The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next 2 meetings
TUESday, March 11, 2003 (See back page for information)
Pat Prevost
"Anatomy of Intuition"
TUESday, APRIL 1st, 2003
at a different location (see below)
Raymon Grace
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
We must be out of the building by 9:45 pm
*** NEW!***   SEE  DOWSING PRACTICE  @ 6:15, below:
***  OUR MARCH 11th meeting will be at: ***
The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
Entrance on Dunvegan Street (the east side of the church)
 *** OUR APRIL 1st meeting will be at: ***
There is a BIG Parking Lot here, or, easy TTC access.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $9 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2003

March 11th: Pat Prevost
March 28,29,30: Toronto Dowsers at the Total Health Show
April 1st: Raymon Grace
April 5 & 6 - Raymon Grace Beginning / Intermediate Workshop
A Separate sheet is included in this mailing for this workshop
Please contact us if you would like to attend this workshop and do not know how to dowse.
[Note: There will be no April newsletter]
May 13th: Janeson Rayne - Holistic Nutrition Through Dowsing

Please note:  We meet:
 TUESDAY evenings (GENerally - the 2nd Tuesday of the month)
Gathering: 6:30-7:00    Meeting starts7  PM
the room:  The Flora McCrae Auditorium

*** DOWSING PRACTICE:  6:15 - 7:00 with LES KATO ***
Bring your questions, and, your pendulums
Les is the person who first got me in to dowsing groups and has taught me a lot about earth energies and geopathic stress.  He clears houses and land and on his farm near Brantford his son created a humongous gorgeous labyrinth.  He also makes those copper rings and might bring some for sale.

For sale at the March meeting: Dowsing tools,ECH20 --- our Energized Cosmic Water, our videos of:  Joey Korn, Sabina DeVita and Mary Hardy.  We have 5 copies of each of Mary Hardy's books for sale and 5 copies of Mark Hazlewood's new book.

Paul Newton will offer the use of Gentle Wind Project instruments to you (at no charge) before and after the presentation.  We hope to make this a regular event.


Videos of 3 meetings are available for sale:
Joey Korn's October presentation, "Working With the Light"
Sabina DeVita's November presentation on "Electromagnetic Pollution"
Mary Hardy February 2003 presentation "Engineering the Earth Grid".
These videos are available for sale at meetings, and by mail
You can purchase a video at one of our meetings, or by mail.

NOTE on the DATE and LOCATION of the APRIL 1st Meeting:

This is the FIRST Tuesday of the month, since Raymon will be up here for the Total Health Show, he can speak at our meeting the following week.  Do you remember what happened last year?  250 people showed up!  And now he is even more popular among the cognoscenti.

WHY EDWARDS GARDENS?????  --- We do not have to rush out by 10 ... we can stay until later .... The energy there is better for Raymon. ....  They have a humongous parking lot. ...  AND --- If we like, we can hold our meetings there starting September.  SO!  After our April meeting, I would like your input to know which location you prefer:  Timothy Eaton Church or Edwards Gardens.  Edwards Gardens is easier for people using the 401 and coming from the North.  Timothy Eaton is easier for those coming from downtown Toronto and using the subway.  So --- after April --- PLEEEZE --- let me know which location you prefer.  (Click on the link for exact location and directions.)


Helen Evans has been our librarian since its inception October 2001.  Everything that we have was put together in a little over a year.  The materials, systems, forms.  Helen has not only been the librarian, but she started everything, she started the systems, created the database, inventory, forms and most of the policies.  She kept track of payments, late items --- everything.  Ably assisted by Brigitte Lortie, Helen and Brigitte deal with a lot of people at the meetings in a short period of time.  Sometimes 50 people take out and return items.  That's a lot to do in a half hour.   She also has to bring the items to the meetings, take them home and store them.  In all this time she has only missed 2 meetings.

Helen's career has become more demanding and after June, she will no longer have the time to take care of our library.  With regret but with necessity we will need a new librarian.  We are looking for volunteers.  This is some of what you will need:

A computer that runs at least Windows 95
The ability and desire to learn Access, handle the inventory, systems, forms
You have a car, or if you don't then you live in the City of Toronto, you have to be able to bring the materials to and from the meetings.
Attending the meetings:  It would be best if you could be fairly certain that you could attend all the meetings.  Or, you might have 1 or 2 colleagues who you work with on this and at least one of you is at a meeting.

Helen said that what prompted her to volunteer for the job in the first place was that she could read the books and listen to the tapes.  I think she is still glad that she did that.

AND / OR --- Our Own Place ?!?!?***

Some brilliant person --- Joy Goch --- gave me a fabulous idea.  It would be nice if we could have our own location --- let's say even a small office --- a room 10' x 10'.  This could house our library.  It could be open, say, for starters:  Tuesday  1-4  and Thursday 6-9.  It could be a place to meet, a place to start out from and build from there.  Joy suggested a building in the Bathurst and Glencairn area but by the time I called there wasn't any space.  If you know of a spot that is reasonably central, accessible, available, safe, has good energy, good landlord and a low cost, please contact me.

Soliciting Contributions ?

I thought last month's newsletter was humongous.  This one is bigger.  Our initial budgeting does not allow for the printing and mailing of such expensive newsletters. (This one costs $1 for copying and $1 for postage.  Dues at $20 / year --- which include newsletters don't take this in to consideration.)  Yet I don't feel I have a choice this month.  I have to present all this information. This one has been discussed.  If you feel there is added value for you would you pleeez drop a looney or more to the kitty at our next meeting?  Or send something in by mail? ... I am somewhat ... shall we say... apprehensive??? about submitting the bill for this to our Treasurer.... And I do have a Treasurer to answer to. ... It's been 13 days since the meeting and I'm still in pajamas, typing.... I hope it's for a reason. And/or  hey!  I LOVE invitations to lunch!!!

Change in Speaker

Larry Huszczo was originally scheduled to be our speaker for March.   As many know, Larry has been out West and his visit there was extended.  Other commitments he feels are necessary to keep will probably preclude his commitment to speak to our group.  We will be glad to see him when he joins Raymon at the Health Show and the April meeting. We are extremely fortunate to have the very talented Pat Prevost return to share her profound insights on spiritual preparations for dowsing with us.

Why no April newsletter?

We are not having an April newsletter (probably not) because I have too much to do in too little time.  The Total Health Show takes place 2 weeks after the March meeting and there is a lot to prepare for that as well as for Raymon's workshop.  So I just don't have the time.

There will probably be announcements of interest to those of you in the Toronto area before the May newsletter comes out (2nd or 3rd week in April).  If I don't have an email address for you:  Please consider connecting with someone who has Internet, or contact me and I will put you on a telephone tree.   We could not do what we do with the Internet.

Please especially make note that our April meeting will be APRIL 1st at EDWARDS GARDENS.  RAYMON GRACE WILL BE SPEAKING.
On Raymon's April 5 & 6 workshop

 Raymon Grace is one of the guiding lights of our group.  He has evolutionized dowsing.  You ask a question, say, about changing something.  We may respond.  You ask:  How do you do that?  Response:  Take Raymon's workshop and find out.  Raymon can show you how to use dowsing to move energy to change your future, to change energetic patterns, limiting beliefs.

To those of you who have joined us after March 2002 --- you hear us talking about ways to do things that you may not have heard before in dowsing. We learned them from Raymon. You ask "How do you do that?"  Some things are not so simple to explain.  You have to build a foundation.  It's like trying to explain how to make a roast chicken when you have a concept of food preparation but don't know anything about cooking or roasting or preparing food with heat.  "All"  you've learned so far is to dice and slice.

My personal philosophy:  I think every dowser on this planet SHOULD learn Raymon Grace's techniques.  His upcoming workshop is a perfect place to do this.  We might not have many chances like this in the future as Raymon becomes more popular and his schedule gets filled up.  Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this.  Imagine if you had access to, say, Deepak Chopra when he was starting out?  That's how big I think Raymon could be.  Take his course.  It will change your life.

He will be speaking at the Total Health Show.  Reserve your place in his workshop NOW.  Last year, after he spoke, I was getting 6 phone calls an hour about him. He is electrifying.  Life changing.  And simple at the same time.  One of the reasons I appreciate Raymon is I no longer get nauseous migraines.  Many people have similar stories, most people have had more serious situations.  He has also helped me to get rid of emotional blockages.  Go to:  Raymon's page  to see some of the projects we are working on together.

Fill out the flyer in the enclosed mailing and send it to me with a deposit.  Or go to:  RAYMON'S WORKSHOP


March 10 - 8 p.m.

March 10 is the date before our next meeting.  We clear out non beneficial energies and emanate desired energies for our meeting at 8 pm the evening before each meeting.
March 22

March 22nd is the 2003 Spring Equinox Consciousness Raising (we do this March, June, September & January 22nd).  Before we started doing this, mass consciousness on the planet was at 1.7%.  Now it is over 9%.  We have just started formulating a plan to do this outside, for those who want to gather, at the Mound that Mary Hardy told us about.  If this interests you and you are not on email, please stay in touch with someone in our group who does have email for the details.   We are inviting those beyond our group to make this the powerful event it deserves to be.

May 10th - Masaru Emoto in Toronto !!!

Masaru Emoto, who wrote the book "Messages From Water" with those beautiful crystalline structures showing the different types of consciousness that water displays --- depending on its surroundings, will speak in Toronto on Saturday May 10th, 1-4.  This event is sponsored by  Starlight Events .   Tickets are $45 + GST before May 1st, $50 after.  Call (416) 873-1514   or  Eternal Moment Bookstore 416 924 3780.

The Toronto Dowsers has been invited to attend to make  ECH20 available to those who attend.  If you do attend, will you mention that you heard about the event from us?   They are allowing me to bring one helper.  I have asked Shelly Bourne to help out because she is the one who has done the most with water in our group, when she used Raymon's techniques to clear a well in Markham and obtained before and after reports on the well from the Health Department.  (Actually, I don't know if she is the one who has done the most with it --- she is the one who told me her story that demonstrated the greatest effort and result --- so far!)

Total Health Show
March 28, 29. 30 - Metro Convention Center
Once again, the Total Health Show, sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada has many speakers and exhibitors.  The Toronto Dowsers, Raymon Grace and Walter Huszczo with his Platonic Solids will be in booths 805 and 807. This would be, as your back is to the escalators towards the right wall. We are one booth away from the Essentia booth, in 801, that many are already familiar with.

Raymon Grace will be speaking on Saturday 4-5 and Sunday 9-11.

You can visit Toronto Dowsers Arlene and Victoria Anisman at the Young Living Essential Oils booths #406, 409, Sabina DeVita will have a Kirlian booth, #408, Alicja Aratyn will have dowsing supplies at 203, 205; Jacki O'Toole will be at the Provision Center --- and sometimes we also see Diane Young, Robert Petrungaro and Mici Gold there as well.

Peg Groom tells us that George Paolilli, the medical researcher behind Dr. Cass Ingram's Oregano Oil, Oregacyn and Oregulin, will be speaking at Total Health on the main stage on the Saturday.  He was previously national manager of Oncology and Hemophilia at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and project manager of Oncology and Infectious Diseases and Schering Oncology Biotech. He will then be at the Hoopers Booth for further questions.  What makes Cass' essential oils differed is that they are 1: EDIBLE -- which reminds us that Hippocrates said that Food should be our medicine;  The origin of his plants as their greatest therapeutic is increased in the varieties of these plants which are harvested from the Sinai or mountainous regions in eastern Turkey; this Oregano seems to be high in the identified potent compounds (50 so far) and the Oregano is harvested from virgin land, no chemicals or pesticides and tested for illnesses and they are still using ancient texts of traditional use. Natural remedies such as fenugreek, wild oregano, cumin and many others will be discussed.

Art Martin will be back.  Art is a dowser, has spoken at dowsing conventions and people in our group have received great value from his methods.  He has a new book out.   Nick Begich, who told us about the HAARP project will be speaking.  I wonder if he can tell us about the HAARP devices placed on the power spots, that Mary Hardy told us about, or the Woodpecker frequencies.   Ann Blake Tracy, a researcher from California has a riveting presentation about the dangers of drugs such as Prozac --- true stories you won't hear in other places.  Sabina has brought her here to us.  I listened to a tape which I wanted to transcribe for you for this newsletter but there wasn't enough time. If you can hear Ann Blake Tracy, you will want to know her story.  Stephen Lewis, and, Eric Pearl who do work similar to Raymon's and David Morehouse who talks about Remote Viewing, Len Horowitz and many other very fine speakers.

If you just want to go to the exhibit hall, the cost is $10.  Prices are higher to attend the presentations.  We hope to see you all at the show.

We are looking for volunteers to help out at our booth for a 3 hour shift.  This will be done by email as email is the easiest way to communicate for this event.

The Toronto Dowsers February 11th Meeting

This was such a good meeting our first entire real speaker meeting in our new room.  The energy was great.

Margaret Ball led the Dowsing Clinic.  This is something we have instituted recently, where a long time dowser is available to answer questions for you on how to improve your dowsing techniques, perhaps how to help you out with a dowsing problem you are experiencing.  There was a great group of people around her, hanging on her every word.

Somewhat unusual:  3 people showed up at the meeting with no or little money.   At the top of every newsletter it clearly states that if you have a financial difficulty to make an arrangement with us before the meeting.  Every person who has done this has been accommodated, and I believe that everyone has been satisfied.  I go out of my way to be aware of (possible) financial difficulties  that people have or may have and to come to a suitable arrangement.

I do not have the time to talk with people at registration time about arrangements.  I ask how they heard about the meeting and they said from other people.  If you tell people about the meetings, and if you think they may have financial difficulties, please ask them to contact us in advance.   It's not about the money.  We don't want to turn people away who could benefit by what we do, and we want to find a way for people to make a fair energetic exchange.  And please do keep in mind that we have expenses we have to meet.

