The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting
Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 (see back page)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the Toronto Dowsers or the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:
Check out the CSD web site at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2002
 MAY 25th: Junior (Kids) Dowsing Workshop - see inside
JUNE 12TH:  Pat Prevost - Dowsing for Animal Wellness
Dowsing Conventions:

June 10-18 :  ASD(American Society of Dowsers) annual convention, Vermont
June 21-25 :  CSD (Canadian Society of Dowsers) annual convention, Toronto
June 28-July 3:  West Coast Dowsers convention, Santa Cruz, California
July 26-28:  H.I.S. (Holistic Intuition Society) convention, Alberta
August 16-18:  Northwest Territory Regional Conference St. Helens, Oregon
September 27-29:  C.S.Q. (Canadian Society of Questers) convention, Vancouver

        One of the emails I received recently was from a woman from the Ukraine, Alexandra Isaievych, introducing herself and her sister, Tetyana. Tetyana, a dowser, in Toronto now, does not speak much English and was interested in our group. So I put her in touch with Walter who brought her to our meeting.  I thought you would be interested in reading part of the email and finding out more about dowsing activities in Russia (is this considered Russia??):
            "   Tetyana Chornovus is the Vice-President of the Western Ukrainian Center of Energy-Information Exchange located in Lviv (previously also known al Lvov or Lw'ow), Ukraine. The center works in several directions, including bridging understanding between science and dowsing by conducting scientific studies in practical applications of dowsing, by establishing working partnerships between medical professionals and healers who use dowsing methods for diagnosing and healing illness, by running training programs and issuing certifications for individuals who want to learn and practice dowsing, and by providing forums on  regional and national levels for discussion of practical and ethical issues relevant for dowsing practitioners. "
        If you speak Ukranian (or Polish), and are interested in meeting with Tetyana, please let us know.  I have been hearing about a lot about activities in that part of the world that are of interest to us, not only about dowsing, but remote viewing, astrophysics, etc. etc. such as the research of eminent Russian scientist Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev [Note: Bill Askins, Raymon's teacher is the one who first told me about these studies] as to how the solar system is changing.  See this site for more information on Dr. Dmitriev: 
Beginning around April 30th, people have been noticing weirder than usual energies. All people are sensitive, but in different ways. Many of our group are sensitive in that we sense energies. We noticed on the morning of our meeting that the energies seemed highly negative, and, we cleared whatever we could.  In addition, the room was smudged before we began.  The energy in the room was a lot better than if it had not been worked on.  Sometimes, clouds of negative, or, clouds of positive: energies --- travel over certain parts of our planet.  We were ensconced in a strong one for a little while there.
Thank you for your contributions and interest in our continuously growing and re-defining
family.  As of this May meeting, we now have 200 members in the Toronto Dowsers!

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans
We thank Helen Evans for getting our library started,keeping it organized and going and for her conscientious attention to this responsibility. Helen was presented with a "Joe Smith" pendulum in grateful recognition of her hard work on our behalf.


If you have a question,etc., contact Marilyn.

We will be purchasing more materials for the library at the ASD convention.  If you have suggestions, requests on what you would like to see us have, contact Marilyn by May 27th.

Our May 8th Guest Speaker: Susan McNeill Spuhler, on:  Map Dowsing
Susan McNeill Spuhler, and her husband, Tom, drove all the way from Boston just to give us a presentation.  Now THAT'S dedication!  And Commitment.  And Kindness.  Susan, an industrial engineer, is a crackerjack dowser.  She is quite accurate as a water dowser, so much so that the well drillers come and drill on the spots she tells them to drill.  And they find water. Potable water, at the depth she told them it would be at, at the flow she said it would be at. Can you guess how she gets to be so good? Susan says:  PRACTICE!

Aleks and Gordana Radojcic VERY kindly loaned us their overhead projector and screen --- THANK YOU!  We made excellent use of your equipment.  And, you all surprised me when you had come supplied with paper, pencil, ruler and pendulum.

She started us off showing us how to make PERSONAL ENERGY PATTERNS, that she learned from John Kelly, a dowser from Connecticut, who gives presentations at the ASD.  THIS IS A REMARKABLE TECHNIQUE!  SIMPLE.  USEFUL.  Got a lot of good comments about it, so, try it. First, here's the HOW, then the WHY:

Using graph, or, grid paper, make the outline of 2 rectangles, each one about 5" wide x 8" high
At the top of the left one, write LEFT
At the top of the right one, write RIGHT
Doing each one separately, dowsing, you want to place 3 points.
If you start with the LEFT one:
   Slowly bring your ruler ACROSS the paper until your pendulum tells you STOP
   Lightly, Draw a line
   Then slowly bring your ruler DOWN the paper until your pendulum tells you STOP
   Lightly, Draw a line
   You have your first point at the intersection of those lines
You want 2 more points (ask your pendulum if you should make more. If yes, do so)
Now you have 3 points.
Ask your pendulum if you should connect them.  If yes, do so.

Do the same thing for the RIGHT rectangle.
Now you have your 2 very own PEPs (Personal Energy Patterns). (PEP for PEPpy??)

What do you do with this?  You make them for an intention that you have in mind.  For example, Susan made her PEPs to tape on the steering wheel of her car, to give her energy on the 10.5 hour drive from Boston to Toronto.  She would place her hands on these patterns when she was tired, for energy.  Yes, of course it works!

You then place your hands over them, for as long as is needed.  You might want to make them for prosperity, losing weight, obtain mental clarity on a subject, etc.  Dowse for how long you need to keep this and use it.

As Tess was leaving the meeting, she remarked "I could feel my body going off the chart."

Susan suggests that you can make them for your pets, or, children, if they are ill, place them under the bed of your pet or the pillow of a child or old person.

I look at this as your own Sanjeevini or Paper Doctor or Homeopathic.

Next, Susan had us map dowse for the location of her house in her town of Westwood.  She had a map of the town.  Slowly moving the ruler across the page with one hand, she moved it until the pendulum (held in the other hand) told her STOP.  And drew a line.  Then she slowly moved the ruler down the page until the pendulum said STOP, drew a line, and had a point where the house was to be.

She was taking answers from the audience, so, we had a lot of grids on the map!  So what she then did was to divide the map in to 4 quadrants.  7 people dowsed her house is in the Upper Left quadrant, 10 in the Lower Left, 30 in the Upper Right and about 30 in the Lower Right.  Susan's house is in the Lower Right quadrant.  Then we had a BIG surprise as Susan handed out L Rods to everyone who said they dowsed it was in the Lower Right quadrant.  These are mini L-Rods --- that Susan made!!!!  by hand!

Zeroing in on the location of the house, Lily McMillan dowsed the correct location, and Susan gave Lily a pair of regular sized L Rods.  Congratulations, Lily.  THANK YOU, Susan!

