If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, June 13th,  2006 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Michael Bastine
will speak on:
"The Sacred & Spiritual Path and the Care of our Mother"
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $25 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $30 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator: TORONTO DOWSERS - 2006

JUNE 3: Workshop with Shelley Bourne
The Other 10 Strands - Learning How to Access Our Spiritual DNA

JUNE 3,4: Lecher Antenna Workshop

(last meeting until September)

June 22, 2006   8:00 PM:  Call to Action:  Raising Consciousness:

July 25, 2006 7:25 PM- The Water Project --- Thank Water Day at Lake Ontario

OCTOBER 2006:  Sandee Mac, Master Dowser,  from Houston, Texas
=    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =    *    =

June 17 - 24, 2006:ASD Convention,  Lyndonville, Vermont

June 26, 2006 - Water Celebration, Argonaut Yacht Club

April 13,14,15, 2007 - The Consumer Health Organization of Canada sponsors the annual Total Health Show
Alicja Aratyn,  Dr. Robert Gilbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Pierre Noreau


JUNE  MEETING  LOCATION:   The June 13th meeting will take place UPSTAIRS at the Latvian Center, in the Kursa Hall.

PRE MEETING PROCESS GROUP:   The Process Group  will not take place for the June meeting as we are in a smaller room.

LAST NEWSLETTER ... FOR AWHILE AT LEAST:    This is your last newsletter, most probably until September.   Newsletters are written -- usually -- before each meeting.   Our next meeting will be in September.   If something significant takes place in the summer, a publication will be sent out.   For those who felt that the newsletters were on the long side --- you'll have plenty of time to re read past issues this summer!

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS:    Our membership year runs from October 1 to September 30.   You will be getting your membership renewal forms with your September newsletter.   Even though our costs have increased, we are endeavoring to keep costs to you the same.   It is anticipated that the sales from the CDs and DVDs will help fund our costs, as well as a library.   If this does not work out as hoped, we will be setting higher fees.   So!  Buy CDs and DVDs!    And PLEASE DO CONSIDER  making an additional contribution when you renew your membership. Thank you!

MORE TD's CD's:       Due to Technical Difficulties (equipment failure), several of the CDs were not available at the May 2006 meeting.  Frustrating indeed for all of us.

We hope to have the CDs of our meeting presentations , at our June meeting, and then by mail.  Details are still being worked out  for:

October 2005
Dr. Magda Havas
November 2005
Sandee Mac
January 2006
Henry Evering, Hugh Magill and Shelley Bourne
February 2006
Ellie Drew
March 2006
Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
April 2006
Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Stay tuned for  TD DVD'S!

Dr. Robert Gilbert:  To the many who are interested in taking Robert Gilbert's course(s): YES!   We are making plans for Robert to return Spring 2007.   "As I may have mentioned, I am planning to do hardly any events outside of Asheville starting next year.  Toronto and perhaps California will be the exceptions. So let's see if we can figure out dates soon."

MAKE AN EXCELLENT SUPERB SUMMER.  Laze around, accomplish what you would like to, be gentle with yourself, grok Mother Nature and do have some fun.

Looking forward to seeing you in September!



I first met Michael Bastine 2 years ago at a dowsing conference near Buffalo, also featuring Sig Lonegren and Patrick MacManaway.   Although Native American culture is all around us and quite prevalent within the Toronto Dowsers, it was not an area I yet felt attracted to explore.

While taking a session break, I was sitting quietly about 20 feet from Michael as he was talking to a small grouping.  I started listening and in 15 minutes my chair was closer.  It kept moving closer and closer until I was part of the group, enraptured.  Through his deep wisdom, humor, common sense and gentleness and way of being, I fell in love with Michael.  His understanding and easy acceptance as to the way things are could be felt by all.  Because of Michael, and then by  reading the Doug Boyd book on Mad Bear, I finally became aware of the tremendous wisdom the Native culture offers us, if we are only smart enough to simply pick it up.

It became obvious that Toronto Dowsers would want to hear and meet Michael, too.  June was the perfect month for this as we are more relaxed with the warm weather and its better to be around Michael in a more informal and comfortable setting.   He brings his wife Pam and their lovely young daughter Bailey, their greatest teacher in her challenges with Downs Syndrome.

Here's some things that Mike taught at Lily Dale, August 2005:
o  If you don't treat someone in a sacred manner, they will go away.

o  It's not about what kind of organizations we join, or what kind of companies we work for, or even what kind of country we live in.  It's about what kind of human beings we are.

o  We humans were given certain special gifts.  We are supposed to communicate with evreything in nature on its level.  Most do not recognize it or will refuse to do so.   We are accountable for the choices we make in this life.

o There are consequences.  If you still choose to misbehave when you get to the spirit world, they put you in a place where misbehaving people belong.

o  Mike goes online often.  When he goes online, he never gets bad information.  He does not go online to Internet.  He goes online to the Spirit World.

o  You have to address your own issues before you can help others.  If you think you can heal yourself, you may get a swelled head.  You don't doctor yourself.  Because of ego, and, you learn from others.

o  With wild animals, if you violate their trust just one time, they will never let you get close again.  Therefore, you learn that you have to be respectful around the bobcat for example and then the plants.  So you learn you have to be respectful around more. More things, animals, people.  And more and more.  Until you know that  no matter what happens, how difficult life becomes, how challenged we are --- it does not give us the right to be disrespectful.  So we realize how important are the choices we make.  We need to remain respectful.

You have to ask things
That is where the Power lies
In the Asking
You don't tell them where to go.  You ask.

Come to the meeting and enjoy and listen.  You don't have to do anything -- but you can.  You don't have to take notes -- but you can.  Just come and listen and enjoy and BE.

4 Items Available from our Sales Table

Please read about the following three items.   IRRELEVANT  to your interest in the items themselves, you may learn something  just by reading why we have them.   There is -- pretty much -- a reason why each item is on our Sales Table at meetings.  This is why the following 4 items are there:

1)  SWEEP:   Had  read about 9  St. Germain books, with a lot of the Decrees.  Repeating "decrees" seems to be more powerful and creational than affirmations, although they are closely linked.   The "Sweep"  is the most powerful decree I have found.   Laminated, with a Violet Flame background,  this decree is taped to the bathroom mirror, and often, while towelling off, I repeat it 3 times at least.  Each time it becomes more powerful.

      The decree was mentioned in a newsletter a few years ago.  There were many positive comments and thanks as a result of it.   So that is why it is available on our table.   Visit the table, say  the SWEEEP  3 times --- avec  Passion!  and see how you feel.

2)  TOM TAM:   A limited number of items from the Tom Tam Healing System, from the Oriental Culture Institute are available.   Why?   You may have noticed them on Dr. Robert Gilbert's table.  He had some left..  When I asked him why he had them he said that it was one of the best systems for healing he has ever found.    When one of the most brilliant people I have ever met says this is about the best healing system he has seen and makes it available to us -- that's darn dandy enough for me! When those items are gone, that's it.  No more will be available through our group.  Figured there would be at least a dozen Toronto Dowsers who could benefit by this, especially those working in different areas of Chinese Medicine.

Tom Tam Healing System text:   This is the sixth edition of the foundational text of the Tom Tam Healing System. This system is a prescription for good health using acupuncture, qi gong, tai chi, tuina massage and a commonsense diet based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern Western research and major advances based upon Tom Tam's research. This text contains a complete description of the Tom Tam Healing System including treatments for specific conditions such as various types of Cancer, Fibromylagia, Depression, and more.

Tom Tam's Healing System is a modern version of the old system called Huatuojiaji. Doctor Hua Tuo was a famous Chinese Medical doctor born two thousand years ago during the Three Warring Kingdoms period. Unfortunately, his Huatuojiaji philosophy and techniques have been lost over the years. Today all of the TCM schools in China teach Huatuojiaji, but the information taught is unclear. When we read acupuncture textbooks, seldom do we see the usage of the Huatuojiaji method.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
"In internal medicine, I believe all diseases involve a blockage which either causes the disease or makes the disease worse. This blockage relates to the Western autonomic nervous system. The parasympathetic nerve controls the activity of the organ, which represents the Yang Chi. The sympathetic nerve controls the inactivity of the organ, which represents the Yin Chi. When the autonomic nerve is blocked or the brain is out of balance, sickness may result. To diagnose is to find and prove the blockage; to heal is to open the blockage. The body may have one blockage or it may have many blockages. Each blockage can be related or be independent of each other. When we treat the body, we require opening all of the blockages in the body, even if they are not related. Only when the body is without any blockage can it then be free."

Tong Ren Acupuncture Model:    A full body acupuncture model used with Tong Ren Therapy. This model has only the acupuncture points that we most often use within Tong Ren Therapy to allow for easier use. We have also printed a few of our "extra" points that are not commonly found on regular acupuncture models.

Tong Ren Therapy Magnetic Hammer:    The magnetic hammer used within Tong Ren Therapy.

3)   Striped cloth neck pouches, with 2 zipper pockets:   3  of them are left.  These were acquired for our sales table as they can fit the (smaller) virtual cone pendulum, dissassembled.   Folks frequently ask for something to put pendulums in to be carried around and so they won't get lost.  Neck pouches can be a good idea.  This one is light and large enough for the Cone Fictif.  The other pendulums can be put in the other pouch.

