us the instructions.

200-ton rocks are hauled across vast distances to build colossal monuments.

Gothic cathedrals are secretly encoded with information by Knights Templars.

Stone circles that emit magnetic fields and ultrasonics.

Mysterious crop circles that microscopically alter plants, water and soil.

What secret technology lies behind these sacred spaces? And for what purpose?

This DVD, a breathtaking documentary,  explores those unique places on Earth where the veil between worlds is thinnest.

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Freddy Silva was extensively interviewed in STAR DREAMS,  the sensational award-winning Crop Circle documentary; a hit at film festivals in Sedona, Santa Fe, Ashland and Martha's Vineyard; featured at many conferences: such as The UFO Congress, Exopolitics, The American Society of  Dowsers, The E.T. Dolphin Conference, the Northwest Paranormal Conference and the World Congress on Illumination.  See the excerpt, below, from one of those interviews:

"SACRED GEOMETRY:   The reason why it is sacred is it was encoded in to many of the buildings that our neolithic ancestors built. The stone circles, the temples of the Greeks, the Egyptian temples and even as late as the Gothic cathedrals throughout Europe.  These are all examples of Sacred Geometry.

Now, why is it sacred?   It is sacred because these geometrical principals are very fundamental to life.  These geometrical principles mirror and generate the actual ratios of the orbits of the planets in the solar system. They generate the ratios between the atoms in the human body, in effect in all the cells of all living things.

All the molecules are all governed by the geometry which is called Sacred Geometry. It is sacred, it is a part of life itself. It is the blueprint of God, if you like, in every living thing.

So we find in crop circles, that these geometries are manifesting themselves. The geometry is visual.  What is encoded in the geometry is energy.  Its well known that if you build a geometric structure on a strategic point of land, you will have enhanced the energy of the area around you.  When we go in medieval temples, churches, these buildings were designed using certain proportions and they were designed with skill.

The builders knew that these proportions and harmonies would resonate first within us and they would raise our vibrations so we would aspire to something greater within ourselves.

There's a great parallel there with the crop circles.  The geometry is transforming you and the same thing applies to Crop Circles.

When people say "I feel moved" or feel a spiritual experience, this is exactly what is happening because it is the energy that is encoded in to the geometry that the body is recognizing itself and you have these experiences because we are dealing with very fundamental blueprints of energy, which are geometrical in nature.

One of the fascinating aspects is the connections with sounds. The sacred sites were created as sound chambers. All the subtle bodies are affected by sound, on every level. When you step in to a crop circle, its alive, there's music and you take it with you. Your body becomes an antenna.

The fundamental thing that works with all the crop circles is that Harmonics is involved -- geometric sound frequencies, electromagnetism, whatever.

It's all about Harmony, and if we learn to be harmonious with one another and learn to be in harmony with one another and learn from one another and be cooperative we'll be doing ourselves an enormous amount of good. And ultimately, that's what the crop circles are trying to communicate.

We are going to a 5th dimensional reality to where time and matter crumble away to where they are manipulate by consciousness.  There is no doubt that within the next 10 years we are going to have communications with our cousins.  We're not going to be happy about that and we are not going to be prepared for this cataclysm until the critical mass of humanity has moved comfortably in to the 5th dimension.  The circles are, I believe, attempting to bring us to a stage where we are connected.

The makers of the crop circles wanted to bring the awareness of fractality to humans. That is the real secret of expansion in to a vibration of light which is our destiny.  The destiny of the human race is to manifest to the next level of our creation which is a light body, in other words, which is ascension.  They help us awaken to a new level of consciousness, of light, of spirit, of new design......"
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The LATVIAN CENTRE is at:   4 Credit Union Drive.
This is actually  ON  Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
There is a large parking lot in the back
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)

The 34E bus from Eglinton Station stops right on the corner.