The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
Wednesday, March 20th, 2002
*** We expect this to be the biggest meeting EVER! ***
Bring your enthusiasm and please do program that we have enough chairs
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the CSD web site at:
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JUNE 12TH:            Pat Prevost


Well folks, we're doing it again.  Next year we might have to rent -- or own -- the Dome.  135 people at this meeting!  32 people had never been to one of our meetings before.

To those of you who are NEW to our family:

We welcome you, your presence, spirit, energy, ideas and enthusiasm.  Our group has been growing since our first meeting September 11, 2000, attended by 45 people.   We send out monthly newsletters (they are all online) and we have monthly meetings.   All the information, policies, etc., are in the newsletters as well as detailed accounts of our meetings and projects.  We ask that you stay informed by reading them.  As you get to know us, we will get to know you as well and hope you will share your talents with us.

This is a volunteer group.  Our hard working librarians, the people at registration, those who take care of the facilities, the food, your chapter leader, are all volunteers.   We have a new, and excellent library which is open to members.

People in our group are here to find out more about dowsing.  If you don't know how to dowse, please take a beginning dowsing course.   However you learn how to dowse  DO ensure you learn about Dowsing Ethics and Asking Permission.

PARKING:  PLEASE OBSERVE:  THERE IS NO PARKING ALLOWED IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH OR ON THE WALKWAYS OR IN THE SPACES RESERVED FOR THE CHURCH.  Someone parked right in front of the door this month.  That's not right.  We are guests of the church, whose space we rent and they use their church as well.  The only car allowed near the front is the car of your Chapter Leader --- and if anyone wants to lug and store and prepare and lug again all the boxes and displays and flyers to be taken care of every single month, getting there early and leaving late, you can have my spot.  If you need to be close to the church please arrive early.

At the end of our meetings we stay and socialize and have refreshments.  Who brings them?  You do.  Please do continue to bring finger food munchies for us to partake of at the end of the meetings.  They are greatly appreciated.   And Phillip Bowman brings his "Kombucha Tea".

More  "Wilson's"   were available for people who did not get them last month.  What's a "Wilson"?   How do you use one?   See last month's newsletter.

More of our Dowsing Cards (that were introduced last month --- see last month's newsletter) were available.  We are selling them at the meetings:  50 cents apiece, more than 2, $1 apiece.   The Boston Chapter of the ASD has ordered 50 cards from us!  The Dowsing Card offers you Walt Woods' chart and 6 questions with which you can build up your energetic immune system when used on a daily basis.

An article on Dowsing, featuring the Toronto Dowsers will be in the March 2002 issue of Vitality Magazine.  For those of you who don't have access to the magazine, we will have this available at our March meeting.

Are you interested in THERAPEUTIC TOUCH?   There is a book available, through the ASD (American Society of Dowsers) called "Therapeutic Touch - The Dowser's Art of Hand Dowsing".  This is by Chow Chow Imamoto, RN, MSD, it is self published and is available thru the ASD for $5.00 US.  (802) 748-8565

Thanks to frequent requests and lots of support, The Toronto Dowsers is proud to announce that we are sponsoring a trip to Toronto by Raymon Grace in March.

Raymon will be a guest speaker at the Total Health Show sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization, at the Toronto Convention Center, March 16 & 17.  He will have a booth and he will give 2 talks and be on the Panel Discussion on Saturday morning on Energy Healing.

Saturday: Panel Discussion - noon - 2;         Talk:    Saturday 5-6,    Sunday noon-1.
For more information, check out:

Raymon will be the guest speaker at our March meeting:  March 20th.
Raymon will be giving a week-end workshop March 23-24th, 25th at the Mohawk Inn, which is just east of Guelph (exit 312 on Hwy 401)

We are finding that dowsing works best when:

    You do believe that yes, it does work
    When you have trust, faith and confidence in your dowsing system

Some people have this naturally.   Others have to work at it.   All can attain it.

When I was a kid, growing up in New York City, there was one man, one young relief pitcher of a relatively new baseball team who galvanized the entire city and whose heart and spirit and BELIEF brought his stumble bum team to win the World Series.  Tug McGraw's BELIEF, declared over and over and over again, has been declared as THE driving force to bring the Series title to the New York Mets in 1969.  Everyone in New York City, from 4 to 104 took up the cry with joy and fervor in their hearts. 33 years later, sports writers and others are still talking about this event, one man's total conviction, which gave the moniker "The Miracle Mets" to this team.