4)   JEWELRY:  Since December 2004, you have seen pendants on our sales table from time to time.  Why on earth would we have jewelry for sale?  What is the relevance?  Relevance?  Very little.  Must there always be an explanation for everything we do?   Can we not just trust our knowingness?

      I saw these pendants 2 years ago at the ASD Convention and fell in love with them, they just kept pulling me back again and again.  As peculiar as it seemed at the time I bought a bunch of them to bring back for us.  Now I know why.

      Dr. Karim's  2 daughters were at our April meeting.  They noticed the pendants and were attracted to them.   They each had a physical problem and asked their father to select a pendant that would help the healing of that area.  One wanted a pendant to help with persistent back discomfort.  Dr. Karim came over and dowsed for a pendant for each of his daughters.

These pendants have the BG3 energy.  If you want to know how to do this, go to the section in this issue about Dr. Karim.

You can see some of these pendants online at: www.dowsers.info/jewel.htm

What this taught me --- and am sure it is true for you as well, since you are sensitive and aware --  is that items like this, that I am considerably drawn towards, have BG3 energy.  This is probably true, too, of several paintings, gardens, pieces of jewelry -- items natural and man created.


Adam (Dreamhealer) in Toronto

Adam (Dreamhealer) was in Toronto the weekend of May 5th for some workshops.   I can still remember, about 3 years ago, Maggie Robertson when she brought Adam's first book to us at a Dunkin Dowsers Kaffee Klatch at Lil Miss Muffin on Yonge Street.   Very impressed with this, was our astute and always interesting Maggie.

I took several notes for our newsletter during the workshop and have misplaced them so they will have to wait till our next issue when I'll find them again, in the meantime, as memory serves:

For the past few years, just as in the past when I was cooking professionally,  I looked at every gala event from the point of view of catering it, now I look at these kinds of events from an organizational point of view.   This weekend was sold out 2 months in advance!   (There is a July workshop in Toronto as well.  Its been sold out since April.)   The hotel ballroom sat 550 of us.  At $100 a head, that's pretty decent revenue.  And the workshop ran from 9:30 - 3.   However, adding $10 for parking and $17 for lunch, it adds up and makes our meetings with our excellent speakers to be quite a bargain.  I'm not complaining about it --- Adam and his family deserve good fortune and have helped so many people -- just observing and remarking.

A very personable young man, Adam lives in BC -- he is about 20 now and has become better known since he healed Ronnie Hawkins about 4 years ago, Adam is one of the best -- w regard to ability -- of  energy healers in our milieu.

He speaks to us and tells us what he can about energy healing and how his method works.   Most of us understand this.  We know this in fact.  We know it better than most in the audience.  The difference with Adam is that he can do it and he does it.

He does do a healing in the morning and one in the afternoon.  However he declares that the main objective of this workshop is to empower individuals to use their own healing abilities.

He taught how to expand (blow up) the aura.  Once he felt everyone could do this, he had the audience move in closer to one another so that you would be touching the back of the chair in front of you with your knees, so that everyone would blow up their aura and touch one another's aura -- without any gaps and it would be like one big aura.  Then he would get to work -- as if he were adjusting something.  Watching him -- which was difficult to do since he needs to work in low light, was like watching someone work in virtual reality.  For him, it was a virtual reality, he was working with an energetic hologram.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
 Adam's work seems to us miraculous.  Today, it is.   Just as when we spoke about Quantum Touch, it was realized that it could be where it was because of the energetic modalities such as Therapeutic Touch, Hands of  Light, etc., came before it and built the energetic awareness and foundational structure,  as was written about in last month's newsletter -- Matrix Energetics is the next step after that -- one day we, too, will be able to do what Adam does.   He's the forerunner.

Adam also spoke about Orbs.  He said they were energetic balls of light and that no one really knew what they were.

If you get a chance to go to one of his workshops, do so.  You will know a lot of the theory, but putting it into practice is something else.  Adam is delightful, its great to see and feel him work.  I could feel the energy he sent coursing throughout the room.  Many were feeling a lot better.

STAR DREAMS - Exploring The Mystery of the Crop Circles
RETURNED TO TORONTO - Thursday, May 18, Innis Hall

A dozen Toronto Dowsers were in the audience May 18th to watch the updated version (from 2 years earlier) of Star Dreams.   It seemed even more beautiful, more miraculous and awesome this, the third time around, and was updated with newer crop circles, more interviews.

Robert Nichol, the producer introduced the documentary and afterwards spoke about it and answered questions.for us.  His commentary regarding his perspectives about our universe vies for interest with the wonder of the beautiful documentary he just produced.

Robert said that crop circles -- there are now ice circles and other formations as well --- have appeared in other countries, such as Germany, China and Israel, to name a few.  11,000 have appeared since 1980.

This was a wondeful evening for all who attended, illuminating on so many different levels.  We were all profoundly grateful that we were there.   See it if you can, order from /www.stardreams-cropcircles.com/   Thank you, Robert.

[I attended a dinner party for Robert Nichol .  I mentioned Gregg Braden's comment that if the 1% of the square root of a population of an area has a common intention in mind, then that intention will become manifest.  And that the number for Toronto is 162.  Another guest, who teaches Sacred Geometry observed:  "Oh.  162.  That's the Golden Mean."  No accident, that.]

Summer 2006  Events

We have no events planned so far for this summer.  However, something *may* take place in August Stay tuned to our web site.  If you don't have internet, ask an internet friend to keep you posted.

We used to have summer field days at the Sharon and Les Kato's farm in Vanessa.   They have a fabulous labyrinth and invite you to visit.   We also had summer field days at the Husczco place in Burford.  It was great.  A few dozen people in the pool... wow.   Superb food at both places.   Since Walter died, we obviously don't go there.  Les' summer events are just a mite too far for many to attend, altho the peace out  that way is lovely.

The last time we had a planned summer event was 2004.  See: COFFEE.   Its hard to plan a summer weekend activity, many go away.   Last summer there were a whole slew of activities mentioned in the May issue but I didn't receive feedback,.....  Here are some events that came up that may interest you:

A Small World and The Aetherius Society: A course in Yoga Breathing.  June 11

PB asked about where to find yogic breathing instruction.   Le Voilà!:::    One of the folks at Ibrahim Karim's training had recommended some books by the Aetherius Society.  I bought my first pendulum from them at a retreat center in Woodstock, New York, at a Network Chiropractic Gate weekend in 1991 run by Donny Epstein.   Remember reading about CraigsList last month?  Well, poking around on Craigslist I found myself communicating with the Aetherius Society and whose name is there but Allan Jaggard.  Allan, a motorcycle enthusiast, is one of the people who brought Steven Greer here several years ago, to U of T when he spoke on the Disclosure Project.  I remember Walter Huszczo at that event...

Allan and his colleagues are giving a workshop in Yoga Breathing:   June 11  1-5,   $45.  (905) 624-2457.   Mississauga.    Good thing to do this time of year, i.e., BREATHE, since the air quality is so poor.

RUMI FILM:    June 6 or 13
The  Jerrahi  Sufi  Order  of  Canada &
The  Rumi  Society  of  U. of  T.  Present
An Evening With Rumi...    Featuring the new film :
Rumi- Turning Ecstatic , with filmaker Tina Petrova,
Live Sufi Music and Whirling,   On- Site Turkish Bazaar,   Rumi Poetry and Pearls of Wisdom

Two dates to choose from: Tuesday June 6th/ or Tuesday June 13th. 7:30 pm
Innis Town Hall – 2 Sussex Av. Toronto
$15.00 Advance/ $20.00 at the door.

For ticket info. visit  www.jerrahi.ca or email :   events@jerrahi.ca  Tel. (416) 587-3921 / (905) 467-1578

Come to the ASD Convention:  June 17-24, Vermont
Check out  www.dowsers.org  or   www.ASDConvention.com  or call  802  684 3417.

See:  www.dowsers.info/toronto/watargo.htm   for more info

JULY 25th:  7:25  PM:   THANK WATER DAY
The water in the same spot is CLEANER than it was last year!!!

AMMACHI ---  July 23 - 26

Ammachi, from India is a blessed person who focusses heavily on practicing and disseminating compassion and universal love.   There are many Amma centers around the world.   Thousands come to her when she is on tour to hear her and receive Darshan (see below) from her.   She is returning to Toronto this July:

There are 2 free public programs:

Sunday, July 23, 2006,  Morning 10:00 AM, Evening 7:30 PM
Renaissance Parque Dining & Banquet & Convention Center
2800 Hwy 7 West
Wednesday, July 26, 2006,  Devi Bhava, Evening 6:30 PM
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, 600 Highway 7 East

On most public program days, there are two programs each day  i.e. during the day (at 10:00 am) and the evening (at 7:30 pm). During these programs, anyone could come to see and meet Amma and get her darshan. Darshan means receiving a blessing in the form of a compassionate hug from Amma. Devi Bhava programs (ceremony in celebration of the Divine Mother) occur once in most cities on the last day of the program.   Numbered tokens for entering the darshan line to meet Amma are distributed one hour before each program, with priority given to those meeting Amma for the first time.

