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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

TUESday, January 13, 2004 (See last page for information)

Ross Andaloro
from Vancouver, British Columbia, will speak to us on:
"Healing Ourselves & Getting to Clarity"
How to Use a pendulum to Contact the Subconscious
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
[No Dowsing Practice before this meeting.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages]
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation THIS NIGHT ONLY:

          $17  TONIGHT only  for Toronto Dowsers members
          $20  TONIGHT only  for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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January 9 - Ross Andaloro, Vancouver - "How to Use a Pendulum to Contact the Subconscious"
*THURSDAY*, February 12 - Jill Hewlett "Dowsing Foreplay"
March 9 - The Monroe Institute
 David Slater, colleague of Hanna Kroeger and founder of Healers Who Share,, and Robert Gilbert, scholar and expert on Sacred Geometry will be here in the spring.
May 7-9, 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont


As in many organizations, there are those who stand above others for their commitment, contributions, personality and other special unique qualities.   One of those people is Walter Huszczo, who many of us considered to be a father figure to people everywhere, and to the Toronto Dowsers.

We deeply regret the passing of our friend, advisor and father figure, Walter Huszczo, the morning of Saturday, December 6, 2003.

This was not sudden.  Walter had been weakening for some time and despite all the help possible, he passed away at home, in Burford, with his family.  It is still a shock for many of us, he was someone who touched everyone he came in to contact with in a very positive way, with his interest, warmth, curiosity, humor, generousity and thirst for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.   Most of you have seen how he helped to make our group what it is today.

The first time I went to Burford, Walter took me on a tour, pointing out the landmarks that he helped make possible, such as the church, arena and the school.  He was proud of these accomplishments as he made a positive contribution to his community.   He made positive contributions to many kinds of communities.

He started out, workwise, as a tobacco farmer.  Walter, his wife Jannette and all their kids worked hard and had a successful enterprise until the bottom fell out of the market, as Walter told me, and he lost $1 million / year for 6 years.  Time for a change.  He began designing "paint racks" for automobile manufacturers.  The car folks had parts that had to be painted and this would take place in a "paint room".  They hung the parts on Walter's racks.  Walter said they liked his racks because they could fit more parts on his racks than on others.  So he did well and his racks were in demand.  Maybe he knew, maybe not, that this was giving him the skills and tools to work on what was to become one of his passions in his future.

I think I first met Walter in 1999.  Walter's friend, Les Kato, from Vanessa --- another tobacco farmer --- brought many of us together.  I met Les on a dowsing email list looking for other dowsers in the Toronto area to dowse with.  We were all interested in dowsing, energy and mind devices.  For some reason, Walter would often call me, for information, and I wondered why he did this.  I didn't realize I had information until some time had gone by and I "got it".  Along the way I met Walter's friends Stephanie and Glen Halina, who also shared our interests.  Walter, Jannette, Glen, Stephanie and I attended the CSD, then the ASD conventions.  Walter and Jannette also went to ORI first around April 1999 and in July 2000 he attended Slim Spurling's workshop in Colorado.  Walter attended more workshops than anyone I'd ever met.  And he'd sit in the back, arms folded, legs out, ankles crossed and never take a note.

It was an active time filled with seeking learning and exploration. Walter was always on the go.  Even though he had a large family, a big home and business, he was always going to workshops, talks, driving all around Ontario, going to other places, accompanying Jannette to Usana meetings.   Only a short time later, we met Raymon in June 2000 at the ASD convention.  August 1, 2000 was the first organizational meeting for the Toronto Dowsers.

November of that year, Raymon did his first workshop in Ontario.  At our December meeting --- our first social, Walter was asked to do an energy raising for our area, as Raymon had taught us.  He asked his son, Larry, to check the results.  I wondered why he was asking Larry, since it seemed that Larry just started dowsing a month earlier, at Raymon's workshop.  Little did I know what was really going on.

Somewhere along the way ---- he did not remember where ---- Walter saw a picture of the Flower of Life.   Not [consciously] knowing anything about the Flower of Life, he decided to build a 3 dimensional one.   Later on he found out about the Flower of Life workshops, and took one, hoping to find out how to properly build one.   When he finished this and Jannette asked him how he liked it he told her "Darn it.  I didn't learn a thing.  I didn't learn how to build one!"   But he did learn other things from it.

So Walter started building his 3 dimensional Flower of Life.

At Slim's workshop, they also worked with a Star Tetrahedron.    They were told to visualize strings coming from a point to create this structure so they could work within its energy field.  Walter figured "Why imagine this when I can build one for real?"   So he got to work on the Star Tetrahedron and built that.

There was a lull in the shop so the 5 Platonic Solids were created.   All of these structures were then placed outside, around his "shop" which is on his farm.  Their farm is 210 acres and the barn sized shop is about 5,000-6,000 square feet with very high ceilings.  Walter had 8 men working for him.  They all helped.

Each of these structures is about 6-8 feet high, and built so someone can go inside and stand up in it.

How did he get this knowledge?  What led him to these constructs?  In listening to his story, it is clearly evident that Walter Huszczo was being led by some thing or some one.

Walter was a builder.  He helped build community buildings, he built paint racks and all this led him to building his his structures, the Flower of Life and then the platonic solids.

He displayed his structures at the 2001 CSD convention, when I suggested to Walter that he do this in an "Energy Garden".  In 2002, as we were sponsoring Raymon Grace at the annual Total Health Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, I was able to arrange for us to have another space so Walter could display one of his structures.  He had an energy garden at the 2002 and 2003 CSD conventions and had his structure on display again at the 2003 Total Health Show when Raymon returned.

He continued to build his structures, and filling custom orders, spending time with family, friends, traveling, learning and helping anyone he could and he would talk to anyone who showed the least interest in anything he could share.

Walter came to many meetings, he and Jannette often drove the 260 km. round trip from their home to spend an evening with us.  We were always honored and delighted.

The last event Walter shared with us was our July 26, 2003 visit to the Peterborough Petroglyphs.  And then he hosted a stone medicine wheel workshop at his farm in August.

Our first 2 summers, Walter and Jannette invited us to their farm when they generously hosted our 1st and 2nd Annual Field Days.   At those events, Walter, his son Larry and his grandsons Ryan and Joel taught spoon bending, which was especially appreciated by the children who came those times.  This launched a wave of kid conscious spoon benders.  The children never forgot this --- or Walter --- and this greatly boosted their own confidence.  We had scavenger hunts, events, activities, lots of great food, fun, and a nice easy day in the country.  At least 2 dozen were in Walter's pool.  We didn't want to get out of the water, it felt so good.   At that point, since it was before the Water Project, we did not know that Walter and Raymon had energized the water and that was why it felt so good.

Remember the Egeley Wheel?   Walter had a passion for improving mental abilities.  At one point, he was introduced to the "cotton ball in the jar".   This is where a cotton ball hangs suspended on a thread in a jar.  Your job is to make the cotton ball move, using the power of your mind.  Walter would sit and focus on that cotton ball for long stretches at a time.

Since he went above and beyond for us, it was decided that we would buy him a special gift.  The Egeley Wheel was found.  By using this device, invented by Hungarian physicist Dr. George Egeley, Dr. Egeley found that the rotation of this special wheel is not driven by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy, but that after thousands of sessions with over 1500 test subjects, he found that those with the highest levels of "Life Energy" and mental power could make the wheel turn faster.   There is a meter and flashing LEDs on this device, and by using it one improves one's kinesthetic abilities and life energy.   So we bought this for Walter.

Perhaps the best part of that for us was giving it to Walter.   He had every toy and device and book on all kinds of metaphysical subjects, it was a challenge to get him something he would like that he had not known about.

Walter had our banner made for us when we had our first booth at the Total Health Show in 2002.  He made several trips to the Convention Center, to make sure he knew the best way to get his structures in.  He paid for all the transportation to get those structures set up so people could see them and benefit by standing inside.

I remember the 2001 ASD convention.   One night, Walter and Jannette invited several of us to their hotel room and put out a real good party with wine and shrimp.   Slim Spurling was there, Raymon, Glen, Stephanie, myself and a few others.   Just another thoughtful evening with these excellent hosts.

In was in Walter's pool that a lot of the Water Project stories were born.

Walter was a true patriarch as too few are these days.  Family and family values were all important.  He was home for lunch and dinner as often as possible.  Once when we were downtown --- after we visited Consumer Health then went to get real Cayenne Pepper at Herbie's Herbs I invited him to lunch at Amato's.  He did go with me, but had a very small lunch saying he prefers to eat at home.

Community and stability were also important.  And after his structures, the areas he seemed to be most passionate about are Children and Education.  Walter had every book anyone could think of.  And instructional videos.  And he read everything, saw everything, heard everything.  Anything he didn't know about, he went to find out.

Walter introduced me to fresh lychee nut fruits.  I didn't know you could get them that way.  He really liked them.  He and Jannette went to Alan Reed's weekend workshop in Madoc Labor Day 2002.  During a break, I was made straight for a fresh pie stand I'd heard about that was known for their blueberry pies.  I pulled up and saw who was right behind me.  Walter and Jannette.  We shared a delicious pie and it was pleasant to sit out there, the 3 of us in the fresh quiet open air, talking about nothing in particular.   Even then, he was collecting stones for the stone medicine wheel he built the following year.

In the "good old days" before Larry became famous and Toronto found out about Raymon, I'd go visit, stay over night, we seemed to have more time to talk and things were real nice.

Walter and Jannette are the only lifetime honorary members of the Toronto Dowsers.

Bette Harvey, one of our founding members, credits Walter with saving the life of her granddaughter, Caitlin:

Caitlin suffered severe brain damage when her delivery was botched and she was a cerebral palsy child.  Because her brain did not interpret swallowing, she was tube fed through her stomach.  Although she was totally helpless she was beautiful with long wavy hair, big blue eyes and very giggly when Bette played with her.