Mark Hazlewood, author of "Blindsided" (the Planet X book) did stop by.  He had spent the previous week at a UFO conference in Las Vegas.  Mark left a few copies of his updated book with us for sale.

Unusual Energies:  Our pre meeting clearing and energizing is improving.  However, for this meeting something was omitted.  Poltergeists struck 5 key people.  Helen forgot the library cards.  Margaret had a fall before the meeting. Mary got lost on her way to the meeting.  I left my notes home and had to go back for them and then left my bag on the driveway when I drove off (luckily it was still there when I rushed back).  Someone else got a speeding ticket on the way.

Folks occasionally forget items when they leave.  We have seen a jacket, vest, glasses, umbrella, cell phone --- left at various meetings.  At this meeting there was a pair suede gloves --- they look like women's gloves.  If you would be standing in front of the room, facing the audience, they were left on a chair in the front row on the right side of the room.

Thank you Wafik Raouf!  for doing a great job in helping Mary with the overheads.

144 people were there.  This number is significant, especially considering the speaker and her content.  Over 30 of you were there for the first time.  WELCOME! 

This newsletter is one of --- if not the --- hardest ones I've written yet.  And one of --- if not the --- most important.

Every week I ask myself why I do this, spend the time on the group that I do.  I do focus all my time on our group and the activities.  Newsletter and meeting times are especially intense.  The Toronto Dowsers lives in about 8 boxes on my living room floor, this was recently increased by The Water Project.  Every surface is covered with papers.

For 2 years I've been pushing you to learn and practice and do Raymon Grace's techniques.  I feel every dowser on the planet ought to know them, and, do them.  Most of you have done a pretty good job with this.  During "Mary Hardy" time I found out why I've been doing this.  Raymon's techniques have given many of us the foundation to be able to focus on this next step. Have you heard it said that Great Truths are all the same?  Guess who said the following: CHANGE THE ENERGY: YOU CHANGE THE MANIFESTATION OF THE MASS.  Raymon?  Nope.  Mary Hardy, page 202. This is the realm of electromagnetic chemistry going in to the realm of subatomic energy in the area of transmutation, Mary tells us.

Some of you love the newsletters and devour every word.  Some of you enjoy them, benefit from some of the information.  Some of you appreciate some yet are skeptical about some of the things I say.  Some parts have been called way out, far out.   If there are things you disagree with, I do invite you to bring them to my attention and I hope you do this in a way that is considerate of both of our feelings.  So far, everyone has done so.

We have had so many extraordinary speakers, speakers who have given us valuable tools, opened our minds to information that we use and improve our lives daily, opened our hearts, impressed us with their expertise, professionalism, knowledge and passion.  And we shall continue to do so.  Yet the presentation by Mary Hardy --- for who we really are ---- is quite possibly the most valuable one we have had to date.

It seems about a third of you left confused, that it was difficult to grasp what was being presented.  Mary tells us about her dyslexia.  She does not do her presentation in a linear fashion.  If I had not had prior exposure to her material, I , too, may have been lost.   It felt as if in this 90 minute presentation that I was watching 90 fast paced coming attractions --- each one with tantalizing pieces that bespoke myriad adventures, yet few that I could really grasp.  But I knew I wanted more.

She was trying to create the true history of the Universe, the Western world, the forces, the powers, the people and the future --- all in 90 minutes.   She gave us a tremendous amount of information in that short a time and now we have to uncover more.  It's as if she gave us 90 abstracts and now we have to go back and study the texts.

Trying to create a report of this talk is like having someone spill a bucketful of pearls on the floor ---- they roll all over the place, under the rugs, under the furniture and it is my job to find them and figure out how to properly string them together --- knowing how valuable each one is.

I've had to recheck and research statements --- names, places and dates and still don't know if I got things right. And I tried to put this in a form that makes sense.  It's taking me so long (over a week!!!) cause the information is so staggering.  And I had other articles written that I had to take out.

I look at the report of her talk as a draft, as a work in progress.  I have not had the time to check out and be as thorough as I would like.  I have not had the time to absorb her books or her handouts and have to get this out in time for the next meeting.  Please let me know of anything that you know is not accurate.

Comments by many of you were that she confirmed facts, concepts that you had been thinking about, read about years ago, had researched --- but could not find any further information on these areas.  Everyone who said this got a totally different piece of information, because Mary was all over the planet, the galaxy, our universe.

For those of you who did not comprehend this presentation, it was important for you to be there.  This is something you will begin to realize in the coming months --- you will catch glimpses of what she was unveiling to us at different times.   I would not have understood this, or accepted this, 2 years ago.  I saw her book 2 years ago and it made no sense to me.  Today I find it fascinating and it explains so many of the things I had wondered about, it fills in so many holes.

Folks are saying "It's this way."  Then others say "No, its this way."  These are conversations about how the universe was formed and why and about all the forces and powers going on.  I say:  How can we really know?  Because one channeller --- who has been accurate in the past for us --- says this or that?   Perhaps we would be better off if we just realized that there is something to what they say.  Whenever I catch myself arguing with someone about whether we are from this galaxy or that galaxy or when the Sumerians were really here --- I often catch myself and laugh --- for how can we really know at this point in time?  We are finding out pieces and will know, but there are so many forces trying to hide the truth from us --- and doing very well at distracting and obfuscating.  Truth is coming faster and faster but there are still a lot of red herrings to move aside yet.

This presentation was crucial to us as Dowsers, especially as Toronto Dowsers.

Some of the information she presented was way out to me --- yet some of you told me this made sense to you and confirmed what you were sensing.   In the 2 weeks since our presentation, I am surprised to hear from you how very many of you have already been doing Light Body work for some time.  Guess I've been asleep.

She expounded on: Essential Oils, the Knights Templar, White Knights, Earth Grids, Mary Magdalene, Chakras, Egyptology, Mayan Cosmology, Amygdala, Y2K, Light Bodies, Pyramids, 9.11., Nesara, Montauk Experiment, New World Order, Gulf War, ....

I thought about omitting what seem to me to be the more --- controversial ?  beyond belief ?  segments  ---  but then I realized I do not have the right to do this --- even if I dowse for these --- because while they might be false or weird or way out to some they are truth to others.    I also wanted to omit some parts because I was concerned that the wrong people might get hold of some of this information and abuse or misuse it.   I've spoken with several of you about these considerations and we agreed that I am to put everything in.  Mary said she wants to get the information out.  So I'm putting it all in here.

Look for what is important to you --- at the moment.  Then reread it --- or think about it --- once a month.  More pieces will reveal themselves to you.

I am so very very very VERY grateful to Mary.  She showed me our role as Dowsers.  She showed me our role as Toronto Dowsers.  And I am so very very very VERY grateful to YOU.  Because it is through your support that I was able to bring Mary here and learn this from her.

You're not going to get another one for another 2 months so make it last and study it.

OUR SPEAKER:  Rev. Dr. Mary Hardy

Mary Hardy spoke at the ASD 2002 presentation and I was immensely impressed by her information.  I brought the tape of her presentation to Alan Reed's Labor Day weekend for you to listen to.  You loved her talk and wanted to hear more.  So she was invited to speak to us.  She has a Ph.D. in Homeopathy and as a result of experiences that are way more unusual than most, has a deep understanding of the grids of the earth and the true history of the planet and the universe and indigenous cultures and their relationships to our planet. She is especially connected to Mary Magdalene and the Knights Templar.  She gives us, as dowsers, a deeper commitment and awareness of our responsibilities.

Because Mary works with the Young Living oils (you will see why), she was invited to speak to a group of YLEO people the night before our talk.  I just "happened" to record that talk.  The Tuesday night meeting, because there was so much info --- was in too many places simultaneously for me to follow.  So I transcribed the notes from the Monday night talk.  Interesting "coincidence", yes?  that "we" bought a transcribing machine 2 months ago?  I earned my way through university as a "temporaries" tri lingual dictaphone typist.  Even with those skills, it was tough to do this.  She added to the information she gave us from Monday on Tuesday evening.  So, first, here is Monday night's talk:

....  My sons were 3 and 5 years old at the time (1968). We were driving home to Western Michigan.  We lost 4 hours of time. The teacher that we met with at that time was Brother John.  That is how he explained himself at the time.  (This is explained in greater detail later on.)

At that point in time what he said to me was that it was necessary for us to build a pyramid.  Because at that time, in order to communicate with its submarines, the US government was building in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in Canada --- a system called Seafarer.   This is a Tesla device that was put up in 1975.

What they did was to go down to the grid level --- you all know what ley lines are, yes?  They wrapped wires around trunk ley lines so they could pulse the earth.  So that when the Polaris submarines were underwater, so that they could they could pulse the whole grid of the earth to communicate with the Polaris submarines.

Since we are electrical in nature, then chemical and then mechanical --- this would interfere with our own electromagnetic fields.

If you look at the angles of the pyramids, you will see that 52 degrees represents the Heart Chakra.  The Great Pyramid is built at 51 degrees 51 minutes 51 seconds.  That is almost 52 degrees.  As our government would pulse this whole grid system, which is on the other side (of the planet), it would activate the pyramid that we built --- which is like Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Box.  Pyramids are antennas.  So when they would activate this ELF system in the Upper Peninsula (Michigan), it would also activate our pyramid.  It would create a vortex, then put a wave signature to the heart back in to the whole grid system.  So that they could not interfere with the heart chakra of humanity.

That is why Brother John had us build our pyramid.

This explains the different angles.  If you built a pyramid at a different angle, then you can affect different frequencies in the body.  Different angles affect different parts of the body.  45 degrees affects the lungs.

In Egypt, you might see wooden pillows that Pharaohs would sleep on.  They are called ?thummoxes?. They would build the angles in to the pillows and it would activate your grid system, then they would beam those angles at you and you could pulse your whole body at that frequency.

Healing the body deals with healing the frequencies within the body.  That is why the essential oils are extremely useful.

I got most of this material from Kenneth Killick who used to live near Ottawa.  He designed our pyramid.  During the 1970's he worked with (Dr.) Andrew Michrowski, who was employed as a futurist with Canada's Secretary of State (see pages 134-137 of Mary's book "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man" on the Woodpecker signal.  (Many of us know Andrew and his wife Monique who own and operate "Essentia" which sells energy devices, energy protection devices and books and is in Ottawa.)

Kenneth was a clairvoyant who helped Andrew to understand all this stuff.   There are references to the Woodpecker signal in your Canadian newspapers.

The Russians created large antennas to control both the high and low pressure areas.  This messed up the grid.  It created an earthquake measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale.  This killed millions of people in India in the 1970's.

This also created the major snowstorms of the 1970's -- '76, '77' '78, '79.  When they shut those antennas down --- according to Kenneth Killick who was clairvoyant and could see what was happening --- in Alaska there is Point Barril?  and in Argentina, the Falkland Islands.   They created a long columnar wave, which they call a solitron.

So the weather would come up against it and stop and go around.  During those years a tremendous amount of snow was dumped on Chicago and Buffalo.  When I was teaching school back then, we had snow drifts that were 2 stories high.  It was caused by these "experiments".   We took those lines down, using the grid and vortexes. 

Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus.  If you read French history, you will find that she had 3 children.  The Merinovingean kings of France were actually her offspring.  If you have read anything by Laurence Gardner, this gets in to the bloodlines of this whole situation.

I believe in past lives.   I know that I was trained with Mary Magdalene.  She taught in France.   If you go to St. Maximime and go in to the church in St. Maximime, you can actually go down in to the crypt and in a casing there is her skull.   Not too far from there is Mount St. Baum.  For 30 years there, she taught the use of oils.  I think that is the reason why Southern France is so deeply involved in the use of the oils.   She taught at the top of Mount St. Baum, in this cave.  Of course this is Laurence Gardener's picture, in color, in his book.  If this were in color, you would see that she is wearing Emerald Green.  The reason she wears Emerald Green --- how many of you have heard of the Merkaba?  She creates a Merkaba.  ---- We would wear a diamond over our heart chakra.  We would spin one half of it one way and one half of it the other way.  After we would do that, our hands would glow green.  This is the reason why I call my sisterhood group "The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire".   We can't spin our heart chakra to make the green, but that is what we were taught.

That is why you will always see Mary Magdalene wrapped in Emerald Green.  She would wear long sleeves because she would emit green fire out of her hands.

Have you heard of Starr Fuentes?  Starr Fuentes teaches "Light Language" from the Mayan Indians.  She gets in to the different shapes.  This is what the ancients would do.  They would get in to the different shapes and use that with their  chakra work.  That is "Light Language".

At the current time, something that is important -- because I asked you to read about Star Gates (from her hand outs) ---  If you can imagine all the accupressure points on the planet --- this is according to Mayan literature --- all places where these are --- are major portals.  If you can imagine a major hurricane or tornado coming out from each one of these --- on November 8, 2003 --- all these portals are going to line up.

Do you remember the Harmonic Convergence of 1985?   That was because Jose (Arguelles) read the codices (codexes?) of the Mayan Indians and discovered that was an important date.  November 8, 2003 is another important date.  [See information further on with regard to Jose Arguelles and calendars.]

[NOTE:  On February 23, the Toronto Dowsers saw the David Hawkins video on his book "Power vs. Force".  He 'measured' the consciousness of the planet.  For all of our recorded history, Consciousness has been at a certain level.  After the time of Harmonic Convergence, the Consciousness of the Planet has measurably increased.   Confirmation from many sources as to this information on Harmonic Convergence is being brought out.   Please note that there is a difference between Harmonic Convergence and the upcoming Harmonic Concordance.]
That is when all the portals are going to line up.   When they line up, if there are 144,000 of us who have activated our Light Bodies and are in balance, then we can prevent this planet from going to the dark side.  We can keep it open, so, as the New Age comes in, we will have these portals left open for humanity.

