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A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than is in this newsletter.  We welcome you to join our group and greatly appreciate contributions, especially since our newsletters went from 8 to 40+ pages as we are in a time of information explosion and our dues do not cover the increased copying and mailing expenses.  Enjoy.  Thank you.  - Marilyn

The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004 (See last page for information)

Dr. Robert Gilbert
will speak on:
"Sacred Geometry and Vibrational Energy Science"
THIS meeting is on a Wednesday and takes place in a different location. See below.
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
* Dowsing Practice:   6:15 - 7:00 - on the stage *
with MARGARET BALL - Answering health, color, vibrational dowsing questions
Because of the cafe in the Latvian Center, we are dispensing with refreshments for the end of this meeting, we will be supplying beverages, though.

at  The Latvian Center  - 4 Credit Union Drive
this is on Eglinton Avenue
just 2 lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway (see below for more info)
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2004
This is our last big meeting before September.  Be there!
WEDNESDAY! May  19 - Robert Gilbert - Sacred Geometry, from North Carolina
May  22,23 - Workshop with Robert Gilbert
JUNE - 8 - Movie of Dr. David Hawkins, Discussion (Edward's Gardens)
JUNE - 22nd - Call To Action:  Consciousness Raising
JUNE - 26 - Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force" will be in Toronto
JULY - 25 - 7:25 PM - The Water Project --- Thank Water Day at Lake Ontario

SEPTEMBER William Henry
NOVEMBER - Alan Handelsman
NOVEMBER - John Clyde & Lyra Kranz, of Monroe and HemiSync will be back to do some workshops.

May 7-9 2004 - CanAm (1st ever Canadian American) Dowsing Convention, BC
June 10-13 2004 - ASD Convention, Lyndonville, Vermont
July 16th to July 19th - United States Psychotronics Association  annual conference
"Celebrating Feminine Achievements in Frontier Science" - Columbus, Ohio


There is a parking lot in the back, and the Eglinton Avenue bus stops right in front.
And there is a cafe in the basement for pre meeting or post meeting light meals, snacks, drinks!



June 8 meeting at Edwards Gardens:   $7  for all.
(now called the Toronto Botanical Gardens)
Paul Newton will show one of Dr. David Hawkins' videos and open the evening for discussion

Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force", the "Eye of the I" and "I"; colleague of Dr. Linus Pauling,  has created greater public awareness of activity related to dowsing.  Using kinesiology, which is similar to dowsing, he explores consciousness, describes areas of consciousness, what he feels raises and detracts from consciousness, and, has designed a "Map of Consciousness", in Chart Form, which measures from 0 to 1000.  Those who measure below 200 are deep in to unconscious non beneficial behavior and thought.

This map, and descriptions and insights can be found at:  www.TorontoDowsers.com/map.htm   (A sheet was mailed to all Toronto Dowsers with the map, and explanations, about 18 months ago.)

He says that: "Reading the book advances the reader's level of consciousness by a remarkable 35 points.  (The average human's consciousness advances by only 5 points in a lifetime)" . And that "mere exposure to the "Map of Consciousness"  advances one's understanding of all human behavior."

This book, first published in 1995, can probably be called the most influential book of this decade.

Dr. Hawkins offers lectures once a month in Sedona, Arizona.  Paul Newton (who also generously shared Gentle Wind instruments with us these last 2 December socials) has flown to Sedona frequently in order to attend as many of his lectures as possible.  He has started a Dr. Hawkins study group in Toronto and has many of the videos.

Next month's newsletter will name the video that's been selected for viewing at the June 8th meeting.

I won't be at that meeting as I'll be at the American Society of Dowsers convention in Vermont.


Previous summers, we had at least one organized field day.   Not this summer.   I have too many other things to do. (more about that in another section.)

This summer, I'm arranging for different activities with like minded businesses or, individuals.   Below, you will read about the Merchants of Green Coffee.   One of the trips will be a visit to their location, to learn more about coffee --- pros and cons, how to make really good coffee and things you'd like to know about the production --- and to dowse which might be the best for you --- healthwise, taste, etc.  And its fun.

That information will be in the June newsletter.  And it will be on the website, or sent out by emails.   If you are not online, please connect with someone who is.

There may be a newsletter in the summer.  Maybe, maybe not.
*            *            *            *            *            *

MEMBERSHIP SIGN UP BONUS:  Our membership year goes from October 1st to September 30th.   Starting April 1, we prorate the cost of membership.  Here is a new offer:
If you are a member as of March 31, 2004,
And you refer someone who takes out membership before September 30th,
You will receive a coupon to bring a *new* person for free, valid until September 30th,
Please see that your name is somewhere on the Membership application as "referred by".
For a membership application, go to:  www.dowsers.info/toronto/register.htm
MEMBERS DISCOUNTS:  Did you know that Toronto Dowsers members receive a 10% discount at Member owned businesses:
Herbie's Herbs  556 Queen Street West, Toronto
Odyssey Books  109 Old Kingston Road, Unit #15, Ajax


Last year, at the beginning of our meeting evenings, before the meetings got started, we had "Dowsing Practice".  This runs from 6:15 - 7:00.   This is an informal  practice, led by an experienced dowsing teacher, where you show up, have an opportunity to ask your questions and get them answered, and benefit from a "lesson" that the teacher may have prepared.

MARGARET BALL will lead Dowsing Practice at this May meeting, will answer your dowsing questions.   Margaret has been a dowsing instructor for over 20 years and we know of her excellent teachings in health dowsing, color dowsing and how to find out what is wrong with your car.

A deep understanding of vibrational remedies, Margaret is very familiar with the kind of work David Slater does and can answer questions as to how his work works.  She doesn't deal with the specifics of his work, but has a very good overall understanding.


Please!  If you are coming for the practice would you please, kindly, go to the stage.  It can be distracting to have our dear people on the presentation floor as we are rushing around trying to set things up. AND MAKE SURE YOU DO REGISTER!!! Thank you!
*            *            *


The Toronto Dowsers
Walter Huszczo Library
New items for the library:

A CD:  "Sounds True, The Beginner's Guide to Mantras"  How to Use Sacred Sound to Create Abundance, Health and Spiritual Insight in Your Life.  We have spoken about Mantras before, part of India's traditions --- the utterance of special syllables in a special order.  Doing so helps remove hidden obstacles, clears the mind, sets up things you are looking for in life.   We have spoken about Mantras before, suggested to us by John Tonin.  You can find these articles in the June 2003 and November 2003 newsletters.

donated by Marilyn:  "Past Recall" by Nita Hughes.  This is a novel based on denied history.  It takes place in the 13th century, in France, and is part of the story of the Cathars, in Southern France and the events leading up to their massacre of March 16, 1244.   The places and principal people are mentioned as part of the story so it can give you some familiarity with names and places we will be encountering later on.  The Inquisition of the Catholic Church had several hundred Cathars burned for what they said was heresy.  This is the most notorious and painful chapter in the history of the Cathars.   This book is a love story of 2 young people caught up in trying to save their people and way of life.

David Slater's video:  Our April speaker, David Alan Slater, of Healers Who Share, graciously donated a copy of his video, "Healing Techniques by Hand", from Hanna Kroeger and others.  Excellent.

And in the Toronto Public Library:   You can now find not only books, but also a video by David Icke! ...   If you'd like some more background information as to what really happened around 911, without a zillion names to remember, to get an overview, read Michael Moore's new book "Dude, Where's My Country?"


HOMELESS AGAIN?:: The Wandering Dowsers

The Toronto Dowsers is certainly getting a tour of Toronto.  Now that we finally have a lovely meeting place --- in the Toronto Botanical Gardens (they changed their name from Edwards Gardens) --- we have to move again, temporarily.   The Gardens will be undergoing renovation from December 2004 to July 2005.

So once again, we need a meeting place that is:
    Central:   Yonge & Lawrence area is ideal.
    Transportation:  Reasonable access to highways.  Parking.   Not too tough for TTC people
    Good Energy.   Good Size.   Minimum 2800 square feet.
    We can stay until 11 PM.   And:    Audio visual system.
    Affordable.  And:  Our meeting times are available.
Your   REALISTIC  suggestions are greatly appreciated.
The Latvian Centre, our meeting place for May 2004, is a possibility.  Let me know how you like it.

EMAIL NOTICES:   If you do not receive email from us, please either send your email address to: mgang@dowsers.info, or connect with someone who is on email.  Often, messages are sent out about *neat stuff* as it comes up and does not get in to the newsletter.  Such as the details for Ken Page's March 24th presentation to us, Raymon Grace's Internet Radio interview (that is online until May 15th), a ticket available for the May 2nd Adam workshop and other things that come up quickly.   We were also able to open up appointments for David Alan Slater due to a cancellation and they were snapped up within hours of the announcement.

GENESA CRYSTALS:  I expect to see Jim Young, one of the creators of Genesa Crystals, at the ASD convention in June in Vermont.  If you are interested in his work: www.young-design.com/ and would like to order, I may be able to bring something back for you, if its not too large.  Check out the site.

Raymon on the Radio:  Listen to Raymon on Internet Radio, on  Anne  &   Whitley Strieber's "Mysterious Powers" until around May 15. Go to:  www.unknowncountry.com/mysteriouspowers/  This show is 70 minutes.   Raymon talks about the Water Project, Call to Action, the School Project, taking people to the other side, reducing violence and much much more.   You can easily tape it, share it with your friends.

The Water Project and Radio:  Just before the previous newsletter was about to be printed, I received news that Raymon was to be interviewed on CoasttoCoastam Radio the night of March 31st  (2 a.m.-5 a.m. that "night").  This is the old Art Bell show and can be heard across North America, including Toronto.  Well, Raymon gave an exceptional interview.   He talked about dowsing, how it works, how his methods work, and George Noory, the host, said he explained things clearly and simply that were previously difficult to understand.   He mentioned the Toronto Dowsers 3 times.

About a month earlier, I ordered another 200 bottles for water, thinking it would last for a long time, not realizing that Raymon would speak to over 5,000,000 people and that many of them would want water.  From about 8 requests per month, I am now getting about 30 a week.  And THEN!  his presentation on water at the March 2003 Total Health Show was printed in the ASD Winter 2004 quarterly digest.


Last month we introduced the Freedom Project.  This is going strong and there is a lot of commitment to it.  Although there are over 70 names on the list on internet right now, there are probably several hundred more who prefer not to list their names and are participating.  Got a call this morning from someone in Saskatchewan who says he thinks this has made a difference in the microwave towers in his area.

         This is one of the reasons why we are doing this:

One of you called me last weekend to let me know you went to a workshop by a leading scientist and doctor.   One of the questions that was raised was about sleep.  A man said he would sleep for a few hours, wake up and keep going through this.  Many people are reporting sleep disturbances.  Why might this be happening?

ANSWER:  The G.W.E.N.  Project.  I'd never heard of this one, even though it has been in place probably since around 1993.  I found dozens of listings when I Google'd:  GWEN, Mind Control.  Here's one of them:

"According to a 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology, ELF has a number of potential military uses, including "dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches of security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare." The same report states:

"Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual dis- tortion or disorientation. They are silent, and counter- measures to them may be difficult to develop."

The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) is a communications system that the military is in the process of constructing as we speak. It operates in the very-low-frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This range was selected because its signals travel by means of waves that have a tendency to hug the ground rather than by radiating into the atmosphere. This signal drops off sharply with distance - a single GWEN stations transmits in a 360 circle to a distance of 250 to 300 miles. The entire GWEN system consists of approximately 300 such stations spread across the United States, each with a tower 300-500 feet high. The stations are from 200 to 250 miles apart, so that a signal can go from coast to coast from one station to another. When the system is completed around 1993, the entire civilian population of the United States will be exposed to the GWEN Transmissions. "

It is requested that you repeat the following words once a day, every day.
And then: Email your name and location to:  Freedom@TorontoDowsers.com
Please say the words, daily --- with firm intention, belief, conviction and Passion

The 5th Dimensional Freedom Project

"Scramble the frequencies of all harmful subliminal messages, transmitted by electronic devices, such as TV, video and computer games, HAARP, HAARP projects, radionics, and electrical current.  Adjust these to the frequency of 5th dimensional energy.

Scramble the frequency of war, fear, hate, greed, terrorism, & martial law.   Adjust these to the frequency of FREEDOM and COMPASSION.

Scramble the frequency of all chemical, biological, and radiological pollutants of the water, earth and air and adjust them to the frequency of pure water, earth and air.

Scramble the frequency of all oppressive governing bodies, groups, individuals & religious groups and adjust their frequency to 5th dimensional energy."

