The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
Tuesday, January 9th, 2001
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 7:00 p.m., Program to begin at 7:30 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Parking: On the street (neighborhood) parking is not too bad
Our meetings take place

These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter

If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363
Check out the CSD web site at: 
Check out the Toronto web site at:

Suggestion for you:  I put peoples names and activities in our newsletters to acknowledge them and their contributions.  Also for you to benefit from whatever they may have to offer.  So what you might consider do[ws]ing is to dowse to see if there is anyone or any activity  in this newsletter with whom it is in your best interest to communicate with.   Dowse the entire newsletter.  If you get a "yes", dowse page by page, then each section or person on that page, etc.

Some people walked off at this last meeting with copies of John Living's book without paying for them.   Please make up your oversight at the next meeting.

Now that we have improved our registration procedures we can start our meetings on time.  This is something we need to do because we want to have more time for the program, questions and answers and add more actitivites.  So please ensure you are on time.  Thank you.

We wish to thank Eva Angyal for her generous donation to the Toronto Dowsers after her presentation to our group in October.  Isn't that a wonderful dynamic?  She comes and gives us a wonderful presentation and then gives us money!   Such a kindness.   Eva, I apologize for my delay in acknowledging your donation.

Our thanks to Stev Andis for being the first to submit her information for the Toronto Dowsers Services and Exchanges Web page and let us know about her Feng Shui offering.   Stev, you did a great job of priming our pump.  Since her entry was received, we now have information from:
            June Allen
            Stev Andis
            Bayla Baker
            Jack Campbell
            Marilyn Gang
This service is available to Toronto Dowsers members.   You do NOT have to have email or be on Internet to have a listing.  You can write something down and (snail) mail it to me.    This can be something that you sell, something you like to do, something you are looking for.  Anything you want our group to know about you.  Someone asked me if they could put a product they are selling on this site.  My response:  You are in charge of the content of your submission.  You decide the energy you would like to project to the group.
Go to:

Diane Marcotte, owner of Spectrum books (we told you about her last month) emailed me at the end of November.    Diane responded to many questions.  She told me she would bring a large tray of home made lemon squares to the meeting, she told me she would bring a book that we could raffle off, she said: " I dowsed to see if Raymon Grace should be invited back and received a definite "Yes".  "    I find this kind of feedback invaluable.   This feedback helps guide me to guide the activities.   And I get to know you better.   Thank you, Diane, you contribute a very positive energy to our group.

Please, at our meetings:
        Do not wear scents, avoid perfumed soaps, etc.
        Turn off your cell phones before entering the room
These 2 problems occurred, noticeably, at our November meeting.  We were surprised that this happened and so now we have to make rules, which I dislike having to do.   Especially since one of the reasons that people turn to dowsing is because they have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and are highly sensitive to odors.

Somebody does something which is not healthy for the group, a rule is made, another person does something ....  pretty soon:  This is how governments are born.    I vote for less governance, more awareness, more consciousness, courtesy and common sense.

Rides: If you need a ride to or from our meetings, call me and I'll see what I can arrange for you.

I saw a ton of Toronto Dowsers at the Whole Life Expo.  As attendees and exhibitors.   It was great!   Bruce Johnson came over to tell me of a sound system he ought to be able to loan us.   Mikki Fox was giving  facials using color therapy.   Marion Gervais was helping out as well.

Need a speaker?  I was invited to give a talk on an  Dowsing at the Big Carrot on November 23rd and did so.  I had a great time and would like to do this again.  If you need a speaker on this topic, let me know and I'll be happy to do this again.  OR --- If YOU want to do it for your group, let me know and I'll help you with your presentation skills and organization .  The purpose of this is not for anyone's personal aggrandizement but to spread the lore, the love and the practice of Dowsing.   Even I thought I knew what I was talking about!

