The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Wednesday January 9th, 2002   ***
February 20th, 2002
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
Meetings might go to 9:30-10:00 (your chapter leader is not too good with timing)
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are high sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Suggestion:  Consider dowsing to see if there is anyone in this newsletter with whom it is in your best interest to communicate with, an item you need to pay attention to, etc.  Dowse the entire newsletter. If you get a "yes", dowse page by page, then each section or person on that page, etc.   (thanks to Margaret Ball, for this suggestion)

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2002
 2002 - WEDNESDAYs

Jan 9th           Feb 20th        March 20th
April 10th        May 8th        June 12th

This issue is dedicated to you --- members and guests of the Toronto Dowsers ---- your achievements, your contributions.   So you can see how wonderful you are and what very fine company you keep.  Just look at all the names and all your accomplishments.   Had you any idea how talented we --- you ---  are?
What Happened at our Social,  Wednesday, December 12th,  2001

We had some party now, didn't we?  Over 3 dozen Toronto Dowsers prepared in many different ways to bring this event to you.  Also, it was very high energy.   We had 45 minutes to set everything up, and we did it!

Our format worked out quite nicely last year, so we repeated it this year.  This year it was sensational, so do pat yourself on the back for this contribution and start thinking about what you want to add next year.   We went home with warm feelings, as if we were at a party with close friends.  A frequent comment was: "I met people I haven't seen in years and made quite a few new and good connections."   It was the connecting you did that seemed to bring you the most fulfillment.  Good!  As well as several amaaaaazing synchronicities.

For the skatey-eighth time, deepest thanks to Phillip Bowman and Puck and we COULD NOT have had this event without you.  Phillip 'just happened' to bring 4 extra tables for us which we dearly needed, since for some mysterious reason there were fewer tables available for us than we always have.  Helped with the set up and did most of the cleanup.  Phillip also brought over a dozen of his home made Kombucha Beverage bottles for people to take home, and his friend Sharole.  (If you have never heard of Kombucha, you might want to know about it.  It's been in this area for 10 years, helps improve digestion, immunity and helps with over 100 ailments.  You can buy it in a health food store for about $20-$30 / quart or you can make it yourself for free.)   Puck brought his GO Board and was seen playing (is that the right term???)  GO with Ojay Kwon.  We also had wonderful and efficient set up and clean up help from Rob White, Shelley Bourne, Sharole Gabriel, and Robert Petrungaro.   (We have to include your names, folks, so we know who to call upon next year! <bg>

Lorenza Campagnolo, our registration coordinator, could not be there, however Pauline Gagnon, Jan Scanlon-Coles and Suzanne Holub did a perfect job and even told me they enjoyed it and would like to do this again!   As we try to keep commercialism to a minimum during our meetings, this is your opportunity to present your commercial products and services to your fellow dowsers, so we know who you are and what you have to offer.   This is one of the benefits of membership, as the sales table space is free for members at this meeting.

This is what we had going:    Sales tables,  LOTS!! of food, Music, Schmoozing, Aura Balancing, Energy Raising, FABULOUS Door Prizes, ... Schmoozing,  ...

From Brigitte Lortie: "Thank you for the fabulous evening.  It was amazing."   Brigitte is also reading several of Art Martin's books lately, which she found at the recent Whole Life Expo.  Brigitte had several information packets from Art which she put on the Networking table.  [NOTE:  For others of you who are interested in Art:  I invited him to speak at one of our meetings, but his schedule does not permit it.  He will be back in Toronto in March, at the Total Health Show.]

HIP HIP HAHN!:  Joan De New, leader of HAHN, Hamilton Area Healer's Network, and CSD President, brought a whole contingent of HAHN'ers to help liven up events;  including Bev Gaal, who will be registrar at the annual CSD convention this June; Selina Grant, Metis Micmac, originally from Nova Scotia, and a carrier of Women's Medicine.  Selina has been a speaker on Ancient Wisdom, and will be introducing HAHN to Sacred Sound in the Native American tradition on January 28 where she will be the guest speaker at the January HAHN meeting (in Hamilton).   Michelle Lawton was a first time guest from Hamilton and had a wonderful time.   She was able to see negative energies leave while we prepared to do the energy raising.  She also visioned Mother Mary in the gym assisting us.   Shelley Lynne Myke, another HAHN member with Native American ties and healing concerns, came with Walter and Larry Huszczo.  Neil Anderson, who  has built a labyrinth and an outdoor garden pyramid on his farm near Scotland, Ontario.  Michael Irvine uses dowsing in his work as a quality control welder.  He has trained in several healing modalities, including IET and Reiki.  He has combined art and welding in his sculptures.