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Environment
Ideas to Increase Awareness of what is around us
WATER:   We are concerned about the environment and water.  Of course.   Then why do we allow a humongous and growing industry where we put water in plastic bottles, buy the bottles, drink the water, then throw the bottles away?   This is just as insane as spending more per liter for water than for gasoline.  Please use this as a reminder to carry your own water bottle --- preferably a lexan one (of hard plastic) like the one you buy at sporting goods stores where you fill your water up from good water from your home water system.

Share this with others.  Maybe the word can be spread, BIG.

MCS, etc. from MEAT:   I was at a health workshop recently.  2 people who attended, each one was highly allergic.  One person could only eat organic food, and her choices were limited.   The other had Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

What was determined was:   Over a dozen years ago, each of them had eaten beef.   One had eaten beef where the cow had been bitten by a snake.  That venom got in to her and caused her illnesses.  She is doing much better now.   The other had a similar story.

When you are in a restaurant, and if you want flesh food, dowse to see which of the food that the kitchen has is clean, and safe for you.  Do the same when you are buying in a supermarket.

Cattle ranchers might eat their own beef next to raw (higher in "aliveness", and, enzymes.  When they are in restaurants, they ask for their beef to be cooked well done.

When you go food shopping:  When you go food shopping and pay for the food at the cashier, they put your items in front of a scanner.  I have heard it said that passing by this scanner may create detrimental energies within your food.  When you get your food home, put the bags down and bring beneficial energies to your groceries.  The energy from your groceries becomes a part of you when you eat it.  Remember what Raymon told us about what they found out at the 2003 Flagstaff Conference about water?   They could not energize the water because it had the spirit of greed in it.   Ensure your food does not have the spirit of greed in it or anything else you may not like.

Ruth, our September 2003 speaker told us what happens when you bring in say, antiques, or collectibles or vintage clothing in to your home, the energies that might be in and around them, and what to do.   Lyra, our March speaker, also reminded me to clear things before I bring them in to the home.   Do this for everything that crosses your doorstep.  Ensure it is energetically clean and beneficial for you.  Program that everything that crosses your doorstep is energetically clean and beneficial for you.

Bless Your Food:  Blessing your food promotes your intentionality.  Changes the vibration.  It is also related to the article in this newsletter on Sound vibrations.

The Tree of Life and one way to use it:   At our meetings, we have available at the sales table a laminated Tree of Life chart I got for us from Joey Korn.  1-877-DOWSING (369-7464).   When Joey came up here October 2002 and spoke, a naturopath called me 3 days later and said his whole practice had changed.  What he did was to "intend" the Tree of Life around his clients.  And their energy and health improved markedly.

I have this chart above my computer.  I can see it now as I'm typing, when I'm on the phone.  I look at it often.  Every so often, I "intend" this Tree of Life around me.  When I want additional strength, I then spin this around me in a clockwise direction.  I feel strong, and protected --- not a white light kind of protection (I'm not comfortable with that), but a protection where I am stronger within myself.

(I'm not comfortable with the White Light theory of protection, because it creates a barrier between thee and me.  There's enough separation between us, I don't want to add to it.  And, what does White attract?  It attracts dark.  I don't want to purposefully attract dark.  Besides, I hear the white light folks have changed to gold, which is one of the 3 *new* colors that have 'come in' lately.  Robert Gilbert will talk more about the 3 new colors in May, either in his talk, and/or workshop.)

will be held at the LATVIAN CENTER - 4 Credit Union Drive
This is at the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Credit Union Drive
which is about 2 lights east of the Don Valley Parkway

"Robert Gilbert is the most knowledgeable person I know about Kabbalah, sacred geometry, Rosicrucianism, Mystery Schools, and other esoteric traditions.  He's not only a scholar in the true sense of the word, but Robert is also a practicing mystic.  He'll help you understand his work intellectually, and he'll help you apply esoteric principles practically into your life.  He also teaches a unique and powerful form of Egyptian dowsing. Robert is a presenter who will rivet your attention."

Our April 13, 2004 meeting, featuring:  David Alan Slater

More and more, our meetings are becoming "quite the event".   In addition to a nicely stocked library, staffed by 4 volunteers eager to help you, our pre- and post- presentation time also has a Toronto Dowsers sales table where hard to find books, pendulums, ECH20, L Rods, etc., can be purchased.   Refreshments are available at the end of our meetings.  We supply the beverages, you bring the best of the rest.

For this meeting, Arthur Clark was at a table, demonstrating the use of the Dinshah SpectraChrome Color Healing System.

And, invited as guest to offer us a taste of their product:  Alan and Mike from:  The Merchants of Green Coffee.

This is a relatively new company, in Toronto in the Queen & Broadview area, where they have a business that is unique to the planet, as well as offering some of the best coffee around.

The Merchants of Green Coffee offer green coffee beans and coffee roasters and the rest of the accouterments to produce the perfect cup.

You get green beans, roast them and use them within 5 days.  Yum Yum.

Green coffee has health benefits.
-   You may remember, about a year and a half ago, there was a mention in this newsletter that the health problem with coffee is not so much the issue of caffeine, but moreso the fact that in producing coffee for us for our consumption:   The coffee bean is roasted.  These beans may sit around for weeks or months before they are ground, sold and used.  What happens what a nut or a bean is roasted and sits there?   FREE RADICALS.  Nasty critturs.
-   Not only that, the taste deteriorates.  Freshly roasted green coffee beans offer antioxidant properties.
-   Coffee May Prevent Gallstones (lumps composed of cholesterol caused by fatty diets).  Drinking at least two cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of developing gallstones by 40 percent. This benefit only comes from caffeinated coffee; not from tea, soda, or decaf coffee. Caffeine may help prevent formation of the lumps by preventing cholesterol from crystallizing and cutting fat storage through increased energy expenditure

OK, so TMOGC have the beans and the equipment and show you how to roast.  What makes TMOGC unique on this planet is their commitment to sustainability and the environment.  In the last 50 years, within coffee production, the roasting industry changed from local to centralized roasting and distribution. Farmers switched from traditional to technified coffee production and processing. Lower pricing on store shelves became the primary goal.

Traditionally, coffee is grown on small farms, beneath shade trees in a biodiverse ecosystem, where birds, animals, and a variety of flora (native and commercial tree species such as nut, fruit and hardwoods) naturally enrich the soil and protect coffee from pests and disease. Coffee cherries are picked by hand and processed on-site by farmers who care about quality and get paid for it.

Over the past 50 years, traditional coffee production has largely been replaced by technified coffee production, where rainforests are cleared to create a sun-drenched environment for monoagricultural coffee production and machine harvesting. Coffee cherries are transported to large centralized facilities for milling and high temperature drying. Quality and taste was sacrificed for low cost.

  • Every cup of coffee consumed destroys roughly three square centimeters of rainforest (to provide wood for fires for the roasting process), making coffee a leading cause of rainforest destruction.
  • Coffee ranks as one of top three most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world.
  • Coffee processing is a major cause of water contamination in many producing countries.
  • Supply chain imbalances exploit millions of small subsistence farmers.
  • Small farmers produce the highest quality coffee.
  • Over 95% of all coffee consumed is stale.
  • Natural methods of pest control and soil regeneration yielded to the mass application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  Certain pesticides and herbicides are known poisons to wildlife and farmers
  • Technified farms support 95% fewer species of wildlife, and over time, experience reduced productivity due to soil depletion, erosion and acidification.
  • Taste and health, is best, if  your coffee is consumed within: 5 days after roasting, 3 hours after grinding, 15 minutes after brewing.
    Their Philosophy is a Win Win one:  You win, the growers win, they win and so does the Planet:   "Our mantra is Fresh Coffee, Fair Trade, Green Business. Merchants of Green Coffee strives to be a sustainable company - a business that creates financial and social wealth without degrading the productive and aesthetic capacity of the environment for both present and future generations. We look at the triple bottom line; equal treatment of the economic, social and environmental components of trade. We exist to re-acquaint coffee drinkers to the wonderful taste of fresh roasted coffee using beans brought to market under sustainable conditions."

    Best of all, is the taste --- its divine.

    TMOGC were busy offering samples at the end of the meeting, and, explaining the process.  We are planning a field trip to their location in the summer, to learn more about coffee. their holistic methods, and to dowse for the beans that are best for each of us.  Like the Toronto Dowsers, TMOGC is another like minded family committed to quality, service and our planetary community.

    *            *            *

    Our Speaker:  David Alan Slater

    Due to numerous factors, I have not yet been able to organize the meeting notes for this newsletter.  David worked side by side with Hanna Kroeger for 30 years and has not just continued her work, but progressed on that path, building on the work they developed together, going further.

    He had private appointments and gave 2 weekend workshops.  I think about 40 of us saw David again, either at an appointment or a workshop.  He made a deep impression, profoundly helping to --- balance --- "unbalanced energies" that we had been "trying" to do through a gazillion other ways, all to no avail.  Our individual and collective sense of wellbeing has substantively increased.

    Over the last 10 years, he has developed a line of over 5,000 vibrational remedies that rebalance and work on all levels and can help to clear up miasmic conditions that have been in our energy field for generations.  He has developed his work with dowsing and continues to add to the body of remedies.  His methods are the most complete I have found to address confounding, complicated and seemingly insolvable mysteries of our energetic condition --- while, at the same time, practicing and becoming more proficient in one's dowsing and intuitive abilities.

    This discussion shall continue next month.  David has given me permission to include in our newsletter his explanation of How the Remedies Work.  Please read this through more than once and it will be much easier for us to understand the write up of his session itself.  You do want to know more about this for when he returns next year  --- especially if you, or someone you care about deeply --- has big concerns about a deteriorating, incapacitating --- etc. --- condition.

    Several of us took his workshops.  Last year I took Level I, this year I took Level II.   There are 3 practitioners in our area who have been using his methods for years that I can refer you to.  Please call if you would like a referral.



    We have developed a system of healing that can heal diseases for a lifetime without taking a lifetime of remedies. The method is as simple as taking drops from bottles. There are no special diets. The remedies are safe. The only side effects are additional healing. The expense is modest. The results are spectacular.  The method is classified as vibrational medicine. The results are achieved with "vibrational formulas" which contain a form of electricity put in a bottle of water with some alcohol to hold the vibrations stable. The vibrations are specific counter vibrations of different pathogens that make up a disease.
              Everything has a specific vibration. There is a specific vibration for the paper you are reading, for the ink on the paper and for the eyes that see this. In health, things that bother us are called pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Each one of them also has a specific vibration. So let the first box above represent a picture of the signature wave of a bacteria. 
              If we use exactly the right vibration it will disintegrate the bacteria. The middle picture represents the application of a counter vibration. It is like a singer singing a very high note. That note could break apart a champagne glass without harming the tray that the glass sits on or the waiter carrying the tray. In the same way, the right vibration in the drops you take will gradually break apart the intended bacteria without harming the body that surrounds it. In the box on the far right we show the effect of adding a counter vibration that makes the two "flat-line" out or cancel each other.
              Some of you are a little more technical so here is the science. The scientific law is "vibration precedes manifestation". For technical and lay people alike, the best reference is the Bible that says, "In the beginning there was the word." Therefore the physical is simply a harmonic of the beginning vibration. In the above example with the shattered champagne glass, the same singer could sing the same note in a lower octave and it would do nothing to the glass. But singing the right note in the right octave matches the harmonic of the glass. If the note is loud enough the amplitude will shatter the glass. If you wanted to recreate this principle, you can go home and use a powerful amplifier on your sound system. If you tune it just right you will shatter some windows or glasses. Then you will be like us and have to explain this to your spouse, your neighbors and many others.


              Once during the many wars in Europe, the officers decided to take a night off from the war and go to the opera. In the foyer of the theater they all enjoyed a few glasses of champagne and then went into the theater for the performance. So many people were involved in the war that there was no one to clean up during the performance so the glasses just sat where they put them. When the soprano hit the proverbial high note, there was the sound of multiple explosions everywhere. Fearing that the enemy had taken advantage of their gathering, the officers reacted. Some hit the deck; some ran; and some drew their swords and charged back into the foyer. All over the floor were shattered champagne glasses and no enemy. All of the officers were so chagrined that they never went to another opera until the end of the war.
              We are not chagrinned to say that planned mini explosions of the intended target are part of the performance. Our soprano is an electronic instrument that allows us to put the exact vibration for the intended target in water and alcohol inside a glass bottle. Because the vibration is specific only for the pathogen, the bottle does not explode and neither will you when you take the drops. Just like the champagne glasses at the opera, the intended pathogens will disintegrate. Your body will metabolize the microscopic pieces out of your system.


