If you are reading this newsletter from Internet:
A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than is in this newsletter.  We welcome you to join our group and greatly appreciate contributions, especially since our newsletters went from 8 to 40+ pages as we are in a time of information explosion and our dues do not cover the increased copying and mailing expenses.  Enjoy.  Thank you.  - Marilyn

The  Toronto Dowsers
The Largest Dowsing group in Canada
And one of the largest dowsing groups in North America!
welcomes you to our next  meeting

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004 (See last page for information)

John Clyde Kranz & Lyra
from the Monroe Institute
will speak on:
"Empower Your Dowsing
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
* Dowsing Practice:   6:15 - 7:00 - on the stage *
with JOY GOCH - Entity Clearing
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  Edwards Gardens --- Civic Garden Centre
Leslie Street & Lawrence Avenue - SW Corner
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2004
We have *3* more big meetings before September.  Be there!
March 9 - The Monroe Institute .from Puerto Rico
March 22 - 8 PM - Call to Action: Consciousness Raising
April 13 - David Slater:   "Healers Who Share" ,from Colorado
WEDNESDAY! May  19 - Robert Gilbert - Sacred Geometry, from North Carolina
May  22,23 - Workshop with Robert Gilbert
JUNE - Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force" will be in town

March 20-21 - Total Health Show, Toronto
May 7-9 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont
July 16th to July 19th - United States Psychotronics Association  annual conference
"Celebrating Feminine Achievements in Frontier Science" - Columbus, Ohio



Last year, at the beginning of our meeting evenings, before the meetings got started, we had "Dowsing Practice".  This runs from 6:15 - 7:00.   This is an informal  practice, led by an experienced dowsing teacher, where you show up, have an opportunity to ask your questions and get them answered, and benefit from a "lesson" that the teacher may have prepared.

Last year we were ably led by:  Alicja Aratyn, Margaret Ball, Joy Goch, and Les Kato who each gave us the benefit of their experience and different perspectives.

This has not taken place for several months because, frankly, I had too much to do.

Joy Goch will lead Dowsing Practice at this March meeting, will answer your questions and would like to share some techniques for clearing entities.


Please!  If you are coming for the practice would you please, kindly, go to the stage.  It can be distracting to have our dear people on the presentation floor as we are rushing around trying to set things up.  Thank you!

The Toronto Dowsers
Walter Huszczo Library
Our friend and father figure, Walter Huszczo, who passed away in December, avidly devoured information.  Walter used every possible moment for learning, such as listening to audio tapes, watching educating videos, attending lectures, and when he had the time --- reading.  He loved books.

In honor of Walter, his family has given us their permission to name our library The Walter Huszczo Library. This might not change things too much in what we do, but every book that is read, every tape that is listened to or viewed will carry a bit of Walter to us.  It is another way to keep Walter's teachings and memory alive within us, to honor one of the many parts of living that he cherished and passed on to those he loved:  Education.

A listing of library materials is included in this month's mailing, prepared by Mici Gold!

"If your library is not 'unsafe', it probably isn't doing its job."  -- John Berry  Source:  Iii, Library Journal, October 1999

"The public library is the most dangerous place in town."  -- John Ciardi  (1916-1986) American Poet

Dowser Doings
Soon after our Water Project began, I received a phone call from Tortola!  The Virgin Islands!  From Allison Williams who congratulated us on our initiative, and announced it at our January 2003 meeting which happened to be the following day.  Just received a membership form from Allison along with a request for water, Dowsing Cards and a check for $111 US!!!  THANK YOU ALLISON!  You have helped to make us the largest dowsing group in Canada!  .....  Steven Thomas is exploring the Mexican Pyramids at Uxmal,....  and Angela Van Alten, daughter of Annie and John (owners of Dutchman's Gold Bee Products) is having a whirl as she has already explored Thailand, Seoul, Singapore... on her way to Australia. ....  Did you know about the birth of Tara Brox' Crystal Child, Lillian May?  Tara works with Margherita Crystal Lotus Vondrak and Lillian May was born while surrounded by crystals.  They are giving workshops for Crystal Babies, make your own Crystal Malas, and more. ... Margherita just got back from Egypt, visiting the ancient temples.  For this and more, call 416 693 7440.   My friend, Chris, in Vermont, said he is bringing ECH20 on his trip to Tanzania and will pour some drops in to the Indian Ocean!

2 of our most wonderful and dearly loved members, seasoned but spry -- Anne Fowle and Samuel Lightstone, could be doing better as they are in the hospital.  Anne's daughter said she's not feeling too well and would welcome your cheery notes.  Send them your most healing and loving thoughts now and every day and if you want info on them, call one of their friends, or me.

INCOME EARNED FROM AMAZON.CA, AMAZON.COM:  To everyone who has ordered books on Amazon via our link on our main page:  TorontoDowsers.com .  THANK YOU!   What we did was to set up an "affiliate program" where we have a link to Amazon, you click on it and shop as you normally do.  What happens is our "portal" that you came in on is credited and we earn a small commission.  We earned about $35 this way.  Not a lot, but even this small --- but significant amount --- is nice.  So thanks again!  Keep shopping on Amazon this way.  Go to our main page, scroll down, click on the link and shop as usual.  For any of your Amazon purchases.

LIBRARY:  In the changeover of librarians, some items were overlooked and not returned.  We've resolved all but 2, and could use your help in getting these outstanding items returned to us:

"Dowsing With an Inner Touch" - video tape --- taken out by Louise Basic
"Intuitive Technology - The Certificate Course and Operator's Manual" - Booklet - taken out by Louise Croft

If anyone knows either of the 2 women listed, please contact them and try to get our materials back.  Thank you.

LuLus:  The LuLu Body Dowsing system was described in 3 newsletters, and sold at 3 of our meetings.  If you bought one, could you please give feedback on how it worked for you?  We are almost out of them and I want to know if it helped, if so how, if not, why you think not, and, if I should order more.  THANKS!

Newsletter "Stuff": MLMs, ChromoTherapy, Energies

I was cooking with gas in doing this newsletter.   2 areas that I did not get in to for this issue ---- had the energy but it would have been too long:

  MLMs --- wanted to write about Protein, and MLMs.  Not enough people wrote in about the MLMs they are associated with so the Protein section went in.  MLM products are, almost always, of a higher quality than those you can buy in the store.  I'd like to showcase some here (products for internal use only) to give our readers a chance to find out about them to better their health.  Again, you are being asked:

Are you in an MLM?  that offers any kind of food, food product, health supplement?  I would like to include that information in an upcoming newsletter, to list the companies, some products, what they do and why and who can be contacted if someone wants something.

This means companies such as:  Cell Tech, EarthNet, Mannatech, AIM, RBC, Melaleuca, VitaMost, Shaklee, Usana, Matol, Immunocol, etc.

The purpose is to make the information available so dowsers can dowse to determine if any of the products would be of significant benefit.

If you are, and if you would like your company, product and your contact information written about, please send features and benefits to me. Email --- is preferred.

Last month wrote about Vita Fons.  This Issue: The Gentle Wind Project.  Next month: M.A.P.

  The other article that was omitted --- ChromoTherapy.  (Color Therapy)  All of a sudden, a zillion different pieces of information flew at me on colors.  It will have to wait until next month.  I can hardly wait!

 This issue was less of a struggle, easier to write.  Had better nutrition, taking nips of Barley Gold, Minerals, Chavanprash --  enabling a more alert mind, better 'Tude.

THIS month:  Dowsers of the West.  Next month --- hopefully, Dowsers on the other side of the Pond.

Energy highs and lows get written about.  Last month wrote on Energies & Energy Shifts & Super Sensitive People: the very low period which for many was the last 2 or 3 weeks in December and the first week in January.  Many were sick --- people who don't become ill.  Then this miasma released and the energies have been high --- physically, mentally.  Life situations are still tense.

The energy at our February meeting was different --- each one is different.  People had trouble getting there.  It was as if a cotton wool blanket had acoustically dampened the room.  We were lucky to have had such an energetic, vivacious speaker who got us up and moving with fun exercises.  Yes, we do what we can to effect the results we would like and as always, shift happens.

Same energy:  There was a UFO show in Nevada the following week.  A friend was exhibiting there, he said everyone was falling asleep, no one had energy.  These energy waves --- or clouds come --- for a period of time, and leave.

Our February meeting energy reminded me of the 2001 ASD convention.  5 speakers canceled.  Walt Woods, Harold McCoy and Raymon Grace were there.  And we all felt like we were walking in jello.  Walt gave a talk on the Windows of Time.  Folks were nodding off.  And he ended --- by mistake --- a half hour early.

Sometimes this happens, as regions, or even the planet, passes through different natural energetic clouds that float around the cosmos.  The energy for January was more active.

As I look over the contents of this newsletter, of our dowsing group, I am wondering what happened to the classical dowsing articles.  Well, there's always next month...

Our group is a uniquely positioned dowsing group.  We don't focus on water, treasure, map, etc., dowsing, rather dowsing as pertains to the power of the mind.  You'll find a lot of that here.  Robert Gilbert's May visit will expand our knowledge base. Maybe we should call this the "Mind Issue", or the "Out of our Minds" Issue, because some articles herein are truly Out There.

Just before I typed the above, I had taken a break to watch a video loaned to me by Ron Dmytrenico.  Ron is donating this video, "Star Dreams" to our library.  It's about Crop Circles.  Just now, there was a view of a swan gliding along a lake underneath which were the words: "Why is there so much resistance to the concept that we are not alone in the Universe?"


Internet,    Dr. Hamer,    Computer Help:

2 Web sites you HAVE to go to:

FIRST:  Here is a Valentine's Day present for you, from our friend, Bill Russell in Pennsylvania:

  Bill is a dowsing teacher, and a shaman.  He came to Toronto several years ago when I invited him to be a guest speaker at the csd convention.   One of his talents is his development of radionic machines which can be seen on his website.

   Bill sent us an email for Valentine's Day about his "Love Machine" you can download --- to  harmonize relationship issues.  Go to:   www.intentronics.com
 Scroll down to the pulsating heart and click on it.  Click on the heart again at the next screen

 See the device, you can download and save it, or print it out and use it right away.

  Bill enjoyed his time in Toronto, we stay in touch and he always asks me to say hello to the Toronto Dowsers.  So:  HELLO FROM BILL RUSSELL !*!*!*!  :)

  (I will be seeing Bill this June, at the ASD convention, if you want me to pick up anything for you, etc.)

NEXT:CHECK OUT http://go2fractalizer.tripod.com  FRACTALIZERS --- FRACTAL IMAGES

INTERNET WEB LINKS IN THESE NEWSLETTERS AND HOW TO ACCESS THE LINKS ON INTERNET:  There is often additional indepth information on many articles in these newsletters available to you on Internet.  In hard copy, sometimes you see a phrase underlined.  That can mean there is a "link" to it on the Internet.  So if you notice that, and want that information, go to Internet, access the newsletter, scroll down to the article and the link, and "click" on that "link".

For example, in the October 2003 newsletter, there was some information about the work of Dr. Hamer and his New Medicine, and his "Iron Rules of Cancer".  Only the first rule is listed in the newsletter, and some of you expressed disappointment to me that the rest was not there.  This article printed out to 9 pages.  I put the first rule in the newsletter, and the link, so you could go to Internet and get the rest of that article.   Here is that link again: www.mrbean.net.au/~wlast/hamer.html .

Information for Dr. Hamer in English was recently updated at: www.newmedicine.ca

Currently, all our newsletters are all online.  It may not always be this way.  To read our newsletters, go to:   www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/toronto.htm

If you have occasional computer / Internet questions, contact me, I don't mind helping.  I used to do technical remote support and enjoy it and miss it --- it's a lot easier than organizing a dowsing group!

Or, contact Lynda Morris at  Niclyn , a computer help company.  If you would like some computer training, and/or have occasional problems with your computer, in many cases they can help you fix these problems without an onsite visit by using specialized secure remote software.  416-539-0116  (I've known Lynda for about 4 years.)

Long Distance Telephone Rates --- go even lower --- New Technology

1)  Some time ago, we told you about  YAK .   In  most of Canada, and the US, you can pay 5 cents per minute, 24/7  for calls to and within the US and Canada.  Slightly higher for other countries.   You don't have to sign anything or change your phone service.  There is no monthly minimum, no extra charge per call.  Simply:  5 cents / minute.

