The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting
TUESday, January 14, 2003 (See back page for information)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
We must be out of the building by 9:45 pm
*** NEW!***   SEE  DOWSING PRACTICE  @ 6:15, below:
Welcome to:
The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
Entrance on Dunvegan Street (the east side of the church)
 1 light West of Avenue Road - or -
2 lights East of Spadina
There is a PARKING LOT! on the WEST side of the building
This is a short streetcar ride (#312) from either the St. Clair or St. Clair West TTC stations.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $9 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

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February 11th: Rev. Mary Hardy
March 11th: Larry Huszczo
March 28,29,30: Toronto Dowsers at the Total Health Show
April 1st: Raymon Grace
[Note: There will be no separate April newsletter]

Please note:  We are changing:
Our night to:  TUESDAY evenings (GENerally - the 2nd Tuesday of the month)
We are beginning earlier: Gathering: 6:30-7:00    Meeting start:  7  PM
the room:  The Flora McCrae Auditorium

DOWSING PRACTICE:  6:15 - 7:00 with Alicja Aratyn
Bring your questions, and, your pendulums

Our December 11, 2002 meeting:
The  Toronto Dowsers Third Annual Networking Social

WOW!  WOW WOW WOW WOW!    This was some hopping party!  The joint was jumping.  We were supposed to be in a huge, long room downstairs but the day before the meeting we got switched to the auditorium, upstairs, which is a nice big room however with different dimensions.  People coming in to set up their sales tables waited patiently while I figured out who was to go where.

A thousand thanks to: Dr. Sabina DeVita, Glenda Swanson, Arlene Anisman, Richard Martin, Faith Lapp, Eva Angyal, Carol Ann Kukulsky, Alicja Aratyn, Margaret Mackintosh, Mike Irvine, Lilli Fistric, Angie Venning, Aleks Radojcic,  Cheryl Kennedy, Crystal Lotus, Diana Davis, Hugh Magill, Robert and Rosemary Gardner and Sam Lightstone for offering to us Cell phone protection devices, ecologically friendly cleaning products, Young Living Essential Oils, Dowsing tools, CDs, handmade gel candles, dowsing books, homeopathics, body creams, Mind Mirror demonstrations, hand made wooden crafts such as labyrinths, supplements, metal sculptures, labyrinth information and products, crystals, flutes, drums, Pheylonian beeswax candles, and more.

Paul Newton was there from  the Gentle Wind Project .  Well, not exactly from the folks in Maine, but he was there with their 3rd most advanced instrument, Version 22, the Universal Health Enhancement System with Advanced Gap Acceleration Technology, Depletion Blocks and Life Force Enhancement.  This one costs about $2,300 US and is in the form of a 3' x 6' laminated chart.

About a half dozen of us are what they call "Instrument Keepers".   The Gentle Wind Project started over 20 years ago, in Maine.  A group of people --- mostly social workers who worked with families who had lost children --- wanted a more effective way to help them heal.  Through unusual means, the "instruments" were developed.  Its not an instrument in the usual sense, rather device that you hold.  The devices heal the wounds done to the etheric body.

What happens is, by holding this device, you almost act as an antenna, setting up a communication.  You are communicating to specific energies in the cosmos, letting them know that you are there and want this healing.  You hold this for 5 minutes, the healing begins and continues the rest of your life.  It's nice to hold it more often, but once is enough.

I found this about 5 years ago.  I got the healing.  I was so impressed by what it did for me I wanted to help others the way I'd been helped.  So I bought an instrument to share it.  A couple years later I bought another one.  I paid about $300 US for a small puck, and, am still glad I did so.

What's in the instruments?  I'm not sure.  They say homeopathics, precious metals, colors.  It's a spiritual circuit board designed for communication for technology that is 10,000 years in to the future.

We were fortunate as Dr. Cass Ingram was in town and attended.  Dr. Ingram has brought to the world the many benefits of Oil of Oregano, used as an Anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti vermifuge, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti venom, anti microbial, mucolytic, antitussive, antispasmodic, antiseptic.  It is perhaps the only thing we have to get rid of E. Coli bacteria.  Cass helped the people in Walkerton, with their water tragedy.  He has been on radio 12/8, 12/15 on the Sunday night 9-11 PM show on 640 AM .  He has been talking about the dangers of vaccines and the FrankenDNA they are creating.  The show archives should be online.

Another special guest was Ned Benson of  Jalbun Lodge  in Seebright (near Orillia).  The foundation of the Jalbun Lodge teachings is the Medicine Wheel.  The lodge hosts Drum making workshops, retreats, Tibetan Pulse Healing, Storytelling and other healing and growth processes.   20 of you brought your drums and drummed and chanted with Ned as he lead an inspiring and moving drumming circle which brought a beautiful peace to the room.

Thank you, Ned, on behalf of the Toronto Dowsers, for making the trip from Seebright to make this time even more meaningful for us.  It was a pleasure to meet you and share your energy.

If anyone is interested in a drum making workshop or drumming circle with Ned --- either here in Toronto or in Seebright, contact me and I will get the ball rolling.

Did you notice anything different about the energy this evening?  It was cranked way up.  If you can remember the energies of the September, October, November, December meetings --- Raymon did a lot of very specific clearing and energizing for the September meeting.  We had a lovely mellow time.   Although he helped out a few days beforehand for October and November, he did not do anything that day.

He called me shortly before I was leaving for the social.  He cleared, and cranked the energy to the MAX.  (It took me 2 days to recover.  How about you?) Now do you notice a difference?  Do you see how this can work?  Do you feel it?  It doesn't take long.  But it does take some practice.

I am grateful that you ignored the dumb remarks I made while I was at the microphone and nervous. As I lay in bed that night, mentally reviewing my bloopers, I wondered:  Did I really call them a bunch of old farts because only one person said she would go out with me for a drink after the meeting?  Standing 3 feet away from Cass Ingram?   Such class and elegance, oui? Thanks Tess, for joining me at Da Maria!

I also asked for help for someone who lost a lot of jewelry (at her hotel, not at our meeting).  The value is well in to the six figures.  No one volunteered to do some map dowsing.  The following day, frustrated, I called her and gave her the phone numbers for Joe Smith and Susan McNeill who I know are very good at finding lost objects.

I am getting more and more calls for people who want dowsing help, either instruction, or clearing property or finding things.  And I have too few people that I can refer them to.  It is my hope that this change --- soon.

THE FOOD!  The food was sense-sational.  And lots of it.  Dips and spreads and cookies and chocolates and sandwiches, nuts, fruit, and sushi rolls galore.  We were eating all night and there was lots to take home.  There were 2 cakes there that were even too beautiful too eat, but alas!  we managed to dig in.  One was a Tiramisu, the other was this gorgeous and delicious artistic puddinglike creation.  THANKS FOLKS!

Kayla Tink and Sierra Viola donned their magic hats and showed us all how to bend spoons.  Many of the adults could even drop their doubts and do this!   I heard that some of the dowsers were doubtful that this was being done by the mind, they said the girls were bending them with their strength.  I don't think so.   How can they claim to dowse if they doubt that you can bend spoons with the power of the mind?  And:

Some of the adults took a spoon from the table and pocketed it, saying they would do it at home where they could focus in a more quiet atmosphere.  Fine, but would you mind at least making a donation to the 2 little girls for the spoon?   This was not a Free Spoon table.   If you "forgot" to do this, you can send the money to me, anonymously if you so choose.  The 7 and 9 year old spoon bending teachers surely learned a lot of lessons about adults tonight.

Towards the end of the evening we had the door prizes.  Very high quality, very generous, high value.  Most of our sales people donated a gift, such as Arlene Anisman who donated Young Living Essential Oils, Sabina DeVita who donated a GDV Kirlian session and time in the Metamatrix Chamber, Richard Martin donated one of the CDs he produced, Diana Davis donated a giclee print she made (Diana is an artiste), Faith Lapp donated a gel candle, Alicja Aratyn donated a piece of amber, Mike Irvine donated a sculpture, Angie Venning donated a session with the mind mirror, Aleks and Gordana Radojcic donated a Paraway Cleanse and Brain Booster and Robert and Rosemary Gardner donated a humongous Beeswax candle.

Mike Irvine had put a crystal in his sculpture of a flying Lomi Lomi bird, a crystal he picked up at Alan Reed's property.

