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The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

Tuesday, June 8th 2004 (See last page for information)
A video featuring
Dr. David Hawkins, Ph.D.
"Realizing the Roots of Consciousness"
Presented by:  Paul Newton
Discussion to follow
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
* * * This is in a different room --- a smaller hall.
You go left instead of right --- on the lower level. * * *
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):    $7  for everyone for this meeting
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2004
JUNE 8 - Movie of Dr. David Hawkins, Discussion (Edward's Gardens)
JUNE 22 - Call To Action:  Consciousness Raising
JUNE 26 - Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force" will be in Toronto

JULY 4 - 1-4 PM - Field Trip to Beamsville at the home of Linda Jean (see below)
JULY 15 - 7:30 PM - "Haunted Toronto Walking Tour" --- (U of T) See below
JULY 25 - 7:25 PM - The Water Project --- Thank Water Day at Lake Ontario

AUGUST 14 - 25 - Coffee School & Coffee Dowsing at "The Merchants of Green Coffee"
AUGUST 19 - 7:30 PM - "Haunted Toronto Walking Tour" --- (Streets of Toronto) See below

The following 3 programs are tentative.  See newsletter & follow up with web site:
JULY & AUGUST - Discounts for programs at the Omega Centre
AUGUST 8 or 15 or 22 or 29 - Annual Dowsers Corn Roast
JULY or AUGUST - An outing with Bruce Magill

2 workshops:
JULY 10:- Alicja Aratyn:  Universal Pendulum. See below
JULY 11: - Margaret Ball, Advanced Dowsing - See below

SEPTEMBER William Henry
NOVEMBER - Alan Handelsman
NOVEMBER - John Clyde & Lyra Kranz, of Monroe and HemiSync will be back to do some workshops.

June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont
July 16th to July 19th - United States Psychotronics Association  annual conference
"Celebrating Feminine Achievements in Frontier Science" - Columbus, Ohio



There may be a newsletter in the summer.  Maybe, maybe not.
*            *            *            *            *            *

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If you are a member as of March 31, 2004,
And you refer someone who takes out membership before September 30th,
You will receive a coupon to bring a *new* person for free, valid until September 30th,
Please see that your name is somewhere on the Membership application as "referred by".
For a membership application, go to:  www.dowsers.info/toronto/register.htm
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The Toronto Dowsers
Walter Huszczo Library

The Toronto Dowsers is certainly getting a tour of Toronto.  Now that we finally have a lovely meeting place --- in the Toronto Botanical Gardens (they changed their name from Edwards Gardens) --- we have to move again, temporarily.   The Gardens will be undergoing renovation from December 2004 to July 2005.

So once again, we need a meeting place that is:
    Central:   Yonge & Lawrence area is ideal.
    Transportation:  Reasonable access to highways.  Parking.   Not too tough for TTC people
    Good Energy.   Good Size.   Minimum 2800 square feet.
    We can stay until 11 PM.   And:    Audio visual system.
    Affordable.  And:  Our meeting times are available.
Your   REALISTIC  suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The Latvian Centre, our meeting place for May 2004, is a possibility.
You indicated that yes, you would like it for a meeting place December - June.  Yes?
This newsletter is shorter than most.  Well, we'll see what happens by the time its finished.  Haven't finished it yet.

I owe you the meeting notes from special presentation March 24 with Ken Page.

I owe you the meeting notes from our April meeting with David Slater.

And now I owe you the meeting notes from the May meeting with Robert Gilbert.

We had 3 weeks between the May and June meetings, the weekend after the May meeting was the  workshop and I am writing this newsletter in 2 days to get it to you before I leave for the ASD in Vermont and before the June meeting.

So, I'm off to the ASD convention in Vermont again, June 7-13, where I hope to see old friends and make some new ones.  Mary Hardy will be there as will Alan Handelsman, our November 2004 speaker.   Not returning are long time favorites  Janet Dunlop, Robert Gilbert, Raymon Grace, Joey Korn, Louis Matacia, Joe Smith and Don Taylor and who are are some of the strong, smart, appreciated and well liked presenters.

   The ASD is in deep doo doo, and, many of us just don't know what to do about it.   You know that I was elected as a trustee and my 2 year term started June 2003.   Things seemed to start out well and slid to below zero in November.  Not just me.  The whole board.  It's been too disenheartening to discuss.   The parallels between the ASD and US gov are eerie.  As one of the representatives said to me this week:  Both are run by presidents who have seized control, make their own rules and ignore the rights of their electorate and even those of governing colleagues.