To do this, when you make a call, FIRST dial:  1015 945  then 1 + Area code + Number.  Your charges appear on your phone bill, like usual long distance charges.   I've been using this for over a year with no problems.  The quality of the lines and service are excellent.  If you have a question call (416) 279-1365.

2)  A little cheaper, if you're fairly sure you will be on the phone longer, is:  1010 230.  For these calls, you pay:

Within Canada:   2.9 cents / minute          US and most other countries:  3.9 cents / minute
AND:  each call costs  23 cents to connect

So, if you are pretty sure you'll be on for more than about 11 minutes in Canada, and 22 minutes calling other places, this plan is less expensive.

Net Linkers

A special faction of the cosmic connectors who find expression through the use of technology, often blending spirituality, biology and technology, they encourage advancement in all these areas. Many of these are now finding ways to work with technology even though they are highly spiritual beings.
These will be the very first to understand the link between technology and spirituality.

3)  TALK BROADBAND ---- THIS IS SO COOL !!!!!  -  $40 / month -  unlimited LD - Canada & US

This is  BRAND NEW  technology --- first brought out by Primus Canada.
Basically, you are telephoning via internet.
If you have a high speed Internet connection (via DSL or cable), you can do this.
AND you get a second phone line.
AND you can take this box when you travel and connect it to any high speed connection.
AND you can choose whatever area code you want from: 416, 647, 403, 514, 604, 613, 780 and 905

Technically, its called VOIP:  Voice Over Internet Protocol.  Primus just happened to name their VOIP service "Talk Broadband", as its better for marketing purposes.

You get a box, similar to a modem, connect it to your high speed connection, and a phone.  It costs $20 / month for the connection and $5-$20 / month for Long Distance.  There are more features you can select as well.

This is the first offering of its kind, it came out in January and I know one person who is very satisfied with it.  Expect other companies with other packages to emerge.  Rogers will be bringing out phone service, too.

Just think.  You can live in Moosejaw and look like you have a nationwide business, with phone numbers that look like they are in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc.   And take any of those boxes with you if you go anywhere --- New Orleans, Paris, Bangkok, Canberra, Nairobi -- anywhere.  And dial out from that "local" number.


March MeetingJohn Clyde Kranz, and Lyra, from the Monroe institute and Hemi Sync, will come to tell us about techniques and tools.  They were supposed to spend the following day here but have to leave Wednesday afternoon to ensure they will get to the Palm Springs, California Prophets Expo on time.  They will be able to see a few people Wednesday morning.  We can arrange this Tuesday night.  Lyra can -- when the situation is appropriate -- be a direct connection to your guides.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Total Health Show

CHOC is holding its 27th annual show:
Total Health 2004 will be held March 20 and 21, 2004
Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm
Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place,

Among the featured speakers are: Professor J. J. Hurtak, author of The Keys of Enoch, Almine, Len Horowitz, Juliano (gourmet raw chef to the elite), Sandra Michael, Zoltan Rona, David Rowland, Almine, Hulda Regehr Clark, Bryan Farnum,  Elaine Gottschall, Leonard Horowitz, Prof. J. J. Hurtak, Victor Marcial-Vega, MD, Arthur Martin, Ann Blake Tracy, PhD,  Gary Young, David Wolfe.
There will be three special panel presentations and special evening workshops. 416 490-0986
Weekend tickets will be $30 for members and $40 for non-members.
Tickets for a single day will be $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

MARCH 22  -  8 PM

Call To Action --- to Raise Consciousness.  The first Call To Action to Raise Consciousness took place August 26, 2002.  It made such a difference that it was scheduled around the time of every equinox and solstice:  The 22nd of March, June, September, December, 8 PM EST.  We focus on raising consciousness for our own neighborhood, and/or a wider region.  You can do this for 5 minutes, 50 minutes --- whatever you feel you need, however you want to do it.  (see the web site for a more indepth explanation, and, suggestions.)
Please come to The Mound or do this wherever you are.  This is your own activity to do by yourself or with your own group.  Some of us hope to be at the Mound for that time.

“How to Release Discarnate Spirits, Entities and other Past Energies"
SATURDAY MARCH 27th  2004 - 1PM-5PM  -   416 924 3780
COMFORT HOTEL  15 CHARLES ST E -   $80 + GST before March 24,  $90+ GST after

In this experiential workshop, participants will receive techniques to balance all forms of energy, together with many different ways of dealing with entities and discarnate souls.  We will also discuss and review :

Energy imprints, the energetic effect of carrying around past events, factors in soul confusion, consciousness around us, freeing pieces of spirits or souls, the use of clear light in changing vibrations, influence of the dead soul keepers, degrees of spirit attachment, earth-bound spirits,  types of possession, psychic attack and protection, soul fragments and addictions, clearing the etheric body and astral plane from spirit attachment clearing familiars, karmic roots and karmic debts and how to change them, difference between dark energies, entities and discarnate energies, the association between dark energies and spells, clearing spells and curses, witchcraft and voodoo energy patterns, depossessions and hauntings of individuals and locations, ET interference and implant removal.

so far:  COMFORT INN

I'd been emailing with Ken about the stranger than usual energies I/We have been going thru this past... year?, contraction vs. expansion, etc.   He said he'd like to talk to us about it.  ESPECIALLY strange was Tuesday, Feb. 24.  Ken says:

" What I would discuss is how each of you can become an even clearer channel for the energetics of dowsing (a tool to Higher Self); to provide insight into the energetics that have been going on - traveling to Europe and Australia and the U.S.; certainly be able to help with the 'constrictive vs. open' feeling."

Sunday, April 4, 2004   1-5
$55 if payment received by March 20th;  $60 after.
Richmond Hill. l (905) 770 - 9012.  Limit: 16

Margaret will show you how to utilize and harness all color for your greatest good, for health, personal relationship, to influence others to respond to you with joy.

The importance of color in our dishes, utensils, food
Using colors to stimulate or sedate energy
Understanding colors and their concept of vibrational energy
Visualizing, touching, smelling, using all 5 senses
Everything will be done through the eyes of color.

Margaret has developed a unique method to use dowsing, a magnet, and color to achieve whatever goals we have.

Learn to use color in every area of your life, much like sunlight bounces off of a hanging faceted crystal, twirling, throwing patterns on the wall.

Margaret taught this workshop at the 1999 ASD Convention.  I've been asking her to offer it to you for the last 2 years.  It's powerful, simple and will help you understand some of the basics of frequency and vibration involved in all healing. A MUST!.

D*O*W*S*I*N*G     W*O*R*K*S*H*O*P

 Saturday,  April 10, 2004    9:30 - 4:00
Eglinton & Don Mills area.  Parking, TTC.  Call for location
Cost:  $45.   At the door: $50.    Maximum:  20 people
Delicious Hot Buffet Lunch available at on premises restaurant

This will teach the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses, when and how to use it, when and how it is not appropriate.  You will be taught how to use a pendulum and practice getting that "feel", other dowsing tools, charts, resources and be introduced to "energy dowsing".   If you have a pendulum, bring it.
This will prepare you for more advanced work.
For more details contact: Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or   mgang@dowsers.info
To reserve your space send your payment to:
Marilyn Gang, 816 - 225 Davisville Avenue; Toronto  M4S 1G9

APRIL MEETING:   David Slater, From Colorado, who worked closely with Hanna Kroeger, and founder of Healers Who Share, will be offering our April 13th presentation.

David is considered a leading world authority on MIASMS (weakness based on disease of our ancestors).  I consider David to be on a par with other healing geniuses and pioneers such as Bernard Jensen, Hulda Clark, and Hanna Kroeger.  He has a greater than encyclopediac knowledge of how the body really works and will discuss this in his presentation to us and how our use of dowsing will help us improve our health.  He will go in to the causes and connections in the workshops he will give the weekends of April 24, 25 (Basic) and May 1,2 (Advanced). Call Vicki Dynes (905) 785-2933 for workshop info.

In the Basic, he talks about: Bone Disease, Digestive Issues, Asthma, Emphysema, Diverticulitis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Teeth Issues, Diabetes, Phobias, Addictions, etc.  (I took this last year and am going to repeat it.)

I asked what areas he is especially knowlegeable on, and was told "all".  One area I've heard him talk about better than most professionals is in the area of teeth.  Teeth problems are especially difficult because the source is often not discovered by traditional means until the jaw is cut open.  Emotional, and, physical problems throughout the body can often be traced back to teeth as meridians originate at the teeth, and if there is a problem at the source it is often displayed elsewhere.  Few understand this. Helga Riemer, Kathy and Shari Bridge are 2 of our members who have been using David's techniques for some time and would be glad to talk to you about this.  David's abilities positively astound me, his humor and humanity delight.

MAY 7-9 --- The first ever Can-Am Dowsers Conference:

Harrison Hot Springs, BC.  This conference is the first time a Dowsing Conference has been put on by a Canadian and American effort.  The Canadian Society of Questers, led and organized by Merlin Beltain, and the First Generation Dowsers, a Washington State (new) chapter of the ASD, formed and led by Master Gardener Penn Bell  have joined forces.  www.Can-AmDowsers.org

Harold McCoy is their keynote speaker and will be joined by several other dowsing luminaries on the program, including a Monday workshop offered by Walt Woods.  If you have questions, call or email the folks on their website; or,  I might be able to help you out since I put up their web site and am pretty familiar with the info by now!  (yup, that was little toot from my horn -- and it was a fun project.)

This is a fine example of International Cooperation and Friendship.

will be held at the LATVIAN CENTER - 4 Credit Union Drive
This is at the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Credit Union Drive
which is about 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkwy

One of the areas of Robert's work is Biogeometry (see below).  Robert studies with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who created this science.  Robert tells us that the dowsers in France follow more of the Egyptian dowsing, rather than the American western dowsing.  I have a sense that we, too, will be more drawn to this style than the western style.  He calls it Spiritual, rather than Informational.

Are you being pulled towards designs, studies, stories of ancient Egypt?  This will help satisfy your re-awakening.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is an expert in the hidden energy techniques of Ancient Egypt.

 “Hesham Fattouh, a 24-year old engineering student with a low platelet count, had some reservations about the healing power of shapes. But having undergone a $25,000 course of treatment in the United States and having had his spleen removed to no avail, he decided to try Dr. Karim’s method. ‘When I met Karim he put a ring on my finger with a design print on it, then he gave me a medallion. At first I thought it was strange, but after all I’d been through I was prepared to give it a go,’ he said. Overnight his platelet count went up to 35,000, and in four more days it soared to 250,000.”

BioGeometry, The Egyptian Science of Energy,  is a universal design language of geometric form, color, sound, and motion to create specific subtle energy fields. It produces powerful and measurable beneficial energy effects in all living and inert systems, both human and environmental. It includes:

* Methods to directly detect and measure the specific qualities of energy in any person or space.
* Methods to discern between the detrimental and beneficial energy components of materials, locations, and waveforms.
* Methods to balance and optimize energy in any system.
* Methods to transmute detrimental energy to beneficial energy (including electro-magnetic and toxic earth energies).
* Methods to create measurable beneficial energies through specific alignments of objects.
* Over 700 specific patterns called "Biosignatures" which balance human energy systems (they are in fact the natural patterns of energy movement within each human internal organ and process).
* Unprecedented explanations of concepts and practical applications from the Ancient Egyptian civilization, which can be directly tested and validated.
* A coherent Physics of Quality to complete the dominant quantitative Physics paradigm.
* Details of the "Energy Key" to understand all natural energy flows; this key explains the internal disputes in other design approaches such as Feng Shui, and clarifies the ancient Egyptian method of placement. Practical methods to create "Master Keys" to balance all energy flows in a space are also taught.
* Unique explanations of (and effective methods to manifest) the critical transcendental energy components found in sacred power spots on the Earth and in the human immune system.

JUNE:   I won't be here in June.  I am going, as I hope many of you will go, to the annual ASD convention in Vermont.  Last June you saw Dr. Hawkins "Power vs. Force" video, which had a lot of excellent content, but was somewhat slow in too many places.