Other donations were:
Cathy Allon donated 2 hours in the Metamatrix Chamber
Helga Reimer donated 2 certificates for a free therapeutic massage
Jacki O'Toole donated an NDT session.
Wafik Raouf donated a Trager Session.
Annie Van Alten, of Dutchman's Gold honey products donated skin creams.
Jo-Anne Eadie --- huMONgous gift baskets
Gerry Burghmann donated a box of Immunocol products
Lynn Reeves donated a 2 hour plus 1/2 hour follow up energy healing session combining her radionics, homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki and nutritional counselling
Bob Kerr, of Naturally Nicer Meats in Thornhill donated a $20 gift certificate for grass fed beef
Dominique Dabolczie donated a Feng Shui consultation

The Grand, and, Final prize was a weekend at Jalbun Lodge, donated by Ned Benson.  This was won by Lorenza Campagnolo.  Since Lorenza took care of the registration and stuffing the newsletters for our first 2 years, this prize could not have a more deserving recipient!  Lorenza's comment on the social: "Thank you! I don't think anybody enjoyed it more than I did!!!  It was a good party."  Thank you so much Ned for a memorable act of generosity and kindness.

Thank you all --- every one of you ---- who donated a gift --- for your acts of generosity and kindness, a willingness to share, to give of yourself, make the world a better place and bring happiness to those who received your gifts.

On some of the synchronicities:  Danny Radojcic, Aleks and Gordana's nephew, won a bobber. I'd heard about the skill Danny displayed at the spoon bending table and so it seems the bobber went to a perfect person.  Gordana Radojcic won Diana Davis' giclee print and was overjoyed to receive a beautiful piece of art.  Good thing this went to someone who has a lovely home, someone who could display and appreciate this work.   The beeswax candle was won by David Reimer.   The winning slip with his name on it was drawn by his daughter!   David's entire family was at the meeting and they were hoping for the candle for the home.  David, you trained your daughters well!


Dowsing Tools For Sale
Due to a great deal of interest and requests for certain kinds of hard to get dowsing tools, I ordered a bunch of these tools for you to sell at the December social.  Because of my duties, I could not sell them personally and Pat Kulyski was kind enough to spend her time at the Toronto Dowsers table to sell you books, videos, these tools, etc.  There are still some left and they will probably be available at the meetings until they are sold out. It is possible they may not be ordered again.   What is left are:

by: Joe Smith:
Bobbers:  @ $20     Dancing Pendulums @  $33     Baby Pendulums @ $18   Medallions  @  $55

by:  Joey Korn
Maurey (silver) Pendulums @ $25   Keychain Pendulums  @   $18    Joey's book:  @   $18

 Joe Smith Dancing Pendulums:  Joe is one of the granddaddies of our dowsing world and makes a pendulum that many say is the most sensitive pendulum that they have found.  Joe says that these pendulums work well because mainly it is the balance of the weight and the fact that they have so much surface area to pick up signals with. They are designed like a series of radar dishes, stacked one on top of another. They will send out as well as receive much more than the normal pendulum.  It's my favorite for use and responsiveness.  These are the gold ones with the "floating discs".

The Maurey Pendulum :  This pendulum was designed by famous dowser and author Eugene Maurey. Maurey wrote: " Exorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person" and "Power of Thought: How to Control What Happens to You".  Those of you who have taken Raymon's workshops may know that the some of the charts he uses for clearing were designed by Eugene Maurey (and later put in to a book by Bill Fitch).  These pendulums are the favorites of Raymon and Larry.   These are the silver tear drop ones. 


We successfully taped, edited and made VHS tapes of 2 of our meetings.  Professionally done quality video tapes are now available for you of:

October 16, 2002 - Joey Korn - "Working With the Light"
November 12, 2002 - Dr. Sabina DeVita - " Electromagnetic Pollution"
The cost per video is $17 for members and $20 for non members.  We hope to have copies of them for you for sale at each of our meetings.  Copies of the videos are now in our library.

If you want this mailed to you, add another $5 for Ontario, another $7 for other parts of Canada.  Send  a check, made it out to:  TORONTO DOWSERS.   Please keep in mind that I am slow mailing things out, like really slo.  We will be getting someone to do this.   US folk mail me a check for $18 US to TORONTO DOWSERS.  (Would you believe its cheaper to mail it to the US than to many parts of Canada?)  To any other countries, $23 US.   Please include your mailing information.  Send to: Toronto Dowsers, c/o Marilyn Gang; #816 - 225 Davisville Avenue; Toronto, Ontario  M4S 1G9 Canada

The videographer was asked not to film a lot of the audience, and did so as it did not seem that you were totally comfortable to be the focus of the camera.  It does detract somewhat from a more interesting film, as it adds interest and contrast when the audience is filmed, but your ease is important and always taken in to consideration.

The January meeting will not be filmed.  We will film in February.  If you like, speak with me about your comfort level on all this.  If you get a video I recommend that you watch it once a week for the next few months.  There is so much information in both of them.  I love how Joey talks about how he uses energy and how Sabina shows us how she does muscle testing.  These videos are a worthwhile investment for you.  Priceless information.

We have video clips of these movies on our website!  (Well, we will soon, as soon as I can figure out how to program it. It's not as obvious as I thought it would be).  You can (soon) see 60-90 seconds of these videos online!    It will be at this site: --- This page will have info on our videos, audio tapes, books, etc.

My thanks to Larry Huszczo for first suggesting to me that we video tape our meetings.  It would have taken me a long time to come to this realization.  I didn't think we were big enough, I didn't think that we could do it, that I could get it done, I thought it was too complicated, too expensive.  I didn't have the confidence.  Larry showed me how it could be done and gave me a couple of nudges.  See what a difference one person makes?

2  Websites you may want to know about:

If you would like the information from this section and do not have an Internet connection perhaps you can find someone who does and they can get the information for you.

Hulda Clark's "The Cure For All Diseases" is up on the web in a 6 MB file:
Here's a Website where you can Download good books from --- for Free

Please do check out:  They have made available books that you can download for free to your computer.   These books are out of print.

   Healing, by Bruce MacManaway

A straightforward look into all  aspects of the healing phenomenon , the book gives a sensible review of methods of spiritual healing by dowsing, laying-on of hands and other means, by one of Britain's foremost healers of the 1950s-80s. The late Bruce MacManaway was a notable teacher of healing who developed his own unique ways of healing people, animals, houses and land.
   Spiritual Dowsing, by Sig Lonegren  (the keynote speaker at this next ASD)
A classic work on dowsing sacred sites, first published in 1986. Practical instructions in  dowsing, with an exciting interpretation of prehistoric life and many insights into ancient sites, power-places and underground energies, by a New England dowser now living in Glastonbury.
   Healing the Hurts of Nations, by Palden Jenkins
Essays on geopolitics, history and the future A readable, erudite, radical work on the deeper aspects behind geopolitics, the meaning of  history and soul of humanity. It's an examination of the nature of world change and how it works – history and futurology
   Living in Time, by Palden Jenkins
and how time passes The re-publication of a popular 1987 book on the nature of time and the time-cycles and configurations of the Sun, Moon and planets – about power points in time and the ways things change and progress. How to live and work in tune with with subtle time-energies.  Astrological, yet written for aware, nature-loving people who aren't knowledgeable in astrology.
   The Historical Ephemeris  600BC-2200AD, by Palden Jenkins
A 2,500-year collection of astrological tables and diagrams of the motions of the outer  planets in relation to historical events, with notes and articles. An astro-historical reference work.
   Needles of Stone, by Tom Graves
Published in the 1970s, Tom Graves' seminal book Needles of Stone first identified ancient  power-points (stone circles and standing stones) as the acupuncture points of the Earth.  An archaeological energy-dowser's classic, covering energy-leys, underground water, the construction of megalithic sites and how to research these matters yourself.
   The Gaelic Manuscripts, by Betty White
An original, very pertinent, and hardly-published manuscript on psychic and spiritual work. It concerns practical psychic-work issues about protection, beliefs, pitfalls and problems along the way. Though half a century old, this book is highly relevant to today's channels, healers and psychic workers. By a well-known American trance medium who was at work in the 1930s-40s.
   The Archive of Stanley Messenger
The writings of a radical Anthroposophical philosopher, crop circle and butterfly-researcher, metaphysician and much-honoured elder of Glastonbury. Stanley's work is a goldmine of original thinking, and his archive is steadily growing.
   Crystal Journey, by Ivan Macbeth  (Ivan gave a presentation at ASD 2002)
A candid, gripping, spiritual autobiographical journey – embracing Wales, Egypt and the Himalayas, lonely mountains and intense group process, the light of revelation and the darkness of the soul – and finding and planting crystals along the way.  Stalk transformation and life's secrets with the well-loved teacher and stone circle builder Ivan MacBeth!
Commentaries from last month's newsletter:

DECREES:   At the beginning of the November meeting, I read out the "Sweep Out of Me" decree and put it in last month's newsletter and asked for feedback.  8 of you called me to tell me how, either at the meeting or by using the decree yourself, you felt a considerable shift of energy [in to a more positive space] or great calm and peace.

