The Toronto Dowsers
The Toronto Chapter of the  Canadian Society of Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting,
Wednesday, May 8th, 2002
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:45 p.m., Program to begin at 7:15 p.m.
St. Leonard's Anglican Church - 25 Wanless Avenue
2 short blocks North of Lawrence, 1/4 block East of Yonge Street
This is a 3 minute walk from the (Lawrence) subway
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
These meetings are open to anyone who is interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member of the Toronto Dowsers or the CSD.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings will include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You will have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
                        $5 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
                        $7 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
                        $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the CSD web site at:
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS -  2002
 MAY 8TH:   Susan McNeill (of Boston - see last page)
and see the supplies you need to bring with you!
MAY 11th   LABYRINTH WORKSHOP (see last page!)
JUNE 12TH:  Pat Prevost - Dowsing for Animal Wellness

In Memoriam

We have lost another dowser.  Although not a member of our group, but an important member of the dowsing community, Eva Uhlarik (St. Claire) was known for clearing property of geopathic stress and as co-author of "Geopathic Stress".  Eva worked for over thirty years as a junior high and high school teacher specializing in vocal and instrumental music until she was poisoned by heating oil that had been dumped onto the school grounds, which ended her career. Her health compromised, she refused to give up and searched far and wide among the sundry disciplines, allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, environmental and vibrational medicine, to no avail. When she began to dowse what her body itself wanted, did she slowly embark upon her first tentative steps to recovery. Eva passed away recently from cancer.

Dowsing Conventions:

April 26-30 : ORI  (Ozark Research Institute) Dowsing/Healing convention, Arkansas
June 10-18 :  ASD(American Society of Dowsers) annual convention, Vermont
June 21-25 :  CSD (Canadian Society of Dowsers) annual convention, Toronto
June 28-July 3:  West Coast Dowsers convention, Santa Cruz, California
July 26-28:  H.I.S. (Holistic Intuition Society) convention, Alberta
September 27-29:  C.S.Q. (Canadian Society of Questers) convention, Vancouver
August 16-18:  Northwest Territory Regional Conference St. Helens, Oregon

LABYRINTH WORKSHOP - MAY 11th  -- (see back page)

Susan McNeill, who will be speaking on Map Dowsing at our May 8th meeting, also makes labyrinths and has offered to do a labyrinth workshop, showing us how to do this.   As many dowsers have been telling me of their interest in labyrinths, you will now have an opportunity to experience this first hand.

Labyrinths have been around for over 4000 years and are found in just about every major religious tradition in the world. They have been an integral part of many cultures such as Native American, Greek, Celtic and Mayan. The Hopi called the labyrinth the symbol for "mother earth" and equated it with the Kiva. Like Stonehenge and the pyramids, they are magical geometric forms that define sacred space. Today, labyrinths are being used for reflection, meditation, prayer and comfort. Sacred geometry is deemed essential in the construction of some of these labyrinths. When you walk a labyrinth, you meander back and forth, turning 180 degrees each time you enter a different circuit. As you shift your direction you also shift your awareness from right brain to left brain. This is one of the reasons the labyrinth can induce receptive states of consciousness. It is a right-brain, intuition and creativity enhancer. It can also help to balance the chakras.   Here is one of the many good internet links on labyrinths:


We need another assistant to the librarian.
Our highly efficient librarians need more help.  Why?
Because they are trying to do a lot in a short space of time.
The library is open the first half hour of our meetings and everyone is scrambling to take out and return materials.  The librarians are trying quite hard to accommodate everyone's needs and answer all the questions.  Won't you give them a hand?

Conditions:  Poor pay.  Great service.

Ideally, this person would be someone who lives in Toronto, has a car, is computer literate.
You don't have to work at every meeting.
Please Contact the Librarians or Marilyn if you can help out.