As a CP child she was prone to colds and infections.  March 2002, when Caitlin was 2 1/2, the doctors decided it would be best to remove her tonsils.  She was bleeding from the operation and since her swallowing mechanism did not work properly, the doctors were concerned she would choke to death.   Bette called me, and knowing Walter's fondness for children, I called Walter.

Bette's son called her a couple days later.  Bette said her son said: "Mom, you won't believe it.  Caitlin has come out of the hospital 2 days early, the doctors are amazed at how quickly she has healed.  When we took her home in the car she was actually giggling.  She made a total recovery.  There are no side effects."  Bette said "I thank Walter for that."   When they would see one another at meetings, Walter always asked after Caitlin and from time to time he would send her healings.

Unfortunately, Caitlin passed away this fall when she got fluid in her lungs and could not get help in time.

Bette will always be grateful to Walter for the help he gave to her and her family.

"I honour and celebrate Walter's life; I am grateful to have known him; and I know that his light continues to shine brightly in the seeming darkness.  I can only imagine that his soul knew it could do more good from the "other side". ----  With love",  Carol Ann Kukulsky

"I liked Walter. I remember him coming to Dr. Korotkov's workshop and how interested he was to learn about the blind children's program. What a loving, caring, gentle soul he was.  Well, I guess his soul's journey on this planet had come to a completion and he was ready to move on. I'm sending him love and light." - Dr. Sabina DeVita

(Sabina sponsors Dr. Konstantin Korotkov's visits here.)  Walter went to hear Dr. Korotkov when he was here one October. One of the things he found out about Dr. Korotkov is that he is having success in teaching blind children how to see.  Walter was all set to fly to Russia to find out more and learn about this so he could help the kids.

"I don’t have a specific memory of him that stands out.  What stands out for me is Walter’s essential “Walterness”: gracious, friendly, laid back and down to earth.

He had the grace, calmness & friendliness of a country person. I felt comfortable with him from the moment that I met him.  He was low key & easy going.  If you asked a question he was happy to give you answers & though he was obviously a real expert at dowsing & energy work, I never felt “overmatched” or intimidated by his knowledge.  He always seemed happy to help.

I guess if I remember any events connected with Walter, it will be the Sacred Geometry workshop on his property, this past summer.  Walter was a gracious host & provided many participants with a free set of “L” rods, that he made up himself right there in his workshop with his machining tools.  He made us feel right at home, fed us up real good and though putting on a weekend like that is a lot of work, Walter and Jannette didn’t make it look that way.  They made it seem like no trouble at all.

I’ll miss Walter, but I’m sure he’ll still come “all that way” to see what’s going on at our meetings, just like he always did." ---- Cat Peever

The last words remembering Walter, from his friend, Raymon Grace:

"Few, if any, have touched me as did Walter and his family. I like a lot of folks, but never get too close. This family was different, they became my family.

They  offered their home to me and it felt as it was my home too. Their friends were my friends and vice versa.  Walter and Jannette were the reason I first came to Ontario.  They were a very significant reason to return.  In the three years I knew Walter, I saw him help so many people. His energy structures were there for anyone who could benefit by them. At his own expense, he made them available at various gatherings.  He paid tuition for those who could not afford to attend classes.  His word was better than a contract.

None of us were ready for him to leave, we did all we could to keep him here.  Guess it wasn't our choice.  I believe he woke me just as he was leaving because I woke between 4 and 5 am thinking about him. I will just say to him what I said to my Dad when he left.  The world is better because you lived. Now go fly with the Eagles."

Make me a channel of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me bring your love;
where there is injury, your healing pow'r
and where's there's doubt, true faith in you

Make me a channel of your peace.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
in giving to all that we receive,
and in dying that we're born to eternal life.

"As one beautiful soul leaves, another comes in" are the words of Pauline Gagnon, one of our members.  Pauline's second granddaughter, Talulah Grace, was born the night before Walter left.

I will always remember Walter.  I shall endeavor to be a better person and appreciate the goodness more because I knew him.

So long, Walter.  Thank you for being our friend.

Walter, his family and friends at Total Health 2002, Toronto Convention Center
bottom:  Walter & Jannette   top: Raymon, Marilyn, Larry

The great purpose of life on Earth
is to combine with, and radiate forth,
the creative power of Unconditional Love.
The higher, finer, vibration of Love
sweeping the planet will bring new change.
For some, this will herald the choice of Awakening:
for others, it will quicken the awakening of choice.



All members should now have a membership card.  If you mailed in your renewal/membership by December 12th or handed it at any one of our 2003 meetings and do NOT have your card, please contact me

POSTAGE INCREASE: As of January 12th postage is going up up up.  Another penny in Canada.  A first class stamp to the US goes from 65 cents to 80 cents (plus GST, of course).   This means our costs will rise, too.

LIBRARY DONATIONS - Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann

We are fortunate to have been gifted with donations of books, donated by dowser and author Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann.  Anneliese sent us brand new copies of her books.  This book is written in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese and Anneliese sent us a copy in each language!   "Using the Inner Art of Dowsing n the Search for Health Happiness Harmony in Body Mind Spirit"  "This highly effective system for identifying and clearing the emotional-mental-physical and spiritual issues that prevent us from experiencing the highest possible state of health, happiness, and harmony in our being."   THANK YOU ANNELIESE!

Developed by Mici Gold

We accept DONATIONS of money and materials.  Please email Marilyn or phone her at 416-322-0363 (9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) or Mici or inquire at the meeting.


JANUARY 13th MEETINGThis is a WORKSHOP. Bring your PENDULUMS.   And, we are asking an additional $10 per person for this workshop, which will go to the speaker.   The fee for this workshop is normally $120 per person.   Ross will be giving us good tools to access the subconscious.   It may last longer than our usual meetings, we will keep the announcements short.  (A full packet of handouts will be given to each attendee.  More information for this on the last page of this newsletter.

Some people say they are not so confident about their dowsing ability.  Come anyway.  You will improve and this information will come in handy for that time.  We will try and seat you next to someone who is more confident.  As we say "This ability is caught, not taught."

January 16th --- we were going to have a dinner event.  This is called off as the restaurant that it was to be held at --- closed down.

FEBRUARY 12th: THURSDAY -  Join us in February as guest speaker, Jill Hewlett, Brain Gym instructor, Educational Kinesiologist and creator of Body-Mind-Spirit in Motion TV will lead you through a series of exercises designed to align and balance Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

To be more effective in one's dowsing and better obtain accurate answers, beginning to Intermediate dowsers find it is beneficial to "prepare" themselves for dowsing sessions --- to specifically balance, focus, center, clear and ground oneself.   Advanced dowsers will learn techniques to improve their methods and help others.  Jill will show us ways to do this using Brain Gym.

Brain Gym is a series of 26 specific physical movements designed to enhance learning ability. It can cause vast and profound shifts in the areas of health, relationships and careers by improving such things as listening skills, comprehension, co-ordination, focus and energy levels. The exercises are not only easy, they feel good to do.

"Jill Hewlett has an attitude and energy that is truly uplifting. Her positive out look on life is refreshing and inspiring. As an Educational Kinesiologist, Jill, in a clear and client-centered way, empowers personal healing and balancing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. She is excellent at bringing people out of the doldrums and back on a path of positive, meaningful endeavor. It is an honor to be her partner in providing retreats for the public." Otto Schmidt, Retreat Facilitator & Gifted Programming Consultant.

Jill is lively, upbeat and inspiring.  Join us for a fun and productive evening.

In our January, February, March and April meetings, I have purposefully set out to bring experts (from Vancouver, Toronto, Virginia and Colorado) to provide you with tools so you can help yourselves, family and friends.  Tools to improve your dowsing, your mind, your awareness, your health.  In May, our speaker comes from North Carolina to offer you ancient wisdom as well as tools.  As we have 9-10 spots available each year and there are still more good dowsing speakers out there, it is not likely we can bring speakers back unless the demand is significant.  Intend to make it to these next 5 meetings. There is no other group that has speakers like this.  I hope to see you at these events and that you will take full advantage of theses excellent opportunities.

With our physical ears,
we hear the echoes,
but an open heart may hear
the full, metaphysical Song of Life.
Far beyond the physical DNA
there is the mystical Song of Life,
the quintessential translation
of pure, divine Intelligence.

Our talented and resourceful members want to share their gifts with others.  As we don't have enough time to do so in the educational presentations of our regular monthly meetings, our December meetings have become a "networking social".  As part of our evening, this is the opportunity for members who have products / services they think would be of interest to us --- to make this known.  So we have a marketplace.  Its fun, people get items they want/need, people make money, people learn, experience, and good contacts get formed.

Members are eligible to get table space at these events.  (See the listings elsewhere in this newsletter to see what they offered.)   2 people share an 8' long table.  Since we have more requests for tables than we have tables available, the decisions for space at our past events have been made based on perceived needs of the membership.

One of the requests this year for table space was from a woman who offers copy writing services.  My logical mind wanted to dismiss this as it didn't seem relevant to our members.  But a thought came in saying "Wait.  What if someone really needs this and can benefit by it and this person could be the author of the next Celestine Prophecy?  Or if it is highly beneficial that this person and at least one other person makes a connection?"

And --- what if someone selling dowsing tools finds out at the last minute that he has won a trip to Bermuda and has to leave right away or his child will be ill that night and can't make it and he will cancel?   These 2 likely possibilities reminded me of Joey Korn's statement that dowsing helps us find out what is going on behind the scenes in life.  Which is one of the reasons why we like dowsing.

Then I had heard that the planners for the upcoming first CanAm convention, which takes place May 2004 in BC, devised a way to dowse for the speakers to be selected.  So I asked them how they did this and adapted their method for our situation.

This all happened right before the selection for the tables was to be made so I didn't give myself a lot of time to carefully plan and did not give sufficient time for member feedback.  Still, it worked out well.