Chris Temple, in his publication, the National Investor writes  "McGraw’s heroics and motivation was just the latest proof at that time that man is quite capable of talking himself into performing feats which, on paper and according to all logic, are impossible. At the time, the lefty’s magic carried one baseball team and a few million fans. Today, that same will is needed by some 270 million Americans--consumers and investors -- who the powers that be pray will "motivate" themselves out of their current funk."   What was McGraw's shout, heard around the world again and again?


Those who believe in their dowsing system are performing what many would call miracles. Ya just gotta believe!

Our Presentation was given by: Larry Huszczo

To clear out negative energies, and set an appropriate mood, Wo Ha Li, also known to us as Puck, opened the meeting by smudging our space with sage and offering a Six Nations thanksgiving native prayer.  [I tried to get the web page for you for the words to this prayer.  The site is down.  We will keep trying.]

Why do we do this?  One of the reasons, Larry tells us is that the dark side does not like sweet smells such as sage.

[Comment:  We have a policy of no scents at the meeting because of those who are sensitive to chemicals. Odors.  There was a notification via email to ask permission to diffuse essential oils at the meeting and it was decided not to when 2 people objected to this.  If anyone at the meeting was bothered by the smudging, I do apologize to you for this.  I completely forgot about the sensitivity concern.]

Larry lives west of Brantford Ontario.  Although he had dowsed on the farm as a child, it was not until November, 2000 that he started dowsing more seriously.  Think about this, folks.  November 2000.  15 months ago.  You've heard (and many have seen) by now what Larry does with dowsing.  In "only" 15 months.

Larry met Raymon Grace in November 2000 at a workshop at the Ecology Retreat Centre in Orangeville, sponsored by Toronto Dowsers Frank and Cathy Saul where he hit it off with Raymon.  The following weekend Larry went to Raymon's workshop in Indiana and then he started traveling with him to his workshops, assisting him and learning from him.

Larry tells us that when he first started dowsing he had a lot of doubt.  He didn't think his answers were correct and he would call Raymon for confirmation.  Eventually he was getting correct answers 80% of the time.   He started out by dowsing 4-6 hours / day.  "I went at it like a fanatic", Larry tells us.   He worked on dowsing himself and his family.   He would write down questions he wasn't sure of, and after 3-4 days call Raymon to check with him.  This went on for a period of 3-4 weeks, before his accuracy and level of confidence improved, hence, his trust.  After a couple of months, h began dowsing 8-10 hours / day, averaging out to 6 hours a day, and started working on friends.  [Note:  Raymon came to Orangeville on Friday, November 3rd.  I was out visiting Larry and his family on January 3rd, 2 months to the day after he met Raymon.  Larry did some pretty heavy duty work with me on emotional clearing.  Boy was I surprised!]

In helping people with their dowsing, Larry and Raymon found that the most limiting factors were self imposed.  That people had doubts, fears and lack of confidence.  These factors sabotaged successful dowsing results.  Why?  Perhaps because dowsing is energy based.  It doesn't have strong dense physical energies.  Thoughts are a form of energy and doubts, etc., are energies and this influences the energetics of dowsing.  Ok, so what do you do about it?

Realize that doubts, etc., have:  a frequency, a life force, a spirit.
These doubts, etc., have been adversely affecting people and their dowsing.
Larry and Raymon show us how to eliminate doubts, and their frequencies, etc., from our dowsing.

When dowsers do this, their dowsing improves.

But, just a moment, to back up a little bit here.....

This meeting was very different from our other meetings because of the size and the number of new people.

    It was one of the few meetings where we actually were dowsing.

        and, Not everyone knew how to dowse.

Our meetings are designed for those who already know how to dowse.

This means those who at least get a strong "yes" and a strong "no" and your 'yes' and 'no' are reasonably accurate for simple queries.

Before you can actually dowse, however, it is crucial that you know a few basics:
        The Ethics of Dowsing
        Asking Permission
Just as you would not drive a car (we hope) without knowing the rules and courtesies of the road.

For more information on the Ethics of Dowsing see our February 2002 newsletter or

If you don't know how to dowse ---- we are putting information together for you on Basic Dowsing Workshops.

