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The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, January 13th,  2009 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to host:
Margaret Ball who will speak on:
"How would you like your colour served?"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food so we can enjoy some pot luck after the presentation.  We supply beverages
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food so we can enjoy some pot luck after the presentation.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.

          $30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33 EST)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

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Details for our latest activities can be found at: MEETINGS
JANUARY  3rd, 2009:  Dowsing Practice & Clinic
JANUARY  13th, 2009:  Margaret Ball!   Colors and "Broadcasting sandwich!
JANUARY  17th, 2009:  David Wilcock video day
FEBRUARY 10th, 2009:  February meeting:
Dowsing your own herbs for a personal tea
MAY 2009:  Dr. Robert J. Gilbert returns!
Guelph Organic Conference:  January 22-25, 2009
Silva Method Course: January 31, February 1, 7 taught by Sharmin Chowdry
Total Health Show:  April  17 - 19, 2008


Our membership year goes from October 1 to September 30.
If you have a friend who would like to join our group, a membership application can be picked up at one of our meetings or it can be printed from /www.dowsers.info/toronto/register.htm .  Please complete it and mail it in with payment.  70% of our membership resides in the Greater Toronto area.  The remainder reside in the rest of Canada, the U.S. and a couple in other countries.

What would you like?   The New Year is a good time to begin new projects, have new ideas.  The first week in January and the 1st or 2nd weeks in September are, historically, the best time to launch new ventures.
       Is there something that you would like to see us do that we are not yet doing?  Bring back a former speaker?  Is there a person or a modality that we have not yet had that you think would be of benefit for our group?   Is there an activity?   Is there a topic that we have not yet explored sufficiently?   Please let me know.

Speaking about this time of the year, its also a perfect time to take Sharmin Chowdry's Silva Method course, January 31, February 1, 7.  It is becoming easier for us to manifest what we have in mind.  The Silva Method can greatly help you to do this.

Perception.  Management.   Recently, I read a David Baldacci novel, that, like most novels, I thought was fiction.  Unfortunately, it was not.  This political thriller, and A Jeffrey Deaver one that came out 2 months later details the workings of Perception Management and Data Mining.  Read about what it is and how its used, in this issue.

The January meeting:  If you have not heard Margaret Ball speak on How to make a Broadcasting Sandwich and using Dowsing and Colour to manage energies, this presentation is a MUST.  It is as important to your dowsing as... well.   learning how to dowse.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The library for the Toronto Dowsers was named the Walter Huszczo Library in honor of our friend, contributor and father figure, Walter Huszczo, of Burford, Ontario, who passed on, December 6, 2003.   One of Walter's many passionate interests was good books and learning.
We have a very fine members library with over 500 items including books, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs.  Most of the library is brought to each meeting, members can borrow items until the next meeting upon payment of a modest rental fee.  Most of the items have been purchased, over the years, after visits to conventions, conferences and workshops.  Carefully handpicked.  Members also donate books.
For some time now, because of the sterling quality and quantity of our library selections, we have been looking for a permanent place, one that members can come to a couple of times a week, rather than once a month.  Ideally this would be a room about 10' x 10', secure and only used for our library, centrally located, accessible, decent energy.  If you have or know of a place that we might be able to use, a room that could be free for us or at a low monthly rental, please contact Marilyn.
Right now the library sits in the home of one of our members who brings it to meetings.  Occasionally, she is unable to make it and then we have no library at the meeting.  Can you help us out with our library home and/or logistics?   These items are fabulous, many rare and one of a kind.  Kathy, Maggie, Edna, Ro, Pat and Oswald do an excellent job maintaining the library and making it available to you.  Our thanks to that fine team.  Do keep in mind we are all volunteers.
The following items were added to our inventory at the December meeting and are available for loan:
  • Rosita Arvigo, "Rainforest Remedies"
  • Kathe Bachler, "Earth Radiation"
  • Mantak Chia, "Fusion Five Elements, Meditations for Transforming Negative Emotions"
  • Mantak Chia, "Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Taoist Techniques for Rejuvenating the Blood and Bone"
  • Deepak Chopra, "Return of the Rishi"
  • James DeMeo, "Orgone Accumulator Handbook"
  • Larry Dossey, "Healing Words"
  • Cassandra Easson, "The Art of the Pendulum"
  • Kahlil Gibran, "Spirits Rebellious"
  • Edith Hamilton, "Mythology "
  • Dr. Cass Ingram, "The Cause for Cancer Revealed"
  • Dr. Cass Ingram, "Natural Cures for Health Disasters"
  • Dr. Cass Ingram, "Eat Right 4 Your Type"
  • Robert Jourdain, "Music, The Brain and Ecstasy"
  • Hanna Kroeger, "Free Your Body of Tumors and Cysts"
  • Ilchi Lee, "Ilchi Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society"
  • Jacob Liberman, "Light Medicine of the Future"
  • Thomas E. Mails, "Hopi Survival Kit "
  • Vladimir Megre, "Anastasia -- Book I"
  • Dan Millman, " Way of the Peaceful Warrior "
  • Chris Morton, "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls "
  • Paul Pearsall, "Wishing Well"
  • Nigel Pennick, Nigel Games of the Gods
  • Pond,Cayce,Keely,Steiner, Tesla, "The Physics of Love"
  • Bokar Rinpoche, "Death and the Art of Dying, in Tibetan Buddhism"
  • Steven Rosen, "Moebius Seed "
  • Bill Schul, Ed Pettit, "Pyramid Power, A New Reality"
  • Benedict Williamson, "The Rosicrucian Manuscripts"
  • Thank you Marja Pirie, for your donation of "Laugh For No Reason" by Dr. Madan Kataria to our library.  Marja runs a Laughter Yoga club in Burlington, Ontario.


       Here's helping you to keep your New Year's Resolution to Dowse more often, regularly and actively!

             Toronto Dowsers Dowsing Practice & Clinic
             * SATURDAY,  JANUARY 3,  2009 *
             9:30 - 12:30
             Deer Park Library,  1st floor
             40 St. Clair Avenue East
         (1/2   block  east of Yonge Street)
             at the (Yonge line)  St. Clair TTC  stop
             $5 -- cash only ---  (to help cover rental expenses)
            Bring whichever dowsing tool(s) you like to use.

     NOTE:   It will work out best if you arrive on time.  However if you arrive after we have started please do not disturb the focus of those who are exercising and wait for the exercise to finish.

        How do you become a better Dowser?  By Dowsing!   Practice!   Exercise!   You will be getting a lot of hands on practice at this session, practicing basic dowsing skills.
         Anyone who is competent at any sport, art or skill knows you have to keep doing exercises; the basics,,  to remain proficient.   Just as pianists at all levels practice their scales.   Dowsers, too, benefit through practice.
          This practice will definitely help clean out those fusty old cobwebs that gathered and settled while daylight decreased and help make your dowsing more flexible, improve your accuracy, confidence, you will be asking better questions and gain more trust in your abilities.

       This session does NOT teach dowsing, although tips will be offered.
       Dowsers of all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, other) will benefit.

    will speak to us at our monthly meeting
    Tuesday January 13th.

    If you have not taken this seminar from Margaret, you have to be there.   You will be amazed at what you can do when you make a colour broadcasting sandwich, and how it works.   This will open up a new world for you and give you a very basic grounding in the concepts of radionics and the similarities and differences between radionics and dowsing.

    SATURDAY,  JANUARY 17, 2009
    9:30 - 5:30
    Barbara Frum Branch of the Toronto Library
     20 Covington Rd.
     (Bathurst & Lawrence: 1 street north of Lawrence, just west of Bathurst)
    You can park in the Lawrence Plaza lot
    Fees:   Cash only:  Members:  $13    Non Members:  $20
    (If you are coming for just the morning or the afternoon session, the fee remains the same.)

    Please see the December newsletter for an indepth article of the contents of the 2 sessions.
    In the morning we shall see his summer 2008 Keynote address:
    January 17, A.M.:   KEYNOTE:  "A Unified Field Theory of Dowsing"

    In the afternoon we shall see his workshop:
    January 17, P.M.:   WORKSHOP:  "The 2012 Enigma"

    David Wilcock DivineCosmos.com , possible reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, was an outstanding speaker at the American Society of Dowsers Convention August 2008 at Killington, Vermont.  He gave the Keynote Address which was rich in deep scientific proof -- but not the kind of scientific proof we are used to seeing because this has been suppressed, and, he made it comprehensible -- of very subtle energies, their use and growth throughout our known history in a superlative stimulating presentation that had attendees talking for the rest of the convention.   His address was so compelling that for probably the first time ever, a post convention workshop -- his workshop -- was full.  As the keynote, the workshop was outstanding.
    Tuesday, February 10th - monthly meeting
    Do you like to use Fresh herbs?  teas?
    Would you like to put together your own personalized tea for your own situation?
    Come to this meeting to dowse the herbs that are best for you to make your own personalized tea.

    Raw milk symposium being planned for January 31st, 2009 in Toronto
    Farmer Michael Schmidt talks raw milk to the media at Queen's Park
    Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and his supporters plan to host a raw milk symposium during the final weekend of January 2009 in Toronto.  The plan is to bring in luminaries in the raw milk movement to address a wide range of topics related to raw milk. The legal side of things will also be addressed.

    The symposium will take place Saturday January 31, from 10 am to 5 pm and will be followed by a wine and cheese party from 5 to 8 pm.  Speakers will included Dr. Ron Hull, Dr. Ted Beals, Mark McAfee and Michael Schmidt. The symposium will be the week following the Guelph Organic conference and will be in the middle of Michael Schmidt’s trial on charges laid in connection with the raid on Glencolton Farms in November of 2006. The Bovine will be reporting further details as they become available.  For details stay tuned to //thebovine.wordpress.com/

    Punitive actions against farmers who sell their raw milk continues across the United States.  There are no longer any small dairies left in Ontario.