That is the message that I am trying to give to people right now and this is the reason why the essential oils are so important to us at this time.

The essential oils are instrumental for you to develop your light body.  The only person that you can take back to the father is yourself.  Your job right now is to create a balanced electromagnetic field --- for yourself.

... Royal Rife developed the living microscope. It worked 2 ways.  He could either destroy a disease, or, when it was balanced, it would activate the light bodies.

Brother John talks about the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse:

-  If you ride the white horse, you go right down through the Kundalini and go right to the top and you are surrounded by white light.  Because you are surrounded by your auric field.
- If you ride the red horse, you get caught up in anger and this blocks your system.
- If you get caught by the black horse, which is your third chakra, you get caught up in fear and this blocks your system.
(She did not talk about the 4th horse, the Pale horse.)

All of you in Young Living know that you can use the oils to get rid of your anger, to get rid of your fear, to balance out your light bodies and to fill up your electro magnetic field.

I met Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, in 1995, when I was going out to Arizona on the way to the Gem Show.  Brother John (Mary's guide) told her that he wanted her to buy the oils and to start teaching people how to use the oils to activate their light bodies.

What George Bush and the New World Order is doing --- they activated Star Wars.  This opened up all the portals and now they are putting the HAARP antennas in to them.   Use your pendulum.  Is that true?  (A lot of nods on that one.)

What we have to do --- and this is why its very very important --- and this is why the dowsers feel I am so political.  They say:  Can't you get away from Politics?   The truth of the matter is --- this is what the dark forces are doing.  If you are going to teach people to create their light bodies and create a vortex to protect them and activate them, then you have to explain that this is what is happening.

I wrote the Pyramid book in 1987.  People like Tom and Dotty Milliren sold cases of these books.  [Tom Milliren is a very respected, well like, eminently knowledgeable speaker at ASD conventions.  One of our favorite old timers.]  They wanted me to speak, but hesitated because it was felt that what I talk about can be considered political.   Then 9.11 came along and after that time, they realized they needed to hear what I was saying as the truth was being hidden from them and that this is what is really going on.  They then wanted to hear what I have to say.  Because dowsers want this information.  Because the job of the dowsers is to protect the grid.   It's very very very important that people do this.

But if you are going to protect the grid, you must build your light body so that it is in balance.  There are many many ways you can build it.   The essential oils is one way. ....

 If 144,000 of us activate the light grid, to protect it, when the Mayan Calendar ends --- different people have different dates for that -- most use 2012 --- then, the planet when it does go it to light  --- CAN.  What you have to do is to protect yourself and to build yourself up so that you can hold the light on this planet.

This is a planet of Free Will.  You can not interfere with anybody's free will.  Unless, say, its a baby.  You can't do this for a person after they have entered puberty.  They have their own choices to make.  This is why, when Harmonic Concordance comes along ---  well, there are portal days all along.  "All" you have to do is to get a Mayan Calendar out.   The next portal days are the 22nd and 23rd of February, then --- I think --- March 14th and 16th, then April 6th. (You find these from Mayan Calendars).

The following information comes from Internet:

"  The Maya claimed that the spiritual cycle came to them from the stars, or from the galaxy. They were aware of all the planets in the solar system, even though they did not apparently have the use of telescopes. This why we consider the Classic Maya as a galactic culture.

Dr. José Argüelles decoded the Sacred Calendar of the Maya and in so doing made the discovery of the 4th dimensional codes of time. In a work created with the assistance of his wife Lloydine, known as the Dreamspell, they reveal these codes and correlate the current Gregorian calendar to the cycles of time identified in the Sacred Calendar of the Mayans.

[Note: I am including info here on Jose Arguelles.  For some reason, over 10 years ago, I had a strong inclination to read his "Surfers of the Zuvuya" and "the Mayan Connection" books.  'Interesting' that I should encounter his name again, now.  He was not that well know back then.]

Jose Arguelles, (born 1939), planetary whole systems anthropologist, received his Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago in 1969. In a distinguished career as an educator, he taught at Princeton University, University of California, Evergreen State College, San Francisco State University, San Francisco Institute of Art, the Naropa Institute, the University of Colorado, and The Union Graduate School.

His pioneering books resulting from investigations into human whole systems include: Mandala (1972), A Psychophysical Aesthetic (1972), The Transformative Vision: Reflections on the Nature and History of Human Expression (1975) (1992), and most importantly, Earth Ascending: An illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems (1984, 1988).

As one of the founders of Earth Day, 1970 (First Whole Earth Festival, Davis, California. 1970), Arguelles is a career activist for peace and the planetary transformation of consciousness. With Lloydine, they founded the Planet Art Network (1983), promoting the revival of the Nicholas Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace (1935). Combining investigations of the Roerich Peace Pact with his lifetime study of the mathematics and prophesies of the Mayan Calendar, Arguelles initiated the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987, global meditation and planetary peace event.

On Calendars:
Change Your Calendar. Change Your Mind. Change Your World.  Do you want to change the world?

Throw away the old calendar, the "30 days hath September" calendar, on which all the old institutions are based. Start over again with a new calendar, a calendar that is harmonious and regular. A calendar in tune with the biological rhythms of human life and the cycles of the universe.

Yes, throw away the old calendar and start over again in love with the calendar of the thirteen moons 28 days. Do it! This is something you can actually DO that will change the world.

Change Your Calendar. Change Your Mind. Change Your Government

Want to abolish big government, once and for all? Get rid of the Gregorian Calendar. Stop following and believing in this Vatican controlled calendar.

All government and banking institutions are rooted in the Gregorian Calendar. Get rid of that calendar, burn it, and you will be taking the first step in abolishing Big Government and All Government! The Federal Reserve. the International Monetary Fund, the Vatican, GATT and NAFTA falling, all without firing a shot!

I've been going to France for years, to Mount Segur (Southern France).
The 12th dimensional stargate is over Mount Segur.  After the death of Jesus, the Nazarenes moved to Southern France.  They became known as the Cathars.  They were murdered by the Pope, in the   Albigensians Crusades.  In 1244, they marched them down off of Mount Segur, put them in a crematorium and burned them alive.  Mount Segur, is the 12th dimensional stargate on the planet.  (Stargates and portals are the same thing.  They knew that in 1244.  That's why they were there.)

The Templar Knights were right around where Chartres is.  There was this 1 priest who had studied everything.  He sent 9 monks to Jerusalem.  They dug under Solomon's Temple until they found the Arc of the Covenant and all that history.   They went back to France and started going to places like Mount Seurat --- St. Michael's Mount --- you should look that up and see about the grid lines --- why they started doing what they did is they wanted to guard the roads for the pilgrims.

Jerusalem means "New Salem" and the "Order of Melchizedek" comes from Salem.  What the Templar Knights tried to do was to build temple all across the conscious world which at that time was France, England, Germany.  They did this by building the huge cathedrals.  They called them Notre Dames ("Notre Dame" means "Our Lady" in French).  They did this because they were introducing the feminine principle in to the grid.

The Knights Templar started out with 9 monks.  When they found the Arc of the Covenant they went back and by the beginning --- 1100's --- they went back to St. Michael's Mount they started vaulting the ceilings and learned how to build these big temples.  Out of this came the masons.  They became "unionized".

Originally, if you were a pilgrim and wanted to go to Jerusalem, the Knights Templar organized themselves to set up a system all across Europe, like the Pony Express.  This is how they became the bankers.  They were both priests and monks and military men.  They could take a letter from Jerusalem to the Kind of England in 5 or 6 days.

If you wanted to go to Jerusalem, you would go to the commandry and pay your money to the man who would give you a piece of scrip.  That scrip could be taken along the route.  You did not have to carry money, you could carry that scrip.  This would give you lodging ---- all along the trail.  This is how the Knights Templar became the bankers and became wealthy.  They did it fairly.  This was a service.  That is how they got the money to build the big cathedrals.

They put labyrinths in their cathedrals.  In a labyrinth, one "clocks" back and forth.  This is what was told to us by Ken Killick.  Ken was totally clairvoyant.  This is what he could actually see --- how the particles of energy "clock".  This is exactly how the labyrinth is made.   As you "clock" around a labyrinth you can actually access higher consciousness in your own body because you are activating your own light bodies.  That is why they always said that you can walk the labyrinth and go to Jerusalem.  Because basically, Jerusalem is a frequency above the earth.   That is why you can enter in to a higher frequency.   This is why there was a labyrinth in all the great cathedrals.

On the labyrinths, they had you walking to Jerusalem.  You could walk a labyrinth, and, in doing so, walk to Jerusalem.  Because in doing so you would enter a state of mind.

This is what the Templars tried to build, and then the masons came and took things over.  Most masons don't know what they were all about.

Mary Magdalene was a famous (essential) oils person.  She taught us how to spin the chakras.  [You MUST check this out.  See the internet link below, and, see how to spin the chakras in her book on page 110.]  The amygdala gland was named after her.  This is  T.D. Lingo's work -- on Click Yourself to Happiness.  This is a meditation that you can do.  After World War II, he was in Patton's army and he decided that he wanted to bring peace to the planet.  He wanted to know why man was so negative.  Finally, after going to 5 universities, when he was at the University of Chicago  he heard that someone said "you have to change the brain".   Do you remember Groucho Marx?  The old mountain man, on his show, was T.D. Lingo --- he made stacks and stacks of money on the show so he went off and bought a mountain in Colorado.  He went up on that mountain and started studying how to activate the amygdala gland.

The only way you can activate the amygdala gland is through smell.   Around your physical body you have an astral body, an etheric body, a mental body, an emotional body, a causal body --- what my guides have told me is that the olfactory bulb has little hairs hanging down.  As you smell the oil --- this is like antennas in to those bodies.  Information is communicated to the glands instantaneously.

The Master Control Panel is the Amygdala Gland.  T.D. Lingo says there are 2 parts to it:  the anterior and the posterior.  If you click in to the posterior part, that is where all the trauma is stored --- even past lives.  But if you can enter the anterior part --- which is the front of it --- that takes you in to your frontal lobes.  When you activate your frontal lobes --- he calls it:  time, space, energy and matter.   So you can fill up your light body.  And I gave you handouts on how to do that.

I have told you you need to dowse.  This is a group of dowsers.  My oils are all set up for dowsing.  If you have oils at home --- this is how I set my oils up (she showed us her case of oils).   For you (she used one person to demo on) --- you want to find something in this row.  For you, to activate your amygdala gland --- I just dowse along --- for today, now it could change for tomorrow --- you need "Christmas Spirit".

That would tell me that you have a staph infection somewhere in your body because Christmas Spirit goes after Staph infections.  For you to do this, I would recommend that you work with the oil on the points on the bottom of your feet.  So tomorrow, after you have worked on that, you try another oil.   I use this when I want to activate the Christ Spirit.  It is one of the oils that goes after staph and strep.  It has orange, cinnamon and spruce.  Spruce activates the higher self.

I have made a report for people in my Young Living group about different oils that are needed at the current time.  There is something that is happening now in our society, with the threats of anthrax, smallpox, chemtrails, etc.  Well, one of the things that Moses did --- he painted lamb's blood around the doors and windows of the houses.  But he also put hyssop and other oils in to the mixture.  This created an aromatic barrier, so that when the plague came through, those who had been "painted" were not adversely affected. ...  You know we have the combination  RC?  When you go out in to the world, you put a little bit of RC up your nose.   You can also make an aromatic protection for your house with this.

How many of you know about the Millennium Dome in London's Harbor?  It is built on the Greenwich mean line.  In 1996 --- because of my past life --- when I was in France --- near the 12th portal ---- I met the Knights Templar in the etheric.  They asked me to start working with them to prevent what was coming down in Y2K.

What was Y2K about?  What we heard, what they told was that our electrical systems were going to shut down.  Do you think we were told the truth?

How many of you saw the movie "Lara Croft Tomb Raiders" --- where the Illuminati had one point in time to activate the grid.  That actually told you that what they tried to do which was --- on New Year's Eve, they wanted to put the capstone on the great pyramid, then to activate the Eiffel Tower, then send a signal up the Thames River, to activate the Millennium Dome.   [I saw this movie.  The video is available at the Toronto Library.  I thought it was a mediocre movie, unless one is a testosterone filled adolescent male.  Yes, Angelina Jolie is beautiful.  And yes, it does show us how this one point in time --- this singular point of time -- this nanosecond --- how it is handled --- is crucial to the future of our planet.]

What they attempted to do at that time was to put a surge of energy through the earth to activate the "Points of Light" program.

Prior to Y2K, Certain groups had gone around the earth and had stuck probes in the earth at the major accupressure points of the earth and called it the "Points of Light" program.  If they would have been able to then activate this new grid, it would have put a surge of energy through the earth.  What do you think would have happened to our electrical stations?   What happens when you put a surge of energy through something --- such as through your computer?  It blows it.  That is what Y2K was to be about.  It had nothing to do with a computer shutdown.  It had to do with George Bush and the New World Order attempting to set up a New World Grid.  For control.  He really wants one of the main control points which is the vortex over the Tigris Euphrates Valley.

Question:  What happened in Y2K?

A:  It didn't happen.  Because the Arabs were in an uproar and they did not allow the Americans in to their country  which were the most powerful grid locations, to be able to put the capstone on the Great Pyramid.   But look at what's happening now:  They are building a wall around the Great Pyramid, to shut the Great Pyramid and have armored tanks rolling around the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid --- is --- An Antenna.  It is the major antenna in to this grid system.  It is very very important that you learn how to activate your light bodies in to a balanced field.  There are many ways to do this.   In April, Dan Kunkel will come to our house to talk about Sound Therapy and Bio-Resonance. [In her book on page 244: Historians have asked the question: "Why are there pyramids all over the world?" The answer is simple. Pyramids are Particle Energy Generators.]