Paul Newton, who has made many trips to Dr. Hawkins' Sedona lectures and who started the Toronto area study group (he also had Gentle Wind instruments for our use), will be offering a presentation based on what he has been learning through Dr. Hawkins' teachings --- unless we can arrange for Dr. Hawkins to speak to us which is kinda doubtful, but we can always "intend", can't we?

 DR. DAVID HAWKINS WILL BE IN TORONTO, giving his first Toronto workshop, via the Learning Annex on Saturday, June 26, 2004 from 9 to 5.  The fees vary from a low of $99.95 for early registration to $169.95 which includes a VIP reception from 5 to 6. www.learningannex.com or call (416) 964-0011.  Book early

Our February 12, 2004 Speaker:  JILL HEWLETT
Jill started off our evening acknowledging everyone for the role we each played tonight.  "As dowsers, you are pioneers and leaders in the holistic field.  In fact, you are radical, and a bit rebellious, too."  (She likes that!)  "You obviously have a passion for learning about life, understanding life and finding truth.  Those are also my values."

She has learned dowsing, however is more of a kinesiologist.  She validated her dowsing at holistic events, and then during a 6 month trip to India in a work exchange community, she taught dowsers muscle testing and they honed her dowsing skills.  She has continued to learn from Margaret Ball and Pat Prevost.

Jill asked us to put our pendulums aside for a moment, to reconnect ourselves in a totally different way.  Then, we can come back to re-connect to the pendulum and be more clear, accurate and effective.

First, Jill took us thru PACE, the Cornerstone of all Brain Gym.  Today it is used in board rooms, class rooms and improves grades 10%-30%.  You use this on a regular basis, and before dowsing.  Each area has recommended exercises.

P  A  C  E:     Positive        Active        Clear        Energized

E = Energy  --- Drink Water!

[Brain Gym suggests you take your weight, in pounds, divided by 3 ==> ounces, then divided again, by 8, to get the approximate number of glasses to drink daily.]

C = Clear, Clarity -- Do the exercise called Brain Buttons.  Place one hand over your navel and hold it there. Place the other one on your chest just below the collarbone. Gently rub these K27 acupressure points. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch hands.  These are the kidney acupressure points.  You are energizing the batteries of the body and getting oxygen and blood flow going to the brain.

The more often you use these techniques, the quicker your body responds to them.  So you don't have to do them as long.  Your body remembers.

A = Active   Cross Crawl

Left:  responsible for practical, logical, pragmatic aspects of life
Right (Gestalt): responsible for: the left side of the body, spontaneity, sound, color, feeling

When we are stressed out we go in to our Reptilian brain.  This is the Hind brain and is only connected to our left brain.  We become linear, have tunnel vision, go in to flight or flight, and access to that creative whole brain potential.  Why only to our left brain during these times?  Because what is needed is an immediate response, not a philosophical treatise as to the pros and cons of taking an action.  We have to ACT!  Which often means REACT!  Hopefully, its a trained, educated reACTION.

 Cross Crawl  reconnects the left and right brain.  Lift one leg and touch your knee with the opposite hand; then put your foot and hand back in their original positions. Do the same with the other leg and hand. For the two hemispheres of your brain to get the maximum benefit, do about twenty repetitions slowly.

Once you are comfortable with the cross crawl, then: Do it backwards.  Do it with someone, and, mirror them.

This affects:  Binocular vision and Binaural hearing.  Because, when we are stressed we have a limited view of life.  Brain Gym opens us up, to better vision and hearing.

P = Postive   Such as Hook Ups, created by Dr. Hook, and, Dr. Dennison, the founder of Kinesiology:  Cross your ankles.  Then Cross your wrists.  Clasp hands. Bring them to your chest.  Move your clasped hands around as if you are making the infinity sign.  Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Sit with this position and tune inward, go inside, to allow your system to re establish its connection and balance.  After awhile, switch your legs and your hands.

She showed us one of the books which shows and explains 26 different movements, what they do, teaching tips, history behind it, variations, how to connect for specific results, how it activates the brain --- for academic, social, behavior, etc., skills.  Here's one explanation:

"Hookups shift electrical energy from the survival centers of the hind brain to the reasoning centers in the mid brain and neo cortex, activating hemispheric integration, increasing fine motor coordination and enhance informal reasoning.  Such integration pathways are usually established in infancy, through sucking and cross motor movement.  The tongue pressing in to the roof of the mouth stimulates the limbic system for emotional processing, in concert with more refined reasoning and the frontal lobes.  Excessive energy to the receptive right, or, hind brain can manifest as depression, pain, fatigue or hyperactivity."

Jill said this is happening more and more these days, especially in the classroom, children being diagnosed with ADD.  When they use Hookups, that problem goes away.

This energy gets redirected in Part I to the expressive Left Brain, in a Figure 8 pattern.   This posture can also be used to release emotional stress and alleviate learning difficulties.  Wayne Cook, an expert in electromagnetic energy, invented a variation of this posture from which the Hookups are adapted, as a way to counterbalance the negative effects of electrical pollution.

These postures are so fun, simple and easy to do.  Brain Gym is like a simple form of yoga and acupressure.  It can be done anytime, anywhere.  You can do this if stuck in a traffic jam.  There are different exercises for different goals, such as improving memory, self awareness, self confidence, spelling, creative writing, test taking, etc.

A mother told her she understood her son better after she learned brain gym.  He would roll around doing his homework.  Mom told him to sit still, he wouldn't, he'd say "I can't, Mom, I need to organize my brain."  She learned what he was doing, and, joined him.  His homework is better and they are both having more fun.

As an Educational Kinesiologist, she facilitates the drawing out of someone's potential through movement.  "Education" comes from the Latin: Educare --- to draw out, which is the best teaching.  Kinesiology is "the Science of Movement".  Put the 2 together and you are drawing out through movement.  Brain Gym is the cornerstone of this.

We were asked if we could relate to any of 10 questions, such as:
Do you ever have a difficult time making decisions?
Do you dislike organizing your office space or space or closets at home?
Do you ever have trouble sticking to an exercise or nutritional program?
Do you ever wish you were more focused, productive, organized or disciplined?

This is not about having enough brain power, will power, being not good enough.  It's not that you are not able, in fact the power that you have within you, when its not working for you its working against you.

To access this power, we need to be connected.  But there is something that always gets in the way of our being connected so that we have the power.

The power is not working for you
But against you
It's not about:
    Brain Power        Will Power        Desire
It is that they are not working together as a team!
Why? =====>     S T R E S S !

These tools, reduce and diminish stress, to bring you to a place of... entrainment which is:  "The connection of the hands, heart, body, working together as a team to bring us to a state of internal coherence."

When we are internally coherent, the world around us is coherent, we get there in life.

When we are not in coherence, i.e., when we are in chaos, the circumstances of life reflect that back to us.

Dowsing is a bridge between the life energy --- the universal information and wisdom to the practical day to day solutions and choices we make.  Our dowsing can be affected, too, when we are internally coherent.

It's easy to shut out the energies of stress.  Different techniques work for different people.

We have to go through 3 steps:

1) Recognize its there, get OUT OF DENIAL, which is:

Don't  Even   Notice I  Am    Lying

2) Locate it.  Ask: Where do we hold stress? Find it.  Your body will talk to you.

 So, say:  THANK YOU BODY.  Thank you body, for speaking to me.

3)  Are you ready to learn from this?  You may not be, yet.  If yes:
    and learn what your body is trying to teach you.

If you have an issue in your life, locate it in your body.  Go through this, and you will find that something will have shifted.

Do:  Think of something that creates Stress.  Think of where it is.
Say: I am willing to learn from it.  Then, ask your body how it can learn

Now we set our intention, remain aware of it and bring in the head, heart body connection.

Remember a time when you were thinking one thing, feeling something else and involved in a 3rd, completely irrelevant action.  Such as when you dial a number and forget who you are calling?  Our brain goes to sleep when its not being stimulated.

Where --- is --- your --- brain?  There is no where that it is not.  Your brain is connected neurally, to the totality of your system.

How we move our body affects our thinking process. Making quality, timely, appropriate choices do not happen when we are not in a place of power and connectedness.  If we don't have access to the whole picture itself, we can't have access to the whole picture in life.  Brain Gym meets that need, because as we move the body, we move the brain.

The seat of all intelligence is --- the heart.  More information, such as from HeartMath, is coming out.  About how the heart actually holds intelligence.  Our heart fuels.  If you have skills, but no desire, no heart, you will not get anywhere.  In Native tradition, the sign for wisdom is 2 fingers over the heart.

We did an Integration Metaphor to get our hearts centered.  If you get in to the heart you get in to the center of wisdom and in to your own pace.

In an ideal world, we go around trained, in to this internal coherence, all the time.  Jill shared a favorite poem with us:

Autobiography of Five Short Chapters  from "There's a Hole in My Sidewalk", by Portia Nelson

     I walk down the street.
     There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
     I fall in.
     I am lost....I am helpless.
     It isn't my fault.
     It takes forever to find a way out.

          I walk down the same street.
          There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
          I pretend I don't see it.
          I fall in again.
          I can't believe I am in the same place.
          But, It isn't my fault.
          It still takes a long time to get out.

     I walk down the same street.
     There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
     I see it is there.
     I still fall in. It's become a habit.
     My eyes are open.
     I know where I am.
     It is my fault. I get out immediately.

          I walk down the same street.
          There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
          I walk around it.

     I walk down another street.

The problem is, when we think we have to do things perfectly, and put even more stress on an already stressful situation.  And create a bigger barrier to where we need to go.

So, let's do "Thinking Caps".  Feet on the ground, you start at the top of your ear, going from the top to the bottom, gently roll it out, piece by piece, breathing in to your body.  You may want to yawn, go in to an energy yawn.  Yawning is connected to the hips --- its about moving forward.  How often do we clench our hips and refuse to change direction.

Then you can do "Positive Points".  The forehead had meridians connected to the solar plexus. These are your neuro vascular points.  Your central meridian runs here.  When you calm the forehead you calm the stomach.  Remember when you see people who are stressed rubbing the forehead?  It has a calming effect.

Our brain is over 90% water.  Drink.

Mental pathways are being stimulated when you do Brain Gym and you now have a chance to rebuild your network.  Brain Gym exercises are broken down in to categories --- pathways.   There are 3 main ones.

If in school, if you use them, you use them you have a much better experience.  If you have a better experience in school, you feel much better about what you are doing in life.  It sets the stage, because life is our classroom.  For a child, their body is their classroom.

Its not about brain power or will power or heart's desire.  It's about them working together.  We each have a different life style and a different learning style

Brain Gym, Educational Kinesiology, and other things:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kong, Dance, Nia --- there are all ways for us to get in to our bodies, with intentional, holistic integrated movement.

It's not about creating a new job, finding a new house, a new city to live in --- its about creating a New Vision.  10% of our vision comes from our physical eyes, the other 90% happens through the body mind.

We are going to take these tools, using the 3 different categories to open up this network from the inside out.  We don't change the world.  We change our self and in so doing we change the world.

Laterality         Centering          Focus

Laterality is something we typically stress in school curriculum:  Left to Right, Side to Side.  When we do next rolls, we deepen that connection.

Centering: With your head, do "top to bottom".  This shows you the up and down pathway, then you do the Brain Gyms, to stimulate it.  This is your ability to go within, assimilate and feel and be centered and organized and move back out.  Life is a bit of a roller coaster.  Its when we fight it that things become more volatile.  See which feels better --- going within, or out. Thinking Caps (massaging the ears) go with it.

Focusing: Going forward and back.  This is where we go in to deep comprehension, where we assimilate information in to a deeper sense of meaning and where "who I am" shows up.

A lot of kids with autism are "toe walkers" --- there's a reflex that has not been developed.  When we are under stress we go in to that same modality.  When we wear high heeled shoes a lot of information gets stuck at the achilles heel.  We need to have that full circuit, up to the calf, the ham string, the gluteals, through the spine up through to the occiput so that information can flow freely.

We are bringing back to life pathways which have been numbed, rejected, forgotten. We are reclaiming them so we can reaccess the whole picture in our body mind and heart.  These are learning pathways that are always there and nourish us or not, depending on the case.  Then our lives become more effective.

