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A newsletter is published for each Toronto Dowsers meeting.  A hard copy is mailed to each of our members.  Membership dues pay for this newsletter.  Members receive many more benefits and more information than the newsletter.  If you read these newsletters often, we request that you become a member.  We have members across Canada, in the US and in other countries.  We welcome you to join our group.  Enjoy.  Thank you.

The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next  meeting
Tuesday, May 10,  2005 (See last page for description)
The Toronto Dowsers is proud to present:
Dr. Robert Gilbert
Revealing the Hidden Energy Science of the Egyptian Temples"
Gathering, Socializing, Registration,  at 6:30 p.m., Program to begin at 7:00 p.m.
YES, Please do bring Finger Food to enjoy refreshments at the end.  We supply beverages
at  THE LATVIAN CENTRE ---  4 Credit Union Drive
This is actually ON Eglinton Avenue
This is 2 traffic lights EAST of the Don Valley Parkway
On the South West corner of Eglinton and Credit Union.
(Parkway Honda is on the South East corner.)
Please do not wear Scents of *any* sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.
We do open our meetings to like minded people who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Our meetings include activities to practice your dowsing and guest speakers who will share their experiences and teach you new skills.  You have a chance to meet others who you can help or who can help you.  One of the best parts of these groups is meeting synergistic people.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
         $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $10 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the day of the meeting.
          $20 per year for * renewal * membership in the Toronto Dowsers
          $25 per year for *NEW* membership in the Toronto Dowsers
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   mgang@dowsers.info  (416) 322 - 0363   (9:33-9:33)
Check out the Toronto web site and our past newsletters at:

Post on your refrigerator:   TORONTO DOWSERS - 2005

MAY 10th - Robert Gilbert returns for a presentation and to offer a
Week Long BioGeometry Foundation Training (May 14-20) (Level 1 only may be taken)

April 19, May 3, 17- BioMind Power 3 session Class, with Angi Venning
MAY 7 - Dr. Masaru Emoto (Toronto)
MAY 28 - Angi Venning - Beginners Dowsing workshop, Toronto
May 27 - 30th - 2nd Can-Am Dowsers Conference, Seattle, Washington (area)
June 13 - 20 -  45th Annual American Society of Dowsers Convention, Vermont
July 1-2-3"A Better Future for Our Children"
An enlightening workshop by Raymon Grace on how to improve the future for our children, given with humour, humility, and a wealth of insight. Based on his new book Seasons of April.
This workshop is recommended for parents, grandparents, educators or anyone who wants to be a catalyst of change in the lives of children.
For Event Information and to Register (Participants, Speakers, Exhibitors or Volunteers)
Healing Nexus     (416) 225-3612     1-888-869-0263    nexus "at" healingnexus.ca
* * * SEE LOTS MORE EVENTS -*-*- BELOW * * *

The School Project
(1)   WHY do The School Project?
Our Schools are under attack.  Our Children are under attack.
The School Project
April 5, 2003, Raymon Grace was doing a workshop in Toronto.   Someone asked Raymon if we could work on schools.  Raymon recognizes the importance of this and agreed.  But no one wanted to be in charge of organizing it.   People in other areas asked Raymon the same question.  Still, no one wanted to be in charge of organizing it.   We agreed it needed to be done and that I would put it on the website.  Raymon and I have been working on this information since November 2004.  It's not complicated, just that we've both been too busy and want to get it right.
Included in this newsletter mailing is a separate article, on The School Project.  It outlines the who, what, where, when, why.  It gives you the instructions you need to do this and why you are doing it.   It is not in its final form.  We are asking for suggestions on how to improve it.  Because of the success Raymon had with turning around Robyn's daughter from a serious situation several years ago, and the work she has been doing for children since, Toronto Dowsers member Robyn Irwin has helped with this.  (Robyn is a school guidance counselor).  Others are helping, too, but their information has --- not yet --- been included in this.

Many in Raymon's classes across North America have been asking to work on this.  We need your help to make this a good one.  It is set up so one person is not "in charge".  The site is a resource, to help initiate your own networks.

The School Project is one of the reasons Raymon is returning to Toronto this July, so we can all help one another  improve our schools.  www.dowsers.info/school.htm


(1)      IVAN McBETH   :|:    CHARLES HUBBARD    :|:    DAVID YARROW

Above this line are the names of 3 of our most dearly beloved speakers.  We love them because of who they are, what they have done, how they conduct themselves and what they have come here to share with us --- because it was the right thing to do.

Can you guess what those 3  HAVE IN COMMON?   It's not too hard.    They came here from long distances, and, with nothing to sell.  What we did was to cover their expenses.  That's about all.

I will be seeing them in June, at the ASD Convention.   I would like to bring each one of them a CASH GIFT from the Toronto Dowsers.  I am requesting that you send me donations so I can hand it over to them.

PLEASE:    Give a check (if for Charles, made out to him) --- you can make check out to me if its CDN funds and I'll convert it --- but be sure to let me know who its for!  ----  or give cash --- in an envelope --- with your name on it and the person you want to give it to --- and I will convert the monies in to US dollars for Ivan and David and give it to them in June.  Or mail it to me.  Please see I get it BY JUNE 5th!!!!!!

    At the end of David's talk on April 12th, I gave him  $100 CDN to cover his travel expenses.   David, a very humble man, thanked me and said that was more than enough.

    David Suzuki insists on, and receives, fees, in the  5 figure range.   David Yarrow, is grateful for a donation of  $100.  Canadian  :) .   I don't want to take anything away from David Suzuki, but I would like to see more given to the David Yarrows of the world.

   We would like to see David receive more funding.  David would like this too, however, what he really wants is for people to wake up and acknowledge the importance of our earth and do something.    He told me he could see the aura in the room and that people were really paying attention.   He was quite pleased about that.   He ought to receive both.

    I was touched when at the end of the evening, Carol Lee Gordon came up to ask me about David's finances and gave me $20 towards our expenses to give to David.  Thank you, Carol Lee.

     We are talking about him returning next year.   What do you think?   While his presentation is still fresh in your minds, what would you like him to further expound upon?

    2 nights before he came here, David was on the road and, despite his fragile health,  slept in his van.   I found out that last year, at ASD,  both David and Ivan McBeth slept in their vans.   (they do this too often)   So this year I started raising "awareness" (!) about it and found them lodging.

   You can send $$$  to me before the end of May, or bring it to our May meeting.  Put your contribution in an envelope with your name on it, who you want it to go to.

    And/Or:   David had posters at his presentation to hand out for his festival this year.    Last year I sent him $50 USD  (from my personal funds).   You can see this at:  ONONDAGA SPONSORS    where I'm listed as an Associate.   Do you think the Toronto Dowsers can achieve Patron status this year?

   From the data he sent me, he has estimated they need  $26K?  $32K  (USD)  for the event in July (SEE BELOW)

AND:   We have about  20  booklets left from Charles Hubbard's talk.   They cost $7 each.  Please buy one.  Give it away, if you like.  This can help us, also.

(2)  Alicja Aratyn will have a small sales table at the May meeting ---- in anticipation that some who will be signing up for Robert Gilbert's BioGeometry Foundation Training may want to purchase the Virtual Cone Pendulum, and, other dowsing tools
(3)  I like feedback for the newsletters.   For the past 4+ years of my life, I have been spending about a week every month on this newsletter.   That's just the writing time.  I think about it a lot.  So its nice when you send me an email to tell me that something I wrote about has helped you.   Its also nice --- believe it or not --- I do --- when you email me that you disagree with something that appears here, and that you can find a considerate way to do this.

A few weeks ago, one of you told me that you and your husband were actually doing the Master Cleanse, mentioned here several times, AND!!!  the Salt Glo Rub --- you did this together.   (The Salt Glo Rub was written up in the February 2005 issue).   When I inquired:  So, how was it?   I got this bigggg grinning smile.   I guess its because this is one of the healthiest -- and most sensuous services 2 partners can do for one another.  N'est-ce pas?

(4)   THANK YOU MAIE LIIV --- for donating Robert Detzler's new books to our library!
(5)   JUNE, JULY, AUGUST:  No events have been planned, so far.  I will be at the ASD Convention in Vermont in June and it seems as if no one wanted to plan a meeting for June.  So we're not having one.   I've been running flat out for 3 years and hope I can finally take some time out.  I keep planning it but it doesn't seem to happen because I  immediately take on a new project.  I hope I can finally get some of the stuff done this summer that I've been planning on previously.

I will do my best to get a newsletter out this summer, and then the September newsletter.    Arrangements are currently being made for Fall 2005 speakers and for 1 or 2 in 2006.   I'll be back from Vermont the end of June and shall keep the web site current during the summer.  Please stay updated with that, or call me if you have any questions.

(6)  EVENTS:  JUNE, JULY, AUGUST:   We have no official Toronto Dowsers activities planned for these months.  Instead, there are a whole bunch of activities other like minded groups want to share with us.  I've arranged several interesting adventures  AND DISCOUNTS for you  (see below) with: King View and the Learning Annex Lily Dale!  AND!!! RAYMON GRACE WILL BE HERE IN JULY!  SEE ABOVE AND BELOW!    BUT!  AND!  "STUFF"  W*I*L*L  BE HAPPENING.  CHECK THE WEB SITE OFTEN!

