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(January 2007:  TWO  NEW additions at the bottom of this page)

Photographer and Artist,  member of the Toronto Camera Club, Toronto Dowser, Inta Ridler, photographs scenes around Toronto.

Inta has created beautiful note cards out of these scenes and these will be available for purchase at the Toronto Dowsers Networking Social on December 14th.

If you love the beauty you have created in your home, consider inviting Inta to your home.  She will photograph your home art and make you a beautiful set of totally personalized Note Cards.

[Note from Marilyn:  My sister has a gorgeous home.  I think I'm going to "sneak" Inta in there one day to photograph the interior and exterior so Inta can create a set of personalized greeting cards as a present for her next anniversary.]

(Inta has helped the Toronto Dowsers out with some of our graphics needs.)





Graphic Artist Inta Ridler creates Personalized photo affirmation products - photos, bookmarks, mini cards.  She takes a photo of you, or you give her one you like and she will create a beautiful framed affirmation photo.  It seems that most people will not purchase one of these for themselves, rather they purchase it as a gift.  Must be more of our self abnegation habits?  tsk tsk.  Trust me, you want one for yourself.  You will gasp with delight when you see yours'.  She has created 22 affirmations, or you can make up your own.  Here are examples of 3 exceptional women:

Intas’s Statement

Ever since I discovered that there was such a thing as Visual Mathematics I have been drawn to and fascinated by it. There is an aesthetic in mathematics that is pure and perfect and very visible when filter software is applied to images.
When painters mix colours they do not worry about the mathematical exactness of the result - they sense, they feel, they see and know their materials. Students are taught the basic value mixes to a range of 10 even though they know that there are thousands more. Computer generated colour mixing accesses those thousands with the click of a mouse.

When you consider the process of a colour being converted into numbers and then those numbers “magically” manipulated within the realm of mathematics it’s pretty amazing what results. Is it art?

In this instance, I have taken one photograph and applied four different filters producing mathematical interpretations of the image using the pallette of the original image. I find the abstractions delightful and marvel at their complexity. Technology is a wonderful “brush”.

 Inta Ridler,  January 2007