There is a difference between living with wisdom and living with knowledge, information.  Wisdom is something universal.  We take it with us in to all areas.  It comes from the inside out, a deep understanding of oneself. In that focused dimension we go in to it.  We are all striving for wisdom yet we are inundated by knowledge, trying to figure things out and to gather more.  Knowledge is the icing on the cake.  Information is wonderful, but if you don't have the cake, there is nothing to put the icing on.  Wisdom holds the space and is something we become.

In the process of doing Brain Gym, we discover that when we open up to the system and the network underneath it, so much is revealed.  4 areas of intelligence become revealed:  Academic (reading, writing, listening, planning, strategizing, analyzing), Physical (remembering to nourish ourselves, get enough sleep), Social (have esteem, value, respect, honor, self confidence) and Emotional --  Energy in Motion --- and draw it all to the heart.

It's something you can't deny.  You just know what to do, or not.  You get that sense of knowing because your heart will tell you. That's our ability to really feel deeply and also hold the space for feelings for others.

In that space of Emotional Intelligence we hold the space for our selves and for others to feel.  Underneath each feeling is another one and we keep going until we get to Truth.  When you are really feeling in these places and show up this way, and use tools, like dowsing, the sky is the limit because your access is from a much more clear, centered, balanced organized, accurate place.

Helen Keller said: "The most best and beautiful things in life, can not be seen or touched.  They must be felt with the heart."

The following comment regarding Jill's presentation was typical of 100% of your feedback.  Daniel, being a writer, is more eloquent than most:   "Having had a more than passing acquaintance with Brain Gym (BG) before, I was delighted by Jill's no-nonesense approach and crisp delivery.  Since the way we relate to the outside world (and people) is entirely dictated by how we relate to ourselves, the inner alignment of body-heart-head Jill took as the foundation of BG is of paramount importance!  She also made a passing reference to a book that literally shows us why 'dowsing' is part and parcel of our human birthright:  Joseph Chilton Pearce, "The Biology of Transcendence".

Jill described 'entrainment' (the synchronicity of body, heart and mind) as "whatever life throws at me, I am ready to learn from it."  As any toddler will prove to us, we are born with an inherent, insatiable desire to overcome obstacles.  Rather than worry about how we lose that desire or become afraid of new obstacles, Brain Gym seems to restore our readiness to resume learning.  Thank you for inviting Jill.  She is a great speaker/presenter!"  -  Daniel Kolos -  "Magical Child Papers"

Jill is offering a Brain Gym for Dowsers workshop.  She also has CDs available that take you through the exercises.  PACE will take you to better memory because you are accessing whole brain.

She recommends Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce's book  "The Transcendence of Biology".  It explains how the brain evolved.  For Brain Gym books, go to:   www.braingym.com .  To contact Jill, contact:  www.jillhewlett.com (905)713-0194  success@jillhewlett.com

GREAT NEWS on the GeoPolitical Scene
   Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful news came through from New York City.  Hip Hip Hooray!  The best news in 2 ½ years!

FEBRUARY 4, 2004 --- The New York City Council Passed Anti-Patriot Act Legislation!

N.Y. City Council Passes Anti-Patriot Act Measure

By Michelle Garcia
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, February 5, 2004; Page A11

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 -- New York City, site of the country's most horrific terrorist attack, Wednesday became the latest in a long list of cities and towns that have formally opposed the expanded investigatory powers granted to law enforcement agencies under the USA Patriot Act.

The New York City Council approved a resolution condemning the law, enacted by Congress six weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, with a voice vote in its chambers a few blocks from the gaping hole at Ground Zero.

"The Patriot Act is really unpatriotic, it undermines our civil rights and civil liberties," said council member Bill Perkins (D-Manhattan), the bill's sponsor. "We never give up our rights that's what makes us Americans."

The resolution criticized the Patriot Act for allowing infringements on privacy rights. Among other provisions, the Patriot Act allows investigators to see citizens' library records and eases requirements for search warrants. The council requested that Congress deliver periodic reports accounting for the information and records on New Yorkers the federal government has culled under the Patriot Act, but the measure has no means to enforce that request.

The vote follows months of negotiations between resolution supporters and New York City Council leadership. A major sticking point in the original proposal of the resolution centered on language prohibiting the New York Police Department from enforcing immigration laws, collecting information on activist groups and businesses, and refraining from establishing an anti-terrorism reporting database.

New York joins 246 municipalities and counties and three states that have passed legislation in opposition to the Patriot Act, according to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, an organization that helps local governments craft anti-Patriot Act legislation.

"So much is being done in the name of New York, we are saying don't use our name to infringe on people's rights," said Glenn C. Devitt, an organizer with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

Local governments in Virginia and Maryland have approved similar measures, including Montgomery County, Prince George's County and Alexandria.

At a rally of supporters, Monica Tarazi, New York director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, said the Patriot Act and other tactics to fight terrorism has sowed fear within New York's ethnic communities and activists.

"This country is not about registering [people] and ethnic profiling," she said. "We need this [resolution]. We need this as Americans."

If this could happen in New York City --- it shows the citizenry is waking up!

 Meanwhile, here in Toronto,  Censorship  Strikes Again!
Cloak and Dagger is an on (off?) the edge weekly radio program, broadcast on 640 AM Radio.  The owners cancelled the program January 31st, claiming poor ratings, etc.  Here's more on the story, from the Globe and Mail:

"The plug has been pulled on Cloak and Dagger, Toronto's top-rated, late-night conspiracy radio talk show.

Independent producer Nelson Thall says he was notified by MOJO 640 program director Scott Armstrong last week that the station (CFMJ) had decided to replace Cloak and Dagger -- the highest-rated show in its Thursday, 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., time slot, according to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement -- with a comedy show.

But Thall isn't buying the official rationale. He thinks the show, which explores alleged conspiracies that include the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., the deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Princess Diana, and the events of Sept. 11, 2001, was "upsetting people in high places."

"I'm a modern-day Howard Beale," he said, alluding to the star of the 1976 movie Network. "They killed my show because our ratings are too high. We did our job too well, revealing state secrets the shadow government doesn't want you to know."

Meanwhile, MOJO program director Armstrong maintains the decision to cancel Cloak and Dagger was his alone. The rationale, he says, was poor ratings, combined with "other research we do, information we gather."

Armstrong declined to cite specific numbers from the December BBM survey that indicated the show's poor performance. "As you know, ratings can be interpreted any number of ways."

But in the demographic that Armstrong identifies as MOJO's prime audience -- males aged 25-54 -- the last BBM survey, taken last fall, makes Cloak and Dagger the city's highest-rated show in the late-night time slot, with a share of 1.9. It did more than respectably in a broader 18-49 category as well.

The show routinely alludes to the President and his father, George Bush, as "the Bush crime family;" charges that the White House not only knew in advance about the attack on the World Trade Center, but actively organized it; maintains that cruise missiles, not airplanes, actually hit the WTC in Manhattan (the planes seen on television and by eyewitnesses were high-tech holograms).

The turning point, Thall believes, was putting former German cabinet minister Andreas von Bulow on the air. The author of The CIA and the 11th of September, International Terror and the Role of the Secret Services, von Bulow alleges that 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound organized by the Bush administration in order to provide a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and that the Arabs were merely the unwitting patsies.

On the air, von Bulow said that to hijack four airplanes virtually simultaneously within a few minutes, and fly them into targets within an hour, was unthinkable, without years of support from state intelligence services."

Read the article in the Feb. 7th  Globe and Mail or the article from the producer.

From GeoPolitics to ExoPolitics

Learned a new word last week:  EXOPOLITICS.  Keep reading.

Yesterday's and Today's Fiction ---- Today's and Tomorrow's Reality
And our part in it

Fiction is often used as a commentary on mores, social, political, ethical issues. Its useful in repressed societies, to metaphorically express viewpoints, such as Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", an insightful and hilarious political satire of 18th century European politics --- one that is still valid today.

The genre of Science Fiction offers a way for creative minds of today to tell us what is going to happen in the future.  What was considered to be science fiction 20, 30, 40 years ago is not exactly fiction today.

More professors of astrophysics, aerodynamics, quantum theory, etc. --- esoteric and very advanced sciences, write chillingly realistic science "fiction novels".

I've been reading sci fi steadily, since I was 11 years old and have enjoyed conversations with several of you who are also sci fi fans.  In fact, Mici Gold even organizes major sci fi conventions here in Toronto!  Several well known authors, such as Robert J. Sawyer, Guy Gavriel Kay and  Robert Charles Wilson live in the Toronto area.  And the Toronto Sci Fi Con comes to the Convention Center May 30.

We are familiar with the sci fi rocket and space voyages of Buck Rogers, Star Trek and Star Wars.  Its changed.  Greatly, and we are redefining the Final Frontiers.

The frontiers are not just out there.  They are now, more, in side.  In here.  In your mind.

And we, as individuals, and/or small groups make the differences.

SciFi literature, not TV or movies started changing in the 70's, then the 80's and the shift to the power of the mind was de rigeur in the 90's.  The growth and development of the minds of many authors is followed through series that they create, such as 3 who are talked about here: Marion Zimmer Bradley, Catherine Asaro, and the seminal work of William Gibson.

Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999), starting in 1962, wrote the Darkover Series, where Earthlings travelled to another planet, settled it, forgot their origins and were living in a somewhat Celtic, feudal society. They were rediscovered by earth. (She also wrote "Mists of Avalon".)

I read all her books years ago.  Something kept bringing me back to read one book.  For the Toronto Dowsers and our Crystal People.

The Darkovans long distance communication is accomplished through the Towers.  There is one Tower in each major region. Each Tower has a Keeper.  Of those who are in each Tower, about 20 at a time, each one has a matrix, tuned to their own frequency.  Each tower worker is chosen for their Psi (psychic, or telepathic) ability and they are trained to work together. The more, the better they work together, the more powerful is their communication, and at times, telekinetic ability.  They are all highly powerful, highly sensitive, they each possess a different type of psi, their minds are open to one another.

Last week, I reread "The Heritage of Hastur" 1975.   I could see, sense, feel, so many of you doing this kind of work, as psi technicians --- powerful, sensitive --- opening your minds to one another with knowledge and compassion, for the greater good.   This did not feel like fiction.  Here are some of her words.  Feel familiar?

209:  "I pondered what she had said about matrices for generating power. yes, they had been used in the past, and misused, too, so that now it was illegal to construct them. Most of them had been destroyed, not all.

211-212:  A wild telepath, one who has taught himself by trial and error, is extremely difficult to work with. In a tower, the contact would first be made by a Keeper, not the old carefully shielded leronis, but a woman highly trained, her strength safeguarded and disciplined. ....   I take it you all know there's nothing magical about a matrix.  It's simply a crystal which can resonate with, and amplify, the energy-circuits of your brain.

215:  It was easy to make contract with Rafe. He had built no serious defense against contact, and I gathered, from the ease and confidence with which he dropped into telepathic rapport with me, that he must have had a happy and trusting childhood, with no haunting fears.

I tried to explain that the art of making a link with more than one other mind, more than one other matrix, is the most difficult of the basic skills taught at Arilinn. ...  You have to learn the precise knack of matching resonance before you reach out your mind to another mind.

218: All we had is our old tongue.  In that, the literal meaning for leronis is "Sorceress", but this really means a strong matix technician.  Some day, perhaps, there will be new words for new skills.

If someone in the circle gets so involved in what he's doing that he forgets to breathe, the monitor outside has to start him breathing again without hurting him.  A well trained emapth can stop bleeding even from an artery, or heal wounds.