It is requested that you respect the Indian traditions by dressing conservatively and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, tight clothes or short skirts.  A retreat is being set up for July 24-26.

For further details:    905.785.8175      website: www.Amma.org

The annual HILLSIDE FESTIVAL:   July 28-30th.   Sounds like a hoot!

Hillside Festival, begun 1984,  is a three-day, five-stage community-based celebration of music, dance, drumming and the spoken word.  They strive to be accessible, environmentally sensitive, non-hierarchical and inclusive.   It takes place on an island in Guelph Lake.

"Hillside is in the general category of music festivals, but it is so much more than music.  We feature music performances and workshops on five stages, but we also host community workshops and demonstrations at our Environmental Expo, and Community Tents (we have two: one for quiet workshops and one for what we politely term “raucous workshops”), Youth Tent and the Women’s Tent.  The Hand Drumming Area, Aboriginal Circle and Children’s Area have individual performances as well as workshops and demonstrations.

Hillside’s mandate is to provide our audiences with a broad range of performers that they wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to see.    Past Hillsides have featured the Tobago Signal Hill Choir; Boyaba, a tribal performing troupe from Burkina Faso; the Chitralaika Indian Dance Theatre academy; Canadian star Bruce Cockburn; alternative group Sloan; Sarah McLaughlin in her early days; the Barenaked Ladies (also in their younger days); University of Guelph alumna Jane Siberry; local favourites Royal City and The Kramdens and hundreds of others.

We have an entire program of traditional drumming and dance workshops, with teachers of African, Asian, and Celtic percussion styles.  There’s a separate corner of the Island set aside just for that!  Special interest areas such as the Environmental Expo. Healing Arts Tent, Women’s Tent, the Aboriginal Peoples circle and Children’s area run their programs, and two general-interest workshop tents pick up the rest that didn’t seem to fit in the other categories.

You won’t find big box goods or commercial fountain pop here.  A nearby station asks that you bring your own dishware, and offers re-usable wares if you can’t.  A dishwashing station is open all weekend, and the friendly volunteers will gladly wash your dishware for you at no cost."

Some tickets are already sold out.  Check : www.hillside.on.ca/

Mary Hardy's Annual Summer Conference:  July 28-31

Mary Hardy's Annual Temple of Sakkara summer conference takes place in Allegan, Michigan the end of July.   Daniel Kolos is a featured speaker there.  That's where we met William Henry www.williamhenry.net , our September 2004 speaker.  That summer, 20 of us went, most who camped on her property.  So far the 2006 schedule is not up there, but you can get an idea by visiting her website at:  www.templeofsakkara.com.

Looking Ahead to: Reminders of:  Sandee Mac (October)
(And advice from Dear Abby and Martha Stewart, too)
An article from Dear Abby reminded me of Sandee Mac:
One of the first times I'd heard Sandee, at a 90 minute ASD talk on Healing Family Patterns (Raymon Grace learned this technique from Sandee), she picked a man to demo on, to teach us the technique.   He is a darling Grandpa Walton type gent.    Before we knew his story, Sandee worked on him to remove a core dysfunctional pattern.  After he recovered, he told us:

"I am 74 years old.  3 years ago I found out I was adopted.   I had always had this feeling that there was something not quite right with regard to my parents.  What happened was my birth mother was an unmarried teenager.  I was given to her first cousin, to keep me in the family.  I always felt on some level that my mother did not have strong maternal feelings towards me.   No one ever told me this story.   I found out 3 years ago.   Sandee helped to clear out the pain of this situation, that I finally realized on a conscious level 3 years ago, but knew on some level my whole life."

I remember the tears going down his face as he told us this.   I was reminded of this reading a Dear Abby a couple of months ago

A child remembers:  "When I was a child, around age 8, my father had a birthday party.   He was known to play practical jokes that were not too kind.   He asked me to take a good close look at his birthday cake.  I didn't want to, but I went closer because it was his birthday.   He pushed me face first into the frosting.  That was the day he lost the love and trust of his daughter.  I am now a 72 year old grandmother."

I wish she could meet Sandee Mac.
It doesn't matter if you are 4, 22, 24, 72 or 74.   Hurts we experience as children, if they are not taken care of, can stay with us forever and, as Sandee has shown us, can go through the generations --- which is why we repeat some of the detrimental patterns today.  I am looking forward to seeing Sandee at the ASD this June, and to have her back here this October.   That story really touched me, thinking how that one nasty microsecond of a shove by an ignorant father, has stayed in a hurt place of this woman for more than 64 years.  How big that has become, and how very very small it is -- relatively speaking.  We certainly have a lot to take care of now, don't we?
April 29, 2006  -  Ask Martha: Martha Stewart  -  Crack the egg-freshness code
Dear Martha Stewart: How can you tell when an egg has spoiled?
Dear Reader: On the side or end of an egg carton, you'll find stamped numbers and letters. Usually the stamp is two lines long. On the bottom line, you'll find the phrase "sell by," "expires" or "best if used before." All three refer to the sell-by date, which is the last date the eggs should be sold, not the date they expire.
To arrive at the true expiration date, look at the first line of the stamp. There, you'll find a three-digit number between 001 and 365, with 1 meaning Jan. 1 and 365 meaning Dec. 31 (except in leap years). This number refers to the date the eggs were processed and packaged. According to the American Egg Board, eggs will keep four to five weeks after the date they were placed inside the carton.

You also can perform the following test: Dissolve four teaspoons of salt in two cups of water. An old egg will float in this solution, and a fresh one will sink. If the egg hovers somewhere in the middle, it's not particularly fresh, but is certainly safe to eat. The test works because as an egg matures, it loses water and the air bubbles inside expand, making it float.  Hi Toronto Dowsers:  Thought this could be  useful -- is it? - mg


The SPRING has become a time when ideas for gardeners and earth workers appear in our newsletters.  Last year, a suggestion for how to create your own Energy Garden was included in our May newsletter, inspired by Bruce Magill.  It was a really good concept and I hope some people used it.  Did you?

3  areas this year, where I'd hoped to find out more about to offer more info to you.  However there was just not enough time to research it in time for this issue.  Perhaps you can do this?  And let us know what you do?   First, a few snibbles that might stimulate your own activities?::

A recent newspaper article, hiliting a Vancouver chef who searched for, and served wild edibles to his patrons, brought up 2 memories:

Several years ago, I'd spend hours hiking in Toronto's Ravines.  I was particularly fond of the Rosedale Valley Ravine and would spend hours there by myself, lost in the woods.  Did this until about 7 years ago when it just didn't feel safe any longer.

March or April, in a few places, I'd come across groups of Oriental women with big plastic garbage bags.  They were collecting greens -- for food.  I would go over to them to ask what it was, but they didn't speak English.  Wish I knew what it was!

There was Mark ??.  Mark had a warehouse around Black Creek and Lawrence.  He was the Canadian shipper at one time for Cell Tech and EarthNet.  Mark planted trees, in one of the programs.  Thousands and thousands of trees.  Around Newmarket?  He took me for a walk in "his" forest one day.  Pointed out one of the common weeds:  Burdock.  Burdock?  THAT's Burdock?  Wow!  I never knew that and I'd been seeing that for years.  It is sooo hardy and  virtually impossible to deracinate.  That's GOOD!   Because it shows how strong its action is in your body when you consume the herb.

If anyone knows Mark's last name, or where I can find him, please let me know.  He was one of the first people to introduce Melaleuca into Toronto.  I'd like to see his trees again.  Obviously, I've lost touch with him.

#1   GREEN  ROOFS... and BioDynamics??   Do you remember when CHARLES HUBBARD was here in 2005?

     Soon after his visit here, I visited someone in a highrise in the St. Clair and Bathurst area.  Faces right on St. Clair, gorgeous big balcony, 18th floor.  We were looking down on the Loblaw's roof.   POP!   A vision.   The Loblaw's roof:   Covered with plants --- fruits, vegetables, flowers.   And this extended to many more roofs in Toronto, across the city.   Charles Hubbard said we could do BioDynamics on balconies.  I pictured BioDynamics on roofs.  All over the city.   Had I heard about this before?  I don't know.

    Several months later, January 2005, at the Guelph Organics conference, immense excitement was experienced when I saw that the City of Toronto was planning a GREEN ROOFS Program.    At its meetings held January 31 to February 2, 2006, City Council approved the Green Roof Pilot Program, allocating $200,000 from Toronto Water's budget to encourage green roof construction.

The overall goal of the Green Roof Pilot Program is to encourage green roof construction in the City. In addition, the program will:

    * Result in the construction of a variety of green roof types which could be used for education and promotional purposes
    * Provide an opportunity to showcase various green roof technologies and planting styles
    * Provide a grant of $10 per square metre of eligible green roof area up to a maximum of $20,000

A green roof is defined as a system where a vegetated area becomes part of the building's roof and includes vegetation, a growing medium, a filter layer, a drainage layer, a root resistance layer and a waterproof membrane.

