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The Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, March 10th,  2009 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
"Growing Dowsing:  The Fish is Bigger Than You Are"
Basic Water,  Field and Earth Energy Dowsing Skills
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food so we can enjoy some pot luck after the presentation.  We supply beverages
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet those who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $8 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $12 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.

          $30 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $35 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33 EST)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

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Details for our latest activities can be found at: MEETINGS
MARCH 10th, 2009:  Monthly meeting:  Bruce Irwin
"Growing Dowsing:  The Fish is Bigger Than You Are" ,
Basic Water,  Field and Earth Energy Dowsing Skills
MARCH 11th, 2009:Field Day:  Brickworks OR High Park
MARCH 12th, 2009:  Field Day:  Brickworks OR High Park
MARCH 14th, 2009:  Indoor workshop:  Barbara Frum Library
April 4:  Dowsing Practice & Clinic (canceled)
April 14th, 2009:  Monthly meeting
May 2: Dowsing 101: Basic Dowsing Instructional Class
MAY 19 - 24, 2009:  Dr. Robert J. Gilbert returns!
Total Health Show:  April  17 - 19, 2008
* visit the Toronto Dowsers booth! *


UPCOMING MARCH MEETING & WORKSHOPS:    The 2 Outdoor workshops (March 11, 12) will be at:  High Park, by the Mound (near the Grenadier Restaurant), and at the Brickworks (Farmers Market location) on March 11 and 12.  As it is somewhat weather dependent, the day where the weather seems better, the workshop will be at High Park.  This date will be decided probably the week before the workshop.   See details for the Outdoor and Indoor workshops inside this issue.

Door Prizes! Bruce Irwin, our speaker, has made Door Prizes for the first 70 attendees at the March 10th meeting! Just so you know!

FEEDBACK:  Thank you for your comments on the February issue, in that the mushroom and cayenne articles proved fascinating and highly highly useful.  Feedback helps.  It helps to know what you appreciate as well as that which is not so significant so we know what to continue with and what to do less of.

(1)  "Very interesting info on fungi in the last newsletter. I wanted to add some other fascinating and little known facts about close relatives to the more familiar fungi - there are at least 500 different species of microflora that are real close to you right now but that you can't touch – they make up the microecology of the human gut.  A healthy gastrointestinal tract has more than nine times as many bacteria as there are cells in your body.

      "Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff coined the term dysbiosis to describe a state of living with imbalanced intestinal flora  creating toxic degenerative effects. Have you been tending this magnificent secret garden lately?  Did you know that there are many fermented foods that nurture your interior garden  - ones that are tasty and easy to prepare also?  More about this in upcoming issues...."   THANK YOU, ANGI!

(2)    Birthdays!  For our Blessed Birthday Brigade, it is obvious that  FEBRUARY is the month with the most (Toronto) dowser birthdays.  So does this mean, by default, that the most dowsers are born in February?  Well, seeing how scientific experiments are often written up, this could very well be a "scientific" conclusion, n'est-ce pas?  When asked why this may have come about, the response from the Birchall Estate in Newmarket that had us rolling around the floor laughing was: "Think of Fathers Day.  Its just Fathers being Fathers."

(3)    Just got off the phone with one of our healer members who called to say she would like to take Robert Gilbert's seminar in May.  In discussion, she told me that after reading the February article about cayenne, one of her clients told her she is experiencing an overload of mucous.  She told the client to try the cayenne, the client did and it was cleaned up in 48 hours.

WOW!  By the way:  Taking cayenne internally -- it helps to keep you warmer in the winter.  Also not so hot in the summertime.   I have not turned on the heat in my apartment for the last 3 years.  Yes, sometimes it does get a little cool.  If it does I just put on a hat and/or a scarf around the neck.  Having the temp in one's living environment a little too cool for comfort is healthy.

WOW!  GELs:   The gels that Margaret Ball talked about (at the January 2009 meeting)  and showed us to make a broadcasting sandwich with.   They were available at the February meeting and will continue to be available at our meetings until they are sold out.  If you want a set mailed to you, let me know.
WOW!    February meeting:  Door Prize:  We had a door prize that we dowsed for.  A 3 digit number was written down on a piece of paper and folks were asked to dowse the number. Maggie Robertson was the winner!   Her dowsed answer was  ONE DIGIT away from the real one.  CONGRATULATIONS MAGGIE!   She won a prize of a jar of Dutchman's Gold Raw Creamed Honey!

It was a fascinating, lovely, informative, highly productive evening.  EVERYone was surprised at what they learned that they had no idea about previously, dowsers got to practice their dowsing in ways that proved useful and non dowsers got help from the dowsers --- to find out which situations they might want to look at, and, the herbs that could help to ameliorate the situation.

APRIL  HEADS UP:   Dowsing practice will not be held in April because there is a lot to prepare for with the Total Health Show, Robert Gilbert's May visit and the March and April meetings are focusing more on dowsing doings then the usual.

  ===>  The April meeting:  APRIL 14, *may* be held in the upstairs room.  stay tuned.

    TOTAL  HEALTH   SHOW:   April  17, 18, 19 ...  Please visit the Toronto Dowsers booth.   If you would like to volunteer to take a 2 or 3 hour shift at the Toronto Dowsers booth Total Health Show, please let Marilyn know by March 30th.  Include the day(s) that work best for you, and if it would be in the morning, afternoon and evening.   Volunteering means you have knowledge of the Toronto Dowsers, who we are, what we do, our activities, some of our history, that you enjoy talking about our group -- with very positive energy -- and you have a basic dowsing ability.   We can not offer to pay your way into the show.  There are often discount coupons on the Total Health Show website and in Vitality Magazine.   The Show is at the Metro Convention Centre.

   Ticket prices are quite reasonably priced:
$10 per day - Exhibition booths and Exhibition Stages
$15 on Friday, $25 on Saturday and Sunday - Main Stage Lecture Theatres plus the above.
$50 full weekend –   The above

      The keynote speaker for the Total Health Show is artist Robert Bateman.   The Toronto Dowsers was instrumental in obtaining this engagement, thanks to Pete and Steve Coles.   Pete and Steve's family owns  ---  3 generations of the Coles' clan works there! ---  Nature's Scene, in Georgetown, a company which. since 1977  has provided the paintings and limited edition prints of those who were to become some of the most famous Artists in the world.   Nature's Scene seeks out and promotes to Canada, ground breaking, innovative Artists who have a strong individual contribution to make to the art world.    They represent Robert Bateman, a connection whose inspiration began in the 1960’s when he came to speak to The South Peel Naturalists Club to present his “Disappearing World” slide show.

MAY  HEADS UP,   ROBERT GILBERT:   Dr. Robert J. Gilbert is coming here for his 5th visit this May.  A course outline flyer was included in last month's mailing and the registration form is in this mailing.  There is a special, very generous pricing offer available only to those who are Toronto Dowsers members as of March 31, 2009 and whose registration forms are postmarked by March 31, 2009.
         One of the reasons this is being offered is because of how profoundly his 2007 workshop was received by us.  Its a way to thank and acknowlede. You'd be wise to take advantage of it.  For most the 2007 workshop was the or one of the best workshops ever.
       Robert wrote an article -- especially for us -- especially for this issue.  When I read it I gasped.  Because it made my heart sing and soar.  Here's what he wrote me about the article, and some of his intention for this visit:

      "The comments about Mental and Vibrational Dowsing in the article are quite intentional.  I will have more to say about this at the Tuesday (May 19) TD meeting, and much more at the Thursday-Friday (May 21-22) course.   My hope is to reframe the way we approach Dowsing.  Dowsing is in reality a path of Spiritual Initiation:  developing new organs of perception to directly perceive our spiritual home, the non-physical realities which surround us.  This is one reason why Dowsing, in its original holistic context, was a part of the Initiation processes of many great spiritual traditions."
     "... developing new organs of perception.."  ???  ya think so?   The more you dowse, the more you spend time with us and with other like minded people, isn't your intuition improving? perceptions seem to be sharper?  Of course!   One small example.

Richard Syrett has been a late night Toronto Radio show host for some time, previously on 640 AM, then until January 21, 2009 (Inauguration Day), on 1010 AM CFRB.  No more, because he was fired.  Richard's show, the "CoasttoCoast of Toronto, featured guests and stores about the unseen of geopolitics.  Richard and his supporters say it was because of a show 'exposing' background of Barack Obama the station owners no longer wanted these controversial exposes.  I emailed one of the other radio hosts who said it was because of station cutbacks.  Richard and his show have been very popular, ratings continually increase and they increased his on the air hours not too long ago.  What do you think?

Our March 10th speaker, Bruce Irwin,  will be here for a few days.  During that time, he will take us on  2 (outdoor) field dowsing trips showing us how to dowsing can help us to discern specific properties of the land due to the accumulation of natural energies under, on and around the surface.   The third day, indoors, he will conduct a basic field and water dowsing workshop, helping us to practice and understand more about the land we live in.


March   (Wednesday) 11,     (Thursday) 12,     (Saturday)  14
Times:   10 - 4

   The field days are $25 per person each day.
    The indoor workshop will be $50 per person.
    $5 extra for a non member
    Each workshop includes a:  "Bruce Irwin Limited Edition Y-rod."
         (1 per person even if you attend more than one workshop.)