    Sharmin Chowdry will be teaching a Silva Method course January 31, February 1, 7 thesilvamethod "at" yahoo.com

    LIL   BITS

       Available:  Very good Hardcover copy of a rare hard to find  book: "Psychical Physics; a Scientific Analysis of Dowsing, Radiesthesia and Kindred Phenomena", by S.W. Tromp. 1949. 534 pages.  $99

          This book is a great classic on dowsing research and potential mechanisms.  It contains an analysis of the influence of electromagnetic fields on psychic phenomena with particular reference to divining.  Dowsing also seems to relate to the electrical characteristics of the body. S.W. Tromp, a Dutch geophysicist, carried out a very extensive two-year research program on dowsing and found that sensitive dowsers have a lower palm to palm skin resistance than non dowsers. For sensitive dowsers it would be about 50,000 ohms (measured with 4.5V DC, 3 mm electrodes) while non dowsers it is often 10-60 times higher. Similar results have been found by other workers in 1953 and 1964.

         Tromp also claimed that washing the hands, which reduces the skin resistance, temporarily increases dowsing sensitivity.   Other investigators have found that there is a significant change in the skin potential measured between the wrists of dowsers, when passing over a 'dowsing zone' while HANSEN (1989) reports this can be as high as 100 mV for a good dowser or 10-30 mV for non dowsers.

        Geophysicist, director of the Bioclimatological Research Center, Leiden, Netherlands, and writer on parapsychological subjects. Tromp was born on March 9, 1909, at Djarkarta, Indonesia. He moved to Europe for his education and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Leiden in geology in 1932.

        After military service (1932-33), Tromp was a field geologist for oil companies in Indonesia and Egypt from 1933 to 1940. During World War II, he worked as an advisor on oil explorations for the Turkish Government (1940-43) and then joined his country's war effort as the director of economic warfare, Netherlands Army (1943-45). After the war he held a variety of positions as an economic geologist. Related to his geological interests, Tromp specialized in the study of phenomena connected with dowsing (water divining) about which he wrote several articles and books.

    Toronto Dowsers CDs, DVDs:   At the December social, a CD was made available for Richard Hunt's May 2008 presentation and for Joey Korn's October 2008 presentation.   A CD for Sydney White's September 2008 presentation and a DVD for Richard Hunt's May 2008 presentation are both expected to be available as well before too long.  We can only hope.

    Origins of Race:  It is often conjectured that the different races of humans on earth were created when humans came here from different star systems and their different planets.  So a Pleidian might look different from someone from Sirius.   Could it be that instead of these differences caused by coming from different star systems, rather, the differences come from one race but different primary individuals who populated and seeded earth, each with different physical characteristics.  What do you think?

    US Inauguration Date:   The US Presidential Inauguration date was changed from March 4 to January 20th (in the 1930's).   January 20th is usually the beginning of the Astrological sign, Aquarius.   Do you think this was done to purposefully coincide with Aquarius?   If so, why?

     Winter Weather Prediction:   Our December issue included:  "Speaking with one of our Experienced Woodsmen last week, he said that nature's creatures are telling him that this winter will not be as snowy as last winter.  Why?  Because the "XYZ" are late in preparing their nests and winter quarters.   He watches them every year.   Who are the "XYZ"?   I forgot which animals he mentioned...  but figured better off putting in this snippet than nothing at all."
            The week after the previous issue was printed one of the Toronto radio hosts made a similar comment.  She said she watches the squirrels.  Last year, she said, they were rushing around in November, in a behavior that she knows means they are preparing for a long and cold winter.  She said that this year, relatively speaking, they were taking it easy.
            I was thinking about this during our unusually snowy mid December.   Not just Toronto.  New England experienced some of the worst storms -- ice storms -- ever.  Las Vegas had its biggest snow storm since 1979 (3.6").  Vancouver, which usually does not have a lot of snow, kept getting hit.  A gym roof collapsed from the snow in Olympia, Washington.  It was snowing all across Canada and all across the US, except for the really hot states.  Even Hawaii had a blackout.
           Considering this spate of ferocious winter weather, early in the season, the rest of the season might not be so bad after all.

    Do you remember:  The Mamas and the Papas?  Cass and Denny, Michelle and John...   Did you know that Denny  (Denny Doherty) was born on November 29, 1940 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Doherty started his musical career in Halifax in 1956 with a band called the Hepsters.  Denny Doherty died on January 19, 2007 at his home in Mississauga, Ontario, from kidney failure following surgery on an abdominal aneurysm
    Even crazier:  Dec. 26, 2008 -- The FDA has approved Latisse, the first drug to promote eyelash growth, according to Allergan, the company that makes Latisse.  Latisse, which will be available by prescription starting in the first quarter of 2009, contains the active ingredient of the glaucoma drug Lumigan, which is also made by Allergan.
    GTA   Organic  Butchers

    If you are looking for Organic meat in Toronto, many of the larger health food stores carry these items.  There are 3 organic butchers in the downtown area:

    The Butchers
    2636 Yonge Street (between Eglinton & Lawrence)
    10 Diseria Road, NW corner Bathurst & Centre Street
    The Healthy Butcher
    565 Queen St. West  (just E of Bathurst)
    298 Eglinton Ave. West (at Avenue Rd.)
    25 Bruce Street, Kitchener
    The Naked Butcher
    297 Roncesvalles Avenue

    Another store, although not certified organic has probably the same quality as organic.  Its a Mennonite store:   Fresh From the Farm  www.freshfromthefarm.ca/ 350 Donlands: 1.5 blocks south of O'Connor; 1 km north of Danforth; on west side.

    OUR   YOU TUBE CHANNEL:    http://www.YouTube.com/DowsersInfo

    What Was

    THE 9TH ANNUAL  Toronto Dowsers Networking Social
    December 9, 2008

    This 9th Annual Networking Social was truly magnificent.   After 9 years we finally got the balance right, methinks, between:  Food, commercialism, Food, education, Food, entertainment, number, placement and selection of  exhibits.  The only outside influence that was somewhat uncooperative was:  Weather.  Freezing precipitation was predicted, mostly from the west and the north.  Thank goodness it was not freezing within Toronto.  We had rain, but it was not freezing.  But if you were coming from the west or the north, as many do, there was snow and/or icy roads.  So unfortunately many of our good friends were unable to come on down.  Those who did -- you are certainly heroes and it was well worth it.  Next year let's have December in July!  Where is Global Warming when you need it?

    For those who brought the food:   You did a wonderful, delicious and beautiful job!  We had fruit platters galore.  And   CHICKEN!  (THANKS, CHRIS!)  and CRAB!  COOKIES!   SHRIMP!   TURNOVERS!   DIPS!   COOKIES!   HOMEMADE BANANA CUPCAKES!   SAMOSAS!

    One of our very generous and very modest exhibitors:
    ANITA  FERNANDES  was  showing  products from  www.EpicureSelections.com , which is a company spearheaded by her colleague, Kelly.  Epicure Selections is a 100% Canadian-owned direct sales company offering a unique line of versatile herb and spice blends, recipes and professional-quality cookware.   What Anita was showing us was the food that could be very easily prepared through the use of Epicure Sections' easy to use, easy to mix with products, which simplify the preparation of  meals with their prepared herb and spice blends, dip mixes, and international accents.

    Anita had a huge table that was stuffed with food --- dips especially --- the yummy end result of the Epicure Selections mixes.  You could also buy the products (the mixes themselves), and in fact, she had some bags specially made up, however it may not have been clear.  The food was fresh, plentiful and there for the taking and the eating.

    She braved the roads from Stoney Creek to get here with a lot of food which was a generous contribution to our evening.  Hope you had a chance to sample her wares and have some conversation.  Thank you so much, Anita.  You have a kind and generous heart. Even better, you follow through with action.  Often.

    3 people did oh so simple food demonstrations:

    (1)  Rick Simpson:  Cream of Avocado Soup.  Excellent!  THANK YOU, RICK!

    4 cups stock
    1 cup cream
    2 avocados
    Salt and pepper

    Heat stock and cream - don't boil
    Mash avocados a bit and add to hot stock
    Whizz up with immersion blender
    Salt (a fair amount) and pepper to taste

    (2)   Kefir! What People Say About Coconut Water Kefir:   by Olga Ullman

    • It completely stops your cravings for sugar.
    • It aids in the digestion of all foods
    • It has a tonifying affect on the intestines, even flattening the abdomen!
    • It appears to cleanse the liver. In Chinese medicine the liver rules the skin, eyes, and joints.
    • Coconut water kefir eases aches and joint pains.
    • Many people report having a prettier complexion. They experience the brown liver spots on the skin fading away and skin  tags, moles, or warts drying up and disappearing.
    • Vision  improves.
    • It contains high levels of valuable minerals, including potassium,  natural sodium, calcium, and magnesium, which explains why the hair,  skin and nails become stronger and have a prettier shine.
    • It appears to have a beneficial, cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries). Women find that their periods are cleaner and healthier; some who had experienced early  menopause have found this important monthly cleansing returning again.
    • It increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of good health.
    • Young green coconuts yield several delicious foods. You can ferment  the water (not "coconut milk") into that delicious, healing kefir.  You can also eat the very special meat. Soft, pudding-like, and  technically a seed, this meat is high in protein, enzyme-rich, and  very easy to digest.
    • Like all seeds and nuts, it is a protein fat,  but this seed provides an excellent source of lauric and caprylic  fatty acids. You can scoop the meat out of the shell and eat it raw,  or you can put it in a blender with enough water to make it the same  consistency of guacamole and then ferment it.
    • Just add our kefir  starter, and in 24 hours, you'll have a sort of kefir "cheese," a  fabulous fermented base for salad dressings, dips, or just plain eating as is.
    • It's like eating yogurt, only it is dairy free

         How to make Young Coconut Water Kefir:
    1. Take a Philips head screwdriver and angle it into the pointy end of the coconut.
    2. Pound it with the rubber mallet or a hammer to make a hole. Make  two holes  close together at this end.
    3. Flip it over and place the pointy end into a glass Mason jar
    4. To make the water to come out faster put a hole at this other end, too
    5. Notice the water is coming out. It should be clear and somewhat  milky. If the water is pink or orange it is spoiled.
    6. Bring YC water to 90-92 F degree (30 -33 C)
    7. Add culture starter (1 bag for 1L of water) - needs to ferment 36-48 hours or use 6 tbs. of a previous bath - needs to ferment 16-24 hours
    8. You can add Ecobloom to help the bacterials grow
    9. Seal tightly try to keep it at  25- 28 C

    Special Notes: You can use about 6 tbs. from your first batch to  "transfer" the friendly bacteria to your next batch of kefir. Do this  up to seven times with one package of starter. And when the weather  turns cold, warm the liquid to about 90 degrees before adding the starter. Then place the glass jar into an insulated container so it  will maintain a steady temperature of about 70 degrees while fermenting.