This decree is one of the best things I've EVER found.  It WORKS!  It's powerful, quick and easy.  A color photocopy of the original decree will be handed out at the January meeting.


HELP FOR THE BRAIN:  Olga Nickle gave us some excellent information on how the supplement Phosphatidylserine (PS) can significantly improve the functions of the brain.  I came across a report from NPIcenter  (Natural Products Information Center):
Phosphatidylserine (PS) Called The Most Effective Ingredient For Memory Improvement
White Bear Lake, MN  -  The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, November 26, 2002, published an article in their Aches & Claims column entitled “Can a Pill Boost Your Memory?”, which addressed the myriad nutraceuticals typically found in memory enhancing supplements. Intended not only to “reduce age-related mental decline” for seniors, but also to “promote fast thinking” in younger people, not all of the popular ingredients perform as promised, the article said. Phosphatidylserine, or PS as it is commonly called, was highly recommended as an effective memory supplement ingredient, as the article advised people to, “Stick with supplements that contain only PS, or PS along with antioxidants.

A couple of you have mentioned to me that you are using this.  One of you called me earlier today to let me know how it is helping your mom.  THANKS, OLGA!!!  Now, if we can only remember to take it.

AFFIRMATIONS:   I commented on decrees vs. affirmations: " I am personally not fond of affirmations as I have never found them as powerful ...".   and 2 of you, who use affirmations --- successfully --- in your practice were not too pleased with what I wrote.  I apologize for not explaining things better.

A sample affirmation might be:  "I am healthy, happy, wise and free".   I have seen people state affirmations like this one, in a small voice, with their head hanging down, with no confidence or belief.  When you state such a positive affirmation but when what you really believe is just the opposite --- it has a negative effect.  You want to start with at least some belief and preparation in your heart.  Then you say the words --- with feeling, with proper body language.  The brain hears.  "When the mouth speaks, the mind listens."  So you are making and re-making the connection between the heart, the mind, the body.  Then it works.

Last Sunday I was at the Unity Church on Eglinton Avenue.  I went there to see if it would be appropriate for our use for our meetings.  Altho it is closer to the 401 and to the TTC than Timothy Eaton, there is no parking.

However, I had a good look in their bookstore.  It's great!  Very inspiring.  They also carry Ernest Holmes' books.

One of the Sunday School teachers was working with a group of about 8  4 year olds, from a book of Affirmations.  A child would pick a page, and then all the children would read the affirmation together.  These are some of the affirmations these little children were reading out loud, with feeling and meaning:

    I Believe in Me
    I am wonderfully creative
    I am safe
    I am powerful
    I am free to be me
    I have a place of stillness within me
    I follow my heart
    My dreams are coming true

Seeing and feeling this moment was one of the most uplifting experiences, these little children, reading these affirmations, believing them, creating a strong foundation for their self esteem, because at this point they have no reason not to believe this and every reason to believe these.

I bought this book "I Believe in Me" by Connie Bowen and will pass it around at our January meeting.  After that we can put it in the library or sell it.  It cost $23.  If you tell me you would like this in our library I will not sell it.  But please let me know.  You can also get it from the  Unity Church or their online catalogue.

Speaking about checking out meeting sites at churches --... I had been up to another church on Yonge Street, but, once again, their room is too small for us.  The church was lovely.  I heard back from the administrator that they would not welcome us because their pastor does 'not approve of our spirituality'.  Because we are dowsers.  I could NOT believe this --  2002?  a major city?

2 neat, nice fun events:  Video Nights, "Field Trip"
These are 2 events that we can expect to have in January and/or February.  But as the dates have not yet been set they may not make it in to the newsletter.  It will be announced by email.  If you don't have email, and, if either one of them interests you let me know and we will contact you.
VIDEO NIGHT featuring  Dr. David Hawkins  POWER vs FORCE

(1)  Remember our VIDEO NIGHT in November?  We saw "Divining Mom" in November at the Granite Brewery.   It was great!   So we will be getting the videos from Dr. David Hawkins, who wrote "Power vs. Force" --- about the book --- and they should be coming in soon. This is 2  90 minute videos.  We will have another video night similar to the one we had last time.  However, its fair-er if we do this in a different part of town.  If you would like to have us do another video night to watch the Power vs. Force video (#1 and/or #2) AND if you have a place where we can see it, contact me and WE will set it up.  Of course we can always return to the Granite Brewery if that is your preference (Eglinton and Mount Pleasant).

We can gather to watch the video, eat, drink, and discuss it afterwards.  Sounds real good, yes?  Let me know your thoughts on this.  We may not set up a Video date in time for the next newsletter.  Call me if you are not on email and might like to attend.

HERBIE'S HERBS - Queen by Bathurst

(2)  Herbie's Herbs is a unique health food store on Queen Street east of Bathurst.   This is owned by 2 of our members, Elias and Lambros.  They have given us their permission for us to have a Field Trip there.  What we will do, some Sunday mid morning is meet at the store and dowse for supplements, products, etc., which are beneficial for us or not.  This is not forcing you to buy things, this is to practice your dowsing and understand more about your own personal health situation.

What makes it unique is that they have quality herbs, Chinese medicines, ayurvedics and many other unusual and quality products that you don't find other places.  And their prices are reasonable.  Their herbalist, Helen, might be available to help suggest herbs that can help your situation (as she did for me when I had that bad cough).  They will give a discount to all Toronto Dowsers members that day.

This will take place:  10:30-12:30 and then we GO FOR LUNCH!
Date:  January  19  or  26   or  February  2 or 9.   You decide. 
Contact me to let me know which date you like and we'll  DO IT!!!!

Hello Lillian!

Hello to Lillian Swanson, of Maine.  Lillian is our first US member.  She contacted me because she has been reading and enjoying the newsletters and wants to support what we are doing.  We appreciate this, Lillian.  Every little bit helps.  Membership dues pay for the newsletter.   Lillian also ordered one of our videos, which I will mail to her as soon as I finish the newsletter!

Nutritious portable food that helps you lose weight

At Raymon's workshop, he spoke to us about the difficulty he has to eat healthfully while he is on the road so much.  He found a solution to this, where he is eating healthy, taking in the nutrients he needs, its economical, his hunger is satisfied AND --- he is losing weight.  He got some products by USANA and has the NutriMeal for breakfast when he is away from home and has it more often when he is driving.

        Nutrimeal has been formulated to provide a meal replacement with a low-glycemic index. Low-glycemic-level foods help to maintain  blood sugar and insulin levels.  Refined carbohydrates cause a rise in insulin, which interferes with fat metabolism.

       Nutrimeal is available in three flavors: Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla and Wild Strawberry. Add one scoop of Nutrimeal to seven ounces of cold water, skim  milk, or soy milk. Blend or shake.

      With Nutrimeal you get 12 grams of high-quality soy protein per serving. Nutrimeal has The USANA soy protein formula, guaranteeing a minimum of 2.5 mg of isoflavones per gram of protein, or 30 mg of soy isoflavones per serving.  As a complete protein, it contains all the essential amino acids in optimal proportions. It contains no genetically modified soy protein.

    Nutrimeal is a blend of low glycemic carbohydrates, high-quality soy protein, and healthy fat that will give you the energy you need for each day. In addition, Nutrimeal contains 6 grams of dietary fiber per serving. Dietary fiber helps regulate digestion, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and is filling. It contains 280 calories (when mixed with soy milk)

     Nutrimeal is beneficial for people who want to lose weight. Because it has a low-glycemic index, your blood sugar is stabilized and your cravings for sugar decrease.  Using Nutrimeal with other foods does benefit people who are routinely sedentary. The vitamins and minerals in Nutrimeal can benefit those who are not physically active.

    Nutrimeal has been formulated with a 50:30:20 ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The ratio is based on calories. This balance provides high energy and good amounts of quality protein and healthy fats.

     Many women find Nutrimeal helpful because it tastes good and is a convenient way to get the nutrients they need.  The female metabolic profile tends to facilitate fat storage.  Women who try to lose body fat through standard dieting methods not only risk vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but can be derailed by frustration and the constant hunger that low food intake creates. Nutrimeal allows women to eat regularly and avoid hunger pangs that come with low-calorie dieting, so vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less frequent.