    In a few short months, 2 of the remaining 19 trustees quit.  The bookstore staff quit in October.  New staff was hired.  The new staff quit last month.  The Operations Manager resigned.  One of the 4 editors of the ASD quarterly digest sent a blistering email to the president.  This was ignored.  The President calls trustee meetings without notifying all the trustees.   He decided to put one of the publications on the web instead of printing and mailing it as is required by our rules.   He set up email lists and forcibly subscribed the trustees to these lists and refused to take off the names of those who didn't want to be on the lists (this is like sending magazine subscriptions or pizza to someone's home).  Several trustees got together in an attempt to bring a legal suit against the president.  The Water For Humanity Fund sent him a formal complaint stating that comments and statements made by members of the Auditing Committee and Business Analysis Committee they claim are slanderous, malicious, and libelous.  Convention registration forms were mailed out 5 weeks late.   Membership figures have declined markedly.  And more.

    Not enough people know what's going on.  Chapter leaders and members don't know what's going on.  You now know what's going on more than most of the ASD members, who will probably never find out.

    I have not yet figured out if this is deliberate, or just abysmal leadership.  I became a trustee because I felt the last president didn't do anything and I wanted to help make a positive difference.  What does one choose?   Entropy or destruction?  Its like a choice between Bush and Gore.  A non choice.

    What is extremely puzzling to many of us is that this is supposed to be a spiritual organization.  Again, like the US gov, which has a beautifully heartfelt Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution, the ASD Code of Ethics and Preamble are beautifully crafted documents that come from deeply spiritual sources.  And they are all being ignored and profaned.

  The ASD is the American Society of Dowsers, the largest dowsing group in the world.  When I first joined it had about 1,000 members more than it has at the present time.  There are currently about 3,700 members.

     Again, like the US gov, it is up to the people, i.e., the members of ASD to take the power back and make the difference.  We get too used to the "experts" doing things for (to) us and in doing so we give them our power.   What is now an awful situation can turn in to exciting self determinism.

    When I agreed to be nominated to run as trustee of the ASD I told them I had great ideas and that diplomacy was not one of my strong skills.  They said they wanted my ideas and creativity.  Ok.  The president refused to give a written go ahead on the report for the Publications Committee that I prepared, that was accepted by the trustees and that he verbally approved?  Why?  I'll leave that opinion unsaid for now.

   Last year, I wanted to go to the convention to have a good time, to find out good information for the Toronto Dowsers, to do a good job as a trustee.  I put on a trustee badge and instantly I was the enemy.  Before I even had a chance to hoot n holler!   It was an extremely stressful time and at the trustee meeting --- you could feel the nasty entities and resentment in the air.  Not an auspicious beginning.  Dowsers Hall, the ASD Headquarters, feels as if it is rife with non beneficial energies.  Weird, huh?

    February, I began to care less.  Don't want to spend my time this way, want to create worthwhile projects.  Studying organizations over the last 20 years brought me to the realization that the leaner the structure and the rules, the more time and energy and resources are available to spend on the goals and purpose.   Organizations, like governments, spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to govern themselves, and do this poorly, rather than focusing on the needs and goals of the organization.  Feh. What a waste.

    Sorry about this section.  It's been building up, its been sad and serious, getting worser and worser [sic]. We have gained a lot from the ASD, I'd hate to see it go down the tubes.  And, the Toronto Dowsers has also given a lot to the ASD.  I hope the members and perceptive trustees can turn things around in time and learn from this painful lesson.  There is so much good to this organization, if we get smart enough soon enough we can come out of this stronger than before.

    Another irony --- about upcoming timing.  You will read, below about the Transit of Venus and how only people and organizations with ethics and integrity will succeed.  The Transit is June 8th.  The yearly ASD membership meeting takes place June 10th.  Again, like the US government and the people of the US, the people of the ASD are fantastic.  It's just a few people who have gained control of the leadership who are doing things that are, in Dr. Hawkins words, non integrous.



June 8 meeting at Edwards Gardens:   $7  for all.
(now called the Toronto Botanical Gardens)
Paul Newton will show one of Dr. David Hawkins' videos and open the evening for discussion

Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force", the "Eye of the I" and "I"; colleague of Dr. Linus Pauling,  has created greater public awareness of activity related to dowsing.  Using kinesiology, which is similar to dowsing, he explores consciousness, describes areas of consciousness, what he feels raises and detracts from consciousness, and, has designed a "Map of Consciousness", in Chart Form, which measures from 0 to 1000.  Those who measure below 200 are deep in to unconscious non beneficial behavior and thought.

This map, and descriptions and insights can be found at:  www.TorontoDowsers.com/map.htm   (This was mailed to all Toronto Dowsers with the map, and explanations, about 2 years ago.)

He says that: "Reading the book advances the reader's level of consciousness by a remarkable 35 points.  (The average human's consciousness advances by only 5 points in a lifetime)" . And that "mere exposure to the "Map of Consciousness"  advances one's understanding of all human behavior."