Who is eligible:   Any private property owner in the City of Toronto regardless of building size and type so long as the building is capable of supporting a green roof that meets program requirements.

It looks like GREEN ROOFS is starting to become big.  I believe we can do this in my building (if the roof meets engineering specs).  How about yours'?

I'd hoped to have more info for you on this by now, and input from the Green Roofs folks.  Time did not permit this.  Does someone else want to pick up this ball and run with it for us?

Now  do  you see  our vision??   What do you think?
How do we go there from here?
#2:   TORONTO TREE PLANTING PROGRAM   is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of Toronto's urban forest. We offer several programs and services for Toronto residents.

Our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers native trees and shrubs to property owners at a subsidized cost.  Staff assist residents in making educated decisions about the type of tree that suits their property and where it should be planted.  Since their first planting season in 1996, over 9000 native trees and shrubs have been planted in backyards throughout the City of Toronto.

We offer Tree Tours, guided walks through your neighbourhood, for groups of 15 to 25 people.  Walks can incorporate tree identification, tree health, local history and interesting tree stories.  (416) 413-9244 leaftoronto.org

Several people were notified about the April 23rd potluck and meeting held at the CCG.   This was formed May 2003.   They follow BIODYNAMIC Gardening methods!!!!!   They have 1.5  acres behind the Waldorf School

The land is donated under contract by the Toronto Waldorf School in exchange for $1 per year.  The Garden is entirely funded and managed independently.  They also have a small group of people that hold and carry the vision and mission of the garden from year to year but assume no financial or economic accountability or responsibility of the garden.

· The garden is collective planting rather than individual plots
· Yield from the garden will be shared according to contribution and the Harvest Sharing Procedure
· The garden is open to anyone who loves gardening!

Their next potlucks are:  June 11,  July 9,  August 13

At our April meeting, I was approached by their liaison,  Olga Warshavsky, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.  Olga is part of the CCG and is also interested in our activities, as are several members of the CCG.  A few days after that,  Marcy Lawton, Garden Harmonizer, called, told me about their upcoming potluck and invited you to it.    If  their activities interest you, call March at  416-661-0992  and or check out their site: CARRVILLE.

#4:   The March 2006 issue had an excerpt from a book called:  "The Seed As Physician:"   Here's the rest.. of the story:

The excerpt, on page 28 of your March newsletter is excerpted from the first book of the Ringing Cedars series:  Anastasia.  It was given to me with great care by own of our members, who emphasized that this is a very important book to the world, and, to us.   I don't yet have his permission to share his name with you so I'll do that when I can.

Because of what I was experiencing as I was reading this excerpt, I positioned it in a way to encourage you to respond.  Six responses -- from people who work with the land, came through -- and you were encouraging.  You are gardeners and you already do this or it sounds right to you.  I wanted to proceed cautiously, not to turn this into another "Mutant Message Downunder"  -- is it true or is it a farce? type of controversy (not that we are adverse to controversy here....)

"The Ringing Cedars of Russia series was created by Vladimir Megre.  This describes the wide social movement the books gave rise to.   The story is still unfolding.

Vladimir Megre, born in 1950, was a well-known entrepreneur from a Siberian city of Novosibirsk.   In 1994 a wealthy and well-known entrepreneur Vladimir Megre made a trade expedition to remote areas of Siberia. There he met two elders who told him about Ringing Cedars - trees that accumulate huge amounts of cosmic energy and then distribute it for the benefit of humankind. Even though the old men's story sounded improbable to him, returning from the expedition Vladimir Megre delved into literature on Siberian cedar and discovered the exceptional nutritional, medicinal, and commercial value of Siberian cedar's pine nuts and pine nut oil. Impressed by pine nut oil's commercial potential, in 1995 he set out on a new expedition, willing to rediscover the lost recipe of pressing virgin pine nut oil. On this second trip he met the elder's granddaughter, Anastasia, who turned out to embody a culture, knowledge and abilities of a civilization so old and so thoroughly forgotten that her way of living and her worldview was almost unfathomable for Vladimir. This encounter so profoundly reformed him, that, returning from taiga, Vladimir Megre neglected his work, let his business go bankrupt and went penniless to Moscow to try and fulfill Anastasia's request.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
Vladimir Megre now lives near the city of Vladimir, Russia, 240 km (150 miles) east of Moscow, devoting himself to writing and finishing the eighth book in the Ringing Cedars Series. Following the runaway success of his Series, he has spoken at readers' conferences throughout Russia and Europe, as well as established the Anastasia Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the ideas contained in the books and providing support to Russia's nascent eco-village movement."

The story about what Anastasia promised him and what happened afterwards  --- that he would write nine books and they would become the most significant works in [modern] Russian literature, would reform the world and would make him world famous --- is a story in itself.   The first book was published 8 years ago.

Translations in 12 languages followed and are a tremendous success in Germany and several East European countries.  You can find this book -- all the books -- online, in their entirety.  It is probable that we will have them available in the fall.

The interest in this book arises from the Excerpt in your March newsletter, and the properties of the Russian Cedar tree.  Please re read that excerpt and consider working with your seeds in the manner suggested.  Thank you.

A Different Focus on Time

Well, the world did not end May 25th as predicted...

THE CALENDAR:   Some folks are concerned about June 6th:   06/06/06 --- 666.  Are you?   D-Day?

Mercury is Retrograde in Leo from July 4 and then direct in Cancer July  28

Mercury is said to be in retrograde motion when, due to our relative orbits around the sun, parallax view causes it to back up in our sky.

Mercury has a rulership of communication and transportation. This covers just about everything in one way or another. When Mercury is retrograde, all things having to do with communication and transportation are prone to snafu and breakdown. You will notice during Mercury retros that the incidence of traffic light malfunctions, telephone service interruptions, lost and mishandled messages, general misunderstanding of information, missed connections and other problems in travel, and every other imaginable kind of trouble in these areas rises dramatically.

Try to avoid signing legal documents and opening new businesses during these periods. If it absolutely can't be avoided, then go ahead. But be aware that there will almost certainly have to be renegotiation and new beginnings at a later date and be prepared to deal with that.

The way to handle these periods is to allow extra time for everything. Try to anticipate where problems are likely to occur and plan for dealing with them. The most important thing is to keep a good attitude. These periods occur three or four times a year for three weeks at a time. We've all lived through many of them in the past. They are annoying and frustrating but they always go away. You may want to watch these periods for a couple weeks on either side, especially right after one, for the shadow to pass and the planet to pick up speed.

What Not To Do During Mercury Retrograde:   DON’T
Start anything new   *    Make important decisions    *      Buy computers, appliances, TVs, radios, etc.   *      Travel without back-up plans  *      Sign contracts    *   Buy a car    *      Negotiate a contract     *     File a lawsuit    *    Start a new job     *      Begin a new class    *      Go on a “first” date   *     Expect things to move quickly   *    Take anything for granted

Angrier people    *     Crazy drivers   *     More accidents     *      Miscommunication     *      Quarrels    *      Computer problems and breakdowns    * Delays    *     More mistakes     *      Slow mail      *      Games of phone tag    *      Wrong directions    *     Missed appointments     *      Dead cell phone batteries

What’s Mercury retrograde good for?
If you know when Mercury retrograde hits -- which is about every three months -- you can work with, rather than against, its energy. Remember there’s a “re” in retrograde. These weeks are good for re-doing just about anything.

If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter. If you live in the GTA, and read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.
Re-apply for a job    *      Re-do hair color     *      Re-write your resume     *     Review your bank account     *     Renew a loan     *      Repair your car     *    Re-contact past clients     *     * Research

Catch up on all of the tasks you set aside, and also have a game-plan in place for when Mercury goes direct.

The Mercury retrograde is also a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and where you want to redirect your energies. There’s that “re” again! We all need time to review and decide if we’re taking the right road. These days give us the opportunity to do so.

We can’t stop our lives every time a retrograde hits. So what can you do when you don’t have a choice?

- Read and re-read contracts. Have someone else look them over, too.
- Check your travel plans several times.
- If you need to, ask questions over and over during negotiations.
- Mail packages and letters early. Check the zip codes.
- Fill your gas tank.
- Don’t check your luggage if you’re flying. Carry on everything if possible.
- If you are making purchases, keep your sales receipt and know the store’s return policy.
- Keep your cell phone battery charged.
- Watch your driving.

There are people who never seem to be affected during Mercury retrogrades. Chances are they were born during one! Millions of people are. How do these weeks affect them? Well, Mercury retrograde babies thrive. Things appear easier for them and run smoothly. They get the new job, start building the new house, and travel to fun-filled destinations. If you’re one of these people, you’ll have the edge on everyone else! How do you find out? Your astrology chart will indicate if Mercury was retrograde when you were born.

WIFI and Dirty Electricity
Since the March 5th announcements in Toronto that Telecom companies were going to make Toronto a WIFI hotspot, we have expressed concern because we realize that the physical effects of the long term accumulation of these energies -- as they are currently configured --  on our bodies can be very damaging.   Mainstream, government and media  does not and/or will not agree to or even consider this especially as it involves billions of dollars (profit) as well as perceived increased ease and comfort.  Our overly saturated with pollution immune systems are about to be dumped on even more.  Just ducky, yes?