   Senior citizens can also benefit from Nutrimeal because poor appetite and poor nutrient selection frequently compromise their ingestion patterns. Even though they may eat the RDA levels of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, they continue to lose muscle mass through their later years. Maintaining muscle mass and strength is critical to their ability to live independently. Nutrimeal also contains fiber that helps regularity. The prebiotics (inulin and FOS) that are in Nutrimeal promote the growth of beneficial intestinal microorganisms in the GI tract.

If you are interested in this, Contact:  Jannette Huszczo at (519) 449-2782.

A "Mitzvah" for your Back

In Hebrew, the word "Mitzvah" means "a good deed".  Many of you are familiar with the "Mitvah Technique" which was created and is shown by Toronto residents Nehemiah and Malka Cohen, who have taught this to many others.  The Mitzvah Technique is a kind of body work based on Alexander and perhaps Feldenkreis.

Not too many people familiar with this technique know about the "Mitzvah Boards".  These are 2 boards that are to be used when you are sitting --- everywhere and anywhere.  I have been using them in my car for 10 years and do not like to drive without them.  They are easy to make.

They are excellent for people with back problems, especially lower back problems, and, can prevent you from developing back problems.

You take 2 pieces of, say, 1/2" plywood:  9" x 13".  Put foam padding on one side.  Cover them with a well wearing material, staple it down.   So now you have 2 boards.  In your car seat, put one under your caboose, another behind your back, about 2"-3" up from your coccyx.  In the car, it might take about a half hour to get used to it and you'll never want to leave home without it.  I love my Mitzvah boards.

If someone is interested in these boards and, like me, is too lazy to make them I have an extra set I will sell you at my cost which is $50.   If you learn how to make them this could be a nice gift.

Feeding your hair

You must have noticed Elise De Villiers and her gorgeous lonnggg dreads.  I asked her about them:
    Me:       Elise, what do you feed your hair?
    Elise:    FloraSil and Udo Oil.
Now, these are good products.  From Flora.  FloraSil is Liquid Silica Gel and is good for the hair and nails.  Udo Oil is a blend of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3's and 6's) and it is GOOD.  It does help Elise (financially) that she now works for Flora but she started this before she started working with them.

If you happen to over Indulge ---

The remedy I've always seen as to be THE Hangover cure is "Umeboshi Plum" which is really an apricot and available in health food stores.  It's most significant value in this case is it is the most alkalanizing food and helps neutralize the acid created by alcohol.

By taking 10 grams of umeboshi it is possible to neutralize the acidity created by consuming 100 grams of sugar.

You can use umeboshi for:

* over acidity in the stomach
* intestinal problems
* tiredness
* after consuming a harmful food such as sugar.
* lack of appetite
* constipation
* bad breath
* morning sickness

* Picric Acid: This acid supports and stimulates the function of the liver. Umeboshi also helps the liver to clean out artificial chemicals from our body.

* Catechin Acid: This acid speeds up the peristaltic movement of the intestines; it also has an antiseptic effect, and promotes the digestion of proteins.

A hangover is basically the result of liver toxicity, dehydration and malnutrition. "When alcohol metabolizes in the liver, it creates acetaldehyde," says Grace Ormstein, M.D., scientific advisor for Houston-based Ayurvedic Concepts Ltd. "If the liver is unable to detoxify acetaldehyde on time or quickly enough, it stays in the body and creates the hangover symptoms." Meanwhile, the liver is depleted of important nutrients. Walter Crinnion, N.D., a practicing naturopath in Seattle, adds that acetaldehyde is also very dehydrating.

At the same time, "Alcohol inhibits a hormone from the pituitary gland called anti-diuretic hormone, which is there so you're not always going to the bathroom," says Mark Lamden, N.D., an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr University, who is also in private practice in Kenmore, Wash. "When you drink [alcohol], it suppresses anti-diuretic, which will result in you urinating more and therefore losing more electrolytes."

Why a Bloody Mary is recommended:   Tomato juice is high in sodium and potassium, and therefore assists in replenishing electrolytes. Along these lines, fresh juices such as carrot, beet, celery and parsley are also beneficial because they provide liver support and electrolytes.

Soak the umeboshi for 5 minutes in hot water or bancha/kukicha tea,drink the liquid and eat the plum.

  BIFIDUS:   "The best remedy that I know of is Bifidobacterium bifidum, one of the natural bacteria in the bowels," Crinnion says. "Bifido has the amazing ability of breaking down or detoxifying aldehydes." He recommends taking one teaspoon in water of a product like Natren's Bifido Factor before going to bed. "Everyone I've given this to has said, 'Wow, that worked incredibly well.'"

 NUX VOMICA:  Also recommended is the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica. A dose of one 6C or 12C tablet every three to four hours is a "reasonable dose.   There are also homeopathic combinations available.

 VITAMINS:  The vitamin route: a combination of the following vitamins and minerals: zinc, 30 mg; niacinamide, 500 mg; magnesium, 500 mg; vitamin C, 2,000 mg; B-complex, 100 mg of each B, and 100 mcg of B12; and folic acid, 1 or 2 mg. Sometimes a B-complex vitamin with folic acid, separate vitamin C and a multivitamin.

 MILK THISTLE:  Regarding the highly touted hangover remedy milk thistle, Linda Whitedove, herbalist and formulator for Hygiene, Colo.-based Homegrown Herbals, says, "It would work best if you're already taking it, because it's a liver protector." She says it's excellent for alcoholics and recommends they eat one tablespoon of freshly ground milk thistle seeds a day. For hangover cures specifically, Whitedove says: "People ask me this all the time and what I've always recommended is umeboshi plum. Get it in paste or plum balls, and start with the dosage on the package. It works best if you take it the night before, but it also works well in the morning."

*About a Ginger ale*
The main ingredients of Ginger Ale are yellow coloring with SYOUGA and a substance called Curcumin. Curcumin stimulates liver function. Decomposition of alcohol is performed by liver. When Curcumin is prescribed in a rat after making alcohol intake, the amount of alcoholic dependence after 30 minutes will decrease a maximum of 25%. It turns out in the experiment that the same effect is seen in man. (This is led by the University of the Ryukyu, Japan agricultural department).

Curcumin works to  recovers the function of the liver after consumption of  alcohol. One function is to speeds up the decomposition of alcohol. A substance called the acetaldehyde that is decomposed from alcohol by liver is the cause substance. Curcumin speeds up decomposition speed about 50%. Another action is increasing the secretion of bile. Bile mainly emulsifies fat, increases activity of pancreatic lipase, and helps digestion and absorption of lipid. If a liver function falls by excessive drinking of alcohol, secretion of bile will become bad and the burden to the liver will increase. Curcumin promotes secretion of bile and makes the burden to liver light. The liver is protected and the function of liver is recovered by these two actions. In addition, ginger has a strong anti-oxidative action. It is the function of an anti-oxidative substance to protect the body from the oxygen radical, one cause of aging.

Information for this section was taken from the following websites:

The Toronto Dowsers Water Project
Healing the Waters of the Planet
Using Water for Health and Happiness

Water, wonderful essential life giving water.  The foundation for dowsing, the most plentiful substance in our physical bodies and on our planet. The symbol of our Aquarian age.   Where would we be without it?  Dead.  Dried out, withered, turned to dust, dispersed in to one of the other 3 elements:  Air.

The need to find water is, how dowsing started thousands of years ago and still continues.

We know, but as of this point, not enough of us fully believe, that we can do anything we can conceive of with our minds, with our intention.  We are starting to understand and believe in the power and magic of what we can do with water and how we can use it to help us manifest.
We have the ability, today, to use The Water Project to clean up the water on the planet.
The Toronto Dowsers, and our friends, can, as of this moment, heal all the water on this planet.
From what Raymon Grace has been telling us for 2 years, one of his strongest passions is for all of us to work together to clean up the water on our planet.

A reason interest in dowsing is exploding is because dowsers find water! Nature knows that the water supply for her children is in trouble and is providing us with the tools we need to take care of ourselves --- like caterpillars who are fatter before a cold winter.  Do you know about the Dewatering they are purposefully doing around Markham?  The water table is being lowered --- drastically.  In the not too distant future the water supply for that entire area on the North border of the GTA will be in BIG trouble.  When I was a kid I read a prediction about how in the future electronic gadgets would be really cheap and we would pay big bucks for air and water.  I thought it was ridiculous.  Is there something wrong with the following picture?:

Gasoline:   1 Liter:  $.69-$76           Water:   1 Liter: $.99-$2.49

At the November 26th Advanced workshop with Raymon he spoke to us again about the power of water and how we can and ought to use this power.

    We help the water    The water helps us    We help the water    The water helps us    We...
There are two [equally important] parts to this project:
1)    We use our dowsing, programming and intent to clear, heal and energize the waters.
       This heals, cleanses the water on the planet.

2)    We use this water to heal ourselves on all levels and achieve what we want in life.

At a point in their travels in Yellowknife this past June, Larry & Raymon felt that a body of water near them was "wild", that it was filled with the spirit of fear and anger.  They asked that the healing power of the Creator be applied to the spirit of the water. After, the water was much calmer.

There is so much we can do, with our dowsing, to water.  Water is, as we know, easily programmable.  The molecules have memory --- like panty hose!  Water retains memory better than perhaps any other substance we know.  After all, we know that homeopathic remedies retain the energy, imprint and effect of their original substance with perhaps only 1/1,000,000th the size of the original substance in water.

Water is an intimate part of who we are.  It is in us, we are in it.  We use a great deal of it several times every day.  It keeps us clean, nourishes us and our food supply, is a source for recreation, warms us, cools us, heals us, amazes us, has and gives power, beauty, softness.  It can be a simple cure for headaches, backaches.  Drinking enough water every day can keep us healthy and prolong our lives.  It is one of the most plentiful, perfect, useful essential substances we have.  And yet, we ignore it, waste it, pollute it, don't value it.

Finding water is the essence, the source, the soul of Dowsing — where dowsing originated.  Dowsers begin their learning about dowsing with water energies because, it is an earth energy. Earth energies are the strongest energies and the easiest with which to get the dowsing response.

Dowsers have reported that, by using dowsing, programming and water, you can:

  •   Derive nutrients through water
  •   Reduce the symptoms of physical ailments
  •   Rid yourself of negative emotional patterns
  •   Heal, clean up, Unpollute the waters of Planet Earth
  • I would blue skye when I rode the New York City subways.  One day I was looking at a daughter, mother and grandmother.  I noticed the beautiful skin of the young girl and the wrinkly skin of the grandmother.  Why?  I wondered.  What makes the skin of kids soft?  What makes the skin of older people wrinkly (sometimes).   I was only a teenager and possibly not too learned at the time, but finally came up with the answer:  WATER!  It's the lessening of water in the skin of the grandmother that makes her skin wrinkly!   BUT!?   WHAT reduces the water?  How?   After all, she doesn't sit in the sun like a plum to become a prune.

    Tracy McBurney gave me a clue when I did my nutritional studies.  She said that as people become older, the cells hold half as much water as they used to.   The next question is:  How do they get this way?  Then:  How to stop that process.   However, as I don't have the answer to that question at this moment....

    Raymon found out about a measurement called "Dynes".  The concept of "dynes" comes from Alexis Correl.  Dynes measure the surface tension of water.  Hunza Water (probably the factor that made the Hunzakuts the longest lived people on the planet.  Hunza water was literally "energized water", capable of providing the life force required by all living systems), in addition to being highly mineralized, has a surface tension that is lower than ordinary water.  A dyne is a very small unit of force, the amount needed to break the surface skin of the water. Lower surface tension results in "wetter water", making it easier to absorb nutrients and release toxins. The body's cells require a surface tension of 45 in order to be permeated and hydrated.

    Alexis Correl, who kept a chicken heart alive for 37 years and received a Nobel Prize, stated that a secret of life is to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins. If those nutrients can't get into the cells because the water has too high a surface tension, the cells dehydrate and die of their own waste products.  He found that if you can provide the appropriate nutrition for a cell and remove the waste material it will never die. Water is the medium.  If the surface tension is too high, waste removal can not be done efficiently.  Ordinary water has a surface tension of 73.  Crystal Energy, a product created by Patrick Flanagan, is supposed to lower the dynes level to 59-65.  This is also what Microhydrin, another Flanagan product, is supposed to accomplish.

    You could drink a ton of ordinary 73 dyne water but if you don't have the micronutrients in your body to convert it into 45 dyne "living water" - and most if us don't due to our poor artificial modern environment - it won't permeate the cells, the cells will dehydrate and the water will just go into the body and flush out.  Tap water typically has a surface tension of 73 dynes. The body has to work to lower the surface tension of our drinking water in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls.  When the dynes are lower, you have a more efficient solvent and wetting agent. It is the solvent nature of a liquid that enables it to perform its functions in the living system.

    If the water you drink has the ideal Dynes level of 45-48, nutrients will get in to the cells efficiently and waste and toxins will be taken out efficiently.  Thus cells, will be healthier, last longer and improve your health and longevity.  Also, as we age, our cells hold less water.  So our skin wrinkles.  This is what happens with prunes.  Water is taken out of the cells.  This is what happens with dehydrated skin.   It becomes prune-like. Wrinkly.

    This summer Raymon worked on a well in California.
        Hardness went               from    9    to    4
        Alkalinity                       from    200    to    130
        pH                                7.5 - no change
        Iron                              from   .8 to .7
        Nitrates                         from 14  to  6.5
        Total dissolved solids     from 1200 to 800

    In July he worked on a well in Saskatoon:
        Before he worked on it, the level of arsenic in the filtered water was 46
        After he worked on it, the level of arsenic in the unfiltered water was 6.7

    There is a spring in North Carolina which was condemned for human use by the state Department of Health due to unacceptable levels of coliform bacteria.  After Raymon worked on it 3 times, the coliform levels were retested and the level was Zero.

            January 2002, Shelley Bourne used Raymon's techniques and substantially reduced the level of coliforms in a well --- so much so that the well water was now safe.
            There is a couple who own a 1,000 acre potato and onion farm in Grand Bend, Ontario at a workshop we had in the fall.  They had a big problem with a sulphur smell that was coming from their water.  They were being threatened with closure of their business by the government because this was offensive to their neighbors.  They used dowsing and prayer techniques they learned from Joey Korn and the stink went away.

    [PLEASE NOTE:  The above results have not been "Scientifically Proven".   However I question what we all too often accept as "Scientifically proven".   Just as Dr. Michael Crichton, author of "Jurassic Park", producer of "ER" wrote in his 1988 autobiography "Travels" p. 395-396:

    "........   the basic intellectual posture of science in the latter twentieth century.   I then asked, "Has anyone in this room had their tonsils and adenoids removed?  Has anyone had a radical mastectomy for breast cancer?  Has anyone been treated in an intensive care unit?  Has anyone had coronary bypass surgery?  Of course, many people had.
             I then said, "then you're all knowledgeable about superstitions, because all these procedures are examples of superstitious behavior.  They are procedures carried out without scientific evidence that they produce any health benefit.  This society spends billions of dollars a year on superstitious medicine, and that is a problem --- and an expense --- far more important than astrology columns in daily newspapers which are so vigorously attacked by the brainpower of  CSICOP. ...  "

    Science can be used effectively.  However it is still rather primitive as it has not yet developed the tools and instrumentation necessary to effectively observe and measure energy modalities such as dowsing.]

    We can use dowsing to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use intention to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use prayer to clean up our waters.  All of them.
    We can use dowsing, intention, and/or prayer to clean up all of our waters.
    " Never before have we had the opportunity we have now.
    Never before have we needed it so badly."

    Several months ago Raymon took a jug of water, "cleaned it" with dowsing and then energized it with dowsing and programming, putting various forms of energy in to it.

    A few drops of this water was poured in to a swimming pool.  Small amounts of this cleansed and energized water were poured in to other pools.   People who then swam in this water were reporting that they had more energy, they could swim better, longer, that aches and pains and symptoms of illness were decreasing.

    What was reported was that a young man who had been diagnosed with Autism spent time in one of these pools.  He came out after a short time and had started doing things he had never done before.

    Someone burnt his arm --- the fatty portion, just below the elbow --- with 2nd degree burns.  The day after this happened he was in the pool and when he came out the burn area had been healed.

    Then, there was an 8 year old girl who had been diagnosed with cancer, and was being treated for cancer.  She had tubes coming out of her body.  She was given a bottle of this energized pool water to put in to her own pool.  Her parents did so, and, she would spend time in it every day.   This young girl liked to draw.  She would draw pictures of a rainbow, however, she only drew half of a rainbow.  Three months later she started drawing the complete rainbow and said that her cancer was gone and would never return.  A short while later she was re-tested, re-diagnosed and was told that the cancer was gone. [NOTE:  P.M. Atwater had given the keynote presentation to the ASD 2000.  She spoke about the drawings of children and their meanings.  This drawing of a half, and then a complete rainbow is meaningful and indicative of what this young child knew on deep levels.]

    People using this energized water say that it only takes ONE DROP of this water to raise the energy when poured in to other water (the swimming pool).  ONE DROP increased the energy field of a swimming pool from 3 feet to 40 feet.