This book, first published in 1995, can probably be called the most influential book of this decade.  This book is in our library.

 Mankind lacks the capacity to recognize the difference between good and evil.  By humbly surrendering to this awareness, man may be forearmed.  Through frequent practice of this  technique [kinesiology /dowsing], spiritual blindness to truth and falsehood can be  progressively replaced by a growing intuitive vision.

Society is collectively most vulnerable when the capacity to distinguish between attractors and imitators or to perceive nuances of differing levels of consciousness is dulled. Thus do civil abuses  become law and political extremists  persuade with righteous slogans.

Injury to man's "spiritual eye" has resulted in dimness of moral vision. and blindness to truth which affect 85% of the earth's population, which linger below the level of integrity.

The great issue that confronts mankind as a whole is the healing of this spiritual blindness.
We think that we live by forces we control, but in fact we are governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which we have no control.

The universe does not work in the ways that we have been taught.  It is time to awaken and to learn the truth.  "

Dr. Hawkins offers lectures once a month in Sedona, Arizona.  Paul Newton (who also generously shared Gentle Wind instruments with us these last 2 December socials) has flown to Sedona frequently in order to attend as many of his lectures as possible.  He has started a Dr. Hawkins study group in Toronto and has many of the videos.

I have 2 major areas of disagreement with Dr. Hawkins work.  Maybe you can explain this better than I can:

1)   In his calibrations, he calibrates that George Bush and his ilk are at ~435 on his scale.  That's pretty high.  I have huge disagreements with Dr. Hawkins' calibrations results, despite his statements that he has calibrated over 10,000 people/items.  I don't doubt it.  He muscle tests one time, and accepts that result as a calibration (I think?).  What do you think?

2)   He pays little or no attention to dowsing, however relies totally on kinesiology (muscle testing).  I think the source is the same.  What are your opinions?  I think some good dowsers ought to talk to Dr. Hawkins.  Certain kinds of dowsers.  Our kind.

I won't be at that meeting as I'll be at the American Society of Dowsers convention in Vermont.


For the summer events, you don't need me for any info (YIPPEE!!!)  I love you guys, but I want to create some really neat programs for the next year and need blocks of uninterrupted time to do that.  So I've arranged events for you where I am not needed.  Contact the phone numbers, etc., if you have questions.  If you contact me, I may or may not get back to you.

This could very well mean we may not see one another until September and I know I'll miss you very much in the meantime.  Absolument.  And we'll appreciate one another more.

I will be sending emails.

*            *            *            *            *

The Toronto Dowsers has participated in this event the 22nd of September, December and March.  March 22nd, 2003 was our first visit to The Mound.  This history, story and feedback was written up in the May 2003 Toronto Dowsers newsletter.  If you can, return to The Mound that evening.  The Summer Solstice on the Mound?  Sounds pretty powerful!  Or JUST DO IT wherever you are.
Sunday June 22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, please join in the global network to raise the energy and consciousness of the Earth.  All types of positive healing energy - dowsing, Reiki, prayer, chanting, meditation, tai chi, drumming, EVERYTHING - should be directed to the waters, the land, the people, the animals, the governments, the religious institutions and the past, present, and future of our planet. For a minute, an hour or as long as you wish, please direct your thoughts and energy to this effort.  Our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  Please share this message with everyone you know.  Thank you for caring, and doing something about it!  The future is ours to create now.

Four times a year, at 8 p.m. EST on the 22nd of  March, June, September and December, light workers around the globe are invited to join together again.  Again, our collective goal is to unilaterally claim our divine power and ability to heal, balance and protect the Earth from any and all negative energies.  These four dates tie in with the seasonal solstices, and will keep the healing energy “set in motion” all year long.

This series of events was catalyzed by a friend of Raymon Grace.  We are reminded that everyone has the divine power to heal and affect positive change.  But too rarely do we accept the responsibility to direct our energies to healing the planet.  Here's our chance to make a meaningful contribution.

Dr. Emoto: "It is important to raise our collective consciousness in regard to water."

As we did last year, if you like, please go to a body of water, or
to the shore of Lake Ontario
Gather by 7 PM to focus by 7:25 and evoke:
"Water, I love You
Water, I thank you,
Water I respect you"

July 25, 2003, people did this at 125 locations around the world such as:
the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Lake Biwa (Japan), Hiroshima, Lake Starnberg (Germany).

The Consciousness of each of us creates our world. When the Earth is filled with the vibration of Love and Thanks, then you will experience a world filled with Love and Thanks.

Last year we went to a spot on Lake Ontario, by Sunnyside Park, just west of the Band Shell. Perhaps you can make your own group of at least 3 people at another spot somewhere on the shore of Lake Ontario, or, by another body of water.