Since that time, Wifi has been increasing like tribbles.

More on "what it is"  and   "what we can do about it"  shall be forthcoming, but all the data is not in yet.   A webpage has been set up and is in progress.  In the meantime:  www.dowsers.info/emf/emf.htm

We are very lucky that Magda Havas came to speak to us October 2005 about Electropollution and Dirty Electricity.  Magda's a super busy woman these days, in high demand all over North America.

As an interesting sidebar, The American Society of Dowsers convention, this year, will have 4 or 5 speakers (including Magda) who will be speaking on Electropollution.  All of a sudden.  This is brand new for this group.  Dowsers are certainly aware!  (One of the ASD workshops I signed up for is:  Designing, Constructing, and Siting Frequency Modulating Devices to Abate Electromagnetic Stress in Buildings and on Land.  The other one is Sandee Mac's!!!)

Some actually are starting to listen up.   Shelley Bourne sent me an article from the May 18th Markham Economist that a Markham school has recognized this problmen and is dealing with it.  Here is some of that article:

"They're closing hallways, moving the basketball net and putting up fences at St. Monica Catholic School in Markham, all to protect students from a threat federal and provincial health authorities aren't sure exists.

An independent test ordered by the York Catholic District School Board found EMF levels as high as 10 milligauss near a transformer at St. Monica.

Some research links prolonged exposure to "dirty electricity" at levels higher than two to leukemia, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and attention deficit disorder.  ...

The board fenced off the transformer and closed other areas with high EMF readings at St. Monica, although spokesperson Chris Cable wouldn't speculate on whether similar precautions would be taken at other schools."

I have temporarily suspended my activity in dealing with this situation, having seen the magnitude of this push and realized a different strategy is required.  Yes, we can do something and are working on it.   Yes, there ARE ways to deal with it.   Joey Korn suggests we bless all seemingly detrimental energies to transform them into beneficial ones.  This does work well especially on a personal level and works better the more you do this.
Had you ever considered:
When humanity introduces a new technology, etc.
Why does it always (seem to?) also have toxic, polluting, etc.,  effects?  Does it?
Why can't we create a technology that not only performs its function, efficiently, but also makes people and the environment cleaner, healthier happier, etc.?

We can.  We are doing it.   Just by considering this concept brings us closer to the realization on a physical level.

Our May 9th Meeting:   Ralph Frederick,  Trent University

One of our new guests was Sharmin Chowdhury.  Sharmin teaches the Silva Method in the Toronto area and can be reached at (800) 226-4428.  Welcome, Sharmin!

Ralph runs the electronics shop at Trent University and supports the professorial staff.  He knows a tremendous amount about electricity and brought several displays with him.   The 2 most awesome:

The Earth Table:    This is a wooden box, about 6' x 4'  by 6" high, filled with dirt.  When Ralph puts a piece of wire in one end, and a piece of wire in the other end, connected to a bulb, runs electricity from the first wire (the wires are not connected), the bulb lights up.  Pretty impressive and profoundly demonstrates how electricity goes through the ground.

When Magda was here in October she said:  "The earth used to be a sink for electricity.  Now its a source."

His second display showed dirty electricity.  These so called new energy efficient bulbs are EXTREMELY DIRTY!!!   And, dimmers, too, give off a lot of dirty electricity.  They are ok when on full, and at their worst when half way.

We had planned on dowsing the energies -- we were to dowse the energy field when an appliance was considered dirty and then when Ralph would clean it up so we could understand the difference -- but we did not get to do this.  The presentation ran longer than expected and we were all too tired.  Ralph gave a semester's course on the workings of electricity to us in  2 hours, and technical understanding is not our strong suit.  He certainly knows his stuff!

Did you catch this??:   He mentioned, I believe, a specific frequency which when used, impregnates the body with electrical frequency.  Can't find my paper with that note on it.  Different frequencies are being used to manipulate thoughts and emotions.  It would be nice to know about this more, to know who is doing what and what to do about it.

If you have a basic ability to grasp technical information, and wanted an understanding of electricity this was the place to receive it.    He and his colleague demonstrated the displays and showed a well designed PowerPoint presentation.   Anyone who came with questions or concerns about how this works and what to do about it certainly got a thorough education!

Ralph is thorough and with his innate gentleness, intelligence, knowledge and passion regarding his area, he  is able to teach and communicate an understanding and answer questions on a complicated subject, helping many who are concerned and frustrated about their not knowing and seeming helplessness.

In addition to the technical info, the history of the electrical pioneers ought to make us think about what was happening at that time:
Count Volta: 1745-1827 - Built the first battery
Andre Ampere  1775-1836 -  electric currents produce magnetic fields
George Simon Ohm  1789 - 1854 - evolved Ohm's law which states that the current flow through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) and inversely proportional to the resistance.

They all lived in Europe at the same time and created the foundations  of what we know today of electricity.  How did this come about?

Ralph talked about,  showed, demonstrated and measured before and after through the use of the Stetzer filters which is one of the ways to clean up dirty electricity  (Prayer, blessing and Dr. Karim's techniques are additional methods.  And more shall also be introduced to us in the coming months.)

This was a very different evening for us, difficult for some yet quite useful to help bring understanding to us about an area we need to know more about, as the future will show.

Thank you very much, Ralph, for coming here, caring and sharing!

Thank you Vern, Ayoma and Arlene who responded to my requests for feedback on this meeting.  I hope I've incorporated your words in these notes.

For additional information on dirty electricity, Stetzer filters, Ralph suggests you check out:  /www.dirtyelectricity.ca/ and :  www.getpurepower.ca/   A CD of this meeting is expected to be available in a few weeks. Thank you!

(some internet links here, too)

[NOTE:  For 2 other health related sections, please see the Toronto Sales Table Section and read the part about the JEWELRY and the part about the TOM TAM System]
Remember Lyra and John Clyde Kranz?  Our November 2004 speakers?  Lyra said that if you feel you need to ground yourself:   Pinch the Back of your ankles!

Remedying:  Adrenals ... Avian Flu

The May 2006 issue of Vitality has 2 very good articles you ought to check out and time considerations did not permit an article to be written on these topics..  (If you can't still find Vitality in a store, their offices, or the annual Whole Life Expo always has back copies.)   Vitality now has a very good website:  www.VitalityMagazine.com

Do read:  "The Evidence Supporting Vitamin A as a Potentially Effective Treatment for Avian Flu"  by Marcus A. Cohen.  When the SARSSCAM struck Toronto what our government told us was:  "Trust us.  Wash your hands."   Regarding the so called Avian Flu scam, people are being told to be afraid and stock up for the end of the world.    How about simply ensuring there is intake of sufficient Vitamin A?   Read the article and find out.  Good explanations.

Also:  "Homeopathy For Adrenal Fatigue",  by Alexander Mostovoy, HD, DHMS.   Its not simple to help rebuild exhausted adrenals and today, everyone has some degree of exhausted adrenals.  This is a good article on nourishing those essential darling wee glands.

If you can't get the hard copy, go to their website, go to ARCHIVES, go to May 2006 and find the articles.  Read them.

Migun Thermal Massage bed system

A new massage --- more accurately -- massage bed system -- is here in Ontario, and available to us: MIGUN

The reason it is in this newsletter is that they are offering Free Trials (30 minutes?), and, the TD Member who told me about this has gone there frequently, is treated courteously and loves it.  Since then I've heard from 2 other members who enjoy this, one of them in Florida!   They like it and recommend it.   Of course, the company would like to sell these beds, they have so much confidence in the quality of their product they are offering free trials as their marketing strategy.

The Migun Massage Bed System encompasses 5 areas:  Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage, Chiropractic and Far Infrared Heat Therapy.   This has been combined to: decrease stiffness, swelling, pain; increase blood flow, kill bacteria and parasites, attract calcium to cell membranes, reduce stress, improve memory, release toxins, clear meridians, etc.

"When the tissues of the human body are heated to at least 45 D Celsius and lengthened through the applicaiton of massage and acupressure, and are held in a certain position for at least 10 seconds repeatedly, the tissues will stabilize in the lengthened position.  If you continue to repeat the application for more than 20 sessions, the lengthening will "set" permanently.

Individuals that are suffering from back injuries, lower back pain and the resulting dysfunction of nerve impingement in the spine, can benefit from the application of Fra Infrared Heat, massage and acupressure to the back."

They have   2 locations:
Downtown,  the Dundas/Spadina area:  222 Spadina Avenue:  416 840 0468
Markham:  Woodbine/Steelcase:  7240 Woodbine Avenue:  (905) 305-8578
Call, or contact    www.miguncanada.com  for info and an appointment.

And now even MORE help for the BRAINl!!!!!

In our newsletters, there are many articles discussing the [supposedly understood] workings of the Brain.  The best way our scientific community has to understand it is through autopsy -- which we don't exactly look forward to.  And -- during autopsy the electricity is turned off so we still can't find out what's going on.