              A disease may be composed of multiple elements. In the drawing above "S" is for the symptoms you feel. "P" is for the pathogens that help create the symptoms. "M" is for the miasms that attract the pathogens. More about miasms soon. In some instances we are able to put the exact counter vibrations for pathogens and miasms that we have found to make up the disease exactly. In other instances one bottle may have the solution for one strong pathogen that has attached itself to the known structure. Most of us have multiple pathogens and multiple diseases brewing inside of us at any given time. It commonly takes multiple bottles to get rid of each person's specific group of issues. As soon as the world does away with all thoughts of conflict and war, it will take fewer bottles for fewer issues.


              Miasms means in Greek, "a taint or a pollution". Its the explanation for issues that run in the family. Breast Cancer may run in some families while scoliosis may run in another. When the family gets together and compares notes, there are often similar peculiarities in health to be found. Even the peculiarities in emotional behavior and personalities may be similar. The most common miasm we find is of tuberculosis. Tuberculi bacteria are very common throughout the world. We think of the disease only about lungs, but the truth is that it is only a bacteria and it goes everywhere in the body. Eleanor Roosevelt died of tuberculosis of the bone marrow. Almost everybody who has an inherited bone disease will find it based on a tuberculosis miasm. A sensitivity of the sun is usually based on a tuberculosis miasm.
              In more technical terms a miasm is a form of electricity that suppresses the DNA of our bodies. Since our DNA is the blueprint of how our body develops, anything that suppresses it is very important. Current science does not recognize this form of electricity and therefor has not seen these miasms. From our standpoint it means that current science is running blind to the key of healing. Using vibrational remedies we have been able to cancel specific miasms that suppress the DNA so that the block to developing that specific part of the body is removed. We found that the body resumes construction of that part of the body as if there was no such thing as aging. For instance, when the remedies remove the miasms blocking the construction of the intestines, the body starts to make stronger intestines. In contrast, medicine sees the deterioration of the intestines as part of aging and thinks that is natural.
              Since you can only get these miasms in the womb, when a specific combination is dissolved it can never manifest in the person again. That means we can help remove a disease for the rest of a person's life. That means if you dissolve the miasm group before the person begets children, the children will never have the disease. Results with over 10,000 people tell us that genes resume correct function when you take off the DNA miasmic suppression.

              For a long time there has been an unsolved mystery in healing. The mystery explains why our principle is not more widely used. The oldest rule of healing is "like cures like". An herb shaped like an organ is the best candidate to heal that organ. Skinny barks heal skinny people. It is not always so clear, but it turned out to be a principle that traditional healers from many cultures used. The people from different cultures did not know each other, but as different methods were finally compared, this principle emerged as common to all. However, to this day no one can explain exactly how the body takes the like vibration and turns it into healing. In our previous illustration we showed you that a pathogen and a miasm have specific vibrations. We showed you that a counter vibration will cancel the wave signature of a pathogen. What is missing is the explanation of how the body can turn a like vibration into a counter vibration. But turn it the body does.
              There are thousands of years of history to show like cures like. We consider the principle like electricity. We may not be able to explain exactly how it works, but we know how to create it and use it very effectively. If you can plug in the lamp and turn on the switch to get light, do you need to know exactly how the electrons move to make electricity?
              Like so many other aspects of current science, the current belief is, "If you can't understand everything about how it works, then it must be false". Allopathic (drug and surgery-based) medicine therefore rejects the whole concept of like cures like. They run on the concept of "block the block". Whatever in your body blocks your health should be blocked. Hence they have developed beta-blockers and other drugs that suppress the blocks and ignore the principle of like cures like. Usually anyone who reads a newspaper can add some comments about the effectiveness of this method.

    Addison's Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis Asthma (4 different kinds) Celiac Sprue
    Diabetes (5 different kinds) Emphysema
    Herpes (genital and oral)
    Leukemia (12 kinds) Lupus
    Macular Degeneration
    Multiple Myeloma
    Phenylketonuria (PKU)
    Polycystic Kidney Disease Psoriasis
    Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleraderma
    Systemic Sclerosis Tourette's Disease.
              As long as science does not recognize how our system works we can only be called experimental in our approach. We are therefore quietly leaving current science behind in the dust. Our so-called experimental method is quietly achieving success with a wide variety of issues. Some issues are simple infections and others are seen as full diseases in the health field. Successes include those diseases shown on the left and infections shown on the right.
              When you first see these lists, the issues are just names. When you study health you will begin to recognize that many of these names, these diseases and infections, are classified as "incurable" in current science.
    Attention Deficit Disorder (including hyperactive) Diverticulitis
    Epstein Barr, Fibroadenomas
    Flu (multiple kinds), Glaucoma
    Hepatitis (types A to O)
    Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Lymes Disease (+ 6 other tick diseases)
    Panic Attacks
    Restless Leg Syndrome Seasonal Affected Disorder Syphilis
    Sleeping Sicknesses 4KINDS 
    Valley Fever


              In addition to be more effective than most any form of healing, the remedies are safe. By making the remedies only with vibrations, there is no substance that can harm you. The vibrations are so specific that if you take the wrong remedy, you can't be hurt. The wrong remedy would be as impactful as being in the path of a radio wave (like you are every day). 
              One day a lady came to our central warehouse and picked out her own remedies. As she was reaching for a remedy someone spoke to her and distracted her attention. She accidentally picked up the remedy for typhoid. If that had been a homeopathic remedy, the dilution method of making the remedy would have left some of the typhoid in it and she would have had the severe intestinal reaction of actually having typhoid. A month later she returned very puzzled. Only when she finished the bottle had she noticed it was not on her list. She had taken the remedy for a full month with absolutely no symptoms of typhoid or any other side effect. 
              In the spirit of full disclosure, you could have some reactions. If you take the remedies too aggressively, you can heal faster than is comfortable. For instance if you are working on a brain issue, you could get a temporary headache if you take too much of the remedy in a day. If you are sensitive to the alcohol that preserves the remedy, you could have a reaction to the alcohol. (We also make the remedies available in lactose pills for alcohol sensitive people.) These are the only reports of reactions we have received.


    Healers Who Share 
    blends the trillions of dollars worth of medical research, the results of herbs and the principles of homeopathy. Medical research has identified under microscopes the causes of certain diseases. Using vibrational formulas we are able to dissolve the causes instead of blocking them. Homeopathy introduced us to "miasms", the weaknesses in our bodies that come from the diseases of our ancestors. 
    Using vibrational formulas we are able to dissolve the combinations of miasms plus the pathogens that form the symptoms of an inherited cause of a disease. 
              We believe there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Our list of successes continues to increase. Already it includes a number of diseases that are politically incorrect to disclose. It includes diseases that current medical science has not yet discovered. We certainly do not claim to have all the answers. Yet as our research continues, we add to the list of diseases solved.
              By using vibrational remedies we have found that the results are not limited to the physical. Vibrations are the common denominator to our physical, our emotional, our mental and our spiritual presence. The physical results will be achieved with the right remedies in a way that will stir the mental thoughts that attracted the condition, in a way that we will emotionally feel the impact and in a way that we will be nudged to learn the spiritual value of the issue. The remedies will not dictate what we will do in the mental, emotional and spiritual. Yet the remedies will help create the opportunity to reconsider decisions and judgements that attracted physical disharmony so that you might choose differently. In short, vibrational remedies approach the whole person like few other methods ever hoped to.
    We believe all healing comes from God and that God helps those who help themselves. We are required by law to remind you that few of us are doctors and we DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medications. We are educators who help others to help themselves. Although we like the results of successful faith healing, our education is based primarily on using natural preparations or physical movements. 
    US Office Headquarters Canada Germany Norway
    Contact - David Alan Slater 
    9068C Marshall Court
    Westminister, CO 80031
    Phone: (303) 428-4584 
    Fax: (303) 429-8660
    Contact - David & Rita Ward
    7 Regent Close LA Combe,
    Alberta T4L 2H6, Canada
    Phone: (403) 786-8688
    Fax: (403) 786-8680
    Contact - Doris Schneider
    Breitenbacher Weg 27, 
    97769 Bad Brueckenau 
    Phone: (49) 97 41 93 2350 
    Fax: (49) 97 41 93 2355
    Contact - Randi Melhus Jensen
    Gamle Lommedalsvei  97
    1348 Rykkin
    Phone: (47) 67170072
    Fax: (47) 67170073


    SPACE & PLACE: One of my biggest 'Challenges':

    What happens when there is something about yourself that you would like to change, that you have been trying to change?  It could be a health issue, you may think you're too fat or too thin.  You may not like your laugh.  You've been trying to change "X". Trying to find a way of life to make more money.  You're afraid you are going to lose your job.  Your daughter/son has been cutting school and been unspeakably rude.  Your mother, aunt and sister died from breast cancer, and, so far --- you are healthy.

    What happens when you have something like this?
    You want to be able to speak about it with those close to you, but sometimes you can't.
    Because when you talk about it, it gives it more form and you don't want to do that.
    Or you don't want people to think less of you.
    Or you don't want people to know about this because when they think of you they will think on "the problem" --- thereby enforcing the problem --- rather than you as a truly glorious being.
    Or, when you speak with them, this will be the issue that sits in the air between you, they ask you 'How's it going?', again, increasing its size and you can not absolutely stand to be reminded of it.  You just want it to go away.

    So telling our buddies our big problems feels good at first, like releasing trapped gas, but the gas does not disperse.  It becomes more solid.

    Geez, what do we do?  Seriously WHAT do we do?  I would like to know if you have a solution.

    I think this is what happened with our dear friend Walter.  Walter was private man in many ways.  And few knew that his health was highly challenged.  You don't talk about it because you don't want to increase the energy.  But then if you don't talk about it, you can't get help.  A conundrum, fer sure.  And so Walter died.  We can't of course know if things may have been different if more people knew.

    My dad would call our cousin-in-law.  Each time he told me he was going to phone her, I admonished "Don't you dare do that to her again!"  He'd agree, and literally forget within 10 seconds.   Get on the phone:  "Hi Sarah.  How are you?   How's Richard?  How are the kids?"  Then immediately in to:  "Do you still hate your job?   Do you still have cancer?   Is [your son] Paul still on drugs?"  Still still still.   She didn't need to be knifed again with the reminders of the most painful areas of her life.   That's what he mostly focussed on in their discussions.  With well meaning relatives like that, one never gets rid of the stuff.

    And this is "how people are".   This is what we talk about.  The crummy stuff.   It's time to change our awareness, how we think of our friends and family and how we talk with one another when we are dealing with the less joyful areas of our lives.

    I have this situation that has been ongoing for 2 years, one that has seen very little improvement has taken place.  In fact, its gotten worse.  I've found that at times, it can be more painful to keep something in than to 'fess up.   And I haven't 'fessed up, because I think that when people talk with me, etc., this is what they will picture instead of the side I want them to see.

    I have not had a visitor to my place in over a year.  The coffee shop across the street is my office where I meet people, because my place is such a God awful mess its worse than embarrassing.

    How could this be?  I'm a picky Virgo.  Assiduous and particular in my efforts for exactitude and precision.  Could it be because there are over 20 boxes containing Toronto Dowsers "stuff" and books and papers covering almost every single horizontal surface?  Including half the bed. That too, is encroaching on the other half.

    As a picky Virgo, what is important is totally organized.  Just as when I was cooking, all the spices were organized and working with computers all the files and backups were organized, now although it may ostensibly appear to be haphazard --- my information is very well organized.  And I can go in and organize and clean someone else's place like a whirlwind.  Not my own.

    Why bother cleaning, though, when it just gets messed up again.  When it seems more fulfilling to write another email, return a phone call, develop another project, read a dowsing book.  Could I have been influenced by that wonderful magnet, the one that proclaims: "An immaculate house is a sign of a misspent life."   Is this delayed adolescent rebellion?  Against whom?

    Growing up, I was a skinny marink and messy.  Mom was Rubenesque and totally neat and clean.  I knew her weight bothered her.  I also knew -- because I could feel --- the "switches" in my brain that got tripped if I started putting on a few pounds and I automatically and happily switched to eating rabbit food.  I knew there were mechanisms were I kept myself healthfully thin.  And frustrated about being unable to control the messy habits.

    When I was in University I said to mom: "Mom, I'm naturally thin and naturally messy.  You're naturally neat and naturally zoftik.  Why don't we figure out what we do that the other could benefit from and teach each other?   She laughed at me, thinking I wasn't serious.  I was.  Totally.  If we examine our inborn AI mechanisms, we can help ourselves and others.

    Do I want a neat space?  Indubitably!
    Do I want to do it?  Absolutely not!

