The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
encourages you to attend
the Canadian Society of Dowsers annual convention
June 22 - 24, 2001
Regularly scheduled meetings will recommence  September 11th
and will continue on the Second Tuesday of most months
Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
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Post on your refrigerator:       June 22-24   CSD CONVENTION
Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Convention & Workshops
June 22-24, University of Toronto campus at Scarborough  call 1-888-588-8958
to receive your program and registration forms
or go to:
Convention Speakers:

"Healing Through Dowsing" "The Future Is Yours - Do Something About It"

MADELEINE SAUVE, St. Andre-Avellin, QC
"Elixirs and the Perelandra Medical Assistance Program"

BILL RUSSELL, Pennsylvania, US
"The Shaman and the Physicist"

GARY SKILLEN, Manotick, Ontario
"Geopathic Stress"

"Balance through Music & Colour"

KATHI ELLIOTT, Burlington, Ontario
"Know Yourself Through Graphology"

"How to be in the Right Place at the Right Time"

DOUG GRAY, Bond Head, Ontario
"The Sacred Circle of Fire"

BRUCE MAGILL, Havelock, Ontario
"Dowsing and Touring Sacred Sites"

PAT PREVOST, King City, Ontario
"Working with Guides Through the Coning Process"

The CSD Annual General Meeting takes place Sunday morning.  Elections for the Executive board take place at this time.  New blood is always welcome and needed.  Let us know if you or someone you think well of ought to be elected to a position.  If you would like to have something brought up on the Agenda, contact our Secretary, Guy Nadeau at (613) 241-3491, or, President, Gary Skillen at (613) 826-0599.

Additional Activities:

DOWSING SCHOOLS!    Learn to Dowse.    Improve your Dowsing.
CHILDREN'S PROGRAM!   Taught by Margaret Ball, For Youngsters  10-15
Dance a Labyrinth by moonlight
Experience the Energy Garden --- Platonic Solid structures you can stand inside

Included in your reasonable registration fee are 3 delicious meals:  1 dinner and 2 lunches

Convention registration is $110 [for CSD members].  Friday and Monday Workshops and and the Friday Dowsing Schools are at an extra charge.  If you have not yet joined the CSD, this is your chance to do so.   Accommodation on campus is available.


               Josip Gabre   1927 - 2000

Many people knew Josip, not as a dowser, but as a man who beat cancer, at the 11th hour.   He did this through drinking Taheebo tea, also known as Pau D'arco and is known for informing as many people as he could about the immune system strengthening benefits of Taheebo.

I met Josip several years ago.  It was Josip who told me about his favorite dowsing teacher, Bruce Magill, and encouraged me to take his course, which I did.

One night several of us were at a party.  A door prize was being given out.  The winner would be the person who got closest to the secret number between 1-100.  Josip got the exact number and the prize.  He honed his intuitive skills through dowsing as well as through Silva.

I used to visit with him in his kitchen and we'd sip Taheebo and talk.  Josip was the one who told me about the use of a clove of garlic as an implant.  He would do this for a week four times a year, to cleanse the liver and the blood.  Something he learned from the 'old country'.

Josip Gabre was born February 20th 1927 in Tisno, Croatia, a province in the former Yugoslavia.  In World War II he was a partisan saboteur.  He was arrested in a witch hunt and spent time in a prison camp where he was tortured.  He emigrated to Canada in 1959 through a United Nations program.   He worked for Phillips Electronics and for the government here in Canada.  He got cancer, was deemed incurable, until he found his cure.   Josip was a truth seeker and truth teller and disliked the health industry which did not help people get better, but made money for related corporations.  He went around, mostly at his own cost, to tell people of simple basic inexpensive methods they could use to improve their health.   He died from an infection while in Europe.   He is missed.

Once again, there seems to be a spate of people leaving this plane, this time in our holistic community.   Joe Fisher, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun reporter, lecturer of  metaphysics and  an instructor in creative non-fiction writing, well known author of contemporary metaphysical classics such as "Hungry Ghosts: An Investigation Into Channeling and the Spirit World,"  "Life Between Life, The Case For Reincarnation and Predictions" (His Holiness The Dalai Lama wrote the preface to The Case For Reincarnation) passed to the other side May 12th.  We also lost Colleen Allison, founder of Super Sprouts.  Remember "Ask Alec" whose photo graced the penultimate page in Vitality every single month?  Alec Borsenko, RMT and Nutritionist of the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre?  He is no longer with us as well.   Last year, one that hit me hard, was the death of Carola Barzak, master nutritionist.   All were in their 40's and 50's.  What's happening?