248:  I, Lew Alton, wanted a well trained team, so I worked with them day by day, trying to shape us all together into a functioning circle whcih could work together, precisely tuned. As yet, we were working with our small matrices; before we joined together to open and call forth the power of the big one, we must be absolutely attuned to one another, with no hidden weaknesses. I would have felt safer with a circle of 6 or 8. Five is a small circle even with an outside psi monitor.
      Deep warmth and affection, even love, had sprung up among all of us with the gradual blending of our minds. It was always like this in the building of a circle. It was closer than family intimacy, closer than sexual love. It waas a sort of blending, as if we all melted into one another, each of us contributing somethings special, individual and unique, and somehow all of us together becoming more than the sum of us. "

*        *        *        *        *        *

NEXT: Remember the 1983 movie Flashdance, starring Jennifer Beals as Alex: orphan, welder by day, flash dancer by night?  Sci Fi author Catherine Asaro must have been the real life model for that role.  Here's her true biography:

"Oakland, California native Catherine Asaro received a doctorate in physics from Harvard University. She has published a number of papers on theoretical physics and was a physics professor until 1990, when she established Molecudyne Research, which she currently runs. A former ballerina, she has performed with ballets and in musicals on both coasts, and founded the Mainly Jazz Dance program at Harvard. She now teaches at the Caryl Maxwell Classical Ballet. Her husband is John Kendall Cannizzo, an astrophysicist at NASA. They have one daughter and live in Columbia, Maryland."

How can someone be a ballerina and a theoretical physicist and ... And a GREAT Sci Fi writer to boot?  AND Beautiful!?   It's not fair!  And we should all be so lucky!

In her series, Saga of the Skolian Empire, she writes about the Skolians, a family who possesses strong inherited telepathic ability and have developed a web for instantaneous communication linking empires through "psiberspace".  They also can control interstellar communications through a Lock, a space time portal that gives them immense power.  The people on one planet, who have enhanced telepathic abilities, are captured and used as slaves by the rulers on another planet who brutally rip open the delicate minds of the telepaths for their own cruel pleasures.

Here's the story of telepathy, used in concert for good or not, and where those of ill will trespass upon the free will of others in body as well as mind.  Mind Control.  Kind of like a space version of "Trance-Formation of America", (by Cathy Brown, a true, autobiography of someone who was brutalized by high level politicians in America through mind control).

*        *        *        *        *        *

The last author is well known cyberpunk classic author, and Canadian, William Gibson.  I read "Neuromancer" years ago and it was so black it was frightening.  What's more frightening is to see parts of this very very dark tome coming true, with implants, cyber parts, corporations running the world, microchips, punks, violence, lessening regard for humanity, etc.  (As I was writing this section, got a call about the documentary "The Corporation" which will be on the tube this week.  No coincidence.)

The common thread among these authors is not Sci Fi, but the Power Of the Mind --- how you can train your mind or how your mind can be used by others.  Parts of all of these novels --- parts that seem like sci fi, are not so "fi" any longer.  Think about it.  Think of the mental abilities that you are developing.  Share them with someone you trust.  Work together.  Mary Hardy told us that at least 3 people are needed to create vortices.  Look at what Mary told us that she and her group have done.  They have stopped tornados, among other things.

What is it?
"Political Implications of the ExtraTerrestrial Presence"
It blew my mind when I saw this one:


"Whoever transmitted this translated message to you is irrelevant, and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is what you will do with this message which matters !

Each one of you wishes to exercise her/his free will and experience happiness.

These are attributes that were shown to us and to which we now have access. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your own power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive.

Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression makes you sure of your destiny. Yet, you are at the brink of big upheavals that only a minority is aware of.

It is not our responsibility to modify your future without you choosing it. Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as a ballot!

Who are we ?

Neither your scientists nor your religious representatives speak unanimously about the unexplained celestial events that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years. To know the truth, one must face it without the filter of one's beliefs, however respectable they may be.

A growing number of anonymous researchers of yours are exploring new knowledge paths and are getting very close to reality. Today, your civilisation is flooded with an ocean of information of which only a tiny part, the less upsetting one, is notably diffused.

What in your history seemed ridiculous or improbable has often become possible, then realised, in particular in the last fifty years. Be aware that the future will be even more surprising. You will discover the worst as well as the best.

Like billions others in this galaxy, we are conscious creatures that some name "extra-terrestrials", even though reality is subtler...." [SNIP]

...  There is more to this message.  If you do not have a computer and this interests you, PLEASE do go to the library or ask a friend to show you this info.  Do you think this is so?

The above was sent to me from Adrien Carlsen of the Questers, who got it from Jim Kleebaum in the Prairies who got it from ....

Some more .... Out Of This World

               Robert Charles Wilson:   Some SciFi authors are mentioned above, including Robert Charles Wilson, who lives in Toronto.  He wrote "Harvest", 1994, which for awhile was my favorite SciFi book.  Except now its not so "fi", because its the story of when the Ships land.  And the planet falls asleep.  And everyone has the same dream.  Do they want to.. or not?  Live, forever, that is, or not?  But --- without the body.  Everyone has a year to decide.  Most say yes, some say no.

         Lobsang Rampa:  I bet several of you, too, have read all his novels and been fascinated by them.  Wasn't there a Waterloo, Ontario address given in the book?   There is a lot of Rampa info online, it seems:  www.galactic.no/rampa/  and www.galactic-server.com/rune/udxen.html

The Home of the Gods:   "Flying saucers? Of course there are flying saucers. I have seen many both in the sky and on the ground, and I have even been for a trip in one.

     Geobat Flying Saucer:  Make or buy your own!  Patented Technology!  Unlike any aircraft ever created in the history of aviation!  What is it?   www.futurehorizons.net/saucer.htm  The Geobat Flying Saucer is a highly advanced circular airfoil design. It is extremely stable in flight and can perform aerial menauvers typical of high performance aircraft. The wing configuration produces an impressive roll rate. Because of its circular edge it also is a very stealthy aircraft.


At the EST (forerunner to the Forum & Landmark) Trainings, one of the basic Rules of the Universe we learned is "Life does not work until you make peace with Mommy and Daddy."   What this is saying is things in your life do not run smoothly --- in your heart of hearts --- until your relationship with your Mother and your Father is a whole one.  To do this, if you had altercations with your parents and they are no longer living --- you can still change this.   If they are living or not --- you do not need their participation or agreement to do this.  It takes place entirely in your own heart.

It's so true.  If  --- When --- you feel peaceful in your heart with both your parents --- you are more of a whole person, because this reflects your own inner male and female, and your relationship with men and women and with yourself.

Years ago, a counselor gave me a good exercise to do.  It worked so well, I now pass his advice on to you:

FATHER:   Write a letter to your father.  With a pen.  On paper.
Tell him everything that annoyed you, bugged you, you hated, displeased you, irked you.  Write and write until there is nothing else that bugs you, no matter how many pages or how long it takes you.
When you are finished --- then tell him how much you love, bless and forgive him for everything he's done to you.
When you are finished --- write how much you love, bless and forgive yourself.
Put the letter in an envelope.  Seal it, address it:  "My Father, c/o The Angels".  Stamp it and mail it.

MOTHER:   Then do the same thing in a letter to your mother.

This will surprise you --- how many things bugged you and how much love you have for your parents, and how hard it is to love bless and forgive yourself.   And you can do this with any person you have a significant relationship with.

Famous Dowsers
From the West
Thanks to your interest, enthusiasm, and willingness to join in our zany adventures, the Toronto Dowsers is a local group with a global presence and I enjoy correspondence with dowsing experts all over, so I can bring the choicest morsels home.   I try to keep in touch with dowsing teachers all over.   Recently, several well known dowsers replied to one of my queries, to be shared with you.

All sorts of activities are taking place all over the world. Language pretty much restricts us to English.  So, for this issue, greetings and a message to you from well known dowsers Bill Cox of California and Brian Disbury of Arizona:

From: DavinaJC@aol.com    www.dowser.com
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 17:03:15 EST
To:  Marilyn Gang and Toronto Dowsers Group,

Dear Marilyn,

Best wishes to you and Fellow Dowsers in Canada, and All, wherever you may be.

Very nice to hear about your dowsing activities centered in Toronto. Interesting to note that I gave a series of workshops at the Royal York hotel and other Canadian cities east of Toronto about thirty years ago, and more recently for "CS Questers" in Edmonton and Vancouver.

We have available, if of interest, our Catalog of self-instruction books, tapes, Pyramid Guide newsletter and dowsing instruments featuring the Original Cameron Aurameter along with supplemental descriptions and techniques for its most effective use.

The catalog also features a weekend, all inclusive videotape dowsing workshop, compressed into a 55 minute audio-visual, self-instruction program entitled: "Discover Dowsing." Within, scientifically grounded presentations are thoroughly offered for beginners, amateurs, advanced students and professionals; covering a full range of indoor-outdoor dowsing challenges.

If you wish, I could send a copy of one or more short articles on dowsing for re-publication, which appeared in Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese newsletters, et al, during the past few years.

In regard to your comment: "while we appreciate the extreme importance and value of water, treasure, oil, gas, people, etc dowsing since most of us live in the city we have little use for finding water. Our folks are more interested in energy dowsing and improving physical, mental and emotional health.

Just as an observation: At the core I find the fundamentals of dowsing (energies) basically unchanging  regardless of purpose or goal. Aims and Information may substantially vary; whether one seeks "Unseen Information locally or at a Distance" concerning Objectives; Targets, Objects, Numbers; or things of a General or Personal Quality. But in my work, the dowsing principles, underlying techniques with any type of search, always seem to remain the same.

We will be pleased to be in touch you and the members of your group, via our web-site: www.dowsing.com  and/or, our email site: davinajc@aol.com

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Kindest Regards,
Bill Cox, P.O. Box 30305, Santa Barbara, Ca 93130

[Bill Cox sells the Original Cameron Aurameter.  Robert Azzopardi  gave us an excellent demonstration September 2002 of the Cameron Aurameter --- he's been using it for over 30 years.  Frank Jordan, of Idaho, also sells an aurameter that works well, that its just not the Cameron.  AND --- the video on Bill's site?   We.. um.. I have it.  It should be in the library, however its on top of my Teev.  gulp.]

*            *            *            *            *            *

From: "Brian Disbury" <bdisbury@comcast.net>
To: "Marilyn Gang" <mgang@dowsers.info>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 16:08:48 -0700

Dear Marilyn,

This is Brian Disbury from the Tucson Dowsers and we read your emails with interest. While we have a newsletter, it is basically restricted to keeping our members informed of future events.

As a background to our Chapter, Oscar Branson, Bob McKusik and Homer and Marge Hefty were founding members many years ago. They were all water dowsers who branched into other interests for dowsing. However, they were so focused on their dowsing research that they paid little attention to getting new members. Many of the old guard have now either moved away, passed on or built a business around their interests in Health etc leaving us with very few of the original members.  We are therefore in the process of rebuild our membership and while we have had a lot of new people to our meetings only a few are coming back on a regular basis.   We average 55 to 90 people at our meetings depending on the topic and the time of year (We have quite a few snowbirds). It is interesting to note that there are Nearly 90 ASD regular members but many are busy with their own Businesses and rarely come to our meetings.

Tucson is becoming what Sedona was, say 20 years ago, except that the teachers were called to Sedona to satisfy the needs of the New Age boom. It is the reverse in Tucson where teachers are turning up asking why Spirit has asked them to come to Tucson .......... We live in interesting times.

A major change for us was the death of Homer Hefty in March last year. He turned up at a prayer circle some two weeks later and has been giving us advice ever since. Ellie Drew was the "Messenger" at that prayer circle and she has written a book, " Partnering with Spirit - Homer's Journey". I took it with me to the BSD conference in Manchester last year and it was written up in their December journal as, "a must read". If you haven't read the book I would be happy to donate one to your Chapter.

I have followed with interest, Barry Smith. and his new Board of Trustees, in their endeavors to bring ASD into the 21st century.  Not an easy task. We had no problems in England as the country is so small as I explained to the Tucson Chapter.  Driving from the Thames Estuary, on the east coast of England to the Bristol Channel on the other side of the island was the same as  driving from Tucson to Phoenix.  They don't have chapters as we do as everything is accessable.  Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury in the USA as its size restricts people to East and West. The only way we can attract people from outside Tucson, say California, is to run workshops for them and hope that we can make enough money to pay their expenses and justify them making the effort.  However it is an interesting journey.....

Like many Chapters we are in need of volunteers as most of the work falls on a few faithfuls but we will get there eventually .

Thank you for your monthly emails, long may they continue.


[ Brian is a primal moving force in the Tuscon, Arizona ASD Chapter.  Arizona is a strong focal point for dowsers.  He speaks about Homer Hefty.  This info was included in our November 2003 newsletter.  Oscar Branson, Bob McKusik are also well know.  Bob McKusik makes those neat blue energy beads that Joe Smith uses in his medallions.