    One of my intentions, for the third summer in a row, is to organize this mess, clean it up, so I can invite company over from time to time, not be totally embarrassed and where we have a place to sit, comfortably.  Of course, it means dismantling what is becoming a fascinating art form.  Would like to get to the point where I could get the stuff put away so I could then get a cleaning person.

    Putting aside all attempted humor, I write about this here, because there is so much more I want to initiate for our group, and this holds me back.  If something holds me back, it holds the group back, and you, and vice versa.  And I'd like to see how doing this works.   Since I started this group, almost 4 years earlier, I've made a reasonable peace with several personal challenges.  While the housekeeping problem is a relatively small one, its still one that has remained unresolved and frustrating despite everyone's best efforts.  And, although it is embarrassing and I've been trying to hide it (yeah, right, like a guy with an obvious comb over can hide that!), its not the most painful and embarrassing "challenge".  If letting this one all hang out works in changing it, maybe I'll start in on a real one.  Maybe you'll join me, by bringing your denied parts up to the light, too.

    If you have your own albatross that you have been unable to get rid of and if you think airing it here will help you change it, let's try it.

    *            *            *            *                *


    Mercury Retrograde ended, again, around May 1st.  Thank God. This was a particularly rough one.  I could not get this newsletter started, which contributed to its late arrival.  Could not even get to the computer.  Head felt like it was in a vise, emotions felt sun burned.  Those blocks evaporated, like the sun evaporating ice, when "Mercury switched".  Weird.  Next time (August 9- September 2) I'm going to pay attention to and respect this astrological shifting.

    Too much to do, not enough time --- less time than before in which to do it.

    The imbalance between those of us who have too much --stuff-- and those who don't is increasing to the point where we are choking ourselves with our own stuff.  Here, we have a surfeit of stuff, while others have little or nothing.   For those of you who, like myself, did not unload "stuff" when the time was right to do it, its harder to do so now.

    A few of you were reminding me of how bored I was --- before the Toronto Dowsers.   I will never again say I'm bored.  Now there are a great many good things going.  Often its too much.  How can one have too many good things in one's life?  I wonder how many of you are going through this as well.  It's time to slow down time again, and use John Tonin's mantra to slow time.

    I've met so many extraordiary people since I started the Toronto Dowsers --- you, our speakers and other guests and have reached the point where I am not taking care of these relationships properly.  I keep hearing (and saying) "Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner..."  or  "too busy".  "too much too do".  Almost every one of our speakers is going through this as well.  I had one phone conversation with David Slater in the year before his visit and the 2 months before he came here heard nothing from him or his office.  Robert Gilbert is going through the same thing.  So are many others.  You too?  In  Ken Page's March 24th workshop he told us how time is in fact, slowing down.  I have to go over that one again.  (He gave us a belief changing workshop.  I have not had the time, either to write that up for our newsletter, or even to get back to him for thanks and follow up.  He would like to speak to us next year.  What do you think?)

    I need long blocks of undisturbed time to write the newsletter, to build up to and create the flow.  That has not happened this month,  with David Slater's workshops and appointments and Jill Hewlett's invitation to hear Brain Gym founder Paul Dennison.  And the water.  ECH20.  We usually receive about 8 orders a month.  Now its 30 a week!   Each order takes 10-25 minutes.  And that's behind, too.  Can not seem to get things done.  Richard Martin has been inviting me over for more than 8 months to experience his new CD --- and he lives just a mile away.

    I have not been returning phone calls or emails in a timely basis.  It's not that I don't care or that you aren't important --- on the contrary.  It's overload.  I feel like a pitcher that has been filled up and I'm overflowing and losing things.  David Slater told us that gravity is decreasing.  He said that as gravity decreases, memory also decreases.  Later, I asked him why.  He said he didn't know, only that this was noticed.

    Bill Askin says that all the distractions we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in take us away from working on our light bodies.  Many of the distractions --- television, taxes, phony political and terrorist crises, are purposefully designed to do that.  Remember to listen to and pay attention to that quiet voice within.  When things get too fast, STOP!

    This summer I'm planning on setting up some new programs which will take even more time in the future that I don't have to spare, but they are so good, I'll have to figure out how to manage it.  Which is why I'm endeavoring (using that word more now, instead of "trying", thanks to Robert Azzopardi) to clean up my space because it will free up my mind and time.   Focus.  Discernment. Intentionality.  Not the most natural skills for a Vata dosha.  I do intend to get back to people I have not been able to take the proper time to get back to.

    If you have an idea for a program, or an event, or want to help out, I'll be back from Vermont the end of June, the summer would be a good time to contact me.  I have lists taped to a wall for possible upcoming speakers as well as programs.  And sometimes I do lose a note with a name and an idea.  All ideas are good, it may be that we can't do it or something else is going on or will go on or the timing isn't right.  Don't let my ravings here stop you from contacting me.  Usually those that have the most to offer are also the most solicitious of other people's needs and space.

    These last 2 chunks --- on Space and Time --- might sound like complaining but its not.  It's just what's happening.  We all have areas we strive to improve on.  These are mine.  There's an abundance of sensational events, people, discoveries, places, stories going on.  And consciousness does seem to be increasing.

    New, faster Browser:   If you'd like to replace Netscape or Internet Explorer, try FIREFOX!  Good features, great speed and ease.  Real nice bookmark handling.  Nifty tab feature.  Free.  I've been using it for 2 weeks and its a much better model.   Thank you, Chris Evans, for showing me the way.  www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/

    Short cut in leaving voice mail messages:  When you get someone's voice mail and would prefer not to listen to their messages, with 90% of the systems out there, if you press the "#" key it will bypass the rest of the message and drop you right in to their voice mail box.

    Easier Keyboarding: Using PCs, to cut or copy and paste, instead of "going up" to Edit:

    For Copy: CTRL-C.        For Cut:  CTRL-X          For Paste: CTRL-V
    When you are using a form, filling in the boxes, you can go from one box to the next by using the TAB key.  To go back one box, use SHIFT-TAB.

    AUTOMOBILES:  When your car is cold and you start it, do NOT put it in to DRIVE (or gear) and drive away until the oil indicator needle has moved up.  It usually takes about 6 seconds.  Driving your car where the oil hasn't had a chance to circulate yet really wears down the parts.  If you wait for this, your engine will last a lot longer.  And be happier.

    BIG Brother:  Here's an item one of you sent me I wasn't too thrilled to see:  The ID SNIPERTM rifle; presented by Empire North in Beijing at the China Police 2002 exhibition:

        What is the ID SNIPERTM rifle?  It is used to implant a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector. The microchip will enter the body and stay there, causing no internal damage, and only a very small amount of physical pain to the target. It will feel like a mosquito-bite lasting a fraction of a second. At the same time a digital camcorder with a zoom-lense fitted within the scope will take a high-resolution picture of the target. This picture will be stored on a memory card for later image-analysis.

       Why use the ID SNIPERTM rifle?   As the urban battlefield grows more complex and intense, new ways of managing and controlling crowds are needed. The attention of the media changes the rules of the game. Sometimes it is difficult to engage the enemy in the streets without causing damage to the all important image of the state. Instead EMPIRE NORTH suggests to mark and identify a suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabling the national law enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in the weeks to come.

    Healing, Sound Healing

    LAST MONTH WE  read about the first part of Sound and Light Healing, about LIGHT.  And COLOR.

    What is HEALING about?  What is HAPPINESS about?   The Beach Boys had the answer.  it's about:
    GOOD VIBRATIONS, of course.   It's about   FREQUENCY!

    What is Health?
    What is Healing?
    What is Harmony?
    What is a Good Relationship?
    It ALL has to do with VIBRATION and FREQUENCY.  And so we focussed on light and color healing.

    THIS MONTH we focus on the other half:  SOUND ---- This is an excellent overview.

    With the color healing, we focussed on vibration and frequency.  Same with Sound --- same with all healing because all healing involves vibration and frequency.  But different people are drawn to different modalities.  And, just as we know its beneficial to have more than one kind of food to eat, its also beneficial to be familiar with different modalities.  And choose the best one that we know of for the situation.  It seems (to me) that light feeds the nerves, feeds the cells and sound soothes, opens and deepens.   Does this sound right to you?

    Longevity studies, researched by occupation, state that orchestra conductors have the longest life spans.  (As opposed to dentists.)

    Sound soothes.  Our most soothing sounds, aside from instruments and the human voice are water based, e.g.: rain, burbling brooks, rain, whale song, the surf.  Why is this?  Could this be connected to our safe and blissful time in the womb?

    All the sound information that I've found in since 1991 uses sound as a means for healing, stress relief, assisting deeper meditation and higher consciousness.  This is good.  But there has been only one person I've heard who speaks of using sound in a very different way, where:

    Sound - - -  the right sounds with the right cadence and order can be used to create life.

    Ann Lieb is from New York City. Writer, attorney, channel and Kabbalist who served for 3 years as an interviewer of Holocaust survivors for the Steven Spielberg project.  Featured in Smithsonian Magazine’s “Urban New Agers Have Taken Over the Art of Dowsing” (Jan. 1996), she appeared in dowsing segments on two national television shows.  A writer for a major Jewish newspaper, she is the author of Think Right, a Guide to Dowsing, Manifestation & Oneness and Learn How to Channel.  “Kabbalah, The Judaic Mysteries” –

    I heard this about 2 years ago, from a tape of one of Ann's presentations, so I include here a sense of what I do believe I heard her tell us.  Kabbalists, long ago --- if they would repeat certain syllables in certain ways in a certain order --- they could create a life form.  They could create --- a human being.  The more complex the life form the longer the process took.  However, if a mistake was made --- even in one syllable, what would be produced would be a "golem".  A golem is like a troll --- it would be a person whose parts and mind are not quite right.

    We have seen stories of golems in fairy tales, and, in Lord of the Rings.  These fairy tales are based on fact --- as all fairy tales are (some day I'll write about the true source for "Dracula")

    "The creation of golems is outlined in the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Creation. This book is generally grouped with Kabbalistic texts, and it describes the mystic way to create a golem. The mystics believed that God's spoken words were the origin of the creation of the world. These were not words as we know them, but instead were a system of pronunciation based on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew letters have substance within the world, which can be harnessed to generate great power. This power requires deep meditation which is believed by Kabbalists to assist in cleaving to God, thus getting a broader look at His plans for creation."

    *            *            *            *            *
    Mantras also demonstrate the power of uttered syllables.   See the information about Mantras, above, in the items donated to the library this month.

    And, we chant, in chanting the syllable "Om" for as long as is comfortable over and over again.  For hours, in fact.

    Lesser known is the "Hu" chant, which comes from Tibet and some consider it to be "higher" than the "Om".   I found the "Hu" chant from an Eckankar master.   There is an Eckankar house in Toronto.  Maybe they still have the "Hu" tapes for sale.  I haven't found the "Hu" chants in many places.

    Lynn Himmelman, who lives in Toronto by the Big Carrot, often leads chanting evenings on many Friday nights at her home.  Check out her web site for a calendar and contact information.  Lynn joined us in some chanting at Lake Ontario when we had our Thank Water Day ceremony, July 25th.

    *            *            *            *            *

            Well Known Sound Healers, what they say, where they are, what they have:

    There are a growing number of fine sound healers --- and we are gaining more access to them in Toronto as we become more of a city that appreciates and supports their work.  The most recent visitor was:

    Nestor Kornblum, sound therapist of international repute and founder of The Association of Sound Therapy, was recently brought to Toronto by Starlight Events.  Check out his articles and go to his website: www.harmonicsounds.com/ and listen...   I have borrowed some of his words for a short explanation of how sound heals:

    "We are in constant vibration. Every molecule, cell, tissue, organ, gland, bone and liquid in our bodies has its own specific rate of vibration. So too does each chakra and layer of our electromagnetic field or aura. These energy points and fields are of equal importance to the physical body, though less dense. In a sense they reflect the state of the physical body, but more importantly, the physical body reflects the state of the aura.

    Sound therapy is based on this principle of "sympathetic resonance". Resonance is the vibratory rate of an object, and sympathetic resonance is when one vibrating object causes another to vibrate in harmony with it, or match its rate of vibration.  When we are ill, it is because some part of us is not vibrating harmoniously with itself, the other parts, or its surroundings. This dissonance, or illness, may be healed with sound and intention, restoring the afflicted parts to their healthy frequency.  By directing the correct sound toward ourselves, or toward a person wishing to be healed, we are able to return to an optimum, healthy vibration.