What Happened at our meeting:
This meeting was a doozey all right.  Why?  Because of the weather.  Because we had a pretty good snowstorm the night before, in to the early morning hours.   Travel conditions in Toronto and around the meeting area were quite good come meeting time but they were not so great for those who had to travel.   On top of that, the subway broke down at the Dundas Station.   Then, something that decimated even more people, was a flu which seemed to attack many people the night before our meeting.  More on this later.

Despite these adversities, 50 dedicated and committed dowsers joined together in a somewhat more intimate evening of camaraderie, exchanging information, munching, buying, selling, healing, learning, and of course, energy raising.  There was something very special and close about the feelings that evening and I thank each and every single one of you for making the effort to attend.

Several  H.A.H.N. (Hamilton Area Healing Network) members did brave conditions to make it to our combined meeting.   Sharon & Neil Anderson drove all the way from Scotland just to be here and to help raise the energy.  Mike Irvine and Bill Thwaites also made it.  Walter, Jannette and Larry Huszczo also drove a far distance from Burford. (Scotland and Burford are near Brantford.)  Marilyn Kowalski, who lives between Hamilton and Toronto is now a member of both groups.  I apologize to those HAHN members who made the effort to come and whose names I omitted.

To let you get to know one another better and see who has and does what, several members brought items that they have for sale and set up tables, showing us what they have and offering them for sale.   We'll do this again, maybe once or twice a year but never try to combine a presentation with shopping and food.  Hoo boy!   And we were fortunate to have use of the gym, which is large.

Eva Angyal had her "Vital Knowledge" books and pendulums available.   Bayla Baker was one of the many people down with the flu and so sent her husband Pat Doyle with their display of Nikken magnetics and water filtration system.   Samuel Lightstone had available beautiful jewelry like pendulums that he makes from stones.  I expect we will see more of Samuel's creations in the future.  Diane Marcotte, of Spectrum books made available to us some of the many dowsing books she sells (at a 15% discount to Toronto Dowser members).  Pat Prevost and Barry Johnson had flower essences available, that help maintain health for animals, people, and dowsing.

Neil Anderson, the HAHN member who braved the snow from Scotland, set up a table with the L-Rods he makes and brochures of his labyrinth creation services.   Deanna O'Halloran and Klaus Stalschuss, from Kitchener, our energy worker team, made available Deanna's beads and Klaus' Life Light rings.  Klaus was doing a brisk ring business there and 2 people came over to me afterwards to tell me that after these rings were used on their shoulders, that there was less or no pain in what had previously been a long standing discomfort.

We wish to thank the Walter, Jannette and Larry Huszczo  family for their generous contribution of several gallons of apple cider and a big bag of fresh orchard applies; Dianne Marcotte brought in home made lemon squares, Arthur Clark made a big bowl of tuna fish sandwiches, and Brigitte Lortie brought us cookies.  I am embarrassed that I did not recall the contributors of the carrot cake and the humongous tin of cookies and box of clementines so please remind me of who you are.  And would the people who left the big cake knife and half size aluminum sheet pan let me know who you are so we can return these items to you?

We were going to set up the Dowsing Buddy program but there were not enough people were there for this so we will do it at a later date.

And, thank you Barry Johnson for responding to the email list request of a sound system for this meeting.  Barry set it up for us but it needs a little more tweaking before we get it right.

Ok, time to talk about "Raising the Energy" as Raymon Grace taught us.    Too bad most of you missed that.  It was pretty neat.  We formed a circle and HAHN member Walter Huszczo led this ceremony, assisted by his son Larry and Neil Anderson.   First we cleared all the people in the room of negative energies.  Then we measured and raised our vitality and life force.   Walter was dowsing the numbers for the level of vitality, life force, etc., all along, and Neil was checking his answers.   They dowsed within each others numbers by at least 95%.   Larry dowsed to see how big an area we could clear with the people there and he got an area with a radius of 27 blocks with the church in its center.   We cleared this radius of 27 blocks of negative energies and then raised the life force and the energy of this area and stabilized it.  At first Walter was having a bit of difficulty clearing one of the negative energies, until he found that it had a lot of fear.  He cleared the fear and things went smoothly from then on.   Eva Angyal and Muriel Murray agreed to watch and maintain these energies in the days and weeks to come.