ALSO --- Larry and Raymon teach us "the next step in the evolution of Dowsing".  This is:

        Traditionally, with dowsing, you use a dowsing tool to detect
        Traditionally, you use a dowsing tool to get an answer to a "yes/no" question
        Traditionally, you use a dowsing tool as a PASSIVE device

With this "newer" dowsing,

        You use a Dowsing tool as an ACTIVE device, to CHANGE energy
        You use a Dowsing tool to Transmute, take away, add energy

Some of the people in the audience may not have been fully cognizant that this is what we were doing.  If you haven't been keeping up with dowsing "uncoveries" in the last several years you may not be acquainted with this style.   I think some dowsers even, those who have been doing "traditional" dowsing --- were not aware that this is what we were doing.  It may take a little time getting used to learning how to do this and understanding it.  And, once you do, you wonder how you could have been doing without it and just want to keep practicing and practicing.  You fall in love with the power and simplicity of this "new-er" dowsing.

Some of the dowsers I know of who teach this kind of dowsing are:  Hannah Kroeger, Eric Dowsett, Walt Woods, Harold McCoy, Robert Sird, Don Taylor, Janet Dunlap, Joey Korn, Raymon Grace, Sandee Mac.

To summarize, the way to obtain the most benefit from this presentation is to already know:

OK, moving on with Larry's presentation:

He showed us how to use a dowsing chart, and we passed around and used copies of Walt Woods' chart from his book, "Letter To Robin".   [Walt Woods, past president of the ASD is considered to be the "Grandaddy of Dowsing".  In 1979 a young girl, named Robin, wrote Walt a letter and asked him about dowsing.  He answered her, and, kept a copy and passed it around to others who also inquired.  Over the years Walt has been updating this "letter" until it grew to become one of the classical publications to recommend to beginners.  We will probably have copies of this book(let) available to you next month at  $4 / copy.  Or, you can find it online at:   ]   Now, having said all that, I will tell you that I find some parts of this book to be a bit overwhelming and confusing for the rank beginner.  You must be willing to take your time and go over this material a couple of times.  Practice, put it aside, and come back to it again.  (We are sourcing other beginning dowsing books to recommend to you.)

Charts are very good to use with your dowsing, and, at next month's meeting we will offer a modified version of Walt's chart to our members.  The modified one is less complicated.

Let's say you want to find out if taking a "Vitamin D" supplement is beneficial to you at this time.  So you may ask "Is taking a Vitamin D supplement beneficial to me now?"  and you get a "yes" response.   Well, suppose it is only 5% beneficial to you?   Suppose taking something can be 20% beneficial in some ways but 30% harmful in other ways?  Wouldn't you want to know?  That's why some of us use charts, such as Walt's chart which was provided on the Dowsing Card.

Experienced dowsers, such as Larry, use their hand rather than the chart, where they visualize the chart on the palm of the hand.

As another example, let's say you want to measure your Energy Level.  You would use a chart for this, perhaps one with a scale different from the "%" one.  We will be learning more about charts and how to use them at future meetings --- such as the April meeting --- or, perhaps in practice groups.

Back to Larry's talk now...

When people trust their dowsing you will use it more --- for everything.

Larry flew to Omaha this month to give a workshop.  He cleared the plane, the pilot, the stewardess, --- everyone.   He put a protection around the airport.   He programmed for a smooth, problem free enjoyable flight --- and that's exactly what happened!

Now --- what does this mean?  What does "clearing" mean --- in our dowsing?  Take a look at this:

Do you Bathe Regularly?

Do you take a bath or a shower at least 2 times a week?  Generally 4-7 times a week?  I guess at least 95% of those who are reading these words do.  Why do you do this?   Did anyone have to teach you how to do this?   Do you realize what a relatively new concept this is??   Do you know that people who bathed regularly in Colonial times or even 150 years ago were considered to be "odd" or "suspect" and it was thought that they might be indulging in "occult practices"???   Take a look at the History of Bathing in the US:

Our Dirty Forerunners: It was said that no house in Quincy, Mass., had a bathroom before 1820. When the temperature of a bedroom dips below the freezing point, there is no satisfaction in bathing.

Benjamin Franklin is said to have imported the first bathtub to America. Brought over from France in the 18th century, this early creation was made of sheet copper shaped like a shoe, and hand-filled by bucket.

Most Colonial bathing consisted of occasional dips in ponds or streams. More typical was a quote from Elizabeth Drinker, the wife of a highly-placed Philadelphia Quaker. She had a shower (probably a bucket arrangement) put up in her backyard for therapeutic use in 1799. She said, "I bore it better than I expected, not having been wet all over at once, for 28 years past."

But the country's first bathtub---with fittings---was commissioned by a Mr. Thompson of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1842. He envied the invention of Britain’s Lord John Russell, and had the same tub duplicated for himself. The tub was encased in mahogany and lined with sheet lead. It measured 7' x 4', and weighed nearly one ton.

