The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

TUESday, June 10, 2003 (See last page for information)
"Power vs. Force"
The Movie
by Dr. David Hawkins
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly scent-sitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation for this meeting  (to cover costs):
          $5 for everyone for this meeting
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2003

MEETING: June 10th - "Power vs. Force" by David Hawkins - the Video
(the June meeting will be held at St. Leonard's Church - our original meeting place)
June 22 - Call to Action - Consciousness Raising (at the Mound)
July 25 - THANK WATER (see below)
July 26 - The Peterborough Petroglyphs with Bruce Magill
August 17th (Possible) Day at Richter's Herbs


You'll probably want to bring munchies for after this meeting as it will be smaller, more casual and intimate.  This is the last indoor meeting until September.


*            *            *            *            *

The Toronto Dowsers has participated in this event the 22nd of September, December and March.  March 22nd, 2003 was our first visit to The Mound.  This history, story and feedback was written up in the May 2003 Toronto Dowsers newsletter.  If you can, return to The Mound that evening.  The Summer Solstice on the Mound?  Sounds pretty powerful!  Or JUST DO IT wherever you are.
Sunday June 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please join in the global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet. For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of  March, June, September and December, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again.  Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy “set in motion” all year long.

This series of events was catalyzed by a friend of Raymon Grace.  We are reminded that everyone has the divine power to heal and affect positive change.  But too rarely do we accept the responsibility to direct our energies to healing the planet.  Here's our chance to make a meaningful contribution.

Dr. Emoto: "It is important to raise our collective consciousness in regard to water."

The Toronto Dowsers will go to a place on the shore of Lake Ontario
We will gather by 7 PM to focus by 7:25 and evoke:
"Water, I love You
Water, I thank you,
Water I respect you"
along with people at 125 locations around the world such as:
the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Lake Biwa (Japan), Hiroshima, Lake Starnberg (Germany)
The Consciousness of each of us creates our world. When the Earth is filled with the vibration of Love and Thanks, then you will experience a world filled with Love and Thanks.

We are determining a location for this.  If you can not join with us, perhaps you can make your own group of at least 3 people at another spot somewhere on the shore of Lake Ontario, or, by another body of water

BRUCE MAGILL, of Havelock Ontario (705) 778 7243 leads
Petroglyphs Provincial Park
Meet:  10:30 a.m.
Bring your lunch, wear comfortable clothing and shoes
L Rods (if you have them) and your pendulum
If you like, bring a camera, note paper

The Peterborough Petroglyphs is on the same line as Stonehenge, Avebury, Mount Shasta.

Join Bruce Magill, one of Canada's foremost experts on earth energies, what they are, where they are, what they mean, what they can do and how to utilize them as he shows you this very special acupuncture point on this planet.  There are thousands of thousands of power centers on the planet.  Find out what makes this one of THE major Power Centers on earth.  It ranks right up there with Stonehenge and is on one of the few ley lines in Ontario.
What makes this spot so special that ancient man chose to honor it by his special carvings?
Bruce will explain what a power center is and the energies that make it so.
You will dowse them and learn how to use this energy

$9.00 per vehicle, or, $7.25 per vehicle driven by a Senior Citizen, plus
$25 per person  IF RECEIVED BY  JULY 10th to:
Bruce Magill,  RR #4,  Havelock, Ontario K0L 1Z0
$35 if received after July 10th or on site.

Directions:  Take the 401 East to 115/35.  Take 115 North to Hwy 7.  Go East (right)
Go to Highway 134.  Turn Left (North)
Go to Highway 28.  Go Right.
Drive Past Woodview.  Turn Right on to Northey's Bay Road
About 12 kilometers down on the left you will see the Park entrance
Go through the Gatehouse, park in the Main Parking Lot and MEET There.
If you are delayed, the Petroglyphs is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.
If you would like to complete the weekend in the country, about 20 minutes away, in Millbrook, is  Idle Inn  a B&B owned by our members Ralph and Sharon Plaskett. (800) 474-6595
SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 - RICHTER'S HERBS  (go to their lectures page)

In Memoriam:   Erika Gilbert
Erika Gilbert, of Richmond Hill, died Sunday, May 4, 2003.  As Erika had no family and few people close to her, this is possibly the only notice she will receive.  Alone, her eyesight failing, her frailty increasing, she was afraid, so afraid that with her indomitable strength of personality and will, she did not make it easy for people to get close to her and could not get much help.  Strong, intelligent, perceptive, she worked with dowsing and energy for most of her life.  This seemed to be the accomplishment that she was most proud of. She had a great deal of knowledge and experience in understanding the working of energy. If you knew Erika, please send thoughts of love and peace to her spirit, so that she will be remembered.

The Miracles We are Receiving

    Although our 3rd year doesn't close officially until September 30, with the summer approaching it feels like this year is ending for our activities.  We are always learning, however our first 2 years we were busy busy learning a lot real fast.  This third year, in addition to continuous learning, we have been shown things, such as:  Who we are and What our Job is.

Toronto Dowsers! Take a Good look:

What did Mary Hardy show us?
Our job, as dowsers, is to protect and maintain the grids of the earth.

What are Masaru Emoto and Raymon Grace showing us?
We know how to heal the waters of the planet.
We can heal the waters of the planet.
We can raise the Consciousness of the people on this planet.

Read that again.  Really think about it.  Really.
Isn't that absolutely positively awesome?
How did we get chosen for this level of privilege and responsibility?
Our group has the knowledge, tools and ability to heal the earth, the waters, the etheric.
Earth    Water    Ether.   We'll leave the  Fire  and   Air  to someone else, for now.
Our group.  The Toronto Dowsers.  You.
All that's lacking is some practice and focus, building the muscles and confidence and get to it.
It's time to go back to work.
Later on in this newsletter you will read how Masaru Emoto's people cleaned up a lake, 1/6 the volume of Lake Ontario.  It took 1 month and 2 days for the energy to "work".  Using the same techniques we know.
So what do you think we are going to do next?  Note:  Not what we plan to do, but what we are going to do?  Yes.  WE.  As in  YOU.  (and me.)

In this next year, my hope is that we have more "doing".  That more small groups get together and use what you've been taught, build muscles and confidence.  You do realize by now, yes? that we are much more than "just" a dowsing group?  (altho being "just" a dowsing group is still pretty darn good.)

We have planned activities for the Mound May 23, June 22.  May 23 is kind of a time to "hang out" raise consciousness.  Please get in to the habit of being there.  Go there at least once by yourself. Every person who has done this has had a very positive experience.  Most feel energized for hours afterwards; crummy moods evaporate.

There is more we can do in the community, not just good deeds, but activities that can financially benefit us. (1)  Are you a realtor?  Do you have a friend or family member who is a realtor and you get along with that person?  Have you considered discussing with them the possibility that you can help them sell property faster?  Especially property which is not selling?  Had you considered that there may be non beneficial energies around non selling property and you can clear them?  (2)  Do you think you can keep balconies clear of pigeons?  Do you think this would be worth money to people and they would be glad to pay you a fair fee for this service?

As I sat in the back of the 5/13 meeting, watching you, I was noticing how many really good dowsers we have and that those who were initially less experienced have come a long way.   What gives me pleasure is knowing that something I've said or done is helpful and useful.  That night I came away feeling that 130 people in Toronto now know more about dowsing and health.  You looked like you were enjoying yourselves and were such a good group.  I keep forgetting to thank you at the beginning and the end of the meetings.  For being interested.  For showing respect and appreciation to the speaker.  For making the effort to come out to the meetings and be on time, despite your responsibilities and busy lives and sometimes frustrating traffic.

    I am often told  "I don't know how you do what you do."  This is with regard to writing the newsletter and organizing events.  It's a lot of work.  Sure I grumble.  It's fun to grumble!  But deep down, I am so grateful that I am allowed to do this.  I am so grateful that people appreciate my efforts and find them useful in ways that are important to them.

    When I look at the lengths of the newsletters and the time it takes to write them, I know that at this point in our linear timeline I have a compulsion to write what I do.  We don't know how long this can continue at this level of intensity.  If this is something you value, value it while you have it.

    For our 2003-2004 season, we are lining up different kind of talent.  It looks pretty impressive.  I can probably plan the whole year during the summer.  I generally don't like planning more than 3 months in advance, because the energy keeps changing and speakers are invited to speak by my use of my dowseless dowsing system.  We want to continue to keep the energy high, alive and moving.

Tao Te Ching
Our meetings mostly feature a speaker.  Some people have said they would like to have some sort of "dowsing doing" for a meeting.  When this is suggested, my response is "So would I.  We did that in January.  70 people showed up versus 100 or more when a speaker comes."  The dowsing doing is like a pot luck dinner with your good friends vs. a banquet in a fancy place.  They are both advantageous but the former is cozy, intimate, a treasured memory.  Also, it is not so recommended to dowse in a group of over 30 people, unless you are well integrated and have been doing this for some time together.  In this respect, we are victimized by our own success.  We are too large to do this effectively.  Which is a reason why smaller groups that meet outside of the meetings are encouraged.  okay?  If you have any ideas/suggestions on this, please contact me.

I forgot about the Meeting Room Clearings:

    8:00 PM the evening before each meeting, we clear the energies for and around the meeting and transform them to the beneficial energies we feel we will need.  I send around an email reminder about this a few days before each meeting, and have forgotten to mention this in the newsletter, for those who do not have email.

    When I remember, I ask Raymon to first give us a boost and he does.  This is what he said 5/11:  "All that was needed for the meeting was to clear the negative energetic patterns. These can accumulate between meetings. One of my knowledgeable friends reminded me today that we need to put EMOTION in our work. I think she is right, emotion is the fuel for INTENT."

    Some times, there are strange energies going on.  Let's face it, we do attract strange people.  It's the nature of what we are doing.  We can explain the unexplainable.  Clear yourself and strengthen yourself.  And your surroundings.  Some believe in protection, some don't.  Just as you take a shower with water the day you attend a meeting, please also take an energy shower.  Please clean off your non beneficial energy patterns before you enter our room.

Around our meetings:  It's fascinating, all the different kinds of feedback.  Most people love Speaker "X", some people are not in to the talk.  Next month, its different.   Which is one of the reasons we try to keep things varied.  You get something out of each meeting you attend.  Even if its "just" connecting with a certain person.  The purpose of our meetings is to come and share energy with like minded people.  That's a lot.

Do you have any idea how unique we are, how unique you --- we --- are?  Some folks grumble about having to drive all the way, from, say Burlington.  Or Newmarket.  We have people coming regularly from Brantford, Port Perry, Guelph, Caledon, ...  What we are doing is uncommon.  No one in North America is doing what we are doing.  The next closest dowsing group with energy might be in Calgary.  Or Sedona.  Yes, traffic is aggravating.  You are in charge of this.  Expand the units of time between the seconds.

We are unique not only in what we do, but in who we are.  Relatively speaking, we have a remarkably high degree of aware people, who are members, and, who attend our meetings.  I was noticing this at the meeting.  Okay, I might have started it but this is not something I am accomplishing all by myself.  Each and every one of you makes a valuable contribution.

There are 3 items (that I am aware of) where I have not yet kept my promise to you.  I have not fully compiled and disseminated all the results of the survey you completed in the fall.  That is one of my projects for the summer.  And I better complete it because it may be time for another survey.  You were really so excellent on completing them and getting them back to me.  I recognize it and thank you and apologize for my delay.  My only excuse is too much to do and I wasn't always feeling up to doing all the work.   I also have not distributed the names of the dowsing buddies that you signed up for in January.  I have those lists and will take care of them.  The third item is our Directory.  I have the info for it and keep thinking I'm going to get it out.   I think that's it.  Please remind me if I forgot anything.  I don't like to leave important things undone.  If I ask for your cooperation, I must cooperate with you as well.


We do not yet have anyone to take care of the library after Helen finishes with it after June.  She has been very conscientious, and has set up a well running system. She has to terminate her library responsibility due to increased responsibilities at work. She wanted to run the library because she wanted to read all the materials. She has used this advantage wisely.  It was unfortunate that she was unable to attend some meetings recently due to her job.  This helps remind us how important she has been to us.

The reasons I am hearing for not wanting to take this over is responsibility.  No one wants it.  You can establish a small unit of say 3-5 people and share responsibility.  We are a volunteer organization.  If no one volunteers, the work does not get done.  Our librarian, or one of the people in the group needs to be able to attend the meetings. To be computer literate.  It is preferred that you live in the GTA, or, at least not too far out of it.  Our library started October 2001.  So many of you have made so many generous contributions and we have a great start.  Let's keep this going.

Those who do volunteer have more fun and receive more than they give.  Ask them.

More places and events of possible interest:

Sunday, June 1st  Annual Herb Fair at Harbourfront.  Free.   Noon-6

Lily Dale:  Once again, Lily Dale, about an hour west of Buffalo, the oldest Spiritualist community in America, features workshops from June 27-August 31.  Some of the featured speakers are: James Van Praagh, Wayne Dyer, Barbara Hand Clow, Patricia Price.  They have workshops on Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Labyrinths, Ghost Hunters, Numerology, etc.  Yes, we have a lot of this in Toronto, too.  But its a nice place to get away to in the summer time, prices are reasonable and you are in a rare environment.  I could not find a web site for their summer program, their general office number is 716 595 8721.

Omega Institute:  The Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York, about a 7 hour drive from Toronto, has a summer long program of workshops featuring presenters such as:  Tom Brown Jr., Alan Cohen, Elaine Aron, Alan Arkin, Carolyn Myss, John Perkins (Shapeshifting), Robert Gass, Deepak Chopra, Lilias Folan, Iyanla Vanzant, Donna Eden and more.  845-266-4444   They even have a program for teenagers.

AUGUST:  MARY HARDY, Annual Retreat, Michigan

I will be speaking with Mary at the ASD next month where she will be speaking and will bring back specific details for the annual convention at her home in Michigan, August 8-10, and/or 11 and/or 12.  Last month you received some basic info, I'll have the rest for you in July.


Last month, information was passed on to you about the Light Language workshop coming up in June.  Color therapies have also been highlighted at different times.   This month's spotlight is on Sound: Sacred Sounds, Chanting and Mantras.

As we move from the dense and physical to higher vibratory rates, our healing and sensibilities will also better respond to higher vibratory rates.  Light and Sound are some of the highest and "lightest" vibrations that we are so far aware of --- and we can use them and they are so easy to use.  Start finding out about them and using them.  Its comparatively simple.  And beautiful.   As you go from note to note or half note to half note --- or from tint to tint which is measured in nanometers --- you can oh so subtly and powerfully find the exact frequency that YOU need for whatever it is that you are trying to harmonize.  In radionics, they call them "rates",  where, on a scale of 999,999 a difference of 10 points might not mean much, but a difference of 15 points might make all the difference.  You can ABSOLUTELY NOT get this fine tuning with a frequency as gross and dense and physical as drugs.  With Sciatica, e.g., doctors provide pain killers which impacts the whole body, rather than relieving the discomfort of a single point.  Light and sound healing can accomplish this.  A difference in frequency of a few points, for healing, can make the difference between life and no life.