Geez, I can't believe I'm writing for 2002 already!
We were quite fortunate to be honored with a live guest appearance of the healing sounds by MICHAEL MOON.   When I sent out an email letting you know Michael would be appearing, more than one of you called me with an ecstatic "I LOOOVE Michael Moooon!!!   Michael, as many of you know, passionately pursues his musical path, especially for its healing qualities.   He focuses on the use of sound and music as tools for transformation and creating sacred space (which he certainly helped create for us).   He has several CDs for sale, AND as he has also worked with astrology for some time, creates healing CDs for you, based on the planets at your time and place of birth.   Michael created good vibrations for us all evening.  You can contact Michael at:   (416) 208-3116     CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!   :::

At our Sales Tables:

Loretta, of Sumari Seminars, had books by David Icke and Barry Chamish.  Barry was born in Canada and has been living in Israel and is an investigative journalist.  One of the books he wrote "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin" exposes the cover-up of the 1995 assassination of the Prime Minister of Israel, which reaches in to the highest levels of the Israeli and world governments.  Starting in January, Sumari will be hosting:  Mike Ruppert (WTC and The Pentagon Attacks); Barry Chamish on "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?" & the New World Order; Eric Jon Phelps (WOW!) on the Vatican Assassins;  Preston Nichols on the Montauk Project;  Al Bielak on The Philadelphia Experiment;  Rabbi Weisberg (of Toronto) on Gog & Magog - The Final Confrontation; Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips on Mind Control, etc.  Discounted tickets are offered to Toronto Dowsers for these events.   (416) 259-2829. Loretta also took care of watching out for the sales of the used books and dowsing devices (L Rods & Pendulums) whose profits went to the Toronto Dowsers.

Davis Alexander:  Davis was selling 2 of the books he wrote: "Cracking the Cancer Code - How the Thyroid Creates Hypothyroidism" and "Food Family Rotation Diet - Breaking Addictions and Breaking Allergies".   Davis and I have frequent discussions about the thyroid.  He maintains that you can not have cancer if the thyroid is healthy.  David Morehouse! of all people told us that if the thyroid is not working properly, your other glands and hormones will not work properly.  Neither will the liver.   A properly functioning thyroid IS crucial to your health and too many medical thyroid tests do not give accurate results.   For more information about this essential subject, the following (non Western medical) web site is stuffed with excellent information:  (Mary Shomon's site).    Davis also sold L-Rods and Helixes which he made from Hulda Clark's instructions.

Eva Angyal had the Dowsing Health Reference Manual she wrote:   "Vital Knowledge" and pendulums available for sale and is booking appointments for nutritional health assessments.

Are you dowsing to see what's important for you in this newsletter???
Alicja Aratyn:  We all know Alicja for her love of pendulums, teaching their Atlantean origins and the fine quality dowsing tools she sells not only to Canada and the US, but all over the world.  Her son Tom accompanied her as they offered us: pendulums, dowsing rods, Feng Shui remedies, Atlantis rings and protective jewelry.  "I really enjoyed the evening. Most of all, I always appreciate a friendly atmosphere and warm, charming people. Due to my difficulties with English I have always cherished friendly talks with people, having opportunity to help others understand their dowsing problems, so I can think about many different approaches to it.  It enriches my experience also. Thank you!  I would also like to wish everyone Healthy, Happy and Magical Holiday and The Best Year Ever! May all your dreams come true, even those you did not dare to dream yet!"
(416) 253-9053

Sabina DeVita & Geoff Riley:  Were showing us how Dr. Konstantin Korotkov's GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) Kirlian technology works, which is used in their clinic. From what I've seen of this at their workshop, this technology can and will evolutionize medical care if given the opportunity because of its highly superior diagnositic capabilities.

Using a special electrode system, a high intensity electric field is created around an object, producing a gas discharge whose glow can be seen and measured. Such a discharge can be produced around any object, and will show variations in size, colour, distribution, etc., depending on very slight changes in the object, such as can not be revealed by other techniques. These changes may include the electrical properties of an object, its emission characteristics, gas evaporation and energy exchange with the environment. In the case of living organisms the method reveals its complex reaction to external and internal factors. A whole range of subtle influences can become manifest. For example, it is possible to register the influence of the type of food eaten, medicines administered, and a number environmental factors such as exposure to pollution. Even the minute-to-minute changes in the state of a person's mind can be easily seen.

