The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***    Saturday   August 18th, 2001     ***

This is a FIELD DAY and not at our usual date, time or place
See the last page of this newsletter for complete details

Regularly scheduled meetings will resume  Tuesday, September 11th at:
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue,   near the intersection of
Lawrence Avenue & Yonge Street.  Our meetings take place

These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site at:

Post on your refrigerator:       TORONTO   DOWSERS
August 18:  Field Day, near Brantford
September 11                    October  9
November  13                    December  11


Our library is off to an absolutely  FABULOUS  start.  Just fabulous.   We have a set of 48 audio tapes from the 2001 ASD.  We will also have 4 videos as soon as they arrive in the mail.    Books have been donated by the ASD Bookstore as well as  Spectrum Books owner Diane Marcotte.  Thank you, Diane.   Raymon Grace has also donated his 2 new books to us.   Our ASD tape purchases cost us about $350 US.    It was made possible because of your support.

A Catalog, descriptions,  policies and introduction to our librarian  will be made available to you soon, hopefully for the September meeting, definitely by October   (translation:  we'll let you know as soon as we figure out what it is we are doing).

Donations of cash, books, tapes for our library are gratefully accepted and acknowledged.   I would like to thank Joan De New, leader of HAHN (in Hamilton) for the idea of a library. 

Dear Toronto Dowsers,

The format of this newsletter is different and differences can offer a nice change but my own world has changed completely.

My father,  Ret. NYPD Lt.  Abraham Gang,  passed away   June  1st, 2001  at  5:15 PM   PST.

There, I finally wrote it.   Again.  One by one his body systems failed and this very strong man just let go.  Like Trudeau, what did Dad in were "complications of Parkinson's Disease."  When he was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days before his death, he was scared because he knew what that meant.   Why, I wondered, do old infirm people get pneumonia and die?  Because of the Breath.  The Breath is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical.  It brings us in and it takes us out.   As much as I pretty much knew this would happen before the cold weather returned, it was still a gut wrenching shock.

I knew I had to complete the previous newsletter before the afternoon of June 1st and so this was completed several hours prior to his death.  Featured were several people in our holistic community who recently passed on.  Death and dying were on my mind then, as it is now.   3 other people in our group that I know of lost their mom recently.    2 speakers at ASD lost parents.

I've been doing what I'm doing most recently because of Dad.  It used to be because of Mom who finally succumbed to cancer.  Mom always had one strange malady after another and as a child it just felt wrong.  As a child I'd sit by her bed, playing jacks, wondering what was going on, feeling a wrongness.   None of these diseases are normal, they way they are happening today.  When I was a kid no one in their 30's or 40's died --- from heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, etc.  NO ONE!  I've been asking people about this.   NO ONE!

I am driven.  I couldn't help my parents the way I wanted to but I want to help others.  And I am sickened by the greed and lies and hype in the medical industry.  And some of them are finally admitting their impotence.

I have been prickly on the phone or in person to some of you.  And I do feel badly about this and apologize because I do not want to hurt your feelings.  Our group is made up of sensitive individuals and goodness knows folks like us have been hurt enough.   But I never learned how to be polite.  Growing up where I did, in NYC, being polite was not even in the top 10.  And, sitting there fresh with the grief and most fundamental reality imaginable of the loss of someone who has never been out of your life ever, just one big raw nerve ending, being polite is not even on the map.

Being polite is what the gastroenterologist wanted me to be when he was telling me there was nothing wrong with my father's intestinal tract and I insistently told him he was wrong and he said Dad was fine.  We took Dad to another doctor who ascertained an impacted colon.

I greatly appreciate the Buddhist path of Kindness but it is not mine, not now. It's time to Wake Up.  I am an alarm clock.  And I don't play soft music.

Naturally, I just dropped everything.  Each level and particle of being was numb.  I could not take in anything that did not focus on the subject of my grief.    Life, my plans, have made a few 360 degree revolutions.

 Something I wrote in an email that is still with me:   There was a thought that kept coming in  strongly on the flight down to NYC, and at the funeral:  "Dad stood for something.  I must stand for something."   Life as the daughter of this  NYPD lieutenant  was distinctly difficult.   But he had definite values and strength of character.  He made a difference in peoples' lives.  I hope his daughter will do the same.  Polite pretenses became unimportant and wiped out.

What we, as Dowsers, do, is highly important.  We are just beginning to understand this.  Dad's passing is giving me a freedom I'd prefer not to have as the cost is too dear.  However, I can focus more on our goals.