    Later on, more energy was added which increased it to 200 feet.

    We had [Raymon's] energized water in a pool that we swam in at one of our summer meetings.  It was like the movie "Cocoon".  We felt so good in it and did not want to come out.  One of the women who went in to it was using a cane.  When she left, she was carrying the cane.

    It has already been shown to us, that by you programming your water with your intent, and using it, you can achieve the results you want in your life.

    At the 11/26 workshop, Raymon said:  "The thought is that this water reaches out and touches other water.  And so forth. ...."

    And so: EUREKA!  Like the immediate illumination of a thousand watt light bulb the idea for THE WATER PROJECT burst in to consciousness.

    As I heard these words, I thought of the 5 gallon jug of Reverse Osmosis water I just happened to have in the trunk of my car. .... .... ....  After the workshop I explained my idea to Raymon and he agreed that it could be done and it is a good idea.

    I went to get the jug from the car and he pointed out to me the obvious --- I could leave it right where it was.

    So Raymon programmed the water in this jug.  In the 2  1/2 years I have been around Raymon I have never seen him program anything with such fervor and passion and determination and power.   He put everything he had in to programming this jug of water for the highest good of all.   He connected with a source and a power so deep and so high all the beneficial forces in the universe were with him at that time.   Unfortunately, we did not write it all down.  There is a tremendous amount of power in this water.

    Raymon Grace programmed this water solely for our use.

    Raymon programmed this water so that:

    It has an ideal Dynes level for the human body,
    It has a high energy level,
    All negativity, toxins, pollutants, negative thought forms have been removed,
    All fears, anger, despair, sadness, grief, etc. have been removed and changed to 5th Dimensional Energy
    It is filled with beneficial energies, love, happiness, prosperity, joy, peace,
    Flower of Life energy has been added,
    Every other drop of water that it touches will have these qualities and every drop of water those drops touch will have these qualities.
    " May this  water carry the Energy of the "Spirit of the Water" to raise the energy of all water with which it comes in contact. May this process continue to repeat itself to greatest good of humanity and the Earth. HO!"

    NOW that it was programmed we wanted to get it to you to use.

    But first we needed a name for this special water.
    So we had a contest open to members of the Toronto Dowsers who have email.
    We had so many good suggestions:  Healing Water, Graced Water, Spirit Water, Planetary Elixir, the Ripple Effect, Fantasia, Gaia's Gift, Living Water, Water Rays, Wizard Water, Energized Water, Infinity Water, etc.  The winning name was submitted by Avis BrownECH20 --  Energized Cosmic Water

    I got 96  250 ml bottles, filled them up, labeled them, packaged each bottle with a flyer describing What, Why and How.  We asked for $2 per bottle to cover the costs of the bottles.   66 people bought bottles at our December meeting.

    If you do the math, and assume I was filling the bottles up properly, you might wonder:  How is this possible?  After all, it takes more than a 5 gallon (18 liter) jug to fill up 96  250 ml. bottles.  How was this done?  Instead of  ECH20 could this be Fantasia Water as illustrated by the "Sorcerer's Apprentice"?  Or could this be Infinity Water, endless, and, where it just keeps going and going like an Eveready Battery?

    That's the beauty of this water.  As Raymon said:   " Every other drop of water that it touches will have these qualities and every drop of water those drops touch will have these qualities."

    Like the "Kitchen Sink" --- a seemingly bottomless castle of ice cream we big eyed kids would try to finish in Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor in New York --- every one's bottle of Energized Cosmic Water is indeed bottomless and infinite.

    When the big jug was 1/3 full, I filled it up again.
    You can do the same thing.
    You now have a bottle of ECH20 .   ECH20's energizing effects keep "echo-ing". they keep reverberating, rippling, extending expanding outward onward and forever.

    Now that you have your bottle, what do you do with it, how do you use it?


    Drop a couple of drops of  ECH20 in to a larger water jug.  Drink that water, use it for your plants.

    Drop a couple drops in to a dropper bottle with water — one you would carry around with you.  Drop a couple drops of  ECH20 in to soups, beverages, glass of wine, etc.  Intend.

    You can drink it "as is", however it will have a stronger effect if, as you drink it you "INTEND" say, that it bring you health, longevity, etc. — whatever you desire.  You can make "Medicine Water" to heal non beneficial emotional patterns, achieve what you want in life, as we learned through Larry & Raymon.

    Pour a couple of drops of this water in to a swimming pool, in to a lake, river or ocean, with Intention.

    When your bottle has 1" of water left, add more water to the bottle.

    Please see that this water is distributed to people who travel to different places, so that even a few drops of this water be poured in to the different waters around our Planet!  Again, with Intention.

    Water is receptive to "thought forms". You may put a specific thought form in the water to accomplish a specific purpose.

    If you are on Internet, do check out: .   It shows some of the pictures from Masaru Emoto's work on water, "How Water Reflects Our Consciousness" and shows pictures of molecules of water that have been influenced by different thoughts, or music. Molecules of water that have been sitting near the sound of a Beethoven's symphony look very different, under the microscope, say, than water that has been sitting near the sound of heavy metal music.  He proves that the shape of molecules of water is influenced by our thoughts, our emotions.  What do you think happens to it when it gets in to your cells?

    One of the reasons youngsters are achieving hormonal maturity earlier is because so many people are taking hormonal substances, such as birth control pills, estrogen therapy, viagra.  People ingest these products and then produce waste matter in the form of urine.  This goes in to the water system and influences and re-programs the water.  Our waters today are more filled up with hormones than 50 years ago and it is affecting the hormonal and sexual growth of our children.  We can reverse this process.  So occasionally, also pour a few drops down your sink or toilet.

    Please give a bottle of ECH20 to people who travel so they can pour a few drops of ECH20, with intention, in to other bodies of water such as:

    The River Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Gulf of Suez, Chesapeake Bay, Lakes Michigan, Erie Ontario; Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Tonken Gulf; Yangtze, Potomac, East (River, NYC), Hudson, St. Lawrence, Ganges, Tigris, Nile, Amazon, Euphrates, Don Valley, Mekong, Mississippi, Rio Grande Rivers; Mediterranean, North, Red, Black, Arabian, South China, Caribbean, Sargasso Seas; Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian Oceans, etc.
    ... As I was writing the above, I started keying in large bodies of water that occurred to me, waters I had heard about ---  over the years in connection with pollution problems.  HEY!  TAKE ANOTHER GOOD LOOK AT THAT LIST!   What do you see?  Virtually EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT BODY OF WATER ON THIS PLANET IS IN TROUBLE!  It's the WHOLE DARNED PLANET!!!  What do you think your quality of life is going to be like in 20 years if you don't do something about it today?  And you know what?!  NOW WE CAN!   And --- like everything that is good and pure and true --- it's basic.  And, its easy.

    This is not just about physical pollution such a toxic run off, waste from factory farms, nutrient pollution.  We are also changing the energetic pollution from wars, strife, conflict, terrorism, poverty, etc..   Raymon added energies to deal with these situations as well.

    Right now we need to be especially mindful of the North Atlantic Ocean, Straits of Gibraltar, the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel due to the recent horrific mammoth oil spill:

    GALICIA, Spain 20 Nov  - A crippled tanker carrying more than 20 million gallons (around 67,000 tons) of oil split in half off the northwest coast of Spain on Tuesday (Nov. 19), threatening one of the worst environmental disasters in history. The rear section of the Prestige sunk early in the day, taking many of the oil tanks with it. Should the tanks leak, the resulting spill would be more than twice the size of that caused by the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident. Trouble began last Wednesday, when the vessel encountered a violent storm about 150 miles off Spain's Atlantic coast, causing an oil tank to puncture. The leak already had spilled at least 2 million gallons of oil. The tanker also had a 30- to 50-foot crack in the hull below the waterline which made it unable to proceed under its own power while salvagers sought a port to do repairs or transfer the oil to another vessel.

    One of the people doing this is Ann Fowle.  We won't see Ann at the January meeting.  She will be snorkeling on the Baja Peninsula, and, with intent, pouring a few drops of ECH20 in to the Gulf of California.  Ann recently celebrated her 80th birthday.

    Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind and YOU can achieve
    (Note: Clement Stone, of the Crystal Cathedral, born in 1902, died September 2002)

    Try a "blind taste test":   With a friend, pour identical water in to 2 identical glasses.  Put a couple of drops of ECH20 in to one of the glasses.   Drink and see if you notice a difference between the 2.  What is that difference?

    Carry a dropper bottle with you with this water.  Put a couple of drops in whatever you think is suitable.