Zacciah Blackburn, Sound Healer
Saturday, May 31, 2003;    10 AM - 5 PM     $133. CAN

Held in the Studio and home of Artist Guttorn Otto in Ballantrae (Hwy 48 and Aurora Road, 40 mins north of Toronto), The house is situated on appx. 10 acres so you can take a stroll through the trees at lunchtime.  You will receive detailed directions, what you need to bring, lunch arrangements and transportation/carpooling if you need it, when you sign up.

Cultivating the Heart, Awakening our Radiant Being. The Heart is the center of our compassionate and radiant being.  By understanding, and experiencing, the heart more fully, we can expand our awareness of, and more easily fulfill our relationships to, the world and those around us. We shall explore the path to our own personal healing of the heart, seek to enliven our joy, warmth, and compassion, and strive to awaken our radiant being through alchemical practices & esoteric exercises, via Sacred Sound transmissions. Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing, shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is currently practicing in Ascutney, Vermont as the Center of Light.  Zacciah brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work.  He will invite energies of various sacred cultures to assist us.  (Zacciah makes the flutes Diana had available at our December Social.)

Zacciah is offering 25% discount to people who have been before, if they bring someone else who has not come before....for each one they bring. and a 15% discount for couples.  He is also offering to teach the Siddi meditation technique (appropriate for these times) the following day free of charge for anyone taking the workshop if he can fit it into his schedule. Please let Diana know if you would be interested in attending that also.

Zacciah:  The Center of Light  802.674.9585;
Web site:
For further information please contact:  Diana Davis   905.640.6052

Some (En) Chanting Evenings

Several people have inquired bout Chanting, that you would like to take part in an evening of Chants.  I have known Lynn Himmelman for about 10 years, I met her when she was teaching Kripalu Yoga at the original Toronto Kripalu Yoga Center.  She also teaches music (voice) and is a dedicated vegan and an NDT Practitioner.

Lynn has evenings of Sanskrit Chanting at her home some Friday nights near the Big Carrot.

        May 30th    7-9:30    Chanting Intensive        $10
        June 13      7-8:30                                      $6
        June 27      7-8:30                                      $6

Dress comfortably for sitting on the floor.  Pillows provided.  If you would like to do this in the summer, contact her, otherwise this is it until September.

Lynn Himmelmann, B.Sc., B.Mus.   416-469-2033
New Decision TherapyTM, NDTTM,  Certified Practitioner & Instructor

I met John Tonin several years ago at the "Song of the Morning Ranch".  This is a spiritual retreat, in Michigan, founded by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and still run by another direct disciple (there aren't too many left, since Yogananda left us in 1952).   John is a musician, and he teaches yoga.  (Isn't it "interesting" that a musician's last name is "Tonin"?)  John, his wife Melanie and their 3 children live in Guelph.  He joined our group 2 years ago and has taken several workshops.

John told me about a tricky tooth extraction he recently went through.  He used our techniques to help with the procedure and its discomfort, but felt that more help was indicated.   So he said a Mantra.  A Mantra for teeth!   The oral surgeon told him afterwards that he was very lucky, that as it was very close to the sinus cavity, it could have been quite serious but everything went miraculously smoothly.

John gives Mantra workshops.  What are Mantras?  They are sounds.  Mantras are "sacred syllables" from the yogic mystical tradition.   Certain sounds, when uttered on a certain note, duration and in a certain order have effects on our physical world.  They can even create life.  This is frequency, this is vibration, these are the waves that comprise our universe.  Musical prayers, as if exponentially added frequency has been added to prayer.  John teaches 3 levels of Mantras at Adult Ed Centers in Guelph and would like to teach us too:

1:  Origins; primary seed sounds; for the chakras; as aids to any spiritual path; for purifying Karma, for spiritual acceleration; a Buddhist mantra to prepare the mind to receive enlightenment more.

 2:  The great feminine and the great masculine mantras; planetary mantras; mantras for attracting love, clearing the mind, healing relationships, enhancing feminine and masculine energy, removing fear of loneliness and to provide companionship, transforming energy of fear and other undesirable conditions, plus MUDRAS and MEDITATION. A mantra for removing obstacles and more.

 3:  Healing mantras; Buddhist mantras; the Gayatri Mantra, essence of all mantras.  Mantra attunement - longer deeper practice using three powerful mantras.

Contact John  519 763 1735 to connect with him if you are interested in this, or, contact me if you would like to sign up for a workshop should we get something going.


The Feb 6-12, 2003 issue of NOW Magazine had an article on Electro Magnetic field levels for power lines and the impact on health.   Here's the information for you, from the article  SHOCK WAVE

 Typical Electro-magnetic-field levels for power transmission lines (in milliGauss - mG)

Distance from the Tower
115 kV Tower
230 kV Tower
500 kV Tower (Transformer)
At Source 29.7 mG 57.5 mG 86.7 mG
50 feet away 6.5 mG 19.5 mG 29.4 mG
100 feet away 1.7 mG 7.1 mG 12.6 mG
200 feet away 0.4 mG 1.8 mG 3.2  mG
300 feet away 0.2 mG 0.8 mG 1.4  mG
 What the levels mean to your health


By now you have all heard of "doing a cleanse".  Many of you do them from time to time.  Ideally, we do one day a week, 3 days a month and a 2 week cleanse in the Spring and Fall at change of season time.   Like everything else that is supposed to be ideal, I do not know one single person who follows this ideal.

Cleansing gives the digestive system a rest.  Of all the systems, the body uses the most energy for digestion.  Wouldn't it be nice to give the pipes a rest and clean them out after all those years of shoving all kinds of chemicals and solids down it?  And, by using a certain system of liquids, toxins get pulled from the tissues.  Fecal matter might even release from the side of the colon and reduce the midriff bulge a little.  You feel better.  You get back in to balance.

The most well known cleanse is "The Master Cleanse", brought to our attention by Stanley Burroughs in his very informative and inexpensive book "Healing For the Age of Enlightenment" and available in most health food stores.  It's also quite simple, inexpensive and effective.  It's known as "the Lemonade Cleanse" because 99% of it consists of 8-10 glasses a day of: Fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  In 1975, he recommended 10 days of this.  Today, most of us do it till we feel its right, or, we dowse for it, or, we see when our tongue is clean first thing in the morning.

Lemons, when ingested are alkaline rather than acidic.  This cleanse has even been recommended for people with ulcers as it has been known to cure ulcers.  Lemons, cayenne and all.

NOTE:  If you are interested in doing this please do NOT go ahead and do it based on the paragraph above.  There is more to it.  Like a garden, you have to properly prepare the terrain.  You also have to know what to do to ensure sufficient elimination so you don't autointox.  Go buy the book or go to one of the many informative web sites.

I've done this about 6 times and finally did it again last month as I was writing the May newsletter.  As usual, day 3 was headachy.  After day 4 I felt awake, alive, alert.   I did it for 8 days and at the end not only felt balanced, but lost all desire for: coffee, beer, wine, sweets, wheat and dairy --- foods I have been consuming in the past year.  It brought me back in to balance, improved energy on all levels and I even got rid of some excess avoirdupois.

There is something magical, electrical, powerful, about lemons.   Something more than we know of at this point in time, that has not been yet "discovered".   Lemons are one of the few real "sun foods".  One of the best things you can do for your body, upon arising, is to have a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. It helps to wash out the debris that has been accumulating while you sleep.  Use fresh lemon juice whenever you can.  Even on broiled meat.

The Recent, and Not So Recent Ups and Downs of our  E*N*E*R*G*Y

Thanks to Ernst von Bezold, and Pat Prevost I think I'm finally getting a handle on something that's bothered me for a very long time, and, I think --- many of you too --- based on our conversations and emails.   You have received emails sometimes where I mention I've had a low energy day.  Or few days.  Like swimming in jello.  I mention it, those times, when I've heard from some of you and it seems rather severe for all of us.  Then I get about a half dozen emails or phone calls saying "me too".

You have sent me so many "me too's" when I mention that these times happen for me.

2 years ago, trying to determine the source of this puzzle, Larry Huszczo and I did a lot of brainstorming and dowsing on it.  The closest we got to this source was that it could involve the Subtle Energetic Bodies.  I hypothesized that one of the bodies might be weaker than it should be.  One of them --- I think it was the etheric --- contributed to 20%? 40%? of the problem.

I knew that it was not just me.  A lot of you come to dowsing because of similar as yet unsolved mysteries.  Why are you drained some days without seeming reason?  Why are you drained when you go to the Eaton Centre?  When you spend time with certain people, or even talk on the phone to certain people?  Or when you walk by a certain intersection?  And energized, with other people and places?  We finally have more answers to these questions than we did a few years ago.

I sent around an email April 24th, that I had just come out of a really stuck week the night before and was trying for a whole week to try to write the May newsletter.  I wasted that whole previous week, try-ing.  Fooey.  Ernst called me a few hours after I sent the email (saying I'd just come unstuck) to tell me he went through the same thing, and that Saturn, the planet of Gloom and Doom, just become unstuck.  It was sitting there, like a big lump, not moving.  I heard from 5 other "me too's" --- we were each thinking it's just us and there's something wrong with us.

Thursday, May 15:  Had zero physical and mental energy. Could not figure out what it was.  Was zipping around a couple days before and the days after.   Why so difficult that day?  A couple other people also said they were in low energy.   A couple said they were in high energy.  Finally realized:  It must be due to the lunar eclipse that night.  There must be some connection.   Saturday was incredible weird.  It was not until later afternoon that I realized it was not Friday and could not rebalance for hours.

Pat Prevost sent me this information from Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D., (he gave us the Astrological info last month on Uranus in Pisces):

"  Eclipses are catalysts for change and the harbingers of transformation. Eclipses create change by disrupting the normal electromagnetic pattern of the Sun-Moon field. This disruptive energy affects us by challenging the status quo in our personal and collective lives. What we once held as sacred is exposed as no longer valid. Beliefs we considered unchallenged are now open to question. What we considered permanent is now vulnerable to the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Thursday May 15th at 8:36 PM PST is the Full Moon in Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse. This is a Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse, which is all about desires, resources, economic conditions and manifestation. The lower, unconscious expression of these energies manifest as greed, fear, attempts to control and to find security where it cannot be found. The higher, conscious expressions of these energies manifest as desire satisfaction, emotional contentment, the power to manifest and the ability to find security in our personal connection between the finite and the infinite. "


Eclipses create an opening for change by disrupting the electromagnetic field of the planet and our personal electromagnetic fields as well. The Earth's energy field is zapped and so is ours. Our energy levels are characteristically low during the days and even weeks around the eclipses.  We may feel disoriented, confused or zapped of energy at this time.  We may have difficulty staying on course, focusing and remaining centered. If we push ourselves, we may get sick. Do not over exert yourself. Take time to relax and take care of your physical and
emotional health. "

Remain Aware:   May 30 is a Solar Eclipse

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 17:54:07 -0400

HI Marilyn,
Just got back yesterday evening.
Here is what I found affecting you.
    Out of balance with the earth energy,
    Electromagnetic fields affecting you
    Astrological bodies affecting you--big time.
    Mass consciousness was really messing with you.
Hope I got all this stuff taken care of but have found no way to prevent it.

ALSO:  Ground yourself. We get our consciousness from the Magnetic Attraction of the Grid.  Ensure you are in balance with the earth grids.

NEXT, MAY 19th:
" I found that your aura was not balanced on your body. Hope you feel better now.   A 77 year old woman from Arizona called yesterday and she was crying because she had no energy and nothing was working right. She and her husband had not been able to find the problem. I got that the electromagnetic fields of the earth had a -90 effect on both  of them. Changed it. She started laughing. "

I have printed out that email from Raymon and have it posted on my wall so that should I go through similar times, I know what to do. This section was included because many of you go through the same things.  I hope this has given you some answers for yourself.  Would you PLEASE get me feedback on this section?!?!   Is it accurate?  Is it helpful?  Does it sound right to your brain?  Feel right to your intuition?  Is it helpful to improve the situation?  Email or call. THANK YOU!

Some of Your Stories

Tess Concannon wrote this on April 25th:

"Hi Marilyn and Raymon,

Just thought I would tell you the results I had from our water programming at the last (April 1st) meeting.   I programmed mine to detox my system.  I can't remember the exact words I used but I do know that I said to detox at a pace the my body could handle.  The next day I could barely get out of bed and I knew in no uncertain terms that I was detoxing and I had not expected such a response (I hadn't said that I should still be able to function while I detoxed just said at a pace that my body could handle!).  A few days later I got together with Joy (Goch) and in the process of doing the balancing, Chemical toxins and Drug toxins came up.  I have never taken illegal drugs but I did take a medication a few years ago with occasional use from time to time.  I was so toxic that Joy said the only other time she had experienced this was with a person who had under gone chemotherapy.  I then at Joy's suggestion reprogrammed my water to also neutralize those toxins that my body was detoxing.  I am still going through a detox some three? weeks later.  So it was definitely effective!  Thanks, Raymon."

(Tess continues to report detox benefits, is feeling and looking much stronger.)  Thank YOU, Tess!

From Angi Venning on May 11:

" After the Total Health show and playing with the Flower of Life pattern at Walter's booth, I photo copied and cut out a bunch of the symbols and taped them onto my water bottles also onto the coaster beside my bed where my water glass sits.    I taped one on the bottom of my kefir maker also but after a few days it stopped making kefir.  I've been using this for 4 years now and this is the 1st time it's stopped kefirating.  Anyway I figured it might be the Flower of Life 'purifying' it so took the sticker off and after a few days it started up again.  Interesting,  I thought to myself.  I've been meaning to set up a control and try it again in more scientific way but haven't yet. "
From Rick Roocroft on May 9th:
" Everyday Dowsing

A trip to the doctor showed that my blood sugar level was edging up to 7.8 and he said “you are a diabetic.” He wanted to give me a vaccination for pneumonia, because “all diabetics are likely to get pneumonia and should have the shot.” I said, ”I'm not taking it.” Then the doctor started to shout and scream at me about ”how childish” I am. I still didn't take the shot. Finding out I was a diabetic was a big shock to me.  But I had been drinking lots of beer and eating all kinds of junk food for a long time.  It was time to clean up my diet in a big way. I already knew about macrobiotics from years earlier; so I understood food. I resolved to dowse all my food prior to consuming it, as a way of possibly reversing my diabetes.