Folks often refer to us as a chapter, because probably every other dowsing group is a chapter and we are commonly mistaken for a chapter.  Brian does a good job, works hard and achieves results in Tucson, motivating people to join in.]

Perspectives on Protein

I have written this section because too many Toronto Dowsers, altho looking rather well fed, also look to be somewhat protein deficient.  I hope this will help you get better, more usable sources of protein.
Protein is made of complex molecules --- combinations of 22 naturally occurring amino acids (these are NOT acids), some are called essential, some are not.

Protein is one of the most contentious areas in the western diet, which is quite odd, since most of the world gets far too little protein, because they are starving.  Here, we fret about the kinds of protein to eat.

Protein is an essential part of nutrition, second only to water in the body's physical composition and makes up 20% of our body's weight. It's a primary component of our muscles, hair, nails, skin, eyes and itnernal organs, especially the heart muscle and the brain.  It's required for the immune defense system in the formation of antibodies to fight infectioni.  Hemoglobin (oxygen carrying red blood cell molecules), some enzymes, some hormones are made of protein.

The Debate Rages On:  Vegetarianism vs. Non Vegetarianism

The difference in the 2 is that one eats flesh food and one doesn't.  Flesh (animal) food is supposed to be one of the best sources of protein.  Beef.  Lamb.  Poultry.  Fish.

Lamb is often overlooked for beef, and it can be a better choice.  A sheep is smaller than a cow, hence the molecules are smaller and the meat is therefore more easily digested by humans.  Pork should be totally avoided but its not because its so much cheaper.  Pigs (and veal) are raised in the most disgusting factory farm conditions.  It was the toxic waste from the pig factory farm that caused the tragedy in the Walkerton water supply several years ago --- not just pig farming, but the pig factory farming.  (And they have been trying to put another pig factory around Marlbank!)

If you need protein for growth and muscles, how then do cows (herbivores) get protein?  They don't eat other cows (unless they're in a screwed up western factory farm).  And, when we think that the great cats such as lions and tigers are such ferocious carnivores, the choicest morsels of their prey -- the part they go for first --- is the digested food in the stomachs of herbivores, i.e., digested grasses.  And then the organs.  Not muscle meat.

Vegetarians get protein from eating foods with certain combinations of amino acids, to create complete proteins. It is theorized, yet not conclusively proven, that there is an area in the stomach that stores amino acids on a short term basis.  When aminos are needed to combine with other aminos to form a complete protein, this "AA storage bin" is dipped in to, the requisite AAs are pulled out and complete proteins are formed.

The Ploy of Soy

Many vegetarians consume soy products (soy milk, tofu), and in large amounts, to obtain protein as a substitute for meat.  This is something I have never been comfortable with and started finding the proof to confirm my intuition years later.

Sally Fallon, who works with the Price-Pottenger Institute and has come to Toronto often, has a presentation, and a booklet, called "The Ploy of Soy" that talks about some of the misdirections around Soy.  You can read some of this on internet by clicking on the link I just provided.

It is being used everywhere (yes!), for everything.  One reason is because it is cheap.  Here's some info from a doctor in NY:

"The original Asian soybean was a tiny legume that was quite different from its highly bred Western relative. Soybeans were planted mostly for animals to eat and to put nitrogen back into the soil. Most important, due to the enzyme inhibitors in soy (which render it basically indigestible), Asians generally learned to ferment it first into miso, soy sauce, or tempeh to make it easier to digest. Finally, Asians use soy mostly as a condiment, not as a main course or as a substitute for meat.

In contrast to the way Asians use soy, many health-conscious Americans take their soy in the form of protein powders, fabricated "cheese," infant formula, ice cream substitutes, and meat-like cutlets. But they do not understand that they are eating de-natured soy protein isolates--in fact, the labels of the products themselves state this. "Isolate" means isolating and removing a food from its natural matrix, subjecting it to so much processing that it is no longer a whole food, but fragmented. Interestingly, soy protein isolate never received GRAS--"Generally Recognized as Safe"--status from the FDA as an edible food. It was approved only as a binder for cardboard boxes in 1959."

  • Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility.
  • Soy phytoestrogens promote breast cancer in adult women who have a propensity to produce excess estrogen.
  • Soy phytoestrogens are potent antithyroid agents (thyroid inhibitors) that cause hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer.
  • Vitamin B12 analogs in soy are not absorbed and actually increase the body's requirements for B12.
  • High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking.
  • High Phytate diets have caused growth problems in children.
  • Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic disorders. In test animals' soy containing Trypsin inhibitors caused stunted growth.
  • Soy foods increase the body's requirement for Vitamin D.
  • In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.
  • Fragile proteins are denatured during high temperature processing to make soy protein insolate and textured vegetable protein.
  • Processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalaine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.
  • Free glutamic acid or MSG, a potent neurotoxin, is formed during soy food processing and additional amounts are even added to many soy foods.
  • Soy foods contain high levels of aluminum, which is toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.
  • References:
    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 71, No.3, 682-292, March 2000
    Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Michael Dobbins; pg 3, July 2000
    Proteinaceous food is the highest source of food allergies.  Soy, corn, dairy, eggs and peanuts --- all proteins --- are the most allergenic foods.  Why?

    What is it about proteins that gives us the most health challenges?  Enzymes, too, are made of protein and many illnesses exist because of a missing or insufficent enzyme to catalyze a metabolic process.

    Dad's Story:

    One of the problems with protein is that if digestion is weak, protein can not be broken down properly, the food just kinda slides through the digestive system, not assimilated, and, often ferments and/or contributes to toxicity.  It is times like these that protein is dearly needed.

    Here is something that happened with my Dad:
         During the last months of his life, the doctors kept claiming he needed protein.  Sure he needed protein!  And everything else!  But the man had no appetite, and, whatever he ate wasn't absorbed because the drugs he was given for his illness destroyed his digestive processes --- not to mention the fact that they surgically removed his stomach 20 years earlier --- in error.  (cute, huh?)
        I kept telling them --- he could eat a cow and it wouldn't help because he couldn't digest it.
        Since we were in SE Florida, I knew the Life Extension Foundation down there, a very fine group, went to them and one of their geriatric experts suggested that I get a protein IV for Dad.  I'd never heard of this, nor considered it.
         We had an appointment in 2 days.
         The night before, Dad was so weak, I slept next to him, just listening to him breathe.  He was able to consume one mashed strawberry for breakfast.
         We got to the clinic, got Dad hooked up and the IV pumping.
         10 minutes later, he looks up at me says:  "Go get me a hamburger.  With pickles and onions."  I was off like a shot, to get that hamburger!   It was the most alive he'd been in weeks.

    So --- even though you might be eating protein, it might not be going where it needs to go.

    Protein, Tumors, Frank Ludde
    Frank Ludde, the genius metabolic therapist from Vancouver who died a strange death in October, just days before he was to come to Toronto and talk to us about real, practical, natural, alternative ways to get and stay healthy --- touted high consumption of certain proteins as one of the main components in his program to reverse illness and maintain health.  Protein, he said, was necessary for proper and healthy growth of all body parts.  People today, with some serious illnesses, consume large amounts of certain proteins to get rid of their illnesses.

    Conversely, there are those with tumors who believe that too much protein could in turn feed the tumors and feed their growth.  Which do you believe?

    One of Frank's "secrets" was a special soup that he made, one easily digestible and high in proteins.  It was made from chicken feet, because chicken feet have a lot of  L-arginine and L-ornithine (2 amino acids) which stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone.  I made this once.  Just once.  I made it for Dad, made a huge batch, and froze it in one portion containers for him.  Got the chicken feet in China town.  It's not just that it was rather time consuming to prepare, I had never used chicken feet before and I was crying, putting them in the pot.  If you saw them you'd know why.  I'm not doing that again.  But boy, was that good and nourishing!  (I have this online and will email you the recipe if you ask me.  As its too long, I'm not putting it in the printed edition, but it is in the online edition.)

    Frank Ludde's Chicken Soup below, highly beneficial for the extremely ill, i.e., if they can eat. Note: this recipe uses grams.  You'll have to "translate" that for yourself in to ounces, pounds, etc.  It's worth it..

    1 cup chicken broth has ~ 5 gm protein.  It's the easiest way to assimilate protein.  Has a lot of antibodies.

    Chicken feet, have a lot of:
    which stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone

    He uses spring or filtered water.  Not distilled (only with enemas)

    STEP 1 -Chicken Broth:

    Take 5 pounds chicken feet, put it in a 5 liter pot
    (If you can't get feet, use bones, but try for feet)
    Fill pot up to 5 liters
    Throw in garlic (with skins and all)
    Throw in vegetables
    Just a little ginger
    Simmer 4 hours
    Strain it with a strainer and cheesecloth, then in to a 5 liter pot.
    Fill the pot up to 5 liters (again) but this time by adding ice.
    Put it in the fridge - uncovered
    The next day remove the fat

    (he uses the ice to prevent any growth of salmonella, due to what he learned at microbiology courses at University of  Montreal)
    THEN - Step 2, using the Chicken Broth:

    Take 1 liter Broth
    Add 375 grams turkey or chicken (breast is best)
    1 pound vegetables

    Cook it all up

    Separately cook up 200 grams pasta - whole wheat, but durum is ok.

    Combine the cooked pasta in to the other pot
    Put in ice up to 3 liters.


    Have 1 or 2 cups of this first thing in the morning, during the day.

    4 cups of this --- Wow!  You don't need any energy to break it down.
    It's the best food in the world.
    Go on it tomorrow, Frank (Ludde) says, in a week you'll feel 25% better.

    He says, for his extreme patients, that he tries to get 4 cups - 3 liters per day in to them.  It is pre digested, has all the animal protein you need ---  He adds a couple tablespoons balanced EFA's, couple slices whole wheat toast with butter, you have all the carbs and fiber you need (I don't see where the necessary amounts of fiber and carbs come from).

    A Word on Eggs, and....

    Eggs should be a good source of protein, and, a perfect food.  I don't know anymore, because I don't know about their quality.  Most eggs look anemic.  The yolks should be bright orange.  Instead they are pale yellow.  The deeper the orange in the yolk, the more the beta carotene that SHOULD be in the yolk.  Beta Carotene SHOULD be in the yolks, through the diet of the chickens.  They should be outdoors, scratching and eating natural food.  Yolks should be eaten raw, because, a raw yolk is the highest food source for lecithin. Cooking destroys the lecithin.  Lecithin emusifies fat.  But today, raw yolks are suspect.

    The hormones in the meats and eggs today are doing nasty things to our young people, and, to our water systems because of all the hormones in our human waste.  Not good.

    After our last meeting, we went out for a bite.  Had a yen for a hamburger, first time in years, so ordered one.  They refused to serve me what I wanted.  I asked for Hamburger, Medium Rare.  According to our waiter at Kelsey's, the laws of Ontario do not permit them to prepare and serve their customers any chop meat unless it is dead dead dead and fully brown.  No pink.  I'm sooo glad our government is protecting me from myself.

    Why Boys Who Masturbate May Go Blind,
    Why some People Who no longer desire meat are not necessarily "spiritual"
    Most people have heard the "old wives tale" (why is it a tale told by old wives???) that if a boy masturbates too much he may go blind.  Science proves the veracity of this wisdom.  Consider the science of nutrition, the understanding of nutritional "cascades" and how, holistically, everything must work together, in the proper amounts.

    Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) is needed for the breakdown of protein components.  One of the main components of HCl is Zinc.   Zinc is also one of the main components of sperm.   It is understood that the presence of certain vitamins are required for the breakdown of minerals and vice versa.

    The coenzyme vitamin that is required for the breakdown of Zinc is Vitamin A.   Vitamin A is one of the fat soluble vitamins (along with D,E,K, which also means the liver must be functioning well) and is mainly present in leafy and green vegetables, and orange vegetables, like carrots (ergo beta carotene) and squash.  Zinc and Vitamin A work together, just like Iron and Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D, etc.

    So if you don't have enough Vitamin A, your absorption of Zinc will be impeded, you will not have have enough zinc for the HCl needed for protein breakdown and (if a male, naturally) may not have enough zinc for sperm production.