What did we raise it from?  What did we raise it to?   It started out at 9,000 and we got it up to 26,500.  9,000 what? --- you might ask.   Just use it as a base number, we are not sure what kind of a scale it is that we are using.    You want your area to be 23,000-27,000.

We were feeling pretty energized by the time this was completed.   Some people contacted me afterwards to let me know they had too much energy to get right to sleep that night.   This is something you can do in your own home or area as well.   Several of us, those who are highly sensitive to energies, felt and enjoyed the increased energization that we were creating.

Energy raising is something we can all do and it can have a profound impact on our homes, our neighborhoods and this planet.  Get started and stay busy with it.

Walter, we thank you for your generosity of spirit, how you came all this distance to our meeting, contributed your time, energy, willingness and talents and all that apple cider.   You were the Man of the Evening.

Last but most important my heartfelt appreciation to PHILLIP BOWMAN.   Philip has helped with room arrangements at every single meeting.  I let him carry boxes for me and put away the chairs at this meeting because I wasn't feeling well and he did more than his share.  Phillip, you were a hero for me and I could not have done it without you.  Seriously.  THANK YOU!

And one final contribution from Walter.  He is willing to help you rid your living environments of noxious energies.  Contact me for details.

Speaking of Raising the Energy --- I was discussing this with Bette Harvey.   Bette mentioned that there was an intersection near her home which experienced a lot of traffic accidents.  So she sent energy to that intersection and there are no more accidents there.  YES!  It does work!

New Workshop Offered

In our efforts to get to you the dowsing skills and practice that you have been asking for, we have been trying to coordinate with those through whom you can acquire these skills and  to bring you workshops and other events in our area that provide these teachings, are affordable, of good quality and will set up some practice structures.

We are fortunate that the first of these events is being offered by Margaret Ball.  Margaret has not given a workshop in some time, so grab this one while you can.   Here are the details:

        Saturday, January 20th, 2001
        10 am - 4-ish
        Richmond Hill (car pooling will be coordinated)
        Cost: Before Jan 10: $65
                 After Jan 10:  $75
                 $15 Deposit Required
        Class size:  Limited to 20 participants
        Extensive information packet, coffee & tea  included
        Bring your lunch
        Phone:  (905) 770 - 9012 (Margaret) to register

In this class you will learn the Basics Fundamentals of Dowsing.   This is suitable for all levels.
Some examples of what you will Learn How to Dowse for are:

Margaret often runs practice groups on a regular basis after the workshops.  So it is good to get connected with her while she is available. Tell your friends, maybe someone who has been telling you they want to learn how to dowse.  This is a great opportunity to get started, and, to pick up new hints if you are a more experienced dowser.

NOTE:  This workshop was announced on our email list and at the meeting.  As a result, this class is at least half full by now.  So contact her soon to register if you want to take it.

Speaking of workshops and practice, I would like to start something of my own.  Probably because we did not get to set up Dowsing Buddies.  I am not dowsing enough.   I spend all my time organizing and no time dowsing.   Like Lorenza says, "I want to be forced to practice."   So I would like to have up to 6 people here at my place once or twice a month.  There are many things I'd like to do but I find I seldom do them if I don't have anyone to "play" with.   There are many excellent  techniques I've learned and want to share.  One really good set of techniques I want to practice and share is a set that I learned from Australian dowser Eric Dowsett (that is his name!) at a workshop last year.   And Raymon Grace's information.  And 2 ASD conferences. and ...... I have so many workshops that I've attended but don't use the materials because I don't have the push to do so.  Won't you please come and share and play with me?   I would like to work with the first 5 people who contact me and where it dowses out that this is a good thing.  And you have to at least be able to use a pendulum.    I live on Davisville Avenue.   The end of this month?   First Wednesdays of the month?  First and third Wednesdays?  I'm open.   Call me.  (416) 322 - 0363.  (Marilyn)

If you would like to start your own practice group, let me know and I'll do an email notification as well as put your information in these newsletters.