    Remember, since you now have two more cultured foods in your healing  arsenal, you can devise many different ways to eat them. A half cup  of the coconut water kefir with meals greatly helps digestion. You  can add ginger, stevia, lemon, and/or lime if desired. A half cup at  bedtime will help establish a healthy inner ecosystem. Studies from  Europe show that when you are lying still during sleep, the microflora reproduce faster.  In the morning, combine a half cup of  the young coconut water with unsweetened cranberry or black currant  juice, as a great wake-up tonic. And in stage two of the BED (Body Ecology Diet) when you start introducing a little fruit for breakfast, the coconut kefir  microflora will happily enjoy the sugar in the fruit and leave you with its vitamins and minerals.

    If you are lactose intolerant because you do not have dairy-loving  microflora thriving in your inner ecosystem, begin adding them by drinking the coconut water kefir and eating young coconut kefir "cheese." You'll soon find yourself enjoying kefir made from organic milk as well. THANK YOU, Oli.

    (3)   Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Heather Birchall made us KEY LIME PIE!

    Crust:  Combine in a food processor:
           1/2 cup Almond or any other nut or nut mixture that has been soaked at least 4 hours
           1/2 cup seeds, ie, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame or other mixture that has been soaked 4-6 hours
           1/2 cup shredded coconut
           1/2 cup dates or figs, dried apricots, raisins, or any combination
         Optional:  2  T  carob for a chocolate crust
    Spread the crust in your pie plate.  Save a small amount to sprinkle on the completed pie.

    Filling:  In your blender:
           2 ripe avocados
           1 banana
           1  cup lime juice or the juice of any citrus fruit
           1/c cup mangos or peaches
           1/3 cup coconut oil
           1 teaspoon vanilla                                           MANY THANKS, HEATHER!
           1/4+ cup honey or maple syrup or agave nectar
    Blend the filling until very smooth and pour over the pie crust.  Put in freezer at least one hour.

    *            *            *            *            *

     SILVA   METHOD  Instructor,  Sharmin Chowdry, spoke to folks about Silva

    With the Silva method, one trains ones own mind to reach a meditative level where the mind is most effective to receive and project beneficial effects in every way.

    When this level is reached, one can apply techniques to focus, manage stress, fall  asleep naturally, achieve the refreshment and benefit of a full nights sleep even if the actual sleep time is shorter, attract necessary information, headache and pain relief, activate optimum capability for decision making, stay in control and collected during stressful and demanding situation, improve memory, weight and habit control, activate the self-defense mechanism and healing capacity, help others to heal, heighten intuition and many other techniques to use in every aspect of life.

    Learn to use the full potentiality of the body and mind for which they are engineered for. One can apply these techniques anywhere, anytime and in any situation! and this is  just an introduction!

    Sharmin is teaching a  SILVA METHOD COURSE:   January 31,  February 1, 7
    Learn Dynamic meditation with step by step instruction. Learn techniques to use in all aspects of life.  Use these techniques for problem solving, goal setting & achieving, health improvement, heightening intuition and many many more.

    On completion of the course, graduates receive lifetime repeat privilege, this means that, graduates can review this course without paying full course fee, as many times as they want, wherever in the world this course is being presented.   A minimal sitting-fee may be required, which is currently only $20.00 when repeating with me.

    ** Next course dates: January 31st, Saturday, February 1st, Sunday and February 7th, Saturday.
    ** Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (approx.)
    ** Downtown town Toronto location to be announced soon.
    ** Course fees are all-inclusive & payable by cash or cheque
    ** Fee schedule:   New participants of Silva Method course: 499.00
    Contact Sharmin for the Discounted fee schedule to see if you qualify.
     thesilvamethod "at" yahoo.com   Certified Silva Method Instructor Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

    *            *            *            *            *

    Towards the end of the evening, we were treated to a beautiful music interlude by KAryna SHha and Gaspare, Michael Moon and Puck.  A soft yet powerful blend that brought us into another space, another level, totally harmonious, meditative yet grounded.   Ohh, to be able to create and make melodies and frequencies the way these people do.  Such a gift.  Such a gift to us.  Thank you so much.

    What did not go so well:   There were a few activities I planned but the timing was off, trying to do too much in too little time.   Such as:

    And I left the music until too late, too.   Many apologies to our talented, experienced and earnest music professionals.   Too much to do, too little time.

    *            *            *            *            *

    This event is a NETWORKING SOCIAL.   It is put together so that -- mostly members -- can find people, modalities, services, etc., of interest and make personal connections that improve and enrich their lives.   My payoff for putting this megillah together is the feedback and stories that I hear from those who did make these connections.  The best one came from Heather Birchall.   Heather made a good connection with Olga Ullman, as they were next to one another doing the food demos.  They both work with food, for healing and especially help children with physical challenges.  They will be coordinating in the future.  This was a very powerful connection for both of them.

    There is much more from the social, but that will have to wait until next month.  Thank you so much for coming.

    The section on Fiction As Reality started off while reading a David Baldacci novel, which I thought, at the time --- was fiction.  Later on I found out the the process it talks about is not fiction at all, rather it is a reality that has been going on for quite some time, scary to believe that it is so, however companies which offer this "service" proudly display their client list, which included drug companies and, the Department of Defense.

    Fiction As Reality
    Novels, Fiction, Science . . . Fiction (?!)  tell it like it is
    Somewhat Unknown but definite continued Mind Manipulation

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    Astute story tellers, poets, dramatists, writers, television and movie makers, etc.,  have always used their craft to describe the human condition, the human archetype and/or as political or social commentary.

    Perhaps the oldest and best known to most in the western world is the 2,500 year old Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles.  Practically every Westerner understands what the Oedipus complex is supposed to signify.   Freud named his theory after the Greek mythical character Oedipus, who unknowingly kills his father, Laius, and marries his mother, Jocasta, about 100 years ago.

    For centuries, the archetypes presented in the Greek tragedies and comedies have served us well as powerful and accurate descriptions of the human personality and condition.

    More recently, satirists such as Voltaire and Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels).   Voltaire's Candide, 1759 --- this is in the Age of Enlightenment! and Reason!  shown by well known philosophers Locke, Rousseau and Diderot.   During this time, in France, no less, immediately after its somewhat secretive publication, Candide was widely banned because it allegedly contained religious blasphemy, political sedition and intellectual hostility hidden under a thin veil of naïveté.

    We see much greater use of the novel as commentary in the 19th, 20th and now the 21st century. Hundreds or thousands of such novels in the 20th century, and writers having to go into hiding for fear of their lives, due to death threats, in every single country

    Science Fiction, which is getting to be more and more science and less fiction, gives writers a way to talk about the world as they see it might be.  For some authors, it is the fantasy in their minds.  For others, it is how they truly believe things will turn out to be, based on the current situation.  H.G. Wells, "The Time Machine" (1895) is generally considered to be the first work of science fiction.

    George Orwell's profound consciousness of social injustice, an intense dislike of totalitarianism, and passion for clarity in language are classics whose words and concepts have hit home to the millions who have since read his books:  Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949).   They have struck us because we feel their simple truths.

    Robert Sawyer, a celebrated sci fi author who lives in the GTA is also a huge fan of HG Wells, as he says "he was the first real practitioner of science fiction as social commentary."  He recognizes Wells as the inventor of time travel, invisibility and anti gravity.

    Watch the languaging here: These books have touched us --- because they strike a chord within us -- one of resonance -- as their words resonate with the truth that rests within us.   Chord.  Resonance.   Similar vibration.

    Science Fiction  --- is it Fiction?  or not?
       What do you think about it?  Predictive?  or Fantasy?

    ROCKERS IN THEIR EIGHTIES....  NOT OF THE EIGHTIES . . . I remember watching one of those movies, in my teens or twenties, a time I was dancing a lot to rock and roll.   In the movie, you could not live on the surface of the earth because of what we did to it.  So humanity lived underground, just trying to survive.   Charlton Heston was in it.   There was this one scene, where they were looking for someone and this scene took place, underground of course, but in a club of sorts, similar to a nightclub.  The band was on stage, the music was good, you could see cigarette smoke in the air and everyone was having a good time, dancing.

    Except, all the dancers and musicians were in their 70's or 80's --- dancing rock 'n roll.   It was rather grotesque.  One of those scenes that stays in ones mind because at the time I felt this could/would really take place.  Let's see, we don't have too far to go, since Mick Jagger is now 65... and still rockin!