Our December 2005 issue introduced "The Secret Life of the Brain"  -  PBS Video, 2002,  3 DVDs,  5 hours.  Hilighted here was the part that focussed on memory, the brain's contribution to feelings, how Alzheimer's Disease happens physicall in the brain and suggested  ways in which to use dowsing to reverse or slow down this process, etc. If you are new to our group and know someone with Alzheimer's fnd and read this section.

 2  fairly recent and excellent books are now available -- discovered in the Toronto Public Library System:
"The Better Brain Book", by David Perlmutter, M.D, and Carol Colman (2004)
"The Edge Effect", by Eric R. Braverman M.D. (2004)

(1)   BBB:  David Perlmutter has a practice in Naples, Florida.  The BBB focuses on:

If you have been reading these newsletters for some time you may know I am waging a personal campaign against Parkinson's Disease, since its complications took my Dad.  This June 1st will be 5 years.   I wish I had this book -- this info -- back then.   Gosh I wish I had this info.   I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition.  A major reason why I took this course of study was to do what I could for Dad.  I created extensive nutritional protocols from time to time and of course he followed none of them.  If I had this info, I would have been with him in Florida, in a flash, helping him receive this treatment.   As it were, I did find a nutritional protocol which we believe did extend his life a few months -- nutritional IVs -- but that is another story.

In 1996 Dr. Perlmutter found a study from Italy in which Parkinson's patients were given intravenous glutathione twice daily for 30 days.  The participants were evaluated at one month intervals for up to 6 months.  It was noted that "all patients improved significantly after glutathione therapy with a 42% decline in disability.  Once glutathione was stopped, the therapeutic effect lasted 2-4 months....  Following even a single dose of glutathione, patients typically experience a rapid   improvement in symptoms, often in as little as 15 minutes...."

Glutathione is an antioxidant, the most powerful one for the brain.   For it to work properly, it must be administered directly into the bloodstream.

Soon after I read this information, I come across an ad  on page 73 of the March Vitality about a Toronto Naturopath who administers Glutathione Injections!  This is Rahim B. Habib, BSc, ND.  (416) 497-7100.   He's in Scarborough: 2040 Sheppard Avenue E.  The ad suggests that this treatment helps offer protection with regard to: ALS, Cancer Recovery, Fibromyalgia, Heavy Metals, Liver Support, MS, Parkinson's, etc.   (I never read the ads, interesting how this one was read, finally....

There are also improvements for people with Alzheimer's and Arthritis through this use of Glutathione.   The book also discusses improvements for those with MS and with ALS.

This is an excellent excellent book with much to offer.  Even if you or a loved one does not -- yet -- experience any of these imbalances, I strongly recommend this most excellent book, to learn more about helping your brain to work better. MUCH better.

(2)  EE:  The Edge Effect : achieve total health and longevity with the balanced brain advantage,  by  Eric Braverman

     This book explains mind-brain-body interactions:  proper balancing of the brain's 4 primary chemical messengers (neurotransmitters).  Once this Brain Balance has been reached, the aging processs slows, energy is boosted, weight loss accelerated, clearer thinking, memory, libido, etc.

    The 4 types, or neurotransmitters are:  Domanine, Acetylcholine, GABA and serotonin.   Each of us is dominant in one of these biochemicals, which can result in imbalance which can result in illness which can be caused by an excess or insufficiency of these chemicals.  Learn how to control this balance and maintain good health.  The book explains each of these types, the emotional and personality states and how to achieve balance.

Some excerpts:

P. 194:  Even the smallest infection can affect our brain. Infection can trigger an abnormal immune response resulting in drastic illness and some cancers. Left unchecked, minor changes in brain chemistry can snowball into a significantly greater problem.  The common flu can contribute to dopamine linked Parkinson's Disease.  When you are infected with the flu, your dopamine level is diminished.  That is why Parkinson's drugs such as Symmetrel and Flumadine, which build domanine, can help to alleviate the flu.  Diseases of Dopamine Insufficiency are: ____.

     Addiction is also addressed here...
Page  23: The Serotonin deficient personality, the self absorbed personality"

      "Normally this person is a high achiever. Howver, when unbalanced, the self absorbed individual loses sensitivity to others. His feelings become deficient for anyone outside of himself. Flouting conventional values as beneath him, the self absorbed person makes his own rules and lets others be damned.  Self image is based on fantasy and exaggeration, to the point where the boundary between truth and lies is blurred.  Rationalization runs rampant.
      In balance, this person is an iconoclast who does not follow the group.  He is a shrewed operator, able to work around the systemto accomplish worthwhile goals.  Unbalanced, he lacks sensitivity to society at large.   The serotonin definicent individual can become overly impulsive and shortsighted, proceeding rashly without considering consequences."

     I have long maintained that we are so biochemically influenced and we need to find out what this is and pay attention to it.   This is an excellent book.

     We see things in people and think its "them", their character, personality, etc.,  And most of the time its chemicals.


Articles in the May 24 and 25 editions of the Toronto Star talked about regulations coming this fall for Psychotherapists:
...  The system could do a better job of protecting patients by regulating a number of health providers, including people who call themselves psychotherapists and deal with the "emotionally vulnerable," adds the 340-page report.

"Anyone may represent him or herself as a psychotherapist regardless of credentials, training, education, experience or lack thereof," notes the review by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council.

"Many people are surprised to learn that psychotherapy is not regulated."

While doctors and psychologists, for example, who practise psychotherapy are already regulated by their own professions, there are "few, if any, consistent professional standards" in a field that has others working under no supervisory authority at all, the report states.

"There is significant risk of harm inherent in the practice of psychotherapy," it warns.

Smitherman said the government will consider regulating the field along with naturopaths, homeopaths, pharmacy technicians, kinesiologists and hearing-instrument practitioners through the Regulated Health Professions Act that already governs doctors and chiropractors.

"We'll be introducing changes ... this fall," he said in a statement

Sean A. M. McKay, Research & Communication, Professional Assessment Services, Toronto, wrote the May 25th article, about his submissions to the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Committee

Learning from future and past History?

ONE SIDE:  Gen. Michael Hayden, former USA NSA head was appointed as USA CIA Director, and apparently his mandate is to create a massive expansion of spying on Americans.   Here is an excerpt from Capitol Blue, a Washington DC based political newsletter:

Now that he is officially sworn in as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Hayden plans to build a vast domestic spying network that will pry into the lives of most Americans around the clock.

President George W. Bush told Hayden to "take whatever steps necessary" to monitor Americans 24/7 by listening in on their phone calls, bugging their homes and offices, probing their private lives, snooping into their financial records and watching their travel habits.

Hayden, who oversaw the National Security Agency's questionable monitoring of phone calls and emails of Americas, plans to consolidate much of the country's domestic spying into a new desk at the CIA, calling it a "domestic terrorism prevention" operation.

The desk will oversee not only NSA's increased monitoring of electronic communications by Americans but also the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's "terrorist information awareness" program that monitors travel and financial activities by Americans by gathering real-time data from banks, airlines, travel agencies and credit card companies.

The CIA operation will also coordinate with the Pentagon's domestic spying program that monitors activities of anti-war groups, organizations critical of the Bush administrations and others tagged as enemies of the state.

FBI agents will step up monitoring of journalists to identify leaks of stories embarrassing to the government. The bureau is already monitoring phone calls and emails by reporters on a routine basis and has increased surveillance of writers for major news organizations and monitoring of travel and financial records using the DARPA computers.

"This is not 'total information awareness' but 'total information control' aimed at watching Americans fulltime and ignoring the protections that are supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution," says an FBI agent familiar with the programs. "I didn't sign on for this and I'm getting the hell out."

Many of the details of the NSA domestic spying program were withheld from Congress and escaped public notice until media reports unearthed them and the Bush administration now threatens to jail the reporters who broke the story.

*            *            *            *            *            *

AN OTHER SIDEAaron Russo, Long Islander,  Rock n Roll Show promoter (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Bette Midler), movie Producer (The Rose, Trading Places) is a smart guy who is fed up with the ongoing internal domestic destruction of America.  He turned his considerable talents to  AMERICA..

I was introduced to his work a few weeks ago and  feel that his info -- -the feel of it --- his web site, thus far is THE BEST  site I have found yet on the "ought to's" w regard to political and social discernment and action.   Not for indepth detailing,  but for  down to earth  common sense and awareness, with regard to the screwy things that Americans are being snowed about and seem to be accepting of and that need to be stopped.   He echoes many of the same themes I've been thinking about for decades.   He is a clear thinking, pragmatic down to earth far sighted discerning unbitter Howard Beal or Michael Moore.

    He  was interviewed on Coast to Coast May 15th and although he is probably righteously pissed off, he doesn't show it, probably, because as a Hollywood movie maker, he knows that no matter how pissed off you are --- with every reason to be so --- you lose points if you show it.   Too many of the folks who start out grass roots and on a clean mission have been co-opted, or turned and changed.   This has happened to many of the most -- and now formerly --- sainted icons in the dowsing world, just like the shock when it finally became common knowledge that Sai Baba had a great fondness for young boys.  (You can't hide any longer, not with this Aquarian energy...)  I hope he stays exactly as he is, and continues his work as he is doing now.