The Great Bathtub Debate: The question of which President was the first to introduce a bathtub into the White House has produced several answers, most of which could probably be construed as correct, depending on your viewpoint.    Abraham Lincoln (1861-65) was credited by the Portsmouth Ohio Times in 1932 to "hold the distinction of being the first President of the  United States to splash his way to cleanliness in a White House bathtub, the first bathtub having been installed in the White House during his presidency."

The popularity of tub-bathing grew as the country flourished and expanded. For example, only 200 people resided in Tucson, Ariz., in 1865. By 1871, however, the town would boast 3,000 people, a newspaper, a brewery, two doctors, several saloons and one bathtub.

The old Saturday night bath in front of the kitchen fire or pot-bellied stove was of tin or copper. Lead "gave way" to cast iron, which in turn was the forerunner of the modern enameled iron tub. Now we can add porcelain enameled iron and steel and acrylic, too.

By the turn of the century, a luxury bathroom would be a grand-sized room, outfitted with a 5-foot enameled tub, shower bath and receptor, sitz bath, foot bath, pedestal lavatory and siphon jet closet. Including all the fittings, trim and traps, the cost would come to $542.50. (Heavy tasseled drapes and stained glass windows were extra, of course. Although patterned wallpaper would yield to tile on the walls and the floor, the big area carpet would remain.)

What in the world does the History of Bathing have to do with clearing in our dowsing?  Simple:
What may be more beneficial than (daily) bathing is:

***  Your Daily Energetic Shower ***

With the Dowsing Card, and the questions Larry presented to us, we prepare ourselves --- for our day --- for our dowsing session, by an "energetic clearing" --- or cleansing.  The card (and the questions) offer some of the main questions we use.  When you work through these questions you cleanse your energetic field of non beneficial frequencies, and, strengthen your field in certain ways.   This energetic clearing rids you of doubts, fears, non beneficial energies, improves your energy, vitality, brings you to positive thoughts, optimizes your body frequency, clears you and your loved ones of danger, brings you in to Divine Truth, etc.

Doing this on a daily basis is like doing exercise.  You get stronger as you go.  Your "dowsing muscles" become stronger, and the accumulated "gunk" that you are getting rid of softens and you remove layer by layer.  These 2 concepts complement one another.

You've spent years --- decades --- getting yourself gunked up.
Doesn't it make sense it may take just a few short weeks to understand how to get un-gunked?
So you:  Understand,   Start working on  de-gunking,   soften de gunk  :-)  and then de-gunk!
Get rid of the non-beneficial, build up the Beneficial.
This is how you build up your:    Energetic Immune System.

At the current time, dowsing may be seen by some as suspect as bathing was seen by many in Colonial Times.  The parallels are exactly the same.  Perspectives on dowsing are changing rapidly.  Soon, every one will be dowsing as they come to understand the benefits, just like people learned to appreciate the benefits and good feeling of bathing.  How will that happen?  Easy.  You will learn, you will understand and you will tell them.  This is how change takes place, one spine at a time.

As you learn to make your Daily Energetic Shower a habit, your dowsing will improve, your trust, accuracy, confidence will improve, you will be dowsing more, your intuition and manifestation abilities will improve, and your life will flow more smoothly.  More and more people in the Toronto Dowsers are reporting these results to us.

*    *    *    *    *
Can we expect to be expert dowsers in every area of dowsing?  People are most often good in certain areas of dowsing.  Larry gave an example of Ed Stillman, leader of the Verde Verde Chapter, Sedona, Arizona.  Ed is the Educational Advisor of the ASD and won the 1999 ASD Dowser of the Year Award.  Ed is an excellent water dowser, he can tell you that the best water vein is at a certain location, you have to drill 132.5 feet and you will get 35 gallons per minute of good potable water.  And Ed will be dead on, every time.  In some other areas his accuracy is not as high.

Everyone has their own field of expertise.  It is most likely that where your interest lies --- that is the area that you will excel in.

Why is Larry excelling at this so completely and rapidly?  I believe most of it has to do with his life experience, true to the saying that "Adversity builds character."  Larry told us last year that his back was broken in a car accident 15 years ago.  The doctors told him to get used to living in a wheel chair because he would never walk again.  Larry was determined to walk and found his own ways of healing, through Alternative Health methodologies.  He had a 100% clear intent, was determined, focused, confident.  He was also in pain, every moment, until a time where Raymon worked on him.   I believe it is this critical experience which gave Larry the abilities, the intent and laser like focus he needs to do what he is doing in such a phenomenal manner today.