So, I'm slow doing some of this stuff, putting together activities, writing newsletters, setting up the fall schedule, visiting with you.  I know you understand and it takes awhile.  Working this way with this group at this time is a beautiful way to heal and I thank you for being here with and for me.

In this issue of our newsletter I'd hoped to talk about the ASD and the CSD.  But I typed so much about the ASD there is little room to do justice for the events of the CSD.  So that will have to wait until your next issue.   If you have had any experiences at the CSD that you would like to share with the others, let me know by August 20th.   This is appreciated as I was so exhausted after my Dad and the ASD I was just walking around on automatic at the CSD and it was a blur.

Also, things are still a bit numb so please excuse me if I forget more things than I usually do and am even more sensitive in this next little while.

Fall 2001 Schedule
The schedule for the fall is not yet firmed up.   I've been unable to work on it until now and will let you know as soon as we have firm commitments.

By special arrangement, a few dozen of you attended a presentation in June in Toronto by David Icke.  You expressed deep appreciation  afterward to finally find out some of the true history of the world.  Your dowsing and intuition brought you to hear this man.  However, there is a deliberate campaign to discredit this man by spreading insidious misinformation about him and his message. Some dowsers believe these statements because of the skew in the media and haven't had a chance to find out otherwise.  I've asked several people --- good dowsers ---  to dowse for the truth of what he says.  They all get a very high percentage.  Isn't this sufficient for us?   There has been criticism of the recommendation of this man.  When asked what did he say that is objectionable, there is no answer because they have not read his books, they have heard some thing about him from someone or somewhere else.  So  I am offering $100 to the first person who proves to me that David Icke is anti Semitic based on the writings in any of David's books.

Raymon Grace  has self published 2 books:
     "Techniques that Work for Me"   A Mini Course in the Management of Energy for
            Improving Your Life  which describes many of the techniques we learned, and,
            enlarges upon them.   8 x 11,   20 pages,  spiral bound
      "The Future is Yours, Do Something About It."  This is an accumulations of
            stories, information and experiences  gathered on the path of life.   5 x 8,  57 pages
I have been getting good feedback.  Each book costs $15 CDN and Raymon is giving the Toronto Dowsers a part of the proceeds.   We will have them for you for sale.

Why all this fuss about Raymon?  After all, what he's doing is not brand new.  Bill Fitch, Eugene Maurey, Hannah Kroeger, others --- talked about getting rid of entities for years the way Raymon does.  Robert Sird taught programming the same way for years.  Raymon has synthesized and integrated a lot in to a very simple and effective style. It works.   He's changed my life and the lives of many who have heard him recently.  Maie Liiv told me: "This was the best workshop I've ever been to in my entire life.  Literally.   Ever."  I get many comments like this one.


First on the list:   Expenses.   I paid  $300 US for:   Room and board from Wednesday dinner to Sunday lunch, the complete convention which includes evening socialization and snacks as well as membership in the ASD.   I don't consider that to be expensive.

Each convention full day (Thursday-Saturday.  Sunday is a half day) has 4 time slots for programs.  For each time slot you have a choice of 6 programs that you can attend.   The gym in the college that we meet at is entirely given over to a sales area from 8-7  where the ASD has yards of tables of books, dowsing tools and other items.   There are about 20 other vendors there too.   Sometimes I'd skip lunch to spend a block of focused time in the sales area, where it is also good to schmooze with the vendors who are also the speakers.    Other good times for schmoozing are during meals, and, even in the evening in the dorms when there is always one room with an open door where folks gather and chat.

I could not attend as many sessions as I would have liked to since I was still pretty numb but I did get enough to give you a sampling of:

Ellen Dean and Bruce Irwin, from a New York State chapter taught dowsing to over 2,000 people last year.  How?   They teach children!   Through the public schools!   This has been something I have wanted to try but as I'd met up with folks who thought that dowsing is the work of the devil, I thought I'd have to wait a bit until I found the right approach.  They have given me good ideas on how to make the right approach.   They get the creative juices flowing when they show you how to use paint rollers, egg stirrers, pencils, etc., as dowsing tools.

Bruce talked about some dowsing history, that a Dowser was originally called a Water Witch.  Witch is from "Wittich" an Old German verb which means "to bend".   Queen Elizabeth, from England, brought German tin workers over to England to find and work tin to coat the hulls of English boats.   They used one kind of wood:   Witch Hazel --- which --- bends  easily. "Widdich" is the sound of the wind as it goes through the trees.  So the English called them:  Widdich.   Witches, because of the sound of the wind as it goes through the trees, using witch hazel rods which bend.

Bruce said this story, and more, comes from Christopher Bird's "The Divining Hand".   I bought the book, but could not find the story and hope I wrote it down accurately for you.  However, there are many more excellent stories in that book about the History of Dowsing.

Pat Dornik, from Vermont, and Barry Smith, from California talked about how you can help to better prepare your mind for dowsing with easy techniques to Ground, Center, Connect, Clear and Focus.   This helps you bypass the critical mind.   When you do your techniques it is important to create a protective shield which we need for the heart.  There are times, when dowsers, who are generally more sensitive than others feel pain --- it might be the pain of others that they experience and it is important to know what feelings are yours versus what are the feelings of others that you pick up but are not yours.   When you are in the right space your capacity to dowse accurately increases.   An affirmation that has been suggested, and whose exact wording must be used is:


Another highly useful tip Pat gave me is something to use when we are clearing areas of noxious energies.   When we have done all the clearing we know how to do, we often ask:  "Is this area cleared?", and, we get an affirmative answer.  Then she suggests ask:  "Is this area cleared to the best of my capacity?"   Here, too, we will often get a 'yes'.   Then --- and this is the good part:  Ask:  "Is this area cleared beyond my capacity?"    It's the   beyond my capacity   phrase which is important here, because it might mean something needs to be done that we can not do.    This was one of the most important tips I got at the convention.    And, I REALLY like Pat.  She is one of my top 5 favorites.  In fact, this could be the most important paragraph for you of the whole newsletter.  It can throw a whole different perspective not only on your dowsing accuracy but on what we come to know as "clear"  or  not  --- yet --- clear.  Et cetera.

Tom  Milliren is an old timer favorite.  Tom has many books out.  He stresses 2 things:  Focus.  Purpose.  Example:   Focus = Water     Purpose = Finding water for people     So what happens is all other activities fade away as you focus intently on the object.   Tom spoke about Edith Jurka, a psychoanalyst outside of New York City who hooked dowsers up to an EEG machine.  These studies have been written up.   We are expanding our conscious awareness when we dowse, using the full concepts of the brain.   Tom also said that by using Aura Fields for  diagnosis we can find more information than through Cat scans, MRIs, etc.   The latter tests look at the affects, not the cause.  Aura fields help determine the cause of illness.  Tom said he has had exceptionally great success helping people in removing the effects MS and fibromyalgia, where their nervous system gets destroyed.   In cancer, your baseline frequencies are in error and this causes cellular mutation.  Within reason, you can change these frequencies.   Most people don't have their auric bodies centered on their physical bodies.   These bodies can be too much to the left, to the right, etc.  The auric field supplies the energy to the cells.  These energies can be then pulled in, and, they are not of this dimension.

Raymon Grace  is telling us that in the last little while there has come on earth an energy that has never been present before.   We are in the 2nd phase of human evolution.   Because of this, it seems, several of his statements have more meaning than they might have even just 10 years ago:

"The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized."
"Dowsers are among the most powerful group of people on Planet Earth.
The bad news is Most of them just don't know it.
Most people don't have a clue what they are capable of."
"You have far more power between your ears than you ever believed.
But you have to do something with it.  You have to have the desire."
"The more you practice your dowsing the more you improve your intuition and so you
don't have to go through pages of stuff.  It's a matter of practice and of doing."
"As long as you have the desire and intent of helping, the spirit world
picks up the slack.  A lot of the slack.

Raymon has a project now which he wants to share with as many people as possible.  This project is PURIFYING WATER.  Through dowsing, therefore, through Intent.   What you do --- simply --- is --- through dowsing and intent--- is --- scramble the frequency of the pollutants in the water.  Raymon has done this, himself with one entire body of water.  You can, too.  Ya just gotta believe.   Say a prayer over the body of water, whether it is a glass of water or a lake or stream.   Ask for the pollutants to be neutralized and the molecular structure of the water to be adjusted to that of pure water in its original, pristine state.  If this interests you, if you want to find out more about it, find one of the 100 or more people who saw Raymon at CSD or who took one of his workshops.  Or, stay current with this at:  and

One more thing that Raymon told us is that there has been a depletion of physical energy on the planet because there has been an increase of non beneficial energy.  The result is men get a short temper and women get tired.

Walt Woods:   Past President of ASD, one of the "grandfathers" of dowsing as it is today and author of "Letter to Robin", Walt gave a presentation on "Time and Time Windows".   This presentation on time was supposed to last 90 minutes.  He terminated it at the end of an hour, thinking that was all the time he had.   There were some strange things going on so I'll pause here in my recitation of 'stuff' to tell you:

The energies at this convention were weird weird weird.   First of all there were many negative, depleting, obstructive astrological influences, such as Mercury retrograde which created poor communication,  obstructions, poor thinking, etc.   I strongly suggest that next time any event be scheduled that we check with at least one of the many knowledgeable astrologers who are in our midst to tell us how to best handle these energies.   5 of the presenters had to cancel at the last moment.   2 had deaths in their family,  1 of the well known healers got a bad case of sciatica,  1 person had his car engine blow up and the last,  Stewart Swerdlow, was under psychic attack.  Walt Woods gave his talk, which I attended and many of us were snoozing.  Walt is not a boring speaker.   Attendance was way down.    I tried taking photos of 3 of the speakers and my camera 'broke' with each one of them.  It was fine with other speakers.   It was repaired each time.   I am developing a theory on this one, about the electrical energies some of the more powerful dowsers put out.

Now its time to talk about Cathy Sweet.   I just looovvvvee   Cathy Sweet.   I can't tell you too much about her because this is the 3rd year in a row I've heard her and I still don't understand her.  But I try.  Cathy is a chiropractor from Portchester, New York and one of the most connected knowledgeable people I've ever met.  Connected to spirit and grounded at the same time.   Last year she showed us the exact point at which disease physically enters the body --- from its former spiritual position.   Here are some SweetSayings:

"Dowsing is the highest form of healing I know of higher consciousness.  It's prayer."
"We are genetically evolving in a spiritual sense.  Kids born today have more codons turned on."
"You can never fix a problem unless you fix the consciousness that creates the problem."
"The Blue Flame grows bone."
"The bottom line on why your spirit does not heal your body is because there is an energy blockage:
     -  Your spirit might not be healing it, or
     - Your spirit might be trying, however you have to have a shift in consciousness"

Cathy uses dowsing as the basis for all of the areas of healing that she utilizes.  She loves dowsing and dowsers and says that the dowsers are the easiest group of people to speak to.
She showed us her [flow] chart she has been developing that can be used with dowsing to determine the cause of  illness where, after obtaining permission to do so,  you speak with the spirit of the person to find out where the illness comes from.  Once you know this, it can be treated.

She talked about Aaron's Breast Plate, Miasms, Dr. Vogel, the work of Sharry Edwards, changing and healing DNA, where Allergic responses come from, etc.   It would be good to have Cathy up here for a workshop.  She and her husband, Gary, are interested in coming up here.  She also has replicas that she has had made of Aaron's breastplate and uses it in healing and has some for sale.

Joey Korn,   from Atlanta was the keynote speaker at our 1999 CSD and started out by telling us   "When you want spiritual growth you put it in  your heart."    Of all the non local speakers I heard (and I didn't attend nearly enough lectures), Joey's work is the work I want to investigate next because he addressed a difficulty I often encounter and I want to see more about how this works.   With many people I know, even friends that I like a lot, I sometimes have difficulty being with them for any length of time.  According to Joey, there are imbalances in their human energy patterns, and as an energy sensitive person I might be standing in the spot that corresponds to this imbalance in their energy pattern and this is what causes me to feel discomfort.  We can change these patterns.

His new work is fascinating.  It's called "Dowsing and the Kaballah Connection"   as he spoke to us about Energy Leys which are beams of cosmic light which cross the earth --- and only some of them are detrimental.   We don't use the terms positive and negative because some negative energies are necessary and beneficial.  He spoke about how we are connected to the universe through our energetic vortexes --- they spiral out and how he measured the 2 rays of light that create each vortex.   How he found mated pairs of light that create the Twin Lights of the Soul around your bed and how these relate to the Merkaba and to the Kaballah, as this is the Tree of Light which is the central feature of the Kaballah.  Your human energy pattern  is  your life essence, something you go through life with and leave an imprint wherever you go, even when you leave this planet.   We can detect and change our patterns, our issues by changing these patterns.  All through dowsing.

Linda Lancaster is a naturopath, trained in Sri Lanka,  who does medical radiesthesia, including radionics, in Santa Fe and in Manhattan.  She told us the world needs professional dowsers.  She uses Dr. Hazell Parcell's system (which she studied) as it works within the etheric field.  A drop of blood is taken and analyzed and is put in the witness circle.  The energy field of the blood and the person it was taken from is picked up, and, the blood spot forms crystalline structures, which, like quartz can be tuned and corrections can be sent back to the person.