Are you familiar with Sharry Edwards?  She put up a "tone box".   Others have computerized her research and Dan is going to be speaking.   (Mary's friend set up this program on their computer, to show us, while she continued to speak.)

Starr Fuentes is going to speak about Light Language, where you take different shapes and put them in to your aura and spin them, like Mary Magdalene did with the octahedron --- which is the triangle over the heart.  You have the different shapes ---- the square.

You take different shapes, such as the octagon, the tetrahedron --- Earth has a tetrahedron in it.  The point where the tetrahedron comes up is in Maui at Haleakala.  [From the Internet:  Haleakala is a 10,023 foot dormant volcano, the tallest peak on the island of Maui.  It was known as the "House of the Sun", where the demigod Maui slowed the sun each day to provide the sunshine Maui (the island) is now famous for.   Legend Says  says that Haleakala Volcano on Maui was once the home of Pele, goddess of fire, who is at the heart of  Hawaii's rich mythology.   Chased from her volcanic home on Kauali by her sister Namakaokaha'i, goddess of the sea, Pele fled first to O'ahu and then to Maui's Haleakala where she lived before moving to Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island.]

5 nations have laser beams up there, where they can beam down through the main accupressure points of the earth and actually have sonar ships out in the ocean.  They beam those out all through the grid.

What do you think happens to the whales and the dolphins?  They get caught and it burns up their eardrums and then they beach themselves.

When I was in Hawaii we used the Holy Grail Vortex.  Not too far from there is the ?Eewa? Valley.  With the Crone Society, we spoke to the Crone Society.   The Knights wanted to move the major vortex from where the dolphins swim from Haleakala to the Eewa Valley --- which is a phallic symbol --- which is a Green Diamond, maybe 50 or 70 feet tall, similar to an obelisk.

This is what you can do with sound.

You can take your voice print and you can see from this where your light, physical, etheric bodies are.  You can then put oils on yourself or listen to your sound.

One woman was told by her guides "clean your receptors".  What this meant was she was to clean her receptor sites.  [Pharmaceuticals have been known to clog up the receptor sites in the brain.  Vitamins, herbs, etc., can not clean them.  The only way we know how to do this today is through essential oils.]   Petroleum based products, such as aspirin, etc., block the receptor sites in the brain.  The oils clean the receptor sites.

So, its a matter of whatever modality works for you --- spinning your chakras, such as Mary Magdalene taught us.

If you go to France and look at tapestries you will see Mary Magdalene with a diamond over her heart chakra.  That is what it means.  You spin one -- one way, like a merkaba and the other half the other way.  Since the heart chakra is the balance point between infra red and ultra violet and is emerald green --- that is why emerald green is emitted out of her hand, she could come up to the auric field and balance it.

Which way do you do it?  It doesn't matter.  It does depend, though if you want the energy to come in or the energy to go out.  You have to follow your guides in this.  Creating a counter clockwise vortex, (low pressure) for example, brings energy to the earth.  Clockwise (high pressure) reverses the flow of energy and returns it to an upward direction.  So you have electromagnetic energy balance.

If you are filled with anger, deceit, fear, jealousy, revenge, you can not have a balanced electromagnetic field. That's why these oils are called joy, hope, harmony.  Start to dowse out the oils and work on your own amygdala gland.

When Dr. Gary Young (who started Young Living Essential Oils) went to the Great Pyramid he met 4 people.   This is where I think he was given this information --- the information about the oils.   I think one of the people he met was Mary Magdalene and I think another one was Brother John.  These are the 2 people that I work with.

The big lesson that he learned in the Great Pyramid --- they had him hold points --- he met his guides.

When he came out of the Great Pyramid he had a prayer that he used and shared with us:
I lovingly and willingly release all things that no longer serve me in a positive and constructive way back to the Universe to be use in a positive and corrective? constructive? way. "

How many of you had people hold your feet and hold your temples --- and tried to release --- using different oils?   As you start to release, you have to want to release.  It's a matter of choice.  As it is a matter of choice right now to develop your light body.   If you want me to walk you through the Holy Grail Vortex tonight, I'll be glad to do that.

(there was a question about Dan Kunkel's computer program that was being shown.)   We bought this computer program from Dan Kunkel.  They are going to come to my house (in April) and talk about it.  On April 11, 12, 13, for $400 US, you can take the Light Language Course.  (Note: this is either the 1st or 2nd weekend in April.)  If you want the program that costs about $1,300 US.  You can listen to your voice backwards on that and hear what your subconscious mind is saying to you.  There are all kinds of things you can do and learn with these tools.   I feel that right now I am dedicated to developing my own light body and to help people develop their light bodies so that when the Harmonic Concordance comes along November 8th and all these portals line up.

Q:  I don't understand what you mean by "all these portals lining up".  Do you mean that they are all opening at the same time?  They spin open as a vortex?

A:  Yes, as they spin open as a vortex, you can either block that vortex or have it open up.  If there are 144,000 people to protect those portals ...   In the StarGate letter, What is the Harmonic Concordance?  -- This is explained in a handout Mary gave us of her November 2002 letter on Stargate Intelligence. .....  If you did not get this I can include it in a future newsletter. ....

If we hold the light at that time, then the planet will pop in to a different frequency and we will be protected so that we can go through the plan that the Mayans and other ancient peoples have been telling us about.

So, what has the New World Order done?  They have gone to all these portals, in 1999 --- at the new millennium ---- they actually tried to re-organize the whole grid so that they could control humanity.  George Bush activated Star Wars, but they went on to putting a HAARP device at these portals so that they could control this.

Q:  What is a HAARP device?

A:  In Canada, in order to stop missiles in the 80's and 90's they built up these whole antenna systems.  HAARP is High Altitude Auroral Resonance Project.  That means that they can beam off satellites and send vortexes to any place on earth that they want to.  They can send lasers down and melt structures out of buildings.  They can do anything they want with these HAARP devices.

[NOTE:  Dr. Nick Begich is the person who has brought the information about HAARP to our awareness.  He will be speaking at the Total Health Show at the end of March.]

Q:  What about September 11th?

A:  You know about the Montauk Program on Long Island?  Where its all tunneled underneath the ground?  What Dove says, in the Nesara papers --- that it was HAARP and Montauk that took those buildings down.  They picked that date to implement their strategy on attempted takeover because Nesara was to begin at 10 a.m. September 11, 2001.

Nesara started in the states when the bankers started to take all the farmland.  Some hi tech lawyers began to form what they call The White Knights.  They are in the military, they are all over.

  NESARA1  or  Nesara2    (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)

The White Knights are good guys.  They wanted to start a new financial system out of the World Trade Center. ( Here, Mary read out to us some of the Nesara2 document whose link you now have --- including the presidential order for attack planes to "stand down" after September 8, 2001.)   Here is one paragraph from that document:

"  NESARA was to have begun being announced by Alan Greenspan in D.C. at 10 a.m. EDT on 9/11 by Greenspan making public announcement of the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. At 9 a.m. EDT on 9/11 on Floors One and Two of the first World Trade Center tower hit, a large international banking computer center was supposed to begin downloading data for the new U.S. Treasury Bank System to banks all over the U.S. The location in Pennsylvania hit on 9/11 was attacked to disable something which is underground and was being utilized to roll out the NESARA activities on 9/11. "

They had enough people to start to implement us to get us back on the gold standard.  This is why the World Trade Center was full of gold.  This was in Time Magazine.  They had tons and tons of gold.  To stop this, they had to take the towers down.

Do you know why the US is on "Orange Alert" right now?   Do you remember in history:  "Remember the Maine?"  or  "Remember the Alamo"?   They need another "Maine" or "Alamo".  They need another 9.11 to hype us up to go to war. (See the end of this article for more notes on Why.)

Q:  These HAARP and Montauk devices, do they have anything to do with (Nikolai) Tesla?

A:  Yes.  In 1943.

Q:  There was a scientist who was supposed to come to Toronto next month who said that there was a black box, developed by Tesla, that brought these buildings down.

A:   The story of Tesla is that he developed this box.  He had a friend in jail and wanted to get him out.  So he developed a sound device.  As he could beam it wherever he wanted to, he beamed it to the jail and the jail actually started to come apart.  The police went to Tesla's house and arrived as he was there with an axe smashing up the black box.

Tesla started working with the government to create what we now know as the Philadelphia Experiment.  This was to put a ship back in time so that it could appear in one harbor so it could disappear and then come back.

[TAPE 2]
August 12, 2003, we are going to have a fire walk at our house.  This occurs every 20 years. August 12, 1943 was when they put the first Philadelphia Experiment in to effect.  20 years later (1963), they initiated the Montauk Experiment.  There is the movie, the Philadelphia Experiment (its available in the Toronto library) that explains how these guys whipped time.  This is a Hollywood version of what really happened.

The first year that I went with Gary (Young) to Turkey, in 1996, one of the women in our group was one of the people in the actual experiment.  Dr. Young started to do a clearing on her and it brought forth the actual experience of the Philadelphia Experiment.  We were 5 miles from the Aegean Sea.   After this took place, the group had dinner by the sea.   They came to me, soon after (Mary had not joined them for dinner), hysterical because they actually saw the Aldrich, the boat that was used in the Philadelphia Experiment.  The front of the boat appeared, faded away, the back of the boat appeared, and faded away.  The boat appeared, and faded away.

We started an emotional clearing on her as she went in to shock.   She started reliving this experience on the Aldrich and screamed for an hour and a half.  She asked "why was I buried without my arms"?  She went back and said "oh my God, my arms were embedded in the ship."  They had to remove some of the guys, because when they brought them back, they didn't come back very well.  The had to cut her arms off.  This woman actually died from that experience.

I went to Hagia Sofia (a mosque in Istanbul).  I was at the mosque and in come my knights.  They made a complete circle under the dome, and kissed the floor of the dome.   They told her that because of what Mary did with this woman, was that they started to seal the time line that was disrupted by the Philadelphia Experiment.

This is why they are having the Fire Walk on August 12th, with Star Fuentes.  So they can get rid of some of the fear on the planet.

Q: someone asked why some of these things are taking place

A:  We have parallel universes.  It's as if you have Channel 3, channel 4, channel 5.  And there is programming coming from each one of those.   Whose to say that you don't just have channel 3 -- which is the 3rd dimension on the planet, but you also have the Cities of Light which are 4th and 5th dimensional.   So --- now you want to fight with these Cities of Light.  So you have to develop weaponry.  To fire those weapons, you have to have a source.  That is part of the reason why they want to control the grid.

Q:  WHO wants to fire intergalactic missiles?  When you say that, I think its more than just from here on Planet Earth.

A:  I think that there is a war going on. ...  I don't know.  I really don't know the answers to these things.  I do know that that is one of the reasons why.

Do you have any understanding why they stopped the Gulf War in 4 days?  And they didn't complete it.  Why?

My son communicates with entities on this earth called Sasquatch, who are Earth Guardians.  The UN stopped the war because with all the missiles that they were firing --- Scuds, Patriots --- they were firing them at such a rate that you could read a newspaper in Baghdad at night.  This weakened the crust of the earth so much that if they were to continue that war, that the Euphrates Valley would have been 100 miles wide and we would have lost 1/3 of our atmosphere.

Now you can see why the UN is involved with not having another war there.  That's why they are planning on fighting a ground war there.  That's why the women and kids in the street are preparing to fight our troops in the streets.

Q: What's the true agenda for wanting to get in to Iraq?

A:  He wants to control all these portals.  When a dog urinates on something, he marks his territory.  Hussein has built a big mosque under a portal.  He has taken his own blood and written the Koran in his own blood.  This places his RNA and DNA in that whole portal system.  He's marked it like a dog marks his territory.

The Tigris Euphrates Valley is over a major portal.  In "honor" of the Gulf War, Hussein has built himself a big mosque there.   Like a dog marking his own property, Hussein has had pints of his own blood taken to write the Koran under this portal, to mark this for his own self.   This is why the dark lords want to control this portal and is one of the reasons why they want to go to war.

We could create our own vortex and put a sound language or a light language at the bottom of it.

In March I went to Starr's house.  She has learned this Mayan Light Language.  She is connected with a branch of White Knights.  At the end of April, they were told to stay away from the Washington DC area because there is going to be a nuclear explosion.   What we did --- you can send a vortex.  At the bottom of it you can put this light language grid.  This would create a frequency --- if you want to explode a nuclear weapon, you have to have the harmonics right otherwise the weapon will not explode.   You can send a vortex --- with this light language grid to mess up the harmonics so that a nuclear weapon can not be exploded in that area.  That's what we have been doing ever since we created this.

After Bush's 911 to the UN, he was planning on firing off 2 suitcase nuclear weapons that were stolen out of Russia 2 years ago.   To get us hyped up --- to go to war with Iraq.  Because we were creating these vortexes, and, messing up the grid, the bombs did not go off.

At that time we were at alert status Orange Code 2 now we are at a higher level of alert.

You know the saying:  Remember the Maine?  When Teddy Roosevelt was president, there was a ship, the Maine, that blew up. It was the rallying cry to motivate people to go to war.  It has since been proven to be as a result of coal dust, that it wasn't purposeful.  But all over the place, the way they got interest in people going to the Spanish American War was "Remember the Maine".  Our government has been doing that ever since.   When I taught 11th grade history, I assigned the book Tora Tora Tora to my students, to write a book report on it.  It was suggested that I was being unpatriotic.  A lot of these kids were going to go to war and I wanted them to see just how our government planned Pearl Harbor.

In the papers I handed out you have "Engineering the Grid by creating the Vortex of the Holy Grail".  We'll do that right now.

George Bush calls his program "The Points of Light" Program, from a poem by Dag Hammerskold, first secretary general of the UN.

To create a counter clockwise vortex, this brings energy in to the earth.  This is low pressure.
A clockwise vortex reverses the flow of energy and returns it in an upward direction.  This is high pressure.

