The Toronto Chapter
of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
***  Tuesday May 8th, 2001   ***
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 7:00 p.m., Program to begin at 7:30 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Parking: On the street (neighborhood) parking is not too bad
Our meetings take place
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the CSD.   Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.   Dowsing is a form of energy.  This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.   You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.    One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.

Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto chapter members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto chapter
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto chapter

If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.

Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang     (416) 322 - 0363   (9:30-9:30)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site at:

Post on your refrigerator:       TORONTO DOWSERS

May 8th   - Bruce Magill, Earth Energies


April 28:  near Syracuse, NY :  Harold McCoy, Founder and Director of  ORI (Ozark Research Institute) will present a one day workshop sponsored by the Finger Lakes (NY) chapter of the ASD.    This is a hands on full day workshop: "Using the Mind to Heal the Body".  Cost: $60 US

The workshop will be a hands-on introduction to the techniques of healing with love, compassion and the Power of the Focused Mind.  Harold McCoy will share his experiences as a healer and teach his meditation & visualization techniques.  The following topics will be covered:
*   Hands-on Healing Energies: Determine the Condition of the Body's Energy/Auric Field.
*   Correcting, Balancing and Energizing Deficient Fields.
*   Techniques for Bring Prosperity to a Business or Individual.
*   Learn Techniques and Participate in Sending Healing Energy over Great Distances.
*   Networking for Those Already Doing Power of Thought Work.
 If interested in attending please email Bill Rogers   or call him at  315-622-3487 for information about registering, etc.

May 4-6: Power of Mind workshop with Raymon Grace.
Contact:  Glen Halina (905) 791 - 5384    for more information

June 12-17:  ASD Annual Convention, Vermont   802-684-3417

July 7-8:  NATURAL LIFE FESTIVAL, Kleinberg.  (this used to be in August in St. George)
Workshops, Green Marketplace, crafts, natural foods & more.   1-800-215-9574

There are several people on our coordinating committee and I am taking this moment to gratefully acknowledge the outstanding contributions made to us by Lorenza Campagnolo.   Lorenza quietly, but oh so steadily and steadfastly works in the background ensuring that whatever needs to be done gets done.   We could not have done what we have done without her.  Lorenza, thank YOU so very much.   You are a rare and precious jewel and a very good person.
Margaret Ball has announced that she has scheduled 2 practice groups:  May 10 & June 13
This is open to any one who has taken any instruction with her in the past and costs $12.  You can contact Margaret at:  905-770-9012    or

Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Convention & Workshops
June 22-25, University of Toronto campus at Scarborough  call 1-888-588-8958
to receive your program and registration forms
or go to:

This is absolutely THE best time and place to avail yourself of the best dowsing expertise, instruction, energy and fun in Canada.  Sandra Yemm, Vice President of the CSD, has single handedly been doing a splendid job coordinating and organizing each and every facet and detail of this convention.   We appreciate you, Sandra.

Don't know how to Dowse?  Want to learn more?  Have a friend who wants to learn?
Attend a Basic or Advanced Dowsing School with highly experienced enthusiastic teachers.
Sign up your 10-15 year old child, grandchild, niece or nephew for a BRAND NEW Youth Dowsing School taught by Margaret Ball.

Come and find out more about dowsing and geopathic stress, graphology, healing through dowsing, music and color, sacred sites, Perelandra processes, Sacred fire circles, Shamanism and dowsing, geomancy, working with energy fields, dowsing and other vibrational devices, fundamentals of the human animal bond, etc. etc. et cetera.

An Energy Garden is being assembled by Walter Huszczo who has constructed Platonic Solids such as the Star Tetrahedron.  Enter these solids and notice the energetic changes you feel.

Toronto Dowsers!  Louise Jenkins is a long time dowser from Maine.  She has been attending our conventions for many years.   Louise has a way of permanently, and quickly, removing nasty entitities and has agreed to remove them from anyone who asks her.  Let us know if you want to meet her.  Many of us who have met Louise notice a difference in our energies.

Convention registration is $110 [for CSD members].  In addition to the Friday night - Sunday afternoon programm, also included are 2 delicious vegetarian lunches and a vegetarian dinner.   Workshops and Dowsing Schools are at an extra charge.  If you have not yet joined the CSD, this is your chance to do so.    Accomodation on campus is available, too.