The approach to pre-cancer diagnosis is to use the GDV method to detect changes in the supramolecular organization of human blood plasma.  Blood plasma samples were taken from patients with primary and metastatic cancer (carcinoma of the stomach, carcinoma of uterine cervix, bronchopulmonary cancer, adenocarcinoma, etc.), and compared with control samples taken from healthy donors. Samples were also taken from a patient with a benign tumour.

It was found that the GDV characteristics of blood plasma samples were quite different for healthy donors than patients with cancer. Significant differences were seen in brightness, shape, size and colour of the images. But the most profound differences were revealed in two parameters: glow area and fractal coefficient.

 We were not aware that Sabina has also authored a book on:
Electromagnetic Pollution   by Dr. Sabina M. DeVita, RN, EdD, 83 pp, $9.00 (?US?)
"Dr. DeVita has done a masterful job in summarizing available research and findings on such EMF-generating devices as medical x-rays, cell phones, computers and TVs, microwave ovens, smoke detectors, and satellite dishes. She also provides information on how to combat electromagnetic pollution using vitamins and supplements and includes a special chapter on how essential oils provide significant relief from this growing problem. Forward by Dr. D. Gary Young, ND."
Hey there BARRY JOHNSON!!!!   THANK YOU for setting us up with a Sound System

Ayoma Foneska & Dominique Dabolzci-Fekete:  Were talking to people about Feng Shui.

Mikki Fox:  Was showing us about color therapy and color facials with the LumaLight 2000, and, offering Gentle Wind healings.

Pat Kulyski :  had a table for the Young Living Essential Oils and Microhydrin.

Samuel Lyghtstone:  had a lovely display of his handmade jewelry, including pendulums he makes.  When you see him at meetings, ask him about his pendulums.  He loves to show them to you.

Richard Martin:  Healing CD's, see below

Pat Prevost:  Do you know about Pat's magical sea shell Oracles that she makes (and sells)  --- by hand??   Do you know about this --- yet another creative side of Pat?  Each component is specifically chosen for each set. It is breathtakingly beautiful.  Truly.
        The sea shells are dowsed & individually painted in a sacred space which Pat asks for when she brings them together, with the oracle's guides, as a set.  Each guidebook has a seal which must be broken so that each person initiates their unique & sacred relationship with the shells themselves.
    Pat's Oracle is a profound tool to guide you on your life's journey and to  help you to discover your soul's purpose.  The magic of any oracle is its potential for the transformation of the way in which you connect to guidance.
     An oracle also possesses an innate ability to connect you to and to reveal to you the further study required to connect to your true Self.
     When you use the oracle of your choice, you and your Higher Self  assisted by  your connection to "all" through divine guidance accesses the body of knowledge that can best serve your highest needs for advice or guidance.  Based upon the  questions asked the goal is to come up with a resolution of sorts that includes a visionary plan, a framework from which you can view and respond (not react to) the tides of life's events.
        The oracle is more than the shells & the readings, it has consciousness & each time it is used with each person who uses it, the lessons revealed are revealed to the collective consciousness of all humankind.
       Everyone said how creative Pat is and listened with great interest in the story of how it came to be (which she gets great pleasure in the telling).  Pat says, "I felt the oracle touch many people as they picked up my business cards with sea shell attached with pink ribbon.  It is doing big work even while we sleep.  A friend to me & a guide for others."  You can still get them if you phone Pat at   905-841-1044.

Pete & Jan Scanlon-Coles:  Certified aromatherapist, RAC, Certified Reflexologist. She makes bath salts, ointments, lip balms, with no preservatives or colors and are the most natural and healthy ingredients, organic wherever possible and available; carries therapeutic grade organic and wild crafted essential oils.

"I have been swamped getting ready for the holidays & preparing for a trip out west. I haven't been getting enough sleep or any down time. I could have stayed home to get things done however I chose to attend the party. I am so glad I did. The energy boost I got was more than well worth it. And to spend some quality time with my husband was fabulous. I am so glad to share the dowsing group with him. I was full of energized warm fuzzies."