June 12-17:  ASD Annual Convention, Vermont   802-684-3417

I received a phone call from someone in Nova Scotia a couple of days ago.   One of our members has been sending her copies of our newsletters.   She phoned me, highly excited.   It seems she took the newsletter from the April meeting (the May newsletter) and has been following the instructions outlined.    "I never knew you could do this! ... This is soooooo exciting!  .... I've never heard of this before."  On and on with excited exclamatory superlatives.    She was talking about the techniques Larry Huszczo taught us that he has been learning from Raymon Grace.    She has been helping others and was most excited about a 7 year old boy that she and several others have been treating for the last 2 1/2 years for violent behavior.   After 1 week of using these techniques, this child is no longer violent.  It seems he had an entity ---- his mother's ex husband who died.  This woman cleared that from the child and he is doing quite well.

This method works.  It is non invasive, you don't have to buy anything, swallow anything.   Doing and using it is totally free.  And the more you do it, the better you become.   It's like creating muscles.  You get stronger with practice and workouts.    Have you ever read any of Machaelle Small-Wright's books?  She wrote my favorite book in the entire world:   "Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered"  -- my favorite book for 8 years.   In her M.A.P. (Medical Assistance Program ---- Madeleine Sauve will tell us more about this at the Convention), she tells us that there are beings whose sole purpose is to help human beings in our evolution "All you have to do is Ask."    And we don't.  Because we don't know, we haven't been taught this, we've been taught humility and modesty and you shouldn't ask and you can't have everything.
I ask:  Why not?       ASK!         JUST    DO IT!

I tell people its like discovering sex.  Once you discover it and do it --- you want to do it all the time, every place you can.

What Happened at our meeting on May 8th:

Bruce Magill was the featured guest speaker speaking on "Earth Energies".

[Note:  I was not at the meeting as I was in Florida.  I am using very good notes taken by Brigitte Lortie with some of my own notes from Bruce's teachings.  Thanks, Brigitte!]]

Bruce says that God works with him, not for him.
He consciously decides which tools and which questions to use.
God will move the pendulum or rod.

We have misused Ley Lines.  What a Ley Line is, is --- an alignment of sacred sites in a straight line.  There are 5 Ley Lines in Ontario.

Where there are Veins of Water, energy breaks above that point.  Negative energy is above that point and it interferes with our sleep.

You can see places of negative energies because cats like to sleep on them.  Also, if a tree is growing out of that spot, the tree is most likely twisted.   Garden spots will not grow well if they are over water veins.  We can delete the negative energetic effects, but not the veins themselves.

Bruce spoke about the use of Blue Tape (this was discussed extensively in our April 2001 newsletter in the Blue Dowsers section).

Another kind of earth energy is:  Overgrounds.  These are good to recharge up your physical energy.
They are:       Male       Physical       Yang      energy
 They come  DOWN to the earth in a clockwise spiral cone, ~ 5' - 6' wide, and travel for miles,
then go down in to the earth.   You will find one maybe every 25 feet or so.

Stonehenge is a place where 4-5 overgrounds intersect in its center.  As is the door to the Vatican, pyramids, hogans, where the Pope's chair is, etc.

Find an Overground Intersection and spend no more than 15-20 minutes'-20'  once a day in it,  preferably earlier in the day, otherwise you will be too charged up.  This does not work if used unconsciously.

A third type of Earth Energy is the:  Aquastat.
This is:            Female        Spiritual        Yin     energy.
The path of an Aquastat is tricky.     It comes out of the ground, does a zig, a zag, zig, zag, zig, then creates a  clockwise spiral going inwards.   Where it ends, that point, is the place over which
you stand.

Like the Overgrounds, you do not want to stand --- rather --- sit  ---on an aquastat more than 15 or 20 minutes' per day otherwise you may get too spacey.   You sit  on the aquastat.  Don't stand on it.
It's a great place to meditate on top of.

You may find one every 50 feet or so.

You will hear more about Earth Energies from Bruce at the CSD convention.