I found a real good book at the library and want to buy a copy so I asked Diane Marcotte, owner of Spectrum books, who will have a table at the CSD, if she has it and she said she does.  This book is 'Principles of Dowsing' by Dennis Wheatley and was published in 2000.  I will get my copy from her at CSD since she gives us a 15% discount.   Diane's email to me today was: "Funny you should ask about 'Principles of Dowsing' - I'm ordering 5 copies today!"   Diane, maybe you might need more?   She is having a clearance of books going on (discounted 40% to 70%).  "The best way for anyone to view them is on my website at   but they can also call me if they are looking for a particular book or are interested in a particular subject.  My phone number is 905-338-1691."

What Happened at our meeting on April 17th:

There are 2 items of a non dowsing nature but of interest to many so here goes:
(1)   Y'all know I went to Florida to take care of my Dad.  I returned a few days ago and am going back there next week.   Through a contact in the Life Extension Foundation ( ) I found out about a therapy that we started Dad on, it's working, and important that he continue it in Florida.

One of the deleterious effects of Parkinson's Disease and aging is malnutrition. With PD, digestion slows down and swallowing becomes difficult.  Appetite is ultra poor.   If they do have an appetite, absorption and assimilation are abysmal.   If they eat or don't eat they can perish in the midst of plenty from malnutrition.   Dad's protein count was dangerously low.

I found a doctor who is giving him a series of Nutritional Intraveneous treatments, including Amino Acids which are the components of protein.   Nutritional IVs may be the answer to people who are not able to get the nutrition they need for whatever reasons. ...    Of course!!!!   I thought when I heard about it.   Why haven't "they" been doing this for decades???   Why not?   Because it doesn't make money for the pharmeceutical companies.

When I got home I started doing some web research on this.  There isn't a heck of a lot of information on it so far, it's not yet a "thing".   I'm going to go and make this a "thing".   Typically, doctors who do Chelation or AIDS therapies offer nutritional IVs.    So far I've found doctors in Florida, Connecticut and Boston thus far who offer this.   I want to find out more about it and make the information available on who, what, where, why, how much, etc., and, I will.   If you have questions about this right now, or can offer me information so I can share it with others, let me know.  If you know of someone who is wasting away because they can't eat, this can help.  I will do what I can at this point to help folks who need this info ASAP (but do remember I may not be back from Florida until mid-May).

(2)   I mentioned before that I will be away --- at the ASD convention at the usual time for our June meeting (around June 12th??)  and did anyone want to put together a presentation to our group.  No one came forth, however, an opportunity is being presented to me.   A very strong possibility exists that reknowned author and lecturer, David Icke  ( ), former head of the UK Green Party and ex BBC sportscaster, may be available to address our group.   Today, David, who many of us believe must be highly psychic, presents startling indepth information on global events, the history of these events and the history and alliances of the groups and individuals involved.  And what we can do about this.

I made the offer to the group and as 70% of the people present said they very much would like to see him, we will try to make it happen. We may not be able to get together a mailing for this so if you would like to hear David, call or email me to let me know.  You really surprised me. ---- How many people not only know about, but firmly appreciate David Icke and what he brings to us.

REFRESHMENTS:   You made me give up an idea some time ago that I was fixed on doing and its turning out splendidly!  Thank you!  --- The idea of an assigned refreshment person and now different people bring refreshments in and we have plenty of goodies and GoODness --- just by letting it happen.  Marta Kuze baked us a delicious chocolate chip Easter cake.   This is great, because there were a few pieces left, it's 3:30 Wednesday, I'm still in pj's trying to write this newsletter and lately whatever is left those of us who clean up get to take it home and this sustains me as I write.  Thanks Marta!   And it looks like Phillip Bowman is in Kombucha production.

We had 2 parts to the evening.  Part 1 was:
Dowsing:    With Larry Huszczo

Larry is relatively new to dowsing, and, he is a Natural.  As a young child, Larry and his brothers would play around with L-Rods on the farm.  Later on, he found out this was a form of dowsing.   Since he grew up, it's as if his Dowsing Angel has been in stasis, anxiously waiting to recommence, has hit the ground running and has not stopped since.   Larry made a rare connection with Raymon Grace, who is his mentor.  They speak several times a week consulting with one another on the situations they are dealing with.   He has helped many people --- including me [Marilyn] permanently remove long standing emotional difficulties.

For the past half year, Larry has been dowsing about 2-6 hours every day and he is called upon to help people with chronic negative emotional patterns.   When he is helping people, --- thoughts, questions, ideas --- about what may be occurring --- seem to simply occur to him.   He told us some stories that happened to him in the last 6 months and to any one who does not understand dowsing, these stories would be called miracles or would not be believed.   He is here to help us get started on how to help ourselves and others by using this very simple method.