WE NEED A REFRESHMENT COORDINATOR --- It's easy.  We need someone who will simply buy a few jugs of juice and bags of cookies, bring them to the meetings, then take away the leftovers.  You get reimbursed for this, of course.   If you think you can't do it for a meeting or two, coordinate with someone who will be a backup person.  It's easy, folks.   Shelley, who has been doing this, has other pressing responsibilities.  If no one volunteers it won't get done.

A volunteer group is only as good as its volunteers.  I need people I can count on, to a reasonable degree.   Nobody volunteers, it doesn't get done.  Where are all those wonderful people --- there were 4 or 5 of you that I spoke with who told me you would do anything?   I made a big mistake by not writing your names down at the time.  Please call to remind me who you are. I am stuffing so many things in to my head that some things fall out.

I mentioned above that I'd add something about the flu that has hit us so hard.  I started feeling flu-ey symptoms a couple of hours before I left for the meeting.  So I immediately took a few digestive enzymes.  Why?  Viruses are made of proteins and have protein coatings.   Enzymes contain protease, which digests protein.   Although I didn't feel 100% better, there was an improvement.   There are 2 homeopathic combinations you can get in virtually any health food store that are excellent for flus, viruses and these symptoms:  Dolicoccil 1000 by Dolisos and Oscillococcinum by Boiron are designed for this.   And I see that Boiron also has another combination for something which is bothering a lot of people lately:  Nervita,  which is for nervousness and lack of concentration.

We can use the services of a Graphic Artist for a marketing project (or two) I have in mind.   You will be credited -- visibly --  with something that ought to bring you a reasonably wide exposure.

And here's another exercise you might want to try, if you are not doing this already.   If you are having trouble obtaining accurate answers, it could be due to negative energies around you.   If this is so there are 2 questions you can ask and act on with the use of your pendulum.
1):        "Is my energy field clear and balanced?"
If yes, go on to the next question.
If no, ask:                    "Can I may I should I clear and balance my energy field?"
When you get a yes:    "Clear and balance my energy field and indicate to me when this is done."
2)        "Are there any negative energies in my energy field now?
If no, you are complete and balanced.
If yes:                           "Can I may I should I release these negative energies now?"
When you get a yes:     "Release these negative energies and send them to their appropriate
                                            place and indicate to me when this is done."

 This newsletter is not intended to give endorsements to non dowsing products but every once in awhile an exception occurs to every guideline (that's why they are guidelines, rather than regulations).  A lot of people have trouble with their teeth and gums and frequently search out new techniques, devices, nutrition.   Because my family is one of many with a big "toothbrush awareness" I have an Interplak and a Sonicare and have inherited this "toothbrush awareness".   At the Whole Life Expo I found a toothbrush which intrigued me, asked a lot of questions and bought it.  And I really like it.  I like it a lot more than my Sonicare (which has been rated BEST by many studies).   I was attracted to it because you don't need toothpaste.  I don't like using toothpaste.   It also works on Ionic principles, putting out negative ions which help dissolve the buildup of plaque which has positive ions.  It's also nicely portable and the head is small so it goes in to the back areas easily.  I like it a lot because after 3 weeks my mouth still feels very clean.   Other holistic colleagues have also said good things about it.   I bought it for $39.00.  They are advertising now 2 sets for $35.95.   Call 1-877-282-2217.   This is a Canadian company.  And I hope the two dentists who read this newsletter and who I have not consulted about this agree pretty much with this brief assessment.

So this ends the newsletters and activities for the Toronto Dowsers for the year 2000.  We did pretty good so far, didn't we?    We have rather quickly created a viable vibrant organization composed of fascinating interested interesting individuals who come to bring their energy together for a higher purpose.   Wishing you warmth, happiness, wisdom, understanding, acceptance, joy and a very Happy New Year.  See you next year!