At first I felt a little uncomfortable swinging my pendulum in the supermarket, while people were looking at me. But I soon discovered nobody really noticed what I was doing. I was able to determine which oranges were sweet and which ones were sour. I ran across some delicious looking dark blue seedless grapes. Just before purchasing them, I tested to see if they were genetically engineered. They were. So I did not buy them. I tested various tea bags and found that Tetley tea was bad, and Red Rose was good. The bulk store is a great place to swing the old pendulum. All coffees test bad; so I had to start using a coffee substitute like Inka. My beer (Labatt's Blue) tested positive for uranium. All beer tests negative anyway; as do all alcohols. I learned to test for body care products like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.

I started using radionics to treat my pancreas. I used a “U” shaped magnet to send healing energy to the body. The theory is that everything comes from the ether anyway. A magnetic field has the ability to “bend space-time” as Tom Bearden says. The power of Radionics really amazed me.

I take plenty of supplements, so I began asking my dowser if I should take a particular vitamin or mineral -- and in what quantities. I obtained some plastic charts of the human body to “map dowse” myself. I found that my liver and pancreas were only at half capacity.

I started using dowsing so much that I was even able to repair my telephone which dropped on the floor. I took it apart and map dowsed the circuit boards to find out where a hair line crack was located. After soldering it -- the thing worked fine.

When I was at work I decided that I needed a dowser to make some decisions. Since I didn't have one, I picked my computer mouse up by the tail and swung it like a dowser. It worked great.

Dowsing in the car is a little difficult, but I am experimenting with “stick dowsing” (rubbing my two fingers together) I need more practice, but it does work.

It has been three months since I was diagnosed with diabetes. With diet, magnets on my bed, supplements, radionics, and prayer; my diabetes has reversed itself. The numbers are constantly improving.  I owe a great deal to my teacher, Margaret Ball, and the Toronto Dowser's club.

This next section comes to us from "Don the Preacher".    Don, a retired minister, lives in Richmond, Kentucky with his daughter, granddaughter and two great-grandchildren.   He learned about dowsing about 20 years ago, but he considers it to be on an elementary level.  Last year he wanted to learn more about it and was directed to Raymon's workshop.  He took a workshop a year ago in Louisville and another one this spring.  Raymon sent me an email from Don and I thought it would interest you, wrote to Don and this is what he says:

"  Welllll, I tell you.  When a lesson is needed a teacher appears.  I "sit at his [Raymon's] feet" and soaked up his teachings like a sponge.  It was exactly what I needed and I discovered how to be a more effective dowser.  I lead a weekly New Prayer Experience in my church (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)) and I came home and had a workshop to teach them how to dowse.  There was some opposition by a small group who did not understand dowsing, so we met in one of the member's home.  Then we decided to dowse the negative energy of those who were opposed to it.  We began to see a difference in the attitude of the whole church and we did not hear any opposition after that.  When we received a call to join the Dowser's Water Project, I asked if they wanted to do it as a group.  The answer was yes.  Then I asked if they felt we should do this at someone's home.  The answer was NO.  Anyone who objects will just have to get over it.

" I am having a phenomenal time right now doing healing over the internet for Indigo and Crystal children.  I am also doing other work to change energy.

" I got some small glass jars with tops and filled them with tap water at the church.  When we dowsed to purify the world's rivers and oceans, we also purified our individual jars of water with the direction to use a dropper of water to purify the water we drink at home.  I explained that it will work using the same principles of homeopathy.    They have all reported how much better their water tastes now.

" Greetings Raymon, The extras I received from your last class has increased my dowsing skills and effectiveness.  I will quickly tell you about two or three of them.  I sit with a friend weekly who has terminal cancer.  She is only on a liquid diet, but her bowels became impacted and she did not eliminate anything for four days and was miserable.  I followed the procedure of deactivating the energy causing the blockage.  Then I scrambled the energy to reconstitute it with energy which would keep the colon clear of blockage allowing her to have regular, soft, but formed elimination.  The hospice nurse arrived and I prepared to leave.  Before I left she asked the nurse to take her to the bath room and yelled to me that she had her first b.m. in four days.  It was only fifteen minutes between the dowsing and the relief.  She has had no blockage since.  Last night she called me to come sit with her due to an emergency.  The hospice nurse became ill and had to leave.  She was in the living room in a recliner and had no energy.  She was not sure she could get back to her room without help.  She asked me if I could dowse to give her more energy.  Using the same procedure I dowsed that her energy be increased to her ideal frequency.  Before her husband came home she wanted to go to bed.  She pulled herself up on her walker and walked to the bed, got into it, adjusted herself, and was settled in when her husband came home.  She had not been able to do that all day.  Now,  just two more and I must run to church.  (Actually I'm going to drive!)

" I bought a 20 gallon fish tank in January.  I have not been able to clear the water because my tap water is so full of rust and iron.  I have stopped drinking or cooking with it.  I used the recommended treatment and nothing worked.  The fish were dying.  The fish were attacking and chasing other fish and I was ready to start all over again with a new batch.  Then I spied the bottle of water that we all purified when we dowsed for your water project.  I gave each of them a small jar with tap water in it from the church to dowse after we dowsed to purify the water around the globe.  I looked up all the pollutants on internet to name them specifically so we would not miss any.  I gave them a dropper with the instructions to use this to purify the tap water they use at home.  I put a dropper of water in the 20 gal. tank.  I sat down and read my mail and in about an hour I happened to glance over at the tank.  The water was crystal clear, the fish were swimming lazily around the tank and not attacking other fish.  No more fish have died.  It is still clear as a bell and I just sit and marvel over it.  Why didn't I think of that sooner?

" This last one blows my mind, too.  Over last weekend I started getting a sinus infection with the yellow/green telltale symptoms and it was thick and globby.  It was just like the infection I had from December through February with the staph infection which you cleared up for me.  I was determined not to medicate for this one.  So I dowsed the infection in my sinuses and in any other part of the body harboring infection.  I did check for a spirit and there was one which I sent over to the other side.  Then I deactivated the infectious energy, scrambled it and reconstituted the energy with healing energy which would always be present in my body.  I went to rehab Monday and it had lessened.  Today, Wednesday, there is no sign of infection.  I have had infection after infection in the last few years and now I will not have any more.  Just wanted to share my good news.  Talk to you later.

  Your Friend,

The Toronto Dowsers May 13th Meeting

Joy Goch led this month's dowsing practice (clinic).   WOW!  This is an opportunity for folks to get in some dowsing practice and get questions answered.  Kevin Fitzpatrick, her colleague, assisted Joy.  I tried to listen in to hear what was going on, but could not get thru the 2 deep standing room only crowd of enthralled listeners.

After some questions were answered, it seemed people were asking for help to improve accuracy.   Joy led the group in a series of balancings:

1st:  Balanced for Willingness --- to have Clarity and Accuracy:  Consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously
2nd:  Balance for Clarity and Accuracy
3rd:   Balanced for being aligned with the truth

It is the willingness for clarity, the willingness for accurate information.   She works with Willingness, so you get out of your way, to get judgments out of the way, to increase the flexibility of the mind, to allow in truth and accuracy, for you to be your own authority, to make it your own.

Is truth different than accuracy?  Yes.
Sorry I had to break it up folks, it felt fascinating.  Glad you could stop by.

***  Joy will do a series of Monday night workshops:  ***
June  2, 9, 16, 23   6:30-9:30   Central Toronto   $45 / class   Maximum:  12

Beginning and Intermediate Transformation & Alchemy with Dowsing
Call:  (905) 852 - 9150

Learn how to change whatever pattern that exists in to a new pattern
Learn how to strengthen, balance and center your aura
She works with 4 realms of correction:
        Electrical (electromagnetic),         Attitudinal/ Emotional
        Personal Ecology,                        Spiritual


"I was visiting my cousin in Wiarton and we said a few  words of healing and then dropped a few spoonfuls of the ECH2O water into Georgian Bay. Thought you'd be interested."

Sam got a couple bottles of ECH2O to give to his grandson who was travelling to Guiana

Bruce took some ECH2O with him on his recent walkabout around Central America.

Rick said he saw the video of Raymon taken at Total Health and that it is fabulous.

Jo-Anne Eadie, from Brantford, told us about the Light Language Workshop that Jerry Pegden is giving the beginning of June (written up in the May 2003 newsletter).  As an example, she said she was in a restaurant when a baby was crying.  She "thought" a blue box at the baby and the baby stopped crying.  We look forward to hearing more about this.

Our Speaker:  Janeson Rayne
"Intuitive Dowsing:   For Nutrition and Health, System by System"

Janeson created a manual called "Intuition Ignition".   Personally, I think its one of the most brilliant dowsing manuals I've seen.  12 years ago, I learned a comprehensive healing system developed by the Clear Light group, from Maui.  With this system one could diagnose and recommend treatment for every single problem people encounter.  It works.  Janeson's system is the only one I've seen that is similar.  It is based on priorities, and "chunking down" systems.

Having said the above, our own Lynn Reeves, of Richmond Hill, has developed her own system of charts that works in a similar fashion.   But this is something that she has developed for her own use after many years of dowsing and having a practice.  I hope that Lynn will be offering us a workshop on how to use charts.  One of Lynn's mentors and teachers is Hazel Parcells.  Also, the only other book I've seen that is similar is "The Pendulum Workbook" by Bote Mikkers. Excellent book, but I don't know if its still available.  Janeson, Lynn and Bote Mikkers are the only one's I've seen who use this system of charts.  Janeson calls them "fans".  Bote Mikkers says you start at the "point of orientation".

She calls it "Intuition Ignition" because it sparks your intuition.  She has been able to live a life following her intuition as a long time student and teacher of yoga, dowsing and energy medicine. She is a compulsive poet, has a degree in Fine Arts from Queen's University and is a consecrated Bishop with the Madonna Ministry in California.  On her journey to become a clear conscious channel, she was lead through many initiatory experiences and guided to develop the Intuition Ignition Mystic Path Manuals between 1996 and 1999, 9 years after two butt-kicking near death experiences set the whole thing in to motion. "I remember my first conscious thought after returning from the first NDE was - "Boddhi  What??"  She later figured out what what that really meant.   In Buddhist terminology, a Boddhisattva is someone who understands that in order to truly be free they must help others to become free as well.

Some of you were a little lost soon after Janeson started demonstrating the use of the charts.  You are experienced (health) dowsers and thought you knew it and that the information was elementary.  May I be blunt here?  Yes?  Thank you.  Okay.   You don't.  You don't know this because you hadn't taken a good look at the contents of the book.  Such as the use of magnets. Do you use them to energize? or draw energy? Apply it to the body?  to food?  Of course there are those who do know it.  But not all that many.  If you think I'm wrong, I ask you to please let me know.

I first saw the manual in 1999 and have been drooling after it ever since.  I thought it was a little too pricey for me at $75, now its up to $95 because there is now a computer disk that comes with it.  I've been lusting after this for 4 years and finally bought it Tuesday night.

It seems that some people might have been a little lost because she did not step us through "How to Use the System"  in a linear fashion, defining the basics then doing, e.g.,  Step 1, then Step 2, then Step 3.
Priorities, The YNO Fan, The "D" Card and fans in general are some of the basics of her system.

Priorities:   When you are working with priorities, you work with one thing at a time. It has a ripple effect.  Nothing will come up that you are not ready for.  This system helps to keep, or, get, a dialogue going between your inner and higher self.  Keep notes.  When you are taking notes, see how the priorities come up for you.

The YNO ("You know") Fan: is the 3 pronged tree like figure between the "A" and "B" fans. Swinging your pendulum over this fan will give you and immediate "Yes", "No", or "Other".  Janeson says that with this system, with the Y and N set up in the positions they are set up in, you do not have to concern yourself if your Polarity is on or if its off.  It's always okay and you always get the right answer.

If you ask permission to dowse now, and you get a "no": center yourself by placing your feet flat on the floor or breathe deeply.  This slows down your brainwaves.  If you still get a "no" after doing whatever you know to do, you might not be meant to dowse now.  Maybe the phone is going to ring.

"Other" is important and on every fan.  The "other" might not be listed.  You always need room for "other".  ". (This is also where you can incorporate your own modalities or remedies you work with.)

Working with the "D" Card: This incorporates the basic YNO fan in a more elaborate way, to act as a focussing tool.  With the D-Card, we can read percentages, from 0-100, by swinging the pendulum over the bottom of the ellipse. (If you feel more comfortable with these numbers on top, simply turn it around.   She doesn't really use the -5 to -30 any longer on either side.  And that "J" at the bottom?  She learned that from Pat Kerr, who many of you might remember.  Pat put the "J" there to symbolize protection.  This represents a high spiritual master, not Jesus, not Jehovah.  Pat started her on the fans.  You start by swinging your pendulum over the spiral in the middle. Let this spiral represent the void, from whence all things are possible.....

The bottom half of the above picture comes from page 17 of the manual.  How would you get here?
1) After going through the Starting points,
2) Go to the BODY fan after Starting Points and determine, by dowsing of course, which Priority of:  Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual bodies you would need to work with.
3) So the PRIORITY here, would be PHYSICAL.
4) Which PRIORITY in the PHYSICAL BODY do we need to look at?
5) To get here, it would be FOODS BY SYSTEM.
6) Then, using the top right fan, you dowse for Fan A, Fan B, or List
7) Let's say it's Fan A.  Dowse Fan A.  Your answer is "C"
8) "C" is Gall Bladder
Then you would go to the "Gall Bladder" fan and dowse that.  And so on. Until you reach what you need.

Gateway Questions: At the end of each session, you ask "Gateway Questions" which help to ascertain if you are finished or if there are other things to be done.

Talking about the Gall Bladder --- Later on that evening, Janeson told me when she first met Mel Gibson,  he had just finished doing a 3 day Apple Cleanse for his gall bladder.  AND that he is a wonderfully grounded human being.  Have you ever done an apple fast?  I have.  It was my first cleanse/fast ever.  I didn't know what to expect.  The morning after my first day:  Wow!  Talk about Roto Rooter!  Whoosh!  Kaboom!

When Janeson got to the film shoot, which was in Maine, she was not feeling too well due to the fact that she had just spent some time in Europe and was eating a lot of Belgian chocolate.  So she dowsed to see what would rebalance her and she got: Miso soup with Alaria (the seaweed in Maine), brown rice and Gomaiso.  Great combination!