What one generally uses dowsing for is to get information.  We use it to get answers to questions, to detect.   Now,  In this "new"-er dowsing --- some call it spiritual or emotional dowsing:

We may ask what the situation is, such as energy level, and, if it does not seem to be at a high enough level, we ask that it be made higher and we Make It So.  We change it.  Through the use of the pendulum.  Through our intent, focus, practice and belief.

Larry asks a certain set of questions every morning, it takes 2 or 3 minutes.  These questions, that he shares with us here, clear and strengthen his energy and make it possible to continue dowsing in a clear, strong, grounded state.

Example:   Ask:  "What is the level of my available life force at now [on a scale of 1-100]?"
As the answer to this ought to be 100, if it is less than 100 he brings it up to 100 like this:
"Bring the level of my available life force up to 100 (or, up to its highest appropriate level), permanently balance and stabilize it at that level."

(In her presentation to our group in October, Eva Angyal did mention one of the questions which was to ask about our energy level and to raise it.)

Here is something IMPORTANT  we omitted at the meeting:   With the Dowsing System some of us use, when we tell the System something like:  "Bring the level.... etc." --- the pendulum starts moving in a "yes" direction.   When the pendulum stops moving --- THEN we know that what you have stated has "taken".   Again --- figure out for yourself how you want your Dowsing System to work.

So we are going through a basic series of important questions in that manner, clearing out negativities, blockages and raising low energies.

A handout was given out with the questions.  Here they are:

In this "new" dowsing, only now being developed by:
Walt Woods, Harold McCoy, Raymon Grace and some others,
We use the pendulum not just to detect, but also to actively correct.
Do this with intent, focus, confidence, conviction and belief .
Just Do It   (Raymon Grace)
(and remember?)   Make it so    (Jean Luc Picard)

If you do the following (10) questions on a daily basis, it will help strengthen your energy and dowsing.   The remaining questions  can be used as desired.

The 10 Main questions:

Do I have permission to dowse now?

Are there any non-beneficial frequencies or energies affecting my energy field or attached to me?

What is the level of my available life force at now [on a scale of 1-100]? *
(If it is less than 100, ask if you can bring it up to 100.  When you receive permission for this, use your (pendulum) dowsing system  in command mode to raise it to its highest appropriate level, then, permanently stabilize it and remain at that point.)

What is the level of my Vitality on a scale of 1-10?   *
(If it is less than 10, ask if you can bring it up to 10.  When you....   )

What is my energy level at now?   *
(If it is less than ______ ask if you can bring it up to ______.  When you ....   )

Is my total mind, body and soul in balance?

Am I grounded to the center of the earth?

Am I connected to the universe of knowledge?

Is my body frequency at its optimum level?  *

What is my level of fear on a scale of 0-100?   *

If you bring something to a [numerical] level, DO ensure that you keep it at that level, such as telling it to "permanently balance and stabilize at that level".

FOR:   LIFE FORCE,     ENERGY,     VITALITY  -  You want to RAISE these levels.
FOR:   FEAR:    You want to LOWER this to the LOWEST appropriate level

You can work with these questions for yourself or for anyone you have permission for.
You can go through them individually, each day, or dowse to first see if there is anything on this (or any other) page that you ought to pay attention to.
You can add to this list and share your additions with us.

o  Is there any phase of my life that is under the influence of the dark side?
o  What is my health level at now?
o  Am I at my optimum level of health for all levels of being?
o  What is my over all % of my mind, spiritual and emotional levels?
o  What % of my life’s purpose am I accomplishing?
o  Is my Prosperity frequency at its optimum level for me?
o  Are there any blockages to my prosperity?   (If you get a yes, ask that they be removed)

(When you are removing a blockage also ask that all fears, thought forms, memories, emotions, emotional memories, and cellular memories associated with the blockage be removed nd/or transmuted to the best and highest energies.)

When you have a non beneficial situation, again ask:
"Are there any beliefs or thoughts or memories or fears that are influencing this situation?"
If yes, remove them.    There may be a fear that is blocking the amelioration of this situation.

What is the % and over all effect of the medication that I am taking?

Ask if I can clear myself, my family, my house and property, and,  how large of a distance from my property?

Raymon suggests that you Repeat daily:

"I continually attract to myself people circumstances and events that bring to me
my highest and greatest good."

The suggestions on this piece of paper seem few, and, simple, don't they?   They are.
The idea is for us to understand that WE CAN "just" DO IT!
Raymon Grace "just" does it.   He shows us how.  He is a model for us.
Please do attend Raymon's workshops and/or sessions at the CSD Convention this June 22-26.
(And/or the May 4th-6th workshop.   Contact Glen Halina 905 791 5384 for more info.)