It is often hoped that many people benefit from the challenges and triumphs of others, without having to undergo the severe obstacles that others have overcome.   Let each one of us figure out how in our own way, we can benefit from these lessons that Larry is trying to impart to us with such heartfelt sincerity.

You feel Larry's commitment, integrity, "genuineness", confidence and expertise. He is sharing a very special energy with you that you feel. You want it around you. You want it for you.  Remember:  Energy is Caught, Not Taught.

The 2 things to focus on are:
The Power of Your Belief

*        *        *        *        *

We talked about Energy levels.  What is that?  It's a number we use on a relative scale (see Dennis Whealey's "Principles of Dowsing" for a good explanation of one kind of scale.)   Good energy for a person is 24,000-26,000.  Good energy for your home is 22,000.   It is important that the energy of people be 1,500-2,000 units higher than the energy of the place you are in otherwise you may feel fatigued, irritable, etc.

We use energy levels to see if people are adversely affected.  If energy levels are low, we can see that people have non beneficial energies around them, so we keep removing non beneficial energies until the level is raised.  If a person is at 500 or 1,000 they have the energy of, say, a drug dealer or user or prostitute.   A low energy level is an indication that one is adversely affected.

We had a flyer available, with suggested questions and hints  The original concept for this meeting was that people who are already dowsing would have the opportunity to hone their skills and get rid of obstacles.  This did not exactly take place as we planned it, but other benefits took place for people.  Seeing a dowser of Larry's stature in action, feeling his energy, asking questions and hearing the answers, gave many insights and "ah ha's" in to what real dowsing feels like and where some people were making mistakes.

    This flyer will be available again at the March meeting --- and Item #14 will be corrected.

We were trying to do too much in too short a period of time with too many inexperienced people and too many concepts that as we now see, were too new to too many.  Most of what we "reviewed" here is what took us an entire day with Raymon Grace --- and not everyone in our group took Raymon's workshop.  We see we need to re visit many of the concepts brought up in this meeting and plan to do so.  If you want to dowse powerfully and properly, we strongly urge you to spend time with our Toronto Dowsers family as we develop these skills and help and support one another.

Larry showed us how he uses his pendulum for the 4 basic movements:

Yes            No            Taking energy away            Adding Energy
The last 2 movements are what is "new" to most traditional dowsers.

He showed us how to find out if we have fears or doubts which adversely affect our dowsing and if so, how to remove them, to find out how strong they are (using the chart) and if we have permission to deactivate them if they are adversely affecting our dowsing.  He suggested that if we have these, that we scramble the frequencies of doubt and fear and adjust them to the frequency of self confidence, self acceptance.   He found that 15% of the audience had fears when it came to dowsing.

Another suggestion is to talk to your spirit guides:  "Banish from my existence any and all spirits of fear and doubt that adversely affect my dowsing."

Raymon suggests that you put some emotion behind your dowsing --- put your strength and passion in to what you want.  Rather than sounding like the 88th chorus of 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, SOUND as if it's the Olympic game for the hockey gold medal,  Canada vs. the US, 4th quarter, last 5 minutes and you are exhorting your team to WIN WIN WIN!  Get that OOOMPH going folks!!!!!!!!!!!

Several people did not bring pendulums.  But we are certainly creative!  Some folks used their keys, others used their name tags, one person even used a used tea bag!  And they work!

Larry talked about confidence in dowsing, the ideal body frequency and that it is different for people on different continents.  There is a frequency for certain diseases, for prosperity, for horses, dogs, cats --- for everything.  [People who work with Radionics are very familiar with these frequencies.]

He talked about using dowsing to ensure you have positive thoughts.  He showed us how he dowses -- on a daily basis --- to ascertain the danger level to himself, family and friends, and, if it is high, how to do something about it.  He showed us how to dowse for the overall health level and how he puts the most appropriate energy around him to increase his level of health.

Larry explained about motivational levels and that he finds that many people who are not dowsing as they would like to, have low motivational levels and how to raise them.   He spoke about being Grounded.  Larry asks the Spirit World to ground him to the Center of the Earth, and, if there are any corrections that need to be made to him, to do so.

He says that when you are grounding:  Visualize rods going to the center of the earth.  Larry does a lot of visualization.  When he sees a blockage --- he grabs it --- and PULLS it OUT! --- with FERVOR and ENTHUSIASM !!!!

If he discovers he does not have Divine Truth when he is dowsing -- he asks for it.  And --- when his gut feeling overrides his dowsing -- he listens to his gut.