When she goes through her lists she also uses Muscle testing, with the fingers, the kind that Machaelle Wright would teach. It helps her go through the lists more quickly.  Fingers together = strengthens. Fingers apart = stresses.

[A Note on Machaelle (Small) Wright:  Janeson references Machaelle for her MAP Process.  This is a process whereby you ask a select group of spiritual entities for help.  They are there for us, waiting to be asked. Their sole purpose is to help human beings in our evolution. Machaelle Wright wrote a book which has been my personal favorite for the last 10 years: "Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered."]

A lot of her suggestions come from her food bible, Paul Pitchford's "Healing With Whole Foods."  So now we get in to specific data:

The liver is very important. It can regenerate.  It only kicks up a big fuss when it is about to pack out.  Janeson said her Dad, who had a liver disease, turned yellow.  Everything was yellow including the soles of his feet, the whites of his eyes.  5 weeks later he was dead.  (I know what you mean, Janeson.  It's so weird to see that.  Same thing happened to my mom about 5 weeks before she died from liver and lung cancer. Witnessing her illness is my main catalyst for being a Health Warrior.)  The liver has a huge job.  It metabolizes about 500 things/ day.  Emotions, too.   If you are doing a liver cleanse, you might not want to be around people.  Liver cleanses bring out your anger.  Once when she was doing liver a cleanse she ....  [this was really funny]

She likes using Liquid Chlorophyll.  Put some --- mint flavored is nice --- in your bottle.  Nice to sip.

For the Respiratory System:  Wild Oregano.  It's also the anti viral (and anti: bacterial, fungal, microbial, etc.) remedy.  Her son was in a serious auto accident a couple of weeks ago.  She doused some cotton balls with oregano oil and stuck them in the vents and he was much improved after that time.

Integumentary System:  Skin, Hair, Nails, Oil & Sweat Glands.  The skin is 18.2 square feet.  (Do you know about Dry Skin Brushing, or, the Salt Glo Rub?  They remove dead skin, toxins, help circulation and are one of the most invigorating things you can do for yourself and the effect lasts for hours.)

Endocrine System:  If you use artificial stimulants, you stress the adrenals.

Whatever you drink, envision that it is positively affecting your body as you are taking it in.  Janeson also has a song she suggests we sing in the shower, using the tune for the song of the words on the left for the words on the right.

Momma's Little Baby loves shortning, shortning
Every little cell in my body is happy
 Momma's Little Baby loves Shortning Bread!
Every little cell in my body is happy,
Every little cell is happy and well

Every little cell in my body is happy,
Every little cell is happy and well.

I'm so happy, every little cell
In my body is happy and well.
I'm so happy, every little cell
In my body is happy and well.

Lymph system: Use the rebounder. Dowse for the amount of time you need.  If its too much at first, you can start by sitting on it and bouncing.  Also, try the CHI Machine .  This is a device that you use stretched out on a mat on the floor, place your ankles on the curved supports, set the timer and relax.  It gently, rapidly, moves your ankles so you are doing a snake like side to side movement which is said to give you the feeling of a full massage, relieve stress, get the lymph moving, increase oxygenation, clear and stimulate the brain, lose weight, help the spine, improve the functioning of internal organs, activate your own energy, relieve depression, SAD, and a whole lot more.  It's very good for lazy people who want the benefits without doing the work, and/or for those who are not too mobile.   Marja Pirie, one of our members, told me that she sells them.  You can call Marja at (905) 332-3394.  Now Marja sells the Original Chi Machine, which was developed by the man who invented it.  It costs about $600 or $700.

I bought one of the knock offs last November.  For $125 from Mclaughlin Road Chiropractic in Mississauga (905) 712-8118.  Sometimes they have these units.  What's the difference?  I've tried both but am not sensitive enough to discern the difference.  I expect there is one but would not buy it if I had to pay the price for the original one.  And yes, it is relaxing and relieves stress.   If you like the idea and if your pockets are deeper than mine, speak to Marja.

In the discussion of the Reproductive System, the subject of the The K-Loop , a product for women, came up.
Janeson conceptualized the idea for the device when she was about 15 (she was already a dedicated yogini by then), but only brought it to market three years ago.  It is selling well to medical organizations that focus on women.  Janeson says she kept quiet about “this great little device” for many years, and was inspired to finally patent it and make it available to women when she learned that her own mother had to go in for surgery for stress incontinence.  Janeson realized that had she told her mother about her device earlier she could have worked the muscles and avoided surgery altogether.

Stress incontinence is a problem that plagues many women after they've had children, and even more once they pass mid-life.  There are only two ways to treat it – correctively through surgery, or preventatively through specific pelvic floor toning exercises – called Kegels.  As Janeson explained to us, women, especially women who live alone and do not have partners are prone to developing problems due to lack of use and therefore atrophy of vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.  This can lead to urinary stress incontinence as the lack of elasticity in the muscles allows other organs – such as the bladder – to sag and tilt causing leakage. There are drawbacks to Kegels though – they’re boring, and you need to know that you’re isolating and exercising the right muscles.  Many women isolate the abdominal or thigh muscles and completely miss the target muscles – which are the muscles that make up the pelvic floor.  And then they receive no benefit from doing the exercise.  Eventually – they give up doing the exercises, which is also problematic because - the exercises need to be done on a regular basis to be effective.  Janesons’ device automatically isolates the right muscles, taking the guesswork out of the exercise and actually makes them fun to do.  Results are often immediately noticeable.

The kind of muscle training we call Kegels (named after the American gynecologist who popularized it in the 1950’s) has been known to yogis for centuries.  In yogic terminology it is called "Mulha Bandha".  At its most basic level it is like a kegel exercise, strengthening the pelvic area and sexual organs.  Mulha Bandha is less of a contraction and more of a lift, almost like moving the abdominal contents and the pelvic contents away from each other rather than clenching anything.  One purpose has traditionally been to aid celibacy and move the sexual energy out of the pelvis and therefore retain that energy for longer periods.

A Bandha is an Energy Lock. There are 3 of them, and one practices the tightening and gentle strengthening of the three nerve plexuses of the body.  The areas of focus are the throat (Jalandhara Bandha), the perineum and the abdomen (Uddiyana Bandha). Bandha  redirects energy from the nervous plexus towards the the spine for enhanced energy flow.  The "Bandha" is the vehicle you create and use to traverse the ocean of worldly existence to reach the shores of enlightenment.

The correction of uterine prolapse through yoga requires persistent and careful practice over several months, maybe even longer if structural damage is severe. Contract the muscles in the region of the perineum and draw them upwards.- this is the final pose. Hold this pose for as long as you can, retain the breath... Release the contraction of perineum, then slowly exhale. Repeat.  Do about 12 repetitions 3 times a day with your yoga practice.  Or, get a K-Loop™.  Directions for use are on the package.

At the end of the evening, Janeson was bought out of the supply of K-Loop™s that she brought with her. (Her family doctor said she would prescribe them to every woman! These can be ordered online )

Skeletal: For improved calcium absorption avoid foods with uric acid such as meats; hi oxalic acid foods such as rhubarb, cranberries, plums, spinach, swiss chard, beet greens.  These foods can cause kidney stones.  The pain of this comes on immediately and is excruciating and incapacitating.

MENTAL BODY:  While working with the Mental Body, one of the modalities that she uses is the C.R.C. (Core Root Conglomerate), which was developed by Carl Jung. (Jung called it The Prima Materia).   This is the nucleus of thoughts and beliefs set up by a person at a particular age, as their foundational set of beliefs.  They can get transferred from parent to child.   If indicated, the manual offers ways to dismantle the belief.

She also has an in-depth section on the EMOTIONAL BODY. Emotions --- It's really about putting the “energy in motion” – which is emotion - in to words. Emotions can be slippery and hard to pinpoint.  The words on the fans act like portals, bringing consciousness to energy that is stuck.  Once that consciousness occurs and emotions are brought up in to the light, they can heal.

The last thing she showed us was how to do the Head Off Axis which comes from The Results System, developed by Margaret Kean.  This system of corrections (which is in the manual) helps to relieve stress, aches and pain in the head and neck and is quick and easy.

It took her about 15 minutes to get warmed up and rolling.  Why?  She has not done this for a long time.  I had heard her in 1999 and was so impressed by who she is, her energy and what she had to offer that I kept a strong mental image of her and wanted to invite her to speak to us ever since we started.  I had to convince her to come to speak to us and we are both glad we worked to bring it to reality.  She is funny, warm, real, alive and enlivening.  She flows.  She's artistic and in the moment, intuitive and grounded and knows where she is going.

Pat Prevost emailed: "The speaker was great.  She was funny & informative & being a holistic nutritionist myself I could resonate with her system quite easily."   Louise Yarek commented: "I loved her.  Excellent. Great sense of humor. Lots of information.  Intense.  She's smart as hell.  Bright.  I thought she was terrific."  When I asked Louise why it seemed some people were a little lost she said "some are too little right brained and for others there was information overload."

Several nutritionists were in the audience. In the audience was my teacher, Eva Cabaca, M.Ed., from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where she taught us Holistic Food Preparation and Nutrition and is an extraordinary chef.  Her organic, vegetarian food is Ambrosicalicious.  Eva's professional background is in Pharmacognosy, Holistic Nutrition and Herbology. Eva has been devoted to Yoga and to spreading the knowledge of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, including simple whole living, spirituality and care for the environment.  This was the first opportunity I had to bring my background as a Holistic Nutritionist to the dowsing group and I am glad that Janeson's presentation piqued Eva's interest in our dowsing.  If you can measure up to Eva's stringent standards, you know you are good!

In the past, Janeson has offered workshops on how to use the manual to its utmost potential.  If at least 10 people who really want to do this, contact me, I'll set it up with her.  So let me know.

Janeson lives in Kingston with her husband David, a musician, and her son, Bon.  She is available for consultations or sessions.  Initial sessions usually run an hour to an hour and a half, and her fee is $95.00 an hour.  She tapes each session for your reference.  You can contact her at (613) 546-3653 or

THANK YOU JANESON!  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN ---- Marilyn  and  the  Gang

Total Health 2003 presents
Raymon Grace
"Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water"

The Water Project
Healing the Waters of the Planet
Using Water for Health and Happiness

The Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC) and the Toronto Dowsers invited Raymon to Toronto for a 2nd year to speak at CHOC's annual Total Health Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, attended by thousands of people.

One of Raymon's two presentations was about water: "Using Water to Change Energy - Using Energy to Change and Clean Water".   This informal talk gave some real life examples of using dowsing and energy to clean up all the bodies of water on our planet and to demonstrate the programmability of water. Raymon showed how water can be energized to improve our mental, physical and emotional health.

What follows next is the transcript of Raymon's words at that talk:

*            *            *            *            *

".... We're going to talk about water today, until we run out of time or run out of what to say, whichever comes first.   We have been working on this for awhile.   I'll tell you who I mean by "we".   My friend Larry Huszczo and his dad Walter figure in to the story we are going to share with you here today.  Plus, I work with what I refer to as the Spirit World.  That's my definition of it.  You can take it for whatever its worth.

     I'll start out with something everyone should know but most people live as if they do not know --- is --- that --- we are not making any more water.  There is not any more now than there ever has been.  But there is a lot less pure water.  Every day we have less and less drinkable water on the planet.  Every day, we have more and more people drinking it, using it and polluting it.  This is a trend that can not continue indefinitely.  It may continue until there are no more humans left to pollute it any longer but it will not continue indefinitely.  There has got to be an end to it somewhere.  It may or may not be within our lifetimes.  Chances are, it very well may be.  It may be right at the end of them because if we pollute all of it, there won't be much more left.

    For those of you old enough to remember, back in 1973, down in the States, when gas prices went from 30 cents to $1 a gallon, you would have been hard pressed to have convinced anyone, including me, that the time would come that you would be paying more for a gallon of water than you do for a gallon of gas.  But you have already seen that time.

    So, looking down the road another 10 years ---- what are you going to be paying for it --- if it is even available?

    Those of you who have children and grandchildren might want to consider them.  Because that is one of the things that motivates me.  That your children and grandchildren even have decent water to drink at any price.

     I'm not a person who believes that 'that is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it'.   About hardly anything.  With most things, I like to do something about it.   That's the title of my book "The Future Is Yours' DO Something About It".

     You don't have to be real smart to do something, you just have to have determination.  Much of what we have accomplished over the past few years, we really didn't know what the outcome would be.  We just knew that if we didn't do anything, that nothing would happen, and, if we did something, that something might happen.

     I'd like to start the major part of this story in mid-April, 2001.   Before that time, we have been energizing water.   Mostly to help to make a physical correction to the body or perhaps even an emotional correction or perhaps even to just alter our thinking pattern.  How do we do this, and why?

    Your body is made up of a great percentage of water. Depending on who you ask you get a different per cent, so I just don't bother to quote numbers.  Water has the capability of being easily programmable.  That is, you can implant thoughts in to water.  And the water seems to hold the thoughts.

    We've been fooling with this stuff for years, with some fairly decent results, but on a small scale.  We reached a point where we could not just continue on a small scale. We had to do something else.  Many times, opportunities come in the way of problems ---- most of the time, this is the way they come.   In April 2001, I was speaking at the Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas and 4 women came to me and said "There is a big spring about 50 miles from here that we would like to take you to and show to you.   It used to be a very pure spring.  In fact, water was drawn out of it and bottled and sold all over the country.  But it has long since become very polluted and the water there isn't usable any longer."

     I knew what they wanted, I just didn't know what to do about it.   They took me out there, it is a beautiful spring, roughly 25' in diameter, 25' deep, it produced 38,000,000 gallons of water every 24 hours.  It's known as Blue Springs, right north of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I got a little ways away from these people to think, because I figured --- they brought me out here, thinking I could do something. I wished they were right.  I started communicating, as best I could, with some of the spirits of the land there.  I found that there were some Indian spirits still around that spring.  This was on the Trail of Tears where the Cherokee people were marched from Cherokee, North Carolina in to Oklahoma in 1838.  About 4,000 or so Indians died along the way.  This was on the trail.  Some of them were still there.   I asked them "Would you like me to take you on over to the Spirit World?"  They said  "No.  What we want you to do is to purify the water."   I said:  "Yes, that's a good idea.  Do you have any good ideas as to how this can be done?"   But I didn't get an answer.    I thought --- maybe what I need to do is to communicate with the water.

    I didn't know how I was going to do this, so I took my boots off and I sat there with my feet in there.  I realize its not a normal way to purify water --- soaking your feet in it --- however, it felt good, and I thought that maybe I can get in contact here and see what will happen.

    What I got next --- you can say I made it up and you might be right.  I prefer to say that the water gave me a message.   The message I got was "Everything had a frequency".   (Which we already knew, we just had not applied it yet in all the ways that were possible).  The message was:

"Scramble the frequency of the pollutants of the water.
And adjust them to the frequency of pure water."