1996 he made a political video entitled "Aaron Russo's Mad as Hell", which was a hit throughout America. He was asked by the people of Nevada to run for governor and he made the decision to do so. The powers that be in Nevada scoffed at his decision to run for governor but were very surprised when he finished second with nearly thirty percent of the vote, beating the sitting lieutenant governor. In January of 2004, he declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party's nomination for President of the US. At the Convention in May, Russo won the first two ballots, but not a majority.

He has turned his interest and considerable talent in to writing, producing, and directing a new feature film/documentary titled "America...From Freedom To Fascism". The film is an expose of the Internal Revenue Service, and proves conclusively there is no law requiring an American citizen to pay a direct unapportioned Tax on their labor.  The movie will be released July 28.

Primary Objectives:    www.freedomtofascism.com/
Stop the polarization of America
Stop the domination of the Democratic and Republican parties over our political system
Shut down the Federal Reserve system
Return America's gold to Fort Knox and have it audited
Have Congress and the IRS, in a public forum, reveal the law that requires Americans to pay a direct, unapportioned tax on their labor.
Keep the internet free and out of the control of large institutions
Rescind the law called the Real ID Act so Americans never have to carry a National ID Card
Make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings
Educate juries to the fact that they are not obligated to follow the instructions of a judge
Stop Globalization because it is the path to a one world government
Restore the environment
Put an end to the Patriot Act

A dozen more people like Aaron Russo and life can be much more pleasant.
Wait!  There is at least one other:  Cindy Sheehan.  At her May 3rd speech at Convocation Hall in Toronto she said:  "They can call me a traitor. They can say I'm un-American. They can paint me as a left-wing radical, but I'm mainstream America."

In the meantime, states, or towns in:  California, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Masachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, Wisconsin and Vermont are working on or have already passed resolutions to impeach Bush.  I hope people think that if Bush is gone then Cheney will really be running the show then -- 2.5 more years...  don't you wonder how the next one will compare?

This summer, consider watching some old movies, such as the ones listed below.  The Toronto Public Library has many of them on video.  "Interesting" how movies (books, too of course) can foretell what will be happening in our society, 20, 40, 60 years and more later.  Why?  Because we are so predictable as we keep repeating stupid patterns.   I saw Fahrenheit 451 again -- 40 years old -- recently and it was chilling to see how "modern" it actually is.

1976  * Logan's Run
1973 * Soylent Green
1971 * The Andromeda Strain   * The Omega Man
1970  *  THX 1138
1968  *  Planet of the Apes
1966 * Fahrenheit 451
1964 * Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
1953 * The War of the Worlds

Do you remember the Thumb Pianos that were available during our December Social?  From the folks from NHARO!  who travelled to Africa and brought back crafts from the Bushmen?

Build your own Thumb Piano, and other musical instruments, such as:

A  Banjo,   Bass,  Bouzouki,  Dulcimers, Guitars,  Harps,  Hurdy Gurdy,  Mandolin,  Music Stands and more.

Get a catalogue from: 800-432-5487  or  go to:  www.musikit.com

Orbs are being seen and discussed by more -- and more -- people.  About 2 or 3 years ago a few of you came to me with photos you had taken in various places that show Orbs.  This article was begun for our March 2005 newsletter, space considerations pre empted it.  Since Adam (Dreamhealer) spoke about Orbs this month when he was here, and summer nights are a nice time to photograph orbs, here it is.   In a photo, taken at night, Orbs show up like small circles -- which would initially cause one to consider that the camera lens might have specks of dust.

John and Jan Young, who have been Orb Viewers since 1999, and are probably the experts on Orbs, sent me the following email January 2005, in response to my inquiry to them about Orbs:

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 00:15:57 -0600
From: John Young
To: Marilyn Gang <mgang  "at" dowsers.info>
Subject: Re: Orbs and the Toronto Dowsers

Hi Marilyn,
We have always enjoyed hearing about the Toronto Dowsers activities that you post on the Dowsing email lists. You guys must be the most active dowsing chapter in North America and having the most fun.

First let Jan & I say that whatever information you can use from our web site go ahead and do so. If you have any questions or there is anything specific we can help you with, just ask.our web site URL is: orbsbybeans.com/

Here is a general Orb overview that we think is a pretty healthy functional approach which may be of some help to you.  What is an Orb?  Our only answer at this time is that it appears to be the universal energy form of choice.

Since this area is so vast and seemingly specific, or can be to each person, different people can find themselves experiencing different areas of it. This can be out of choice or they just find themselves there and the events they experience are either specific to that area or they are mainly from that area with other areas included. Jan & I found ourselves experiencing the inter dimensional area; not by choice, it just happened. As things evolved it expanded to also include Nature Spirits and Nature beings, some other life forms, and some, but not very many, departed spirits (We aren't ghost hunters. Just haven't had much if any interest in it). So our personal areas of experience (mostly on our web site) are all that  we can speak from. Some folks are primarily in the departed spirit area, some in nature spirits and nature beings, interdimensionals, any combination of areas and all points in between. There are no experts! Just people sharing individual experiences and each person's experiences is/are unique and important. We are all aspects of the whole.

Orbs and dowsing:

The rest of this article can be found in the printed version of our newsletter, which is distributed to Toronto Dowsers members.   If you would like to become a member go to: /www.dowsers.info/toronto/benefits.htm
Some say that its best photographed with a polaroid camera, some use print, some use digital.    Orb hunting could be a fun activity with friends, some say it might be a substitute for submarine race watching!
NOTE: See the comments from Robert Nichols, Crop Circles Star Dreams producer, and Adam (Dreamhealer) in this issue about Orbs.)  What conclusions do you come to?

Reported as a result of Dr. Karim's teaching:



CHOOSING JEWELRY FOR ... WHATEVER:   If, as did Dr. Karim's daughters, you want to choose a piece of jewelry (or anything) for a health problem (or any other issue) -- they had determined that these pendants have BG3 energy and wanted one whose MATERIALS and SHAPE and COLOR would be most beneficial for a certain area of their body:

Most of the rest of this article can be found in the printed version of our newsletter, which is distributed to Toronto Dowsers members.   If you would like to become a member go to: /www.dowsers.info/toronto/benefits.htm


At the Advanced Practitioner's Course, the students spent one day on site, they went to a business to balance it, to practice on as they would do "in real life".

The site that was chosen for this exercise is NATURE'S SCENE.   Nature's Scene, in Georgetown, is the Canadian distributor for Mill Pond Press, publishers of fine art prints. Representing Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Daniel Smith, Arleta pech, Morgan Weistling, Greg Olsen,  and many more.  This business is owned and operated by 3 generations of  Jan and Pete Coles and their family.

They have a large building with showrooms, offices and a huge warehouse.   Many imbalances were found out and worked on.  Here are some of the results:

First, Dr. Karim tested for grids.  It was discovered that there were more than the usual number of Benker grids on the property, running right through the business.  This little known (so far) grid pattern is extremely noxious.   Here are 2 of the results of the balancing of those energies:

-  Pete's desk was right on one of those lines.   He was aware that soon after he would eat lunch, his digestion was slow and uncomfortable.  After the balancing it was soon apparent that his digestion was much improved, his head clearer and he has a lot more energy --- all day.

--  THIS ONE IS VERY  VERY VERY  IMPORTANT:   In Pete's Mom's office, it was noticed that there was a collage of pictures, of her grandkids.   This collage just happened to be right on a Benker grid line.   It was balanced.

Jan reported that about 20 minutes after this took place, a phone message was received at their home.  One of Pete's daughters had never been overly friendly to her younger sister.  Well, the older sister called and left an effusive caring  message for the younger one, congratulating her on a recent achievement.   They also notice that the children's temperaments are much improved, with family and friends.

THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE:   If you have pictures on your walls of people you care about, determine if that wall is on a noxious grid.  If so, do something about that noxious energy.

Could this be one of the reasons why several indigineous cultures and religions prohibit picture taking or making of an individual?   I believe it is.

Computer Trials and Tribulation
Help is Nigh!

One morning several days ago, I sat down to write this newsletter.   In the past few months,  my computer was becoming troublesome, in that it would lock up too frequently -- I was having to reboot more often.   One more month --- I hoped for --- because I was definitely planning on asking the computer doctor to make a house call.

EEEEK!   Out of luck, out of time as I was visited by the B.S.O.D!   (The Blue Screen of Death, naturellement).   Nothing I did worked.  I was pretty sure I had a virus and each time it would eat up more memory.   Peripherals seldom worked and I could not run too many processes at the same time.

I met Norman Di Pasquale a year ago.  He was helping out a friend of his at our neighborhood summer tag sale.  I liked her wares (from Thailand) and we got to talking and found out that Norman has a computer service and support business.  Since I knew my current tekkie guy was moving out west, I was hoping to find someone else who was good, trustworthy, reasonably available and reasonably priced.

I called Norman's office at 11:30.   At noon, a member of his service staff was at my door.

After several hours of poking around, reinstalling the operating system (twice) and the entire file structure, etc., it was concluded that this was NOT a virus.  Rather, it was the Motherboard which was just not working any longer.   What was happening was a slow, progressive systems failure.  Diagnostics rarely detect motherboard failure.