Outdoor Field Days:   March 11 and March 12.   These will be one day to the Brickworks and one day to High Park.

All workshops will include becoming comfortable with the use of dowsing tools
OUTDOOR:  Walking the land, dowsing lines, learning how to so this, to gain confidence in getting the dowsing reaction.
The Brickworks Field Day will also show you how to mark an area, marking everything we can "get a signal from".
High Park: First discover signals by remote dowsing them.  Confirm the energies by physically walking to them. We will dowse "the Mound".  There are underground Rivers in High Park.
  Wednesday, March 11:  The Brickworks -- see map, below
      Meet under the roof -- the open building where the Farmers Market takes place.  BRING LUNCH

  Thursday, March 12:   The Mound at High Park (by Grenadier Restaurant)
      Meet in or outside of the Grenadier Restaurant

Indoor:   Barbara Frum Library - Bathurst and Lawrence area.  (1 street north, 1 street west of the intersection)  20 Covington Road.

All workshops will include becoming comfortable with the use of dowsing tools

INDOOR:  March 14. "An Introduction to Field Dowsing, or, Y-Rod 101.  "Hands on signal sharing, tooling up theories.  Anatomy of a water vein; original, properties, regulations surrounding their use, history, many dowsing stories.

(Extra contributions are appreciated because, again, we are purposefully low balling the fee to ensure your attendance at these events.)
   That's  $100  for  3 days of precious dowsing instruction and practice.   Such a valuable bargain!


MAP TO THE BRICKWORKS -- 550  Bayview Avenue
If you are taking the DVP, exit at BAYVIEW BLOOR,  carefully follow exit signs to:  BAYVIEW NORTH.  The Brickworks is the next light on your left.

#1 = Entrance by High Park Avenue (TTC)
#2 = Entrance by High Park Blvd (going NORTH on Parkside: 2nd light)
#3 = Entrance by Lake Shore, Colborne Lodge Road
#4 = Grenadier Restaurant, The Mound, Hawk Hill, Labyrinth

At ASD annual conventions, Bruce Irwin and his colleague, Don Taylor, are so comfortable with their dowsing tools, that they often offer an evening entertainment --- highly humorous --- showing what can be used for dowsing tools.   You are only limited by your imagination --- and what you can lay your hands on at the time.  [Thanks to having attended Bruce's skits, when I went to a print shop to have the Dowsing Cards printed, they asked me what dowsing was.   After a very brief explanation, I picked up their telephone handset -- by the curly cord -- and demonstrated the use of the pendulum.]
How do you learn new habits?
By being around those who have already mastered them.  By being in their energy [field].
Energy is caught, not taught.
You will learn, and gain more of this "felt sense" by listening to Bruce and watching him.
Because there is little experience with "Y" rods, Bruce was asked to include "Y" rods in his presentation and workshops.   He will show us how to recognize where and how one can make Y rods.   In learning how to use it, you can get the feel by piggybacking, at first, on his energy, as demonstrates the "4 handed" teaching method.

"With the tools comes the ability to remote dowse", says Bruce.  "You can ask the Y rod to take you to a certain place.  This is a function with L rods and Y rods, one  not available to pendulum dowsers."   With the y rod you get the sense of the strength and the power of the earth energy.  There are very few natural experiences you can feel such as the power of a Y rod pulling down over a vein of water.

Earth energies are the best, the easiest, the strongest fields to dowse.  Because they are the most natural ones.  Especially water.  Because we are 70% water and we resonate with that which we are.  For example,  if there is a (water) vein that has 10 gallons / minute running through it, and our bodies push 2 quarts of blood / minute through our (body) veins (and arteries), then the magnetic field around  the water in the earth is 20 times stronger than the magnetic field around the blood in our bodies, creating the pull, because the resonance has already been set up.

Who is getting pulled to where, you might ask.  The fish is bigger than you are.

Bruce first learned about dowsing when he was 10 or 11, from his Grandfather, on the farm, and got reintroduced to it again 20 years later.  And has not stopped since.   An avid hunter, he also grows his own produce, in fact he grows his tomatoes in containers, year round, in the sun room he built, at his home near Lake Placid, New York.  Its very easily done with the glass roof.   He uses dowsing for planting, too, such as dowsing the best type of composition necessary for the soil.

A professional dowser, dowsing water for water as well as people, pets and lost objects, Bruce also dowses for the police. He first came to the attention of the (New York State) police in 1985, when a local man named Bruce Droms had gone missing, apparently in a local forest. The car Droms had been driving had been found abandoned beside  the road, but extensive searches by police, rangers and dogs had turned up nothing.  It was one of the rangers who suggested to the family that they contact a celebrated local dowser named Ted Kaufmann for help. Kaufmann, who died in 1998, took Irwin, his dowsing protégé at the time, to the site. Equipped with divining rods, they found the body in a thick copse, hanging by an undershirt from a tree. According to local newspaper clippings, it took Kaufmann and Irwin just two hours to find Droms."

Dowsing, according to Bruce, is the obtaining of knowledge that cannot be gathered by any of the five normal senses. “It’s using your sixth sense,” he  said. “And we all have one, just like the swallows that come back to Capistrano, or the spider that never knew its parents but weaved a perfect web.”   “There’s a reservoir of eternal knowledge waiting for us. It’s up there in the library in the sky. That’s the best way I can explain it,” he said. “All we   have to do is develop focus, intent, and be morally driven to ask for and receive our library card.” Most of us, however, have forgotten that this side of  us even exists. “We’ve been taught how to be useful participants in society,” Bruce said. “Our intuitive self more or less has fallen by the wayside  because it’s not in demand. Dowsing brings your intuitive self back in touch with your rational self, and you become whole again.”

 “I’m not spirit guarding any  communities,” he said. “My dowsing is nuts and bolts. If I can’t see a finite result, I don’t want to do it.” Bruce’s areas of concentration are locating well sites, missing people, pets, and objects. “Dowsing for water can be understood through the principals of physics,” Bruce explained. “Flowing water creates an electromagnetic field. Our heart is pumping our blood which is 90 something percent water, so each one of us has an electromagnetic  field. And when two magnetic fields come in association with each other, there’s a reaction. That’s what makes the dowsing tool react.” “You can pick up anything and dowse,” Bruce said. Not only a standard Y-rod, L-rod or pendulum. People dowse with coat hangers. The important thing with dowsing, Bruce says, is being honorable with your intentions. To dowse for the sake of alleviating  suffering, not because you want bragging rights.

Before Bruce attempts any dowsing, other than water, he asks for permission. “It’s an act of reverence to ask that higher powers work through me,” he  said. Sometimes, there may be reasons not to dowse that he doesn’t know about, and he trusts the librarian to cut him off, if it’s in anyone’s best  interest to do so. Once granted permission, Bruce tries not to be afraid of failure. “I get out and make an absolute fool of myself,” he said. “If I don’t  have that courage, I’m not any good to anybody, much less myself.” “I have failed,” Bruce said. “And when I do, I don’t sleep well at all.

Bruce  can not say how remote dowsing works. "I have no explanation and I don't want an  explanation," he insists. "But obviously there is some higher intelligence out there."

Bruce Irwin is the Treasurer of the ASD and the President of the Mohawk Hudson Dowsing Chapter. /www.mhdowsers.org/ .  To see what others say about Bruce, read these newspaper stories which are now online:  /tinyurl.com/bjggwe  ||| /tinyurl.com/cwlnaa  ||| http://findarticles.com/

Since we have a lot of activity in March with Bruce Irwin, there is much to get ready for our Total Health Show book the weekend of April 17, 18, 19 and prepare for Dr. Robert J. Gilbert's visit, presentation and workshops in May, our April 2009 meeting shall be more informal..

At our dowsing practices, I get asked frequently about Chart Dowsing and just as frequently, I in turn am surprised to find out about the folks who don't know about it.   I teach this in every beginning dowsing workshop because not only is it one of the best tools you can use, but its also easy.  (We did something similar in February with the herbs.)

As Map Dowsing is similar, this too shall be included.  And!   We did not get to do the Compatibility Dowsing at the December Social.  Wouldn't you like to know if you are compatible with -- anyone?  A prospective job?  House?

If you have something you would like to add or see added to this fine mixture, please let me know.   You can expect more to bubble up by the time April roars in.  Much more!

APRIL 17, 18, 19

See the Toronto Dowsers, and many others of course at the TOTAL HEALTH SHOW.  Metro Convention Centre

D*O*W*S*I*N*G     W*O*R*K*S*H*O*P
DOWSING 101               DOWSING 101              DOWSING 101


Saturday, May 2nd , 2009    9:30 - 5:00

LOCATION:   Mount Pleasant and Eglinton area
Maximum:  20 people


            Learn the "dowsing rules of the road", its purposes and uses, When and how to use it, when and how it is not appropriate.  You will be taught how to use a pendulum and rods and practice getting that "feel".   If you have a pendulum, bring it.

What is dowsing  * * The various areas of dowsing * * Answering questions, finding objects  *  *  Dowsing Tools *  Dowsing Charts * *  Resources * *  An introduction to "energy dowsing" * *Preparation for more advanced work.
For more info:   (416) 322 0363  9:33- 9:33 EST   or   mgang "at" dowsers.info
Registration with payment received 2 weeks prior to class:  $70.
Late Registration or at the door:   $80
To reserve your space send your contact information with payment to:
 Marilyn Gang,  816 - 225 Davisville Avenue; Toronto  M4S 1G9

Please contact Marilyn if you would like her to teach dowsing to your group.