    We had learned that everything has a frequency.  I don't think I found anything yet that does not.  The human body has a frequency --- there is an ideal frequency for the human body.   Only one in several thousand are on that frequency, but there is an ideal frequency for the human body.

     Various diseases have frequencies.  So do emotions.  There's a frequency for love, there's a frequency for hate and fear and depression and joy and happiness and all these things.  The good news is:  You have the ability to change these frequencies.  The human mind has a lot more capability than most people realize.   We've done some pretty fair stuff with it, but we have not yet scratched the surface.

     Let me simplify this for you.  You say  "Well, how do you do this?"   I use what I call a Dowsing System because I'm a Dowser.   I usually use that system because it works.   But what if you are not a Dowser?  Then, you can say a prayer.  I don't think it makes a lot of difference.  All that dowsing is --- is a way to focus intent.  Which is basically what a prayer is.   All I ever do, is:  Ask.   I don't really do anything myself.  I "just" ask.  You'll get a lot more accomplished in life, if you ask, then you will if you don't ask.   So ask.

    Whenever this message --- I'll use that term --- came to me to scramble the frequency of the pollutants of the water, I just take out my pendulum that I always carry in my pocket ---- now what would I have done if I hadn't had a pendulum?   I would have just asked anyway.   Since the pollutants are much higher than the frequencies of pure water, the pendulum went in a counter clockwise manner.   This is all we did.  I probably said a few words of gratitude to the Spirit of the Water, or something to that effect, because that is the way I think.

    It was all over and I really didn't know if we had accomplished anything or not.  But I thought I tried and I would rather try and fail than I would not try at all.

    I sought out who I thought were some of the best dowsers in North America because a lot of them were my friends.   And this was the way I framed the question:  "Would you do me a favor.  Would you go back in time to the 1st of April [2001] and check out Blue Springs, Arkansas.  And tell me what is the condition of the water concerning the purity of the water."   Now there have been various numbers given, because not all dowsers agree on exactly the same thing --- we may read a different scale, we may have a little different way of interpreting things --- the numbers were a little different.  Not a great deal, but some.  The bottom line was:  Very Polluted.   Now --- would you do me one more favor.  Would you move time forward to the first of May [2001], and check the spring again.   Every one has said:  What did you do?  The purity is 95-100%.

   Okay.  So what do we have here?  We have a bunch of people who have all swung pendulums in the same direction and arrived at the same conclusion?  Does that prove anything?   No, but it's pretty decent evidence.   Last week, I happened to get an email, from one of the ladies who took me up there and she had bought the spring.  And had the water tested by the Nature Conservancy.   And they said it was one of the purest springs they had ever tested.  38,000,000 gallons a day worth.  What did we do?  We just asked.  We asked with respect.   You get a lot more by having respect.   This was what really got us started.  We only got the scientific confirmation this past week.  But just the dowsing confirmation was enough to give me confidence to start telling people how to do this and to start putting the word out.  And people started listening.

   So let's move time on up to last June [2002].   I was visiting the Huszczo family, in Burford (Ontario) and Walter  (Huszczo) had gotten a bunch of water from various sources.  He had energized this water with various means.   He had one sample from the Lourdes spring --- over in France --- the healing water over there.  He had also asked if I would energize some water.  He wanted to do an experiment.  It looks like we had 8 containers of water here.  He had them numbered 1 through 8.   I did not have a clue which water was in which glass or bottle.  My job is to put them up here and set them on the table.   Walter's job was to go way back through the hallway, and come towards them with his dowsing rods.   Where the dowsing rods crossed ---- that would be the line indicating the edge of the energy field of the water.  There is an energy field to everything, for those of you who may not know --- you have seen pictures of this.  To make it real simple, it is like Jesus' picture with a "halo" around his head.  That is his aura.  This is an energy field.  Water also has an energy field.  A normal bottle of water has an energy field of 5 - 5 1/2 inches.  That is just as a point of reference from what I am going to tell you now.

   When Walter would test the water, I still didn't know which water we were testing, I would simply write down the distance, then set up another one.  We went through all 8 bottles like that.

    Every bit of the energizing of the water worked.   It looks like the least we had went out 10 feet.  The water from the spring over in France, the healing water, went out 30 feet.   The water that I had energized, simply by holding it, and you can say I said an affirmation, or said a prayer or made a request --- pick whichever one you like the best --- went out 60 feet.

    The one that went out the furthest --- not that day but 3 days later, after he had done some more work on it, went out 80 feet.   That was some water he had put in a structure that he has created.   (You can see some of these "energy structures" at the booth, #805, upstairs on the exhibit floor.)   He had put this water in the one that he calls the Flower of Life.  It expanded out to 80 feet.   It took a day or so to do that.  What we are saying here is that everything we did worked.  Some things worked better than others.

    Then we decided to check the swimming pool.   He goes towards the swimming pool with his dowsing rods --- this is not city water, it is well water --- and the rods cross at approximately 3 feet -- which is reasonable.  My spring water at home has an energy field of approximately 40 inches.  I understand that is comparable to a bottle of water that goes out 5 1/2 inches.   He said "why don't you take that water and pour it in the swimming pool to see if you can change the energy [field] of the water in the swimming pool?"   I said:  "No, let's take one drop."   I stuck my finger down in that glass of water, I put it in the pool, sloshed it around.  I said "Ok, Walter, measure it with your dowsing rod and let's see what happens."   The rods crossed at 40 feet.   In a matter of less than 5 minutes we had increased the energy field of 23,000 gallons of water from 3 feet to 40 feet with the use of 1 drop.

    Now that is good evidence to me, because I believe in his abilities.  But scientifically, this is not [yet] credible.  I had another bright idea.  I said "Walter, go way out in the field and come back and tell me what happens."   The rods crossed at 200 feet.  What did we do?  We simply mentally took the Flower of Life, which was sitting over in the corner and put the energy of it in the swimming pool.  But we didn't tell him what we did.  We just did it.

    We were really excited about this, but we didn't know quite what to do with it.   The following week, Larry and I were travelling out in Alberta.  Walter called one night and said that he had had a burn on his arm, about 3/8 inch wide, that hadn't healed.  He got in to the pool, when he got out he noticed that it was all healed.   Seeing that, he invited some of his neighbors with aches and pains and limps in to his pool.  They came out and they weren't hurting any longer.  At that point, we knew we had something.  We still don't know quite what it is, but we are working on it.

    There were 7 of us out there --- for those of you who have read my book, Chapter 8 is devoted to a couple of friends of mine who live in a little cabin in Northern Alberta, Winnie and Bill Askin.    We measured the water out there on a Bovis scale.   A Bovis scale, to my understanding (which is quite limited) is a scale of measurement with which practically anything can be tested.  But I did not know how to do that.   So I went outside and got a bottle of water from the rain barrel outside.  I brought it inside and I asked Bill to test it with his Bovis Scale, to come up with some type of scientific unit of measurement for testing, not just some arbitrary scale of 1 to 10 --- which is something we do often.  He checked it out and got a reading of 2,000.

     I took the water and I energized it.  How did I do that?  I didn't do anything more than:  say a prayer, make a request, say a few words of respect --- whatever it is you want to say.  And I gave it back to him, and said:  "I'd like for you to check it again."   It went to 100,000.   Then we passed it around.  There were 7 of us there.  Every one there did whatever they knew how.  We didn't necessarily copy each other, we just did what we each knew how to do.   The energy went to 1,000,000.   Bill's wife, Winnie, had a sore ankle, that I had not been able to help with.  It kind of bothered me, but I just had not been able to help the woman.   But I got a bright idea.  I said  "Winnie go get yourself a pan, big enough to put your feet in.  I want to try something."  I took the water, and I put a "thought form" in it.  A thought form is really nothing more than an intent, but I did not tell anybody what I did.  (If you want to experiment, sometimes, you don't tell anyone until after the fact.)   She brought the pan in, I said "Put your feet in it."   I poured about half the bottle of water in it and she said --- even before I finished pouring the water  "Oh my, I've never felt water like this before.  The energy of the water is coming up through my feet and legs and all through my body."  That was the thought form I put in it --- it was that the energy of the water would go all through her body.  I asked "How does your ankle feel?"   It didn't hurt.  We were on a road trip for 3 weeks after that.  It still didn't hurt.

    What we did --- we put another thought form in to the water --- that the water would energize all water that it touched, equal to that of the original water --- to equal or exceed the original water --- and that the process would be repeated continually.  We stopped along the way and we poured a few drops of water in to the Peace River and the MacKenzie River and in to various lakes --- with the intent that the energy of this water would transfer to other water and so on.

  If you have scientific questions such as how did we know it would work, did we have permission to do it, what would the authorities think about it, did we get a permit and if so is it notarized and when does the date expire --- I have a blanket answer:  Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  I don't deal with a lot of stuff like that.  You just do the best you can do and you hope for the best and you don't worry about the details.  We didn't know what was going to work.  We still don't.  But we know a little bit about what is going to work --- because it has.  We just don't know the bottom line yet.

     Okay, the plot thickens and time moves on....
     November  --- we had learned more about water then.  We had learned about surface tension.  I had known a little about it, but very little.  I talked to a gentlemen. a doctor, who had a lot more knowledge about it than I did.  He read my book and called one night and I told him about the Water Project we are trying to start.  He started telling me about the surface tension of water, which is measured by a unit of measurement called a "dyne".   As he talked, I started to check out my spring.   I said to him  "I don't understand much about this, what the numbers should be, but I am checking here and it tells me that the water in my spring has a surface tension (the amount of pressure it takes to break the surface of water.  Every one has seen a dry leaf floating on top of the water. That is because the leaf did not break the surface tension).   If the surface tension is too high, the water can not saturate the cells enough to carry nutrition to the body or to remove waste material from the body --- and the cells will die --- which is why people die.

    There was an experiment --- and I'm quoting what I have been told here --- Marilyn (Gang, from the Toronto Dowsers) did some research on it --- that there was a gentleman who won a Nobel Prize for his work (Dr. Alexis Carrel won a Nobel Prize for his work in the field of transplantation) --- he took a heart of a chicken and in laboratory conditions --- he reduced the surface tension of water, fed nutrition to this heart, which was still alive, and removed the waste material from the cells.  But the experiment had to be discontinued --- after 37 years.  Because the thing never died.  This got my interest.

   When I was checking the surface tension of the water in the spring, I said to the doctor "this looks like 90 dynes, does that mean anything to you?"  And the doctor said "that's probably about right".  My next question was:  "What is the ideal surface tension for my body?  I'm getting 47.  Does that make any sense?"  He said "You are probably right, as it is usually between 46 and 48."   The next thing I did was to ask:  "Can I change the surface tension in the spring to the ideal surface tension of my body?"  So we tried, and we probably succeeded.  I have some physical evidence that we did succeed --- no absolute proof.

  So Walter and I were discussing this and when I was here in November he said "I would like for you to test something for me."  He sat a bottle of water and a cup of water on the table in front of me and said "I would like for you to test the surface tension of this water."   I checked the glass first, and I said "I get about 87 dynes, does that make any sense?"  He said "yes, it just came out of the faucet."  I said "well, that's right, 90 for my spring, 87 for your well.  But this bottle is not making any sense to me at all.  I get that it is at 45 dynes.  That is not reachable.  Apparently I have messed up in my dowsing."  Walter said "There is something I did not tell you.  I put the bottle of water in the Flower of Life structure."  I asked --- why 45?  The surface tension for my body is 47.  why 45?  So I checked to see what is the ideal surface tension for Walter's body, and I got 45.

   It was very obvious to me that we were dealing with a very high degree of intelligence here.  So we did an experiment, the night before last.  We took various energy structures, as he has in his display upstairs --- he and Larry and I each put our initials on a different bottle of water.  Each one of us set the bottle of water in or on each one of the structures.  The next morning, we checked the surface tension of each of the bottles.  We had tested and found that each one of us had a different ideal surface tension for our body.  Walter was 45, Larry was 46 and I was 47.  The next morning the water was all at the ideal surface tension for each one of us.  My bottle was at 47, Larry's was at 46, and Walter's was at 45.

   We think we've got something here.

   Marilyn here has really promoted this tremendously.  In November she said "Would you energize a 5 gallon container of water for us?  Which I will then pour in to small bottles and distribute them."    She's calling it  ECH20  -- Energized Cosmic Water.   So we did that.  There is some upstairs at the booth, and we are getting feedback.  She has her project going here for all over Canada, and with some people in the States --- this is being shipped to them.  One of the pieces of information that is real interesting is a fellow who handles radionics.  He says he got a bottle of the water from the Toronto Dowsers --- the water is free, they charge for the shipping and the bottles --- he said  "I was going to test the energy for it but I can't do that.  I don't have a scale that goes high enough."   I told him I didn't exactly understand how the devices work as I have limited exposure to them, but I did see enough about them to think they work.  He said "Let me tell you what else I did --- I took 3 drops of that water, which I put in to container #2, which I then filled with ordinary water, and in 5 minutes I couldn't test that water either."

   I told him "That was a thought form I put in to the water.  That it would energize all water that it touched, equal to or to exceed the original water, and, that the process would be continued."   Now I get questions such as how long would it take to purify Lake Ontario.  I don't have a clue.  I simply don't know, folks.  We've been stumbling in the dark, but it seems as if we are headed in the right direction.

    What has amazed me over the years, and I put something like this in the last book that I wrote --- it won't be out for awhile --- in all the classes I have done, I have taught people to the best of my ability how to energize water and some of the things they can do with it.  This is what never ceases to amaze me.  At the end of the class people will come up to me and ask  "Is it okay if I use this energized water to help my child?" They need my permission?  It's your water, it's your kid, it's your thoughts --- why do you need me?

    People have been brainwashed from the time they went to school, that you don't do anything without permission.  I just don't buy that theory.  You do whatever you can to help your family, your friends, your community and your fellow man.  You don't have to ask somebody if it is okay.  You are intelligent human beings.  Or you wouldn't be here.

    So what I want to do, is I want you to believe in yourself.   You don't have to come to me to energize your water for you.  You can get a bottle of it from Marilyn if you want to, and you can take it and you can energize your own water.  Over and over again.   But you really don't need me.  I only got the project started.  We might start it in another country somewhere, or we may help you do something if you want to do it.   Let's go on as to what can be done with this.  I'll give you a little bit of the feedback that we have had from it.