I was asked to go to England in 2001.  I went to Brighton.  Brighton received its name because there is a huge vortex which made the area very bright.  (See notes at end on the Brighton Synchronicity.)  They wanted to create a new control center for the grid.  The old control center was Stonehenge.  The new control center was the Millennium Dome.  What I was asked to do was to go to Stonehenge and create a column of light over Stonehenge.  My knights did this.  Then I went to the Millennium Dome.  The knights created another column of light over this.  Then I said this prayer.  The light over the Millennium Dome collapsed.  I turned the etheric light energy from the Millennium Dome back to Stonehenge.   They have virtually shut down the Millennium Dome because they did not create the new grid as they had intended to.

Over the fountain in Brighton, I was asked to create 2 clockwise vortexes.  Around the first layer of the fountain, I was asked to create a counterclockwise vortex.  To speed it up and to balance it to the point where it needed to be balanced.  I went to the second layer and created a second counterclockwise vortex.  So now I had 2.  Now, at the energy point where I was at, it was to stabilize the vortex to the frequency it needed to be at.  There were dolphins holding up these pools of water.

Outside the fountain, I created a clockwise vortex.  This created the Holy Grail.  It takes the energy which is coming in and turns it back up.  Then another clockwise vortex.  So this gave 2 counterclockwise vortexes to stabilize the energy coming in and 2 to stabilize the energy going up.  It goes up like the cup of the Holy Grail.

Starr Fuentes asked:  How can we stop these Nuclear Weapons.  I told her:  You create 144 --- grid ... making up these angles of the dodecahedron, which our earth is --- like a soccer ball -- and then you have the icosahedron --- which is  20 sides.  We made up a 144 light language grid and put it at the bottom of this.  About this grid --- if you go and ask you can visualize it.  You can actually put it at the bottom.  By sending this vortex I believe you can actually stop nuclear weapons.

During our seminar in July last year, we had a tornado watch.  It was heading right to our house.  You could see, on doppler radar, a tornado heading towards us.   We created a vortex.  We actually saw a yellow vortex come up and gobble up that red tornado.  We saw that on the TV screen.  Saw the tornado disappear.  People said they could not understand it.

So when Hurricane Lilly was coming in to Louisiana -- we have several obelisks set up.  There's one in our backyard, one in Stittsville, one in Pennsylvania, one in Texas.  A bunch of down chute obelisks which were put up by us --- this obelisk system was designed by Ken Killick, to stabilize the mess that was made from the antennas that were built in the 70's that created the snowstorms.

Remember the snowstorms of the '70's?  Now, when you are doing this work, you must make an important statement: "With no harm to anyone."  We were so excited we forgot to do this and afterwards became very ill.  So we learned a lesson. ... I was watching Lilly come in and with our ladies:  "okay, you know where the downchute obelisks are.  Visualize a big vortex right in the middle. What we are going to do is to take that vortex out here and attach the top of that vortex to this downchute vortex in the middle of the United States and we are going to suck the energy right out of Hurricane Lilly.   We created the Holy Grail Vortex between the obelisks.  That hurricane was a 4.5 and went down to a 2 before it hit Louisiana.  The weather people had no idea how this happened.

By creating these vortexes and controlling the grid, I have no doubt that if 144,000 of us decided to do this, we actually could override anything that the dark forces are trying to do.

For Harmonic Concordance, if 144,000 of us greet the dawn and ask to create the vortex to protect the portals, I have no doubt that they will be protected.   I say to you, as Light Workers, that you had better start balancing your electromagnetic field using the oils, activating your amygdala gland, trying to get rid of your anger and your fear and all this stuff.  Because as Brother John, who I believe authored Revelations, said, as in the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse:  If you ride the White Horse you will shoot right up through the Kundalini and you will be the Conqueror.  If you get caught by the Red Horse you will activate your second chakra. This is the chakra of anger.  The black horse --- the 3rd chakra --- the chakra of fear.

144,000 activates all the points on this grid.
Tesla tried to get to the ionosphere to bring this energy back down to earth.  If he could have done that we would not have needed dams and coal, etc.  There would have been enough energy so that man could operate everything and that mankind could really be free.  We could do that.  But that is a consciousness that we have to go to.

Visualize the vortex.
Create 2 counterclockwise vortexes (over the fountain)
One over the center of the pillar, one about 3 feet out, where the water fell down.
While these 2 vortexes are spinning, you visualize the cup or chalice of the Holy Grail.
Then spin 2 clockwise energy fields, one 6 feet out and one 12 feet out.
If you are working with a bigger space, you need to do this in proportion.
This creates the vortex of the Holy Grail.
You do this while you are repeating the Great Invocation.

From the point of light you start the first counterclockwise vortex.  So we visualize the first one.
When I say from the point of love, this creates the second counterclockwise vortex.
Now visualize the energy coming up in to the cup of the holy grail.
If you want to, tonight, since we are in Code Orange, ask for the balance sound, the tone of the earth.  If its light language --- put the light language.  All you have to do is ask.  Your subconscious mind knows this from your training for past lives.
Just ask that it be placed at the bottom of this vortex so that no harm can come to the planet.  So that we are in balance. When we are in balance they can not explode a nuclear weapon anywhere.  okay?

  From the center where the Will of God is known, send the light to the cities of light in the 4th dimension above this planet.
   From the center which we call the Race of Man send the energy now to the center sun to the Center of the Pleides, which is Alcyon, which is the galaxy in which the earth resides.  We are in the Pleidian Galaxy.
We'll walk through that right now as I say the Great Invocation.
One should never do this unless you have permission from Mother Earth and from the Creator.  So ask.  If you don't feel you have it you should not do this.

Also, this should not be done unless you have 3 people.  Because even if you play the Tibetan Bowls, they have layers of metal so that you have a chord being played all the time. (A chord has at least 3 notes.)   When you have 3 or more people, you are actually playing a chord.

Take several deep breaths, keep your feet flat on the ground, contact your higher self, see if you have permission to do this and I will repeat the Great Invocation.

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God
  Let Light stream forth in to the Minds of Men
    Let Light descend on earth.

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God
  Let Love stream forth in to the Hearts of Men
    May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
  Let Purpose guide the little wills of men -
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve

From the Center which we call the Race of man
  Let the plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

(imagine the light just exploding now)
Let light and love and power
   Restore the plan of earth

Sending the Holy Grail Vortex is very easy, isn't it?   If you hear a tone, send it through that whole vortex.  If you see colors, send it through the whole vortex.  Anything you want to do.  Take down a tornado, stop  a hurricane, stop a nuclear weapon from being exploded ---- I think you can do it with this method.  (Note, she gave us more, and, clearer instructions in her notes on this.)

We have a church called the Sisters of the Emerald Fire.

In 1997, when I was in France, David I*cke came to our group at Rennes Le Chateau, where we had a medicine wheel set up and this is where the Templars first set up.  Actually, the Notre Dame churches were gridded off the altar stone which was embedded in a pond at Rennes Le Chateau.  We actually created a vortex there.  David I*cke was the speaker.  Because the people did not want to pay him, instead of him speaking, we all danced around that Medicine Wheel for about 4 or 5 hours.  We actually turned the control of Rennes Le Chateau back over to the good Knights Templar.  As a result of that, the Knights of Saint Sebastian came out with bulldozers in 1997 and 1998 and removed the old altar stone --- this was the stone for Solomon's Temple.  They took it away and they don't know where it went.

(See her book, page 185, for the purpose of a medicine wheel and how to construct one.)

This past year, around Halloween 2002, we were going to spend 3 or 4 days in Rennes Le Chateau.  My friends who had the medicine wheel in 1997 were there with me.  Across the street from the bed and breakfast where I was staying, the Knights from Saint Sebastian were there.   We found that there were 8 or 9 days, all in a row, from the Mayan Calendar, from October 31 - November 7.  From France, I called home to have the portals activated, before the knights showed up --- they were showing up at midnight.  I called the women, we created a vortex in order that the portals would be protected.  So that no matter what they did there, they would be open for the whole of humanity to benefit from. And that's what we need to do.

We now have portal protection days set up at my house in Michigan.  We take tuning forks to set up a frequency.

My portal days are March 14, 16 and April 6.  We are going to set up a grid and do portal protections with someone.

She has studied the codes from the Jewish Bible.  When she called up Leonard Horowitz who has studied the codes in the Jewish Bible and told him the codes that she had, Lenny got very excited because he said "I've been looking for those codes for a long time."  I think the information that we are getting is very very very important.

Q: What will we feel on the days of portal openings?

A:  If you are a spiritual deadhead, you will feel nothing.  If you start activating your Light Bodies, you will begin to advance in Consciousness.  The kids on the street with their boom boxes --- they aren't going to feel anything.   Only 2% of us on the planet are interested in doing any of these things.  It's a very small number.  But it's very very very important.  (This comes from information received by Jerry Thomas, the keynote speaker at ASD 2000.  See notes at the end for more of an explanation.)

The pyramid is like a lens. You know when you take a lens and use it under the sun, it gets hot.  The sides of the pyramid bend the light and create a vortex. That vortex pulses.  To a frequency. If you want to go in to the pyramid and activate the heart chakra, because that is the frequency that our pyramid is attuned to.  But if you take someone who doesn't even know what a heart chakra is, you can't explain to them what is going to happen because they lack the context with which to comprehend this.  So that is why I'm saying to you that it's very important to do this at this point in time because the only person that you can take back to the Father is yourself.

If 144,000 of us great the dawn at the Harmonic Concordance, then we will protect the planet until the other people can catch up.

Q: What do you mean by "greeting the dawn"?

A:  When you get up in the morning and the first light of the dawn hits the grid from the sun, it bursts.  That is when the grid is activated by the sun.  When this is happening, in your area, if you greet the dawn and if you create the vortex at the moment that the sun is hitting those vortex points then they burst in to light.  On the other hand, if the New World Order, with its point of light, wanting to control these grids --- they actually can burn them up.

(See her book, page 343 on how to do this.)

Q:  If you go to the churches in Europe, you will see they are constructed on ley lines and even older churches here in Canada, go to Guelph for example, which is based on a European church --- the light of dawn comes in to the church, the light of midday, etc. and it hits the room and it just starts to fill the whole room up.  A lot of our modern buildings are built without that understanding.  This is the purpose of clerestories --- to let the light in.  We have lost a lot of that understanding.

A:   Templars name their churches Notre Dames.  It's because they want to bring in the feminine principal.  They wanted to meld it.  If you look at the gridding around Rennes Le Chateau you will actually see a 6 pointed start gridded in to the grid and you will see a 5 pointed star gridded in to the grid.  The 5 pointed star is the feminine energy and they intertwine and the 5 pointed star is built over the 6 pointed star so you have a blending of male and female energies.  They extended this energy from the ley lines by building this big resonating chambers call Notre Dame churches.  Then they put in labyrinths to create Standing Columnar Waves and then they tuned them all to each other.

What did the Rockefeller Foundation do when they bombed them out during the First and Second World Wars?  They went in there and changed the coding.  That's all right.  You can go back to the labyrinth and stand in the middle and ask that it be recoded.  Or you can sit here and send a vortex and ask that it be recoded.  The etheric people do that.  You don't have to do all that.

We are responsible, as beings --- what ever is going to happen --- some people say that the Mayan calendar doesn't say that until some time people are going to rise up with Consciousness.  Right now, the 2% have to hold the grid together so that we don't end up being controlled.  We have lots and lots of tools to work with.

Q:  Are the interstices of the vortexes on special places on the earth?
A:   Yes.
Q:  Does it matter if we are on those spots on that date?
A:  It doesn't matter, because you can go there with your vortex.

Something happened in 1968 with myself, my husband and my sons John who was 3 and Mark who was 5. We were driving home from Indiana, we stopped near Kalamazoo for a bathroom break.  4 hours later we got back in to the car and we were told to build a pyramid.   My son John was very dyslexic.  We were told at that time that that was the reason for us to build the pyramid.  At that time we really did not understand what our guides were telling us.

John connects with the Sasquatch.   When the Gulf War ended in "only" 4 days, I asked him why.  He said "I have talked with the Sasquatch and they tell me that with all the missiles, etc., that are being fired over the Euphrates Valley, that it weakened the valley so much that the earth was in danger of quaking.  The Emissaries of Light went to the UN and made them stop the war.  This is why it was never finished.  It was just stopped. There are thousands of them.  Sasquatch is a 5th dimensional being.  You don't find them because they will appear and then disappear.  They switch frequencies from one dimension to another.

Q:  There have been reports that the US is planning a massive air assault.  To totally discombobble the Iraqis.
A:  Then we are going to have to do a lot of work
Q:  Aren't there a lot of people in the US opposed to Bush's intentions towards Iraq?
A:  I don't know.  I don't know how they have gotten away with what they have gotten away with.
Q:  It seems as if the American public is not buying this war thing, but the American government is not listening to anyone.  They have an energy thrust behind them and they are steam rolling through everyone and everything.

A:   I don't know about that.  I came here to talk about the oils.  (Laughter)   You people are dowsers.  I love the dowsers --- there's only 2% of us who are conscious enough to be dowsers on the planet.  Its important that dowsers learn to do these things.  I really do feel that if 144,000 -- as the Bible says --- learn to create their energy bodies and pull this grid together that we can actually pull this whole thing off.  And that's my message.

Dag Hammerskold was a very spiritual man who brought spirituality to the UN and was the first Secretary of State of the UN.  When he started to initiate peaceful method and prayer in to the UN --- they shot his plane down. 

Thus ended her talk on Monday night.  Mary was invited to speak to (Young Living) Essential Oils people because she was to be in Toronto and knows a lot about the oils.  You can now see why she has this interest and the purpose they serve in her mission.   If using the oils interests you, I have asked YLEO distributors to let me know if they would like their names in the newsletter.