    EARTH'S  DESTRUCTION CYCLES:   I have read hundreds of sci fi novels, thousands of stories.  The ones that stay with me are the ones that strike that chord, that there is something more there, that the author is telling us.
             Very little evidence of mankind's time on earth, such as cultural artifacts, of more than, say 5,000-8,000 years ago, has been found.  Yet we believe humans have been here much longer than that.

          One novelette I read over a score of years ago, I can not remember the author or the title:   Earth's space explorers, always searching out those earth like planets for settlement --- they are very VERY rare -- finally find what seems to be a perfect planet.  Humans can breathe the air, tolerate the temperatures.  There is water they can drink!  sunlight!  Chlorophyll!  Green!  Earthlike vegetation!   No predators.   It seems to be a perfect, idyllic planet.  So people settle on it and start to develop it.   One generation passes.   A second generation passes.   People began to feel complacent and settle in, becoming less wary.

         Until . . .  as they start to take a closer look at some of the natural growth on the planet, looking at the trees, they can not find a tree that has rings indicating it is more than 90 years old.
         When they investigate this phenomenon more closely, they come to believe that nothing living on the planet is older than 90 years and realize that this planet goes through a natural destruction cycle every 90 years.   Humans have been on the planet for 85 years  when they first discover this.  They do get off just before the destruction surface wave strikes again.   I read this way before the Planet X material came out, probably just about the time Zecharia Sitchin's books were being published.

    CYBERPUNK  AIN'T   JUST   PUNK . .  One of the scariest books, ever:   Neuromancer 1984, William Gibson.   Why?  Because as I was reading it, I knew there was a lot of truth to it, ie, as to where we were going, and it was not good.   1984 was the year I purchased my first PC.  Neuromancer -- the most famous early cyberpunk novel -- portrays corporations as governments, or, rather than governments.  And people who choose to have their brains "jacked into" computer leads, to experience "virtual reality" of sorts.  Jacked up brains, drugs, corporate...

    It was reading about the characters who use their   brain-computer interface to access the global computer network in cyberspace, that I found the most terrifying, because it seemed so plausible.  And it ain't good.

    Gibson explores artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, and multinational corporations overpowering the traditional nation-state long before these ideas entered popular culture. The concept of cyberspace makes its first appearance, with Gibson inventing the word to describe "a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions."

    TARGET  A   SPECIFIC   PERSON  WITH GENETICALLY ENGINEERED  VIRUSES .. . . . Our February 2008 issue where Michael Cordy's political thrillers, written between 1997 and 2004 dealt with genetically engineered viral vectors --- genetically engineered, that is, for a specific individual.

    ENDOCRINE  DISRUPTERS . .    Nancy Kress, who grew up near Buffalo, wrote "Maximum Light" in 1998.  Fertility has greatly decreased on the entire planet, to the point where humanity might not survive.  Here's why:

     p. 117  "We had been throwing synthetic chemicals into the world for two hundred years, and for nearly a hundred of them, people had worried about those chemicals causing cancer.  But nobody got cancer anymore.  The medical techniques for bio-isolating, surrounding, and shutting down tumors were too good.  Cancer had been conquered, and in a country with severe financial and demographic crises, nobody wanted to believe that those pesky chemicals weren't completely conquered as well.  Public attention had moved on.
         But the chemicals that disrupted animal endocrine systems had not.  In the body such chemicals break down slowly, or not at all. Researchers of course knew this, but in times of scaled back basic research, it was not a medical priority.  People, after all, were not dying of this.  People were staying healthy and strong.
         Except --- fetuses are not exactly people.  Even infants are far from neurologically formed.  They're people in progress, and a tiny dose of a synthetic chemical that fit into an endocrine receptor, a dose an adult body would not even notice, can cause profound consequences in the womb.  Or in the developing infant.  For some endocrine disrupters, a dose of two parts per billion would do it.  And most disrupters carry so easily on the wind.  In two hundred years they had come to blanket the globe with astonishing evenness...."

        Nancy Kress wrote a pretty good story.  And in her 250 plus page novel, that one half page says it all.  But one has to write a complete story, a big novel, in order to get the message across properly.   This one, too is not science fiction.  It is science.   And has already affected all of us.

         Now, for the biggie:   David Baldacci, "The Whole Truth", 2008.
        Have you ever heard of:  Perception Management?   Holy Poop.

    Nope?  Until I read this book, neither did I.  We know of Advertising, Marketing, Spin, Disinformation, which are methods that distort, hide, obstruct or distort the truth.  Perception Management is a whole nother kettle of fish.   It  manufactures  truth.  We probably know this has been going on for a long time, this is the first time I've seen it described so explicitly.

    David Baldacci gave a short interview about the background for this book.  I have transcribed some of it here:

    "I'm surrounded by spooks . . .  It has come about that agencies now contact me for help.  They'll write me and they'll say something like ‘Here's a doomsday scenario.'  The first one they sent me was ‘How would you blow up the Superbowl?'  And they wanted me to come up with a creative way to do it.

    Then they would take my solution and reverse engineer it so it could never happen.  I was both excited that the government would ask someone like me to help them do that and I was terrified that the government would have to ask someone like me to do something like that, because I figured, I hoped, they had experts.

    I wrote the novel "The Whole Truth" because I was interested in this idea of Perception Management.  Perception Management firms are hired by governments and companies and organizations to create manufactured truth.  They do not spin facts.  They are not spin doctors.  They are paid to create truth and sell it to the world, as real.  It is absolutely mind boggling.

    Nicholas Creel heads up Ares Corporation, the world's largest defense contractor. He does not like the world the way it is configured right now.  He thinks little terrorist nations are running the world's agenda and pushing the big boys around.   Also, his revenue has decreased and he wants to bring it up again.   He wants to return us to a more of a Cold War Atmosphere, where the big boys run the world, each one buying more powerful weapons than the other guy and the only threat we have is nuclear annihilation.
        He hires a "Perception Management maestro" to use all his tactics and strategies to sell the world that we are on the edge of chaos and we need to arm up again.
        The maestro, Dick Pender, does that.  I show you exactly how he does that, using the techniques that real perception management firms use.   They convince the world that this is the truth.
         It is so easy to manipulate people and make them believe something that is not true that it is not even funny.
         Because in the information age, there are not millions of places to hide the truth, there are trillions of places to hide the truth.
         Pick up a newspaper, pick up an important story and probably half of what is in the important story, regardless of who is reporting it, is totally fabricated.  Is that important for people to know?"

    On Perception Management: Perception management is a term originated by the U. S. military. The U. S. Department of Defense (DOD) gives this definition:
        "Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all levels to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator's objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations."

    The US military has demonstrated using perception management multiples times in modern warfare, even though it has proven to take a hit to its credibility among the American people. In 2002, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld disbanded the Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence. This office had been organized to provide false news items to unwitting foreign journalists to influence policymakers and public sentiment abroad.

    The U.S. government has used perception management techniques to promote the belief that weapons of mass destruction were indeed being manufactured in Iraq, and that Iraq had aided and assisted the Al Quaeda terrorists responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks upon the World Trade Center. These "facts" were, in part, the government's justification for invading Iraq and beginning the war. A man named John Rendon has been very influential in creating the conditions necessary to justify the war in Iraq. Rendon's firm, the Rendon Group, has had close ties with the U.S. government ever since 1991, when the CIA hired the firm to help "create the conditions for the removal of Hussein from power."

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    Here's a partial list of some of the clients of a Malaysian PM firm:
    Alcatel Network Systems (M) Sdn Bhd,   American Fine Furnishing Gallery,   Apex Communication Group,    Bandar Raya Developments Bhd,    Bank Negara Malaysia,    Biztrak Business Solutions,    ESPN Star Sports,    Employees Provident Fund,    Global Knowledge Partnership,    GlaxoSmithKline,    Integrated Rubber Corporation Bhd,    International Centre for Leadership Finance,    Institute of Marketing Malaysia,    Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufaturers Association,    Jolt Sports,    Lexmark Asia Pacific Corporation Inc,    Malaysian Agrifood Corporation,    Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers,    Maldives High Commission,    Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers,    Multimedia Development Corporation,    Ministry of Energy, Water & Communications,    National Art Gallery,    Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd,    Quaker Products (M) Sdn Bhd,    Rockwell Automation (M) Sdn Bhd,    Spirit Aerosystems (Europe) Limited,    Sun Microsystems Malaysia Sdn Bhd,    Singapore Exchange Limited,    Telekom Malaysia Bhd,    Taylor's College,    Telco Consortium,    Tradewinds Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd,    Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd,    World Gold Council

       This book came out (April 22, 2008)
        I read it the beginning of December.
        The following is NOT a novel.  It came from the "news":
         December 23:  Russia orders 70 strategic nuclear missiles by 2011.  The Russian military will commission more than 70 strategic nuclear missiles in the next three years,  the deputy head of the military-industrial committee as saying.
        "More than 70 strategic missiles will be bought and delivered to troops in the next three years, more than 30 short-range Iskander missiles and a large number of booster rockets and aircraft," Vladislav Putilin said yesterday, whose department is in charge of weapons industries. The military will also acquire 48 combat jets, six spy drones, more than 60 military helicopters, 14 navy vessels and nearly 300 tanks. The arms-procurement order for 2009-2011 will cost nearly four trillion rubles ($140bn), he said.
         December 26:  The Russian ruble was devalued for the 4th time that week.

       "The Whole Truth" is a good political thriller.  Read it for the story line, and for exactly how the perception management firm(s) work.   Much of it is probably not new, but it is fascinating how the pieces do fit together.

    "Beware the Grey Flannel Trojan Horse "

    You can not have "Perception Management" without "Data Mining".   Data mining is the industry of the 21st century.   Commercial companies collect information about us from thousands of sources—credit cards, loyalty programs, hidden radio tags in products, medical histories, employment and banking records, government filings, and many more—then analyze and sell the data to anyone willing to pay the going rate.