    Conversely, if a male masturbates a lot, he uses up a lot of zinc.   If there is too little zinc in the body, the absorption of Vitamin A suffers.  Vitamin A is the vitamin for the eyes, for good vision and so, if there is too little vitamin A in the body (because zinc, its coenzyme, was used up), his vision could suffer.

    Many people think they are "spiritual" because they have lost a desire for meat, not realizing that what often has happened is that there is less zinc in the body and HCl is not produced.  If HCl is not produced, the innate wisdom of the body knows that digestion of dense flesh food will not be accomplished properly, so the desire for meat is lessened.

    Pre Digested Protein
    The most difficult process for the body is digestion.  The hardest to digest, is fats.  The 2nd hardest, is protein.  This is why, when you have a meal heavy in fats and protein, why you are tired.  Because most of the energy of the body is being used for digestion, and if your health is not great, and your digestion is compromised, and if you eat a lot of fat and protein and the same meal, you'll be even more tired.

    Wouldn't it be nice to get proteins that have been broken down already?  Make it easier on the body, and you don't have to worry about not having enough digestive juices to do the job.

    You can.  Here are 3 ways:

    NUT MILKS:  This is good for vegetarians.  Basically, you soak Sesame, pumpkin, sunflower seeds or almonds, spill off the water, add more water to thoroughly blend it, remove the solids, add sweetener such as maple syrup.  Its delicious, and, sesame seed milk is also very high in calcium.  I have recipes, somewhere...

    HMS90 / Immunocal
    One product, that I'd been hearing about for several years, is a protein product and ought to be considered as a protein food, or replacement.  However, it is positioned as:  Immune Support, Antioxidant and Detoxifier. HMS90 (in the US, its Immunocal) is made from whey protein.  This was developed in Canada and has been clinically researched and produced by physicians at McGill University.

    2 of our members, Gerry Burgman and Ralph & Sharon Plaskett, can get this for you.  Gerry told me that when he heard about this product he researched its claims and even asked a well known psychic about it (I saw Gerry at an evening event for this psychic about a year ago that another one of you invited me to, and saw many Toronto Dowsers there --- so y'all know who it is).

    Gerry said he was told that "50, 60, 70 years ago we had far less cancer than we have today.  At that time milk was not pasteurized to the high degree with the high heat that we do today.  If we would return to those ways, 90% of the cancers would disappear."

    For those who are turning to the Raw Foods way of eating, this is part of the food plan, that you don't heat food past 118ºF, or the enzymes are destroyed.  Sally Fallon, mentioned above, also wants us to be able to purchase raw milk and this is another one of the topics she teaches.

    There are many whey products in the stores, mostly in muscle shops.  Most are made in an industrial fashion, where they heat up the milk, thus destroying the beneficial enzymes (enzymes are required for every single action in all life).  HMS90 is heated below the threshhold that destroys the bonds between the active ingredients.  Do not put it in a blendor, it destroys the strong molecular bonds.   Do not heat it.

    I have been hearing about it for its immune enhancing properties. It is said that it moderates the side effects of chemotherapy.  Increased Glutathione is an excellent healing agent.  Again, as predigested protein, it can greatly help those who are going to the medicos and getting drugs which wreak havoc with the digestive system.  You need protein for strength, but pharmeceuticals weaken your digestion so you can not digest food and get protein, hence, you need some sort of predigested food.

    Here is some information from the company that makes it (and I did not find out how it is similar to Mother's milk.  Mother's milk is our perfect food.  I'll find that out later, I guess):

    What is HMS-90®?  Immunocal®?  from Immunotec Research.  It is not a prescription drug, but a patented un-denatured and highly bio-active whey protein dietary supplement that is loaded with glutathione precursors.  Immunocal® is a highly concentrated milk serum isolate which is high in protein (90% protein by weight) and is lactose-free and fat-free. Immunocal® shares many of the same immune promoting and enhancing properties of Mother's milk. Immunocal® has been clinically proven to increase serum and tissue glutathione levels, and its efficacy is validated by extensive research, including over 340 published scientific studies which appear in medical literature.  Immunocal® increases glutathione which is your cells' own natural antioxidant and most potent detoxifier. Immunocal® has been demonstrated to enhance both healthy and deficient immune systems, and is reimbursable under Medicaid, Medicare, and by private insurance in many states.

     Q. What exactly is glutathione and how is it important?
     A. Glutathione is made up of 3 amino acids:  glutamate, glycine and cysteine and is found in almost all human cells and  is the master antioxidant of the body. Without glutathione, we die. The replenishment of the glutathione levels within the white blood cells increases the intensity of the immune response.

    The increase in glutathione levels also results in the proliferation of lymphocytes which act as a scavengers, and helps to combat infections. Selenium is a structural component of, and a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase. For this reason, supplementation with selenium can modestly increase glutathione levels in persons who are selenium deficient. Glutathione is a tri-peptide of the amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Tissue glutathione levels increase when cystine levels increase within the cell. This is why cystine is critical in the production of glutathione.  Prior to the development of Immunocal, no effective way was known to safely and significantly increase cystine levels in the cell over long periods of time. A deficiency of glutathione can cause hemolysis (the destruction of red blood cells resulting in severe anemia) and numerous diseases of oxidative stress. Glutathione is essential in groups which are essential for the detoxification of of the liver. The antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase functions in the process of elimination of wastes from the body. Glutathione works within the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, and skin in the process of removing toxic cellular metabolic wastes.

    A person who is lactose intolerant can take this since it is less than 1% lactose, but those who have specific milk allergies might be advised not to.

    One sachet of Immunocal is 10 gm of protein.

    This product is sold MLM.  If you are interested, contact: Gerry Burgman (416) 491-2669 or  Ralph & Sharon Plaskett  705 932 5173.

    Seacure:  Pre digested fish concentrate
    Coincidentally, I just happened to find a flyer 2 days ago about Seacure, a product that I found in Florida, taking care of Dad, one that was highly recommended by the folks at LEF --- a highly concentrated pre digested protein food, made from fish.  I'd forgotten all about this one until the flyer just floated to the top of one of my many piles.  So here's a "whole bunch of good stuff" on Seacure, peptides, protein:

    The next 2 sentences are on the Seacure site, and what happened with my Dad and happens with many elderly people --- they are eating good food but it does them little good:   Are you suffering from chronic mal absorption and are you starved for peptide-rich protein?  Tens of millions of Americans drink milk, eat eggs and meat by the tons, but still they're starved for protein they can absorb.

    In children, protein deficiency retards growth.  In adults, it shows up as chronic fatigue, mental depression, weakness, poor resistance to infection and slow healing from wounds or disease.  You can be eating oodles of protein.  But if you can't break it down and assimilate it, it does you more harm than good.

    Protein provides the connective and structural building blocks of tissues and primary constituents of enzymes, hormones and antibodies.  In short, it's the basic stuff of muscles, bones, hair, heart, teeth, blood, brains, skin and the zillion biochemical activities going on at this very minute in your body.

    Without the proper infusion and digestion of protein, we automatically lower our immune response to germs and bacteria.  Alternative health doctors attribute a  host of chronic conditions to this malabsorption problem including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea and arthritis.

    Not as well known as amino acids are small chains of amino acids called peptides. These are produced throughout the body and act as hormonal and neuronal messengers. They are involved in virtually all biochemical functions and PEPTIDES  are the true POWERHOUSES of  PROTEIN.  They have remarkable healing properties!

    For example, a peptide called coticotropin-releasing factor initiates the body's reaction to stress.  Another much better known family of peptides are called endorphins, morphine-like biochemicals that have a natural pain-killing effect and are produced in reaction to acute and chronic pain.

    Most protein is absorbed into the blood stream from the gut in the peptide form and not, as commonly thought, as amino acids.

    Peptides can alter cellular metabolism and may act as vasoregulators, growth factors, releasing hormones or neurotransmitters.  Peptide products are being developed as new potential therapies for both degenerative and infectious diseases.

    Experiments with humans have shown that peptides can increase immune and pain-killing activity, activate the thyroid-stimulating hormone, and promote healthy intestinal functioning.

    Animal research has shown higher gut absorption after chemotherapy with a peptide-based diet than an amino-acid diet.

    We shift the bowel ecology to become more efficient.  We are finding that  the immune response begins in the gut and dysbiosis is the biggest compromise the patient can have: poor digestion, leaky gut syndrome, poor elimination,poor assimilation --  they are all part of the picture of ill health.

    Gut integrity and protein absorption are essential for full recovery in critical care situations and that diets that include a high percentage of peptides will do far more to restore health.

    Pre-digested proteins are especially valuable for premature babies, persons with chronic digestive problems, and anyone who is poorly nourished such as is often seen in the sick and elderly.

    Severely malnourished premature babies have an excellent response. Many of them have no ability to handle intact, complex protein.  They do not have  the digestive enzymes to break them down.  Feeding such protein to these infants  is nearly  worthless and sometimes fatal -- even in such forms as liquid milk.

    Seacure® is an easy-to-absorb protein concentrate of nearly 100% assimilable nutrients naturally derived from deep-ocean white fish. Seacure® fish protein concentrate provides a pre-digested source of bioactive peptides and biogenic amines, along with essential minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. These protein elements, essential to proper hormonal, immune, and neurological functions, are provided by Seacure® in their simplest forms and therefore are readily absorbed by the body. Studies indicate that by allowing the body to easily assimilate these essential proteins, Seacure® helps to support the cells in your gastrointestinal tract and regulate bowel functions. Health care practitioners report success with Seacure® in a wide spectrum of applications, including:

          Chronic Diarrhea, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Malabsorption (Leaky Gut) Syndrome, Enteric Nutrition for Surgical Patients, Protein Intolerance, Wound Healing, Chemotherapy Support

    Seacure®, a whole food concentrate, is made from lean, deep-ocean white fish --- ocean fin fish, not shellfish --- just like you’d buy at the supermarket. The species that have been used include pollack and hake. For the past several years, Seacure® has been made from Pacific whiting (a type of hake, Merluccius productus) caught in the clean deep waters of the Pacific Northwest.

    The process gently breaks down the fish protein into amino acids and peptides (several amino acids bound together but not enough to be a protein). After the water is removed, we are left with all the nutrients of the fish, including the omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and trace minerals.

    By comparison, many of the commercial protein concentrate supplements use a base of contaminated  land-sea animal meats from processing excess milk and reject eggs. Protein concentrates on the market from such raw materials as organ meats, skin, tendons  and  gristle are often prepared by harsh physical or chemical methods.

    Q:What is meant by “pre-digested”?
    A: Pre-digestion means that the protein is already digested and immediately available for absorption, assimilation, and utilization by your body. This pre-digestion feature makes Seacure® especially suitable for malnourished people such as is often seen with the elderly, and those with digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and colitis.

    Q: What is Body-Ready?
    A:  Body-Ready simply that your digestive system does not have to do anything to the nutrients for them to be absorbed and assimilated. This is a great advantage for the many of us who do not digest and absorb our nutrients very well, owing to illnesses, food allergies, environmental challenges, etc.

    Q: I’m allergic to seafood. Can I still take Seacure®?
    A: Most people who are allergic to seafood tolerate Seacure® very well.

    Q: Besides fish, what ingredients are in Seacure®?
    A: During the manufacturing process the raw fish is liquefied. An oleoresin of the herb rosemary is added to this liquid phase prior to drying in order to act as a natural anti-oxidant for the small amounts of fish oils in the liquid.

    Q:Are the mercury levels in Seacure® safe?
    A: Yes. The levels of mercury contained in Seacure® are below the threshold of detection of the test; i.e. below 0.01 parts per million.

    And yes, there is a little fishy odor.  Pretend its caviar.

    Good info on Seacure: www.merc-buyers.com/SEACURE.htm

    I see this sold on Internet from $30-$40 USD/ bottle.  From the company that makes it, Proper Nutrition, Inc.,: Questions/Product Info:  Toll free: 800-555-8868 (Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST)

    David Icke, Frequency and Illuminating The Shadow

    Last month's newsletter included this blurb from David Icke's brand new book, 'Tales from the Time Loop', p. 31

    "I have learned from a number of sources that the key to lifting this "veil from the face of the serpent" is a sound frequency that disrobes the illusion of human form to reveal their reptilian nature. It resonates a vibration that prevents them from holding their "human cover". This same theme can be found in the movie, They Live (Alive Films, 1988). This was the creation of director John Carpenter and it offers a visual portrayal of a non-human race controlling the planet while hiding within human form."