Bruce also has a method of removing pain --- a simple method, he calls the "Epée" (French for "sword") method which basically involves pointing your finger.   He demonstrated this with a volunteer, removing a source of long standing pain.  In just a few moments.   In addition to his dowsing knowledge,  Bruce has learned many methods to improve well being and freely shares this with others.   If you are interested in this, ask him to show you this method at the CSD convention and he will be happy to do so.

Bruce, thank you for driving a considerable distance to share your valuable expertise with us.  We look forward to seeing you again.  And again.


We are approaching the time where our Toronto group has the dynamic mass to begin its library which will be open to the Toronto Dowsers.
We hope to include books, video and audio tapes, CDs.  What else?
We are requesting donations from you to get the library started.
I have emailed the ASD bookstore and asked them to make donations to us that I will pick up when I am there in June.  Please send them good vibes so I will come home with a lot of great materiel!  ***FLASH!!!*** Just got an email from the ASD Manager --- They are donating 5 books!

We need a Librarian.    This means someone who:

You do not have to commit to attend every meeting
One person does not have to be responsible for this for every meeting.
This could be a shared responsibility.
Do let me know if this interests you.
This is a very important position for our group.
When I attend the ASD next month I hope to purchase tapes and books with which to begin our library.   I requested donations from them.  Their tapes are fabulous.

MINERAL                                    D   S
              MAP                                O   R            etc.
                      WATER                   WSE

Dowsing for Health?    World Peace?
During the past few weeks I've been getting phone calls from some people who actively do mineral, map or water dowsing and want to connect with others who do this as well.

So let me know who you are, and when you call / email, I will connect you with those who share your interest.   I'd rather do it this way than printing lists because its more meaningful, adds that nice personal touch and it maintains the privacy you requested of me.

Let me know if you have any other specialty you'd like a buddy for.
Now, if I can only find my notes where I wrote down peoples' names. ......

We are seeing how more people are becoming interested in specific areas of dowsing, such as finding water, finding minerals, dowsing for health, etc.   I am also getting telephone calls from the public for help.   I've had discussions with people who dowse for certain items who would like to get together with other people to practice and work together.  This is connected with our DOWSING BUDDIES.
If you are interested in dowsing for:

Please:              Call or email me   after   July 1st.  YES!  PLEASE DO!
* One of our members recently attended a week-end event in Toronto which was a tour of old buildings.   Included in this tour was a jail and a courthouse.   She could feel the negative energies stored in these places.   She says she will not go back until she is capable of dealing with these energies.   This can be one of our projects.  Clearing these old buildings.  Interested?

**  There is a world wide environmental clearing group starting up that involves a lot of dowsers.  Pat Prevost told me about it and it was the most exciting thing I'd heard in a long time.   I expect to have more information about it when I have more time this summer.   It is "beschert" that we be part of this.  Thank you so much, Pat.  I am so grateful for your sharing this with me so I can share it with the group.  It's perfect.  It's perfectly us.

MARKHAM  CLEARING PROJECT:    Shelley Bourne lives in Markham and knows the owners of the New Age Bookstore there.    The owners feel there is a problem with the [negative] energy of their store and are very much interested in having the energy cleared.    Shelley would like to take a small group to the store to clear the store and the area and raise the energy there.   Experienced as well as less experienced people are needed and welcome.   Please call Shelley at [905] 294-6858 so you could get together to do this some time in June or July.   Shelley and the book store owners would like your help with this.   By the way, if you have foot problems, Shelley is a talented Chiropodist.


With the help of Lorenza, Shelley, Bette, Muriel and Peter I started this chapter in September and have remained ecstatic about the TD since that first meeting because of your responsiveness, attendance, enthusiasm, appreciation, support, and, most of all --- energy.   I would like to continue doing what I have been doing (and how) for the next year.   Our organization is run informally and this enables us to get a lot done and quickly and without much hassle.   When we become larger and/or have more "form and solidity" we will probably have to do some things with greater structure.  I have a Master Plan in mind that I feel but can not really articulate.  Some things have not succeeded, but the overall concepts feel --- to me at least ---  as if they are flowing smoothly.

If you have other ideas, drop me a note or an email describing your suggestions.

We began this enterprise, financially, with loans from myself ($500), Lorenza, Peter, and Joan DeNew's HAHN group.   All these monies have been repaid and we are several hundred dollars in the black.   We will need some of that to get started again in the fall.