    Here is an excerpt from Jeffrey Deaver's June 2008 novel:  From "The Broken Window"  (A Lincoln Rhymes mystery, page 123)   This, too, is not --- exactly --- fiction:
       "InnerCircle is the largest private database in the world, with key information on 280 million Americans and 130 million citizens of other countries.  InnerCircle resides on our proprietary Massively Parallel Computer Array Network (MPCAN) the most powerful commercial computer system ever assembled.
       IC presently holds more than 500 petabytes of information -- that equals trillions of pages of data -- and we anticipate that soon the system will grow to an exabyte of data, an amount so vast that it would take only five exabytes to store the transcript of every word spoken by every human being in history!
       We have have troves of personal and public information, telephone numbers, addresses, vehicle registration, licensing information, buying histories and preferences, travel profiles, government records and vital statistics, credit and income histories and much much more.
        IC grows at the ate of hundreds of thousands if entries a day.
        Xpectation predictive behavior software, based on the latest artificial intelligence and modeling technology. Manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers and retailers ... want to know where your market is going and what your customers will want in the future? Law enforcement, take note: with Xpectation you can predict where and when crimes will occur, and most important, who is likely to commit them
        ConsumerChoice monitoring software and equipment allows you to determine consumers' accurate responses to advertising, marketing programs and new or proposed products. Forget focus group opinions. Now, through biometric monitoring, you can gather and analyze individuals' true feelings about your potential plans, often without their awareness they are being observed.
        Nanocure medical research software and services. Welcome to the world of microbiologic intelligent systems for the diagnosis and treatment of illness.  Working with MDs, our nanotechnologists are crafting solutions to common health problems. From monitoring genetic issues to developing injective tags to help in detecting and curing persistent, deadly illnesses, Nanocure is working to create a healthy society.
        EduServe, scholastic support software and services. Managing what children learn is vital in a successful society.
        PublicSure law enforcement support software. This is THE system for the consolidation and management of criminal and public records stored in international, federal, state and local databases. Through PublicSure search results can be downloaded to offices, patrol car computers, PDS's or cell phones within seconds of the request, helping investigators bring cases to speedy conclusions an enhancing the preparedness and security of officers in the field.

        Please see the "Tekkie Stuff" section of this newsletter for another piece of info, which came out of  "The Broken Window".

    Do you think this could be considered Perception Management?

    Dr. John Abramson, a clinical instructor at the Harvard Medical School, discusses his book "Overdosed America", which explains how the American health care system has been hijacked by pharmaceutical companies searching for increased profits.  Abramson said drug companies have infiltrated all legitimate sources of medical information, allowing them to produce "the knowledge that makes us believe we need their products." He estimated that 70-80% of medical journal articles are strongly influenced by commercialized drug interests. According to Abramson, research sponsored by pharmaceutical companies is five times more likely to show a given drug favorably.

    Though the pharmaceutical industry does an excellent job of convincing doctors and the public that its mission is to improve our health, don’t be fooled - its real job is to sell drugs for the highest price. The pharmaceutical industry is geared towards maximum profit rather than maximum health.  He questions the impartiality of drug trial studies-- 85% are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies

    As an example, Abramson cited a study conducted by drug manufacturer Merck of its own arthritis medicine Vioxx. He claimed Merck knew in 2000 that Vioxx increased heart attack and stroke risk in patients taking the drug, and caused 21% more serious complications than older rival drug Naproxen (sold under the name Aleve). Despite their findings, Merck spun the results and heavily marketed Vioxx to consumers until numerous Vioxx-related cardiovascular complications forced them to recall the drug.


    A chance radio comment --- that Canadian  troops in Afghanistan were out of sorts because it did not feel like Christmas.   There was no snow.  This report was coming from Kandahar, the largest city.  The average high temperature in December is 15 C / 60 F.   Yup.  No snow.

    Why does one need snow to "feel like Christmas"?
    What is Christmas supposed to be about?  Isn't it supposed to be about the birth time of Jesus Christ?
    If its Jesus' birthday, why do you get a present?
    Why is this depicted as a scene in a barn, with people in Arabic style dress, and visitors coming riding camels -- in the snow?
    Why is there snow, in Bethlehem when the average temperature in December is the same as the average temperature in  Kandahar, Afghanistan?
    Why the snow?
    The buildings in the country where Jesus was born all have flat roofs.  You do NOT build flat roofs in a country that has snow!
    Why the snow?  Where'd that come from?   Snow?  Bethlehem?   Not likely.

    This push for everyone around the world, despite their beliefs, to take part of this allegedly religious time, is filled with obvious pagan symbology.  Too, why would people who live in the 21st century in North America  keep trying to recreate an atmosphere from 19th century Germany?   Because it serves the interest of those who want to sell products.

    And:  The American Family Association, a religious right organization has criticized and threatened to boycott:  Walmart, Sears, KMart, Target, Best Buy, the Gap, PetSmart, Home Depot, Costco, etc., since 2002,  for failing to use symbols and terminology approved by the AFA.    All the stores caved in.  The AFA, headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi, has an annual budget of roughly US $14 million and owns 180 American Family Radio stations in 28 states.

    This is what is helping to manipulate the way you spend your December.

    3 more Telephony Choices;   Are you resending email Hoaxes?;   Greater Storage;   Blu-Ray


    Every couple of weeks myself and thousands of other email account holders receive several email copies of dire warnings about something.   They often include: PASS THIS ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  Sure, right.  When you see that, there is one thing for sure:  It is a HOAX.

    The first one I remember receiving was in 1996.  It was the Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which talks about Neiman Marcus charging a customer $250 for a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  If you had read that one, and thought it was true, you would probably feel mildly incensed, because what was alleged to have happened, just was not right.   It was a totally made up hoax.

    Since then, all these weird stories are made up and passed around.  When we feel sufficiently outraged, we give in and pass it along, too, in an attempt to notify others.  Why do we do this?  Who knows.  Why do folks make up these stupid stories?  Harmful viruses?  Who knows.  Who knows?  not me.

    How to check them out:    Go to:  www.snopes.com
    Search for the topic you are considering.  Snopes is the best source for finding out about these hoaxes.
    Another name for this is:  Internet Urban Legend

    Stories about cell phones, viruses, harmful files, are most common.  2 years ago there was a hoax sent around about a file that was said to be very harmful, that if you had it on your system, it could destroy your hard disk and it should be deleted immediately.  Without checking it out, without checking the source, the veracity or anything, people deleted the file.  It was an essential file, necessary for the computer to run properly.

    Some examples of hoaxes this past year:

    (1)    This advice was sent by a retired State Farm agent! This system has been tried and it works in every state. If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light, or whatever the case may be, you're going to get points on your license and a surcharge on your auto insurance. This is a method to insure that you DO NOT get the points. When you get your fine, send in a check to pay for it. If the fine is $79.00 make the check out for $82.00, some small amount over the fine. The system will then have to send you back a check for the difference. However, here is the trick: DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHECK!

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    (2)   I received an email from a friend containing a few tricks with mobile (Cell) phones. At first I just disregarded it as ‘Junk'.

    (3)   Emails telling you that you can pop popcorn or fry an egg if they are between 2 cell phones.  They come with videos showing you how this can be done.  Both of these hoaxes were created by advertising companies.

    (4)    please read this warning
    >     Hello Everyone.....this has been passed to us by Paul Bevan
    >     of the Sexual Assault Unit. Please read

    (5)    This was the one I received the most --- on Bar Codes, denoting where a product was made.   Incorrect information was even passed along by Jeff Rense.

    "The first three digits of a bar code always indicate a product's country of origin . . ."   This was sent out so that people could determine if a product was made in China.

    This info is partially true, in that it is not the country of ORIGIN that is indicated, but the country in which the bar code itself was ASSIGNED.
    It does not tell you the country where the product was made.


    >You should be alert during the next  few days. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK,' regardless of who sent it to you.   It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts.  It is  better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.   . . . .

    (7)  Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month - Confirmed by Telus.   REMINDER .... All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing Companies and you will start to receive sale calls.  YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS.  To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:  1 866-580-3625 or 888-382-1222.  It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time.   It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone Number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number. Or you can do it online at www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca  HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS.. It takes about 20 seconds.

    (8)   Then there are the emails that say if you:  answer this survey, or,  send this email to a hundred people, Microsoft (or some other company) will send you a free computer.  NOT TRUE!

    SUMMARY:   This mostly involves emails that have been forwarded often, emails that tell you to send them to everyone you know; emails that involve: cell phones, computer viruses, opening online greeting cards, Microsoft, etc.

       Please note:  sometimes, there IS a warning about a virus that is true.  Check with:
    http://vil.mcafee.com/hoax.asp    or:
    http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/internet   or:

       And yes, I remember the time I thought the one about cell phones frying an egg was true --- because of the source I got it from.  I thought it was so true I put it in a newsletter!   Before you resend a message to a lot of people, listen to your gut or your dowsing; do even a little bit of checking to ascertain its veracity.  THANK YOU!

    More  telephone choices, features, perhaps cheaper
    Each one of these plans requires Hi Speed Internet such as DSL

    We have email and voice mail, yes?  How about VIDEO MAIL?
    Donald Trump will be featuring this phone, as he supports it and the company, in an upcoming episode of the Apprentice, March 22, 2009.