July 25th is the "Day Out of Time" according to the Mayan Calendar: www.tortuga.com

Masaru Emoto says, for after July 25, 2003:  How should we continue this movement? -- Let us send our Love and Thanks everyday to water at our kitchen, water from a well, mineral water that we bought, water in our bath-tub, water of our lavatory and so on. If you have a river, a pond, a lake or an ocean in the neighborhood, let us visit there with your family and friends on Sundays and holidays and dedicate our Love and Thanks to the water. If you find garbage there, collect it and clean the place.

You need a center or a core for anything, which is actually some place and person. I myself continue to send such energy to you through this site. On your side, the center would be where you are right now and the core would be you yourself. Let us send our vision to create a house of World Peace continuously to ourselves, our family members, our communities and so on.

On July 25 next year (2004), please feel a sense of solidarity no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing and think about where I am even momentarily. Please send Love and Thanks to the water of the place where I will be at that time through the water near you. Let meet again somewhere. I will continue to walk.

Dowsers find water.  As Conscious Dowsers, not only do we find water, but we love, respect, honor and thank it.  We are the guardians of the earth energies.  Of the water and the grids.

www.muddyyorktours.com/  - or -  www.ontarioghosts.org/walkingtours/
Richard Fiennes-Clinton is the founder and principal tour guide of Muddy York Walking Tours.  He and his crew take people on walking tours of Haunted locations around Toronto.  Two tours have been arranged, especially for the Toronto Dowsers, one on a Thursday night in July and one on a Thursday night in August.  Whatever the weather.


Meet:  At the front steps of the ROM.  7:30 PM
Cost:  $10 per person.  $9  if you show your Toronto Dowsers membership card.
Limits:  Richard has room for 20-25 people for each tour. Call: (416) 487-9017  to reserve your place.  And, if you do reserve a place, please do call if you can not make it to make an opening for someone else.  Advance payment is NOT required.   muddy_york@ontarioghosts.org

Please make ALL arrangements with Richard at: 416 487 9017. He will be glad to answer your questions.  The ROM is located on the SouthWest corner of Bloor Street and University Avenue (by the Museum Subway stop).

If you have attended the first tour, and go on the second tour, he provides an additional discount.  Bring a friend.  Special price only for card carrying members of the Toronto Dowsers.

A cozy cafe that we have just discovered, thanks to Daniel Kolos, who took us there after our visit to the Egyptian Exhibit at the ROM, is the "Coffee Mill", at 99 Yorkville.  Open  10 am - 11 pm, it is comfy, good food, reasonable prices, good atmosphere.  This is a short walk from the ROM if you wish to have a meal or a snack before or after your Haunted Tour.

Tour # 1
Thursday, July 15th.  7:30 PM - approximately 90 minutes
The Ghosts of the University of Toronto
A little education can be a ghastly business! The University of Toronto, a centre for academics and higher learning, has more than its own share of urban legends. The architecture and environment of the University certainly lend themselves to some ghostly storytelling. The grounds of the University of Toronto can be spooky indeed.   Some of the stories you will hear are:
Tour  #2
Thursday, August 19th - 7:30 PM-  approximately 2 hours
The Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto
The city of Toronto has seen hundreds of years of human history. From the time as the Huron "place of meeting", through European exploration in the 1600 and 1700s, settlement in the 1800s, through to the commercial and multicultural explosions of the modern day, "Toronto the Good" has seen a lot of history. Walking the streets of Toronto, there may be a lot of history that has never before caught your eye.

Do you dare take in the things that history has left behind, after dusk has started to fall?

As a centre of population for centuries, Toronto has a tapestry of mysteries, urban legends and ghost stories. Now, you can explore the city as you never have before. Our ghost tour will not only reveal the history of some of its finest institutions, but it will also give you the opportunity to explore some of its more eerie landmarks, as well!! This tour has received very good acclaim and is an enticing way for us to present the history of Toronto.

"Toronto the Good" or "Toronto the Ghoulish"? You decide!!   This tour is a scream!!

This two-hour tour starts at the front steps outside the Royal Ontario Museum. It travels south to Queen Street and then east, just past Yonge Street. On this tour we discuss the paranormal legends behind a lot of Toronto's famous sites, like Queen's Park, Old City Hall, and Osgoode Hall. The final stop is one of the most notorious of Toronto's haunted buildings. Several people have claimed to experience the unusual here.

  * It begins on the front steps outside the Royal Ontario Museum
  * It takes approximately two hours and is conducted entirely outdoors.
  * It is NOT circular - it doesn't finish back where it starts. There is convenient subway service to both the starting point and from the ending point.