Diane Young:  Diane is a student of Olga Nickle's and a teacher of the Learning Path Integrated Technique.   She was giving us more information about the Learning Path, and letting us know about the classes that she or Olga teaches.  You can contact Diane at   (416) 466 9168.
        Here's a neat story:   I had written about Olga's Learning Path on one of my dowsing email lists.  The chapter leader of the Albany, New York chapter read the write up and was interested in having this taught at one of her meetings and contacted Olga.  So, as I type this Diane is on a bus to Albany, New York to teach the Learning Path to them!

On the stage, MICHAEL IRVINE, from HAHN, had several of his welded wire sculptures that he makes out of scrap metals.   He certainly added a nice touch of creative class to our gathering.

(Several of you asked me about Klaus & Deanna.  They had their own family gathering and could not make our family gathering.)

We will have a Special Announcement at our January meeting.
AURA INCREASING:  One of the activities we had was balancing the aura.   To do this, we had a group of people stand in the middle of an open space.  Then several of our dowsers measured where the edge of their aura was.   THEN we played a CD, created by Toronto Dowser member Richard Martin, called "Gateway To Fulfillment".   As one of the tracks was being played, our dowsers, still measuring the edge of the aura, kept moving back and back (we heard Diane Marcotte's voice cry out from inside a closet that she had to back in to saying "I'm here!") and back.  Richard's music increased the aura by 20 feet.

When I  first played this CD, I thought it was "unusual", but well, we do do "unusual" at times, right?  Track 9 had such a calming, grounding effect on us.  I was not able to speak at the end of the track (right, now y'all will go out and buy one to play it around me, yes?) and the whole energy of the room was changed as if there was a hush in the cathedral.  Sacred space, all right.  (Richard has been teaching meditation for over 20 years.)

The enclosure in this mailing is the CD cover, which is a Mandala.  Richard says:    "This image is a mandala of loving peace. A mandala can be the bridge between the conscious and the universal unconscious. Jungian psychology calls it symbolic of the effort to reunify the self, while in the wisdom of Tibet, the symbolic act itself is the creative process.   Stare at the cover image in bright (sun)light while listening to track #9.   If you do this, the mandala will seem to vibrate.   After a few seconds, close your eyes and you will go in to an altered state of consciousness."

For those of you online, this may be even better:  go to:  Talk about Way Cool now, eh?   Contact Richard at: (416) 925-8602.   Richard, thank you for the mandalas.  I hope a lot of dowsers went home with your CD.  I'm sure they did.

Here's one of our amazing synchronicities --- Y'all know Peter Clayton, our treasurer, right?  "I used to have these really neat folding L rods and lost one at the first meeting of the Toronto Chapter, September 2000.   I thought I would never see L rods like them ever again until the night of our social. when I went to the Davis Alexander's table with L rods for sale and described my lost rods.  'Wait a minute', he said, pushing aside papers on the table and there they were, the exact replacement for my lost L rods and they were the only pair he had.   Lucky me."

Did you notice Suzanne Foote sitting there quietly, patiently, calmly but oh so efficiently?   Suzanne volunteered!  her help and expertly organized the groaning food table with Pasta salad, beans, pecan pie, muffins, cookies, sandwiches, tarts, cakes, brownies, dip, candies, specialty breads from:  Marlene Jelski, Suzanne Tink, Samuel Lyghtstone, Pauline Gagnon, Lisa Jorgensen, Louise Yarek, Marta Kuze, Faith Lapp, Sandy McMullen, Jerry Molga, Edna Crawford, Lynn McKenzie, Elizabeth Quan, Angela Adamson Viola and Mom!, Deb Pereira, Peg Groom, Arthur Clark, Joan De New, ...   THANK YOU!

Now for the Door Prizes.  This was fun!   First time visitors were asked to select a prize or to draw the lucky winner.   All present were asked to focus on prizes they wanted to win.  Several did.

The first prize was a book donated by Dianne Marcotte, of Spectrum Books.   It is the story of a woman's spiritual journey through the Andes.  And who should win it, but HAHN guest Selina Grant! who speaks on Sacred Sounds and Women's Medicine!   What could be more perfect?!

Did you know that we have the famous Ayoma Foneska of Ayoma CakeMasters as one of our members?   Ayoma creates special cakes for the rich and famous of Toronto, and Toronto Life voted her "Best in Toronto".   She is often a frequent guest on television's Life Network teaching cake decorating skills.  Who else would win her prize of sinful chocolate truffles but Naturopathic doctor Sabina DeVita of the DeVita Wellness Center in Brampton!