    We had a client, in Richmond, Virginia, about 2 months ago.  I had never met this woman -- she lives 300 miles away.  She was on heavy doses of morphine and wanted to reduce the dosage.  Her doctor told her that it was medically impossible, that no one had ever done that and it could not be done.   So she called me.  I don't have any kind of a degree, so I don't know that it can't be done.   We call this Intelligent Ignorance.  We don't know that it can't be done so we just do it anyway.   Actually, that's how Walter built the Flower of Life.  He consulted some engineers and they told him it couldn't be done, so he had no choice.  He built it anyway.

    On the phone, I told the woman:  Put your glass on the table and I'll see what I can do for you.  I energized the water to reduce her body's dependency upon morphine.  She cut the dosage by 30% the first week.  It's not supposed to be possible to do that.  I didn't know that, I didn't believe it, and she believed me instead of the other advice she got and she was able to do it.

    You have to be careful with this.  A friend who wasn't feeling too well called me.  She, too, lives a couple hundred miles away.   I said, we probably need to cleanse all the waste material out of your body.  We did.  It gave her diarrhea.   I energized the water with the intent to cleanse the waste material from her body and it worked.  She had diarrhea all the next day.  So sometimes be a little careful as to what you do with it.

    Let's get back to some semi scientific evidence.   3 years ago, I received a phone call from a lady in California --- someone I did not know --- who had a well in California, who had a well that was very badly polluted.  It got even more polluted during the rainy season because of the surface water seeping in to it.   She wanted to know if I could do something with it.  I said:  I don't know, we can try, and see what happens.

    I now have a water analysis report of before and after.  The time between the reports was from the 9th of September to the 30th of November.  The pollutants decreased by 50%.  They did another water analysis 30 days later, it was reduced by another 50%.  Larry and I were travelling across Saskatchewan this summer and we stopped to stay with someone who had a very high concentration of arsenic in their well.  He asked if Larry and I would work on it.  We tried --- we never worked on arsenic before, we didn't know how, but we thought that we'd try something.

    About 2 months later we received a very enthusiastic phone call from him.  The arsenic had decreased by 90%.

    What are you going to do with this information?  Say it was interesting?  Go out the door?  If you do, you wasted your time being here this morning.  Go out and Do Something!   You all drink water!   You, your kids, your grandkids, and all of your descendants will drink water, assuming, there is some left to drink.  This is not the most critical issue we are working on, I'm going to talk about that one tomorrow, but this may be the second most critical one.

    Number One, I want you to be able to believe in yourself.  People are giving their soul to their priest and their preacher, their money to the banker, their health to the doctor and their kids to the school system and in so doing they lost the power to control their lives.  I'm just trying to get you to take your power back.

    I want to give you a brief idea --- I'm going to be teaching a class next weekend --- you can get the details at the booth from Marilyn --- energizing water and going in to the details on it will be part of the class --- if you can't attend I'll give you a very short version of what to do.  If you do nothing more than take the water --- a cup of water, a bottle of water, whatever --- and say a prayer over it --- that will help a lot.  Because there is a website --- there is a fellow from Japan (Dr. Masaru Emoto) who has been taking pictures of water --- he would freeze the droplet of water and take a picture of it.  The bottom line is that pure water has  very delicate structure like a snowflake.  Very polluted water has a structure like a handful of mud.  What he found was that the water responded to Intent --- which is what we have known all along.  He just did it more scientifically, and proved what he did with photographs.

    So Marilyn had a conversation with the Secretary General of his organization about a month ago and he has put the Toronto Dowsers link and all the work based on the stories I have shared with you and the other information that Marilyn has written on that.  So we are reaching people now in a lot of different parts of the world.

     How long will all this take?  We don't know.  We told you about energizing a well, we had a few gallons of water, and, the biggest story I told you so far is about the spring with 38,000,000 gallons of water that was purified after our efforts.

     Water responds.  Water responds to thought, to intention, to prayer, to programming.  And the water that touches the programmed water will respond and so on and so forth.  The water will respond, if shown respect.  The earth will respond, if shown respect.  You will respond to respect if it is shown to you.  The earth and the water will do the same thing.   Thank you for your attention. "


Dr. Masaru Emoto spoke to a crowd of 170 people for 3 hours on Saturday, May 10 at OISE.  This presentation was sponsored by Starlight Events and the Toronto Dowsers were permitted to have a table where we distributed ECH20.  Some of his words, since they were translated from Japanese in to English, at times had a more poignant, softer more heartfelt touch than they might have had, perhaps, by a native speaker of English.  He shared with us the results of his research on many levels.

November 26, 2002, when Raymon Grace, of Saltville, Virginia, was giving a workshop to the Toronto Dowsers, we had an idea which led to the Water Project.  Since we know that water has memory and can hold the properties of thoughts it is exposed to, Raymon had shown us how to energize water with our mind with a great deal of positive energy, so that even just a few drops of this energized water, when it touches other water or anything else, heals it.  Raymon got the project going by energizing 5 gallons of water which we call ECH20 and have since been sharing and distributing.  As one example, 1 drop took care of a swimming pool of 23,000 gallons in under 5 minutes.  To date, we have distributed over 500 bottles.  Dr. Emoto's research, and our project, create a perfect team.

Dr. Emoto has been brought to prominence in our world since his 1999 publication of his first book "Messages From Water".  Dr. Emoto froze water, then looked at the crystals of the frozen water through a microscope and then took photographs of them, so we could see the molecules and how their shapes were unique.  The shapes were beautiful, to our eyes, if the water was near, say, a person who was feeling love.  The shapes were ugly, to our eyes, if the water was near, say, a person who was feeling anger.  The shapes and appearance differed depending on what thought, feeling, music --- vibration --- was close to the water before it was frozen.   Thus, Dr. Emoto has proven that water is influenced by vibration and can be programmed.

Towards the end of this article I have included the description from his website as to the process and physics of freezing the water.......

Ground water throughout the world is becomig tainted.  Canadian water is no exception.  We see pollution everywhere in the world.  In Japan, spoiling water is considered to be Blasphemy.  Water is a message from God.  Tap water in Japan is so contaminated that crystals can not be seen in it.  It's ugly.  The Japanese are developing skin problems.  1 in 3 Japanese have them, because they are forced to drink the lousy water.

The rivers are the blood vessels of the planet.  In our bodies, we try to do our best to see that blood flows smoothly.  Imagine if the blood vessels to the brain were clogged.  We would die.  Shellfish at the edge of rivers eat up pollutants, which make the rivers more clear before they reach the sea.  It is best to keep water moving.  Stopping the water stops its energy.

Cryst.. or.  Crystal is made from Christ.  Message from Water means Message from Christ.

A Healthy body means a body that has no irregular vibrations.
Disease comes from irregularities of vibrations.
All phenomena in the world can only exist with energy.
What is energy?  Energy is vibration. Without vibration, there will be no energy.
The water is something that carries energy and vibration.
No water --->  No vibration --->  No energy
There are many kinds of vibration.  Bad, and good.
Water, frozen, in crystals, show us if its bad vibrations or good vibrations


The Law of Vibration               Resonance                   Law of Similarity
+ Purity

Dr. Emoto showed us the principles of Resonance with a Tuning Fork.  When he sounded (sang) the same note as the note of the tuning fork he was holding, the tuning fork vibrated --- in sympathetic resonance.
Positive energy corresponds/responds to Positive energy.
Negative energy corresponds/responds to Negative energy.
Example:  Sars.  If you have a constant fear of it, then it will be your friend and respond to you.

The more 'pure' the sound of energy is, the further it reaches.   With satellites, the energy frequency is so 'pure' it reaches far in to the earth.

The Law of Similarity:  With, say, a 440 tuning fork, you can create resonance with something that vibrates at say, 220, 880, etc.

It's as if the Earth is the body, the Solar System are the organs, the Galaxy are the cells.  Then there are molecules and atoms.  The Hado are the elementary (micro) particles.

Disease is caused by a disturbance of vibration.  Injury is caused by a big disturbance of vibration from outside.  If the disturbance of disease goes on for 5-10 years, it affects the atoms.  If it continues for a longer time it affects the molecules.  Longer still, it affects the cells.  Then we notice the symptoms as it affects the organs.

The temperature of earth -- the body --- is also Hado.

He spoke about the Temperature of the Earth, the Frequency, as a result of the Population.   Look at Figure (1), and see the sharp spike in planetary population in the last hundred years.

In addition to the figures he gave us:
   The population has doubled since 1960 (3 billion)
   It's expected to increase to half again (9 billion) by 2050
   Water use has risen six-fold over the past 70 years.
   By 2050, 4.2 billion people will be living in countries that cannot meet people's daily basic needs

Figure (2) --- he shows the Vibration of the Earth, which is a result of the increase in population.  More people mean more energy --- more vibration.  As the vibration increases, the temperature increases.  Temperature is vibration.

Vibration can be suppressed only by water.  Therefore, the 21st century is the century of water.

Western medicine treats through the symptoms of disease.  (They "fix" the symptoms of the disease --- not the disease itself by accessing vibration created at the molecular level.)

Dr. Emoto says that "when medicine corresponds to the wave form of the medicine, then medicine works.   See Figure (3) of how Western medicine "works".

As another example (Figure (4)), he explained that cars are quieter today because the engineers offset the engine noise by cancelling out the wave form of the noise.

Example, with Breast cancer:  If one can measure the frequecy of the wave of the breast cancer --- if we can create a wave to offset it --- the breast cancer goes away.

Water Crystals are visualizations and designs of vibration.  They are music.
The smallest, the most elementary particle is  1 0-32 Chemicals can not get through this.

Human consciousness can go through anywhere
Good water can go through anywhere
Good music can go through anywhere
The combination of the 3 of them can cure anything.  (Figure (5)).
However, malignant viruses may be able to get through these particles.

If you play Music to water, this can strengthen the Hado, can strengthen the immune system in our body.  Two such pieces are:  Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusic" and Beethoven "Symphony #9".

Dr. Emoto told us how certain pieces of music heal/improve certain organs of our body and are associated with certain emotions:

Name of Music
The Moldau (Symphony) Lymph System Peace of Mind, Composure
Swan Lake Joints Freedom; Released people from negtive feelings
(I am trying to obtain a more comprehensive list and have requested this of their organization. I will let you know the information I receive.)

If a person's Hado energy is imprinted in to the water, and they drink it, it can cure many problems.  Dr. Emoto wanted to do something every one could believe in.  That's why he started working with the water.   He takes pictures before, and, after --- putting information in to the water.

To help people, for those who can't visit him, he initially asked for a snip of hair, or nail tips.  Hair was messy.  Then they started using pictures and now they analyze the vibration of a person's name.  This has turned out to be very successful and they are saving the lives of seriously ill children in hospitals.

They showed pictures of dolphins --- to the water!  And when they took the pictures of the water crystals, they saw shapes of the dolphins in the water crystals!  The same with cherry blossoms, Stonehenge, an elephant, etc.

He said that tap water looks soooo much better after you show it nice words.  It transforms.

Beautiful words create beautiful nature.
Ugly words create ugly nature.
This is the root of the universe.
The water had the best transformation with 2 words:   "Love"   and   "Thanks"  in every language they used.

Language is not in the DNA.  It is learned.  How did Adam and Eve learn language?  The vibration of a great angel taught language to Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve listened to the vibrations of the sounds of nature and learned the language.  This is why there are different languages around the world.  Because different areas, due to their different topography, fauna, weather patterns, etc., have different sounds.  They have different nature sounds.  Some sounds are scary.  Adam and Eve, and the others who came after them, were "tuning in" to the sounds.

The Effect of Prayer on Water (this is taken from Quantum Water).  Water can reflect human thought.  (See Figure (6)).  Water is the Source of Life.

Water contains  2 gratitutudes and 1 love.  2 ears = gratitude.  You listen.
Love x  Gratitude = Immunity

Dr. Emoto consulted with 15,000 people.  "People who don't have much immunity have negative thoughts.  If a person is full of love and gratitude, sars can never attack the person."

Mother earth is short of immunity.  Her children (us) have to offer lots of gratitude and love to the mother.  Do it to the water (the blood of the mother).

Einstein's Law of Energy
E       =     M  C  2
Energy  =  Mass                 *   Speed of Light
Energy  =  World Population   *    Consciousness

Dr. Emoto has found that the level of consciousness is at 3 people out of 100  (I wonder if he has checked this recently?  I'll have to ask.)   He says this because the "DNA activation wave is at 3% and we have to activate the other 97%".   (I don't understand this.)

War is blasphemy.
We have to change the DNA
So we do it by changing the blood
Send prayers of Love and Gratitude to waters such as the River Jordan.
After several years of drinking this "new" water they might ask "Why do we have to fight one another?"

from his website:
Magnetic Resonance

In 1989 Dr. Emoto realized that we know almost nothing about the nature of this planet's most critical life-giving substance. He learned of a device developed by Ronald J. Weinstock called a "Bio Cellular Analyzer." Dr. Emoto got Mr. Weinstock's permission to change the name of the device to Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA). Dr. Emoto found that this device gave him a new view on life and on his life in general.

Dr. Emoto discovered that all substances and phenomena have their own unique magnetic resonance field, which is converted electromagnetically into 4- or 5-digit numbers through a spectroscopy. MRA can be used for several functions including water quality inspection. He observed that no two types of water have exactly the same crystals and that the shape of crystals mirrors properties of the actual substance. According to Dr. Emoto, modern medicine focuses its observations at the molecular level. However, in order to be able to understand the real cause of a disease so that we may cure it completely, he believes that we must look at the atomic level or even at the micro-particle level.

                                "HADO"  (pronounced:   Ha DOUGH'   -- as in bread dough)
Quantum physics describes laws of energy at the quantum level (a "quanta" or discrete particle can be a molecule, atom, nucleus, or micro particle).  Discoveries in quantum physics (micro world) are helping us to understand the phenomena of our macro world. The MRA is able to measure, for the first time, quanta in micro levels smaller than  molecules. This allowed Dr. Emoto to discover why diseases occur.

According to Dr. Emoto, Hado is a vibrational frequency, resonance wave -- it is the source of energy behind the creation of all things (Hado is the specific vibrating wave generated by the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom). A field of magnetic resonance is always present wherever Hado exists. Thus, Hado can be interpreted as the magnetic resonance field itself, which is one type of electromagnetic wave. MRA measures the magnetic resonance of Hado. From his research with MRA, Dr. Emoto concluded that, "all things lie within your own consciousness." Thus, he believes that we should do our best to raise our Hado level by doing things such as saying blessings over our food and water, drinking good water and not accumulating negative feelings.