Susan reminds us that asking the right questions is the key to successful dowsing. One of the television stations in Boston calls her when they misplace tapes.  They have 2 football field size warehouses and sometimes the tapes get misplaced and they can spend weeks looking for them.  Susan finds them in 15 minutes.  She also helps to find people who are missing, and, who have died.  It can be tough so she tries not to get too emotionally involved.  She does this to give families closure.  When Susan dowses, she can feel a correct response in her stomach area. "Believe in yourself.  Believe you can do it."  When someone is missing, before you search for them, ask if they want to be found.  Sometimes they don't and you don't have the right to interfere with that decision.  She doesn't really concentrate when she dowses, she kind of lets her mind go relaxed.

I asked her what she does about Remnance. (Remnance is an energy pattern left by a person or an object, probably lost, from where they USED to be, not where they are now, and this can give false answers to the dowser.)  Susan says she first clears all Remnance and all instances of it.

NEXT, we went on to do what Susan and Joe Smith call Body Dowsing (A different kind of Body Dowsing was introduced in January --- where the body is your dowsing instrument).  Joe Smith, one of the dowsing world's favorite dowsers, a farmer, a welder, 70 years old, living in Johnson, Nebraska, well, we looked for his ailments.  So Susan handed out pictures that had the outline of a person from the front view and one from the back view.  And we looked for his ailments.

Susan directed:  "Tap in to Joe Smith and feel Joe Smith.  You may get a feeling in your gut, in that part of the body, or, a sense.  Always trust your intuition when you're dowsing."   So we "mapped" his injuries.  First we did the front view, then then back view.  We took a ruler, and, first with the back view, going up the back of the left leg, waiting until the pendulum told us STOP and made a mark.   We also made a little line, with a  "B", then a space of about an inch with an "O" and another inch space with an "I".  (B = Broken,  O=Operation,   I=Injury)  and dowsed to see if at that area, something was broken, or he had an operation, or an injury (you can do other things as well, such as diseases, etc.).

We certainly had plenty of material to work with on Joe.  Seems he broke both heel bones, had operations in both feet, broke his big toe, injured his fingers, punctured his lungs, 12 broken ribs, double hernia operation, 3 polyps, problems in both elbows, broke a shoulder in 3 places, broken nose, tonsillectomy, skin cancers in both ears, 2 back operations and problems in the 4th and 5th vertebrae!

Our group did pretty good in determining Joe's areas of injury, etc.  It seems that all we need is practice.

As a token of appreciation for her generosity in driving here from Boston just for this presentation, and her contribution to our knowledge and understanding, we gave her a wishing pyramid (that helps you focus and manifest your wishes) from the Earth Wisdom catalogue - 416-335-3697 -- the one with the scarab --- that one promotes longevity.  Susan has all the other goals from these pyramids, i.e., love, health, hope, success, happiness and wealth, so more longevity is a good thing!

If you have comments you would like to pass on to Susan, would you like to send them to me?  I will see her next month at ASD.  She appreciates hearing from people.  Thank you.

NEXT, as Susan is giving us a Labyrinth workshop on Saturday, she gave us more insight in to labyrinths. Walking the labyrinth is walking a pattern.  It balances the brain.  She quickly showed us how she draws a Cretan labyrinth, freehand.  It looks like your brain.

Rick Roocroft asked: "Why labyrinths?..."  This is a question I had been wondering about for some time as well.  Dowsers are also highly interested in: Feng Shui, Labyrinths, then: Reiki.  I'd been trying to understand how the former connect to dowsing.  Dowsers have different interests in dowsing areas.  Those who are interested in feng shui and labyrinths are more interested in the earth energy area of dowsing.

Dowsers know about Sig Lonegren. He is an internationally known writer and speaker on Earth Mysteries. He is the author of Spiritual Dowsing, The Pendulum Kit, Labyrinths, etc.  He now resides in England and is the webmaster for The Labyrinth Society.  Sig kindly put the information about our event on their website When I asked him:  "Why labyrinths?  How does this relate to dowsing?"  He replied:

" The ASD was one of the first places in the US to hook in to labyrinths in the late eighties.  I believe that the connection is that both are divinatory tools.  Both can lead you to answers that you would not have probably gotten to by using the skills we learned at school (read: left-brained).

Most dowsers today are interested primarily in dowsing in healing and the Earth energies/sacred space.  Labyrinths are sacred space tools.   I would also add that chakras and crystals are also tools/realities that dowsers encounter when working with healing or in sacred space.

But I think it is labyrinths' ability to bring us answers that are not available to the conscious mind that makes them so attractive to dowsers.  Certainly over here in the UK, the BSD is also very interested in labyrinths."

Bill Colclough volunteered that if you make a female and a male labyrinth counterclockwise to one another, the female one will hook you up to the earth, the male to the universe and thus provide you with perfect balance.
 -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -
Susan Mc Neill's Labyrinth workshop was magical.  She did this at the home of Helen Evans, in Orangeville.  The weather was perfect.  We held the props and templates while she made her marks, and draw the pattern.  I watched her do the whole thing but still can't figure out how she did it.  She said she has 3 dimensional thinking, which probably helps her in her work as an engineer.

The labyrinth was 40 feet in diameter and Susan worked a tree into this pattern.  Diana Davis and I were on the deck, watching as Susan was working on the pattern around the tree.  At the same time we both gave an involuntary gasp of "WOW!"  It was a strong energy that we both felt, simultaneously --- that all of a sudden the tree shouted: "YES!  THANK YOU! I'M HAPPY!"  (I would not have written this if it were just me alone experiencing this.  Diana's simultaneous spontaneous reaction confirmed this.)

As an observation:  We all felt energies building at different times.  We are in a physical universe.  Form and structure are the rules that bind us.  The labyrinth makes a beneficial pattern on the earth.  As more people walk these labyrinths, positive earth energy builds in that spot.  Also, this Chartres labyrinth does look like the crenellations of the brain.  When we walk "this brain", we are externally completing a pattern that balances our internal brain.  It could also be that it is somehow connecting to, positively reinforcing some sort of brain within the earth.

As Helen volunteered her yard, she was gifted with the labyrinth.  Anyone else who is interested, you can probably get this done for you for about $1200.

Just like Rick expressed, I've been trying to understand labyrinths.  No one I speak with can give me an explanation that satisfies my left brain.  It's something you feel.  Vera Ketter invited me to walk the labyrinth at Trinity Square (416) 534-4053, which is open to the public, last fall. It's something one can experience, but not necessarily explain.

Before we left, Diana asked Susan if she would dowse a well for her on her property. Diana had brought an aerial map and in a few minutes Susan had 4 locations for potable water less than 300 feet, over 70 gallons / minute, within a half mile of the house.