MAY  19 (Monthly Meeting)
May 21,22, 23, 24 (Workshops)
Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, Asheville, North Carolina   www.vesica.org
    For an  UNPRECEDENTED  FIFTH!!!  Visit, Dr. Robert J. Gilbert shall come to speak to us May 19, 2009.  This is the THIRD TUESDAY evening of the month.
    Why 5 times?  Probably because he is sooo good and we are so appreciative.  It's like having the most brilliant person you know of, who has the deep answers to those thorny questions you are always asking --- the ones on the order of:  Who Am I?   Why Am I here?  Where Am I going?  WHY?  HOW?   WHO? --- yes, having the most brilliant person with the answers to the questions and is a heck of a nice human being, a superb speaker and you just feel good being around him.  Why is that?  Well, probably because he KNOWS this stuff --- not just Knows it intellectually, but knows it in each cell in all of his bodies and practices what he talks about, which of course creates a might fine vibration!   When you do "this stuff", you have a high vibration.  When you have a high vibration, you become the magnet of attraction -- when you choose to.

Dr. Gilbert will be giving 2 workshops:
May 21, 22:   Spiritual Initiation Through Dowsing and The Rosicrucian Science of Spiritual Discernment.
May 23, 24:   Healing Through Vibrational Dowsing & Resonance: New Methods For Human Beings, Buildings & The Earth.  See the flyers included with the February and March newsletters for more info, registration, etc., on the workshops.

  An article written by Dr. Gilbert especially for this Toronto Dowsers newsletter issue is included here.  This is what he says about it:

      "The topic in this article connects to the foundation of everything we do as spiritual seekers.  It is also related to what "Dowsing"  really is, and  its potential for transforming our spiritual destiny.

       The comments about Mental and Vibrational Dowsing in the article are quite intentional.  I will have more to say about this at the Tuesday (May 19th) Toronto Dowsers meeting, and much more at the Thursday-Friday (May 21-22) course.

        My hope is to reframe the way we approach Dowsing.  Dowsing is in reality a path of Spiritual Initiation: developing new organs of perception to directly perceive our spiritual home, the non-physical realities which surround us.  This is one reason why Dowsing, in its original holistic context, was a part of the  Initiation processes of many great spiritual traditions.

      The article is a step toward what is hinted at in the great  Rosicrucian Initiation Saying: "In the Beginning was the Memory..." .. We can "wake up" and remember
-  Who we are
-  Where we come from
-  Why we are here
As something we "remember" as a direct experience, not based on any external concepts or dogmatic teaching.

   When the veils over the spiritual realities around us are removed, then and only then do our lives really begin...  The work we do in this lifetime can permanently transform the structure of our consciousness, and of our subtle bodies, to a much higher spiritual level, affecting 'us' throughout other lifetimes."


February 7   Dowsing Practice & Clinic

Another good one, says the crew.  VERY worthwhile.  And fun!
We worked on -- no, not quite.  It was not "work" . . .  the 3 hour session flew by and felt like half the time...   First we got ourselves ready for this practice.  Just as in many cultures people wash with more care than usual  before entering a temple or sitting down to a meal for a religious festival, we prepared ourselves for the dowsing session becoming more and more centered, focused, balanced and grounded, and learned and practiced personal clearing techniques, i.e., clearing our energy fields of non beneficial energies.  And prayer of course.  WOW!   Every person there could feel the shift after the Dowsing Meeting Prayer was said.

We had to find an object that was hidden near us in the library.  The object could be in one of 2 rooms.  At least everyone dowsed the right room, and some were pretty close.

Rather instructive was the demonstration of making a "broadcasting sandwich", the kind we learned from Margaret Ball on January 13.  We went over what a "witness" is and why it is necessary and how it works, how to write a message, how to dowse the correct color, how to put it all together and then what to do afterwards.  Diane let us use her sore knee as the example to work on.  For whatever reason, the color that was dowsed out for her was a rose pink.

It was good to do "blind dowsing" with "Wilson" rather than rods or a pendulum because it got folks out of their comfort zone and into just letting it happen and all flow.

    Someone came in with a question that was important to her so we all dowsed and got a "no".   The reason was, the problem with the question itself, which she had been dowsing and where she could not get an answer to it.  Clear and accurate questions are one of the most important components of dowsing.
   She asked:  "Did Archangel Michael remove the negative spirits now and forever more that were around my Aunt Jean's home?"   What she wanted to know was if the negative spirits (which she had previously ascertained were there) were gone, but that is not how the question was phrased.

  The problems as we saw them were:
-  The dowsing system may know if the spirits were not there at this point in time but would not know, could not guarantee about "forever more" (Time)
-  If these spirits were no longer there, it may not have been Archangel Michael who cleared them, even if she had previously asked Archangel Michael to clear them.
-  If these spirits were no longer there, this might have occurred in a manner other than "removal".
It would have been better to ask:  "Are there any negative spirits around my Aunt Jean's house?"

When you come to our dowsing practices --- we are endeavoring to hold them frequently -- you will find out the qualities that are useful to have for dowsing and how to obtain them --- yes, they have been written up in our newsletters several times --- as well as the ways to clear your energy fields of detrimental energies and/or adverse influences so you are reasonably cleared and non attached --- and why this all matters.

As you become a better and better dowser, you become a better and better human being.  Qualities & characteristics that make a good dowser are qualities & characteristics that make a good, successful, happy and well functioning human being, e.g., non judgmental, balanced, grounded, etc.

A special feeling developed between the group and most of us went out together for lunch afterwards.  Nice!

Our February 10, 2009 Speaker:
DIANE  TAIT,   CHT,  Registered Herbalist"
Dowse your own Personal Herbal Tea Combination
                                                            prepared by Michelle  Godfrey, with Marilyn Gang
When Diane Tait’s father died in 1985, she found herself taking long healing walks in the woods. Diane kept her eyes on the ground and all that was growing around her and began to identify and catalogue what she saw. The walks that would helped her emerge from her loss also lead her on a new career path. Courses in herbology followed until her a hobby became part of her life’s work.

A professional musician all of her life, Diane now also practices Clinical Herbal Therapy at Greenwood Botanicals Healing Arts Studio in Greenwood, Ontario. She grows, harvests and produces over 90 % of the tinctures she uses in her practice from her own herbs. She draws from a list of approximately 100 herbs in the formulation of her remedies.

While herbs are by and large a safe form of treatment, any herb has an effect on the body. No herbal remedy should be taken all of the time; they are intended for use only to the point of achieving a healthy balance with respect to a bodily condition. When you begin to forget to take your herbal remedies, it is often your body’s way of telling you it has had enough, Diane says.

Herbs can easily be grown, harvested and processed for use. They should be harvested when the plants are in optimal condition - not when wet after a rain or dew and not when wilting in the heat.  She harvests her herbs early in the day when the dew is off but it is still early and so that the essential oils are still in the herbs.  They should then be hung to dry after simply cutting away the dirty parts of the stalk. Diane never washes her herbs, saying that washing adds water to the plant and removes its critical essential oils.

Herbs are light sensitive, so a dark place like a closet will do for the drying process. Diane sometimes hangs her whole stalks of herbs upside down for drying, but she often just lays them flat and turns them frequently. With a dehumidifier in the room, the herbs usually dry within three days. A dehydrator can also be used as long as it operates with just a fan, not with heat. The faster you dry the herbs, the more potent their medicinal properties will be.   When dry, Diane stores her herbs in clear glass bottles and in a dark room.  They should be stored out of the light..  Herbs should be vibrant and have a good aroma.

Another way she dries her herbs is to do so on a cork board as the dry cork pulls out the water.

Lists and charts were handed out and people dowsed to discern if there was a priority condition on the list that they needed to pay attention to.  Then to discern which herb or herbs could best be suited to help alleviate the symptoms.

One woman's dowsing told her that she did have to pay attention to a priority condition and it was Stress.  Then she dowsed the herbs and the second most important herb for her at this time was Stinging Nettle.  As Stinging Nettle was not on the list for stress, she asked about this.  This is where dowsing is so miraculous.  Although it might not be as highly recommended for stress as the other herbs were, Stinging Nettle is extremely high in Calcium.  Calcium, as the "relaxing mineral" is quite beneficial for a good night's sleep. It is quite probable that in addition to high stress, this woman was also low in calcium, and is especially nourishing to women, making it a perfect herb for this person.  As Joey Korn tells us:  "Dowsing shows us what is going on behind the scenes of life."

We enjoyed Diane's presentation and her low key relaxed but obviously experienced, knowledgeable and capable approach to her craft.  It was wholesome to hear that she lives her path, nurtures and harvests the herbs she uses around her home.  She reminded us how the body works -- which is a little bit a little at a time -- and that we work best with the body if we are in harmony with its cycles, ebb and flow.  You can reach her for Herbal Consultations, Herbal Remedies, Herbal Classes (she offers one in the summer) at:  905 426 7846

Diane Tait's February 10th presentation was a much needed jolt --- no, that's exactly what it was not -- a much needed big heapin in my face DOSE of COMMON SENSE!   About HERBS!  And how important they are.   And overlooked.   Similar to family.   If they are here all the time, plentiful, easily available and don't cost a lot, the tendency is to undervalue them.   There has been a strong focus on whizz bang exotic supplements that are compounded, patented, offer a distinct jolt  and are costly.