Mikki Fox donated a Gift Certificate for one of her color facials.   Pietro Vona won this one.  Now the $64 question is:  Will Pietro keep it for himself or give it to his wife?

Joan De New donated a reading for a Soul's Purpose a la Herbert Parker.   I don't know who the winner was, but Joan spent the rest of the evening giving the reading.

Eva Angyal's gift certificate for a holistic nutri-assessment based on "Vital Knowledge" cum Reiki treatment was won by Elizabeth Quan and will be redeemed this week. "I was very pleased with the continued interest in my manual," commented Eva. "I found the evening totally worthwhile."

The Isis pendulum Alicja Aratyn donated was won by HAHN guest Michelle Lawton.  Michelle gave this lovely present to her friend Bev Gaal who had a greater need for this and is delighted (of course) to have it.

Animal Communicator Lynn McKenzie donated a gift certificate for an animal communication session which was won by guest Jean Paul Ngana.   Jean Paul passed this on to Suzanne Tink who could use it for her miniature schnauzer  (Remember Suzanne's daughter Kayla at the Field Day?  One of the 2 children who were successful spoon benders.)

Suzanne Foote's generous contribution of one bottle which is one month's maintenance supply of Tahitian Noni juice went to Diane Marcotte.   The Noni beverage comes from the Noni fruit which grows in certain locations in India, Indonesia and the South Pacific.   It has many healing properties, similar to the aloe fruit.   People often take an ounce a day to help enhance the immune system, normalize, regularize and balance the body's functioning.   People traditionally feel a nearly immediate increase in energy and stamina. Can be used by all ages, including newborns.  (Suzanne --- if Noni helps increase the qualities you exhibited I think several of us could use it.)

Wafik Raouf donated a gift certificate for a Trager (developed by Milton Trager) bodywork session which was won by Helen Evans.   Helen's intention was to win the prize that was for her highest good and I know her body will thank her profusely!  Individual practitioners do not produce change.  Rather, they tap into a life-giving, life-enhancing, life-regulating, vibratory force or energy, which surrounds us.  It is the source of human sustenance, of homeostasis and healing, and thus also of change.  We are surrounded by vibratory waves of many kinds, such as gravitational, subatomic particle, light, and sound waves.  Vibrational energy at regular frequencies, when applied to physical particles, can organize them into beautifully ordered patterns called standing waves. Structures in which standing waves are present vibrate at their most natural and easily sustained frequency.  Such structures are said to be in resonance. When another similar structure, or oscillator, vibrates at the same frequency, the energy transfer between them is optimal and they form a perfectly articulated resonant system.   The Trager practitioner, and any other person, can tap into this vibratory energy or force by adopting a meditative state which Milton [Trager] refers to as "hook-up." He makes no distinction between this state and deep meditation, and he insists that it is only from this state that effective work can emerge.   Sounds like dowsing, right?

Then Wafik was a prizewinner himself when he won the Oracle donated by Pat Prevost.  It was a puzzle for me as I thought Pat and Wafik knew one another, but they did not because they are live close by one another and exude similar healing energies.  So, now they do know one another and that is yet another good connection!

Loretta donated a copy of one of Barry Chamish's books, "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin", which was won by Jerry Molga.  Jerry said later on that when this prize was announced he just closed his eyes and intently focused on winning it.   See, it works!

The entry donation to this meeting was waived as it was a gift to you by the membership of the Toronto Dowsers who bore all costs for this event, as, we were able to do this due to the generousity of your gifts this past year.
We also thank Alicja Aratyn who made a generous donation to us after her success at the sales tables,
because she wanted to give back to us a portion of what we helped her receive.

NOTE:   Several people asked me if we could have something similar this again this year, before December.   This is not in the plans, however, the annual CSD convention will take place in June and you will have sales tables there and lots of activity and energy.  ok?

2 More Activities and an Apology:

DOWSING SUGGESTIONS:   In last month's newsletter, I suggested, as one of the 12/12 activities, that each person bring a Dowsing Suggestion to the Social.  Each suggestion would be written on a file card and the cards taped to the wall so we could read them during our evening, they would then be included in the newsletter.  Well, I did not bring the instructions and examples and guess I didn't explain this clearly enough and it didn't work.  So I get an "F" on that one.

