The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meetings,
Tuesday, March 13th, 2001
Tuesday April 17th, 2001
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 7:00 p.m., Program to begin at 7:30 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Parking: On the street (neighborhood) parking is not too bad
Our meetings take place
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter

If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site at:

        "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can
      make a difference.  In deed, it is the only thing that ever has."
                                 - Margaret Mead -

Post on your refrigerator:         TORONTO DOWSERS
   March  13th        April   17th        May 8th
[The April meeting is pushed up a week as the Church needs our space.]

I like to read and receive, and I like to write a newsletter filled with real content and good dowsing "meat" (?tofu?).   Due to many things happening this spring, this newsletter is more about events and less about dowsing information.   I acknowledge and apologize.


Once again, the Consumer Health Organization is putting on its fabulous annual Total Health Show and I urge you to get there if at all possible.   It will be held this year  March 17-18  at the Toronto Convention Center.    You can find a complete description at:

You will find presentations on Energy Medicine, Electromagnetic Weaponry, Medical Intuitives, Rife Technology, Feng Shui, Energy Medicine, ad infinitum.  A lot of high quality stars.

Here is a partial list of speakers:    Dr. Majid Ali, Almine Barton (Medical Intuitive),  Dr. Nick Begich, Brian Clement, Wally Dove,  Sally Fallon,  Bryan Farnum (Health Intuitive), Charlotte Gerson,  Judy K. Gray (Body Reading: How to Discover Your Nutritional Deficiencies),  Gisela Kroeger Hoffman (Hanna Kroeger's daughter),  Hon. Paul Hellyer, Dr. Len Horowitz  Dr. Fred Hui,  Dr. Cass Ingram,  Lynn Kenny (Rife Technology),  George Merkl,   Malca Narol,  David Olszewski, Donald Scott, James Solomon (Advanced Energy Medicine),  Mary Wu, Gary Young.

The Consumer Health Organization also has all of its featured monthly articles online.  An example of  one of the articles you can find is Gary Skillen's 10/97 article:   ARE YOU SLEEPING IN A CANCER ZONE?  which describes geopathic zones, Hartmann Grid, Curry Net, Water Veins, Stray Voltage, the Effects of Grid Lines, etc.

Power of Mind ---- with Raymon Grace

We are fortunate that we will be bringing Raymon  back to Ontario this spring.   Raymon is a sought after speaker by the ASD and every ASD regional dowsing chapter.   He is an award winning former Silva instructor and currently instructs at the ORI  (Ozark Research Institute).   One of the courses Raymon teaches there is: "Manipulating Energy".  " This class will include a description of the characteristics of energy and a demonstration on the use of dowsing to change energy to make it useful for healing.    Learn to change the energy level in an area to enhance healing, relationships, prosperity and create positive events."    The information I have learned in the workshop he gave at the Ecology Retreat Centre in November has helped my dowsing more than any course I've taken so far.   And got rid of life long migraine headaches.

The weekend of May 4-6,  Raymon will be offering a Power of Mind Program.   No matter what level you are at, this workshop will offer you the tools to significantly improve your dowsing skills.  You will learn how to develop the power of your mind so you are better able to control outcomes and circumstances.  You will learn to slow your brain waves at will and reach a profoundly relaxes physical state with active awareness.  This will enable you to use your mind at deep levels in dynamic ways so you can remove or change deeply rooted negative beliefs (such as doubt and lack of confidence in your dowsing), improve the natural immunity of your body, etc.

By lowering our brain frequency we reach a state of mind which increases our dowsing accuracy.   Our thoughts have a far more powerful effect at Alpha than at Beta. This assists us in planting positive suggestions in our mind.   We can simply reach the Alpha level and plant the suggestion in our mind that our accuracy will improve.

Thoughts are the first step of creativity.  If we learn to think with the most powerful  brain frequency, we can create future events.  By combining this with dowsing, the results are intensified.   Raymon can show you how you can "move energy" with ease and confidence.

I know I mention Raymon a lot.  Probably because of what he has visibly done for me and for others.  It's more than being a great dowsing teacher.  It's who he is as well as the great help he offers for our health.   (I'm trying to be real careful here with my selection of words because of You Know Who.)  Several of us do talk about him to others and this is who we are and why:

This workshop is about Power of Mind.  The other stuff just seems to kind of happen when you are around Raymon.  It's a big part of who he is.

Contact:  Glen Halina (905) 791 - 5384    for more information
As of this moment, the workshop is already half full


To all of us!    And  THANK YOU!!!   to Gary Fortinsky, D.D.S.   who has become the  100th Member of our Toronto Chapter.   Pretty nifty for a special interest group that is just 5 months old, doncha think?    As the energy wave just carries us on, over up and through......