When you are around Raymon, you will understand more.
This kind of energy is caught, not taught.

Some people had difficulty with some of the questions, such as obtaining permission to dowse.  Larry cleared that up.

He also told us about talking to his guides and spirit helpers, as some people were asking questions about his methods.  Some people feel you can only ask for help for other people.  You can help yourself.  All you have to do is ask.  Larry said he talks to them like he talks to a good friend.  He tells them what he needs.  He thanks them and tells them when he likes and has a fairly firm conversation with them when things don't go so well.   [Machaelle Small-Wright, in describing her MAP (Medical Assistance Program) to us tells us we have to ask the spirit world for help.  The MAP process tells us how to do it.  She says there are beings who are just waiting for humans to ask them for help.  This is their job.  We don't know enough to ask.]

Raymon says:  "If you don't ask, nothing will happen.  But if you ask, something might happen."

These techniques worked for me and it just may work for you too:   Larry helped me at first, clear things up.  There was a lot of fear that had to be removed.  I could not, at first, do this for myself.  After I became clearer and stronger I became able to do it for myself.  If you are in extremis I suggest that at first you work with someone.

If you need help with this technique and questions and would like me to help you, CONTACT ME and we can try something over the phone or I will come to you.  Prior to clearing this debris from my energy field, I had trouble getting out of the house before 11 a.m.  That's all cleared up.  I want to give to others what has been given to me.

We gave out copies of Walt Woods' dowsing chart.
We gave out copies of a laminated color dowsing chart as well.  Thanks to Jack Campbell of Orangeville who provided us with the original.

Part 2:  We set up:        DOWSING BUDDIES   !!!
What we wanted to do was get in to small groups of 2 or 3 people who live near one another and to practice dowsing together at least once a month.   Handouts of exercises to practice with another person were given out.  It was somewhat confusing but we made a pretty good beginning.

So far these are the groups we have:
Group 1:  Yonge / Eglinton / Davisville
Group 2:  Bayview / Moore
Group 3:  Downtown - Big Carrot area
Group 4:  West Toronto - High Park area
Group 5:  West:  Mississauga, Brampton.

HELP!!!  I do not have the rest of the groups!  Would you please call me and help me out and let me know who is in what group????   Did I lose a paper with names?  What happened to the:
Steeles Ave  /  Scarborough & points east  / North of Toronto    area groups?

May 8th, 2001 MEETING
Bruce Magill
will speak on Earth Energies

Bruce and his wife Irene have operated The Dowsing School on his lovely acreage in Havelock for many years.  Bruce is a past president of the CSD and teaches the basic dowsing school at the annual CSD convention.  His area of research and interest is Earth Energies and how to use them.

Bruce will tell us what earth energies are, how they affect us and what we can do about them, such as Noxious Veins of water, what they are, how to dowse them, a way to remove their effect.

On the positive side he will tell us about Aquastats and Overgrounds, how to dowse them and their positive effect on us.   Bruce will teach us dowsing techniques and the various tools that he uses.

The air is getting warmer we want more excuses to be outside.  So let's talk about earth energies, minerals and maybe a little map dowsing.  This will prepare us for our summer meeting.   This is the perfect presentation to have at this time, we are in Taurus, the first Earth sign of the new Astrological cycle and the day after the Full Moon.


May  --  We are having a presentation style meeting (starring Bruce Magill)
Your next newsletter will be written at the end of May or the beginning of June
June -- We hope to have an "unofficial" meeting featuring David Icke, and
            We will definitely have the CSD convention
July and August are not scheduled.  We are trying to arrange field days so stay tuned.
September --   Presentation style meetings recommence.

If you would like dowsing company for an afternoon this summer, contact me.   I like to explore, to visit.  Living in Toronto, I love excuses to drive out somewhere and breathe real air and eat lunch.  I don't know enough of you.  This organization is about People and until I know   Who You Are    I can't properly  bring your essence in to our pot of Stone Soup.   Anyone interested in Lily Dale --- America's oldest spiritual community, not far from Buffalo?  Or attending a Perelandra Open House?  I may contact people with regard to dowsing buddies.

July & August (methinks) will be my time for collecting and ruminating on ideas and running around..   Help me be creative.  And, expect me to bug you.  Create an excuse.

If you are on Internet and have not been receiving email messages from me, please send me an email so I have your address.  I send occasional email "treats" that are not available in the newsletter  to those of us who are online.  Please send an email to: