What is so special about the JOE SMITH DANCING pendulums?  We like the weight, we like the balance, their responsiveness. Perhaps there is something else, an ineffable quality that lends more importance to its success:  these pendulums are hand made by a moral man of good down to earth values, he is now one of our wise elders and a man of basic honest convictions that he has been living with and by for a long and good life, a man balanced by his peer in his wife, Marta.  What do you think he puts in to these tools that make them so special?  Intent.
Joe Smith is a farmer from Johnson, Nebraska.  A septuagenarian, Joe is one of the favorite and best known dowsers in North America.  A favorite, because in addition to his wisdom he is liked and respected as both an excellent dowser and human being.  He is a trustee of the American Society of Dowsers and gives presentations to dowsing groups on basic dowsing, dowsing for farmers, etc.  In another setting he would be snapped up and made famous as an icon of dry farmer's wit and [un]common good sense.  Joe keeps our bombast in line with just a few well placed words.  He's also a good [i.e., successful] oil dowser.  No fool, our "old Joe".
Joe says:  "These pendulums work well because mainly it is the balance of the weight and the fact that they have so much surface area to pick up signals with. They are designed like a series of radar dishes, stacked one on top of another, to receive all in-coming signals.  They will send out as well as receive much more than the normal pendulum."   Joe makes each brass pendulum individually on a lathe in his shop, one at a time.  No two are identical.

They pick up so much energy from the Universe that they seem to vibrate or "dance".  Hence the name "Joe's dancing pendulums".  "


How did Joe start making these medallions?  " Well Robert McKusick's daughter was cutting out stars for an advertisement they were making and laid one star on top of another.  It created energy.  She told me about it or Bob did and I told him I could put that on leather. That was the start. Then the more we did the more ideas we got.  Most of the designs are sacred geometry and they all have energy and combined with one of Bob's Crystal Catalyst, it is very strong.  Dumb luck mostly. "

The medallions need to be demonstrated on how they work. One on one or to a small group.  Demonstrated to a large group it goes over most people's head. "That can't Work" type of comments, but they do.

Print them out and cut them out with scissors.
Pin each medallion on a person.
Dowse each one, separately and see the different energy reading you get from each pattern.
Choose what is best for you.
You now have a pocket guardian.


    Flower of Life - the Healer's Medallion
    MerKaBaa Design, Healer's Medallion - Pocket Guardian Size
    Mystic - Very strong, Shaman and Christian Influence

    Star of Venus (new design)
    9 Gifts of the Spirit - a very nice, soft feeling, yet has power

On the Bottom:
    The Atlantean Resonator.

Each medallion is 2 - 3/4 inches in size.



1. Kokopelli Medallion:  The flute player is a Kachina (respected spirit). Kachinas are benevolent super Natuals who are intermediaries between the gods and man, to bring rain, fertility and good health. Maretha Branson, a gifted woman who lives in the Southwest and who sees auras after she was seriously injured as a young child, describes what she sees when she wears this medallion:  "I see protection over all the physical body." It works as a medicine shield surrounding the body.  Energy stays close to the body to keep subtle negative energies from entering.  The Crystal Catalyst button (which is on every one of Joe's medallions) enhances its power.

2.  Lakota Cross:  This design represents the mystical power of the medicine man or Shaman.  It carries a very strong and good energy.

3.  Christian Cross Medallion:  This design was taken from the Methodist hymnal and represents the Cross where Christ died and the cleansing flame of the Pentecost.  Maretha says: "This symbol represents pain. The energy releases and cleanses wounds (real and unreal) of the mind. The "X" balances the heart chakra and the flame represents cleansing of the soul in present and past life. A very powerful medallion to those who are attracted to it.

4.   Atlantean Resonator:  The design for the Atlantean Resonator came from a ceramic ring found with a sarcophagus in the 1860's in the Valley of Kings in Egypt.  The ring ended up in the hands of Howard Carter, the British archeologist who opened King Tut's tomb, and who was the only survivor of about 35 people working with him. It is believed that the design in the ring was a powerful protective symbol.  Maretha says: "This is a very powerful protector of thought, much like a power wand. The energy is strong and pulse like, not gentle, unless projected as gentle. It must be used carefully, because what is sent out that is not in "love and light" can come back to you.

5.   Double Star Medallion:  The five pointed star is a long standing symbol of protection, and placing one star over another multiplies that power. Maretha says "... a balancer of the mental aura, which helps the wearer to seek solutions, and release problems. It opens the heart chakra to unconditional love and can be programmed for protection from fears, by merely requesting it."  This is the very first medallion we made, and the design is used on pocket guardians. it must be programmed carefully and used only for the highest good.

6.  MerKaBah Medallion:  Another sacred symbol, representing the double tetrahedron.  A very powerful symbol.  Maretha says "... especially protects the heart and solar plexus chakra. A powerful energy for protection against psychic attack. It puts a screen of power around the person wearing it and deflects evil thought and intent."

7.  Star of David Medallion:  An ancient symbol of protection first known around 800-600 B.C. and adopted later by the Jews around 30 B.C.  Maretha says, "A Yin-Yang energy balancer and protector against physical or psychic attack, a balancer and healer of old mental wounds (protects as needed).

8.  Trinity Medallion:  There are several versions of this design, all representing Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit). Maretha says:  "A Masculine energy balancing the mental aura (an ego balancer) with the heart and root chakras.  It allows one to love without condition. Beneficial to both male and female.

9.  Goddess Medallion:  This design of sacred geometry consists of three equilateral triangles, stacked one on the other to make a nine pointed design, which has a very soft, loving "hug me" type energy.  Maretha says "This is a feminine energy protecting the mental aura and the heart chakra, and it helps the person wearing to realize and take back her own power."

10.  Nine Pointed Star:  This symbol has been used in Christianity to represent the nine gifts of the spirit, peace, love, patience, happiness, gentleness, leniency, temperance and benevolence.

11.  Pocket Guardians:  these are two leather disks with various designs on either side and a Crystal Catalyst bead sandwiched between, to be carried in pockets or purses, or can be worn around the neck.

ADDED:  HOLSTERS!   Joe is making for  L  Rods.
Check  out  that  FANCY   Tool   Work!


Joe, Marta, YOU'RE the BEST!