BOOKS:  From the Toronto Public Library
MICHAEL CRICHTON:  We know Michael Crichton as a modern  Renaissance man.  He has conceptualized, produced and directed Jurassic Park.  ER.  Other movies and television shows.  Prior to that he has been a best selling author.   The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Jurassic Park , Timeline,  Jasper Johns.  Prior to that he graduated from Harvard Medical School.   To introduce the manner of his thought processes in his latest novel, thriller "State of Fear",  I include here an excerpt that ought to interest you, one I copied out over 10 years ago from "Travels", his 1988 autobiography, pages. 395-396.  This has remained one of my favorite passages debunking some of the myths of modern medicine:

"..... Because, I suggested, the real issue as I saw it went far beyond the relatively narrow question of "paranormal" phenomena.  It went to the basic intellectual posture of science in the latter twentieth century.
         I then said, "Has anyone in this room had their tonsils and adenoids removed?  Has anyone had a radical mastectomy for breast cancer?  Has anyone been treated in an intensive care unit?  Has anyone had coronary bypass surgery?   Of course, many people had.
         I then said, "then you're all knowledgeable about superstitions, because all these procedures are examples of superstitious behavior They are procedures carried out without scientific evidence that they produce any health benefit.  This society spends billions of dollars a year on superstitious medicine, and that is a problem --- and an expense --- far more important than astrology columns in daily newspapers which are so vigorously attacked by the brainpower of  CSICOP.
         And I added, Let's not be too quick to deny the power of superstition in our own lives.  Which of us, having suffered a heart attack, would refuse to be treated in an intensive care unit just because such units are of unproven value?  We'd all take the ICU.  We all do.
         I then went on to mention the many cases of fraud in research science.  Isaac Newton may have fudged his data; certainly Gregor Mendel, father of Mendelian inheritance did.  The Italian mathematician Lazzarini faked an experiment to determine the value of pi, and his result went unquestioned for more than half a century.  British psychologist Sir Cyril Burt invented not only his data, but research assistants to gather it.  In more recent years, there were cases of fraud involving WIlliam T. Summerlin of Sloan-Kettering, Dr. John Long of the Harvard Medical School, and Dr. John Darsee of the Harvard Medical School.  Other cases involved a research team at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Robert Slutsky of the UCSD Medical School, Dr. Jeffrey Borer of Cornell University, Stephen Breuning of the University of Pittsburgh.  Though most cases had come from medicine and biology, there were examples in other fields as well; three papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society were recently retracted, a case still under investigation.  The extent of the fraud was unknown, but I reminded the group that fraud undeniably exists in science. ...."

NOW you have an idea as to how his mind works.  Read "State of Fear", available now in every public library.   This is a fast paced well written eco thriller, superbly  blending edge-of-your-seat suspense and thought provoking commentary on how information is manipulated in the modern world.  AND!!!  It greatly questions what I think WE (as in you and I)  have assumed insofar as Global Warming is concerned.    Let me know what you think after you read it.


!!! William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS, one of the most significant figures in the history of alternative cancer treatments, passed away on January 30, 2005, at the age of 79. The cause of death was congestive heart failure. He had a long history of heart problems, with severe rhythm disturbances, beginning in the 1960s.  Read the fascinating article about Dr. Kelley, his life, his discoveries in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,  April, 2005  by Ralph W. Moss. CLICK ON:  DR. KELLEY.

!!! Heard on the news:  Radio Shack Canada will be closing its doors the end of July, 2005.  Right now this is one of the few chain stores where you can still purchase a tape player unit.   Cassette tape player units as well as VCRs are being phased out.  In many places, such as Best Buy, they have not been sold for months.  years?

!!! NEW:  The Toronto Chapter of The Canadian Organic Growers Association  If you want further information about the Toronto Chapter contact tanmayo@idirect.com  416 466 9584.

!!!   Oil of Rosemary --- for the  BRAIN.  for remembering.  from Dr. Cass Ingram reported that Oil of Rosemary is very good for the brain, for remembering.

!!!    PEBBLES FOR CAT'S WATER DISH:  At Mary Hardy's home last year, I noticed that there were smooth pebbles in the cat's water dish.  When I asked her son about it, he said that the cat likes them.   She won't drink the water without them in her bowl.  Quietly, on your inner levels, communicate with your cat (or dog), ask if your cat would like pebbles or rocks in her water dish.  Then, when you choose the rocks (go outside to collect them, in the woods, or from an unpolluted beach.  Don't buy them.)  As you choose each pebble, ask simultaneously, again on your inner levels, if the pebble wants to come home with you and if the cat wants it for her water dish.

Do you remember Toronto Dowser Glenda Swanson and her partner Tony Hornick?  And the Sprouters they sell?  Tony is also an expert in Ballroom Dancing and operates the largest Ballroom Dancing web site around.  If you are interested in finding good places to dance, in Ontario and Florida even!  and Western New York!  check out: 


I've been saving this  for the May issue, so you could read it and go right out and DO IT!   I'm lucky I have a strong back on my computer chair.   Got this idea almost 2 years ago, typing up the notes from the time Bruce Magill took us to the Peterborough Petroglyphs.   I needed a strong chair back because some elements from this concept struck me as extremely funny and I was laughing so hard I would have tumbled over backwards.   That happens a lot, when these images POP in to my head at 2 a.m. in front of the computer.  It must be a funny time, or, I was getting the energy from Bruce's "Laughing Spot".

Bruce Magill took us to the Peterborough Petroglyphs.   We -- about 40 of us --- were picnicking, in a nice grassy area with some picnic benches.   Bruce told us we can find a  Laughing Spot.   He walked the land, dowsing for a Laughing Spot.  He found one.   He stood over that spot and  riotous laughter bubbled up.   Several of you then stood over the spot and experienced great laughter.  I can still picture Sarah East standing there doubled over, laughing.   I did not.   3 out of the 4 who tried this did.   I was talking with someone about this  out of it came an entirely wonderful new concept:

What burst forth was the concept of "an ENERGYGARDEN".    You dowse and find a:  Laughing spot, a Money spot, a Happy spot, a Quiet spot, an Energetic spot, a Healthy spot, a Peaceful spot, a Playful spot, a Creative spot ...... by the time we were done we had about 30 spots defined.

Dowse for their locations on the land, put something on that spot to mark it.   Then get rocks, maybe paint them --- if the rocks like it,  you have to ask them, first, --- or make designs, somehow, with whatever is appropriate.    To mark the spots.   Dowse to see which rock wants to be on which spot.  Invite some friends over.   See if they can discern the energies.  Do this with kids.

When our friend, Master Dowser JOEY KORN  gave workshops here October 2002 and October 2003, he showed us how to find, and clear, the different spots we would find (he showed us how to do that) whose energy fields would be holding detrimental energy.  For example, if a friend of yours was talking with another friend, and that second friend told the first friend of a tragic death of a person close to them, the first person might experience a trauma.  A traumatic energetic imprint could be left in that spot.  Joey showed us how to detect, and clear these spots.

You could go through your backyard, clear these spots, and then create your ENERGY GARDEN!

PLEASE: CREATE YOUR VERY OWN "ENERGYGARDEN"   And, let me know how it works.  Take photos.  Send it to me for the newsletter.   This can be combined so nicely with ideas we gleaned from Ivan McBeth and Charles Hubbard.  And Shelley and Joy and Mary and others.....


MAY 10th, 14th-20th  - Robert Gilbert
Robert Gilbert will be the speaker for the Toronto Dowsers meeting, on BioGeometry (May 10th)
followed by a week long Bio Geometry Foundation Training
SATURDAY - FRIDAY  MAY 14 - 20, 2005  10 - 5

BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION TRAINING IN TORONTO (Certified with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. of Geneva, Switzerland  and Cairo, Egypt).

BioGeometry is a design science that works through the energy of shape, color, sound and motion. It reveals the hidden ways in which nature creates and distributes energy for the benefit of living beings. Developed over three decades of intensive research by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, BioGeometry combines previously secret methods used in Ancient Egypt with breakthrough contemporary European discoveries.

A registration form is included with this newsletter mailing.

Level One:  Fundamentals of BioGeometry.  Two Days, Saturday and Sunday.  Detailed discussion, slides, and over 100 pages of handouts giving out essential information.  No hands-on techniques taught in Level One.

Level Two:  Practical Energy Analysis and Energy Balancing.  Three Days, Monday through Wednesday.  Hands-on techniques taught extensively at this level, many essential skills.

Level Three:  BioSignatures and BioGeometry Design Methods.  Two Days, Thursday and Friday.

The Egyptian Energy Science
by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

 BioGeometry uses nature’s own energy language (precise geometric shapes, movements, angles, colors and sounds) to create powerful healing effects.
The 3 Divine Energies (BG3) which Balance all Living Energy Systems
Egyptian Method of Vibrational Energy Detection   Vibrational dowsing is fundamental to BioGeometry.
The Keys to Temple Science (Resonance and Harmonics)  Resonance and Harmonics are practical tools in BioGeometry, not abstract concepts.   Once understood, it can be used at any level of creation: in our world, or in any other dimensional level.  It is, quite literally, the universal science.
Energy Balancing with Colors and Objects  Every object or color has one particular place in any room or location where it will create strong beneficial energy through the entire area.

Alignment of Objects   Every object has one particular geographic direction it can be oriented to, which creates a field of beneficial energy around it.

Simple Geometric Energy Emitters  With as little as three blocks of wood, it is possible to put them together with the correct angles and alignment to create powerful beneficial energy emanations.

BioGeometry Energy Balancing Wheel  A remarkable device, the Balancing Wheel will take samples from any object and connect them to the three divine energies.