The following people are Young Living Essential Oils distributors, who are also members of the Toronto Dowsers.  If you want to purchase these products, might as well go to someone in the group.  Sabina loaned me a tape by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, on the dangers of pharmaceuticals and what they do to the brain and how the YLEO helps undo some of the damage.  Listening to the tape, I heard the testimonial of a woman who said that soon after she started using the oils, she was able to do housework that she could not do in years.  That is certainly enough of a motivation for me!  I think I'll give it a whirl.

Arlene Anisman  416-766-8261
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Debbie Purvis, of Odyssey Books in Ajax has the Karooch Brand of Essential Oils.  905-426-4823
Our thanks to Dev Khalsa of the  Spectrum Healing Naturopathic Clinic for organizing Mary's Monday night presentation.  As a high level distributor for Young Living oils, as one of his many talents, Dev conducts group meetings on a weekly basis where one learns about the oils.  He can be reached at: 416 516 0808.


According to native prophecies, all portals will line up at Harmonic Concordance.

If you create your light body you can help this planet move in to a higher frequency.  According to Starr Fuentes, the Harmonic Concordance will take place November 8, 2003.

The secret government is going to the portals to try to stop the consciousness of humanity from advancing to the next dimension of higher consciousness.

Only 2% of the population of the planet can understand what we are doing.
When there are 144,000 of a higher consciousness to greet the dawn, humanity will graduate to the next dimension.

Pyramids are systems of antennas.


Mary has a friend who lives nearby to us who is an Egyptologist.
She met with him the afternoon of her talk here, and he took her to:

Do you know that "Toronto" is an Indian name that means "The Meeting Place"?
Do you know why Toronto is the "Meeting Place"?

The 6 Tribes would meet there --- at this mound --- whenever there was a dispute.  They would  work things out and bring peace.
They are still there.
They are waiting for us.
They have asked for us.
This  mound --- this meeting place --- was where the tribes would meet and work out peace.
If you stand on this mound you radiate peace.

No one in the audience seemed to know this information.
I have not spoken with anyone else who knows this.
However, it does check out.

This information is crucial to the Toronto Dowsers and way way WAY beyond.
THIS is one of the pieces of information Mary was sent to bring to us.

There is an energy force there.
They want to be used.
GO to the mound.  ASK what you can do.  LISTEN.

All the Star Gates will be lined up and activated at the Harmonic Concordance.
Star Gates will be activated  11-11-2003.

At the time of Atlantis, man got greedy. We cracked the earth.
All the tribes on the planet were called upon to build the great pyramid.
There are pyramids of different shapes.
4 sided pyramids are receivers
3 sided pyramids are broadcasting units.
They create Scalars so they are Scalar waves --- or --- solitrons -- when they "set down".

If you get 3 people together you can create a Vortex and send it anywhere to any place.

You are dowsers.  You can do this.

I truly believe that the vortexes you create with your own mind can override anything.

This is a planet of free will.
We will hold the light of the planet so it can not be used against us.
We took down Hurricane Lilly.
You can see how to create a vortex that goes between an obelisk and a pyramid.
A labyrinth generates a vortex.

After Star Wars was activated by George Bush (Sr), the Russians were the first people to complain --- they knew of course, where it came from ---- because it messed up their weather patterns and ruined their wheat harvest.

The Great Pyramid was built to put the planet back in to a stable orbit, to stabilize the planet after the destruction of Atlantis.

The Order of Melchizedek came from Jerusalem (New Salem).

In a labyrinth you "click" on the higher energies in the brain and healings can occur.  If they don't get rid of the anger, fear,  jealousy, etc., it goes right back in to them (she's talking about people here, in general).

In 1120, the Templars dug under Solomon's temple until they found the Arc of the Covenant.  The Templars were the "Hospitalers".

As Mary tells us, she works closely, on many levels, with the Knights Templar.  Here is a selection of their history from the Internet about the destruction of these Knights, caused by King Philip IV of France in the 14th century.  This is a reminder to us of the effect that just one person can have on the future of the planet --- if it be good or otherwise. Mary tells us how Philip "le Bel" destroyed the Knights Templar because he wanted their money.

" Philip "Le Bel" called Philip the Fair was born in the year 1268, 0ne hundred and fifty years after the formation of the Knights Templar and was King of France from 1285-1314. How could someone as corrupt as he, be called by the people, Philip the Fair? The term "The Fair" was a reference to Philip IV's good looks, being tall and handsome with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Philip Le Bel, in contrast to his pleasing looks, was a cold and secretive man who had strong wishes for France to be the head of the empire. In order to accomplish this plan he would need great financial resources (which the Templars possessed) and a week and subservient Papal Throne.

There was, at the time of around 1305, a plan to unite all the religious fighting orders into one order called the Knights of Jerusalem. A plan, which Jacques de Molay was involved in but disapproved of, for fear that the other orders were not, as disciplined as his Templar Knights. The supreme ruler of this order (The Rex Bellator or War King) was Philip Le Bel's desire. In fact he even went so far as to make this a proposal to Rome, stating that future Kings of France should automatically be given the title and any extra revenues of the order given to the Rex Belletor. The uniting of the orders never did come to be.

Philip's persecution of the Templars in his quest for money was not his first attempt to destroy a people. He first went after the Jews and the Italian bankers (Lombards) He expelled Jews from France after taking their properties.

"First he seized all the Jews in his kingdom and forced them to give up their fortunes by removing one of their eyes and threatening to remove the other"

Philip in his quest for more and more money, recalled all the coinage and melted it down for his usage. He then replaced it all with coins minted of lesser value. This in a round about way, is probably the first recorded case of devaluing currency. It was when Philip so devalued the French currency that he was forced to seek refuge from
his people in a Templar shelter. Here in the Paris temple, Philip became aware, perhaps for the first time of the true wealth of the Knights Templar. It was here in the protecting arms of the order that he first manifested the idea of stealing their vast wealth for his political agenda.

As the Templars were free of all authority save for that of the Papal Throne, the only way Philip could lawfully seize Templar assets was to accuse them of magic and heresy, which he did through his right hand man, Guillaume de Nogart, who has King Philip's chancellor. An interesting side note to Guillaume is that the lawyer's parents had been burned at the stake as Albigensian heretics.

On Friday the 13th of October 1307 (the real reason the day carries bad luck) all the Templars in France were arrested on a variety of charges and accusations. The trials of the Templars lasted from that date through until March 19th, 1314 when Jacques de Molay the last (known) Grand Master of the order was burned at the stake. So
the story goes, as he burned in agony, he invited both Philip and to join him within a year. Philip the Fair, accuser of the Templars died in 1314, perhaps helping to perpetuate some of the myths of occultism surrounding the Templar knights."

--- Mary told me the following day that the banner of the Templars, on the high seas, was the Skull and Bones.  They were NOT pirates.

Interesting, isn't it ---- how things got reversed?  How what was really "good" became known to be "bad"  --- because the "bad" forces that took over the "good" ones mostly as a result of greed and desire for power and control wanted to discredit the good?   Kind of like, um --- dowsing maybe?  Witches?  "Paganism"?  David Icke?

In 1996 Mary went to France for the first time and met 12 Templars.
In 1999 she discovered that there are "computers" under Mount Seurat, in France.
In Brighton (England) she learned how to create the Holy Grail Vortex.

"They" want to put a  HAARP device on top of the Great Pyramid.

It is time to activate your light bodies.  It is time to get busy.

Jerry Thomas (who was the keynote speaker at the 2000 ASD Convention) says that only 2% of the population have the ability to do this.  They are those who are of a higher consciousness.

In Stonehenge is the control center for the grid system of the pyramids.  "They" moved the energy from Stonehenge to the Millennium Dome --- by satellites and HAARP devices.

A book by Henry Lincoln, "Keys to the Sacred Pattern", which is the untold story of Rennes Le Chateau, tells that Rennes Le Chateau is the major stargate on the planet and is in the 12th Dimension.  (Lincoln's book:  "The Holy Place, the Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau" is in the Toronto library.)

Mary suggests that The Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion, or Priory of Zion, is said to be at the head of the New World Order and behind the events at Rennes-le-Chateau.

The way churches were built, originally --- the steeples and bells of the churches would activate the grid.

The Bell at the church of Rennes Le Chateau was cut so it could not be used again.  The powerful vibrational frequency of this bell was necessary to operate the grid system of the earth.   Also, the knights of the order of St. Sebastian removed the altar stone and it has not been found.

Mount Seurat (Segur)? was the last stronghold of the Cathars (Nazarenes).  Pontius Pilate allowed the Nazarenes to move to Southern France.  This is the main Stargate on the Planet, a 12th dimensional one.

Mary works with the knights in the etheric and physical ones on this planet.

Intent is 95% of what you do.  You can move energy patterns with intent.  Mary has done this in the Pyrenees as well as in Hawaii and worked on the whales and dolphins.   She did work in the Cenotes in Mexico.

I spent just a few minutes looking up "Cenotes" online and found the following --- of course, on the net, they do not get in to great detail as to the power of these structures.  They talk about snorkeling!  Read between the lines in this excerpt.  I find it interesting that within the past 2 years I've found many dowsers who are spelunkers (caving enthusiasts).  They, too, are probably guided and this fun "hobby" will become useful in other ways.  One day their knowledge may be called upon to help research these mysteries.

"  The Yucatan peninsula is an endless limestone plateau featured by the complete absence of surface water courses. Though, few other areas in the world may boast a similar spreaded and massive presence of water. All the water is underground, in a network system of completely flooded galleries almost totally unknown. The access gates to this invisible world of water are the cenotes, surface flooded shafts connected to the deeper galleries. As one may easily imagine, the cenotes were sacred to the Mayas, representing their only source of water.   Cenotes are believed to have been of great significance to the Mayan people.  Recognized by the Maya as the link between the earth and the netherworlds and  often the only source of freshwater in the riverless Yucatan Peninsula, cenotes  were considered sacred and important ceremonial centers were often constructed  nearby.

Surrounded by dense jungle, cenotes are oases of cool clear fresh water, perfect  for cooling off in the heat of the day.  Cenotes are the entrance to magical caverns and cave passages below the earth.  We recommend that you take along your snorkel gear. The water is crystal clear  and very refreshing. "

When asked about the negative energies being directed at us --- how can we, or, are we being effective, Mary responded "It's like a slinky toy.  We do something; They do something; We do...."   They can not interfere with us because we have free will.   They have to answer to a power that is greater than they are.


At the end of the Tuesday night talk, I suggested that if anyone has questions, to get them to me by the next morning as I would be meeting with her.  Here are the questions and answers:

Q: 3 people asked this one:  Why do you need [at least] 3 people to do the Vortex; to do the Invocation?

A:  You have to have a Chord.  A chord is composed of [at least] 3 notes.   This is so the energy does not "come down on you".  If you have a chord the energy is "homogenized".  If you use 2 people, or do it by yourself --- then the negative forces can get you.  With a chord, the energy goes up, and, if it comes down, it disperses, rather than crashing on to you and injuring you.  This forms a tetrahedron and a tetrahedron is a broadcast unit.  It's all about tuning.

Q: What is the significance of the 5 pointed star and the 6 pointed star?

A: The 6 pointed carries the male frequency; the 5 pointed carries the female.  You overlay the 5 pointed over the 6 pointed to blend both energies and to ensure the predominance of the female energies.

At Rennes le Chateau, and other churches, they put the pentagram (5 pointed star) over the 6 pointed star.

The Templars put labyrinths in the churches to create standing columnar waves and then put antennas in them to connect them up.

Q: I would like to build a pyramid and obelisk in my back yard.  What do I need to know --- in terms of height, where does it go, the angles --- if its heart,... etc.?

A:  Mary says a lot of these plans are in her books.  She sells plans for a "pack up and go" pyramid.

Then, I spent some time with Mary asking her some of my own questions.  As best as I can, I have put down our conversations and my understanding of them:


Mary keeps talking about our "Light Body".  How what we all MUST do (that is, all conscious people, of course and it would be great if others would/could do this as well) is to develop our Light Body.  Well, when you actually think about it, how do you do this?  and what exactly is a Light Body?

She said the best way to develop the Light Body is by the use of the Essential Oils.  Because, what they do, is they clear the Pineal Glad.  Sabina DeVita told me the only way to clear the gunk off the Pineal gland is through the use of these oils (in all this talk about Essential Oils, I do hope you are not getting them mixed up with EFA's, which are known as Essential Fatty Acids and what they are is --- oils, that we eat in our food such as flax oil, hemp oil, even olive oil at times, pumpkin seed oil, etc.  It's not the same thing, just as when you use the word "bridge" it could refer to a bridge across water, on your eyeglasses or your nose.)

The Olfactory gland must work on an electrical, rather than a mechanically physical system.  Because when you smell something it can react instantaneously with every part of your body.  It's "information" rather than a transfer of a physical substance.  The oils work on the pineal gland and instantly send and transfer information.

I asked her if this were the only way to do this.  She said No --- You can do this by drumming, meditation, chanting, prayer, etc.  So then I started to realize more what this was about.

We have been doing this for quite some time.

Light is the absence of dark.  We have all --- yes? --- been "clearing" things from us.  Blockages.  Past Lives.  Non beneficial patterns, clearing non beneficial energies.  Raising our vibrational level.  We've been talking what we want to get rid of.  Mary talks about the same thing, but she talks about it in terms of the destination, what we want to achieve:  The Light Body.  The Light Body is the absence of the dark stuff which blocks us and holds us back.

What Is the Light Body?  (For more information on this I went to the site of:  Orin, DaBen, Sanaya Roman, and Duane Packer.  Every site that I have found on the Light Body always refers back to this one.)

"  Our light body is an energy body that  exists at a higher level, closer to your soul, than your chakras. You have seven  vibrational energy body centers and three  light body centers, for a total of ten centers  that power and make up your light body.