    Rick Simpson has introduced this ACN Videophone to us.   This means you can see the person you are talking to --- in real time, on a 7" screen that you can also use as a Digital Frame.   Yes, of course the other person needs a phone like this, too, however, like fax machines and email, more people will be getting these phones.  With the monthly fee of $33 / month, in addition to having the use of the video segment of the phone, you also: local calling,  have full digital features AND! free long distance within Canada and the US.  If a person in another country has one of these phones, your long distance between both phones is also free.   Many more services will be coming up soon, with ACN such as  cell phone (all Telus phones and plans), ADT home security monitoring (coming Jan. 7), and satellite TV (coming soon). Most of these services are available in 19 countries.

    *                *                *                *                *

    With a service such as Telehop, you can have local calls, 8 calling features and unlimited long distance to the US and Canada, for $25/ month.

    *                *                *                *                *

    MagicJack:  How about $20 / YEAR for Long Distance?
       With this doohickey, you plug the phone cord into one end and you plug it into a USB port on your computer with the other end.   Unlimited long distance to calls made to Canada and the US:  for $20 a year!!!   Also, if someone in a country other than the US or Canada has one of these, calls are free.
        There have been complaints with the company's billing procedures and some missed calls, so just be prudent.   The vast majority, who do not seem to have problems, love it.

    Even More Humongous Data  Storage.

    The September newsletter mentioned drives with much more storage than we have been used to:  Terabyte drives.  A "Byte", although not the smallest piece of computer data, is considered to be the basic unit.  It might hold a letter, or a small word such as "the".   This is what that issue included:

    "     1  KB (Kilobyte) =    1,000 bytes (pieces) of information
          1  MB (Megabyte) =   1,000,000
          1  GB (Gigabyte) =    1,000,000,000
          1  TB (Terabyte) =    1,000,000,000,000

        This is being driven by all the video applications, which are memory and storage hogs.   So probably in the next few years we can expect drives with even more storage.  What's bigger than a Terabyte?  I don't know."
         3 months ago, I did not know what was larger than a Terabyte.  Thanks to Jeffrey Deaver's "The Broken Window, referenced above, now we all can know:  Petabytes, Exabytes, Zettabytes, Yottabytes.

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

       1. byte (B)
       2. kilobyte (KB) - 1000^1       1,000  bytes
       3. megabyte (MB) - 1000^2    1,000,000
       4. gigabyte (GB) - 1000^3       1,000,000,000
       5. terabyte (TB) - 1000^4        1,000,000,000,000
       6. petabyte (PB) - 1000^5        1,000,000,000,000,000
       7. exabyte  (EB) - 1000^6        1,000,000,000,000,000,000
       8. zettabyte (ZB) - 1000^7       1,000,000,000,000,000,000
       9. yottabyte (YB) - 1000^8      1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

         WHY this information could be significant:   Our first PCs, 25 years ago, used 64 KB of memory.  Today, they use 1 GB of memory.  The drives were 2 - 360 KB floppy drives.  Today, drives of 160 GB are common.   Again, the use of storage hungry more sophisticated programs plus the increased need to store audio and video is driving the need for increased memory and storage.
         HOWEVER:   somehow I get that little niggling feeling that what is really going in is an attempt to match the human brain.  I wonder if the brain even has a capacity, and if so, what might that be?  To match the human brain, yes, in attempts to recreate it.   So just keep an eye out.  What do you think?


    Finally rid of your 8 track and VHS tapes?   Finally used to CDs and DVDs?   Time to start changing again.  Within 1-2 years the next new standard will be in place:  Blu-Ray.  Why?  Video,  High Definition Video, to be exact.  Blu-Ray discs hold a little more than 5 times the amount that a standard DVD disc holds, i.e., 25 GB vs 4.7 GB.   High Definition brings MUCH better resolution to your screen.

    WHY?  Those humongous TV screens -- over 28" -- might sound snazzy in concept, but the reality of the resolution was poor.  With the advent of High Definition, a way was needed to make use of its superior resolution.  Now, with the combinations of  Hi Def and Blu-Ray,  movies, etc.,  look Gor-geous!

    Blu-ray (Disc also known as Blu-ray or BD) is an Optical disc storage medium. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage. The disc itself looks just like CDs and DVDs and has the same physical dimensions.  So to use these discs, a new device -- a Blu-Ray player -- is necessary.

    The name Blu-ray Disc is derived from the blue laser (violet-colored) used to create this type of disc.   Because of the beam's shorter wavelength (405 nanometres), substantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on the DVD format, which uses a red (650 nm) laser.

    If you have a Blu-Ray disc --- you need a Blu-Ray player.
    If you have a Blu-Ray player -- you can use it for regular DVD as well a for Blu-Ray.

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    Just like there was competition between BETA and VHS, there was competition for this next standard.  Recently, Blu-Ray won and manufacturers of movies, discs, devices are hurrying to get their products to market.  February 19, 2008, Toshiba—the main company that supported the other format, announced that it would no longer develop, manufacture, or market these HD DVD devices leading almost all other such companies to follow suit, effectively ending the format war.

  • As of December 21, 2008, more than 890 Blu-ray disc titles are available in Australia, more than 720 Blu-ray Disc titles are available in Japan, more than 1140 Blu-ray Disc titles are available in the United Kingdom, and more than 1220 Blu-ray Disc titles are available in the United States.
  • The first Blu-ray Disc titles were released on June 20, 2006;  The first releases using the newer codecs were introduced in September 2006; The first movies using dual layer discs (50 GB) were introduced in October 2006; The first audio-only release was made in March 2008.
  • On January 4, 2008, Warner Brothers, the only major studio still releasing movies in both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc format, announced it would release only in Blu-ray Disc after May 2008.
  • This led to a chain reaction in the industry, including major U.S. retailers such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Circuit City dropping HD DVD in their stores.
  • Netflix and Blockbuster said they would no longer carry HD DVDs.
  • February 19, 2008, Toshiba announced it would be ending production of HD DVD devices, allowing Blu-ray Disc to become the industry standard for high-density optical disks.
  • All major Hollywood studios now support Blu-ray.
  • If you live in the US or Canada you can already find Blu-ray players from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Philips and Pioneer available in stores, as well as a growing selection of Blu-ray movies.
  • Today, the blank discs cost between $8 and $15.
    Go into a store that sells systems to see the difference.  You'll be amazed.


    (1)  MMS, (2)  DMSO
    Cancer,  Heal the Gut,  Arthritis, Sore throats, Burns, Bee stings

    (1)  MMS --- this very important product..  Since Health Canada does not approve of the appellation, people are going back to its original name, which seems to meet with approval:  SODIUM CHLORITE.  So if you see SODIUM CHLORITE for sale, you know now what it is.

    One of our members had a new "skin tag" on his torso and did not like it.  He put some MMS in a glass, activated it, put some water in the glass, dipped a cotton ball in it, put the cotton ball over the tag, put a Band-Aid over it to hold it in place and went to sleep.  In the morning, when he took it all off, the skin tag came off, too.  This was 3 months ago and it has not returned.

    Using MMS on the skin.
    This article was written by Jim Humble, after he wrote his book.  A very small excerpt is included here. If you want the whole article, go to his site.

  • "The use of MMS on the skin can be a very important use. It destroys almost every kind of skin disorder known, and causes burns, and wounds of all kinds to heal often in less that 1/2 the ordinary time. Unfortunately I was not able to complete the research on MMS before I wrote the first book and only recently have completed a six month test concerning the skin....
  • "MMS does not affect normal body cells. It does not have the power. It only kills anaerobic microorganisms on the skin or in the body. ...
  • "Many skins have been treated including babies skin....
  • "Use MMS for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, cancer, ringworm, acne, rashes, staph infections, athletes feet, and a hundred other problems of the skin. In order to do this..."
  • (2)  See our November issue for an indepth article on DMSO, a wonderful and natural product that helps reduce pain, among many other qualities.  You can find a YouTube video at: youtube.com/watch?v=u0i7jARfKeI

    One of our members who swears by DMSO gave me this place to order from,from Dr. Stanley Jacob, who first brought it to our attention: jacoblab.com/ (503) 636-1280 (Oregon).

    FOR BURNS:  From a friend of a friend:  "DMSO is awesome with burns if  applied right away.  Used it twice.  I have a ceramic stove top and didn't know burner was on.  I had placed a pie pan on edge of burner and then picked it up.  Tips of my three fingers went crazy.  Applied some raspex cream and liquid dmso immediately.  no pain, no blisters and skin looks normal.  some sensitivity.  awesome."

    Below is some info on some excellent info for those dealing w C.  Bill Henderson, the author does this for the same reason I do what I'm doing.  We both lost someone we love to this and want to help others as best we can.  He lost his wife, I lost my mom.

    Bill's December 24th newsletter, and our December issue both said the same thing.  Not only is it crucially important, but few other places admit this.  So here again, from the top of page 19 of our December issue:

     Cancer is caused, (and probably also most similar serious illnesses) 100% of the time, by a searingly emotional issue -- sometimes not even realized -- that has been unresolved and therefore eats away at the body.
       ok?  got it?  Now read Bill:
    "Hi. My name is Bill Henderson. In November 1990, my former wife, Marjorie, began her four-year bout with ovarian cancer. She died on November 1, 1994. Her many operations, chemotherapy treatments and intense pain made her wish often in her last two years for a quick death, or "transition," as she called it.

    After watching that, it was hard for me to believe that millions of people each year had to endure that same torture. I now believe that the treatment she received was the cause of her death, not the cancer.

    I have read widely in the ensuing years, searching for alternative cancer treatments. I have found over three hundred and fifty.

    My first book "Cure Your Cancer" was the result of my search. First published as an e-book in November, 2000, it quickly became read all over the world, thanks to the power of the Internet. Readers in 59 countries have used the information in that book to become cancer-free. It was also published as a paperback and hard cover book in July 2003. My newer book "Cancer-Free" was first published as an e-book and paperback in November, 2004. The same "Cancer-Free" book is a Second Edition of this book. It contains all the information I have learned in the two and a half years since the First Edition was published.