What Happened at our meeting on February 13th:

Margaret Ball led a 10 minute open topic Q&A session.
-        Bette's tape deck was stolen from her car in her townhouse community and said it was most probably done by someone who lived there.  She said  through very careful dowsing she found out which unit the person lived in and wondered if it is appropriate to do anything with this information and if this could be be the right information.

Margaret suggested that a good approach would be to first start by asking:   Was the tape deck taken by 1 or more than 1 person?   Male or female?   Young or old  (specify what that means to you)?   Was this done during the day or the night?   Keep asking questions to chunk down to who it is.   This could be a kinder approach, more appropriate to high minded dowsing --- and not hypocritical --- rather than directly asking for Who was the "perp" who stole my tape deck.

Margaret also suggested that  when you dowse for answers such as this and other more controversial and emotional questions that you are relaxed so that the answer really doesn't matter.  Sometimes when you dowse at night you get clearer answers because the ether is cleaner.  There is not as much electricity going through the air at night.

-  When asked about ways to get centered (see last month's newsletter for this) she added that the "squeeze, hold and relax" technique is an excellent one.  You tightly squeeze and hold, then relax, working each muscle group, starting with the feet and working your way up.   [Many exercise modalities use variations of this, including Yogananda's SRF techniques, Falun Dafa, Isometrics, etc. - mg].  They do it because it works.

She also reminded us that the Silva Method shows you marvelous centering techniques for the brain [See info for Raymon Grace's  May 4-6 "Power of Mind" workshop for this - mg]

- When asked about sending healing long distance, Margaret gave us one of her quotes from her teacher (and author of many Radionics books) David Tansley:

"Once you have committed yourself, the healing starts."

Alicja Aratyn, our featured speaker for this evening, spoke to us about RODS!    Rods differ from pendulums in that pendulums can detect and send energy, especially healing pendulums,  whereas rods can only sense energy.

L-Rods are the most well known of the rods and it is useful to ground them before you start using them.  You do this by lowering it and tapping it against something, preferably wood.

The Spanish Resonator is a fancy kind of L-Rod as it has a Witness Chamber at the long end.  This is handy when you are looking for something such as water, a mineral, etc.  You put a bit of what you are looking for in the witness chamber and it makes it easier to detect this kind of energy because you already carry the vibration with you.  It's just looking for more of the same.

Small Y-rods can be used for healing.   There is a healer who uses them to scan the body.  He has developed his own code of movement to indicate to him what is going on in the body, e.g., one kind of movement can mean one kind of dis-ease, another kind of movement means something else.

After World War II, people were searching for Cosmic Vibrations and out of this was developed a rod whose shape is especially sensitive to these vibrations.

A Bio tensor device is 2 sticks, one has a wooden ball at the end the other has a metal ring.  It is good for beginners as its light and it can show you if something is not good for you.

The aurameter is a precise tool for scanning the body and measuring the aura.  It can measure and show changes in the different subtle energetic bodies.    When you finish your work you want the aura to be even.

When you are working with someone and you notice a hole in their aura you can ask them to put their hand over that spot.  No need to tell them what you are doing or why. Can you recall that when you injure yourself, the first thing you do is you put your hand over that spot?   Like when you have a headache, you put your hand up to your head.  We get energy from our hands.

Alicja also told us about the Nikram, a device developed by a French physicist to send healing energy to people, a Universal which sends vibration from something to something (such as the energy of a crystal to something else) and Crystal wands which are specially cut and polarized crystals at the end of a copper cylinder covered with leather.  These can energize small things.  THANK YOU Alicja, for 2 very informative presentations on Dowsing Tools.

We then had the unexpected treat to listen to Klaus Stalschuss give us an all too brief explanation (more at a later date) of the Life Light Rings.   Klaus said he uses this as a:  Dowsing tool, as a Thought Amplification Tool, as an Assessment Tool.   It's almost as if the space inside the ring --- composed of copper twisted to the frequency of gold ---  has some of the physics and properties as a soap bubble.   Passing something through a ring restructures --- the cellular memory --- of water.   Much food contains a lot of water.  So do our bodies.

Putting a ring over your shower nozzle revitalizes water.  Klaus jumps through the large hoop daily.  Practitioners use it before and after sessions.  It removes stickies and "klingons"   There is no geopathic stress within the rings.   People keep one under their mattresses.    Margaret told us she places the base of her wine glass within a ring and it gives the wine a very nice taste.