Since notification was to be done through email, it was also seen as a good way for our out of town members to participate.

First, as it would not be right to ask people to dowse using the names of those requesting tables, I put the names of the people requesting tables and what they wanted to share on a (computer) Excel spreadsheet.  Then I "hid" the names and randomly assigned 2 digit numbers to the names, typing in whatever number came to mind.

(The names of the people were not given out, either before or after.  Neither was the "rank".)

Next, I composed 2 questions, and put the directions and all the information in an email.  I told them I needed the information back by 10 p.m. December 1, so I could calculate the results and inform those who will have tables so they could prepare for the December 9th meeting.  And, that I would not be doing my own dowsing until after the deadline so that for whatever reason I would not influence their numbers.

There were 29 requests for tables and 15-20 spaces available.   This was the email sent out on November 26:


This email is a dowsing project.   We believe dowsing works best when there is a real need, as this is.  You are being asked to participate to dowse to select the "tables" for our Dec. 9 meeting and to forward the results.   We have almost 30 requests and 15-20 spaces available.   Those who receive the highest scores, for this event, will be invited to have a table.

Not getting a table does not at all mean someone has good products or "bad" products.  Not at all.   We are dowsing for the CURRENT need, relevance, etc., to those attending.

  Example 1:  Someone who offers copy writing services.  My inclination was to reject this request because it did not seem relevant to what we, as a group, are doing.  But hold on a minute!   Maybe there is one, or even two or more people there who really need this service (or needs to make a connection with the individual) and this can benefit them and maybe our entire group.

  Example 2:  Someone offers dowsing tools.  My inclination was to say "sure!  great!"  But, what if he will be offered a cruise to the Caribbean for that night because his wife entered a raffle?  Or, what if he will be called away to deal with the illness of a family member?  and the dowsing system knows this?

   This is why I am asking for your input.  To acknowledge, and, respect, the wisdom of the higher power.

 -  Please dowse according to the question below
 -  Please provide your responses, as indicated and send them to me before Monday  10 PM!!!!!!
 -  Monday night I will do my own dowsing on this exercise and put all the results in an excel spreadsheet.

-  Print off the list, or, write the numbers down on a piece of paper
-  Calm, focus, balance, center, ground
-  Clear yourself of entities, etc., opinions, thought forms, etc.
-  Ask if you are ready to dowse.
-  Ask if you have permission to dowse for exhibitor tables for the Toronto Dowsers
-  Read the question, out loud or silently.  Ask your dowsing system if it understands what is being asked.  (If you get a "no", explain what we are doing.)
-  Go through the list, for each exhibitor, represented by a number for both questions 1 and 2.
- Write the answer down after you ask the question for each exhibitor
-  Using this format, send me an email with your answers.  Example:

     48                 +5                      N

     55                 +7                      N


On a minus 10 through 0 to plus ten scale:


 1)    On a scale of  -10  to  +10,   -10  being the least beneficial and +10 being the most beneficial,  what is the overall value for the attendees of the December 9th Toronto Dowsers meeting, for the potential exhibitor and for the group known as the Toronto Dowsers of the person represented by "# _____"  to have an exhibitor table at the meeting to offer their services and/or products for integrity, utility, knowledge, interest, value, relevance and for the highest good of all concerned?


2)   Does this exhibitor have an extra special more important value to one or more people attending?


The numbers were then written out vertically, double spaced.  (I am doing it horizontally, here, to save space.)

1,    2,    6,    8,    10,    11,    12,    15,    17,    25,    33,    48,    55,    56,    57,    59,    65,    66,    67,    75,    77,    79,    84,    86,    87,    89,    91,    93,    99

STOP !!!  The results, for Question #1, are given below.  Perhaps you may want to stop reading here to do your own dowsing, to compare your results with our final tally?


I had no expectations, and thought to use the results as a guide.

Eleven people, including myself took the time to go through this exercise and respond (3 more sent in their answers after the results were tabulated).  I added up the numbers, giving each "table person" a tally.

The results totally surprised me.  Each person who replied is an experienced dowser.  And, the results were all over the place.  I examined the results to see if there were even just 2 dowsers whose results approached one another's.  Maybe you can see if there are any trends in the results, but I could not.

The person who got the highest tally (Dick Martin) -- #55, was one of 2 people, who when they initially inquired, I said I doubted he would get a table.  In Dick's case, he produces and sells a healing CD and would play it to demonstrate it.  I said I doubted he would be included because we planned on having drumming that evening and did not want to have competing sounds.  Since his request received that tally I decided not to dispute a wisdom that was probably better than mine.

The person who received the lowest tally:  -5 --- this surprised me.  So I called her up to find out if she knew if something was going on.  She said she could not get any product, that she sold out of everything the week before and could not get more for our event.  I knew the system was working and decided to let it be and go with it.

The best thing it did for me was to take the pressure off to make the right decisions.

The results seemed so positive space was found for 22 people to have tables.

The flaws in the plan:

- It was created and implemented a little too late, not giving people sufficient time to respond.
- Those asking for table space were not informed about the selection process (because none of us knew about this at the time) and they should have been informed to give their permission
- Statement of intent, and instructions were too wordy
- Dowsing Question #1 was too long, could/should have been stated better
- Folks followed the directions perfectly but the form I created was not efficient for me to deal with when I received it completed.

Despite the flaws, this was a good exercise and will be repeated, with improvements, next year.  Every single display was outstanding, professional and impressive.

Our deep despairs are also
our unrealized triumphs,
for it is then that the fabric
of our potential wings strengthen
beneath the cocoon of our self-deception.
From our despair, Truth emerges.
If you are open to a greater expression of life,
you will expand your reality.
As your reality expands,
you will eventually cross
the intangible metaphysical threshold
into a truly timeless Reality.

M*I*N*E*R*A*L*S  --- Dr. Joel Wallach, and others

At the beginning of December I went to Aurora to meet with Jill Hewlett, our February speaker, and went with her to a talk given by Dr. Joel Wallach, the author of the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" information.  Dr. Wallach is a veterinarian and naturopath and the message he brings to us is the importance of minerals.   [It is possible that we may have Dr. Wallach's information and products at our February meeting.]

Minerals are crucial for good health.  Without minerals in our food, in our bodies, we would die.  A message we've been hearing for the last 20 or so years is about the de-mineralization of our soils.  Soils are depleted in good nutrients, including minerals, the soil is overworked and there is little nutrition in them.  Poor soil nutrition means we don't get the nutrition in our food.

One of the automatic responses Nature provided us with is a preference for sweet fruit over bitter fruit.  A sweet orange tastes much better than a bitter one, yes?  Sweet tasting fruit is grown is mineral rich soil.  What we crave is not sweet, but minerals.   If you are a sweet-aholic, perhaps try (properly) increasing your mineral intake and see if that makes a difference.

Organic produce means that the soil the food is grown in does not have chemicals.  It does not necessarily mean that the soil has good nutrition.  Organic food can also be low in nutrients such as minerals.

In my studies on holistic nutrition,  I have always been curious as to why there is relatively little information on the role of minerals, how they function and how they interact with other nutrients.   Iron used to be touted until the information on iron overload started to come out and now information on iron is "quieter".  It's not that its not important --- because it is vitally important --- its that like anything else, one needs to know who needs it, how much, how often.

Then Calcium became the big news and it still is.  There is little information as to the different kinds of calcium and that you can be making things worse if you take the wrong kind; that it must be properly balanced with magnesium and the vitamins that must be taken with it as well.  Nature and Nutrition do not operate independently. Everything must be balanced.

Boron is a trace mineral, absolutely essential for healthy bones.  Yet "Health Canada" (Ha ha!) prohibits the sale of boron and its inclusion in supplement formulas (such as formulas to promote bone health).

What do we know about the proper use of:  Chromium, Manganese, Cobalt, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Selenium, etc.?   Selenium, e.g.,  is being talked about as one of the "newest discoveries" to greatly reduce the risk of lung, colon and prostate cancers.

I asked Dr. Wallach why there is so little information on minerals.  He said because the research generally gets paid for by supplement companies.  Few really focus on minerals.  Why?  Because vitamins can be produced synthetically, minerals can not and cost more.

There is a little voice in the back of my head that says what he is saying is so, and, there is something more to it as well.  That they are so important and will make such a difference --- for our health and for the way our brains function --- and other areas that we are not yet in touch with --- that for some reason this information is not openly spoken about.  Just one of those niggling feelings that when I talk about them people tell me I'm out to lunch and years later come back to tell me I was right.

Just as a Woman and a Man are needed to produce a baby, Vitamins and Minerals must have one another to work properly.  They are called co factors of one another.  Vitamin A and Zinc need one another, as do Calcium and Vitamin D (which is why milk is fortified with Vitamin D) and Iron with Vitamin C.

Like many health professionals who are making bold statements, there is controversy about Dr. Wallach, just as there is about Hulda Clark, the Zone Diet, etc.  Each of these methods, and more, work for some and not for others.  That's why we have dowsing.  What works for your brother might not work for you.  Dowse for it.  Here is some of the information that Dr. Wallach shared with us:

If you have spots on the outside of your body, you have a lot more on the inside.  "Liver" and age spots come from trans fatty acids which create free radicals such as in super fried potatoes, croutons, hard bread, cereal.  They become super heated carbohydrates --- Acrylamides -- and are highly carcinogenic.

1990-2000 every 1st world country dropped their average life span by about 2-4 years.

On athletes:  No pro athlete has lived to be 100 years of age.  They sweat out more in 5 years than couch potatoes do in 75 years.  They sweat out a "soup" --- a mineral soup.  If they are constantly getting rid of minerals, and not replacing them, they are more prone to injury.