    Most illnesses begin in one of the subtle bodies. Our negative thoughts emotions, and programming take on denser form as crystallized patterns of energy in our etheric fields. These crystallized patterns gradually work their way inward, eventually and ultimately manifesting as physical illness in the body, our densest electromagnetic field. Sound is able to dissolve these crystallisations of potentially harmful energy long before they reach the physical body. This is pure preventative medicine.

    Some of the ways that sound and overtones can aid healing:

  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved vision (physical, mental and spiritual)
  • Brain hemisphere balancing
  • Restoration of equilibrium in the endocrine system by vibrating the pituitary.
  • Relief of sinus congestion and headaches
  • Induction of alpha brainwave activity or deep meditation
  • Increased energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (possibly the physical form of kundalini energy)
  • Chakra and aura balancing and cleaning (and corresponding organs and glands)
  • Space clearing
  • Easier access to intuition and higher consciousness
  • The healing of serious illnesses such as cancers and tumours may also be achieved with dedication.
  • His new instruction book with CD, Overtone Chant: the Practical Guide has just recently been published, and contains clear exercises and text in 6 languages for learning these vocal techniques (available through Starlight Events).   Nestor presently lives in Spain with his family, where he and his wife Michêle have constructed a large Sound Dome (I bet Walter Huszczo would have loved that one...)
    I became more tuned in to the power of sound by our own Diana Davis (who also designed our logo and) who uses sound in her own healing groups.  Diana has brought Zacciah Blackburn to Toronto from Vermont several times, and makes his instruments (flutes, etc.) available to us.

    From his Sunreed Studio:  "Since 1977, we have hand crafted a wide selection of fine quality bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones (our own invention), bamboo clarinets, Native American style flutes, and didgeridoos. We offer one of the widest selections of bamboo wind instruments available anywhere.  We also offer our own unique gentle, healing music, performed on instruments we have made, in audiocassette format. And we provide a wide selection of indigenous drums, simple percussive, modern concert and world instruments at very reasonable prices.

    The Neurophysiology of Sound:   Sound is a primordial force which effects us on many levels.  Our workshops explore the fundamental neurophysiology of the body and how sound effects healing, change, growth, via the natural forces at play within our human bodies.

    Zacciah has created a broad range of trainings in sound healing practice, which couples his deep cognitive and intuitive understanding of sound in therapeutic applications.   These programs are an in depth study of the nature of sound and its healing effect on the human system, with cognitive and experiential training designed to better our understanding of, and therapeutic application in, the use of sound."

    Tom Kenyon:  In the course of his psychotherapeutic work, Tom Kenyon began to use sound and music to accelerate the therapeutic process.
         Recognizing the power of sound as a healing modality, Tom founded Acoustic Brain Research in 1983 to scientifically document the effects of sound and music on consciousness. Through his scientific explorations, Tom became fascinated with the use of sound as a means to access altered states of consciousness and the more creative aspects of the brain/mind.
         In addition, Tom has developed a system of "catalytic sound" using his nearly four octave range voice to assist others in entering deeply altered states of awareness. A large portion of his work is in the synthesis of internal alchemy as a means to heighten awareness and to develop spiritual illumination.
         He is the author of Brain States (US Publishing), and co-author of The Hathor Material with Virginia Essene (SEE Publishing). His novel. Mind Thieves, is scheduled for release sometime the first part of 2000.

    David Hykes:  If you are on Internet, you must!!!: Listen at: www.harmonicworld.com/ .   David Hykes originated Harmonic Presence work, including Harmonic Chant (Harmonic Singing), one of the leading forms of musical, meditative and healing work with sacred sound in the world today. Harmonic Chant is the original western source of much of what people call "harmonic singing," and "overtone singing".

    He founded the Harmonic Choir in New York in 1975. This was the first western group ever devoted to performing original overtone-based chant and singing.  Hykes and the Choir were Artists-in-Residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC until 1987, when he moved to France at the invitation of the French Ministry of Culture, and founded the Choeur Harmonique. He now divides his time between France (Paris and his Center near Orléans) and the United States.

    David's retreats and intensives in France take place mostly at the "om base", Pommereau, a 12-century Cistercian site and park in the forest 90 minutes southwest of Paris, France, transformed into Harmonique/Centre. It is a magical and ancient part of France, 15 minutes north of the Loire River, near castles and forests, lakes and fields.

    Jonathan Goldman  www.healingsounds.com/ , writer, musician and teacher, authority on sound healing, pioneer in the field of harmonics, author of HEALING SOUNDS: THE POWER OF HARMONICS (Element Books), Shifting Frequencies (Light Technology) and THE LOST CHORD (Spirit Music), director of the Sound Healers Association; a non-profit organization dedicated to education and awareness of sound and music for healing, president of Spirit Music, which produces music for meditation, relaxation and self-transformation and has created numerous cutting edge recordings including: “Dolphin Dreams”, “Sacred Gateways: Drumming and Chanting”, “Trance Tara” and “Medicine Buddha”, created for H.H., the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Northern California.  Here's how he got started in sound:

    "It began with an experience I had around 1980, when I was playing lead guitar in a rock and roll band in Boston. One night, when I looked out at the audience, I realized the ambiance in the night club was very negative, and that the music I was creating—a dark, punk-rock type of music—was influencing that. Now, no doubt the alcohol and the different intoxicants that people were taking were adding to it, but the music was really driving the negativity. People were angry, throwing beer bottles, getting into fights, screaming at each other. When I realized that, I thought, “I wonder if music can be used to make people feel better?” It was like the light of God struck me, because it hit me so suddenly, after 16 years on stage. I decided to find out about using sound and music for healing. A couple of weeks later, I began to seek out books and recordings, of which there weren’t many. I took a workshop on using sound and color as a healing modality. And I began to meet informally with a number of people who were using music and sound as healing and spiritual modalities.  I knew from ancient Hebrew kabala that if you name something, you give it energy, so I created a group called the Sound Healers Association. We had meetings once a month that drew in well-known doctors and scientists who were working with sound, healers, and musicians. It was incredible. I got a tremendous education in the potential uses of sound and music for healing. I then went to Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and said, “I want to create a degree in researching the uses of sound and music for healing.” They were skeptical, so I came up with about six inches worth of papers proving that my idea was based in reality, and I created a degree program for myself using research in the uses of sound and music for healing.

    First, modern science is now in agreement with what the ancient mystics have told us—that everything is in a state of vibration, from the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom, to planets and distant galaxies moving around stars. As they’re creating movement, they are creating vibration, and this vibration can be perceived of as sound. So everything is creating a sound, including the sofa that we’re sitting on, or this table, or our bodies. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system of the body is creating a sound. When we are in a state of health, we’re like an extraordinary orchestra that’s playing a wonderful symphony of the self. But what happens if the second violin player loses her sheet music? She begins to play out of tune, and pretty soon the entire string section sounds bad. Pretty soon, in fact, the entire orchestra is off. This is a metaphor for disease.

    I have the greatest respect for traditional allopathic medicine. But with regard to our string player who’s playing the wrong music, allopathic medicine currently has the approach of either giving this player enough drugs so she simply passes out, or cutting her head off with a broad sword—analogous to surgery. I ask the question, “What if we could somehow give the string player back her sheet music?” What if we could somehow project the correct resonant frequency to that part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony, and cause it to vibrate back into its normal, healthy rhythm, restoring it to a condition of health? That’s the basic principle of using sound as a healing modality."

    Norma Gentile often comes to Toronto, again, brought by Starlight Events.  Many of our members have attended her events.

    Gary Diggins, who has been doing attunements for years is in Toronto, can be reached for private appointments and gives courses through the Transformational Arts College which is now on Yonge Street north of Lawrence.

    Our March 2004 meeting featured the Hemi Sync recordings, where John-Clyde and Lyra demonstrated to us the brain balancing, consciousness deepening and intelligence enhancing recordings developed by Bob Monroe.  (They will return to Toronto in November and we can set up a workshop.)

    *            *            *            *            *

    WithIn the Toronto Dowsers, we are honored to have several of our own talented Musical Maestros who have produced CDs which are lovely to listen to, and are healing.

    Shelley Bourne & Sharon Russell: "Illuminating the Shadow".   This was discussed in our February and March issues.  It expands and strengthens the awareness of love, truth, joy, faith, hope, compassion; integrates the left and right brain; helps restore the mind to a positive state, alleviating depression, anxiety and stress, etc.   As the concept for this CD came out of our activities, and each note was dowsed, we make this CD available at our meetings.

    Sharon Russell, who has long been a musicologist and her work has been supported by Brock University, also provides a personal music score for you, giving you your own personal song.

    Debra Joy Eklove,  was guided to create two CDs to help people in two area of life: Guidance and Direction, and, Enhancing Joy through Chants and Songs.  "For these cds I researched in mystical and other sources, in their original Hebrew, to find phrases of Psalms, Proverbs and other ancient words and phrases imbues with these attributes.

    Hebrew is the original language of the old Testament, and other sacred and powerful books. As a spoken language with a strong oral tradition the sounds of the Hebrew language have exceptional, unique, creative and transformative powers.

    In a trance state I sang new music for these phrases. My intention while doing all this work was to enhance the intentions of the phrases so that the worlds and music enter more deeply into consciousness and unconsciousness. Also in singing it is to make it easier for people to learn the words and sounds, thus benefit from their power. And finally my intention also, as it is for all my work is, expanding inner peace.

    With the cds is a booklet that provides the translation of the words, their pronunciation in English, the source of the excerpt and the words written in hebrew. In mystical teachings we learn that the act of scanning the Hebrew letters imparts the power of the words. One does not have to know Hebrew to benefit from this."   The CDs are available through Debra, as she is just beginning to distribute them. Guidance and Direction includes 13 selections, including the complete Psalm 23 and is $13.   Chants and Songs includes 10 selections and is $10.

    Richard Martin's CDs have been enjoyed by us for the last 2 years.  We have listened to his "Gateway to Fulfillment".  Now he has "Goddess Healing" and a Sacred Geometry CD.  Richard has been speaking all over Canada, including a presentation to the annual Cayce Canada Conference on his healing, energizing music that expand the energy field and bring closer to the higher levels of heaven.  In Toronto, his music can be found at the Eternal Moments Bookstore, the Omega Center and WonderWorks.

    Michael Moon, son of member Maggie Kambanis, has been bringing healing music to Toronto as long as I've lived here and has provided entertainment for us at our December social event.  Michael and his music are known to many of you.  He uses overtone drones, vibraharp, orchestra bells, hammered dulcimer, conch shells, gongs, quartz crystal bowls, chimes and more, to bring the listener into deep states of meditation and self healing.  Do check out his absolutely gorgeous website.


    There are sounds our society enjoys, made by the human voice.   Certain songs from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and some Beatle songs evoke deep emotion.   Songs by Sting, Bono, Shania Twaine have tones with healing qualities (some might prefer other or additional choices).

    There are the symphonies composed by Western classical masters such as Beethoven, Mozart, Hadyn, Chopin and others.  It is thought that these composers had been Ascended Masters, that they reincarnated and the music they composed was what they were listening to: the "Music of the Spheres" --- and trying their best to compose it with what they had to work with on this physical earth plane.

    The Pythagoreans used music to heal the body and to elevate the soul, yet they believed that earthly music was no more than a faint echo of the universal 'harmony of the spheres'. In ancient cosmology, the planetary spheres ascended from Earth to Heaven like the rungs of a ladder. Each sphere was said to correspond to a different note of a grand musical scale. The particular tones emitted by the planets depended upon the ratios of their respective orbits, just as the tone of a lyre-string depended upon its length. Another type of celestial scale related the planetary tones to their apparent rates of rotation around the Earth. The music of the spheres was never a fixed system of correspondences. Many variant schemes existed because each philosopher would necessarily approach it from a slightly different perspective. The celestial harmony of the solar system... is of a scope and harmonic complexity that no single approach can exhaust.

    With regard to western music, Dr. Emoto, in his Toronto visit, mentioned 2 works of classical music (this is in the June 2003 newsletter) which have proven to have specific healing qualities:  one for the lymph system and one for the joints.  (I have tried to find out other symphonies for other parts of the body, but have not received replies to my queries. Maybe this will come out in his next book.)

    Our [western] music, (like art and literature) has many roots in music for the church, for glorifying God.  Few in our culture are not moved, for example, by the music and lyrics of "Ave Maria".  This music opens our heart.  The music that affects us most has lyrics dealing with the theme of love.  And this opens the heart.   Our music and lyrics have moved away from church themes, but the most affecting still is around love.