    And, I added: If you are interested in acquiring this sound frequency, contact me, I have a source --- Here's the Source and the rest of the Story:

    When we (i.e., Toronto Dowsers) were a few months old, I started thinking about a logo, and, ask for designs.  Shelley Bourne came up with some prototypes.  When we got together the designs included graphics such as the eye of the pyramid, American eagle, dove, etc., graphics that were more suitable for an Illuminati site than the Toronto Dowsers.  But who knew?  So we took a look at David Icke's books, in a few months Shelley had read several of them, and understood the messages.

    A few months later, Shelley knew what she had to do.  In collaboration with Sharon Russell *, they created a 58 minute CD, dowsing every single note.  If a humanoid looking being --- who might not be 100% of "our species", is in the presence of this music, they will not be able to hold their human form and their shape will change, back to what they really are.

    The time was not right to put this in the newsletter when the CD first came out, 2 years ago, but it is now, or almost.  And, I know that for some reading the paragraph above --- much credibility that we --- that I have --- in their eyes is gone or lowered.  Well, there are many things I did not want to believe at first because they upset my comfort zone and/or were distasteful.  It doesn't mean its not so.  One does not have to believe anything everyone says, everything I say.  You might want to leave the door open to allow for the possibility.

    A further irony is that David Icke was the cause of one of the major schisms between our group and the csd, when I was on their board and they censured me because they said they were disturbed about what I had posted about David Icke on their web site (I conceptualized, pushed for, created built and maintained their web site). But they couldn't tell me what it was when I asked them to show me what bothered them.

    Not only is the CD used for Leapin Lizards!  But it is a beautiful healing CD, as it: Expands and strengthens the awareness of love, joy, faith, hope and compassion;  Integrates left and right brain integration and the enhancement of visual acuity; Assists in the restoration of a positive state of mind, alleviates depression, anxiety and stress; Focuses and aligns the body in all aspects; For contemplation, calmness, meditation and deep relaxation; Develops creativity through inspiration; Attunes the body to the frequencies of love and light within the heart by neutralizing and dispersing the energetic frequencies that cause confusion, anxiety and stress.

    When I read David Icke's paragraph to Shelley her question was:  How'd he know?

    You can get "Illuminating the Shadow", CD or tape for $20 from Shelley: 905 294 6858.  It is also now available at our meetings.

    * (Sharon Russell is a musicologist, teacher, researcher, composer of music  using combinations of sounds, tones & rhythms for healing, therapeutic and education.  The combinations of sounds, tones, & Rhythms naturally allow the body's energies to relax, bringing balance, harmony, peace & joy through integration of the body, emotions, mind, soul & spirit.  Sharon's compositions have been documented at Brock University showing changes in brain wave patterns & was sponsored by the National Research of Canada. Some of the benefits are for focus, concentration, sleep deprivation, depression,anxiety, stress, calming, memory retention, organizational skills, accelerated learning, etc.)

    From  "Sims"  by  F. Paul Wilson:163  "An organization . . .  What's it called?"   "I've resisted naming it.  Once a group gives itself a name, it tends to take on a life of its own; the group can become an end in itself, rather than simply a means."
    The Gentle Wind Project was started about 25 years ago by a group of social workers who worked with families who had lost children.  Their methods helped people to cope, but there was no real healing of the pain taking place.  One of the group, an engineer, was getting impressions of circuit boards.  They were so strong, he had to build them and it was realized that these are healing instruments.

    The group made these instruments and kept developing them.  They would give them away and asked for donations, but didn't receive much, so they started selling them.   About 3-4 years ago, development took off at an exponential rate, where they developed and updated generations about 10 times faster than previously.

    The goal, which they achieved, was to find a way to heal humanity, one person at a time, to heal the traumas that damage human consciousness which are stored with a person's non-physical energetic structures where the healing would be independent of nationality, race, gender, language, finances, etc.  It heals the hurts.  What they came up with are devices, which are called healing instruments that you hold once in your life for 5'-10' at a time.  Of course you can hold them more than once, and it does help.  But at least once.

    By holding this instrument, in a sense you are becoming an antenna, to set up a communication with the healing energies of the universe, calling them to you, to begin, and continue for the rest of your life, the healing of your etheric body, which we know is closest to the physical and impacts the physical, as well as the other subtle energetic bodies.  These are healing energies from approximately 10,000 years in the future.

    People who greatly benefitted, and could afford to do so, would buy these instruments and become "Instrument Keepers" and share the healings with others.  Several people in the Toronto Dowsers are instrument keepers.

    Paul Newton has VERY kindly purchased several of these instruments and made them available to us at our last 2 December socials.  Hugh Magill, Mikki Fox, Marja Pirie and I are additional Instrument Keepers.  I have a lot of stories about miracles that happened to people I shared the instrument with, including my own.  We all do, which is why we continue to do it.  It works.  On physical levels as well.  I started with GWP about 7 years ago.

    The Gentle Wind Project folks come to Toronto once or twice a year to talk about the project, give workshops, sell their instruments. They will be back here Thanksgiving weekend.  To find out more, or to find an instrument keeper near you so you can hold the instrument, call them at 207-439-7639.  If you are calling for a friend, have them call GWP.  In the Toronto area, Joan Janes has a list of stores that have an instrument available.  Call her at: 905 839 8018.  You can also get an instrument by calling their number in Maine, or, thru their website.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    FEBRUARY 2004 - RECYCLING TONER, etc. CARTRIDGES: -  There was an article about how you can drop off cartridges at many fire halls, IGAs, Dominions, etc., all across Canada for recycling.  Thank you for your feedback that you were glad to read this, and are making good use of it.  Especially for those who have passed that info to their schools, etc.

    FEBRUARY 2004 newsletter had a comment about the rumors of a very close relationship between Belinda Stronach and Bill Clinton.   This was later revealed in a story in the February 7th issue of the Toronto Sun.  (Tabloid time, yes?)

    THE MOST EXCITING ITEM !!!  Last month I asked what was the most important item of that issue.  Hello!  Hello!  Hello ?!?!?  Is anyone out there?  IMOSVHO  (Internetese for: In My Oh So Very Humble Opinion) --- and yes, my opinions are not exactly humble --- it was, on the printed copies, page 15, the suggestions of what throws you out of balance and what questions to ask to clear yourselves.  8  very simple and so supremely important questions that if  5 minutes is spent on them can save you from days or weeks of misery.

    What is the most --- IMOSVHO :)  :) provocative item --- in this issue?  A lollipop to each winner!  Tootsie Roll, no less!   (And I do keep these promises)

    "It will take America fifteen years of steady taking care of our own business and letting everybody else's alone, to get us back to where everybody speaks to us again." -- Will Rogers (1879-1935) American humorist

    "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."  -- Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) Author
    "The possession of unlimited power will make a despot of almost any man. There is a possible Nero in the gentlest human creature that walks." -- Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907) Source: Ponkapog Papers, 1903
    "The law, unfortunately, has always been retained on the side of power; laws have uniformly been enacted for the protection and perpetuation of power."  -- Thomas Cooper (1759-1839) Source: Liberty of the Press, 1830
    "Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world."  -- Alan Greenspan  Chairman, US Federal Reserve Bank  Source: Testimony before US House Banking Committee, May 1999
    "Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the twentieth century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press."   -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn   (1918- ) Russian writer, imprisoned for 8 years for critizing Stalin in a personal letter, Nobel Prize for Literature 1970
    "The burning of an author's books, imprisonment for opinion's sake, has always been the tribute that an ignorant age pays to the genius of its time."  -- Joseph Allen (1749-1827) Delegate Source: Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, 1788

    THE    Tuesday, March 9th, 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
    John Clyde Kranz & Lyra
    from the Monroe Institute
    will speak on: Empower Your Dowsing

    Many people find they can dowse more accurately when their mind is quiet and centered and their body is relaxed and energized.  We help people find more clarity, perceptiveness and awareness by providing them with techniques and tools that relax and center both the body and the mind.
    Two major things that can impede an individual's ability to dowse accurately are:  an individual's inability to relax and mental chatter.  Some individuals need to relax to improve their dowsing.  They need to trust themselves and their connection to the universal life force.  Dowsing an accurate answer can be scary for some people.  By relaxing, an individual no longer tenses up nor tries to control the outcome of their dowsing.

    For others, mental chatter gets in the way of their dowsing.  Their mind starts to form answers for them and they get into an internal conversation with themselves.  By quieting the mental chatter, individuals allow the dowsing tool to communicate the answer to their question or allow the answer to enter their consciousness.

    Getting to a relaxed, quiet place is different for everyone.  By offering a variety of techniques and tools, we can better address a person's individuality.  The three categories of tools we will be bringing with us are:  Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync), Powerforms and Chakralife.

    When individuals balance their body and mind, they create a more peaceful, chatter free space from which they can center themselves.  Their perception is expanded and their ability to focus increased.  Often this leads to greater accuracy in individuals' dowsing abilities.

    Some individuals validate the effectiveness of the techniques and tools upon their dowsing by dowsing if it is effective for them.  Others take into account how they are interacting with their environment.  They may have acquired a more acute and expanded awareness of their surroundings.  This enables them to elaborate on the types of questions they ask during dowsing.  Others may get answers to their dowsing questions in dreams or through guided visualization exercises.  The answer may also be received via an individual's consciousness either verbally, visually or telepathically.

    The tools give individuals and us a starting point from which we can address a variety of different topics.  We answer questions on how to use a tool; but, we also indicate how an individual can accomplish a similar effect without it.  It has been our experience that tools definitely assist in moving a person further along in their development.

    Monroe Products
    Hemi-Sync products use a patented audio technology to change an individual's brain wave state to predominantly beta, alpha, theta or delta.  Depending upon what an individual is trying to accomplish, Hemi-Sync products can assist with getting an individual to focus, concentrate, meditate, sleep, change specific behavior patterns, lucid dream or achieve expanded states of awareness.   Hemi-Sync also synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that a person is working from a whole brain wave state, both the logical and intuitive.

    Powerforms are personal energy tools that interact with an individual's energy field to activate their life force and help balance their energy by transmuting blocked energy.

    Chakralife produces a system, housed in a hardwood case, to balance your chakras.  Individuals use a pendulum, seven chakra stones and corresponding chakra oils to affect a balanced flow of energy within and around them.

    In providing you with a brief overview about the tools we will be bringing with us, we have oversimplified how each of the products can be used.  We will explain them in more detail during the workshop and the day after the workshop.  We will also let you experience them to see if it is something you can incorporate in your life to enhance your dowsing.  If you wish to get more information about the products, you can go to the following websites:

     Hemi-Sync –  www.hemi-sync.com
     Powerforms – www.artofplacement.com/electromagneticfields.htm
     Chakralife –    www.chakralife.com

    During our visit, we will have, for sale:

    Hemi-Sync products – a majority of the metamusic for concentration, meditation and sleep; guide meditation, lucid dreaming, self help and gateway series.

    Powerforms – Activator, Balancer, Portal
    Chakralife System (8 standard systems)  $160 USD or CAD equivalent
    (If individuals wish to preorder a Chakralife system or know they will be ordering one during the workshop, let us know ahead of time so we can bring additional systems.)

    During our presentation, we will be using Hemi-Sync technology to get individuals into a brain wave state of delta (a state of deep relaxation and expanded awareness).  Participants will be listening to Hemi-Sync frequencies, soothing music and guided instructions that gently relax the listener and leads them into profound states of expanded awareness.

    These expanded states have been used by dowsers, remote viewers, psychics and energy workers to assist them in enhancing their skills and in developing new skills.  For example, some people have had their third eye activated and have been able to see energy during or after a Hemi-Sync session.

    Experienced meditators have reported that Hemi-Sync has taken them deeper into their meditation than what they have been able to accomplish on their own.  It gets them into a deeper meditative state faster and allows them to hold the meditative state for longer periods of time.  Some have said that Hemi-Sync has taken them to a place they have gotten to only a few times in their lives.

    Come join us and share in an experiential event.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2003 by Marilyn Gang