White, gray, silver hair is due to a copper deficiency.  There is a cofactor necessary to change tyrosine to melanin.  This maintains strength and integrity of elastic fibers as in veins (hemorrhoids are varicose veins that get tired.  Aneurysms can develop.   (Art Martin told us that gray hair is due to a biotin deficiency.  They are both important, in the proper and necessary amounts, with their cofactors and properly assimilated.)

Aneurysms can strike anyone.  Kids under 12 are the highest group now who are getting strokes.  Animals store copper in their liver.  Kids don't eat liver anymore.

"Doctors in the free world have killed more people than terrorists put together."

[Dr. Joseph Mercola states that:  Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Causing 250,000 Deaths Every Year, "This article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is the best article I have ever seen written in the published literature documenting the tragedy of the traditional medical paradigm.""]

 The Master Steroid needed to make hormones is cholesterol.  This comes from Vitamin D.  Cholesterol is an essential nutrient. It is necessary to make cell walls, necessary to make brain tissue. ... Eat eggs, not viagra.

March 2000, USA Today: "Alzheimer's Tidal Wave Feared" --- It's a physician caused disease that came along in 1979.  People are not taking in enough healthy fats to maintain human brain tissue.  Alzheimer's is a deficiency of cholesterol, Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Selenium, Lutein, etc.   Flood the body with AntiOxidants, EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), Selenium, Green Tea.

Selenium cures cancer in mice.  This was from a study done in 1912 by Dr. Wasserman and again from a Dr. Larry Clark in 1986. The highest rate of lung cancer is among short order cooks who inhale the fumes from cooked fats.

Drugs are not designed to cure, there are no laws requiring this, they just temporarily alleviate some symptoms.

Carbonated drinks neutralize stomach acid, cause periodontal disease, osteoporosis, etc.

Kids under 12 are showing the highest increase in Adult onset diabetes.

Hi fiber diets:  Can prevent the proper absorption of minerals.

Cooking tomatoes releases more luteins, lycopenes than fresh tomatoes.  It breaks down the cell walls, breaks down phytates (phosphorus compounds found primarily in soy, cereal grains, legumes, and nuts. They bind with minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc and interfere with their absorption in the body).

For Parkinson's Disease:  Dr. Wallach suggests people take 1600 mg of CoEnzyme Q10 daily and that it produces miraculous results.  He also says he knows its expensive and it works!  (Note:  My father died from Parkinson's Disease in 2001.  If I had this information a year before he died it could have made a difference.)  If you know someone close to you with Parkinson's Disease, get out your pendulums and see if this can make a difference!

Magnesium is required for plants to make chlorophyll.  Leaves turn brown if plants don't have enough magnesium.

For Mood Disorders:  Get off all sugar.  Use natural lithium, chromium, vanadium, B Complex.

Dementia: Increase the blood flow to the brain.  Try oral chelation.


Dr. John Ray (1934-2001) was the developer of Body Electronics which is a method whereby a facilitator "holds points" to get rid of blocks and promote healing.  The points are held until healthy 'electricity' flows between the points.  He said it works best when the person being worked on has sufficient mineralization.  So he founded (? worked with ?) a company called "Enzymes International" in Wisconsin which sold chelated co-enzyme colloidal minerals.  (I used to help distribute these minerals when there was a large Body Electronics movement here in Toronto and still have their contact info.)

Angstrom Minerals:  Angstrom minerals are fairly new.  They are a lot smaller than colloidal minerals.  Some say they are 1/10,000th the size, others say they are 1/1,000,000th the size.   I first met John Felipe, of Toronto, this past spring when he took Raymon's workshop and saw John again at the Whole Life Expo where he was with friends who sell these minerals in Toronto.  John said that meeting Raymon and taking his workshop changed his life.  And that he takes these minerals daily and dowses for the minerals that he needs each day.

Ask yourself /  Dowse to see if:
    It is highly beneficial for you to get more minerals in your diet
    Is it most beneficial for you to take them through food
    Is it most beneficial for you to take them through supplementation?
        Liquid?   (yes / no)
        Colloidal?:    Dr. Wallach's,   Enzymes International,  Trace,   Other?
        Angstrom minerals?
    Is it necessary for you to take vitamins with minerals?  Which ones?

If your body or brain are more tired than you think you ought to be --- consider that you may need supplementation with one or more minerals.  And dowse it.


If your knees are giving you problems, try walking backwards.  Not a mile, but 10-20 steps.  It can unlock what might be locked up.  Try it again.


At the Toronto Dowsers table, there were 2 items that were brought in specifically for this event that you may not have had a chance to check out.

The first is a "LuLu", that was originally created by Hanna Kroeger.  It is a skeletal chart, it comes with a pencil and instructions.  (YES!, Complete instructions do come with the package.)

What does it do?   It helps you help yourself to Dowse away skeletal pain in 3 steps.
Does it work?   Yes.
How?  Darned it I know.

I first heard about it through Joe Smith.  Joe says:
"It works like this, You place the person's name on the plastic or in your mind. Start with the pendulum on all the person's joints and all along the spine. There is a wooden pencil that comes with it. It has not been sharpened and doesn't need it. When with the pendulum you find a vertebra out, ask which side should you tap on, then tap and this will put it back in place. The pendulum will show you which side and how many time you need to tap on it to get this back put back in place. Use a small mallet to tap on the pencil with the eraser on the vertebra. Does it work? Yes it does. I had a friend from Kansas City call with a problem. She had been working on a lady that had serious back problems but hadn't done much good so she called me. I told her I would work on it and I did two different times over the 2 days. Today I got a check in the mail saying her back was feeling fine, no more pain. I didn't tell her she might be starting a stomach ulcer. I'll tell her later. The check wasn't ask for, she just sent it. I have even used this  system on myself and my wife .

           "Lulu has been designed as an "Intentional" Energy Tool. We find that focused intent is about 80% of the process of healing or becoming whole.  When using  this chart as an energy tool, a person is working with "intent" on the "energy fields" to align and balance "energy blocks".  Therefore Lulu helps the dowser to find the energy blocks through dowsing, assists them to hold a focus on themselves or their friends, family or clients, then is a vehicle to assist them to move the energy.  We have personally had superb results and had wonderful reports from other dowers when using LuLu to assist balance in people and animals."

           Juanita from Alberta, one of our members, says:
JULY: When I got it in the mail I immediately checked out my back and readjusted it. When my husband got home from work I showed the Lulu to him and he was joking around and called it a voodoo doll etc. I suggested that he try it on himself, I specifically suggested that he work on his neck that has been tight and bothering him for months. So he humored me and sat down to try her out. He continued to rib me about my voodoo doll for a week or so... until I asked him how his neck was feeling since his Lulu treatment. Of course this made him stop and realize that it has not been bothering him at all.... since then he has told his sister and our daughter about the Lulu. They both want a treatment. He has also asked me to find a dog skeleton that he can use for our dog.

DECEMBER: Sure you can use my comments in the newsletter. We continue to use the Lulu and have not gone to a chiropractor in a year. I recently found a great skeleton of a dog and will try it on my dog Siegfried next week most likely.



C&A stands for "Confidence & Accuracy".  What C&A does is, simply, help you improve your Confidence & Accuracy in dowsing.

PKU DOWSE  — Developed for Dowsers

 PKU remedies, in general are for:
     A liver/brain  condition of blocked phenylalanine that closes specific neurological pathways.  It is as if you understand the beginning and the end but your brain doesn't connect the dots. Your brain doesn't easily get through in this area until the pathways are reopened.

  PKU Dowse specifically helps to: help the pathways to the art of dowsing so that both hemispheres of the brain will be better connected.

*        *        *        *        *        *

David Slater, who developed these remedies will be here in April.  He has taken a deeper look at personality traits that may be undesirable and also believes these traits may have an origin in the Borna Virus.  What he says about these traits are:

" We now understand that the Borna Virus Combinations are behind over 90% of PHOBIAS, COMPULSIONS AND OBSESSIONS. We also understand that is a very big statement. Our list of 200+ remedies shows the extent of our current research. It has shown how easy it is to dismiss stage fright, compulsions to keep things (pack rat) and compulsions about health.

The Borna Virus was discovered near Borna, Germany during a war when the virus made a whole calvary of horses get sick. Later it has skeptically been associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia.

The Borna Virus exaggerates many forms of emotions. It is most known to be the cause of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, where a person is controlled by the need to have the house or the rug or the rituals in life exactly perfect. More lately it has very tentatively been linked to schizophrenia.

It drives a person in different ways, often beyond reason. It appears to be behind addictive behavior of many forms, from excess worry, to excess complaining to unexplainable hopelessness, insecurity and suspicion. There is considerable confusion in the person's life because they are driven so strongly by this virus that they feel frequently out of control. Until now, these were simply thought to be personality traits of the person, subject to considerable counseling or great avoidance.

Like schizophrenia several decades ago, many of these issues are thought to be social shames. There is denial because the attribute is considered a character flaw.    Under that belief, when this virus is on you, it is difficult to be rational about it. The best received explanation we have found so far for a person is that they have a base virus with several tentacles that is affecting their personality without their knowledge.   It is a conversion in thinking for us all to recognize that these attitudes and emotions actually have a virus base and the virus combination can be removed.    To take a light approach, we have given the remedies light names, like WHELMO for overwhelmed and JELO for jealousy."

*        *        *        *        *

I saw Alicja Aratyn at the health show --- you all know Alicja, yes?  Our friend who sells excellent dowsing tools and is invited to speak about pendulums at all the dowsing conventions?

Alicja had what I call --- the BOBBERTHINGAMAJIGGIE --- and I'd never seen it before.  The reason I'm drawing your attention to this is it looks like an excellent tool for therapists who help clients in determining their conditions.

It looks like a regular bobber, and, there is a wire (that looks like a stereo cable) connected to it.  The other end of this cable is connected to a sensor --- a 4" x 1/4" metal rod.

You hold the bobber.  Your client holds the rod.  You are connected to one another by the cable.  In their other hand they might hold a substance.  You can dowse to determine to what degree this substance is beneficial, or not.  It reminds me of the enterro testing devices except you use a bobber instead of a computer.  A lot simpler technology.

I don't know the name, I don't know the cost.  Its not on her website.  I told her I wanted to write about it because I thought you'd be interested in it but we have not connected on it.  If this interests you call her at 416 253-9053.

We are easily hoodwinked by our physical senses,
allowing them to fabricate and dominate our reality.
In this way, we are overwhelmed
by the apparent separation in life,
unwittingly denying our metaphysical Oneness.
Understanding is not always appropriate
for it attempts to rationalize true Mystery.
Mystery is Truth unrealized.
Understanding is based on Truth
that has been rationalized, but not realized.

 December 9th:  The 4th Annual Toronto Dowsers Networking Social

This was the 4th year we held our networking social.  Every year brings us a different energy.  We always have different booths with products to buy, services to learn about or projects that educate.  And lots of delicious food.

The energy this year was not busy and chatty.  It had a deep lovely softness.  It tasted bittersweet.  Very very soft and sweet, with an overlay of sadness.  Because we were thinking of Walter.  Walter was an integral part of our previous 3 socials.  Several of you said you felt his spirit that night.

The table displays were outstanding.   Each one of you had a display which had beauty, creativity and quality.  They were all so different.   I am personally thanking every one who had a space and what you offered, how you created your display and how you handled things.

Thank you all, too, for the food.  We had dips and spreads galore, home made cookies, pickles, salads, someone even brought shrimp!  You don't get public recognition for your contributions but each one of you certainly makes the difference.  You displayed thought, caring, taste.  And love.

Here were some of the "table" contributions:

Had her dowsing reference manual "Vital Knowledge" (2003 edition with new charts) and the accompanying pendulums for sale at $34.95.   If you wanted this book and didn't have a chance to get it, call Eva at (416) 223-6574 .

Displayed Young Living Essential Oils and other Young Living products as well.  She had a few kits where smelling them was be possible as well as some information and further products by brochures.

  Dowsing Tools:  Pendulums, Rods, Salt lamps and more.

   Learn how to use biofeedback to connect with your body through imagery, will, memories, sights, sounds, tastes and textures.  Biofeedback involves invoking mind-body processes so as to self-modify certain functions towards better health and more creativity. The body is a mirror of the mind.
Some uses of biofeedback include: Relaxing, reducing the impact of stress, relieving muscle tension, body and extremity temperature control, boosting the immune system, choosing one's thought patterns and enhancing one's creativity.
   Since the 1970's, Henry Evering, Founder of the Eidetic Academy, has helped to introduce biofeedback to medical, educational, personal development groups, as well as those that are curious and interested. Henry is interested in teaching this to us.  If you are interested in this, please go to his web site and contact him.  If enough of you tell me you are interested I will help to organize an event.

Eleanor has dream pillows, headbands, candle kits, vapor vases, Matol.

Linda's table consisted of Fairies, different types of cards i.e. Angels, Fairies, Mermaids & Dolphins, Healing, Health (Louise Hay) etc. as well as Mandala colouring books that help balance right and left brain.  All to help one stay balanced, centered and focused in every day life.  "It was a wonderful experiece selling fairies, inspirational cards, mandala, books etc.  Dowsers are so much more connected as to why we are here and how we can make a difference.  We also know magic works!"

You had a wonderful assortment of vendors and I bought wonderful tapes, as well as getting information for various seminars and meeting such interesting people.   A really great evening and I look forward to coming back next year.

Angi has special bee creams, and, Joy and Angi showed aspects of the Light Language Grid.  Joy was creating grids for issues and areas that you wanted to work on.  Angi is a hypnotherapist and Joy works successfully with many healing modalities on all levels.  Friends, they work well together and can help one another with clients.

The Discovery Game --- a board game you can play with others for self discovery.

Internal Dowsing for Past Life Memories
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses we are born with is vital to a fulfilling, effective life.  Whether these strengths and weaknesses come from planetary alignment, genes passed down for countless generations, family life, early education, or from past lives, you might as well know yourself!
Non-invasive, non-hypnotic relaxation technique coupled with you communing with your inner self, the Master within, your unconscious or subconscious mind.
You will at all times remain aware of where your consciousness goes and have complete control over the memories you access. You are welcome to have a partner, a friend, or a psychic present in order to create an ambiance wherein you feel safe and secure and achieve the best possible results - insights into your own present problems or talents. A Part Life Memory Dowsing session can be recorded.

Eva offered information on the health benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes).  She had information as well as samples and some for sale.  They can be eaten raw, sautéed or roasted.  It is a good source of fiber and it balances blood sugar.

As GOLDEN LIGHT CREATIONS Faith and her daughter Sandy joyfully created:
- all natural soap bars
- bath salts
- beeswax lip balms
- bath product gift packs
- one-of-a-kind sun catchers, stretchy beaded bracelets, and hand made pendulums

Samuel had his display of hand made crystal pendulums.  Diana helped him and had health products.  Samuel will be 85 in February!

Diane's display consisted of flyers to promote "How to Get Your Act Together ... Before the Show is Over" workshops, copy writing services for small business and her peace-promoting website

Goddess Healing CD, a meditation with multiple voices, causing the awareness to expand to greater levels of perception.  Track 5 opens clairvoyance.  Track 6 leads one to transcendence.  Dick's first CD was recently picked up by the A.R.E. press for distribution to 36 countries.

Offered a free demonstration of the Egyptian Healing Rods.  "I purchased these Healing Rods at the Body/Mind/Spirit Expo in September.  I have found them to be extremely effective as meditation aids, grounding tools & healing devices.  It's like getting a Reiki treatment.  I am not selling these devices, but I will have information on how to acquire them for those who are interested."

Marja was certainly busy with live demonstrations of: The Chi Machine,  The HotHouse  (A far infrared dome, increasing blood flow by promoting expansion in the capillaries), The IonCleanse (The feet are placed in a basin of warm, salted water with an "array" which makes positive and negative ions), and the Solaris Blanket  (This quilt's unique composition actually represents a portable version of the "Orgone accumulator" of Willhelm Reich. The blanket can be used for pain relief, stress relief, sleep disorders, to reduce the symptoms of many diseases, to increase blood circulation and relax muscles.)

      Had her sea shell oracles and the devic resonators that she creates.  The resonators (1) work non-stop wherever they are hung to heal Mother Earth, (2) raise the energy of the place where they are located & also (3) resonate any further programming that one may wish to ask it to do.
       With the many changes we are experiencing and the energies of the Harmonic Concordance doing ceremony for Mother Earth sometimes slip out of our realm of conscious awareness.  Hanging these resonators allows the work to be ongoing, especially when we forget to be conscious of it, thus calling in the devic kingdoms to heal Mother Earth.  And, Pat adds that she heard recently, at a lecture on stress management, that hand eye creative coordination is a form of meditation that brings calming & this is surely what we do when we use our various dowsing tools so I encourage everyone to use as many different kinds as possible from pendulums to bobbers to L-rods, etc.

Rick demoed Electro-Medicine and Violet Ray Generators from 100 years ago. Was it really "quack medicine?".  He had four Violet Ray machines available for demo, giving the opportunity to hold the probe in one hand and try the glass wand in the other hand.

Klaus offered the Life Light Rings, in different sizes.   (I have them on every faucet.   I have been using a small one for years for filling up the gas tank in the car.  I get 10% better gas mileage.  You see results after the 5th or 6th fillup.  The ring cost me $5.)

Glenda has Miracle II  products.   I saw these at the Whole Life Expo, was tempted to buy a bottle but it was too $$$. She, too, was skeptical, but because the products are guaranteed, she tried it.  And it worked.   She sold a bottle to someone, it didn't work for that woman, but she gave it to her chiro who shared it with a patient and it healed this woman's sores from breast cancer treatments.  One of the Miracle products can be used to clean the car engine and also wash veggies.  Glenda says she never has to wash her bathtub and one product is an excellent shampoo,

Raymon Grace's new book:  available at $20 each.
Remedies for Dowsing:  For Confidence & Accuracy -&- To Open up the pathways in the brain
LuLu --- A Body Chart developed by Hanna Kroeger
Videos --- Joey Korn, Raymon Grace, Sabina DeVita, Mary Hardy
The Video of Joey Korn's Television Interview, Toronto, October, 2003
Joey Korn's books, Kabala Chart, Portable L Rods
ECH20  (in Cobalt Blue Bottles) and  Labels for your water pipes
Pendulums:  Joe Smith, and Maurey pendulums
Art Martin's workbook: Energy Psychology, Step by Step Protocols
If you did not have a chance to get these items, they may be available at future meetings.

David Yeo, of London, brought his friends the Ritmiks to entertain us, and entertain us they certainly did.  With rhythm and tone and verve and talent as you can see by the picture above.  In fact, Ellen Watley, Wafik Raouf, Arthur Clark, and who else???? started a conga line up and down the aisles.  You can see a picture of the conga line, and additional photos, on our website at:  www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/socpic03.htm. Please do contact the Ritmiks,  check out their website if you want to experience a drum workshop or buy a drum or anything else.  They are skilled, friendly people who really liked their time with us and rendered us a priceless serviceTHANK YOU TERRI AND STEF!!!
Ritmik's Winter Drum Circle "Playshops"
(Jan. 8th and 22nd, Feb. 5th and 19th, 2004)
Facilitated by: Terri and Stèf

In a group, experience rhythmic dialogue through hand drums and percussion instruments.
All levels of experience welcome, instruments provided, bring your own!

SPECIAL:  January 22nd --->>> Drum & Paint "Playshop"
Experience the creative power emerging from a drumming session and make it happen with your paintbrush!

SPECIAL:  February 19th --->>> Drum & Drama "Playshop"
Experience the creative power emerging from a drumming session and be ready to express yourself through theatre games and skits!