At Larry's April 20th workshop, he made an important distinction for us:
We have been using Raymon's techniques to raise the energy, i.e., our energy, the energy of our homes, etc.

We can be going about things in manner that is more beneficial for us:
Rather than focusing so much on raising the energy, focus more on getting rid of non beneficial energies and frequencies.  For when you get rid of something yucky, your energy is better.  Higher.  The more stuff you get rid of, the more energy you have.

Compare it to being in a balloon.  As you throw out sandbags, you rise.

Again, this is a sort of cleansing.  As you get rid of internal toxins, your body is lighter and you have more energy.  As the earth gets rid of toxins, the earth has more energy.  As you get rid of clutter, your space has more and better energy.

So it's not so much the raising, as the clearing that counts.

Breathe  --- Alternate Nostril Breathing

Centering and calming are two of the "readiness" aspects in dowsing that occasionally presents difficulties. Alternate nostril breathing is a time tested method for centering, calming and balancing your brain and instilling clarity. Gets rid of the cobwebs.  This stimulates both hemispheres equally, suspending single hemisphere dominance.

1.  Do a few relaxing breaths.  Relax.
2. Close your RIGHT nostril with your RIGHT thumb and inhale thru your LEFT nostril for 4 counts.
3. Close your LEFT nostril with your RIGHT forefinger and hold your breath for 8 counts.
4. Open your RIGHT nostril and exhale for a count of 4.
5. Inhale through your RIGHT nostril for a count of 4.
6. Close your RIGHT nostril and hold your breath for a count of 8.
7. Open your LEFT nostril and exhale for a count of 4.
8. Repeat steps 2-7 for  5-15 minutes.

Sometimes, in dowsing preparation, I use some of the techniques I learned after Kriya Initiation.  For those of you who are reading this and are Kriyabans, you can use some of the techniques to assist your dowsing practice.  (Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of Self-Realization Fellowship, taught these techniques after he came to the US from India in 1921. Millions of people have learned his meditations, energy raising, etc., techniques, including Kriya.)

Raymon Grace
Wednesday, May 22 (eve)  &  Thursday May 23 (day)

will teach on:  Native Wisdom and Self Empowerment

How to develop your intuition by using the most powerful part of mind.

  • How to remove a negative situation in your life
  • How to combine visualizing and dowsing
  • How to reach the Alpha level while walking
  • Making Medicine from water
  • Spirit Walking
  • Various healing methods
  • Other topics will be taught as time allows
Time will be provided for questions and answers

This class is intended to provide information to enhance your dowsing abilities and to assist you in self empowerment.

Please note:  This is Raymon's last visit to us until perhaps November.

    Wednesday, May 22.  6:30 - 9:30. Doors open at 5:45
    Thursday, May 23.   10-6. Doors open  at  9:15

We are limited to 150 people each day.
You do not have to take both sessions.
We intend to begin on time.

    Wednesday:  $45
     Thursday:  $155 --- LUNCH INCLUDED!
     Wednesday & Thursday (Must be purchased together):  $180
     Cash preferred; please make checks out to:  RAYMON GRACE
      We are not set up for credit or debit cards

The Latvian Centre - 4 Credit Union Drive.
This is on Eglinton Avenue, 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkway
At the SW corner of Eglinton & Credit Union
(Parkway Honda is at the SE corner)
A parking lot is located behind the building. The bus stops on the corner, right in front.

If you require more information, do call:  (416) 920-8798

Many people have asked what happened, why is Raymon returning so soon, and mid week, because in our conversations about planning his visits, we talked about him coming here for Total Health, and then for the CSD convention. I like to plan things to be respectful of your dollars, not to have too many "big" events on top of one another, and, so that there is sufficient time between visits to practice your skills.  We also appreciate having him here as part of a larger event so then it is possible for him to spend time with people on an individual basis.

We set the plan in motion in September, first, that Raymon would come here for the Total Health Show in March. The second half of the plan was for him to be a speaker and workshop leader at the CSD convention.  Raymon wanted to come back to our convention, speak, and, do workshops, because he likes us and knows we are serious about these dowsing techniques and trying hard. We are pretty lucky to have such a good relationship with him because its not so easy to get him. We thought the CSD would be delighted to have him return. However, those who planned the CSD convention rejected Raymon's offer to come to the convention to speak and do workshops.

When I heard he was coming to Montreal in May, I made plans for him to come to Toronto and so that is why he is back so soon and coming to us mid week and doesn't have time for private visits.  He leaves us, goes to Montreal, Vermont, Massachusetts, and his schedule seems pretty busy until November.

If you would like to attend Raymon's workshop in Montreal:  May 24-26.
Contact:  Jean Paul Choquette   (450) 658-6976
Speaking about Joe Smith again, here is something he told us in email:
"     The ORI conference went very well. Marta [Joe's wife] and I gave 3 different classes. All about dowsing and healing and all the the other things that make up our programs. It was a lot of fun.  Found out something I didn't know and if you have another dowser around you can do. It is very easy to step out of your aura essence and then call it back to you. While we were doing this with several friends that stop by the booth it occurred to me that this is what happens when you do distance healing or map dowsing. Your aura actually leaves your body (all but the last one next to your body) and travels to that spot. So we might set up a test or a game. For instance, one of you might call a friend and ask them to dowse for your aura at a specific time in, say his favorite chair. and then call it back. How many times have you felt like someone else was in the room with you? Maybe their aura was there. Mind boggling isn't it. There was a nice lady from Arizona there, Sedona to be exact. And she had a 4"x 18" picture of the back of the human skeleton, more or less. You dowse where the person you are working on has a vertebra out. You can use a marking pen as this is plastic coated. and using an unsharpened pencil, the eraser end down on the bad spot tap it gently with a small hammer. Putting the back back in place. You can dowse which side of the joint to tap on and so forth. I did it for 15-20 people while there. Ended up selling a bunch of the sheets for her. Got 7 extras to bring home. Hanna Kroeger used it and taught this lady how to do it. Which she said no way was  she going to believe one word of it. She changed her mind, it does work. You can do it at a distance. Yep learned a lot , as with each time I go down there. Every body should try to go to a conference of either the ASD or ORI. You get lots of NICE hugs. I had heard of this body tapping routine before but this was my first time to try it out.  "
Several people are interested in Joe's pendulums.  They are excellent.  I just bought one, and got some for other people.  What I am hearing is:  "I LOVE IT!!!"  He also makes medallions that have different kinds of energy.  When I have more time (after May 17th), I will put the pictures, the details, etc. up

The Junior Dowsers !!!
A Dowsing Workshop for KIDS!
with:   Angela Adamson-Viola     co-teacher:  Sierra
Saturday May 25, 2002
9:00 a.m. - noon
At Angela's home in Mississauga   (near Winston Churchill & Derry Road)
Ages:  a mature 6 - to - 15 years of age
Maximum 12 children
Parents are welcome and encouraged
Telephone:  (905) 785-2880  to make arrangements
Cost: $20  (Angela will be tithing to the Toronto Dowsers)
Some of the activities shall include:
    Pendulum Making
    Basic Pendulum Dowsing
    Spoon Bending
    (The use of L Rods will take place at another time)


I hear several groups have been meeting.  Group #1 has been meeting with group #3, at Arthur Clark's, occasional Tuesdays.  (416) 920-6631  There's also been action in groups 5,8,9, a group in King City and people have been gathering to practice Raymon's techniques.