If we do have a surplus, as we expect to have, these are some of the suggestions that have been offered:
-  Spend some money on a picnic at a summer field day
-  Purchase a set of audio tapes at the ASD for our new lending library (this was unanimously agreed upon by our committee)
-  Give credit coupons of $5 each to last year's paid up members, good for membership or meetings
-  Buy items for our library
- Publicity
- Public awareness
- Purchase a sound system so we can amplify speaker's voices and/or tape presentations
- Offer start up loans to new chapters

What do you think?   PLEASE let me know ---  after July 1st.

This seems to be a time when healing modalities and traditions from many cultures are being integrated.    People in our culture practice, or are aware of:  Native American traditions such as sweat lodges and shamanism, Vedic traditions,  Lomi Lomi, Mystery schools from Egypt, Wicca, etc.   One person can be steeped in healing modalities from Egypt, Hawaii,  Colorado,  England, etc.

I was thinking about this as I was reviewing 2 books that most of you must have on your bookshelf but have forgotten about:  Barbara Brennan's books.   In "Light Emerging" -- go to Figure 14-1, the Auric picture of a couple in love.   This is one of my favorite drawings.   As I look at this, it reminds me of the what dowser Joey Korn is showing us in the Human Energy or Bed Patterns and the Kaballistic Tree of Life, as well as teachings from the Flower of Life workshops as well.

Noting the similarities in practices from different continents is interesting, n'est-ce pas?

While you are dusting off Barbara Brennan's books, you MUST open up her first book, "Hands of Light."    DO GO to Chapter 10, page 81: Chakra or Energy Center Diagnosis and you will see Excellent exercises on diagnosing chakras with a pendulum.  There is an entire system in 7 pages.  You must look at the Aura pictures, especially Figures 11-1 and 11-2.  Go ON, check it out!

My Dad,  David Icke, Field Days

Dad is with my sister in her home in Washington.   Being with him was intense.   At the very end of our trip (5/17)  he fell and broke his arm.   Since that time he has become rather delusional and even more difficult.   Your positive energy toward him is greatly appreciated.   We hope he will be here in July to experience Frank Saul's QXCI (Quantum Xeroid CI) biofeedback healing device.

I don't think I have the time or energy to organize an activity for July and to notify you about it in time.   So it will have to be August.   For the David Icke event, I sent an email to everyone on the email list and asked for help in phoning those who don't have email.   One person responded.  Audwin, you did a fabulous job and I thank you.    I ended up phoning about 40 people and will not do that again.   I have arranged for our group to get in to see him at a greatly discounted rate.  This will take place June 4th and June 5th.

This David Icke thing is something else.   Response is awesome.  I am writing this a few days before the event and by the time you receive this it will be over.   We have sold over 100 tickets so far.   I just spoke with someone who ordered tickets for Tuesday night.  She became a member because she likes the newsletters.  She does not have email so I left her a voice mail.  She said "I haven't come to the meetings, I don't think I'll make the convention, but since you called me last week for some reason I can't stop thinking about this.  I have never been drawn to calling you about anything before. Who is he?"

David Icke's information is a foundation for certain projects I want to set up for us.  D'accord?
People are taking off work, coming from Windsor, virtually demanding tickets.  Why?
Well, I finally figured it out, and, of course it is because we are Dowsers.

Truth has its own Vibration
David brings Truth to us, we feel it, we feel its resonance and want to vibrate in resonance and in harmony with it.  Dowsing is vibrational energy and we are at-tuned to it and with it and want to be around it more.  We are starving for this kind of vibration.  This is food for us.    His books are available in certain stores.  However, if you were to try to order them from Chapters, as some people have told me, you can not pay in cash in advance.  They demand your name, phone number and credit card number.    For those who are opposite to this vibration, this makes them uncomfortable and they wish to destroy it and anyone associated with it.

I am leaving for the ASD in Vermont June 6th and am looking forward to a wonderful time (this is THE best time of the year for me) and to bringing back information and goodies I hope you will allow me to share with you.   My main focus now is the creation and activity of the dowsing groups outlined above.  There is a Master Plan afoot for our group and it is manifesting as beautifully as a lotus blossom.   We are being nurtured and protected by powerful beings.  Can't you feel it?  Do contact me after July 1st to blue skye.  Shalom.