Living in a world that seems to be a lot more toxic than say, 50 years ago, we are as we know contending with toxins of air and water pollution, greatly increased stress, processed food, electrical and emf energies.   This is a humongously increased overload, esp. in such a short span of time.   Also, as there has been an overload of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics has developed as well as greatly more and more powerful strains of bacteria.  So we tend to "hit" these pollutants with as powerful a knockout punch as we can, trying to clear what's taken decades to build up -- in a week.   We've been tasering our insides.  The more powerful the cleansing or clearing, the better.  Or so we seem to think.

Diane reminded us that herbs work -- usually -- gently.  As the layers of, eg, pollutants took time to build up, the herbs slowly but surely and naturally rebalance our systems.

It would be greatly beneficial if we had a better knowledge of herbs, how they work, and which herbs to use when, and use them from time to time and so on, rather than slamming our systems with a 2 by 4 or its equivalent because this process has been neglected.   For example, instead of stuffing our faces and bellies with all sorts of foods whenever, and then doing a harsh 14 day fast once or twice a year, it could be kinder and healthier to say, eat lightly or drink juices one day a week, 3 days a month and 7 days twice a year (change of seasons).

On a related note, in a discussion with one of you on this topic, you suggested that MMS, for example, is similar to hitting your system with an H Bomb, and that Olive Leaf, for example, is a much gentler and more natural way to eliminate many, but not all, pathogens.  Probably, and it would be beneficial if people knew about Olive Leaf and how to take it and would take it, when necessary, however it is a good thing we have MMS because some of  the pathogens and harmful organisms that we have developed need an H bomb, otherwise they will continue to wildly proliferate.

Herbs are natural, relatively gentle (when you know what you are doing).   They can be found, commonly -- even by us! -- in Nature, and or grown on yard or kitchen counter gardens and used year round.  Only a little at a time is needed.  Fresh herbs, or fresh dried herbs are paradaisical, especially when you have grown and/or collected them.  A basic knowledge of herbal use can keep situations such as stress, digestive distress, blood pressure, hormone, weight, eyesight, diminished energy and adrenal irregularities at bay as well as reduce symptoms of coughs, colds, flu's, fevers, parasites, emotional and sleeping problems and so much more.

Herbs support you.  They love you and want to work with you when you demonstrate that you are open to working with them.

One of the offshoots of the current socio economic climate, ie, spending less and growing your own vegetables is that people will be growing their own herbs.   Perhaps you and a few friends will grow different herbs, and share with one another, creating your own mini herbal community.

If you haven't grown any herbs so far, start by growing even 2 or 3.  Then dry them, freeze them.  You'll be glad you did.

QUESTION:   What are the differences between:   Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbs, how and why we use them?   (I do not know the answer to this and would like to understand this.)   Are South American herbs used the same way the others are used?  If so, which one(s)?  If not, then how do they differ?

As their slogan states, yes, Herbie's Herbs does carry herbs, and other products, from all over the world:  India, China, Europe, North and South America, Australia and other places, too.  They carry herbs, tinctures and many other products --- with regard to variety, uniqueness and quality ---  that no one else has.

Do you remember Josip Gabre?  I think many do.  Josip, who lived in Mississauga, wrote the book "How I Beat Cancer."  (SEE STORY BELOW)  "The Boys" met Josip, were encouraged and awed by his experiences with Taheebo (Pau D'Arco), and so around 1994 they began Herbie's Herbs.

The information on Cayenne in the last newsletter --- it was because we have an excellent supply of real and excellent quality cayenne -- from Herbie's Herbs -- that I was able to have the experience of cayenne and write that article.   In fact, the herbalist who spoke at our February meeting, when she noticed the samples of herbs that was available --- and from Herbie's of course -- commented on their fine quality.  This is so, not only that -- their prices quite reasonable, and Toronto Dowsers get a discount.  Wholesale.  Retail.  Mail order, too, to many countries.

The Ayurvedic products that they carry are the finest I've seen in Toronto, finer than the ones, it seems, in Little India!   And there are neti pots galore.  PENDULUMS, too!!!!

Currently, the items in high demand are:  Marshmallow, Stinging Nettle, Siberian Ginseng, Oat Straw, Graviola and Borututu.

There is also an Herbalist, and/or a Naturopath available for consultations -- at no charge.  These professionals are there often but not always. I do not know their hours so you better call first if this interests you.   I trust their recommendations implicitly.  They are there to help you, not sell you.

Did you know that "The Boys" have been members of our group from the beginning?  And extremely fine dowsers in their own right.  We met them when I was going to Holistic Nutritional school, before the Toronto Dowsers was even a mote.  They are real good guys.  Go visit.

Herbie's Herbs, 556 Queen Street. West, Toronto
(a few stores EAST of Bathurst Street)
Monday - Friday:  8AM - 7PM   *    Saturday:  8AM - 6PM      *     Sunday:  Closed
Tel:  416.504.5755        Sales "at"  herbies-herbs.com   //www.herbies-herbs.com/

*                *                *                *                *
A  Visit  To  Herbie's  Herbs

Thanks to an errand in their area, I stopped by Herbie's last week.  Ellie, an herbalist/nutritionist from Buffalo who stops in every couple of months and who I met there a few years ago, was also there and had some time to chat with me.  I asked her what interesting situations and solutions happened recently with her clients and here are a few of the precious morsels she shared with me:
*                *                *                *                *
JOSIP  GABRE:  1927 - 2000  "How I Beat Cancer"
 Josip Gabre claimed that Taheebo (also known as Lapacho, Pau d'arco and Ipe Poto) cured him of cancer in 1984.

Taheebo is an herbal tea made from the bark of Taheebo tree of Andes mountains. This tea, in concert with a vegetarian diet and meditation, were the keys to overcoming a cancer that has spread throughout his body.

In his book, "How I Beat Cancer and How You Can Prevent It" ISBN 0-9693941-0-1,  Josip described how he contracted a small cancer in his bladder in July 1983. His urologist, Dr. Andres Bruce at the University of Toronto, prescribed a vaccine known a BCG which he injected into Mr. Gabre's penis. Soon after this treatment his entire bladder was filled with cancer and had to be removed. Mr. Gabre then had to wear a bag for the elimination of waste.

With cancer running rampant throughout his body, Josip was told by his oncologist  that chemotherapy was the best method of treatment. He refused chemotherapy, feeling that it would kill him quicker than the cancer. He did consent to a series of radiation treatments but said there was no benefit from them.

In 1984 a friend gave Josip an article describing the benefits of Taheebo. He had always felt there must be a natural way of defeating his cancer and thought that Taheebo could be it.  The Taheebo tree's extract is claimed to rejuvenate the immune system.   His miraculous victory over cancer astounded his oncologist, urologist and his family physician.
I met Josip around 1996.  It was Josip who told me about his favorite dowsing teacher, Bruce Magill, and encouraged me to take his course, which I did. Soon after it was discovered that many  knew Josip, not as a dowser, but as a man who beat cancer at the 11th hour through drinking Taheebo tea and for informing as many people as he could about the immune system strengthening benefits of Taheebo.

One night several of us were at a party.  A door prize was being given out.  The winner would be the person who got closest to the secret number between 1-100.  Josip got the exact number and the prize.  He honed his intuitive skills through dowsing as well as through Silva.

I used to visit with him in his kitchen and we'd sip Taheebo and talk.  Josip was the one who told me about the use of a clove of garlic as an rectal implant.  He would do this every day for a week four times a year, to cleanse the liver and the blood.  Something he learned from the 'old country'.

Josip Gabre was born February 20th 1927 in Tisno, Croatia, a province in the former Yugoslavia.  In World War II he was a partisan saboteur.  He was arrested in a witch hunt and spent time in a prison camp where he was tortured.  He emigrated to Canada in 1959 through a United Nations program.   He worked for Phillips Electronics and for the government here in Canada.  He got cancer, was deemed incurable, until he found his cure.   Josip was a truth seeker and truth teller and disliked the health industry which did not help people get better, but made money for related corporations.  He went around, mostly at his own cost, to tell people of simple basic inexpensive methods they could use to improve their health.   He died in 2000, from an infection while in Croatia. Ironically, he could not get the health care he needed when he became ill there.  He is missed.

One More Herbal Note, Because:

March and September are usually the 2 times of the year it is beneficial to focus on a cleanse.  Because it is the time of the equinox, the change of seasons, we go from cold to hot and then from hot to cold.  The kind of food we are eating changes -- or ought to change and its a good time to clean out accumulated garbage.  Kind of like doing an internal oil change, and for the same reasons.  Clean out the ol crankcase and put in new clean oil -- of a different grade.

So refer to your notes and handouts from our February 10th meeting on Cleansings, the herbs we had available at the meeting, and start eating dandelions (again, for a while) and/or drinking some dandelion tea, among other herbs.  Again, this is not something you need to do all the time.  Different herbs for different reasons, different seasons.