There is a lot more to cover on this topic. But this is all we have time for --- from this evening and in this issue.

So that was pretty much what Larry covered with us.  We have discussed many of these areas before and shall do so again.  And there is one final item:

The energy in the room we currently meet in has not been so great for previous meetings.  I mentioned this a week before the meeting to those of you who have email.  Many of you worked on it, as did Larry.  Puck's smudging also made a significant positive contribution.  Did you notice how light and clear the energy was once the meeting got started?   We also stayed until 10:00 and people were not even tired.  As Dominique Dabolzci-Fekete commented:  "The energy in the room was just awesome!"    Look at how wonderful you all are!


2 Offers from your Chapter Leader

I made 2 offers (bribes???) to people at our February meeting and am restating and clarifying them here:

A main purpose of our endeavor, is to have people dowsing and dowsing accurately and often.

So --- this offer is open to any of you who were at the meeting and who have NOT been doing this before:

OFFER  1)  If anyone who has NOT been practicing this --- if --- for 21 days straight, you use either the Dowsing Card or the 15 questions Larry developed for you ---  I will take you out to dinner (this is my own personal money).   I will wait until we have 6 people and we will all go out together.  (Probably Chinese Buffet).

If you intend to do this and you start it, but stop for a day or so, you can begin again.  This must be for 21 days in a row. You be the judge and let me know after your 21 days are up.  If you have questions about this, do contact me.

This is not restricted to just 6 people.  Every time I get 6 people to do this, we go to dinner (or lunch if that is what y'all prefer).   I hope to do this often.

This offer is valid until August 31st, 2002, subject to renewal.

So far, 6 people have either called or emailed me to tell me they have started this.  Good!  Maybe they will be the first group.   Am expecting the first calls after March 13th.

Just let me know when you've completed this.

Folks --- I really want to do this.  This is my purpose in leading this group.  To get people dowsing.  Dowsing accurately, dowsing often.  To make it a habit.  It is said  "It takes 21 days to make a habit."

OFFER   2)   -  For 3 people per week:  The best time to do your daily dowsing is first thing in the morning.   If you are trying to do this, but if you are having problems with the dowsing or with motivation --- I would like you to phone me every morning for a week so we can work on and work out the bugs ---  HOWEVER --  FIRST contact me to make a "contract" with me and I will do this with a maximum of 3 people a week.  (the reason I stipulate it this way is I am notoriously unfriendly to those who phone me before 9:30 a.m.)    BUT!!!    I want you Dowsing!   Your part is that you just do it.  My responsibility in this is that I answer the phone and help you help yourself get rid of the blocks to your dowsing and improve your accuracy, confidence and practice.

It works ---  Since the January meeting, when we first introduced the Dowsing Card, I've been getting phone calls about the difference that this is making in your lives.   As of this writing, with one phone call to me so far, someone has worked through significant obstacles to her dowsing.

A phone call I received Thursday morning:  " I did Larry's questions.  I've been dowsing often but for the first time, as a result of these questions, I have no blocks to dowsing."

        ok, LETS JUST DO IT!

This system works best when you:
Truly  Believe
Have:      Faith           Trust          Confidence
Laser like Focus
Proper Intent
and, you:   Practice !!!

Comments the morning after, after hearing Larry's talk and using the questions for the first time, from experienced dowser Angela Adamson-Viola: I love my "energetic shower".  When you take a dowsing class, you're taught how to help others. What you need to do first is to help yourself. ...  After listening to Larry last night and using his questions this morning, for the first time with my dowsing there are no blockages at all.  No doubts.  I never had that feeling before.  I felt totally clear.  I'm feeling good about the answers I'm getting. It's the best I've felt ever about my dowsing. ...  If you're not clear on how to ask the question you can't do it.  You have to teach this first --- how to ask the question --- before you teach how to use the pendulum, such as you ask if you have any opinions, beliefs, so you are clear to do dowsing. ...  It cleans out the baggage..... Even kids --- kids have opinions -- they are mostly derived from their parents. .... We introduced these questions before, but not in a teaching format.  If they are just on paper you still really just might not get it.  It's different in a teaching format."

Here is something I found out at the meeting, in conversation:

For people who may be concerned about any risks about vaccinations, there is

The #1 Flu Preventive --- and Flu Cure --- used in France for over 65 years --- prescribed by Medical Doctors --- is a simple, low dosage Homeopathic Remedy.

This remedy, used as a preventive, for those who can not take vaccinations, as well as for the relief of symptoms, is:  Oscillococcinum, one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies in the world.  Oscillococcinum is made by Boiron.

