Here is the 4 page flyer Mary sent me for her conference in August.
The cost is very reasonable.

For more info, see her website:

If you can't read this and would like me to fax you this flyer, let me know.

You can camp on her land (very basic facilities) or find lodging nearby.

I am trying to connect people who want to go together.   If you would like to drive, or if you need a ride, let me know and I'll email you the list of people who want rides or riders.




From Toronto:
I suggest you get a map, and/or learn how to use the MAPS links at
385 miles  ----   7 hours, 12 minutes
In Michigan:
Take HWY  69  to Lansing
In Lansing, Michigan, get on to Route 96
Take this to  Hwy 131 South
To  A42.   Go West
To 30th Street.   Go South
To  South Monterey / 125 Avenue.  Go West
To Dumont Road.  Go South
To Lakeview.

Mary's map sketch is below.