    As "Medicine Water":  Put energized water in to a glass.  Focus on a result you want to have in your life.  See it, intend it, focus on it, feel it.  Be it.  Project all that energy, all those thoughts, feelings, intentions in to the water.  Sip at it, all the while totally "be-ing" the result you are achieving.

    When your bottle gets low, add more water.

    I felt like "Lucy".  Remember hearing about Lucy?  She was thought to be the first human and the supposed Mother of the Human Race.  "Lucy" was a fossil, discovered to be so far, the oldest species of the proto-human genus: Australopithecus --- the finders named it Australopithecus afarensis and nicknamed it Lucy.   Now, I don't think of myself as a fossil, not yet, anyway --- but out of this one 5 gallon jug that I have, this could be the "Mother Jug" that is the source of the water that heals the waters on this planet.  Is it doable?  You betcha!  Certainement!

    So now you know what to DO with it.  MAKE IT A HABIT.  Please. Go ahead.  DO SOMETHING!

    Everyone:  Get a bottle and Use it.  We have more things planned around the Water Project for you between now and June, for your own personal bottle of ECH20.

    Do you take a Bath?  rather than a shower?

    Many of us have shower filters that remove chlorine (I'm on my third one and find it very effective).  But what happens to all that chlorine when you have a bath?  This has been a problem.

    At the Whole Life Expo, there was a booth selling "The Crystal Ball" (Bath 2000), which is a "bath de-chlorinator".  It's a plastic shell with holes that encloses a filter filled with KDF (?).

    This sells for $50 and is good for approximately 320 baths
    and whaddya know, they don't have contact information on the flyer I picked up!  Not smart.  Well, it will probably be in some health food stores, at the Total Health Show.   I buy my water at Aquabella (it used to be called Water Source) --- Avenue Road, west side, about 3 blocks south of the 401.  They have these thingamajiggies.

    Comment:  It is a good thing as chlorine is a terrible killer of vital nutrients, beneficial bacteria --- especially if one has a Candida like condition as the yeast fungus grows even faster in this situation --- especially when it surrounds the thin skin between the toes and/or passes by anal tissues --- vulnerable in a bathing situation.  I do not like having to pay 60 cents / bath to protect myself from this government ordered destruction --- that I have to pay for in the first place.

    A bra design that is healthier for the Breast:
    One of the booths at the Whole Life Expo featured a new design of bra that is healthier for breast tissue.  It supports the breast rather than squeezes it.   I am mentioning this here, because when I was talking with folks at the show, asking them what they saw that they thought was worthwhile, this was recommended by every woman.  Apparently these bras (there is no name given for this) not only support the breast, but they are especially superb for full breasted women, and/or women who have a history of breast cancer in their families.  There are no wires, no bra marks digging in to make grooves on your shoulder.  There is proper drainage of the lymph glands, and, of breast tissue.  Circulation is improved, its easier on the spine, there is less stress on the neck and shoulder.  In the Toronto area call:  Liz Ross  416 465 9935 (I have a flyer with phone numbers of women who sell these in London, Windsor, Grand Bend, etc.)  They will do a "party" with 4+ women.
    A Drinking Glass that helps you lose weight
    When you go to the Total Health Show in March you may see someone there who is selling drinking glasses.  They look like 10 ounce "tumbler style" glasses, with a seal on one side.  Know what?

    If you put TAP water in to this glass, and, if you drink it, you will lose weight.   That's what they are designed for.  Other glasses, with other seals, are designed for other things; the seals have been energized for specific purposes.  Perhaps prosperity, love, happiness, ... It is also thought that they also contain Scalar Energy. (I hope some day someone soon can offer us an explanation of Scalar Energy that we can all understand.)

    I don't doubt that these glasses work and its good that they are available.  I might even buy a glass for someone.   Hopefully, though, as dowsers we can do this ourselves as we are learning how to do this.  Each glass costs about $40.  Would you rather pay $40 for each element or would you rather have the whole shooting match for free?  As always, the choice is yours'.

    Interested in Mannatech (neutraceutical) products?
    If there is one person out there who would like to purchase Mannatech's  nutritional supplements, I can get a certain amount of products for you on a regular basis, below cost.  They carry glyconutritionals, vitamins, endocrine products, weight loss, antioxidants, tissue recovery (for those who work out, experience arthritic pain), cleansing, etc.  These products are pricey, but they are good and I'd like to help one person who needs them.  Contact me if you are interested.

    Good Water for a Dry Well
    by Susan Collins
    Susan Collins lives in King City, has been dowsing for a number of years, and will be teaching a course January 11th.

    Ann had never had a lot of water from her dug well at her home near Schomberg, north of Toronto, but it had been sufficient for her needs if she was careful not to flush the toilet while she was doing the laundry.  She was horrified to come home from a weekend visiting relatives to find not only her well dry, but her basement flooded as well. Drilling a new well was out of the question, and she was relying on bottled water and neighbours for support.

    By chance, I called her on another matter a few days later, and asked how she was. Instead of saying “Fine”, as most of us will when asked this innocuous question by an acquaintance, she blurted out “My well is dry!”  “Great!” I said, “I’ll be right over.” This was good news for me, since I’d be asking the universe to refer troubled wells to me within an easy driving distance of my home in King City. I wanted to get back to the source of dowsing: the job of finding water.  I had the “classroom” experience of working with underground streams and wells, I’d heard the stories and practiced on the lawn, but had never actually dowsed one myself.

    The next day was cold with light snow and a strong wind. I put on winter gear including heavy mitts, grabbed my L-rods and walked her property. I had suspected that the stream feeding her well had been diverted to her basement, but quickly discovered this was not the case. The flooded basement had been caused by heavy rain, and it seemed that the underground stream feeding her well had been moved by a natural seismic shift.

    I asked the universe if I could facilitate a solution to the problem of the dry well. YES. I asked if there was an appropriate stream that was willing to come into the well. YES.  I asked if I could use a piece of metal ** to divert the stream. YES. My rods showed me where to put the metal, and I hammered it into the ground with prayer and intention. The whole process took about fifteen minutes.

    Three days later I called Ann to see how her well was doing. “Perfect!” she replied. “I have more water now than I ever did!” I checked with Ann a couple of weeks later, and she told me that the well is still supplying her with lots of fresh water.

    What did we learn? First, that the universe will support us if there is a clear, unselfish need and we ask with prayer and intent, and second, that you should always tell the truth when someone asks how you are.

    **   Susan said that she was not specific about the metal in the story, because it's more the prayer and intention that does the work - not what the actual piece of metal is.  People ought not get hung up on the tool and miss the point about intention.   However, for those of us who need to pacify that need to know everything:

    "     The pieces of metal I use for this purpose are steel rods, about 12 inches long by 1/4 inch in diameter. I hammer them into the ground with a regular hammer. In the past I've tired the rebar method of water diversion used by Harold McCoy, Ed Stillman and others. This method involves staking or hammering lengths of rebar (which come in 4 foot by 3/4 inch lengths) with a sledge hammer. The effort of hack sawing through pieces of rebar and dragging them, along with a 20 pound sledgehammer and the rest of the tools I use (L-rods, marker flags, drinking water etc.) across large properties is too hard on my body. This work needs to be done for the best and highest good of all concerned including the dowser, and with that in mind, I developed the "miniature" system described above. The aspect that is not miniaturized is the pure intention of providing an appropriate source of good water to meet the needs of the people depending on it."

    Susan will be teaching a Dowsing Course,   "Develop Your Intuition Through Dowsing"

    Date:                January 11, 2003
    Time:                10 am - 2 pm  ---   Bring your lunch!
    Location:           King City:  King City Library,  1970 King Road
    Cost:                 $35
    Content:            Discover which foods support your health
                             Balance your body's energy systems
                             Find power spots in your home

    Our February 11, 2003  Speaker:  Rev. Mary Hardy
    AND:  Preventing Rust on your Car; Preventing Car Sickness
    Our speaker for February is the Rev. Mary Hardy, of Michigan.  Mary came to our attention when she spoke at the ASD.  She is the author of: "Pyramid Energy, The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man" and "The Alchemist’s Guide to Homeopathy".

    In the 1980’s she studied self-healing due to a personal illness.  That is how she became a Homeopath.  In 1968, Mary and her family were asked to build a pyramid.  This pyramid is designed to balance the grid so that ELF energies will be neutralized.  Mary now feels that its time to present this information to those on the planet that can understand it.

    Bill Colclough is one of our members who is familiar with Mary's work and did a review for us of her book: "Pyramid Energy, The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man".