    A surprising turnabout occurred in the movie "Sister Act" (1992) starring Whoopi Goldberg where she took rock 'n roll lyrics and turned them back to glorying God, such as the song "I Will Follow Him", where, instead of loving and following a boy, the singer now sings of loving and following God.  Perhaps this song originated with the church.  That, I don't know.   However, many gospel and church groups do sing it today.  (Much of rock 'n roll has been taken from the classics and we don't know it.)

    The greater population of the world include the Oriental, Indian and Arab cultures.   Their music is very different from ours' and we often find it displeasing to listen to it for long periods of time.   They, of course, like it.   Since music is healing and soothing, I am curious as to how come they like the music from their culture and we don't enjoy it.  I thought appreciation of music would be universal, like feeling joy when looking at a healthy smiling baby.   If you have any ideas on this, please email me.

    For a several hundred years, the drumming and music of Africans and Native North Americans, Native Australians --- all natives ---- has been disparaged and ridiculed by western culture. When under the control of western culture, they have been prohibited from playing and singing their own songs.   It is fairly recent that native music can be freely heard, and, in some instances, respected and appreciated by the west.

    A Summary of Sound Therapy and Vibrational Healing Concepts

    The article from the link (above) is the best summary and resource I've found on this subject on Internet, so far.  It's a 52 page document heavily contributed to by Sharry Edwards, containing history, concepts, principles, resources, etc., of sound healing.    Sharry is the first person I'd heard who used sound for healing.  She would find out the note that you were lacking and give it to you, thus making whole your vibrational signature.

    Resources such as Barbara Hero and her list of the frequencies and notes of the organs of the Human body are provided.  And brain frequency information.  And information on cymatics, tomatis.  And...  WOW!   Example:

    Nutritional Sounds was created with the intent of helping people understand Sound & Harmony combined with the exploration of nutrition and Nature's laws of Balance.  This includes pure foods, pure air, pure water and a love of nature:

    * Nutrients for food and drinks: information on synergistic nutrients, protomorphogens, and other naturally required phyto-chemicals
    * Frequencies for: Muscles, organs, nutrients, elements, heavy metals, poisons, household dangers, drugs, chemicals, etc. (frequency conversions)
    AND: Teeth and their association to glands and meridians,  Chinese meridians,  pH balance (acid-alkaline),  Color associations

    The notes.  Example: All this comes From the note   "G":
    Lymph system - Muscle tone - Enzymes   Spleen & Pancreas (zinc).  Relates to the lymph organs:
    Thymus and Spleen Swollen lymph nodes point to low potassium and high iron
    Earth  – Spleen merdian (lips - mouth - muscle tone) TMJ

    The spleen produces and secretes vital enzymes as required by the body. Diets of overcooked processed foods lower our immunity to disease as they steal our enzymes to deal with dead food. The spleen is part of the lymph system in the body, along with the thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils, and appendix. Swollen lymph nodes indicate low potassium, which allows iron deposits blocking circulation of lymph. This allows bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms to build up.

    Stress: major immunosuppressant and primary cause of disease. It causes the adrenals to secrete adrenaline and cortisol. The immunosuppressant effects thymus, lymph nodes and spleen. Cortisol causes the body to feed off itself. Diseases associated with cortisol include cancer - hypertension - arthritis - stroke - ulcers - chronic infections - skin disease - Parkinson's - and suicide.

    Chakra Tuning:   In 1991 I learned chakra tuning with the use of tuning forks.   The originator of the technique I learned used a set of tuning forks where certain forks corresponded to the notes of each chakra.   Through sympathetic vibrations, by striking a fork and holding it near the corresponding chakra, if a chakra was "out of tune" it would soon get back in to tune.  I was rather impressed by this work and encouraged the teacher to Toronto where he taught this technique to dozens of people.

    At our January 2002 meeting, a segment of a recording was played and you were asked to name the source.  Guesses were:  choirs, opera singers, etc.   This came from a recording of the sound of crickets, slowed down.   Beautiful, soothing music.  This came from a group called the Ishayas, and, they are coming to Toronto for an introductory talk,  June 3, at 7:00pm @ Wonderworks Bookstore, 79A Harbord St. then for the June 25th weekend: The Ishayas' Ascension, "Move beyond the Mind, beyond suffering.  Ascension is a practice that returns your mind to its natural state". For info: Mary (416) 920-1280.

    If you can take one more web link on this topic --- perhaps the best resource of sound healers I've found: www.soundhealers.com/pages/further.html  And, my thanks for the inspiration about this section to Diana Davis.  Diana's presence in my life, her appreciation of Zacciah and what he and sound healing has brought to her helped accelerate and maintain my own awareness of sound.

    A Bridge from:   Sound  ===>  Sacred Geometry

    Michael Schneider wrote "A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe" in 1994, describing the mathematical archetypes to explain such phenomena as why cans, pizza and manhole covers are round, how a snowflake is like Stonehenge, how the human body shares the design of a bean plant and the solar system, and so very much more.

    This is a good book to understand, Phi -- The Golden Mean --- the 1.618 ratio upon which proportion all life in the Universe (including human bodies) are based.  I bought a copy from Robert Gilbert about 4 years ago.  This book can offer a logical bridge for us from Sound Healing to Sacred Geometry.  Just as, last month, the Crop Circle video (Star Dreams) help bring so many areas of interest together in to a single tapestry  David Slater, too, in his workshop, spoke about some basic understandings.  We are going back to the source.   Here's a small sample of how Michael Schneider links vibration to resonance to the Periodic Table of the Elements to music to matter.  Just as we are doing.

    "Everything in the universe has its natural vibration frequency.  Just tape and listen. All similarly vibrating objects of the material and energetic universe are potentially linked by resonance.

    In a sense, the Periodic Table is like a piano keyboard, each atom a chemical "note" along an ongoing scale. The materialzed forms the atoms weave are like visible music.

    The Periodic Table of Elements is a modern cosmological model, a contemporary depiction of the Breath of the Compassionate an the cosmic web of the Grandmother Spider.  It is the web of the world, weaving the principles of the Monad, Dyad and Tetrad. That is, it depicts a universe woven of polarities, positive and negative charges of subatomic matter, and recurring eight step cycles to manifest all matter. Each horizontal row of the Periodic Table represents another "octave", or eighth step, up the "scales". When each row's final chemical "note" is reached and the outermost electron shell is filled with eight electrons, the next row, or "octave" begins. The entire Periodic Table, the complete list of known types of matter, spans seven "octaves", the number appropriate for the full spectrum of material configurations."

    Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries - CONTINUED - PART V of V

    [in our October 2003,  January,  February and April 2004  newsletters,  segments of Robert Gilbert's presentation were included. This is the last installment of that presentation.   Robert Gilbert, a colleague and friend of Joey Korn, will be speaking to the Toronto Dowsers Wednesday, May 19, and giving a workshop May 22 and 23.  Information for those events is located elsewhere in this newsletter.  If you can not find it and are interested, call 416 322 0363  9:30-9:00.
    "My name is Robert Gilbert.  The topic of today's presentation is "Egyptian and European Dowsing Discoveries".  Many of you know me already.  For those that do not, my background began with time in the US Marine Corps, in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Survival.  At that time I taught US Air Force, Marine Corps and army troops how to survive in the case of attack by these types of weapons.  At that time I began to do research in to the basis of modern science and technology and I found that there were precise, sacred geometric patterns that are behind the operation of biological, nuclear and chemical systems.  When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985, I spent the next 12, 13 years getting my pH.D in International Studies.  That gave me an opportunity to research a variety of spiritual schools around the world.  Great spiritual traditions.  I found that the patterns I had found behind modern science and technology  were the same patterns known and taught to the great spiritual systems in antiquity, around the world."

    Please note in this installment he talks more about the higher harmonic of gold, his personal experience that brought him to this work, and demonstrates some of the more practical uses for this work.

    So, in the time I have remaining, I want to point out some important concepts.  As you get into sacred geometry as a spiritual science, working with nature's design language, expanding our boundaries as North-American dowsers, we need to be able to discern between different types of shape and form.  And I'll just tell you the terminology that I use.  In this form, which is a point in the center of a circle, you find this almost around the world as a symbol of the godhead.  I can't tell you the number of systems I've found that have used the point in the center of a circle as one of their most sacred patterns.  And it's usually interpreted symbolically "…well this represents that way everything is centered in creation and God works this way…" but what it actually is, is what I call a circuit diagram, just like if you're going to create some type of energy device, you'd have a circuit diagram to tell you how to hook it up.  This tells you how to hook up to something that's related to the forces of the godhead.  That is why it is related to that.

    When you make any circular or semi-circular movement it can be with your body, it can be in design, it can be in architecture, it can be on a piece of paper.  Any circular or semi-circular movement will begin to light up a pressure point of this higher harmonic of gold divine energy in the virtual circle - - - center of that circle.  It was a complete circle, like the one here, it would be exactly in the center, but even if you make a partial circular movement like an advanced form or in a healing form, then you'll have a higher harmonic of gold light up where the center would be if you completed that circle.

    This is a circuit diagram that basically says that this form related to the godhead and also related to the sun in western astrology.  What is the metal of the sun?   The metal of the sun is gold in the western spiritual system.  Again this is all a deep body of information.  So this is saying: "look to the center of the circle, and you will find the place through which you can emanate the higher harmonic of gold energy and access it.  The trick of it is that this is a circuit diagram and not an effective diagram.  Because when you put that physical point in the center, it drives the radiation into the very center of the point that you made.

    If you want to emanate these energies like this, you need to have hollow open space.  You need to have a vacuum.  You need to have an opening in the physical space.  What does that mean?  This is a circuit diagram that shows you where to look for the forces of the godhead, the forces of the sun, the higher harmonic of gold, but this is the one that is more effective as an emitter.  It doesn't show you the point in the middle of the circle, but if you test it that has more higher harmonic of gold coming out of it's center.  And there's other ways to amplify it.  But again, I want you to be clear on that difference.

    In the post conference workshop we'll go into some other principles of this, but the one I want to mention right now is about alchemy, because what we're really talking about here is a form of spiritual alchemy, how you transform one substance into another substance, how you transform one energy into another energy.  It can be done with sacred geometry.

    This is from some of Dr. Ibrahim Karim's work.  He talks about the way that the alchemical practice of transmuting lead into gold was a kind of graduation exercise that would come when a person had learned enough about higher harmonic of gold to not only bring it into an energetic field but to transmute physical substances.  By connecting to the center of the heart, which is also a center the European / Rosicrucian's talk about called the fifth chamber of the heart.  Through that connection point one connects with the plain of divine wisdom.  One connects to this emanation of the higher harmonic of gold divine energy field and in time, one does these alchemical transmutations.  At first one can do it energetically and then, as he mentions, the graduation exercise, can you then transmute physical matter with it.

    The application of this in the Egyptian work and the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim is that if you understand this principle of connecting to the energy of the center of the circle giving you higher harmonic of gold as it turns out this higher harmonic of gold can actually transmute toxic energy fields.  Electro-magnetic energies or veins of underground water where toxic radiation etc … these things can actually … if you can get into the line of the energy movement - - - the line of the energy is moving, and put these geometric forms that emanate higher harmonic of gold, then you can actually transmute the whole line into higher harmonic of gold.  If you recall what I said at the beginning, that for much of the Egyptian work, they don't try to necessarily take out some of these energy lines.  They want to use the energy lines to transmit the energy quality that they want.  And if you understand that principle it has 10,000 applications.

    If we take the form of a straight right angle, like you see at the top.  That form itself doesn't really emanate much of this higher harmonic of gold.  But if you take out a quarter-circle from that form, then what have you done?  You've created a partial circular movement and you've left the center empty, which means that now you're getting the higher harmonic of gold emanation.  Now energy will move along linear surfaces.  When the energy moves across this linear surface and this linear surface, the energy then meets at the point, that's that empty virtual center of the circle.  The upshot of this, the application of this principle is that then surrounding this form one can actually dowse and detect a strong field of higher harmonic of gold.  And so this form can be worn in the energy field, can be used to transmute external detrimental energies, things of that kind.  I have a lot of applications.

    Some of the applications -- they are hard to see in this particular illustration, but you can see here an "L" shaped form and there's others on the monitor, computer etc.  Find the place that the energy is moving on a power cord, on an electronic device, things of that kind as the energy moves past that higher harmonic of gold it will get transmuted from vertical negative-green, which is what you'll find to begin with, after you do the transmutation, you shouldn't find vertical negative-green, instead you'll find higher harmonic of gold.  Now you're using that energy to transmit beneficial rather than toxic energy.

    This can also be applied to things like mirrors.  In this deeper body of work, mirrors invert energy.  So if you have bad energy, the mirror's inversion effect can invert that into a positive form of energy.  But in other cases it can actually invert energy in a detrimental manner.  And so the "L's" can be used in the corners of the mirror to correct the energy effect.