She spoke about the pH balance and how the acid part is your energy, its your electricity.  If you have low acid you have low electricity, and reminded us about most disease being alkaline.   High acidity is caused by radiation and heavy metals.   2 suggested ways to remove this are   (1) to put 1 tsp each sea salt and baking soda in to a quart of water and to drink 8 ounces of this 4x day, and/or, (2) soak in a tub of hot water with  1 pound each sea salt and baking soda  25'-30' before bed.  I asked her about radiation in the eyes which I get from using a computer so much.  She had 3 suggestions on that:  (1)  use cards designed by Malcom Rae (from England),   (2)  get a picture of my eyes, put this in a petrie dish with sea salt and baking soda, put a magnet on it and have the intent that the radiation leave my eyes,  (3) use homeopathic radon.   She also suggested that when we are in the bath that we are in a field and the head (hence, eyes) will be affected.  (But I didn't ask her about the effects of chlorine in the bath water.)

When asked about magnets she said they are good for acute problems but does not recommend sleeping on magnetic beds.  We are subtle energetic bodies and are electromagnetic beings.  We should not fool around with strong forces like this that we really know little about.

[NOTES:   (1)  The work of Hazell Parcells is written about in a book by Joseph DiSpensza called "Live Better, Live Longer."  I've had it for a long time and like it a lot.  But when I asked Linda about it she nearly bit my head off because this book was not officially approved by Parcells.
(2)  Also, Margaret Ball is very familiar with this work and the Rae cards.]

Christan Hummell, until recently worked with Slim Spurling.  She said she teaches methods to heal geopathic stress, etc. of areas, such as in cities.   She had been working with the methods of Machaelle Small-Wright but that Machaelle's lawyers stopped her from using these methods and she found others.  If you check out: you can see where she talks about working with the Devas and the Buddhic Column

I heard excellent comments about Medical Intuitive Aaron Singleton, but did not attend his session.  I heard that our Alicja Aratyn's 2 sessions were well attended and lively and informative.  Robert Gilbert gave excellent presentations on Sacred Geometry.  There were several well received sessions on Feng Shui and Labyrinths, which I did not attend.   There was Slim Spurling and talks on colors and dreams and treasure dowsing and sacred sites and landscaping and music and humor and on and on.    However, Iyour library now has the audio tapes as well as 4 videos and we encourage you to listen to them as soon as we make them available to you.

I got to just a few of the speaker sessions, not nearly as many as I would have gone to if I were in a stronger mental state.   So the above just gives you but a small taste of what you can expect at the annual convention of the American Society of Dowsers.

You've just had a teeny taste of less than 10% of the ASD.   Don't you think you need to go next year?  I do!

Stewart Swerdlow was supposed to give a presentation called "The Brain as a Dowsing Tool" but he was not able to because he was under psychic attack and could not get there.  Tipi Halsey, who arranges the ASD presentations read a fax [which follows] to the evening assembly that Stewart sent, explaining the situation.  She said that the statement made by this fax was perhaps more powerful than his presentation would have been.   Many of us agreed.  There are forces that are trying to prevent previously hidden truths from coming out.   I, too, have been subject to attacks, however the forces of truth and light are real strong these days and the attackers are looking rather pitiful and ridiculous.


Dear Attendees,

I deeply apologize for not being able to attend the meeting and personally speak before you. As much as I do not like to entertain the idea of personal attacks, this occasion certainly seems to be a culmination of a series of events. On Thursday night of this week, the night before I was scheduled to leave, I was speaking on the phone with a high profile entertainment attorney in California. We were discussing some media projects when he started telling me about an upcoming trip to China. When I started telling him about what is going on with the Chinese and the US, the phone line went dead and he could not reconnect. Early the next morning on Wednesday, the day I planned to leave for Vermont, there was a horrific, unpredicted thunder storm that shook the entire house and deluged the ground with rain. When I turned on the local weather program, the storm was only over my area. All around, the area was perfectly clear!

I finished packing my 1999 pick-up truck which has always worked perfectly, and started out for Vermont [from my home on Long Island]. On the way there, I noticed my emergency brake light had come on. I pulled over to check it out. I assumed that perhaps the wires were wet from the storm. I continued on my way, crossing into Connecticut when I saw that now the ABS light was on. Then, suddenly, my speedometer arrow started spinning wildly, finally collapsing to "0" miles per hour, where it stayed. Now the truck started to vibrate and the brake pedal became difficult to push. I had visions of something terrible happening. I tried to find a repair shop, but to no avail. Slowly, I hugged the right lane and turned back to go home, traveling not more than 25 miles per hour.

