The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

TUESday, May 13, 2003 (See last page for information)
Janeson Rayne
"Intuitive Dowsing: for Nutrition and Health - System by System"
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
We must be out of the building by 9:59 pm
*** NEW!***   SEE  DOWSING PRACTICE  @ 6:15, below:
The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
Entrance on Dunvegan Street (the east side of the church)
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $9 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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May 10 - We will be at the Masaru Emoto event
MEETING: May 13th: Janeson Rayne - Holistic Nutrition Through Dowsing
MEETING: June 9th - "Power vs. Force" by David Hawkins - the Video
(the June meeting will be held at St. Leonard's Church - our original meeting place)
June 22 - Call to Action - Consciousness Raising (at the Mound)
July 25 - THANK WATER (see below)
July 26 - (Possible) Toronto Dowsers Field Day with Bruce Magill
August 17th (Possible) Day at Richter's Herbs

*** DOWSING PRACTICE:  6:15 - 6:55  ***
with JOY GOCH, Specialized Kinesiologist
Bring your questions, and, your pendulums

In her practice, Joy works with many situations.  Clearing and eliminating allergies is a large part of her practice, as well as those with learning disabilities and autoimmune situations, and those who request psychospiritual work.  Joy has a practice at Lawrence and Bathurst and she works out of a clinic in Markham.  If you have any questions on these issues, this is the time and place to get answers.
For sale at the May meeting: Dowsing tools, ECH20 --- our Energized Cosmic Water, Toronto Dowsers videos of:  Joey Korn, Sabina DeVita and Mary Hardy.

A video of Raymon Grace speaking at the Total Health Show on Sunday, March 30th will be available for sale at the May 13 meeting.   We will have 9 copies available to you.

Paul Newton will not be available at this meeting with the Gentle Wind instruments.

PLEASE NOTE:  As Helen Evans, our Founding Librarian is retiring, we are looking for a new librarian.  Please contact me if you might be interested in performing this service, or in helping out our new librarian.


Videos of 3 meetings are available for sale:
Joey Korn's October presentation, "Working With the Light"
Sabina DeVita's November presentation on "Electromagnetic Pollution"
Mary Hardy February 2003 presentation "Engineering the Earth Grid".
These videos are available for sale at meetings, and by mail


May 10th - Masaru Emoto in Toronto !!!

Masaru Emoto, who wrote the book "Messages From Water" with those beautiful crystalline structures showing the different types of consciousness that water displays --- will speak in Toronto on Saturday May 10th, 1-4.  This event is sponsored by  Starlight Events .   Tickets are $45 + GST before May 1st, $50 after.  Call (416) 873-1514.

Visit our table when Masaru Emoto comes to speak.  The Toronto Dowsers has been invited to attend to make  ECH20 available to those who attend.


This will be held at ST. LEONARD'S ANGLICAN CHURCH --- in the Yonge and Lawrence area. This is where we held our meetings for our first 2 years.
Address:  25 Wanless Avenue  -- This is 2 short streets North of Lawrence, just east off Yonge

This will be a showing of "Power vs. Force" - the video, with Dr. David Hawkins.  The book, Power vs. Force is having a profound effect on people who read it or even just look through it.   We had a video night on a snowy February evening where we showed this, you said you would like to see it again.

Many will be in Vermont at the ASD convention at this time, so we expect a smaller meeting.  As the room expenses are less at St. Leonard's, it will be $5 for everyone.

JUNE 22  -  8 PM
Call To Action --- to Raise Consciousness.   Please come to The Mound or do this wherever you are.

JULY 25 - 7:25 PM - Lake Ontario

We will be joining in Masaru Emoto's "Thank Water" - which will be done around the world.   Details next month.

The Toronto Dowsers March 11th Meeting

(We did not have a March 2003 newsletter as we had 3 weeks between the March and April meetings and too much to do.)

Les Kato, of Vanessa, Ontario, helped numerous people at the pre meeting Dowsing Practice, answering many questions on earth energies.  THANK YOU, LES!

On March 10th, in response to an email, many of you re-energized your water.  We had contacted Raymon Grace and it was agreed that he would help us to help ourselves.  The original energy in the water was holding.   Thanks to the suggestion of Lynn Reeves, Raymon helped us add "adjust body to ideal body frequency of mankind".   We were to hold our water bottles and to project in to it the intention of whatever we would like to achieve.

Later that night I received a call from Tortola! -- in the British Virgin Islands --- inquiring about Mary Hardy's article.   I've been hearing from England, southern US states, Vancouver, Costa Rica, and other places  --- inquiring about Mary Hardy as well as the Water.

Our 3/11 meeting was the smoothest meeting in a long time, especially when contrasted with the February meeting where it seemed as if the energies were doing whatever they could to block us.   Could it be that what we did the night before --- energizing the water --- had anything to do with it?

I passed on the views of myself and other dowsers I've spoken with that we doubt there is going to be war in Iraq.  Obviously we were wrong.  Perhaps our perspective that to do so is so insane we didn't think people of supposedly good sense would do something like this.   We hope that our vigilance and efforts reduced the severity of what did take place.   Look at all that has happened in our world since our last newsletter!

On money:   Our expenses this year are greater that the previous 2 years.   Yearly dues of $20 are supposed to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter.   When we first set the dues, this cost was $.72.   For the last newsletter, it was $2.00 each ($1.00 printing, $1.00 mailing).   We don't expect future newsletters to be this costly, but still, the newsletters are longer and naturally this costs more.   Our room rental is 3 times what we were paying before.  We are spending about $500 / month more than we used to and bringing in $200 / month more.

In response to speaking about this last month, contributions were requested and you were very generous.   Thank you very much for your open hearts and purses.  We are at an awkward stage now, too big for what we used to do and not quite big enough to fully step in to our next step.  As more people come to our meetings, we expect to make up any shortfall and that the transitional time will be short.

We hope to keep dues the same, and rely on contributions.  We try to keep expenses low.   If, at any time, you would like to make a contribution, please give your contribution to the people at registration at the meeting, or mail in a check.  So far we've been pretty lucky.   Last year I bought a new computer and upgraded my Internet service.   So I could do this work better.  I've been paying these expenses, as well as the costs for our web site, since we could no longer continue at the CSD web site, out of my own pocket.   I have been informed, happily for me, that I should be getting some of these costs reimbursed and will take a look at the best way to do it.  So that's another expense.

Joey Korn wrote a prayer for us to use at our meetings and we did so.  Here it is:
A Dowser’s Meeting Prayer

If it be Thy Will
May the Powers of Nature converge
To charge this room and each of our beings
With the Life Force
To increase and enhance the beneficial energies
And balance any detrimental energies
Within our beings and in our living environments
To create an ideal energy environment
For all of us to get exactly what we need
From being together and sharing with each other tonight
To draw us ever closer to our Highest potential
As spiritual beings of Light
Ever closer to the Universal One.

Created especially for the Toronto Dowsers, with love, by our friend, Joey Korn   March 2003

Our Speaker:  PAT PREVOST
The Anatomy of Intuition - Creating Your Dowsing Foundation

Pat Prevost has had a large practice for over 15 years, as a Human & Animal Wellness Facilitator whose practice is based on dowsing for holistic wellness in the subtle bodies of the life force energy field.  She incorporates Nutrition, Therapeutic Touch, Vibrational Essences and several compatible energetic modalities.  She is well known for her success in bringing animals back to health, in a compassionate manner.  She also teaches what she practices including of course, Dowsing.  Pat can be reached at 905 841-1044 if you would like her help as a practitioner and/or a teacher.

This presentation took place March 11, 2003.  Pat started us off by saying that a huge astrological shift took place March 10 and this will continue for the next 7 years.  [Note:  we did our water "re"energizing on March 10.]    This shift is the movement of Uranus in to Pisces as it stays in Pisces until September 15, 2003 and then goes back in December 30, 2003 until May 28, 2010.

Pat gave us a stimulating presentation, one that made us see things from a different, a higher -- perspective.  Many higher perspectives.  My note taking, hence the notes here --- are fair as I was trying to assimilate while writing and so the notes suffered.  What I've jotted down are segments of phrases rather than complete whole thoughts.  Pat did present to us information on a major astrological shift we have just gone through and she sent the text to me.  I include most of it here.  She also referenced work from Steven Hanauer, who is mentioned below.  In addition, she gave us her updated handout on  The Anatomy of Intuition.  So first, here are notes from her talk:

Pat says that the amount of quantum leap we are about to take in our modalities is impossible to fathom.  Science will finally measure, understand, quantify what we do.  [Yes!  Does this mean dowsing?]  It will be the longed for marriage of east and west.  There will also be a lot of upheaval because of the resistance.

We have shifted to water elements, the emotional, with connections to the spirituality.   If you are not grounded now, you better grow some roots because it will be a bumpy ride.  Even though we are going in to the 5th dimension, we need to be grounded in to our bodies.

In healing and protection, we have been using white light.  It is time to switch to gold. [Note: We have notes on this also from Raymon about six months ago and one of the aura practitioners whose seminar several of us attended October 2001.  There are 3 new colors that came in to the healing spectrum.  Gold is one of them.]

Pat spoke a lot about working with clients, telling us that "You work with a client not to do to them but to be with them.  The beingness is a very important place to be.  You have to be in good shape --- grounded, focused, etc.  You have to do your own work.  Be the best that you can be.  If you go to a client thinking they are not whole --- they can not heal.  Everything is a mutual healing opportunity.  Everything is sacred.  Every moment is sacred.  Your clients are only as healthy as you are because you are your own client."

In soul growth, it makes the unknown known.  It makes the unconscious conscious.  Our consciousness is a direct reflection of our beingness.  A lot of people get in to dowsing later in life.  A lot start from science backgrounds.

Illusion and delusion are the ultimate cause of suffering.  We have to be able to discern illusion and delusion.  We have to learn discernment especially as there is a lot of information coming to us.

Our higher intuition is in our hearts, the lower is in our solar plexus.  A lot of energy modalities are using this now.  Intuition can have some left brain components.  We can receive intuition from our higher self.  Our heart has intuitive abilities.  We are now working to consciously discern.  Thinking is easier than feeling, but Pisces is not going to allow us to do that.   "A quiet mind is a lot more important than a positive mind." (Deepak Chopra)

Be a peace walker.  Animals can see right through you.  The emotional load they carry is ours'.

In her handout, Pat diagrams Conscious Awareness and that it is the bridge between Intellect and Direct Knowing.  She goes in to The Process of Evolution from Unconsciousness to Waking Consciousness to Full Conscious Awareness to Complete Consciousness.   She speaks about the Flower Exercise which helps us come in to touch with our Beingness.   In Discovering the Seat of Intuition, aspects of the left brain employ aspects of the right brain.

Pat offers a Daily Personal Strategy where daily you balance, stabilize, center, focus and ground.  This facilitates optimum energy flow, helps you be clear on all levels and to become a Peace Walker.  And she offered several self empowerment strategies.

Pat closed on a quote from Ned Benson, one that she treasures:  "You keep your circle strong and that is what will get you the things you need in life. Just remember, everything you do in life should be considered a ceremony and then all things remain sacred."

The following information, that Pat shared with us is from  Gururattan K. Khalsa's New Millennium Being, #62, March 6, 2003.  I have excerpted parts of it here.   They reflect many big changes coming fast and furious.   If you would like the whole article, send a blank email to:


by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.
Number #62, March 6, 2003

URANUS IN PISCES - March 10, 2003 - March 12, 2011

During the last two years of the Saturn/Pluto opposition we learned many lessons.  We are ready to move on to the next phase of our evolution.  This new phase is officially launched March 10, 2003 when Uranus moves into the Pisces.

Uranus is the planet of revolution.  The movement of Uranus through the heavens can predictably guide us to the arenas of life where we can expect the unexpected.  Uranus takes seven years to move through one sign of the zodiac.  Every seven years its influence on humanity, civilization and our individual destinies is imprinted in a different arena of life.  Uranus has been in Aquarius for the past seven years.  During this time we have witnessed a revolution in communications, science and technology - the Internet, e-mail, digital technology, cell phones and DNA research.

Uranus is a catalyst for reform, innovation, social change and personal transformation.  While Uranus was in Libra from 1968 through 1974, the peace movement, human rights and social equality were center stage.  The sexual revolution and deep inner transformation (inner child healing) where highlighted from 1975 through 1981 while Uranus was in Scorpio. The New Age movement and the popularization of spirituality begin in earnest in 1981 when Uranus entered Sagittarius.  While Uranus was in Capricorn between 1988 and 1994 the collapse of communism and end of old political structures changed the nature of world politics.

March 10, 2003, Uranus launches a new revolution as it moves into the realm of Pisces, the mystical waters of Neptune.  We investigate the nature of this reality shift, which will be nothing less than a revolution in what we consider reality.


The outer, or slower moving, planets determine the long-term nature of the energy available on the Planet.  Thus the zodiac sign through which Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are traveling greatly impact events, the thinking and the psyche of humanity during a particular period of time.


The air element relates to the mind, reason, logic and analytical science. Air energy keeps us busy seeking out new information and experiences.  It keeps us focused on externals, facts and analysis.

The dominance of air energy has lead to both breathtaking and frightening advances in science and technology.  On the positive side, modern conveniences, instantaneous communication and medical breakthroughs have dramatically increased the quality of our physical lives.  On the negative side, the human caring element of life has to be "fit into our busy schedule."  The pace of change and information overload have left us confused and overwhelmed.  Instead of wanting to participate, many choose to withdraw to maintain their sanity.  (Withdraw at home, while on the Internet.)