"   I think there's a higher way that all of these events work. For some reason - and I can't prove this - but for some reason I think truth has its own sustaining resonance; that somehow if you say true things, they go out like ripples in a pond and they don't decrease as they go out .... they somehow sustain, in a way that lies don't. I don't know why that is and I can't explain it, but I believe it absolutely."        David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) "Stand Up and Be Counted" 
Rides - Be a Mensch

At the announcements at the beginning of the meetings, we have have been asking for rides for people who need them. 3 people requested rides.  This meeting, there were no offers for 2 people who live in the middle of Toronto. This is  Toronto, not Tottenham!!!  Especially since one of the 2 people has volunteered and contributed more (books as well as money and time) than most.

This doesn't feel right.  One of the many wonderful Yiddish words is "Mensch".  A Mensch is like a "person".  A human being.  A good, solid decent human being.  One who does the right thing for the right reason.  Not a wimp, but a good person.

You feel better about yourself when you stretch beyond your comfort zone to help another person.  We do not come to these meetings just to be entertained and feel good.  We come to make our world a better place.  We can not grow as a community, as a family, unless we are aware of our other members and help one another.  Offer a ride.  Be a Mensch.

A Seed was planted

I took my first dowsing course in 1991 at the Big Carrot.  A wonderful lady named Tina Petrova was my teacher. I was in awe of Tina at the time, and lost track of her.  Thanks to Dominique Dabolzci, I found Tina again this fall and she came to this meeting.  She is still a totally awesome woman and is producing a documentary on the well known ancient Persian poet Rumi.  I was the only one in the whole class for whom the pendulum did not move.  She remembers that!  :-)  Tina says: "Once again, thank you so much for sharing the amazing network of healers that were born from one small effort. It should be inspiring to all who think  'I can't make a difference in the world.' " THANK YOU TINA!

Would you like a Bobber?  A Maurey Pendulum?  Make your own,,??,....

(1)  Raymon's visit has caused a big interest in bobbers.  For whatever reason, bobbers are generally not so popular, maybe because most of them can not be put in the pocket.  But they are very good for a demonstration of energy raising.

I am offering to get and bring back bobbers for you when I go to the ASD convention in June.  They cost about $5 US.   If you want one or more, this is what you do:

At the next meeting put $10 CDN (cash, or, check made out to MARILYN GANG) per bobber in an envelope.   On the outside of the envelope write your name, telephone number and the word "BOBBER".   If you want more than one, indicate that.  Give it to me.   If you are not coming to the meeting see that I receive it in the mail by May 15th.  No exceptions.

(2)   Many people like the kind of pendulum which Larry uses, which is called a Maurey pendulum (named after Eugene Maurey).   I can bring those back as well.  They cost  $15  US.  If you want one, or more, this is what you do:

At the next meeting put $25 CDN (cash, or, check made out to MARILYN GANG) per pendulum in an envelope.   On the outside of the envelope write your name, telephone number and the word "MAUREY".   If you want more than one, indicate that.  Give it to me.   If you are not coming to the meeting see that I receive it in the mail by May 15th.  No exceptions.

You can get them from me:  at the CSD convention, if we should meet in the summer, or at the September meeting.  I am not mailing them to anyone, etc.

We also introduced the Joe Smith pendulums... More on these at another time.  I'm running out of steam...

(3)   Many of you seemed interested in this:  Some time ago I decided I wanted a pendulum that is beautiful.  More on the feminine side.  One that would still provide accurate dowsing answers with regard to balance, responsiveness and not hold negative energies.  So my quest led me to a Gem and Mineral Show where I ran in to  Toronto Dowsers Bette Harvey and Suzanne Holub.  I also met people who taught Wire Wrapping which is a technique in jewelry making used to create chains.  One of the best people in North America who teaches this, Dianne Karg, lives in Toronto.  Dianne also teaches this at George Brown College.

My thought on this is to utilize the creativity of our members.  Maybe someone wants to learn this and organize a workshop where we can make our own pendulums? (Dianne's work fetches $1.75/inch for simple chains!) Some nice rainy Saturday in the fall or winter?  Along the same lines there is a Bead Fair, offered by the Toronto Bead Society on Saturday May 11th.   Jeannine Rosenberg  705 357 2833    Vladimir Institute  620 Spadina    I'd love to do this but can't find the time.  I hope you can get us started.