  1       High Park
   2       Yonge & Eglinton
   3        Big Carrot
   4        Keele & 401
   5        Yonge & 401
   6        401 & Don Valley
   7        West of Toronto (West of 427/27)  (Mississauga, etc.)
   8        East end, East-ish of Toronto (East of Vic Park, Kennedy? 48?)
   9        NW of Toronto:  N. of Steeles, West of Yonge
   10      NE of Toronto:  No of Steeles, East of Yonge
Tis the Season to be Sneezin'
Dowsing workshops for those with Allergies
brought to you by:  Margaret Ball
Margaret will offer a series of sessions 
You can pick and choose the sessions you want --- of 3 hours each. 
This will take place in JUNE in Richmond Hill and will cost $35 per session. 
Contact Margaret at:  (905) 770-9012 for more information on what, where, when.

For the Summer!  Have you ever been to Lily Dale?

Lily Dale is in New York State, about an hour SW of Buffalo.  It is the oldest spiritualist community in the US, started about 125 years ago.  They have programs from June-September and have presentations and many activities on a daily basis during that time. I know many of you have been there, and if you haven't --- you do want to go.  Many well known, and, not so well known spiritually oriented, holistic speakers come there for presentations which last a 1-5 days.  It's a nice trip to make with friends, and, there is reasonable lodging near by.  I've been meaning to get there for years and have not yet made it.  Maybe this year?   They might send you a catalog if you phone:  (716) 595-8721.  Their catalog ought to be online in a few weeks.

You may notice a new look to our website! !!!    We now have our own domain name, due to a new policy passed by the CSD that is attempting to restrict and monitor the reporting of our activities and interests within our group. This leaves us with the freedom to post information which we feel is important


OK, if you've been reading straight through, do take a break now, 'cause the next part may be long and heavy, but oh so important. I am purposefully painting an Ugly picture here at first, followed by suggestions on how to clean up this ugliness. Several different subjects which all tie together, and, talk about the survival of your future.  If you don't see a change by November, you can discard this section.

[Somewhat connected to this section:  Last month I spoke about EFT and Toronto Dowsers Nina Bregman's EFT workshops.  For a very good online stress reliever go to:  STRESS RELIEF EXERCISE ....  Something else, though, came in to view this month, perhaps a "bootstrap" to EFT, as Carl Jung's work could be considered a level up from Sigmund Freud's.  This "level up" is:  AFT, which you will soon read about here.]

-        -        -        -        -        -

In my neighborhood, growing up, there was this darling little 8 year old blond elf like girl child.  One day, a neighbor came over to visit --- this was one of the daddies in the neighborhood, and he said he had to use the bathroom.  He went upstairs, when he was finished, he asked the little girl to come upstairs to show him something.  When she got upstairs he grabbed her and "kissed" her, trying to force his big tongue in to her little mouth.  She pulled away and went downstairs.  He followed a few minutes after that. After he left, she told her mom.  Mom told Dad when Dad got home from work.  Dad went in to that neighbor's house that evening.  Then he went to all the other neighbors, and spent more time in the houses where there were little girls.  Apparently, she wasn't the only little girl that man had done this to.  But nobody else said anything. The little girl was assured she did the right thing and he would not bother her again. That was the last little girl he bothered.  In that neighborhood, anyway.

As you are probably thinking, I was that little girl.  Might you be wondering why Marilyn is bringing this up?  In a dowsing newsletter?  Now?  Because It's Time to do so.

That man, Henry Schmidt, counted on my silence for his protection to continue his evil deeds.  He counted on my discomfort, fear, shame, guilt --- that the victim is to blame.  If I were to tell my parents, he counted on their silence, their discomfort, shame, about telling the neighbors and being marked as "that family" --- in order to continue to perpetuate his crimes.  Henry counted on the fact that folks don't like to say bad things like that about other people, that we don't know how to confront.  He counted on the fierce need of people to see only what they wanted to see, that it is more difficult for some to allow themselves to see the truth than to protect their families, or, even stay alive.  Anything -- ANYthing is better to endure than that positively unbearable feeling of squirming in shame.

He did not count on my Father. my Father, the policeman, the independent thinking man who never considered anyone else's opinion when he knew what was right and what was not and acted totally in accord with his conscience, not with comfort, not with political correctness.  My Father, who did the right thing even though it was not comfortable to do so unconcerned that People Might Talk about what he had done.

We need my people like my Father, now, more than ever.

In case you hadn't noticed, I take after my father that way.  I learned from him.  I saw, at a very tender age, how powerful and how, of such supreme importance it is, to confront and tell the truth about a difficult situation, and make oneself a little uncomfortable, then to allow lies and perfidy to accumulate.  How it is, after all, so much easier to do so, than to permit evil to grow.

This has made life difficult for me at times as I could not tolerate remaining in situations requiring a cover up of wrong doing and lacked the authority and strength of my policeman father.  I know I am speaking to so very many of you here, because dozens of you have discussed similar issues with me, grateful that we are no longer alone, that we no longer have to remain shackled in to silence.

This is why we are so attracted to Dowsing.  Because in Dowsing, we have the means to uncover the truth. And others can find out these truths as well.  Especially when we first balance ourselves and clear ourselves of all non beneficial energies, opinions, beliefs, etc.  And ask others to confirm our dowsing with these significant questions.

One of the people who first noticed what I was doing was Carl Brewer, who congratulated me for taking this stand and said that what I am doing is, in a small way, similar to what he did with very little help when he exposed the wrong doings of Alan Eagleson.  Eagleson got away with it for so long because until Carl came along no one was willing to speak out. It wasn't always easy for Carl, but people like us have no choice.  We can no longer tolerate silence in the face of evil and injustice.

I have a fierce need for Truth.  And justice.  And fairness.  And I see a lot more of you waking up to what has been going on, how we have been asleep, we are waking up, noticing the illusions we have been living in, and demanding the truth. Congratulations, and Welcome.

I have no shame attached to the Henry episode --- because:  We got rid of the problem quickly, before this infection could take hold, fester and suppurate.  I was talking about this with one of you, Betsy, 2 weeks ago.  Betsy told me what happened to her, when she, too was a little girl, about the man who made her take off her clothing so he could look at her (thank God that was "all") and paid her money and it made her feel ashamed and she hid that money and since that time has felt shame about attracting money.