    I've been talking to lots of cancer patients the last couple of months. One thing stands out in my mind after these many hours of discussion on the phone. People who have not recovered from cancer usually have not yet addressed the CAUSE.

    In my "Cancer-Free" book, I devote about six pages (pp. 128-134) to a discussion of this subject -- the causes of cancer.  After talking to some 3,000 people with cancer over the last eight years, I've found something I think is critical for any cancer patient to understand. About 98% of the people I talk to can agree with me that the cause of their cancers is one or more of three things:

    1. Emotional trauma or stress which has not yet been resolved.
    2. Root canal teeth and cavitations in the jaw.
    3. What we put in our mouth -- cigarettes, booze, recreational drugs, sodas, etc. -- but, almost universally, harmful FOOD.

    What about the other 2%? These are people exposed daily to a toxic environment -- hairdressers, factory workers, residents of Chernobyl or similar toxic places. Rare, indeed, but real.

    You, if you have cancer, probably can attribute it to one or more of the Big Three. Some people say all three apply to them.  . .

    Here is an inspiring and concise story from Miklos Mehes about his cancer healing:

    "Dear Mr. Henderson, I have been following your protocol plus 3 Graviola Max capsules 3 times a day. Real quick ...my thyroid was removed Dec 2002, 4 years later [the cancer] started growing on my left lung. Surgery removed it. 2 months later it was back and growing more aggressively. With my thyroid gone, my thyroid activity level should be 0 but it got to 375. My doctor put me on NEXAVAR and slowly got it down to 25. He wasn’t sure how long it would hold the tumors from growing...that’s when I started your protocol. That was 4 months ago. 2 months ago my thyroid activity was down to 11 and last week it was down to 2. They gave me a hug at the cancer center and told me whatever I am doing don’t stop because it is working. I also have lost 40 lbs. Hopefully my next visit to the cancer center my thyroid activity will be 0.


    A couple of years ago, I did an article on a "magic" mixture that was healing cancers. Once again, I've heard about it from a different source, so I thought I'd tell you about it again. Here's an excerpt from the message I got on this from John Hurt:

    "I have just received from a friend in Tucson a forwarded e-mail from a Franciscan Monk in Brazil who claims to cure cancer using a mixture of honey, (1/2 liter), liquified Aloe Vera (2 large leaves) and (3 tblsp) whiskey."

    If you aren't growing your own aloe vera plants, you should be. It is very simple. Only takes about a two-foot-wide plot of soil. To "liquefy" the aloe vera leaves, you just cut off the sharp end and stick them in a high-speed blender (Vita Mix is great). Try it, you'll like it!! Happy New Year!!"

    Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site: ://www.Beating-Cancer-Gently.com

    *                *                *                *                *
    Helpful Hints to Help Heal the Gut
    From Anthony DiPasquale, Toronto area Nutritionist and Personal Trainer: anthonydipasquale.com

    Flax tea is a potentially very helpful idea for all kinds of gut problems, from ulcers, to IBS, IBD, and the like.  Directions:   Simmer 1-2 tablespoons of flax seeds in water, until thickened, and drink.  The texture is slightly gel-like (like runny egg whites), and has been miraculously helpful in different gut conditions. In Jamaica, flax tea is consumed as a general tonic, and it is felt to increase male sexual prowess. Flax tea makes a wonderful substitute for eggs in baking - it provides more moisture and cohesion (less crumbling and breaking) than actually using eggs.

    Glutamine is very helpful in helping to heal the gut, and support intestinal function even in healthy guts.  Glutamine can work wonders, especially for those who have the patience to consume a teaspoon, 2-4 times per day, every day.

    If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:

    A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member. We welcome you to join our group.

    ALOE is very healing for a number of conditions, including all gut conditions. The feedback I have had from people with conditions like IBS and IBD, using aloe juice, has been very positive.  Do not use the laxative forms of aloe, but the nourishing extracts. Aloe juice for human consumption is normally treated to be soothing, and not laxative. I like the product by Lily of the Desert, in the whole leaf version, I do not recommend drinking the gel, which is thickened with specific fibres which may not be a good idea for irritated intestines. Aloe vera, or Aloe barbadensis naturally contain powerful laxative compounds, such as aloin and emoedin, which are completely removed in drinkable aloe products, like Lily of the Desert, rendering them nourishing and healing, with no laxative effect.

    *                *                *                *                *
    More Help from Cayenne:   Arthritis.  Sore Throats.  Bee Stings
    Put 3-4 drops CAYENNE PEPPER TINCTURE in 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  or
    A couple drops of the Tincture in a small amount of your favorite body cream
    Rub it on painful arthritic joints.  The heat in the cayenne should reduce the pain.
    This can also be rubbed on feet that are always cold. Or on a throat when the throat is sore.

    Before you do this test the mixture on a small space on your body. Cayenne can be REALLY HOT.  And difficult to remove once applied with oils.  Herbie's Herbs, 556 Queen Street West, carries excellent quality high octane cayenne.

    SORE THROATS:  Drink Licorice root tea.  First gargle with it, then drink it.

    BEE STINGS:  very gently scrape away the stinger.  Then put al Alka Seltzer tablet on it, moisten it with water.  Alka Seltzer is baking soda and aspirin.  The Baking Soda will nullify the sting, the aspirin will lessen the pain.

    "Great health comes from the farm, not from the pharmacy."

    The changes

    The changes that are happening.  Most are difficult.  Change will always be difficult.  You can't dispute the following, can you?::

    "The hardest thing for a human to do is to change a habit."

    So whatever changes are happening, we are uncomfortable. We see great loss with a shrinking economy.  If you are reading these words, you are also someone who wanted less materialism.  In your life and in the world.  So you have your wish!   Our culture has developed into one dominated by Madison Avenue and the BUY BUY BUY mantra.  We know we wanted that changed.  We know we wanted less materialism, more spirituality. Whoops.  We forgot to ask for it to be delivered gently.   Hopefully, this is what's happening and it requires this uncomfortable transitioning to make it so.  See the "God is . . .  The Sum of Our Intentions" article in our November 2008 issue.

    Hopefully, we are getting real, when the charade of the illusion becomes revealed.  Then rejected.  And we can be really real with each other and with ourselves.

    A Good Thing:  One of the things brought up in conversation the end of this year is that folks are definitely noticing a "quickening".  In that thoughts and desires are manifested more often and quicker.  As our awareness and, hopefully, consciousness increases, so do the power of our thoughts.  About a dozen people have mentioned this the end of this year.  Which means:  greater responsibility, to be more careful about what we think, what we wish for.

    If circumstances require that you become less material in the next little while, I hope you can make it so that it will benefit you.   Following are wise thoughts from Toronto Dowsers Debbie Purvis and Pat Prevost:

    The section below was written by Debbie Purvis, owner of Odyssey Books, in Ajax, and Toronto Dowsers members.  Odyssey has always been one of the finest New Age book stores in the GTA and now it is one of two.  Current members of the Toronto Dowsers receive a 10% discount on book purchases at Odyssey.  They have a lot more than books.  5 minutes NE of the Brock Road exit of the 401, they are definitely worth a visit.

    Q Bee's Corner
    Now is a time of great opportunity, change & growth. Perhaps this is the time the Mayans were referring to when they entered the final date of December 21, 2012 on their famous calendar.

    The messages of doom & gloom are being broadcast on every form of media & the masses are perpetuating it. If you never listened to the radio, watched the TV or read the newspaper, would you know that we were in a challenging economic time? The grocery stores have lots of food, gas prices are low, the banks give you your money, the services that we rely on everyday (hospitals, schools, police protection, etc.) are there to serve us. We live in one of the most prosperous countries on the planet. And yet almost everyone we talk to is using the “state of the economy” as a catch-all excuse for anything that is wrong in their lives or business right now.

    It is time to take responsibility for being empowered not co-dependant on the victim status that is being perpetuated by government, the financial sector, big business & society. Throughout history we have gone through much worse and always come out better for it. Any fluctuations that we are now experiencing will correct themselves. It’s the big wave that surfers either embrace & ride or cower from & crash.

    We are the trailblazers. The books we’ve read, courses we taken & the beliefs we’ve fostered, have lead to a way of living that allows us to step out of the chains of fear and look within, where our higher power resides, for the strength needed to shift the energy to one of power & purpose from that of fear & lack. The energy created is a higher frequency that illuminates the shadows of that which we have not wanted to take responsibility for. It dissolves the illusion of separateness so that we begin to see that we really are all one. And yet our human survival instinct tells us that we must look after ourselves first, even if that means others will suffer because of it (i.e. The US banks irresponsibly creating the sub-prime mortgage to pad their coffers or the Big Three automaker executives not wanting to take a pay cut to help prevent the potential collapse of their companies.).

    So what can you do? It’s simple. Live your life with joy & passion. Walk your talk. Take responsibility for your thoughts, words & deeds. Serve in whatever way you can. Be on purpose. And remember that the present moment is all we have right now.

    There are many things you can do today. I know many of you support organizations with your donations of money, time & love. So we would like to invite you to send us an email about them so we can post links on our website. This season Odyssey donated over 50 toys to the Durham Police Toy Drive and bags of food to the local food bank. In addition our donation to World Vision (worldvision.ca) helped provide $1,400 in medical supplies, warm clothing for 50 children & families, 50 healthy school lunches and $650 in supplies for a classroom. (This isn’t about tooting our horn it is about encouraging others to do what they can. There are no borders between us. When you help improve the quality of live of others, including animals & the environment, you are contributing to the evolution of the wonderful planet we call home).