Saturday, April 20th - 9:30 - 5:00
 Cost:  for Toronto Dowsers members:  $55
All others:   $65

This is a workshop teaching the Advanced Dowsing techniques Larry has learned from Raymon
and has been assisting Raymon as he accompanies Raymon on his workshops around North
America.  You also improve your confidence, trust and accuracy in dowsing and in your life.
Contact Marilyn (416) 322 0363  9:30- 9:30   or
If you are interested in a future workshop, please contact me and I'll notify you when the next one is scheduled.

Raymon Grace is returning to Toronto

Raymon will be returning to Toronto:
Wednesday May 22nd:   6:30 - 9:30
Thursday May 23rd: all day
Details as to topics, format, price, location, time, will be available at the beginning of May.

As his presentations were outstandingly successful this year, The Consumer Health Organization has invited Raymon back as a speaker for the Total Health Show in 2003.  Let us hope and program that the dowsing system answers us that this is 100% beneficial for all concerned.

If you would like to attend Raymon's workshop in Montreal:  May 24-26.
Contact:  Jean Paul Choquette   (450) 658-6976


STORIES WANTED.  Do you have a story of your dowsing successes?  Using Raymon's techniques or other dowsing techniques?  I am collecting them for our future use and would greatly appreciate an emailed or Canada Post mailed story from you.  Something will be done with them, when I have enough of them.

The "21 Day" offer

These are the people who were at the February meeting and completed 21 days straight of dowsing either the Dowsing Card or the questions:  Dominique, Delwyn, Ayoma, Suzanne F.,  Marlene, Susanne, Jan, Peter, Janis, Suzanne F., Suzanne T., Marlene, Angela, Shelly, Robert & Rosemary???   Anyone else?   If I left anyone out, please let me know!  I will be in touch soon about taking you out to dinner.

Our LIBRARIAN:      Helen Evans
Our library is open for you before the start of the meeting and occasionally at the end when the librarian has time. Borrowing privileges are available for members only.

Helen is quite knowledgeable about most of the items in our library


The Toronto Dowsers
is proud to introduce
The Junior Dowsers !!!

One of the many initiatives we have long wanted to bring in to form is to commence a Children's Program.  Now that we have our proper dynamic mass, discussions with Angela Adamson Viola, who will be giving our first Children's Workshop, are bearing fruit.  (yes, I could have simply written: "Angela will be teaching a kid's program..." ... but this is a more sonorous introduction, n'est-ce pas?)

Angela has been bubbling over with dowsing exuberance ever since she brought Sierra, her precocious six year old daughter, to our first Field Day, this past August.   Sierra, as well as Kayla, Suzanne Tink's daughter who was 8 then, were perhaps the only 2 who were able to bend spoons. They were taught by (then) 11 year old champ scout Ryan Huszczo.  Ryan seems to be the best spoon bending teacher and Kayla and Sierra his best students!

As this is our first time, this is somewhat of a "Beta test".

Teacher: Angela Adamson-Viola     co-teacher:  Sierra
Saturday May 25, 2002
9:00 a.m. - noon
At Angela's home in Mississauga   (near Winston Churchill & Derry Road)
Ages:  a mature 6 - to - 15 years of age
Maximum 12 children -  She will take the first 12 who have paid up front
A waiting list will be established
Parents are welcome and encouraged
Telephone:  (905) 785-2880  to make arrangements
Cost: $20  (Angela will be tithing to the Toronto Dowsers)
Some of the activities shall include:
    Pendulum Making
    Basic Pendulum Dowsing
    Spoon Bending
    (The use of L Rods will take place at another time)
If you are interested in this but are unable to make the date, please call Angela. This will help give her information to schedule the next workshop.  We had originally considered 3 Saturdays a year but will schedule events according to the interests and needs expressed.