Thursdays, January 8th and 22nd, February 5th and 19th
7:30pm to 10pm
Cost: 15$ / person for regular weeks (Jan. 8th and Feb. 5th)
20$ / person for SPECIAL WEEKS (Jan. 22nd and Feb. 19th)
RSVP 2 weeks prior to dates or book a 4 sessions package for $60 before December 25th.

Advanced Rhythm “Playshops”
(January 25th and February 22nd, 2004)
#1: Sunday January 25th from 1pm to 4pm
#2: Sunday February 22nd from 1pm to 4pm (#1 required)

Cost: For #1 only: $35 Both for $60
Please RSVP before January 11th if possible.
Terri and Stèf (416) 778-8954    info@ritmik.biz


And of course our wonderful Door Prizes and their generous donors.  Our thanks go to  Joan Shepard for her donations of Vita Fons II, Eleanor Gaspar and her donations of Matol and other herbal products, Diana Podashinsky and her health food basket, 2 CDs from the Ritmiks, Faith & Sandy Lapp's Bath Salts, Angel Cards from Marja Pirje, Young Living Essential Oils from Arlene Anisman, Jerusalem Artichokes from Eva Janecek, a Vital Knowledge manual from Eva Angyal, Reiki Treatments from Mark Brewer, a membership to Astrology Toronto from Ursula Fugger, a massage from Maxine Featherstonhaugh, a session with Ellen Watley for her psychoanalytical services and a majical frog from Alicja Aratyn.  And of course the best assistance possible from Ursula Fugger's son in drawing the names.  I apologize to those of you whose prizes I have omitted due to forgetting. Some pretty neat synchronicities took place (again, as always) between those who donated and those who won.

As Special Guests, there were:

PAUL NEWTON & MIKKI FOX - with the latest instruments from The Gentle Wind Project

CARMEN ARADI  (&  STEVE BARON):  Carmen helped David Yeo (our drummer leader) with a display of  Coral Calcium Products.   And  Steve Baron with his  "Tower Busters" and Orgone Energy devices.

Thank you to all of you who came and had a display and brought food and brought your instruments and yourselves and enthusiasm and participation.  It was a very special group on a special evening whose activities and energies and emotions we will long taste and remember.

Like a flower unfolding its petals
from a tight bud,
constantly increasing in size and volume,
so our inner knowing can come into bloom.
Earth life appears to be finite,
but in a Greater Reality it is infinite.
Despite an infinite potential,
most people focus only on a finite reality.
This denies our greatest opportunities
and our truth of Self,
for we are, essentially, Beings of infinity.

began:  November 26, 2002

   Some of us went to the Mound that morning. ...

   The Water Project has been a huge success so far, not just because of the numbers of bottles distributed but mostly because of how useful the water itself has proven itself to be.  So many written and oral stories have received that it has been difficult to keep track of them, along with everything else.  Many of them have been in every newsletter for the past year.

    Raymon has been interviewed on 3 Internet Radio programs this last month.  With those interviews, and the popularity of his new book, we have had more orders for ECH20.  Including Finland and New Zealand!   Do you remember Randy Burns?  Randy, from Edmonton, has a B&B in Costa Rica --- Pequeño Oasis.   Randy had contacted me some time ago with regard to the Water Project.  Several of his stories have been in our newsletters.  Randy was in Toronto last month on his way down to Costa Rica and we met for lunch.  Nice person, and now a new member of the Toronto Dowsers!  Welcome, Randy!

    So, our Water Project continues to spread throughout the planet.  However, in mid December, we ran in to a "challenge" to spreading this wonderful project:

A new regulation came in to effect on December 12th.  It comes from the US, from the FDA, and its cleverly designed to --- among other things --- impose US internal law on other countries. Canada, of course, is accepting it.

What it says is that food and beverages mailed to the US must first be registered with the FDA.

This is an ignoble act designed to manipulate and control others.

How we found out about this:   We have been getting more orders for our  -- ECH20 -- and I have not had the time to mail them.  Linda Warsh offered to take on the task of mailing out our packages.  THANK YOU LINDA!  She went to the postal outlet December 16 to mail the backlog of orders, including many to the US.  Canada Post employees refused acceptance of the packages of water for mailing to the US because of this regulation!!!

As it turns out, they are wrong, but consider the implications.

If you buy cookies from your favorite bakery in Toronto and mail it to a friend in New Jersey --- this will not be allowed.  Canada Post might not accept it and the US customs will reject it.

This is --- allegedly --- protecting Americans under their bioterrorism legislation, but of course we know its not.  Not really.  It's another tool to manipulate and control.   Look at all the harm its doing, look at all the people being greatly inconvenienced.   Also --- the time of the year this was introduced --- right before people receive Christmas goodies from friends and family in other countries.

Right now, "registration" doesn't cost anything.  That will change, as soon as their data base is big enough and the hooks are in.  This enables them to build more data bases with more info about everyone.  I don't want to be in their data base.

It also requires people to find out about this kind of ruling, so we spend our time, focus and awareness on the rulings, rather than on leading productive lives.  While the awareness is on this, it imbues the sense of fear which it is also designed to do.

And, for the US economy --- this can not be good for the plunging US dollar --- all these restrictions.  The more restrictions that are placed on an economy the less people want to do business with that economy.  The US dollar is already in the toilet thanks to the unnecessary military spending.  This makes it worse.

Here is some of the ruling:

FDA and CBP Announce Their Transitional Compliance Policy on Food Imports Under the Bioterrorism Act

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today issued a compliance policy guide that describes their strategy for maintaining an uninterrupted flow of food imports while improving their safety in accordance with the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (Bioterrorism Act).

The policy guide deals with the enforcement of the Bioterrorism Act's requirement, which becomes effective on December 12, 2003, that FDA receive a prior notification of all human and animal food, drinks and dietary supplements imported or offered for import to the U.S. Another requirement of the Bioterrorism Act mandates that all facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for consumption in the U.S. be registered with FDA. This registration requirement for foreign facilities will be primarily enforced through the prior notice provision.

In October, FDA and CBP jointly published an interim final rule that specified that, among other requirements, the prior notice must be received by FDA between two and eight hours -- depending on the mode of transportation -- before each shipment's arrival at the U.S. border. The prior notice interim final rule also covers food packages mailed or brought to the U.S. by individuals from abroad.

As the rule becomes effective, FDA and CBP expect a "good faith" effort at compliance. The policy guide issued today makes clear that during the next 8 months, the two agencies will primarily rely on educating the affected firms and individuals. During this period, the agencies will utilize communication and education initiatives, escalating imposition of civil monetary penalties, and ultimately refusal of shipments. This phase-in period will end on August 12, 2004. As always, both agencies will continue to ensure that imported products are safe for human or animal consumption. Regarding food mailed, brought or accompanied to the U.S. by individuals for non-personal use, FDA and CBP generally will continue their education efforts and will not refuse its admission before August 12, 2004 because of inadequate or lacking prior notice.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Robert C. Bonner said, "We at the CBP for decades have worked closely with the FDA in ensuring the safety and security of imported foods, especially perishables, that reach our dinner tables every day. The Bioterrorism Act provides us with yet another highly effective tool to safeguard America's food supply from the terrorist threat."

This allows the FDA to continue to dictate policy to other countries (another grab for power and control)

  It allows them to bloat their already bloated bureaucracy, because they will be hiring more people to do this useless work:

" Thus, for food that is imported or offered for imports, FDA will continue to carry out such routine food safety- and security-focused reviews, investigations, and enforcement actions as may be necessary. From December 12, 2003 on, the enforcement of the Bioterrorism Act will be carried out, on a round-the-clock, 7 days a week basis, by hundreds of FDA and CBP employees." (Great.)

It says that if you prepare products at your home and send them as a gift, you are not included in this policy.  ECH20 is prepared in my home.  It is excluded from this policy.  But still, some Canada Post employees did not want to accept it.   It seems that in talking to different government employees --- in the US and Canada --- brought about different interpretations of the rules.

If we were not exempt --- what's next?  Do you want to register?  Travel already in and out of Canada and the US is so restrictive.

Focus on your light body.  Focus on raising consciousness.  Rise above it.  That is the best we can do, and, it is something.

Speaking of Stupid Stuff:

--  HOTEL:  I heard a rumor from a fairly credible source, that there are plans for building a hotel in High Park.  I don't understand how this could be possible, but I'd like to know if anyone has heard anything about this?

--- FLU SHOTS:  I am on a list of business people in Toronto.  Someone asked about getting the flu shot.  I responded -- mildly, I thought --- why I didn't think it was a good idea and I got slammed.  Most appreciate how effective, convenient and free the shot is and 9 out of 10 got it or were going to get it.  This issue needs a LOT more education in Toronto.

--- Pesticides:  Bill Carroll, on CFRB 1010 AM said how much he loves pesticides.  Because it keeps the bugs away.  He actually said "I love pesticides".

We all have our own opinions and it is important to be able to respect one another's opinions and choices, even when they do not agree with ours'.  But when they interfere with our choices and our free will, or when folks are ignorant of something and that ignorance can cause them substantial harm, that's something different.

The above events, including undesirable restrictive legislation, and viewpoints based on wrong information, will continue.  And there is a glimmer of light twinkling.

    In Toronto, former City Councillor Anne Johnston was going against the wishes of her constituency and catering to big landlords.  A handful of residents in that Ward placed an ad in the local Town Crier looking for a candidate to run against Johnston.  The community sponsored ad said "We want to elect a City Councillor who will work with residents, not one whose attitude aand behaviour tells us --- 'she always knows what's best for us.' "
    Neophyte Karen Stintz answered the ad and received 43% of the vote to Johnston's 31%.  Johnston had held that position for 31 years.