DOWSING BUDDIES:  There were 2 posters on the wall:   A  Map of Toronto, divided in to numbered sections, and a list of Dowsing areas of interest such as:  Water, Geopathic Stress, Raymon's techniques, Gardening, Animals, etc.  Each Interest was represented by a letter (such as "W" for Water dowsing).   You took a yellow sticky, wrote the number of the section you lived in and/or one or more letters representing your interest area and put the stickies on your name tag.   In the next few meetings, familiarize yourselves with those who share your geographical and/or interest areas and we will deal with this in a more structured environment in April.

Right after the last meeting I was called for a sales table reservation.  I did not write down this piece of information.  Karen Johnson, I apologize to you for not writing this down and for not remembering that part of our conversation. I'm still piqued with myself for messing this up. I am sorry to have damaged your enjoyment of the evening.

Larry Husczco

Last year Walter Husczco expertly led us in energy raising, assisted by his son Larry and Neil Anderson.   These techniques were introduced to some of us at Raymon Grace's workshop in Orangeville at the November 3rd, 2000 weekend.   We haven't been the same since.  This year Larry led the Energy Raising, where we cleared our area of non beneficial energies and raised the energy.

Since that time, Larry has been traveling with Raymon on his travels and teachings throughout the United States, as a friend, a student and sometimes as a teacher to Raymon and is rapidly becoming an expert in using and teaching Raymon's techniques such as clearing energies, healing work and Native American techniques.  Although Raymon's techniques are not totally new to the dowsing community, he has the significant impact of having been a Silva teacher for over 20 years and the focused abilities he brings to dowsing exponentially increases the power of his intention and his message.  This dynamic duo has been known to permanently clear significant non beneficial energies, wipe out significant physical discomforts and transmute nasty emotional patterns in to positive beneficial energies (patterns and habits).  They are among the best, the finest, the most accurate dowsers I have ever met.

Larry will be working with people who need his help, and, he will be teaching us.

Just imagine --- what can happen --- when you have a group --- even a small group, to start with --- of individuals --- who are givers, not takers --- who know what its like --- to have long standing painful conditions alleviated --- to know how to do this --- and realize and appreciate the benefits --- to improve their health, happiness, prosperity, mental acuity, self esteem, relationships, careers, family situations, et cetera--- and then go on to help others. Family, friends, neighborhoods, ....  Just imagine.

You do this by learning and practicing, learn and practice.  And practice some more.  By yourself, or with a buddy.

Larry will be seeing people when he comes in to Toronto from time to time, or, he may be able to work with you by phone or in some cases via email.  I will be organizing the Toronto trips, appointments and classes, for now.  I do not get involved with your issues, that is a private matter between you and Larry.

First we want to get help to:
    1)  Those who have the greatest need
    2)  Those who will give back to the group in the form of learning, practicing, doing
    3)  Those who have been and are participating Toronto Dowsers

This is a different kind of dowsing.  Some call it spiritual or energy dowsing.  It is another tool, it does not replace many of the fine methods we have been learning and will continue to utilize, however it is a newer form and shows us how to use dowsing as an active, in addition to a passive --- tool.

Here's a comment from Ayoma at our 12/12 social: "Meeting Larry, was the answer to my prayer."

Wouldn't it be neat if you knew, say, Hannah Kroeger before she became famous?  That's the kind of quality I'm talking about.    Larry will be our speaker in February.   Topic to be Announced.

Please contact me if you would like an appointment, have questions.


Look who showed up at the Whole Life Expo at the Convention Center in November!:

Alicja Aratyn, Margaret Ball, Shelley Bourne, Phillip Bowman, Allison Bridgen, Bill Colclough (who is absolutely adorable), Sabina DeVita, Marion Gervais, Dale Grindley, Peg Groom, The Halinas, The Huszczo Men, Vera Ketter, Samuel Lyghtstone, (our mysterious Muffin Man!) Maie Liiv, Brigitte Lortie, Victor Maleki, Lynn McKenzie, Robert Petrungaro, Aleks Radojcic, Geoff Riley, Velta Seiles, Audwin Trapman, Pietro Vona, Robert White

David Morehouse, ex US military man and Remote Viewing expert and author of "Psychic Warrior", is a fascinating speaker.  According to David, these are the 3 highest grossing industries on planet earth.  In order:
Lovely, isn't it?