People are doing bad things and we are allowing them to get away with it. Because of our unwillingness to do anything, or our inability to see. Yes, sometimes people actually can not physically see that wrong is being done right in front of them.  You may not be able to physically read these words. I found some clues as to why, and share the words of David Hawkins, with you, further below.

85% of the world's population can not see evil because they have a kind of a spiritual blindness.

You can choose to remain asleep and do nothing.  Or, you can choose to wake up and Do Something. You can choose to remain asleep and comfortable and secure. Which may ultimately result in a weakening and an earlier demise. Or, Wake Up.  Often, waking up doesn't mean you have to really do anything. It doesn't mean you have to be a warrior.  It may just mean a different attitude, an awareness.  Your thoughts, your awareness --  are paramount and thoughts create energy.

-        -        -        -        -        -        -        -
Here's one critical area where you've been lulled asleep:   How would you like to be in a world where you are not able to buy, say Vitamin C tablets, higher than 60 grams?  Or that you need a prescription for it?  Outlandish?  Guess again.  (Most tablets are at least 500 grams, or 1 milligram).

Ever hear of CODEX?  CODEX is an insidious scheme whereby a UN related group is planning to do, among other things, regulate supplements and herbs. They call this word "harmonize".  They have hijacked a beautiful word --- harmonize --- and used it for inhumane measures.  They want to "harmonize" everything around the globe.  And, in doing this, they have decreed that the human body does not need any more than 60 grams daily of Vitamin C.  So all Vitamin C tablets produced around the world must not be greater than this maximum dosage.  And every other supplement will be forced to have similar restrictions.  Herbs too.  You may need a prescription to get these supplements.

Guess what, folks, they are beginning to implement these restrictions in Europe, especially in Germany.

On March 13th the European Parliament - a 626-member legislative body representing the 15 European Union countries - passed the "EU Directive on Dietary Supplements," which classifies vitamins as medical drugs rather than food supplements. The Directive grants a transition period of three years for vitamin supplements already on the market. But in 2005, every EU country will be required to implement the Directive.

As it currently stands, in just three years a wide range of natural remedies will be  banned across most of Europe, making as many as 300 ingredients - including chromium picolinate, yeast, lysine, and selenium - illegal for over-the-counter sale. Other supplements that remain in stores will contain very low dosage amounts - not enough to provide any real therapeutic value.

It's almost like they're passing a law against prevention. So not only are the pharmaceutical companies eliminating competition from natural products for treating illnesses, they are essentially forcing greater need for prescription products for citizens of the EU. After all, without prevention, where will people be forced to turn when they get even the slightest bit ill? To physicians who will prescribe mainstream pharmaceuticals or super-strength, prescription-only vitamins supplied by - guess who - the Pfizers, Mercks, and Bayers of the world.

I have been fighting this since 1994.  I remember the first meeting we had in Toronto, '96? '97?  Zoltan Rona and some politicos, including a US congressman, were there.  It was supposed to talk about CODEX but turned out to be a political love-in.  Once again, this subject was ignored, discussion of this was subverted.  By Petaybee (the Powers That Be).

If you want this to happen, keep doing what you've been doing.  Nothing.  Because CODEX will happen.

Pharmaceutical companies, together with the FDA and Health Canada will see that this takes place.  All the pieces are in place, and have been for some time. The plan is to weaken the strength of the supplements, then to make you get a prescription for those poor supplements, then to weaken the health care system. Guess what's next.

Do you remember our field day in August?  A real nice, easy day, at Walter's farm.  If someone told you back then that terrorists (we can discuss the real meaning of these alleged "terrorists" at a later date) would crash planes in to the World Trade Center and destroy it, would you believe them?  Can you remember back then, your state of mind?  Would you believe them?  Probably not.

The group who brought us 9.11 is the same group who is trying to implement CODEX.  You won't believe that either, until it happens, and, by that time it will be too late.

There are people around us who are purposefully destructive.  They lie, they steal, they are ruled by the dark forces. They are not always "out there". We have some of them in our group, thankfully very few, and, in other dowsing groups who are under the influence of the dark side. There was someone at our last meeting, a non member, who found a clever way to sneak in at the member rate.  He told the registration people that I told him it was ok to do this.  He even told me I told him it was ok to do this!  He was not being honest. But his voice was calm, his manner calm.  The externals were all in line, but his integrity, truth and honesty were terrible.  So what do you believe? Someone who has the smoothness of a Brian Mulrooney?  or who dowses out like Paul Bernardo?

If something doesn't feel right to you, where it may be someone is falsely putting themselves in a good light, or trying to get something from you and for some reason you feel unwilling to give it to them --- listen to that.  Act on it.  Don't comply.  NLP calls this "incongruities".  Say something.  You may be surprised, as the first person to speak out, how many others will start to agree with you.  Every person in this position thinks they are the only one.  You are not.  It's just those sleazey people have done such a good job intimidating you.  It's okay to say you don't agree. It's ok to say "No. I don't like it.  I don't like what you said.... "  A big problem with this is --- that we are so unused and so uncomfortable in doing these things, we do them poorly --- sometimes we are too overbearing, sometimes we are too meek.  But we must start!

There are many people in the New Age community, and in our group even, who become distressed about this kind of talk. They say it is negative, it is not loving.  That you must not say anything negative about another person.  They say things like "You're being judgmental."  When people say this to someone else, this is an attempt to manipulate the person on the receiving end. That person is supposed to feel guilty, to make some excuse and change his/her words. I hope I'm judgmental, in that I hope I exercise good judgment and discernment.

Doing this, exposing wrongdoing, is very loving.

There are many in the New Age movement, big names even, whose very reason for existence is to spread disinformation, confuse and distort the public's perception of the metaphysical realities which we are being presented with. These people are nothing but sophisticated con men/women who are selling snake oil (stuff that actually takes people away from the truth and encourages STS (service to self) alignment) wrapped in New Age fluffy packages of saving the planet through love n' light types of operations. They tell us what we want to hear, that if we sit quietly and meditate and send love that we are helping the planet and ourselves. They are trying to make you passive so you do not question, so you do not go out and wonder why things aren't working, so you do not take action. They have lovely looking hair, clothing, books, CD covers.  These people are like sugar: They look and taste sweet but enough of it will destroy you.  Dowse them.

Do you say nothing to your 13 year old daughter when she tries to go out of the house trying to look like a sexy 23 year old?  Because it is not comfortable and might be confrontational and is difficult?   If someone has cancer do you prefer not to see it, not give it any energy, focus only on the positive?  What do you think would happen?

I get criticized for speaking out and talking about this. Should my father have remained silent about pedophile Henry Schmidt? And only focused on the positive aspects of that man?  How do you stop it if you won't see it?  I get criticized because what happens is people look at me and see themselves in this position, they are afraid to do what I do, I mirror their fear, and this reminder terrifies them.  Occasionally its because they are the evil ones and fear exposure.

These are the Denialists.  They are denying that there is bad, they are doing anything bad to cause others to feel guilty.  You don't have to allow them to get away with it any longer.  Enough of you, are awake or are waking up, will be able to see and read these words.  Soon everyone will.

There is much Evil in the world now.  Evil exists.  It has many guises, some of which dress up as nice looking charming talking people, using nice words, appearing "gracious" and they just seem to slant their words just a tiny little bit or use a look or a tone to make you seem like an unappreciative oaf if you contradict or correct them. You don't have to fear it. Acknowledge it. You feel the fear, the pain when you attempt to avoid or suppress it and it keeps poking at you.

Choosing to ignore evil is like choosing to ignore cancer.

Why am I telling you this?  Am I telling you this to frighten you, isn't there enough bad stuff going on without reading about more here?  Well, we want to see things improved now, don't we?  What we've been doing all along --- trying to see only the good and ignore the bad --- is it working?  No.  It's only getting worse.  Do you think its possible that you've been fed the wrong advice all along?   I think so.

People become afraid of this Evil.  Don't be.  It's like mouse shadows.  If you see the shadow of a mouse, it could look big and scary.  It's only a shadow.  Evil is at the same time so easy and so hard to get rid of.  People are helping evil to remain and to grow --- by ignoring it.

"Mankind lacks the capacity to recognize the difference between good and evil. By humbly surrendering to this awareness, man may be forearmed. Through frequent practice of this technique [kiniesology /dowsing], spiritual blindness to truth and falsehood can be progressively replaced by a growing intuitive vision.

Society is collectively most vulnerable when the capacity to distinguish between attractors and imitators or to perceive nuances of differing levels of consciousness is dulled. Thus do civil abuses become law and political extremists persuade with righteous slogans.

Injury to man's "spiritual eye" has resulted in dimness of moral vision. and blindness to truth which affect 85% of the earth's population, which linger below the level of integrity.

The great issue that confronts mankind as a whole is the healing of this spiritual blindness." (David Hawkins)

Do you know how to change this situation?  It's simple:  If you don't feed it, it won't grow.  You cut off its oxygen, its food supply.  You shine a light.

What happens when you expose a bully?  He stops and runs away.  What happens when you pick up a rock and there are slugs underneath?  They scatter.  They can't stand the light, the exposure.

You don't allow evil to grow.  You don't ignore it so it can grow in the dark. It may be uncomfortble but its just as uncomfortable as taking the time and effort to get your teeth checked vs. the consequences of allowing your teeth to rot through to necessitate a root canal.  You look at it, shine a light and let it know that you see it and it can go no further. It might run to another hidey hole, but if there are enough people making sure they can't hide eventually they just expire.  Like Dorothy throwing water on the Wicked Witch.

Do you still feel fear?  Then wait until you feel like a Mr. Clean.  Have you ever gone on a cleaning jag?  Feeling strong, pumped up, invigorated, having totally cleaned your home, cleaned your car and you are still going strong, looking for dirt --- on surfaces, in corners, underneath --- a scrub brush in one hand, cleanser in the other?   Clean it out!  Using what we have learned, clean out those dark energies.

Is it all clean?  Great!  NOW --- you can begin to pour in love and happiness and success and wealth.

If we allow events to continue as they have been, this would not be a great world.  My world is becoming a better place --- because I am doing something about it.  I am changing the energy.  I am changing the energy by seeing what I want, however, there are sometimes dark forces and crud blocking the good, so I have to clean and scour out the not good before I can put in the good.

Why are we so attracted to Raymon's techniques?  Because he sees things honestly, head on.  He is simple, honest, refreshing.  Our subconscious sees this, feels it and draws us to him.  He sees that some folks are not as nice as they may appear to be --- and he does something about it ---- on an energetic level --- and he leaves no tracks.  He sees that some people are not behaving in a moral manner --- he sees that first ---- clears it out --- and then puts in the good.  But first -- ya gotta see and deal with the nasties.

 Wake Up.  Remain informed.  Become aware.   Do Something.
-        -        -        -        -        -        -        -

A book worth mentioning here. This is one of those books that will, or, is, sweeping the current western mind:  "Power versus Force, An Anatomy of Consciousness, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior"  by Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. ISBN 09643261-1-6.  (Dr. Hawkins has co-authored "Qualitative and Quantitative Calibration of the Levels of Human Consciousness", with Linus Pauling.)  I wonder why this 1995 published book is only coming to the forefront now. ... Let's see if you can figure out where I'm going by the review I'm including here. ...

One place online you can find out more about this is:   www, , by Karl Ebert, Ph.D., The Tree of Life Foundation, Philadelphia, where he talks about Hawkins' Attractor Field Therapy (AFT). In reading the following, does this sound at all familiar to you?

ATTRACTOR FIELD THERAPY (AFT) is an outgrowth of the seminal work of David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., author of "Power Vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior". In this work, Hawkins presents the results of 25 years of historic research into human consciousness, and provides a wake up call to humanity. In his preface, Hawkins states: "We think that we live by forces we control, but in fact we are governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which we have no control."

The universe does not work in the ways that we have been taught. It is time to awaken and to learn the truth.

Dr. Hawkins embraces Rupert Sheldrake's concept of "M-fields", invisible energy organization patterns which establish the form of various levels of life. Like gravity and magnetic fields, which cannot be seen, these energy forces shape not only our physical beings, but our mental state/context as well. It is these unseen forces that are at the source for the scientifically unexplainable, such as cellular differentiation. This process cannot be explained genetically, since every cell has the same genetic information.

Most importantly, the Meridians are also influenced by the minute electrical energy of our thoughts. Each thought contributes a specific energy pattern to the energy field of our being. The Meridians are truly the "mind-body" connection. There are no idle thoughts. All thoughts have an energetic consequence. It is only a question of how your thoughts will affect you energetically. All thoughts create in their own likeness.

Physical illness is the consequence of habitual thought pattern energy disturbances of our energy being. AFT formulas  reverse the effect by disrupting both the thought patterns which made us vulnerable to the illness in the first place, and also the energy field of the illness itself. Treatment of physical illness without addressing the generative underlying thought patterns frequently results in a reacquisition of the physical illness across time.

The mind, through our thoughts, influences our physical beings at the most elementary levels.  That thoughts not only influence the chemicals in our bodies, but even turn genes on and off, and cause the brain to reconfigure itself!