Through his understanding of Hado, Dr. Emoto has become convinced that microorganisms play an important role in our lives. He believes that people become ill due to negative thinking that triggers an imbalance of elements within our body. According to Dr. Emoto, when our body is in this state of illness, the only way to calm it down is to normalize the healing power or immunity of that person. It is his belief that immunity can only be recovered through a balanced peace of mind. Dr. Emoto feels that the most effective medicine for a severe disease would be an awareness that we are living in cooperation with microorganisms at each moment of our lives. He encourages us to keep them in mind at all times and to convey our honest appreciation for their contribution.

Dr. Emoto points out that, "MRA is beyond the conventional scientific common sense." What is required to operate the device in an effective way is flexibility, as well as an honest and sincere way of thinking, without any preconceived ideas of imprinted information in one's mind.

 In 1994, Dr. Emoto and his colleagues at the MRA Research Institute began taking photographs of frozen water crystals. These photos are taken inside a freezer that is at a temperature of -5° C.

The photos in Dr. Emoto's book, "Messages from Water" document his groundbreaking research into the effect of human consciousness on water. The book illustrates how water quality is reflected in its crystalline structure and how the consciousness of water can be affected by exposure to pollution, words, music, photos, and even prayer. When we reflect on how our bodies are primarily made of water, the implications of Dr. Emoto's work are staggering.

The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes; its molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

Dr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques.  He freezes droplets of water (for at least 3 hours at -25° C) and then examines them under a darkfield microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.

Dr. Emoto has been called to lecture around the world and has conducted live experiments both in Japan and Europe as well as in the US to show how Hado as humans deeply impacts the environment. The most astonishing example of such an experiment though happened in Japan, where the water quality is deteriorating rapidly. The test 'subject' was a large body of water. It was a lake that literally was stinking..

The theory of Hado postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy,  by changing the vibration we change the substance.  Conventional science in general still does not support this notion. Yet quantum physics and in particular the 'observer effect' (of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle) clearly suggests we do alter our environment. Dr. Emoto and his supporters successfully carried out a dramatic demonstration of Hado in action on the shores of Lake Biwa, in the Kansai area of West Japan. The following information is taken from Vol. 2 of "The Message from  Water".

On the 25th of July 1999 at 4:30 a.m., 350 people gathered and offered their words, facing Lake Biwa.  Praying with us at that time was the then 97 year old creator of the " Great declaration", Mr. Nobuo Shioya. The result of that was an incredible success that truly surprised the public at large. Concerning the outcome of that, here is how Mr. Shiotani described it in his book 'Jizairyoku 2'  published by Sunmark Press on September 25, 2000:

The largest lake in our land, the 'water jar' for the whole Kansai district, Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture, is an example of horrendous pollution, with foul smelling and dirty water. No longer can we see the beautiful lake shore or the stock of ditch reeds there. Instead, every summer the surface of the lake is covered with a foreign species of aquatic plant called 'kokanada' algae which then putrefies.

It spreads a foul odour around the area, and so for over twenty years the prefecture has been carrying out a large scale operation to weed it out. However, last year (1999) during that summer only, for some reason this aquatic plant hardly emerged at all, and there were no complaints made to the city office as it is usually swamped with complaints during a normal year. It was reported in the newspapers that none of the parties concerned could ascertain the cause of this and that they were all shaking their heads over it.

Naturally that would be the case when 'something that was there is no more', as in the phenomenon which occurred on the surface of Lake Biwa. This 'miracle' too can be be explained I think through the power of thought. It's a fact that, as one of the ringleaders of this happening, nobody else but me could know that. In that year an event was held to clean up the waters of Lake Biwa by a group mainly involved in researching Hado.

If the waters of Biwa were to become clean, an old saying had it that all of Japan's water would be purified, and so this congregation of people was there to use the power of Hado and Kotodama (the spirit of words) to try to do just that. I was also invited there and so headed for a hotel by the lake side where I gave a lecture on the method of 'right mind and breath control'. The next morning, about three hundred participants assembled on the lake shore. With myself in the middle we faced the lake's surface and as the rising sun came up before us we chanted the 'Great Declaration': "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony".

Dr. Emoto led the group in doing this and everyone performed the intoning of the words ten times.  The 'Great Declaration' as it literally says, by utilizing the limitless energy filling the universe, is a powerful statement to actualise world peace. These are words that can be clearly stated strongly as an established fact. By vocalising this, the power of Kotodama, infused with the eternal energy of the universe, spreads to surrounding things and penetrates them, giving people world peace to begin with, many wishes fulfilled and happiness. That most powerful notion in words is also a statement that boosts that notion into actualisation most strongly.

That happened last year in July. And then came this: "Every summer on Lake Biwa the foreign species of algae called kokanada, which almost covers the lake as it flourishes abnormally, is practically out of sight this year. In a normal year, the complaints of foul odour which come in to Shiga prefecture have been nil this year, and the amount of algae cleaned up by the prefecture is a mere pittance." It was a month later at the end of August when this was reported in the press.  The Kyoto Shinbun newspaper 1999, August 27th 1999.

However, if that was not a mysterious phenomenon it is still not something without a cause. Our thoughts that were sent out imbued with the great declaration curbed the emergence of an aquatic plant which was the source of a foul odour, and transformed the surface of the lake into a clean state. Our thoughts, requesting harmony and stability for all things through the 'great declaration' were transmitted clearly to grass and water, changing their qualities and purifying nature's pollution although many people do not realize it, there you have a clear causal relationship existing. In this fashion, it is not only human minds but also all life forms in this world containing all things and phenomena, including substances in nature like water which respond to our human thoughts. They
accept those thoughts and it changes their condition and quality.

One month and two days from that day on August 27th the Kyoto Shinbun newspaper, an influential local newspaper company, was surprised and very much pleased. This year complaints about the water in Lake Biwa have decreased. They say that the spread of the water algae condition has improved and that the foul odour has disappeared.

The Background of the lake:   Lake Biwa

About 310 miles west of Tokyo on the Japanese island of Honshu, more than 500 rivers flow out of the  mountains into Lake Biwa, the largest of Japan’s freshwater lakes.  covers 259 square miles, is 39 miles long, 14 miles across  at its greatest width and less than one mile across at its narrowest. The northern portion of the lake, which has a mean depth of 141 feet, accounts for 90 percent of the entire lake area.  The watershed of Lake Biwa covers roughly 1,250 square miles.

Lake Biwa also is one of the world’s oldest lakes. Although the present-day lake began taking on its larger form about 40,000 years ago, Lake Biwa developed in eight stages beginning about four million years ago. Lake environments have persisted in the area for the last one million years.

Lake Biwa hosts 491 species of plants and 595 species of animals. Recent studies of the lake bottom suggest that many more species remain to be discovered. About 50 species and subspecies are found nowhere else. These include such animals as the freshwater pearl mussel.

People probably first settled around Lake Biwa 20,000 years ago. As early as 2,000 years ago, people began cultivating rice around the lake, using farming tools and techniques that persisted into the twentieth century. Similarly, fishing techniques developed 1,500 years ago continued to be used until recently.

Before World War II, Shiga Prefecture was rural, and residents often combined small-scale farming with fishing to make a living. Beginning in 1960, however, the prefecture underwent explosive growth.  Many of the old ways and pace of life were discarded as people changed their life styles and became more dependent on industrial products and activities.

Urbanization led to the destruction of important habitats around the lake.  During reconstruction after World War II, many shallow lakes and marshes surrounding Lake Biwa were filled to increase agricultural lands.  More than 725 acres of the lake itself were filled for development and public use.

Beginning in 1966, government agencies systematically monitored water quality with fixed monitoring points and other methods. This data has shown the shallower southern portion of the lake to be more heavily contaminated than the northern portion. The southern portion has become eutrophic over time. Since the late 1970s, both portions of the lake have suffered blooms of algae that are associated with high levels of pollution.  Nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, also have encouraged excessive growth of exotic water weeds that in some cases have crowded out native weed species.

24 percent of the nitrogen and 34 percent of the phosphorus entering the lake comes from domestic kitchens, baths, toilets, and washing machines. Roughly 20 percent of the nitrogen and 40 percent of the phosphorus comes from  factories, while agriculture contributes 18 percent of the nitrogen and 9 percent of the phosphorus.

In the late 1970s, the government sought to reverse the decline of the lake by improving sewage treatment, requiring the use of non-phosphate detergents, and managing fertilizers in farm fields and stockyards. In 1986, the government adopted goals for reducing the pollution of Lake Biwa, but these goals, even when relaxed, were not met.

The failure to meet pollution reduction goals may partly be due to the loss of marshes and shallow lakes along the shores of Lake Biwa.  Such areas help purify water running from the land before it enters the lake. Between 1953 and 1992, reed marshes shrank by more than one third. Natural shoreline shrank from nearly half in 1979 to just 41 percent in 1991. In 1992, the prefectural government passed a law banning the destruction of reed marshes.

Besides filtering water running off the land, these areas also are important as nursery areas for fish and shellfish. Yet, the abundance of the lake’s fish and shellfish has been declining dramatically. Commercial landings of fish declined from 3,225 metric tons to 2,240 metric tons between 1965 and 1995. Landings of shellfish declined from 2,957 metric tons to just 201 metric tons during the same period.


Lake Ontario, the 14th largest lake in the world, is the smallest of the Great Lakes in surface area.
Lake Ontario lies 325 ft (99 m) below Lake Erie, at the base of Niagara Falls.
LENGTH:  193 miles / 311 km.
BREADTH:  53 miles / 85 km.
AVERAGE DEPTH:  283 ft. / 86 m
MAXIMUM DEPTH:  802 ft. / 244 m.
VOLUME:  393 cubic miles / 1,640 cubic km.
WATER SURFACE AREA:  7,340 sq. miles / 18,960 sq. km.
DRAINAGE BASIN AREA:  24,720 sq. miles / 64,030 sq. km.
SHORELINE LENGTH (including islands):  712 miles / 1,146 km.
OUTLET:  St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean
Champlain first called it Lake St. Louis in 1632. On a 1656 map, it remained Lac de St. Louis.  In 1660, Creuxius gave it the name Lacus Ontarius. Ontara in Iroquois means "lake," and Ontario, "beautiful lake."

July 25, 2003, 7:25, PM, the Toronto Dowsers will be at a point on the shore of Lake Ontario, where we will drop in some droplets of ECH20, and, we will send the water love and thanks and respect with all our intention and focus and gratitude and emotion.  We join in this effort with others around the world at other bodies of water and others around Lake Ontario.

Let us tell water our Love and Thanks.

Put a glass of water on a table in your kitchen, dining room or private room. Tell the water "I love you" and "Thank you", gently. At the same time, briefly visualize that all the water on Earth is connected with each other. You can do this with your children, family members and friends. Your Love and Thanks will be sent out to all the water on Earth through the water in the glass.

How about imagining the following when you are touching the water coming from the faucet while doing the dishes, washing rice before cooking, or washing your clothes? The vibration of your Love and Thanks is overflowing from your heart through your chest, shoulders, and arms, and going through your palms that are touching the water into the water going out into a drain pipe. Your vibration will go through the flow of water very easily into the drain, into the nearby rivers and finally enter the ocean. The vapor from the ocean will build clouds and then the water will fall down as rains onto various parts of the world. In this way, the vibration of Love and Thanks that has originated from your heart will be transmitted to all over the world through the water network. This is a very easy way, and you can do this every day and every time you use water.

An easier way will be just to tell gently "I love you" and "Thank you" to the water that is flowing out into a drain pipe after it has finished its role. This will surely change the vibration of the water.

It is also very effective to put a "Thank you" sticker to the surface of the faucet. Every time you turn the faucet, it will remind you of the importance to express your gratitude to water.

Or, if you want to do it a little bigger, then you can have a gathering around a pond, a lake, a river or along seashore. Then make a circle, holding hands, and say the same thing as above or more. Remember that the power of prayer is proportionate to the square of the number of people. You can add to this ceremony your own prayers that express your Love and Thanks toward water or Planet Earth.

As the vibration of your Love and Thanks flows from your heart, you may feel your chest getting warmer. This will be the result of the Law of the Universe "What you give, you will receive".

Add visualization to our Love and Thanks
Add emotion to our Love and Thanks

Let us visualize that the vibration of Love and Thanks is transmitting into water as golden/silver light. The whole water of the world is sparkling beautifully. Finally, the whole planet is shining so brilliantly. When filled with the highest vibration of light, everything is healed and harmonized. Let us visualize that the faces of all the people on Earth are filled with a smile. Send Love and Thanks to water in some special areas

There may be some areas where wars and conflicts are still continuing. Let us send our Love and Thanks to the water where people are suffering from pain and sorrow. It will change into healing water, and everything and everybody will be filled with a vibration of Love and Harmony.

Those who are participating in war and those who are suffering from war are both ourselves. For all the consciousnesses are connected into one. And it is said that water is a mirror to reflect our own consciousness.

Peace begins from the hearts of each and every one of us. Let us fill up our hearts with the vibration of Love and Thanks. Then visualize that the vibration is overflowing like an unlimited fountain, reaching every part of the globe and healing the whole world.

Our consciousness definitely influences upon water. Especially when we concentrate our consciousness with the same intention, it will have a tremendous power. It is like a laser beam that can reach the surface of the moon.

Such is the power of human consciousness.
The Consciousness of each one of us changes the world

Consciousness of each of us creates our world, which means we can change the world. When the Earth is filled with the vibration of Love and Thanks, then you will experience a world filled with Love and Thanks.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

In the audience, it was good to see Toronto Dowsers: Shelley Bourne, Bill Clothier, Susan Collins, Diana Davis, John Felipe, Pauline Gagnon, Dale Grindley, Peg Groom, Jannette Huszczo, Walter Huszczo, Marlene Jelski, Lynne Jenkins, Daniel  Kolos, Patricia Morton, Muriel Murray, Malca Narrol, Caroline Seeto, Klaus Stalchuss, Daisy Toribio, Marie Troup, Ernst von Bezold, Baroness Tamara von Schlegel, Edit Zaj !!!

Our deep thanks to Brigitte Gebauer of Starlight Events for making this possible, for having the idea to bring Dr. Emoto to Toronto at this exact moment in time and putting it in to action.  We started our Water Project 6 months earlier and the timing for us all to come together right now could not be more perfect.

Our thanks, also, to Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, the Secretary General of  the Project for Love and Water for the I.H.M. Research Institute, for helping to facilitate communications between his group and the Toronto Dowsers.

We will be initiating discussions with dowsers and other like minded people in Kingston, Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara Falls, St. Catherines, Hamilton, etc. --- anyone who lives near the lake, to join in with us to bring Lake Ontario back to health and to join in with people all over the world who are also helping to heal the waters on July 25, 2003 at 7:25 PM.   Spending a Friday evening in the summer by the lake is a wonderful idea.