Anchoring Beneficial Energy through Geometric Forms   It is quite possible to create beneficial energies through intent, blessing, prayer, etc.  The problem is how to keep those energies stabilized and in place.  The Egyptian system shows how to anchor those energies in place so they do not shift, and identifies the common problems to watch out for.

Clear and Transform Detrimental Energies
BioSignatures, Specialized Patterns for Healing and Balancing
Creating Resonance between Specific Geometric Forms, Levels of the Human Subtle Body, and 7 Spiritual Planes


DR EMOTO The True Power of Water Lecture & Booksigning
Cost: $49+GST $39+ GST ( before May 1st)
Location: OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor St W Toronto, ON
Tickets can be purchased at the Eternal Moment Bookstore 497 Bloor St W or by calling 416 924 3780
For the report of his visit May 2003, see: Toronto Dowsers on Dr. Emoto

July 1-2-3 2005:   RAYMON GRACE RETURNS TO TORONTO:   "A Better Future for Our Children"

Following Canada Day look forward to “A Better Future for Our Children”, a full two day enlightening workshop with Raymon Grace given with his unique style of humour, humility, and a wealth of insight on how to improve the future for our children, given with humour, humility, and a wealth of insight.

Raymon and his daughter April wrote a book together.  The workshop is based on this book,  "Seasons of April", which will be available in hard copy.    This event is recommended for parents, grandparents, educators or anyone who wants to be a catalyst of change in the lives of children.

Toronto Dowsers member, Kathy Wilson, is bringing Raymon to Toronto (Kathy also teaches "Quantum Touch).   The Toronto Dowsers is having a table at the event.   If you want to participate in any way, please contact Kathy, or me.

This takes place at Humber College, North Campus.  For Event Information and to Register (Participants, Speakers, Exhibitors or Volunteers) contact:   Healing Nexus   (416) 225-3612 nexus "at" healingnexus.ca

 Onondaga Lake Peace Festival
Honor the place where peace was made on earth
Peace - Sustainability - Healing.  Pathways to stewardship of the earth
Friday to Monday, July 22 - 25, 2005
Long Branch Park, Onondaga Lake,   Liverpool, New York, USA
Camping, motel, etc., facilities available --- ALL  the info is on his website.  About 4-5 hours from Toronto.

Farmers markets -- City of Toronto --- Toronto --- May - October

Dufferin Grove Park's Parkdale Farmers Market Friends of Riverdale Farm
Mostly Organic Farmer's Market Toronto (West Downtown) Farmers' Market, Toronto
875 Dufferin St. Toronto (S of Bloor) Queen St. West & Cowan 201 Winchester St. 
Every Thursday 3:30 - 7:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM May to October Tuesday 3:30 - 7:00 PM May 6 to Oct. 21, 2004
Dufferin Grove Park rink house, across from the Dufferin Mall. The rink house is in the northwest corner of the park. Cowan Street is located West of Dufferin St, East of Jamieson AveThe market is on Cowan, South of Queen St. W Located in the Old Cabbagetown area of Toronto, Winchester St. runs east off Parliament St., one block north of Carlton St.
_______________________________ ___________________________ _____________________________
East York Farmers Market Flemington Farmers Market
Toronto Toronto
Coxwell & Mortimer Don Mills Rd. & Eglinton Ave. E
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM May to October Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM May to October
*            *            *            *            *            *


(905) 727 9171

is a lovely country spot 40 minutes north of Toronto with peaceful rolling hills, a forest of maple trees, a cedar bush.  They offer inspirational courses in a beautiful natural setting to explore your world and deepen your experience.

May 16 & July 16, 2005
Attunement:  A Sacred Healing Art

"Attunement is a non touch spiritual healing energy process.  Surrounding every living thing there is an energy field.  In the process of attunement, through the techniques involved, a practitioner would seek to allow a balance to occur in the endocrine system, the chakra field and the skeletal structure. The process is always co-creative, knowing that within each individual there is a unique spirit and ones own internal healer.  Therefore, it is a combined energy facilitated by the practitioner.  Assisting others, particularly in healing work, is an inherent gift that I believe we all have.  The process of teaching Attunement is about assisting one another to remember.  No one owns the universal principles of healing.  They are available to any who are on a spiritual path."
This one day course will provide participants with an in depth look at some of the basic principles behind the attunement process.

9:30 - 4:30.   $90.  Includes Lunch.  This is  taught by Paul Price, one of the founding members of King View, a certified Attunement Practitioner and a member of the Leadership Team of the International Emissaries Attunement Guild.

Music, Chant and Meditation Workshop
Saturday, August 13th - 9 am - 9 pm

You will be given an introduction to the basics of chant and shown techniques that will assist you in opening yourself to a more powerful experience.  You will be shown how to navigate your own meditation in the powerful silence created by chant.  This spacious day will offer you time for personal reflection and exploration as well as time for sharing with others in the group.

Walk the Labyrinth and the "Meditation Walk" through the trees, Journal by the pond, Relax in the peaceful atmosphere of King View.   $90 includes Lunch and Dinner of Fabulous King View Food

*            *            *            *            *            *
The Lily Dale Assembly, one hour south of Buffalo,  is the oldest Spiritualist Community in America.  They have daily programs from June-September.  Many mediums are available for readings.  Although they have many programs this summer, as always, there are 2 especially that I am highlighting:
(1)  Barbara Hand Clow's July 1-3 workshop:  She wrote "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions", which Shelley Bourne used as the basis for her January presentation to us.  An excellent and recommended book.
(2)   Michael Bastine's August 30th talk:  I met Michael at a Dowsing Conference last year and he will be coming to talk to us.  Michael was close friends with Mad Bear with was close friends with Rolling Thunder, who was one of Raymon's teachers.   Michael  has many stories to share about his friends and is fascinating in his own right.
Journeys Through Nine Dimensions   ---   Presented by: Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow
Friday-Sunday, July 1-3, 2005  --  Fri. 7- 10,  Sat. 9 - 4,  Sun. 8: -10  --  $135.00
We all have the ability to activate nine dimensions of consciousness within ourselves. These dimensions of unconditional love, geometrical and sonic expansion, higher spiritual  intelligence, and elemental power greatly enlarge our enjoyment of life.   Learn the characteristics of these nine dimensions and how to work with their energies in a conscious and grounded way. The highlight of the workshop is the activation: a shamanic ceremony and guided meditation designed to explore the dimensional realms. The experience, which Barbara calls Goddess Alchemy, was only available previously in secret initiate societies ­ and now is made available to all serious spiritual seekers. During the workshop, Gerry Clow leads a team of healers who balance participants as they respond to these new awakenings.  Music specially composed by Michael Stearns accompanies the experiential portion of the workshop.  Participants are encourage to read ³The Pleiadian Agenda² in advance of the workshop.

Barbara Hand Clow, M.Th. is an internationally known spiritual teacher. She is the author of Chiron, The Mind Chronicles trilogy, Liquid Light of Sex, The Pleiadian Agenda, and Catastrophobia.

ORENDA: The Iroquois Sacred Force   -   Presented by: Michael Bastine
Tuesday, August 30, 2005  -  1:00 to 4:00 pm   -   Registration: $25.00
Like seminal mystical words from other parts of the world - mana, prana, ch’i - the Iroquois term orenda is untranslatable into modern English. We could start by taking it to mean “life force,” or “spirit,” but this could be too simple.   Something is either alive or dead; one can bear varying degrees of orenda.  As possessed by the greatest spirits, orenda could be a mighty, even deifying force. Among humans it was the force of healing - and magic. To the Iroquois this philosophy wasn’t “occult”: it was a part of their religious understanding.   By all accounts this force is connected with landscape. Some say that feng-shui is not just an Asian discipline, and that many Native American societies had something to the same effect. There are sensitives who can feel this  Iroquois force about certain sites, even hear it. There may be a logical way of detecting it.  Michael Bastine takes us on a journey into ancient legend, Native American practice, and contemporary Reservation spirituality.

Originally from Maniwaki, Quebec, Michael Bastine was educated in a small rural public school. Most of his boyhood was spent observing and relating to the natural world as a child. Meeting Mad Bear a great blend of worlds began, and Mike rediscovered his ancestral spirituality. Mike has been involved with traditional people for over twenty years, and their many influences have reinforced the teachings of nature.

*            *            *            *            *            *
Spring and  Summer   2005 in Toronto with the Toronto Dowsers and
The Learning Annex and the Toronto Dowsers are pleased to share its talents with one another.   Discounts for select Learning Annex events --- of interest to our members have been arranged for members of the Toronto Dowsers this May, June, July, October and November.

The events are described below.  Each event has a COUPON CODE.   When you register, use this COUPON CODE and you receive a $9 Discount on the cost of each event.

 (1)  These codes EXPIRE the day before each event.
 (2) The locations for each of these events may not be set until a few weeks beforehand.  The Learning Annex will contact each attendee by phone or email to confirm the location, date and time.
 (3) You can contact the Toronto office at (416) 964-0011.
 (4)  Most events give a $5 discount if you register online.  Yes, you can combine both discounts.
 (5)  VIP prices: You can pay these fees when you become a member for $29.95 / year.
 (6)  These codes have been included ONLY in the print version of the newsletter.   Receiving a hard copy of the newsletter is one of the benefits of membership with the Toronto Dowsers.  If you are a member, do not have the code and would like it, please contact Marilyn.
AND:  Our very own --- Toronto Dowsers member Nancy Henderson --- who was written up in the April 2005 newsletter with regard to the tours to Brazil to see John of God (who Charles Hubbard told us about) is teaching SACRED GEOMETRY at the Learning Annex:  May 8, June 4 and August 20th.