 As you awaken your body you will learn  how to change less harmonious energies  into positive ones and use the energy  around you to go higher. You may experience a stronger sense of personal  power and a greater ability to control your  emotions, stay centered, release old blocks  and stuck emotional energy, and respond  with love and compassion.

Your light body opens doorways to the  higher realms of light, such as the soul  plane. Awakening your light body assists  you in adding light to your thoughts,  opening your channel upward, and  connecting with the Universal Mind. As you  awaken your light body you will learn how to  get into states of consciousness where you  can more easily choose actions that reflect  the light of your soul and higher self. You  can experience many illumined states of  awareness in these journeys; state of  consciousness that are deeply insightful,  blissful, and take you beyond thought into  direct experiences of beingness. In these  states you can see, sense, or feel the  expansive energies of the higher dimensions  and make them a part of your daily life.

Why Awaken Your Light Body?  Many of you are in the process of making  the evolutionary leap of awakening your light  bodies, made possible in part by the waves  of light that are coming to the earth plane.  DaBen and Orin have created the light body  course as a way for you to take this  evolutionary step.

 What will understanding, using, and  awakening your light body do for you? As  your light body awakens, you draw to  yourself opportunities to make a difference  in the world as you grow more radiant with  love and light. Awakening your light body  can assist you in having a clearer vision of  what you are here to do, lifting the veils so  you can see more of your purpose and why  you are here. As you gain a stronger  connection to the Higher Will and Universal  Mind, you are able to more easily attract  abundance, new opportunities, and loving  relationships.

 Awakening your light body can help you  create states of inner illumination, mental  clarity, and an open heart. You can be more  focused, mentally alert, and physically  vibrant. You can more easily choose how  you want to feel and the thoughts you want  to think. You will learn how to get into  states of consciousness where you can  more easily choose actions that reflect the  light of your soul and higher self. You can  experience many illumined states of  awareness in these journeys; states of  consciousness that are deeply insightful,  blissful, and take you beyond thought into  direct experiences of beingness. In these  states you can see, sense, or feel the  expansive energies of the higher dimensions  and make them a part of your daily life.

 If you are a writer, musician, artist, teacher,  healer, or in any creative field, awakening  your light body can assist you in achieving  the inspired and intuitive state of  consciousness needed to excel at your  work. If you are teaching or working with  others, it will help your work to have a more  profound effect and to make you more  magnetic to clients and students.

 Awakening your light body can improve your  personal relationships. As your energy  becomes more beautiful and radiant, people  will act and think in higher, more loving  ways around you without your trying to  change them. Your heart will be more open  and you will understand what it means to  love as your higher self and soul. As you  work with the light body centers you can  learn to become transparent to lower  energies, and choose inner peace more  often. If you are around children, these  energies can help them stay calmer and  more focused.

 Awakening your light body enables you to  reach expanded states of consciousness.  Your ability to sense the subtle energies of  your soul will increase. You will learn ways  to bring your soul's consciousness into your  personality and daily life as you open the  channel between you, your higher self, soul,  and/or guide. You can develop your  clairvoyant sight, psychic, and healing  abilities.

 Working with these centers can enhance any other path or techniques you are using  and enjoy. They can greatly enhance any  other therapeutic techniques you have  chosen.

 It is easy to awaken your light body. The  energy centers that power the light body are  definite and real. You can feel and work with  them, creating positive and lasting results  as you do this. You can go higher, feel  more balanced, stable, clearheaded,  creative, and gain a new perspective on life.

 We want to mention that all spiritual growth  is a process of unfolding consciousness, and as you awaken your light body and  grow spiritually, you will still have challenges and lessons that are  opportunities for growth. However, as you  become more radiant and filled with light, you will have more skills to move through  these lessons with greater ease and joy. "

We have been doing this purposefully for some time.  We have been doing this [also] through the use of the DOWSING CARD.  Many of your comments about the results you have been achieving through frequent use of the DOWSING CARD are the same as what has been described here.

Here's another nice site from  Richard Rivard out in BC, that there is now a new way to describe the chakras and Light Body Activation:

The chakra system has seven major chakras in the body that function separately. Each chakra looks like a swirling cone of energy, opening up in the front and back but very narrow in the center of the body. In that narrow center point is a ring that holds the chakra in this position called a seal. For the course of the karmic game, the heart chakra has been semi-closed so that all chakras would operate at a lower karmic functioning. Most human interactions have been based out of the lower three chakras.

With Lightbody activation, the heart chakra opens into its higher functioning and takes predominance over the others. This forces the other six chakras to begin operating at their Higher Divine functioning also. The seven seals break open and the chakras change shape from conical to spherical. Then they all begin to merge into what we call the unified chakra. The other seven chakras that exist outside the physical body activate, starting with the eighth, nine and tenth chakras. These upper chakras open into the unified chakra and stimulate the emotional, mental, and Spiritual bodies to unify. As the heart chakra opens multi-dimensionally, the more unified the other chakras and the energy bodies become. This forms a unified energy field which becomes the vehicle for ascension as the Oversoul, the Christ Oversoul, and the I AM presence descend to merge with it.

So --- does that answer your questions about Light Body?  I hope so.  It's getting rid of the dark stuff, the stuck stuff, the stuff, the triggering stuff, that has been holding us back and not letting us progress.  It's what we've been doing all along.

Perhaps Mary has a faster way, with the oils.  Decide for yourself if you would like to use this way in addition to whatever has been working for you.  Maybe you've been flying in a propellor plane and she shows us the world of the jet plane.

 *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *


Mary also mentioned Oak Island.  She said that there is a LOT of gold there.  The Templars buried it there.  In a very ingenious system, with flooded caves and all.  If you research this, you will find that it is in Nova Scotia!!!  And this is a well known mystery that many have tried, without success of course, to solve.  Tremendous gold.

Okay.  Since you have been so patient in reading this, and if you've gotten this far, I have saved the best for last.  Actually, the 2 best:

1)   When Mary went to the mound and spoke with the spirits of the Indians she said they told her "Tell the Dowsers about us."  And she did.  The Indians wanted Mary to introduce them to us.  And she did.  I went with her to the mound and while we were there she asked if she needed to perform any ceremonies.  She was told no, that because we were there, they had to recalibrate things.  And that is what they were doing.  We shall be back.

I think the story of this mound was hidden from us --- from everyone --- until there would come a time --- now --- that the people who knew about this place could protect it properly.  We can.  We shall.  We are.

2)   Helga asked an excellent question:  With regard to the Dark Forces --- Why does it seem as if they are trying to destroy the planet?  It's understandable that they might want fewer people and want to take control of people and resources, etc.  But why destroy the air?  the trees?  the water?  Don't they have to live here too and don't they want to live in a nice place?  Thanks for asking that Helga, I've wondered about that as well.

We were talking about the Tigris Euphrates Valley.  Keep in mind that Iraq, Syria Iran and Turkey lie in that area. Bagdad is in the center.  I asked  Mary about this with another question:

I have long wondered about the enmity between Arabs and Jews.  It makes little sense because there seem to be so many similarities.  Perhaps that is the reason.  We come from the same Father.  We come from the same land.  Our food laws are quite similar (no pork).  Our origins are both nomadic.   There is a respect for the desert and for water.

Now, I saved this part for last because I have so much difficult writing about it.  I came to a full stop when she told me this and it explained so many other things --- it begins like a Hollywood script, yes?:

She said:  Because the Jews were made differently. And that's where they were made.
Me (slowly):  What do you mean?  What do you mean "made" ... differently?

Mary:  That is the birthplace of Humanity.  That is where Humanity was developed.

It is in the Euphrates Valley that the coding of the human body is controlled.
That is the birthplace of humanity, where we were developed.
We are a combination of 22 star systems.
22 star systems from the Pleidian Galaxy have come together to create humanity.
[What is the number of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell?  Answer:  The human haploid genome contains 3,000,000,000 DNA nucleotide pairs, divided among twenty two (22) pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes ]
Few races have free will.  We have free will.  We are an experiment in free will.

More races wanted free will.  So it was decided to create an experiment.  If the combination of races can come together in love, peace and harmony --- if this does succeed --- by a certain time --- than this will allow the races in the Pleidian Galaxy to receive free will and bring together the races of the Pleidian Galaxy.

The birthplace of Consciousness is in the Euphrates Valley.
It is the Tower of Babel.

If we (144,000 who have activated Light Bodies) can come together in Love, Peace and Harmony (at the activation of Harmonic Concordance), this will bring us to a different dimension.

So why does it seem as if some forces are trying to destroy this planet?  They don't want the experiment in free will to succeed.  They want to get and hold power and control.  They do not want us to advance to the next level.  They want to keep us confused, in fear and terror and to go them for what they tell us we can have. They don't want us to believe in something more than a 3 dimensional existence, they don't want us to even know about it. They do this by forcing our attention to areas of the 3 lower chakras, that physical needs and pleasures are the only things that are important and they will provide everything for us.  They do this by attempting to destroy and destabilize our minds, families, land, food supplies, air, water and where we create damage to ourselves by forcing in on and around ourselves damaging frequencies such as with pharmaceuticals and rap music.

ON 9.11:
-  When this happened most of us knew that it was not motivated by Arab terrorists who wanted to strike back at the US.
-  "We knew" that it was about oil.  That certain interests wanted to take control of the huge untapped reservoir of oil underneath Afghanistan.
Now we know that that, too,  was yet another red herring.  It was a distraction.  The real reason is "they" want to take control of the earth grids.  Their plan is not going to work.

And the 'war with Iraq'??? It's not going to happen.  They don't have to.  They have achieved their real objective which is to take more control.  Implementing the so called 'Patriot's Act' --- and part 2 of this act --- to take away the rights and freedoms of the people --- is the real goal.  They keep our focus on this while they create legislation to steal our freedoms.   They will not achieve their objections.  More people are seeing the "Light".


Mary Hardy's books:
PYRAMID ENERGY, the Philosophy of God, the Science of Man
The Alchemistís Handbook to  Homeopathy

Mary Hardy's web site:

Mary has mentioned events that she is having at her home in Michigan. I am not sure but it appears that these may take place March: 14,15,16, April 4,5,6, 12? and August 8,9,10,11,12.  Do I hear: Road trip?

- 2 real neat synchronicities:

(1)  Isn't it "interesting" that the bed and breakfast I dowsed for Mary to stay in is within walking distance of the mound?  And that I know the owner from our Canadian Natural Hygiene Society meetings?

I went with Mary to the mound on Wednesday.  When we were there, she asked if we had to do anything and the reply was negative.  They said that since the dowsers made it to the spot, that they were recalibrating.  The dowsers were there?  I guess I was the representative.  I felt like Luke Skywalker.

(2)  2/17 I received an application for membership from Hugh Vaughan, (Hi Hugh!) a very nice gentleman in New York State.  Hugh writes "Enclosed is ... The decision to apply is based upon the enthusiasm of a friend, Ron Mullinix, of Louisville, Kentucky, who recently joined your organization. Ron was deeply impressed by your "Ethics and the Spirit of Dowsing" that he found on the Internet and passed a copy on to me. ... 15 years ago, a package arrived from one Roger Brown, in Adelaide, South Australia. It contained detailed information about Fountain International, the movement that began in England and spread around the world, a simple concept; we are capable of changing the spiritual environment of an area just by focusing positive thoughts on a chosen place. Roger was the principal coordinator of the movement in Australia. Dowsing came into play when the meditators needed some way to measure their effectiveness, if any (The Fountain energy field turned out to be a "checkerboard" of energy lines which can easily be measured by both L-rods and pendulums.)

I went online to find Fountain Internationaland saw that it is an organization that we would like to network with and I would check this out after I completed the newsletter.

2 days later I come to a part of Mary's talk where she talks about the fountain at Brighton.  Wouldn't you know the Fountain from Brighton is the fountain that Fountain International focuses on!

-  A year ago I was speaking with the dowsers in Michigan.  I was told that their group is are reading David Hatcher Childress' book "Anti Gravity and the World Grid".  The leader of the dowsing chapter there told me that apparently there are about a dozen big vortexes on the planet.  One of the 2 biggest ones is in Afghanistan.  Guess where --- she asked --- guess where was the first spot the Soviets went directly to when they invaded Afghanistan in 1991?   I was thinking about this as I was listening to Mary talk about the power spots on the earth and what some governments are doing.

-  Many people have an image of the Knights Templar as being bad guys.  Mary said that she believes this is a mistaken impression, that their reputation has been purposefully maligned and discredited by those who really are taking actions that are truly detrimental.

-  Mary talks about Jerry Thomas' assessment that 2% of the planet have a consciousness whereby they can attain their Light Body.  I had not had the chance to tell her about our Consciousness Raising.  When we started out, in August, it was assessed at 1.7% of the planet.  Due to the work we are doing, we believe it is now over 9%.  And climbing.

-  One of the many things I urge you to learn, when possible, is more about the LIGHT and SOUND healings.   These are truly the healings of the future.  The "only" things we will need to do.   If I forget about it in the future remind me why and I'll explain it.  It's so neat.  And so simple.

Here are some books you might enjoy:

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav
Starseed: The Third Millinneum by Ken Carey
The Way of the Scout by Tom Brown Jr. (The Tracker and others in series)
Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Henry Lincoln
Temple & The Lodge
Messianic Legacy
Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Wiliamson
Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
Urban Shaman by Dr Kahil King
Nothing in this Book is True, but it's Exactly the Way Things Are by Bob Frissell
Mutant Message by Marlo Morgan
Monuments on Mars by Richard Hoagland
Smoke on the Water by ?
Anti Gravity & the Earth Grid by David Hatcher Childress

(MORE)  D*O*W*S*I*N*G     W*O*R*K*S*H*O*P*S

Susan Collins, King City
  (905) 833-2440

Susan works with individuals to balance the energies in their homes and bodies. Much of her practice is done at a distance, but if space and time permit, she also works with clients at their properties.