He gave us a demo, using volunteer Ernst von Bezold.   After the passing of the hoop over his body Ernst remarked to us that the ache he had been experiencing in his elbow was gone.

Klaus, who lives in Kitchener (519) 749-0115, joined us through the HAHN (Hamilton Area Healing Network) group which meets the 4th Monday of each month.   For a speakers schedule and  meeting details see:  :

I neglected to thank Marion Gervais and Pauline Gagnon for having made some very thoughtful good food contributions  to our December meeting.  THANK YOU!

Speaking of food --- refreshments ---  Phillip Bowman and Arthur Clark made some good suggestions at the meeting and even though its not what I wanted to hear  (!)  I must admit it looks like they are right.  Nope! this is never easy.   We seem to be doing a pretty good job with people bringing in refreshments for after the meeting -- jes because they want to --  without having someone "officially" in charge and they suggested that it continue this way so I guess it will.   Shelley Bourne, who did a great job with this for our first 4 meetings can not keep doing this.  Thank you all.  And Louise and Lisa, too.  (Hey folks!  One guess who got to take home the extra cookies?!  Ha Ha!)

I checked the energy of our area this week.  Looks like Eva Angyal and Muriel Murray have been keeping up the energythat we raised in December.  It's great!  THANKS!


Margaret Ball is offering another Dowsing workshop:   Saturday, March 24th.
For complete details of what is being offered see the  DECEMBER 2000  newsletter or contact Margaret  at:    (905) 770-9012
ALSO:   Margaret is offering monthly practice sessions for anyone
who has taken a workshop with her at any time in the past.

ORI - A Dowsing and Healing Event - April 20 - 24
Have you heard of the ORI?  Ozark Research Institute?  In Fayetteville, Arkansas?   This is one of the few organizations the CSD is associated with.   I say "few" because the CSD is very particular in who they support.  ORI, started by the amazing Harold McCoy, teaches you How to Use Your Mind.   Their activities and  Dowsing activities are vitually indistinguishable from one another because they both recognize the power of Intent and use it the same way.   Raymon Grace will be teaching Manifesting Healing Energy there.    Several people from the HAHN group have  been there and keep raving about it.     (If you go, will you let me know beforehand?  I have some questions.)
Contact:           (501) 582-9197

I mentioned that I thought I might not be at the February meeting and have gotten so many kind inquiries on it, so here's the story:    My Dad lives in Florida.  Mom died 13 years ago from liver & lung cancer.  3 years ago Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  As of last fall it was obvious he could no longer remain in Florida with his aides so my sister and I brought him to her home in Port Townsend, Washington.   I was supposed to go to Florida and my sister would bring him down so he could spend some time in his home.   Taking care of him is not easy.   I tried to arrange things so y'all would be well taken care of and could get along without me, for the Febraury meeting, but Dad was not well enough to make the trip.   Then we thought (hoped) it would happen in March.  5 days ago I thought I'd be leaving March 1st.  Yesterday I found out I'm not.  Our plans change every other day.  We are trying to do this, he wants to go, my sister desperately needs a break.  Maybe I'll just fly out to Washington to visit them.  When I go, you'll know.  I'm concerned about being away the April meeting because I'm part of it.  So who knows.  It's a day by day situation.
         I write about this here because my story is the story for all of us.  We all at one time or another are taking care of parents.  Hopefully we have the chance to do so and the kind of relationship where we can.  This deterioration is not right.   This kind of gross degeneration removes all dignity.  I am convinced my father acquired this disease from toxins, from pollutants.  This situation was exacerbated by the kind of factory medical care he was given and believed in.  I was thinking of this during Margaret Ball's presentation in January while she was talking about toxins.  It makes me wonder if we all go through so many heart rending experiences, why aren't we human beings kinder towards one another.  Why aren't I?
           I do what I do because I watched my mom get sick with many things, while I was a teenager and knew it wasn't right.  Hence, my focus on nutrition, dowsing and now energy medicine.  I hoped that I could provide information for people that would be helpful so they would not have to go through what I went through.  And am glad I am doing that.
          I hope to be here in March for the meeting as I "really need" it, but I really would like to be with Dad.   And, just in case, I have the next newsletter almost all written ---but without the report of Pat's presentation.