Harmonic Overtone Singing with Kiva    Heal to the Pulse of the World's Heart
Monday,May 16, 2005  7:00 --  9:30
Course 360MTR Section A   $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP members CODE:  XXX

Harmonic Overtoning is 'sonic massage' for yourself and others where you learn to sing two pitches simultaneously. It is the western version of throat singing, which originated in central Asia. It may increase breath capacity, expand tonal range, increase concentration levels, deepen brain wave states and provide a more focused awareness of the voice. It is accessible at any level of vocal ability, although some musical background is an asset.

This one-time-only event will be led by overtone specialist, Kiva, who has taught this class at the Worlds of Music School in Toronto. An obsessive dedication has led Kiva to become one of the few people (and even fewer women) in the western world who excel at this fascinating vocal art form, blending overtones into her contemporary original songs.

Connecting with Your Animal Spirit Guide with Dr. Steven Farmer   Friday, June 17, 2005    7:00  --9:00
Course 047BTR Section A   $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP Members CODE:  XXX
Power animals are spirit guides in animal form. In this workshop with Dr. Steven Farmer, you will find out who your power animal is, how to call on it when you need to, and what your particular animal spirit guide means to you.

Learn how they can help you heal emotionally and physically, bring greater clarity to your relationships, and enhance your connection to the natural world. You may be surprised by the similarities between you and your power animal, and enchanted by the magical ways they teach you, guide you, and protect you.

Find out which animal spirit guide to call on for a particular purpose ~ such as the Dolphin for helping you with communication and playfulness, or the Mountain Lion for strength when you're called upon to be in a position of leadership.   Special bonus: Dr. Farmer will do random power animal readings for selected participants.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet: - Sacred Music, Sacred Dance -
Performed by the Monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery
Wednesday, June 22, 2005   6:30  --  10:15
Course 2585TR, Section B   $59.95 / $ 49.95 VIP Members CODE:  XXX
Co-sponsored by the Shambhala Sun magazine
Ancient societies throughout the world conceived that ritual performance of sacred music and dance at auspicious times established communication with the higher powers of good and brings about healing on environmental, social and personal levels. In this rare appearance, The Drepung Loseling Monks will perform ancient temple music and dance for world healing consisting of music and dance evoking a spiritual fesitival tradition in Tibet.

The Workshop ~ The Ancient Art of Healing: The Tibetan Buddhist Approach
(Presented in Tibetan with English Translation)

Ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditators realized that the balance and harmony between the elements within our bodies is the key to our health and healing. This harmony is disturbed or enhanced by various factors such as diet, behaviour, herbs and ultimately by our perceptions and emotions. This lecture presents the fundamental connection between our bodies and minds and introduces the ancient approaches to healing through meditation, mantras and visualizations. This lecture will be given by the Head Lama.

The Performance

The Mystical Arts of Tibet: Sacred Music Sacred Dance performance comprises nine pieces believed to generate energies conducive to inner and world healing. Robed in magnificient costumes and playing traditional Tibetan instruments, the Loseling monks perform ancient temple music and dance for personal and world healing. The entire performance lasts approximately two hours with a 20 minute intermission.

The Disappearing Universe: A New Course in Miracles with Gary Renard -June 25, 2005   1  - 4
Course 146FTR Section A    $ 49.95 / $ 39.95 VIP members    CODE:   XXX

In 1992 Gary Renard experienced a startling calling: two teachers, or "ascended masters," appeared to him to reveal the miraculous powers of forgiveness. He chose to listen to what they had to say, and the result is a record of 17 conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author's life and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching.

"With disarming humor and down-to-earth candor, Gary and his guides spell out the truths within A Course in Miracles. The Disappearance of the Universe is both a fascinating story of Gary's encounter with two remarkable spirit guides, as well as a teaching manual about the power of forgiveness. An important and highly enjoyable book!" 

Gary R. Renard is a professional guitar player who took his life in a different direction after he heard a "calling." Today he is a writer who travels and discusses metaphysical principles with other spiritual seekers.

Call to Action: An Evening With Author and Renowned Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Thursday, June 23, 2005   7:00 -- 8:30
Course 207QTR Section A      $ 64.95 / $ 54.95 VIP Members   CODE:    XXX

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a man on a mission.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks with an intelligence, earnestness and passion rarely seen among celebrity speakers.

His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful confrontations against governments and companies polluting the environment. But Kennedy's message is more than clean water and pristine rivers. It is a call to action for people to make a contribution and a difference in their world.

Mr. Kennedy was named one of TIME magazine's "Heroes for the Planet" for his success helping the environmental group Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group's achievement helped spawn more than 125 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe, including an Ontario branch.

He has worked on environmental issues across the Americas and has assisted several indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands. And it doesn't stop there - he is also credited with leading the fight to protect New York City's water supply. The New York City Watershed Agreement, which he negotiated on behalf of environmentalists and New York City watershed consumers, is regarded as an international model in stakeholder consensus negotiations and sustainable development.

Talking to Heaven: How to Receive Messages from the Beyond with bestselling author of Talking to Heaven and host of Beyond: James Van Praagh
Thurs. July 14, 2005  7 - 10  Course 3337TR, Section D  $59.95/$49.95 VIP Members  CODE:  XXX

Internationally renowned psychic James Van Praagh is The N.Y. Times #1 bestselling author of Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven and his latest bestseller, Healing Grief, as well as host of the hit TV show Beyond with James Van Praagh.

He has a remarkable gift as a spiritual messenger, connecting those who have died to their loved ones on Earth. He has been featured numerous times on Larry King Live, been profiled in People, Life, Newsweek, USA Today and is sought-after by spiritual and scientific communities throughout the world.

James will share his personal techniques for developing your own psychic abilities, accelerating spiritual development and healing from the pain of losing someone you loved.

Learn how to:
* Develop, trust and utilize your intuitive abilities    * Become aware of the energy fields around you   * Interpret spirit signs on a daily basis
* Find new meaning in life and transform yourself in the process

Steve Watts: Practicing Primitive: A Stone Age Workshop
July 30, 2005  1-4  --- Course 222RTR Section A:  CODE   XXX
Get the Stone Age Edge with Castaway's pre-history consultant!   As seen on Extreme History

In this completely unique workshop pre-historian Steve Watts will guide participants through a hands-on journey to rediscover the basis of all human culture-Stone Age Technology.

By learning more about our ancestors we learn more about ourselves. Explore the beginnings of humankind's first industry-stone tools. Try your hand at the manufacture of simple stone knives and chopping tools. Witness fire making in the prehistoric style. Relive the world of our earliest ancestors and discover the roots of human culture, language, religion and art.

"The learning and practice of stone age skills can help us all get in touch with our own roots, no matter what our particular heritage may be. Here in North America, we look to the First Nations and the ancestors of these people to teach us skills that are ‘native' to this place. Yet, if we go back far enough into our own pasts, we discover that we are all aboriginal peoples at some time in some place. The Stone Age is the great common denominator of humanness. Primitive (‘first") skills are our shared inheritance."

   David spoke for just over 2 hours.   I was in conflict, as I guess some of you, too, were --- some had to leave and did, and, for those who stayed, some were tired and we were all on the edge of our seats --- tired, and at the same time, wanting to hear more.

   I had heard David speak before --- which is why I invited him ---- and did not know how to adequately describe his work in the newsletters or emails.    One of those situations where my words can not appropriately express the essence.  THANK YOU DAVID DARROW for introducing me to DAVID YARROW!

     His presentation delved in to:   earth energies and mysteries; sacred geometry; being electrocuted and surviving; dowsing; sacred sites; native situations and personalities;  earth anatomy,  government frustrations....   He told us stories.   He went in to scientific and mathematical details.  Showed us how the Phi works and turned it inside out.    One of the things I got was a greater appreciation of not just the wonder, but the deep intelligence of Mother Earth.

   Shelley introduced him, starting off by telling us he was her favorite speaker at the ASD last year.    Ditto.   Have you seen his website yet?  www.championtrees.org    He had a magnificent power point presentation  that he carefully prepared.....   and presented with consummate professionalism.

  And, David hopes you will show up at his event this July (22-25).  Camping facilities available.   The Finger Lakes is a gorgeous area, and, "only" about 400 KM from Toronto.  onondagalakepeacefestival.org/   And we now know more about the specialness of that area.

   I had been receiving calls and emails from several of you the few days before the meeting, from our champion regulars who had conflicts with meetings,  family events, etc.    For those of you I know well, I wanted to say --- come to this one, but I don't.   I don't want to influence you.    It was a not miss event.

   I know the value of the David Yarrows and the Charles Hubbards.  Without taking anything away from our other supa dupa speakers,  how can I convey  the probable "specialness"  of their presentations to you?    I don't know.

    David's presentation showed us the sacredness of Onondaga Lake.  That will be reviewed in a later newsletter.  What follows below, are David's notes about his visit the following day to Six Nations Reserve.

   For those of you who stayed for the whole presentation on Tuesday  ---- thank you for that acknowledgement and for your applause.  Thank you for being a great audience and for making it possible for David Yarrow to come to speak to us and feel good about it.
The usual extensive Meeting Notes are not ---- yet --- available for this meeting.  They will be in an upcoming issue.  For this issue, there are 3 items:
(1)   David's web pages you may want to check out in the meantime
(2)  Reviews, by Helga Riemer and  by Pat Prevost.
(3)   David's experiences at the Six Nations Reserve the day after our meeting.