"Oscillo works safely with none of the side effects associated with the over-the-counter remedies--even some herbals.  The primary benefit of Oscillococcinum is that it stimulates the body's own immune mechanisms," says Fabienne Pugnetti-Boiron, public relations manager at Boiron in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.  "Because of its safety, even pregnant women and children may take it.

It is recommended that For Flu Prevention: starting in September, adults take 1 tubule every week for a month, then one tubule every month until the end of flu season.  When you feel you are about to come down with the flu, or when you have it, follow directions.

The safest approach is homeopathy, as it is free from side effects, without drug interactions, and safe for both children and adults.  Studies have shown that for those who have not used this remedy prophalactically and experience sympoms that a 63% greater recovery by 48 hours is experienced when it is taken within the first 24 hours of symptom onset. Those not significantly better soon after that should see their health practitioner.

Founded in 1932 in Lyon by twin-brother pharmacists, Boiron is a world leader in homeopathic products. Every year it manufactures 100 million tubes of 1,500 different homeopathic medicines and delivers 8 million specially prepared homeopathic remedies for individual prescriptions filled by 23,000 pharmacies around France.

Dana Ullman, a leading spokesman for homeopathy, an author and an advisory board member of alternative-medicine institutes at Harvard's and Columbia's schools of medicine says"  "They are often cheaper and usually safer than conventional drugs. Homeopathy is curative, truly curative."

According to recent surveys in France, 40% of the French public have used homeopathic medicines, and 39% of French physicians have prescribed them.  At least six French medical schools offer courses leading to a degree in homeopathy, and homeopathy is taught in all pharmacy schools and in four veterinary schools.

Both acupuncture and homeopathy are recognized by French Social Security and thus are reimbursed under applicable rules. France is the world leader in homeopathy, with approximately 6,000 medical doctors licensed in homeopathy and used regularly by 15% of the population. Many pharmacists have special training in homeopathy as well.

A similar remedy is offered by Dolisos: Dolicoccil 1000.

Safety may be of particular interest when customers taking heart or blood-pressure medication can easily pick up a generic flu remedy at their local convenience store. Many of these mainstream OTC remedies interact with prescription drugs. Homeopathic remedies do not.   [This approach is more favored by homotoxicologists who follow more modern methods than classical homeopaths.  It is thought that this approach does produce antibodies in the blood stream and cleans out the lymph system.]

"Homeopathic remedies have no side effects and work equally as well" says Ullman.   "Oscillococcinum is the homeopathic chicken soup."

The preceding information was taken from:
Mary M. Bunker, DO, holistic family practice physician, 28592 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334


Since we started, I've been in touch with other dowsing chapter leaders in North America, connecting, sharing information.  The President of the Albany, New York chapter read about Olga Nickle's Learning Path Technique and wanted it taught in her area, so Diane Young, one of the LPIT teachers who has studied under Olga, went to NY to give a workshop in December [which they loved of course].   The Boston Chapter has ordered 50 Dowsing Cards.  The head of the only Wisconsin chapter called because he wants to attend Raymon's workshop.  The Michigan chapter leader will be discussing Raymon's workshop at their next meeting and we may have some guests from Michigan.  Dowsers in California, Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, Maine, Utah, Idaho, etc. know about us.

If you want an excuse for a vacation that includes dowsing, consider:  Ozark Research Institute (Arkansas) in April, the American Society of Dowsers (Vermont) in June.  Texas had one last week and Arizona will have one next year.  Dowsing events are great places to meet like minded people who do become friends.  And of course we have the Canadian Society of Dowsers annual convention in our own backyard this June.

[Focus on your area now.  We will use this in the April meeting]

Dowsing Buddies is a way for you to practice your dowsing more often, and to do it with people who live near you and/or share your dowsing interests.

On the wall of the room is a chart showing a map of Toronto, sectioned off by numbers.  Each number corresponds to a geographical area of Toronto.  Take a yellow sticky and write the number that corresponds to the area that you live in on the sticky.  Put the sticky on your name tag.

On the wall of the room is a chart with certain areas of dowsing interest.  Each area of interest is represented by a letter.  Take a yellow sticky and write the letter of your area(s) of interest in the sticky.  Put the sticky on your name tag.

A = Animals                                           G = Gardening, Plants
E = Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress        H = Health, Personal Well Being
M = Map dowsing, Lost people, Pets         N = eNergetic, Emotional Clearing
P = Planetary,world,neighborhood healing    R = Raymon's Techniques
T = Treasure, Minerals, Gas, Oil               W = Water, Noxious energies
Look for other people with similar letters / numbers.  Start to get to know one another.