    I mentioned that in February I had been working with an energy-balancing project off of High Park in London with Dr. Karim and a group of the Egyptians that he works with.  And one of the projects that we did, there was a dignitary who's apartments that we were energy balancing.  And we want to have a very strong concentrations of this energy and we actually put particular forms of the "L" in every one of the corners of all of the windows, so as the light came through, it would create a tremendous manifestation of the gold but dozens of other things too.  (This is) just one illustration of applying this concept.  So that again, these geometries are not symbolic, they're energetic geometries.  They give us a specific energy quality.

    As we get more deeply into this work, as we talked about before, particular number qualities will give you specific energies.  Particularly the numbers 7, 16 and 19 are very important.  And so we're not going to go into it today, but the number 16 when used appropriately will give you all three of these beneficial energies.  This as we saw before, the number seven will give you a horizontal negative-green carrier wave to send energy

    Again, when you look at sacred texts you find particular numbers being used, often they're showing this initiate level of knowledge.  Within bio-geometry, which is what Dr. Karim calls this composite body of work with a classical Egyptian knowledge, plus the European techniques, into something that's cohesive and practically applied.

    *            *            *            *            *
    There are a number of different design principles.  You create an awareness to the center of rotation and then there are things like interface shifting, transparency etc.  All of these are principles of design that one can learn that actually will create emanation of these beneficial energies from whatever the design is, two-dimensional or three dimensional.

    There is something called color placement that will allow you to place energies at the precise location in the 360 degree enclosed space, anywhere where it will open up a kind of a "gating" effect for these particular energies.  And it's not done according to some abstract principle like, "…put this in the North-East corner…" It has to be done through direct detection, through these dowsing tools.  You never know where it's going to be, but any particular color will have a precise location within an enclosed space where it will gate those energies into the space.  Then...If you know what you're doing, you can then create a polarized access of the energy, and then create multiple polarized axies, and it can be quite powerful.

    And there are particular design principles for working with land energies and combining them with these energetic properties.  Now one of the projects Dr. Karim has worked on recently is that for a particular dignitary he's designed this pyramid conference room.  They were taking a couple of hours just to go into the details about all of the techniques and tricks that have been laid into the design of this and the way that it creates specific beneficial energies.  It's way beyond simply canceling the toxic component.  Much, much more has gone into the design of this.  One that I'll point out right now is that designs have been put into it that not only create the form of an upright pyramid, but also creates the necessary portions of an inverted pyramid that inter-penetrates that same space.  This not only creates an aspect of rotation that creates beneficial energy.  But also connects to a particularly high level of the divine spiritual world, because of the principle of geometric resonance.  And there is much else laid in it besides.

    In the Sunday / Monday course, we're going to take a look at a gateway principle.  A gateway principle is something that can be easily applied where, if you have a form that has a particular opening, and it has an overlay at the top, two uprights, overlay at the top.  It can be a table.  It can be the Arch de Triumph.  It can be any of these arch type structures that one sees in the ancient world.  You build this form, you have to orient it correctly and you test it according to the orientation.  When you get the orientation correct what you're going to find, is that through that gateway there will be a strong emanation of these beneficial energy components.  They can then be lead to other locations where you want to use that energy.  That's part of design you find very common in the ancient world.

    Previously we mentioned color balancing.  Again, color balancing, will allow you to create around any space, a particular emanation of these forces.  You can do it with just a tiny little sticky piece of that color, as if it was something that you would put on a file folder, like you'd get at Office Depot or Office Max.  It could just be a tiny piece of adhesive color, if you find the precise location that's just right.  This has to do with the fact that within any enclosed space any person or object or color or what-have-you, has it's own perfect place in that space where it will emanate this divine energy into the space.  But you have to know how to detect it and how to find it.

    There's a whole other part of this system that works with understanding the human energy system and the way that there are exchanges of energy between multiple levels of the human being and the environment and how this interchange takes place and how you can just work with it for beneficial results.
    One of these ideas is how to use geometrical resonance for healing. This is one of my favorite aspects of this work.  As some of you have heard me talk about before, one of the things that got me working with Dr. Karim in the first place, is having had a severe car accident - - - head on collision on the highway, a lot of neck and spine damage.   Within a couple of minutes of working with him, he had identified a particular geometric form that I needed.  He just applied it energetically to me and it's made a night and day difference in my life ever since, because the movements of energy within the human body…whether it's the spine, whether it's the internal organs, whether it's the nervous system…they have a particular way the energy moves.  If you have, say, the lungs… the lungs might have a dozen or more particular movements of life energy.  Every one of those geometric movements correlates to a function of the lungs.  Something happens to harm a geometric movement that function then gets, either weakened or completely knocked out.  And that can be from taking in toxic substances.  It can be from a negative emotional state.  It can be from physical damage.  It can be from disease, any number of things.

    So using the principle of resonance, which we're going to talk a lot more about tomorrow.  In tomorrow afternoon's presentation we're going to go into details from multiple spiritual schools, the Greek, the Rosicrucian, the Hindu, others, and talk about this principle of spiritual connection through resonance and how they applied it.  So using the principle of resonance you find the right pattern and apply it to the energy field and it will get the energy back up in the correct form.

    This is a set of what is known as bio-signatures.  Bio-signatures are two-dimensional outline of these geometric movements.  They were originally three-dimensional but they work as two-dimensional line drawings.  These are the actual bio-signatures that correlate to particular parts of the spine system and it was a modification of one of these forms that was the one that I needed.  So when one does the training in this system one learns how to modify these forms for particular needs.  But again, these are the actual movements of energy.  There's other parts of the bio-signature system that relate to divine names or divine energies.  And these particular divine bio-signatures are forms that are used for spiritual purposes.  (They) can be used for many things from psychic protection to exorcism to spiritual connectivity, all types of things.  So this is a vast body of work.

    What I want to end on today is to do a quick summary of where we've been and then to smooth our path into the presentation I'm giving tomorrow afternoon, which is a completely different presentation that stands alone, but follows on after this.

    What I wanted to do today is to give a sense of this very highly elevated form of spiritual science known in the ancient world.  And that included dowsing, in this case within the Egyptian context and the way it got transmitted forward in the Western world and that there is a very energetic group of Europeans that discovered all these keys to it. And then you had, in a sense; the Egyptians come back and reclaim it.  And it's moving forward there today, and they're just now making that information available to us in the West.  In fact it was only when I went to do this work in London with Dr. Karim that I finally got permission to teach their techniques and give out all the patterns and things of that kind, from them to people in North America.  So a lot of this is very, very recent.

    One of the things I want to introduce here at the end and to then pick up on tomorrow, is that in this body of work done by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo.  He has taken these ideas and these applications and he's actually had them evaluated in an entire series of scientific projects, medical studies, university studies. It's been reported on at bbcnews.com, cnn.com, Reuters.  It's amazing to get a person who is a dowser using these kinds of energies, getting evaluated and reported on from all of these sources.  I want to go into more detail tomorrow, particularly about one project done at the Egyptian National Scientific Research Center.

    I'm going to leave you with this one that I mentioned to people last year.  Partly in an effort to discredit Dr. Karim and dowsing and this body of energetic work, there was what the Egyptian government called a "research project", that they funded and called the Hepatitis C research project.  It was held at Alcazar University at the pharmaceutical faculty.  Dr. Dean Tallah Halifa was the one in charge of this.  They were supposed to look at all of these different possible pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, Chinese medicine, any possible treatment that you could find for Hepatitis C, which is epidemic in Egypt and in North Africa.  It's becoming much more common around the world as well.  I's considered to be an untreatable illness. They were using enzyme levels as their marker in the medical project.  Because Dr. Karim has done a lot of incredible things and people in government knew about him and he had got some media exposure, they said, "lets add his stuff too and we can show that there's nothing to it".

    They added the bio-signatures to this body of work.  They simply put the bio-signatures that were needed on a medallion that they gave the people to wear.  That's the only treatment they got.  They wore a medallion with the correct signature.  And then another group would get, say Interferon, another group would get a North American pharmaceutical, etc.

    At the end of the initial test period, Dean Tallah Halifa went on National television and said that the best result was from - - - the second best result was twenty something percent normalization of enzyme levels from a particular pharmaceutical, I think it was Interferon.  But the best result had over a ninety percent normalization of enzyme levels.  And that was from the people in the control group that work the medallions with the bio-signatures.  And they also had a whole stream of people come on the television program in Egypt and in some cases show that their blood work was clean, which is theoretically impossible.  This really opened up things for more international reporting on the work and for further research projects, we're going to talk about tomorrow.  But again, what we're seeing here is that there's a practical, applicable body of work and we can turn off the slide projector and bring up the house lights. And we're just about out of time.  That is related to dowsing.  That we can find dowsing protocols that are appropriate and powerful and expand our range of activities within them and that with that we can actually get them evaluated in medical studies, scientific studies, university studies and show that they are effective.  I find that really remarkable.  And I appreciate these people who are putting themselves on the line, because it would be easy to be made to look foolish, and to be discredited in any number of ways.

    Now we're out of time and I want to end by simply saying that this information we're doing our best to get out into the West.  We're just now starting to be able to release some of it and again, feel free to come talk to me between breaks and between presentations at the table in the other room, because I want to make people more aware of this.

    Another thing I want to do is I want to introduce to the group, Dr. Kolzac who is here at this presentation --- Dr. Halya Kolzac, who is in fact the president of the Imhotep Society.   Dr. Kolzac founded the Imhotep Society that brings together threes researchers throughout the Middle East, where Dr. Karim is simply one of a great number of people.  He's the one who is the most public and releasing the most information. And Dr. Kolzac has worked for a long time to get this body of work supported and to have his people work together and to get the work out and to help bring to us in the West the fruits of this knowledge.  I appreciate so much him coming so far to be with us here at our conference.  And I hope that we can have more of these types of international exchanges….."   [tape ends]

    With many grateful thanks to Cat Peever for transcribing all the words in this article!   This information would not have been brought to us without her hard work!


    We are fortunate to have stories about successful dowsing.  These stories always provide us with models and encouragement.  Just as instructive are the times we erred, or neglected to dowse.  Here are 2 of my boo boos:

    1)  March 11, drove from Toronto to Guelph for a niece's birthday dinner.  Left at 4:15 to be there at 5:30.  At 5:30, I got off the highway at Brampton, normally a 30 minute drive, to call and tell them how bad traffic was and I'd be late.   I finally arrived at 7:00, in time for dessert.  Having the knowledge that I was going with traffic during rush hour, I should have dowsed for the right time to leave if I wanted to arrive at 5:30, and for the best route to take.  By the time I knew I was going to be late, my "bonkers" level was too high to attempt successful dowsing for a better route.

    2)  As there were some computer problems I could not solve, I arranged for a technician to come over and fix them.   I made a list of what needed work.  I should have dowsed the order of priority and which items did need to be worked on.  Because he installed 2 systems and they were incompatible with one another.  Most of the time was spent figuring it out and repairing the damage done from the conflict, which I had to pay for since it was his time and not his fault.

    Sandra Voronka

         "Recently, I reached a new, more confident plateau with dowsing which I will share with you, but first a flashback to Calgary, Alberta, October 2001.  I signed my name at a dowsing table during Calgary's Total Health, returned home to Toronto and the next month, Marilyn Gang called.  I sent a $20 cheque to her for membership in the Toronto Dowsers and attended my first Toronto Dowsers meeting February 20, 2002.  The high degree of comfort that I felt at this first meeting, had me returning to meetings month after month.  I took a beginners course first with Margaret Ball, and then a Basic Dowsing School in June, 2002.  So I started to dowse - every day.  I dowsed for supplements, then for essential oils and for other questions.  There was lots of trial and error (as I am sure there will continue to be), but I just kept attending meetings, kept dowsing and read some books.

        Now here's what happened recently.  My health in the month of January this year was stable i.e., I didn't get "virusy".  I am challenged by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and have high titers to herpes viruses like CMV etc., with blood work.  I attributed this stability to the Astragalus Combo by St. Francis Herbs, that I had recently added to my arsenal of supplements.  Then I got "virusy" again.  Because I am planning to move to Newfoundland, and need to be the best I can be, I took Martha Christy's book Your Own Perfect Medicine, off the shelf and started to read.  My thinking was that I would read the book and apply the knowledge to my situation.  So I read the first chapter about her experience with her deteriorating health, then read the chapter "How To Use The Therapy At Home".  But I still didn't know how much I should take, as there were no case studies in Chapter Four that related to my situation.  A little voice in my head said, "Just  ask".  So I dowsed and got the answers as to dosage and frequency.  This "Eureka!" moment pushed me to a new plateau, and has given me confidence to ask more questions.   It's exciting to anticipate what lies ahead in my quest to whole health, and beyond."