#2 -  "Yes, I was very, very impressed with David Yarrow. Although I was very tired having been working hard for the past month, I attempted to stay awake, because I did not want to miss what he had to say. I wish I had him in Math when I was a student way back when. What he  presented was invaluable and I agree with you that we should compensate him for his time and effort. I will bring some money for him to our next meeting. Thank you for inviting him, and will be looking forward to his next presentation."  -  Helga Riemer

"I think that David Yarrow is a tremendous public voice for the work that so many "energetic" people do daily on behalf of Mother Earth, or as he refers to our beautiful blue planet - the Earth Mother.  He embodies the alchemy & shamanism that we, each of us, has within us & struggle to remember & to put into practice.  He shows that a life time worth of observation, study, & ceremony reaps the interconnectedness that can awaken what is truly energetically important & relevant, not only for one individual but for us all.

There are few human beings who will take a stand on an issue & David has certainly taken many stands on many issues.  He has himself visited the energies of transition in a deeply personal & profound way through his experience with the power of electricity.   Such intimate first hand knowledge of this part of the electro-magnetic spectrum provides him with more than enough personal generating power to power up his life's batteries to explore the rest of the spectrum of earth & man made energies that deply affect our planet & ourselves.

   His work to bring to manifestation the Peace Festival in his area is nothing short of amazing.  I felt his passion & I understood his need to share what he has discovered.  He seamlessly made such an indepth & complicated body of work so easy to follow with his outstanding Power Point presentation that even someone who was not interested his topic could not help but be mesmerized by his efforts.

    It is said that there are a series of stargates in May that will offer humankind the opportunity to sit down at council with the nature spirits & to rekindle the relationship that has been lost.  For those of us like David & myself & many others - many dowsers that I know & love, who work each day to make this a healthy working relationship with all of nature, we ask for your paryers & your ceremony to support this renewing of such essential common goals, in spirit & with spirit to save our planet, its peoples & all of its wonderous creatures & ecologies." - Pat Prevost

#3  --- DAVID'S NOTES:  APRIL 13, 2005
"August 2004 I took native artist Marcine Quenzer and her "Spirit Winds of Peace" art exhibit to the indigenous elders summit at Six Nations Reserve on the Grand River south of Brantford in Ontario.  I was there less than an hour before I commented on the sick water flowing past Chiefswood Campground, and was shocked to hear that noxious river is the community water source.  Six Nations is not only downstream from several cities dumping sewage and street debris, but thousands of acres of farmland with toxic runoff of nitrates, phosphates, pesticides, herbicides, and all.

I began suggesting to any responsible Six Nations person I met that it is possible to locate and develop a secure, pure, safe water supply for the community.

No one took up my suggestion, but as a veteran activist-organizer, I wasn't surprised.  or deterred.  As a healer and dowser, I understand how fundamental and critical a pure, secure water source is to personal and community health.

Early December, while driving back to Albany, New York from an eco-agriculture conference in Minneapolis, I stopped at Six Nations again and talked at length to Tom Deer, Secretary to the Chiefs Council.   Tom told me more tales of Six Nations water woes.  His own household well is one of many with e. coli.  I also talked to Sara Smith, Elder at "Roots For Peace", and Yvonne Thomas at Jake Thomas Learning Center.  I agreed to return to Six Nations in the spring to do a field survey for community-scale water sources.

Back in Albany, I dowsed my Six Nations map to learn that four underground rivers flow under the reserve.

Wednesday, April 13, the day after my talk to the Toronto Dowsers, I persisted in my plan to visit Six Nations a third time, this time to locate and  map the four underground rivers.  I collected data on the four underground rivers at 20 points  in the central, east and north central areas of Six Nations.  I didn't survey Six Nations' southwest corner around Sour Springs or Jake Thomas  Learning Center.

 In little time, I discovered heaven is apparently smiling on Six Nations:    The largest underground river flows diagonally beneath the town of Ohsweken.  over 4,000 gallons per minute -- this is a community-scale water supply -- it flows southeast to northwest very close to the town center where Chiefswood and Fourth Line intersect.  The 28 feet wide stream crosses under Chiefswood Road just north of Veterans Lane, and nudges partly under the southwest corner of the  library, then goes behind the administration building.  This is only 580-610   feet deep -- rather deep for a household well, but very shallow for such a  large water flow.  My dowsing indicates this is clean, low mineral water suitable for drinking.

I mapped this subterranean stream through Ohsweken, checking it at five points where it crosses under streets.  Attached is an Ohsweken map of this  river, with the data points marked by large, light blue arrows, each one numbered.  I collected size and depth data at two of these five points. [NOTE: The maps are not included in this newsletter.  I have them if you want one.  Let me know. - M ]

I didn't detect any branching or springs from this river anywhere under the  town, although I didn't do a thorough search for these waterflow features.  Nor did I make any effort to determine any preferred drilling locations.   My goal for this survey was just to locate the water sources and create a  general map of their courses under the land.

I detected another large underground waterflow at the north edge of  Ohsweken, just past the Bullet Coffee and Smoke Shack and the Nature Trail.   This river flows east to west, slightly south of west.  This stream is  deeper (680 feet) and smaller (3000+ gpm).  I did not explore this  waterflow, since my dowsing indicated this is mineral-rich water and not  suitable for drinking.

I traced the first larger underground river upstream to learn more about  its source and course.  This led in a fairly straight line southeast to  Ojibway Road in New Credit, and easy to map, since Six Nations' roads form a  uniform grid.  Along the way, I charted this waterflow at seven data points,  and found two smaller underground rivers that flow south to north.  This information is charted on the attached Six Nations map.

On Fourth Line Road, I located a third river flowing north between  Chiefswood and Tuscarora (2000 gpm, 680 feet deep, 24 feet wide).  I only  traced it as far upstream (south) as Second Line Road.   However, I may have  detected it a fourth time on Fifth Line just east of Chiefswood Road, which  means it curves westward between fourth and fifth line.  if so, I have four data points for this waterflow.

 Another smaller river (2000+ gpm, 550 feet deep, 20 feet wide) flows from  New Credit, just east of Ojibway Road, northward between Onondaga and Cayuga  roads.  This river seems to divide into  three substreams before crossing Fifth Line road.  I charted seven data points on this stream, including the  three substreams under Fifth Line.

 Near sunset, I drove Fifth Line Road east to west to collect information at a final 18th point -- this one for the first waterflow I dowsed at the town  center.  My last data point hints this underground river may split into three substreams not far upstream, between Seneca and Chiefswood Roads.

 All this data is summarized on the two attached maps.   Both are low resolution, but printed clear enough on my printer.

 I have high confidence in the data I collected on these four waterflow  systems.  Clearly, an abundance of water is available 500 to 700 feet deep  under Six Nations, but I question the precise course of three of these four  streams.  Determining water quality, best locations to drill, and best  methods to engineer and install water distribution systems are complex   issues that require further field surveys and a lot more communication.

I have no plan to return to Six Nations, althogh I will be at Tuscarora  Nation May 27 to June 4 when my friend and Master Chef Hiroshi Hayashi  teaches a week of classes on natural food cooking and food service  management, and helps design a kitchen for their healing center.  I attach a  notice on Hiroshi's classes.  I expect to be back at Tuscarora Nation  Father's Day weekend.

 David Yarrow
 518-330-2587  www.championtrees.org    www.SeaAgri.com   www.OnondagaLakePeaceFestival.org

"D" Downers
Do you ever get "hit" by those "D" words:   Disempowered, Dejected, Deflated --- by those Manipulating  Ridiculing  Scoffers who have no logic upon which to state their case, so they use "Derison" and "Dis" and "Disrespect" and "Disdain" you by saying:  "Oh.  You're ____."   OR   "You're too ____"  OR  "You're always ____.'"     And you deflate like a popped balloon.   By those --- You Know --- Scorn Heapers.   (Heap Big Scorn.)  You will do anything in order not to be called "that word", twist yourself around like a pretzel, defend and declaim how and why you're NOT!

This won't happen so much once you realize its a source of Power for you.

One of the words flung at me by family (Who else?  It's their job!  And they do it soooo well!) --- and I'm sure you get/got  this one too (because this is who many of us are) --- is:  SENSITIVE.  "Oh, you're tooo sensitive."   So of course, as a child,  I'd cry and try not to be so sensitive.    Which indubitably made it worse.

Until, in that sublime moment of clarity I responded, with gentle strength:  "Yes, you're right!   I  AM Sensitive.  And YOU'RE problem is You're not sensitive enough!   I'm glad I'm sensitive, that I can feel.   Somebody must have hurt you very deeply to cause you to be so INsensitive.  I'm GLAD I'm sensitive."    They never bothered me again about being sensitive.

In our context, many who read this newsletter get called "CONSPIRACY NUTS".   Or  "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS."   Guess what.   There ARE Conspiracies in this world.  If there weren't there wouldn't be a word for it.   There ARE people who plan to take over business, organizations, governments.   Do you think a Coup D'Etat happens spontaneously, like combustion?  Or is there a long term plan in effect?  That's called a conspiracy.  It is clear to many of us that this has been taking place for some time at the highest levels of the ASD --- as one sad example.  Fortunately, enough people have wised up (that's all it takes) and it looks like that debacle is coming to an end.

They fill people full of disinformation and are always telling people how wonderful they and their buddies are.  While they are destroying things from within.   This is where "CON Men" come from.   They try to gain your CONfidence.   Look nice, act nice, smile a lot, be very helpful, good listeners.  They get their hooks in, like Candida organisms, and suck out the life blood.

We had an alarming attempt about 4 years ago that did go too far.  Do you remember when we started our "Raymon's Rangers" groups?  And some nice, kind, nice looking man offered to help?   My dad was quite ill and that time and soon passed and I needed all the help I could get.   This was not an angel who offered to help us out.

These individuals, and their efforts are not as easily hidden as they used to be.  And we are no longer reluctant to expose them.

One of our very wise, almost prescient colleagues, knowing well the ways of the world and seeing what has been transpiring within dowsing and other groups, analyzed these situations, and, wrote the following article.   I don't think this will surprise anyone in our group (we are pretty savvy), but this can better educate you as to how they work.  You will be able to recognize them sooner in the future.

Disinformation and infiltration: beware of fake friends

Many of us who prefer to do our own thinking have come to understand that we live in a world of disinformation. That is to say, we are given a healthy serving of the truth which is then expertly laced with enough lies to send us all galloping off in the wrong direction, down a blind alley.    As one example, we are told that we are in a period of global warming, and that the glaciers in the Arctic are melting at such a rate that the fresh water that is pouring off them into the North Atlantic may well cause the conveyor belt of the Gulf Stream to shut down, bringing a Labrador-like climate perhaps within two years to the Eastern seaboard of North America, the British Isles, etc.  This  indisputable science has been verified by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, no less.   But then we are told that this is the result of human activity and, well, that's another matter, and that's where the opportunity for disinformation can be found.

Who are the agents of disinformation?   Are they among us?   If so,  How can they be recognized?   Who should beware of them?

Every society or organization that concerns itself with 'alternative' issues  ---  i.e., issues that are not in step with the prevailing paradigm in any field of knowledge  ---  is invariably targeted by the Powers That Be  [Note:  Prolific novelist Anne McCaffrey started writing "novels" about "Petaybee in 1993]  for infiltration.   Ideally the infiltrators should rise as quickly as possible to a position of leadership within a society, so that they may control:   A) the Agenda  B) the Funds, and  C) Access to the membership list.

Very often these people are the ones you would least suspect, because they are often in the thick of things, willing to take on responsibility and gung-ho in their enthusiasm for the cause. They will often develop an apparent degree of expertise in the subject matter of the targeted society, and push for places on the speakers’ rosters of conferences etc., in order to enhance their image as solid, reliable, and informed leaders.

Once they have realized their goal of a leadership position, their main priority is to continue to convince the membership that the affairs of the society are in good hands, in order to maintain their grip on power.  To do this, it is imperative to repress informed (and therefore dangerous) dissent as quickly and as effectively as possible.  The tried and trusted method of  R.I.D. - ridicule/isolate/discredit - is most useful for this purpose :  instead of a substantive, considered, 'on topic' reply to searching criticism, they will resort to generalizations, half-truths, fuzzy language and a stinging personal attack on their critic, rounded off with an emotional appeal to the rest of the membership to "put this nonsense behind us and move forward for the good of the society".

Above all, they will seek to persuade the membership that persistent, informed criticism is nothing but misinformed, destructive carping that must be stopped at all costs.   This is when they tend to expose themselves, because other critics who by now have joined the fray even in a minor way must also be ruthlessly dispatched lest momentum should build.   So anyone, at this point, asking a searching question --- may well find themselves on the receiving end of a pointed and personal rebuke that is wholly disproportionate and puzzling.

But there is another kind of infiltrator that can be much more difficult to identify.  We will call this one the ‘Sleeper’  for want of a better term. This type is the sort who will never run for a leadership position.   They prefer to keep a low profile and develop trust.    ‘Fake friends’ would be a good way of describing these individuals:   They may agree with everybody and want to help everybody.    They may be the ones to offer their help in all situations – picking up people, giving them rides etc. ----   and will often volunteer for all the tough jobs, such as sending out the newsletter ( they get the mailing list).   This sort of infiltrator is particularly dangerous once trust is developed  ---  it is then,  once the trust has been established, for example, that they  can bring a batch of devilled (literally) eggs to a pot luck supper and have no-one suspect them.   When people get sick, no one will suspect that it was the sleeper agent who deliberately booby trapped the eggs with a noxious substance.    They may even be a ‘distributor’ for a brand name of health supplements which, when the manufacturer releases it, is perfectly wholesome, but which by the time it reaches you, through the infiltrator, has been dangerously adulterated.

When you enter the ‘alternative’world  you expose yourself to these sort of risks, whether or not you are aware of it.   The powers that be will always attempt to undermine any group that seeks the truth in any field of knowledge.   And the efforts of the powers that be are relentless. - From an Anonymous Contributor

[NOTE:  What our guest writer calls  "R.I.D."   --- you may remember that David Icke calls it:  PROBLEM   REACTION  SOLUTION --- You create a Problem, so there will be a Reaction, so YOU can step in with the Solution.  EXAMPLE #1:   You poorly manage the ASD bookstore so there are poor sales so you can step in and close the bookstore and look like a fiscal hero.  EXAMPLE #2:  You bring down the World Trade Center, making it look as if Arabs did this, so you can blame it on the Arabs and create a state of terror so you can impose martial law to create  the illusion of safety and security.]
A Personal Perspective . . . Discussing Difficult Situations
In writing what I'm about to write, I hope I don't mess things up and make things worse.

About a year ago, one of the articles I wrote discussed talking about our problems.  How we often do not discuss what is bothering us, because we don't want to be pitied or seen as defective or seen as "that problem".   Also, we don't want to own that energy and if, say, Mary tells Joe --- or her class --- that e.g., she has leprosy, she will be thought of and viewed as "that leper".    People are too often labelled with labels that bring detrimental energies such as:  the fat one, the one with the scar, the cancer victim, the girl who was raped, the blind man, the one who's father killed himself, and so on.  Its too often hard not to do this as labelling is so easy, and, we like easy.

When we label someone with that, every time they are thought of with that label, it reinforces and --- usually --- increases that energy.  Which is not desirable.  This creates shame which is one of the most toxic of emotions.

On the flip side of that, if we don't tell people what's going on, how can we get help?  If we don't tell people what's going on, how can we find that one potential person who can help change the situation?

14 years ago, at a workshop, I really wanted to ask a question about something which was so bothersome it was painful.   I didn't, because I didn't want to be seen as stupid, and, I didn't want to expose what I thought were shameful shortcomings.

I kept quiet, lost the chance and the situation stayed the same.

The following month, the same teacher gave another workshop.   I raised the question.  And never looked back.

Almost the whole class came up to me later, individually, to thank me for asking that question, because they, too had a similar question and were too embarrassed.  And I felt as if a great weight had lifted.

So that's one of my experiences.  I also remember one when as a young girl a neighbor man tried to molest me.  I told  Mom and Mom told Dad and Dad went in to the neighbor's house to read him the riot act and then went in to the homes of the other neighbors and told the parents what was what.  I felt real bad about it because his sons were my friends but he never bothered another little girl in our neighborhood again.

I want to see if  bringing this dilemma out in to the open can change anything for the better.  Not that its a big secret.  Anyone who knows me knows this, Iw want to see what writing this in the newsletter can do.  Also, aware that in the Aquarian Age, everything hidden (subconscious) is being brought out (to the conscious level)  I thought I'd better get a head start.

I live in a junior one bedroom apartment.   All 300+ Toronto Dowsers and all the "stuff" live here too.  This means about 30 boxes of "stuff".   Every horizontal surface is also covered with "stuff".   Boxes are against the walls, 2 high.    This includes books, papers, all the "stuff" for the meetings and everything else.   I have a corridor that I can walk through.   I amaze myself at the  highly creative structures I have created here and have toyed with the idea of charging for tours of this unusual living art form.

My "stuff" is drowning me and those few times when I'm down it makes things worse.  I can not be as effective as I'd like to be and can be.

Related to this, if you contact me --- for example, to ask something, or volunteer for something, and I don't get back to you to acknowledge and thank you --- its most probably because at that moment I've been deluged with --- "info".   This last is not a big problem --- it happens 1 out of 12 ---but if you are that One, it doesn't feel good.   I apologize and am striving to improve.  Too much in too small an area.  It's getting better.  Please don't give up.  I feel badly enough for both of us when I inadvertently overlook you.

I used to live in a 3 bedroom home with a full basement.  To this little apartment that I thought I'd be out of within a year.  Its been too many years.

When I was in University, I got a bright idea.  Mom was always heavyset.  I was a skinnymarink.   So one day I said "Mom, I'm naturally skinny and naturally messy.  You're naturally neat and naturally chunky.   Why don't we each think about what we do 'naturally' and you teach me and I'll teach you?"  I thought it was a great idea.   She laughed at me.  Kindly, but still laughed.  I still think its a great idea.  What I wanted was --- her "neatnik" energy.  I wanted to give her -- my "skinny" energy.   This is how they make Expert Systems, or, Artificial Intelligence.  By studying those who do it naturally.  And copying them, whenever possible.

So the messiness continues.  You know how you feel when you have unexpected company and your dishes aren't washed or your bed is unmade?  Imagine how your lifestyle could change when its so extreme you can't have any kind of company.  Not even the super to unclog the clogged sink!  Would a larger place help? Possibly.  There'd be more room to put "stuff".

Of all the areas that I wanted to change when I started making changes through everything we have learned together, despite everything I and others have tried, this is the biggest area that still remains unchanged.   Years ago, Raymon would tell me:  "Marilyn, I'll pay for a cleaning person!"   But I told him that was the easy part, a cleaning person can't clean with all the "stuff" around....  And many of you, my wonderful help mates have tried to do what you could, and still the tribbles keep replicating....