Uranus is the cosmic inventor and revolutionary.  Uranian energy is radical and unpredictable.   Pisces is the most mysterious and enigmatic sign of the zodiac.  It represents the depths of the unconscious and spiritual life. Both energies are eccentric and nonconformist and "other" reality oriented. Both serve to join finite and infinite consciousness and foster understanding and communication between polarities, whether they be the conscious and the unconscious, the human and the divine, or the feminine and the masculine.

Aquarius worships reason and science. Pisces worships Spirit.  Pisces provides the liquid substance that makes it possible for us to merge with the vast, mystical universal forces.  Pisces excludes none.  Whoever is willing can benefit from Pisces sacred waters.  Everyone can feel nurtured by the energy of unconditional love.  As Uranus pours the healing waters of Pisces onto the Earth, we will all feel more compassionate, peaceful and forgiving.  As Uranus breathes life into the neglected feminine, we can all be more in touch with our feelings.  We can all dare to be more creative and expressive.  Deeper and more meaningful relationships will be welcomed and possible.  Individually and in relationship we will feel our connection with Spirit and our soul.


Examination of the chart for March 10 when Uranus moves into Pisces (where the planets are located and how they relate to each other) gives us an idea of what we can expect during the period that Uranus remains in Pisces.  The overall energy is one of "conflict and inconsistencies, opposing views and trying circumstances."

Unpredictable Uranus is going to create glaringly visible and long-term changes in structures that we believed were permanent and stable.  Lively conflicts and power struggles are a likely feature of these times.

Uranus in Aquarius led to a worldwide revolution in communication through the egalitarian Internet.  Uranus in Pisces will lead to a worldwide revolution in areas defined by Pisces.  This includes medicine, music, the arts, the movie industry, alcoholism, spirituality, the oceans and water related industries and endeavors.


Where will we experience the most dramatic changes?  Where can we expect the unexpected? The territory of Pisces encompasses spirituality, the imagination, psychic sensitivity, divine connection, and mysticism.   Pisces, the last of the signs of the zodiac, is without boundaries, limits or control.  Pisces contains all within itself.  Pisces goes with the flow, whether the flow be calm or stormy.  Its tendency to be easily swayed leads it to be easily victimized.

"Mystics with modems" and spiritual technology will be the order of the day.  Uranus in Pisces will certainly create an unpredictable psychic revolution.  As the veil between physical and etheric realities melts, our separation from the divine will become more and more transparent.  We will be increasingly receptive to telepathic communication and aware of our commonalties.  It will also be harder to tell the difference between fantasies and imagination and what is real and operable.

The big question is how are we going to deal with our expanded reality? Connection with the spirit can refresh our being.  Connection with feelings can help us befriend our emotions.  Psychic attunement can enhance our intuitive and instinctual knowing.   However, those whose physical, emotional and mental channels are blocked or corrupted with toxic foods, chemicals and thoughts, may experience the new openings as threatening and confusing.  The choice is going to be between radical detoxification or debilitating forms of escapism and addiction.

Uranus in Pisces is going to make alternate realities into a daily routine. Emotional and spiritual maturity will determine how the availability of invisible forces impacts each of us.  For those who can handle the increased psychic sensitivity, saintly sanity is available. For those who are unprepared or unwilling to embrace the heightened sensitivity, psychic disturbances and insanity will be the order of the day.  Sanity will require the ability to stay centered and detached, so as not to be swept away by waves of energetic emotions and impressions.

The ability to cultivate and maintain physical, emotional and mental stability will be absolutely essential.  Those with solid spiritual training are going to be delighted to experience the real thing, instead of just going through the motions.  Those without spiritual training and understanding, need to take a "crash" course quick or risk being burned out by the intensity of the cosmic play.


Uranus delivers the revolutionary truth that divine connection is an individual experience.  Not only are intermediaries not necessary, they are false gods.  While Uranus is in Pisces, our consciousness wants to free itself from the bondage of dogma and rigid beliefs.  The authority of established religions will lose its control over people's minds. The boundaries and rules that traditional religions have set for human behavior will also dissolve and disappear.  For those who have a direct divine connection, this will be a welcome relief. Those who do not may feel like they are wandering in the fog of no man's land, not knowing where to turn and finding no one to guide them.

Our earthly soul goal is to consciously connect with Spirit.  In our human incarnation, we want to experience, allow and invite the inflow of spirit into our body, to draw spirit down to the physical plane, and then to be the vehicle to send this energy out into the world.  In Pisces territory, the soul undergoes its final testing and polishing so that it can merge back with the Divine.  "The soul's realization of its proximity to spirit lends Pisces its typical yearning to finally be free of the earthly plane."


The revolutionary Jesus was born while Uranus was in Pisces.  His major revolutionary statement was "Forgive them, they know not what they do."  He ascended into Christ consciousness when he was able to move into a state of pure forgiveness.

The last time Uranus transited Pisces and Pluto was moving through Sagittarius was between 1752 and 1760.  "The mass rejection of traditional religion, and its replacement with science, caused one of the most sweeping historical revolutions."  This beginning of the modern age marked a shift from God-centered to human-centered thinking.  Divine Right interpreted by the king and the church and superstition was replaced by human reason and the scientific method.

The cycle initiated in 1752 is now complete and a new cycle is about to begin.  The pendulum has swung in the opposite extreme.  Now materialism has lead to the rape of the planet and our psyches.  Reason has become unreasonable.  Technology is used to make weapons of mass destruction and "political leaders" actually believe they are justified in using them!  As the insanity of the polar swing becomes more and more apparent, the new cycle opens the possibility of honoring and understanding the true essence of the two polarities and the integration of enlightened spirituality into politics.


The intensification of energies and rapid, lightening bolt changes in our psychic and spiritual awareness will affect our psychological as well as our physical health.  It will become more and more imperative that we take care of our physical bodies and nurture them as vehicles for the full expression of our soul.

Those who cannot cope will increasingly try to find escape routes through drugs and alcohol and be prone to unexplained violent behavior.  Those with no viable outlets of expression and means of understanding will be consumed by fear, confusion and even madness.  The uninitiated will have no way to distinguish between merging realities or how to differentiate between which voices and visions offer reliable guidance and which are dangerous.  An authentic spiritual path is a requirement for handling the crisis that potentially faces all of us. The steady support of the connection with the divine will be the only reliable place to turn.

While Saturn is in Cancer (June 4, 2003 and July 16, 2005), the two water signs offer us a chance to embrace the only real solution - Love.  These two energies invite us to open our hearts so that we can actually experience the universal energy that makes it possible to feel compassion.  This transcendent experience in our feeling body is the only salve that can soothe our hypersensitive emotional bodies.  Talking about love is not going to satisfy us. This time we have to truly become vessels for the universal energy to flow through us and awaken us to the bliss of union with the divine.


What's real?  Ask Pisces and you are not going to get a clear, logical answer.  If Pisces were a real person, he would just smile.  If we were "real" we would hear the answer, not as words or thoughts but as pure love from the heart.   Pisces tells us that we can only find the truth in our hearts.  Our heads do not have access to Piscean territory.

The gift of Pisces is to connect us with authentic love.  Not temporary romantic love, but the love that is always there in our hearts.  Pisces helps us release our resistance to experiencing this universal reality. Pisces teaches us how to unconditionally love love.  To get to this state of consciousness we have to give up our stories, our belief systems, our conditions and our attachments.  This might seem like a daunting process. And it is, if we think that our ego is in charge.  But in Piscean territory, our limited ego is not in charge.  The sea of universal love washes our stories and attachments away.  We really have no choice but to surrender to higher love of the non-physical dimension of reality where only pure energy exists.

While Uranus is in Pisces, we will be abruptly reminded that what we once thought was real no longer exists.  We already know that the safe, secure corporate jobs no longer exist.  Maybe our home no longer exists either. Whatever it takes to wake us up to a new reality, Pisces will wash it away. We are each going to undergo a revolutionary reality shift - both inner and outer.  We said we wanted to be happy and at peace.  Well, Pisces is going to show us the baseline for this consciousness - no attachment.


I can feel you reading this and getting a bit afraid.  I am rather surprised as I write these words too.  But at the same time, the apprehension seems unreal.  It doesn't have the power that I thought it would.   I feel more peace than resistance in my body.  And this is the blessing of Pisces - we give up our resistance because there is nothing to resist in Pisces waters. Our old fears don't compute. There is no energy for our neuroses.  In this fluid reality, we cannot hold on.  And we don't even want to because the flow is simultaneously exhilarating and serene.


Uranus is Pisces is going to push us out of our box.  And then we are going to be really surprised when we find out there is no box!  Like magic, our fantasy safe box disappears.  And our deeply held concept of reality is blow forever.  What we thought was real is no more.  And maybe it never was.  In either case, it is a moot point now and not worth discussing.

Change, transformation and evolution happen by expanding our awareness.  We need an open ended mind that allows us to move beyond our current limitations, resistances and definitions of what we consider OK and NOT OK. We need a flexible belief system that allows us to redefine the parameters what we consider safe and perceptions that we compute as real.  Uranus in Pisces is going to make sure to jolt us out of any limited, technically defined paradigms that prevent us from opening up to expanded realities. Pushing the envelope and moving beyond our current situation is going to be the name of the game.

Our physical, material reality will be challenged until we get the lesson that we have to build our confidence and security upon inner, spiritual values.  Pisces is going to show us "what IS" and it is not going to be the same as our opinions and beliefs of how we think things should be.  Uranus in Pisces is going to restructure both our psyche and our priorities.


One of the areas where we are already feeling the impact is in the area of work.  Work only to make money and feel financially secure does not compute with Pisces.  If we want to feel satisfied and earn a living, we have to do something to make a difference in our world.  We have to serve in some way. We can't fake it and we can't work for someone else's dream.  We can of course work together. That is the Aquarian spirit. But we have to share the dream, not be a slave to someone else's.

We simply are not going to create a feeling of satisfaction from a mental calculation mode.  The universe is not going to compute our conditions or cooperate with out demands.  Manipulative expectations and acting out of guilt or obligation will also sabotage us.  Opportunities will open up to truly serve by offering our gifts from our hearts.  In service, we get something back in addition to financial rewards.  We are rewarded in the area of consciousness.  Something shifts inside our mind and heart, and it feels good.


From now on, inner management is a requirement for survival.  The bad news is that we will go crazy if we don't learn how to manage our mind and balance our emotions.  The good news is that these goals are possible, if we take the time to use the available technology.   The heightened energies actually make it possible to achieve levels of expanded awareness where inner peace and emotional balance exist.

COPYRIGHT The New Millennium Being is copyright 1999 - 2003 Gururattan K. Khalsa,Ph.D.


Pat also shared with us words from  Steven Hanauer whose work is among her favorites.  Here are some of his words from:


"" The Hopis believed that only those who are in harmony with nature will survive the coming earth changes and move into the fifth World. The primary thing that disconnects us from the earth is our technology. One example is how the abundance of radio, microwave, radar, and other electromagnetic frequencies constantly surround us, prevent our being able to stay attuned to the Earth's natural frequencies known as the Schumann Resonance (the Earth's heartbeat).

In his book, Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden describes many of the changes occurring on the Earth and how they are affecting us in our daily life. The magnetic field of the Earth is decreasing due to a slowing of Earth's rotation. We are experiencing an intensification of our emotions and increased difficulty in memory recall, because our emotional body and memory are closely connected with the Earth's magnetic field. Braden also states that the Earth's heartbeat or the Schuman's resonance frequency is increasing, which we experience as a sense that time is speeding up. This also tends to bring up deep emotional issues in order to be healed, often creating tensions and conflicts in our personal relationships. ""

[Note:  I don't know if you have had a chance to visit my web site? ?  For the last 2 years the main page has shown a definition of Net Linkers, which I had borrowed from Steve Rother:
    Net Linkers: " A special faction of the cosmic connectors who find expression through the use of technology, often blending spirituality, biology and technology, they encourage advancement in all these areas. Many of these are now finding ways to work with technology even though they are highly spiritual beings. These will be the very first to understand the link between technology and spirituality."  It seems that all these paths are truly leading to the same understanding. ]
Finally, Pat mentioned the site of  Miguel Ruiz .  This too, may be of interest to us.  I found the following from the Toltec link:
"" Throughout history, humans have tried to place responsibility for their suffering outside of themselves. Most Societies have long held the assumption that the ruling body needs to change in order for the human condition to change. This method has been tried unsuccessfully by hundreds of generations, each in turn trying to impose their particular form of illumination. Despite these efforts, the human condition remains essentially unchanged -societies based on fear and individuals filled with pain. To further complicate matters, these conditions have become so familiar that it is hard to recognize the pervasive levels of fear and consequential suffering that dominate our lives.
The implications are clear: the world reflects our beliefs to us, it does not create them. Therefore it is not necessary to try to change anyone but ourselves; in fact, it's impossible. The truth is that change can only occur when each of us, the individuals who make up humanity, change. Since we are all fundamentally connected, individual change does create collective change. When this change manifests, the validity of abstract concepts such as synchronicity and critical mass is revealed.

There is no doubt that just taking responsibility for our own personal change requires immense tenacity in the face of equally tenacious obstacles. However, the rewards are invaluable; as our perceptions change, our experience of the world changes. The secret to our happiness is locked in our individual perceptions. We become able to see that everything is connected in a strange, extraordinary, and rather sweet way.

The path to change is as individual as each of us. The goal is a way of life that is entirely our own expression and offers us the complete freedom to be ourselves. Though that may sound simple, it's not.