Merchants of Green Coffee - August 14th   2-5
cost:  free
 2 Matilda Street (2 N of Queen, 1 West of Broadview)  (416) 741-5369
Remember the Merchants of Green Coffee?
They came to our April 2004 meeting and were written up in the May 2004 newsletter.
They offer "sustainable" (i.e., environmentally friendly) green coffee beans that you can home roast.
Drinking coffee that is made from freshly roasted coffee beans has health benefits.
The 2nd Saturday of every month they host a coffee roasting school.
August 14th it will be dowser oriented.

Learn how to roast green coffee beans, why you may want to do it, which beans are best for you.

In addition to "school": Coffee Cupping 101, Sustainable Coffee 101, Coffee Roasting 101, you will be given a worksheet to help you dowse --- that day --- the coffee that best suits your needs.

Field trip to Beamsville
in the Energy Garden of Linda Jean
Sunday, July 4th  1-4
(Beamsville is about 90 kilometers from Toronto, about 20 minutes past Hamilton)
$25.00 per person, RSVP

Carol Heath, President of HAHN, Crystal teacher and student and colleague of Crystal Lotus Margherita Vondrak has made this outing possible for us.  RSVP to Carol and contact her with any questions you may have about this event:

Linda Jean has offered to open her gardens and pathways so you too can experience the possibilities. Linda is an intuitive who shares her skills both through healing and teaching.  When Linda moved to this property she recognized the incredible energy that it held and began to work with it.  Over time she has designed gardens and pathways for people to enjoy.  There are large rocks that Linda was guided to place at strategic points.  These rocks, that are large enough to sit on, create an energy grid that is great to work with.

We will have the opportunity to walk Angel Alley, experience Mom’s Garden, Hosta Heaven and Dragon Fly Dream and the enchanting The Faeries Dream.

For those of you who are thinking “more fluff”:  Come and bring your pendulums and an open mind and experience the energies for your self.  You will be truly amazed. You may be able to share some new knowledge with the group and Linda Jean!

Linda Jean will share some experiences with the pathways and a guided visualization will be offered.  There will be a dowsing contest complete with a prize!  You will also have the opportunity to experience some wonderful crystals.

Linda will make her own special tea from her garden for us.  Bring your lawn chair, goodies to share and water for what promises to be an exciting afternoon. As parking is limited carpooling is an option.

To register or for further information call: Carol 519 759-4742 or carolheath@rogers.com

4674 Greenlane Road Beamsville, Ontario
Directions:  Take QEW Niagara.  Take Exit #64 - Ontario Street Beamsville.  (This is also called Lincoln  on my map quest)  Take the ramp and go right to the second stop lights.  Turn left onto Greenlane.  At the end of this stretch you turn left on Bartlett and then immediately over the railway tracks you turn right onto the continuation of Greenlane. Number 4674 is the first house on the right.  Yellow mailbox with ducks.  House is barn shaped.

The following programs are tentative, as the events have been discussed but not confirmed.  Please remain connected with the website, as confirmations will appear on the website.  You can try calling me, but do not depend on me getting back to you.  If you are not on Internet please make your own connection with a Toronto Dowser who is.   You can find one of these really nice folks at the June 8th meeting.

Why are these events "tentative"?  Because altho I set up discussions with each of the principals some time ago, I did not have time to firm up details and am writing the newsletter in 2 days.  The coordinators of these events and I have not been able to connect w one another, due to my current narrow time constraints. ....

*            *            *            *            *            *


July 1st - August 31st --- (almost) daily events at:
The Omega Centre - 29 Yorkville Avenue

The Omega Centre, Toronto's largest new age bookstore, located at 29 Yorkville Avenue, which is 2 blocks north of Bloor Street and between Yonge Street and Bay Street, has evening programs.  The programs from July 1st to August 31st will be offered at half price to members of the Toronto Dowsers.   You have to show your membership card to be eligible for this discount.  Their current monthly listing is posted at: /www.freespiritcentre.info/events.html.  We have had difficulty getting  a confirmation from the Omega Centre. We have a verbal, but not, as of this printing, written confirmation.  When I have the written confirmation, or not, I will post the info and their calendar on the website.
BRUCE MAGILL, master dowser
took us to the Peterborough Petroglyphs last year.
He may be arranging another outing for us this summer, but we won't know until the beginning of June. Stay tuned for the website for info.

An Invitation to the
Annual Dowsers Corn Roast
One August Sunday
at the farm home of
Les & Sharon Kato, Vanessa, Ontario
(about a half hour SW of Brantford)

Les has sponsored a corn roast at his home for the dowsers for the last 4 or 5 summers (and I've attended most of them, as a friend of Les'.  The members of HAHN, from the Hamilton area, a related group, are invited and do attend).   A retired tobacco farmer, Les has a nice piece of land.  On this property, he and his son built a magical 9 circuit 90 foot in diameter Chartres Labyrinth,  whose borders are composed of plants.   He has also made a working "Cloudbuster" and has and uses "French Coils" to help the bring dying trees back to life.   Les is very good with earth energies.  He led our dowsing practice at our March 2003 meeting.