Other research indicates that this effect is accomplished via the impact that the energy of our thoughts has on the energy pathways known as meridians. They retain all of their growth functions and communicate with one another to maintain proper bodily form and function.  Kinesiologic!! testing can demonstrate that the connection between the mind and body is immediate. Positive thoughts make our bodies strong and negative thoughts make us go weak. Since the body's response is immediate, our physical being is influenced from instant to instant to our changing thoughts and emotions. It is the continuity and reiteration of various thought patterns which can ultimately result in manifest disease. Thus, while ideas of all sorts pass though our minds, it is the ones we habitually entertain that impact us the most. ...  "

ok?  Enough?  Make sense?  Sound Familiar?  Do you remember Raymon talking about "Attractor Patterns"?  In much simpler language?  Hang in there!

May 4th I attended a workshop given by Mark Hazelwood, author of "Blindsided". Mark is the man who has researched Planet "X" from scientific (including astrophysicists), legends and spiritual sources.  According to Mark and his sources, Planet "X" (also called Niburu and many other names throughout history) is a large planet in our solar system but whose orbit is so huge it passes by earth once every 3,660 years and whose passage creates tremendous cataclysms and devastation. See: has been responsible for many of the catastrophes in earth's history. Planet "X" is due to pass by again in May 2003 and 90% of life on earth is expected to disappear. Mark's work has garnered a lot of attention and support and, is, of course, controversial. Decide for yourself if this is real or not by whatever sources you use. It is visible through telescopes and is expected to be more visible to the eye in about 5 months. There were about 10 other Toronto Dowsers in the audience. (PS: Ever wonder about the increase in the number of natural disasters? the recent change in gravitational fields of the planets? etc.)  Mark tells us that we have been lied to about the existence of Planet "X" and its future. The authorities don't want to cause panic, and they are making their own plans to protect themselves. Determine for yourself what is true or not about this, and, to what degree.

Mark called "Power vs Force" his Bible, "this book, more than any other book in my life ... has been the most important book I've ever read. It's all based on science. Verifiable science. It's simple kiniesology. You can use it to verify information." It gives the answer to everything and can explain everything that has happened in the universe, before, now or since.

Page 1:  "Imagine - what if you had access to a simple yes-or-no answer to any question you wished to ask? A demonstrably true answer. Any question. Think about it. What if everyone had such access. Staggering implications suggest themselves immediately.  Think again. ...

....  a phenomenon ... would be the genesis of the most fundamental change in human knowledge since the beginning of society, the transformation it would wreak --- in our most basic concepts, in every detail of daily existence - would be so profound that it is difficult even to conceive what life would be like in a subsequent new era of truth. The world as we know it would be irrevocably changed, to its very roots. ..  "

Hawkins provides what he calls a "Calibrated Map of Human Consciousness".

So.  What do you think of all that?   Why am I making such a big deal out of it?  Because I have a feeling this book is about to sweep our awareness and consciousness, similar to the phenomonen of the Celestine Prophecy.  But in a more substantive way, because even though PvsF is a bit more difficult to read, it remains practical and seems to provide more useful solutions for the answers so many are seeking.

What are the implications for us?  Obviously.  They are talking about Dowsing.  More so for our group, this is what Raymon has been teaching us, right?  Raymon's work is a lot simpler.  Perhaps, with everyone saying the same thing but in different words, people will finally understand about the power of thoughts, about "simple" yes-no techniques, i.e., dowsing, for ascertaining truth.

Mark Hazelwood had not known about Dowsing.  He was intrigued when I told him.  He knows now.

"  ... If , as has been said, man learned to lie an hour after he learned to talk, then a phenomenon such as we are discussing would be the genesis of the most fundamental change in human knowledge since the beginning of society; the transformation it would wreak -- in our most basic concepts, in every detail of daily existence -- would be so profound that it is difficult even to conceive what life would be like in a subsequent new era of truth. The world as we know it would be irrevocably changed, to its very roots."

Now, if only 2 dowsers, or, kiniesologists, can agree on the answers, ....

Just because someone is in a dowsing organization or in a position of responsibility in one does not automatically bestow moral superiority on that person. Most people in these organizations are pretty good.  However, there are infiltrators.  Everywhere.  Listen to your gut.  Using the charts, techniques we have learned, after you have cleared yourself of non beneficial frequencies, opinions, etc., you can dowse:

1.  What is the truth and honesty of "X"?
2.  What is the integrity level of "X"?
3.  What is the greed level of "X"?
4.  What is the spirituality of "X"?
5.  Is "X" under the influence of the dark side?  (If yes, dowse the %.)
6.  How much of "X"'s ego is involved in,  _______
7.  Is "X" working for the highest interest of ____?
(You are looking for reasonable answers.  Everyone needs some kind of a greed level.  You seek balance.  Do this when you watch television, about people on the news. When you listen to the radio. When there is an election. People who call you.  People you work with.  Check me out.)  I think you may be surprised to find some people who have been masquerading as honest people.

Summary:  Evil exists, and, we can do something about it.  We have to be willing and able to see it first.  Hawkins' book, Power versus Force, will soon be awakening a vast number of people to the potentiality of finding out who is telling the truth, who is Evil and who is not.  We know this as dowsing.  This book can catalyze our 100th Monkey.  Mark Hazelwood is alerting us to what may be a time of major catastrophes.


David Hatcher Childress:  Several months ago I was speaking with the leader of the Michigan ASD chapter.  She said that her chapter was enthralled about this book"  ANTI-GRAVITY AND THE WORLD GRID. Edited by David Hatcher Childress, and, doing a lot of dowsing on it.  They feel there is a lot of truth to this book, and its content is important to us.   I had spoken with several of you about this book, and your intuition said it was important, but I was unable to remember the name.  I finally found the slip of paper it was on. ...

Apparently there are 10 major vortexes in planet earth. Of the 2 biggest ones, one of them is in Afghanistan.  That vortex seems to be the exact spot the Russians went in to in 1991 when they invaded Afghanistan.  Do you think there could be more than "just a coincidence" that the US forces went in there as well?  Could it be that there is a humongous untapped pool of oil underneath Afghanistan?  one of the biggest in the world?  So:  there is a major vortex --- where those who hold the keys to this vortex have increased power on planet earth, as well as oil.  (The other major vortex is in Africa.)

Book description:   Details the earth grid, ley lines, and world power points. Contains chapters on the geography, mathematics, and light harmonics of the earth grid. Learn the purpose of ley lines and ancient megalithic structures located on the grid. Explores many mysteries including acoustic levitation, Tesla Shields and Scalar Wave weaponry. Includes anti-gravity patents and research resources.