    In closing, the following is an edited excerpt from an email I just received from an author whose books we carry, Patti-Cota Robbles (eraofpeace.org):

    The Winter Solstice is considered one of the most powerful times of the year by many cultures around the world. In the Northern Hemisphere this celestial event usually occurs on December 21st.

    The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, and it heralds the initial impulse of the annual return of the Sun, the Light, to the Earth. This year the spiritual effects of the solstice will be more powerful than ever before. This is due to the incredible influx of Light that is pouring into the planet through the heartfelt pleas of people everywhere.

    Humanity is experiencing the most intensified purging of the economic system, and the various other social structures that do not operate with a consciousness of the highest good for all concerned, that we have ever endured. This is a necessary cleansing that is paving the way for the physical manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. The difficult part of this process is that the masses of Humanity do not see the bigger picture. Millions of people see only the painful situations that are happening in their lives. As a result of this limited perception, they feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This is very hard to observe, but it is not all bad.

    Beginning now focus intently on the vision of what you want to manifest in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Focus on your visions for the New Earth and the harmony and balance you wish for all Humanity. This is a rare opportunity, and we are being called to action by our God Selves—our I AM Presence—and the Company of Heaven. Be sure your visions and your intentions always reflect our Oneness and the Reverence of ALL Life.

    This event will pave the way for 2009, a year of miraculous changes. These changes have been in the works for quite some time, and now we are going to experience them tangibly in the world of form. These changes will not happen by chance. They will occur through the unified efforts of Lightworkers all over the world and the Company of Heaven.

    I know there are a lot of dire predictions regarding the global economy and the challenges Humanity is going through, but we are not the victims of circumstance. We are the cocreators of our Earthly experiences. If we do not like the way things are going in our lives, we have the ability to change our circumstances.

    As the Hopi prophecy states: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

    2009 numerically is an 11 year. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. The purging and cleansing of the obsolete behavior patterns that have caused the maladies existing in Humanity’s lives will continue. But the wonderful news is, as these old archetypes crumble away, the expansion of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will begin to manifest in ways that will bring joy, fulfillment and great expectations into the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

    There is a new sense of hope flooding through the hearts of people around the world. Humanity’s hope is magnetizing Legions of Light from the Realms of Perfection into the atmosphere of Earth in ways we have never experienced. The Divine Intent of these Messengers of God is to assist Humanity to move quickly through the cleansing process so that the bliss of the New Earth will manifest in the twinkling of an eye.

    2009 is going to be whatever we cocreate together. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

    Message of the Month:

    You seek to understand the theme of this phase.
    Lately clarity and wisdom are hidden by a distorting haze.
    Do not be afraid or too concerned
    as your world begins to shift.
    An event that seems confusing
    will become your greatest gift.
    You will be amazed as the mountains slowly change to hills.
    As you open to new creative abilities
    and as yet undiscovered skills.

    This card was chosen specifically for those of you are reading this and taken from the “Messages from the Rose” deck by Karen McNally.

    We Love Feedback:    Let us know what’s working (or not), and if you have any suggestions as to how we can make your experience at Odyssey even better, please let us know. We promise to always do our very best to make your visit to the site or the store as informative, helpful and easy as we can. We love being one of your favourite stores! 109 Old Kingston Road, Unit 15, Ajax, Ontario Canada L1T 3A6.   Telephone: 905-426-4823 violet Email: mail@odysseybooks.on.ca© 2006-2008 by Odyssey Books & Resource Centre.  All Rights Reserved  THANK YOU, DEBBIE!

    *                *                *                *                *

    Another view, from Pat Prevost

    Among Pat Prevost's many talents she is a professional dowser, she holistically helps the well being of animals and she spoke to us March 2003.

    "I am spurred to write about the fragility of our planet & the fragility  of  our human condition.  My step brother has had many health challenges throughout his life & has officially died 4 times now, leaving him with the  aftermath of several heart attacks, an artificial heart valve & a long list  of medications to take daily.  Since this last time, he has had a few  'almost didn't make it' hospital stays which has thrown his body chemistry into  a few tailspins.  In one of them, he had a chemically induced brain  imbalance resulting in a kind of false temporary schizophrenia which left him  with big chunks of his memory just gone.

    He disappeared last summer & ended up taking a bus trip back home to  where we were born, going where his memory took him to start his journey  again.  He lived in a Salvation Army house for months secluding  himself from everyone.  Then he returned.  He had lost timelines &  events but no people, & was back in the general timeline, albeit in &  out of it sometimes.

    Each time I have seen him, he is back a little more.  This time we  visited for a pre-Christmas  lunch at his local mall & a movie.   He began speaking to me about his conscious awareness of his memory returning,  where before he couldn't have.  It was by far the most meaningful  discussion that we'd ever had.  What he was offering was filled with  indepth insightful analysis, but then again he had been a darn good social  worker, & philosopher to me, all of his life.

     He really has no use for the human dramas of the manifested world of  humankind, as he related to me how it is so trivial & mis-invested.  He is comfortable & content in the peace & quiet  that he harvests each & every day however, out its  infrastructure.  His mind is working it's way back through a maze of  minutiae.  His love for coin collecting, minerals & crystals, the  environment & all life in it on this fantastic planet, keep him building new  neural pathways & reclaiming some of the old.  He knows that exercising  his brain leads to good things & better health overall.

    Inside of his head is a planet so to speak, his brain, so fragile  & threatened bysome sort of 'global warming' in a way.  He knows that  if we work at using our wisdom then good things happen.  So this is my  message for the new year.... use your brain for good things.  A planet  or a brain so precious, should not be wasted.  There is an internal drive  inside of the human being & the planet, that has simply gone out of synch; a  chemically induced schizophrenia if you will.  It doesn't take much  effort to reclaim that synchronous relationship, just steady effort &  application, & the passing of time.

    Steady effort & application, & the passing of time, are simple  enough benchmarks to orient oneself to. The subject matter is, that of the  experience of  your life.  Remember that in order to experience our  lives.... we do require the planet, a healthy planet for our brains to  exercise on.  So I ask each of  you to place some of  your attention towards how it is that you can reclaim  your synchronous  relationship with our planet, your environment.  I know that any effort  & application in this right, along with the passing of time, will bring you good things & better health overall.  Act locally, think  globally." THANK YOU, PAT


     WHAT YOU DO:  Note the Birth Days of your friends, below.
    Using  Mary Stinson's October 10th birthday as an example:
    As you are -- transitioning from the sleep state -- that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:

    "Today is  Mary's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Mary with the same.   AMEN!"

    [ of course repeat this anytime during that day And really lock it in! ]
    Our thoughts are programs.  We can, and do, program and reprogram ourselves.

    DO:   Say, Repeat:   Intentions, Blessings, Affirmations For Yourself  For your families, friends and neighbors  For those who have passed over   With   OOMPH!  *  Determination!  *  Confidence!  *  Passion!  and of course:   100% Belief
    THANK YOU JOEY  KORN: www.Dowsers.com For giving us the blessing, and much valuable guidance

    If you would like your Birthday added to our Birthday Brigade email: mgang@dowsers.info  -- and thank you for giving us the opportunity to exercise our intention muscles!

    *            *            *
    5               Ilektra Almetidu 
    17             Maralie Martin
    30                   Inta Ridler
    1              Ursula Fugger
    3                          Sybil Carey
    10                     Sue Dillon
    15               Ayoma Fonseka
    17             Karen Montesanto
    18           Maggie Robertson
    22                   John Tonin
    24                JOEY KORN!!!
    26                JOE SMITH!!
    28                 Sheila Stene
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    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

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    THE   Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
      Meeting  Features:
    Margaret Ball
    "How would you like your colour served?"

    A dowser since 1980,  Margaret has been teaching dowsing workshops and private students in the US, UK and Canada since 1982.  She has skillfully created a foundation for her future work through her creative and educational backgrounds.  This includes:  Teaching in the intermediate schools in the US and the UK, she had a private design studio in the US.  She was a designer in the fashion industry in both New York City and Bulgaria.  Margaret was obviously being prepared for her work with dowsing students and color and broadcasting, for which she is well known..

    Margaret will be speaking about the principles of Radionics  .... "A principle that can become your principal" . Used in a very simplified fashion using the magnet ...and even a pyramid broadcast.  Margaret will show us simple principles of radionics, which are based on dowsing and how to use these principles to broadcast frequencies to obtain beneficial results.

    "How to make a
    "Broadcasting Energy Sandwich"

    "How to use Dowsing & Colour to help balance energies"

    It can be a signature tune that will help one walk /plough through today's jungle of inflammatory things (foods, thoughts, pollutions ...airborne,electro-magnetic etc.)

    Learning to use the language of  colour daily ... like tuning into your  favorite radio station to get the clear vibrant vibrations of colour (the true colours of the visible spectrum of light vibrations and their subtle hues...tints and  shades ). Making colour your shield  , breastplate , your armor against the persistent onslaught  of the invaders that attack us everyday. We can clear the path that leads to happy, productive living by using colour as our charge that tops up our battery. I will give examples as I usually do from experiences - mine and clients - as to how I personally use dowsing and colour through various mediums.

    I plan to introduce the work of the late Albert Roy Davis and coauthor Walter C.Rawls, Jr. on magnets.
    Books authored by them :
    "The Magnetic Effect "  ISBN  0-682-48312-5
    "The Rainbow in your Hands"  ISBN 0-682-48543-8
    "The Magnetic Blueprint of Life" ISBN 0-682-49215 -9
    "Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System"  ISBN 0-682-48087-8

    This  is  a   MUST  ATTEND  presentation for those interested in dowsing as this information is essential for dowsers to know.  Appropriate for all levels.  Margaret Ball, one of Canada's pre eminent dowsers, dowsing teachers, astrologers, radionics practitioners, gives this talk maybe once every 5 years.   Totally useful, practical, simple, and...   powerful.

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