Les supplies the corn, and that is a reason why the date has not yet been set.  It depends on the best time for the harvest.  You are asked to bring a dish for a pot luck, suitable for 8 servings.  The food in the past has been so delicious, its one of the best reasons to come.  And the energy of the place.  And the air.  And the stillness.  Especially around dusk.  Yes, some do bring wine.

You are asked to contribute $5 per person to our hosts that go towards cost of paper goods, et ceteras.

We are not sure of the date as of yet.  It will be either August 8 or 15 or 22 or 29.   The web page:  www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/leskato.htm will be posted as soon as this information --- date, time, location ---  is available.

At our January 2002 meeting, a segment of a recording was played and you were asked to name the source.  Guesses were:  choirs, opera singers, etc.   This came from a recording of the sound of crickets, slowed down.   Beautiful, soothing music.  This came from a group called the Ishayas, and, they are coming to Toronto for an introductory talk,  June 3, at 7:00pm @ Wonderworks Bookstore, 79A Harbord St. then for the June 25th weekend: The Ishayas' Ascension, "Move beyond the Mind, beyond suffering.  Ascension is a practice that returns your mind to its natural state". For info: Mary (416) 920-1280.  A workshop is being offered after that time.


with Alicja Aratyn
July 10, 2004
Location: so far undetermined. Call for info.

The Universal Pendulum is the most sophisticated pendulum known. Its unique method of use is different from  any kind of dowsing or dowsing tool you have ever used. Due to the strength and enormous power of this pendulum it is only taught via hands-on practice and not through books.  Users of the Universal Pendulum must know &  follow certain rules.

During this workshop you will learn about:

I invite you to open a new door to healing and understanding dowsing tools!
- Alicja -
Investment: $80.-
To enroll call Alicja @ (905) 848-1233

Advanced Dowsing Workshop   /  Radionics
July 11th, 2004     10:00 - 4:00.  Richmond Hill
  • This workshop will focus on the many applications possible with dowsing.
  • We will work with man's 'upper bodies': chakras, miasms, and, cellular memory from traumatic experiences in our lives (past and present).
  • You will learn about the homeopathic principles ... sarcodes, nosodes, homochords and how these vibrations are used in broadcasting for health through the principles of RADIONICS.
  • We will co-ordinate color, music, flowers, gems etc. into a harmonious healing symphony through the Radionic Principle.
  • Cost:  Before June 30th:  Members:  $70.00   Non Members:  $80.00
             After   June 30th:  Members:  $80.00   Non Members:  $90.00

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    To the ROM and the Egyptian Exhibit, with Daniel Kolos

    Daniel Kolos, Toronto Dowsers member and Egyptologist, Egyptian tour guide, poet, author, and farmer, took us to the Royal Ontario Museum, May 9th and 10th.  He came back down to Toronto again (from his home near Owen Sound) to take Robert and Elizabeth Gilbert, and myself on May 13.  The mixture between the sacred geometry teachings and the history of ancient Egypt, the explanations of their hieroglyphics, symbology and culture, was mentally provocative.  Daniel can read the hieroglyphics and has written a book explaining them.

    As we stood in front of one of the stelae, featuring Osiris, Daniel explained that Osiris is the God of the dead, and, at the same time, when someone dies, they wish to become Osiris.  On the stelae were carvings of loaves of bread and jugs of beer.

    Daniel explained that one wishes 1,000 loaves of bread and 1,000 jugs of beer to the dead, to accompany them.  For those who are wealthier, they could also add 1,000 pieces of alabaster, 1,000 jugs of honey, etc.

    Someone in our group jokingly asked:  How about 1,000 women?  Daniel said no, that they are not that kind of culture.  They are a fertility culture and do not believe in or practice monogamy.  When asked about how things were for the women, Daniel told us that:  Women can do whatever they want.  They are free do do what they please --- as long as it is within their homes.  And their homes are much larger than ours, they have a different concept of what comprises a home.

    Such a concept!  If they don't practice monogamy --- their entire society, their thoughts, their entire way of living must be different. When we read, say, historical novels, such as the series by Christian Jacq --- these novels have little basis in fact since we have imposed our culture, morals and way of life to give a story shape.  I discussed this with Daniel and he agreed.  I can not even begin to think the way they did.  Daniel said that its almost impossible to do so.  He said that the concept of monogamy came about with Zoroaster, who brought dualism in to our awareness.

    The ancient Egyptians also had a strong focus on death and dying and the afterlife.  This could be our perception, because this is what we have uncovered in our excavations, i.e., tombs and their contents.