    Famous Dowsers
    Continuing in our "Famous Dowsers series -- in March we were introduced to Bill Cox and Brian Disbury out West.  In April we heard from Sig Lonegren, in England.  This month we are introduced to Alanna Moore from AUSTRALIA!

    Hello Toronto Dowsers!
    Greetings from a land down under - Australia.

    I have been a professional dowser for over 20 years and I combine this with my love of writing, film making and teaching. (I love the looks on
    students' faces when they first get a pendulum to do its thing!) My main concern is for the health of the Earth, so my main love is geomantic dowsing. And if it helps peoples' health too, that's an added bonus!

    I maintain a website (geomantica.com) where there's a free quarterly magazine, with some great articles by some of the best geomancers we have here.

    My other great interest is in esoteric farming and gardening, and this  has been my big focus for the last 6 or so years. Out of this has come my book 'Stone Age Farming' (I sell more books in the USA than here, as our population is only some 19 million).  And I've built some 150 "Towers of Power" around Australia and New Zealand in that time, mainly at workshops. These create beneficial energy fields for growing things.

    Agriculture can be very challenging here and land degradation is rampant.  Farmers need all the help they can get. I have just produced several
    short films, that are part of a series called 'Earth Care, Earth Repair' where intuitive/dowsing approaches are highlighted. 'Radionic Farming and Landcare in Australasia' is completed, and next come films on paramagnetic rock dust, Towers of Power and Agnihotra.

    I have written 2 other dowsing related books in the past, but these are out-of-print now. 'Dowsing and Healing' I have incorporated into my correspondence course (Diploma in Dowsing for Harmony) and 'Divining Earth Spirit' is currently being revised and updated.  So in the next few months there will be much more to offer at my website.  Because I rely on book/video sales, workshops and consultancy work as my living, plus I'm working on several more videos at the moment, its nice to get an opportunity to speak to Dowsers I have not yet been able to reach.

    I have never been to North America. Last September I was one of the presenters at the International Dowsing Congress held in the UK and it was such fun! I also toured Ireland and Holland, running a few workshops, which was great too.  I even showed the Irish how to find the fairies by dowsing! This is my new specialty: 'Deva Dowsing'. Nowadays, when I do a dowsing survey the important nature spirits make themselves known to me as part of my landscape analysis.

    I'd love to return to Europe in the summer of 2005 to promote my work and do more workshops, so if people would like me to do something in Canada, this might be the best time to catch me. The earlier I can organise something - the better!

    So happy dowsing and all the best for 2004!
    Alanna Moore

    We have one of Alanna's videos in our library and will be getting more of her materials.  She has kindly offered to send us:  Hot off the DVD burner: 'Radionic Farming and Landcare in Australasia' (42 minutes) !!

    Our more feminine direction . . .

    A couple of months ago, it felt as if I was missing something --- that I needed a course adjustment for our heading.  So I pulled down the sails and took a sighting and visited some friends --- some of you.  When we got to the answer, it felt right for all of us:  To bring more of the feminine principles and awareness in to the group.   This was to bring in more of a nourishing flow, to hold an awareness of: cherish, adore, receptivity, female, compassion, spacious, holding space and grace.   I drove away feeling whole.

    That afternoon was Ann Fowle's memorial service, where several of us met.  And there was a confirmation of the earlier realization:  Helga was talking about our need for more of a feminine principle.   It was just the right signal at the right time.  As if that wasn't enough, when I arrived home, there was the 3rd confirmation --- as if to say NOW GET THIS!   It was a draft copy of Mary Hardy's new book, on the priestesses of the Temple of Sakkara and the feminine principle. ok!

    Speaking with David Slater about this, how dowsing seems to be so masculine and he reminded me of how very feminine it is --- because one uses one's intuition and must be open and receptive.  Yes, he is right.  However, it seems to have become masculine, i.e., in the search for "practical commodities" such as water, gas, oil, treasure, people, and, the desire for that so very left brained "scientific confirmation" pot o gold.  And some of the terminology:  Tools.  Instruments.   Let's hope we can bring more of the feminine in to our dowsing, with increased intuition and the service we render first to ourselves and then to others with compassion, wisdom, receptivity, awareness and allowing.

    Speaking of the feminine, there are a couple of thoughts I am reminded of:

    I don't know if this is true, but I like it:  I'd heard that in Orthodox Judaism, a woman must allow her husband to make love with her if he wants to.  However, he may not do this unless she is happy.   Brilliant, yes?

    And, in a perfect partnership, the female energy gives advice and offers wisdom and guidance to the male energy.  This is space, emotion, nurturing.  The male energy takes the advice and guidance, uses it and goes out and is the doer.  This is linear movement, security, safety, protection, practicality.   He brings home the material necessities to keep the female energy happy and comfortable so that she has what she needs to give him good guidance.   If they both are happy with one another and can do their job well, the partnership thrives.  If one of the energies does not work well, the partnership suffers.

    Over the past 50 years, men have been afraid to be men and women have been afraid to be women.  Men and women were seemed to exhibit only their negative traits such as aggressiveness and hostility for men and weepy emotionalism for women.

    One of the ways this has been encouraged, sadly, and not realized for what it actually was, was through the Suffragette women's movement of around 1918, to gain women's rights.  Yes, it did so, and it did look good "on the outside".  But what this was designed to do --- and has made great inroads in doing --- was to destroy the structure of the family.  Because women gained rights --- by acting like men, not achieving their goals for women as women.  [Note:  There are many times when something that looks good on the outside is actually a beneficial concept that has been subverted for nefarious purposes.  Such as the original concept for nuclear power.  And some governmental programs.]

    Women became like men, men became like women and decades of confusion, wounding, hurt and gender insecurity followed.

    In our recorded history, in our western society, women have been subjugated by men.  Women create life.  Women possess the greater strength and wisdom.  Although women did not want to take over men, still, men felt terrified and threatened by women's abilities and grew to fear women and used their physical strength to overpower and control women.  And so it has remained, until relatively recently, and in some of western society.

    To regain the feminine principles, different groups are meeting for re-discovery.

    Jill Hewlett, our February speaker, is offering    *ON GOING "NEW MOON CIRCLES" FOR WOMEN in Toronto! Next dates: May 19th and June 17th - Join a circle of women from 6:30 to 9:30pm on consecutive new moon cycles, to nourish yourself, release stress, clarify your self concept, improve relationships and reach your goals!  (905)713-0194

    And Mary Hardy always encourages us to bring the female principles back in to the grids.   If you are interested in getting Mary's new book when it comes out, please contact Marilyn.

    FROM TOM KENYON: "April 9-11 over two hundred people from all over the world gathered in Northern Virginia, close to Washington, D.C. to join in high ritual with Mary Magdalen. It is said that the intention of Mary Magdalen, whose "sounds" were channeled through Tom Kenyon (see SOUND article), is to shift the collective consciousness of the planet toward greater balance between male and female during this gathering.

    This event occurred during the Easter time period and is titled "Resurrection," for they say it is Magdalen's intention to work with the electromagnetic grids of the planet to literally shift the collective consciousness toward that of greater balance--to resurrect the feminine to a place of equality.

    She has said this will not result in some "instantaneous monumental visible" shift in the outer in the moment, but that, likewise, nothing would ever be the same again after this gathering. What will happen, she says, is that as a result of this event, women all over the world will begin to stand up. And that will likely be different for each one.  She has also said that the result of what we will do in this gathering will ultimately create greater balance on this planet, which will act to shift the earth toward becoming a more benevolent environment to life.

    This Conclave, called Resurrection, is about the rising of the feminine in balance to the male, the resurrection of sacred relationship and the honoring of Earth in relation to Spirit.

    Sacred relationship is made sacred by the intention of those involved. It is an agreement to express divinity and sovereignty to each other and to the world. It demands appreciation of the beloved and a commitment to honesty and to holding each other in the highest regard. This stands in stark contrast to how relationship is expressed by most people. Culturally, the feminine is relegated to a lesser position of power, financial security and social status. The Earth element, being feminine, had been relegated to being a slave, her resources plundered and her wellbeing disregarded."

    So let's see how this expresses itself.  The intention is stated, it is there.  Now let's see how we manifest this.  For all of us.  Together.


    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the center where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the center which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

    PS:   from  previous newsletters:

    If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

    THANK YOU DAVID YEO!   David read about the new Sprint offering where you pay $20 / month for unlimited long distance throughout the US and Canada and signed up for it.  Said it is saving him over $200 / month!   He makes a lot of long distance calls with his Kingsway Coral Calcium business.

    \"The smaller the mind the greater the conceit."
    -- Aesop (c. 550 B.C.) legendary Greek fabulist

    "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess of the public treasury. From that time on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the results that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship....

    The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.  These nations have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from great courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back again to bondage."
    -- Sir Alex Fraser Tyler (1742-1813) Scottish jurist and historian Source: The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic, c.1799

    "No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency."
    -- Theodore Roosevelt   (1858-1919) 26th US President

    "The struggle is always between the individual and his sacred right to express himself and... the power structure that seeks conformity, suppression and obedience."
    -- Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

    "Persecution is the first law of society because it is always easier to suppress criticism than to meet it."
    -- Howard Mumford Jones (1892-1980) Abbot Lawrence Lowell Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University Source

     As you may have heard, the U.S. is putting together a constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? Think about it - - - it was written by very smart people, it's served us well for over two hundred years......and besides, we're not using it anymore.
    --- Jay Leno

    THE    Wednesday, May 19th, 2004  MEETING FEATURES:
    Dr. Robert Gilbert, Phd
    will speak on: Sacred Geometry and Vibrational Energy Science:
    Hidden Keys from Ancient and Modern Times
    A Blend of Sacred Geometry, Vibrational Radiesthesia, BioGeometry, and the Spiritual Practices and  Connections between these Fields.
    Behind the modern interest in “Sacred Geometry” stands an ancient hidden tradition, known in the Western world as "The Masters of the Net". This tradition held keys to the mystery of how Spirit creates the Material world, including practical techniques which allow direct access to the vibrational “Net” which sustains all Life.  Dr. Gilbert will share with us on Wednesday night a visual presentation of an extract of his research into this tradition, following a trail leading from Ancient Egypt into the Hebrew Kabbalah, Greek New Testament, Holy Grail, and original European Rosicrucian inner teachings.

    The trail will lead us to remarkable insights into a Vibrational Energy Science that uses harmonics to transcend time and space, geometry to create resonance with powerful energies, and vibrational dowsing (quite different from the mental dowsing common in North America) to detect a wide range of different energy qualities.

    Other topics include: The weekend seminar (May 22,23) will take the concepts offered at the Wednesday night presentation into direct experience, offering practical methods from a variety of different traditions.  Practices include:

    *  Activating Grail Points in the Human Energy Field (Zero-Point Centering Practice)
    *  How to detect the Three Essential Divine Energies which Balance Energy Fields
    *  Egyptian method of using the “Virtual Cone” Pendulum
    *  Transmuting detrimental energies through Geometric form
    *  How to manifest the Three Divine Energies through Object Placement (a practice from an Egyptian version of “Feng Shui”)
    *  Sacred Movement with Elizabeth McKay-Gilbert (Using Eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner’s method to make Etheric life energies visible through movement)

    Dr. Robert J. Gilbert is an internationally known researcher in Sacred Geometry and the Western Spiritual Tradition.  His approach to Sacred Geometry combines insights from over a dozen world spiritual traditions and from modern scientific research, uniting his Doctorate in International Studies with his background as a U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Survival.  Dr. Gilbert also holds the distinction of being the first non-Egyptian ever authorized to teach BioGeometry, a remarkable energy science from Cairo Egypt.

    Elizabeth McKay-Gilbert, M.A.

    Elizabeth has extensive experience in sacred dance, art, bodywork, and spiritual counseling. Elizabeth’s background includes the attainment of a Master’s Degree in process work related to The Shadow and Creativity at Matthew Fox’s University of Creation Spirituality. Elizabeth is a fully accredited ISIS (Inner Space Interactive Sourcing) Regression therapist, trained under Samuel Sagan M.D. at the Clairvision School of Sydney Australia. She is currently training in the sacred dance art form of Eurythmy.  Elizabeth also facilitates workshops on Creativity and the Soul and on the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine around the country.

    No articles in this newsletter may be used or duplicated without permission of the author.
    copyright © 2004 by Marilyn Gang