Please note:

This program is more important than it might appear, especially for children in families where there are dowsers. Kids are changing. In positive ways (i.e., ways most of us would consider to be positive) but are not understood.  Many of those children are diagnosed as ADD and are being drugged out. Many of these children have problems because their elders are usually unaware that these changes are positive.

About a year ago I wrote in this newsletter about the Indigo Children and 3 of you contacted me that you recognized this in your child/ grandchild/ niecephew/ young friend.  These are special children, most who were born after 1987 with special abilities.  Their DNA is different.  We would like to do what we can to find and help these children.

Some time ago I read Anne McCaffrey's "To Ride Pegasus".  [She is one of my favorite sci fi writers and immensely popular.  I hoped she has not been co-opted by the other side, as she is the one who has written the Dragon series.]  In this first Pegasus book, she writes about the young children, who, one by one, exhibit unusual psychic abilities and how this affects a societal and world wide change (100th monkey). At the time I read this book --- over 10 years ago (now available in most libraries, there are 27 copies in Toronto) it felt as if there is something "more" to this concept.

I have a copy of an interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek I received in 1999. Here are some excerpts:

"   Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in the  world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the  "Super Psychic Children of China". The second are called the "Indigo  Children" and the third are called the "Children of AIDS". The first one,  the "Super Psychics of China", we talked about in the Flower of Life seminars. If you remember, the first one was discovered in 1984 when a  child was found who was psychic beyond belief.  Researchers conducted every psychic test you could imagine and he was 100% correct every time.  You could turn cards over in another room and that didn't matter. He could  perfectly know what was on the card. So Omni magazine went to China and wrote an article on this discovery. They found one child and then another. When they went in 1984 they assumed it was a hoax so they did experiments  like putting 100 kids in a room and taking a book and randomly pulling out a page. They would crumple it up and stick it under their arm. These kids could read every word on the page. They did test after test, and the  response was flawless. The phenomena didn't stop there. These kids are not  just in China. They have spread all over the world. I personally have been  talking to parents who ask me, "...what do we do.. I have a kid who knows  everything?"   .....

I believe Lee Carroll * [author of the book "The Indigo Children"] is calling the children being born here in the U.S.  "the Indigo Children". I personally think the two groups are coming from  the same source, however, I don't know that for sure. There appears to be  two separate groups, incredibly psychic and amazing. It is the third group that I am most interested in - the Children of AIDS.

About 10 or 11 years ago in the US, there was a baby born with AIDS. They tested him at birth and at 6 months and he tested positive for AIDS. They tested him a year later and he still tested positive. Then they didn't test  him again until he was 6, and what was amazing is that this test showed that he was completely AIDS free! In fact, there was no trace that he ever had  AIDS or HIV whatsoever!

 He was taken to UCLA to see what was going on and those tests showed that  he didn't have normal human DNA. .....  Then they started testing his blood with other things like cancer and discovered that this kid was immune to everything! Then they found another  kid with these codons turned on - then another one - then another one - then 10,000, then 100,000, then a million of them - and at this point, UCLA, by watching world-wide DNA testing, estimates that 1% of the world  has this new DNA. That breaks down to approximately 60 million people who  are not human by the old criteria.  .....

Now they are finding adults with it too - just like the hundredth monkey theory. Now all kinds of people are being affected by it and it's spreading fast. Remember, it started just 5 years ago with almost no one and now it's spreading - just like a  disease.

Science has stated that there are so many people showing up with this new alien DNA that they now believe that a new human race is being born on the  earth today and apparently they can't get sick. Now what is really incredible - they believe that it is a very specific emotional, mental body response - a waveform coming off the body that is causing the DNA to mutate in a certain way.

Diane: Do you think these people are creating the DNA changes unconsciously?

Drunvalo: I think someone has made the path - one child did it somewhere. Then he put it into the grids and it is now in the subconscious of the earth and is accessible to anyone. Once that happened I think somehow or another other people have connected to this on a subconscious level in deep meditation and prayer and made the change. A new race is being born and it is one of the most remarkable phenomenon that has happened on the planet! It's incredible that no one seems to know about this until now!

Diane: Well, you are the only one I've ever heard speak about this.

Drunvalo: Well, I've been tracking this for about 2 years and I've waited to say anything because I wanted to make sure it was real. In the book called "The Indigo Children"  there has been extensive research on these children. There are websites you can go to if you're a parent where they begin to interview you about exactly what's going on with your child. Like I said earlier, these kids know exactly what you're feeling and what you're thinking. You can't hide anything from them. It's really amazing! I see it as a phenomenon like the ET's except they aren't coming here in spaceship form - they are coming here in spirit form making it personal by coming into the earth's evolutionary cycle and joining with us. "  "  (I have also heard of children called "Crystal Children" .)

* Lee Carroll is also the man who channels Kryon and may be known to some of you.  He occasionally comes to Toronto, hosted by Clair Gibb, a friend of mine.

One of the purposes of our group is to network with like minded individuals.  Dowsers, who are not already aware of this phenomenon are the perfect people to become aware of it and  Do Something About It.  Here is an email from Nancy Baumgarten in Asheville, North Carolina:  "I learned about this [dowsing] group from Lee Barnes, one of the past presidents of our Asheville Dowsers Group.  I am writing because I have a highly psychic 15 year old daughter and we had a camp last summer for the first time her in Asheville.  We have a website for this  and would love to communicate with anyone else who is parenting this new generation!"  Nancy and daughter, Llael, will have a camp this summer as well.

NOTE: In both of these enterprises, both parent and child will be leading these activities!


Yes --- this is the DUNKIN' ... , No, NOT the "Drunkin" ---  The Dunkin'!!!! Dowsers!   Would you like to meet with other dowsers, informally for an hour or two on occasion?  Talk about dowsing or anything else?   LET'S JUST DO IT!

With only 2 days email notice, 5 of us met at the Starbucks at Yonge & Davisville one Monday evening for a little kaffee klatching.  We did some interesting energetic experiments.

About 5 of you live in Aurora, 8 are in Brampton, a dozen each in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough.

If you want to have your own informal coming together, let me know and I will announce it via email and/or in the newsletter.  It could be a one time or a regular thing.  Just try it.  Once.  You can repeat it or not.  It's up to you.

I had sent out an email one Saturday that I would be at a Starbucks at 5:30-6:45 on Monday asking folks to just show up. (PLEASE NOTE: This took place April 8th.)  All I had to do was be there.  You don't have to do or prepare anything or be the world's best dowser.  Just set a date and a time and a place and show up. A coffee shop, a diner, your living room, .... LET'S JUST DO IT!   


Yay!  We finally did it!  We finally did Dowsing Buddies!  On our 3rd attempt!  December 2000 - well, we had a snowstorm.  April 2001 - We started too late in the evening.  April 2002 -- we focused on it, AND!  AND:  It worked because it was TIME, AND!  We had the proper Dynamic Mass.

Dowsing -- we agreed -- in this respect -- is a lot like SEX.  Why?  Because you become more proficient when you practice.  And, it works best when you have a partner (buddy) you are compatible with and you practice.  (There are additional excellent parallels between Dowsing and Sex that our group came up with but they are not relevant to what we were focusing on, so we will leave them for another time.)  However, it did appear that as a result of our discussion many of the couples who were there together this evening were looking forward to going home and practicing..... um.... dowsing. ???

For the past few months, charts of areas of interest and geographical locations have been displayed on the wall.  What you did was decide what area you lived in, or, what area you were interested in, and wrote the letter or number of that area on a yellow sticky label and put it on your name tag.  You were supposed to find others with similar labels, however, Marilyn forgot to bring the name tags to this meeting!


So, first we gathered in areas of similar interest.  There was a leader for each of the areas of interest (not all were represented this first time) and you went to that leader, formed circles, and practiced dowsing and/or got questions answered and/or were taught various aspects of your areas.

"H" - Health and Wellness, with Margaret Ball:

"The sharing time  (14 folk sat around with poised pencils for snippets of information they thought might be useful to them in the future) and discussion dealt with uses of the Pendulum in the kitchen and every day individualizing what they might need in the way of supplements...herbs/spices and what was best for them to eat/drink that day regards veggies, meat / chicken /fish etc. I encouraged them to do some creative recipe making dowsing the ingredients. I suggested they think in terms of  having the 'P' on 24 hour call on command. It helped to expand some limited thinking as to how the 'P' could be used as a 24 hr. standby tool for anything !"
"M" - Map Dowsing - with Dianne Marcotte:
"Seven people joined Diane for a Map Dowsing session 3 of whom had never dowsed before.  She quickly explained how to determine YES, No, and READY positions.  Diane handed out 3 sheets (and pencils) to each participant - a Map Dowsing instruction sheet showing 3 common methods of map dowsing, a map to practice on with four questions, and an answer sheet.  She gave a quick overview of the 3 methods but concentrated on the "reductionist method". Two of the questions were covered and the participants were invited to dowse the remaining two questions at home. Note: On-line Map Dowsing is available free to members of the Canadian Society of Dowsers with a new map being posted every 2 weeks or so."
"G" - Gardening, Plants - with Eva Angyal:
Our group was ideally smallish...about 10 green-thumbs. I brought in a spider plant from home "to talk to" and sat it on a box I "randomly" fetched from the kitchen. Yup, it contained one of Klaus' copper geo-thingis...perfect for raising frequencies and averting pests around plants.  Upon my suggestion we proceeded to ask questions and dowse the spider plant's responses: Do you need: water?-fertilizer?-fresh soil?-a bigger pot? Do you like your placement at Eva's house? Which plant would you like nearby? ...This lead us into a discussion on companion plants, French coils, benefits of BasicH, nettles and so on. Klaus and others shared many-many interesting and practical tidbits.  So, what's the best way to deal with dandelions?  (Eat them..of course!)    Had Fun!   EEEE-VA
"P" - Planetary, World, Neighborhood Healing -- with Shelley Bourne:
We discussed clearing ourselves first in order to be successful and effective in clearing our neighborhoods for planetary problems

By using the "Dowsing Vitamin Card" or something similar, that you can develop yourself, you can....
1. Enhance your intuition
2. Dowse at your highest optimum energy level (the higher your personal energy level, the more influence you have on people and events )
3. Clearing non beneficial habits, patterns, attractor fields, you make room for the good stuff to come in.
4. Have higher level of accuracy
5. Enjoy better personal health
6. Have more protection for self, family, friends, country
7. Live in a peaceful stress free home (Shelley had experienced negative vortexes where people are fighting, positive vortexes where people are happy.)  Joey Korn explains this in his book.  If there were time, Shelley would have brought in a vortex and it would have been dowsed.
8.  Set up a large positive attractor field --- your aura of effect and affect -- enables you to live effortlessly.
9.  Through the use of affirmations employed with the daily dowsing vitamin habit, you are able to manifest what you want and what you need in your life.

We discussed the ley lines and their attributes in different parts of the world.

We want powerful people working on the neighborhood and working on the world.  When you are cleared you are a lot more effective.  We have to know how we can clear our environment so we can be strong.  After you clear your house and yourself you can start working on your neighborhood, people around you, and so forth.

"E" - Earth Energies, Geopathic Stress - with Walter Huszczo:
Walter has not had time to get his information to me, but at the end of his session, I noticed a large group of people with good color in their faces and big smiles come in the door with L Rods.  So whatever it was they were doing outside must have been great.
"R" - Raymon's Techniques - With Marilyn Gang:
As about a third of the group had taken Raymon's workshop, mostly questions were asked and answered. Something that seem to be happening is that several people are feeling more drained, more tired than they ought to feel.  When this happens, check to see if you have any non beneficial energies.  If there are any, clear them, see that you are cleared and check your energy levels.  Wally Lis offered a suggestion that he remembered from Margaret Ball's teachings, where, to not drain your energy while dowsing: Dowse from the 3rd eye (6th chakra). Most people dowse from a lower chakra.  Since I had a bobber with me, as a demonstration, I raised the energy of the room we were in.  We all felt it.

Next we gathered in groups of people who lived in the same areas --- so you could get together to practice dowsing together.  Groups were formed, an average of 6 people each, where people exchanged names and phone numbers.  I am sending the listings of each group to to those group members who provided their name and phone number ---- with this newsletter.  If you are not yet in a group, and you dowse and attend our meetings and want to be in a group, please let me know.  You ought to be in a group whose intersection / location is closest to where you live.

I strongly suggest you contact one another and work together in person or over the phone.  This is our first real effort with this activity and one of the most important things we can do.  There is a sentence that is in the first paragraph of every newsletter that expresses a reason for this.  It is so.  It is important. It works.  Do it!

Take advantage of this opportunity now while you have it.  Your groups will change in 6-12 months.

   1       High Park
   2       Yonge & Eglinton
   3        Big Carrot
   4        Keele & 401
   5        Yonge & 401
   6        401 & Don Valley
   7        West of Toronto (West of 427/27)  (Mississauga, etc.)
   8        East end, East-ish of Toronto (East of Vic Park, Kennedy? 48?)
   9        NW of Toronto:  N. of Steeles, West of Yonge
   10      NE of Toronto:  No of Steeles, East of Yonge

Practice Group in Toronto

Eva Angyal started a practice group about a year ago that is still going strong.  Now Arthur Clark --- yes! "the" Arthur Clark of the fabulous tuna fish sandwiches! is starting one.  Arthur can accommodate up to 10 people in his downtown abode:  Jarvis and Wellesley.  (Arthur is in Dowsing Buddy Group #3.)   You can phone Arthur at: (416) 920 6631 if you would like to join them.

If you want to start a practice group and I can announce it here, let me know.  It's up to you if you want your phone number / email address in the newsletter.

The Sign of the Fishes

I am speaking with more health practitioners who use, or want to use, dowsing, with their clients.  Most of them go in to another room, or, do this before the client comes in order that the client does not see what they are doing.  Do you remember what the early Christians would do?  They would make the "sign of the fishes" which was their secret code for them to recognize one another.  (This is yet another indication that Jesus Christ was highly representative of the Age of Pisces --- the sign of the fish.)

Perhaps --- just leave a pendulum on your desk, situated like an objet d'art.   Most clients who dowse, who see this will remark on it.  You have just connected on a deeper level.  You have something important in common, a higher level of understanding and awareness and your sessions with those clients will improve. - thanks to Joy Goch

Among dowsing's many uses is that it is a tool that can help us to become more fully realized as human beings. Through bringing about changes in our perceptions of the world and of ourselves, dowsing can help us to become in harmony with what we understand to be the intelligence --- the insight --- of the heart. Although the wish to be of service may have been the original motivation to learn to dowse, the best service ultimately may be understood to be the change ---- the unfoldment ---- that occurs within the dowser's own awareness. It is through this change that dowsers can begin to affect the consciousness of others --- and indeed the nature of everything in their surroundings."
"The Divining Heart, Dowsing and Spiritual Unfoldment", by Patricia and Richard Wright

TAPPING, .....   E.F.T.  (Emotional Freedom Technique)

One of the recent practices that "people are talking about" to help themselves and others are various forms of "tapping".  This involves tapping different points of the body in different sequences.  This releases stored up negative energies.  Whenever an event that has an emotional charge occurs, an energetic memory of that event is created and stored in a cell. Tapping, in certain ways, and with intent, can release this energy. (Network Chiropractic and NDT (New Decision Therapy) also have parallels to this.)  A result can be that the person will remember that event, but the emotional attachment to it is discharged because the memory has been tapped out.  It's almost as if let's say you have a lot of nasty emotions. Each emotion is stored in a separate cell of Bubble Wrap. You press a cell it goes "POP!" and that emotion is released.  So you can picture all your nasty emotions sitting in a square of bubble wrap. They are all gone when each cell is popped, the stored up energy released.