If you want to start out with a product, I came across one at Noah's which, although I have not tried it, seems to be a good one.  "Wholy Tea", by www.innotechnutrition.com.  Gently cleans the debris in the  liver, kidneys, lungs and colon, breaking it up, flushing it out, focusing on one organ at a time, layer by layer.  You make the tea, using 2 tea bags for a gallon of tea which lasts for a week.

However you cleanse, please do ensure you do something, even if for a short while.  You can do different cleanses at different times of the year.  I like the watermelon cleanse for a few days in the summertime, the apple cleanse for a few days in the fall.  The Spring is Green.  Thank you.

Herbal Reminders from Past Speakers:
Pierre Noreau:  For someone who has recovered from cancer:  Take one dried pea, every day.  Like a pill
From Cass Ingram:  Rosemary for Remembrance.  Rose has the highest vibration.



We planted the seeds.  They have taken root.
like gazillions of dandylions juicefully joyfully bursting forth at the first breath of spring ---

Bad news, globally speaking, has seemed to be predominant for at least the last 8 years and often seems to be getting darker and darker around us while we hold fast and maintain our focus whilst we seem to struggle holding steadfast to that which is beneficial.  This stronger, more dominant vibration, the one(s) that hold higher consciousness  --- while it as always been the predominant one on energetic levels, is finally coming to manifest itself as the dominant one on the physical level, Thank Goodness!
What is creating and spearheading it?   YOU!   ALL OF US!
Individuals working ... with a goal ... and the goal for each one ... is the same.   In Freedom.
===>   Collective.   Harmony.

What is it that the individuals are doing?   G*A*R*D*E*N*I*N*G
FOOD.  Growing food for themselves, family, friends, community.   Locally.

AQUARIAN  energy  is here.
"COMM":   COMMunity. COMMunicate. COMMitted. COMMpassionate. COMMradery.
In Back Yards.  Front yards.  Porches.   Balconies.  Roof tops.  Neighbor's yards.
Dense Urban areas.  COMMunity Gardens

Its a lot easier to look back and see what led us here, rather than what lies ahead.
FIRST:  Where did it start?   Organics.  Organic food, Organic agriculture.  The desire and need for it, then those who fulfilled it.
SECOND:  The next 2 steps:
(A) Slow Food:  A non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.  Slow Food is good, clean and fair food.  They believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work.

Slow Food headquarters, and  its University of Gastronomic Sciences is in a perfect part of the world:  ITALY!!!

(B)  Eat Locally
     This led to:  LOCAVORE.   Locavore totally passed me by.  It was born and flourished, and I didn't even see it, until it became somewhat passe.  The term locavore was coined on World Environment day 2005; defined as a person who seeks out locally produced food, it made it into the New Oxford American dictionary in 2007, the same year it was chosen as word of the year.
    They say that the locavore movement is an urban one. Well, possibly, it’s an urban one that is cross-pollinated by visits to the country. The city dweller goes on a trip to the country and sees local food in action. Suddenly she wants to eat local.  Urban or rural phenomenon? What do you think?

   A  local comment from Sarah Elton [food columnist for CBC Radio’s Here&Now]'s  THELOCAVORE.CA  site:.   "I was having a lunch interview today with Ian Sorbie, president and owner of  Toronto restaurant chain Il Fornello. The restaurant has made a huge effort to go local in the past year. They feature an all-Ontario menu and are in the process of sourcing all their arugula and, soon-to-be, all their canned tomatoes from the province. All this started as Ian’s idea, inspired by his many trips to Prince Edward County were he was able to see farmers farming as well as connect with the origins of his food, something we city dwellers don’t get to do often.

FIRST:        The awareness
SECOND:  The demand
NOW:         The Desire to DO.  The DOINGness.  This consciousness has sprouted.  All.  over. the place.

Most recently, articles have been written in our October 2008 and February 2009 issues on this phenomenon.

Last month's newsletter issue included a section on Victory Gardens and on SPIN (Small Plot Intensive) Farming.  A few weeks ago, I attended  a workshop on SPIN Farming.
The room was packed with about 40 --  20's and 30's people.  Eager, strong, energetic and COMMitted.
The seeds for this current movement were planted with the 60's Hippies.
They are the crop that has grown out of the Hippie Movement.  They are blooming and planting their own.
Because the the demand for locally grown, organic food increases, Backyard Bounty, a new Guelph company, plans to bring SPIN to Guelph and will sow vegetable crops this spring on a number of under-used garden plots and converted lawns in the city.   City officials are collaborating on the enterprise, helping to find surplus land in the community for an operation that will initially grow a variety of vegetables for sale to local restaurants and markets. [REPORTED  FEBRUARY 2009]

FarmStart is a Guelph-based organization dedicated to getting young people started in farming.  They feel that urban farming is a good training ground for future farmers.  The are in discussions with Backyard Bounty about using some city-owned land to help them out with their project.  Using the lawns around the city's wellhouses is one option.

In Toronto, Joe Nasr, heading up a new group, MetroAg, is working with North York's Downsview Park to develop a 1.2-hectare Urban Agriculture Centre.  This is to be a hub for food production and activities such as composting and marketing, as well as a pilot project for a 10-hectare cultivation campus that's planned to have allotment and community gardens and training programs.  City bureaucrats will be drafting Toronto’s first urban food production policy in the coming months as part of the green agenda, but to nurture the brainstorming process the parks and environment committee invited the local gardening community to plant some seeds of inspiration.

Check out:  Toronto Community Garden Network  www.tcgn.ca

URBAN HARVEST GARDEN ALTERNATIVES:  Urban Harvest is dedicated to providing its customers with seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Plant seeds and garden supplies are specially chosen for their unique qualities by seasoned urban gardeners.  Their seedlings are grown in or near the greater Toronto area to support our local economy.  /www.uharvest.ca/

The New York times, February 11th reports: Small-Farm Trend:   More Americans are demanding that their food is grown locally and organically, and with that trend, the number of small farms across the country has increased markedly, according to the Agriculture Department’s latest census.

In the state of Indiana, the number of farms of less than ten acres increased by nearly 80 percent between 2002 to 2007, said Greg Preston, director of the Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service.   The US agriculture census comes out every five years. The number of farms in America peaked in 1935, at 6.8 million, and declined for several decades after that. In the last two decades, however, it has plateaued between 2 million and 2.5 million.

What is different now:   New methods are being used.  Such as:
Lois Cleland is beginning to teach raised garden beds to people.
She also told me about the "Square Foot Gardening Method", where instead of soil, you use a medium mix of  vermiculite, compost and peat moss.
You can use worm composting  (vermicomposters)
Vertical space can be used as well.
Tomato plants can be hung upside down.  On the wall!
And much more.

How the Dowsers and other Like Minded Individuals participate and contribute:

Dowsers can help the other gardeners by helping to determine soil mixes, companion planting, etc.

Dowsers have the ability to help determine the best spots to plant, or not plant.  We can discern if certain earth energies might encourage or discourage bountiful growth?  will the trees be straight?  or gnarled and crooked?  will the plants grow?

We also have been learning growing techniques through speakers such as Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Dr. Robert Gilbert, Charles Hubbard, David Yarrow and more.  We understand why, and that, it is important to be aware of the phases of the moon and how they influence not just water, not just us and our feelings and behavior, but also the growth of plants.  Anything on this planet that grows is influenced as much by the moon as well as by the sun.

What have we been doing for years?   Energy work.
Through dowsing and energy work, we have learned techniques that can greatly:
 Increase yield
 Higher yield, less space
 Increase the Life Energy
 Grow food that is Nutrient Dense
[ The info on the left is brought to us by David Yarrow, our April 2005 speaker.]

     Over the next few years, expect to find more:

- Local produce available.
- Vegetable gardens in front yards, rather than flower gardens.
- Vegetable gardens in city owned land, in more places.
- Products and methods making it easier to grow your own vegetables

If you have a skill or a method in this area that you think is useful and others don't know/have it, you can teach, share.  Start thinking about making it available to others.  This will become very marketable and ought to provide income.

  PLEASE DO  contribute your own stories, anecdotes, hints, ideas --- what worked, as to what did not as to how you use Dowsing and/or Energetic practices to enhance your plant growth, so they can be shared with others.  This includes:
Using knowledge of  the moon, the sun. 
Tools.  Devices. 
Communicating with devas, nature spirits, etc.
Gardening methods such as BioDynamics, Square Foot Gardening, Raised Beds

Remember Anastasia?  And our newsletter articles as to how she suggests first holding seeds in your mouth?
Remember Machaelle Small Wright and her conversations with the devas and Nature spirits?
Remember Dr. Ibrahim Karim's Sweet Potato experiments where he grew sweet potatoes -- in salt water -- with better results than regular methods, through his BioGeometrical shapes?

     WHY  this is important:

Yes, this is a burgeoning movement.   A peaceful one.  At least it is starting out that way.
People who grow food have committed themselves to life in a positive manner.
When you have people who want to grow food, that is a very positive sign.
Farmers have been at the root of every movement that promotes freedom and peace
Remember Thomas Jefferson?  He was a gentleman farmer and wanted to continue to be one.  Like Michael Schmidt
The people on this planet who do the most important work are those who grow our food and those who take care of, nurture and teach our children.
Vive  La  RÉVOLUTION !!!