I was considering getting another system this summer.   I had to get a new one ASAP, and at least was somewhat mentally prepared for this.  I bought my first PC in 1984 - 2-  360 KB Drives - for about $2,000 USD.   It lasted 9 years.   The next one, in 1993, cost about $2,600 and lasted for 8 years.   In 2001, the system cost $2,000 and lasted for 5 years.    This latest system cost $600!!!  It has  250 GB of storage which is about 25 million times more than my first PC..  Installation, set up, transfer of all the documents was smooth and effortless  -- with the help of Norman's staff.

I asked him all the little questions I'd been wondering about, such as software file maintenance.  I knew about DEFRAG and SCANDSK (CHKDSK) but not about REGCLEAN.   And which temporary files are safe and useful to delete every so often.   And how to set up certain programs to my liking.

The hours of work that were put in the first day did not fix the problem, since we were looking in the wrong place.   Because his technician could not fix the problem, Norman was very generous in acknowledging this in the final billing.

If you do need help -- it could be setting up a new system, checking for viruses, data recovery, internet, etc.,  I recommend that you contact  En Vogue Computers:   www.envoguecomputers.com   (416) 413-9146.   Service rates in the GTA currently are:  $80  for the first hour, $40 for each additional hour.  Norman said he will extend special consideration to Toronto Dowsers, so let him know where you heard about him.   Again, this is in your home!   I don't know if they work on Macintosh.

*                *                *                *                *                *

Looking at the ads for "toys", such as the flyer from Factory Direct, the (now, relatively) very cheap prices for devices such as scanners, DVD players, DVD burners, flash memory, digital cameras, computers, etc. --- they cost a tenth to a third of what they cost several years ago,  I am reminded of a cartoon I saw when I was in high school.

As a teenager, sitting on the couch in the living room in my home in New York, reading the newspaper.  An editorial cartoon with a drawing that said:   "One day electronic devices will be very cheap and we will be paying [a lot]  for air and for water."
Obviously, that cartoon made a deep impression, lodging somewhere.  I kind of pooh pooh'd it, thinking IMPOSSIBLE!  HOW LUDICROUS!   But apparently some intuitive sense knew this could very well happen, that I was scoffing because I didn't want it to be so, not because it couldn't be so.   I think we are there.  (Remember when we used to be concerned -- not that long ago --about the cost of something we'd call:  "Long Distance phone call?"  Now some LD is even FREE!)

Internet,  About Town, Good Ideas...
CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY! --  I called my credit card company with a routine question and in conversation, just happened to find out that if I requested it, and had a good rating with them, that they would reduce the Interest Charges on overdue balance.  They did!   By 1.5%.  Not much, but it helps.  And I found out about other good programs, too, that benefit me.   Just asked them what kinds of programs they have.   You can
also do this with the phone company, or, any other large company you do business with.

DAVID YARROW /  STUNNING  TIBETAN SAND MANDALA:  David Yarrow, our April 2005 speaker, sent us a link about the spectacular Mandalas created, then swept up, by a group of visiting Tibetan Monks.  View all the pretty photos at:  www.championtrees.org/peace/Tibetan01.htm

CHEAPER TRAVEL  from the Zoo: /www.travelzoo.ca/  seems to have better flight deals than most.  As one example, found, June 1st:   For just US$59 each way, you can fly from Buffalo to New York City this summer!    Travel is valid June 8 through August 1. You must book by June 7.

Electromagnetism -- Physiological effect:  You can find books on this topic in the Toronto Library system by going to:  tinyurl.com/ze8ek

MUSIC!  CLASSICAL!  JAZZ!   NEW!  ---  Whole Note Magazine is the Toronto Musical community's equivalent to Vitality.  Published monthly, available in many locations, and FREE they are chock full of  listings, articles and advertisements for musical events, equipment, instruction.  Their June 2006 issue is the annual summer festival guide.  They have a tremendous selection of musical events --- many of them free -- all over the place.  Their web site:  www.wholenote.com, does not seem to be as easily read as the print version.

Jones New York Factory Store --- its a good one - 4195 Dundas West, Etobicoke (around Jane)

Peaceful Eating and Reading:  If you are around Bathurst and Dupont and have some time, visit Triskelion Books (1081 Bathurst) -- one of the best used bookstores in Toronto.  Then take your purchase a couple doors north to Annapurna.  Annapurna is a Hindu style Vegetarian Restaurant, run by the disciples of Sri Chinmoy.  Delicious, peaceful, lovely clear bright energy, quality is high and the prices are quite good.

Issues of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine from 1996 through 2001 are now online for you (and the world'sSearch engines) to find and read, Medline or no Medline, at /orthomolecular.org/library/jom/

Paul Elder lives in Port Alberni, BC and travels / speaks about his book, and experiences.  Do you Believe in Angels, Spirit Guides, Soul Travel, Soul Mates, Remote Viewing?   http://www.paul-elder.com/index.html    "Paul Elder didn't! At least not until he had two Near-Death Experiences. Then, a psychic doorway opened and his life has never been the same.In an amazing, true story, Elder reveals how he passed repeatedly through that psychic doorway, returning with a series of stunning revelations as to our true nature and purpose in the universe."

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

Hello Marilyn,
Thank you for the info about Assparagus cure for cysts. [May 2006]   I  learned that I have a Baker's cyst in my left knee.I could hardly walk.  I feel much better after  using the natural cure that you described.   It really works !    I am looking forward to more health information in the upcoming issues.  RS

Hi Marilyn,
Ellie Drew's February 2006 workshop was amazing and worth more than she charged for it!!!  I would absolutely love to take a full weekend workshop with her on manifesting.

I am eagerly awaiting the next Thunderstorm to do some serious manifesting  work - amazing method.

I have started working her method which filled in some gaps in what I had  been able to figure out had been working for me.  (As I suspected she would).  I have had results already in the area of my business, and am drawn to follow up on QiGong to have even more powerful results.  I need to manifest more time first though... in "magical" way of course!   I loved that fact that she is a dowser and understands the importance of   intention held in the mind and heart as well as the specific words that are spoken.  Her stories of weather changing made that very clear.

I found her to be a most generous, sincere and clear speaker - a pleasure to learn from.

I am hoping to buy a copy of her talk at the monthly Dowser's meeting that I  missed if they are ready at the next meeting.

Looking forward to her next trip to Canada,  Cheers, SD

"In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me that 'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff the entire system will collapse' ." -- Henry Bellmon US Senator 1969
"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."  -- Bertrand de Jouvenel  (1903-1987)
"The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which  complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.  The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled.  With something so important, a deeper mystery seems only decent." -- John Kenneth Galbraith - (1908-2006 ) Canadian-born economist, Harvard professor  Source: 'Money: Whence it came, where it went' (1975)
"We have, I fear, confused power with greatness."  -- Stewart L. Udall  (1920- ) US Congressman)

THE   Tuesday, June 13th,  2006  MEETING FEATURES::
Michael Bastine, from Buffalo, New York
"The Sacred and Spiritual Path and The Care of Our Mother"

Michael Bastine is an Iroquois Indian originally from Maniwaki, Quebec now living near Buffalo, New York. Michael shares his culture speaking of the native plants, the precious earth, and the local wildlife with deep reverence and appreciation.
Living in the Buffalo area, Michael met and became good friends with Mad Bear.  Mad Bear was a Tuscarora Indian, a wise Elder, powerful Medicine Man, seer, prophet and good story teller.   If you are familiar with Rolling Thunder, Mad Bear and Rolling Thunder were contemporaries and friends.  They have both passed on.    From a younger generation, Michael was able to travel with Mad Bear, help him and learn from him and his stories.  He shares Mad Bear's stories and teachings very well and always with kind gentle humor.  Here is one of those stories that Michael shares:
On the Hopis:   The Indians had to put away their teachings, such as the Ghost Dance.  They got killed for doing their dances and other rituals.  The Hopis had a prophecy.  When they would meet people who looked like them and had a name like theirs, they would know that things were changing and it would be time to bring things out again.  "Just before it gets really good, it gets really bad."  So guess what happened?  Can you picture it?  In the 1960's, they met people going west.  These people had long hair and beads and feathers.  When asked what their name was, the response was:  We are Hippies. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael treats everyone with respect.  He admits its hard sometimes, but its such an integral part of his being, he always does it quite well.

Michael had just returned from a trip -- a Council -- out near Kansas City.  This is an Elders Tribal Council.  The last time he was there was with Mad Bear and this is written up in the book.   He will have a lot to tell us about what took place, what was discussed at this Council and what we can expect.

He will also be able to give us the native viewpoint as to what really took place recently in Caledonia, Ontario.  Virtually all of the information available has been mainstream, as the Indians have not -- yet -- quite developed the same media and networking resources we have.

He will talk to us about the earth, who she is, what she wants, how to treat her.

He will talk to us about Indian equivalents to dowsing, how they find (out) things.

Come to the meeting and enjoy and listen.  You don't have to do anything -- but you can.  You don't have to take notes -- but you can.  Just come and listen and enjoy and BE.


No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
copyright © 2006 by Marilyn Gang.  All Rights Reserved.