3 Things Which May Help Your Dowsing:

-      Some people find that when they face a certain direction that their dowsing results are better than at other times.    Some people find that South is better for them, still others find that facing West is better for them.    Try it and let us know if a direction works for you..
-      I did the basic Silva training about 15 years ago.  This was the best workshop, the best course I have ever ever taken.   I did this in Dartmouth, New Hampshire and a significant reason for its success was the master instructor we had.   Due to recommendations by people around me, when I start a dowsing session I put on the Silva Method "Alpha Sound" tape and it greatly helps me calm, balance and focus my mind, eliminating distractions, and achieve better results.
-     Some people say to do your dowsing /broadcasting/radionics over a  black surface to protect it from unwanted frequencies.  So now I spread out a lovely dark dark blue velvet cloth.   I don't think this is needed.  But I like it. (It's the cloth I used to cover my Tarot cards for similar reasons. :- )  )

I enjoy these discussions with other dowsers.  Some people believe your pendulum has to be of a certain material.  Others say you can dowse with a button at the end of a string.   I know I don't need any doodads but sometimes I enjoy them.  Sometimes these things help you in the beginning to gain confidence.   Whatever works well for you is what is what is best.

When I was frustratedly unconfident, Walter Huszczo gave me the boost that made all the difference.   Trying to achieve verifiable accuracy, and therefore confidence, I was practicing dowsing with cards.   I couldn't even get the colors right!  Les Kato,  having dowsed with me, suggested that I am better with natural energies and suggested I ought to stick with those.  A good point and something to keep in mind but I wanted to do those cards!    Walter called me up and said "I'm thinking of a card,..."   Feeling insecure I said "Oh, no, don't make me do this!"    Walter says "Come on, now, focus your thoughts."    And so I did.   I was dowsing --- and "feeling" ---- black --- four ---- clubs.    Walter said "I am holding in my hand and looking at the 5 of clubs but my thumb is covering one of those clubs."   WOW!   So, for training wheels, it helps to practice with someone who will focus on what is being dowsed for in their mind.

[In our basic dowsing classes we learn how to use a pendulum as well as several techniques.   I have found that there is not enough of an emphasis on how to prepare yourself for a dowsing session such as being in a quiet, balanced, focused calm mental state, where you are not attached to the outcome of the answer and where you are not pushing your answers with your mind.    Pat agreed to give us a presentation on developing these skills.]
Pat will cover the following topics with us:
Pat Prevost is a Human & Animal Wellness Facilitator whose practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field.  She specializes in the dynamics of the human-animal bond using flower, spirit & environmental essences to balance any imbalances found.

Pat  is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Subtle Energy Transference (S.E.T. for Life) Practitioner, Certified Dowser for Wellness & Geopathic Stress & Vibrational Essence Producer & Practitioner.  Pat teaches, speaks & writes on many different
holistic subjects & approaches her practice with both animals & humans from a body, mind & spirit model.  She is also one of the founding members of AVEC - the Association of Vibrational Essences of Canada.

April  17,  2001   MEETING

We will have a  TWO  part hands on meeting

Larry and I have been helping one another out clearing out unwanted energy patterns and cleaning and strengthening our energy bodies.   We will show you a few easy and powerful routines we have developed. Bring your pendulums.
This is also a hands on experiential mix it up Dowsing Doing session designed to help you put together your own dowsing improvement program. ..... .....

As a response to the request that we get help to "make us" practice, we plan to set up DOWSING BUDDIES at this meeting.  These are groups of 2 or 3 people who live near one another get together and practice, hopefully 1 or more times a month.   No formal speaker, this is more of a hands on meeting.  Suggestions will be offered on what to practice in the form of handouts that you can take home.

This could also be a good opportunity for you to meet folks who live near you so you can share the driving to come to our meetings.

(We missed doing this in December due to THE snowstorm.  If you have other ideas you'd like to share with the group, bring them along, too. THIS is the time)

May 8th, 2001 MEETING
Bruce Magill
will speak on Earth Energies

Yes!!!!   JUNE is  CONVENTION TIME!!!    CSD & ASD

The annual convention of the Canadian Society of Dowsers will take place June 22-25 at its lovely secluded wooded setting at the University of   Toronto  campus in Scarborough.   So reserve that time for our convention and stay tuned for further details which you will be receiving next month.

The ASD, American Society of Dowsers,  will hold its annual convention  June 12-17 in northern Vermont.   check out:  for further details, including speakers.  It's a fabulous line up.  I'm so excited.   And there is so much (too much) stuff to buy there!   A couple of people said they are interested in connecting with others for car pooling to the ASD.   Let me know who you are and I'll try to help you with this.   Their info ought to be available for you at the next meeting.

I will be attending the convention in Vermont and so will not be here for the June meeting.   With everything going on I will not have the time to properly organize a meeting.  So June has not yet been planned and is open.  Would you like a speaker?  A different format?  Someone else has to be in charge of this because I can not be.    Let me know.