10/24/2003;  02/19/2004
Images of Interest

(1)   From William F. Mann, author of "Labyrinth of the Grail":   Nicholas Poussin's (French Baroque painter 1594 - 1665) most famous painting, Et en Arcadia Ego.  Poussin, within his painting, in fact forecasted the November 8th Harmonic Concordance exactly 363 years prior to its occurance!


(2) Illusion


(3)  Eye of God


(4)  Black Hole

 From the February 19, 2004 issue of the National Post: Using two orbiting observatories, astronomers are for the first time seeing a black hole destroy a star. As depicted in the illustration above, the hole drags and stretches the star to such an extent that fragments fly off. It happened 700 million years ago in the constellation Virgo and its light is reaching us only now.


(5)  Buffalo Theory