He has also written/editied:
MAN-MADE UFOS 1944-1994: 50 Years of Suppression of The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla.
THE FREE-ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK   A Compilation of Patents & Reports.
THE ANTI-GRAVITY HANDBOOK   Edited by David Hatcher Childress
ANTI-GRAVITY AND THE UNIFIED FIELD   Edited by David Hatcher Childress

Chris Gozdzik has a mail order dowsing supplies business out in Greenwood, BC.  Real nice fellow, we have been email buddies for a few years. When I called Chris to ask him for permission to put his info in our newsletter, he said he will be sending me some Boji Stones!  Neat-O!  In addition to dowsing tools, Chris has access to books that may be hard to find, for us.  On his website,  is listed "The Divining Hand", by Christopher Bird.  I'm surprised to see it listed here because its supposed to be out of print.  It's kind of a dowsing bible history that every serious dowser ought to have in their library.  Another of these books is "Pendulum Workbook, by Markus Schirner.  I think this is one of the neat books of charts I showed you in January and Diane was unable to source it for us.  Unfortunately, most of these books are obtained through  Here are some other dowsing books he has listed that you may like:

Diane Marcotte. owner of Spectrum Books, has recommended several good dowsing books for us and gives us her comments (remember, Diane gives Toronto Dowsers members a 15% discount):

1)     Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster
A good book for those just starting out and are having trouble getting the pendulum to work consistently.  The author includes a number of simple tests that you can do to check your accuracy.  He touches on a number of subjects: chakras, huna healing, psychic divination, etc. and gives just a brief introduction.  This book is strictly for the beginner.

2)    Anyone Can Dowse for Better Health by Arthur Bailey.
I highly recommend this book for both beginning and advanced dowsers. Written in a down-to-earth style the author treats dowsing as a non-complicated, natural system that anyone can use.  He emphasizes how important the wording of the question is and gives examples of how a slight but necessary rewording can make all the difference in the answer you will get.

3)    The Pendulum Charts by Dale Olson.
Of all the books on charts I prefer this one.  The book is simply 44 charts and one page of basis instructions. There is even a blank chart that you can use for any purpose you want to. The charts are laminated and the book is spiral bound so that it lies flat. Unlike some books that have charts for specific brands of flower essences, etc. (many that are not available locally) the charts in this book are fairly generic so that each and every chart is relevant.

"Calibrated levels represent powerful Attractor Fields within the domain of consciousness itself.

This stratification of attractor fields according to correpsonding levels of consciousness provides a new paradigm for recontextualizing the human experience through all time. Among dowsing's many uses is that it is a tool that can help us to become more fully real." "Adapted from Power Versus Force"

From the Matrix, conversation between Morpheus and Neo:

I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
I know exactly what you mean.
Let me tell you why you're here.
You are here because you know something.
What you know you can't explain.
But you feel it.
You've felt it your entire life.
You feel that there is something wrong with the world.
You don't know what it is, but it's there
Like a splinter in your mind,  driving you mad
It is this feeling that has brought you to me.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Do you want to know what it is?
The Matrix is everywhere.
It is all around us.
Even now, in this very room.
When you turn on your television.
You can feel it when you go to work, to church, when you pay your taxes.
It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth.
What truth?
That you are a slave, Neo.  Like everyone else, you were born in to a prison that you can not smell, you can not taste.  A prison.  For your mind.
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.  You have to see it for yourself.

Future Months:
I won't see you at the June meeting --- I'll be at the ASD convention, in Vermont.  You'll be in wonderful hands with Shelley and the crew and Pat.

Your next newsletter will be written the end of June / beginning of July.

This summer, we may have one Field Day.  I had about 6 events in mind that we can do for the summer, but, already I'm tired. It seems that we have too few volunteers who are reliable.  I am wondering what to do about this.  Lorenza, who has been doing a great and responsible job with the mailings since the beginning of our group has other commitments.  Is there someone else who wants to do this?  You need to be able to label, fold, stuff, seal, stamp and mail an almost 300 piece mailing w/in a day after I complete the newsletter (which is 4-10 days after a meeting).  Living w/in 30 minutes of Davisville Avenue, having a car, are plusses.  It would be good to get a couple of people so one person doesn't have to be totally responsible for this.

Are you willing to pay an extra $10-$15 / year, $2-$3 extra a meeting so we can hire someone to help? if  we don't have the right volunteers?

...  I wonder why people are surprised when I tell them I taught French, Spanish and ESL where I grew up, in New York City.  Which is where I got my B.A. (French/Edu), M.A., French, .... cooked in an upper East side Northern Italian restaurant and Vermont ski lodges, went in to mainframe operations, then sales, .... until Holistic Nutrition grabbed me.  All so different, all so much fun and where I developed one of Marilyn's Rules of the Universe: "It doesn't matter so much what you do, it's who you do it with.

This summer I want to play with the computer, learn Access (data bases), Dreamweaver (to do better web sites), Quark (for better newsletters), Illustrator, for graphics.  I want to build some computers.  Get and use a scanner.  Digital Camera.  Webcam.  Clean up my apartment. (Hellppp!) Get back to healthful eating.  I totally lost it when my Dad became ill.  When Mom died I stopped lifting weights.  When Dad died I stopped eating well.  Almost as if I've been punishing myself.  And, I want to dowse.  To practice, to use all the information I've been collecting, instead of just collecting it and writing about it.  To change and create my reality.  I started this group so I could become a better dowser and spend most of my time organizing and writing!  Feel and smell the earth.  Anybody have a quiet cottage and want company?  ....

I want to get in touch with the predictions about Planet "X", to determine best I can if this will wreak the havoc it is supposed to, and, if so, what I want to do about it, where I want to be next year.   What do you want?

THE   Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 MEETING
Pat Prevost
will speak on
Understanding the Life Force Energy Flow of Animals
How to use this awareness as parameters for dowsing animal wellness

Our very own Pat Prevost, of King City, is a Human & Animal Wellness Facilitator whose practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field.   Pat practices as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Certified Dowser. She specializes in the dynamics of the human-animal bond using flower, spirit & environmental essences to balance any imbalances found.  She is the producer of King’s Voice Vibrational Essences and is a master practitioner of flower, spirit and environmental essences. Her  connection to the Nature kingdom sustains her and delights her in her work.

Pat is also the creator and author of The Sea Shell Oracle – a system of guidance and inspiration using the sacred geometry of the shells and the energies of the sea to help navigate the waters of the soul.

Pat will be giving a one day workshop on The Sea Shell Oracle at the CSD Convention on Thursday June 20th. Contact 1-888-588-8958 for more info.   Participants in the Oracle workshop shall

At our June 12th presentation, Pat will present a brief introduction into the anatomy of life force energy flow in animals.  Understanding the anatomy of their subtle bodies and their unique chakra system will help to bring you closer to their unique expression of spirit.  The challenges of the human-animal bond will be clearer and strategies for wellness will naturally rise from the connection this knowledge has to the many holistic modalities we now have at our disposal for healing.

Added points:

For those attending who don't have animal companions don't fret as this information will connect you to the healing energies of Nature through your awareness alone.  The Nature kingdom awaits you!

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