    "  When asked to sum up the content of the text, Mary stated "that it was a handbook on Pyramids and how they work on the earth's grid system" (electromagnetic fields). Pyramids (Egyptian) were placed strategically at the centre of the earth to bring stability and energy to our grid system and to our environment.  In addition, pyramids are interdimensional, interplanetary communication devices that may be used for great understanding and wisdom by mankind.

    Pyramids are also particle energy generators (tachyon) and they refocus light.  As we come closer to very different times, it becomes apparent that working with pyramids / electromagnetic / grid systems is most important.

    The authors have gone to great lengths to explain how energy works and how we are affected by electro-magnetics. It is all energy, light and vibration.

    Laws of the Universe are wonderfully presented here so we can see how and why our world around us exists and how it works.  The purposes of ley lines are revealed as well as how we can now utilize energy as they did in the past.

    Some may wish to understand how obelisks and medicine wheels operate, using vortices, standing columnar waves, etc.  The authors cover all of it well.

    A very special section is devoted to Nicola Tesla, how he gave mankind many low cost energy producing devices.

    Many dowsers are healers. The authors explain the importance of vibration, tachyon energy, the use of color, etc., "CHANGE THE ENERGY AND YOU CHANGE THE MANIFESTATION OF THE MASS." Also for dowsers there is an explanation of how the water cycle works and how spin and energy are key elements to good water. We, as well as our planet, are largely composed of water.

    The book is about pyramids and so much more.  This is not an easy read, but it is recommended for the knowledge thirsty."   - Bill Colclough, December 2002

    A useful piece of information that came to us was from Mary's husband, Dean.  Dean suggested that one attach a grounding strap to the frame [in the rear] of your car.  That you do this so it does not touch the ground as you are moving forward, but it does touch when you are standing still or moving backwards.

    This is necessary to properly ground your vehicle.  It is believed that if you have such a Ground Strap that your car does not rust.  The reason for this is that as you are travelling, negative ions build up on and around your vehicle.  The strap discharges them.  It's the build up that allows rust to get a hold and grow.  The grounding will keep rust from getting hold of the body of your car.

    This also is suggested to be useful for people who experience car sickness.  They will probably no longer experience the symptoms of car sickness if they have made proper use of a grounding strap.

    Note: Canadian Tire discontinued sales of the grounding straps September 2002.

    Go to the ASD Convention:  June 9 - 16, 2003, Lyndonville, Vermont

    MORE  G*R*E*A*T  News!  WOW!  I'm sooo excited --- found out that FREDDY SILVA  will be one of the speakers at ASD.  Freddy is one of the pre-eminent researchers and authors on Crop Circles.  Some of the review from his book was in last month's newsletter to tell a little bit about what Crop Circles are and why [we think] they are here.

    Patrick MacManaway, Peter Champoux, Ivan McBeth, Mary Hardy (our own February speaker) will be there and are also deeply involved in Earth Energies.  So will Robert Gilbert, who speaks on Sacred Geometry.

    From the listing of speakers, there is a definite shifting to the investigation, education and discussion of a different kind of earth energies --- they are going deeper in to the study of earth energies, to the more sacred aspects and how they have been used, or abused, by those interested in power.  Instead of just defining what they are, there is also a connection to revealing more of their purpose.  Talking about grids and sacred sites and the connectings.  And, things we can do with this knowledge.  I'll tell you something folks, the work of these people is just beautiful.  It is so spiritual, it represents such a love and awe of the glory and magnificence of Creation.

    This is a very unusual, high powered line up.  We are lucky to have this opportunity.  As more people become aware and start accepting these energies, the demand for these people will be higher.  Get to see them while you can.

    IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON JOINING THE ASD:  Could you let me know?  And, can you say that I referred you?  If you refer 4 new members your membership is free.

    I promise you --- you will be delighted that you have made this decision to attend.  Keep checking at:  802-684-3417.  And start saving some dough.

    Predictions, Planet X, Hope, Changing Times...

    I have not forgotten about discussions since May about Planet X, December 11th, discussions of probable/possible future events.  Discussions and preparations with regard to Planet X continue.  Mark Hazlewood, author of Blindsided, the book about Planet X, continues to do research, is about to come out with another book and he tells where he has been [very cleverly] lied to when doing his research.  There are more sightings of unusual celestial objects. Anyone in our group who wanted to know about PX, by now, we believe, has the information they require.

    One of the most memorable statements that Mark made was "Planet X is a catalyst for Spiritual change and growth."  It certainly woke a lot of us up.  It seems that the awareness of the possibility of Planet X, or a Planet X like event is what catalyzed our Mass Consciousness raising events.  We and people in 13 countries do a Mass Consciousness awareness raising 4 times a year, at the time of the solstices and the equinoxes.  Dowsing has measured a difference in Mass Consciousness from .6% of the planet in August to over 7% of the planet at the present time.  Southwest Ontario has an an increase of 17%.

    This week, I see ripples of change.  The ripples bringing hope that what we are doing is finally making a difference, that the tide is turning, we are waking up from our long sleep.

    Hope and realization that finally people are waking up and not allowing government to blindside us as they have been doing is dawning.  We are no longer swallowing their lies.  David Hawkins, author of 'Power vs. Force' said:

    "Mankind lacks the capacity to recognize the difference between good and evil."

    "Injury to man's "spiritual eye" has resulted in dimness of moral vision. and blindness to truth which affect 85% of the earth's population, which linger below the level of integrity. "

    "The great issue that confronts mankind as a whole is the healing of this spiritual blindness."

    "The universe does not work in the ways that we have been taught.  It is time to awaken and to learn the truth."

    Just this week, December 19th, there was this report from the New York Times:

    Two Hospitals Refuse to Join Bush's Plan for Smallpox
    December 19, 2002

    ATLANTA, Dec. 18 - As health experts continue to express doubts about President Bush's plan for smallpox vaccinations, two major hospitals have already refused to go along with the program, and several others say they have not yet decided.

    The two hospitals are Grady Memorial in Atlanta and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. Both say the risks of the vaccine are too significant to allow them to inoculate their employees under the new federal guidelines.

    "No, this is not a safe vaccine," said Dr. Carlos del Rio, chief of medical services at Grady Hospital and a professor of infectious disease. "This is a vaccine that has known complications and known side effects."

    There is also the difficulty that Bush has been having getting the agreement he needs to go to war.  The blinds are coming up more people are not only realizing that it is about Bush's money and Bush's power --- and his cronies --- but they are also admitting it.

    We are approaching the sign of Aquarius, January 20th.  As we go more and more in to the Age of Aquarius (an age lasts about 2,600 years), we can see the workings of the Sign of Aquarius --- the Water Bearer --- emptying the Urn of water.  The Water symbolizes the unconscious.  As the Water Bearer empties the Urn, the unconscious leaves the dark urn, becomes conscious and comes to the light.  The speed of the emptying is increasing. Nothing evil will be able to remain hidden.  It's starting.  Also, the Toronto Dowsers functions on Aquarian principles.  Hallelujah and Happy New Year!

    THE   Tuesday, January 14th, 2003   MEETING FEATURES:
    Bring your questions, pendulums
    (1)  Are you having challenges to successful dowsing?  Come to our meeting tonight and conquer them!  Get further along your path to better dowsing, faster --- than ever before.
    Examine some of the obstacles others have faced with regard to confidence, preparation, accurate questions and so forth --- and answers they have found.

    Master Dowsing Teachers will be here to help you tonight:

         Alicja Aratyn     -        Margaret Ball       -      Bruce Magill

    They will give you suggestions on dowsing
    They will answer your questions

    Alicja has graciously consented to give us a brief overview of the Virtual Cone  Pendulum, what it is and how to use it. Alicja is known for her expertise with Atlantean pendulums.

    Margaret Ball is known for her expertise with dowsing, radionics, health and astrology.

    Within 10 years, smart people will know that physical healing entails the use of: color (Chromotherapy), sound and essential oils.  Why wait?  Start learning this today from Margaret and Alicja.

    Bruce is known for his expertise in earth energies and ley lines.

    You will also meet other dowsing teachers in our area.

    It is a great idea to take workshops from everybody.  They each have different approaches, different foci.

    (2)  Do you know one of the best ways to improve your dowsing?  PRACTICE!

    Do you know one of the best ways to Practice?  With a DOWSING BUDDY!

    Tonight you will connect with people who live near you or share similar interests so you can meet, or, talk with one another and practice dowsing in between meetings.  And make new friends.

    You will also get handouts to help you help yourself and your buddy improve your dowsing skills, how to better prepare yourself for dowsing; the use and abuse of groups.

    As Bruce says:   "I know a lot of Dowsers.  I know few who Dowse."   Let's turn the few in to Many!

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