Raymon was going to do a one day workshop on his tapping technique, taught to him by a Native Medicine Woman. So I took a 1 day workshop for the "other" tapping technique to compare it, because so many dowsers were talking about it and I wanted to better understand it.  It is not similar. They are both very good, of course.

This popular technique is called E.F.T. [Emotional Freedom Technique]. It was developed and popularized by a man named Gary Craig who makes the teachings available for free.  You can download the explanations and all the teaching materials from  and it is quite simple to learn.  You can also take 1 day workshops on this.  2 EFT leaders in Toronto are in our group.  One of them is Nina Bregman, Ph.D.  Nina teaches both levels of EFT and gives workshops almost every month in Toronto. Her next intro workshops are Saturday, April 20th, May 25th.  Contact her at: (416) 483-3021 .  Nina is also listed on Gary Craig's site.

Pat Prevost, our June speaker --- you'll be hearing a LOT more about Pat ---  is an EFT practitioner, along with many of her other skills. ...  I like to do a "round" of EFT tapping before a dowsing session.  It's quick, and I find I have a higher level of clarity with which to dowse.

Future Months:

June 2002

Pat Prevost - Understanding the Life Force Energy Flow of Animals

How to use this awareness as parameters for dowsing animal wellness.  Pat will present a brief intro into the anatomy of life force energy flow in animals.  Understanding the anatomy of their subtle bodies & their unique chakra system

Pat is a Human & Animal Wellness Facilitator whose practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field.  She specializes in the dynamics of the human-animal bond using flower, spirit & environmental essences to balance any imbalances found.

THE   Wednesday, May 8th, 2002 MEETING

Susan McNeill
will speak on MAP DOWSING

Map Dowsing is one of the basic fundamentals of Dowsing.  It can be used for much more than "just" map dowsing.  I urge everyone to attend this important presentation.

Susan McNeill, is a fine example of how anyone who puts their mind to it can become an excellent dowser. She has been dowsing for years and travels all over New England to dowse for wells for people.  She is very experienced at map dowsing.  You can see Susan in several different photos at:     Susan also designs labyrinths, freehand.

" My name is Susan McNeill Spuhler and I've been dowsing since Summer Solstice 1990.  I learned by accident at Stonehenge.  There were people there with L-rods and while they were walking around the stones, the rods would spin around like crazy at certain points.  These people were on a bus tour.  I asked to try, it worked and it wasn't until I got home to the United States that I found out what I was doing....dowsing.

I'm an industrial engineer.  I'm very good at dowsing and have found lots of things, wells, etc.  Anything is possible with dowsing.  Anything.  I'm the new President of the Boston Chapter.  Both my leadership abilities and dowsing abilities are outstanding.  I was fortunate to have many dowsing mentors and when I worked with them, I'd do the work and they'd tell me if I was right or wrong.  This was in locating missing items, dowsing wells including well depth, gallons/minute, etc.  I've worked with geomancy and ancient sacred geometry.  I make genesa crystals and Chartres Labyrinths.  I set goals and I achieve them.  I use dowsing to find wells for people, find lost things and have a large and varied dowsing tool collection.

In our chapter (Greater Boston Chapter American Society of Dowsers) we have monthly meetings that include invited guests, chapter members with various talents, field trips to sacred sites, labyrinth building, and treasure hunts. "

Paper - And something hard to put under your paper (eg, a clipboard)
A Ruler  *  A Pencil  *  Your Pendulum

Time:  10:00 - 3:00  --- Susan starts ON TIME!


CONTACT HELEN at:  (519) 938-9322  FOR  DIRECTIONS

This is being given by Susan McNeill, President of the Boston ASD Chapter

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