    We are fortunate to have available to us in our group Egyptologist Daniel Kolos and the knowledge and Egyptian dowsing tools offered by Alicja Aratyn.  Robert Gilbert said that the only places one can get the virtual cone pendulums are from Egypt, from Robert, and from Alicja.  Alicja has recently moved from the Lakeshore to Etobicoke.

    Our May 2004 Meeting, featuring:  Dr. Robert Gilbert
       Our May meeting was another stupendous event.  We met, for the first time, at the Latvian Center.  The energy was excellent, and aside from some parking problems, you seemed to like it.  Over 160 people showed up, many new people.  As there was too much traffic, Margaret Ball was unfortunately delayed and could not offer us dowsing practice.

    Here's an idea, based on something we learned from David Slater:

        At about 4:00 the day of the meeting, I started to feel as if I was coming down with the flu. You know that hot, tired, dizzy spacey feeling?  This was definitely NOT a good time.  I did not have any Oscillococcinum, the favorite homeopathic flu remedy, where, if I take one dose in time --- its gone.  And was rushing to get to the meeting.  What to do?

       I remembered what David Slater said --- that if you can't get the remedies soon enough, say their name.  So, I said: "Oscillococcinum" several times.  The symptoms abated.   They came back a half hour later.   Remembering Robert Gilbert's words about saying things a certain number of times to get in to certain subtle energy bodies, I repeated "Oscillococcinum" 7 times.   Every 10 minutes I repeated it a few more times.  The symptoms went away and did not return.

       So --- sometimes, you can say the name of a remedy and intend that the energy of that remedy come in to your energy field.  That could be all you need.  As we are still physical beings, we need physical substance and sustenance.  But as we move towards the energetic, we can move more in to receiving our sustenance energetically.

    Because of the subject of the presentation, Ajicja Aratyn was there, selling Egyptian related dowsing tools and statuary.  Bill Colclough had set up one of Alicja's pyramids.  Hugh Magill, who also got caught in traffic, had Gentle Wind instruments for people to use.

    During the announcements, I was asked if I would announce an upcoming event from another group.  This is almost always a pleasure to do, especially when it is related to our activities and purpose.

    However, this time it was different, and I wish some folks would read these newsletters.  Most of our history concerning another group has been recorded in our newsletters and those who have been with us prior to September 2002 know what I'm talking about.  The more disturbing incidents have been omitted as it was not necessary to get in to sordid detail, but to give you an idea as to the kind of energy that was being directed at us by them.  It is not appropriate for us to offer free publicity to any person or group that has attempted to undermine our efforts, that has harmed us and never apologized and that has denied me membership.

    Our Speaker, and, his weekend workshop
    Robert Gilbert's masterful presentation skills and thorough command of his subject held all of us spellbound for his 100 minute presentation.  We could have sat there longer.  Few even left their seats to go to the washroom.  The books that he brought with him sold out at the meeting and there were none left for the workshop.

    About 6 of us at the meeting had heard Robert for the last 4 years at the ASD annual convention.  This was the best, the clearest and cleanest, the most powerful and succinct presentation we have been to.  The kindness, and the understanding he exuded brought peace and joy to all of us.  The wisdom and truth energized us.

    We were scheduled for a workshop that weekend.  Before he started speaking, 12 people had decided to register.  By the end of the evening, another 23.  The day before the workshop, we were up to the full complement for the room:  50, and, were turning people away.  For those of us who attended the meeting and the workshop:

        We changed
        Our lives changed
        Toronto changed
        The Toronto Dowsers changed
        There was a shift in our universe and consciousness

    In our newsletter last month, an awareness of our need to shift to more feminine dowsing principles was mentioned.  This shift was manifested instantly in Robert's presentation to us.

    Once again, most of us have come together in our group for a reason.  There had to be a reason why so many of us were so sparked, instantaneously, and, with such deep ferocity and passion and fervor.   I am certain that Robert Gilbert's work is one of the key pieces for our connecting with one another as we are.

    We come together because we are truthseekers.  It's as if we have been consuming a lifelong diet of McDonald's.  And Robert holds out an apple.  The Egyptian mysteries were kept hidden until the 1800s.  The work he brings to us is fairly new, as for whatever reason, it has been recently allowed to be discovered.  And, the BioGeometry --- Robert has been learning this from Dr. Ibrahim Karim and is the only westerner allowed to teach it and it is still fairly new for him.

    Many, who are workshopaholics, said he is the clearest, the best teacher they had ever experienced.

    Robert will return here Spring 2005 to offer a 7 day intensive BioGeometry Workshop.

    He is offering a 7 day intensive Sacred Geometry workshop in North Carolina in August.  5 people from the weekend have registered for this so far.