Twenty or so years ago, coming from the West and speaking to us here in Toronto, we were exposed to the genius work of Daryl Kollman, Carey Reams and Sandy Beddoe

DARYL KOLLMAN is the man who started Cell Tech (super blue green algae).  At that time, Daryl was desperately trying to educate people that the topsoil of the planet was rapidly disappearing, that we needed a minimal amount of good topsoil in order to survive and if we did not do something soon to build it up there would be no topsoil, hence no food with any significant degree of nutrition which would lead to a rapid decline in population and/or the strength and growth of the human race.  Was he right?  Global population continues to increase.  Are we evolving?  Or devolving?

CAREY REAMS developed the RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) system.  SANDY BEDDOE is one of his students.   RBTI follows the notion that a decline in American health is due to demineralized soil conditions.  Beddoe promotes fertilizer practices based on the theories of the late Dr. Carey Reams to raise foods with a higher nutrient density.  RBTI  says that “All disease is the result of a mineral deficiency or loss of mineral energy, whether plant, animal, or human.”

Reams promoted the use of the Refractometer and its measurement of BRIX, focusing on food quality, using refractometers to ascertain Brix as an indicator of taste.  BRIX  is the scale that measures soluble solids and sugars in sap squeezed from fruits and vegetables.  Hand held refractometers are used by farmers and gardeners and consumers to ascertain on-the-spot Brix readings as an indicator of good tasting fruits and vegetables.  An underlying assumption is that produce measuring high Brix will also have higher levels of minerals, amino acids and plant sugars.

ACRES MagazineThank you, Marilyn Peters!

One of the many who understands the potential of  this as a new commercial niche is GABRIEL COUSENS, of "Conscious Eating" renown.  He is running 3 workshops this year at his Tree of Life Center in Arizona on  "Conscious Gardening".  Notice the areas he has broken it down into and the languaging he uses:

BONUS!   A bunch of really!  really really! neat and/or useful internet sites
*==>   What English word is 9 letters long, and each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains a word? //www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV4G7AZhBOYThanks, Gino!

*==>   "Who needs pockets?"   This one minute video is hilarious.  Absolutely
www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3nOC-AQN_UThanks AGAIN , Gino!

*==>   Gorgeous graphics and you will like the info, too.

*==>   While looking for information trying to assimilate similarities and differences between herbal systems I found a partial explanation of:  Basic Principles of Chinese Medicine (Understanding How the Chinese Think).   I don't know if anyone knows how another person or group or race thinks it knows how anyone else thinks -- I don't even know how I think, but the article is a good one at:

*==>    Drunvalo Melchizedek:   Back in the 90s in the Denver area this 'Lighted Being'  gave his "Flower Of Life" workshops. Drunvalo who is in continuous contact with the indiginous people around the planet gave these sacred teachings about the energy fields that surround and interact with our physical bodies (our Merkaba) and way beyond melding with the sacred structure of the universe.
         And now the ancient cultures have urged him that the time has finally come to bring to the world's table the transformation that creation has decided to speed up and deliver at a mindblowing pace never before witnessed in any timeframe! In essence the period of change we have begun will leapfrog our development by an unheard of multi-billions of years!   Watch these 4 in order Thanks, Cathy Allon!

*==>    Dairy?  Is it good for Human Beings, or not?   The Weston Price Foundation, Sally Fallon, Michael Schmidt and many many others say that dairy products -- that are farm fresh and NOT pasteurized and come from a clean and well run dairy, etc. --- are extremely healthful and have been so for millennia in all cultures.

On the other hand, raw foodists such as Brian Clement, David Wolfe and others, believe that dairy products are harmful.  Among other statements, they say that the purpose of cow's milk is to turn a calf into a cow and human beings should not be turned into cows....    What do you believe?  You can see the video here of :  Brian Clement: Raw Dairy Good or Bad

*==>    Found a whole BUNCH of Brian Clement  (Hippocrates Institute)  videos here:
      "We are now offering a wide array of historic data and information so that you can get valid understanding as to how to move along in your life.  It comes out of the  volumes of clinical research that we conduct here at the Hippocrates Health Institute and the nearly 40 years of experience that I have had in the field of health both in Europe and here in the United States. ...  My legacy that I shall leave some day will hopefully have the next generation living in the way that after I became very sick I, I had to become, I had to adapt to and adopt.  ... Let us hope that together we can eradicate in great part, disorders that we all suffer from.  Too many of us are prematurely aging, dying at a very young age, but most important and saddest, is suffering in the process.
     "What we have to do is to pre empt disorder.   How we preempt disorder is by taking responsibility for our life once again.  It is head first.  Start here.  Then eating the diet.  Then exercising.  And all the rest falls into play."
      You will find videos on topics such as:  LifeGive B-12,..   Fruit Challenge Results, ..   Why Do Vegetarians Tend To Look Unhealthy?, ..  The Negative Effects of  Dairy Products On Your Health

*==>   'Green magic' protected child mummies.  Evidence reveals that ancient Egyptians thought color held sacred energy.   The finds help to explain why hieroglyphics and historical texts record that Egyptian children wore green eye makeup. It also adds to the growing body of evidence that ancient Egyptians thought color itself held sacred energy that could help or hurt individuals.

*==>   An 87 year old woman dancing Salsa.  Incredible moves, flexibility.  (How does she do it?  I could not do those moves when I was 17 and a dancin fool!)  Truly Amazing!

*==>   The Hallelujah Chorus.  This version, sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir,  really really rocks.  More religious / spiritual music should be sung this way.  If you are feeling a little low, or de-energized, this ought to elevate your mood.  Every day of the year.

*==>   In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe.  If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn't the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?  This is a very well done graphically informative 5 minute video on this topic.

*==>   Teaching resource offering message boards, lesson plans, and resources for teachers from pre-school through college and adult education.

*==>   2  really good links for "just plain folks":  |   www.igoogle.com  |  www.howstuffworks.com

*==>   The Internet Archive,  non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.  /www.archive.org

*==>   FREE  Phone number information service from GOOGLE! --- from your home and/or cell phone:  Example:  "I am driving along in my car and I need to call the golf course and I don't know the number.  I hit the speed dial for information that I have programmed.   The voice at the other end says, "City & State."  I say, "Garland, Texas."  He says, "Business Name or Type of Service."  I say, "Firewheel Golf Course."  He says, "Connecting" and Firewheel answers the phone.   This is nationwide and it is absolutely free!   DIAL1-800-goog411   Thanks, Annie!

by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies
In a recent discussion with Toronto Dowsers leader Marilyn Gang about Spiritual Dowsing & Discernment work, I brought up the issue of the Elemental Beings which we ourselves create.  Marilyn asked me to clarify this important issue, especially as to how these Elemental Beings are different from “Nature Elementals.”

This topic brings us to a profound Spiritual Initiation teaching: the power of the Godhead contained in every human being, which gives our Mind the power to create spiritual beings. Below are a few keys to this Mystery.  I look forward to exploring related subjects during my talk at the Toronto Dowsers this May, as well as in the workshops which follow it.

To understand who we really are as spiritual beings, and what our true potential is, we start at the beginning: the Mind of God.


1.  The foundation of all Creation is the Mind of God.  This is the Consciousness Field which contains everything within it -- it is the fundamental key to both Metaphysics and Quantum Physics.
       The Consciousness Field contains within it all the different levels of God. This includes the Mental Body of God, the Soul / Emotional  Body of God, the Life Energy of  God,  and the Manifested Physical Body of God.   The “Spiritual Planes” are in reality aspects of the Body of God: The Mental Body of God is what we live within in our own mental life, the “Mental Plane”; the Life Energy of God is the source of our own vibrational life energy which we sometimes call the “Etheric”, etc.
      This Consciousness Field at the Mental level (the Mental Body of God) is what we tap into in the most advanced forms of Mental Dowsing (asking mental questions which the dowsing instrument then responds to.)  The Vibrational imprints of this Field (the Life Energy Spectrum of God) are what we detect and harmonize with Vibrational Dowsing (such as BioGeometry® and the methods of the great French Radiesthesiasts.)

2.  This unified source of Creation takes on different qualities, a range of expression, which manifests all the differentiated things (what the Chinese refer to as the ‘Ten Thousand Things’) in the Created Worlds.  At the most fundamental level, these are each a separate Thoughtform in the Mind of God.  Each Thoughtform has a pattern to it, which is the blueprint for manifesting a particular thing in the created world.

3.  The Spiritual Science of Communion with these Thoughts in the Mind of God is the higher level of what is commonly called Sacred Geometry.  When we learn to “see” and understand the fundamental patterns of Creation, we are directly in resonance with higher levels of the Mind of God.  The Knowledge of these Patterns is key to tapping the Divine Power held within these core blueprints of creation.

4.  The Patterns in the mind of God are the Blueprint for all the Beings and structures in the Created World.
      Because the  Mind of God, the pure Consciousness Field, is the source of all creation, this means that there is a level of Consciousness hidden in everything in the world.  This is the foundation of practical Shamanism.  It is also a concept in Egyptian BioGeometry®, which notes that everything in the world is Conscious and can be directly communicated with if we use the “Communication Code” which its level of Consciousness can understand.

5.  The Thoughtforms in the Mind of God can manifest as Spiritual Beings, which have different levels of Consciousness.  This means that the Mind of God “thinks” Spiritual Beings into existence, including Human Beings.
       To understand how it is that we as human beings can ourselves create “Living Elemental Beings” through our thoughtforms, we  first need to differentiate two different types of Spiritual Beings created by God.  We can differentiate them according to their states of Consciousness (this is an essential Initiation teaching):

a)  First there are Higher Spiritual  Beings which are Self-Aware, who have had their Divine Spark activated to be a stable “I AM” self-aware core.  Different world cultures and traditions use different names for these Beings; in the West we refer to them as the “Angelic Ranks” or “Spiritual Hierarchies.”  The fundamental teaching on this is that there are 9 ranks of these, starting with the Angels and Archangels and continuing up to the Cherubim and Seraphim.  Each of these ranks has a function as “God’s  Messengers.” Their function is based on their level of Consciousness; for instance the highest rank, the Seraphim, are the “Spirits of Love”.
       Mankind is the latest hierarchy, the 10th in this series. We are just now activating self-awareness, the “I AM.”   This is what is hidden behind the many references to the “I AM” self-awareness in the Jewish and Christian traditions.  The function, or task, of human beings is to become the “Spirits of Love and  Freedom.”
       The Godhead’s Self-Aware Consciousness is like an Ocean of Fire; each of the Angelic Beings carries one Flame from the Ocean of Fire which is the Mind of God.  The “ignition” of this higher self-awareness in a Human Being is often depicted as a Flame at the first Energy Center above the Human head, as seen in the Esoteric Christian tradition of the appearance of the Flames above the heads of the Disciples at Pentecost.

b)  Then there are those beings who do not have an “I Am” Core: the do not have true awakened individual consciousness.  Among these beings are those known as “Elemental” Beings.  These are the living Spiritual Beings who express their core nature through the physical elements such as Fire, Air, Earth and Water.  These beings are in the West properly called “Nature Elementals.”  (The term “Deva” actually is a Sanskrit word referring to the higher Spiritual Beings which are self-aware, not to these Elemental Beings; the common misuse of the term ‘Deva’ to indicate a Nature Elemental came about as one of many mis-translations of Sanskrit terms by early Theosophists.)


1.  The Godhead directly creates the Self-Aware Beings who possess an “I Am” core (the Angelic Ranks) out of its own substance.  Since each of these Angelic Beings carries within themselves a part of the Self-Aware Consciousness of God, they therefore carry the potential to create Beings out of their own Mind-substance, just as they are themselves manifestations of the Mind of God.
        It is understood in the Esoteric Tradition that the different ranks of “Nature Elementals” are in fact Thoughtforms from the Mind of different ranks of Angelic Beings.  In other words, the Nature Elementals were literally created by higher Angelic Beings through a crystallizing of their Thoughtforms of the Elements in Nature.
         As we are one of these spiritual hierarchies (the youngest, the ones currently undergoing the awakening of the “I Am”), we have the same capacity to create beings with our mind.  However it is critical to recognize that not only have we not mastered this skill, most of us are not even aware that we are in fact creating “Elemental” Beings all the time at an unconscious level!
        Since everything in the world is Spirit, this means that what we think of as “Thoughtforms” in the mind of God are actually Spiritual beings.  The same is true for the microcosmic “Thoughtforms” in the human mind.  When coherent, the “waves” of our Thoughtforms create a pattern which can manifest as a separate being.  These human Thoughtforms are less powerful and less perfect than those from the Mind of God (and the Beings we create do not contain an “I Am” flame core)  but nonetheless, our stabilized Thoughtforms are in reality living Elemental Beings.
        Most random Thoughtforms break up and dissolve easily; however those which are reinforced by strong emotions, by spiritual rituals, and/or by regular repetition, can stabilize and remain in existence.

2.  The Elementals created by the Human Mind are not “Nature Elementals” such as those manifested by the higher Angelic Ranks.  The Human-generated Elementals have the same basic quality as the Thoughtforms which created them.  There are 3 essential aspects of our inner life which create these Elemental Beings:

a)  The quality of our thoughts, our mental constructs.
b)  The quality of our emotions, our feeling life.
c)  The quality of our life energy, our vibrational body.
If our thoughts are full of spiritual Light and reflect higher realities, our emotions full of Love and Compassion, and our vibrational energy full of Life, then the Elementals we create are beautiful and beneficial.  However if the qualities are detrimental – based on reactive mind processes of Hate, Fear, Anger, etc. – then the Beings that are created are quite detrimental.  The harm that they do to us, and the people around us, is quite real even though too subtle for most of us to perceive.

3. In addition to the separate Elementals created by individual Human Beings, those Elementals which have similar thoughts/emotions/vibrations behind them can merge to create a “Group Elemental”.  The term used in classical Western esoteric texts for this group elemental is an “Egregore.”  These Group Elementals can take on tremendous power through being reinforced by many people on a regular basis.  Spiritual Traditions create powerful Egregores through leading their members in specific prayers/meditations which reinforce these Elementals.  This is a deep topic, which on the negative side also relates to terrible problems that seem to “sweep” through certain societies at times.

4.   Every major spiritual  tradition teaches how to work with these self-generated elemental beings, although many reserve clear teachings about these spiritual realities  for their higher Initiations, not given to the public.
        An example in the East is the teaching of “Tulpas” in Tibetan  Buddhism.  In Western texts, these self-generated elementals are often called ”Artificial Elementals”; ‘Artificial’ in the sense that human beings created them, rather than the higher spiritual hierarchies.
        In some esoteric schools, one of the very first practices given to students is to observe how they create these Elemental Beings on a daily basis, and what affect these Beings have on them and on the people around them.  One example of such a school was that run by the Greek Hermetic Master “Daskalos” (real name Stylianos Atteshlis) on the island of Cyprus.  He made sure his students understood the specific methods by which we create these Beings, and how these Beings affect all of us without our normally being aware of it.  The Elemental Beings which we create constantly return to us, reinforcing in us whatever qualities we ourselves put into the Elemental.  For instance, when we create these elementals through repetitive thoughts/feelings/vibrations of an addictive nature, they then constantly influence us to continue the addictive behaviour which sustains their existence.  On the other hand, we can create Elemental Beings of a higher nature which can help Heal and Enlighten us (or be sent to others to aid them in times of need.)

5.  Here are a few simple practices toward creating beneficial Elemental Beings:

a)  Observe the habitual thoughts which run through your mind.  What are the thoughts about?  Are these thoughts supporting and healing you, or are they detrimental?  What thought patterns run through your mind on a daily basis like a broken record, which you have gotten so used to that you don’t even notice when you create them?
b)  Do the same with observing your inner Emotional Life, the Feelings which sustain or undermine you.
c)  Do the same with observing the quality of your internal Vibrations, your Life Energy.  Do you see a relationship between when you feel full of life (or ‘sick and tired’) and the thoughts/feelings you were generating just before noticing these states of your Life Energy?

6.  Here are a few simple practices toward learning to stop creating detrimental Elemental Beings:

a)  Notice when you are directing a negative thought or feeling toward a person or situation.  Stop, take a deep breath, and interrupt this habitual pattern of creating that detrimental thought or feeling. Because this process is so unconscious and ingrained, it can take considerable willpower for you to choose to stop the detrimental thought or feeling which you are in the process of creating.
b)  When you notice an angry thought or feeling towards another person, stop and ask yourself how this person has suffered in their life.  Most of the unskillful actions of other people which upset us are based on their trauma, their attempts to deal with the suffering in their life.  The Buddhists understand this very well, and know that recognizing the suffering in our “enemies” is the key to overcoming Anger and Hatred.  Similarly, in the Esoteric Christian path of the True Holy Grail, we ask the “Grail Question”: Brother or Sister, What Ails Thee?
        We then seek the thoughts, the feelings, the words which can heal them – and heal ourselves.
c)  Any internal negative thought or feeling can be transmuted into a beneficial state by applying its opposite polarity to it.  For Hatred we choose to generate thoughts and feelings of unconditional Love; for Blaming we choose Compassion and Appreciation; etc.  (This topic is related to the work some of you have done with BioGeometry®, in testing and transmuting harmful energy qualities to beneficial ones.)

        Much of the above is a basic “common sense” approach to spiritual development.  We all “know it”, but how often do we actually practice these fundamental methods of observation and correction?
        It is through the actual “Doing It” that these methods will open up the deep gates of Spiritual Initiation to you.   As you develop the ability to observe and correct your internal thoughts/feelings/energetic states, you will also begin to notice the actual formation of these Living Elemental Beings.  You will see what it takes to create them, to stabilize them, and to transmute them.  You will observe which energy centers of your body they use to emerge out of you, and through which  they return to you.  You will also become more deeply aware of how the Elemental Beings you generate help or harm the people around you.

At that point, the real Initiation work with these Elemental Beings -- and the Divine Powers which we all carry, slumbering inside of us -- can begin.

In the next two Newsletters of the Toronto Dowsers before his appearance here in May, Dr. Gilbert will discuss aspects of Spiritual and Vibrational Dowsing and their practical applications.

OUR LATEST  YOUTUBE  VIDEO!   Jeff Volk, Cymatics

After a hiatus of about a month, another video (the 7th) was uploaded to our YouTube site:  Jeff Volk, speaking about Cymatics, at the 2008 ASD Convention in Killington, Vermont.  Jeff is a colleague of Dr. Robert J. Gilbert and they often speak at the same conferences.  If you study Jeff and his work, you will begin to notice parallels and complementary perspectives with regard to elements of wave, form, function, vibration, shape, sound, the Golden mean, universal principles of creation, sound and so on.
 We met Jeff at the dowsing convention 2 years ago.  Jeff is both a poet and a publisher.