The Toltec masteries teach us that there's no way for us to change if we don't understand exactly what we humans are, how we got this way, why there is so much fear, and why we live in a place that sounds a lot like hell. For us to change, we need awareness of what the human mind is, how it works, and how we create and perceive our world. The Toltec described the way the mind functions as dreaming reality. They described the mind as that which controls our dream. With newfound awareness of the source of our dream comes the possibility of changing it. ""

Pat said it is VERY IMPORTANT to work with the phases of the moon, that we must go back to lunar cycles and she mentioned the work of Jose Arguelles.   Mary Hardy spoke about Jose Arguelles as well.  I read his book:  "Surfers of the Zuvuya" many years ago and he has also written "the Mayan Connection".    Especially, as Pat tells us, that the earth grid has changed from masculine to feminine.  Time to get back to the natural.

We just had the Daylight Savings Time change.  What do you feel about this?  Does this throw your bodies out of whack for awhile?  I had heard that the purpose of this originally was so school children would not have to walk to school? home from school?  in the dark.  Other people have heard other stories.

We have a double whammy with the Gregorian calendar and changing the clocks twice a year.   Let's get back to natural cycles.

Thank you again, Pat, for a lovely and absorbing presentation.

To The Mound!
Magic on the Mound - March 22, 2003

When Mary Hardy was here in February, she told us about The Mound.   This is a location --- a mound --- in High Park, a place where the Indians used to meet to bring peace among them when discord took place.  If you stand on the mound, you radiate peace.   She was taken to this spot by Daniel Kolos, a friend of hers and an Egyptologist who lives near Toronto and who she met 20 years ago on a tour in Egypt.  She "saw" 2 braves there and they spoke to her, asking her to tell the dowsers about them and to bring us to them.  When I visited this spot with Mary I thought it would be a good idea for as many of us who wanted to --- to gather in a few weeks hence, and to do our spring equinox Call to Action (Consciousness Raising) together, and, on that spot.   So it began.  First, this is what Mary told us about it at her presentation on February 11:

"  I had a lovely time today.  I went down to the Mound in the park.   Toronto means "the Meeting Place".   There were 6 tribes in this area that met around this mound to bring peace, and, consciousness.

What I would like you to do today, since you are all dowsers, is to ask you to take a few deep breaths, either enter the amygdala gland or your 3rd eye and to go down to that mound and to try to visualize, in the etheric, the Native Americans who are standing around over there.

They were so happy.  I told them that I was going to introduce them tonight to you.   Because what they want, is they want you to come to them.  They asked me to tell the dowsers about them.  When you stand on the mound you radiate peace.

I work with the Etheric Knights and I can create changes in the grid.    These Native Americans would like to work with you to change the grid and to bring peace in to this town and in to this area.

So just shut your eyes and try to go down to the mound.
If you don't know where it is — that's fine ---- your mind will take you there.

The Native Americans who travel through time and space always dance in a circular motion.  Mostly clockwise because that is what takes you up to spirit.  I want you to feel their presence.  They are crying, they are laughing and they are dancing.  Because they wish to work with you.  They were the elders that danced and they danced in a vortex. "
Around the time of every solstice and equinox we participate in the Call To Action, for the Mass Consciousness Raising.   We generally do this home, alone.  On Saturday, March 22, at dusk, we gathered in High Park to merge the dowsers energy with the energy of the natives and their spirits, at first, led by Chippewa native Ned Benson, of Jalbun Lodge .   At 8 PM we focused on the mass consciousness raising along with everyone else in the world.

Ned said " My intent was to have a pipe ceremony and bless (smudge) the grounds, and use a song with the use of my drum to call in the spirits to be with us that day. Using as much positive energy from the group as possible, leading you into your portion of the program. "
 The day started out cold and rainy.  Just before most of us were leaving for High Park the sky cleared.  The evening became warm and still and fresh.

  Going up to the mound --- we felt like teenagers at summer camp at night sneaking out of the bunkhouse --- you know its really okay but there was a secret shared feeling to it --- the kind where you don't want those who are not part of your "secret club" to know about.  Here we were, right in the middle of Toronto, in the dark, in a quasi natural setting, going up the hill in a line, giggling.  A small fire was built on top.  Annie Van Alten from Dutchman's Gold Honey had brought lanterns and tea lights that we placed around the border and increased the feelings of shared intimacy.  Puck and Phillip showed up!  Many of you brought friends.

   Ned played his drum, as we gathered at an area that he felt was appropriate to be used as an altar.  And he sang, accompanied by his wife, Deepam and their young son. Benjamin.   The feeling and the effect was intense.  He gathered the men in the inner circle and passed the pipe among the men.  The women were smudged.   He spoke.  He spoke with wisdom and humor, as among the some of the gifts he is thankful for:  Coffee was one of them.  :)   Many of you brought drums, accompanied Ned and Deepam in drumming and/or song.   (Ned said:  for those of you who can sing: Sing.  For those of you who can't: Pray.)

   We went back to the top of the mound and I read out Raymon's words that he sent to you --- from him and from Chief Two Trees.  As I was reading them --- I was wondering who was standing in my body reading things out.   Certainly felt like a different person. Those words made a powerful impression.

  [  "Interesting"  how both Ned, Raymon and Chief Two Trees reminded us of the importance of working on our selves first, being independent, listening to our own hearts, raising our own consciousness first.  And how this also echoes the words of Bill Askin and David Hawkins.   And other aware teachers. ]

   Then we did our consciousness raising.   A most precious interlude happened when some started chanting, sweetly, softly, clearly.   Then, not wanting separation but knowing it was time, we slowly drifted away, transformed, uplifted, in to the night. ....  the fire was doused.

    The circle that we had made around Ned was tight.  Not only did we want to be close to hear every word, but we wanted to be nearer to the energy Ned, his wife Deepam, their son Benjamin and friend Scott created for us.  We wanted to be close to one another.  We loved the beingness of sharing togetherness with one another, in our intimate circle of over 100 souls.

   When the pipe was passed Ned requested that anyone who had touched alcohol or tobacco within the preceding 4 days not touch his pipe.  He requested you do him the honor of not touching the pipe.  What a beautiful concept.  It's been a long time, I think, since one's personal honor has been accepted.  Why do I call this a "concept"?  Because we've allowed it to be taken away from us and have forgotten about it.

    We were excited happy little children, who knew that we were sharing a time and a place where we had trust for one another, where we could give and receive and not be taken from.  In a very simple, real way.  To those who were there, physically or in spirit --- this was a once in a lifetime event.  Yes, we will do it other times, but there is something especially precious about a new beginning like this one.  Simpler, more innocent and pure.

   This is something we can do, and ought to do at the Mound every Call to Action (Mass Consciousness Raising).  If you are in town and available, know that:  June 22, September 22, December 22 it's:  TO THE MOUND!

These are the words that Raymon sent to all of us, to be read aloud that night:
""  It is because of YOUR efforts that the consciousness of the people of the Earth has risen.  Maybe not far enough--- but you are making PROGRESS.

If you do nothing,-- nothing will happen. YOU have chosen to do SOMETHING. And because of your choice and ACTION, you have made a positive difference in the consciousness of humanity.

Never in the history of the world, has there been so much organized effort for PEACE. This could not have happened without the raising of the consciousness of people. This is what YOU have done.

Recently, when we asked  Chief Two Trees about our "Water Project" he replied. "It is good but without the raising the consciousness of humanity, it won't amount to much."

Let me take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your efforts to be here tonight and take part in the raising of the energy of the Earth and raising the consciousness of people.

But always remember that you can do this each day, by yourself. A group of like minded people is good, but let me encourage you to claim YOUR own POWER and to use it to make a better life for YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR WORLD.

And now, here is a message from Chief Two Trees as he came through on the night of March 18 in a conversation with my friend Jonna Rae Bartges who has written the message.

In a message he delivered on March 18 as the world hesitated on the brink of war, Cherokee Chief Two Trees acknowledged there were things around us that were threatening.  But instead of feeding his fear, he turned his back on the external forces and called up positive energy from the Earth.  He willed the blue and white light to swirl around his feet, then he brought it up his body, weaving himself into a protective cocoon of power, wisdom, trust, freedom and compassion.  As I observed, I suddenly saw a blue and white spiral swirl around another person claiming their divine power, then another, then another, until the entire planet was aglow.  I understood Two Trees was calling on EACH of us to stand strong within ourselves, being mindful of our own words and actions, not looking outside of ourselves for a leader.  Only by each of us standing strong on Mother Earth and linking up individually to Spirit will we navigate into a future of balance, peace and prosperity.  This is not a time to lean on someone else, or to give our divine power away blindly.  We must see with Spirit eyes and trust with Spirit wisdom the timeless and timely truths we hold within us.  We ARE the positive solution all prophecies from all times and all lands foretold. ""

        -       -       -       -       -
 When I got home, I found an email waiting from Raymon:

" Hi Marilyn,
Hope things went well tonight, I was facing you and the dowsing rod was going wild.
Your friend,
Raymon "

(The results of our efforts are reported, below, at the end of the notes for the April 1 meeting.)


[ Ned Benson does drum circles every 2 weeks in Toronto.   He has a lodge --- Jalbun Lodge near Orillia, where you can go for a retreat, a woman's retreat --- with his wife, Deepam, a drum making workshop, sweat lodges and other activities.  705-833-2641.  He leads drum circles every 2 weeks in Toronto. ]

Here are some comments about your experiences that some of you sent in:

"  Just a short note for now ... it was quite a magical experience for me, too.  Standing around, with the men around Ned, after the women were smudged, I was watching Ned when my eyes went out of focus.  As I blinked, I saw a number of royal blue shapes, like squares or rectangles, floating in front of me and all the way down towards Ned.  I blinked again, the blue patches kept moving and the night suddenly became lighter.  As I kept watching this happening, I continued to see the blue and the night continued to get lighter in front of me, until it seemed like dusk and I could see everyone's faces quite clearly, including the expressions on faces at a distance.  I felt like I was floating for the rest of the time, as we moved back to the top of the mound and around the fire. Arlene

" I brought my husband, daughter & our 2 dogs so it was a real outing.  We all found the energy very compelling It was as if the earth remembered the old ceremony and was letting us know of her approval; but as the men went up to smoke the pipe, we felt a strong surge of electricity come up from the earth through our legs. There were many hundreds of rejoicing spirits that were with us and I think the consciousness level in the world went up by about 0.7% that night.  I also got that it was a rebirth of sorts and very important as we had unplugged this upward spouting energy spot or vortex.  " -  Angi

The second part when and after you read about Raymon and Chief Two Trees, I had no problem seeing the white and purple light coming up from the ground around me, circling, circling higher and higher. I did use my pendulum, then went into a slow body dance of gathering this purple and white light, to then sweep it into the atmosphere around and back into the mound.  I felt very peaceful and quiet afterwards.  Avis

  I felt as if time stood still or we were in a time warp.  It was almost surreal.  I felt proud to be part of such a momentous event and among so many loving and caring people."  Helga

Ned was outstanding!  My humble thanks to the Benson family. What great people!....then again we are all great beings.  Consciousness must have jumped quite a few digits!  I felt a deep connection with What Is and with What Was and what Will Be!  Like the Alpha and the Omega...the coming together.  Like Peace on Earth!   Jacki

Yes, it was magical, wasn't it! There was so much going on at a lot of levels.  I was honoured to have Ned, Deepam and Benjamin there to remind us of how sacred the work we do is, and how we need to honour ourselves, each other and Mother Earth in a sacred and tangible way.  The fire was an excellent focal point for the energy raising.  The air was clear and charged with intense energy which spiraled upwards.  There was a feeling of intense joy and gratitude that we were doing that there.   I felt exhilarated that I was able to take part in this event.  It has boosted my confidence as a dowser 100%!   Oh, and one other thing - when you started to read the message from Chief Two Trees, your voice changed and the way you articulated changed and I could feel not only him, but Raymon's presence as well, standing in front of you.  The message was the truth and I realized that I had come to the same conclusion myself and have been following that clear path more and more recently.  Blessings from my Heart, " - Vera

Please visit The Mound: June 22, September 22, December 22, etc. - to Raise Mass Consciousness -- and any other time you feel like it.  You stand on it and you radiate peace.  Mary Hardy tells me there is a large geode under this and the elders knew it.  You can feel it.

The talk that Raymon gave at the Total Health Show on Saturday, March 29th on water was to go here but it would have made the newsletter too long.  It will be in next month's issue.  There is more information from Raymon, and on the water in the rest of this newsletter.  Thank you.

The Toronto Dowsers April 1st Meeting

This meeting took place in Edwards Gardens, at Lawrence and Leslie.  We enjoyed the space and the energy and hope we can return.

Congratulations!  Last year, we closed out our membership at our year end, September 30th, with 212 members.  We are past that now.

We usually have refreshments at the end of the evening.  The Toronto Dowsers supplies the beverages and paperware and our guests bring the munchies.  At this meeting, in addition to all the munchies you bring, Steve Haylstrom of Sunflower Kitchen was a MOST welcome guest.   Sunflower Kitchen is a company in Toronto that makes and sells Hummus, Pesto, Soups, Pitas, and snacks.  You probably remember seeing them at Health Shows as they are busy passing out samples of their excellent natural dips, especially Hummus dips.  The Pesto Hummus is a BIG hit.  Steve brought over 2 dozen containers of Hummus and Pitas.   We certainly hope he will return!  You can find these products in the stores.  They are good.

Some more than the usually exciting news ---


The increased mass awareness  of water was heightened by the work of Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Dr. Emoto researched water and water crystals.   He would have someone think a thought, near water, freeze the water and take pictures of the water crystals.  Water surrounded by loving thoughts had beautiful shapes, water crystals surrounded by hateful thoughts had shapes and colors we would consider to be ugly and repulsive.  Dr. Emoto wrote an attention getting book called "The Memory of Water".

What he, and the organization he formed is doing --- is to heal the waters of the world.  They do this through prayer.   They have their own project where they thank the waters and they also intend to work towards healing the waters of the planet.

I telephoned Dr. Emoto's organization (in Japan) and spoke with his Secretary General, Mr. Nemoto, and we discussed our mutual projects.  He agreed that we share the same goals and put our information on their web site.   You can find this at: Once you are on the English section, go to the LINKS page and look for Foreign Links

Mr. Emoto is coming to Montreal on May 9 and to Toronto on May 10.  This is sponsored by  Starlight Events .   Phone (416) 873-1514  for tickets.   We will be there, distributing bottles of ECH20.

He will also have an event in Tokyo, July 25 (7/25 at 7:25 pm), to Thank the water.  We will be doing this at Lake Ontario.  Stay tuned for details.

Our NEXT exciting news:
We have been making bottles of  ECH20 available to those who want it, at our meetings, through the mail (see the website for ordering information) and at our booth at the Total Health Show.   To date:

We have distributed just over 500 bottles of ECH20 !!!


2 years ago, we started looking for a logo.  I asked for volunteers to create one and Shelley Bourne, who possesses artistic talents in addition to her other attributes, worked on it.   An obvious design for the Toronto Dowsers might be the CN tower, upside down, perhaps.  But a lot of these symbols are symbols that have been taken over and perverted so we didn't want to bring in that kind of energy.   Diana Davis, who is an artist and had taught art, offered her services.  After much "going back to the drawing board", Diana came up with the perfect logo.  Apparently what we needed was the right time because we had to wait for a missing piece:  The Mound.   What you see here is 90% of the finished product.  Diana is going to work on the text a bit more to obtain more movement.  Here's

Diana's Story:
How this Logo came to be

After several get togethers with Marilyn to "brainstorm" and try to come up with images that epitomize what Toronto Dowsers is all about, I came up with a host of designs beginning with Marilyn's first concept. Through all the sessions we had together, many ideas and possibilities arose. We wanted everything in there, so many things were important....Toronto Dowser's precious relationship with Raymon and his Native American connections....and his teachings... we wanted to honor that relationship...and of course dowsing.... and then the 'mound' surfaced through Mary and the Elders, again an aboriginal link...We pushed around eagle feathers, pendulums, rods, bobbers, medicine wheels, mounds, Toronto, crop circles etc.etc. Somehow getting a simple dynamic design that would be immediately recognisable and unmistakably Toronto Dowsers from all those elements was tough.

Then, after letting go for a while...maybe a month....Walking out among the trees late one evening a feeling (NOT A THOUGHT) a feeling of what dowsing is....a dynamic action.....we are doing it.....I hung onto that and went in for a pencil. It was the action, the movement, that was missing from all the other 'designs' ......the stuff was there but they were static.  So, this little image appeared on the paper directly from that feeling. The name, the action and the tool and you can probably imagine the mound in there somewhere.....The Maury pendulum is of course because Raymon and Larry use them. If you choose to use this design, I will feel honored.  I enjoyed the journey.


Isn't that gorgeous? And elegant? Powerful and Perfect!  Diana's logo moves!  It ROCKS!

Our Speaker, Raymon Grace

For the few who do not know him, Raymon Grace, from Virginia is one of our most beloved teachers.  He has been up here several times to offer workshops and this is the 2nd time he has spoken to our group.   He has taken dowsing to the next step for us, from a passive one to an active one.  Raymon offers us simple but effective dowsing techniques where we can use dowsing, and the power of our focused minds, to change energy.  He has shown us what to do and helped many of us resolve areas of difficulty in our lives on all levels.  He has a positive outlook, encouraging us to do the same and reminds us to first work on ourselves, our family and our friends.

Raymon met Larry Huszczo, son of Jannette and Walter, when he came up here for his first workshop November 2000.  They had an almost immediate connection, Larry went to Raymon's workshop the following weekend in Indiana and they became fast friends and Larry started using Raymon's techniques on himself, his family, friends and then on others.  Larry travels with Raymon often and is available to help others.  Raymon considers Larry to be his best student and recommends him to people in Canada who want this help.  Here are some "Raymonisms".

  • You [Toronto Dowsers] have the most potential of any group I've spoken to.
  • Don't feel discouraged if you attempt something and it doesn't work.
  • How do we know if we can do something? We won't know unless we try.
  • All energy is intelligence.  All intelligence is energy.
  • We are at a time that is unique in the history of the world.
  • There is a lot more power in a focused mind than in a scattered mind.
  • Be careful how you think and how you talk.
  • Because with the energy raising the way it is, you can manifest real quickly now and also screw things up real bad.
  • Things are happening quickly now that used to take months.
  • The raising of the energies is giving us all more abilities.
  • Help one another.  Listen to one another.
  • Work on your own. Work on your family first. Start at home. Work on your family and community.
  • People get caught up in too many crusades and neglect their family and friends
  • Appreciation and gratitude is a way to raise consciousness.
  • The earth is a living creature and it responds to respect. Nature does the same thing.
  • On Thought Forms:

    " They are created through repetitive thought of the same things. Once we've trained our minds we can generally do it, in time, in a few seconds.  A lot of peoples' thoughts don't have a lot of power because they are too scattered. There is a lot more power in a focused mind than in a scattered mind.  Dowsers can use all 4 levels of their minds, simultaneously. "

    On Water:

    With the Water Project, Raymon energized the water in various ways, such as:

    - Adjust it to the appropriate surface tension of the person using it
    - Energize any water that it touched, equal to or to exceed it
    - You will gain increased benefits of this water if you will put your own intent in to it.
    - Every time you have a drink of water, have the mentality that it is serving the purpose you intend.
    - He put in a thought form to cleanse all waste material from his cells.
    - Put in a thought form that it will give you the ability to energize more water
    - For bodies of water: Remove the spirit of anger and fear from the water, of the sea creatures
    - He combined the Water Project and Raising Consciousness so that every time you do this (drink water) this raises your level of consciousness and the levels of consciousness of humanity.

    As we are energizing the water, and drinking it, Raymon had another excellent idea:  Energize the moisture in the air!!! That any time it is breathed in by anyone it will raise their level of consciousness and compassion. !!!  It won't cost you anything and you don't need a permit.

    A question was asked:  How can we energize water coming in to the house? (or apartment)

    Raymon suggests:  Draw a diagram of the house and the water line coming in to it.  Draw an energy device, or, make one, out of cardboard --- whatever.  "All" you're doing with this is enhancing your belief system.   Put the device on, then start checking the energy of your water.  See what happens. WOW!

    On Raising Consciousness:

    This is Raymon's Number One Goal and Project.  To Raise Consciousness.  This is the best way to progress, to achieve our goals.

    He started this because Bill Askin told him "1% of the population of humanity, if properly focused, can change the consciousness of humanity."  At that time, the measured it to be .7%.   And with the encouragement of Chief Two Trees, and Johnna Rae Bartges, we started the Call To Action.  The first time was August 26, 2002.   After that, it was measured at 1.3%
    It worked so well, it was decided that they would do this every equinox and solstice.
    September 22:  6%
    December 22:   9%
    Then it started raising on its own.  They heard about James Twyman's project in February.  "It was a good idea, but the problem was, although those people are good hearted, they didn't know the first thing about screaming demons.  We cleaned it out."   [Note: this is what happens frequently.  People want to send beneficial energies to a place or a person but do not realize that first non beneficial energies need to be "cleaned out."]   After that day, energy raised 3%.

    We had our Consciousness Raising on the Mound March 22.  Consciousness is now over 21%. The morning after our Mound event Raymon told me that our efforts raised the consciousness by 2%. [NOTE: in his just published - March 2003 book "I" - (the follow up to "Power vs. Force") Dr. David Hawkins discusses that only 22% of the world's population calibrates over 200 (out of 1000 on his Map of Consciousness).]

    "Do you know any time in the history of the world when there has been so much organizing for peace?  It would not have happened without the raising of the consciousness of humanity."

    Raymon gave a workshop April 5 and 6.   Although it was probably my 6th time taking ostensibly the same workshop,  I learned so much.  This is what he said at the beginning of the workshop:

    "There has been more support and more people doing something here than any other place in North America."

    "At The Mound, you made a major difference. I don't know of any group which got so many people together like you did."

    "We have only begun to scratch the surface of what we are capable of."
    "If we can learn to reach the most powerful state of mind and have creative visualization, we can perform miracles."
    Raymon, thank you so much for coming to speak to us.  You really make a difference!

    Many dowsers don't use devices, or tools, to determine the "signal".  In some of the areas of "deviceless dowsing", dowsers use their body parts to interpret the dowsing signal.  How is this done?  The same way you learn to use a pendulum.  By programming it.  At our January 2002 meeting I presented some methods of body dowsing, which were written in the February 2002 newsletter.  Dan Wilson, of England, who was one of the contributors to that list, has his own methods.  He calls it "Toolless Dowsing".  He created the following list, which was offered to the Greater Boston Chapter of the ASD. Susan McNeill, President of the GBCASD, and Dan Wilson, gave us their permission to include Dan's list.  Thank you Dan and Susan:

    Toolless Dowsing - the current best-known systems (3rd edition)

    Body Response Finding your body response: ask your question and just remain alert to any noticeable sensation or body part twitch or movement. You may get a sensation of cold or hot or a breeze, but more than 50% of people have a hand reaction of some kind - two fingers moving apart or together, or a clenching or opening (see hand-jab). A variant of this is:

    Point-&-sense Ask your question and point at the possible answers, which you have attributed mentally to the fingers of the non-pointing hand. A distinctive sensation (a sting in the neck or ear lobe is common) signifies "yes". No luck ? Try:

    Invisible balloon Use one hand to sense with and the other (or the wall) as a wall. Ask your question and move this hand towards the ’wall’. An invisible balloon (or prickly ball, or cold area, etc.) getting in the way signifies “yes” – bigger and harder, a surer one. You can play around with this a lot – e.g. have balloons signifying “no”, or have different areas on the wall for diagnostic balloons giving you choices, numbers, times, etc. The “balloon” is used a lot to sense auras and energy bodies.

    Blink Consciously hold your eyes open and think your question. A blink occurring against your will signifies a "yes". When learning, it often helps to point at the possible answers, as above. Some people have two blinks for “no”, one for “yes”.

    Finger-thumb Rub finger and thumb together and think your question. A rough feeling signifies "yes" and you can have a second opinion on the finger behind, giving rough for "no". Psionic (dowsing) doctors do this in their pocket for covert diagnosis.

    Double-pinch Gently pinch your right thumb and first finger together, enclose them in a similar left-handed pinch, ask your question and try and open your right pinch against the left one. Success signifies "yes", failure = "no". A variant of this used in kinesiology is:

    Two-ring Put one pinch inside the other like two links of a chain and try to pull them apart. Success = yes; if the left pinch won't open = no. A single-handed variant on the pinch theme is:

    Squash-pinch Gently close forefinger and thumb together and ask question. If the pinch intensifies until it has almost flattened out, that's a hard "yes". No movement after the first touch, or maybe the pinch even opens = no.

    Opposed-thumbs   Place your hands palms-in in front of you as though sheltering your stomach, with the eight fingers hanging down almost parallel and the two thumbs upwards, pressing hard against one another in an upside-down V. Ask your question and the two thumbs flick away from you for "yes" and towards you for "no". In my case I find I can get rough numbers out of 10 immediately, because the thumb movements are graduated over a 90 degree range.

    Hand-jab   Ask your question and thrust your right or left hand down sharply as though trapping a bouncing tennis ball. The hand closing spontaneously means "no", opening out, "yes".

    Slinky   A "slinky" is one of those machined spiral metal coils which if you place one at the top of a staircase and push it over, will somersault slowly down the stairs. Imagine you are holding one upright in your right palm, place your left palm next to it but lower, like a stair, and ask your question. If you feel the "slinky" arriving in your left palm (and/or your hands rising/lowering to match the change in weight) that signifies "yes".

    Whole body  Stand straight and ask your question. A slight bow/twist/bend = yes; other way = no.

    Wrist twist Reach out with either hand as though about to shake hands with someone. Ask question. Hand twists clockwise = yes; anticlockwise = no.

    Tongue rub Run your tongue over the roof of your mouth and ask your question. Rough = yes.

    Signal arm Upper arm relaxed by your side, forearm horizontal pointing ahead (an L shape). If when you ask your question your hand swings in to touch your body, that's a hard "yes"; if only part-way, a partial "yes". You can use the angle to give you numbers or percentages, as in "clock" dowsing. If it swings outwards, that will be the start of a "no" reaction and you can either switch it mentally to give a graduated "no" swinging inwards, or use the other arm. As in clock dowsing, you also get a "more-yes-than-yes" indication if your hand presses your stomach hard. This signifies a "yes" stronger than the terms of your question have allowed. If say you had asked "has she passed her exam ?" this might mean "she came top". Likewise a "no-beyond-no" if you're in “no” mode. In all these cases, the significance can be reversed for some individuals, or by willpower, or against your will when you get tired (this is sometimes called "switching"). You have to find out which is which by asking establishing questions such as "which is my yes ?"

    Established dowsers will be able to make most of these modes work. Beginners can usually get at least one to work, which is immensely heartening for them. The clock system is a useful indicator system with and without tools and perfect when driving. Using an actual or visualized clock face, you can have degrees of yes and no starting at 12 o’clock and moving clock- or anti-clockwise until you get a “stop” reaction. You probably have a natural direction for yes – it’s not always clockwise – so find that out first with “show me my yes”. If say your “full yes” is 3 o’c which is usual, you will find some answers are at 4 o’c – this is the “more-yes-than-yes” reaction (see above). The clock can be changed in a flash to have whatever meanings are useful to the quest. Water diviners are now using it to establish the depth of water in a logarithmic sense – that is, 1 o’c means 10 ft, 2 means 100, 3 means 1000. You don’t need a log table to find out what half past one means, because you can switch the clock to “tens of feet” and start again. The area between 5 and 7 o’c can be used for the “idiot” response: “that was not the right question to ask”.

    2  Symptoms:  west nile virus and sars
    What it means to us
    Why and How we heal the Whole  - Not just the symptoms

    [This was written ~ March 19, before sars, before the Mound and sent in an email to the Toronto Dowsers on March 26th.  I intended for it to go in to this newsletter, but felt you had to have it sooner.  I have received the most feedback ever from you on Mary Hardy's presentation notes and on this article.  The feedback was 95% positive, thanking me for this information. So back it goes, in to the newsletter.  What's important is --- what to do about it --- or, perhaps, what not to do about it.  My intention is to give you information, so you know what to do, to go beyond the veil, rise above it, go beyond the Matrix. The conclusions come after wnv, after sars. Sigh.]
    Dear Toronto Dowsers,

     There is a subject I wanted to write about in this last newsletter but did not have the time, or room to do so.  This next newsletter also looks like a big one and we need to start doing something soon.  It is most important for those of us in Toronto, but also pertains to the rest of our society.

      We have been together for 2 and 1/2 years now.  We are now being tested on things that we can do and need to do for the continuing health for ourselves, our families and friends.  Actually, this is no longer a test.  This is for real.

      This "article" discusses yet another symptom that has come our way, or been directed at us.  The purpose is not to burden you with "more stuff".   The purpose is to inform you, to show you what you can do --- because you know how to do this --- you just need a reminder.  And to show you the strength you have.  Which will give you energy and confidence.  okay?

     One of the primary reasons we have become attracted to dowsing to such a high degree is that we are people who are ceaselessly seeking the truth.  Most of us have started with dowsing in seeking the truth with regard to our own health --- which supplements, which brands, etc. are best for us.  Once we started on this journey, vistas of uncovering truths in other areas opened themselves up before us.

      Interest in dowsing is increasing because the lies are getting bigger, our heroes are tarnished and people are fed up.

     While the attention of the world is being forcibly turned right now, like a rider who forcibly turns a horse's head in a direction the horse does not want to go and kicks the horse to go in that direction, we, who are not horses, can choose to look at the areas they are trying to distract us from and do not want us to scrutinize too closely.

     At the end of February, alarming reports about wnv in Toronto were in the media.

     We have been told, by those who by some strange reversal of roles have become our leaders rather than those who are supposed to serve us ----  we have been told that there is a virus carried by mosquitos and that it is spreading in our area.   We were told that it has "in fact" killed and sickened hundreds more people than originally thought.

     We have been told that they thought it was not so severe but now it looks that way and they might have to spray Toronto with malathion. (symptom)

      Do you believe all this?
      I don't.
      Not for a New York minute.
      And I'm not alone in this.  Not at all.
      But plans are being made, legislation passed, in our town, which can harm us, do more harm than good to more people in the long run.

      I don't believe this any more than I believe Arab terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center or that the US must bomb Iraq to keep the world safe for democracy or that the US government has passed a Patriot Act or that AIDS originated naturally from a monkey in Africa or any of those red herrings they are trying to choke us on.

      When did we start accepting so many obvious lies?

      When the news about wnv first surfaced, 3 or 4 ? years ago ---- I knew instantly that media coverage -- but not necessarily reality -- would escalate to allow Toronto to be sprayed with malathion, that we would gradually be led to this point where we would clamor for it.   I've seen it happen before.  It's a very old technique.   Present a possible problem, make it seem as if it will take over our health and safety until we clamor for "their" protection.  Unfortunately, because of gullibility, that people don't know their history and want to believe the easy way ---- it still works.

       So now that they have everyone looking at the Middle East, our attention is not on what they are REALLY trying to do.   So many fear filled people are trying to pray for peace they don't see what precious rights and fresh air are being stolen for them while they are looking in Asia (and where what's really going on is not what we've been told)  rather than in their own back yards.

      We are being set up, just like the creeps who befriend young runaways, gain their confidence, tell them what they want to hear, give them shelter and food and then harm them.  We've been set up the exact same way.  Little by little, by someone who has gained our confidence (why do we think they're called "con" men?)

      July 29 2002, alerted that Winnipeg was being sprayed, I called Manitoba health offices and was told that:
    - they have been spraying for years
    - they only spray at night when everyone's asleep
    - they said that what they used to do is notify people when they were spraying and if they objected they would not spray that property and one hundred feet around it.
    - they said that, however, because of the "severity" of the situation that they were ignoring that this year and spraying everywhere.
    - they said this is not dangerous, not toxic - to mammals
    - it's "only" toxic to fish and to insects (do they want bees to pollinate flowers?)
    and some other misinformed statements.  They are very happy about it at the Winnipeg Health Department.  I spoke with Debbie at Winnipeg Health Links:  204 788 8200

    People like Debbie aren't bad people. They are trying to do a good job and believe in what they are doing. They are just not aware. They are not yet able to discern what is taking place. It's changing. But there are still so many Debbie's.

    This is not totally -- but mostly --- a manufactured crisis / media event.  We would be scared, so scared that we would be manipulated into begging them, allowing them to spray us with malathion --- or anything else they care to put in the spray guns.  To create illness, weaken the immune system to reduce the population.

    They sprayed NYC last year.  They want to scare us in to allowing them to spray Toronto and every other major metropolitan area.  Too bad if you have health, respiratory problems.  Too bad if you have an organic garden.  Too bad if you know this is dangerous.

    Even CNN had an article saying how wnv is not as dangerous as its made out to be:
    "I want to say one thing that's very important. If a mosquito that has West Nile virus bites you, you have actually a very, very low chance of getting the disease, and an even lower chance of dying from it. I think people sometimes have this vision that if you get bit by a mosquito, you're a goner, and that is not the case. "

    The chances of getting West Nile are very small. ..... that is the chances are very, very low that you're actually going to even get sick and certainly even lower that you're going to die."


    We are being set up --- again.  The chemtrails are obviously not enough.  This is also a test to see how we allow ourselves to be manipulated, how we react, to see if enough care enough to speak up.

    Also, on Winnipeg:  Winnipeg has been sprayed before, a "test" by the US government.  They test out their chemical and biological concoctions on this city.  (Kingston, too)  It's not the first time and not the last.

    Our food supply has been harmed with the Mad Cow manufactured crisis, and GMOs, the water, the air, the education system, health system, children.   Destruction and corruption of the energy grids.   And now they are destroying sea life with the low level sonar they are letting loose in the oceans.

    A few years ago they killed every single chicken and duck in Hong Kong. Remember?  Same insanity.  What else has to be slaughtered before we start agreeing that its a good idea to kill some people to keep others safe?  Or other such non sense.

    Please realize what is intended for us by those who do not have our best interests in mind.  Educate your colleagues, set your intentions, do your energy work, let your officials know this is not supportable.  Rise above it.   We have the ability to do something about it.  Many are.

     March 5, 2003:  I called the Toronto Environmental Alliance.  They are not in favor of the spraying.  I was told that they were told that the expansion in 2002 of WNV was beyond all expectations.

      The crisis situation was fueled and the medical officers have to be seen that they are coming up with a comprehensive plan.  They are scrambling.   1st, they need to do Public education.  Then, Source reduction, then Larval control.   Before these "reports", medical authorities were not really in favor of spraying.  Now they are leaning in that direction.

      Are these reports true?  Is it that people are sickening and dying from this virus, or is it that they have weakened immune systems and something sets them off? Or, as has been proven, that those who take pharmaceuticals on a long term basis, easily become ill 7+ years later by a trigger?  (I did)  Is this a real virus?  Or was it manufactured?  October 3, 2001, Dr. Mercola says:  "There are significant financial interests that discourage questioning of the evidence for the existence of West Nile Virus too closely."

      What they are definitely planning on doing THIS YEAR - 2003 -   is to put METHOPRENE in to the catch basins --- which isn't too bad, unless of course you are a frog and don't want deformities or extra legs.   Methoprene has negative effects on aquatic life, especially invertebrates, such as fish, and other insect species.  Fish happen to be predators for insects and capable of destroying mosquito larvae.  ...  The last resort is spraying malathion.

       The TEA told me that methoprene isn't too effective, so it may be likely that malathion will be in the plan for the GTA in 2004.

       Which may turn out to be a moot point --- since Halton Region and perhaps other regions --- have had pesticide [spraying] companies on retainer since this summer. !!!!

       TEA says we need prevention and personal protection.  They are part of a Citizen Advisory Committee --- to add sober second thoughts.  I think even they need more help.

       What happens when malathion is sprayed?   They sprayed NYC last summer.  How did they get away with this?  What happens to all the organic farms and gardens?  There were approximately 200 reports of ill health side effects in NYC after they sprayed.  Other areas are being sprayed.

       Do we want it in Ontario?  In Toronto?  I don't think so.  Do you know anyone who has any kind of respiratory difficulty?  Lung problems?  Asthma?

      Right now what's happening in the Middle East is garnering everyone's attention.  Yet what do you think is more important to you personally?  Why aren't we concerning ourselves with this?  Why are we allowing these distractions to hold our attention and our thoughts?

      Dr. Joseph Mercola, , has what many think is the finest internet health newsletter.  In his August 31, 2002 newsletter   he says:
    "  And the news is - pesticides pose a much greater health hazard than the West Nile virus. ...  The major tragedy of this West Nile virus panic will ultimately all the damage that is being done to  people and their young and unborn children through exposure to these toxic chemicals.  "

      Recently (mid March 2003), and 3 weeks after the WNV news, CNN reports:  "With cases of infection rising the United Nations health body, the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the rare step of issuing an emergency global travel  advisory, putting airlines on alert for cases of suspected pneumonia among passengers.

     In response Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific  Airways announced it has ordered staff not to check in any passengers who show signs of the illness.

    The move was repeated by airlines in Vietnam, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. "

      Do you see a pattern emerging here?  Do you see an insidious, invidious, pernicious anti humane pattern?

      Have I depressed you with how some big amorphous force is trying to poison, rob, infect and weaken you? Is this so? Or is something else happening?  THINK!  Weren't we told it was going to get tougher?   Yes, but we're getting tougher too.  And smarter.  And stronger.

     -      -      -       -       -       -       -

      The time has come for us to do something.  And I know many of you have.  And been getting positive results. I'm just trying to crank things up a few notches, add some focus and some idea to your equations.

       Since we started coming together, 2 and a half years ago, we have been learning a lot about making real improvements in our lives --- in the physical health for ourselves and those we care about, in our life situations, happiness and have even been able to influence events for a positive outcome.   We've been able to do this ourselves in small and big ways and seen those around us use techniques we have all learned, to one degree or another.

     Feelings of weakness often arise because we feel disempowered and don't know what to do.  When you take your power back you will gain strength.

       Raymon Grace and Larry Huszczo have taught us to change energy.  Joey Korn tells us that dowsing combined with prayer is the most effective healing tool he has found.  Olga Nickle has shown us how to move energy.  Pat Prevost told us about the changes as a result of Uranus moving in to Pisces and reminded us to do our own work.

       The Dr. David Hawkins book, Power vs. Force, discusses the strength and resultant changes of intent. His video, which we watched February 23, provides a powerful example on making change.

       David said that he saw that one of the biggest problems in the US social fabric today is that of the gangs.  (Please keep in mind here, that there are some Gangs who are pretty good! :-) ).   He researched and found that the worst ones are in Chicago and the head of this gang is in Joliet prison.  He thought of a way to reduce their power.   He then wrote letters to 500 people across the US --- government officials, newspaper editors, US Attorney General Janet Reno.  And, he also kept the idea that he had in his mind.  Change started to take place.

       Using his techniques, he determined that the letter writing had Zero effect.  All the resultant change came from his intention --- from the thought he held in his mind.

       There are times where I have raised issues in the past that could use change and urged you, too, to do something about it, to add to your intentions perhaps phone calls or letters.

       After listening to David's words, I think we all re-confirmed the value, strength and importance of our intentions, our focus, our thoughts.  The Power of Thought.  Of our thoughts.  We have the awareness and we have training.

      What he said is:

    "  The response has to do with my holding it in consciousness."
    "  What you hold in mind tends to materialize, tends to actualize."
    "  People deny the strength of their own mind."
    "  Focus on the truth instead of some political agenda."
    "  It's the holding in mind."
       ==   ==   ===== == ===

     This is VERY powerful --- holding a powerful thought in mind.

      What is happening in the world right this minute is dis-enheartening.   I've been somewhat bummed out about it and realize we are coming in to the times that have been talked about, the times getting tougher.  Can we hack it?  Can we be with it with strength, with integrity, with love, peace, harmony, hope, truth, purpose and awareness?  I think we can, I know we can.  There is always a place within each one of us that we can reach inside of and get what we need.   It is always there and never empty.  We can and need to rise above it. Time and again.  And we can. By keeping ourselves and our connections strong.

       When Hawkins was asked why the world just doesn't implode with all the nasty things going on, he replied that  1 person of 500 or more on his scale (see: ) balances out about 500,000 people who are below that level.   And those who spend most of their time in the less beneficial emotions are at about 200 or so on his scale of 1000.

       I don't take everything he tells us as gospel.  But a lot of what he says is pretty darn good.

      My intention was to write this to you to help our situation here, where we live in Toronto.  Because I thought that this could be a worthwhile project that WE CAN ALL DO EFFECTIVELY.  I think we are at the stage where dowsers in Toronto can ensure that we remain unaffected by wnv and its purported concerns.   And I still intend that we do so.   We focus on ourselves, on our own consciousness, we intend, and at times we intend certain things about external events, we hold the goal in our consciousness, in our conscious awareness.

       Peace in the Middle East --- anywhere --- is a good thing.   Its easy to talk about peace over there.  Its  harder --- and more important for us --- to maintain peace among our family and on our home turf.
           -       -       -       -       -       -       -

       I wanted to get this out to you now to let you know what is happening in our homes that is important and not too well known and that at the health show, Len Horowitz will be there.  He knows about this of course and it always helps to let him know your intention as well.  Although Cass Ingrahm won't be there this time, his researcher, George Paolilli, will be speaking.  Speak to them, speak to the folks at Consumers Health.  Use your intent for a positive goal, for your home, your family and friends because you know it is right and what you desire and in alignment with the highest good.  You will attract what is in your mind, in your thoughts.

       While they have forced attention to the east, george bush passed a bill that minimized organic standards. (another symptom)

      Today, March 26, they are talking about this sars thing. (symptom)  Sounds like a great way to spread fear, separate and immobilize individual citizens.  And this is all external events.  This list will get bigger, the number and degree of symptoms will increase.  What do you think of the --- so far --- voluntary --- quarantine.  Step by step.   Again, David Hawkins reminds us to focus on our intent and consciousness rather than external events.

       As we focus on raising the consciousness, the symptoms (war, spraying, etc.), will lessen.

       And --- as we raise(d) consciousness again this weekend (at The Mound), it is right that as consciousness is raised, more people will realize that spraying malathion on Toronto does not make much sense.   It makes about as much sense as bombing a whole country to allegedly take out a dictator.  Its a lot easier if everyone gets smarter than if we have to do some fighting.  A lot more fun, too.

      Reach in to that place inside yourself.
      Clear, Calm, Balance, Ground.
      Intend    Intend    Intend
      Say Thank you.

       Mary Hardy told us that when we do her vortex work, it must be done with at least 3 people, otherwise you can be harmed by a possible backlash of negative energy.  Jesus is said to talk about 3 people or more gathering in his name.   St. Germain's decrees are proclaimed 3 times.   The triangle is the most balanced shape.   Its the fusion of male and female properties producing the child; the intellect the heart and the will for thoughts, feelings and actions.  Its the divine virtues of wisdom, love and truth. The equilateral triangle possesses complete harmony.  We encourage Dowsing Buddies.  It is beneficial if 3 or more people come together to work on such things.

      I have total faith that if we come together, with the right intention, that we can make a difference, that we will make the difference.   I hope, I intend, that the circumstances come about to make this so.  We have such an important job as Toronto Dowsers.  And, we all want to do it!   Let us continue to work together to bring this about.

    For the last 2 years, there have been 2 quotes on top of my personal website:

    "  Life is about Managing Energy  "

     "  Dowsers are Among the Most Powerful People on the Planet ...   Their problem is, they just don't know it.  " ----   Raymon Grace

      Make it so.

    With heartfelt gratitude,
     - Marilyn -


    Perhaps you have been speaking with different people, but none of the dowsers I've spoken with feel that the sars outbreak is natural, rather, that the virus is either man made or has been artificially manipulated by people.   This report was seen April 10th:

    Russian Scientist: SARS Virus Was Created In A Weapons Lab


    IRKUTSK, April 10, 2003.

    The virus of atypical pneumonia (SARS) has been created artificially, possibly as a bacteriological weapon, believes Sergei Kolesnikov,
    Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. He expressed this opinion at a news conference in Irkutsk (Siberia) on Thursday.

    According to him, the virus of atypical pneumonia is a synthesis of two viruses (of measles and infectious parotiditis or mumps), the natural compound of which is impossible. This can be done only in a laboratory, the academician is convinced.

    He also said that in creating bacteriological weapons a protective anti-viral vaccine is, as a rule, worked out at the same time. Therefore, the scientist believes, a medicine for atypical pneumonia may soon appear. He does not exclude that the spread of the virus could have begun accidentally, as a result of "an unsanctioned leakage" from a laboratory.

    Source: Russian Information Agency: Novosti

    What this has done was to further demoralize and depress the population of Canada's largest city, a population already depressed by what has been happening in Iraq and relations with Canada and the US.  The Toronto Sun, March 30th, had huge headlines:  CITY OF FEAR.   Isn't that a pretty headline, blaring out from all their newsstand boxes?  Since this started, radio, tv and newspapers have been talking about sars every chance they get.  Talk radio shows discuss little else.

    This is what I noticed right off:

    1.  Little real information is given about it.  They repeat the same --- approximately 6 -- statements over and over again.  In different words, in different order.   Wash your hands.  Stay home.  Quarantine yourself.  Don't go near anyone who is suspected of having this or shows symptoms.  Over and over and over again.   Nothing else.  Oh yes.  And:  Listen to us.  Trust us.   And everyone accepts it!

    2.   For the first week there was no reporting of this in the US newspapers.   They spoke about Hong Kong, Singapore, but not Toronto.  In Singapore webcameras have been installed in homes.  I regularly checked, online:  CNN,  NY Times, Washington Post, and a few others.   My US friends were surprised to find out about this when I told them.  Why do you think this is?

    In conversation, I eschew giving this infection a name.  Once this was done, as we know, it now is an entity and has an energy.  Every time it is named, and named with a certain emotion, its energy -- hence it size --- grows.  Every time it is talked about.  The attention that has been given to it has also increased its size.

    If we do have a health department, isn't it their job to help us become healthy?  We haven't even been told something simple such as: Take Vitamin C.  Or --- increase your use of Vitamin C.   Even a thousand years ago people were advised to wear herbal bags around their necks.  A thousand years later, with all our technology, what do we get?  Nothing.

    People are staying home.  Attendance at the Total Health Show was down.  A couple of the speakers cancelled (ironic, yes?) Restaurants and stores in Chinese areas have less business.   The American Cancer Society cancelled its annual convention here, with 12,000 attendees.   Friends are afraid to kiss one another hello.  Starkman's Medical Supply sold out of their masks in a short period of time. Pictures of people on the street in masks receive prominent media attention. The situation is hospitals is awful and patients -- who need care at this time the most, can not receive visits from those close to them.  Tourism to Toronto and to China is way down.   I used to go to Tim Horton's for an occasional bowl of soup.   Served in a nice bowl on a nice silver tray.  They gave it to me this time in styrofoam in a bag, even though I told them I would be eating in.  "What's this?  Where's the bowl and tray?" I asked.   "We don't want anyone to be infected, we don't have a place for disinfection." said the staff.   I didn't bother to tell her the dangers of styrofoam --- especially when hot foods come in to contact with them.   I called Tim Horton and spoke with Customer Service.  She said I was the only one who was "reasonable". She said most people tell her they aren't doing enough!  Walmart, in the US, has prohibited its employees from travelling to any place that is known to have sars.  So has the Mandarin.  The Library has warning signs on its doors. I've had a cough for several months.  When I'm out now, and I cough, people move away.  The CDC put Toronto on its list of travel advisories.  WHO just issued a travel advisory.  And Toronto officials and media are wondering why. Could it be because they've been doing nothing else but trying to scare people about this manufactured crisis? That other people, hearing the loud and frequent cries of Toronto media believe it must be so?  Now that Toronto's finances are threatened, we are told its not that serious.  All the same, our attention is on this subject.  Another crisis to draw attention to.  Since 9.11 (or was it OJ? or Monica?) media has devolved in to a single issue crisis cry.

    Media attention is on nothing else.  Aren't there situations in education, local politics --- things going on in peoples' lives that could use attention?   And yet nothing at all is being told to us, is being said.  This can be used as an excuse to deny anyone anything --- that you can not go where you want to go or have certain things because your health is being protected.  (Last year it was to keep you safe from terrorists.)   What are we being distracted from?  I don't know.  That bothers me.  What is Parliament doing?  What is the US Congress doing?  I don't know.

    I've been looking at this wondering -- why.  Not believing that this is a natural virus that just happened to come out at this point in time.  All of my senses tell me this is not natural, that it has been purposefully engineered.  I've discussed this with several of you as well, and went to Dr. Len Horowitz' special talk on this on April 10.  So this discussion is a combination of what I have learned it talking with you and listening to  Len.

    Canada and China were against the US stand in Iraq.  Although Vancouver has more Asians, Toronto has a larger population and this is where most of the action happens.   It is probable that Toronto was also being used as a template, to see how the populace reacts, so that the bugs could be worked out and then this tried in US cities.  It's an exercise in population psychology and control.  I've seen it before.

    On Friday April 4, George Bush signed legislation (an executive order) giving health officials the "right" to quarantine any one SUSPECTED of having sars.  Despite the fact that no one --- as yet --- in the US --- had died from it.   This is the first "disease" added to the list in 20 years.   Along with: plague, smallpox, yellow fever, cholera.

    Len says:  36,000 people died last year from "influenza" in the US.   And no one makes a big deal out of it.  There were 2 deaths in Toronto from what is suspected as sars and it became a mass fright, instigating new laws, throwing government and media outlets in to what looks like a frenzy and a panic.  The mortality rate is a gross lie.  There are thousands of people who got sick and did not go to a doctor.

    This is media manipulation, fear induction, to raise stress.  It's called Phobia Induction (disproportionate to the actual size of the threat).
    Most of those who have died have already compromised immune systems and/or are taking pharmaceuticals.
    The glove and mask, infection control, sterilization, disinfection, waste disposal, vaccine,  people are making a lot of money.

    This is complete negligence on the part of the health authorities especially when there are practical, simple inexpensive ways to boost our own immunity.  (which has not been suggested)

    Could it be that this is what is happening?  Could there be the compartmentalization that keeps people from knowing the whole truth?  Those who are telling us what to do don't know the whole picture.  They know what they are told.  Could it be that a population which has been breathing in chemtrails for years is now more susceptible to other respiratory pollutants?

    Len talks about psychoneuroimmunology, where, if you think dis-easing thoughts, the stress impacts your immune cells.

    It's the common fears, the threat that get people moving in a certain direction, and, for the most part, this has not been a good one.  An acculturation process --- an indoctrination process --- is taking place.

    The response from most of the public has been a knee jerk fear reaction.  And they don't think the health authorities are doing enough.  They want more quarantine, more repressive measures put in place.   This is creating more stress, more fear, more isolation, depression and subjugation without analysis to repressive authority.  A fearful populace is a weak and easily controlled populace.

    The health authorities have not suggested to us to detoxify our systems, alkalinize, boost our immunity holistically and naturally, to improve diet and exercise, to take vitamins, use herbs, essential oils.

    April 24th:  One of the Toronto health officials said [finally] about the WHO officials: "It's not health.  It's Politics." Hallelujah!   Because their finances were threatened.   Toronto, Ontario and Canada are pledging $35,000,000 to publicize that "Toronto is open for business".   This is after they already spent millions of dollars closing it.  [And the week george bush signed the executive order quarantining suspected sars people, he also promised $74,000,000,000 as a "supplement" for the troops.   Amazing how there is all this money to spend on nothing.  Guess education, the roads, real health, housing, environment, etc. don't need any money.]  And enriching vaccines makers.

    April 25th:  Dr. Richard Chavis (sp?), Chief of  Staff, York General Hospital, previous chief Toronto Medical Health officer: "  Its important for Torontonians to get over their panic, their anxiety "  ---  WHO DOES HE THINK CREATED IT?  He goes on to say: "WHO came to the wrong conclusion.  They clearly had no good scientific rationale on which to base their conclusion."  This is what the Toronto officials have been doing for the past month!!!  Why should WHO be any different?  It's getting to feel like a ping pong ball.

    For over a month health officials and media have been telling everyone to stay home, that we are all threatened, that this is a very serious situation. Thursday, April 21: The WHO advisory comes out. They all do a complete reversal and commence whining, saying it's not so bad, complaining that WHO is needlessly scaring people away, accusing WHO of Politics rather than health. They do a complete reversal of what they have been saying just 48 hour earlier --- these same voices --- and no one seems to remember.

    Len asks:    See:    www.sarsscam.html
    -  Why has the entire field of “risk communication” in public health, along with full honest disclosure, been completely neglected in-so-far-as SARS is concerned?
    -  If far more than 99.99% of people infected with SARS get well on their own, how did they manage to do that without government involvement?
    -  If these people’s healthy immune systems are primarily responsible for their speedy recoveries, with all the warnings issued regarding SARS, why haven’t our officials published a variety of practical immune boosting recommendations?
    -  Is it true that both fear and stress reduces natural immunity to infectious diseases like SARS?
    -  Is it true that herbal cures for coronavirus infections were published in the scientific literature in 1995?
    -  Is it true that government authorities have neglected to mention this fact?
    -  Logically, then, if government health experts know all of the above, are fueling fears while neglecting practical solutions, doesn’t it seem as though they are actively increasing public risks and death rates?

    This is setting a precedent.  First it was:  anthrax.  then wnv, then sars, then ???

    We are becoming acclimatized to seeing people on the street and in the media wearing masks and allowing "health policies" set by "health authorities" to:  force quarantine, force vaccination, submit to questioning, submit to examination, etc.

    This is also a way to give "authorities"  "the right" to isolate, prohibit travel, immigration.  To control the populace.   It demoralizes people, slows down their thinking and processes, induces stress, makes them less active.  Slows them down.

    If you can, do check out the following link for an excellent article on the actual history and physiology of this infection:
    Fever and the Mystery Disease SARS:

    " The "mystery" disease SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, is being used as a “bio-terror campaign” by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. They have used normal diseases with strange new names to terrorize people many times in the last 30 years. SARS is clearly a new variation of an old Influenza. So what makes SARS so dangerous? The purpose of the main office in Atlanta is to be a promotional agent and salesman for the pharmaceutical companies who “discover fictitious disorders” at the various “Centers” and then convince you that to prevent "Framawitz Disease" [sic] you need to be on a lifetime dose of "Gillibrulin", which you need as much as you need a horseshoe kick in the pants. But the CDC has convinced many people and their governments to pay billions of dollars per year around the world to the drug companies to prevent diseases by just that method. I call it bio-terrorism. In the last 20 years, in my research, articles and media interviews I have identified 12 fictitious medical problems which have resulted in massive billion dollar profits to a few pharmaceutical  houses. All of the medical problems were either man-made or don’t exist, and were hyped and promoted by the CDC. All of them are characterized by including the words Disorder or Syndrome in their names. That’s because they are not legitimate diseases. "

    Contrast, from the April 2003 (Toronto) Town Crier:

    "  Drug companies, academics and educators concede there is little they can do to protect the public against the unknown. It's virtually impossible to come up with a vaccine or some other antidote that would fight a bug that has not yet been identified.
     The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is seeking to test more than 2,000 drugs against the SARS virus, as well as 1,000 not tested.
        Hirschmann said one of his company's drugs, Product R, could work against SARS because it works with the body's immune system to help stave off disease.
       "Product R, a second-generation drug, now being investigated for various uses, is derived from the older drug Reticulose, which was for years listed in the PDR to treat influenza, mumps and measles and was uses by the U.S. Armed Forces to treat viral infections with no reported side effects."


    Natural Products Associations Issue SARS Directive to Stop Developing Natural Treatments: Critics Cry Foul

    " A coalition of trade organizations under the direction of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA)  declared war on many members, and the American public, by issuing a directive to stop all activities relating to the development and marketing of natural health products for the prevention and treatment of SARS.

    The notice, issued by AHPA’s Director of Communications, Robin Gellman ( on April 21, allegedly on behalf of “the majority of dietary supplement manufacturers,” stated that “there are some health conditions for which the choice of self-care should be actively discouraged. The current global outbreak of SARS is such a condition.”

    The AHPA’s bulletin titled “Industry Coalition Advises Against Use of Supplements as Remedy for SARS,” urged “marketers and retailers of dietary supplements . . . to refuse to stock or sell any products that are presented as preventing or curing SARS,” and to “refrain from promoting any dietary supplement as a preventive, cure or treatment for SARS.” The “coalition” also stated “therapies for the prevention or treatment of SARS should only be recommended by qualified healthcare professionals or public health

    Is there something cuckoo here?

    If you are interested, the following people have told me they can help with remedies:
    Margaret Ball (905) 770-9012
    Helga Riemer has remedies through Healers Who Share  (905) 737-6605
    Mary Hardy said that RC, one of the Young Living Essential Oils, works on sars.
    After all, if the Jews used Hyssop, as Mary tells us, in their mixture as they painted the doorways to keep away the plague that was brought down in Egypt so the Jews could leave slavery, we ought to pay more attention to these simple, known, effective remedies.

    Anthrax didn't work.  So now we have wnv and sars.  What's next?

    There are more situations that could be discussed about what is not working right, but I don't want to do it.  These situations happen to be different because they are like fires --- immediate threats.  They are symptoms, that we have been fighting, rather than going to the source.  It's as if people are cold and they have been taught to turn up the heat.  They don't think to close a window or put on a sweater.

    I included the above 2 topics to provide information, information that most people don't have, and many have told me they appreciate knowing about.  I don't spend my time thinking about these areas --- I spend some time trying to find out what is going on.  These are not areas we want to focus on, we don't want to bring our attention and awareness to them.  We don't want to contribute to the growth of the way these energies are used.

    These "crises" will continue to rise up in our faces.  We can worry and fret and react to each one -- to each symptom.  Sometimes we have to, if it distinctly affects our lives or the lives of those close to us.

    What we need to do is to --- rise above it.  Pretend you are in a plane and this stuff are layers of dark clouds.  Just fly above the clouds.  Be above it.  See it from a higher perspective, where it does not affect you.  What we (me too of course) are doing with the attention is increasing it. "If you don't feed it, it won't grow."  I am trying to strike a balance where I don't ignore reality and where I see and understand what's going on and where I don't put too much attention on it and know when to turn away from it.  When we do see it, to not be affected by it.  Detachment.  To get rid of its non beneficial energies and transform them to beneficial, such as 5th Dimensional energies.

    Several months ago, Bill Askin gave me some of the best advice ever, and of course, his good advice is always simple:   "The most important thing is to work on your Light Body.  These distractions keep you from working on your Light Body."

    Many of you are reporting that more people are more aware.  People you have been speaking to who formerly seemed unaware now know more of what's going on.  This shall increase, as we work on ourselves, family, friends and on raising mass consciousness.  We want to reach, to lift the veils from the Debbie's in the Manitoba Health Department, the Dr. Richard Chavis', Chief of Staff.

    I consider these last few paragraphs --- and where this message has been repeated elsewhere here (from our speakers and contributors) --- the most important part of this newsletter.  But I have to go through all the other stuff to get here.

    We are all one.  When we all wake from our dreams we will all see it more easily.

    The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Convention - June 11-15

    The annual  American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Convention takes place June 11-15 in Northern Vermont.   (There are additional workshops that take place both before and after the convention.)   The cost for the entire convention is $125 US.  This includes the 3 1/2 days chock full of sessions from the best dowsers in the western world as well as evening programs and the presentation from the keynote speaker who, this year is  Sig Lonegren .   Freddy Silva who speaks on crop circles, will be there, as well as Edith Jurka.  She does the brain studies on dowsers.   Bob Beutlich from the USPA (US Psychotronics Association) --- they speak on radionics will also present.  And many more excellent speakers.  Lodging, in the (Lyndonville College)  on campus dorms, might cost an additional $175 US.   It's about an 8 1/2 hour drive from Toronto, or 2-2 1/2 hours from Montreal.  700 people attended last year.

    It was at the ASD that I met Raymon Grace, Mary Hardy, Alan Handelsman, Joey Korn, Susan McNeill and several others, who I hope you will meet or at least hear about.  Can you just imagine spending 4 days with people of this caliber?  Where you can talk with them, eat with them --- on a one on one basis, not rushed?

    There are many more equally excellent speakers --- but they haven't been my primary focus in the 2 1/2 years we've been a group.  At least one of them might be yours'.   Only one way for you to find out.   And --- are you a book person?   The Sales Area this year is greatly enlarged and will delight you.   You will find a tremendous amount of high quality dowsing books you will not find any other place.

    Please note that our own Alicja Aratyn will be speaking and offering a post convention workshop, as will Mary Hardy.

    If you would like to attend, pick up a registration brochure at our May meeting go online, phone: (802) 684-3417 or e-mail: .  And, if you do register and if you join the ASD, would you please give my name as the person who referred you?  If I refer 4 people my registration is free -- anyone can do this.


    May 3 & 4:  David Slater is known by some of you as an exceptional dowser, when it comes to healing, especially vibrational healing.  He is considered a leading world authority on Miasms (weaknesses based on diseases of our ancestors).   He studied and lectured with Hanna Kroeger, and moved more in to the vibrational area rather than the herbal area.   He has developed his own dowsing tools, which he uses in his practice and teaches others how to use.   He is the founder of  Healers Who Share and maintains a practice in the Denver area and lectures in the US, Canada, Norway and Germany.

    He comes to Toronto once a year and offers a workshop, using his healing methods, with dowsing.  He will offer a workshop May 3 & 4. This year, in addition to his new research he will also be discussing: Female Issues, Bones and Blood Diseases, TB Epidemic, resolving sugar cravings, new research and information on enzymes, mineral balance, and immune deficiencies, emotional factors in dis-ease and vibrational formulas for lifetime results.   He has a remedy for sars.

    Helga Riemer, RMT, one of our members, uses David's work in her practice, especially with saliva testing.   If you have questions about this work, you can call Helga at: (905) 737-6605    If you wish to register for the workshop, contact:  Kathy Walker  905-876-0921

    He is known for making the information clear, understandable, and practical for you to use personally and in a healing practice.

    This is recommended to us by Mary Hardy

    Jerry Pegden will be teaching levels 1 & 2 Light Language in Toronto. Immediately following, and by popular demand, he will be teaching a 5-day level 3 Light Language at a nature retreat near Toronto.

     Light Language™ is based on greater than light speed healing techniques passed down through a long and known lineage of Mayan-Aztec Masters. It is still practiced by a small tribe in central Mexico. It is practical, powerful and useful in every area and level of life. Light Language structures everything: your home, relationships, health, prosperity, what you attract and manifest and anything that your aura or thoughts touch. Indeed, it is through Light Language that your aura is formed. It is through Light Language that SPIRIT knows what you resonate with in life.

    Light Language grids can change patterns, facilitate healing, attract prosperity, change the energy of your healing workspace, the energy in a region, the energy between groups and more. You have been unconsciously using grids all your life. Unfortunately, the grids our patterns and belief systems write usually don't serve us. In these practical classes you take charge of your grids.

     Beginning Light Language:
     1. Shape Energetics -  Example: A cone shape directs energy while adding an ease and gentleness to our processes.

     2. Color Energetics Example: - Green for new growth and healing. How we use color in our everyday language. Example: "Green" with envy. The person's heart chakra is closed and they are literally leaking green.

     3. Energetics of the shapes and colors combined -  Examples: Use a green moebius in the heart chakra for growth and healing of a relationship. You are speaking but not being heard. Put a blue cone in your throat area to direct the communication.

     4. Emanating shapes and colors-  Examples: Student or participant is rambling and can't get to the heart of the matter. Lend support by sending a green sphere. You have a deadline and don't want to be disturbed - combine a clarity / concentration color with a containment shape and put it around yourself.  Before teaching a class set the grids for the room to maximize learning and healing at all levels.

     5. Emergencies -  Learn which shapes and colors to use for emergencies and how to emanate them. Example: What to do if you witness or pass by an auto accident. Once you catch the Light Language it may take on a life of its own - it knows what to do.

     6. Personal grids -  Grids attract what they are built for. Too often they are built by default via our unconscious belief systems. Learn to re-write your scripts. With teacher guidance, you choose and install in your aura a unique personal grid of seven shapes and colors.

     7. Providing a personal grid for someone else-   How to setup and install a personal grid for someone else. Example: a grid for someone who is not grounded and not manifesting prosperity.

    Jerry Pegden is a gifted healer and teacher. His practical knowledge includes ancient traditions, modern forms of energy therapies and protocols from Russia.  He teaches all levels of Light Language around the world, trains Light Language teachers and with his wife Olga heads up the Light Language program in Russia.  Jerry is the developer of the Shape Shifting Light Software for writing Light Language grids.  Email:    Phone (USA): 520 797-2136.

    Total Investment for LL I & II:
    By May 23 $321.00 C$  ($300.00 + $21.00 GST)
    After May 23 $347.75 C$ ($325.00 + $22.75 GST)

    Registration:   Sharon Cass Toole, Ph.D.
    Phone: 416-221-5639     Fax: 416-221-7126   Email:

    Joey and Jill Korn's Annual Memorial Day Retreat: May 22-May 26
    " ... at our family lake house this year, near our home in Augusta, Georgia.  We'll begin on Thursday evening, May 22 and will continue through lunch on Monday, May 26.  In addition to  3 1/2 days of learning about my dowsing and energy work techniques, we also include four nights of lodging and twelve delicious meals!  All you have to do is get here; we'll take care of the rest.

    Those of you who have already attended my workshops know how much I pack into them.  I expose you to many wonderful techniques, but it's then up to you to hone your skills and develop your abilities.  In our retreats, we have much more time to practice and I can give you my personal attention to help you understand the process much better.  We also cover other things that I don't have time to do in my workshops, such as finding and working with Earth energy leys and power spots.  As a bonus, we'll have good fellowship for the weekend and a whole lot of fun. "

    Raymon Grace:  May in BC, June in Nova Scotia

    Raymon will be offering a workshop in Vernon, British Columbia through the Okanagan/Shuswap Chapter of the CSQ on May 24 & 25, 2003.  Early Registration by May 1st.  Contact: Merlin Beltain;   175 Westside Road, Apartment 44; Vernon, BC  V1T 7Z3   (250) 542-5940
    *  *  *
    In gorgeous Nova Scotia: TWO WEEKENDS, in June:

    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: June 21 and 22  Beginner / Intermediate Dowsing Workshop
    INFORMATION:  Ann Marie Yorke, Soldier’s Cove – Evenings only:  902-535-2177
                           OR:  1-416-398-6505

    Summerville, Hants County, Nova Scotia: June 28 & 29
    Nova Scotia Beginner / Intermediate Dowsing Workshop
    INFORMATION:  Christine Buechele,– Evenings:  1-902-757-0849
    Or Jacki :    1-416-398-6505


    There are Dowsing groups all over this beautiful blue globe.  I've received email from dowsers in Korea, in Ireland. There are dowsers in Australia.  Here is a notice about a Seminar in Estonia!!! co sponsored by the venerable British Society of Dowsers:

    An International Seminar will be held by the Institute of Geology, The Baltic Dowsers Association and The Estonian Psychotronics Society on Earth's Fields and the Influence on Organisms during the weekend of 27 - 29 June 2003 in Estonia.

    The seminar will focus on the study of biolocation effect (radiesthesia, dowsing), periodic structure of biophysical anomalies, geophysical fields, response and field equipment and influence of Earth's fields on organisms, including human health problems.  Philosophical and practical aspects of mutual action between human beings and Nature will be discussed.  Two languages are in use during the seminar:  English and Russian.

    For further details please contact the Organising Committee:-
    Heldur Haldre, Valdeku 142-7, 11217 Tallinn, Estonia.  Tel: +372 6705190
    Rein Koha, Anni 3-12, 12626 Tallinn, Estonia.  Tel: +372 6326262.

    AUGUST:  MARY HARDY, Annual Retreat, Michigan

    I spoke to Mary Hardy this week.  Every summer, she has a convention at her home in Allegan Michigan.  This is about 3 hours west of Detroit.  About 300 people attend and there are about 40 speakers.  This year some of the sessions will be on Pyramids, Bible Codes and Egypt.

    The workshop takes place August 8, 9 and 10.  It costs $40 US, $75 for a couple.  Monday, August 11, is a class with Starr Fuentes or one of her instructors, on Light Language.  That costs  $35 US.  If you stay until Tuesday, August 12 --- that's the 60th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment --- something happens every 20 years on that date --- you can participate in the Fire Walk.  That costs $50 US.  You do a fire walk to prepare yourself to take out the fear.

    You can camp on their land --- very basic facilities -- porta potties, there is a lake for washing, or you can go to a motel.  I expect to have more information later on.   Mary is teaching a post convention workshop at the ASD convention in June.

    I came across an author who wrote a novel on codes some time back and have been following his work.  Dan Brown, who lives in New England, just came out with a new novel:  "Da Vinci Code"  (Random House, 2003,  ISBN 0-385-50420-9).  This is in the Toronto Public Library.

    I was astonished to read this book, especially after Mary Hardy's visit.  It takes place in current time, and is about solving the murder of a curator of the Louvre --- a man who was involved in the Priory of Sion, the European secret society founded in 1099 --- connected with the Knights Templar, the search for the Holy Grail; they talk about Divine Proportion, the Mona Lisa, the meaning of the Rose, the secret life of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Fibonacci Sequence, Opus Dei --- a lot of things that Mary Hardy spoke about.  The story itself is a good one and well written.

    The author says that all descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in his book are accurate.  He did his research at the Louvre, the French Ministry of Culture, Project Gutenbert, the Gnostic Society Library, etc.   He talks about bloodline of the Merovingian line, as also described in the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".  And Latin vs. English and Hebrew.

    It is remarkable to find this book with this degree of research combined with a good read at this point in time.  Reading this book will give you more background in to what Mary was talking about.

    I am including this in our newsletter because not only is this a good way to pick up more information on the history, but he uncovers truths for us, about how we have been misled.  He quotes Napoleon "What is history but a fable agreed upon."    He describes how symbols and rituals of power have been covered up and perverted.   We can find out more about our roots, the real origins of our ancestry, not what some groups would have us believe so that they can take and maintain power.   I emphasize this because the same thing is taking place at this point in time in our culture, society and politics:

    "     Nowadays, the term pagan had become almost synonymous with devil worship --- a gross misconception. The word's roots actually reached back to the Latin paganus, meaning country dwellers. "Pagans" were literally unindoctrinated country folk who clung to the old, rural religions of Nature worship,. In fact, so strong was the Church's fear of those who lived in the rural villes that the once innocuous word for "villager" ---villain---came to mean a wicked soul.

    "The pentacle" is a pre-Christian symbol that relates to Nature worship. The ancients envisioned their world in two halves - masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced, there was chaos. The pentacle is representative of the female half of all things -- a concept religious historians call the 'sacred feminine' or the 'divine goddess'.  The pentacle symbolizes Venus --- the goddess of female sexual love and beauty.

    Early religion was based on the divine order of Nature. The goddess Venus and the planet Venus were one and the same. The goddess had a place in the nighttime sky and was known by many names - Venus, the Easter Star, Ishtar, Astarte - all of them powerful female concepts with ties to Nature and Mother Earth..

    The planet Venus traced a perfect pentacle across the ecliptic sky every four years.  So astonished were the ancients to observe this phenomenon, that Venus and her pentacle because symbols of perfection, beauty and the cyclic qualities of sexual love. As a tribute to the magic of Venus, the Greeks used her four year cycle to organize their Olympiads. Nowadays, few people realized that the four year schedule of modern Olympic Games still follows the cycles of Venus. Even fewer people knew that the five pointed star had almost become the official Olympic seal but was modified at the last moment -- its five points exchanged for five intersecting rings to better reflect the games spirit of inclusion and harmony.

    The pentacle's true origins were actually quite godly and its symbolism has been distorted over the millenia, through bloodshed.  The pentacle was altered by the early Roman Catholic Church. As part of the Vatican's campaign to eradicate pagan religions and convert the masses to Christianity, the Church launched a smear campaign against the pagan gods and goddesses, recasting their divine symbols as evil.

    This is very common in times of turmoil.  A newly emerging power will take over the existing symbols and degrade them over time in an attempt to erase their meaning. In the battle between the pagan symbols and Christian symbols, the pagans lost; Poseidon's trident became the devil's pitchfork, the wise crone's pointed hat became the symbol of a witch, and Venus' pentacle became the sign of the devil.  Unfortunately, the United States military has also perverted the pentacle; its now our foremost symbol of war. We paint it on all our fighter jets and hag it on the shoulders of all our generals.  So much for the goddess of love and beauty. " (35-37)

    "  In Priory symbolism, the Rose and the Grail are synonymous.  The Rose means secrecy.  Hanging a rose is an ancient Roman custom.  Sub Rosa --- the Romans hung a rose over meetings to indicate the meeting was confidential.  Attendees understood that whatever was said under the rose --- or sub rosa --- had to remain a secret.  The Rose's overtone of secrecy was not the only reason the Priory used it as a symbol for the Grail. Rosa rugosa, one of the oldest species of rose, had five petals and pentagonal symmetry, just like the guiding star of Venus, giving the Rose strong iconographic ties to womanhood.  In addition, the Rose had close ties to the concept of true direction and navigating one's way. The Compass Rose helped travelers navigate, as did Rose Lines, the longitudinal lines on maps.  For this reason, the Rose was a symbol that spoke of the Grail on many levels --- secrecy, womanhood and guidance --- the feminine chalice and guiding star that led to secret truth. (201,202)

    (MORE)  D*O*W*S*I*N*G     W*O*R*K*S*H*O*P*S

    Shelley Bourne, Markham
      (905) 294 - 6858
    Saturday, In the Park --- Hands On Dowsing
    Saturday May 17, 2003
    9:30 - 1    $45

    Shelley will take you for more than just a walk in the park, for:
    Hands on Dowsing in the (Milne) Park to find and neutralize geopathic stress
    Find Hartmann Grids, Curry Grids, male and female energies
    Dowse for the auras and energies, yin and yang around trees and plants

    You will also make your own L Rods and Pendulums

    How to make your home safe ---
    You will be taken around some areas where there are non beneficial energies so you will know
    what to do.   Please call Shelley to make arrangements with her.

     Alicja Aratynpresents:


    Saturday and Sunday May 24-25, 10:00 am. till 6:00 pm.
    North York Novotel Hotel
    3 Park Home Avenue (North York Centre Subway Station)

    Atlantis – continent of many people’s dreams, forgotten culture, forgotten civilization.  What do we know today about Atlantis and especially about the Atlanteans way of life and healing?

    Alicja Aratyn, who spent many life-times on Atlantis and today channels her past, will lead you through life and problem solving procedures from there.  During this course you will:

    For more info & to enroll call: Alicja @ (416) 253-9053
    (due to channelling character of this course space are limited)
    Investment in yourself: $152.-

    Alicja Aratyn, born in Poland, is a Civil Engineer by profession. Her early interest in Metaphysical knowledge led her to further involvement in the student movement in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s.  In 1991 she moved to Canada with her son, Tom. Many personal challenges and the sickness of her son made Alicja put her theoretical knowledge into practice. First-hand personal, positive experience convinced her to stay with Alternative methods and Esotericism as full time business. Since 1993 Alicja has dedicated her professional life to share her experience and knowledge to improve the quality of life of many people. She founded the “Alicja Centre of Well-Being”, based in Toronto, and offers many different treatments, personal counselling and channelling sessions as well as variety of courses and workshops. She also travels extensively to Europe and Asia to teach and lecture In recognition of her work, Alicja’s name has been chosen and listed as an Honoured Professional in the National Register’s “WHO’S WHO” in Executives and Professionals for 2001-2002 edition.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    1)   In our last (March 2003) newsletter, because of  benefits Mary Hardy told us about essential oils, several people offered their names and contact information to us.  Some people got their information to me after our newsletter was published.  Please add the following names:

    Pat Bianchi                     416 783 4694
    Lily Fistric                      416 245 4560
    Margaret Mackintosh        416 221 5995
    Our thanks to Dev Khalsa of the  Spectrum Healing Naturopathic Clinic for organizing Mary's Monday night presentation to the essential oils people.  As a high level distributor for Young Living oils, as one of his many talents, Dev conducts group meetings on a weekly basis where one learns about the oils.  Dev can be reached at: 416 516 0808.

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    PLEASE NOTEThere are about 3 sections in this issue that were difficult or awkward to write and feel not quite right or incomplete.  If I had another week. ..... I appreciate your feedback, via email or telephone as it helps to give me information, direction, improvement, growth.  As we are becoming larger, it is not always possible for me to get back to you on a timely basis.

     "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."  — H. L. Mencken

    "One of the intentions of corporate-controlled media is to instill in people a sense of disempowerment, of immobilization and paralysis. Its outcome is to turn you into good consumers. It is to keep people isolated, to feel that there is no possibility for social change."  — David Barsamian, journalist and publisher

    "The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom." -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) Source: The Philosophy of History, 1832

    THE    Tuesday, May 13th, 2003  MEETING FEATURES:
    Janeson Rayne
    will speak on: "Intuitive Dowsing: For Nutrition and Health, System by System"

    We are fortunate to have for our May 2003 speaker, Janeson Rayne, an extremely creative, absolutely original thinker, artist, writer, nutritionist, inventor and consultant to Mel Gibson and scientific companies ....

    The mother of two grown children, Janeson has a Fine Arts Degree from Queen's University and has studied yoga for 31 years (since age 15) and been teaching for the last 20, helping people to know, trust, and love their bodies.  Throughout the 1990's Janeson worked as an Intuitive Consultant with offices in Toronto and Kingston, and has been on several radio and tv shows.  From June 2000 to September 2001 she was on retainer with Vermont Photonics - a specialty laser company in Vermont, helping them advance their scientific research - through dowsing.

    In 1992 she worked on a film with Mel Gibson and was on location with him in Maine for five weeks.  The film was called The Man Without A Face, and she was hired to do the sketches for Mel - he played an artist.

     Janeson learned dowsing from the late Hanna Kroeger, and fine tuned her pendulum skills with Hanna.  She will share some of the experiences and techniques she learned from Hanna with us in May.

    An entrepreneurial spirit, Janeson is currently putting her energy into manufacturing and marketing a product she is very passionate about - a product she created in her early days of yoga and has since patented -- The K-Loop  -- an energy device for women that helps activate and revitalize sexual energy while toning and strengthening important internal organs and muscles.

    The author of The Intuition Igniton Mystic Path Manuals and "Don't Have A Cow!"

    INTUITION IGNITION - the name says it all.

    We all know that listening to our intuition can be life-saving, and that when we don't listen, we suffer the consequences.  How many times have you had an instinct, toyed around with believing in it, and then regretted not following your gut?  In this day and age what used to be known as common sense is really not all that common.

    What if you had a system that would help you feel confident about your dowsing abilities, and at the same time spark your intuition AND verify what you already know deep within your cells - help you get in touch with what's in the storehouse of your old inventory?

    What if that system "knew" just the right amount of processing work you could handle, and only gave you the pieces you needed, based on your soul's priority, when you're ready for them?  What if that system knew what to throw out and what to dust off and keep - and gave suggestions on how to buff up those things so they are like brand new?

    The Intuition Ignition System does just that.  It is a complex series of interlinking possibilities that take us on a journey into - and out of -our selves, through dowsing, with a laser-sharp focus.  Awareness is knowledge; knowledge is wisdom.  When we can name what is "not quite right" or out of alignment in our lives - whether it is on a physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, or etheric level - we have the opportunity to move that energy and re-create anew.

    Janeson Rayne, the creator of The Intuition Ignition System, will  show us some of the pieces.  She will be speaking with us mainly about Nutrition (she also wrote "Don't Have A Cow!  How to Thrive in a Post-Cow World" - a vegan cookbook with a whole chapter devoted to listening to our bodies through dowsing and kinesiology), and introducing us to the concept of dowsing for nutrition body system by body system.  She'll talk about other aspects of Nutrition also, and teach us about Vitality testing with a pendulum - a trick she learned from Hanna Kroeger.

    Janeson's presentations are always lively, stimulating, innovative and informative.   Be there!

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