The following workshops are scheduled in the King City area:

Develop Your Intuition With Dowsing - Level 1
Content: Learn to discover which foods support your health, balance your bodyís energy systems and find power spots in your home.
Saturday, March 1st, 10 Ė3 pm
Cost: $45. Enrollment limited to 25

Bridge matter and Spirit With Dowsing Ė Level 2
Content: Reprogram the human computer; Detect and transform detrimental earth, environmental and thought form  energies; Find beneficial energies; Use remote sensing.
Saturday, April 12th,  10 Ė 4:30 pm
Cost: $75. Enrollment limited to 20 (Early reservation recommended)

 Alicja Aratyn presents:

March 12 & 19, 6:30 - 10 pm.
Place will be announced - for more details call Alicja (416) 253-9053
Investment: $80

Learn how to successfully use dowsing tools to enhance your everyday life in a sense of relationship

- The meaning of Soul-Mate
- How to start tracing your Soul-Mate
- How to prepare yourself for the search
- How to ask PROPER question
- How to build your own charts regarding your Soul-Mate
- How to make PROPER decisions and choices.

This course can be a continuation of "COLOURS IN RADIESTHESIA"
(for those who have taken it already) or
BEGINNING OF THE ADVENTURE (for those who would like to start)
March 12, 10:00am - 6:00 pm. (place to be announced - for details call Alicja  416-253-9053)
Investment: $80

Medical Radiesthesia was known for centuries in Egypt and Europe. This is why we have to start to think about it as a science which contains vast knowledge to be absorbed and digested BEFORE we will start to call ourselves healers.

-Understanding sickness from Radiesthetic point of view
- Deciding factors for performing successful treatment
- Self-preparation for healing treatment
- When and who to help
- How to determine the depth of sickness and still not get scared
- Checking compatibility with products, supplements etc.
- Multiple choices in Radiesthesia
- Understanding the Polarity in regards to Radiesthesia.

 Saturday April 26     9:30 - 3:30 (possibly 4:00)
LOCATION:  Eglinton & Don Mills.  Parking, close to TTC
Cost:  $45, at the door: $50.    Maximum:  20

This will teach the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses, when and how to use it, when and how it is not appropriate.  You will be taught how to use a pendulum and practice getting that "feel", other dowsing tools, charts, resources and be introduced to "energy dowsing".   If you have a pendulum, bring it.
This will prepare you for more advanced work.
For more details contact: Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or
To reserve your space send your payment to:
Marilyn Gang, 816 - 225 Davisville Avenue; Toronto  M4S 1G9
Some time in May, Shelley Bourne will offer a hands on beginning workshop that will take place in a park in Markham.  Lots of hands on practice practice practice such as looking for male and female energies, underground water and even a treasure hunt. Even if you are more experienced this is a good opportunity to really develop those earth energy muscles, especially for those who have not used L Rods so much.  Details to come later.  (905) 294-6858.

FIELD DAY! - Herbie's Herbs - January 26th

A bunch of us trooped down to Herbie's Herbs, on Queen Street, east of Bathurst on a bitterly cold Sunday morning.  Herbie's Herbs is a unique health food store these days in that it is not your average store that mostly passes bottles of supplements to its customers.   Helen, the on site (Tuesday - Thursday  12-6) herbalist is a treasure trove of useful and unusual health promoting information.  Quality is excellent, prices are fair and the energy is healing.

We looked at the items, dowsed to see those that we needed and followed Helen around.  Someone would ask Helen a question and we'd all traipse down the aisles to listen to her answers and watch what she was putting together.

Bill was getting his mercury amalgams taken out to be replaced with composites.  You are probably aware that many people are doing this, to get the toxic mercury out of the body.  One of the things that must be taken care of, is that there is a chance some mercury can get back in to the body as it is being removed.  It is important to detox the body, then, before and after.  One of the best ways we know to remove mercury, today, is through the use of cilantro (coriander).  Herbie's sells something I had never seen before:  A bottle of Cilantro Tincture.  Cilantro can remove mercury from the cells.  Chlorella (powder), another wonderful green, has been known to remove it from the gut.  You need to know this if you are going to do this procedure.  You NEED to know how many amalgams you can do at time --- it differs with each person --- and the order to do them.

In addition to the greens, aloe vera juice is recommended (its also good for cancer, and, radiation poisoning).

Helen told us an interesting story about how it was discovered that cilantro pulls mercury out of the cells:  A group of monks was found to have a high level of mercury in their urine.  It was realized that they had a particular fondness for cilantro.

Why is aloe good for radiation?  Well, as Helen tells us:  take a good look at desert plants, such as cacti.  They sit, there --- all exposed to the sun and all its radiation --- in high altitudes.  They do fine.

Also --- the pectin from apples is known to remove lead.  Miso is also good for the removal of radiation.

I got some French white clay.  I use it internally, to detox minerals.  Put just a half teaspoon (with a ceramic spoon) in to a glass of water, let it settle, then sip at the water throughout the day.  It does feel so cleansing.   I have been unable to find this in the last 6 years.

It is possible that eggplant stops the absorption of Vitamin A (which has an impact on zinc, which then impacts on iron).

One of our elder, wiser members found Black Seed at Herbie's.  She said she had been looking for it for years and had been unable to find it.  I asked her what it was for she said she was not sure, just that it was highly recommended.  Well, I looked all over on Internet for it and it seems to be great --- especially for the immune system --- but they don't know exactly why.

Someone has been experiencing the onset of joint pain.  MSM (powder) to the rescue 1 tsp, 3x day.  There are no known toxic levels for MSM.

A problem that some people have when they use herbs is they don't do them at levels that are high enough, long enough.  They work if --- used as recommended.

There is an ayurvedic shampoo (or two) that helps the growth of hair.

With regard to EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids --- oils), there are differences between seed oils and fish oils.  Seed oils, such as flax, are powerful fat cleansers.   Use seed oils like chelation therapy.   Hemp strips fat from the arteries.  If you are in a deficient situation, don't take seed (flax) oils.  Use fish oils.  They are excellent for the nerves, brain and heart.

Neem, from India, is a strong anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti bacterial.  Used to remove H Pylori.  It's a strong repellent.  It regenerates the hair, nourishes the roots.

For skin disorders, they have a special oil.  For Shingles, Eczema:  St. John's Wort Oil and Buckthorn have shown to be effective.

In Ayurveda, they do a water cleanse.  First thing every morning drink  1 1/2 liters of cold water in 20 minutes.  This is good for spastic colon.  It cleans the kidneys.  (this is not something I would want to do, especially not to start it in cold weather.  For my body constitution, I like warm liquids.  But it works for many.  Maybe it works so well because India is a warm country, unlike Canada.)

Also, an ayurvedic formula is Gokshura --- for the female libido.  Also good for incontinence.  But be careful in its use.

They also have good quality cayenne, pumpkin seed oil, castor oil, beeswax, herbs (they supply many herbal businesses throughout Toronto).

Perhaps, in saving the best for last, Helen just loves Swedish Bitters. She calls it a medicine chest in a bottle.  It stops bleeding real fast, its good for pain, its an all around everything for healers.  There is a synergistic action of the herbs.  Has camphor.   Fungicide.  Scar removal.  Eye problems. She says take 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon daily, for maintenance.   Also good to take for when you travel so you don't get dysentery.  They like Nature's Works.

People asked --- and received answers to --- questions regarding the heart, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weight management.  A wonderful field day in a good place with good people and great information.  And then we took over the top floor of the Epicurean Cafe for a truly delicious Sunday brunch!

Created, designed and written by Angi Venning

As a hypnotherapist I know that weight loss is on many peopleís minds at this time of year.  In the past this was not a favorite part of my profession as clientsí weight situations are usually far more complex then over eating.  Diets are confusing and difficult to follow and as everyone's food snares are unique, I decided to look at the uniqueness aspect from a fresh perspective, hopefully losing a few pounds in the process.  Dowsing works for everything else in so I figured it would also help me to discover my bodyís own Personal Diet Response Profile.

First I needed to quantify the volume of intake.  I decided to create a scale of "Food Points" [FPís for short] to run from 1 to 50.  I then dowsed to find the maximum daily quantity of FPís necessary to achieve healthy weight loss, based on my average amount of activity a week.  Once I found how many FPís were in my usual meals and my average consumption over the last month, I became determined to change my eating habits. My current daily requirement is about 27, in contrast to a friend whose required minimum intake of 41 is needed to maintain his weight .

If  you adopt this method; dowse at each meal to familiarize yourself with the impact that food choices have on your body.  First, ask daily and then weekly how many FPís you've debited or credited to your "account".

The foods most often associated with weight problems are carbohydrates, fats and sugars.  I found sugar and carbohydrates to be the most difficult nutrients for me to metabolize.  Knowing what to eat when you're hungry and can't be bothered to fuss is a big obstacle to successful dieting so I dowsed out a list of fast and nourishing meals that mostly avoided these.  Miso soup laden with vegetables replaced my old lunch choice of a rice bread sandwich once I discovered that the simple carbohydrate in flour of any sort slows my metabolism to a snail's pace.  My favorite cocktail with sugar sweetened cranberry juice has been adapted to contain a splash of unsweetened apple/ cranberry and lots of sparkling water.

I now design weight control programs by also measuring thermogenic response units or T.R.Uís   (Thermogenisis is the natural process by which the body produces heat from metabolic processes.)

A scale representing thermal response to foods and supplements (designed to slim or bulk up the body), from 1; - the slowest, to 10; - the speediest, is designed to calibrate the resultant thermal effect on the body that specific foods produce; it does not relate to volume.  Using this scale you can uncover foods that are either harmonizing or hindering efficient metabolic processing.  In my body, an apple measures 8.5 T.R.Uís (efficient thermogenisis) and a banana measures 3 so I now use lecithin instead of a banana to thicken my morning smoothie. To quickly measure a meal's thermogenic impact at a restaurant I ask if it contains substances that will register over 5 T.R.Uís on my scale.  Some of the results can be surprising and are probably linked to blood type.  However, by limiting or avoiding problem foods and keeping a mental list of likely snacks and meals, it becomes easier to stay within your new FP boundaries.

With these two measurements we can register the amplitude and the resultant vibration of the food in relation to the individual.  Whether wishing to loose or gain weight, people particularly respond to the way the program is customized by the Ďmysteryí of the dowsing and how it adapts to fit changing needs.

It is important when in process to lighten up in the mental as well as the physical realm, focusing on small triumphs instead of the slips. Thanks to Raymon, I dowse to neutralize all non-beneficial thoughts around the weight issue, and to neutralize genetic ties etc.  I also dowse to ďRejuvenate, harmonize and synchronize, all parts and systems of my entire being, into a healthily efficient, thermogenically supercharged dynamo.Ē

This is not an absolute science, but it works very well and you donít need to constantly count calories or carry a food scale around, itís also fun and exploratory; - you canít say that about most diets now can you?

Angi Venning, M.Ht., is a Certified Hypnotherapist.  She enjoys all facets of her work from diet and pain control to past life explorations and soul recovery.  Angi is also a Reiki master teacher, an E.M.F. balancing practitioner, she guides Mind Mirror biofeedback sessions and incorporates dowsing to discover, heal and enhance. You can reach Angi at  (416) 887 9821 or email: -

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

1)  On enzymes:  If you ever have a bloated lethargic feeling after a meal, taking enzymes can help alleviate that.  The most strenuous activity for the body is digestion.  If you  do not eat properly then the body has to work hard and expend its energy on digestion and you have less energy for other activities.  Taking enzymes makes digestion easier.

Some take enzymes inbetween meals, especially those who have a tendency to have deposits accumulate on the arteries.  Enzymes can "eat" up those deposits.

Ann Fowle called to let me know that what I reported on as "tastes" last month is not accurate.  Pungent and Astringent are not "tastes".  They are neurological responses (I hope I got that one right, Ann.)

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THE   Tuesday, March 11th, 2003 MEETING FEATURES:
Pat Prevost, R.H.N
will speak on: "Creating Your Dowsing Foundation, Anatomy of Intuition"
(905) 841 - 1044

[In our basic dowsing classes we learn how to use a pendulum as well as several techniques.   I have found that there is not enough of an emphasis on how to prepare yourself for a dowsing session such as being in a quiet, balanced, focused calm mental state, where you are not attached to the outcome of the answer and where you are not pushing your answers with your mind.    Pat agreed to give us a presentation on developing these skills.]
Pat will cover the following topics with us:
Pat Prevost is a Human & Animal Wellness Facilitator whose practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field.  She specializes in the dynamics of the human-animal bond using flower, spirit & environmental essences to balance any imbalances found.

Pat  is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Subtle Energy Transference (S.E.T. for Life) Practitioner, Certified Dowser for Wellness & Geopathic Stress & Vibrational Essence Producer & Practitioner.  Pat teaches, speaks & writes on many different holistic subjects & approaches her practice with both animals & humans from a body, mind & spirit model.  She is also one of the founding members of AVEC - the Association of Vibrational Essences of Canada.

THE   Tuesday, April 1st, 2003 MEETING FEATURES:
Raymon Grace
"Change your Energy, Change your Life"

Changing energy has produced positive results in the lives of families, schools and communities.  All things, including future events, are composed of energy.  It is possible for us to develop our mind sufficiently to enable us to change the energy around us and our families, thereby creating a more positive future.  He will help us understand how to do this in simple, basic, practical ways.

Healing can be achieved with the use of the mind and dowsing techniques. Examples will be given of physical, spiritual and emotional healing and the various methods used.  Illness can be caused by a variety of things including energy blockages and negative spiritual interference.  Raymon will demonstrate to us that if these things are removed, the body can be brought in to balance and  good health can result.

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