    What happened?  Truth happened.  Little, if anything, that we have been previously taught is true.  Robert referenced Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda's teacher, and author of "Science of Religion".   In our November 2002 newsletter I offered an item that discussed what Robert was referring to.  Here is that excerpt:

    Are you familiar with Paramahansa Yogananda?  He passed over in 1952 and is perhaps the most well known and beloved of all the Hindu spiritual leaders who came to the West.  Yogananda is the author of "Autobiography of a Yogi", one of my 5 favorite books.  (He started the Self-Realization Fellowship.)  His direct teacher was Swami Sri Yukteswar.  Something has always stuck in my mind from a video I saw several years ago about something that Sri Yukteswar is said to have taught.

    He said that since we were coming out of Kali Yuga, the cycle of sleep, nothing we have been taught is true, none of our "wise people" knew the truth because we have been asleep and unable to know the truth.

    According to the Hindu tradition of cosmology [which is probably about 5,000 years old], we go through cyclical time periods in the evolution of our Universe.  I don't know if this means the universe, or galaxy, solar system, or what.  A sub cycle is called a "Yuga" and lasts for thousands of years.  According to Sri Yukteswar we are coming out of the Kali Yuga where according to some, there is an abundance of strife, vice and ignorance with true virtue being practically non-existent. Its the final and most negative of 4 evolutionary Yugic cycles.

    In the Kali Yuga the vibration has become pretty murky and humanity is laboring against heavy odds. Righteousness (right-use-ness) has diminished to one fourth of its original strength. Throughout our current history we have created and been assailed by all the evils of Pandora's box. No wonder the human race is having such a difficult time. But the turning point has now arrived, and the dawn once more sheds its light on a confused and ignorant planet.

    It is a time where according to ancient Hindu texts  "The leaders who rule over the Earth will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects. Those with possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as servants, that is, following various possessions. The leaders, with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of the law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men."

    Autocracies and dictatorships would have the perfect environment to flourish in the political / social sphere because people looked up to authority figures for guidance. This is how the cult of obedience -- the slave / master relationship -- was born.

    This is also a time where people are asleep, and, as we are ending it we are just waking up.  So everything we have been taught is not true because we have been asleep.

    Kali Yuga deteriorates at the end of its cycle into the present unstable civilization finally there is the realization about the unity of all religions, in to the true kingdom of God which would replace the other civilizations as the real and lasting Kingdom.

    Everything that has been happening to and for us, the Toronto Dowsers, especially the way the energies have been moving since August, shows us that we are finally waking up.

    Unfortunately, I don't have time to do full meeting notes for this issue, so here are a few nourishing tidbits:

    Sacred Geometry is a sacred language.  It is the language by which spirit manifests everything in the physical world.

    It is a divine language where every form or pattern is like a letter in a divine alphabet.

    Sacred Geometry allows communication between spiritual beings and human beings.  It is a common language that works at all levels of manifestation.  It is direct communication in a tightly packed form and is the study of patterns and forms.

    When God created the world he thought in pure geometrical archetypes.  This is how the non physical manifests the physical.

    This is a divine language, an articulate language.  Every form is like a letter in the alphabet.

    You put geometries together to form meanings.

    In the workshop, we also spent a lot of time learning how to use the Virtual Cone pendulum (also described in our January 2003 newsletter), to detect and send the 3 highest forms of energy.

    This is the Egyptian, or French, or vibrational  --- vs. --- mental --- dowsing.

    Joey Korn told us about this method of dowsing whereby you dowse for the energy field rather than asking a mental question. E.g., if you are dowsing for water, you do not dowse for the physical substance itself, but for the energy field of water.  That is where all the information is, i.e., how deep is the stream, how many gallons per minute, is it potable, etc.

    Another neat thing for the Toronto Dowsers to hear:  Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Robert's mentor, has been meeting with Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of "Messages From Water".  Imagine what can arise out of that powerful collaboration.  I have asked Robert to keep me informed of any developments from their discussions, if possible.

    May 19, 2004, we lost another good friend:
    I don't think any of you knew Adrien Carlsen.  She was one of our very best friends.  Ever.  Adrien was on the governing board of the Questers, i.e., the Canadian Society of Questers, in B.C.   Talented, intelligent, perceptive, hard working, she was one of our first and best friends.   When I'd had too much of the barking dogs and empty barrels, an email, or a present via snail mail from Adrien, would pop up.

    Several dowsing societies are in serious trouble.  There is something dangerously askew with the energy of some dowsing societies.  Of all the dowsing leaders of all the dowsing societies I knew of, Adrien was THE most intelligent, capable, tuned in and aware leader.

    She succumbed to complications of illness and an aging body.   An era ends with her passing.</