The Toronto Dowsers will be taking ECH20, the water which was energized by Raymon Grace, to put a few drops of this energized, healing water in to the lake, with intention.  Please let us know if you would like your own bottle.  One bottle can last forever, and so does the energy.  Raymon said it lasts "beyond forever".

By these simple yet cumulative efforts, we can each and every single one of us do our part to significantly advance the health of the waters of this planet.  Join with all of us all over the world on July 25, 2003 at 7:25 PM to share your positive intentions and energy with a body of water in your community.  It can be the ocean, a river, a lake, your own pond.   It will work best if there are at least 3 people doing this together.

With focussed intention, awareness and love, say to the water:

Water, I thank you
Water, I love you
Water, I respect you
Repeat this 10 times.  And anything else that feels right to you.   And if you have  ECH20, put in a few drops.  Or energize water yourself.

Send us your name, contact information and where you will be doing this and we will put you on our website at: so that others may contact you.  Let us join in with this to help one another.

Other websites:
    Dr. Emoto's main site      
    Project of Love and Water
    Toronto Dowsers           
    Toronto Dowsers Water Project
    The July 25th event       

Our deepest thanks to Raymon Grace and to Dr. Emoto for all they have done and continue to do.


Many of you already know about  Joe Smith .   Joe is a farmer from Johnson, Nebraska and is one of the most active, prolific and education oriented dowsers we know of.  He is very good at finding water, minerals, lost people and objects and has over 20 years of solid experience.

Part one. Storm dowsing.

A weather front puts out a lot of energy and that is why it is so easy to dowse.   First of all you need to know how to map dowse. If you don't know how you better learn fast.  Lay your state map out on the table or any state map that might be having storms.  Then start your pendulum in a search motion (a back and forth motion) and move your hand following the direction of the swing asking for the edge of this storm front. When you find it the pendulum will swing along the leading edge of the front.   Notice what towns you are close to, then ask if there are any cells capable of developing a tornado. The pendulum will take you to the areas.  There may be more than one.  If one is located then ask the direction it is headed.  While you are doing this have the tv on and try to locate and predict the direction of each cell.  That way you get confirmation on your dowsing.

Story time:  25 years ago Marta, my wife, and I were in New Mexico visting kinfolks when the weather channel mentioned storms in Nebraska where we lived.  I got out the map and found the front and located a cell.  I traced its direction and it was headed for our little town of Johnson.  I called my daughter and told her that I wanted her to stay out of Johnson that night.  A couple of days later she called and told us thate the twister took a 10,000 bushel grain bin up and rolled it up main street, spilling all the corn on the ground.  It really didn't do too much damage . I don't think it got to the ground or it would have been bad.

 One other thing is to dowse back in time say a week or a couple of days.  If you knew of a storm track that occured earlier, pick that time frame and ask that the storm front be shown as it was at that time. It is better to find a live one so watch the weather channel for a target.  There will be a lot more before it is over.  Last fall they had some on the east coast late in the year so be careful out there. Any thing you don't understand just bring it up as a question and I'll try to answer it.

 Dowsing for the approaching storms  it is best to make a percentage chart if you dont have one, or, use your left hand for the chart.  The first question I ask is:  if the pipes are sweating and you feel like there is some body sitting on your chest is  "Are we going to have severe weather in the next "X" hours?"  If the answer is yes then I ask  "What % of a chance do we have of being hit by a tornado?"  If it is over 20% I get the map out and find the source of the threat and where it is coming from.    Many times the weather man has no idea there is one floating around untill some one sees it.

Story time:  One hot day I came in at noon and the pipes in the basement were sweating, the concrete in the shop was wet and the lathe was even sweating. Marta said that there was a chance for bad weather.  I said  I would check.  So I did and we had an 80% chance of getting hit by a twister that night.  The weather was rough that night. and we went to the basement for a little while.   Correction, Marta went to the basement, I laid on the couch.   But we looked  around and didn't see any damage.  I hadn't started checking the maps yet.  Checking  the maps came later. But we went to a town 20 miles north of us and saw some damage about 5-6 miles west of us.  I told Marta it was that close.  When we got home I drove into our little town of Johnson about 3 1/2 miles east and there were 13 sites where tornados had touched down within a 4 mile radius of our house.  Several buildings were torn down and several grain bins sucked off the corn and were carried for several miles.  The closest one was exactly 1 mile east of us.  Thats when I started doing the maps for sure.  Hope you all are getting something out of this.

On the using your left hand for the chart:
    Use your index finger for the 0 and your middle finger for the 100 and the center of your hand for the place to start your pendulum swinging.  (Palm up hand flat) then watch the leading edge of the pendulum and it will come around like the hand of a clock and stop at the right place. Your wrist would be 50% and your thumb would be 25%  and little finger could be 75%.   A chart works good also if you have one.  This might be hard to visualize.  But try any way.  The main thing is the energy that the storms put out is tremendous and it makes them easy to find.  The rotation of the cells can also be determined by just asking.  Keep your dowsing simple. That is  Lesson 2.

 To refresh the study We will go through it again, if I can remember and not have one of those senior moments.  Dowsing for storms, tornadoes and weather fronts is nothing more than map dowsing with a little informational dowsing thrown in.  You don't have to be an expert dowser to do this. Really all it takes is practice and it could very well save your life some day.  Oh yes don't forget intuition is always a part of dowsing.  Learn to watch the animals, or the birds.  They all give signs of oncoming weather.  Your dog probably knows something is about to change.  So just have your senses aware of things when there is a chance for bad weather.  The storms that come in the middle of the night are the ones that are dangerous.  There are storms moving across the states now so use the world atlas and see if you can find where they are.  The first time you pick up a storm front it will amaze you how it stands out, how easy it really is to do.   From now on we just need your questions because if you paid attention you now can dowse for storms.  This also works for winter storms and ice.  Once you learn it, it will stay with you.  It is a survival skill for you and your family.

May 8, 2003:  Here in Nebraska where I live it woke me up.  This morning, about 5 am, there was some thunder.  So I got up and grabbed my pendulum.  First thing I ask was is there any severe weather coming our way in the next few hours.   The pendulum said "no" so I went back to sleep.  The tv and radio had us in a severe watch till 11 am.  I went down south to Fall City to get some tractor parts and it RAINED.  The old cowboys would describe it as a cow pissing on a flat rock rain.  It was really coming down.  But not severe.  But tonight get your pendulums out and check NE Kansas and SE Nebraska for severe weather and see what you come up with. On another subject , how many would like to look for the body of a 4 year old boy murdered by his dad??? we think. If so I can give you the town and map serves to use so we are all on the same map.

  There is a cell just west and north of us at this time and it is starting to rain hard, High winds.  This storm goes clear into Oklahoma.  One just  went through Oklahoma City. Marta is headed for the basement now. One more: thing if a twister gets close your pendulum will swing flat out in a  real hard swing at a right angle to your hand.  You might not hear from me any more . Bye Bye. Joe.

The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Convention - June 11-15

If you are going to the annual  American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Convention soon and if you are staying in the dorms, I suggest you take with you: a reading lamp, extra pillow and blanket, real soap, shower shoes.  I take a tea kettle.  Refrigerators are available.  The dorms are VERY basic.  Dress is very casual. You are busy from 8 am - 10 pm.
HIGHly recommended:  Cathy Sweet, Sandee Mac, Robert Gilbert.
Contact:  (802) 684-3417 .

Raymon Grace:  2 weekends in June in gorgeous Nova Scotia

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: June 21 and 22 Beginner / Intermediate Dowsing Workshop
INFORMATION:  Ann Marie Yorke, Soldier’s Cove – Evenings only:  902-535-2177
                       OR:  1-416-398-6505

Summerville, Hants County, Nova Scotia: June 28 & 29
Nova Scotia Beginner / Intermediate Dowsing Workshop
INFORMATION:  Christine Buechele,– Evenings:  1-902-757-0849
Or Jacki :    1-416-398-6505

A new book: "DreamHealer"  by  Adam
Have you heard about Adam?  From Vancouver.  Thank you Maggie Robertson for telling the Dunkin Dowsers Kaffee Klatch about this on May 9

Adam is a 16 year old natural healer.  He works mostly with cancer patients. His story was written up in the May 3 Globe & Mail.  Here's some more:

" I am one of a few true distant healers in the world. I can actually see all the injured areas in your body. If necessary I can go straight to the physical level and actually see the organs as they function. I can also go down to the cellular level and see cancer or other diseases. To understand this in scientific terms I would recommend you read "The Quantum Hologram" by Edgar Mitchell."

Objective:   "To use my energy healing ability in cancer research. I would love the chance to help more people with cancer. The power that I harness would be an asset to any study being done in this area. I would very much appreciate being included in any studies for killing cancer with distant healing. Many people contact me as a last resort after chemo and radiation and sometimes after the body has started to shut down. At this point I can only relieve pain and give energy. I don't see this as a best use of my gift.

"I am a 16-year-old natural healer who has been helping people with various ailments for over a year. I am very efficient at using my special ability to identify and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. Cancer cells communicate to each other and I use this against them. I kill the cancer cells using energy frequencies (light) and they in turn spread this information to other cancer cells until they are all dead. This technique works extremely effectively with localized tumors before chemotherapy and radiation have been done.

"I have saved lives and will continue to. Of all ailments I have worked with, cancer is the most rewarding for me because I can make an immediate and lasting difference to someone's life.  Other conditions I have successfully worked on are: Rheumatoid arthritis … Fibromyalgia … Neuropathy … Endometriosis … Syrringomyelia … Spinal chord injuries … Sports injuries ... Migraines … Asthma … Various chronic and acute conditions

"What I see when I go into someone is a 3-D holographic image," Adam says. "I can see energy blockages, the problems, whatever. It looks like a 3-D image of the body, with different layers.

"I can see a physical layer: the heart beating, guts moving, that sort of stuff. Then there's a layer that's just like a hollow image of the person and there are green dots where there are problems -- or green bulges, depending on the problem."

He manipulates the bad dots to heal people. "Just like a computer. I take it out, or whatever," he says, waving his hands to demonstrate, as a conductor might wave a baton. "I move my hands around, because I can see the image in front of me. It's just easier to visualize myself splitting it in half if I use my hands."

Hey there Toronto Dowsers!   You can do this too, if you want to, if this is one of the places where your [dowsing] talent lies.  How do you do it?  Find your niche, and practice.  I've included his text here to give you a more visual image of how one person does it.
Adam says he has developed several different methods for healing. With Mr. Hawkins, he tried to bombard the tumour with energy. "You just vibrate it until it pops. It pops quite easily. It doesn't disperse. It just floats around and eventually your body eats it away.

"With Ronnie [Hawkins], it was dead after a few treatments. But I kept treating him until it was all gone, just to make sure. We did a treatment every day for three weeks, and every other day for another month."

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

1)   From our last (May 2003) newsletter, your feedback that what you said you greatly appreciated were the astrological notes about Uranus in Pisces that Pat Prevost provided to us.  Yes, they were excellent, and we have many astrologers and people interested in Astrology in our group. THANKS AGAIN, PAT!  And we have more information from your source in this issue.  Ursula Fugger, the new President of Astrology Toronto attended the beginner's Dowsing workshop I gave in April. Muriel Murray, one of our founding members has been in that group for many years.  Would anyone like to volunteer to do a chart and interpretation for the Toronto Dowsers?

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

 ""The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on for ever." — Dr. Alexis Carrel

"Unless the doctors of today become the dieticians of tomorrow, the dieticians of today will become the doctors of tomorrow." — Dr. Alexis Carrel

"Evident facts having an unorthodox appearance are suppressed." — Dr. Alexis Carrel

"What is love?"
"The total absence of fear," said the Master.
"What is it we fear?"
"Love," said the Master.

Anthony de Mello, SJ

THE    Tuesday, June 10th, 2003  MEETING FEATURES:
"Power vs. Force", The Movie
by and starring Dr. David Hawkins

Reading the book advances the reader's level of consciousness by a remarkable 35 points.  (The average human's consciousness advances by only 5 points in a lifetime).

Mere exposure to the "Map of Consciousness" advances one's understanding of all human behavior. A copy of the Map will be given out to each attendee.

Dr. David R. Hawkins is a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher and lecturer. He is listed in Who's Who in America. He has been a guest of MacNeil/Lehrer, Barbara Walters and The Today Show. His previous book was Orthomolecular Psychiatry, co-authored with Linus Pauling.

POWER vs. FORCE is the culmination of twenty years' research. David Hawkins conclusively proves the ability of kinesiological testing to distinguish truth or falsehood in  any statement. [NOTE: We know it depends on the ability, clarity, etc. of the "doer".]  He demonstrates the application of his method (explained dearly for the layman) in commerce, art, sport, etc. Then he explains its spiritual application, as a path to enlightenment.

 Dr. Hawkins demonstrates kinesiological calibration as a tool for assessing value and motive, revealing the hidden determinants of human behavior—and  establishing a Map of Consciousness that illuminates the spiritual ladder we follow as a race and as individuals.

In Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins describes how he used kinesiology to investigate consciousness. He determined that the human experience can be placed on a scale that he labeled from 1 to 1000. At the low end of the scale are qualities such as Guilt (30), Fear (100), Anger (150). Humans experiencing life at these levels are trapped by life; they feel victimized by the effect of forces in the physical universe. All levels below 200 are described as "Force," and characterized by a weak kinesiologic response. Levels above 200 are described as "Power," and elicit a strong  kinesiologic response.

Higher on this scale are Courage (200), Willingness (310), Reason (400), and Love  (500). Humans experiencing life at these levels feel that they are the source of their lives - they create effects in the physical universe. Different levels reflect radically unique viewpoints of the world. Dr. Hawkins points out that most of the great scientists (e.g., Newton, Freud) calibrate at 499, the highest level of the intellect. Yet, Carl Jung calibrates at 540: he coined the term "collective consciousness"- a concept that transcends reason or quantifiability.

At the highest end of this scale of human experience (600-1000) are qualities that transcend duality. Labels such as "enlightenment" cannot describe the bliss of these levels of consciousness. Dr.Hawkins reports that the great prophets of recorded human  history (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha) all calibrate on this scale at 1000. Their message of Unity also calibrated near 1000. Unfortunately, their message was translated by followers with less enlightened viewpoints; this explains the Holy Wars, and the vengeful God of the Old Testament.

Once you see, in the movie, how he does this, it will be so much easier to understand and you will start doing it.  You will experience at least 3 mind expanding "Ah Ha's" by watching this movie.  You will walk away knowing that a shift within your consciousness has taken place.  A shift to a different, higher level of conscious awareness.

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