   In the US, there's a big stink going on about US individuals and organizations ordering cheaper drugs from Canada (this could be one of the reasons the FDA imposed that legislation, to restrict sales to Canada).  However, New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson announced  that his state will defy federal law and purchase prescription drugs from Canada for Medicaid recipients and prison inmates. The estimated savings would probably top $1.5 million.
   On the same day, Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino told reporters that beginning next summer his city will buy Canadian drugs for city employees, creating a projected savings of $1 million per year. You can be sure that the FDA isn't one bit happy about all this. But what are they going to do? Put Boston in jail?   Beyond issuing a stern warning, it will be interesting to see how far the FDA attempts to go here.

    And, I have been hearing reports that in NYC, federal judges are disallowing some of the unconstitutional passages of the security regulations to be enacted.

Small groups are getting together and halting some of the repellant restrictive legislation that is being passed.  They are setting an example and making a difference.

What we can do is to focus on raising consciousness.    Energy flows where your attention goes.  Give your energy to what you want.  Don't  waste it in places where you don't want it to go.  Don't waste it on those things you don't like.  Spend your energy where you would spend your money.  On what you want, on what you value, what you care about.

Internet Interest

www.crystallotus.net/Crystal.htm  -  Margherita's fabulous labyrinth she made

www.susantom.com   This is the home page of Susan McNeill, president of the Greater Boston Dowsers chapter of the ASD and that chapter.   Just feel the energy in the photo on that page and visit the links!

www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/socpic03.htm - Photos of our 2003 Social

www.themeatrix.com/  -  Shows the downside of animal factory farming, in a well done take off on the Matrix

www.britishtours.com/360/stonehenge.html   360 degrees of Stonehenge

www.zorstec.net/copperfield.htm --  Can you figure out how this illusion is done?

www.dowsers.info/toronto/images.htm  - Just some neat images I posted

www.moonsinger.com - a very comprehensive website from one who used to be quiet

www.njagyouth.org/colortest.swf - the right brain / left brain color blind test

 www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/raymon.htm - Our page on Raymon Grace's activities including projects with the Toronto Dowsers, Internet radio interviews and upcoming workshops

(Note: I put the following 2 URLs in because as I'm typing this I'm listening to CFRB radio talk about the 4 hour! wait times at the border.  The sites are not reporting such heavy delays.  Which one is right?)
www.ccra-adrc.gc.ca/customs/general/times/menu-e.html - Border wait times: Canada/US
http://forms.customs.gov/nemo/bordertimes/bordertimes.asp - Border wait times: US

From NICLYN: News from Microsoft, Computer Newsletter, Computer Help:

NicLyn Consulting Corp is a Toronto computer consulting company.  I have been in touch with Lynda Morris, one of the principals, since 1999 and appreciate her reliable and straightforward information.  They put out a (free) web based newsletter.  There are 2 items in the December issue I thought would be useful for you:

(1) Windows 95 and 98 Users Beware:

As of January 16, 2004, Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows95 and Windows 98 (all versions). "Windows98 is considered obsolete, and security-based hot fixes will not be generally available for users of Windows 98 or Windows 98-Second Edition," said Steve O'Halloran, managing director of AssetMetrix Research Labs.   If use either operating system, and if you have a problem you have been putting off fixing, get it fixed NOW!

(2)   IMPORTANT update news about Microsoft XP

In January, Microsoft plans to release Service Pack2 for all Windows XP computers.  For those of you who aren’t (on our service), this is our warning not to let your computer updater automatically install this service pack. Not even out yet, there are rumours of problems with this package.  As always, we recommend that you wait a few weeks, let others be the guinea pigs for Microsoft’s new releases and once it’s been tested in the wild, then determine if you need to install it.

If you want to receive the newsletter, go to: www.niclyn.com/newsletter.htm .  Email or call Niclyn if you are interested in service for your computer.

"Taking the Red Pill --- Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix", edited by Glenn Yeffeth
"I can visualize a time in the future when we will be to robots as dogs are to humans." - Claude Shannon, The Mathematical Theory of Communications, 1949
On the chapter entitled: Why We Stay in Our Matrix:  Unlike the poor unfortunates enslaved by the Matrix, we are free. We see the world as it is and make the choices in our lives based on our desires and values. No malevolent puppet master controls us.  Right?  Economist Robin Hanson respectfully disagrees.
The Matrix introduces a new generation to an age old dilemma. What is real and how do we know it? And does it really matter? Philosopher Lyle Zynda takes this question head on.
Neo: This isn't real?
Morpheus: What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, taste, smell or see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.
Neo: (his mouth bleeding) I thought it wasn't real.
Morpheus: Your mind makes it real
Neo: If you're killed in the Matrix, you die here?
Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind.
The red pill or the blue pill? Responsibility or comfort? Reality or illusion? Every day we make our choices and the choices define who we are. Economist Peter Boettke argues that societies have choices and would do well to avoid the temptation of the blue pill ....
Most viewers of The Matrix consider the more fanciful elements---intelligent computers, downloading information into the human brain, virtual reality indistinguishable from real life --- to be fun as science fiction, but quite remote from real life.  Most viewers would be wrong. As renowned computer scientist and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil explains, these elements are very feasible and are quite likely to be a reality within our lifetimes.

Almost everyone who sees The Matrix considers, at least for a second or two, an uncomfortable possibility that they might in fact be in the Matrix. Yale philosopher Nick Bostrom considers this possibility as well, and concludes that its far more likely than you might imagine.

Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries - CONTINUED - PART II
[in our October 2003 newsletter, a segment of Robert Gilbert's presentation was included. This is the next installment of that presentation.  There should be 3 more installments to this presentation which will be included in future newslettes.  Robert Gilbert, a colleague and friend of Joey Korn, will be our May speaker and will offer a workshop on BioGeometry.
"My name is Robert Gilbert.  The topic of today's presentation is "Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries".  Many of you know me already.  For those that do not, my background began with time in the US Marine Corps, in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Survival.  At that time I taught US Air Force, Marine Corps and army troops how to survive in the case of attack by these types of weapons.  At that time I began to do research in to the basis of modern science and technology and I found that there were precise, sacred geometric patterns that are behind the operation of biological, nuclear and chemical systems.  When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985, I spent the next 12, 13 years getting my pH.D in International Studies.  That gave me an opportunity to research a variety of spiritual schools around the world.  Great spiritual traditions.  I found that the patterns I had found behind modern science and technology  were the same patterns known and taught to the great spiritual systems in antiquity, around the world."
"So, when you do mental dowsing, you can use any type of dowsing implement.  You can use a lead weight at the end of a string.  And you can hold it just about anywhere once you get the hang of it.  But for this type of vibrational / energy dowsing, the length of the cord is important.  Also, particular designs of the pendulum are important.

From this body of work, that comes from Britain, from the work of a man named Lethbridge, he found you can actually go in to resonance with particular energies (or) substances according to where you hold the cord of the pendulum.  And this is a chart that shows you the 32 inches iron, the 29 inches of femininity & gold, etc.

There was a one to one relationship between the wavelength of the thing being tested and the wavelength you got from the number of inches up that you held the pendulum.  So, this is (an) important principle to bear in mind.

As we move from Abbé Mermet into this great flowering of vibrational dowsing in Europe, one of the most important people to be aware of is a man named Louis Turin.  Louis Turin was at one time the professor of engineering at the Sorbonne where he did a lot of pioneering work in advancing the research of Abbé Mermet.  He also found all types of applications for vibrational dowsing.  And he was a great healer.  Turin wrote a whole series of books.  The problem is that these books were printed privately, in very small numbers and are very hard to find.  They have never been reprinted, and they have never been taken out of the original language: French.

At this point, through working with my research partner --- Jane Weaver --- Jane has translated 3 of Turin's texts, starting with his first book in 1931.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, from Cairo, recommends Turin's text.  This is a really interesting work by Turin.  You can see the topics here: Waves of the Arabic numerals, series, families of 7, human waves, illnesses, etc.  These are the topics dealt with in this text.  And it's a cornucopia of interesting dowsing techniques and results that one does not find elsewhere.

One of the things that Turin discovered, is that the actual geometrical shape of the Arabic numerals … and when we say Arabic numerals, we mean the numerals that we're taught in the Western school today --- is the numerals we use.  When those numerals are drawn in a certain way, then they are actually a geometric form that gives you the energy frequency that is equal to the serial number of that particular energy.  Now what I mean by that if you draw "6" the correct way or "5" the correct way, and then you dowse it, you will get a serial number of five rotations off the "5", six rotations off the "6".  If you change the geometry of it a little bit, then you lose it.  What this indicated was that the people that created this numerical system understood something about geometry.  They understood the form to put the numbers in.

Now Turin took this even further and in his book.  He shows the way that if you take the numbers drawn correctly and you put them together with particular geometric signs, then you will get further numbers that can be dowsed.  And get further serial numbers.  So, for example, if you get a "6" and then you put an "X" drawn a certain way and then you put a "5", you'll get a serial number of "30".  [6x5] Six times five equals thirty.  He found this worked with the symbols for "plus", "minus", multiplication and division.  But the division sign had to be altered, so that it looked like two dots over one another and without the central line.  So he also found that by putting these into particular patterns, you got equivalences between the number itself and the geometric forms that have that number of vertices or corners.

So, it's a deep and complex body of work, but I want you to take away from it is this idea that the actual geometry of the numbers that we're taught today, when drawn appropriately, plus the things that we use as signs and symbols in mathematics had a basis in a type of energy work that was known to the people that originated these symbols.

Further more, the symbols that we find with astrology when they were dowsed with this particular system that Turin used, they would give you particular serial numbers running from one to twelve and so the actual signs themselves arrange themselves in an array according to the numerical frequency of the sign.