This is one of the toughest things I've been going through, and yes, I know I'm pretty lucky that this is "all" it is, relatively speaking.  But it does have a non beneficial influence on me, and on what I'm striving to accomplish.

One of the areas I've greatly blundered and experience a lot of guilt over is the Water Project.  It's very difficult to send things out because its hard to get to anything.  So the orders are substantially backed up and I have difficulty getting anything out in the mail because of this --- there's no space, no room to maneouver.

There's the issue of "wanting".   I can repeat to myself  "I want to clean my apartment" a million times but it wouldn't work, because its not true.  What is true is:  "I want to want to clean my apartment."   Ever since I saw the fridge magnet that said   "An immaculate House is a sign of a Misspent Life" --- I knew I had found the perfect justification.   I don't want to clean.  I just want it done.

DEVELOPING COURAGE:  In this issue, I'm cleaning up odds and ends of Personal Stuff.  One of our emotionally challenged members, who was going through a tough time herself (her medication wasn't right) thought she was being critical when she said  "You expose yourself in the Newsletters."   Yes, she's right.  I do that on purpose and feel its a strength.  Precious jewels and people are so much more warm, approachable, intriguing and captivating when we notice their flaws, yes?  I critique others, its only fair I do it to myself as well.   It takes a lot of courage to tell the world how you've messed up and really mean it, not to use it to look noble.   With what I'm doing, I require courage.  This is one of my techniques to develop courage.

Someone close to me said she would never tell people her weaknesses.  I felt sorry for her.  That's a big burden to keep carrying around. hiding all that stuff.  Aquarian energy forces the hidden to be exposed.  I'm going with the flow.  And it feels great.

So, when you think of me --- if you do --- please do it this way:   Put me up on your mental screen in a hugely messy environment.  Erase that picture.  Then put me up on your screen again, in a clean, airy, peaceful, good vibe grokking environment.  Whenever you think of me after that, think of me in that good environment. Grokking.

I have wanted to write this for 2 years.  This summer --- hopefully this summer --- it will be the 3rd summer in a row --- I have intended to get this place cleaned up.   Is "3" the magic number?  For the 3rd summer in a row, I want to get this place straightened up.  And to learn a new web editing program.


"Mad Bear", by Doug Boyd: 1994, a Touchstone Book. Mad Bear was a member of the Bear Clan of the Tuscorora Nation of the Six-Nation Iroquois Confederacy of the US and Canada.  A Native American rights activist, he was also a medicine man and a leader with great power and influence both among his own people and cross culturally.  The events in this book take place mostly in the 1970's.   Tuscaroras are historically from Virginia and North Carolina,  The Tuscarora Nation territory of approximately 5,700 acres is located about nine miles northeast of Niagara Falls,  New York. In 1957, the Tuscaroras lost 550 acres to New York State Power Authority for use as a reservoir.

Fall 2004 I attended a dowsing conference and met the incredible Mike Bastine.  Mike was friends with Mad Bear.  Mad Bear was friends with Rolling Thunder.  Rolling Thunder was one of Raymon's teachers.  Raymon is one of ours'.  So naturally there'd be a connection, yes?  I got Doug Bear's book from the Toronto Public Library (DO IT!)  This was the first book I'd read that brought me to a deeper understanding of native wisdom and so I share some of the excerpts with you.  I also liked the discussion on space ships..... and the Deva of Toronto.... and the little people... and what's right...  Mike will be speaking at Lily Dale on August 30th.  See that info above, in the UPCOMING section.   INCLUDED ARE ARE EXCERPTS I THINK YOU"D WANT TO KNOW ABOUT.
31:   "As I was about to arrive at Mad Bear's house ... he let me in on the little people.... I was told that the little people had come to the ceremonial fireside and had made their presence known by tugging on their pant lets.  The little people, I learned, are a parallel evolution of human beings whose physical forms reach less than one foot in height. The most highly developed of them come and go from this Earthly realm and are seldom seen by our own people in contemporary times.  Those without long cultural histories and records, in fact, know nothing of them; but they join the traditional Iroquois and others frequently and regularly in ceremonies that are arranged for those special times, and they appear at other times as serves a purpose.

38:     He got up to fill the coffeepot , and went on talking with his back to me and with the water running. His way was to let things come casually. Whether a healing, a teching, an insight or a warning, matters of significance were always offered lightly --- as if to sneak in past the mechanisms of resistance.
    "You ought to formalize your work as much as you can --- organize it... Not just you, I mean a group, like a team.  This is a general thing, really.  It concerns everybody. But a lot of people won't apply it for maybe decades or generations to come.  People are caught up too much in themselves --- even the good workers who are so needed... teams have to be formed --- groups of warriors---kind of like spiritual armies.

50    "Transition and survival.  The way they're related --- that's what is so important.  See people get it wrong mostly, though they don't even think about it consciously.  We're starting in to the transition now, and there'll be no stopping it --- no holding it back.  It's already begun, and people feel it.  Then with their so called natural survival instinct, people resist it. You can see this kind of survival reaction all around.  People panic.  They get grabby-- snatching at the mountains and the forests and everything else --- tearing everything apart.  If I could put out the strongest message I could thing of -- just one powerful statement I would say: 'The key to survival is to embrace the transition, not resist it. People should participate in the transition creatively, like they really want it.  The Fourth World.  It's a good thing.  It means coming back to the Earth...
    "We're wiping out the rain forests on this planet.  We're wiping out the forests right here in our own country --- the logging industry -- gone beserk, absolutely beserk.  Some people say its out of greed.  It's not.  It's fear.  These loggers, these contemporary industrialists -- they're full of fear."

94: "... He's the guy responsible for those protest posters that they found put up... None of our Indian people had a thing to do with that.  ... This young white guy, he doesn't strike me as being evil, really. .. I think he's sorry, in a way.  He's not really mean hearted.  But I think he's disappointed too. He's after something for his own ego -- power or control or what have you --- a little limelight and recognition.  So something's got a hold on him too.  This kind of ego thing --- this makes it easy.  These people, when they go for power and glory and like that, they become an easy target.  Then they ened up serving some agenda of some other devious outfit that they're not even really part of --- just being used.   Most people don't know that --- how it works."

143 * [Speaking about certain petroglyphs]:       "This is the beginning.  You can see that it is the beginning because this first picture here, this shows the landing -- the landing of the first people on the Earth.  This was way back in prehistoric times. I can interpret this for you in my way because this is all in our records and the oral histories of all our tribes.  And then we can talk about it more later.
    "You see this here?"  It looked like a cylinder with legs and a triangular top.  "Now if you wanted to get into this so called verification, well, just think aobut this.  There's ways to prove how many centuries ago this was carved into these rocks.  And once you recognize it, there's no denying that this is a rocket ship.  This was understood byu our people and handed down through generations of our ancestors.  That's why I told you we understood jet propulsion and antigravity way before the Europeans came to this continent.  So this is the spaceship --- at the beginning of this whole description here because this is where it starts --- when our ancestors came purposely to this planet many thousands of years ago."  We proceeded along the series of images.  Mad Bear pointed out an impression of two characters further along in the chronicle.  It looked at first like a portrayal of two women, both in long dresses, one chasing the other.  They appeared to be running, and the one pursuing was snatching the other's dress with one hand while holding up a cross with the other hand.  "This is an Indian woman,"  Mad Bear said.  "And this is a priest with his robes and his cross.  You remember this and you can ask about it later."  But I could already guess what this depiction represented.

145:  .... I lay on my cot with my arms folded behind my head wondering about that spaceship and about the so called prehistoric arrival of the humans.  Fortunately, as Mad Bear had said, verification was not our work.  There could be no verification, one way or the other, only conjecture.  It made no difference anyway, it seemed to me, just how many millenia the humans had been living here.  The records and prophecies serviced the general agreement.  IT was a fact that humans had lived on this land for unknown eras of time.  And only very recently, through our very recent "progress" have we so adulterated our environment that we have placed our continued survival in question.  That, I supposed, was what Mad Bear expected to be the Native people's message.

220:  ...  See, this is exactly what I've been talking about.  Education is so institutionalized.  Most of it is just rote memorizing.  Where's the thoughtfulness?  Where's the caring and the humanity?

    "Do you realize that direct encounter has been almost entirely eliminated from our lives, especially from the learning process?  Do you realize howmuch this has cost us?  We become the passive receptacles of secondhand descriptions and simulated displays and depictions --- something like computers except not quite so efficient.  And we wonder what's happening to empathy."

    "Direct enounter.  This is one basic aspect of American Indian medicine --- or Indian wisdom.  Like Rolling Thunder once said, "You can't just sit down and talk about the truth."  Truth is something you experience, its not just something to look at.  To people like Mad Bear --- you'll see --- understanding is very different from disinterested observation.  It's not simply a matter of noting and committing to memory.  Understanding is nothing less than a participatory experience.  It's a two-way rapport--- a mutual relationship."

225:      We drove north across the Canadian border and checked into a hotel in Toronto.... Then we phoned Dorothy MacLean and told her we had arrived... Dorothy was, along with Eileen and Peter Caddy, a founder of what had become internationally known as "The Findhorn Gardens" and had written about her conversations with the "devas" including the devas of the unbelievably huge vegetables that had grown almost miraculously right out of the sand in their gardens.  She was a native Canadian and ahd returned home after years in Scotland.
    ... We spent the morning on a gudied tour of Toronto, one of the few planned ---- and well planned, at that --- cities on the planet.  "after lunch we can walk around down in the ravine,"  she told us.  During lunch in her home, we talked about the devas.  She was doing workshops in Toronto and elsewhere in which people were working with the process of contacting or perceiving the presence of the devas --- for themselves or for some constructive purpose.  It seemed as though anything that could be called an entity of any sort had a deva behind it, there was even a Deva of Toronto.  In all our conversations, there was no concrete definition or description given for the devas.  The devas were, apparently, something that you became aware of through some internal process.

238:      "The natural medicines and medicine ways are all around us,"  Mad Bear went on, sitting down again at the table, and talking in an epical tone of voice as though influenced by the alluring glow of the kerosene lamps.  He proceeded to give a number of examples, beginning with the particular plant with which we had seen the bird interacting, and all the plants were personalized and given names and spoken of as beings in their own right.  he described a list of diseases and their natural remedies or treatments...  to Mad Bear, it was a matter of observation, communication and acquaintance.  "All these things are right out here, all around us.  It's all available and nothing's blocking it, except, like I said, putting profit first as though that's the goal.  That blocks so much.  But then for our people too,, it becomes hard to hang on to.  There's a lot of influence against it --- a lot of counterforce to our traditional ways."

242:     "... many of the fruits and most of the vegetables that the white people know today came from American Indians.  The Native people of the Americas had potatoes, tomatoes, every kind of bean, over three hundred varieties of corn --- and the list goes on.  They had all these things for literally centuries before the white people made their first contact with them.  So much of what you people enjoy today, here and in Europe too, including the majority of your natural diet, is part of your Indian heritage.  And, by the way, a lot of your so called American heritage comes to you from the Iroquois Confederacy --- including your form of government with its three brances and two legislative houses, your Bill of Rights, that eagle symbol just like you see it today, and the colors red, white and blue..."

243:     "... It's not just the natural food, its the natural medicines --- the natural medicines that have been discovered and developed over so many centuries.  Look at the accounts of all the doctors that first came over here right after Columbus.  These are still in the archives, if you need verification.  The Indians of those days, and of long before, had penicillin and all kinds of antibiotics, and natural herbs for all kinds of things.  All that is still here, too.  Nothing's gone.  All the medicine we need for every healing, for every personal or social goal is right out here, all around us.  It's only blocked in the sense that some people personally block it.  Just like our natural history threatened religion and politics over the years, our natural medicine threatens the medical industry today.  And yet, it's right out here for the asking.  So, in that sense, it's not blocked at all, never can be.  And it doesn't belong to Indians or anyone else exclusively.  It belongs to nature and to live, that's all.  So you don't have to figure what kind of a doctor to be or how to go about it.  Just ask Nature and the Natural Way and, when the time is right, it'll explain itself to you."

Dealing with the Flu - Round 3

Since December, we have been visited by an especially insidious flu.   More tenacious than previous flus, more -- and more virulent --- symptoms.   It goes away, comes back. And again.   In the March and April newsletters, ways of dealing with this flu have been offered.   This flu is still making its rounds.  Not just hitting new people, but hanging on, or returning.

The Respiratory "stuff" bothers me.   People are coughing all over the place.  Its like a weird science fiction movie.   And many are losing their voices.  Voices return, but they lose them for no apparent reason (I lost mine for 2 weeks --- a mixed blessing.)  Some of our members were too ill to attend the: December, January, February, March and even April meetings because of this.  You may remember I wrote about getting it mid February and the cough has been hanging on.  So here goes Round 3:

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (SW corner of Leslie & Shepard):   About a year ago, Pat Bianchi and I went up there to hear Dr. Joseph Mercola.  They have a store there.   It was closed, but I saw Nalgene Water bottles in different colors.  I wanted one.   Last week I went back and bought one --- a Violet one.   Poking around, I found the Dr. Reckeweg remedies.   These are superior Homeopathic remedies.   The R8 is the Jut-U-Sin Syrup --- a cough expectorant similar to (in quality, content and price) as the  Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough Syrup mentioned last month.   R19 and R20 are highly effective male and female glandular tonics.

Also --- they have some excellent anatomy, etc., books.   A good source if you have a healing practice.  Great Charts, books on cravings, additions, allergies.    Parking for the first 20 minutes is free --- after that its $5 / half hour!

One disturbing whisper I've been hearing from several sources about the College for the past several years, is it has become, and is becoming,  more allopathic than naturopathic.   Looking at the clinic page on the web site, one of the marketing photos is a male doctor looking type person in a white coat holding a stethoscope on a smiling baby.  Is that the image a NATURopathic College wants to present?

In research that literally offers food for thought, scientists have found that omega-3 fatty acids and uridine - a natural substance found in sugar beets and molasses --- work as well as antidepressants in preventing signs of depression.  Combined doses of omega-3 fatty acids AND  uridine were as effective as three different antidepressants in an experiment with rats.   Uridine  lifts up depression IMMEDIATELY; omega3 etc and drugs take time.

The drugs and the dietary components used in the study probably act on mitochondria in brain cells, he said. "Mitochondria produce energy for brain cells," Carlezon explained. "Imagine what happens if your brain does not have enough energy. Basically, we were giving the brain more fuel on which to run."

EYE HELP:  Collard greens are one of the best sources of lutein, an antioxidant that appears to have sun-blocking effect for your eyes.

Here is a very cost effective and bioavailable way to make your own B Vitamins.   However not all may like the taste.

Yeast contains the B vitamins, proteins, and various energy-giving factors  still only partially known to science. There is nothing else we have found  which will pep you up as fast as yeast, make you feel better, and keep you  going strong."

Dried yeast powder & tablets cause after taste and indigestion, and are expensive. You can buy fresh compressed block yeast at bakery shops for a  few cents a pound.   Tell them that you are going to eat it, and you want  the freshest they have.   You mustn't eat it raw. It has to be cooked to kill the fermentation, otherwise you will have gas, and will not properly digest it.

To cook a pound of yeast, bring 1 cup of water to the boil in a pot on low heat, put in the yeast about 1/4 pound at a time and stir constantly, adding more yeast as it melts. After it is all melted, keep stirring a little longer until it puffs up and begins to boil.   Put it in a little Pyrex measuring pitcher, cover with foil and put it in the refrigerator, where it will keep fine for a month or more if you don't foul it by drinking out of it or dipping into it with a spoon.

You can flavor it with honey, molasses, vanilla, or whatever you like.   Pour yourself a few spoonfuls each day, so one person would use up the  pound in three to four weeks. You can take it straight from a spoon, or  mix it into a beverage or food.

Yeast contains the B vitamins, proteins, and various energy-giving factors  still only partially known to science. There is nothing else we have found  which will pep you up as fast as yeast, make you feel better, and keep you  going strong.   It reduces the body's demand for blood flow, thereby  reducing the work the heart has to do, letting it tick along in an easy  regular way.   Many people think they have a bad heart, with an irregular  skipping pulse and a fluttery full feeling in the upper chest, when all  they need is a little help from yeast. It seems to help people sleep  better also.

 Extracted from:   STALE FOOD-vs-FRESH FOOD, via CHRIS GUPTA

PS:   from  previous newsletters:

If there are any errors or misstatements or incorrect information in the newsletters please contact the Toronto Dowsers so that corrections can be made in a following issue.

[FROM LAST MONTH - USE THIS TO CLEAR YOURSELF BEFOR YOUR DOWSING SESSION.  ANOTHER WORD HAS BEEN ADDED FROM LAST MONTH'S POSTING:]  "Dowsing System:  Please remove NOW!  all emotions, thoughts, feelings, concepts, external and internal influences, memories, cellular memory, genetics, ideas, suggestions, perceptions, subjectivity, opinions, attitudes, beliefs, programming and anything and everything else that could affect my dowsing."

 "Man's Consciousness is the single most powerful force in the Universe" -- Art Bell, April 18, 2005  2:10 a.m.

  "An ignorant mind can be tolerated as long as it is silent"   - Homer Hickam,  "The Coalwood Way"


THE   Tuesday, May 10th 2005  MEETING FEATURES::

Dr. Robert Gilbert
"BioGeometry:  Revealing the Hidden Energy Science of the Egyptian Temples"

Join us for a fascinating illustrated exploration of Egyptian BioGeometry, presented by the foremost teacher of this rare art in North America.  BioGeometry is based on the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science, which has been kept secret for well over 5000 years.  The information in this talk has only begun to be made public through the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo.
BioGeometry is Nature's own energy language of shape, sound, color, number, and movement.   It can be used in a wide range of practical applications to create powerful beneficial energy effects.  Dr. Gilbert is presenting to our group in advance of the first BioGeometry training ever in Canada, sponsored by the Toronto Dowsers.  This highly visual presentation will cover a wide range of fascinating topics, including:

*  Recent releases of new information about the Egyptian energy science
*  Scientific and Medical Validations of BioGeometry in Egypt and Europe
*  Healing effects of Geometric Patterns on the human physical and subtle bodies
*  The advanced energy science hidden in Egyptian Mythology
*  Practical Applications of BioGeometry for humans, animals, plants, and the environment
*  Egyptian "Feng Shui"
* The three Spiritual Energies which balance all Life processes
*  Egyptian Vibrational Dowsing methods (very different from North American dowsing methods)
*  Hidden Spiritual Dimensions of Egyptian BioGeometry
*  The effective use of Resonance and Harmonics in Dowsing and Energy Balancing
*  Transmuting Detrimental Energy to the "Higher Harmonic of Gold" Energy

Dr. Gilbert is the first non-Egyptian ever certified to teach BioGeometry.  He is the author of the only English language texts on BioGeometry, and is also internationally known as an expert in Sacred Geometry.

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