One of the most important projects that Raymon is working on is cleaning up the water.  And, doing this of course, through dowsing.  Raymon Grace says "I can tell you in six words how to clean up the waters of our planet."  Using the [simple] ----- techniques Raymon taught us:

"Scramble the frequency of the pollutants."


Larry is giving a workshop  Saturday, March 2nd, which, unfortunately is too late for notification for those of you who do not have email and/or who were not at the meeting.   He will be doing this again in the future.

LOCATION:  RICHMOND HILL  (very close to the Richmond Hill GO Train Station)
For details as to: Content, cost, time, location, etc.,
Contact Margaret Ball:  (905) 770 - 9012

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans
Our library is open for you before the start of the meeting and occasionally at the end when the librarian has time.  Borrowing privileges are available for members only.


We all love and remark on Arthur Clark's famous tuna fish sandwiches that he so kindly makes for us for our after meeting snacking.  He finally agreed to share his delicious technique with us:

1 Loaf Heidemann's Bavarian Rye Bread
2 cans  4.2 oz tuna --- chunky
Salad Dressing            Red Onion            Celery            Green Pepper            Zucchini
Pepper - 4 Pepper Blend (Use Peppermill)            Old Cheddar Cheese
Empty Tuna in to a Medium Size Bowl.
Add:        2-3 TBS  red onion --- chopped fine
              2-3 TBS Celery --- chopped fine
              2-3 TBS Green Pepper --- chopped fine
              Pepper, and SALAD DRESSING - as much as it takes to reach a nice consistency.
Butter Bread lightly
Place Salad Between the slices and cut slices in to cut slices in to fours
Place in Large Bowl --- You should have enough Salad to do one Loaf of bread, exactly
Fill up large bowl with sandwiches and chunks of Celery, Zucchini, Green Pepper and Cheese to fill up the spaces.
Refrigerate.  Cover with Plastic Wrap.
Refrigeration has a positive effect. This recipe could even be made up the day before.  - Arthur Clark

There is only one thing that I ask of you and that is that you will believe absolutely that this thing works.  If you do not believe it works it will not work, because everything is belief.  Everything is mind and all operation is thought, and there is not a law in the universe that is not the power of mind in action and there never was and there never will be.   Anything you ever saw or ever will see is simply the result of mind in action.   "
from the book "Love and Law, the Unpublished Teachings" by Ernest Holmes

Future Months:

April 2002
Dowsing Buddies
We will go over charts, how to use them, review basic dowsing skills and practice dowsing in our dowsing buddy groups which we will start forming --- based on common interest and/or geographical proximity

May 2002
Joey Korn, from Atlanta,    a favorite in the dowsing world and
author of "Dowsing, A Path to Enlightenment"
will speak to us on: Working With the Light: Dowsing, Spirituality, & the Kabbalah Connection

Joey began finding a unique pattern of subtle energies (invisible rays of light) around beds in 1996. As the years passed, he found more and more elements of the complete pattern, what he calls the "Bed Pattern" and has come to understand this as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

June 2002

We are privileged to have our very own  Pat Prevost!

THE   Wednesday, March 20th, 2002 MEETING

Raymon Grace
Just DO it!

Raymon Grace, a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, has been studying various forms of healing since 1973. Among his teachers and associates are Native American people such as Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees.  He teaches alternative healing methods, advanced dowsing and self empowerment across North America to a variety of audiences including dowsing societies, counselors, churches, police, doctors and universities.  His work has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, dowser publications and radio talk shows.

Raymon teaches in a "down-to earth" manner that characterizes his life. His teaching is filled with stories from life experiences, and sprinkled with humor.

He is a frequent teacher at the Ozark Research Institute, Fayetteville, Arkansas and has published two books: "Techniques That Work For Me" and "The Future is Yours -- Do Something About It"

The second edition of Raymon's books has just been published and he will have them available for us.

Changing energy has produced positive results in the lives of families, schools and communities.  All things, including future events, are composed of energy.  It is possible for us to develop our mind sufficiently to enable us to change the energy around us and our families, thereby creating a more positive future.  He will help us understand how to do this in simple, basic, practical ways.

Healing can be achieved with the use of the mind and dowsing techniques. Examples will be given of physical, spiritual and emotional healing and the various methods used.  Illness can be caused by a variety of things including energy blockages and negative spiritual interference.  Raymon will demonstrate to us that if these things are removed, the body can be brought in to balance and  good health can result.

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