One very interesting thing he found is that in Turin's work, to amplify what are very subtle radiations in some cases, from different substances … he found that he could make them much easier to dowse if he used something that was slightly radioactive to increase the waves he was detecting.  He preferred to use radium salts and he had a type of rectangular radium salt block that he would put either horizontal or vertical and he would test both horizontal and vertical waves.  That allowed him to test things that had very subtle energies.  And you will also find sometimes dowsers today in North America that learned this technique from a European dowser.  And they will use something that is slightly radioactive in their vibrational dowsing.  And in some cases, these people have remarkable results.  They are just incredibly accurate in finding minerals underground and things of that kind.

In some cases however they have not taken proper precautions, because you can get radiation poisoning or you can get cancer from these emitters.  So, because of that, I don't recommend using these radioactive emitters.  But, something very interesting was discovered by Turin.  And that is, that if you used forms based on a particular number, that he would get the same type of energy emanation wave that he got using this radioactive substance, and that was the number "7".  And so in his book, he goes through all of these uses of the number "7" as a divine number: as a holy number and all of these different traditions around the world.  Every tradition seems to have this idea that seven is a holy number.  It creates a cycle of some kind.  It does something.  He talked about in terms of counter rotating spirals of seven terms, but the "principle of seven" can be applied in a lot of different ways.

When you have seven of something you can actually create an emanated energy wave that can be dowsed and detected using the right equipment.  And it is something that later European dowsers would call the "spiritual carrier wave".  There's a reason why the Pilgrims at the Kabba in Mecca go seven times counter-clockwise around the Kabba.  There's a reason for all these seven-fold repetitions that one finds.

So not only do certain geometric forms have energy emanations that are very specific and have precise effects, but also particular number qualities.  And from that perspective you can begin to research any sacred text around the world.  And when they give you precise numbers, for particular things, then actually, it's a physics text.  They're telling you something about the quality of those numbers and what they do spiritually and energetically.

Another interesting thing in Turin's work is if you look at the top here, is you look at the energy emanations coming from hieroglyphs.  This is a fascinating body of work that I've really enjoyed looking into for the last couple of years.  The hieroglyphs, when drawn appropriately --- many of them have very powerful energy emanations.  And we're going to go into a little more detail on that in tomorrow's afternoon seminar presentation and in the first conference workshop.  But if you look at the top, he gives an illustration where the form of the hieroglyphs is cut and you'll find that sometimes on the Egyptian temple walls that they cut the form of the hieroglyph.  And if you test the intact form, you'll get the energy wave, but it you test the cut form, you no longer get the emanation.

So this cutting was not simply a symbolic act.  It changed an energy emanation from the form itself.  This is important because most of what we know today about Egyptian hieroglyphs comes from the Greeks, particularly though the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.  It also had in addition to demotic (?) language and hieroglyphs, it had on it Greek, and so we could read Greek, so we learned to read hieroglyphs through that.

That allowed us to begin to penetrate into hieroglyphs according to their phonetics.  This form is like an "N" or an "O" or according to the grammar; it stands for this thing or that thing.   But what it does not understand and what the Greeks did not understand is the way that it's an energetic language.  There are energy emanations coming from the hieroglyphs themselves.  So again in tomorrows presentations we'll look at the hieroglyph for the spiritual gateway and get some more sense of what they were doing with that.

An important advance on Turin's work was by an individual named de Belizal.  He had a partner named Leon Chaumery and together around 1939 they published a book that was a treatise on scientific radiesthésie. There are many fascinating things in that book.  There's a sequel to it, which is this text here, which is "Micro-vibrational Physics and Invisible Forces".  And it has on the cover, the form of the Egyptian pendulum, because all of these European dowsers constantly refer back to Egypt for their inspiration.

Now as I have spoken about, in previous presentations, one of the very important things that were discovered and Chaumery's and de Belizal's work, is that their particular spectrum of spiritual energy qualities.  Before we begin to understand these energy qualities it opens up a whole vast new world of dowsing and many new applications

Essentially they discovered a twelve-fold spectrum of energies.  And again, twelve is another sacred number that you find in great texts, particularly when you look at something like the book of Revelations:  full of twelves.  A particular number of completion.

So, the twelve-fold energies are basically the seven visible colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and then five invisible colors.  Violet becomes Ultra-violet.  Then it moves to white.  Then it moves to something that some of the French dowsers call "Radiasthesia gray", whereas others called it "negative green".  Then as you move from the red, downwards, it becomes Infra-red, then black.  Then it once again back to radiasthesia gray or negative green.

What you tend to find, as information on this energy spectrum from the European schools is often very scattered.  I've spent a long time looking at the works of Christopher Hills, and other bits and pieces of this information that came out to the West.  I always had a hard time making any sense out of it until I started working with the Egyptians and I started working with the original text.  Then it made perfect sense.

They call it radiasthesia gray because it's between white and black.  Others called it negative green because it's on the opposite side of a circle or sphere from where positive green is.

This is a complex body of work and when we train people in Egyptian bio-geometry, it's a seven-day training, because there's a lot to teach from his background concepts, and his applications, but the upshot of it is, if you have a three-dimensional sphere that three-dimensional sphere will propagate these twelve energies in a particular pattern.

What determines the placement of energies on the sphere, whether it's the Earth or whether it's a sphere you hold in your hands is the position of the Sun.  There's a reason why there is a whole emphasis on the sun in traditions around the world. As the earth is changing, it's relationship to the sun; there is a change in the energy on the surface of the earth.  Some of you know the work of Bruce Caffey.  And in Bruce Caffey's work he talks about particular energy frequencies that are shifting according to the relationship of the earth grid to the sun.  So directly beneath the sun's position is the energy that's equivalent to a visible green color: the green that you would see with your physical eyes.  But there's an energy wave that's coming through, that penetrates all the way through solid matter and it comes out the other side.  This penetrating carrier wave they're then calling "negative-green" … goes on the opposite side of the sphere.

The French were fascinated by this negative green energy.  They couldn't find a way to stop it or to shield against it.  It seemed to penetrate through any type of physical matter.  And at first, they didn't understand what this energy was or how to work with it.  It was very similar to when Madame Currie, in France, discovered Radium and she didn't understand it could be extremely toxic and highly radioactive.  What we found in time is that this negative green energy was well known to the ancient Egyptians.  That they understood it had two components: one is very toxic and one is very beneficial.  You need to know how to separate the two.

Now one thing I want to bring out about this, is that one deeper part of this knowledge of sacred geometry and spiritual science is dimensions. We hear a lot about higher dimensions.  And all I'm going to say about it right now is that this twelve-fold spectrum of energies propagates differently on a three dimensional sphere than it does on a two dimensional circle.  If I had a three-dimensional I find the energies placed according to the sun's position.  If I have a two-dimensional circle I find the twelve energies positioned according to the North and the South poles.  In that case the green energy is discoverable directly at the North position...."[to be continued]


The Dowser's Prayer
Lord, guide my hands, enhance my sensitivity, and bless my purpose, that I may
be an instrument of Your power and glory in locating what is searched for.

" Our Intuition is the inner - tuition of our Greater Self. "

All the quotations throughout this issue come from the book: "Into a Timeless Realm"  by  Michael J. Roads, 1995, gratefully brought to our attention by Sherry Gilad.

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

THE    Tuesday, January 13th, 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
Ross Andaloro
will present a workshop on: "Healing Ourselves & Getting to Clarity"
How to Use a Pendulum to Contact the Subconscious
Bring your pendulums.   And an additional $10.
The format for this evening is different.  Ross is giving us his workshop this evening.  Because we already know many of the dowsing techniques Ross normally teaches, he has greatly condensed his 6 hour workshop to 2 hours for us.  This workshop is comprehensive, yet not complicated.

Even if you do not yet feel fully confident in your dowsing techniques, do come to this workshop so you will learn the techniques for when your confidence increases.

A full set of handouts will be given to you to take home to do this work over time.
You will have Ross' phone number and email address to contact him for follow up questions

Ross will show us how to find and deprogram outdated, no longer necessary programs in our subconscious.  When we learn this method, we can easily dialog with our subconscious.

Ross says we begin to hear and heal our own inner shadows. The essence of it is change yourself. If you heal your own shadow, all of your inner fears, what happens is that this mind state emanates through the collective unconscious of everyone on this planet.

Every time we deprogram a key piece of fear we are changing the world.  We are changing the consciousness of our species to a more peaceful way of operating.

Inner peace = world peace.  Its the morphic field of our collective species that we are working with.  We are part of the field.   When we clear our fears, completely, when we stop projecting them, we heal the world, we heal humanity.  Ross shows us how we can each do our part.

Ross' letter to us:

" Look to your mind, wise man;
Look to it well – it is subtle, invisible, treacherous.
A disciplined mind is the road to Nirvana. "
-  From the Buddhist collection of verse called the Dhammapada

"A teacher of mine once said, “ The only hell that exists is the negative mind.”
With this powerful pendulum deprogramming system we can begin to convince the subconscious mind that the fears that are causing the hell of the negative mind no longer exist.  This system of direct self empowerment through using a pendulum to contact the subconscious focuses on thirty six core fear states all stemming from the core issue of survival common to all human beings  starting in the womb and primarily programmed in first four or five years of our lives.

To live a fresh authentic peaceful joyous response to life continuously we need to deprogram  outdated core fear states. These fear states can and do most certainly negatively affect our higher  perceptions. They can all too easily stop us from having a fuller experience of the multidimensional reality of our universe. This pendulum technique allows for the potential to deprogram these fear states as they are triggered and arise in our daily lives.  In those moments when the fears and anxieties are "on" we have the opportunity of getting to the source of these fears and completely releasing them.

This highly accessible effective dowsing technique is uniquely thorough in deprogramming obsolete fear states that are destroying the possibility of continuous inner and outer peace in our lives and our relationships.

I look forward to introducing you to this extraordinary self-healing technique on the evening of January 13th 2004.
Yours truly, Ross Andaloro"

No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
copyright © 2003 by Marilyn Gang