When I reached my car dealer, I was told that it was some sort of electrical problem in the back of the truck and it would take several days to repair. They refused to loan me a car or pay for a rental. I tried to price other rental cars, but there was not much availability on such short notice, and the prices were exceptionally high.

When I contacted the Dowsers to report my difficulties, I found that other speakers had similar difficulties preventing them from arriving as well.  Putting this all together, including other recent events in my life, it certainly looks like some sort of targeted sabotage. In a way, it is a good sign. it means we are getting to the truth. If we were not speaking the truth, we would be left alone.

All of this aside, this September, myself, Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols, and Peter Moon, will come together for the first time in Montauk history at Lightgate Center in Thetford, Vermont. WE will make absolutely sure that we have alternative plans for travel. I have to thank the saboteurs for showing me this experience that other travel plans should always be in place as a back-up.

This September at Lightgate, we will all reveal information about Montauk, the New World Order, the Illuminati, and their technologies, never before released to the public.

Once again, my deepest apologies for not being here in person. I am with you in mind and spirit. Keep protection around yourselves and if you have any questions, please contact me through my website:

With respect,
Stewart Swerdlow


July 20-22:  US Psychotronics Assn. 27th Annual Conference.  (Radionics)  Columbus, Ohio
Featuring: Larrey Dossey, Sharry Edwards, Harold McCoy, Robert Gerard, Joey Korn, etc.
Contact:  (262) 742-4790

July 27-30 - Holistic Intuition Society - Convention 2001 - "Power of Thought" - Olds, Alberta

Sponsored by:    Dowsers Calgary,    Dowsers of Edmonton,    Dowsers Winnipeg
Presenting: Pat Prevost, Walt Woods, Harold McCoy, Frank Milburn, Raymon Grace, etc.
Contact: John Living:   (403) 686-6259

August 19-25 - Holistic Intuition Society - Vision Quest with Russell Willier, the Pipe Carrier and Medicine Man of the Sucker Creek band.  Alberta.     Contact: John Living:   (403) 686-6259

Aug 31 - Sep 4:  ORI (Ozark Research Institute)     "Power of Thought School"
Contact:    (501) 582-9197

Sep 14-16: Lightgate Center, Vermont.   "Montauk Survivors & Experts"
Contact: Tipi Halsey,  802-785-4226,

November 1-4.  The Labyrinth Society.  Annual Gathering.  Atlanta, Georgia.
Contact:    336-384-4054.

Saturday, August 18, 2001   Field Day
(this is near Brantford ---  about 80 K west of Toronto)

Time:    Arrive 10-11, we'll do some earth energies, have lunch, do some more activities,
            leave by dinner time
Intent:   That we have clear skies, a nice warm day; a safe and clear drive out there for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE:   We are not planning a rain date, because we won't need one.
Bring your dowsing tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRANSPORTATION:   If you want a ride, or if are willing to offer a  ride call me and I'll try to arrange this.  I'm going away for a week in July but I will get back to you.   It's a nice 80K drive and even nicer with company.     Walter has done big things with the energy on his property.  You can feel it, and, its definitely good for you.

FOOD:  Our Lunch will be Pot Luck    BRING SOMETHING suitable for 6 people.
We will supply paperware, beverages.
If your spouse, partner or friend is interested in dowsing, bring them.

We are going out there for a "day in the country", and, because the energy is so good.  And:
        Walter built a 3 Dimensional Flower of Life that's over 6' high and you can stand up inside of it.  It is beautiful, breath taking and people have energy changes inside them and some people even do healing in it.  This was brought to CSD and folks had before and after aura pictures taken of themselves.  BIG differences.
        Walter also constructed the 5 Platonic Solids, also for you to stand up inside of them.   People go inside them for a little while and come out without previous aches and pains.  Et cetera (BIG et cetera).  Experience them, check out your before and after energy.

            Learn how to find and feel the heart of a tree
            Find grid lines, vortexes (vortices???), other earth energies
            Find water, its depth, volume, potability, etc.
            Check out auric fields, find and alleviate problems, balance them

[Please phone me (Marilyn: 416-322-0363) if you intend to come,   by 8/17,  so I can give our hosts the courtesy of letting them know about how many people they can expect and prepare for.

DIRECTIONS:      (about an hour and a half drive from Toronto)