His work beautifully broadens and deepens our learnings on BioGeometry, Sacred Geometry and so very much more..

Jeff says:


  Take a moment to check out the following YouTube videos which include people and/or techniques we are interested in, and Cymatics:
David Icke Vibration Creates FormThis is a clip from a David Icke Documentary called "Freedom Road".   Tiny particles of sand are strewn on a smooth disk and subjected to vibrations being passed into the surface, they immediately begin to take form and arrange into a multitude of geometrically perfect designs. Some variations of these vibrations create known geometric patterns such as hexagons (honeycombs), pentagrams, crosses, spirals, and many other infinite combinations. The amazing patterns found on animals and insect wings are easily explained in this simple experiment. Sound and vibration give birth to form. In one particular vibratory sequence, opposite oscillations were resonated though the disk - the sand particles then condensed upon other, rolling into spheres, and then the smaller of the spheres began to revolve around the larger spheres. This is the portrait of our universe. Zoom into our cellular and atomic structure and it is found there as well.

Chaldni plate:   Chaldni plate #1   |||   Chaldni plate #2   |||(  Demonstrates how the shape changes when you change frequency and/or amplitude)

David Wilcock and Cymatics  This is  from  "The 2012 Enigma" -  New March 2008.  This is Pt. 2 of 10.  The other 9 parts are also retrievable.   [Many David Wilcock videos on this channel:  /www.youtube.com/user/PortalForYou]


The topic of Health flows all througout this issue...  with all the info on herbs, cayenne and more.  So, for the 7th month in a row, once again, some highlights on MMS.  Here is some feedback:


When I found out, and tried, MMS, there were 2 people who I thought would benefit greatly if they could use it.  One because I thought it could help to clear the mental body, the other because it could help assuage discomfort from tooth difficulties.   So I called them.   Victoria is the one with long term and multiple physical challenges, very frail, all sorts of sensitivities, tried and done everything.  Here is her story:

"Early October 2008, while in Calgary, Marilyn spoke with me about MMS.  One inquiry and two phone calls later and a man was at my door with the product.  I had the DVD sent to me from Edmonton and started taking MMS before Thanksgiving.  My situation is that I am healing from pharmaceutically induced CFS / Fibromyalgia, probably as a result of taking depo-provera, and, definitely from the 3 shots of Hepatitis "B" vaccine in 1986-1987.

Within 2 days the aches and pains I had been suffering with had left my body;  my appetite increased; I dropped the daily 2 hour naps and was sleeping better at night.   My dowsing at this initial time said I could take any amount of MMS, which I've learned to interpret as "not familiar with this stuff".  So, without dowsing I gradually increased the dosage to 6 drops twice a day and kept it at that dosage until I had traveled home to New Brunswick, where I arrived at the end of November.  I became ill in December and thought it would be a good time to increase the dosage.  This was a mistake.  My body interpreted it as another stressor.  Once I was over the worst of this bout I started to dowse for my dosage.  Currently I take MMS twice a day following meals.  If I miss a dose my dowsing indicated additional drops for the one dose I do take.  If I am ill my dowsing decreases the number of drops per dose.  "Now I understand this MMS stuff", my dowsing is telling me.

In addition, my partner has used 2 drops of MMS as a mouthwash to greatly decrease the pain of an infected tooth.  MMS applied to a tiny basal cell carcinoma lesion had no effect on him.  However, MMS applied to a mole gone wild (2 applications using a Q tip, then bandaged overnight) saw the lesion gone in a week.  I gargled with MMS (2 drops) for a  very sore throat just once and the pain was gone.

I like reading the experiences others are having with MMS, and I wish I had access to a Darkfield Microscope.  . . ."  Thank you, Victoria!   Victoria called me every couple weeks, astounded at the improvements she was experiencing.  Victoria  joined us when she lived in Toronto and moved to New Brunswick 3 years ago.  She, remains a member and values her connection with the Toronto Dowsers.  And, she is a nurse.

Feedback about MMS and Tooth Abscesses:

(1)    "MMS kept mine under control until dentist. The MMS 'may' kill the infection and then I pack it with  Thoth Polish white-gold with clove oil. That system tightens the tooth up that was pretty loose especially after crashing down on a hard something not expected to be there. Hurt like hell."

(2)    "Many people report excellent results with MMS, which kills the infection causing the abscess."

One of the most common uses for MMS is to remove or reduce infections in teeth.  It works.  Again, also useful for good general oral health is Homeopathic Toothpaste, such as HomeoFresh or Homeodont (dent), which is a little pricey, ie for toothpaste, and, worth it.  Available in compounding pharmacies such as Hooper's or Smiths, and online.

 Could this solve the Raw Milk supply quandary?

 When I was a child, I would get tummy aches.  The medicos could not figure out what it was and the only thing my doctor told me to do was to stop drinking pasteurized milk.  Instead, drink milk that has not been pasteurized.   The quandary is, federal and provincial laws, as it is well known by now, make it impossible for me to follow my doctor's advice.
       I found a solution.  Get a Dexter!   Dexter is a miniature breed of cattle, about the size of a large dog.   Every home should have a Dexter!   Supplies fresh milk, as well as good manure for gardens for your entire neighborhood!  and will keep the grass mowed!   I'm just picturing bringing little Dexter into the apartment building, up on the elevator and housing her on my balcony.  After all, if Canada's laws prohibit me from following my doctor's advice, its time to take matters into my own hands, yes?
        (Hear about the new health beverage coming out of India?  One comment was: "why put it in bottles if you can get it right out of the tap?!")  OH NO!



 WHAT YOU DO:  Note the Birth Days of your friends, below.
Using  Mary Stinson's October 10th birthday as an example:
As you are -- transitioning from the sleep state -- that morning, intend -- with passion! -- and/or say out loud:

"Today is  Mary's birthday.  In her honor, please bless me with a glorious day and help me deal with anything that comes up in the best way possible.  And bless Mary with the same.   AMEN!"

[ of course repeat this anytime during that day And really lock it in! ]
Our thoughts are programs.  We can, and do, program and reprogram ourselves.

DO:   Say, Repeat:   Intentions, Blessings, Affirmations For Yourself  For your families, friends and neighbors  For those who have passed over   With   OOMPH!  *  Determination!  *  Confidence!  *  Passion!  and of course:   100% Belief
THANK YOU JOEY  KORN: www.Dowsers.com For giving us the blessing, and much valuable guidance

If you would like your Birthday added to our Birthday Brigade email: mgang@dowsers.info  -- and thank you for giving us the opportunity to exercise our intention muscles!

12                   Suzanne Gagnon 
23             Roxanna Spiryheart
*            *
7                  Kathy Therrien
15                Anita Fernandes
23                         Abraham Gang
23                William Shakespeare
*            *
PS:   from  previous newsletters:
If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters or questions about the content please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections/responses can be made in a following issue.

The Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 meeting features:
"Growing Dowsing:  The Fish is Bigger Than You Are"
Basic Water,  Field and Earth Energy Dowsing Skills
Bruce Irwin, a well known, very competent, experienced, confident and exceedingly humorous (mostly) water dowser, from the Lake Placid, New York area, will speak to us about Water, Land, Earth Energy and Field Dowsing, what to find, how to find it,  what it means, demonstrating and explaining.

Bruce, who dowses continually, has taught hundreds of people how to dowse --- successfully.   Bruce dowses professionally when he helps pinpoint the best spot on someone's land to dig a well for potable water, as well as fixing up situations where a well has gone dry.

In addition to showing us the what's and how's of water and field dowsing, he will also demonstrate for us something which few in our group have used to any degree of competence:  The Use of the "Y" Rod.   He is completely hands-on with water veins, all tools, and tool recognition principles!  He'll even add in couple of new concepts!

   Bruce is very good at helping people become comfortable and proficient with the dowsing tools.  When he dowses, when he teaches, he goes through a kind of metamorphosis, when he has a chance to share dowsing with people, it spreads and he can't stop.  When people get hold of that momentum they leave doubt behind, they come up a level, dowse and forget their own hesitations.

   "When you use a Y rod", says Bruce, "You get the sense of the strength and the power of the earth energy.  There are very few natural experiences you can feel such as the power of a Y rod pulling down over a vein of water.  Its the dramatic feel of something pulling against you."   It's an awesome experience, something you never forget.

Bruce is one of few genuine professional dowsers.  Among the services he offers are:  dowsing for "missing objects, boundary markers, missing persons and pets."  Among the clients he has served in the past have been the state police and local forest rangers.

"There is a relationship between you and I that is making something happen, just as there is a relationship between me and the water outside and there  is a relationship between me and other objects,"

Bruce Irwin is the President of the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter of the ASD, has been a speaker at ASD conventions for many years teaching and demonstrating dowsing and is currently a trustee of the ASD and its Treasurer.

We will be having 3 workshops with Bruce while he is here:  2 outdoor Field Days, to dowse the Brickworks and High Park. And one indoor day.  The dates are:  Outdoor:  March 11, 12.  Indoor:  March 14.

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