"Our world is based on assumptions when there is nothing absolute at all."  That is the conclusion the remote viewers came to as they began to realize that the definitions of physical reality change. They became pale, thin. We begin to transform. We realize we are more than the physical.  Nothing is solid.  YOU have a responsibility not to feed in to the negative fear and hatred that feed the human condition.  Now, more than ever, fear and hatred are at their strongest intensities, because we are afraid, and, in turn are drawn to fear and hatred.  What we want is increasing consciousness.  When something reaches a critical mass of 11% --- this flows along the planet, creating a sympathetic resonance.

Did you know that the Orca Whale resonates from a 4th Dimensional perspective?  So, when it scans it feels, sees, tastes, reads, understands the intangibles, including your thoughts.   They "see" and understand us perfectly....  He explained, that metal (as one example) has a consciousness.  If you remove that consciousness, it becomes something else.

"Beliefs are thieves of freedom
Because you become a slave to the belief rather than to the quest for wisdom."

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans

An exceptionally humongous and grateful THANK YOU to Toronto Dowsers member:
***Victor Dante Barroso***
for your supercalafragalistickexpialidosious donation of $$$300!!!!  to our Library.

Other generous donations are from:
    Marlene Jelski. Thank you for donating Eva Angyal's "Vital Knowledge" which was on our wish list.
    Marge Palm, chapter leader of the Northern California Dowsing Chapter in Mount Shasta for her donations of Rosemary Altea's:  The Eagle and the Rose, and, "Proud Spirit"
    Renee Ellis, librarian at the University of Chicago, for her donations of   "Your Body's Many Cries for Water"  and Gordon MacLean's classic:    "A Field Guide to Dowsing"

(Marge Palm and Renee Ellis are 2 people I email with on dowsing lists)

Not enough people returned their items this time.   We need to develop these habits and awarenesses.   Late fines for video returns is $3 per borrowing period.    Do you have any suggestions on what we can do about this?


As the Energies Continue to change .....  Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself

As the energies continue to change, to ramp up, vibrations are increasing and getting higher and finer and less dense, here are a couple of suggestions to consider:

BREATHING:   Once, twice, or more daily, be sure to go outside where the air is hopefully fresh and breathe in slowly, deeply deeply deeply through your nose and out through the mouth.  The IDEA here is to breathe DEEPLY, to the bottom of your lungs.  Even folks who exercise, who job, don't necessarily breathe deeply. If you don't do this, as you get older, the alveoli atrophy.  3 deep breaths.  Takes a minute to do this.  You'll feel better too.  In all ways. This also clears the CO2 from your brain.

DIET:  If you are not getting enough Greens in your diet and those mixes are too costly, try BARLEY GREEN or SPIRULINA.  Dowse to see which one is better for you.   These are excellent foods to have on hand if you think you might run short on food.  CHLOROPHYLL is a miracle food.  It cleanses, it builds, it nourishes. (I don't have much faith in the efficacy of the chlorophyll sold in bottles.)   In the Hallelujah Diet, the bulk of breakfast and lunch is Barley Green.  These are high vibrational foods that will help you match the raising energetic vibrations (but please do make sure you are grounded as well).

EXERCISE:  Please consider Peter Kelder's "Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth".  This nice little book has a nice little story and descriptions for 5 very oh so easy yoga-like exercises.   If you are 27 they will help you strengthen and stretch and tonify and firm up and do things for you even Tae Bo can not.  If you are 70 they will help rejuvenate you.  If you are 70 if you can, start out by doing one movement a day and you will gradually increase this.  What they do is they massage the glands and the internal organs. Copies of this book are available in most libraries.

"I believe that the rediscovery of the dowsing faculty is not fortuitous, but has been vouchsafed to us by Providence to enable us to cope with the difficult and dangerous stage of human development which lies immediately ahead."
Christoper Bird in "The Divining Hand", quoting the late eminent British physician,
Dr. Aubrey T. Westlake

THE   Wednesday, January 9th, 2002 MEETING
will feature a presentation on various topics such as:

New Dowsing Tools
The Spirit of Dowsing
Charts, Charts and more Charts

and:   A Special Announcement

presented by:   Your Chapter Leader - Marilyn


THE   Wednesday, February 20th, 2002 MEETING

Larry Husczco
will show us more of Raymon Grace's techniques
Energy Clearing, Raising